I am so glad I woke up extra early today!!  It gives me the time to sit down and share something I have been forgetting to include in the last couple sharings!!

The field of light that surrounds you in readings is more intense, more clear and bright (had to explain really) than it ever has been.  However, that said, every time we take a moment to talk about the whole month of May, thru any reading, something changes.  I literally see the letters that spell May, but all around it and thru each space of the letters, it is pure black.  Spirit said it is because it is representing coming thru a black hole.

Over the years, the energy of the black hole has been presented thru readings, us going thru one, more than once.  I suppose I never stepped back to realize that it was not always the same black hole being represented, at least, not until this week.

Thru the years, we have had many dimensional shifts into the higher realms of energy, of frequency, of ourSelf’s.  Each time we went thru a black hole, we came thru into a higher dimension of ourselves.  Keeping in mind, our souls are multidimensional and it would go to say, so are we, the human soul.

Thru the years, we have also seen various elements of earth being represented as changing, part of our ongoing expansion pack of energy.  Of course, as we became higher dimensional Beings, the very elements that surround us, that nurture had to change too.  Or better stated, are different in different dimensions, even if it is just slightly different than the previous dimension.

It is also the reason we seem to shift in our personalities as we change, as we go thru and steady ourselves into new dimensions.  More of our inner chaos sluffs off and we become more clear, more accepting of many things, more understandings of the grander realm we call Life.

What makes this month of May, 2017 different from any other time that a black hole energy showed up in readings is that we are what is coming thru the other side of the black hole.  WE are the new energy, the new life forms, the new thought forms.  WE ARE the highly evolved Beings we once sought for direction.  WE ARE what’s coming together, NOT what is falling away.

This has got to be the first time, in my 15 years of reading, where we are not being given specific homework of integration of the new energies, just being asked to allow our orientation into this new field and all that changes that WE have become.

I think the easiest way to explain this is using the visual I am seeing right now.  All the working parts of the brand new car of life is Now Here.  The engines, the tires, the fluids and rods and all the bits that make a car run.  We are here.  Thru the remainder of this particular season (thru the sept equinox) we will be given the challenge of finding all the other working parts of this car, and start to come together, link up and link in together.

There is already so much being set up thru the universal energies of Life, all conspiring for this next evolutionary stage of ourself’s, together.  I just look at my own tiny life, and truly, in the scheme of this massive stage, my part is so tiny, yet living in it, as each of us live within our own life, it is so radically huge and different.  For years I have been wishing to have some sort of help in getting all I want to do, done.  I have tried to do it all myself, I would come out of the gate running and peter out cuz there is just not enough of me to be efficient or enough desire to learn something new and spin that on my already full stick.  That is, until I got hit hard with the inner desire to hire a webmaster to build a new site.  This man is not only creating an amazing mansion to house us in, he is freakin pushing me in directions I have been resisting for years.  The greatest part of it, all I have to do is show up, he will run the efficiency from his end.  Couple all that wonderful synergy with now having my daughter in my day-to-day life, the things that needs two people to do efficiently, she is a willing player for it all.

I am no longer a unicycle, there is a motor and a steering wheel attached to my energy wheel and we are expanding our territory, together!

Now imagine what we WILL do as we all gather together, each with our own unique super powers and start mixing them together.  It feels like a real life Hogwarts academy being presented where we all are the teachers and the students at the same time.

Now getting back to the black hole of May and the emerging visible Light field (You/Us) coming thru it.  Again, thru the readings, spirit has been saying we should even out of this intensity as we move into and thru the new moon of May.  Silly me, when I looked up the dateline for that, I thought it was the 10th, I realized yesterday that the 10th is the full moon, the new moon happens on the 25th!!  Geez Louise!!!

The energy of the full moon is amplifying and illuminating a lot!  Not only in our own personal fields, but equally, all the collective fields out there/in here.  The highest highs and the lowest lows are all echoing their power display.  There is no bias in life, just our own personal ongoing choices of what direction we choose to move towards.

We have got to be extra mindful about where we place our focus, our hearts energies.  We are in the midst of a dying system.  If you ever had the privilege to watch someone come to the end of their life, it is not an over night experience, but a slow progression of a whole system shut down.  Organs start failing and eventually stop.  When we look out into the world, the same is happening there, too.  We just watched the USA’s political establishment reach into the heart field of Life and rip out the arteries that supply well being to the heart.  (AKA trumpcare, which is really void of the care part.)  It’s a dying system, allow it to die as you focus on building anew, from your/our inside out place.

Before I close and get ready for my lasik (gulp) I want to mention the energy happening in space.  I just took a peak into spaceweather:

CME IMPACT POSSIBLE ON MAY 10TH: On May the 4th, unstable magnetic fields in the sun’s atmosphere shifted and hurled a CME into space. The cloud’s velocity was relatively low; indeed, it appears that it will take 6 whole days to cross the sun-Earth divide. NOAA forecasters expect it to arrive on May 10th. Polar geomagnetic activity is therefore possible next week. Free: Aurora Alerts

“RADIO-ACTIVE” METEOR SHOWER: This weekend’s eta Aquarid meteor shower, caused by debris from Halley’s Comet, is causing strong radar echoes over Europe.

May 10th, the full moon amplifying the energies of the CME thru all of life.  Then we have the radio-active meteor shower, with that spirit is giving us a parallel analogy.  If we look at ourselves as a meteor that just came thru a black hole into a new field of life, our debris tail is what we are assimilating and adjusting to thru the 25th.  WE ARE radio active!! 😉

Have an amazing day my beautiful comets!! I love you!!!  ((((HUGZ)))))

Lisa Gawlas

Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 5, 2017

Living The Higher Energies of Truth!

golden truth

I am hoping everyone is feeling the magic that May seems to dump (in illumination) on us every single day.  Granted, today is only day 5 of this wonderful 5th month of the year, but… wowzers!!

One of the biggest things I am really starting to notice is the harmony within the field and my actual back yard.  I did a rescheduled reading Wednesday morning and her reading was amazing.  Well, they all are amazing, but hers was music based.  Behind her legs was the energy of a short Y formation.  The tail of the Y originated from beneath her feet and only went back about 2 feet.  What is interesting, if this Y was in front of her, it would be denoting a major choice point coming up in her path, but having it coming thru her from behind, meant nothing like that.  Took me a while to understand it, but hey, I’m up for these ongoing challenges of new understandings and presentations.

The right side of her Y presented this marching band, all masculine players, all drummers (snares and bass drums) all dressed in white and gold and distinctly representing her masculine side in her feminine energy.  They were all bunched up moving individually instead of together like marching bands do.

On the left side of her Y was a double image superimposed on each other, at first anywayz.  The first thing I seen were wine glasses, all filled with different amounts of champagne, the bubbly kind of champagne.  Then there were these colored balls, like you would find in a childs ball pit, all different colors.  Her team explained this represented packages of oxygen, each color was a different variant of oxygen and they would bounce in and out of the champagne glasses, how I do not know.  The rims of all the glasses were smaller than the balls, yet they did so perfectly!!  The beauty of the field, making the impossible, possible.  These glasses, that all create sound/tones when used, were representing her feminine energies within her masculine field.

What really surprised me was what it all meant!!  The vibration of truth that is coming thru her.  Her masculine side still needs a little organizing with their unified energies marching, not so much playing.

