Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 23, 2021

The Next Cycle of Changes are Here

Now I am hearing that before this year ends, there is going to be a very important change in government leadership (they won’t say where or whom.) But it will be a game changer (for the greater good. Whats funny is I was sure I was hearing that from my own ego self, so they pushed in harder and then in my face. I love my teams way of getting news out, even if it is vague to us.

In our own personal lives, we will see and experience much change as well. Some we will love, some, not so much (from the human level that is.)

There is also a major reality check for many as well. Things that seemed one way, suddenly reveal themselves in the light of truth. Not always pleasant or even welcomed lol. I say that I think of my trip back to Virginia. It was an experience that just stabbed me in the heart in its revelations. With it brought on intense diarrhea for close to 6 days. Talk about getting the shit out of your system lol. On top of it, I got thrush too, of course, I kept my words to myself. Not ever a good idea, but, in my heart, I was not about to make a sad situation sadder. Color me human!! A constant rinse of sea water helped clear it up, thank god.

So now, lets get to some of the exciting things happening within your/out bodys I am seeing thru the readings.

The focus is on the expansion of what I have been calling the new body template. In the begging when this template started showing up in readings, we would see and need to work on, the parts that were universal. Those were the bodes, the energy and magnetic systems and the power centers. Enough people have worked with and expanded the “bones” of the template enough that now, our unique additives are being added. And they are extraordinary.

One of my ladies has a special skill coming online that is hard to explain lol, as they all are. But, when something becomes validated for me, it sends me over the moon with joy. Thru her reading and special ability to see/hear and help plants (and all other living things on earth) I helped her understand how to use the combo that was shown to her with my own plants that are pretty much looking dead. They told me they need iron oxide to help them. What the hell is that?? I had to google it. Sure enough it is something. today within a reading a very plant knowledgeable man, I asked him about this iron and plants. Surprise me when he said it helps plants when their leaves are yellow to become green again!! So thru my lady’s reading yesterday, thru her magical thought of creation, she produced it for my plants. I look forward to seeing them undead lol.

Our evolution is picking up exponentially. We are going thru biological upgrades at what feels like the speed of light. With it, our energy fields are changing. All of it brings it to our life experiences. Making sure you connect to various challenges to use your new skills and functions of light. Knowing what you have available and how to use it, so important. Equally, we are expanding our skills so fast. By the time we understand one part, the next part is added on. So with that in mind, my team is on my butt to put out a very special, special. I will offer a buy one and get 2 free for 15 minute readings. They are also on me (have been for a while) to put classes together so we not only know how to enhance ourselves, but also work with group energies using out new body template tools. I am finally ready to offer that too!!

Ohhh and today, thru a reading of course, was the information on how our bodies are actually using the covid virus/illness to accelerate the biological changes within us. Our power center of the heart includes the lungs, they work as one. So much is changing in that biological field. Her team explained that those who do not physically survive covid has either agreed to be a much needed stream of light on their way Home, or has a body that is just not able to process the changes.

On that note, until next time… it freaken great to be back in your field of Light again!! I love you soul much ❤

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with accelerated energy to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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New moon to Equinox. Meditations Included.

Is it me, or does March feel extraordinary?? Granted, we are still getting kicked in the biology from all the energies, but man, the heart expansion has been great. Just when you think you cannot love any deeper, you do. When you think you cannot appreciate any stronger, you do.

We are now in the full energy of the new moon in Pisces and it is fully partnered with the highly magnetic seeding of the March equinox. The vibration of new is all over the place!!!

I want to give everyone a meditation to do as we embrace these two partnered systems. Self awareness is now more key than ever!


See yourself standing in a large circle of rocks or crystals (that creates the circle border.) You are in the center. Above you is the energy of the new moon, but it may not look or even feel like a moon. It will have an appearance unique to you. (For example, black with diamond looking dust sparkling, the hue of a rainbow in its make up, etc..)

Somewhere in your circle you will see a large, energetic magnetic pole. It could be at due north, south, next to you, it’s position will be very purposeful to your ongoing journey thru life.

On the outside of your circle (which represents both your immediate and center field) will be at least one of your spirit guides. It can be a new guide or an established guide. They will help you understand the importance of the new moon and how you are experiencing it. Also the importance of where your equinox pole is located and the relationship to this moons energy for you.

