Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 20, 2020

The Upcoming Full Moon Eclipse Energy and More

Sorry it took me so long to get to this update and sharing. I swear most days someone caked mud in my brain and the flow of information just gets clogged up. But then again, we just went thru a very powerful super new moon which has set up our fields and bodies (again) for the coming full moon eclipse. This one is proving to be very different.

The few readings I was able to do since arriving in Texas has our field energy concentrated, as well as the sun energy coming off the moon concentrated.

The way the fields are showing up is with a sort of eclipse upon it, each in unique formations, especially since spirit has created our current fields in square shape instead of round. From what I am seeing and understanding, the energy that is darkened out on our field, has purposely pushed all the light energies into specific areas on the field, concentrating the energies of the whole field.

Similarly, the partial eclipse of the moon is squeezing all the light energy of the sun bouncing off the moon to the area that is not eclipsed, it is equally concentrated. The artwork I used depicts one of my lady’s field. The penumbra parts were beaming with light while the umbra part was eclipsed in her field.

These concentrated elements of Light (field and moon) have a magnetics attraction to them so they connect effortlessly and enhance those areas. Don’t think for a moment the body is being left out. These enhanced light elements in the field are equally activating and opening very specific DNA within the body. The parts of our DNA that have been dormant so far, waiting for this earth frequency we are now traveling within.

Of course, this is all happening now, slowly as we close into the full moon eclipse, which happens to be the longest eclipse of the year lasting 4 hours, 20 minutes and 59 seconds. In my personal numerology, the 4 equals a cycle of earth completion. Since this incorporates the earth, sun and moon, it is a completion for all three. 20 would be duality with potential yet to be experienced. 5-9 is change within completion. Added together it is a 1-4 new beginnings within the earth completion of its cycle, which of course reduces one more time to a 5… change.

December 14th we will experience a total solar eclipse just before we end this year (energy cycle) with the solstice on the 21st.

We have all got to remember that energies have zero bias to them. They are not amplifying only the “good” but all energies that are in a state of concentration. So it is not surprising we are seeing a massive spike in covid throughout the earth. Fear becomes concentrated too. All living things… ALL LIVING THINGS are being concentrated, enhanced and even changed.

The greatest thing we all can do, is shower all things with life sustaining LOVE. We really can love something to death. Death simply being a transition into Light!

Speaking of Light. On my very very long drive to Texas, I listened to the Convoluted Universe Book 1 (I had no idea there were 3 books!!!) I had several experiences when I was on the mountain side in Vermont in my early beginings’s that I had wondered about to this day. Well, now I don’t have to wonder because Dolores Cannon made it very clear with one of her hypnosis patients.

Several times, while meditating outside, I would see my ancestors doing various rituals at night. The night was lit by these crystal towers, easily 5 feet high and about a foot squared. I knew they were crushed quartz put back together to create these lights but for the life of me, I had no idea how on earth it could do that… emit light. Well, imagine my surprise when her subject started talking about these types of crystals. Some naturally emitting light as they were, others crushed and reassembled. They existed in the earth. Some still do to this day. It was fully explained in the session of how, sadly, I can’t remember. Something about the molecular structure.

Now I am going to jump back to what I learned in the readings so far. We have sections of enhancements (as usual. We will arrive in the next section as we past thru this eclipse and get it with the next, all in prep for the solstice that will will start receiving the energy as we cross into December (firs two weeks are going to be intense with a double energy system hitting us!!!)

These systems are also serving to enhance our New Body Template and bring more energy in for usability as we end this year. Just a human warning here lol, keep in mind that these New Body Templates are overlaid in our physical body’s. Power up, Power in!!

On a personal note, I obviously arrived in Texas. It was smooth sailing every day. The weather and traffic was perfect. I was able to push my daily driving longer than I originally expected to each day which I am grateful for. My daughter had my bags completely unpacked and put away the next day and had an amazing treat of 2 bags of dove chocolate set up in my room. It was and continues to be a wonderful arrival into her world.

This morning, while on that holy throne, I could hear spirit ask me to do a BOGO special. After writing todays sharing, I completely understand why. Each event (eclipses thru the solstice) will give new attributes and magnetic nodes. So that will be my Thanksgiving Special.

On that note, it is time for me to start my day. I have missed you all so much!!! Ohhh and please keep in mind, I am now living on Central Time.

Big big ((((HUGZ))) filled with the power of Love!!

Lisa Gawlas


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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 6, 2020

Memories of Being Taken by ET’s

What an odd and interesting world we are living in. We are breaking records with named storms, we are days beyond the election with still no results. The election itself is so razor close you can’t tell which way it will fall 4 days later, which shows the intense divide in this country.

The day before the USA elections, I did a combo reading (body/ET) for a lady and her team said they were going to help her, with hew new intense energy magic, where to focus on the danger zone during this election. I kept asking what dangers zones, danger from what?? It’s a freakin election. Well…. now we know!!

I also find it strange that I lost my voice the day of the elections and it still gone.

On a completely different note, much more light that all that… I have mentioned several times I think, that this 11/11 marks my 20th completed on this crazy journey. To me, it is a much more important milestone than my birthday is. My birthday simply placed me into biology, my spiritual birthday created an evolutionary journey for the soul.

