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Claim YOUR Inheritance!!

swim free

On the second day of Marco Island, our beautiful host Julie had the inspiration to take us to the river and a couple of parks.  Again, for what, none of us really knew, but trusted.  I was expecting a river like I am familiar with, but it was more like a skinny part of the ocean with the bridge that crossed over into and out of Marco Island.  We walked around to the sands of the adjoining Yacht club and just talked.  I do want to mention here, before I forget again, every time we went to the water, dolphins always showed up!!

As soon as we slid thru the gate of the yacht club, I immediately became aware of two vans parked in front of their building.  Silly me, once again did not take a picture of the vans, so I recreated it from other images:

regular van

raised van

The vans were identical, except one had the raised roof.  Both displaying large colorful letters spelling out FUTURE!!!  I knew its significance immediately, we are all in a massive choice point (not just the 5 of us, but every human on the planet) of which future we are going to choose to enter.  The old world type future or the elevated, roomy future.

When we were walking back to the car after our third park adventure, a tractor-trailer was backing up almost into us.  My eyes were honed in on the huge logo on the back of the semi:

star transport

I held in my excitement until we all regrouped again.  We kinda had to scatter to get out of the way of the truck backing up, but before I could even open my mouth, Julie chimed in with DO YOU SEE THAT!!!   Freakin YES!!!

All I could think of was the nursery rhythm…. twinkle twinkle little star… and at the same time, the star is already delivering the future we choose, almost running us over with it even!!!

By the second day, there was already a rift in our group from night one’s conversation that I wrote about yesterday.  Three stayed pretty much in their lane at the ground floor condo, and I kept bopping into Julie and her husbands condo.  I developed a serious girl crush on this lady, even musing to her that she is my twin flame!!  We are so freaking alike.  We process the same way, we bounce thru incoming information the same way and neither one of us are bashful about readdressing non truths in the attempt to raise the playing field for all.

When we all got back from our adventures, I went up to her 6th floor condo to expand from the day’s signs and understandings and what we could do together.  I am not even sure what the hell we were talking about in the moment when a gust of wind came thru her open balcony door. fluttered the stack of newspapers her husband had been reading and set on the floor, but that wind took a sales flyer that was in the middle of the stack of papers, flung it out of the stack so neatly and it landed in front of us in a position it was readable (not upside down or facing away from us.)  This sales flyer had a folded lip at the top declaring:


We both dropped our jaws!!  It was already evident from just the two days we had been together.  From the moment we all got together, we had started talking about a channel that was familiar to all of us.  I explained that long ago, I used to read his sharings, but stopped when they became so bogged down with sales pitches that I could not even find the message in his emails.  I had not read or even seen his postings in many many years.  Doncha know, someone that very day posted something on my facebook with a link to his channel.  Holy shit!!  That is just bizarre in its timeliness.  This happened before this wish on command, star transportation declaration events.  That said, later in the day, we talked about another channel, another one I long ago stopped reading for very similar reasons.  Once again, shortly (hours) there after, someone posted a link on my facebook, when I opened that link, there was a link to her writings.  What are the chances that two channels we talked about and I had not read, seen or paid attention to for many years, instantly became a part of my facebook.

This message was more huge than a simple wish being granted, or ever a complex wish for that matter.  It was showing us, what you focus on is drawn towards you.  The star transportation has no bias and dare I say, is rather instant!!

Now let me couple this into the only reading I was able to see yesterday.  But first, let me explain why there was only one, I ran out of time yesterday.

We are all in that funnel, the central creation point.  We will be there thru (at least) the end of this month as light switches turn off and on, depending on what you are willing to let go and move into or not.  Your future is being created by you NOW.

My lady showed up sitting on the floor inside my office, very colorless.  Her legs were crossed, her head was down and I could feel a merger of anger and sadness running thru her.  Yet, my eyes were drawn to the ceiling area, where the top of the walls meet the ceiling.  The most amazingly vibrant flower heads adorned that space between the wall and ceiling all around my office.  I understood their significance… Shambhala.  But why where they there.

I came back to her tense body.  Well girl, we gotta add some color to you, you’re too gray!!!  There was so much anger, more anger than sadness, but the sadness fed the anger.  Come to find out her parents passed and her brother is claiming everything that should have been shared between them, as his own.

First thing we need to do, get your ass up off the floor.  Stand up, stand in your power.  It took a little coaxing, but we got her up and on her feet.  Her hands clenched in a tightly balled fist.  Let that shit go!!  Release, let it flow out of you.  All this pent up anger and sadness took her out of the fields of Shambhala, her center and is taking lifeforce away from her.

I pried her damn fingers open, we needed a release point of that anger.  When she finally gave in… and it is always YOUR CHOICE to given in, or be eaten up, the energy flow was amazing.  Power in anger.  It spewing out in clear and golden energy, forming a puddle around her of some highly potent energy, intense magnetic fields becoming!!!

She did not want to fight her brother in court.  WHY the hell not??  Both her parents showed up and begged her to CLAIM HER INHERITANCE!!  There was such a reverberation in their words, in their declaration to her that it moved my soul into excitement!  On a physical level, on a spiritual level…

It is UP TO US to CLAIM OUR INHERITANCE.  Fight for what is YOURS, for what YOU Desire.  Why not?  If not YOU, then who???????????

Just watching her stand up, release her anger outwards created such a marvelously energy field for her.  Again, we get so oddly weirded out by the power of our anger, we sit with it instead of allowing it to catapult us into the next grand version of ourselves.  The force brings to you what you are declaring is your’s!!  It will open doors that never even existed before.  Or… choosing our future here… we can be consumed by the perception of injustice.  In-Justice.  Or do all we can to claim our In-heritance!!!

I had planned on taking my first dentist to small claims court since he twice refused a refund of the $1093 on the crown that was never made but charged me for.  When my move out date moved up, I released that option, only because it would cost me more than I would get back.  On the very day I released it, a refund of $723 posted to my carecredit account.  I’ll take that with deep gratitude and release the rest to fulfil his needs.

Anyone declaring “this is the way it was meant to be,” really needs to wash their mouth out with soap.  This is the way you are choosing, period and exactly what you will get back.

Let’s clarify a little deeper.  Your wish is ON command.  Not my, not someone or something outside of yourself.  ON YOUR COMMAND.  What’s coming out of your mouth, your heart, where are you focusing your attention??  Can’t have or can’t wait to have!!

On my last day at the beach, sitting with God’s foggy Presence, I thought about my teeth.  The gratitude of being able to finally get my teeth done without the stress of worry.  In that moment it was as if god picked into my brain and pulled out what my intention was.  get implants only on my lower jaw and save $5000 by not getting the upper implants.  His question was…. why?  Well, I really don’t need to spend the extra money and can save it for my mexico adventures.  His statement to me, is so true for every one of us…

You now have more than enough to fulfil all your desires (my teeth and lasik) do you still want them (as if he didn’t know lol?)  Of course I do.  Then just do it!!  There is an endless supply of everything, you can never run out for as long as you are in your flow.

How often do we want the big prize and settle for a smaller one, happy just to have gotten that.

This is one major place my girl crush Julie is ripping me out of.  (smile)  She does not settle for anything less than wonderful.  In planning our workshop, the one thing that was crucial for us, for me… was secluded.  Some place where we are not mixing other people’s energies into ours (like big hotels and stuff.)  Neither one of us wants to do the outhouse thing, I want running toilets and electricity and wifi, dammit!!

I about shit when she sent links last night of this amazing… FREAKIN AMAZING luxury resorts, so secluded, so oozing the beauty of our world on every level.  Her forte is planet earth.  She has been taking people to sacred sites thru out the world for a while.  Other than Canada, I have not left the USA… yet.  The first link I opened I about had an orgasm, brought on by shock!! lol  Just look:

There were 8 more links, one other in Greece, several in France and one in Spain that were as insanely beautiful and secluded as the other.  OMG Heaven looks and feels more beautiful than I ever allowed myself to dream of on this earth.  And why not??

I couldn’t even reply to her yesterday…  I was knee-deep in process… thinking about… money!!  Not so much my own, but yours, those who would want to spend two weeks with us here.

It is truly amazing how ingrained lack is, not even in our individual selves, but in our perception of the world and most people.  We are in a massive choice point, do we build heaven from the energy of lack and not enough… or go full throttle into abundant beauty and every comfort and possibility.

God is limitless and then, it goes to say… so are we!!!  If we dare!!

What future are you building right Now???

I love you all so freakin much!!!  ((((HUGZ)))) of life changing stories to and thru ALL!!!!!

Lisa Gawlas





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In-Sights and In-Spirit-tions from Marco Island!!


The very first day we arrived in Marco Island our host, Julie, had a fantastic idea, lets go to a park.  It was a park at the water’s edge where people fished.  Open grass and large trees created an inviting walk to the water.  We had no plan, no real agenda, she was just feeling inspired.  The 5 of us, standing on the walkway that was built on the water’s edge, enjoyed getting to know each other.  Then someone (I cannot even remember who) said let’s do some energy stuff.  Another person found this huge tree to be our center point.  I so wish I would have taken a photo of this tree, sadly, no one did.  It had so many small separate trunks, not much larger than several inches in diameter each, all growing into each other to create this easy 6-7 foot in diameter tree trunk.  Someone put crystals at the root line of the tree trunk.  Another person suggested we form a circle around the tree, another thought… lets hold hands to keep our energy flowing.

Thru it all, not a single agenda.  No prestructure, no preconceived idea of what we are doing or why.  I was pretty much just a participating observer, enjoying what was forming.

Julie, our host, said she started to see this diamond form around the tree, instantly my vision snapped online and yes I could see it too.  And it became larger, fuller. We held hands and sent energy around the tree, my focus was now on this diamond looking field of light growing wider, higher and lower.  It started out with just two sides that connected at the top point, then four, very pyramidal in shape.  A precious soul sang into the tree, her voice amazing.  I switched my view from what was forming around the tree to see what her voice was doing.  To my initial surprise, I seen nothing.  But it was later that I realized, thanks to the insight of Julie, that nothing was something incredible.  Her tones and melody washed away the past, all thoughts and concepts to create the void.  The emptiness in which the new could form.

We resumed our energy field, I became very aware of 5 mini ships positioned directly above each one of us and a central mother ship much higher int he sky but in the center above the tree.  That diamond suddenly starting to spin clockwise, and eventually formed 12 sections held together by an east to west line and a north to south line.  3 sections between each line.  The twelve tribes held in power within the four directions on earth.  As this diamond spun faster and faster, suddenly these balls appeared about 2-3 inches out from each section.  The balls were about the size of a soft ball each, filled with this white/yellow/honey gold elimination of light and energy, they appeared to be still as the diamond was becoming a blur in its spin.