You may also see a pathway leading beyond your circle, walk it. Pay attention to every detail. All of this will help you understand your journey and role during the next 3 months. (Until the summer solstice.)

Once you have understood this part of your energy field/journey, in a separate meditation, look at your body. For those that hold the high frequency, the new body template is fully functional with new attributes coming online. Enhanced energies and powers available to those who maintain a high frequency within themselves as well as their immediate field (home, work, relationships.) Again, your guide will be with you to help you understand what you are seeing/experiencing and to understand how to use your new Self.

Keep in mind, I am always available to see and understand for you.

From what I am feeling/hearing, this coming quarter will be quite grand for us. Amazing opportunities abound. A lot of the dark energy has been squelched (but far from all.) This is allowing the light of expansion to flourish in exciting new ways.

On that note, I must close. I will be leaving out for Virginia in a few hours. I will return this coming weekend. I love and appreciate every one of you.

Big big (((HUGZ))))) filled with powerful, radiant magnetic energy of new beginnings to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Super Changes in the air



Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 6, 2021

A Major Quake of Change!!!

Happy March everyone!! Well, that big earth events (earthquake or volcano ) happened out in the ocean off of new Zealand. Three quakes within a few hours, 7.3, 7.4 then 8.1. I read it was the largest quake in that location in recorded history. I am always grateful when big things like that are in the ocean.

I just also recieved from my team, since this event happened within the ocean, very particular energies have come up thru the waters and into us, into our environment to accelerate inner and outer changes.

I also want to be clear on the non information our teams gives often times. They explained to me they can see the pressure building up inside the earth from all the energetic events. They can also feel the timeline when the pressure will need to release itself. They have no idea when or even where exactly that will take place. The earth is always shifting and moving, so its up to here when and where it must happen. They say this is true of any major event they try and foretell us about. Like weather events.

This is equally true for personal potentials we see in readings. They can see your frequency, your personal evolution, the codes that are incoming and at times (not always) what they will awaken in you. What they cannot see is what you will or won’t do with them. Same with incoming events. Sometimes its concrete, knowable in time and experience, most times, not so much.

In the old days of reading, and still true for many that are in the process of clearing old karma, much was concrete almost to the hour of an experience. The ones I typically read for are already clear of all that karma, Self realized and evolving at the pace of light coming in. In this way, each are given the mantel of personal creation on all levels. With the energy of free will always at play, you become the decider of what you will do and when.

I think many of us consider our guides and spiritual helpers all knowing. None are. All souls are in a state of their own evolution as well. And not all souls have access to everything. Not to mention that they reside at different platforms of frequency, depending on their wisdom/skill level. This is one of the main reasons I have so many different readings available. For me to switch from one platform to another is exhausting and sometimes requires a whole reboot of my antenna’s.

There are times (which I strongly dislike lol) when the energies are too strong they must remove my voice so I may go thru my own personal upgrades without taking in more energy that I need. Same with you too. We get put down so we do not disrupt the processes happening within us.

On a personal note, I will be driving back to Virginia with my daughter this coming Friday and will be gone thru that whole week. I have already cleared it off my calendar so no worry’s about having to reschedule anyone.

I will be sure to put out one more blog before I leave. I love you all soul much!!

Big (((HUGZ)))) filled with upgrading energies of evolution thru ALL!

Lisa Gawlas

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The Hybrid Energy of the Sun Eruptions and Full Moon

Radial blurred rays. Neon light tunnel. High speed. Abstract background. 3d rendering – illustration.

Happy full moon everyone. This is a kickass collaboration between the sun that completely forgot it was supposed to be in it’s solar minimum, and our brilliant beaming moon.

There is an electrical binding taking place with the sun and moon energies that are creating a hybred energy and being placed in the biology’s that can handle such energies. Now by handle I don’t mean it feels good, we just don’t blow up!!

There is going to be an uptick in most of our brain functioning and heart abilities. So headaches, dizzy, nausia, blurry vision, and so on… blame it on the energies coming into youl Same with the heart, rapid pulse, heart palpitations, high or low BP, ect, blame it on the energies. This moon is a three day event so by March 1st we should settle down until the next energy system hits us.