As her team started to explain what we were experiencing and what it means to her… the expression of truth that comes thru her whole life field, how she lives, how she expresses, what she does and how she moves, all exemplifies the energy of truth.  As we were understanding all this, I realized my actual back yard started to get really loud with the songs of birds, lots of (different kinds of) birds singing all at once and I had to start talking over them.  As soon as we acknowledge the birds singing, they soon stopped.

The harmony of life, of life expressing, that is what we do in everything we do.  This is how we live our truth because talk is cheap.  Your life is the song and the more organized your song, the greater the experience of life is for yourself and others.

All the readings yesterday, gave way to this fuller expression coming thru the field of truth, living it!!  Even the energies that are widely being distributed right now, is enhancing the truth of All life.  The good, the bad and the ugly are really amping up its stage presence in all quadrants.  Just look at what has happened in the last few days in our (USA) political field.  One giant step backwards for humanity, but we do see the truth few wanted to see last year, being lived out and made into law.

What we do not see quite yet, is the clash that is brewing from it all.  I’ll get to that later.

My first lady of the day yesterday, kinda crazy looking, in a wonderful way really.  At first, the only thing I could see were this shiny gold and silver coins raining down all around her.  They would catch a glint of light and sparkle outwards in reflected energy.  This rain was no more than 6 feet in circumference around her.  As the day progressed yesterday, that became a major theme for this energy coming in,  Thru your personal body and immediate energy field surrounding you.  The wider field of life (where other things come in to influence you and vise versa,) was in a sort of stillness thru the readings.

My lady however, as we acknowledge the “change” raining down in the entirety of her life field, creating changes in both her physical, spiritual and mental life, suddenly she had these odd goggles on her face, which made her eyes super huge as if they were magnifying glasses, which, I suppose they were.  They are her tools to see the enhanced energies, from all the changes she is absorbing as well as others.  Kind of like being able to see thru the distortion field, but learning how to adjust the vision, as if they were the lens of a microscope, was key.

As her reading started, so did the wind in the yard.  It came to a cresendo as we were looking at her big eyes in her glasses (she was on skype, so I was straddling looking at her on the computer as well as out int he field) and I was looking at my computer, this massive wind gust that seemed to circulate from the left side of the yard, whipped around to the right and launched itself behind the computer screen was rather telling.  The winds of change are at her back, blowing her forward!!  Again, the second time the yard joined into the reading in full expression of what was being seen and understood.  I’m kinda loving that!!!

And of course, I am now running out of time to share the other readings before my days starts, but let’s say the key theme was LIVE YOUR TRUTH.  Talk is cheap and everyone is talking, the only true and steadfast way change of any kind anchors into all the collectives, is by living it as a way of life.

If we can learn anything from the political field, they are living what is true for them, regardless of who cares and who is affected by it.  There really is something to learn from that venue, whether we like it or not.  How many of us, sitting quietly in our knowing, not wanting to live what we know how loud, for fear others may not like our changes.  Do it anywayz!!  Hell, I have had a good many emails saying how erratic I am being with my constant changes.  I personally do not care if anyone understands how I move or make life changing decisions, but will never hide the process either.

Our duty is to reverberate a new way of living thru all we think, say and do!!  It will catch on!!

I will not have a blog out tomorrow, it is my lasik surgery day and will be leaving way early.  I am only having one eye done, my right eye, so here’s to pulling up a new flap of spiritual vision!!!

Ohhh one more thing, the energies coming in thru this month, and it will be thru the full moon at least, is not to understand mentally, but to shift the mental planes of understanding and to be lived.

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) of life altering, life enhancing changes thru the All Lived Out Loud!!

Lisa Gawlas


Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 3, 2017

May and the Power of Change!!!


I find it kind of amazing how incredibly unique, how perfectly designed for each person, the energy packages are coming in.  No two readings have come close to being the same, save the fact that everyone is now showing up on grass for their field of life platform.  It was only for the first day or two the grass was enhanced in color (emerald-green, instead of back yard green lol) it is not that way now.  Perhaps because I know it is reflecting the emerald city of each person’s heart.  Within each city, a whole new energy system is coming in and being absorbed into the person.  Our jobs, for now, is to allow and simply be conscious that new energy is coming in and expanding each of ourselves, changing us, allowing more of ourselves to be revved up and let loose in life.

The one thing I can never know, is how it will all affect you, what you will choose or not choose to do with it.  Not even spirit knows that.  However, there is a long game in play.  This is not one time deal, but an ongoing life changer, if we allow.

I cannot help but think of my own path (since it is in my face this morning lol) over the last year.  It is almost a year ago, May 7th, I received a phone call from my son, that at first scared me when he asked me to sit down to receive the news he was about to tell me.  I never heard his voice like that, but obviously, he was ok.  I about shit when he said he got a call from my 4 year estranged daughter Michelle (AKA Katt) and she was in Arizona on a road trip and she wanted to introduce my 4 month old grandson to me, would I be open to it!!  The next day was mother’s day and that is when she wanted to visit me.  Holy freakin shit… YES!!!

That very moment changed my future history in ways, even if I had seen it in meditation, I surely would not believe its possibility.  Too many players (my daughter and my mother) that hated me.  And yet, the return was an unfathomable (from my then current perspective) of love, of reunited heart energy.

Every step of the way this past year, YOU were there, supporting me, making sure I made it to and thru my next entrance point and out of it as well.  Changes, big ass life changing, changes are much easier to move thru when you have a cheer leading section, a support section.  Kind of like running the biggest marathon of your life and you have so many supporters offering you water and sweat towels along the way.  We need each other to assure we make it to each finish line.  Especially when there are sudden detours in our road.

I want to be there like that, for you too.  Especially after one of the readings yesterday.  There she was in her field and all these apples (wisdom, fruits of her collective life’s labors) raining down all around her, bopping her in the head over and over, on her shoulders, over and over and yet, she could feel the bops, but did not reach out for a single apple.  Of course, it is easy for me, sitting in the distance of your field, saying why don’t you just reach out for those apple energy bombs coming in, when you may not even realize what the hell is happening.  Her life is changing, has been changing and amping up the energy of change and yet, she hesitates.  Simply because we all need a cheerleading section when our familiars in our life think we jumped off the deep end of sanity.

WE, as a collective force of each other’s life, help each other to own our place of power, our inner knowing that even if the world thinks I am crazy for what I do, it is the most empowering thing for me and those around me.

Until yesterday, I could not understand how I can be there for everyone when they need it the most, until my amazing web designer showed me the beginning of my new website.  Even tho it is just the “rough first draft” my team must have been having long talks with me as I fell asleep so early (before 8pm) and woke up so late (after 5:30am) and I got up inspired (hence what I am sharing now lol.)

I woke up knowing that we will bring back the membership based “Soul Gym.”  Integration of these energies is only the first part, we have to know what to do with them too and how to strengthen them individually and collectively.

In recent months, so many people have told me they heard me on my youtube channel.  I do not have a youtube channel, well, my personal one that I upload my grandchildren playing, but not an actual one for sharing spiritual insights.  I do want to thank whomever is creating one for me, it is very much appreciated.  However, the nation of lights will be hosting its own (eventually.)

There is even a place for those just finding their wings and those who are polishing them, to get you out into the spotlight as well.  The nation is of Lights, plural, not just one crazy girl (smile.)

In my internet life, there is a lot of movement, a lot of change underway.  Once the new site is launched (we are looking at a target date of the beginning of next month) my old sight which I have had since 2003 will close down.  Even my blog sharings will move over to the new website, with the same ability to subscribe as wordpress offers now.  Of course, there will be an integration period for it all.  But I am excited!!

