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February Opens the Challenges for Soul Growth!

soul growth

I finally have a morning I can share!! Man oh man did February unfold like a beast for me. On February 2nd I got a call from my son in law to check on my daughter. She was wobbly and incoherent when he left for work. I was able to get there 3 hours later (10am) and found her face down on the floor of her bedroom unresponsive. After an hour of trying to arouse her, I called the EMTs. She was brought to the ER and holy heavens the series of blood tests they ran on her!! I told them about her prior drug addiction, but was sure this was not related. They decided to try narcan to see if that would bring her around before any of the blood tests came back. It did for about 2 minutes then she was back in a stupor.

Imagine my shock when we found out she tested positive for cocaine, opiods and benzos. But also, she was rocking a 105 fever, they found an infection within the blood tests, to this day, of unknown origin. They did a urine test on her, and and became very alarmed. She was in the midst of muscle breakdown due to extreme dehydration. They did a CT scan on her lungs, head and kidneys, fortunately all came back ok.

They started broad-spectrum antibiotics and did a second much stronger narcan dose. It helped for a few minutes longer than the first, but then she was back in her stupor.

She was admitted to the hospital for the next three days and I never left her side.

On the third day, her doctor recommended she talk to a psychiatrist, which I was all for. At first she refused, and I blew up at her. She needs therapeutic help to deal with the postpartum depression that truly led to this drug overdose. At this point, I was not convinced she didn’t try to OD. She finally gave in, agreed to talk, opened herself up completely to this psychiatrist, who immediately called child protective hotline and reported her as negligent and abusive. Of course, we only found that out when social services showed up at the hospital and told us what the complaint was. It came in anonymously but we knew who did it. I called her MD out for what happened, she confirmed it was the psychiatrist who did it which she claimed was his duty.

This is where so much gets interesting. Not in a good way, but truly an educational way. The psyc doc told the hotline that this lady (val) is taking cocaine to go to sleep and that her husband is an alcoholic. When the social services lady stated that to val and asked if it was true, val said no one ever takes cocaine to go to sleep (nor did she say that to the doc) and that alex does not drink.

The social services lady heard… she did not take any illegal drugs and wrote that in her report. Val never once denied anything but using cocaine to sleep.

By the end of the social service interview, I became temporary caretaker of the baby. She wanted me to take him to my house until they can complete their investigation… I’m not set up for a baby. She allowed me to stay at their house until the investigator came.

I fully realized just how inefficient listening skills are. When someone has the authority to destroy your life, remove your infant, listening should be top notch, imho anyway.

The week I spent at Vals house, well communication and listening was the theme. Learning to communicate, to listen…..

Tuesday the main investigator showed up at their house. I liked her a lot. An Australian lady who truly listened without any judgement at all. I was so praying for one of the good guys to show up and my prayer was answered.

She realized alex is not an alcholic and deemed him a fit father. Valorie needs to prove herself, which I can fully understand. The social service lady gave us a really good helpful strategy, just incase this should happen again. If it happened again, the baby would be immediately taken away. She suggested we three file for join custody, this way the baby would automatically go to me and not into foster care. We did that the very next day. Val starts therapy on Friday and NA on Saturday. Both required, the therapy, in my opinion, so very needed.

Needless to say, my antennas have been twisted up in stress knots since February started. I have not been able to do a single reading, not for the lack of trying.

During this time, maybe about 3 days before the investigator got came to talk with us, I got one hellofa case of the stomach flu. I volunteered to do nighttime baby duty so alex and val could get some sleep. The baby woke up for the first feeding and my stomach felt really weird, especially when he laid on it. I picked him up 3 hours later for his next feeding and my whole body flushed down with dizziness. It was strange because this dizzy started at the very top of my head and literally ran thru my body all the way down to my feet, once it hit my feet I could see what looked like the ring of fire crowning my head. I put the baby back in his bassinet and told him hold tight… I flew to the bathroom and threw up. That was rather disgusting!! Its been so many decades since I spontaneously threw up… I was shocked that the baby gave me an hour to regain myself, he went back to sleep. Usually when he is hungry, there is no stopping him until he gets fed. He had mercy. An hour after his feeding, I woke up with a vengeance of hurling. Fortunately he remained asleep. I realized I also had a 101 temp. Come to find out, val not only had the same thing I did all night, but at the same time too.

