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More on the New Body and Brain Becoming…

Wow, there is soooooo much to remember lol. So many intricacies taking place within all the new and already shown nodules. I have updated both images (body and brain) to show (what I can remember) new nodules. I am so upset with myself at the moment because I cannot remember which lines and nodules are the energy system and which is the magnetic system.

Here are the two new updated visuals:

Brain structure showing pineal gland.v2.jpg
new energy template.v2.jpg

I cannot recall if I mentioned this in my last sharing, but what we are looking at (and individually working on) are the energy and magnetic systems. There is yet another system that will be reveled eventually.

If we can look at these two systems sort of like the way our heart and lungs work, so interdependent on each other. They feed each other and work essentially as one. (Small) example; lungs bring in the essential oxygen and the heart circulates that oxygen to the entire body. The energy system would be like the blood and the magnetic system like the oxygen released into the blood (but has nothing at all to do with either, just to be clear.)

I am starting to see some overlapping, meaning people working to bring a particular nodule into the field of biological light. One thing that is strongly emphasized with everyone’s team giving instruction, do not mess with someone else’s nodule (which what we are calling every area that appears to be a gland/organ. The system itself is working as a whole, so no one needs to worry or work any other part than what their assignment is.

Another thing that is being stressed adamantly, the field of light that exists now that we currently work with on a day to day basis is not the same that this system uses. Staying focused on the system that is emerging and not( mixing or assuming) anything with our current way of working with energy. Think of it as leaded and unleaded gas. One system is not compatible with the other. Lets call the current energy system we work with the leaded one, and this new amazing body we are bringing into biology, unleaded. Everything about it is much purer.

I have had two real experiences with two of the readings. I believe I explained in my last sharing that the lady who first (there are more now) showed up and was given the assignment of the hand nodules, was also shown how to create an energy sphere. She brought in a perfect combination of energy and magnetic’s into a sphere between her palms. As she was developing it (thru her team regulating everything) we were talking about my daughter in jail, and in that very moment, Valorie called me.

Yesterday, a very similar experience happened. When you look at the body diagram, you will see in the area of the 3rd eye, an oval. This oval has what will not be visible, but is there anyway, something that looks like a tentacle with many fingers at the end. This thing is constantly bring in interdimentional energies that enhance the area we know as the third eye. Intense white light was coming out of her eyes as I looked at them. The area of the third eye was coming, mixing with the pineal gland, and the pineal gland (as well as the energy and mangetic streams) where mixing and creating the white I see in her eyes. Her team explained that the 3rd eye and our physical eyes are one, not separate things any longer. She is to visualize her desires or needs and they will appear.

It was just explained to me, that in order to do these (or any) reading, my soul energy becomes the platform for the hologram to appear. So everything I see being done, is happening at my soul level first, for our understanding. (And ya wonder why I get shut down some days, a lot of days!!) With that in mind, it has also been explained (many times in the readings) when spirit is saying about visualizing what you want or need, mine is felt first since I am first receiver.

So my bright eyed lady (smile) gave me the fulfillment of my most pressing desire while we were together on the phone. My daughter has been in jail now 2 weeks without any word on what is happening. She has not been arraigned or heard from her PO since she has been in. Her husband has been calling and leaving messages on her POs machine as well as email, but no word back either way. So I called her PO, no answer, and her voice mail is full. I called the probation office itself and left a message for her probably about 10 minutes before my lady’s appointment. During our reading call, her PO called!

Every single part that we are bringing into Light, is usable. Each different, but so similar in outcome.

Ohhh before I forget, I had a ton of volunteers to help me. I chose the precious soul that had been a forever member of the Nation that completely understands the way I process. Forgive me for not getting back to everyone, you are all so awesome and generous. Thank you for offering!!

On that note, I need to close this for today and I will continue. There is always so much I am leaving out, but that just means I will not run out of material for a long while lol.

I cannot tell you how much all the universe loves and is in deep gratitude for the work you do (all of it, not just this.) I too, fall into the light of love and gratitude to each and every one of you!!!

Big big big big (((((HUGZ))))) filled with magnetic love and so much energized Light to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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The Energy System of the (New) Brain


And it just keeps getting better and better and better. Makes me want to jump ahead a few generations and incarnate there.

Imagine a biological body that no longer needs to breathe air to sustain itself like it does now. Instead, energy is its life sustaining fuel. This is one major reason we are seeing a huge spike in what we would usually consider lung dysfunctions. Be it COPD, asthma and even cancer!