I think if I can dub May’s energy into a single word it would be CHANGE!!  Of course, May is a 5 month and this year a 10 year, change and new beginnings, together, they are a 6, soul partnership!!

What an odd song to suddenly have playing in my head…. but hey…. Marvin Gaye sings it like no other…. “Let’s Get It On!!!!!”

I love you All Soul much!!  Big big ((((HUGZ))) as we get it on!!!!

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter/bookreading.html



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Winning the Lottery of Life!!

power up

I love waking up with an ah-ha moment!!  Of course, I also know I was elsewhere thru my sleep time last night, I recall shadow elements (not clear, but I know I was not here) from whatever I was doing last night.  The ah-ha moment I am having tho, is this:

If there truly is no past or future and ALL lives are being lived right now, whether on earth or elsewhere, then all that is being shared thru each reading is coming from the incarnation we are experiencing within the other planes of existence that are highly evolved societies, with the incarnation of yourself that is living as a highly evolved Being.

So truly, YOU are who is helping you assimilate all these new energy packets being brought to you by yourSelf.  I don’t know why I find that kinda mind-boggling as well as so exciting all at the same time, but I do.

Thanx to my shadowy escapades last evening, I woke up late this morning, but I do want to highlight one reading from yesterday.  They were all extraordinary, but this one’s presentation I feel can apply to every one of us that integrate and live the incoming energy.

She was standing out in her field with what looked like either bingo or lottery balls pouring down all around her.  They came in about 5 feet above her head and seemed to just disappear from my field of vision as they got down to about her waist area.  Each ball was assigned a number and her job was to lock it into her field of life.  The reason they used these balls was to give the relationship of winning… it didn’t matter if it was bingo or the lottery, the idea was every  5 balls integrated, wins.  Truly winning the lottery of life or yelling Bingo!!

As was the case for just about ever reading yesterday, these energy packets, that cannot be understood thru the spoken word (hence I cannot see the details of what they do, just how to apply them within your personal field) and must be connected with and absorbed thru the soul mind.

What is now becoming common, when there is more than one thing to integrate in a reading, we can see only the first one, to get an idea of what to do with it.  There was a ball clearly marked 17 that she caught with her hand.  Her team explained this has nothing to do with our numerology (the first place I was heading to understand the number.)  I eventually followed along as I watched her place the 17 ball into the left side of her field and it suddenly opened into this golden geometric formations and instantly stretched out to her center field and oozed into her forehead.  It was explained that all 5 balls will be placed in various areas and then be absorbed into various areas of the body.

The one time they are keeping with numerology is with the 5 – change!!  Every fifth ball increases the lottery windfall within her life and of course, which naturally flows out to others.

The thing to be clear about, with everyone doing whatever they are doing to bring thru higher packets of energy from other evolved planes of Life, be sure you experience the vibrational integration of whatever it is you are doing.  That is when you know you finished that thing and it is time to move to the next thing.

It was also stated thru many of the readings yesterday, this energy is not coming up from earth, but down into the earth realm.  So there really is no past to assign understanding from.  This is new to this realm and will come thru you.

Which equally gave me a really clear understanding of something.  Some of the ones who lead the way getting to here and their passing.  Of course I think of Wayne Dyer or Dolores Cannon.  They had to leave so that more people would find their own way, a newer way of presenting in this quickly changing world.  And now you… We… will be the ones laying down a new templet of evolution.  No longer focused on healing, but on true expansion of the body and life field from the heart plane of highly evolved ways of life, which does come with amazing magic when two or more are gathered and focused.

If you are thinking that sounds a little grandiose, I promise you, YOU change me, alter my whole Being every single time you show up to the field.  You have added to my life, my personal evolution in more ways than any (unseen) spiritual Being has thru meditation in the last decade.  YOU really are that amazing, powerful and dare I even say, evolved!!!

In the way synchronicity works, within a minute of my last reading yesterday, I received an email that just has me dancing with excitement.  The new logo for our new website (still being built.)  We are so ready as a nation of lights, living and working, together:

I love and honor you so much and thank you for the amazing privilege of growing thru Your Light in Life!!  You are each amazing!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of loving wisdom into and thru the All of Life!!

Lisa Gawlas

Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 1, 2017

We ARE The May Flowers, The Flowers of Shambhala!!

flowers of shambhala

I decided to forgo putting out a blog yesterday for some of my own personal news, AKA a meditation before anyone woke up in the house.  I have decided, not only was I handed the queen of all bathtubs, it takes me to a plane that is much higher vibrationally than I am accustomed to climbing all at once.  I continue to be challenged at holding my focus in meditation longer than a few minutes and god forbid I actually understanding what I am seeing while seeing it.  I do have to admit, at first I thought I was just out of practice with meditation, it had been close to a year since I went swimming in the deep end of my pool, but the two make up readings I had scheduled yesterday, amplified my second thought quite clearly.

Since I couldn’t seem to anchor into any sort of meditation, I decided to look at myself in the field.  Where am I, what am I needing to understand?  That connection was instant.  I plug inwas in the far back yard, my triangle of fire now a goldish-bronzish dome all around me with 12 distinct sections.  I could see my back with these twelve wiggling plug like connectors all coming out of the back side of my heart center.  They didn’t plug into anything yet, they were just wiggling.  I tried to get more understanding about it and the next thing I know I was sweating bullets.  As I was trying to find my orientation to what I was experiencing, I knew I was in the middle of this dome, but had no idea what to do, so as I asked the question, the voice coming back to me was God/Source/Creator in the same space I was in.  Hey!!  What you doing on top of me???  Or maybe, what am I doing on top of you??  The only semblance of a reply I got before tapping out was something about understanding what I am seeing with clarity and zero bias from past input.

I could not stand the rise in heat I was experiencing in my bathtub.  I was literally pouring sweat and became so distracted and unable to go any further in my meditation so I just got out.  I could not even stand putting my clothes on (sweat pants and a sweat shirt since it was only 42 degrees outside) so I simply went outside with my towel on to try to cool off.  I should have been freezing instantly, nope.  I stayed in the sweat body for a good half hour before cooling down.  Weird!!!  I should have been frozen instantly like I was prior to taking a bath.  Nope.  Not until I went out to do my readings, then my body realized just how cold it was!

My first lady showed up in the same place.  Of course, this is the same part of the far back yard everything has been showing up in since I started reading here.  She was sitting cross-legged on the ground with this intense circular white light shining on her (left) cheek.  I could see her rubbing her cheek as if to rub the energy in.  The light was about the size of a tennis ball and stayed consistent thru her whole reading.  We both did all we knew how in trying to understand what it represented and what she needed to do with it and her team just kept repeating a phrase that became quite pesky “it’s all-encompassing.”  The light itself could not be discerned in words, there was no language to explain it, it had to be absorbed and then expressed outwards (lived) in an “all encompassing way.”

What I found really interesting was as we kept trying to understand this light on her face melting into her cheek/mouth area, her body kept sliding over deeper into the right field until she was so far over to the fence line of my neighbor’s yard.  She never got up, I never seen her move, she was just being pulled, almost like a magnetic sheet was under her, going deeper and deeper into her emotional spiritual side.

I started to realized and it was really affirmed with my next/last reading of the day that we are trying to understand the higher energies from our usual vantage point, it’s time to go further and higher than we ever allowed ourselves to go.

