Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 6, 2020

Becoming the Masters You Are!!

master yourself

Ahhh the energies of April, so far I like them much better than the entire first quarter of the year. I also feel that with Aprils crazy but fun (I hope) obstacle course, the clarity spirit threatened us with, will become… well… clearer.

In the last few readings an added element has become visible. It seems to be something that illuminates and/or binds the left and right sides of the field. One gentleman had this arc of energy, altho visually it was relatively clear, there was a rainbow connection to it. I am understanding now, that we have enhanced colors coming into our reality that has been out of our scope of vision prior.

Another person had a intense beam of sunlight hitting her obstacles which started to reflect like multi colored flecks of mica.

My lady yesterday had what appeared to be a tee pee formation (narrow at the top, wide at the bottom) of rain with the feel of crystalline rain mixed in, coming into her field. some of it pouring directly thru her crown, magnetizing her to the obstacles of experience awaiting her.

What I find very interesting, after years of being told not to use the word “healing,” spirit is now talking about people with the potential of advanced healing skills coming to the fore. Of course, I had to call spirit out on that and it was explained that using the term healing is more understandable to not only those working their skills, but also those that will need those skills in times to come. With the gift (not my idea of a gift) of the covid virus, it allows people to grow in more enhanced ways and the general population to look for alternate treatment since the worlds government will continue to be challenged to find a vaccine due to the ongoing mutations (all of which is on purpose within divine love here.)

Since I have been pondering my own obstacle course and my tremendous deficit everything financially related (lost my car, bank accounts, credit cards…) I have told I closed down my broad scope focus of what I am able to do. There is much I have learned, hands on, that is valuable for others to learn. Especially in the realms of hands on energy reading and energy enhancements. What I once called Hands of Light energy work.

I am now 2 readings into today and I am seeing that we all going to be asked to help others in our very special way. The governments are correct in saying we are only at the beginning of this outbreak. Earth has always had a way of purging itself. We see it with massive storms, tsunamis, earthquakes and even plagues thru the ages. This time is no different. It will force us to stretch beyond what we think we are capable of doing. Again, April is our bootcamp of Self awareness with that. May we start to go “live,” which is why May’s energy feels more alive than ever before. It is us!!!

On that note, my day is well into itself and I need to close.

I love and honor each of you so much!! Big big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with expanded skills and new wonders that you Are!!!

Lisa Gawlas




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Aprils Color Coded Obstacle Course

Garden Obstacle Course Illustration

Wow! April is turning out to be very color coordinated month!! As I mentioned in my last blog, April is also set up to be an obstacle course, well these “obstacles” are color coordinated to the energy center of growth. Example, red for a stronger connection to earth and life itself. Orange for a change and or enhanced sense of self… some have two colors on one obstacle blending the energies, example red and orange is enhancing their sense of self thru life and earth connections and the challenges coming up with be in relationship to enhancing that aspect.

There are two seemingly separate courses, the left side (your physical life) and your right side (emotional spiritual life.) It seems half the souls I have read for so far this month, their right side obstacle course is still being set up.

The one thing I am (slightly) understanding so far, is some people are going to have major changes in their life this month, changing their sense of self and the direction they thought their path was heading, and some will simply be expanding what they have already been doing. Some are getting details, some still vague what the obstacles will be. Either way, it is all setting us up for the brilliantly alive yellow energy of May.

I thought May was pretty much yellow for everyone, nope. I one beautiful gentleman was yellow/orange. So there will be things to understand about that as we get deeper into April. However, the one thing I do understand is that the obsticle course set(ting) up is based off of the entire 1st quarter and the mastery we will achieve thru it as we enter May.

Our guides has been saying that not everyone will make it into May, as some will go around, and avoid some of the obstacles. Very much like we experienced the end of 2019, everyone had the opportunity to arrive in the high frequency mastery zone energy I call 2020, but as one persons guide told us this week, only 5% made the ascension into 2020. Those that made it, are the ones with the obstacle course that will help with endurance, strengthening and showing you what you did not realize you could do!!

The reason I keep calling April an obstacle course is when I see it in my minds eye, I keep seeing the obstacle course from boot camp. However, when I see anyone’s field, what I see looks like the shape of a tombstone that is created in color energy. So far, we do not know what any challenges will be specifically, but can see where the strength training is focusing.

Hand in hand, heart with heart, we will all master this crazy thing called our divine obstacle course!!! To make sure we do, I am going to keep two specials running thru the middle of this month!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with wide eyed adventures!!!