During my midnight ring of fire, I felt this amazing download of clarity come thru. I can’t really say what the clarity is, but was an oddly wonderful sensation.

I was kind of hoping it would all be revealed thru the readings, but my antennas must still be in the shop. Even yesterday, now that the brunt of the stress of what might happen is behind me… nothing.

So I took a little trip to spaceweather to see what else was going on. Sure enough, geothermic storms, solar winds, erratic weather, Hawaii got snow!!

All of January thru the majority of the readings, spirit has been telling of challenges coming into our lives to facilitate the growth of the soul. Giving us opportunities to make new, wiser choices. To use our enhanced intuition and to take the experiences as we learn from them and share them with others to assist.

I am always hoping to get a free pass on anything challenging, but hell no!! It does give me absolute clarity as to why I am in Virginia, I can now lean into gratitude there, cuz my grandson would have been placed in foster care if I wasn’t. I was raised in the foster system, no babies of mine are going that route if I can help it in any way.

Valorie is in a good place within herself now. She has taken full responsibility for her actions, accepts the consequences of them as well. I will still be at their house a lot since she cannot even pick the baby up from daycare without me or alex with her. She…. we all will become stronger because of this.

On a completely separate note, we are starting the super powers 4 week class tomorrow at 2:30pm EST.

I wanted to make this sharing a catch up on what is happening in my world. Tomorrow, we will expand on the listening aspect .

I love and miss you all soul very much. Thank you for always enduring my chaos of changes.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) wrapped in silent whispers of clarity to and thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


We are doing it differently this time (as per spirits instructions.)

4 weeks (each Saturday in February.) We will do a group meditation on the first week

Accessing your enhanced and new super powers

then a group discussion about your homework experiences week 2, another group meditation

Unifying our new skills

week 3, followed by an overall discussion week 4.

$33 for all 4 weeks. Saturday February 16th thru March 9th at 2:30 pm EST.

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The Solar Release Underway.


And here we are, the last day of January already!! The sun is doing its part by releasing its energy from a coronal hole. I came down with a major headache a couple days ago, like expanding pressure in the brain and absolute pain at the rim of the skull. A headache like I have not had before. It was the first time in a very long time I thought about checking what the sun was up to. Well, seems the same hole that graced us mid 2018. Here is what had to say on the 29th: We’ve seen this hole before. It opened in the summer of 2018 and has been spinning around as the sun rotates, lashing Earth with solar wind approximately once a month. The last time our planet felt its gaseous emissions, on Dec. 27-28, 2018, Alaska skies exploded in green and “the best auroras of the season” were observed over Iceland.

Today:: CHANCE OF STORMS TODAY: NOAA forecasters say there is a 55% chance of G1-class geomagnetic storms on Jan. 31st when a CIR (co-rotating interaction region) is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field. CIRs are transition zones between fast- and slow-moving streams of solar wind. They contain shock-like density gradients and magnetic fields that often spark bright polar auroras.

In my world of readings and interpretations, deep inside our sun is the central sun, the portal to the other side of life, spirit/heaven, whatever. It is where new energy flows from, releases of new information and particles enhancing our Beings. (Other places too, but this when it is purely from spirits side.)

Here is something interesting that came out of Tuesday nights nations class. Information is always floating around the airwaves. Bits and pieces of all kinds of information is there. It comes into view when we start asking questions. When our questions are stated (via out loud or in mediation) those bits and pieces of information start to gather and move towards us, for as long as we are in conscious resonance with the answer. That said, once the question is asked, the answer always… ALWAYS makes its way to us, but not always in the moment we ask it, but when our consciousness is able to hear/process the full reply.. When questions are asked in a group setting, as long as one involved within the group has a resonance with the reply, the particles of information gather and form the answer.

So with that in mind, I think about the readings. When a question is asked but I cannot glean the answer, who does it come to when its in resonance since I am the seeker as well as the person asking. Both of us, if it is not intimately personal to the person asking. Some things, are none of my business outside of a reading.