If we can now look at ourselves as space aliens that have no access to any of our past and are here to help our future, then the only thing we need to feel into is the present and movement forward without anything of the past coming in.  Not as easy as it sounds when our minds are so anchored in our past stories (hell even in readings, I pull from yesterdays interpretations, which is not working so well any longer.)

My next lady was just bizarre looking.  She was standing in the middle of her field and she had 9 arms all around her body.  These arms with hands were individually reaching up over her head, then came back down and bent at the elbow for a moment, before reaching back upwards.  I could not see what she was reaching for or even if she had anything in any hand as it came back down towards her head.  What I do find interesting, the color of her arms was about the same color as my dome thingie in my personal meditation, a goldish-bronzish color.

This is where it became apparent that what we are reaching for, we are receiving, but the understanding, the knowing cannot be seen with our old eyes, within our old history even last year, or last month.  Which is making my job super challenging let me tell you!  I don’t know what I don’t know and yet, I need to know it to help you understand it in the readings.  Geez!!!  Who signed this bumbling human up for that!!??  Hell, at this point, I can barely talk and keep my teeth in my mouth (seriously) which is causing me a a major distraction, now I have to hold onto my teeth and climb into information packages I never understood before, all at the same time??

My lady with the 9 arms was told, that all that she has been reaching for, is indeed already in her hands, she just has not realized what she brings back in understanding.  Once she does, the 9 of completion will instantly happen and her life, catapulted into a higher “actioned” field of life.  Her team used the past tense of the word action when talking about her higher field of life (which I could see vibrationally about 5 feet above the ground we are on now.)  So I had to ask, how can we be using a past tense word when we are being instructed on a new, higher, never experienced in this realm focus?

The reply only comes to me this morning.  Every one of us on this leading edge of planetary light are from other worlds of mastery and evolution, what some even call, highly evolved societies.  We have indeed, done this before, just not here on earth.  This is the plane of existence we need to pull from, to live “all-encompassing” from.

Let’s be clear on this point.  The moment we start looking at what is falling apart out in the world, we pull ourselves out of this higher evolutionary state of our Being.  Or even, looking at conflict in our personal worlds.  Change, long lasting, complete change tends to look like things are falling apart, becoming worse than it ever was.  Just look at a building being demolished, that looks tragic, destructive even.  And yet, something amazing will be built in its place.  This same thing is happening to our families, our neighborhoods, our cities and countries.  Focus only on the blessing.  If you cannot see the blessing, don’t pay attention there because the only thing you do is pull yourself out of the bounty that is happening and we can easily look track, loose focus of the wonder underway as we assimilate to this new way of Being.  That said, if you can see the blessing, it is also your responsibility to state that out loud.

The focus of the whole will never change with the silence of the few who understand.

On that note, I am getting out my ladder before readings start, so I can find the place we need to understand from, from here on out!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of May Flowers, which is also Shambhala energies, to and thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas


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Having a Child-Like Heart and Your Personal Emerald City!

stregnth, love, courage

Finally!!  After months, heck I think this whole year so far, of not hearing a peep about the Emerald City after it was such a focal point in closing out last year’s readings, it’s great to have it back and much more clearly understood and displayed.

Everyone showed up in the far back yard, in the same area the wall of light was, where the golden spinning striations of light was and now, grass!!  Extra green, deep emerald-green, grass.  The ground beneath each person’s feet was a reflection of each person’s heart.  I knew this last year as the emerald city became such a major focal point in the readings, but it was really amplified thru each reading yesterday that the “emerald city” is within your own personal heart field.  It is not a place outside yourself, but your personal heart world that you created around yourself that expands or contracts depending on how your feeling.

I have watched our energy fields change radically over the 15 years I have been doing readings, but this really is the biggest change I have seen so far.  Let me recap what I had witnessed thru you over the decades:

First we had individual chakras, back when I first started reading in 2003, the focus was on clearing them up.  Of course, that was MY focus point in my path so those that reflected that back to me, were always on my dance card.  Together, we got a lot of work, a lot of clearing, done.  As the years past, I watched the emergence of new energy centers, as well as the relevance of ones that had always been there, just no one I knew of (take that to mean, information I was reading) was speaking of them, like the tiny chakra coming out of each pore in the skin.

As we started to utilize more and more of our energy systems as a whole, instead of individually, the chakras themselves started to blend into each other, creating what I seen and called our core energy.  Yes, we always had a core energy but it helped to nourish and engage the chakras individually, then became one large energy system and I no longer seen the individual chakras at all.  Eventually that massive core energy running from crown to root morphed into a torus then a double torus, expanding and radiating the energy system we use beyond our body, amplified by the heart center.

Now, our energy fields are represented by the very grass beneath our feet.  By our connection and relationship to Life itself, not just our self.  This is huge really!!  And truly, I only understand the depths of what was revealed thru everyone yesterday, this morning.

We really have shifted into a nation of light.  Open, free, sharing and exchanging in full relationship with the earth and air.  No borders or boundaries like we have always had (in one way or another.)  Even the double torus, as powerful as it is/was, had a boundary to it, and edge if you will.  Altho, one could argue that the patch of grass I seen beneath each persons feet was of various shapes and sizes, it created a border, not really.  Around the physical body was nothing but open space, free reign of all there is.

To give an example of what I am trying to explain, one of my beautiful ladies showed up, I think she was the third lady on the field yesterday, and she was shoving white picket fence parts around her field.  My own energy was shocked to see that.  She started out about 10 feet out from her own body, shoving a wooden picket in her field, then another, then decided that is too far out, picked up the pickets she put in and shoved them 8 feet out, then 5 feet out from her body all the while, her energy field was contracting, holding itself back.  Any potential that could have shown up there, was no longer visible to my eyes.  She started this work on her left side, physical life side, because of an action that someone else was doing, that was near and dear to her heart and yet, had nothing to do with her personally.

It was explained that the time for borders, for walls, fences or anything designed to keep you/us separate from any aspect of life, is over.  It holds no place in this environment any longer.  Fortunately, she had not started building on her right side yet and we could see the energy already there, for her to enjoy, play with, expand and get excited with and when she focuses there, she will no longer feel the need to build even a white picket fence anywhere.

It is not only ourselves trying to build protection around our field that is no longer needed, but the energies we brought forward from our past.   One of my ladies, I think the one right after her, the fourth reading, was sitting on the ground, her fists balled up and her arms crossed over her chest, her face scrunched up in anger or frustration and the emerald-green grass was no more than 6 inches beneath her.  As we started to look to see why she was in such a state and her field seriously contracted beneath her, suddenly this filing drawer showed up just behind her on her right side (emotional/spiritual side.)  In the drawer were 9 files all colored black (energies, exchanges and emotions that she is not seeing in the true light of day, that is affecting her present moment) that she had to lighten up and release (her homework.)

Now here is something to think about and realize, without the borders we have been so familiar with and dare I say, even felt protected by, other people’s energies and/or actions may have a bigger effect on you than ever before.  This too, is part of our evolution.  To fully be in life, in the chaos and wonder of life and not lose our center, our expansion and to really take nothing personally.

If we want to live in a world without borders, in a true unity consciousness, then we must start right here, in our own personal field of life.  Living the example creates the outward spread of the energy to others.

Makes sense to me (now) why I was plucked out of my 5 year solitude and heaven to go live with my mom and then now, live with my daughter and grandson.