Lisa Gawlas




P.S. It was brought to my attention yesterday that my website is down. I didn’t realize my website URL was up for renewal. I will have it working as soon as possible. My booking calendar remains unaffected.

Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 31, 2020

In the Cross Section of March/April Energies.

This is just going to be a Challenges of a sharing. We are in the midst of the cross section of March/April or the figure 8. With that we have a serious convergence of energy building the platform of April like setting up an obstacle course unique to each person. Challenges that will decide how we enter the intense yellow (soul) energies of May that is sooooo amazingly alive in a way I have never experienced.

I received the information about April being like a boot camp yesterday, today, the moment I woke up I started seeing an obstacle course being laid out in the field of life. I wasn’t sure if it was my first reading specific or planetary. Once I connected to my precious lady, it is indeed planetary. We are in too much of a mix of energy thru tomorrow to know or see anything.

Another thing I am currently understanding, this “obstacle course” is for strength training and mastery to enter the life changing, life enhancing energies of May. There is no order to the obstacles, just that we must master each one.

I would suggest everyone go into meditation to get as much information spirit will give you about April. Any sort of a heads up with help us all out so much.

With that in mind, I am going to be running a once in a lifetime special. 50% off 15 and 30 minute readings at the already reduced prices to target the obstacle course of knowing thru April. If you already have an appointment in April schedule for May!! It is also to help compensate for the days I cannot speak and need to reschedule.

I am incredibly excited for April and May as we get to do the on the job training of this first quarters energy shifts!!!

I love you all so so so much and appreciate your willingness to be patient so we all may grow thru you!!!

((((((HUGZ)))) of life changing energies to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas





Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 24, 2020

March – April Current of Energies

ocean current

There is so much energy happening as we close out the first quarter and open into the second. With the (spring/fall) equinox I could see a large pole easily 50 feet high (going to scale of my vision of course) that was akin to a large sparkler, shooting sparks from top to bottom clockwise and counter clockwise.

Now that we are past that wonderful energy enhancer, we are into yet another massive energy gig. My team keeps referring to it like the mid-atlantic current or ocean jet stream. For your viewing pleasure, I created a handy dandy visual:

March April Current.jpg

My first reading yesterday had my beautiful man with his toes in the jet stream just on the other side of the days of clarity (white spot in the center of March.) The energy stream is taking the energy of this first quarter and mingling it with the pure energy of the second quarter. Actually, that realization just came to me. I thought it was simply mixing with April but nope, the entire second quarter, which is why I keep seeing Aprils energy as sort of like a void of energy. It is drawing in all the mastry released thru the collapsing timelines/parallel earths from the first quarter, and the pushing thru the experiences that lay ahead in the 2nd quarter so each one that puts in the effort can become…. enhanced, new, more magical than ever. Bringing new ideas, abilities, and even discoveries to the fore with their life.

Keeping in mind, our teams can relate the imagery to anything, with this, they are choosing the ocean currents. Ocean waters represent the depths of emotions in my readings. So this jet stream we are now involved with are bringing to us new and enhanced emotions that is the only spark of life/creation we have.

We can imagine a thing…. but without the emotion behind it, it remains part of our potential. Emotion is the spark of life!! (It also is the aborter of life as well.)

So my precious man was absorbing this current of energy into his toes to his feet, from his feet to his calves and on upwards in sections. When the energy entered inside of him, it turned from a fast moving current to an effervescent type energy.

My next lady was laying on her side in the shape of the first look of the figure 8. Toes and hands meeting at the crossing line of March/April. I could see her body start to (stay in that exact position) stand up straight (hands and feet still on the ground, body still rounded in shape) and start to lay down on the April side of the energy, obviously absorbing with the opposite side of her body.

Then I had a lady sitting in the center of the March loop waiting to engage at the March/April rise of this energy stream. For her tho, both March and April sides came together at the center, and she stood up as the energy from this now combined streams created a single circle that she stands under and drops the energy in what looked like multicolored tic tacs.

With all of that said, we are all interacting with this energy in our unique way. One thing that does remain consistent is the integration of mastery from other lives into this current stream. Equally the second quarter is releasing (mixing together) experience potentials so everyone has the opportunity to become so much more than they are now. What my team is calling at the moment “the greatest spiritual evolutionary step in mankind’s history.”

