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The Lake of Light ….and the Dark!

lake of light

For the second night in a row, my body was wide awake at 2am, thinking its time to get up for the day…. not!!  By the time I fall back to sleep I am waking up near 7am.  This is throwing my groove out!!  But then again, this is the season we are in.

Here we are, post 8/8, ok, by two tiny days, but still!!  I do not know why, not for a moment did I think, ok if we come thru the wringers of 8/8 flat as pancakes, old juices gone, it may take a bit before we reconstitute ourselves.  Something I suppose, should not and is not being rushed.

All my readings yesterday showed a sliver of a sun coming up over a horizon.  But not thru the night, in the whitest daylight field I had ever seen.  The field itself is like a rising river of light.  I say rising because these energies will continue to fill up our fields thru the 15th, where they hit their peak, then concentrate themselves.  I have no idea how that even happens and I will be flying high in the skies as they concentrate.  I wonder if it would be considered rude if I scanned the plane and sneak peaks of what that looks like thru the bounty of various frequencies that will undoubtedly be flying with me??

Anyway, I do not have very long to share today, so let’s get to some potent information that I was able to glean thru a precious soul that showed up on the field.  Even tho there was nothing but a lake of light in the field, a few people did show up on my deck, in front of my feet to look at and understand some things thru.  One lady in particular was a huge target of light picking for me.  She was the lady that the tsunami wave showed up thru and then spirit turned that tsunami wave into their expression of a “shit storm.”  With everything happening now between the two children in charge of countries…. I was looking forward to picking information from her soul.

I do find it incredibly interesting and I do not think I really fully realized that some people hold very particular information in their soul light, that others just do not have for easy pickens.  It is your unique alignment and purpose on this amazing grid of earth life for sure.

She showed up on my porch wearing hip waders (fishing boots) and slugging around in something that just reminded me of the sewers, liquid lumpy stuff.  I didn’t give any weight to the fact she was walking around a landscape wading thru the lumpy brown waters yesterday.  Because the last time I had seen her, several weeks ago, that wave of water was just rising and now, on the other side of the 8/8, it was at the ground level.  But hold that thought a moment, I will get back to it…

I asked her if she got her high-rise apartment, not, she was completely blocked from getting it, so she is staying, uncommitted, where she is at.  She mentioned something about being in charge of personal destiny and this series of rings start to show up with such understanding I never really took a look at before.

Her team said, yes, we all are in charge of our personal destiny, but then there is familial destiny, city destiny, state and country destiny and then, collective destinies, that intertwines and sometimes, when they all converge at a critical point (which I seen these rings moving and interlocking at her personal destiny ring) everything changes.  It’s where everything changes.  Think of the storm system Katrina.  No one would have purposely placed their personal destiny into that horrific event, but because of all the other interlocking destiny’s, lives changed thru it all.

We were all made aware of the completely inadequacy of our government thru that storm event.  The complete disconnection of the government from its people.

And yet, as the waters dried up, an event that was purposely placed for us all to rethink our allowance of government, we all went back to life as usual.

That lake of light is not a passive player by any means.  Yes it is there for the reaping, but also has its own agenda in clearing up the muddy waters of life.

Our conversation, quite on purpose for me, went to the current escalation of Trump and Kim Jong Un.  I wanted to see what we would see thru her soul light that seems to have a direct connection to what is coming down the pike with all this.  I was not disappointed at all (in being able to affirm what I had seen the day prior, with some shock involved.)

When Kim Jong Un started targeting Guam in his blast back to Trumps rhetoric of fire and fury, I could see him standing there, in my field of vision, pointing to Guam and doing something to the USA while eyes are elsewhere.

While connected with my lady and bringing up this memory from the day prior, there to the right of us, directly in front of my clock, was an elevated Kim Jong Un pointing with her right hand to Guam.  The field of light firmly at his back.  I never expected the light to be in support of any of this.  Kim’s left hand was in the dark, wiggling about, sneakily doing something that I could not see.  It was hidden in the depths of the darkness.  I knew where it was located tho… our white house has truly become a chaotic dark house.

I was shocked, to say the least, but seeing Kim in such a back-lit field of light, and could not understand WHY the light would support and get behind such an antagonist.  I tried to pull Trump in to understand his energy but I could not.  His field is so dense and brier ridden, there was no way of getting him on this field for reading.  At least, not yesterday.

As my last appointment came around, and I was simply explaining to her the things I had seen and the fact we are not seeing anything beyond the dawn of the new day we are all in, the undertanding of why Kim was back-lit in light.

When change takes place, there must always be a catalyst to create that change.  I suddenly remembered bad boyfriend choices, evictions, workplaces, things that single-handedly devoured my life and placed me and my children into chaos.  There must always be a catalyst when we are not doing the changing of our own accord. Like the storm named Katrina, the catalyst is a strong force of destruction.

As I must conclude this sharing to start a day of readings, I hear a phrase repeated over and over… “You can change it.”  (“You” being a plural you.)  Not from our lofty places above it all, but take down the beast before the beast is unleashed.  This, is a collective beast, not a single man.  The self preserving ego’s, the separation of humanity, of the world itself.

On that note, I am going light picking again today!!!  I love you all so much.  Ohhh and I did yet another maiden voyage, a youtube live event last evening.  Thank you for helping me thru it.  Ha!!  I found an embed thingie from facebook, hopefully it works.  Thank god I perfected the art of rambling!! lol  Enjoy ❤

Lisa Gawlas

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The Lions Gate Opens to Clear, Fertile Fields!


Image Artwork by Krystleyez

There are some things that are so beyond the scope of explaining them in words, that even trying, cannot and will not capture its fullness.  That said, I am going to do my damnedest to explain yesterdays weather energy here in good ole Fentress, Texas.  First of all, I feel it is too important not to try and capture in words, plus spirit knows that’s what I do, so I was able to experience the full breadth of this new energy as it poured into this planet, even if by the slight deception of it being a weather event over parts of Texas.  It was a worldwide event not just a Texas thing!!  Spirit just knows how to point something out to me for the further understanding and sharing.

I was typing out my blog yesterday when the skies open up and released a rain that slammed its way to earth, hitting the tin roof over my back porch with such a force I could not even hear my own thoughts any longer.  I was then prompted to record the sound, it was so loud…

I could have easily just put on the sound recorder and did it that way, but instead, as if on autopilot, I stood up, opened my video recorder, went to the opening on my porch and just pointed the lens into the yard to capture the sound of the rain.  In the minute and a half I recorded, I got a whole lot more than just the sound of rain.

I trimmed the video down so we could get straight to the stream of green energy that came in from the right side of the screen, from just in front of my porch and zoomed across the yard to the tree line.  That is about 5 seconds into the video.  5 Seconds after that, this smoke appeared coming from the same origin point, only heading towards me or the video capture.  I am not quite sure of the intent there.  Even tho I was not able to see either of these energies with my naked eyes, I could see them clearly thru the video screen.  I looked behind me to see if I left a cigarette in the ash tray, I did not.  But that would have had to be some seriously determined cigarette smoke to go from the far end of my porch, outwards thru the screen, hang a left and move an easy 10 feet along the front of the porch screen, then hang a left to come towards me.  Yes it was raining but the air was rather still.  And then the energy shifted, changed, intensified and wham an avalanche of orbs started pouring in towards me from across the yard.  I looked above my camera to see if there was something out of the ordinary that was creating this on the video… nothing that my eyes could see, at all.