So let’s take a look at the three others on the field.  My first reading, a beautiful man in Germany, started this amazing view.  I was so surprised to see him standing in the far back yard, no wall of light, no golden energy, but grass.  Green green grass that blended with the actual grass of my yard, only his was deeper green, emerald-green.  That is when I heard the words, the emerald city.  Each one of us is building our own emerald city thru our personal heart fields.  In his field, from right to left, easter eggs that resembled the ones strewn about my back porch that my grandson still plays with, was raining double helixdown around him.  A few were held in place so we could dive into the deeper meaning.  First, easter eggs, gifts from the resurrected Christ within himSelf.  The one we got to open together was a purple or violet easter egg, inside was this beautiful, golden double helix that was about 2 inches long.

It was bubbly like the image I included, but ever bubble was gold and as his team explained, it’s an expansion set that he needs to purposely place into his light body and become familiar with.  There were several other easter eggs all arching over his head to his left.  One yellow, one green, one red and the final one black.  5 in call, the energy of change.  The black is the totality of the other eggs in full integration of his new, expanding emerald city field.

The children’s theme was going to be a constant thru the day.  My next lady had a very unusual field.  Where my mans grass was circular, hers was oval with these spikey things coming off them, of course her team corrected me many times as I used the word spikey to call them tendrils, 9 in all.  These are area’s where she is already using her emerald city mastery outwards in the world, sharing herself with others.  She is a young person who works with autistic children and I could see how she is already doing this, but what she needs to understand and is her homework, what she is doing that is new to both her and those around her.  Sometimes we just do things because it is a natural part of ourselves without ever really realizing what new is embedded in our presentation outwards.  Our job is to know.  The more we are aware of, the more that is added to us.

In her field, she had these plastic colored balls, once again, resembling the ones on this porch that my grandson plays with.  Her arms were outstretched from left to right and long, much longer than her whole body, like 10 feet long from hand to hand.  She was doing this shifting of these colored balls from one hand to the other, sometimes these balls I could see individually, sometimes they were shifting so fast they were like blur.  Her team explained each one contained a new mastery that for the most part, she is already using in her day-to-day life, her job now is to delve into each ball and understand them individually and all together.

bubbleMy last lady of the day, once again, brought in the childlike play toys and energy within her field.  This time, it was akin to soap bubbles.  Big ass soap bubbles!!

Only there was no soap, instead the energy came thru her hands, first the right hand, into what I seen as a soap-bubble wand and created this really long opaque (I could not see thru it) soap bubble above her head.  As she finished creating the opaque bubble with her right hand (emotional output) suddenly the wand was in her left hand (creation side) and the bubble became see thru, perfectly clear.  Within the clarity was the details of arrival of whatever was in her long bubble.  In that moment, she was at a choice point, allow its arrival or pop it and start over again.

As I started to reach around to understand what she was doing, I was using two words… “thought” or “desire,” her team explained there is no longer a difference.  Our thoughts have become so powerful, that they are the desire becoming manifest.  This made me gulp a bit, some of my thoughts need to be unthunk (smile) if that is the case.  But she was reassured that this why she has this moment of the clear soap-bubble to decide if this is what she wants to create within her world.

If we embark on this next phase of our evolution like a child would exploring his or her new world of adventure, it will assure much success and fun.  However, we do it from the seat of an adult who tends to question and dare I say, fear many things… well, we will still learn, but thru the challenges instead of the playground!!

Thru it all yesterday, it became very clear that as we move forward and expand our territory within our hearts, we will eventually merge into other landscapes, other emerald cities expanding, creating a more powerful, unified environment for the ALL of life.  EAch of us must employ courage, wisdom and love as we expand and become the very wizard of our personal and collective lives!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) wrapped in playful times and expanded territories to and thru All!!

Lisa Gawlas

Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 28, 2017

The New Earth and the New Human Soul, Together!!

New Earth - Birth

Of course the field became unviewable once again yesterday.  At least tho, we got a reason why, it is in change, again.  Given the nature of the field this last week, golden spinning striations of energy that came up from the ground, that equally created a golden spin on our light bodies, it was a matter of time before it changed again.  I am praying it was a 24 hour thing that started after my last reading the day prior (smile.)

That said, I was given a little, or is that an expanded, review of these last couple of weeks within the field.  We first opened to this wall of light which we eventually found out was Source/Creator/God.  Pure, thick light and yet, something that appeared to separate love from truth.  Of course, our goal was always to be in the wall of light, to be the wall of light, shining and nurturing and drawing from, both side of the coin.

We all have seen where some can be speaking their own truths and present it without much love (that pure, unconditional love that say, it does not matter if you believe me, this is what is true for me.)  There are so many levels of truth, like the largest, thickest book we have ever seen, each page containing an element of truth, we only get the next page when we fully absorb and live the page we are on.  Often times, a level of truth comes thru distorted so it does not completely fracture the psyche on its way in, so, often times even what we come to know, changes into the fuller version of itself.  This is where the unconditional love part is so crucial, unto ourselves first and then outwards.  The need to be right is an untamed ego thing.  The need to pound fists or call names to other because they disagree, is equally an unintegrated ego thing.

My webmaster sent me a series of questions when I first hired him, so he could understand us and the desire for the website deeper.  One of the questions really had me think… “who is your target audience when writing.”  (Maybe not an exact quote, but close enough.)  I really had to feel into that answer and I kept coming back to the only one that serves my highest needs, mySelf.  My website helps me process the ongoing incoming information that seemed to settle itself into clarity.  My blogs, same thing, I process the massive information coming thru you every day we do readings together.  If I tried to target a specific group, the information would be confusing and the core, get lost.

Then, we have to fully realize too, that not all information coming out is for everyone.  There is a massive, important influx of information coming in at the present.  There are many different players that are a part of this massive shift.  Not everything is for everyone, at least at this initial stage of change.  We are all learning to harness our skills and place in this landscape.  Example, the information a physician needs is not the same information the song writer needs, which is not the same information the car mechanic needs.  Each one must absorb what is theirs in this moment.  As we continue to grow and formulate our expanded self in this expanded landscape of matter, the larger truths that others are living, will naturally become a part of our own.  If we could all realize, we are still in the setup stage, we haven’t even gone live yet… so patience is required within our own excitement!!

That all said, there are somethings we must all, at least realize.  The elements are changing.  Taking just one example from this week’s readings, if the element of oxygen is changing (and it is) and we all have a love affair/life affair with oxygen, (we all do) then we do need to understand how its newness affects who we are and what we do.

There is a lot of rearranging under the earth happening, energy moving, things a bubbling, and it is also requiring our movement and dare I say, bubbling up and over with all that is coming in.

Someone asked on my facebook wall about this being the “new earth.”  I got a bit puzzled, because thru the readings a few years ago, spirit declared we were now on the new earth then.  And yet, 2016 and 17 has brought in new elements of change that really made me go down deep last evening to fully understand what confused me about his question.  I think I got it, at least for now.

The earth had to be ready for this moment.  Like laying the greatest foundation for the new house of life to be erected upon.  Each day, week, month thru this last year and a half, we have become intimately familiar with the new energies of ourselves and life, all the while witnessing change take place out in the deeper landscapes.

We are a new spiritual being now inhabiting the new earth.  A full completion of the evolution process for those not standing on one side of the wall (of light) or another.  We must decide where we will harness our focus, on building for everyone to inhabit, or cleaning up what is already falling a part.  But, let me give you a question to ask yourself.  If you have invested so much time and effort in understanding your new, beautiful Self, why not focus there.  Build the new.  Allow others that are still realizing themselves to be the clean up crew for what is falling apart.