My advise to you… go into meditation, see how you are engaging with this energy system, feel what is coming into you, the potentials that lay ahead of you and see if you have any new guides/helpers. My 2nd lady’s new helper said she can call him Zoloft. It made me giggle and equally reassure I heard him correctly. My lady, obviously in-tune with her soul, explained that Zoloft is an anti depressant and there are a lot of depressed people out there. A clue into her new, expanding super powers.

On that note, I am going to close. The house is waking up and I want to get this out before I miss yet another day of sharing.

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) wrapped in fast moving currents of evolution to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas


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LAST 2 DAYS – Expires March 25th, 2020

Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 12, 2020

March Meditation


This is just a quicky update to our ever evolving field and the energies affecting it and a meditation exercise for you to enjoy learning about the new, emerging you.

Here is a handy dandy visual of March as I see it in the fields so far, sorta.


March Energy Layout.jpg


The light of the full moon we just went thru was added to the fields. There are “things” being released thru the moon energy that is unique to each person and affecting the air or energy field or both of that person. It seems to be conjoined with the enhancement of the developing new “super powers” within each person.

Altho the energy field of March I see in any reading is larger than the whole of earth itself, everyone has their own personal energy field. That is what is represented in the visual with the March energies.

A couple people were given meditation instructions to enhance their understanding of what is happening to them within these energies. With that have been consistent layouts… seeing a large pool filled with about 5 feet of energy. Everyone has a ladder that goes up to the top of the energy pool with 5 steps to climb. 5 is the number of change. What is not constant is the color or substance of the ladder. It is unique to the person I am reading for.

The energy is either rotating clockwise or counter clockwise in a fast whirlpool like motion. In the center is a clearing, very much like the eye of a hurricane. This is what spirit is calling days of clarity.

My first instinct is to relate these days of clarity to the middle of the month, but not one persons team lets me do that. Instead if will arrive according to each persons field. Not everyone’s field is the same size round, so the center is not going to happen at the same time for everyone. And not everyone is going to get “clarity.” One lady yesterday was told these will be rest days. Days she will not feel like doing anything at all. Her clarity will come later.

So, with this in mind….

March Meditation Exercise:

See a large pool about 10 feet in front of you. Walk over to it and climb up the ladder, slowly. Feeling the energy of each step, breathing it in thru the souls of your feet. Walk up to the 5th step and see which direction your energy is moving. Clockwise? It is sealing in energies for you. Counter-clockwise? It is opening energies for you. Maybe it is going in both directions at once…

Step onto the energy, you will stay on top and not sink. Which direction do you feel compelled to walk? Are you walking with the same direction as the energy flow or opposite. Either is perfect, and purposeful. Communicate with your body and the energy your walking on to find out why. Keep in mind, all things communicate. All things are conscious and communicative..

You may see new guides appear. Teachers of your new specialty. Or you may not find them til March ends. If your new team is there, go talk with them, get to know them. Ask questions.

Feel into the center of your energy pool. Can you feel when your days of clarity will arrive, will be clarity or rest.

Ask questions, assume nothing.

Look up towards the moon, what area of the moon is releasing something other than moonlight for you? Right side is affecting your emotional spiritual life/growth, left side, physical life, center, both.

What is coming out? (this is o vast and so unique I do want to pre-imprint anything for you. Ask questions. And feel every part of this exercise. There is so much information in the feeling and body sensations.

In-Joy the meditation and go back often!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) flooded in moonlight magic to and thru ALL,

Lisa Gawlas


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Expires March 25th, 2020

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The Energies and Days of Clarity for March

march energy

I am so so grateful February is done and over with. I was pretty damn sure I was creeping towards my death date. My ability to breathe declined so rapidly to the point just standing up from a sitting position left me breathless. Not to mention losing my voice for over 1 month as well. I was begging for the exit door actually.

A CT scan and electrocardiogram later, I find out I am allergic to the animals I live with (2 cats and a husky blowing her coat.) One Zyrtec a day and all is back to normal, well, as normal as I get!! My heart is fine and my lungs show no changes since the last CT in July. Enough about me, lets get to the energies of the field.

BTW, I cannot seem to get my mornings organized enough to put steady blogs out. I’m working on that.