I think about my mom, who had a very rare type of cancer (already long forgot the name type) that is actually a hormone cancer that set up home in her lungs, then eventually throughout most of her organs by the time I got to her.

So the new hormones being released thru (at least her) body embedded in the lungs for change, which of course mutates the cells. It then went to other major organs to do the same. Allowing incredible change (mutation) to get set into the physical DNA template for the (future) baby’s that will naturally be born with the enhanced cells.

If I am repeating any of this information I already shared, please forgive me. Not only is our body changing, of course so is our brain (I was still surprised to hear it lol.)

One of my amazing men (just being a man on my field is amazing enough lol) First, let me share a visual then I can talk about the additions:

Brain structure showing pineal gland.jpg

There is a claw like thingie coming into the field of light at the back of the brain, shown in orange. It open and closes on the energy vein that connects the energy regulator gland at the base of the brain to the pineal gland.

What was shown thru this incredible man was the regulation of energy from the new gland to the pineal gland as this claw looking thing opened and closed, but equally the flow of light from the pineal to the energy regulator.

This pinching off then allowing a regulated flow was done thru the intention of use.

Spirit started to refering to many of these new glands/organs as “ports.” I think to get us out of the bias of what they are and how they may or may not work.

Two ports were shown at the knee (one in each.) Right now we lose a lot of energy thru our ,knees by over using them when running of jogging, ect. These nodules release the energy needed, but also turn to allow energy intake, replenishing what is lost.

I am not sure if I mentioned this last sharing or not, but not only are we bringing on this amazing new energy system, we are also bringing in a magnetic system, which of course, works in partnership with the energy system. Well, the whole body really, but think of the how the heart and lungs are tied together in function, same with these two systems. Those knee thingies are part of the magnetic system.

From what I am currently understanding…

The magnetic system allows us to defy gravity when needed or wanted. What I keep being shown is taking one bounce like step and landing 10 feet forward. Very much like an astronaut. Also accessing the pathways to other places, or realms for travel. Imagine going to the Pleiades in nano second.

This is a huge reason we will no longer be dependent on air but energy itself to sustain our life. Equally, our skin will be very very different, super beautiful even. So luminescent.

Well, my day is starting so I need to close for now. Always leaving so much unshared and I am sorry about that.

If I ever have a (non forced) day off, I will get all this inforamtion into an ongoing blog on wordpress, completely dedicated to the new body.

Equally, the Ascneded Masters speical and Body Readings go hand in hand with each other. It only makes sense our world must change in layout, design and use as the body changes. SOOOOO exciting!!

Ohhhhh and there is a huge focus right now on the energy system as we move past the equinox if will change to the magnetic system.

There is another system that sprinkled in, but damn if I can remember!!

I thank you all so freakin much for the faith and trust and tremendous patience you put in me to bring forward as much detail as I can, thru you, each amazing Being of Light to assist the evolution of humanity!!

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with deep and unyeliding gratitude and love!!

Lisa Gawlas

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They are… YOU ARE The Guardians of the Planet.



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The New Body Template Emerging and More.

1505.m00.i125.n023.P.c25.210232180 Isometric factory and industr

One of the hardest places to be at in any project, is the beginning. Especially when you have no real idea where it is all taking you. Trust me, I still have no idea when it comes to humanity, but the glimpses leave me breathless.

I want to start with one of the ET readings that I had yesterday. (What’s funny it was supposed to be an Ascended Masters connection, but nope.)

The first thing I was this Being standing far off in her right field (emotional/spiritual side.) He was an interesting character and did his very very best to get his name across to me. Insistent that we have him deemed as a “god.” I kept dropping the ball on his name. Something like Palaleo (PaLayLO) but I feel the middle is either missing something or just inaccurate. This alone helped me realize just how stubborn our minds are. My mind insistently kept reverting to this sound/pronunciation. I could not get past it no matter how hard I tried. Shows you just how infallible we can be, even when we (think) we have no bias towards anything. I obviously do with this name lol.

His image was very interesting. The closest I could find to it was something like this:

magnetic et Being

Take off any clothes, remove any breasts, his head bald and more oval. He had no ears, but really short legs like this guy in the pic. Huge belly like that, but hung more downwards.

He could hear my concern that people would judge his big ole belly here lol. He explained it is needed for the world he lives on. they are designed exactly as they should be for life there. They do not have body systems like we do (I know he was hearing me think he was kinda fat lol.)

The next thing we know, we are going up up up to his planet and I only call it a planet because I don’t know what else to call it. It is very poky and super solid. The entire thing was a like a yellow gold color and reminded me of this spiky balls:

spikey planet

We went to a place where those spiky things actually were pyramid shaped (there were quadrants of different designs, all had tips for tops.