During class on Tuesday night, one of our most frequent question askers (smile) asked a really interesting question. The power points of our bodies have changed and are continuing to change. What we think of as meridians, are changing. Intersecting lay-lines are changing. Even what we knew as chakras, now refered to as energy centers, are not only changing, but merging together as a huge power center when used correctly. For example, the throat thru the crown is one huge power center. So that means, so to is the earths.

There were 5 new power centers mentioned in our ET specialty class a few months back. I cannot remember but one of them, and that was Mt Kilimanjaro. Sadly, I lost half of the recordings when I switched from webex to zoom. So if anyone has that information in their notes from class, please email it to me so I can record it in one of our sharings. I think, the dead sea was also one place, but I am not sure about that.

I think about the Unlocking the DNA specialty meditation we had, and the areas in the body where new energy pockets were located and the fibrous networks linking them to various areas of resonance in the body…… so different than anything I had seen before. Of course, we are all becoming that different, as is the earth.

Another thing that was shared thru class, that is really in my face this morning…. this upcoming series of specialty classes is an ongoing part of the last two classes. So…. I am going to delay the start of our Super Power Saturdays by a week, send out the link to the last two classes we did for the people who signed up already but did not do the first two classes… and create an add on of the Unlocking DNA specialty meditations for anyone who joins today forward for $10. So the Super Power Saturdays will start Feb 9th and run thru March 2nd at 2:30 pm EST.

On that note, I must get ready for the next phase of my day.

Big big ((((HUGZ))) of new power, new inspiration and new abilities to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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We are doing it differently this time (as per spirits instructions.)

4 weeks (each Saturday in February.) We will do a group meditation on the first week

Accessing your enhanced and new super powers

then a group discussion about your homework experiences week 2, another group meditation

Unifying our new skills

week 3, followed by an overall discussion week 4.

$33 for all 4 weeks. Saturday February 2nd thru the 23rd at 2:30 pm EST.

All classes will be recorded and you will have direct access to the recording afterwards via an emailed link. Nations Members, you are already included!!

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There should be a $10 add on option for the Unlocking DNA meditations (which I will mail you the link to download. If not there, please let me know.)

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The New You/Us Emerging!!


Finally, we are getting some sneak peaks into our progressive future. I find it rather interesting tho, a lot of the magnetic sparks of life events, your (our) personal creation, is visible way down the road, going even into the 3rd quarter of this year, yet things straight in front of us, not so much.

The one thing that is becoming very evident, we are all getting new, enhanced super powers. I can see the energies thru the readings, but when I woke up yesterday, it was clear as a bell. My team gave me instructions on these next set of classes in February, first one of course, focused on accessing the enhancements within each person. If I am feeling correctly, the second would be using the enhancements as a group entity. But with anything spirit… always subject to change with more information lol.

Since my last blog, I have gotten several emails telling me how to protect myself so my body doesn’t take on so much energy thru the readings. What I do via the readings is not the same energy as when we are doing healing work. If we look at those who truly need healing, their bodies are vibrating quite slowly, slower than the DNA needs, hence, the dysfunction within the person. Being in an accelerated body/energy form is natural protection. Nothing dense can set in when your vibrating faster than the person your working on.


Our readings are done at the leading edge of Light. Light and energy frequencies that are incoming, often times for the first time in this earths history. It purposely upgrades the DNA, the frequency, including mine.

Using my teams example of being in a rainstorm with an umbrella, yes, you stave off most of the energy, but ya still get wet. Same here. And, if you plan on using your new upgrades, your not going to be working on old energy bodies. There are many people currently doing that now, we need those working the new energies to perfect themselves. With that said, the more you work with others in your new, enhanced skill-sets, the quicker your vibration goes. Which takes a toll on the biology, eventually.

My team showed me something this past week, that I really didn’t understand until this moment. I started working in this new reading way in 2012. The same time I went thru menopause. I’ve always grumbled about the menopause because my body started to change the way it functions since then. I loose my voice for what seems to be no apparent reason, I was gifted asthma, psoriasis arthritis and other things. Kinda pissed me off.

This week, as I question everything my body is dealing with, I was shown that very time-frame and my entire field opening up to a super intense light field. Actually, now that I am being seriously reminded of it lol, the same light field I am seeing now, in readings.