I did not realize just how important this minute and a half (shorted to a minute and 3 second) video would be at fully explaining beyond words, what really transpired yesterday, the day of the lunar eclipse.

The rain was so loud I could not even concentrate to finish my blog.  I closed it out, published it and sat and absorbed the rain show, which turned into an unusual thunder and lightening show.  Unusual in the way I felt it, even, the way I would see it.  The first flash of lighting took me by surprise, it didn’t display in my field of vision like lightening at all.  Instead, it took on the energy of something like this:

energy of the yard

Wow, even just taking a picture the day after, adding the energy visual created a hellofa lot of energy from the picture.  I could not get this image loaded into this post for the last 15 minutes.  I even closed down wordpress, opened up a new one and it still would not load.  And then…. wham, here it is!!  Ohhhh these are so not usual times we have climbed into!!!

The image is the backyard, the lightening was inside the treeline that makes up the backyard (my side of the yard.)  I seen the lightening like a dull light that came in from the left side of the yard, billowed down as if to form a cup shape as it traveled across teh yard.  My first thought was, surely that is not what I just experienced… until it happened again minutes later.  Alrighty then….

I paid attention.  I actually tried to go in the house, I am kind of a wimp when it comes to lightening.  I love a good storm, from inside the house.  But I couldn’t, my body became immobile as I sat and experienced the lightening.  The closest thing I could relate it to is a vacuum.  As if this cup shaped electricity was scooping out all the energy of the yard, I felt this vacuum in my body as well.  It was kind of oddly weird but not bad at all.  After about 3 or 4 of these scoops of lightening, a massive bright one stuck and without even a few seconds delay… thunder rolled… and rolled and rolled.  It rolled for well over a minute long.  Deep baritones of rolling thunder.

The energy of the yard replenishing, filling out with such a clarity too it.  I could feel it in me,, in every molecule of my body.  I was already starting to go rolling in the deep within and I had 4 readings on my dance card to do.

AT 9am I connected to my first appointment.  Normally when I am not able to see, the only thing I see is the 3D image of my deck and my feet.  Not yesterday, instead of just my deck and feet it all looked like when you see heat rising up from the road or pavement… new lines of energy at our 3D base level of life emerging.  I knew I would not be able to do readings at all, first the rain was over amplified in my ears that hearing beyond its dance was impossible.  Just connecting to my precious lady down under (in Australia) had my solar plexus in such a state of movement I wasn’t 100% sure I wouldn’t throw up eventually.

With my connection to her, everything seemed overly alive.  I say overly because it was affecting my sitting body in a very strange and unusual way.  We rescheduled, I then sent an email out to everyone else and rescheduled them too.  I was being pulled so deep into myself… talking, typing, doing anything was becoming more and more difficult.

As I sat reorienting myself after closing out skype from my first and only attempt at reading, I fully realized this energy was at the soul level of inter-connectivity.  Binding those in the similar frequency zones tighter, releasing others from the web to go elsewhere.  A purging and refueling all at the same time.

The rains let up mid afternoon and the yard had this amazing clarity about it.  If I was able to capture its fullness, it would be like the crispest, clearest picture ever captured.  The outline of everything shimmered with newness.

I received notice later in the day that the Retreat Center was vacant again, I was grateful for all involved.  For A moment I thought about going up there to recharge the energies, but I was still being recharged myself.  I instantly received a visual of the legion of light (or was it elves lol) working from the top down, embedding this new energy into every crevice of the Center.  The visual was kind of funny come to think of it, these tall skinny (no more than 6 inches wide) ladders (the Center has 12 foot ceilings) and these little workers that really do look like gnomes or elves, washing or rubbing things in from the ceiling downwards.

That alone shows us all, there is now a unified energy at the ground level of life, working without needing instruction, without waiting for us humans to either do it ourselves or ask for help.  This is truly exciting on so many levels.

I am so excited for all of us!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) and crystal clear energies to and thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Lunar Eclipse, LionsGate and the tin foil bridge to 8/15.


august energyFinally!!  Here we are at the first of the series of three August energy systems, the Lunar eclipse.  I do not know that I should really separate today’s eclipse with tomorrows Lions-gate really.

I think the best way to look at today (and the many days/weeks leading up to today) like a wardrobe change coupled with a shopping spree.  Only, it’s all energy, it’s all emotions.

What do we want in place of the old jeans we are tossing out?  Clearing out is one thing, but we must always add back into ourselves, new energies, new desires, ambitions, goals and footsteps.  I hope everyone got themselves at least one pair of Nike shoes embedded with the energy of “Just do it” on your feet!

Speaking of just doing it… I finally got my first video done and out yesterday:

Thru the video and speaking of the Lionsgate, I suddenly seen this energy system, at first a small circular energy system from the sky to the ground, as I was talking about it, it enlarged itself and I could see that the “veils” we are so accustomed to navigating within or for some, around, they started to thin, they just released themselves all together and the funnel like, growing energy system was black, pitch black.  Completely new energy, so new, it has not held light in its stream within this realm before.

Think of it like a pitch black room, your job is to explore it, allow yourself to bump into new package of energy, pull it into you, consume it, process it, then use it.

Let’s take this all one step further, since it is the parallel I am getting!!  Each person who has done the inner work (and trust me, a lot of you have!!!) would be equal to an individual black hole (just for understandings sake, I took to google:  Stellar black holes form when the center of a very massive star collapses in upon itself. This collapse also causes a supernova, or an exploding star, that blasts part of the star into space.

You are the center of gravity, collapsing the old energy fields, the old thought forms of separation.

YOU are the event horizon and what is on the other side of the black hole: The event horizon is a proposed boundary around a black hole. On the other side of it, the gravitational pull of the black hole is so strong that, in order to escape it, an object would have to be moving faster than the speed of light, a feat that almost all physicists agree is impossible.

What do scientist really know about what is and isn’t possible.  They only know what they can see and then, most especially, prove!!

Your change of thoughts, change of actions, change of clothes is what created the event horizon.  Your ability to access the deepest, most secret/darkest parts of the abyss, easy peasy!!  With your access and consumptive use, wham there is a new light in town!!  A new understanding, a new ability, a new way of Being in this amazing life.

I feel (but could be wrong with more information added) this event horizon lasts thru the equinox in Sept.

But I got too far ahead of myself.  There is at least one reading from Friday I want to pull in and share.  My lady had already gone thru the 8/8 gateway wringer thingie and was taking all this new energy, pulling it together to form something solid (I seen it similar to a silver flag pole) and started feeding it thru the wringers of change on the 8/8 (time is far from concrete with spirit, its an energy system, not a dateline) and much to my surprise, it came out the other side very much like aluminum foil.  This highly reflective silver foil formed a bridge upwards to the august 15th peak of energy. (Where the energies stop rising and start condensing.)