He explained this planet is located in the middle of two solar systems, ours and another. From what I was shown for my lady, it these poky things would draw in energy from this other solar system and it went into its core, then the core distributed the energies throughout the quadrants. These poky things would store the energy until it was released by one of these Beings that lived there.

He was in charge of the quadrant that looked like pyramids and took the palm of his and (which one had 3 finger lookings things and a numb for a thumb. He was quick to tell me they have no thumbs like us, it is not needed.

With energy flowing from his palm the energy in these (his) poky things started moving and then eventually shot out to our sun. I could see all this energy as it bombarded our sun. It reminded me very much of that video with all these blobs surrounding our sun. I do not think it is ships at all, but an enormous amount of this (purposely sent) energy to assist our sun in its outflow of energy.

It was explained that his planet (not really a planet, but nothing else to call it) rotates and is always aligned with our sun, Drawing in energies from this other solar system, changing it within its core, then releasing it out to our solar system. Not always targeted to the sun, but usually is.

So my lady will be learning (remembering) how to participate and assist in changing/directing the suns energy.

Well I started the above 3 days ago and, well, here it is so many incredible body readings later.  I am so excited, beyond excited about the future body’s we will be inhabiting.  Granted, spirit keeps reminding us it will be many generations to come.  However, we are laying the template of light right now.  Soon the baby’s will be coming in with various new parts that of course, our medical docs will not understand and more than likely, cut out.  What the baby’s will be doing is solidifying the biological template into humanity so that the entire system(s) well be born eventually.  So, I made a handy dandy visual, I know I am missing some new parts, and will get to labeling it later, just wanted to make sure I included a basic visual today.  I will publish dammit!!  lol

new energy template

There seems to be two systems being inlaid within the light spectrum for now; an energy system and a magnetic system.  No doubt they will interplay with each other, but at the moment, we are at the very beginning of a brand new template that will be the new human.

We will (eventually change) from an air based entity to an energy based one.  Moving away from breathing air to sustain life, to a very interesting energy based Being.

That blue gland that I have pictured at the base of the skull seems to be the main factor in the energy system.  Reminds me very much of the penial gland in importance.  This new gland draws energy from the body; the bones, muscle, the entire body.  It then sends the energy to all these other glands and organ/glands (some emerging parts are part organ and part gland in one. )

I think I may actually start a completely seperate blog called the New Body Template.  I can see our future bodies and getting so much information on how they work, each individual thing that there is a few things that are inter-related, like that energy system gland.  Many of the other things I have listed functions from that.  Yet at this moment, I have only seen one person bringing that one part into the body of light.  There must be others and I have a couple weeks worth of body readings to do.  I think I will extend this body reading special one week, simply due to both the importance and curiosity.  If anyone wants to volunteer as my end of the day stenographer with the new body systems, god knows I would appreciate that.  I am so concerned about forgetting anything, that if I could dump to someone on a daily basis, I think we could be more efficient and maybe even understand more together.  If interested, email me at  No other way please.  I hate messenger, I will ignore anything from there.

There is so much more to share, but already the house is waking up and I am not letting this sit one more day.  Ohhh there is a HUGE correlation between the Meet the Masters special I had been doing and this new body template.  I had one Masters reading the other day, the energy she was creating was placed on my daughters head (Valorie) within seconds, valorie called me.  It was stunning!!

Speaking of Valorie, she is back in jail for failing a piss test.  She is awaiting the probation board to come to jail for a hearing that will decide her fate.   BTW, she has been doing crack and fetynol (we found that in her jeep the day she was put back in jail.)  Please send her light of strength and self forgiveness.

I had an MRI of my brain last night, awaiting the results now.

On that note…

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of wonder and awe to and thru ALL!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

Body Reading Extended thru the 13th!!

It is important for those working at the leading edge of light (those I read for) to know what alternations are being done in their body. I created a 15 minute special that will include one body scan for new light organs and alterations, followed by a follow up reading. Knowing and working with the body accelerates its energy into reality.

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Overlapping Systems and the Ring of Fire

ring of fire

So much for getting to the rest of the story the next day. So we left off on the evolutionary body changes that are taking place thru the bravest (or really, the craziest) of souls.

While doing many of the Master and ET connections, another interesting target started to unfold. The ring of fire. Several people were instructed to concentrate on that area with their evolving expertise. Some with pure fire energy, some with pure water energy, all changing the energy of the earth from way below the surface that will rise upwards.