From 2012 thru the last of 2018, we were all increasing our frequencies, unlocking DNA at so many intersecting points, practicing new ways, new ideas, new everything. In order for me to see and understand the readings, I had to be on the other side of creation looking and experiencing inwards to match all the readings, all the frequencies and skill-sets. Which of course, created a massive uptick in my own frequency and DNA. (I am not the only one, many have too, but since this is personal to me, I am sharing my experienced understanding.)

I have been reminded this week of a saying, I think came from kryon, but cannot remember, nor remember the exact words, so I will use my own… but when we leave this earth, we want to be tattered and torn, BECAUSE we played the game not that we felt too delicate to play.

Anyway, I have GiGi duties today. Both my girls are moving into their new homes, new lives today. I love you all soul much and love the love you send to me!!

(((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))) of new skills and new frequencies to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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We are doing it differently this time (as per spirits instructions.)

4 weeks (each Saturday in February.) We will do a group meditation on the first week

Accessing your enhanced and new super powers

then a group discussion about your homework experiences week 2, another group meditation

Unifying our new skills

week 3, followed by an overall discussion week 4.

$33 for all 4 weeks. Saturday February 2nd thru the 23rd at 2:30 pm EST.

All classes will be recorded and you will have direct access to the recording afterwards via an emailed link. Nations Members, you are already included!!

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The Hazards of Biology


Yesterdays day of readings were interesting, nothing like I anticipated post eclipse, but that is now a common theme for myself lol. Every single person was at the edge of their field (life) looking out to the horizon of their personal world. Every person had their backs to me and every person had spiritual snow coming down throughout their entire field. Equally, every person had some sort of energy/body work being done as well, each vastly different of course.

The “spiritual snow” is not accumulating but penetrating the ground of each person’s life, individually. Pure, hydrating energy fueling our next great adventures.

I was really surprised to see yet another series of energy work being done at the physical level. We just had a double infusing coming from the eclipses, now more…

There was one lady yesterday, her team repeated over and over again that the work being done at her head level was to “expand her consciousness at the physical level.” Usually when spirit wants to make a point very clear, they may repeat something 2 or 3 times. this had to be repeated at least 8 times. It comes with a feeling many of us may be placed in situations where the norm is no longer the correct approach and we need to reach higher, deeper, for the best outcome.

The last two weeks, we had a specialty meditation class, first one on unlocking the physical DNA and the second was all about our fields of life. I found yesterdays reading position (at the edge of their life, facing the future or equinox energy really) with the way the meditation on Tuesday’s field of life event started. Same potion.

Normally when I lead a meditation, I see the visuals then find the words to take everyone on that journey. Same happened on Tuesday, except, the visuals I was experiencing included information for me as well. That usually does not happen. I was kinda glad really. One part of the meditation included seeing your personal tree in the center of your left (physical life) field. The tree had many attributes to it, but one main one that took me slightly by surprise (with myself that is) is the reflection of you, back to you.

I kinda wanted an oak tree, but it kept reverting to an ever green. The most perfect evergreen tree you ever seen. Hold that thought a moment and let me back up to my own inner review this past week.

My physical body is challenged. I am getting neuropathy in my hands and my legs, primarily on the left side, but creeping over to the right side.. I decided to google neuropathy several days ago, just to see some of the causes and got so much more than I bargained for (in understanding.)

One of the articles I read talked about the degrading of the mylar sheathing between synopsis. Instantly I remembered so many readings over the years where the energies were coming in to enhance some of my precious suols synopsis’ and the neuropathways.

I have known for a very long time now, that when we are in readings together, I too am taking in the energies coming into you, by virtue of being a part of your field for the time we are together. Not once did I ever think it would also be targeting me in the same way it is targeting you, only in small mini doses, lasting as long as our connection. Yet, I have had many physical affects while in readings, so have no idea why that light bulb never tuned on for me lol.

I spent the last several days getting understanding.