If I can set up the way I see March. Imagine a super large round swimming pool as round as the earth but only about 5-7 feet tall. Inside this pool is intense energies that are circulating round and round in an intense whirlpool motion that leaves a hole at the center, like the eye of a hurricane. The direction of circulation depends on who I am reading for in the field. Some are going clockwise, sealing in energies, some in a counter clockwise directions, opening energies and one person going in both directions. What ever persons team has been saying, as we get to the eye (if you will) there will be several days of absolute clarity. Clarity of the energies that are surrounding you, what has been removed, what is being added in and the new skills that are part of this change.

Of course, when spirit says absolute clarity, it rarely transpires like we, the human, expect it to.

There are some seriously interesting skills being opened up in people. Skills that will take the rest of this year to master. With these skills is a focus on something happening in 2021… some sort of illness that spreads outwards. Spirit keeps showing it like a drop of honey that once it hits the planet, spreads outwards. It is stated that this is on purpose, to clear the energies of earth. However, there will be people affected that is not meant to leave the planet and that is where these new, specialized skills will come into play.

Many are also getting new, specialized guides to assist in the perfection of these new skills.

I had one beautiful man the other day show up as a dolphin instead of human. It was explained that he has incarnated many times as a dolphin, holding and assisting with the human DNA and its changes. One of his new team members is a dolphin who was the very first dolphin on this earth and incarnated yet today. Dolphins arrived after the first seeding of humans to assist with the many changes humanity has gone thru as a species. We are now at the quickest, most radical changes ever since the humans arrived on earth.

I am not able to see into April yet, but thru one person we were able to get a glimpse of May’s energy. It was the most beautiful, intense illuminated yellow that i had ever seen. It felt more alive than any energy I have ever seen thru future months in readings as well. I am sure that the readings leading up to May will reveal what that means to us, but today, it just excites me.

I am sure I am missing information to share with you, but before another day goes by and I cannot finish sharing, I am going to close here for now.

Because my voice and anyone’s scheduled appointment has become unreliable, I am going to keep the Buy one get one free at the reduced price going for the next 2 weeks. Plus, I will also give everyone that purchases this particular BOGO full access to the Nations recorded class page. It has many exercises and information on it over the last two years. Much being relevant today.

(((HUGZ)))) wrapped in amazing life infused energetic LOVE to and thru the ALL

Lisa Gawlas


TWO 15 Minute Readings for only $39 (normally $49) click here:

TWO 30 Minute Readings for only $69 (normally $89) click here:

An email link to the Nations Class recordings will be sent out after purchase.

Expires March 25th, 2020

Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 17, 2020

crystal energy

Man oh man, I was so hoping, expecting even, the 2020 energies to be deLightFul. Instead they are beating the hell out of me. I have only done a handful of readings in Feb, all before the 14th, and damn, just connecting to their fields created so much pressure into my entire forehead, like my third eye was going to implode.

So many people had very unique geometric crystalline thingies (one had 7 pointed stars, another something that looked like the front of a cement roller…) coming into their field, targeting their center field and stemming out to the immediate field.

OMG, I almost forgot, before this crystal formations incoming, every person the day prior had what looked like this huge termite tent over their fields. Spirit explained so that the energies that were coming in specifically for them and the energies their center field were emitting, mixed without interference. I guess these crystal formations were the outcome of that.

I think my termite tent is serving to complete destroy my life. Of course, destruction usually precedes major change.

My voice is acting weirder than it ever has before. I completely lose it, it will come back for maybe two sentences, shut off again, come back a day later for an hour, go for days, come back for hours, sometimes moments since around mid January!!

I have decided spirit really does not realize just how important income is to this life we live, since mine stopped. My business and personal bank accounts are in the negative, all my credit accounts past due, and pretty soon, my website will be shut down for lack of payment. Yay.

I am not stressing that as much as my visit to my new lung doctor that my RA doc insisted I see (thank god for her wisdom.) He did a lung function test and took an x ray of my chest. He said their ar abnormalities with my lower lobes that showed up in both the function test and x rays. He looked at my past CT scan and seen what no other doctor did, including the guy who read the results from the CT, my heart is enlarged.

He is ordering an electrocardiogram for that and a CT for my lungs on the 26th, along with a 6 minute walk test for the lungs.

I already knew something was amiss with my lungs, I cannot walk from one room to another without gasping for breath. Walking up our stairs takes me 15 minutes to recover.

Before I discovered all this with my new doc, on Superbowl Sunday when I was driving to my son’s house, I was having a rather stern talk with my team about my body’s condition. Their reply, tho I still do not like it (and no one ever said we humans had to like a thing) made sense I guess.