On that note, my day is about to begin and I am counting on “seeing” this next phase and set up within it today, dammit!!

I love you and am so grateful for your patience and understanding on the days the field is like invisible ink in my mind’s eye!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of enriched flavors and joyful songs as we All move forward!!!

Lisa Gawlas

life changing

Over the last several months, I have had news articles shared on my facebook wall where science has discovered new functions of the lungs as well as a new area or organ within the digestive system.  Of course science thinks they missed these new things, even with all the research they have done, instead of realizing we are changing right before their eyes.  Now they are going to eventually scratch their heads as they realize that the elements are changing too, and wonder how they missed whatever they discover.

There is soooo much amazing information that came thru each reading yesterday, harnessed mostly by the questions each person asked.  We can really unlock the mysteries of the universes just by asking questions!!  I find it interesting that spirit will show you what you need to know in this moment and not much more (voluntarily from their side) until you start asking questions.  Even what we think of as mundane questions have amazing replies!!  Now I just hope I remember every amazing thing that came thru yesterday!!

I will save my first reading for last and jump to my second lady.  Her entire field and light body was on fire!!  The whole thing, fire!!  The fire was so thick and beautiful I could not even see thru it to the golden energy that I know is still there.  Her team specifically stated, several times as I was wondering what is happening within these flames that these flames are currently being used for transformation, “complete transformation.”  They did explain that even the ground she dwells upon is in this transformation fire as is her whole body, right down to the molecular level.  They even went a step further (bout damn time lol) and showed us a little diagram of a new molecule structure off to the right side of her field.


Most of the structure was not visible to my eyes, I kinda knew what they were trying to show.  A new molecule structure is taking place within her body and landscape.  But also, within the fire itself.  So the element of fire is changing… as are just about all the elements.  Come to think of it, my last lady of the day had oxygen as her ally and it was changing too.  Since oxygen feeds fire, it kinda makes sense really, I guess.

It was also explained that the elements that are changing are partnering with humans that are going thru the most rapid change themselves right now, so there is a cohesiveness to the changes.  I think the best way that I understood it, as the molecular structure of the human warps and changes, certain elements change to meet the new template of the human, so they are always complementary to each other.  It really was explained deeper than that, but this poor brain is challenged at remembering the exact details.

With my last lady, oxygen lady, she reminded me of being in a fish aquarium with bubbles pouring out of her belly, from her pelvis up to just under her waist.

air bubbles

At first I was just confused looking at her.  Then suddenly I realized the massive amount of bubbles pouring out of her were oxygen bubbles and this was her ally.

I found it was a lot easier for me to understand the energy of oxygen with her than understanding the fire.  Maybe because I was so intimately interested in the fire since I have it in my field.  I still feel like a stranger to fire and having the hardest time fully understanding my triangle of fire.  But it too was explained that the fire energy is a longer process of change, and until it starts to complete itself, it is not understandable.  Thru my beautiful, patient lady, it was explained about another week or two for the transformation to have understandable qualities to work with.

Coming back to the oxygen changes or enhancements, however that works out… Is becoming purer (for lack of a better way to explain it.)  She was shown a little alchemy lab about 15 feet above the ground, for her to start practicing working with this changing element.  Three things were shown, a thought bubble, a lab beaker and a (light) golden spiral.

First was her thought or desire that was in the bubble and she purposely squeezed this thought bubble into the beaker.  I am going to show an image of the beaker I seen, just incase it is important, I have no idea if the shape and size of it matters, but spirit tends to be literal when showing something and I placed yellow arrows above the beaker I had seen:


And then the golden slinky looking thing was just below this beaker.  Spirit kept calling it a golden spiral, but what I had seen looked like the silver image, but the same frequency of gold as I am including:

gold spiral


Even the arrow that is with the stretched out slinky is correct as far as the insertion of the beaker goes.  However, in her experimentation, drops of this new oxygen must be added to the thought within the beaker.  Trial and error is what will prevail in her knowing what quantity to add of what.  Then the beaker inserted into the golden spiral and that’s it.

Thought is the seed of all life that we experience, oxygen the germinator or maybe, the yeast (letting rise into life) and the golden spiral would I guess be like the oven.  This new oxygen molecule is enhanced with something like miracle grow I suppose.

I want to get to my first lady before I run out of time this morning.  She was so unlike anyone else I had seen in this elemental phase we are being shown.  She had rockets coming out of her belly area and exploding like fireworks in the air.  Creating a new grid of life for her.  Interesting, I just realized these rockets spread out (again, like roman candle fireworks) about 15 feet above the ground.

Thru her reading, yet another person will be relocating.  Fortunately this was not a surprise to her, she is already shifting from rhode island to washington state in the coming months.  The important thing that came thru her reading that I do want to share today is about counterparts.  The only thing my team ever labeled/talked about were divine counterparts, the in love relationship type.  In her reading, in my neighbor’s yard (representing washington state) were these things that looked like large coffee mugs laying on their side.

large mug

I could see her already flowing energy into them from the present moment.  As I tried to understand what the hell they were, it was explained she was already fueling her connections to the “counterparts” she needs in her next phase of life.  It was further explained that what spirit is calling counterparts (I was deeply confused for a minute) are close interconnected relationships that are instant and life enhancing.  We were given the example of my landlord TJ, we are counterparts to each other in this phase.  Ha!!  No wonder I love him so much and dare I say, instantly.  That would be the same for my web creator too, and Julie.  Massive players in our life field that is serving to change our personal life fields (and as always, us, theirs as well.)

I am also hearing in this moment, we are going to start to fully understand as well as become clear on what the 12 tribes are as we get familiar with our new intense inter relationships.  Obviously spirit has not let go of the 12 tribes, what we are doing now tho, is starting from scratch in rebuilding our orientation to Life so that the playing field is clear and untainted by (old) bias.

Before I close, I want to come back to my lady’s rockets.  I just understood something (as I ask why she had rockets instead of a single element,) the closer we come (allow) ourselves to change, it creates a combustible energy in our field, releasing the old energies and inviting the new (the grid forming above her) and gets everything set up for ease of transition.

If I can add a word of caution, from my own crazy experiences, do not say you will never do something or go somewhere.  I think about Texas.  My daughter had asked me many times to move here over the last few months, my reply was constant… NEVER!!  My ride from baton rouge to here had me rethinking of the why.  Why am I so adamant about not living in Texas other than its massive republican population (smile.)  It came down to past scaring, not from the state itself, but her father who lived here and who has long ago passed away.  I still didn’t fully realize my team was setting me up for a long stay here, but I was no longer kicking and screaming as I realized my resistance.

The past is irrelevant.  Gone.  Allow for All that is presented and In-Joy!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) new elements enhancing our field of life as we enhance theirs too!!

Lisa Gawlas

Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 26, 2017

The Elements Are Assisting Us Thru this Massive Expansion!!


Happy New Moon to everyone.  New moon, new energy, new choices, new opportunities with a bit of the old mixed in.  Old desires rising up to the top for fulfillment.  Old opportunities rounding another corner to choose once again, but in new ways.  Even if that new way is to just say no thank you this time around.

Yesterday’s readings really rallied around choices, choice points and incoming choices yet to present themselves. However, everyone seemed to have some added help, an added element to assist them in whatever they were doing or going thru.  That said, everyone was still this bulging striation of golden spinning energy as was the field.