What the hell…. aluminum foil????  Who the hell can walk on aluminum foil??  Those who cleared their inner planes and come thru light and buoyant.  Anyone who allows any of the heavier energies back in on the other side of the 8/8 simply fall thru the foil.

I did try to see where these people fall too, but I have no idea.  Spirit shows it similar to the guillotine energies of the solar eclipse, heads severed without any heart juice, simply drop off and out of my field of vision.

I find this very moment, amazing!!!  The skies just opened up with a torrential downpour of rain.  It is coming down so hard and fast I cannot hear the words over the sounds of the tin roof.  So I decided to record the rain to capture the sound.  I captured more than the sound.  I seen thru the lens this energy streak across the yard and then suddenly, a shit ton of orbs started blowing towards the camera.  I looked at the trees, there was no wind that I wasn’t feeling.  I uploaded the video to my facebook page.

Today feels like a perfect day for a total landscape cleansing and dehydrating.  It is, after all, the lunar eclipse deep cleanse day!!

On that note, I am going to close for today. Natures song is playing louder than spirits words thru typing!! lol

I would like to invite all of you to join me on Wednesday August 9th thru a facebook live event thru the Nations facebook page at 6pm CDT for a Q and A session.  Bring your questions about anything, the energies, life, whatever!!  Just do not try to make it a personal reading please.  And let me assure you, I am nervous as hell about stretching into that sector too (the live events)… but dammit, I got my nike boots strapped up to my knees… lets just do this!!!

I love you all so much!!  Big big cleansing (((HUGZ)))) to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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I get a little pissy when I show up for work and the field is closed to my viewing eyes, which is what happened again yesterday.  I do understand that in this hazy crazy month of August, we are going to experience extreme unpredictability, but hey…. we a have a schedule to keep, dammit!!!

curtainMy first two ladies, a complete blank, not even a nugget of understanding as to why.  The why would be quite helpful in my book.  My third lady… standing in the light of her solar new year (birthday,) had me on my knees begging for a little something, something and much to my surprise, even as I was explaining to her that the field is closed, I got an image that reminded me of a white curtain slightly pulled open to create a diamond shape and this flood of white light coming thru. Ohhh tantalize my taste-buds, we might get a little something something!!  Begging can work on occasion!!  Of course, it was less me begging and more her birthday energy releasing the central sun energies and understandings.

big_The Sun Behind The Clouds HDSo I assumed my position, bent in half with my chest resting on my legs, and I got a split screen image.  I could see my feet and deck (the tell-tale sign that my antennas are not functioning properly) but I could also see the white out of the field.  Way in the distance above the treetops on the other side of the fence line was an image of a white-hot sun.  Like this picture here, only the clouds were not dark at all, they too were a pure puffy white.

I had just been to spaceweather to see if anything was happening on the sun that might be causing this field closure… sure enough:  GEOMAGNETIC STORM WATCH (G2-CLASS): NOAA forecasters say there is an 80% (not a typo!) chance of polar geomagnetic storms on Aug. 4th when a solar wind stream is expected to envelop Earth’s magnetic field. The wind is flowing from a canyon-shaped hole in the sun’s atmosphere…

And thru our birthday girl, we even got the very rare opportunity to understand what this energy flow is targeting!!  It was clearly stated that it was targeting our biorhythms.  Of course, the only thing I could think of was our sleep patterns.  My lady had said she woke up earlier than usual and I had woken up later than usual, so there is something to this.  Like spirit would try and fake us out (somethings they do!!! lol)

I found a wonderful website that helps all to understand

The Different Biorhythms of the Human:

 Human Being Biorhythms

Biorhythms are the natural monthly fluctuations that govern:

  • Physical:

    This cycle effects the physical aspect of the body. It encompasses your energy levels, your resistance, and your overall physical strength and endurance. During the positive half of cycle is when you will feel at your best. This cycles influences physical factors such as eye-hand coordination, strength, endurance, and resistance to disease.

    • (Peak) You will feel physically fit to work on projects requiring physical strength and endurance.
    • (Low) During the down half of cycle you are likely to have less energy and less vitality. Be sure to follow this cycle if you require physical endurance for either sports or your work. 


  • Emotional

    This cycle governs the nervous system and also is referred to as the sensitivity rhythm. This cycle influences our emotional states, affecting love/hate, optimism/pessimism, passion/coldness, depression/elation.

    • (Peak) When you are feeling most creative, most loving and warm, and you are probably more open in your relationships.
    • (Low) More inclined to be withdrawn and less cooperative. You may also be very irritated and negative about those things that occur in your everyday life. 


  • Intellectual

    This cycle supposedly originates in the brain. It influences our memory, alertness, speed of learning, reasoning ability, accuracy of computation.

    • (Peak) Considered to be at your most intellectually responsive; you’re open to accepting and understanding new ideas, theories and approaches.
    • (Low) Much more likely to have difficulty in grasping new ideas and concepts. 


    • Compassion (38 days)
    • Aesthetic (43 days)
    • Self-Awareness (48 days)
    • Spiritual (53 days)


These cycles start the moment we are born.

They are at a mid-point at that time. They then go up and down at different rates over our lifetimes. When any of the cycles are at a high point, things we do that require aspects of that trait are more successful – the reverse is true during the low points of a cycle. Many people report that they can improve the quality of their lives by monitoring their biorhythms and acting accordingly.

All three cycles go through positive (ascending) and negative (descending) phases. The days on which a cycle passes from positive to negative or vice versa are known as “critical” days.

There are three critical days in each cycle, and it has been proved statistically that more accidents happen on these days than at any other point in the cycle.

(Taken completely from her site.  There is much more information on that page than I am sharing here.)

If we are first and foremost, energy systems (each living thing on earth) and then we are chemical systems, and the outcome is what we perceive as physicality, these biorhythms must originate from the endocrine system, the chemical systems of our bodies.

If our chemicals are being infused, changed, remixed (if you will) it is going to have a confusing (at times) affect on our bodies or maybe better stated, our daily “normal” functions.  Again, there is no bias to the energies.  The light is not only targeting those that have cleared their emotional and physical lives from the impurities of the past, but equally hitting those that are still harboring, and reacting to the dysfunctions of the past.  All this as we head into the emotional Lunar eclipse on the 7th for that one last big look at the suitcase of our lives.  Take what serves ya and dump the rest.  Cuz we are going thru the wringers of the 8/8… squeezed into the new form of life.  New chemicals enhanced to enlarge our territory (again, that is not only for those with a tidy house, but equally, those with a debris field too.)

If I am understanding this communication correctly, as we go a bit deeper into august, we will start to see the two, very distinct gardens of life, at least, at the individual view first. The weeds vs the flowers.  The old world expression vs the new world (Shambhala) expression.  Those that think they are in power (empowered) and find themselves incredibly dis-empowered and those who have thought they were powerless who suddenly become incredibly empowered.

Something amazing is happening on earth, and that something is YOU!!  It is US together, working and acting as One!!!

United we stand, divided we fall…

has never had more true meaning than the times we are in now!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of love, gratitude and freakin wonder thru it… thru US ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Uncle Sam, Soul Food and Safe Refuge.