We started to try to understand what this was.  Someone said a merkabah or light body, I heard distinctly… NO.  The moment we stopped trying to name it, I heard clearly what this represented, what this is: THE NATION OF LIGHT

The only thing I understood beyond that, in that incredible moment we formed together out of the formless (no agenda, no intention at all) was that each ball represented an anchor.  There are 12 people scattered about this beautiful world that will anchor in this new way of Life, Light, Love field.

That ended that session.  It was elating, exciting, something so brand new to explore and align with, personally, for myself… and whoever else wants to join in.

When we got back to the condo, a conversation ensued.  I wanted to understand some words my team, in the 17 years on this crazy ass path, never use, but I hear a lot of.  The Merkabah.  The only thing that resonated with me was:  “Mer” means Light. “Ka” means Spirit. “Ba” means Body.  YES!!  We all have one, all living things have one.  My computer has one!!  What did not resonate was the limitations of the images that were presented.  I have been doing readings now since 2003, to include 7 years of hands on massage readings and I have seen a tremendous amount of light bodies, physical and energetic, injured and brilliant and everything in between, not once, not ever did I see two triangles on anyone.  But then again, unless I am connected to an old energy mind/body, I do not see the chakra system as they once were either.  Being in massage school and being forced to understand eastern mythology and meridians, the bodies I have connected to, do not run like that energetically.  That stuff was formed 3000 years ago, and was very valid on that body prototype.  We are no longer that disjointed in our energetic streams.

This is what makes up mass consciousness.  We see what we are programmed to see.  It is as heavily an illusion in the “light workers realm” as it is in the mundane physical realm.

If, inside your heart of hearts, what you desire is to truly live Shambhala, the kingdom of god on earth, Be the emerald city, you MUST lay down every resonant pattern you know of.  Strip down, know nothing and open your eye to the inconceivable!  And more than anything, KNOW THYSELF!!

Another one of those pretty sayings that I feel, gets lost in fully understanding its value and need.

In the evening after the tree of life event (smile) we started to ask what each person brings to the party.  What are your skills (spiritually speaking,) what do you do with them… this innocent conversation revealed so much to me, most especially this morning (I take some time to process and understand it all.)

Please do not ever fool yourself by saying I don’t need to know.  Of course you do!!  It’s imperative that you are so intimately familiar with yourself that no one… NO ONE can ever pull you out of your place of power, of KNOWING THYSELF.  And god knows, many will try.  But if you have no real handle on who you are and what you are capable of doing within yourself, you allow yourself to bend to others perceptions and become lost in someone else’s idea of what is best for you and how you should work according to their beliefs and concepts.

We can call this state of (non) Being, being under the spell of subliminal hypnosis (my teams term there, I had to look it up for full definition.)  Of course I found a great website and here is two great paragraphs of understanding:

“This type of hypnosis is different because you don’t even know that you are being hypnotized. While you may understand that you are receiving hypnotic suggestions and commands, you are not sitting down in a hypnotic session where a person is trying to put you in a trance.

You can basically function like a regular person while receiving commands. At a certain point, your brain starts to forget about the fact that you are receiving these commands and suggestions resulting in the unconscious mind to start accepting them.”

You will never be able to fully own your power for as long as you are owning someone else’s idea of it.  Equally, if you are doing any sort of energy work but you do not know what effect you are creating… well… you at least are at half power.  That’s something!!!

So let’s put all that on pause (smile.)

The morning of the equinox… Oh my good god, what a powerful, in-riching morning I had at the ocean’s edge.  I arrived about 5am and was the only person there.  HEAVEN!!!  I laid my beach towel as close to the water as I could without the waves overtaking my spot.  Well, little did I realize it was high tide, the water was creeping up and I had to move 3 times.  But even that felt so incredible, so purposeful.

The first thing I did was sit, light a smoke, and ask for guidance.  I know I am changing, my life has been in a state of change since July last year, but whats next?  I don’t know.  Suddenly, about 10 feet into the ocean and about 5 feet above it, I could see a doorway and myself standing in front of it.  There was no door on this doorway, instead it was framed with interconnected gold lights.  OK… now what?  Whats thru it, it looked exactly the same thru it as it did in front of it, just black, like the predawn sky I was communing with.  This visual lasted an easy 10 minutes with no movement, no greater understanding, just… potential.  Dammit.

I got up and walked into the water, suddenly the entire ocean was radiating with John the baptist energy.  Weird!!  I have had no connection to that dude in my entire life, and yet, there was not a molecule of water that was now singing praises of John the baptist.  Ok… baptise me, I am ready, I think lol.  The exchange was amazing really.  Like an old power source release from my whole body going back into the ocean of life and over the course of three days, a surge of new energy, new direction unfolded, bit by bit.

I spent a lot of time bouncing things off Julie and even her husband and vise versa.  On day one, with the other three amazing souls, conversations that could have gone further were shut down by annoyed anger.  I did not embark on this weekend to deal with others issues, I really really really wanted to understand me and where I was going, in relationship to others and what I have already done over the last 17 years.  And most especially, how to bring the emerald city to the physical plane of earth as a living breathing energy system.  It became crystal clear really ad our group was so perfect in the revelations.

I did a quick massage on Julie’s back on the second or third day and I about shit when I (eventually understood) that the ball of white/yellow/honey gold light I seen in her solar plexus was one of the balls from the Nation of Light energy system.  It was slowly releasing itself up and down her spine and what her team said it will continue thru the rest of this month.

Thru her downloads and spirit team and mine, we were bouncing in understandings with emerging direction all in relationship to the Nation of Light.  What can and must be done and what cannot be held in this field.  Hence yesterdays sharing 😉

We started tossing around doing workshops, stripping people down to zero, to no-thing.  We will never build the new for as long as we look to the old.  Ever.  Period.

 I was going to go to the beach before sunrise on day 2, but my team said, oh no, you cannot take in one more ounce of energy.  By 2pm, I was knocked out cold in sleepy land.  On day three, no one was keeping me from the pre morning beach!! lol  I went down to a fog laden ocean.  It was so beautiful, so still.  No constant wind like the prior two days have held, just… divine stillness.

I sat on my beach towel and gazed out at the fog, instantly something from the book channeling Erik was pulled into my awareness.  It was the part when he was back in spirit, more integrated into his soul energy (after committing suicide in this realm and the recovery it took to heal his energy field) and God showed up as fog to talk with him.  The Presence, the Source of Life overlaid the entire ocean that I could see.  He even named phase one of these workshops… “Into the void.”  He even gave us a layout of what these workshops, initially, will be like.  The image I received was very much like this:

tri frame

Only the images on the right and left were completely black, the center one… the true void, was a milky white.gray kinda like in the picture.  Even the time was given… 3 days stripping down, 3 days in the void and three days building anew.  9 days in total.  But held together by an 11.  One day arriving and one day departing, 9 fully active days of workshop energy.

As I was taking all this information in, I needed a freakin smoke.  OMG my doorway is truly going into the void, the nothingness and creating from there.  I’ll do it… whatever it is.  Julie too, we have been talking about this for days now… nothing.  No titles, no self identity, no old rituals, no nuttin’.  So as I was looking for my smokes… where the hell did they go???  My towel is not that big, nowhere to be found.  I blinked and wham there they were right there.  I know I felt my towel, they weren’t there, then they were.  No sooner did that experience happen, a super double lit bright light started to motor down the edge of the sand, the sand cleaner was coming… dammit.  As he bright lights went behind me, the ocean became so visible, no fog.  Where did the fog go???  Once his tail lights were passed me, the fog returned.  This is soooo kewl!!

Me and god had  a holy smoke together and I went back up to the condo, pacing til 7am, I couldn’t wait to share with Julie but didn’t want to wake her up.  We bounced and plotted and continue to do so.

That is when the conversation on the drive home became so huge.  If we take the tri fold picture frames and turn two outer frames to zero’s instead of squares and merged them into the center frame…daily, ever freakin day… that is where true empowerment… LIFE begins.

return to no thing

I just want to add to Lao’s profundity… the last word DAILY!!

I was chomping at the bit to get to readings yesterday.  I cannot wait to see what the field looks like now, what we look like now.  My first appointment happened to be with my lucky charm guy in Ireland!!!  The way the field opened up stunned me.  I had imagined a million different ways to see this moment, but none were like this:

zero field

Now eliminate all the energy and color of this double-headed energy system.  It was fog gray.  God colored!! lol  There was nothing at the top nor the bottom, just open and connected to no-thing.  My beautiful man was in the very center of this system, almost to the degree I barely could see him.  He was in the void.  He was in true center point, zero point.  Diligently doing the homework from his last session.  More was added.

When I looked up online the image of this to send to him, so he could see what I see I came across another image and it presented even more information based on my weekends experience and understandings:


The colors I used have no meaning except to be visible against the layout.  There are three places we fall into as a whole world.  The center point of creation, where the yellow is.  The platform surrounding it… not aligned with the ways of the world, but not fully recognizing our own inner power and abilities, the red and then those that are anchored in older ways energetically and mentally speaking, the pink.

Those that are in relationship to the pink still see (and I am going to use the phrase) “as above so below.”  Working towards being both above and below at the same time… zero point of creation.  We are all a work in progress and to allow and acknowledge that, is where true accelerated growth happens.

Then the red, realizing heaven is already here on earth, just not too sure of their own placement within it.  I would even dare to add in, within this group they have not fully developed their natural abilities yet.  What we would consider being able to see thru their spiritual mind and hear thru their spiritual ears.  To fully occupy the Nation of Light, the emerald city, if that is a desire, and as I learned this weekend, not everyone really has that desire, you must FULLY occupy the Presence of your Soul.

Then we have the center yellow placement.  Inner occupation is there, used, formed and released daily.  The ego so integrated with the soul mind that it has the amazing capability of trigger others with its communication.

We so have this illusion (not everyone, but many do) this path is filled with sing-song days, and doing nothing (which is very different from living in a no-thing world.)  I have worked my freakin ass off for 17 years and barely got myself started in what we are capable of. Barely!!!

Which is why not a whole lot of souls are needed to fully establish the Nation of Light.  12 anchors around the globe, with 12 seeds of light within the anchor points.  144 people, initially.  That’s it.  From that, many many will grow and form 12 new anchors with 12 seeds in each anchor point and so on.  But lets start with the first one.  Not for the weak of heart and faint of ego!!  At ALL.

How you see this amazing world means everything too.  EVERY-THING.  Let me leave you with my new signature line:  We say so often we want the world to change, but it cannot ever happen until we change the way we see the world.

Are you ready????  Let’s do this thing, We are a team and We Are ONE… Strong!! ❤

((((((((HUGZ)))))))))) of in-powered release and determination to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas    www.mysoulcenter/bookreading.html

I love you!!!






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Flowing From And Returning to Zero Point – Daily!

zero point

I hope this equinox was as in-powering for you as it was for me!!  The one thing I know for sure, the tide has turned and is stronger than it has ever been.  There is not much mercy that comes with this turn.  Of course, when I say this, I am talking about the only focal point that I am truly interested in, bringing the fullness of the emerald city, the kingdom of god, Shambhala to the ground level of life, of community… of Oneness…together!!  One thing that is absolutely clear, we have a lot of work to do, individually and collectively.