These energies are here to enhance various aspects of our selves. Keep in mind tho, it is your responsibility to access, understand and use them. Spirit gives me the analogy of placing a plate of food in front of you. If you don’t choose to eat it, it’s simply potential.

This energy started kicking my ass yesterday. Between the (very) blurry vision and upper back pain, I just want to raise the white flag again. But I know, this too shall pass, if not only for moment.

One of the readings I did this week came with the most interesting twist. She was standing in her field holding a beautiful bedazzled purse. Nothing like I ever seen or felt before. When my lady asked where she got it from, the reply so surprised me: “a gift from source/god.” In all my years (ummm decades) of readings, I never had that experience. The feeling was so deeply penetrating within the heart. Something evening beyond love.

What was even more surprising what was in the purse!! Three items (well, sort of items lol.) One was energy ball of pure energy, another was a molecular structure (many different types) and the others were geometric shapes. Each thing was associated with various part of her make up. The energy spheres for the brain, the molecular structures for various parts of her biology and the geometric shapes for her energy fields.

What suprised me even more was that her team kept telling her she had a choice to use these or not. It was a gift and she could accept it or not. Such a major shift from you must!! lol

Well, my fingers are screaming at me. I wanted to give everyone a heads up on this hybred energy coming in.

I love and adore each and every one of you, soul much!!

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with extraordinary love and well, everything!!!

Lisa Gawlas




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The Next Phase of Our New Body Template!

When spirit says there will be earth events during readings, my mind consistently goes to earthquakes and volcanoes, almost never does it think super deep freeze!! As everyone is most likely aware of by now, Texas was in hell week last week. But now we are back to nice spring weather (high 60’s, low 70’s.) We are still under a boil water advisory, but at least we can run the dish washer again. lol

Look out west coast, the pineapple express is coming for you next!!! Until I read that in my weather app, I thought the pineapple express was only a movie, not a weather system. lol May all be safe thru it and the grounds hold firm.

(I wrote all the above yesterday…. as of today, we now are fully back to normal, the boil advisory has been lifted, YAY!!)

Now lets talk about the readings since coming out of the deep freeze!!!

What I (and our teams) refer to as the new body template, it has expanded its light of functionality. Keeping in mind, as I explain the additions, I see without the skin blocking anything. Equally, I do not see anything of the current body we posses, only what is relevant to the (evolving) new body template. That said, many times spirit had shown me bodies with skin and they are so luminous, so beautiful to experience. I now understand where the luminosity is coming from.

When our three crucial new systems are working as one, the entire body becomes light. Well, a layer of light beneath the skin. These three systems are the (biological) magnetic system, energy system as well as the light governing pineal gland (which is part of the power center of the brain.)

I believe what is being shown now is what each soul will be bringing in that is unique to them, or at least their soul group. I am not 100% sure yet. More readings of that nature will help me understand for sure.

There was one lady, whose light energy went thru the soles of her feet and down into the core of the earth, accessing vital timelines for her to pull up into her. Not the experiences themselves, but the wisdom and/or abilities that will be part of her vital path forward. There was much more to her reading, I just cannot recall it at the moment.

I had a beautiful virgin man (it was his first reading) have the most amazing energy system in his abdomen. It presented like the form of a butterfly. The body itself going into his sacral root power center, and up into his solar plexus power center. The antenna’s piercing the heart/lung power center.

It had these two wings that fluttered rhythmically and purposefully from front to back. This entire system worked as one, drawing energy from his sacral root, from the earth, up into the magnetic intake of the soul/solar plexus and the antenna’s vibrating the heart and lung power center to release what was needed to flutter the wings. All producing very specific outcomes.

I also find it interesting as well as exciting that when we do these body readings and/or body A team readings, whatever is being shown as an example of what the system you are working on is attempting to achieve, it is actually being done as we talk about it. This alone shows that your soul (all of our souls) knows exactly what needs to be done and how, we just have to trust that part of us and of course, tap into it consciously and purposely.