We had the statue of liberty show up on Tuesday, of course good old Uncle Sam shows up yesterday in a reading!!  All I could do was crack up, especially since it was a lady I was reading for.  Well, mainly Uncle Sam’s red, white and blue top hat.  Other than seeing him on many a military recruiting poster, I really don’t know Uncle Sam’s back story, well, that is, until this morning.  I found a wonderful website here that really gives us some interesting details when we transfer it into the spiritual context:

” The name is linked to Samuel Wilson, a meat packer from Troy, New York, who supplied barrels of beef to the United States Army during the War of 1812.Wilson (1766-1854) stamped the barrels with “U.S.” for United States, but soldiers began referring to the grub as “Uncle Sam’s.”

Let’s turn the beef into the food of spirit, feeding the weary light workers and new comers to the field if Light.  Not because we are required to, but because it is the right thing to do to help the All.

UncleSam06Uncle Sam wears a tall top hat and blue jacket and is pointing straight ahead at the viewer. During World War I, this portrait of Sam with the words “I Want You For The U.S. Army” was used as a recruiting poster. The image, which became immensely popular, was first used on the cover of Leslie’s Weekly in July 1916 with the title “What Are You Doing for Preparedness?”

This is obviously not the time stamped picture of uncle sam, but other than the hat and clothes, neither was my lady and I like this one better than the original!!  lol

Like Uncle Sam’s back story, my lady was not involved in helping those out of the choppy energies, instead she was creating (by simply walking) this solid white bricks that created a staircase moving upwards into the higher elevations at the now, super high frequency of the 8/8 and beyond.

What I found interesting is that spirit referred to those solid white blocks of pure consciousness as in relationship to the true and original “masons.”  So again, heading to google this morning, I had to see what the earliest back story is of the masons:  Freemasonry began in medieval Europe as a guild for stonemasons, but lived on as a social organization. The first grand lodge was created in London in 1717. “Now there are many men in these lodges that are not associated with a trade organization; they’re ‘gentleman Masons,'”

It was explained to her, that the first and original masons understood the importance of laying down a pure and sturdy foundation in which to build ones life upon, interconnected to the other lives around them.  Who they first were and their creation, is nothing like that today.

Equally, since uncle sam is the masculine energy of freedom, she is also using her creator god to create this rising foundation, to manifest the food needed, as it is needed, where it is needed (soul food, not really beef 😉 )

And beneath this rising staircase, a void was created.  A living void.  It was as beautiful as it was powerful.  A deep blue-black in energy and allowed those looking for safety, new orientation from the choppy waters of the earth, safe refuge.  A place to sit and rest and release, until an opening of entrance happens.  What is interesting, that little tid-bit was not mentioned yesterday, but this morning.  I do not know where the entrance is, it is not at the 8/8… I suppose we will see as we go on wards.

On that note, I woke up really late today and my day is about to begin.

Big big (((HUGZ))) of filled with soul food and freedom!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Lady Liberty and the Rock We Stand Upon!

lady liberty

The one thing we can all be sure of this month, predictability has left the building!!  Life never runs out of creative ways to express itself and hope we get the message thru its expression.

The first two readings went off without a hitch.  They even ran into overtime so we could understand every morsel.  Then my third one showed up, the first client since seeing the choppy waters at the ground level, who does not live in the USA, I believe she lives in great Britain (or somewhere over that way.)  She was also the only skype reading in those days as well.

I thought she was either running a bath or doing dishes or something, the sound of running water was distracting me.  I am easily distracted when it comes to staying focused in readings.  She insisted she was nowhere near a water element and nothing was running or replicating the sound of water around her.  Plus, she did not hear it.

I was not able to see a thing for her, but every time I tried, the sound of water was loud and clear.  When I gave up and just started talking to her, the sound stopped.  We talked for a few moments, then I came over to my computer to reschedule her, the very moment she mentioned my Scotland trip coming up, the water sound came back, louder and clearer than before.  I could hear it run as it was filling a basin or bathtub or something.  Then stopped as soon as our conversation about my trip was done.

Freakin strange!!!  Since I had seen to clearly and easily for my first two ladies, I was sure it had everything to do with her being across the sea from me.  What else could it be??  lol  That is, until my last two readings of the day were complete blanks.  Nothing at all.

Now, let me share the first two readings and pray I do not forget to come back and tie this understanding in.

rock seaUnlike July 31st, where all 5 readings were standing, dressed in protection, in the choppy waters of the earth energies, August 1st had my two ladies standing on a rock.  A small rock as the waters splashed around them.  It was explained that the rock represents the solid foundation in which they stand and live their lives upon, ready to assist those in need.  What I found interesting, especially with my first lady, the rock was very similar to the one in the picture.  Not flat, not smooth, jagged and porous.  Yet, safe and supporting for her.

She became like a snake charmer.  As a wave would smash against the rock, she took control of it with her right hand.  She simply put her right hand out and before the wave could crash into the rock, it became almost frozen in place.  It moved away from her as she directed the current with her right hand.

While still suspending that one wave outwards from her, another one tried to crash against her and she put out her left hand.  Unlike the energy of her right to move it away, her right hand had this wave curling in on itself, like a watery spiral folding back inwards.  Sending the energy back to the source it came from, but doing so in a geometric pattern.

So with her right hand, she directly the flow of energy, with her left hand, changes it into a higher version of itself as it goes back inwards to the source.

It was also told to her, that she will be using many geometric patterns, some never seen before, some that we have, all having brand new meaning and energy.  Do not reap from the past any understanding.  It does not serve the new fields like it did what we have now left behind.  This is a note to everyone!!

My second lady was supposed to be an ET connection.  I had no idea what to expect since we have not been able to have a fluid ET connection since I think June, when these energies started to rise in vibration.  But I am always up to see what we can get!!!

For a moment I thought I was confused.  The field built itself up instantly, very much like the time keeper lady I wrote about a few weeks ago, who was also supposed to be an ET connection.

The thick, opaque gel like substance suddenly light the right side and back side of the yard, the silver time piece was swinging back and forth in the back corner of the yard, but now, not even 2 feet above the ground instead of midway down from the treetops as it was with my first lady.  Something bizarre was added too… a black helicopter moving inwards from what we will just call the future and flew behind the fence line into the deep darkness.  I could not longer see this helicopter once it went behind the fence line.  What the hell???  Instantly I heard two things, separately and at the same time… “black hawk” and “black hawk down.”

I was so confused, sure I was somehow reinventing my previous ladies field instead of the one I was reading for, save that time piece, that was oddly close to the ground.  I changed the connection to a reading instead of an ET set up.

There she was, in front of my porch in the choppy waters on a circular rock just large enough for her and the surprising statue of liberty she was standing in front of.  Going to scale of my vision, there was an area about 5 feet all around her that was this odd, still, black water.  The white waters of the crystalline/diamond energy was chopping away on the outer edge of this oil slick-looking water, but not interfering with the still black waters.

I could see people near the edge of the rock she and the statue of liberty stood on, raising a hand up for help, covered in this black thick oil substance.  It was not oil, but as close a description as I can get.