There are two buzz words that have been said, written about, I think, even overstated but truly not understood, at all.  Not even by me until this weekend.  Zero point and Flow.  I realized they are inseparable energies if our desire is to Be the Kingdom of God inBody!!  To truly live the emerald city in all its wondrous glory.

Let’s first look at zero point.  I received the greatest visual while in conversation on the way home.  No past = 0 and no future = 0.  When you overlay both zeros on top of each other, there is Zero Point.  The time of nothingness.  No past we are trying to rebuild and a future that emerges in the day and ebbs back into the sea of darkness at night.  Nothingness.  Not as a one time event, but as a way of life.

Flow.  In complete movement with the rhythm of the day, with each other.  No prior agenda, no structure or pre planned events.  To be so completely embodied in your personal power that the flow of the day is in complete rhythm with life, with the others around you.

The ocean is in a constant state of ebb and flow.  It has been trying to teach us how to live since its inception.  But we have structures, stories, words that often times keep us in a past that is desperately trying to ebb back into the abyss.  We, as a varied collective of incarnate human souls, will not allow it.  The time has arrived where nothing less will do.   It is being demanded.

Even the direction of the waves rolling to shore changes direction as the winds blow.  It allows itself to be given so many views of life, untethered to anyone of them, but taking it all into its fluid body for integration and possibly, later use.  The ocean is always building and rearranging something deep within itself.  All-ways.  Why aren’t we??

The answer is simple, we get stuck in the past.  Whether it’s 10 minutes ago or 10 lifetimes ago.  We are so constantly looking to our past to orient us to our future which only creates more of the same.  If we look at our past kinda like mile markers on the road, once we pass mile marker 10, it’s gone.  It was only there as a guidance to the next mile marker.  So our memories of past lives, off planet lives, home bases, even our current structures that have been created from our ancestral past.  Be it your personal homes or the pyramids… whatever… is simply a marker of navigation within your inner ocean.  It’s a mile marker and a resting point along the way.  A building of new power and understanding, not something to drag around and recreate.  If we cannot understand this, go on a road trip, try lugging mile marker 10 to mile marker 12… you cannot.  You will just stay at mile marker 10 and never go beyond it, at least, not in this lifetime.  That is a very valid and accepted choice point.  There will be many other incarnations to move thru and get beyond.

To truly live from zero point and be in the flow, we have got to drop a lot of things from our lives.  Expectation and structure, the two are so intertwined with each other.  Imagine the ocean, bits and parts finally reaching the shore line… and tries to hang on for dear life to the shore.  Some of the water end up in little pools on the beach, if it stays in that one place too long, it spoils.  There is nothing like stagnant water.  And yet, we do our best to live like that, on a shoreline, being able to anticipate every day, every movement.  Let that shit go!!!

With the passing of this equinox, every thing has been destabilized.  That is a wonder-full thing, albeit, uncomfortable for most.  As we get further away from the equinox point, there will be less and less shoreline to hang onto, to run towards, to build upon.

There is so much I am still processing deep within my own ocean from this weekend (and I know it was weekdays) that I want to share, but it’s not fully ready yet.  The one thing I can say, all the needed ingredients came together this weekend, and the cake itself is still in the oven… baking.

What I do know (smile) is that my house is closing at 2pm on April 3rd.  I will be leaving this house and heading to Weeki Wachee to grab my temporary dentures and refund check and heading to San Marcos, Texas from there.  I will arrive on April 5th and I have my new dentist appointment on April 7th.  They are willing to take the fee off and use the temporary dentures I will be bringing, since it is really the same place, different location.  I am in hopes of having all the work done the following week.  This is going to affect a few already scheduled appointments and I will get an email out to those affected today.

I am also changing my days off.  My daughter and grandson will be with me on weekends, so I will no longer be working weekends and I am grabbing Wednesdays as my personal day.  That said, I know there are some people only available on weekends that are already in packages and I will make arrangements to do our readings on weekends.  However, any new readings, no weekends.  Altho my calendar will not reflect this until I get to Texas, my personal time zone will change, again.  I will be moving from EDT to Central time, keep that in mind when setting new appointments please.  Also, once I land in Texas, I will increase my fee’s, to the prices I had them at December and January.  I will more than likely (always subject to change again and again lol) put a long pause on readings mid June.  I am changing, the focus of what I will do, is changing, even and especially the how is changing.

My beloved daughter Valorie got her update from the DOC (department of correction) and she will indeed have to do the 9 months and an additional 10 days from a traffic charge.  Her new release date is 1/8/18.  1818.  99.  She is taking this news better than I did when she told me last evening.  She said, I am in an oddly good place within myself.  She truly has changed so much, thank you all for helping to guide her ship into the deep.  She has truly found her own anchor point inside and not outside!!

Also, when I went to Marco Island, I did not bring my computer, on purpose.  I have a million emails sitting and a house that needs emptying in a week.  If I do not get to your email, please forgive me.  Spiritually, I am a group entity, physically, I am still just one body trying to get a lot done in a short period of time.  Resend if I do not reply within the next couple days.

If you were on the rescheduled list prior to the eclipse, please just go to the reschedule zone, section B on my booking calendar and reschedule from there.  Or just click this link and it will take you directly to the reschedule zone.  

I love you all soul soul much.  You are each, so beloved by Life itself, you fill my heart consistently and expand me even in the Silence.  ❤

((((((HUGZ)))))) filled with the entrance into the point of no return!!!

Lisa Gawlas





gods reSource.jpg

There is so much to share, so much happened in the course of 48 hours my head still spins from it all.  I guess I will just start from my 6 hour car ride towards my mother’s cat, Sissy’s new home, the beautiful heart who opened to take her in, in Key Largo.  There is huge bridge called the Skyway Bridge that seems to span forever across the ocean that I had to drive over.  Here I found a great photo of it:


As I was cruising the highways, I was listening to my new audio book named “Cross Roads” written by the same author of the “The Shack.”  I choose that book simply because it reflected my life, minus an NDE of course, thank god, but I am at one of the biggest cross roads of my life at the moment.  I was deeply engrossed in the book until the moment I got onto the bridge.  I could feel the energy of the water, it felt amazing.  It felt like, I don’t know, driving thru an energy field.  I fell into the feeling, it was amazing, still semi listening to the book being said out loud and filling my ears.  I wish now, I had put the book on pause and really dived into the experience wholey.  Because many miles down the road, my team piped in as I was reflecting in awe the feeling of crossing that bridge.  It was exactly what I wrote about, thanks to my beautiful Irish man’s conversation (not reading) about how to feel the subtle energy of dimensions opening.

I cannot say this is my first experience with crossing thru and into other dimensions, but they always came with visuals of understanding, not the feeling of this energetic experience.  Maybe this was the purpose, to distinctly feel it without anything else involved in what is happening.  Twice after this experience, separated by many miles of road, I got slight vertigo.  I knew, it was the dimensional shift adjusting.

My team continued on to help me know how to set up my money after the house sells, what to spend now, what to put in savings and what to leave for the time traveling thru mexico to keep overhead, over head!!  I was amused by it all.

Sissy made the journey safely and even let her new mama pet her as she got out of the critter carrier, that alone was a miraculously good sign!!  The rest of the trip was uneventful.

So, even tho my ass was dragging from sitting in the car driving 12 hours round trip in a single day, I could not wait to see what the field would reveal on Friday, completely unsure it would reveal anything given the information that came thru the conversations on Wednesday, but ya never know!!!

I did what I do when I am unsure of the field day… start demanding, maybe even, pleading… please let us see something today… please oh please!!

I could just see the shit eating grin on spirits face, they did appease my demands, they showed us a big red X across the door.  Dammit.  That’s not quite what I meant!!  But I had to giggle, most down days, I don’t even get that so… they did give in.  As me and my patient lady were talking, suddenly my vision switched to inside my office and the entire floor was bubble, like water does when it boils.  My floor wasn’t even my brown rug, but looked like energy water with its bubbles forming and bursting.  It was then explained this is the foundation of all life, individually and collectively.  Life has hit the boiling point, and we are at a massive choice point of what we will do with this transformative energy.  I did just google “boiling point” to see what is explained… and if we take this as our life in this very amazing moment, we can really see what is at hand:
As a liquid is heated, its vapor pressure increases until the vapor pressure equals the pressure of the gas above it.

  • Bubbles of vaporized liquid (i.e., gas) form within the bulk liquid and then rise to the surface where they burst and release the gas. (At the boiling temperature the vapor inside a bubble has enough pressure to keep the bubble from collapsing.)
  • In order to form vapor, the molecules of the liquid must overcome the forces of attraction between them.
  • The temperature of a boiling liquid remains constant, even when more heat is added.

The last thing spirit said was, choose which bubbles you want to use and let the rest become steam.  Yeah… I forgot to ask how.  How do we choose??  I realized this morning, you cannot consciously choose, you choose my your core emotions within.  Whatever you are focused on, holding tight within, that is where choice meets release.  You can talk all you want, pray and beg, but it’s an emotional energy that is the only builder of this next phase.

So I wrote to everyone on yesterday and today’s schedule to let them know, we all have reached our boiling point and until we settle in after the equinox, there is nothing to see.

I came home and decided I need to pretty up my front yard.  I started pulling the weeds, which do not look like weeds to me, they are beautiful and so determined to live.  I apologize to them all as I ripped them out of the soil.

Suddenly a car stopped in front of my house, I could feel them sizing up the landscape as they pondered their interest in looking at the house for sale.  I recognized them immediately from the yard sale, the people who bought my mother’s jewelry armoire.  By this time, my mothers (and now my) beloved next door neighbor was standing at my side, helping me understand how to pull the seeds of growth out of my wild palm tree in the front of the house. He was so surprised to hear I was selling the house and immediately went and took one of the realtor fliers affixed to my front porch, just like the lady did while he was standing next to me.

Not even an hour later, him and his wife came to look inside.   They fell in love with it.  They have been looking for a larger house but the price range was out of their feasibility.  He is an amazing handy man, that really helped my mother with so many of her needs over the years.  My mother talked about him a lot, the gratitude she had for his and his wife assistance when she needed help.  I could feel my mother’s love in my heart pour to them.  We wanted them to have this house.

My asking price was set at $56,000 purposely so after all is said and done, I walked away with $50,000 to fund my next phase of life.  He lives in Canada, the money exchange is not very kind.  He only had $45,000 (equal to $57,000 Canadian) cash.  The spirit of my mother was flowing out of my mouth… that works for me because of the kindness you gave to my mother.  He is also paying everything above that, to include the realtor commission and closing costs.  My realtor was here in 20 minutes and papers of sale were signed.