Keeping in mind, there are many many layers/versions of earth overlapping each other. A vast many souls incarnated on each plane. I have made you a handy dandy visual to help you see as spirit is putting in my face to explain.

Earths Layers.png

Keeping in mind, I have created the simplest of diagrams. There are many varying degrees between each plane of earth. Also, each ring I created should have gotten slightly smaller than the one before it, denoting the speed of time/space. When you go up a plane, time seems to speed up, creative abilities work faster (and at all.) The higher you go in your personal evolutionary state, the quicker it all becomes. Equally, it shortens the distance between what is already in the created field of light and what does not exist yet. What I call creating at the leading edge of light.

Those at the highest planes of frequency can easily see thru all the planes since we are overlapped in the same space. However, those under any particular plane, cannot experience the upper planes. Dare I even say, meditation is key for those that cannot see in the upper planes (meditation is the key to get anyone and everyone there.) Of course, then there are those who think they see and know all. But that is another story mentioned below.

You may even have partnerships (be it marriage, lovers, friends, family, ect.) that are on a version of earth lower (or above) you. (OK I am sooo being called out for this, there really is no above or below. There are higher and lower frequencies.) So we can look at it as waves of light. Some in the viewable spectrum, some not. ‘

Think about the pineal gland, the regulator of light. What many consider the true seat of the soul.


The energy we call Light comes in thru the 3rd eye, thru the pineal gland and to the visual cortext at the back of the head. So the lower frequency planes cannot see, which always gives way to understand, what others may. Every single soul is in a state of their own personal evolution and are progressing in their own way, at their own speed.

Which bring me to something so stunning the day before yesterday thru one of the readings. I am always blaming (if you will) the human for holding back the souls evolution (when it needs to zig and we instead hold still or go the other way/zag.) Sometimes, the soul realizes its not as easy as they thought it would be from the soul planning stage in spirit and either retreats or just maintains (stops any forward progress.)

From my end, I always assumed (silly me) the soul is always all participating. Nope, even it can say no freakin way lol. Imagine the inner struggle when the human (ego) is trying to push forward and the soul is dragging its (proverbial) feet. (Which my team is clarifying for me, is an extreme rare occurrence that the ego would want to evolve. Instead, it takes its new place of power in a very strong way. This is where all the misinformation that has contaminated many of the frequency fields of earth have come from.

There are also souls that came here to hold the light, if you will. The tend to set themselves up in the middle frequencies to beam. their light fields. Keeping in mind, the further away from the dense earth, the lest felt/effect one has on those evolving there. The light waves are way too high to be experienced. So setting oneself up at the consciousness level (and again, these are MY labels so we can understand things. Spirit has no labels of any sort.) In this way, they came in as evolved Beings will to park themselves in the middle zone of evolution to be radiator of light. Think of an upside down light bulb, the strongest light is towards the base earth and the rays fade as they go upwards (simple because they are less needed.)

With all of this in mind, there is so much more we are going to be asked (if not, demanded) to do in all frequencies.

I am very much being reminded about my verbiage. I say above and below, none of that exists. It’s all frequency levels co-mingling in the same place. Like the human eye cannot see the ultraviolet spectrum, yet it is there nonetheless.

What we know as the ring of fire, goes thru all levels of creation. obviously as does the earth herself. This is where fire and water exist as one. There is a reason why the energy of August was pure fire, even made manifest as fireballs thru out the earth with single, at times, large explosions. Purposely done beyond human comprehension. Let’s just say the quantum energies exploded thru creation.

We are now in the midst of the merging of the water energy of the Solstice. Once again, I am being reminded that I speak in months, just to keep us on track of of the story as we create it. However, the energy systems we are in has nothing to do with time, but does have an visible existence (time) on earth.

I remember when we were at the end of July and spirit showed me all the fireballs everywhere in August and I could not see one drop of water. (fire is in a higher frequency band than water is, think… ultraviolet light.) I could not see thru it. We had a hurricane land on us the very next day. Spirit said… there’s your water energy. lol

So lets look at the hurricane season we are in:

The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season is the first hurricane season on record in which nine tropical storms formed before August and thirteen formed before September. 

2020 is shaping up as one of the worst Atlantic hurricane seasons in the last nearly 170 years, on track to produce the most named storms, or their equivalent, of any year other than 2005, forecasters have warned….”

All of this due to the work of the Light fixers (spirits term lol) and the work being done at the ring of fire. We will hit phase 2 of the restoration of light energy as we exit the Solstice.