The first question I had to ask, are you in NYC??  Nope, Kansas.  OK then, lets move into the symbology of it.  I suddenly thought of the inscription on this tall, sturdy lady of Liberty:

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

It was stated that she is the action of that towering lady of liberty.  The statue stands still and my lady is her helper.  Strong, determined, liberating and then her team slipped the oddest thing I had ever heard… 3 separate times.  Helping them out of their “absurd stillness.”  Granted, this oil slick thing, was unusually still, given the choppy waters surround it.  It didn’t move.  It was thick and heavy and held people down in its, goo. E-goo.  I had to look up the word absurd, a word I never really use in a sentence, so I wanted to be clear on its implication.

 Absurd, ridiculous, preposterous all mean inconsistent with reason or common sense. Absurd means utterly opposed to truth or reason: an absurd claim. 

So lets dig deeper into the meaning of “opposed” which is what creates this thick e-goo stuff to begin with:

  1. 1.
    eager to prevent or put an end to; disapproving of or disagreeing with.
    “opposed to the construction of nuclear power plants”
    synonyms: against, (dead) set against; More

  2. 2.
    (of two or more things) contrasting or conflicting with each other.
    “the agency is being asked to do two diametrically opposed things”

At first blush, the mind itself can immediately jump to the likes of Trump, you surely cannot tell him he is wrong or absurd.  OK you can tell him, but he would not hear you, beleive you and would talk shit about you to deflect it all.

But that would be just way to obvious in a reading, and could be presented differently.  There are many people out there professing messages from the light and they are just as absurd in their beliefs as, well, lets say Trump.  And people of like resonance gathers together and encourage the absurdities to the point, it’s just goo that keeps group stuck and immobile (frequency wise.)

Now, back to the first part of her field set up.  Her ET’s explained that that as the energies continue to rise on this planet, their ability to release the holographic communication I am accustomed to receive, remains impaired by the tension surround the airwaves.  I think it was after her reading I could see this grid of what looked like fishing line up and down, left to right, with this black goo dripping off it all around the globe.  The tensions are high and we have many a mighty human soul working to clear up the lines.  High frequency lines dripping e-goo thru out the grid.  It is the only true way to transform the lower energies into higher purer energies.  What we need to do right now is be the way showers, the truth revealers and for those too stubborn in their absurd stillness, move on to the next.  The high frequency grids, that are fully conscious and aware, will do the rest.  Our job for the most part, it not to let the energy gather in one place.

The focus should always be on love and service in that love.  No fear, but determination.  Just like there is a positive use and employment of anger, so too, there for fear.  Be determined, shine your light, your love and where it absorbed, release the rest.  We are not alone!!!

So what the hell is up with the helicopter!!!  That is her ET’s showing they are here and assisting, but they too, cannot interfere, only assist.  They, as well as we, are the elite team from the future… from the field of light moving in to assist the darkness see its own light and create the energy of the statue of liberty thru out earth once more.

The incoming crystalline/diamond liquid is pouring in faster than it could in July, raising the frequency thru out the world, within the earth and above it.  Thru us and beyond us.

There is so much more, but my day begins, so until tomorrow….

Have an amazing day my beloveds and most importantly, have fun!!!!  ((((HUGZ))))

Lisa Gawlas

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The Turbulent Fields of August!!


Happy August everyone!!! Of course, I do believe we entered the intense water of August a week ago and they are just rising as the days go by.  Those 5 crystalline fires that made of the first week of August are now at the ground level looking more like a turbulent ocean than fire.  All 5 readings depicted the same energy field yesterday, one with a surprising twist that brought us into even deeper clarity.

The field itself, thru every person, looked like an ocean surface when the storms are creating massive choppiness in the surface waves.  None of the waters were clear, with my 4 ladies the field waters were an opaque white and I could feel the combination of crystalline/diamond energies that made up these waters.  It wasn’t until the last reading of the day, a man, did I see a significance to the color, his waters were blue.  A blue that was reminiscent of the blue that would present itself as God/Creator/Source for the last two years in readings before my moving out of New Mexico.  Unlike those two years, where the energies were always in the sky or air, foretelling the work one needed to do to pull the Creator energy into them, this time, it is now within the water fields of earth.

Let’s take a step back for a moment and really look at just the field.  The divine feminine, the white, the purity of Life and the emotional field that is God incarnate.  The blue, the creation field, solidifying into life, the emotional field of focus.

Thru it all, reflected an emotional storm, a very choppy one at that.  All the masters I have the privilege of connecting to, had protection on as they assisted those in the under currents of this emotional storm around them.  We also know, on a planet of free will choice, not everyone wants a life line out of the storm.

Sunday morning, since I was up at 4am and not writing a blog since I thought I would be doing a video instead, I was prompted to take a peak into CNN and see whats happening in the world.  I do not look at news, except on rare occasions when I feel I need to know something.

Ohhh my dear good god, there is North Korea flexing its military muscles, again.  But this time, we are now seeing the benefit to their constant work out, perfecting what they desire…. to reach american shores with their missiles.  It is affirmed that the missiles they test launched on Friday, have the ability to reach as far into the USA as Chicago and maybe even, NYC, depending of course, on the payload attached to it.

I thought about the information coming thru the readings this last two weeks, a shit storm, ashes, wet farts being actual shit.  It not always just hot air…

I never truly know what is figurative or literal in spirits display of information.  But I do recognize constant.

With the accomplishment of Fridays test missile, an ICBM (Intercontinental ballistic missile) N. Korea is now actively testing their submarine missile launch capabilities.

Couple that with one of the most reckless people we put into the highest office we have, that governs and directs the military.  A person who just the other day, encouraged our police force to use brute force and his pure joy of seeing those arrested treated more harshly.

Both Sunday and even yesterday when I read about the submarine movement last night, I recalled an odd things that hypnotized guy I quoted from the book “Keepers of the Garden” said, which I did not share because I gave no weight to it… until now.  When he was talking about the coming shift, that as long as no nuclear bombs are released to intensify the tilt, we (humanity) will assimilate easily.  If Dolores Cannon expanded on his slip of the tongue there, she did not put any of it in her book, except that one sentence.

With all that said (I have been holding it in for two days now) a wet fart is not as devastating as an explosive diarrhea episode, but there must be clean up done after the fact.

With so much of our lives, we tend to hide under the covers and swear… the ET’s will never allow that, god or Jesus would swoop in and save the day.  And yet… it is US that are being readied as the clean up crew…. for many years now.

My second lady of the day yesterday sits at the forefront of my mind as I change the subject back to our power and Light (smile.)  Her dress reminded me of a fireman’s outfit, only, everything was made of what looked like rubber material.  She was wielding an ax, chopping things beneath the turbulent waves that neither of us could see.  Breaking up the shit from the soul level and now is her time to be conscious of her skills, because they will soon be needed and used.  Her team explained that she was part of the Clan of Thor, which surprised me.  In my own ignorance, I only associate hammers with Thor, but her team explained its a clan not a single person.  Using the likes of hammers, axes, saws and other tools.  Just like the Clan of AA Michael uses more than just a sword.