11/11/00 was a full moon and a deeply depressed, very suicidal me. An insatiable yearning to play with a Ouija board and a couple volunteers changed my life, my story forever. Eight hours straight of talking to the spirit who called herself Jill Cadee and the damn thing never worked again.

One of the most recommended ways of contacting a spirit (I wanted to finish the conversation with Jill) was meditation. Holy freakin hell that was not an easy task. But I did learn all kinds of new and bizarre things about being human, especially the term, monkey mind and I had a whole troop of monkeys in my head.

I have always wondered what the hell kept me persevering the seemingly impossible feat of meditation. I am highly ADD and get frustrated and give up easily cuz there is always another several things to focus on.

Listening again to the Convoluted Universe by Dolores Cannon, I started to understand more than I ever have before.

In the segment I was listening to, there was a highly evolved Being from a place all knowledge is stored (no, not the akashic records, an actual place far beyond our universe.)

The lady she had hypnotized wanted to understand what happened to missing pieces of time as well as landmarks that she had seen on her travels that seemed to no longer exist as she was returned to driving her car in the time lapse.

Dolores asked this Being about how they travel. His reply made me smile with validation that what I had seen in a reading a couple weeks ago, was completely accurate (until I heard this, I questioned my accuracy,)

He explained that they travel as beams of light that take on saucer shaped ships as well as orb ships. How it is seen depends on the angel and dimension one is looking from.

In the reading, my lady was taken up by a beam of light to a saucer shaped ship that changed to an orb shaped ship when it moved an inch (going to scale of my vision of course.) Her team explained that when they move into different dimensions, it changes appearance.

I surely could not understand that as I have never experienced it in all my ET connections over the years, yet now, perfectly clear and understandable.

One of the experiences I had as an newly awakened Being was when someone wrote an experience he had (he wrote it on the spiritual forum I was growing up in.) He wrote about being “abducted” and being placed in what looked like a theater setting (with the black drapes closed hiding the stage) and many other humans in the seats of this theater. He wrote about remembering being operated on etc.

When I read that experience, I had the most bizarre reaction to it. I started shaking and sweating and getting nauseous. Everyone on that forum explained that I had that reaction because I had the same experience, which at that time, I thought was super weird. Of course, now, not weird at all.

As I listened to this segment of her audio book, it was as if my own memories were unlocking and releasing themselves (I wasn’t in the car listening but about 30 minutes, imagine when I listen on my way to texas lol.)

I remember being taken many times as a child. For about 2 years, my mother and step father would lock me in my bedroom and take the family on outings. I have fragment memories of being in that room, but I have felt all life I should have so many more memories, like what the hell did I do in the room alone for hours on end? Our toys were not in our bedrooms.

Well, now I know. I went visiting other worlds. One would say how can any parent do that to a child (hey, it was the 60’s, anything went then.) But it was important I was left behind by my mother (and step father) so I could go elsewhere without anyone realizing I was gone.

During these vacations (certainly never once an abduction) I would be worked on, what we may have considered implants. Some failed, some worked. Of course with the ones that failed they were removed and something new replaced it. The ones that worked, enhancements were done to them.

All of this (and is ongoing to this day) so I can one day awaken and do what I do. It is the enhancements that kept me pushing in the darkness of meditation til I reached light. That kept me releasing so much of the BS and worthlessness I felt all my life. And of course, so much more.

This is also why I can connect with any ET in any universe or multiverse and understand the language. I have an instant language conversion built in. I have been born and refined to do all that I have done on this spiritual journey and what I will do til my last breath.

Many of us have our own unique biological enhancements and continue to have them. Our work here has barely begun, we’ve just been getting much needed training.

On that note, it is time for me to close down this computer and get it packed. I leave out tomorrow morning so this will be the last you hear from me until I get to texas and get unpacked. I will keep facebook updated however.

Cue some Willie Nelson music… On the road again…

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with a magical mystery tour to all (may as well throw in some Beatles.) I love you all sooooo damn much!!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas


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Heading into the No Time of the 11/11

Just a quicky on the November field as I seen it yesterday. We are obviously heading into the 11/11 portal of “no time.”

As we exit the October energies (thank you dear god) we enter the pathway to the 11/11. We have enhancements from the vastness of energy infusions from October to adjust to, but at the same time, use. This use of new energy, which of course will be unique to each person, codes and builds you pathway exiting the 11/11.

The way I seen my incredible lady was with three energetic streams exiting her body. One at the ground area, one at the heart area and one just above her head. All are choices of application and yet, we do not get to know exactly what that means or how it will come into application. However, I do know it has a highly electromagnetic charge to the stream being output. Here is the way I am understanding these streams:

You have various DNA that was dormant until we hit the October energy system, this DNA has been activated and is extending its energy field outwards for you to use. It can be something that hits you as radically new to try or something as subtle as a different approach to an ongoing situation and any variation in between. Spirit does not make it easy for us humans who want to know details, explicit details (laughing and point to myself there.)

One thing that was repeated yesterday that our coming 11/11 portal collapses all time. We enter what we can call no time and come out with a new engorged timeline of experiences that we needed to for the ongoing soul evolution.