As I think (and feel) about that statement, it also participates within our regular readings too. As part of what I call your team (as well as mine) the soul participates, always. (Dah, why am I surprised lol. I can be a long standing ditz, obviously lol.) It is a collaboration between our soul and the helpers that is our various teams. I am sure everyone already knows this, but I will say it anyway. When we are working our spiritual and biological evolution consciously, we have teams that are set up to specifically assist with that part of our evolution. What we call our spirit guides, well that is their mission, to guide you thru life, but not necessarily to sharpen your incoming skill set. That said, even our spirit guides are of the elite set. There are very few humans consciously and purposely evolving themselves and so they have mastery in that realm. Unlike our starting guides that helped us make sure we worked out the karma we set out to do at birth, guided us towards various important events and relationships and did what they could to keep us from us from hitting brick walls. Now, we make our karma day to day, we decide our focus, our skills, and perfecting there til the next major energy system opens even more for us.

We are indeed a wild bunch, spiritual and biological rebels at our core. Together we have changed so many paradigms and continue to do so. I have said this many time before and will say it again, I am honored and privileged to be a part of your word, your life, your rebel-ness. I love you all so much. I am super grateful you allow me to grow thru you!!!

On that note…. it’s great to be back in the saddle again!! A warm saddle lol. Until next time…

Big big ((((HUGZ))) filled with the luminosity of Light thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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The Quantum Upheaval and the New Moon

Holy quantum energies batman!! Several days ago the field of life was turned upside down with what our teams called “quantum upheaval.” One the first day I seen these energies thru the readings, spirit showed the quantum energy soap bubble sized, after that, every since they have been pea sized, equally, spirit said that because it has become super concentrated.

Each day the readings were showing the relationship these energies has with each person. Don’t mistake that to mean we understand the relationship, just where and how it is happening. God forbid we should get too much information at once.

By the third day, these quantum super cells took its toll on my voice. Halfway thru my 2nd reading of the day, my voice was cracking. Five minutes into my 3rd reading, my voice blew out for most of the day.

The next day, I could see strands of black lunar energy impregnating each pea sized quantum bubble. For each person I read for, the infusion took on a different shape and disbursement on their fields. However, all were focused on their immediate field, meaning, the field where home, work, relationships and such take place.

So, without the lunar energies, the quantum energies were in direct relationship to everyone’s personal energy and biological field. When the lunar energy was infused, it’s affect is on the life you live.

At first I thought the lunar infusion gave me a pass on effecting me personally. That is, until I woke up the next day. That night was hell. I had respective disturbing dreams (can’t remember any of their details, but each one woke up me.) My body hurt from neck to toe and my voice took a vacation again. Hell, I was wishing could go where my voice went all day yesterday. Today is not much better. My fingers hurt so much, but, we have a deep freeze coming and I won’t be blogging while shivering!!

Yesterday, as I was focusing on my lower back and left hip (the two places that hurt more than any other) I suddenly understood. These quantum energies were working with the new body template. I could especially see their infusion in the hip node of the body template. What exactly they are doing, I am not sure. I probably won’t be able to tell thru the readings until we get past this very significant, partnered new moon tomorrow.

In our sleeptime, our friends from the stars are assisting their deployment and integration. Our minds process the unpleasantness as bad dreams.

Many of us are on emotional overload that bobs between deep sadness and euphoric love, also being caused by this quantum upheaval. It is leaving no soul untouched.

I am sorry to make this short but to the point, but my fingers are getting really pissed off at me.

Ohhhh, I do want to share and celebrate that valorie signed the lease on her new home. She moves in today!! Her focus is strong on building a new life for herself and her son!!!

I love and honor each and everyone of you, soul much!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) wrapped in quantum energies to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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The High Intensity within the Light of Change

2021 came out of the game screaming. What I did not expect, is how many young people have died since it started. Both covid and non covid instances. It seems the heart of many are not handling these intense energy upgrades very well. Hell, even my own heart took a bath in fluids for a bit. We are far from done with the energy increases.

Earth and all things living within and upon her, are in the greatest acceleration/evolution in its entire history.

If the sun’s activity wasn’t enough for us in January, Febuary is looking to top January so far. From spaceweather today:

“CIRs are transition zones between slow- and fast-moving solar wind. Solar wind plasma piles up in these regions, creating density gradients and shock waves that can rock Earth’s magnetic field. A CIR hit Earth on Feb. 2nd

In the wake of the CIR, solar wind is now blowing around Earth at speeds near 600 km/s. If these conditions persist, more Arctic mind-benders are possible on Feb. 3rd.”