My first lady had the most beautiful blue/clear wall of water pouring down over her.  This water was in a freeze frame picture, as her team said, so I could see and understand what was being revealed to her.  If I had seen it as it was, pouring down over and the ground, the energy would be too intense and confusing for me to read.  Nice to see spirit is finally seeing my limitations lol.

Water is a natural amplifier of energy, creating new choices in one’s life creates a new energy field.  What I could not figure out was what choices she was in the process of making, but her team said, it was major in her life story.  So imagine my surprise when the first thing she said was she was deciding about getting back into an old love relationship and instantly I hear her team say, no, that choice is irrelevant.  What???  How can any choice be irrelevant??  Instead of her asking the questions, it was her team full of questions for her around this very thing she was debating on within herself.  Something we all could learn from as old things may become presented again.

The only time we need to revisit something we have already done or been thru is if we did not learn all we needed to learn from that situation or relationship.  In this case, her team already said as they asked her… Do you feel there is something you missed learning about yourself thru that relationship… No!!  So then why revisit it??  Because when we redo something that is already over and should stay over, then ending that comes around this time I much more intense than the first time.

With free will being abundantly and forever available, spirit will never stop of from something that is not needed in our life.  Trust me, I have learned this more times than I care to remember, and have the scars to prove it!! However, those scars keep me from ever doing that again!!

After she mentioned her desire for a relationship, she mentioned her desire and putting into motion, having a baby via a sperm donor.  My whole body got so excited with this choice.  Ya swear it was happening to me!!  Great choice, but with a word of caution from her team.  In choices this big and this life changing, it is better to focus on the single choice and allow whatever changes that it will provide to come flowing in afterwards.  They even gave her an example of seeking to become pregnant and straddling a new relationship and the confusing vibe she would be sending out to her new prospective partner.  I want a baby but not with you.

The moral of the story here, we may have several desires rising up thru us at this time, focus on the strongest ones that would not conflict with each other and allow the changes to present themselves along the way.  Once again, my own recent story was presented as an example.  All I wanted were implanted teeth, something that seemed financially impossible and yet, changed my entire life (as well as my daughter and grandsons lives too) by keeping that desire alive.

So, understanding the emotional flow moving thru her, I could see why water would be her ally in this moment.

Imagine my surprise when my second reading, a precious man in Ireland had the winds of change blowing all around him, starting at his left side (physical life side) and whipping around and around, with a squeezing in at his waist, then releasing the squeeze, a pause point, then started whipping around again.  He too, was still this striation of golden energy spinning, but when the wind squeezed his midsection, it created what looked and felt like a new antenna at the top of his head, or at least, where his head would be if he wasn’t golden light striations.

I had read for him before I left florida and he was given very specific homework about doing something with an energy field near him.  If I am remembering correctly (information gets all mushed up in my head) he was to open an energy vortex and really start to feel his connection/interaction with it all.  He had been diligently doing that thru yesterday.  The winds of change said he did exactly what was needed, this energy vortex was awakened and uprooted and is now moving to another landscape on earth to move into.  There will be a time he will follow to that place as well.

For now tho, he is to work in his garden, using this energy (it may have moved elsewhere, but is always connected to him and vise versa) thru the planting of the seeds and increasing/speeding up the life cycle of his garden.  It was explained that with this energy he has the ability to hurry the reaping of his planting.  Example, if something took 10 weeks to go from planted to ready to harvest, he can now use this energy and have it done in 5 weeks.  I can see how the wind itself can assist in what he is doing.

My fourth lady looked like she was having a party in her field.  Again, she too was still golden striations of spinning energy but with balloons rising up from her left and right sides.  I instantly got it (imagine that!!) Helium is her ally!!!  As we talked and understood more, I seen a few of the balloons tether into the vortex energy that is the ground she lives on and was ever so slowly, rising it up.  She will be moving (literally) and its all being set up now.  It is no where she expects to move to, but her job is to trust and go there anywayz.  She will be feeling the “where” about the end of may going into june.

Then she started telling me of something new, something brave she decided to do with herself.  She is going to Kryon’s light conference at the end of May and is traveling alone and flying there.  Something she has not been brave enough to do until now.  Even more exciting, she decided to upgrade her seating on the plane, to first class!!  I could feel spirit bursting with joy thru every cell of my body!!  She was honoring her desire to be somewhere, even if she could not find a traveling partner and gave herself the gift of comfort as she choose this amazing uncomfortable step in her life!!  In this way, she truly lifted herself up and out of her old programming and opened to the new!!  Helium is her ally and will carry her thru!!!

I could not see anything for my third lady yesterday.  I am not sure why.  It was not revealed to me, and it could very well be, she is still deciding.  My 5th lady was MIA.  So I had plenty of time to ponder my own meditation the day prior with the fire triangle over my field.  Until yesterday’s elements showing up, I didn’t go much deeper than what I seen thru meditation.  But now that the elements are a major player in people’s personal fields, I have got to take a deeper look, other than being the element of Leo.

The element of Fire is pure spirit, it is vitality and passion, energy and victory, the will and the power to act. It can mean pride and honour but also brutality and destruction. It is the gentle warmth and the soft light but also the terrible eruption of a volcano.

Of course, I have to look at the triangle too:  Where you want to generate energy, use a triangle.  It is the feng shui geometry of the fire element… (taken from a feng shui site.)  I had no idea about the triangle and fire.

I personally do not find the eruption of a volcano terrible at all, unless of course I was standing in or on it when it erupts.  That said, my entire life just melted down and reformed elsewhere.  We won’t even talk about how fast this new life is burning thru money!!  Geez Louise!!

I did act on something yesterday, still being haunted by the lyrics of the song I shared yesterday… who are you… who who, who who.  I do not like being asked that question from spirit, I am kind of intimidated by it.  Of course, it is easy for me to ask you in a reading, per spirit, but hey, lets not point the finger back at myself!!  lol

At the end of the day, at the end of this long cycle we are closing out, I do know our next agenda, not in detail, but in concept.  Together, at the ground level, doing… power work!!!  THAT’S what I am wanting to Be and Do next!!  That is why I am building (excuse me, having built) the new website The Nation of Lights.

For days now, I have been back and forth on something that rose up thru me when I was in Marco Island in Florida with the amazing Julie (smile) she mentioned she was getting ready in August to do a Scotland sacred tour.  She has been organizing and leading journeys all around the world for a long time now.  I could feel the energy rise up from my heart and I had to blurt out… I wanna go!!  But it was full.  OK it would have been nice.  Doncha know a spot just happened to open up a couple of days ago.  Yikes!!  Back in Marco Island, I wasn’t spending money like there was no tomorrow.  Now, (minus what I put in savings) I am scraping the bottom of my once full barrel.  Of course this opportunity would present itself when I am at the bottom of the barrel instead of the top.  I am still pushing thru the money beast.  I pulled up airfare to Glasgow, Scotland three days in a row, constantly falling to the side of the fence we can just call caution (or fear of spending so much lol) until yesterday.  This trip happens during my 55th birthday and the solar eclipse.  Of course I want to do it, participated, grow into whatever that adventure holds.  I took a deep breath in and purchased my round trip airfare.  I leave out of Austin on August 15th, my 55th birthday and arrive on the 16th, the trip is from the 27th thru the 29th and I return home on the 30th!!   Gulp!!

I never heard of any of the places we are going to, but am so excited to be going to then none the less.  The solar eclipse will be spent on the amazing Island of Iona (I googled it yesterday.)  I can already feel the crackling of new codes being turned on thru it all!!