The energy line that was above her head was kinda different. When I first seen it, it zipped outwards to the abyss of the 11/11, then as we settled into her reading, it shorted up to look more like a diving board above her head. In these golden egg shaped bubbled contained figures that so reminded me of weebills (weebills wobble but they don’t fall down, if you remember that toy.) Howeer, the energy contained in these odd eggies were that of the what we consider archangels. We know by now that there are no such thing as archangels in spirit, but there is the energy consciousness of what we have assigned to the angels. For example, the only one I am familiar with is AA Michael. His energy is about truth and protection within that truth. So a part of the consciousness was embedded in this egg thingie, as it dove off that line, it evaporated into her as it came down. Her team said the more she IS that energy, the more available to her.

Think about that, it is not an energy/quantity to USE, but to own24/7 so that it IS YOU!!

So I think about my own journey into the 11/11, which happens to mark for 20th full year on this crazy path, I will have just arrived in Texas. Old energy expressing new. (Old only because, I have already lived there, lived with my daughter, etc.) My mind even wants to include “unfinished business” there, but I hear, not so, new business. New experiences and new approaches to everything, even that which appears old.

There is so much I have not caught anyone up on with the ongoing, emerging New Body Template that I may make that tommorws’s focus. There is so much more to the power system of the heart and the details around it. A blending of breath and heart beats to create a unique rhythm and out flow of energy. This is my little cheat sheet for tomorrow lol. My memory is not what it once was lol.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) wrapped in powerful new energy to and thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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The Vortexes, Consciousness and Desires of Unexpected Places!!

Happy Halloween!! The moon is bright and full this morning here in my crazy world. This blog has been trying to get written for the last 4 days and well, today is the day I am going to push it thru to finished!!

This past week, in 2 of the combo readings (body/ET) that I had done, there was a focus on energy fields I never realized held its own consciousness and desires. Things like, neighborhoods, cities, states, countries, etc..

I will start with the easiest to understand. Neighborhoods. Once a neighborhood is built, regardless of the intention of the builders themselves. a neighborhood forms a vortex of consciousness. Of course, its consciousness is directly aligned with that of the city vortex, but we will get to that in a moment. Now, every neighborhood has houses/homes/businesses. etc. located within them. Those buildings also have their own vortex within the vortex of the neighborhood.

As you can see, this spreads outwards and connects to the other larger vortexes like cities, counties, states and so on.

All are born with special qualities that are prominent within the earth area it was developed upon, as well as the star alignments.

Not once in my life did I ever conceive of these things. Yet, we are working to clear these things back to its purity.

They all have their own magnetic push and pulls, but there are times (some places more than others) where misalignment of humans move in. Things go downward and we say things like “that’s a bad neighborhood or city, etc. Every time we say such an (absurd to spirit) thing, its like tossing a mudball at the vortexes. These mudballs (if you will) dampen the light of the vortex time and time again, reducing its ability to attract what it needs to fulfill its desires.

Well, our A team of combo players (those working within the new body template with our ascended masters and ETs) are helping to restore the light of the vortexes.

This will allow the magnetic stream of the new fields of energy to lay itself down as we conclude this year (energy system) and start to move into the next one (2021.)

Think of the times you feel like suddenly going somewhere, or focusing your energies in a certain place. Hell even moving is a pull from these areas to assist.

Now I am going to couple this with some information I heard from the audio book I listened to the other day (in my ongoing starting and stopping of it) “The Convoluted Universe” by Dolores Cannon. Her subject (as usual) was in a deep hypnotic state and a Being not from our universe was talking thru her to Dolores.

He was explaining how important alignments were from his vantage point. In a way, aligning their space time with our spacetime points to allow for higher information/knowledge to come thru and be received.

He was also explaining thru these personal alignment’s of connection (what we refer to as scheduled appointments) that there are times they cannot be held, either because of the energies between the two points of connection (theirs and ours) or because the person scheduled has not received the geometric patterns of energy that would allow the information scheduled to be released to be understood and utilized.

Let’s look at these geometric patterns. He was explaining some (and I also understood so much more from the readings when coupled with this Being’s information) people that are pulled to certain areas or places choose not to go and their geometric bundle (if you will) does not get received, leaving what we can think of as a huge gap in processing new information.

How many times we are pulled to go to stores, landscapes, whatever, sometimes to simply cross the paths of other people we don’t know and may never know, yet, the combination of place, person, time and space have been conjoined to allow for a connection of receiving energy that could not otherwise been had.

The Being explaining this on the audio book said that there are times, due to the above, that appointments are rescheduled a week, months, years or can never be done.

There are equally the opposite reasons we go somewhere, to deliver the geometric patterns we hold within us for others and/or other places.

So with all of that understood (I hope) when we have powerful events like the one we are in now, the October energy system, it is changing us, rewiring us, in ways that will allow for deeper, higher, more complex connections going forward. Evolution at its best.

He was also explaining how intense these energies can get, as if you and I didn’t realize it already!! To the point of needing assistance to equal out the physical body/mind. Either by others on the ground here or others in other realms.

So imagine the light bursts that take place within neighborhoods when two or more crazy powerful Light Beings (me and you) get together. We are recharging the world forward, once section at a time. Ohhhhh when we meet either on the phone or on the internet, we create light strings of connections from one neighborhood (city, state, country) to another.

It really makes even more sense now when the days I cannot see but have my voice, spirit says sometimes the conversation is just as important as the readings. That is why I do not email anyone, we talk and reschedule those days.

On a completely different (way more down to earth lol) note…

Valorie officially entered New Life Rehab yesterday for her year long travels to a new, more empowered Self. I am so hopeful for this transition. The place was very nice and homey. There is a 10 lady maximum that will live there as residents. I’m excited.