My day is about to begin. I want to just say that as the quantum energy of light changes, the realms of earth changes and all the living things upon earth, change. What looks like something terrible, is truly something magnificent. Imagine seeing a woman in the throws of child birth. It would like like she is dying as she is in pain, contracting, bleeding, fluids flying, body tearing…

And then…. a baby is born.

Welcome to the birth of an amazing Humanity, thru you!!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of loving light to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. My phone is having the strangest problems. It keeps refusing a charge saying moisture in the charging port. There is no moisture. I woke up with a completely dead battery and I barely got it to 20% in the last 3 hours. My tablet was plugged in all night and it too is at 0 battery. The game I play on my phone was down all night for emergency maintenance of the servers and most people still can’t log on.

If I do not call or answer my phone… its my damn phone.


“It is important for those working at the leading edge of light (those I read for) to know what alternations are being done in their body. So I am creating a 15 minute special that will include one body scan for new light organs and alterations, followed by a follow up reading. Knowing and working with the body accelerates its energy into reality. “

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The New Wonder-full You!!


I have been trying to get this sharing out for the past week. I have a bit of an RA flair in the long bones of the back of the hand (and feet) not very pleasant to type for hours. I would put down a few paragraphs to wake up to none, several days in a row. So I am going to do it all at once today lol. There is so much information coming thru, I don’t want to forget it. I’ll start with the readings yesterday and go backwards.

We are in a “segue” energy system as we come out of the fires of August and bath in the waters of the Solstice. There is so much quantum energy being lit up in the each person. The focus of the fire and water is on the physical life area of the immediate field (the area that takes in your home, work, relationship, etc. Everything that is a natural and ongoing part of your life.

The fire is removing debris that we naturally carry forward in this human suit that we no longer need and charging up new parts that is crucial for our individual and collective evolution. It is amazing to see and feel the energies of fire and water working as a team, together!! (What humanity could learn from it!!)

Everyone center field (your physical and energy body’s) has one major combine energy working with and thru you. I have to share this one lady from yesterday, keeping in mind, everything I am seeing on your field, I am very much experiencing in my own. Our soul energies blend together to create the communication (visuals) that I can understand and express outwards. Given that I just had eye surgery the day prior…

She had 2 lightening bolts coming into her physical eyes, alternating its penetration, and constant. What I didn’t realize yesterday, but do today, the lightening blots are a blend of the electrical field of fire and the hydration of water. They there this stunning light blue bolts.

It was explained that the bolts are coming into her physical eyes thru her penial gland and blasting her visual cortex at the back of her head. It’s opening up quantum packs within her dna to be able to see and understand higher frequencies of creation and truth (emphasis on truth.) It is equally changing the construct of her penial gland.

It is literally changing the penial gland, altering the way it exists in the brain. Changing the light field but also, changing the melatonin output. Which she had said, her sleep has already been affected.

Which brings me to information that has been coming thru the Meet your Masters connections. We are changing our physical construct. Our bodies have changed drastically since our first created form on earth. It had to change to work with the density. We have started to processes of restoring the body back to its Light construct.

When I was still doing hands on energy work, I had seen several new glands and organs start to present in the light field. Anything and everything in creation must form as light first before it becomes physical. And even then, the process on the earth plane, to the human, is very slow. Generations slow. That said, the process is so important.

Many people see the changes in various people, groups of people and then start the blame game. Look at the constant rise of autistic children. Has anyone notices how amazing they really are. The brain in these precious souls are wired (purposely) different than most dense brains. They came in lighter, brighter and still having to deal with density. They are restoring the psychical brain back to its neuoratctivy back to the field of light it was designed at. But, humanity feels more comfortable to blame instead of recognize.

Which is why so many people are being charged with the higher quantum truths of who and what we are (where we are returning to) and get the muck of false information cleared up. They are being brought to the world stage, one way or another, to herald the truth. Not an easy task for humans. To stand before what we would consider “well respected light workers” and tell them they are inaccurate.

God knows, I have been kicked out of many a light circle for doing that on my way to here.

My day is about to start, the house is up and I am utterly distracted. However, spirit is on me to offer a new special. It is important for those working at the leading edge of light (those I read for) to know what alternations are being done in their body. So I am creating a 15 minute special that will include one body scan for new light organs and alterations, followed by a follow up reading. Knowing and working with the body accelerates its energy into reality. Also, I will only offer this thru the end of August per spirits request as well. What affects you, affects me.

Until tomorrow…

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with pure fire and water to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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8/8 Concludes as we enter the next Cycle thru the Solstice.