Not only that, he is going back to Canada on April first and will not occupy the place until he returns for the winter.  He already has someone who wants to rent his trailer while he does the upgrades to this one.  He said I can stay here for as long as I needed to and I can leave everything in the house, when comes back he will go thru and take to Sally’s whatever he doesn’t want.  But I can also take whatever I want with me.  This is better than miraculous.  Win Win Win for ALL involved!  Holy freakin shit even!!!!

All this in 3 days time, on Saint Patrick’s day no less!!  The luck of the Irish was bestowed on my world thru the connection of my man in Ireland, Thank you Pat 😉 ❤ .)  Not to mention this day has had a blemish upon it since I was 13 years old.  My beloved grandmother died on Saint Paddy’s day.  It now has new light, love light beaming from its relevance.  Ha!!  And reflects the green of the emerald city!!

My mind melted into the rest of the day… things I can do, need to do, and want to do, holy shit.  I spent close to $20k and I didn’t even take a breath yet. lol  Well there goes spirits plan of money management lol.  I don’t have enough left to take their advice.  And we giggle.  I couldn’t fathom they, in their own way, were letting me know this demisnional shift came with a sudden sale of the house!!!

One of the things that flowed up and thru me, again I know it was my mother.  My son and my oldest daughter was blessed with my poor eyesight.  Thru groupon, I found a fantastic deal for lasik surgery.  For me, since I will only get one eye done to keep my monovision and no need for reading glasses, it’s only $899 for one eye.  For two eyes, its $1800.  I am getting my kids lasik to help them see their future clearly.  That just spilled out of my heart.  The Lasik Vision Institute has locations all around the USA.  One in Boston for my son, one in Austin for my daughter, and where I was looking for myself… Tampa.

Now to wrangle the whole gig with my teeth.  I can get them done in about 2 weeks when I get funded on the sale and recover in my house before leaving.  I already knew there were Affordable Denture Labs all around the USA and decided to look at what’s near my daughter in Texas, since I am going to head there until the school year finishes and my daughter has the summer off from her work and gets paid thru the summer, then we will head to mexico.  Well!!  it is even cheaper to get this done in Texas than here in Florida, by several hundred dollars.  I can easily get this done in her world, especially since I will be there for a few months.

Suddenly, even what I thought I was going to do when this house sold, became an avalanche of not happening.  There is a better plan emerging.  I need to sleep on all this and figure out what I feel in the morning.

My dentist here is already willing to give me a full refund, minus the temporary dentures they already made.  If the place in Texas will allow my bone density CD and dentures to come off their price, I will go to Texas to do this work.  If not, I will do it here.  I cannot find out until Monday tho.  They were already closed when I called yesterday.

When I woke up this morning, my amazing task master of a daughter, sent me three links.  I had asked her to start looking for places to rent on a short-term lease, preferably fully furnished since I am not bringing my furniture and she lives in an RV.  Well, explode my humble heart!!  Looky what she found:

That is exactly what my soul needs, solitude, nature, beauty, OMG.  I wrote the realtor instantly.  Now to wait for a call back.  My soul assured me we can do amazing readings in this place.  YAY!!!  That was such a concern in moving, especially in Texas.   I have to smile even wider… the place was only listed 3 days ago… the same time I placed my house on the market and it is set up on County Road 222.  So here’s to waiting for the realtor to call me and set up my bridge to Mexico!!!

I also have to laugh, that house is so the opposite of this community.  This community insists on keep the facade of beauty external while people decay inside and no one looks.  This house looks rough on the outside, but magnificent inside!!  I love it!!!

Let me be your living example of never ever selling yourself short.  Ever.  People will be there to tell you to settle for less, don’t do it!!! Bob and weave, stay in your own personal flow of desire, not matter how magnificent it may seem.  Your WILL has no choice but to find manifestation.  And if it seems like you cannot do it alone, reach out, We Are Here.

The gofundme that was so lovingly set up for me, so unconditionally enriched for me by so many hearts, provided so much more than new teeth.  You provide the KNOWING new teeth are around the corner.  The love that yes, we all deserve this… whatever this is to you personally.

In listening to my audio Book (I highly recommend the read or listen) Cross Roads, the narrator was explaining, thru jesus’ eyes, that God is community.  We are never meant to go it alone, and when we realize that, we realize we are each other’s community reSource, unbiasedly, abundantly, together.  ALLOW us to truly Be COMMUNITY!!!

Thank you so much for being, all-ways, my reSource of Life, of love, of understanding.  I pray, I am yours as well.

I love you ALL so so so freakin much.  Tomorrow I join my soul sisters and brothers in Marco Island, I will not be sharing again until I return on the 22nd.

This may seem like an odd time to throw a special, when my journey is twisting and turning with each breath… but I feel it in my heart so deeply to do today.  Who am I to argue!!  Just be aware that April’s schedule may get slightly adjust for travel time to Texas, but I am reading thru June, at least June!!  Let’s keep with the 22 energy, master builders in a new realm of energy!!!  22% off everything I have to offer.  The packages special and the packages themselves end at midnight tonight.  For single readings, let’s rock this special thru the 22nd.  

Lisa Gawlas

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The Rip Currents of this MASSIVE Equinox!! Flow With It!!

rip current

This is going to be a short sharing today as I take my mother’s beloved cat to her new forever home in Key Largo in a few hours.  Please send Sissy the energy to travel 5 hours in a kitty carrier with ease and grace.  Thanx!!

For the second day in a row, the field is closed for viewing.  That said, yesterday at least we received a lot of understanding as to why.  I could not see, but the communication of why and some personal things came thru the conversations.

First and foremost, this equinox energy is creating something very much like a rip current in all of our lives, in the foundation of Life itself.  If we look at it this way, the equinox is positioned at future time, monday the 20th to be exact and here we are, in what we could perceive as the past (from the equinox’s point of view) and the energy it is creating is at our feet, pulling us with great might towards its massive magnetic flow.  At the same time, there is an energy coming from the oceans of our life at the top side, pushing away all the debris we have accumulated in our lives to this moment.  A true push, pull happening at the same time.

I found a great little video on rip currents and if we change the information a bit to serve us, instead of trying to get out of its pull deeper into the ocean… just go with it.  Wave buh bye to the shore line and the people there.  You are heading to new waters, new energy, new Life force!!  Don’t fight against it, just go with your own personal flow, no matter who likes it or not!!

I have this deep feeling, we are not going to be able to view the field until after this life changing equinox energy goes direct.

Many of us are feeling this energy push-pull deep in our bodies, in our bones.  My personal body doesn’t know if it’s coming or going.  My bones hurt, my shoulder-blade on my left shoulder.  My scapula, spine, my damn hands are begging for mercy and at the same time, grateful for whatever is happening at the core level of my body.  Then it will release for a few hours… only to start again in different areas of the bones.  Phew baby!!  I need a live in massage therapist until this passes and not myself lol.

I have to wonder now, if it is also not equally a dimensional opening as well.  I have beautiful man who has given me the pure privilege of working with his new super powers of opening dimensional fields, in conjunction with an old tree near where he lives in Ireland.  He has been diligently doing the homework he was given a couple of weeks ago and like many of us doing something so new, we have no idea what to expect and think we are not being successful at our work.  His team assured him yesterday that he is indeed doing what he is practicing, opening various dimensional fields of energy and allowing to flow in.  Altho I could not see the field yesterday, sitting at my computer talking to him, I could see the dimensional folds opening as he circled the tree.

This information I am about to share, I feel is important for all of us to start to recognize, whether we are purposely opening different dimensional fields or it just happens by a personal shift change within a person.

His homework was to walk purposely around this tree, connecting with the energy of the tree and in cooperation with the tree, set out to open dimensions.  It was explained to him yesterday that he will feel a subtle density as he walks around the tree, a lot like what we feel when we walk thru water, only more subtle.  That is the dimensions opening and the new energy flowing in.  Then he needs to pay attention to what memories or thoughts come up from inside him.  The energy from different dimensions will start to create a story of use, of what it means to him and to us for use.  The memories may appear, at first, to be random and not related, but it is building a story, an understanding in the easiest way we have of understanding, using memory fragments.

Well, I gotta get ready for me and Sissy’s big adventure today.  I am going to leave you with a channeling from our beloved Kryon that a wonderful soul posted to my facebook.  It will, no doubt, fill in many blanks!!

I love you all soul much!!  Big big (((HUGZ)))) of Life and Energy Changes to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  3 days left to take advantage of my package special, buy two get the third free.  I will be removing them the evening of the 18th.  Of course, the single readings will remain until I journey to Mexico.


Lee Carroll
a message from Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll
Saturday, 14 January, 2017 at San Jose, California (posted 14 March, 2017)

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Many times during these channellings, we sense appropriate times to bring you profound information. This is in order to bring you things that Humans need to know. Today is a bit different. The Human condition is the subject, and also how you think you are doing right now on this evolving planet.

Dear ones, I want to create something in this room. I want to create the harmony and coherence of thought. I want to talk to you personally right now about what you’re facing. For some of you, what is happening is slow, and for some, it is fast. Each of you is totally unique on your path. However, all of you are facing change. Sometimes change has already occurred in your life, and for some of you, it’s still coming. This shift of the planet, the one that has been foretold by the ancients, is here. The whole reason for Kryon being here is this shift

I’ve told you before that many channellers started around 1989, preparing you for what was coming and for the shift that you’re in. We have told you that it is easy to be caught up in it, yet not understand it. The reason is because you’re in a box. It’s the box of self, where all you see is you. Now we are pleading for something more

Old souls, you are needed to balance yourself so that those around you will have the opportunity to be changed by your balance. They can change more gracefully because the wisdom that is yours creates a template that they can emulate. There is no reason to fear the changes at hand. We told you earlier that nothing will escape this change. The things that you hold the most dear may be altered. They may alter themselves! There may be changes in your biology, readjustments, and recalibrations in your relationships, in business, in your vocation, your avocation, and in literally all you like and don’t like.

We told some of you early on that in this new energy your emotions may have greater highs and lows than normal. There would, therefore, be a tendency for some of you to get help, because it might feel so different. Not just that, but immediately you may say, “What is wrong with me?” That’s the profundity of a shift that involves everything. Be patient with this, since you are indeed more self-balancing than ever.

Shifts are not always bad. Many shifts move into benevolence where there was none before. Sometimes it’s a solution when there was none before, so I ask you dear Human, why is it that when change and shift start to occur, you go to the worst common denominator, which is fear? You’ve all had good things happen unexpectedly. That comes with life. Why do you expect the worst during this shift? The answer is that this one is the big one. This one starts to change your consciousness, makes you ask questions that you’ve never asked before. This shift allows you to awaken to new truths. Many of you are starting to become more compassionate. I’m with family. If I could envision anything for you, it would be a smile on your face, joy in your heart, and an understanding that goes beyond the reality you have grown accustomed to.


If you take the word change, there are six letters. Let’s design the polarity of it. Let’s make the first three letters challenging and the three last ones positive. That’s like duality.