I am going to leave out for Texas a week today. Now that I have my daughter set up, I will spend my week reading and packing and picking up the pieces of my heart as I get ready to leave my Zachariah behind and find the way to make it as easy a transition for him as well. We have a very close bond and I am praying for the guidance to have the separation be gentle for him.

I am sure there is so much spiritual news I am leaving out, but dammit, I am going to get this blog published today!!!

This full moon energy that we are being pummeled with today, has been infused with sun bursts these last 2 days as well. I would see occasional sunbursts sitting on a moonbeam as they pierced the human I was reading for. The sunbursts seemed to target the head area.

The fact that it has been since 1944, 76 years, since the full moon last fell on Halloween seems to be important, but not sure how.

On that note…

Great big ole ((((HUGZ)))) drenched in pure illumination of full moon energy to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Increasing the Intensity of Our Personal Magnetic Fields

As we creep closer and closer to that intense full moon on the 31st, the energy on the field gets deeper and deeper. Of course, I am referring to the white part of the field (not your center path.) This is increasing the sense of clarity for everyone. Clarity on the energies of change that is required of all of us. Keeping in mind, some changes may be subtle, some drastic, but all will experience change in one way or another.

With so many people working now with the new body template as well as the the ETs and Ascended Masters, tremendous energy is being pouring out into all the various collectives, small and large. Change is the only outcome available.

The more I look and understand the relationship between all the new and old systems of our experience here on earth, the magnetic field of all life is intensifying. I am being asked to clarify when I say old systems, even they have new overlays.

Lets talk about the magnetic system that has been making itself so clear in the readings lately. In ways I have not understood before. As we all know, life itself is all about the souls experiences and evolutionary state thru all those experiences’ we have. As we become more and more away of our spiritual relationship in life and chose to surrender our ego will to the will of the Soul, the magnetic energies for the souls desires’ amp up.

So if we can look at ourselves as being an intense magnetic on the planetary grid, the experience the soul needs is also aligned with magnetic energy for you to follow. Particular points in its destination are much stronger than others between the points. I can use myself as an example.

I was sure my final destination in life was here in Virginia. I am so road weary and no longer comfortably travel long distances comfortably. And the call back to texas started to sound. I resisted it, said no, and then no again. And the forces that be… those magnetic parts in my souls destination started to activate to push me towards texas. My son in law giving me an eviction notice, my daugher in texas pleading more and more, her child starting with behavior problems due to his disruption in his days (her work schedule changed.) So think about that, other people become activated to make sure you get steered in the direction the soul needs. This takes away a whole lot of blame or conspiracy against you.

Once the energy is plugged into the main magnet (texas) then alternate magnets are activated. The way there MUST be provided. I could fly, but shipping my stuff would be costly, plus I now have possession of my daughters jeep. So that must go, so truly my only reasonable option is driving there, much to my body’s dismay. So frequent stops will be needed turning a 2 day drive into 3 or 4, depending on my body’s needs. So I need to make sure the magnetic field aligns to cheap motels when my body taps out for the day. Equally my financial structure must meet my travel needs. All of which, I absolutely trust in those alignments. I set up a leave out date of the 7th of November. I cleared my calendar and will resume readings on the 16th in Texas.

The most important alignment tho, I need some help with from my prayer posse. Valorie did the intake interview with the rehab center and she has been accepted into their program. Unfortunately this interview happened at the very end of the day Friday, so her attorney was already gone by the time we finished. Her attorney is important because he now must petition the court for her transfer. He already has the courts ok, this is just needed step to finish the process.

I asked the lady who did the intake about transferring Valorie from jail to their place, the court requires bed to bed, so I assumed (silly me) they would pick her up. Nope. I would need to drive her there. So we have two weeks to get this done. All of it contingent on getting a court date.

If you can join me in focusing on the court assigning a preliminary hearing for transfer prior to the 7th of November. We need all the magnetic activated so the pull is so strong that it becomes inevitable.

Now lets look at major and minor magnets. The draw from one major point to another is strong, however, since the points in between are of a lesser degree, one can always bob instead of weave. So lets say I decide I am not going to move and legally I do not have too. Spirit will start messing with whatever it takes to make sure that I pack my bags and go. So lets say, I give in to moving but I force my way to stay in Virginia, so many roads will start closing until I am forced to bring myself to Texas (with my oldest daughter.

I am not making a good example. Lets just say the more we resist, the more intense the push to go back to the magnetic alignment.

I am not sure if I mentioned this in my last blog, so will repeat it again. As we come out of this crazy intense energy system I call October, we have 3 crystal clear days. 3 Days of clarity. No energy systems in our way. I am not sure why spirit is revealing those three days only and what exactly it means to us. At this point we now are focused on the energies of our path as we get deeper into the clarity of energy of the new moon and the next system I have been seeing for over a week now is the next energy system of the 11/11. Also the 11/11 looks like a hurricane system as seen from above the rotation, which this rotation is clockwise, so it is sealing in the energies that we have been working with. I cannot get a sense of time at all, so I am not sure the days this system covers. Then they started to show me these first 3 days of Nov. clearer than anything I have ever seen before and yet, without a single detail either.