I realized that there was a time, when ET’s freely lived and visited the earth, they brought tools from their realm, not for destruction, altho that is how memory holds it, but for life enhancement.  We never developed ourselves with the spiritual technology from the inside out, to go with what we now use as weapons or tools.  The sword of truth was only meant to pierce the dense ego and shed light, not pierce the body and create death.

We are all being asked to bring out spiritual technology back… for use, for rebuilding from the heart up and not the ego down.  And sometimes… the rebuilding is more important than how something falls apart.

On that note…. Happy August!! 😉  Ohhh and I did not get my computer back, it is getting a new super fast hard drive installed.  Which is keeping me from engaging in emails.  I will catch up with every one, as soon as I get my free-flowing keystrokes back!!!

So much love and fortitude wrapped in (((((HUGZ))))) to and thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Have I told you lately just how much I love you and appreciate you and the knowledge of light and daily news you bring from the heavens downwards everyday!!??  What I am going to share today I had every intention of putting into a video yesterday, until my feet realized the yard has become overrun with fire ants.  OUCHIES!!  I have been trying on my own to remove their growing colonies from the yard (my personal backyard) but their will to live where they are not welcome, is stronger than my will to remove them.  I hired a pest company to come in and help us!!!  They arrive Thursday!!

Speaking of pests, my virus devastated computer should be finished and come back home today.  I appreciate the use of my daughters computer in its absence, but these sticky keys create more work and time spent than I have to give.

I know exactly where the viruses came from too.  We were adding a facebook extension to google chrome that would allow one click in inviting all my facebook contacts to like the Nations page.  I inadvertently clicked on and downloaded something that was not that and my computer went downhill from that moment forward.  Just trying to my make life easier and more efficient ended up costing me much more in time and money.  Lesson learned!!!

If I step back for a moment and just look at the swelling energies I am dealing with that bloomed thru July… the fire ant invasion, the virus downloads, not to mention the complete collapse of the energy bridge that was formed between my house and the Nations retreat center, gives us all a bird’s eye view of spirits adamance thru June of “take no prisoners.”  We have one week left before the wringers of the 8/8 solidify us into our new expanded life fields, clear all invasive energies from your personal fields!!!

Speaking of going thru the wringers lol, my antennas have been in the shop on Friday and then again, yesterday.  I know it is due to the overlapping, intensifying energies of August mixing, clearing and enhancing the July’s departing energies.  Saturday tho, was filled with amazing clear views.

One reading on Saturday, rescheduled from Friday, is with a lady who is going to be at the Into the Void workshop and even in my inability to connect with her Friday, I did keep getting a message that she is gatekeeper before our phone call.

I knew that part of the downtime for my antennas was enhancing my ability to feel, see an understand the higher fields we moved into.  Sure enough, Saturday was like hitting a new mountain peak.

Because my typing is spent backspacing more than flowing with the energies, I am going to save the build up and go straight to the outcome of her reading and what we need to understand thru it.

She was working with all the oceans/seas on earth, raising the vibrations of the waters from bottom of the oceans.  Infusing all the waters with a hybrid energy that is a cross between crystalline and diamond energies.

In the work she is doing, she is releasing the toxicity of negative emotions, negative energies that have invaded our waters and hold the dense fields of the 4th dimension together.  This is allowing for the evaporation then release via rain, of the new hybrid energies to come back down to earth and spread across the lands and into the lesser waterways of earth.

When I tried to access what she was a gatekeeper of…. her team simply said it is enough to know she is right now and the understand will come with time.  The energy patterns of the entire planet are changing rapidly now that even the various gatekeepers of the past are becoming unemployed as that much-needed system collapses and gives birth to the new.  The only true way to understand the job at hand is to work with it at inception.  Which is what she is doing.

With this understanding I get an analogy of the first weeks or even months of pregnancy.  Yes, we know a child is within, but have no idea of the facial features, nervous system attributes, what he or she will be like after birth, we just know a baby is forming.  Same here for all of us.  If we think we know something, it is simply remnants of the past that must be released.  That child grew into old age and has passed on.

Speaking of thinking I know something!! lol I knew creating the Nation’s classes would teach me new things I had not understood before.  Truly, I anticipated this expanded education to come down the road, in the topics less familiar to what I have taught over the last 15 years.  Nope!!  Day 1, class 1… freakin meditation class and especially the Well Being class.  These two topics (along with Kundalini power) are so intimately woven together that they really become inseparable in their totality.  Yes, we can go thru life without one or the other, just like we can go thru life with only one leg instead of two and depend on outside constructs (crutches or prosthetic) to keep us moving thru life.  Unlike leg loss, which is usually a life saving choice, to un-thread or keep this triad separate, is not wise.

This Saturday in teaching (learning) from the Well Being class just set me a reeling in holy freakin shit land!  The subject we moved into was the magnetic fields of the mind and heart.

glitterAs I was explaining first about the magnetic field of the mind, for the first time ever (and I have taught this subject a lot over the decades) I could see, originating from our pineal gland at the base of our brain, what I can only refer to as a glitter field and spreading outwards in a 360 degree circumference. These tiny specs of energy, of magnetic energy moving outwards into the field of matter, searching for a like energy for whatever is going on in your mind that has an emotional charge connected to it.

silk thread backgroundThe magnetic field of the heart however, was like the most beautiful and sturdy silk strings, when in harmony with the outgoing messages/thoughts of the mental plane.  The colors of the silk were intermingled with each other.  This was the only photo I could find of silk threads straight out.

When we are in stress, or judgement, or condemnation of ourselves or others, then the mental magnetic field interplays with the heart string magnetics and we end up with something that looks like this:


Now here is where everything became so surprising to me.  Because I guess I have always thought of the field of life bringing to us, our created reality every day.  Not even close.  We can look at the field of life, all of it, as a super store.  It is just there!!!

It is OUR MINDS and only our minds, that go out into the super store of life, latch into whatever vibration we are sending out, matches up the frequency and events, and pulls those items from the shelf of life back as our ongoing experience.

If that was not enough to blow my well conceived mind, this next tidbit left me in preconceived smithereens.

The mind itself, is incapable of emotion.  I suppose, I really did known this (as I am being reminded right now lol) but not like this.  In teaching meditation and the validation process that can be instant in meditation comes from the feeling centers.  The mind/ego is incapable of replicating emotion, positive emotion.  What I assumed, but is not true at all, is it is only capable of the negative emotions.  It’s not capable of any emotion at all.

So when I (and many others) say the field of life has no bias, well that is true to the degree that the items on any store shelf has no cares at all about who it goes home with.  The mind, the ego itself, equally has no bias.  It takes every cue of its creation, of its magnetic field, from the emotions of the heart.

gEdispAve68EnergyTotalFB_P7vP8Let’s take a place i had been intimate with for 30 years of my life, depression.  Now lets use this artwork that I am inserting here to be those silk threads of magnetic frequency.