C can represent a coherence of sameness. Let us say you’re coherent with life, because it doesn’t change. It’s always the same. Therefore there’s a coherence that makes you want to stay the same. It feels good because you’ve figured it out. It feels good because you think you know what’s next and you’re more joyful in these situations of coherent belief – then something changes.

Perhaps you have a circle of friends that has always been the same, and suddenly they bring in someone new. Now the circle is different. In fact, it interrupts the way the circle was to the point where you want to quit. The coherence you had as the group that you were has changed. This is a metaphor for this planet right this minute. The coherence of everything that used to be is starting to move and often you don’t like it at all. It’s just like the new person in the group changed the attitude, the consciousness, and the joy of a circle you thought you knew. What do you do with it? Human nature says you quit. You’ve had enough. Or, you fight to keep the circle the same. That’s not an old soul, dear one. That’s what the eight-year-old on the playground does, because it’s all they have.

The H represents you having a really hard time with what I’ll call the “great lie”. The great lie is this: Everything that’s going to happen in the future can be judged by what has happened in the past. You simply call upon that which was in order to cognize that which will be. Therefore, no matter what happens in the change, you see it as trouble, based on past change. Therefore, change is always negative. “Nothing good can come of this change,” you say, “because when I examine the past, change never brought good things.” And so the big lie is that nothing will ever be created that is different than what you know now or have seen.

We’ll say this again so you’ll understand it. The future may be filled with things you’ve never seen. It may be benevolent in ways you can’t imagine. Suddenly, you get sick and you have things happen to you that have never happened before. What’s the first reaction? “Oh, I’ve always had a coherence of health. Why did it change? What’s wrong with me? What have I done wrong?” And the big lie? Every time there is a change like this, it’s bad news. You say, “Just look at what’s happened in the past or what happened with Joe. This cannot be good.” Therefore, you start to close-up shop. The big lie: Nothing is new. Old soul, there is a tendency to judge everything by what has gone before. The illness? Most often you need to recalibrate your cells to be able to accept what is coming.

A is anxiety over it all. Anxiety will shorten a Human’s life. When you take a look at the polarity of change, there are those who will understand it and there are those who will not. For some, change itself is an enemy and it’s treated as an enemy, for it disrupts what was, which was understood and working. Getting past anxiety is what the old soul has the ability to do. It comes with the wisdom of knowing what is happening and relaxing with the process.

Now we’ll get into three positive letters and the polarity of change. N – Nothing is as it seems. If you have followed the channels of Kryon, you may have seen the story of Michael Thomas and the seven angels [The Journey Home]. In that story, the angels said to him, “Michael, nothing is as it seems here. Don’t make up your mind what you think you know.” That entire story is about a man who had a life surprise. Something that had never happened before happened to him. Even when he thought he had figured it out, it was totally different. It is a story about his polarity, the dark and light within his consciousness. The changes at hand on this planet have the same story.

Old soul, as you sit there, are you willing to admit that you don’t know everything? The change at hand is not repeated history. These things with you personally and also planetary are going to shift in ways that have not happened before. There’s going to be integrity and compassion that has never happened before. Turmoil may be what you see for a while, but things are not always as they seem.

The old soul is beginning to see this issue clearly and reframe change. Many of you tend to make up your mind before anything happens what’s going to happen. Not the old soul – not the balanced one. I want you to go into your mind where the issues are that bother you. No matter what it is right now that bothers you, whether it’s personal or planetary, I want you to see a clean slate on a blackboard with nothing on it – nothing. It’s blank because the effects of changes are not written on it yet. The effects on your issues are waiting for benevolent change.

There are things that may change that are beyond what you expect. I’ll tell you: You think you’ve seen changes lately that were difficult or that you didn’t expect? Just wait. There are other things that are going to upset the applecart of normalcy on this planet and around you. Are you okay with this? It has to be. We told you this and the old soul is going to watch it like they watch a television program. Then they’re going to go to bed after the program and sleep like a baby. This peace is because they know they are part of the shift and that the change is part of the recalibration of the planet. They’ve got it figured out. They are part of the world. They don’t have to participate past being balanced, since that’s the job of an old soul. It’s beautiful how an old soul creates change, reacts to change, and is part of change.

G is the great gift. Can you imagine a time when, whatever you are worried about right now, eventually becomes the greatest gift of your life? You may say, “Something happened that caused me to do something I never would have done before, which put me in a place I never thought existed. I’m peaceful, and I’m with people that I love instead of having drama with others who are in turmoil.” That’s the beauty and wisdom of an old soul.

Being able to see a gift while in turmoil is an attribute of wisdom. You’ve become a precog of your own consciousness! You’re able to see a benevolent outcome and where it’s going even before it goes there. It relaxes you. Dear ones, things may not go where you think they may go, even if you think they will go well. Would you accept something better? Would you accept another surprise beyond the one that you have considered? An old soul will, because they’ll understand that they are part of the greatest shift in humanity.

This shift is one that sociologists will talk about in the future. They will talk about a time when Human nature itself started to evolve past anything it had been in history. We have spoken of this many times. Those of you who listen to me often are tired of hearing it. Let me tell you that you should hear it again and again. Dear one, don’t ever get tired of hearing good news! The more you hear it, the more you’ll cognize it, and the more you’ll live it, the more you’ll believe it. I represent the creative source right now, and you are hearing the truth. You’ll get through this change! Can you relax with the truth? You’ll get through it. It’s a beautiful message.

E could stand for so many things. Today, let it stand for beautiful energy – The energy of completion, compassion, balance, understanding, and a good night’s sleep. Do you realize how well you sleep when all is well in your life? You may think all is not well in your life and I’ll tell you, that’s polarity. That’s you deciding what’s wrong instead of what is balanced and beautiful. Family, you sit in the greatest shift that ever was when it comes to humanity. You are beginning to go in the direction that will eventually create a beautiful scenario on a planet that never will war. In the process, you’re going to have to slog through some things. It may take a generation or more for this to happen. The classic example of this is historic and we give it yet again: It is the Israelites who came out of slavery. Slavery was the oldest and darkest energy that you can imagine that enslaved them and their children. It shortened their lives and their children’s lives and made their lives horrible for a very long time. When the release from slavery came, you would think that this would be the most joyful thing possible, yet instead there were complaints and division. Then they marched in the desert in a circle for 40 years. And again, I tell you why: You cannot take those who have had the consciousness of slavery and take them into the glorious promised land. It won’t work. A whole generation had to expire and be renewed. Even the one who led them couldn’t go, not really. That’s how powerful the past is to your future.

Are you getting this? You cannot then take an old energy consciousness and simply reframe it overnight. I’m giving you the ABCs of this shift. That’s what I do, and that’s why I came, and that’s why I’ll continue to give you this good news in pieces and parts so that you can understand it now. It means you won’t have to pass over and come back to use this information. You can use this teaching while you’re alive and here as an old soul. In fact, the planet needs you to do this work now.

Old soul, expect to live longer than you expect to live. Watch your language, because by habit you often verbalize your own demise. Watch the words that come out of your mouth because they really do set a pattern of the reality of who you are. Think to yourself, “There’s a grand machine listening to every word, and that machine will deliver what I’m asking for.” Stop and reframe that which you say to others. Let the integrity of all of this sink in. Think about what you’re saying and reframe words into benevolent, compassionate things that you expect for yourself. Affirmations are the key and we have said this before: Make your own affirmations and say them out loud. Let your body hear who you are, as if you are placing an order in a restaurant.

When? When will it happen? Not soon enough. There is learning and recalibration here. Doesn’t that make sense? You’ve only just arrived into this energy. There’s going to be learning and there will be some who will pass over and come back and continue, but as I have said before, when you come back, you’ll be aware of what’s happened. You won’t make the mistakes that you made before and you’ll continue who you are. There’ll be a sense delivered from your Akash and you will remember what you’re here for. It could indeed be a while before you start to see these things manifesting on your news, yet many of you are starting to see them now in your personal life. You start small and get big. It’s a great message of what really is happening on the planet.

Finally, I say this: Make no mistake. You don’t have to be of a certain belief for any of this to happen. Major religions on the planet teach compassion. Watch for this, for they will start to morph as well and what they will do is they will start seeing one another differently. Watch for this. There will be forgiveness – watch for this. There will be a realization that they are all on the same track with the same creator – watch for this. The process will be intrinsic. That’s who you are, old soul. Let the change begin.

And so it is.







Man oh man if March is becoming the wildest ride for so many of us, in rather unexpected ways.  And not in the pleasant up lifting ways.  Change is like a bull in a china shop and indeed there is a bull let loose in many lives, especially where the emerging energy is so delicate.

I had a skype session with my daughter last evening, I seen on facebook one of her friends unexpectedly died yesterday, just days after being released from jail (for a DUI.)  I looked thru everyone’s post to see the cause so I can tell Valorie, minutes before our session I found out it was a heroin overdose.  Valorie already knew all the details, which I found amazing!!  Valorie said this girl was not into drugs, it was a new choice she made, a fatal one.  I explained to Valorie that we only get so many chances to change into who we were always meant to be here, we eventually run out of chances.  In my own way, having her assure me she is done with her own drug use and jail.

She had also told me of another lady who was in jail with her that has cancer and was undergoing chemo treatments.  Just the other day this lady was visibly sick and could not walk by herself and the guards refused to allow any inmate to help this lady walk to her cell, being threatened with sexual assault charges.  Many hours later, the lady was finally taken to the hospital and died 2 days later.

For those of you not on my facebook, the board here (not the attorney) has blocked my equity loan.  They did not tell me that, nor my loan guy, they told my realtor who told me.  Even tho, the property manager told me flat-out that the board has nothing to do with any of it…

The new age community lives this bizarre lie that I think gives them comfort when nothing else seems to.  “Everything is working out like it’s supposed to.”  That is such a crock of shit!! lol   It would be like our lives are on a train track and everything is unavoidable and deliberate.  Why bother living life… especially so many of them?

In truth, people intersect to push each other into the highest versions of themselves.  Not by a script that is playing out out of our control, but because change is underway and we come to major choice points in our lives.

Val’s friend, tasting freedom after being incarcerated, could have chosen to value her life.  She chose the opposite.  The guards at the jail had the opportunity to invoke compassion and assistance, they choose the opposite, again.  There have been 4 deaths in that jail this week alone.

This community, having nothing to fear since my house is officially on the market, choose fear instead.

People and events move into lives to allow new choices, and when the choice goes to the lowest frequency possible, we tend sugar coat it.  Why?  Again, I come back to the actual fear of our intense base emotions and we will never really see the path changing before us.  Therefore, we leave nothing to change for the greater all.  How do we ever take an energetic stand if everything is exactly like it supposed to be.  Why even bother doing anything if we are just on a train track we cannot get off of and the manifesting ability of a new direction will not take hold if hidden beneath the waters of DeNile.