All of this is equally setting the tone and taking us to the end of the year. Again, even I as use the term year, it is also an energy system. So the energy system of 2020 ends on the December solstice. The remaining days of December overlaps the start of January so the two can assimilate into each other. Hmmm interesting, right now is the first time I am seeing the timeline of 2021 and it is the same deep red as I have been seeing in the October new moon and beyond energies.

Ahhhh the last quarter of this year has been prepping us to be the leaders, the ones brave enough to make change happen and as we get into 2021, we will be the change makers. Action will lead our way. The magnetic field will have it no other way.

Why do I want to say… “gulp,” with that incoming message?

On that note, I am going to close.

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with passion and magnetic squeezes!!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas

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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 21, 2020

The Revolution of Evolution = Red October!!

Yesterday as I was having a conversation with a friend about the redness of October she told me that Trump was calling this month Red October. I had to laugh when I told her the opening sentence of my blog was that I was going to call this month Red October. There was a familiar ring to saying Red October, but had no idea what its connotations were. So we looked it up. Bottom line… Red October is about revolution. It fit perfectly.

We have a revolution for evolution within our body, within our DNA, within our minds. Equally, in our lives as well. In the minor and major collectives.

This energy system I call October is completely geared and focused on change. Revolutions focus on the same, change. We can say revolutions tend to be violent, well welcome to the human body!! If you look at the intensity of the changes, the mutation of cells, the breakdown of various bone structures, the chaos of chemical releases within the endocrine system. Our chemicals that govern the body, are changing.

Where there is an internal revolution there must be an external revolution to fit the body’s needs. That includes acknowledging any food cravings, attitude changes, people changes, space changes, environment changes and path changes. Ignoring any of the signals the body and/or brain is putting out has hazardous affects. Just to be clear, the evolving brain would never ever be mean, hateful or judgmental. However, the devolved brain will.

It is the devolved brain, which equally forms devolved collectives (aka fear collectives) that the rest of us are targeting to break up, infuse with light and expand.

If anyone thinks for a single moment the spiritual life is supposed to be gentle, easy, arrive at your door with bows on its head, you really don’t know this crazy system of spirit evolving.

Hell my first decade on this path, I was sure we were going to get to the party zone of Shambhala! By the entrance into the 2nd decade, I took my party boots off and put my army boots on!! (And no, I’m not fighting wars within myself any longer, that happened in my first decade and truly, the light one.)

There is probably much more pushback to the light of truth in the lightworkers realm than there ever way in the dense emotional realm (where I was born.) Most people in the early days, when given the healthy debate change of belief required, would shift. In the lightworkers realm, many have placed what is their belief’s (which is changeable) into box called their knowing, and stops the forward motion of their evolution. Then collectives start to form with others who want to call that their truth too. Keeping in mind, belief’s are changeable, when someone owns something as their truth, much harder to shift them from that.

My personal moto is, this is what I know, subject to change with more information. That information usually comes thru the readings and alters the knowing I had into an expandable and at times, different view of the knowing I had.

Example, what if you had a box full of invisible puzzle pieces. You cannot see them but you can feel them. Once you snap one into the other, and image starts to come into view. So lets say you spent some time gathering these puzzle pieces and snapping them together and suddenly you can see a light house. Your knowing would be that a light house exists. And in the moment, it does as the puzzle represents so far. Lets say you snap in all the puzzle pieces in that box and the reality shows a massive wave coming in and destroying that lighthouse. It completely alters the truth of the puzzle into something much bigger.

Did anyone ever think to check under the box to see if there is a part 2 of this puzzle series?

Some people will stop at the lighthouse. Some people will stop at the destruction of the light house. The one thing I know as fact, the people I have the pure blessing of reading for, all checked under the box and knows that only part of the puzzle series, much, much will be revealed.

So when people ask me what I do, I simply tell them I Am a Puzzle Master in training!!

I love and adore each and everyone of you. So flipping much!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with excitement of doing puzzles to and thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 20, 2020

Red October and Some ET Connections

I think I am going to just refer to October as red October. As we passed thru the big ass red new moon suddenly the sky was red and we have been having a constant red rain coming down from the red sky. I do not have full understanding of the red display except for representing the current various energies/frequencies/collectives representing the “new earth.”

Everyone I am reading for is having a different type experience with this rain. The layout of the field is still the same as it has been before the new moon. Full moon pure white energy covering the right and left side of everyone’s “center path” that I cannot see thru. Equally, since October is a massive energy system, I cannot see beyond October except for another massive energy system in November we know as the 11/11. I can only see above it and it looks very much like a hurricane:

hurricane system.jpg

It was explained that go between the dimensions that remain our of our ability to see. He never really explained why it shifts from a ball shape to saucer shape tho.

What I really want to focus on today tho, is what he was teaching my precious lady. He had three energy streams coming from his heart area. One denoted gratitude, one love and one beauty. What stunned me is the vibration explanation.

The energy he was using was very specific. He focused on the gratitude of my lady showing up to work with them and the love he has for her. Equally the beauty of her presence here on earth. Not physical beauty but her has a human being and how she choses to Be on earth.

I never realized that there were different focal points for something such as gratitude. How often do we feel gratitude and use that energy in our works, but not focused on anything in particular, which charges it is. An example I will use (because I will use it from now to texas) is being so grateful for a comfortable easy ride to texas. Nothing else. Not focusing on being pain free (because just focusing on pain {free} will add the energy of pain into the works.