Currently, there are quite a few earthquakes registering at 5+ and more active volcanos than I realized. All of this blending into the new light field I simply call the alloyed light (has nothing to do with metals, just the combination of 3 light sources.) Well, it was 3 when I first seen it in readings. Now if we add the equinox energy and the pure earth energies, that brings it to 5 energies (sun, moon and human light fields too.)

Our job/responsibility is to understand it’s enhanced relationship to us. Keeping in mind your unique biological light field creates an energy system souly for you and your use.

Thru the readings, I have seen so many different ways in which this energy is working thru each person. Some thru their third eye complex, some within their thought of creation (the power center in the brain,) others thru the energy of their hands and even one person where it connected into the power center of the sacral root power center and used like a hose.

For me personally, it is centered in the heart/lung power center so that I can keep understanding and express each persons unique field. Your holograms are translated within the heart and the very air in my lungs allows its expression. When we have amplifications of this energy, my blood pressure rises and my breathing becomes rough. When the energies are too high, spirit turns my voice off.

Pay attention to where your body is in constant flux, chances are, that is where the energy is most available and for use in whatever you do, or will do.

I have seen one person where the energies embed in their hips and knees, their (literal) walk on this earth infuses and helps the evolution of the dirt and all that lives within the dirt.

We are in mysterious and magical times, even if it appears to be opposite of that. Life is changing, we are changing and all change is for the better, no matter how it looks from the human perspective.

On that note, time to rest my weary fingers. I love and honor each and every one of you!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) filled with the raw power of your Light!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 27, 2021

We Are the Alloyed Energy Makers for Earth!

Is it kinda funny thinking the coming new year/energy cycle just might be easier than the last. For so many people on this planet, 2020 was a year of intense change. It was also a year of intense clarity, but only if one accepted the clarity of truth. In a way, this is an option, no spirit can get anyone to forcefully change their minds, their beliefs, their concept of the greater reality. Free will and all that.

The moment we opened up into the energy cycle I call 2021, the sun became very active in releasing soooooo much intense energy to us. Thru us. Thru us into the earth to create an alloyed energy of spirit and biology together directly into the earth.

The most significant thing I seen with this alloyed energy was thru a reading I did that showed the energy came thru one of the main sun events in January, thru my mans body and out into the earth. I could see this new energy permeate the earth to a depth of at least 5 feet (always going to the scale of my vision.) As the energy spread out, his team said it will create earthquakes around the world. They also forewarned of a major earthquake that will happen by the march solstice that will be major in size. They did not say where.

The sun energies are affecting everyone and every thing, however, entry into the biological field we call a body is not the same for everyone. some are taking in the sun thru their hands, some thru their heads, some thru their backs or sides. Some have been protected so the sun is not in direct relationship to their body’s. I had one lady who was standing underground with a cellophane looking area I call her center field. So some energy was come thru, but her body and full on relationship was with the dirt of the earth. I didn’t realize why then, but do today. We have people who are within the earth balancing out the incoming alloyed (new) energies.

For those of us taking the direct hit from the sun, it is intensifying everything within our body’s. I will call us the alloy makers lol. For those of us set up in energy work positions, it makes it all even more intense in our body’s.

This has hit me particularly hard. I obviously connect directly to every variant of this energy (you.) So I get my own and a little dose you too (which I am always grateful for.)

I started having breathing issues about 2 weeks ago, which intensified about a week ago. To the point where just walking or moving my body was leaving me breathless. I started a vigilant monitoring of my BP too, which was consistently high, but nothing I really worried about until one reading was 189/101. I took my breathless ass to the ER. By the time I got there, my BP (blood pressure) was 202/95. The first thing they did (after giving me a breathing treatment, was take an Xray of my lungs, really looking for covid which I did not have “covid lungs” but did have fluid in my lungs and around my heart.

I was super surprised when my doctor pressed on my shoulders (where the traps are) which were bulging upwards, and said that was the top of my lungs. They were in distress!! I was in distress!!

They threw every test in the book at me. They drew like 15 different vials of blood, put me on an EKG, did a CT and even a covid test (I kept telling them I don’t have covid!! lol) All came back normal. They could not find a medical reason for what was happening in my body.