Let’s say, in your mind’s eye you are having an internal argument.  Doesn’t matter with what or who, just that it is happening up in your mental construct and the heart energy is anger, bitter, whatever.  The way I had seen it, those flecks of glitter now become waterlogged, soggy, heavy and bellows own onto the heart field, creating a depression in the heart field.  Grabbing at the lower density life shelf for your creation purposes.  The ego mind does not care.  It was not designed to care.

The very moment (ok, there is a 10 minute lag now, as oppose to lifetimes just a few decades ago) you change your emotional interaction with whatever is happening in your mind, you change the magnetic pull back into your life.  Example, lets say you suddenly realize the toxic emotion you are engaging with and decide to find a resolution in your heart.  And now you hug that situation, honor it for what it is teaching you and then send it on its way, never to return in the same way again.  The heavy, emotionally waterlogged glitter is restored back to health and new shelf pickings.

This is how the body breaks down too.  My weight of depression went all the way down into my solar plexus, creating gallbladder disease and when that was removed, ulcers and G.E.R.D.  Six months after entering the deep end of my bathtub, my solar plexus issues released themselves without a trace… 16 years and counting.

Actually, I do believe I can tie this in with my gatekeeper lady, because I suddenly see it!!  There are magnetic pathways in our oceans that are changing, especially in he places where lets say the pacific merges with the Atlantic.  The merger points.  This must equally affect our fields of magnetic flow, everyone’s on earth, not just those who are conscious of their own magnetic’s.  This is going to reduce the 10 minute window down to 9, then 8, then 7… and so on as we cruise to the Sept equinox.

At this moment, there is a lot of warfare (literally) being housed beneath our earth’s waters, toxic spills, toxic energy…. all allowed until this point.

Thru one of the readings on Saturday, I could see this highfalutin crystal/diamond energy increase, taking the whole vibration of light on earth even higher than I originally seen thru the 8/8.  It continues to move higher thru August 15th, then starts condensing itself. Super concentrating itself.  What happens there, I have no idea yet!!  But I do find it interesting that I will board a plane that morning and remain in the skies until the 16th (save a small layover in Chicago) as I head to Scotland.

Before I close and on a completely separate note… sort of.  Since I didn’t write a blog yesterday and do as little as possible on this computer, I took to youtube and found a recording put out by Barbara Marciniak as she channeled the Pleiadians.  It’s the title that caught my attention:  Barbara Marciniak 2017 – YOU MUST BE CAREFUL THIS AUGUST!!!

Since the recording is an hour and a half long, I skimmed thru it (too long for my attention span lol.)  Somewhere towards the end, the Pleiadians were saying what I had just said in my last blog, only they went much deeper.  The internet and all these social media things, took us away from in person interaction and have created a deeper separation than ever before.  We are being asked to reunite once again, at the ground level of Life.  For me to hear that yesterday, was essential really.  I have been toying with closing the retreat at the end of Sept.  I have lost the entire month of July in bringing in any additional revenues and now will lose a part of August as well… not to mention my 2 week adventure in Scotland on top of it all.  From today’s vantage point of my mind, I will have given all I had to give to the Retreat Center and I personally will be in a very unpleasant void with holding it together.  That said, hearing those words thru that channeling… and already knowing how vital it is for us to be in the same space together… I sure as hell do not know how I will hold it all together, but my commitment is stronger now than ever before!!  Thanx Barb!! 😉

Enjoy this very last day of July.  Do whatever it takes to make sure your silk threads of the heart are straight and clear!!!

BTW, the guy I wrote about the other day, that was with the King and AA Michaels sword sent me this video with this note…. freakin awesome Sir James!! “This is a video that I created based on my interpretation of your blogs and our reading. I hope you enjoy it.”



Big big ((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and even… intense excitement thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Abundant VS Non Abundant is All-Ways Your Creation!


Yesterday did not unfold like I had scheduled it to unfold!!  I had readings to do and instead, from the moment I published yesterdays blogs, major downloads started coming in to the point of almost being immobile from the energies.  As I attempted to do my first reading, even as the phone was ringing, I got a visual of a large, thick gauze over my forehead, my 3rd energy was covered from reading the field.  I can honestly say, I have never been so deeply triggered as I was yesterday writing the last bit in my blog about the workshop in September and everything else I wrote about yesterday.  Some parts I fully understood, most was pure energy without conscious awareness of what coming in.

These downloads lasted until the sun went down.  But I also noticed something important for all of us to understand.  I pretty much live on my back porch.  It’s where my office is, where I do the readings and anything computer related.  I am almost always by myself, it’s too damn hot for any sane person to sit out here longer than a moment.   But I do.  Truly, because i smoke out here.

Anytime I walked in the house, the downloads stopped, I come back outside, they are in full swing again.  I already knew the energy inside the house was not conducive to the energies I must reach and maintain in order to do what I do, I did not realize this applies to the particular download streams too.  It now makes so much sense as to why when I attempt a bath meditation, I can get an opening visual, but then it collapses and I cannot get back there.  I have used up my personal frequency and then it is subject to the frequency of the house/environment.

I say all that to help us all become aware, if you are struggling with connection, with working your energies the way you know you can, but can’t.  It may not be you but the environment in which you are attempting to do so.  The same thing is happening at the Retreat center, the energy that was there, gone, completely gone.  So I remain on the back porch for now.  That collapse is completely on me.  I went against my teams guidance just to keep harmony in the outside world called my life.  I think we can all sell off a piece of our soul to try and keep everyone happy and then wonder why things have gotten so difficult.

In these energies, as we have been saying for months, there is no mercy, no forgiveness in going against your own guidance system.  Let’s take that one step further, as I hear it now, there is also no mercy for not being fully engaged with your inner guidance system.

The way we see, experience and talk about our life, creates a lot.  I was reading a gofundme article about a 4 year old who got mauled by a neighbors dog, and I opened up the go fund me app and had this instant thought “I don’t have much but I will give you something.”  Instantly, I was remanded with new words, coupled with new true energy to cover that negligent thought up, “I have so much and I will share some of that with you.”

 We tend to gauge our whole life according to what we have in the bank.  Our bank account is simply a constantly moving reflection of our whole life.  When our cash flow is not reflecting our abundantly created life, then we need to look to where we have stagnated our own energy, our own movement and change it.

On the opposite spectrum, some people have plenty of money coming in but not a whole lot of internal joy and connection.  Nothing is ever a one way street.

Spirit will do all it can to push us out of our comfort zones, our stagnation areas.  It is our jobs to move with the pushing.  To want out of stagnation more than we are willing to stay in that place.

All of this came thru the massive processing I was in yesterday as I am hearing and seeing the special gifts that are coming in to the members of the Nation of Lights.  To those members who are willing to put a brick in the emerging wall month after month.  To steady its birth, sturdy the life coming thru it.  To enlarge the territory of Life in Life, consciously.

I can argue quite well with my team, hell, with God himself (I am not a passive player even in incoming guidance!! lol)  As these downloads started in visuals, and I could see spirit running very particular spiritual gifts thru our meetings every week, I instantly thought about the many emails I have received since the Nation’s launched.. the emails saying I want to join but have no money and trust me, I have to sit on my hands not to just give people free access.  As my team consistently reminds me, go ahead try building a house and not pay any of the contractors, the house collapses before it ever sees reality.  We all live in an amazingly abundant world, except those who cannot see it.  Who has resigned to the stagnation of un-abundancey.  A personal choice that is completely allowed and at this changing energy time on earth, will not be interfered with, except y you and your personal actions to change it all.