So often in readings, spirit will gives us some information, but not all the details of whatever it is they are revealing. Mostly so we do not avoid something. I have been doing readings now for 16 years, always pushing myself to see further, higher, more clearly. In the beginning years, we were all in the midst of emotional clearing, which was my greatest gift unto myself thru you. I cleared my self because you showed up wanting to clear you. In 2012, we all started the acceleration process of human evolution and the way I was able to read changed significantly. For which, I am grateful. But if I knew it would take a detrimental toll (physically speaking) on my biology, I am not quite sure I would have kept pushing myself.

We have been deluding ourselves with the idea if we put up protection around us, the energy we work with will not have an affect. My team showed me a visual of being outside in a rainstorm holding an umbrella. Yeah, we shield the energy from drenching us, but we still get wet anywayz.

We are, at source level, interconnected.

So I was shown the ever green tree to remind me, all of us, that we are always perfect, flawless and eternal. Our bodys will change, become uncomfortable, what we as humans may perceive as break down, but that is simply change in progress.

We have chosen to be here, at this time of intense evolution, for exactly that. Now here is a surprising add in. I often keep to myself the condition of my body, simply because so many loving, kind, generous souls want to send me energy, which I really do appreciate. But its the energy that got me into this condition to begin with. lol More is always better, no matter what the flavor or dose.

That said… our physical medicines often times help. It allows the body changes to ground into the changes, sort of slows the speed of vibration, or maybe re-calibrates is a better explanation. We tend to throw the baby out with the bathwater and discount some of the amazing drugs of assistance on the market today. Which, I must give a shout out to albuterol! I can no longer afford the AirDuo, so albuterol keeps me breathing thru the day. Or better said, consistently re-calibrates the air sacs in my lungs.

So, all that shared to say, we in the ride of our lives. Our bodies are not meant to be taken back in pristine condition, instead, use it, love what you do, and be grateful we are Here, Now.

Have an spectacular day filled with love, life and spiritual snow (smile.)


Lisa Gawlas

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We are doing it differently this time (as per spirits instructions.)

4 weeks (each Saturday in February.) We will do a group meditation on the first week (content yet unknown) then a group discussion about your homework experiences week 2, another group meditation week 3, followed by an overall discussion week 4.

$33 for all 4 weeks. Saturday February 2nd thru the 23rd at 2:30 pm EST.

All classes will be recorded and you will have direct access to the recording afterwards via an emailed link. Nations Members, you are already included!!

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The Triad of Energy Includes the March Equinox.

triad of energys

There is no doubt what spirit wants me to share today, since it was in my minds vision the moment I woke up this morning. The March equinox started to become relevant thru some of the readings yesterday, what spirit is calling a triad of energy coming in now.

I know how much everyone has missed my handy dandy artwork, so twice in one week should satisfy (smile.)

triad effect.jpg

We are all somewhere on that line between the two eclipses, heading into the lunar eclipse of course. Some are closer, some are further, but all heading towards it as the equinox now mixes in its magnetic field of energy to the mix. it seems to be adding this radiance of clarity to the field, like a light that is bright but also, clear (as opposed to white.)

I have seen one person show up with the equinox pole directly in her field between the eclipses, others the energies just starting to come in and yet others, no connection (yet) to the equinox. Not one is better or worse than the other. Ever. It is just how our field is developing, the intricacies at play and so on.

There also seems to be a push/pull effect coming in with the equinox energy as well. Keeping in mind, up until the December solstice, one series usually pulled energy in, the other sent it out )solstice/equinox) now all are doing the same. A pure blend of spiritual energy igniting creation in physical life.

If I am understanding this correctly (always subject to change with more information) we are receiving the dark matter of creation from the solar eclipse, the emotional/life current energy coming in from the lunar eclipse and now the igniting of that which is ready, from the equinox. Including what I will just call your stem cells of life. Waiting for your emotional desires to match the frequency of life to get it started in manifesting as part of your life experience.

Much more than that, I am unsure of… yet. But when spirit wakes me up with a vision hanging in my face, I know I need to share it.