After the breathing treatment and a shot to quickly pull the fluids out of my body, my vitals all returned to normal. That is… until the breathing treatment was done and they were going to let me go home. My bp shot up to 193/95. A trip to the bathroom got it down to 189/85, now they were on the fence about letting me go home. I begged to go and they let me go home.

I went home in the same condition I entered the ER with. There was no improvement yesterday. I am, however, slightly better today. I can walk a bit further b4 having to stop to breathe. My bp is fluctuating between really high and normal. My grandsons daycare took my temp today when I dropped him off, and it was too low to register on their forehead thermometer. She tried twice lol. I just took my BP and its 175/95.

I truly account all of this to the suns release of constant energy this month and the work I do!! I took the week off from reading, especially since talking too long leaves me breathless. That said, today is the first day in a week I feel my connection to spirit open again, hence this sharing.

As I was looking at the dateline as well as my schedule for tomorrow, I realized tomorrow is the full moon, which spirit said is the bookend to the sun events thru January. I was able to see a lot of electrical currents coming thru the light of the moon on earth. I feel it will be the third and final element in this alloyed energy we are now creating.

I am hopeful to get back to readings and understanding even more tomorrow.

On that note, I am going to close. I love and appreciate every one of you so much. Thank you for dancing with me and all life in this crazy intense times!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with wonder and high voltage love!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas

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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 13, 2021

The Sun’s Releases into 2021 and into You. Meditation Included.

This year has kicked itself off with an amazing series of events, both on the ground and in the sky. I want to focus on the sky events!!

On January 2nd there was a double CME released from our sun. Plus fireball activety. Here is information from spaceweather:

Yesterday, Jan. 2nd, two filaments of magnetism in the sun’s southern hemisphere became unstable and erupted. A faint CME hurled into space by the double-blast will probably sail to the south of Earth, missing our planet.

Last night, NASA’s network of all-sky meteor cameras recorded 16 Quadrantid fireballs over the USA.”

For those of you like me, that have no idea what a quadrant fireball is: Quadrantids are also known for their bright fireball meteors. Fireballs are larger explosions of light and color that can persist longer than an average meteor

On the 3rd of January, everyone’s field had large red X’s in them. No just one, but several placed uniquely for them in their field. I couldn’t’ read anyone’s field, but that didn’’t stop spirit from relaying information to us.

It was pure sun energy and radiation coming in to enhance the emerging fields of all life. Spiritual as well as biological.

The readings after the 3rd all focused on the areas within those I read for were being enhanced and of course the instruction on how to assist.

On January 11th we had another event from the sun that formed a “bookedend to the 2nd’s eruption:

“Surprising some forecasters, an interplanetary shock wave hit Earth’s magnetic field on Jan. 11th (see the data). The impact just after 08:30 UT did not trigger a geomagnetic storm. However, strong magnetic fields downstream of the shockfront opened a crack in Earth’s magnetosphere.”

What I did not realize until today was there was also an event on the 8th:

“The wave was not expected. In retrospect, perhaps it should have been. On Jan. 8th, a huge filament of magnetism launched itself off the surface of the sun. NOAA’s GOES-16 satellite recorded the eruption:”

All of this sudden and intensely beautiful sun activity purposely reached every living thing on this earth. Enhancing the energy systems as well as the magnetic systems in the old as well as new body template.

In the readings after the 2nd (3rd really) event, the sun appeared to come in as liquid sun energy. Some were being coated in this liquid sunshine, creating a slow absorption into the whole of the body. Some with a stream of energy coming into the crown, affecting various parts and organs within the body. Most especially the “brain waves.”

There is one reading in particular I want to share. My lady had a beam of liquid sun energy, about the size of a plum around, going into her crown and down her core. Her team showed us how this beam if liquid sun creates tentacles in her brain that reach out to enhance particular areas of the brain. It was creating new brain waves, but also enhancements at the pineal gland as well as the magnetic and energy glands (within the new body template.) I then seen the energy stream move down to her heart/lung power center and then to her liver, releasing sun tentacles that even grew smaller tentacles invading a lot of her liver.