Well I had a whole other discussion I had typed out here, but I deleted it on accident. So I am going to use the topics of a couple readings today.

My one lady did a combo package reading (Body reading/ET) and OMG I got so excited when I understood what was being shown.

When it came to the ET part of the reading, the first thing I could see were two micro-ships. They were no bigger than a half dollar. Her body reading was focused on the third eye complex (New Body Template) and then I seen this teeny saucer go from the sky to the light beaming out of her forehead, then sparks. It was explained that the sparks are helping to alter the DNA within the third eye complex (keeping in mind that in the new body template the third eye and physical eyes are all one single energy system.)

I was trying to see who or what was inside these tiny little ships cuz they couldn’t be no bigger than a bug lol. Well it is consciousness controlled. There was a sirian and a plieadean control these ships. And they explained they have been doing this a long time with people moving up in frequencies as well as those stuck in place.

Ohhhhh and another interesting tidbit that came out of that reading was that since the arrival of the new earth (2013) and many have been working towards and thru the higher frequencies, there are now many levels of frequencies even on the new earth, just none of the dense ones that we are familiar with from the old earth. She will be working to help the collectives as well as human alter their DNA with these microships that hold electromagnetic frequencies to do so.

Well on that note, I am going to end here. There is so much more… hopefully I will be able to put that out tomorrow.

I love you all so much and cannot ever say thank you enough for showing up on the field to keep us all evolving and understanding the craziness!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with the red energies of October to and thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 15, 2020

Red New Moon Juice Dripping Down on Us

This is just a quicky, but what I feel is an important quicky. I just attemtped to do my first reading of the day and even tho I could not see for her, I was able to see this mini squeeze of the new moon we are in, thru her.

As I focused on her field, I could now see the moon about 20 feet above the ground (It has been sitting our our path forward.) Then I could see the energy bands that are squeezing us on both side of the moon. Not only did I see it, I felt it on both of my arms. It was (and continues to be) a very strange feeling (just because I know is it the new moon energy.)

As she and I were talking, and giggling about this being like a birth canal time, suddenly I could see the new moon tomorrow. It is still that burnt red color and now dripping red moon juice throughout the entire earth. Is that the bloody fluids of birthing?? lol There was no reply, there was no audio or energy packs of information within the visuals, just the visuals and the real sensation of being squeezed (gently, since it is done slowly moment by moment.)

So, for those of you who meditate, this is a great time to go in and feel the squeezing, focus on the red energy drips being released thru the new moon and how it will effect you and your field of life.

This is a time of new beginnings for the entire planet. Even old things still in play, will have new attributes to them.

I mentioned in my blog yesterday about the red auroras happening at this time. I went to this morning to find this:

"To my surprise, this epic red airglow rippled across the entire sky," says Merzlyakov.  Airglow is caused by  chemical reactions  in the upper atmosphere. These reactions get started during daylight hours when the atmosphere is bathed in strong UV radiation from the sun. On very dark nights, we can sometimes see the afterglow, colored  green  by oxygen atoms 90-100 km high or, in this case,  red  by hydroxyl (OH) molecules 86-87 km high.  Airglow is often modulated by dramatic ripples, such as the ones in Merzlyakov's photo. These are  gravity waves  from powerful thunderstorms  propagating upward  and crashing in the airglow layer.  Some readers will naturally wonder if this apparition of red airglow is related to  an outbreak of red auroras  on the same night in Finland. There is probably no connection. Red airglow is caused by chemical reactions involving OH molecules in a thin layer of atmosphere 86-87 km high. Red auroras are caused by solar wind exciting oxygen atoms in a broad layer of atmosphere 150-500 km high. Apples and oranges! Albeit, in this case, both red.
“To my surprise, this epic red airglow rippled across the entire sky,” says Merzlyakov.Airglow
is caused by chemical reactions in the upper atmosphere. These reactions get started during daylight hours when the atmosphere is bathed in strong UV radiation from the sun. On very dark nights, we can sometimes see the afterglow, colored green by oxygen atoms 90-100 km high or, in this case, red by hydroxyl (OH) molecules 86-87 km high.Airglow is often modulated by dramatic ripples, such as the ones in Merzlyakov’s photo. These are gravity waves from powerful thunderstorms propagating upward and crashing in the airglow layer.Some readers will naturally wonder if this apparition of red airglow is related to an outbreak of red auroras on the same night in Finland. There is probably no connection. Red airglow is caused by chemical reactions involving OH molecules in a thin layer of atmosphere 86-87 km high. Red auroras are caused by solar wind exciting oxygen atoms in a broad layer of atmosphere 150-500 km high. Apples and oranges! Albeit, in this case, both red.

The earth, the sun, the moon are all speaking to us loudly. It’s time to become anew in every way.

Obviously, the field is unviewable for personal readings until Sunday. I’m kind of excited to see what is on the other side of this system!!

Enjoy the squeeze and the red moon juice!! Ohhh and don’t forget to meditate ❤

Enormous ((((HUGZ)))) and moon [[[[SQUEEZES]]]] to and thru ALL!!! You are Loved and cherished ❤

Lisa Gawlas

A Special Special: To go to our Attorneys Fees and now my moving costs.




A combination of a Body Reading as well as a Masters/ET Connection that is assigned to help with your use of the new body template. (Since we have no real control over which shows up, I leave it open to either or.)