Even with the best laid plans, like getting my home equity loan, getting my new teeth, paying it all off with the sale of the house, whenever that is… was my divine plan.  My loan guy was brought to me by my team, funding what even my realtor said is an unfundable deal (just on the equity of the trailer) but he seen beyond that, into the needs of my desires.  Then, someone rips that right out of my path, not because of divinity, but truly because of their own fear, their own lack of compassion.  Was it meant to go that way, no.  But that is the way it’s going now, so I bob and weave with this major bump in my road.  Do I have to like it??  Hell no.  But I do have to adjust my plans because of it.  And I have.  Thank god for compassionate, understanding dentists, unlike my first dentist her, whom I will be taking to small claims court.  Of course, I could take a back seat (which I never do) and say, ohh it was meant to be that he charged me for something that really was not needed had he looked at my whole mouth, chalking it all up to “meant to be that way.”  NOT!!  Granted, I didn’t listen to my guy before I even agreed to the first appointment.

And I look at my daughter and the environment she is in.  She thrives because of those of you who have reached into her heart and guided her to a better her.  I so wish everyone on that planet had YOU in their lives.  My daughter does what she can to help others in the jail she is in, often to her own detriment, she has been locked down because she made a call to someone’s family, she has been threatened to be put in solitary for helping the lady who fell (the one with cancer.)  She is really taking a long view of compassion vs cruelty.  Without our hand, she could easily fall to the hardness this place called jail instills.

So, all that to say… not everything that is taking place, personally or collectively, “is meant to be.”  Our paths are in such a radical state of change, that is contingent on others sometimes, often times.  Be ready to change direction, focus on a moment’s notice!!  This equinox energy is massive, I mean MASSIVE like no other equinox before it.  It is a life changer.  It is giving people opportunities to choose a higher road, often thru your presence in their road.  When they choose a lower road, that doesn’t mean you stick around to wait it out.  It means there is now a sudden change in your own road, reassess and get new inner direction for movement and life fulfillment!!

The one thing I do have to say, in a positive frame for my current situation.  Choosing to sell my mother’s home was and continues to be, heart wrenching.  In my 54 years of life, it is the closest I have ever felt with my mother.  Even tho, the day she signed the papers to put me on the title she said to me “you can sell it and have the money…”  The Hitler like energy that comes from this place, is making the sale easier, which will free it from my heartstrings faster, allowing the sale to be sooner rather than later.  For that, I am grateful!!

So, all that said lol, don’t think you have to suck something up and like it, just stay proactive in the change… bob and weave.  We are doing a freakin square dance into our new lives!!  lol

By the way, my dentist is going to give me a refund of everything I had paid him already, minus the $595 for the temporary dentures he already had made.  But he is going to give me the dentures too.  When the house sells or I win the lottery (smile) I will get my teeth done then.  I am having a serious conversation with my teeth to please do not completely deteriorate and break off before then.  Ahhhhh the dance!! lol

I love you all, thank you for being YOU and such a treasure upon my life’s field, as well as Valorie’s.  Thank you as well, for the gofundme donations that allowed me to get the first phase done, even if its on hold for now.  The love will help power up the rest thru the sale.  You are truly my magnetic force of life in the field of love and thank you!!

Big big big (((HUGZ)))) of square dancing and dosey doe’s into the next adventure, together!!

Lisa Gawlas












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Zyro Time and You – the Restoration!!

zyro time

When I was cleaning everything out this past weekend, I found the note pad that my mother wrote the notes that came thru Archangel Michael via the pendulum shortly after I got here.  That was such a great moment, to share my abilities with her and her open interest in them.  Of course when I started the pendulum session I asked Micky to give my mother messages and he agreed to.  Of course, as the messages came thru, she was very aware he was foretelling her death, she even said it out loud, I assured her he is the most cryptic angel I know and surely he means something different… but we both knew.  For her personally, the actual death phase was the only answer to a new mom, a new, enriched Being of Light.

I share that memory because as I look over the notes, everything is as applicable to us now, as it was to her then.  But the real reason for me writing about this, processing this out loud was the very last sentence that I never understood fully, until a beautiful soul put a note on my facebook yesterday.

So that whole message is my focus today… for us.

The first thing AA Michael swung out to tell my mother was: “Distance is collapsing on time.”  Ohhh great, let’s get quantum physical on my mother.  I explained to her that i have dubbed AA Michael as my quantum physics angel and laughed, but asked for clarity to help mom understand.  He simply swung out “Zero time.”

For my mother, she only had 2 and a half months left in this plane of existence.  The distance was indeed collapsing on time for her, bringing her to zero point, a new life.’

I want to point out here too, the way my mother spelled zero in her note taking. She spelled Zyro time.  So for giggles I looked up the meaning of Zyro and came up with two very interesting finds:  As Zyro, you have a natural interest in the welfare of your fellow man, and a desire to help and serve others in a humanitarian way. You are responsible and generous, although somewhat scattering and disorganized at times.

From the Urban Dictionary: Top Definition. Zyro. A god, jesus, the omnipotent one, your all powerful leader.

I will get back to the deeper meaning of zyro in a bit.  Zero time for us, it means the same thing, minus the actual physical death.  The old world and way of being in it is dying, collapsing in time.  Because, whether we realize it or not, we are so in alignment with the quantum field, we will be affected first and foremost on this collapsing, this returning to zero point.

I fully realized yesterday thru each and every reading that these crystal teepee’s that I see everyone within, is showing your zero point restoration.  One lady in particular really revealed so much of what this means to our collective, to each one of us bringing the emerald city to the field of life.

This lady is from down under, a timeline that stretched into tomorrow.  The first time we attempted to connect, skype nor the phone itself would allow a connection.  We spent her whole 30 minutes trying to connect, finally making the connection in a brand new way, thru facebook messenger, but it was too late, I had another appointment coming up.  We had to reschedule.  When her next date came up, of course the field was down and I could not do her reading that day.  So we were both waiting to see if the third time would be the charm… sure enough!!

The first thing I seen was her standing at the corner of my building, with a rope binding her arms to her side.  Now in my world, arms are all about our reach for life, in this case it would be our reach to merge into and as the emerald city.  Behind her was this thing that looked like a creepy Kermit the frog.  It took me some time to realize this was a past relationship, one of those frogs we kiss that never really turns into a prince, but is a toad (no offence to toads.)  He was still leaching her energy field and by participation, kept her bound from reaching what she desired and deserved.  When I looked at the ropes, there was thing keeping it in place.  One end started up at her shoulders and spiraled down to her hips, but not tied off or tied into her, just there.

When she turned around to look at this thing behind her, I realized his eyes is what was peering at her and not her memory of him keeping her in that place just outside the emerald city.  We asked for help from spirit and they came with what looked like a really large fish net and placed it over him and ever so slowly, started to drag him backwards, away from her.  With every inch he moved away, the rope released and beneath the ropes were all this flower heads, fully dressed, vibrationally for the entrance and reunion into and with, Shambhala… the emerald city and started the entrance into her diamond teepee.

Let’s take a long look at the huge significance of what this means to all of us.  Very few of us made it to this incredible place without some serious challenges, especially in the form of relationships in our past.  I am not talking just love relationships, all kinds.  Be it with children, parents, co-workers, friends, relatives, whatever…  Because of the purity of frequency that is the emerald city, no matter how vibrant our personal field is, if we are still lugging around or being haunted by any part of our past, we simply remain bound to it.  Often times, we remain out of obligation, or better said, feeling obligated.

Like my personal situation.  Take for instance, my mother’s cat.  Altho I have asked every person I have met since my mother’s transition if they wanted a cat, I have made no real effort to find this cat a home, save the yard sale.  But how many people go looking for a pet at yard sales??  I finally did something about it and now I will be driving this cat to Key Largo on Thursday to live with someone who really wants her and even other cats.  My mom’s cat is finally going to get some life in her life and I am grateful!!  The cat may not fully realize it yet, but she will be grateful too.  Other cat playmates and someone who wants to pet her 24/7 as this cat demands!!

I also contracted a realtor yesterday to start the process of selling this house.  I seriously dislike this community, but I love my mother and I continue to have this odd relationship of keeping my mother in my life by continuing to stay in her home.  But… this was HER home and she loved it here.  I am on the opposite spectrum of that feeling being here.

So, back to the pendulum message from Archangel Michael.  In a way, we must cause our own death or at the very least, recognize it as it starts to creep into our life.  Let the distance collapse on time.  No dragging our past around, whether consciously or unconsciously and trying to move into our new lives fully aligned with the emerald city.  There are universal safeguards in place to make sure that cannot happen.

Even the teepee, I fully l realize now, thanx to my lady mentioned above, the teepee represents a full spectrum zero point.  The month prior to this crystal teepee showing up on the field, God/Source was present, still is, just not as in our faces as he was coming thru February.  His purpose was to seed us with our new life, within our full conscious awareness of the Presence!!

So when I was trying my very best to explain to my mother in what zero point meant and time collapsing on distance, she was more confused than enlightened.  So I asked Michael for more clarity for my mother.  The next sentence he swung out was:  “Start in heaven.”

I have to smile as I fully realize how my mother wrote those words:  Start -in- heaven.  Emphasizing the word IN.  As soon as he finished that sentence, without missing a beat my other said… “he’s saying I am going to die, isn’t he.  I tried to explain to her about Shambhala and bringing heaven to earth, but even as I said all that, I knew he was not talking about her entrance into the heaven on earth, but truly… heaven.  I refused to acknowledge that and told her AA Michael is cryptic and it means something very different.  DeNile is a vast river many of us swim in.  To be clear, it was me swimming, not my mother!!

The emerald city can have many names.  My team personally uses the emerald city to denote the magic that is in each of us.  We each have the opportunity to be the grand wizard of our personal and collective Oz.  It all keeps remnants of religious bias out of it too.  It keeps what we think about the past, out.  However, that said, it can easily be called the kingdom of god, shambhala, the new garden of eden and so on.  But the emerald city, taken from the movie the wizard of oz depicts Dorothy’s journey to oz, with love, courage and brains and her releasing fear and staying focused only on love’s wise courage to arrive deep into herSelf.  A place that was always there within her.

And here we can more fully understand the spelling my mother showed us of what is being asked of us should we choose to die without dying.  To become a God, Jesus Like… the living Christ to serve humanity.