Her team explained the power of the liver. We know that it stores our anger but it also stores our joy too. And to use both, the positive aspects of our anger thru the heart and mind power centers, as well as the joy energy. Both create differently. When they were focusing on these two energies, I could feel the energetic differences. Something I never contrasted before.

Anger was in intense, like sticking your finger in a high voltage socket. Joy on the other hand was like pouring honey thru your system.

Instead of sharing the details of the readings I’ve done within this sun energy spirit wants to give everyone a mediation to do to see, experience and utilize your own personal enhancements:

Sun Meditation

See or feel yourself out in a wide open field, the sun shining brightly above you. Put your arms out, parallel to the ground. Feel the suns energy radiating down upon you. Then become aware of how it is permeating you… is it coming down in a beam, or rain like energy, sheets that wrap around you?

If you feel the rain of liquid sun, how is it seeping into you? Where? What is taking place in those areas? Also notice your immediate field, how is it affecting it (the people and places in your created reality.)

If it is coming down as a sheath that is wrapping around you, is it on your skin, or like a tube around you. How is the sun being absorbed into you. What and where is it affecting.

If it is coming down like a liquid rod, where in your body are tentacles reaching out. How and why is it being affected.

With any of the possibilities, asking, knowing what you will need to do with these enhancements, how to work them, how to incorporate it into your life, is important. ignorance is never bliss with your evolving spiritual and biological bodies.

Feel free to invite one of your guides in meditation with you, to help relay the answers back. If you have an ET or ascended master assigned to your New Body Template use, invite one (or all) of them into your meditation.


All of this is leading us to the next bookend of the sun events, that is the full moon on the 28th. It has been shown in several of the readings, but what exactly it’s part is, I do not yet know.

There is much more to share, but my fingers are tapping out.

On a personal note… I started a diet on the 3rd of January. I did the 1200 calorie (or less) diet that I did last time I lost 70 pounds. I weighed in 8 days later, my heart broke into a million pieces. I did not lose a single ounce. It almost seems like an impossibility, especially since most days I was under 1000 calories, I should have at least lost the water weight. Nope. Tomorrow I will join my daughter on the keto diet, I pray it is more productive than calorie counting.

Big big (((HUGZ))) filled with radiant sunshine to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Happy 2021 everyone!! What my team said as we turned into 2021 that after a full year (energy system) that provided tremendous clarity (in ways many of us never anticipated) that this year is all about new beginnings based on the clarity of 2020. Excuse me, based on the life experiences that created the clarity throughout earth.

When spirit was talking about how 2020 was going to be the year of clarity as we closed out 2019, I was sure it was more of an opening of everyone’s 3rd eye, their intuition, their Knowing. But that is not how this crazy, historical year played out.

The one thing that is already starting to present itself, that was given thru many readings as we ended the 1st quarter of last year, was a super fast spreading mutation of the corona virus. it appeared thru readings over and over as a drop of something that looked like honey that landed on the earth and started to spread so fast. I had asked many times if it is the corona virus we (were) currently dealing with and spirit said no, it will mutate many times and become something else. Sure enough, as we ended 2020 the virus mutated to spread 70% faster starting in the UK. Now there is yet another variant that has cropped up in S. Africa who’s protein structure the vaccine targets, has mutated.

Couple that with the readings at the start of this year talking about so many challenges we will face, all in the name of evolution, during (at least) the first half of 2021. Individual as well as collective challenges. Keep in mind that challenges are always a forerunner in evolution, that is change in progress. And God knows, the whole world can use a lot of change. (Change ALL WAYS being for the better.)

As we navigate our personal challenges/changes, we also have access to much more spiritual power, or what I call, new super powers. For those who have been diligently accessing and using their spiritual upgrades (if you will) the emergence of new abilities will be seamless. However, it will still take diligence, trial and error and focus on perfecting them. Others however, will need to up their meditation game to access and understand what they have available. So many people do not recognize what they have available within themselves to do. To assist humanity with.

Do not think of psychic and energy work as the only spiritual ability. Compassion, humility, kindness, service to others are just a small part of what spirit means by “spiritual abilities.”

to change the subject slightly…

On my way to Virginia to return my daughters Jeep to her, I was accompanied by The Convoluted Universe, Book 2 by Dolores Cannon. I gleaned many things from the 20+ hours of listening, but one that hit home and stayed in the forefront of my mind to share was about a subject in their altered state talking about disease. It was explained that everything is energy, even what we call disease. If our bodies get stricken by “disease,” it is simply because we do not have that energy within us.