On that note, I must get ready for the next phase of my day. Hopefully more information to be gleaned and shared!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of clarity and life igniting to and thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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First let me apologize for the major oops I did in the link I provided yesterday. I completely forgot to add what days the Unlocking DNA via Group Meditation will be held on, so my calendar did not continue its journey of booking those who wanted to sign up. So sorry!! The correct link and information is now working. The total fee for both weeks is $22, please do not hit two unless you are giving one to someone else.  Be sure to set your time zone to go to the next page:

There is so much energy coming in, crazy crazy really. There does seem to be another theme unfolding during our trek between eclipses, that is being stretched. Stretching our biology, our minds, our energy fields… There are some I have seen such amazing clarity in their core energy, matching the clarity seen int he mental planes.

What I want to be clear on (smile) is what clear means. Until we leave this body, we will always be in the human field of life. Which will give way to emotions and thoughts that may seem a bit… old energy. That does not take away from the clarity of your YouNess. Not unless you allow it to grow legs and lead your life once again. We will have those moments that feels like we took a giant leap back in our path, but it is only momentary as you know how to reorient yourself back to neutral or zero point. We can get cranky, pissy, unsure… but only for a moment. That does not make anything cloudy in our mental or emotional fields. Again, unless it grows legs and leads us…

I think I am starting to understand something I never really thought about before. The mental planes is full of creation energy. It is what creates our days and nights of experience. Our core energy is the emotional field that gives life to each moment. I made the most humble visual to show you how I see and understand this:

mental and emotional planes.jpg

The round yellow being the mental plane and the long yellow being the core energy or emotional body. The colored specs I included are the way I am seeing the new codes of DNA being added in. When we match the frequency of the core with the frequency of the mental planes, a new switch is turned on. We can’t wish it into existence, or mantra its way in, unless you match emotion with the current in the mental planes.

This being the landscape of duality, all switches has its opposite effect there too. Example, if you are saying you desire a significant other, yet your emotional field is saying something else, you are truly keeping that which you think you want, away. I use this example because I have seen it now a few times this past week.

This clarity is also known as living the state of Shambhala which is giving way to a very new, refined power within our mental and emotional planes. I have not seen how it works yet, but I have a feeling, our DNA class is going to reveal a lot thru our two sessions.

These dots are magnetic pulls to certain people, places, events, some are ideas, some are inspirations, new spiritual abilities and so on. Included in these dots (DNA switches) are what we can consider stem cells, things we want and desire at the human level to encode and fire up. We so often discount our physical lives and what we want there, but that is as important in our mastery as what our soul wants and needs.

The key is, knowing how to emote properly to flip the switch to outcome!!

On that note, I gotta flip the switch to readings. Again, my apologies for yesterdays confusion with the class link.

I love you all soul very much. Thank you for showing up and keeping us all informed of what is happening, how and why!!!

Big big (((((HUGZ)))) of emotional frequencies igniting life in beauty-filled ways to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Creation and Emotion – Eclipse Bookends

eclipse energy

These are some strange electronic times we are having!! Hell, they are just strange times period. We had the Nation’s Tuesday night class last evening, which auto records on entrance. Went to upload the files to the website this morning, both folders are there, both are completely empty. I went to zoom, noting there either, which really stinks. I am hoping they magically appear sometime today.

The one thing I want to focus on today is the energies that make up these two eclipses we are sandwiched between. The partial solar eclipse started releasing its energy many days before we actually arrived in its timeline, the dark matter that was prevalent for days. Creation energy. We are still being infused with that energy, but now we are also starting to get the full lunar eclipse energy too. The pure emotion that gives life to Life itself.

So we now have the material (dark matter) needed to create new life and the emotional spark that gives it life. In a way, this is already creating the on switches for new experiences, new ideas and most importantly (smile) new super powers coming online. Which of course, means more homework for us as we go forward. Those unfamiliar with the use of the word homework in my world, its meditation studies. Getting to know your new, beautiful self thru meditation.

If I am understanding this correctly, some will be familiar, some aspects of your new enhancements, completely unfamiliar. It seems everyone is getting a new team to assist them with learning and using their new enhancements.

I was notified by our collective teams in class last night, this coming Tuesday we will focus on the new sparks of life coming in at the deepest part of our DNA, how to bring it into our created reality and more. I mention this, because this morning, I am being asked to make it a public event. It will be two sessions, one on the 15th, one on the 22nd, focusing on during the eclipse energies and then, after. Including our new teams and how they will assist you in learning your new beautiful Self’s. It will be held via zoom and the fee will be $22 total, master builder frequency!! Space is limited, here is the link to participate (all Nation members are free.)