It’s a 45 minute session and is priced at $110, but when you use the coupon above, it is now only $55

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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 14, 2020

The New Moon Squeeze!!

Well I am bummed. I had a close to finished blog written yesterday, I couldn’t finish it because my day started. Then I strangely fell asleep. I say strangely because I don’t remember falling asleep. It is not the first time it has happened. This has been happening this whole last week. I mean its like you sit down the next thing you know, you are waking up from a sleep so deep you swear its the next day. There have been times I made coffee because I was sure it was the next day. All that to say, when I sat down this morning to finish it on squarespace, it was gone. It’s so frustrating!!

So, another has passed since I wrote the above. Some days my hands, feet and legs swell of so bad, sitting here is not pleasant. That was my day yesterday. Today much better. So onward and upward!!

Let me tell you about this extraordinary new moon we are walking into. In all my years of reading, the new moon always presented as black. Not now. It is the most extraordinary shade of deep burnt red. For many I am reading for it matches their path forward coloring.

Not only is this new supersized moon and different color than any other time, it is also set up straight on the ground, or everyone’s path forward. The overall theme is both looking back at all mastery within major incarnations (not limited to earth, but all that has been experienced) and focusing on one’s path forward, but doing it simultaneously. What also seems to play a part in this moment, is the intense pure white light energy covering the left and right part of the fields. Of course this light is caused by each of the full moons of October (1st and 31st.)

(I just went to and felt I needed to add this in here too, especially about the red aurora’s: NEW SUNSPOT ALERT: A new sunspot is emerging near the sun’s southeastern limb. Its magnetic polarity marks it as a member of new Solar Cycle 25. Astronomers with safe solar telescopes can look for it here. Minor B-class solar flares are likely in the hours ahead.)

MORE RED AURORAS: “Is this the new normal?” wonders Rayann Elzein of Utsjoki, Finland. “For the second night in a row, we have photographed red auroras–an extremely rare event.”

As the readings unfolded yesterday, it came to light (smile, and yes a pun) that the reason I cannot see thru the while light energy of the full moons is because it is there for you and only you to see, reflect on and use in your own interpretation of clarity as well as application.

Sadly, I am on day 4 of writing this blog (first day the entire thing disappeared and was much longer than now.) So I am giving you current as well previous days information.

This morning as I was on the holy throne (smile) I could a major cone of energy permeating the entire earth in a 3 days span, day before, after and the day of the new moon. Along with that visual comes something that I can only explain as a squeezing energy. This cone of energy, with each passing moment, squeezes into the new moon. Considering all of October has been unassociated with timelines, but more a focus on the energy system I can October as a whole, I am not sure this is directly related with our new moon on the 16th, or it happens as those who finished the work in the first half of this energy system, (October) and then the squeezing happens. The more I know, the less I know!! lol

I did an amazing, unintentional combo reading (she was wise enough to book her ET connection and body reading follow up same day, consecutive with each other) yesterday. It allowed me to understand so much more about our new body template system’s progress.

Since so many people are working and using their part of the body system, it now held in firmly in the field of light. Accessible to those who hold its frequency level. On top of that exciting understanding, I realized the new body template (she was already assigned her body part weeks prior) was running in conjunction with her body and not beyond it (as it has consistently been in all readings.)

Her reading included ET’s as her helpers with this new body template. They started showing up in my field of vision an hour before our appointment (talk about excited to connect with her consciously!!)

Before we connected for our reading, her friends (a Pleiadean and an acturian) were holding her hands. One on each side. The moment we got together, they started walking forward with her, elevating her with each step until she hit about 3 feet off the ground and zooooom, upwards to what humans call a space station.

Once on the station I could see them infusing their energy into hers at the palms. What is interesting and kinda funny (we are so human, make that, I am so human,) I knew the energy they were infusing her with was what we call creator/creation energy. I was redirected every single time I used the phrase “creator energy.” I was reminded each time, we are creator energy, we have never been separate from that. It is impossible to infuse what already Is.

I changed my word to manifestation energy, close enough but not complete in understanding is what they said.

So Franklyn of the Pleiades was pumping her with this amazing pink energy of his. I watched it go up and thru each node in the new body systems and circulate thru her brain. Just for the record, for those who remember my friend Franklyn from the Pleiades, not the same one. I was surprised by his name and knowing who I was thinking of, said do you think there is only 1 Franklyn in all the Pleiades… ummm… well I never thought of it before now. lol

Fred, (not his true name, he said it was too difficult for us to say) the Acturian, did something really different than franklyn. In her other palm, he was pulsating his manifestation energy into her. I could see it pulse up into each node, turning various colors as it made its way up thru and into the brain.

Once I seen both energies circulating in her brain, I told her, this would be a great experience on acid. It was the most beautiful light show I ever seen!!

I will not know its full outcome until we meet for her homework session.

On a completely different note… Valorie was denied bond. Her attorney (thank you for that everyone that helped hire him) told me that they most likely would be willing to grant a bond if she goes into a rehab directly from jail. I found her one on Florida that I loved!! It was totally spiritually oriented and even included hypnosis, massage, acupuncture… and we even got her insurance in place. All I needed was a release date to buy the plane ticket. Nope. Must be in Virginia.