We can very well look at both sides of this “lack of energy.” I will use my crazy self as a prime example of both sides. Back in the first decade of this path, I had many things wrong with me. Insane depression that usually led to suicide attempts, ulcers, insomnia, and G.E.R.D. Between my brain and my stomach (solar plexus) was a lot of darkness filled with anger and worthlessness, blocking out any light trying to make its way in.

Tons of hours, days, weeks, months and eventually years of meditation cured all that.

In 2012 my body went thru what is commonly known as menopause. Flooding my body with all kinds of new, unexpected experiences. Light being released thru the endocrine system for change. Not quite the change I was anticipating tho. I developed asthma, my autoimmune system seemed to just go haywire as I developed several different arthritis’ within my body and the psoriasis I had since I was 17 years old, went crazy. We won’t even talk about my chronic voice loss.

Of course, I am ever vigilant about my “issues.” Making sure I never store them in my body again. Yet, my conditions not only persisted but increased, to this day. My greatest gift to my own sanity is being able to do readings and the precious souls who show up to get them.

I was able to see the DNA changes taking place in their biology. I was able to understand how to changes are part of the evolution of humanity changing at the biological level. It may not feel good, it may not look pretty, but is essential developing into the new human.

In the new body template that started to present itself in the last quarter of 2020, really has helped me understand me and my body. I first wrote about the new body template on Sept 6th, 2020 and put out consecutive blogs with diagrams that were building thru the readings.

There is so much changing within our brains I have no way of accurately showing you. But simply I can. I have taken the art I created for the Sept 12th, 2020 blog to help you see.

brain template 2020.jpg

The yellow, blue and orange lines, including the green dots are places I seen and understood within the new body template changes. For now tho, I just want to focus on the pituitary gland also known as the master gland of the endocrine system. It’s known as the master gland because it’s secretions control the activity of the other glands.

Now imagine it is changing from what it is now, how it functions now, to the regulator of Light within our (eventual) new bodies. For those humans who have the agreement to be the ones heralding the biological changes within the body (which absolutely must happen thru the human for this particular evolutionary state we are becoming) we are seeing a lot of autoimmune disfunctions.

Couple this with the physical body changes that I have seen. This image is taken from the same blog linked above:

body template 2020.jpg

All the dots you see are incoming biological additions to the body. They have an energetic feeling of being both a gland and an organ so our teams have been simply calling them “nodes” so we do not determine what they are ourselves. As much as they feel like both, they are neither. They will be new biological parts within the new body.

The more people work their part of this new body template, the stronger the light becomes within the body. Eventually we will see biology start to attach to the light and new baby’s will (slowly) be born with various parts in place.

If I look at all the places we have nodes, its no wonder I have rheumatoid arthritis. All those joints have nodes of light becoming stronger. The lines you see are what carries the various systems they are associated with. Which to me, remind me of veins or arteries that carry blood (but has nothing to do with carrying blood. They carry the magnetic and energy systems fluids. Or, at least, they will.

What I have not diagrammed in any of my blogs is something I had seen thru a few people last year. Our spine being the release valve of excess light. Right now we depend on air to keep us alive. There will come a time where it is energy itself that will be the intake of energy that keeps us alive. As our lungs exhales the air we take in, the spine will exhale the energy and have been seeing it as light.

I cannot look at you and your changes without being directly affected by what I see and experience as you. My crazy ass soul knew this before coming into this life. It is by Devine agreement and I will continue to do what I do until my last breathe.

Many of you can look at these charts and the changes coming in and better understand what may be going on within you. We are not broken, we are changing. The more we allow these changes and work with them, the stronger the spiritual field gets in All of Life!!

From what I have seen so far in 2021, The New Body Template is now fixed in the Light Field and providing everyone with expanded and enhanced abilities!!

On that note, I am going to close. I will continue this sharing either tomorrow or Saturday.

I love and honor each of you so so much. Thank you for daring to Be Here Now as the catalyst of change on this earth!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with everlasting Light to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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