We were also warned in class last night, as we get closer to the lunar eclipse, the emotional charge will increase, which will increase the crazy on earth due to unresolved inner conflict thru many. We may very well see another mass shooting in the USA. That information came thru my solar plexus like a colony of ants in unrest. Probable, but nothing is absolute. No other information was given about that, yet.

There is more to share, but my day is about to begin. I will finish tomorrow.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with love and laughter to and thru ALL!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 5, 2019

Dark Matter and Living Shambhala!!


There is so much information coming thru the readings, today I am going to cheat and upload to this sharing, Tuesdays Nation class. It will save me a lot of typing (which my fingers will greatly appreciate) as well as assure us that I do not forget some of the taste nuggets that came thru class. The recordings will be at the bottom of this sharing.

For the last couple days, a few of the readings had the energy of dark matter being placed into their biology. The 3 people I had seen with dark matter, all were split open/apart in some way and the dark matter being shoveled in to affect the DNA of their bodies, of course, each in their own way.

What I did not realize until my last reading yesterday, was this dark matter is also in relationship to the dark side of the sun thru the eclipse period. My last reading made that perfectly clear in the strangest of ways.

He showed up with what looked like two meat hooks placed inside the left and right side of his skull. Unlike everyone else I had seen, instead of walk thru the energy of the eclipse (from the ground level) these meat hooks were pulling him upwards, with every tick of the second hand, slowly, until he is on (from my view) the back (dark) side of the sun during the eclipse. It put him in head first, and that is when I realized the correlation between the dark matter I have been seeing and this eclipse. He went thru the belly of the sun and came out the sun rays on the other side in this amazing iridescent body.

Another thing that has been consistent in the readings, as we come out of this eclipse the three foot platform I see most people standing on in readings, will elevate to about 5 feet (keeping in mind, the height is all scale of my vision.) A rapid elevation of our platforms of life.

One thing you will hear us talk about in the audios, is the clarity of the mental planes that is being revealed. Anytime I have ever seen the mental planes in our readings, they always looked like the energy of a hurricane system viewed from above the clouds… always cloudy too. Not no mo’!!!

It was explained we have done so much inner work/clearing that it has allowed for the mental planes of earth to become so clear, which also allows for the embedding of new, higher energies/thoughts/ideas/magnetic intersections.

This clarity is going to give way to new ways of approaching/helping those still clearing their mental planes. But also, a word I have not heard in years was dropped in when someone asked a question about the mental planes clarity. Shambhala. = Peace/Love/Harmony. Keeping in mind, we have a tendency to look for that outside of ourselves, shambhala can ONLY EXIST within ourselves. Those seeking others to exude that, will get a rag to clear up the clouds (smile.)

Equally, do not mistake the energy of peace, love and harmony to mean the removal of duality. Not even close. We are in this realm for our souls evolution and duality will remain, including the ups and downs of navigating thru life. The growing pains of DNA evolving/changing will continue. The distortion of what we perceive as good and bad, will continue. Shambhala is achieved when you can observe it all and remain filled with peace and love within yourself.

So here we are, today, in the process of the partial solar eclipse. I pray to god it does not eclipse the field!!!

On that note… Have an amazing energy filled day, bringing to light a brand new you and me!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with peace, love and harmony thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas



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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 2, 2019

Stepping Into 2019 Energies!

new energies

Happy New Year everyone!! 2019!! The entire century of 2000 is all about mastering duality (not getting rid of it.) 1 is new beginnings, 9 completion, together they are a 10 new beginnings with unlimited potential (the 0.) As we entered 2013 we started a brand new cycle of earth. Now we entered the first super sub-cycle of this phase of earths ongoing evolution.

Technically in our year the 9 should be before the 1, but that’s not how we count lol. Let’s look at our energetic history, as I understand it.

As we concluded 2012, humanity at the individual level had the choice to move up into the higher fields of energy by dealing with their base stuff (karma, emotional issues, etc.) 12% made the leap upwards, the rest remained in redo energies to master this crazy thing called duality.