I called a few places including the one her atty suggested. Most wanted a 14 day quarantine out of jail before they would take her. Well, it must be bed to bed. The one her atty suggested would not answer the phone or return my calls. I started calling Friday, left 4 messages thru Monday, not one return call. I was so frustrated. That is until my incredible lady yesterday. Keep in mind, when experience your readings, no matter what they are, I experience in my body too. So I snuck in some manifestation desires of my own…. Answer the damn phone!!

The moment I got off the phone with my precious client, I called that same rehab and about shit when the very person I needed to talk to answered the phone. Long story short, they have a bed, they are waving all fee’s for her, the stay is 1 year (which excited me to no end) but it is a come to Jesus place.

Valorie was all excited when she called (she gets 1 hour a day out of her cell while she is in her 2nd coved quarantine.) She refused that place because it is a one year religious place. The way I look at it, having faith in god is not a bad thing, even if they place him outside of ourselves. She knows better and can certainly discern what needs decrement within their teachings. I hung on her yesterday, and told her, I’m done. This is the only option other than staying in jail. She needs long term rehab, period.

So I called her atty and he said as soon as she has her intake interview and is accepted, they can petition the court for entry into this program and he will not charge me for another court appearance (phew!!)

I just got off the phone with valorie, she is willing to do this 1 year rehab. Now to get it all set in motion thru the jail. Once she is settled, I will be transitioning back to Texas to help my oldest daughter with babysitting.

Ahhhhh the journey of all sorts of twists and turns!! On that note, I am going to close before it is yet another day of not finishing this!!

I love you all so much!! Thank you for showing up on the field so we can all keep ourselves squared away!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of loving adventures in so many new ways!!

Lisa Gawlas

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A combination of a Body Reading as well as a Masters/ET Connection that is assigned to help with your use of the new body template. (Since we have no real control over which shows up, I leave it open to either or.)

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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 3, 2020

October Moon Madness!!!

(c)2004 Fred Espenak

I know how much you love and miss my handy dandy diagrams/visuals of what I try and explain about stuff, in todays case, everyone’s field thru October.

Keep in mind, time only exists for me and you. In energy systems, there is no time, no arrival, no past, just energy systems as a whole. Even what we think of as our moon phases, in the quantum world of spirit and energy, exist all at the same time. However, to the human incarnate, we are not completely designed in that way, so we experience time as an orientation to this crazy ass realm we call earth.

That said, here is the diagram of October. I have had enough field readings to say, it is the layout for all of us in the higher frequencies on earth. Wait, for us to consciously work with and assist ourselves in our evolution.

October Field.jpg

This is how the field I read (you ) from is laid out. Except all circular, but much easier to show it this way for this explanation.

As we entered October, the field shifted to present this massive, life changing/destroying energy system we are in. The little stick figure is you. So all the energy at this moment is hitting what I call your immediate field. In my readings, the center field is where your biological and energy body’s are. Your immediate field is where your life unfolds. It encompasses your home, work, family, relationships (the good and unpleasant ones) and things that exist in your normal world. Anything outside of that area is considered your external field. Think of when you go to the store or something, no one there is a part of your ongoing created reality, but your paths cross for the moment, no matter what you think that moment is or isn’t for.

Nothing has been seen beyond anyone’s immediate field yet, altho, the center path forward, at this moment, goes in that direction. It is usually set up left (past) to right (future.) Spirit has their own gig with anything that is our field tho.

So the recurring theme thru the few field readings I have done, is not only this layout, but also the full moon of the 1st as well as the 31st is affecting us.

Each person has a unique covering on (or above) their field. The substance(s) is hard to explain, but one man had the ocean way above his field in the upper atmosphere and one lady had something that looked and felt like fluffernutter but not sticky.

All of it is focused on what I created as the center path. However, each persons center path is color coded differently. Even the way to the new moon energy is different. Some flat, some have like speed bumps and no two alike. Of course, no 2 people are walking or even creating the same path.

Since we were were only 2 days in, not much more detail or information is known. But you can do in an access your field to become a conscious co-creator of your life path forward. See who your helpers/guides are, and what it is your soul is designing in its need for evolution.

I wanted to get this layout out for those that actively go into meditation and access their field according to the energy system at play. It is truly the most powerful way to be a conscious co-creator in your life.

On a Val update, I was able to secure retainers on both her divorce and criminal attys. She has a bond hearing on the 6th and her atty is going to push for a program to help her drug abuse (in house rehab) and her hearing is on December 10th. She popped positive for fentanyl a couple pee tests ago.

I will be at her bond hearing and will be able to speak and I will beg for rehab. It’s what she needs most, not jail, not freedom, rehab. Period. And not just 30 days, that was a waste of money.

I cannot adjust the gofundme orginal asking donation. However, I have built a p2p game platform (several) over the last 3 years. I sold them for a combined $2500, all of which I put towards her attys. Go fund me has raised $475, all for her atty so we are down to needing $1200. The money that came in thru my paypal, forgive me, I bought food with it. With my ongoing saga of getting mail then not getting mail, my snap (food stamp) renewal was returned and they closed out of snap benefit’s. I had to reapply, so lost my food stamps for September and wont get any until the 7th. Please forgive me for using funds other than they were intended for. The choices we have to make!! But, I thank you so much for given me the ability to have a choice!! Dear god y’all have held me hand and my heart thru so many crisis’ thank you for loving me (and my family, living and since passed) that much!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of eternal gratitude, love and super powered moon energies to and thru All!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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