In this way, I am praying that I fired my own grid of new abilities, potentials, experiences with others, at the ground level of life that will expand us all in the days, weeks and times to come.

Of course, that is a long time from now and spirit has already been showing me tents set up in the back yard as we start our first ever mini workshops of… well… I have no idea yet, but it’s already forming from spirit’s eye!!

Here is to new energy, new opportunities and new exciting life and love to and thru the All wrapped in massive ((((HUGZ))))

Lisa Gawlas



the shift

I have been so excited, so chomping at the bit to see what the hell these plug-ins coming out of our core energy are going to do and of course, I have not been able to see since we got that teaser.  I had three appointments on Sunday and was thrilled when I got to see my first lady, not realizing she would be the last one I seen during this phase as well.

When my lady showed up there was something odd happening with her energies, like all this sparking white energy coming out of her core.  I realized what we were seeing was kind of like a short in the electrical system that needed addressing.

What really surprised me was the sudden presence of her ET.  A couple of years ago she signed up to be connected to her ET and altho she has attempted connection with him, the full on connection/communication from her side had not been established yet and he was here to say, NOW it’s almost mandatory for her to find a way to connect with him.  They have work to do together in this next phase of our amazing life.

Thru her reading and especially afterwards as the information was still coming in, many have been reunited with their ET family and friends for a reason and we are now fully in the energy system of that reason.  Most has years to prepare their inner skills and communication systems so that this phase could happen fluidly.

It was also explained to my lady, thru her ET that it is time for her to move as well.  Which really surprised me, she was a friend and neighbor while I was in the Jemez and hearing that the energy’s moved startled me, but also, helped me understand why every time I tried to look at moving back to New Mexico, there was no energy there.

What was explained to her that the energy packets beneath the earth moved to untapped areas on earth.  Fresh area’s, hidden from most of humanity’s view so nothing is interfered with.  Those that need to use those energies (as opposed to thinking they need to fix them) will be relocated.  The energy fields that have been sustaining the shift up to this point will be turned down and some, shut off.  This is something that happens at the beginning of every new cycle.  Very much like giving areas a long rest period as other areas come out of a rest period and get ready to rock.

Her particular ET and his crew have been helping earth with the (ongoing) ignition of these systems.  Over the course of these next three years, the earth’s batteries will be in vastly different areas than they are now.  This too, is part of earth’s natural changes.

What I equally find interesting with this beautiful lady, she was the only one I couldn’t see for days earlier.  I had 6 people on my dance card, she was number 5 and I was able to read for the 4 before her and the one after her, but spirit was hell-bent on me not even trying, right down to being stung by a bee during our call.  Of course, on the day I couldn’t see her, we were still seeing the wall of light and for her to get the information she needed, it had to be in this energy vortex/change landscape.

I had every intention of writing about at least this when I awoke yesterday, until I came to my computer.  I felt like someone poured molasses on my brains and I could not fire synapses connections to save my life.  After staring uneventfully for an hour at my computer screen, I decided to take a bath to see if I could pick up any more information about what was happening on the field, especially as it relates to me.

The evening we seen the new golden vortex like energy in the ground and as our light bodies, I did get a quick glimpse of my own alignment ment with it (cuz I do wanna know.)  I was really looking for those plug things and instead I could feel my spinning light body suddenly connected (like a snap on toy) to the circulating energy field at the ground, but that is all I got and left me no clearer than the moment prior.

So when I climbed into my badass bathtub (god I so love that freakin tub lol) yesterday morning, I asked for help with understanding the field cuz I already felt like seeing was going to be an elusive thing again.

Now I have to back up to the very first day I took a bath.  It was my first morning in this new place and I was only able to hold my connection for a few moments.  What I had seen kind of reminded me of a new plant made of fire.


My energy looked a lot like this, only the stem and leaves were made of fire, I was not in the earth but suspended about 6 feet above it.  And there was something unrecognizable (to me) in the middle like the water droplet in this picture.  It was the only thing not made of fire.  It left my field of vision as quickly as it was presented.

So yesterday, once again I was having trouble holding my connection for long periods of time, but each time I reconnected what I seen was the same.  This large triangle made of fire over the now fat golden vortex like energy field of both the earth and myself.  It was so fat that it was almost indiscernible which was which. I feel that for all of us, our energies are growing and merging with… well, whatever the ground truly represents.

Of course, I had to ask about that fire triangle thing, remembering my little fire seedling thing a week prior.  Pesky spirit, instead of giving me understanding, played a song clip, over and over and over again.  It was a song from The Who (I will leave the song at the end of this sharing) that I recognized immediately.  The repetitive lyric was “Who are you, who who, who who.  I really wanna know.”   Hey!!  That’s my question, who Am I next??  What is needed of me, what more should I be doing or looking at and stuff.  You can’t answer a question with the same question back at me!!  Dammit!!

Of course they can!!

Just as I was feeling, there was no seeing the field yesterday, at all.  Not even a little hint of what may be happening.  The only thing I could feel between rescheduling was that pesky song lyric, with a memory, a constant inspiration from wayyy back in the beginning of my crazy adventure I call my awakening.  As I understood why meditation was so important (to me) and how much it was clearing up in my body and mind I really really really wanted to tell every person I ever came across about this amazing inner world of love and non judgement.  A few years later, I began my 15 year journey of teaching it and many other things that comes of it.

Back then, no one had to ask me who I was, where my focus was at, I knew,  Kind of crazy that 17 years in now, and I am freakin clueless!!  I suppose tho, now it is a matter of getting excited, centered, focused on what we know is possible but have not yet experienced as of yet.  To plug into the unknowable.  which seems kind of counterintuitive really.

Another thing I am (kinda almost) sure about, this energy field is all building into the massive crescendo of the new moon tomorrow (the 26th.)

The sun is surely doing its part for energy enhancements (from spaceweather today:)

EXPLOSION ON THE SUN: On April 23rd, a dark filament of magnetism on the sun exploded. ….

SOLAR WIND STORM SPARKS AURORAS: Earth is inside a stream of solar wind spewing from a large hole in the sun’s atmosphere. Fitfully blowing faster than 600 km/s, the wind’s gusty pressure on Earth’s magnetic field is sparking auroras around the poles. …

These polar lights will probably dance for at least one more night as Earth continues its passage through the solar wind stream. Gaseous material in this stream is threaded with “negative polarity” magnetic fields. Such fields do a good job connecting to Earth’s magnetosphere and energizing geomagnetic storms.

They also do a good job energizing us!!  And obviously, something even more than that.

When I woke up this morning, somewhere near 5am, I was disoriented.  I felt like I awoke somewhere else, in another dimension than the one I went to sleep in.  I should have known something odd was happening last night, as Michelle and the baby went to sleep at 7pm, neither able to stay awake.  I thought I could, until I passed out on the couch shortly after they went to bed.  We all slept thru til after 5am this morning.

I no longer feel the dimensional oddness like I did when I first opened my eyes, but I know it happened.  What happened is going to be exciting to see and understand and I pray, we get a little understanding thru todays readings!!

So let me share the song with everyone, maybe if we start choosing from the unconscious level of the soul, a little something something will be reflected on the field.  Hey, I need you to understand myself, thank you very much!! lol

I love you all soul much!!  Something BIG has arrived and I do believe, it is US!!!

(((((HUGZ)))))) of song, dance and the question… whoooooo are you???

Lisa Gawlas


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