Finally!!! We are finally out of the 8/8 energy as of the 15th!!! Of course I woke up without a voice yesterday and could not do readings, however, I did try with my first one. I was shown a “veil of fire” engulfing the earth. What was stated in that connection was that this veil is connected to the one that was present on the 8/2 when this energy quadrant started. SO between these two veils, and in every single reading, fire enegy was not only present, but took on any form that showed up. The one that stays with me the most is this amazing dragonfly. It was about 4 feet long from head to tail and pure fire. It was soooo beautiful. It explained (as many did as well) they are from a fire realm, the entire planet is fire (not a sun tho) and feeds the earth. Many of its Beings are here to assist our evolution. With that in mind…

We have seen a tremendous amount of singular fires throughout the world this month. From a human perspective/experience, we look at any fires as bad. But, “for reasons humanity will never fully understand, are essential to earths evolution.”

I just went to spaceweather this morning to see what the sun is doing and this image of earth and the sun just put me in awe… that fire veil…


solar energy.jpg


What spirit said about what is happening within the veil of fire: “It is bringing all the energy, magic and power together in you, thru you and massive changes will be experienced on earth (and beyond.”)

We are now in an “emergence system” within everyone’s field thru this coming solstice. It is important for everyone to connect with their newly assigned teachers and learn… remember and most especially, apply!!!

We are now in a super fast evolution period as we speed things up withing those willing, to clean up the way to progress. I am being told to really emphasize APPLY!! It does nothing for anyone to simply go into a meditation and try and work their energy when most of the time, it is something that needs to be expressed (said) out loud.

Spirit has said thru many readings, many times this last month… there are professed “light-workers” out there that are actually “ego-workers.” They are not intentionally spreading inaccurate information, but it has done tremendous harm in the light field none the less. The ego is quite the tricky entity and loves its place of power. As spirit said, many ego-workers do not know they are even doing it from ego, since they do not know/feel the difference. The energy of fire, of purification of inaccuracies, MUST come thru you, thru the light of truth, thru the human expression.

Well, I wanted to make sure this information got out since spirit was haunting me. I have out of state company here and other people and the house is quite noisy. My greatest desire is to spend my birthday in solitude and that ain’t happening lol.

I love you all soul much!! Big big big ((((HUGZ))) to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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They are… YOU ARE The Guardians of the Planet.



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The Fiery Lions Gate and the Heart of Creation

fire heart

Here we sit, directly on the energy of the 8/8. All morning now it has been showing itself to me and obviously, need to share it with you!!


fire 8.jpg

From what I am understanding, the two outer loops has started moving upwards, pulling threads of time, quantum energy, and other stuff with it. Both outer loops happening simultaneously, and will close in on itself by the true gateway of 0 (GMT). Once that circle is complete, that is when the fire pole I have been seeing in readings since July, will be brought down. Enhancing and maintaining the Fire Beings that are an essential part of our clean up crew moving into the Equinox.

The way they are addressing themselves today is: They are the Heart of Creation, of which, select Humans are part of!! It’s these humans that will and MUST assist in the energies underway!!!

Well, there is more I can tell you (always lol) but the house is waking up and well… gotta go.

I love you all with all the fire in my heart!!! (((((HUGZ)))) of passion and purity to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas





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The Fires of August!!


Well, August came in and burned the hell outta my voice. August 2nd or 3rd (days blend together) was the worse tho. I had intense heartburn from the moment I woke up until I went to sleep. No home remedy of a half bottle of pepto-bismal helped. I was not surprised when I woke up, yet again, without a voice.

When I kept seeing the pure fire energies that engulfed August, I kept asking spriit… where is the water?? There must be water to balance it out. Yet, I was shown, nothing.

In the middle of the night on the 4th/5th, I get a phone call at 3am from my son in law asking how me and zach are doing? WTF it’s 3 am, we are sleeping!! Then I heard the reason for his concern… well, sorta. It was pouring rain outside. But the who the hell cares. Then he told me that we are under tornado warnings. Well, poop. Worse than that, our electric was out and I did not roll any smokes before going too sleep. I just barely got back to sleep when my phone siren sounded a tornado warning for the next 30 minutes.

I was equally scheduled for eye surgery at 8am, and of course was canceled for the 2nd time. 3rd times the charm on 8/25?? lol

Once I actually work back up for the day, I wondered… well, here is a ton of water, will I get my voice back?? And went to my sons since we were still without power and the day was already heating up. For the most part the rains cleared and sure enough, my came back. And I stayed at my sons overnight since our electric was off for close to 2 days.