So, back to my mother, I asked Archangel Michael if he had any last messages for my mother.  Until I read the note on facebook the other day, I remained rather confused about this last sentence:  “Queen restored to earth.”  What the hell???  It has stayed in my question box of my mind all this while.  Even this weekend, when I unburied the notepad my mother took AA Michael messages on, I focused on that last sentence… what does that mean!!  Well, let me share the message from facebook that was posted under my most recent blog:

Listen Lisa….I have always wondered why you did not live in Mexico, but New Mexico. Because I have felt the real deal is where you would be the real queen of energies that you are. I hope you will move. It will be a big lift in easiness of living. The fact that your oldest daughter wants to come with you. I tell you after a little time, the others of your children will want to come too. So my question is. which side do you want to be on…Atlantic or Pacific. If you stay near Cancun/playa del Carmen. I would recommend Isla de Muheres as a place to settle down. However,all the way down south, in Chiapas there is a good crowd of american expats living in San CHRISTOBALDEL LAS CASAS. why…it is inexpensive, warm, beautiful and warm. There are high quality spiritwork going on there and a lot of cultur.. I know because i stayed there for a year….people would just love you there…..Keep us posted Lisa…it is exitin

Ignore the fact that I was just researching Chiapas the night before… when I read the queen of energies, my heart exploded with the cryptic messages from AA Michael.  I flashed back to my entire journey to this very moment.  Being on the mountainside in Vermont, I learned so much about working with the earth energies there.  I built, energized a medicine wheel, taught to me by two native american spirit guides who refused to speak english to me.  I prayed the medicine wheel daily.  My path eventually changed to do lower based chakra readings, then to doing massage readings and connecting with the changing energy body and communication system for 7 years and once I arrived in the Jemez, I learned how to connect fully and read directly from the soul of those who connected on the field.

I know, in the depths of my heart, the place in mexico that I will find, will be so pure and vibration as to allow the fullness of my entire path to come together, with others to truly start living Zyro time as the emerald city.

Once again, we ask… what are you willing to give up so you can have it all, BE it ALL???

Well, I have got to get my home picture perfect ready today as the realtor is coming back to take pictures and for me to sign paperwork.

There is still no freakin word on the home equity loan, and god bless both my loan guy and now my realtor who are both trying to figure out a secondary, less costly way for me to get funds to have my teeth done.  I love that they both love me that much to stay up at night and ponder!!  I would love to save the $3003 closing cost of the equity loan, but I refuse to apply for one more credit card, or in this case, I would need several more!! I have never carried a balance on any of my credit cards (save carecredit which is currently interest free) and now have 2 maxed out.  lol  Anywayz… movement is happening in my world because I am MAKING it happen!!   Ohhh and I have a backup plan should this place sell sooner than later, I will move into my office until my teeth journey is done enough to mosey onto mexico!!

May the power and life force of the equinox enliven ALL!!!

((((HUGZ)))))) of wonder and movement to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  5 days left to take advantage of my package special, buy two get the third free.  I will be removing them the evening of the 18th.  Of course, the single readings will remain until I journey to Mexico.

P.S.S.  I choose todays particular main art because of the solar equinox, ring of fire image someone posted on my facebook called “the diamond ring.”  Which I know is also in full relationship to the cyrstal teepee’s everyone is showing up in… zero point, the  restoration!!

diamond ring


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The Changes and the Waiting Co-Mingling.

New you, old you.

What an intense, crazy season we are in!!  There is so much changing inside of every one of us.  So much of the old releasing, or at the very least, doing its best to release itself from our minds, from our lives.  Like… waking up at 5:30 in my bedroom only to find out it is 6:30 on my computer!!  HEY!!  I need that freakin hour.  Good ole daylight savings time, snagged an hour right out of my hands lol.  So again, this is going to be a quicky.

I am going to straddle my first reading of the day and that ever present thing of comparison called my life.

There was a lot of new energy coming into my first lady, but what really caught my attention was the single windshield wiper placed in her brain, within her mind, going back and forth, back and forth, and I could see little specks of black, old energy, old thoughts, old concepts (not bad, nothing is ever bad, just… out dated) being removed to allow a full infusion of the new light coming in.

This is happening to a lot of people, especially those who cannot seem to break free of their old beliefs or thoughts or even the way they see or experience the world they live in, the world they created for themselves.

Free will allows for what was removed, to come right back.  We are aided in this transition, but never forced.  Never.

Often times, this removal of old debris makes us feel so done with our old life, the relationships, the living space, the work space and I think, for many of us, that is easier to feel than knowing or allowing what to start to look at next to come thru.  Emptiness for many people can become a huge burden instead of a gift.

Now, let me straddle this with my life and how spirit will spin us in a circle to get ready for big changes.  First the winds of change came down thru the potential of going to Australia and Thailand for a while.  It motivated me to get my passport done, since the energies were so intense and directive, urgent even.  …until they subsided to the point of withdrawal.  Not that movement withdrew, just the place of movement.

Then I became complacent, I’m really good at that.  I found a way to get my teeth done and with that, created the lack of urgency of new placement in my life.  So my team had to make sure there was a fly in my ointment to keep me out of complacency.  To fully remind me how out of alignment my personal life is with the energy field coming in and laying down.  Stonehedge is the antithesis to the true way of life coming thru us all.  And it was as if my team pulled my face towards mexico and keeps reminding me… remember mexico??  The one consistency with my life, I rarely visit places, I move in.

So moving to Mexico, later, after my teeth are all done, feels good.  Or at least it did for a long minute.  As this higher energy pours in daily, waiting to start this process of selling my home and getting my ducks in a row to move, no longer is in the wait and see arena, its jumping up and down inside me daily yelling… let’s go, let’s get ‘er done.  We (my life and my soul) are becoming stagnant here in Stonehedge.

So the last couple days I am looking at rentals in Mexico, but most that I can even find are in big city’s like Mexico City or the coast line.  Not what I want.  I want rural, truly a place where we can start to gather together, eventually.

So last evening as I was sitting here, looking at all I have to do to accomplish this task of transitioning my life to Mexico, and harder yet, exactly where in Mexico I want to set up my new life… I must have left the door open.  My soul started to share something that really took me by surprise.

I was reminded that since 2009, the last 7-8 years, I buried a business that was truly the Presence of God made manifest, The Wonder of You in VA.  Then moved blindly to New Mexico leaving everyone I loved behind.  Then buried my father, and then buried my mother, all the while making sure everyone I connected with grew into their higher soul light and expression.  It’s time to discover who I Am in this next phase of life before I cater to others once again.  I am to take time to explore the many areas of Mexico that realtors don’t list, there are hidden nuggets, serious untapped power centers in Mexico that will be available if I allow myself to find them.

Fortunately I gave birth to a bigger gypsy than myself, my oldest daughter.  I asked her if she wanted to do this with me.  Of course, we have already been talking about it, but this is different.  She is in and excited!!  She is awaiting a court date for her settlement of wages never paid from California, $25k.  With her settlement and my sale of this house, we should be able to pool our monies to find the perfect land to start again on.  And I get the privilege of Being with Rune, my amazing little life changing grandson.  The fact that she already has an RV is a huge plus for our adventure!!!

So Monday I am going to hire a realtor, I researched selling on my own… no thanx!!  I am feeling that by sometime in the summer, July maybe August, we should be ready.  I am setting up life as if that is my time table.  So with that said, this is going to be the last week I am going to offer my 3-4-2 reading packages.  When I leave for Marco Island on the 19th, I will remove the option to get packages.  This was pressed heavy into me last night, simply so when the time comes, I am not leaving stray hairs left out.  I want us to phase this journey out together efficiently, together and leaving no reading left undone.  With that said, I will still be doing readings, understanding ourselves and the bigger changes yet to be revealed til the very last moment!!  I have my office till July, so we have time, good and much needed time together.

I do want to mention another reading yesterday.  It was odd the way this information showed up, unlike any other time ever before.  I have read for this incredible young lady for years.  Her and her baby daughter were inside her crystal teepee.  She had her daugher held up in the air above her head in front of her and the energy was coming in thru her daughter (not even a year old yet) and out of her daughter into my lady’s hands and then creating a pink/lavender vortex in her heart.  It was so beautiful to see.  Then my vision was taken to just behind this swirling energy of her heart and there was this white box just behind the vortex.  In that box, came the knowing that she is going to have a major job change that will bring in much more money (she works at taco bell right now,) a new relationship with a man who will be more of a father to her baby girl than the biological dad is now, since this new man has been her father many lifetimes previous and a potential move as well.

Usually when this sort of information comes thru, it is stretched out on the field so we can get some sense of time.  This was all rising from inside her heart.  She had explained to me she has already been looking into schooling so she can get a better job geared towards assisting other people who have gone thru what she has gone thru with her baby.  And she has been feeling deeply, moving somewhere, but cannot come to where.

All of this is her soul aligning her future.  Knowing this energy is stirring is enough.  Our trick is realizing Divine timing, when everything is aligned… no timeline was given or known even by her team, just assured all of this will come to pass… eventually.

So what she is feeling is the same things I was feeling when Australia and Thailand crossed my path, it was there as a tool to get the juices flowing and whatever action needed to be taken first, done.

We are in for an amazing wild ride these next two quarters.  Hold on tight and be ready!!

On that note, my body is ready for a shower!!  lol

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of wild rides and extreme adventures to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas



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Higher Light Coming In Equals Heaviness In The Body!

grunding in light

So much wonderful information came thru everyone yesterday.  Sadly, I woke up late and can only share a thimble full.  But I am typing as fast as I can get to as much as I can out, forgive any extra typos!! 😉

My first lady was a virgin upon my field and in her notes on her appt card she stated that she wanted help with her energy blocks.  The moment I read that I could feel question marks above my head… what blocks??  I already knew, she had no blocks at all.

As her reading opened up, the craziest image was presented.  She was in her crystal teepee and her head had a brick in it.  This salmon colored brick was thru her head and sticking out about 2 inches from each temple.  What the hell is that???  I barely that statement out when her team, 4 or 5 Light Beings, everyone has Light Beings in this phase, assisting, anywayz… her team stated this brick has nothing to do with any blocks, quite the opposite, it is being shown as a weight placed in her head to balance the high frequency light coming into her pineal gland, and completely rearranging her neurotransmitters.

The color of this brick also had purpose, salmon takes in pink and orange, passion and a sense of self/Self, together as one.  So it is reflecting the energy that is going to come thru as a new sense of passionate within herself.

What really got me more than anything, was her team explained that as this intense energy is being applied and distributed, it is also drawing energy from other parts of the body, to wire in those areas.  I immediately went to the right thigh area, the right femur as an example of the energy being borrowed from that entire area, as her path of life gets tied into this high frequency light coming in and eventually will add strength to her movements.  However, while the energy is being borrowed from there, she may experience pain, discomfort, or achiness since not all the usual energy is surrounding and flowing thru that area.  I about shit when she said that is exactly it, that’s what is hurting her and she has her right leg propped up even as we did this reading.

I too, breathed a sigh of relief as I heard her team explain this in detail.  My wrists and hands have hurt like hell for days now.  I can barely pour a water pitcher, the joints hurt but are not swollen or red or anything.  I googled arthritis lol.  I don’t have any symptoms except it hurts like hell.  Now, thanks to her for coming to the field to understand herself, I now am relieved and understand my own self.  I am reaching for a new life, a new way of Being in Life and god knows, I am trying to grasp it (fingers) but there are pesky attys that are all up in my business, making it harder than it has to be!! (smile)

Back to the brick, then I am going to tie in my 3rd readings, cuz there was a similar note to his reading as well.  When we have such a high frequency of light integrating with the neural pathways, there has to be something to help settle it in, offset the lightness if you will and that was being shown as the brick, holding the pineal gland steady and everything else that makes up the brain.