From 2013 thru the last of 2018 there have been smaller sub-cycles, opportunities for us to grow and reach higher levels within ourselves and our collectives.

Ready or not, all of life have been taken up to the higher frequencies of 2019. From what I have seen thru the readings and (kinda) understand, the energies of 2018 melded together with the high frequency energies of 2019 to create super experiences.

Again, thru the readings, on the 30th, there was about 2 feet of space between the 2018 and 2019 merger, by the 31st, barely 2 inches. Something accelerated thru the night!! What I am not sure!! Many of the readings on the 30th contained this rapid circulating winds of change at the topside of the 2019 energy life, as the person was being pulled up into that system. Of course, the details of outcome were still unknown.

On the 21st, there was a electrical storm thru every person. to the degree I could feel the thunder rumble thru me just thinking about the next appointment, but completely unenviable at connection.

I remain in a perpetual state of confusion with the readings tho. My first one yesterday showed up on a platform 3 feet above the ground, instant confusion since I know we are now in 2019 energy and should have been at the ground level. I guess there is no such thing as “should” any longer. It was explained that we have been lifted above the ground level of life, giving us full access to not only higher energies, but various different dimensional energies too. Intensifying all we put into motion, consciously and unconsciously.

That said (and barely understood) two of my lady’s were still at the ground level, which really confused me at first. We have all got to remember that what we are all going thru is a process. You and I want to hurry up and get to whatever is next for us, but the energies must be aligned and tethered together for the next possible outcomes for all. So there is still a lot building up in experience in the field. There is no behind or ahead for any of us, just the need to employ patience.

I must add that we have two eclipses this month, the first being a partial solar eclipse on the 5/6th, then a full lunar eclipse on the 20/21st. The only thing I hear about these at this moment is by the time we come thru the lunar eclipse, we will all be in full dress for our next adventures in evolution!!

I will end there and see what news comes thru the field as well as class this evening. Until next time, I love you all soul very much!!

((((HUGZ))))) of super charged electricity thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas



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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 28, 2018

2019 Magnetic Calibrations and Seeding Underway

magnetic calibrations

I hope you all had the greatest holidays. Mine was extraordinary and so surprising when I went to my sons house for Christmas and seen Michelle and Rune there!!! It has been 9 years since all my kids were in the same place for Christmas!! Of course, the first time all three of my grandbabies were together as well!! These are the surprises I can handle!! lol

What caught me even more by surprise was driving away from my sons house to head home, this feeling of being in love just filled me. I am so madly in-love with my children and grandchildren, I thought that feeling only comes from romantic relationships,,,,, nope!!!

The readings were interesting yesterday. There is a meld of the 2018 and 2019 energies infusing all life as well as (still) setting up the magnetic field of 2019 landscapes. There is also an ongoing uplifting into the 2019 super sub-cycle. So the magnetic are pulling us up into higher frequencies, penetrating our entire biological field, our energy field and then spewing out as magnetic seed energies.

The one thing I felt for certain, is that the intricacies of 2019 and way beyond anything I have ever seen, in both personal as well as planetary events. Embedding the magentics that pull person/place/time together is in overtime from the soul level of planning. As one team said, a lot of stubborn humans here!! lol

Keep in mind, I speak in “year” format (2018/2019) and it really has nothing to do with the year so much as it does with the energy that is of that year. So it really is energy I am speaking of. With that in mind, not everyone will arrive all at the same time, some will take an extra week or two, some as we enter the cross over, some I am sure, are there now. But all life, in every form, will enter the 2019 energetic landscape.

Hand in hand, heart in heart, we will master the many hurdles being set up, together!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) filled with magnnetic wonder to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. We are holding the Nations Tuesday night class on Wednesday the 2nd. We had our class on the 26th, but mostly we talked about Christmas since there was nothing new to share. I did not upload that audio. There will be lots of things to go over this Wednesday.

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Thanx to my daughter Michelle/Katt we all got Christmas Onsies and a JCPennys photo shot:

IRune, Christopher and Zachariah 2018

Rune, Christopher and Zachariah 2018




The lady sitting next to me is my new roommate and Jessica’s grandma.


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