What an amazingly beautifully clear yard he has!! Connecting for readings was effortless!! And indeed, the day showed the huge significance fire is not only playing in our world during August, but period.

My first reading was an Ascended Masters readings. Two Beings showed up, each waving a flag. On the left was a white flag, on the right a red flag. It took me a bit to see who was waving them.

Waving the white flag of purity of spirit was a Being of Fire. He comes from a realm outside our solar system and the planet is home to many Fire Beings. They assist our earth with the energy of fire.

Waving the right flag, of both the new earth and purity of fire was something very surprising. It was Gaia, and then she was the blessed mother, then she was quan yin. It was explained to my beautiful lady that humanity has split up the energies of the Divine mother into individual aspects, but all are one. Gaia is a collective of souls and these 2 other deities are just some aspects.

Of course, humanity, as it is conditioned to do, assigns the energy to humans/Beings who once walked the earth, but has nothing to do with those brave ones. It is a collection of intelligent energies known as the Madonna. The mother of all living things on Earth.

Actually, it would make sense then that the fire energies would be the father of earth. Especially when we think of the sun.

There was another reading, my amazing mermaid looking lady was swimming in a pool of fire which represented her center field. Her soul explained that there is a realm where what we call mermaids are not only water oriented, but also, mermaids of fire. That they not only look like part human, but many other species have this tail like feature as well. Most people do not look beyond what they have been told. (Hence, why I still have a job lol.) It is nothing personal, just a human condition of deeply seeded bias.

As I watched and listened…. It became increasingly obvious (given the days readings) that fire is going to be a very very important part of this time.

My lady’s center field left a line a fires out in the 4 directions. Then each section was identified as work/home/relationships/all that is new. Not only is fire important, but the use and directive of the smoke that emanates from fire. A way to use it, in conjunction with each other, in ways not presented to earth Beings before.

Well, it was an amazing, humbling day. I cannot wait to see what today brings. My day is starting, my boy waking up and concentration to the weigh side lol.

I love and miss you and thank you more than my words will ever express for your incredible patience with me and the continued faith you place in my ability once we do get together.

Big big big (((HUGZ)))) of fiery love and compassion to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. And since our Freezer was purified by the heat, lets run a replenishing special lol.





Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 30, 2020

The Electrical Energy of US Create the Fires of August!!

fire august

Dammit, I had half a blog done yesterday, my fingers gave out, and some how it disappeared today. So one way or another, I gonna get this done today!!

So we had this surprising badass moon on the 27th. The first quarter moon that was half dark and half light. It played such a major roll this week.

The last 2 days I have done what I call non-readings. We got information from every person, but planetary, not personal. Without YOUR connection, that information would have been lost, because you have that vital puzzle piece of our stage of evolution.

So the way I had seen the 1st quarter moon that started on the 26th was very much like ms pacman:


Minus the eye of course lol. But… it started to sli in half and open itself up on the 26th and each person was placed inside as it started to close back up on the 27th and release a very powerful energy into the core of each person (that is consciously on this evolutionary path of truth. (emphasis on truth.) It opened back up to release us on the 28th.

My back was in such intense pain the 26th and the 27th, I was ready to tap out. The 28th tho… so much better. I knew it had to be all the moons fault!! I did attempt to contact my Pain doc as well as my General Practitioner, neither have yet to call me back. I literally cried on the answering machine of my pain doc… guess he don’t care how much I hurt.

Again, all of this came thru the connections, nothing was released on its own or without many people dispersing information. Spirit reminded us we are all a puzzle piece and no one has all the information. Trust me when I say I need you to understand me.

As I looked to our next few days, I could see what reminded me a flat lining on an EKG that extended thru the rest of July. When I did the non readings on the 29th, I realized it was not a flat line but a very thick spiraled electrical line that looked something like this;


With each reading, more and more information was added.

WE are the electrical energy running thru the line (and there is only one line.) We are increasing the frequency at the ground level for all.

Before these non readings, I had already seen the lions gate of 8/8 as a pole of flames coming down from above and running straight thru it. I then seen what I will call fire balls throughout August. What came to light yesterday is that WE are the fireballs. At the end of this electrical line it rises from the ground and spits us into August as fire balls.

As the day went on and more information released, I could see that August was a circular month. This has happened before, but is very very rare. So there is no beginning or end to the energy of August. We, as fireballs, are scattered thru the entire month.

Even the 8/8 gateway shifted to the middle of this month. The two loops closing in on itself for the insertion of the fire pole.