They explained that as we progress in wisdom in our life, our souls energy changes and actually enhances its capabilities. There are things that our souls do that the body cannot, which usually happen when we sleep. I was not made privvy to what my soul does, but that the more it does the more energy it needs from the body. Utilizing the biological fields energy is so important. So the body tends to rest much more frequently as the soul helps in the quantum field of life.

The other hazard is, the body begins changes too. We experience it as illness in most cases, but the DNA structures change, as the soul agreed to experience if the ego was able to take it far enough in its evolutionary process. Granted, not all body’s that are in rough shape are wisdom filled lol, many are still in the dense emotional state of Being too.

In all things, one size never fits all, as much as we would like it too, for simplicity’s sake.

On that note, I just wanted to give everyone an update. I have not done any readings in this last week thanks to no voice, but as soon as I am able to talk out loud longer than a minute, I will and update everyone with what is being experienced.

For now, until I catch up, I am not taking new readings. I hate rescheduling more than anything in this world…

I love and appreciate each and everyone of you so much. Big big (((HUGZ))) filled with geometric love and gratitude ❤

Lisa Gawlas

Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 22, 2020

Heading into the New Moon


Well this has been a weird week in the field of readings. It has been progressing daily, but collectively instead of personally and kicking my butt each day!!

When I started to see what looked like a termite tent over the field shortly after I woke up, I was sure I was delirious. Nope, for ever connection that day, everyone had a termite tent over their field. Just incase you are not sure what a termite tent looks like:


termite tent.jpg


Sure enough, every connection showed the same thing, a termite tent over their entire field. The understand was containing all the energies that have been released from the center field and came down from above, along with the new core energy for fusion. Altho I seen nothing else with each person, man oh man, the attempt kicked me in the energy zone. I actually fell asleep between every single reading. I couldn’t keep my eyes open but instantly awoke for the next connection. Once I contacted everyone, my energy was just fine, no more insta-sleep for the rest of the day.

The next day was even more strange. Instead of seeing the termite tent, instead, everything that was above ground/above the field was gone. Instead the focus for every single connection was what looked like sprawling vines (not roots) beneath the surface of each persons field. In scattered places, there would be what looked like a leaf starting to poke up from the surface. Imagine something like this:




Except there was no wall and no tree. However, if you let the tree be your center field, that is where they originated from (your personal biology and energy body. My understanding is these are the new networks of experience that is growing beneath the surface according to all the energies of January. As we head into the new moon on the 24th other’s vines (if you will) will start to connect and overlap yours, creating new experiences and connections during these next 10 years.

Of course, my ass got kicked once again. By the time I was on my third call, my voice spit, sputtered and left the building. I didn’t even get past hello with her. My voice stayed gone until that night.

Yesterdays connections, I was much more cautious considering I was seeing what was happening shortly after I woke up.

Keeping with the picture above, instead of the lines from the tree/center representing roots/vines, imagine they were electricity moving outwards, charging everything up. I didn’t even try to look directly at everyone’s field. The last two days were enough of a hazard lol.

It’s my understanding that we are all (those in the energies of 2020) in a incubation state as we arrive at the new moon, which sets everything in motion and the personal details become viewable once again.

There is also a massive shake up happening to those in what I am calling the 2019 energies as well. If my daughter is any indication of what that means…. Every aspect of her deceit has been exposed in indisputable ways and yet, she continues to lie. She was released from rehab yesterday, taken to the airport 2-3 hours before her flight, sat at the bar and missed her flight, telling her husband extraordinary lies about how she missed her flight. A call the the airlines at the airport and talking with the lady who was part of the experience… so many really odd lies that could have easily been the truth.

She had to sleep at the airport and should be back today.

On that note, I need to get ready for my oncology appointment. I just wanted to make sure I caught everyone up on what has been happening thru my attempt at readings.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with great adventures and loving energies to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas





Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 17, 2020

2020 First Quarter Energies


There is so much to catch you up on. Going back to my last blog about the eclipse, the shaking, the electrical energy pouring into each persons center field… So as we passed the eclipse the focus was taken off of everyone’s core energy in the readings a constant image was placed… something that looked like this color-wise:


But were squishy and filling up everyone’s immediate field (which takes in home, work, relationships, pretty much all that is consistent in your life, like these fish eggs (which is what I kept calling them)




The next day, everyone’s field had their opalescence fish eggs congealed, looking sort of like this but with the beautiful iridescence thru out.