Borrowing energy from other places, to weave some of that energy into our new ways of Being, should you feel like you have blocks, double check within your body, it may just very well be important upgrades happening.  Nothing is as it seems!!

My third reading, my beautiful man who often times starts our connection before I call with me hearing a clip from jesus christ super star, was music less yesterday.  I actually took a moment to see if I was going to her the song.  It has now become synonymous with his energy for me.

Instead he opened up into his crystal teepee with 4 Light Beings placing a royal cape around his body.  I say royal as in royalty, since he already had a crown on.  I’ll get to the crown in a minute, cuz the cape had similarities to my lady’s brick, in meaning lol.  I could feel the capes heaviness, like a lead weight, but so beautiful in a blended color of red, maroon and violet.  Truly a color I had never seen before.  These 4 light beings were arranged, one on each side of the cape and two in the middle all lifting this cape at the very same time and affixing it to his neck and shoulders.  They explained it was important that it was laid on and in him at the very same time (which was why it took 4 of them, I asked!)  They explained the weightiness was to hold his light body in his body as he goes thru a high field of light enhancement within his light body.

His team also explained that if there was not something to offset the high energies as they are coming on-line, it would be hard for him or anyone to remain in their physical body.  Instead it would be more like continuous OBE’s that they had no control over.

So if you feel heavy in various places on various days or even lengths of time, know it is something just keeping you grounded in your body as the higher frequencies come online within you.

I will have to leave his crown for another time, because there is one more I want to share before I have to leave.  It gives a little contrast to yesterday’s sharing.

With my lady yesterday, the consciousness merger was from a female from another plane of life and we knew, as the last bit of consciousness is fully transferred into my lady I was reading for, the lady in the other realm would cease to be, or what we would call, die.

My lady yesterday opened up with her hair being done.  OMG I just got this correlation from the lady prior to my lady yesterday, they were both sitting in something akin to a beauty salon chair.  But instead of being wrapped in cotton candy, my lady yesterday had long blond/golden hair, down to her hips.  The hair was in a spiral formation, reminded me of the spiral perms from way back in the day.  She too had 4 Light Beings arranging her hair in a new style on her head.  The long story short here… What I was seeing was the merger with her and her souls incarnation on the Pleiades.  But what was happening was more like a permanent vulcan mind meld.  A shared consciousness while both will be very much alive and have complete access to each others consciousness at all times.  To the degree that one may be taking a shower and the other feels wet.

Her Pleiadian explained that she needs access to my lady’s experience and ongoing abilities to understand herself and within her realm.

I had to smile when I called their presentation in the reading being in a beauty shop, the Pleiadian said oh no, we would never call that a beauty shop, beauty is not superficial in our realm, it is an attribute that you cannot fake, it comes from within.  She was simply getting a new style of hair done.

There is so much more to share, but I gotta get my day rolling.  As an added note, I texted my loan guy last night, he has not talked to the attorney yet, but is talking to one of the paralegals and she is going to be something what he needs to submit to her, but she has not told him what that is yet.  So I asked him, soooo I can remain a little hopeful that this loan will eventually be good to go.  He said he thinks so, but doesn’t want to say for sure until he knows what they want submitted.  And now its the weekend.

However, there is something happening in the ethers, not kinda the way I wanted it to go, but hell at this moment I will take what I can get.  This week I was given two new credit cards and a credit increase on one of my existing cards.  Of course, I would much prefer to pay 14% interest on this loan over 17% or 24% on credit cards… but whatever it takes I guess, until I sell this house.

Now I really gotta go!!  I love you all so much and again, and always, thank you so much for showing up in the field so we can all understand ourselves better!!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of Light Body enhancement to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 10, 2017

Consciousness Mergers From Other Realms VS Walk-Ins.


I have come to realize more and more there is so much we will never fully understand with our rational mind about who we are and how we work as a species.  Before I share the amazing information from yesterday’s one and only reading, my alpha and omega virgin (smile) there was an important detail I left out of my sharing yesterday from my fire lady reading, that ties into what I am about to share today.

When I had seen her flames, I was going to use words like “clearing, cleansing, purification” to describe what these flames represented to her world.  I didn’t even get a word out of my mouth when her team said so a matter of factly “words have false meanings.”  I was stunned and even a bit confused, but only for a moment.  It was explained that I may be using a word with a particular meaning of expression, but it can easily be taken a completely different way than my personal intention, or even, my word is completely inaccurate because it is, or they are, the only words known to describe what is being revealed.  Or more importantly, it is such a tiny part of the bigger picture, that we lose the truth of the bigger picture because we are focusing on one or two words meanings that aren’t even the truth of it.  Hence why spirit uses words as a last resort of expression.

So my amazing lady yesterday….

She was sitting on what looked like a barber’s chair or beauty salon chair with her team of light beings around her.  She was suddenly lifted about 2 feet up with the chair pedal then holy chit… she started spinning clockwise so fast I was getting dizzy.  As she was spinning cotton-candythis light pink and blue strands that reminded me of cotton candy started to swirl and wrap around her.  She looked like the stick in the center of cotton candy.  When she was done with all this spinning and cotton candy cocoon placement, my vision was taken directly into her eyes.  I mean, INTO her eyes.  My view became that of going into the pupil itself and set up just at the back of the eye and eye socket.  Equally, I realized this pink and blue cotton candy energy stuff was melting into her eyes to enhance the matrix that makes up her eyes.  To me it looked like this interesting mirror was in her eye set up at the side (not directly in the middle of her eye) and I could see images form that reminded me of something out of Avatar.  A plane of existence where the planet has many close and visible planets around its surface.

This plane of existence was dying, or truly, going into a rest period.  It looked barren and it was explained the last of the inhabitants, which were only several hundred left, will be merging their consciousnesses with other life forms their soul is hosting in other realms to continue on.  The soul will only choose enlightened incarnations that can handle the added attributes of the merger.  My lady happened to be a chosen one.

I could see and feel something that would be very much like a cloud of energy moving in, slowly, a merger of this female in another plane of existence within her own.  It is not a fast process at all.  It was explained to her that this will take several months to complete and gives the body and mind time to adjust to the changes and enhancements.

Her ability to “see” within the many planes that co-exist right on top of us, will start to come online.  At first, just sudden flashes in her peripheral, then more and more.  And just like any other thing the mind is learning to do, it will take practice to hold it but most importantly, control it.

The example they gave her was maybe she was looking at her table and chairs in her kitchen when suddenly, in a flash or a blink of an eye, she could swear she seen a Being from another world standing where her table was and gone as fast as it came.  That is her merger opening up.  A natural attribute from the consciousness that is moving into hers.

Then it was shown that the next place this cotton candy energy will seep into is in her throat just below the thyroid gland and then, down into each lobe of her lungs, to the left and right of where the heart sits in her chest.  An enhancement in the lungs, in the breath itself, in the overall expression of her Being (the throat area) to be able to understand and express what she is able to see and do via the eyes.  Actually, I just remembered, her throat area eventually formed into an eye.  We see more than with just our eyeballs!!!

When I started to see and understand what is happening with her, and her team said it start with Marches energy and will continue over several months, I used the word “walk in” few baby, talk about getting a tongue lashing lol.  Walk Ins as we use and understand that word is a very very rare happening.  A consciousness merger, not as rare and is actually much more common in acceleration since we moved over the 2012 timeline.  The DNA in the human body is more accelerated, more ready to receive higher light consciousness than it ever has been before.

It was also explained that there are worlds constantly going into their rest period while others are just opening to receive life, and everything in between. Earth is in her glory years, the last years before she goes into full rest.  Not today or tomorrow… maybe, not even a 1000 years from now, but she is in her end game and it will end with a magnificent love story.  Even this was explained…

The fear plane is collapsing, those that need those dense fear lessons for their soul evolution will incarnate in other worlds, not on earth.  This too, is a process of removal. As old energies die off, the light factor increases, WE increase in our abilities.  The more we master our innate abilities, the higher the Light frequency for everyone on this planet.  We are a team sport with Gaia.  Just as Gaia is going thru her growing pains with storms and earthquakes and such, so too, is our human body.  Sadly, the body hurts sometimes for a year or sometimes for a week.  We barely get some part of a consciousness merger integrated, wham we are getting more.  Ochies.

How many of us go to the doctors to figure out what is happening only for them to scratch their head as all our tests come back negative.  If they could only see the energy and truly understand DNA infusion, they would understand.  WE would understand and allow.  We are not broken, don’t need fixing, dont need somebody healing us and so on.  False words take us down a different path than the soul intention plotted out.  And yes, FREE WILL will always be here for us and we can ignorantly just say no.

To change the subject to my own nerve wracking world (smile.)  Still no word from this communities attorney.  Can you all please join me in flooding them a phone call to my loan guy saying… YES let her have her blessed teeth!! Thank you in advance.  😀  ❤

I finally got my passport in the mail yesterday and an updated passport card.  YAY.  I am free to travel the world one day!!  lol

I woke up this morning with a decision to place this home for sale on my own for now.  Like I said, it will be at least 4 months before my final dentures are snapped onto my implants, so I have time to play with.  So I am going to start looking into how to sell this property on my own without going thru a realtor, now.  If I do not get any buyer’s between now and the time my teeth are done, I will just place it in a realtors hands.  If it does sell sooner than later, then I will mosey onto Mexico and just fly back here for whatever appts I need to finish my teeth.  Getting a tourist visa requires an exit from the country every 6 months for 72 hours, that would fit into the plan easily.  Whatever is about to happen, I am so ready.  I just need this loan approved to free up my present moment, not to mention the stress in me!!

Valorie just may be freed on May 10th.  She has gone back and forth with classification thru the jail and they wrote her yesterday insisting that her release date of May 10th is her actual release date.  We are both on a wait and see moment with all that.  I have cleared my May calendar from the 9th thru the following week, just incase she does get out of jail, I want to be there to hug the bejeezus out of her and celebrate her new life!!!

The one thing that keeps coming thru so many readings, is how important it is for us to actually get together and increase our abilities, together.  We truly enhance the energies by Being together.  We were designed from the beginning to be a group energy, not a soloist.

When I woke up this morning and looked at my facebook my jaw dropped to the ground to see one of my daughter’s artwork, stunningly enhanced.  I am going to share both versions with you… but the point of it is this is what we do as a group… take what may look like the barebones of our abilities and enhance them into living fullness!!

There is so much more to each of us than we may ever realize…. until we come together!!!

(((HUGZ))))) of might colors and wonder to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Thank you Deborah Horcoff for this amazing transformation and information!!!

vals enhanced art

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