With all this new information of what is happening at the highest level of light frequency, was also the consistent reminder (if you will) that we are the very boots on the ground commissioned to restore the energies and direction of earth back to its purity.

I was shown the quagmire of misinformation that has been coming thru (this is spirits words) those that think they are speaking from the light (light workers) that are actually speaking from the ego and does not recognize it as such. Of course, many align to it (whatever is being shared) and repeat the cycle. Making what I see as bring energy, dim and in what I can only call cooked spaghetti quagmires.

I am getting added insight to that sentence. When we are sharing from the highest light, the energy becomes a straight line forward allowing many to connect to and share from. When the energy becomes tainted with non truths, it starts to splinter and bend and dim. When enough of this happens, it looks like cooked spaghetti with no forward path, just intermingling strands.

When enough of these quagmires happen, it seeps into the energy that we call the future. At the highest frequency of light (where we are) the future itself does not exist in detail, but it does in energy. Nothing is void of energy. There are now quagmires to clean up.

What I also did not realize until someones A team expressed it (passionately) when I called her a guide… they are the Guardians of the Earth since the beginning of time. The arrive en masse when we create these intense quagmires. Because of this particular evolutionary state the earth is finishing up, a human MUST be partnered with for the correction to take hold.

Well, my fingers are tired and the house is waking up. Anyone scheduled today and tomorrow… I anticipate more non readings. Just a warning lol.

I love and appreciate each and every one of you brave souls for doing what you do!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of gratitude and love to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



They are… YOU ARE The Guardians of the Planet.



Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 25, 2020

Connecting with the Extraterrestrial Team – Part 2


I am on a sharing streak!! 3 days in a row 😀 So much information is coming thru. When this happens, we are in a massive shift.

I had an amazing, exciting connect with a precious lady who signed up for the ET connection. It has been so long since I have done one that I ‘bout peed my pants with excitement. And I was not disappointed at all!!

Four ships showed up, 3 to the front of me, one in the back. The formation created an arrow affect. All the ships looked exactly the same, silver discs. It was explained they are keeping the ships the same so we do not focus our attention them , for that does not matter. .

One ship had the main speaker. His appearance was absolutely stunning. The mother of pearl skin from top to bottom. The energy of his skin just oozed from him was of tender love. The kind of tender love you just want to fill your bathtub with and soak in it. His body was long and lanky This is the closet image I could find of him, only his eyes were perfectly round and there really was no nose or mouth, more like their face was disappearing… which I will explain.

Maybe it is what I felt all the while with his skins ooziness, but all you seen was beauty. So beautiful in his own rite.

He said he is from the planet (Spelled phonetically) Plutonious and it has nothing to do with our pluto.

He also told my precious lady she can call him Mario as he gave me the image of the game character Mario in my mind. He wanted us to be sure there is a reason and correlation to his name and their job!!

The ship to the left was Andromada Beings, the one at the front point and the back were Pleiadian. He is the main speaker for now.

He gave me an amazing view of his planet, much like seeing earth from space. His planet was deep red, purple with stripes of yellow. I was so amazed to hear that the yellow were the clusters of incarnating souls that have no body, just pure energy. This is what his species is evolving towards, hence the disappearing face. They will be, eventually, all incarnating souls without matter tied to them.

He explained that the purposeful formation of the ships (a forward arrow – -> ) is to represent piercing the veil of the future!! There has been so much tainted dense choatic energy released from humans this year, that our future of Light, is no longer assured. They will be the clean up crew (mario in the sewers.)

When I pressed him further about this surprising future he said (I put his direct quote on facebook yesterday so I wouldn’t forget)

“Our future is being filled with energies not becoming. They (ETs) along with special boots on the ground (like my amazing lady) are “piercing the veil of the future” to change the energies for the better…. It is primarily the “Lightworker” on earth creating this with miss information, energy work that comes from the ego (no one can access the future… hence the veil, but you can park the energy at door and once that timeline arrives., it enters.

Our Spiritual A team are working in the here and now, our ET’s are working in our future timeline (and yes, time does exist on earth. We should always be focused on our Now moment (unless now partnering with an ET team for this special work.)

Today’s reading, my beautiful lady’s A team Gandalf looking Helper said that this focus and partnership opened in June (at the equinox and will close at the Sept equinox. This is why I was prompted to keep my special going. Which I will thru mid September.

There is much much more to share, but my fingers are not happy at the moment, I will continue tomorrow.

Big big (((((HUGZ)))) of opalescent tender love to and thru ALL

Lisa Gawlas


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