The odd thing was, when these things that just kept reminding me of fish eggs appeared, I could no longer see the center field, only the immediate field. When something goes out of my field of vision, it is because it is in a high frequency state of change.

So yesterday, the readings stated with a song clip and I knew it was referring to everyone’s external field (the overlaps and temporary connections we have when we go to places not usual, like the store or the beach, parks, etc..) Castles in the sand was the clip. This was to keep in mind that everything in your outer world is fleeting. Sometimes we can get hung up or emotionally invested in events out of our control and everyone of them will wash themselves away with the next wave we put out. Take what is needed in the moment, then let it go.

I was able to see movement under everyone’s congealed fish egg looking intimidate field. The movement of energies was not the same for anyone. There were various placements where the energies seem to build and bulge, laid out as if on a clock position, which I have yet to fully understand why. To give some examples of what I did understand with various energy placements…

One lady’s energy bulges were at the 1, 4, 7 and 11 o’clock positions in the formation of a star that grew bigger and bigger. Her team eventually explained that her personal magnetic north is changing and intensifying. There is also a relationship with the actual stars that is important to her new magnetic north, but did not explain how…. yet.

Another lady had a “house” being built in the 10 o’clock position, with a new love coming into her field at the 7 o’clock position.

Just when I thought there were only one of three things added to the core of our energies (sun, moon or earth) one lady had the element of all the waters of all places. This added a full multidimensional aspect to the emotional frequencies of her core. Her team explained there are emotions in other planes that exist that we have yet to experience here on earth. We were not capable of feeling or using them. She is bringing that in to assimilate and start to use. Her team explained as she masters these energies, she will be set to teach others next year.

Someone where in the readings it was explained what we are in now will be a 10 year cycle of mastery, of which, we are at the very beginning.

We have a few events coming up… this coming new moon on the 24th puts all this energy that I am seeing the readings into the created form of experience. We have a major energy influx coming on the feb 14th to ignite it all. And the entirety of March brings us the winds of change. Do not hold onto anything and go where the wind is blowing, even if you do not want to.

There was also something from the Nations class…. the dateline of the 21st in my face. The only thing I could think of was my daughter gets home from rehab on that day, but it was a collective 21st, we shall see.

Well the baby is waking up, I gotta end this for today. Until the next moment in time…

((((HUGZ))))) filled with wonder and bliss to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas





Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 10, 2020

The First Lunar Eclipse of 2020


Just a quicky to let everyone know what I am seeing/experiencing with this first lunar eclipse of 2020. With my first appointment yesterday (the 9th) my vision was taken up to the earth’s shadow eclipsing the moon. The dark shadow was shaking as if there was a major, unstoppable earthquake happening between the two. I could feel it in my body. I could also see my mans energy of his center field elongated all the way up to that eclipse area. His center field looked like gold/amber cellophane with moving mother of pearl like energy colors thru it. It was shaking with the energy of the eclipse. I could not see or understand anything else.

After we hung up, I became so incredibly exhausted. By the time my next appointment happened, all I could see and feel was the black of the eclipse and the drain of my personal energy. My third appt was MIA and after 10 minutes of waiting for her to call, I fell sound asleep for the next 6 hours. Woke up, got the baby from daycare, fed him and then put him down for his afternoon 1-2 hour nap, 6 hours later, we both woke up. We played for an hour (now 11:30 pm) and went back to sleep til 5:30 am. So this eclipse that zapped me, zapped the baby too!!

This morning, as I was looking at the full moon out the window, I could see and feel electricity coming out of the eclipse. Sure enough, with my first appt there is electricity running down her elongated centerfield energy that is now the same color and feel of the shaking eclipse energy.

The eclipse energy is having an opposite effect on her, she was awake all night. Which I can understand. I am flying into the eye of the storm, and it devours my energy. My heart is so connected to my grandson, it obviously zapped his too!!

I can feel a coagulation of all the energies coming together as we pass thru this eclipse. I cannot see it, but can feel it!!

An update on my salt shaken daughter… We found out she stole 3 of her husbands guns and traded them for drugs. He had to file a police report, the cop called her, she admitted to taking them for drugs. They will be charging her. She will be going back to jail when she gets out of rehab. My heart is shattered for her.

Well, time for my next appointment. Hold on tight, we are walking on the wild side now!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) wrapped in moon quakes and love quakes.

Lisa Gawlas





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