We have little to no conscious memories of what it took to build maintain what we know as the Essene community.  Not only to build it as a physical construct, but to maintain the purest of energies within it.  They kicked more people out than they ever let in.  But history does not look to that.  For the most part, history see’s nothing but the guy we know as Jesus.  Much more came out of that community than just the likes of Jesus.  Much, much more.

In the downloads yesterday, coupled with the Into the Void workshop and the sword I talked about in yesterday’s blog.  I posted some details on the Nation’s facebook page so I would not forget the exact details.  I am grateful I did that, I know my over crowded memory.  So let me share that then extract from it:

We will be instructed by the Extraterrestrial Counsel of Ascending Light thru the entire event. Acturians, Pleiadians, Sirians and others. Each in physical attendance will be fashioned with their own unique Sword of energy (encoded in a crystal each participant will receive at arrival.) The engraving will take place during the void and the release of  it’s energy thru the reaping of energy thru the eclipse onward.  This crystal will remain your lifetime partner and will go thru constant upgrades as the energies shift.

Just for the record, they not ever refer to themselves as extraterrestrial, but added that word for our understanding.  I was instability reminded of the hypnosis with the guardians, session three “Welcome Home” session (all of which is available to paid members under the meditation part of the carousel.)  The end of that session is around a pyramid with each persons ET connection behind them.

In talking (since i could not read) with one of the lady’s that will be at the Void workshop, I could see her crystal already being infused.  Her team called her a “gate keeper” but not any like we are familiar with to date.  The energy’s of the past are releasing themselves, so the gateways that once needed guard, dissolving as new ones opened up in the higher frequencies.  It was explained to her, that she will be given much deeper instruction at the event, since not one of us can conceive right now. the energetic landscape that is currently building.

It was also explained that “boots on the ground” is where the truest spiritual power lays.  Altho the internet has been a huge catalyst to bring us together consciously, it is also allowing for distance to remain.  I was shown a visual of a light bulb burning in Australia and one burning here in the USA, from above the earths plane, yes you can see the energy stream of light flowing out and connecting, but more like a night-light.  When those same lights are standing on the ground, side by side, it becomes like a halogen flood light. The earth, the humans and spirit/god are Present as One.  And where the true rebuilding must be done from.

Of course, spirit has been saying for the last two years, it is time to come together at the ground level of creation to create.  They were not joking!! lol

Back to my conversation and these crystals.  There will be 12 fully infused crystals as move into the void.  One will house the gatekeeper energy, one the energy from Michael’s sword, and then 10 other frequencies too.  I received no clarity on what those other qualities will be, and this morning I hear that I will not know until I meet (in person) the person who activates what is (going to be or will be) stored.  I was also told, this could take years.  It doesn’t have to, but can.

The 12 tribes and the musical frequencies within each tribe.  The hunt is on!! lol (That is a quote.)

There is so much more, but… this sitting on my hands is becoming oddly common place.  “We share what needs to be shared to motivate the All, and save the fine wines for the class events.  Put your cup out, it will be filled.”

 Before I end this, I am declaring my commitment out loud here to do my first full Nation of Lights Energy Recap on Sunday.  This will be a weekly event published on the Nations youtube channel.  This is wayyyyy out of my comfort zone and have been resisting it for weeks now.  It is actually watching The Leo King and his Pleiadian Summer message that got me off my resistance track and really seeing the value thru him, in physical expression (and not just the typed out words.)  You will keep getting both.  This will be in addition to my blog and both with ALL-WAYS remain my give back to the ALL (hear that as, free lol.)

Lisa Galwas

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Before I start this sharing that I was chomping at the bit to write ever since the last reading yesterday, let me warn you that you may see above average typos in today’s sharing.  My computer has viruses and is at the Dr’s and I am using my daughters laptop and the keys stick like crazy.  I won’t have mine back til Monday.

First I want to share a surprising tidbit about this 8/8 wringer washer lionsgate energy that surprised me.  Not everything is going to make it thru the wringer.  This was made crystal clear the last two days of readings as some people hung onto old energies, be it relationships, thoughts, even, places as well.  Anything solid in the density of separation and hate, will be left behind on this side of the 8/8.  Which I guess makes sense as i remember the grape juice lady squirting her juices to those on this side of the lionsgate and just her skin went thru the wringer.  Hold onto nothing!!!

Due to my constant backspacing today, I am going to focus on the last two readings of yesterday.  Their information stayed with me thru this moment!!

I reconnected with a man I had not read for for a few years as his life took him in out of life for a few years.  He went to prison for teaching people how to break out of the matrix, more or less.  Thru his reading, his team said it did not matter what he did or did not do, his path was always leading to that place anywayz, partly to burn off karma from a lifetime long ago and especially to meet this one man there that was in that karmic exchange too.

Like my daughter, he used this time for the greatest clearing and exchange of wisdom.

castle wallsHis reading opened up with what looked like a castle wall around him.  This wall had the cut outs at the top like the photo on the left and was completely circular as he stood in the middle.  It connected his reading to a lifetime that he lived in 1252.  He was being taught something by the king in that timeline, who was also the man he had to meet in prison in this timeline.

We do not see a lot of karmic exchange in readings these days, so I was very curious to see what and why now??

The entire life hologram showed up on the left side of the castle wall.  My man and this other man looked like they were in a sword fight, but there was only one sword.  That sword drew me in like a magnet.

The sword was silver and beveled down its length, the one thing I was sure of that metal did not come from this earth.  It looked silver but felt nothing like silver or any metal, there was an energy to it, an amazing, powerful energy.  The handle had this large (golf ball sized) blue sapphire multifaceted stone just above the blade.  It looked like sapphire, but was not that at all.  It was explained that the metal of the sword and this crystal were from another realm, not of this earth.  It was from Arcturus.  I could not remember that name to save my life yesterday in his reading, it was weird like I had a block around it, even tho his team kept trying to push it in me to tell him.  This morning… wham, there it is!

This was no usual sword and was not used for cutting people open.  Ohhhh no-sir-reee.  This was what we know as archangel Michael’s sword.  The king was teaching my man how to use this sword and I watched and felt the heart energy infuse itself into and thru the handle, into the beveled blade and release in a blast out the tip of the sword.  It was amazing to experience.  I have long known that that which we (created) know as AA Michael was originally an ET that we have digitized long ago, as we did with anything that came from the skies, but never knew his planet of origin until yesterday!!  He was (and his soul energy still is) a defender of truth.  Not conceptual truth, divine truth.  Power filled truth!!!

My man inadvertently killed the king with the sword and this lifetime reunited them again, to perfect what they started in that lifetime.  It was also stated that this sword, which was a real thing back in that lifetime, has long since been removed from this planet.  This gave me amazing clarity as to why Michael is always depicted with a sword and shield.  The shield prevented any blow-back from affecting him upon the heart charged release of the cutting edge of truth.

The last part of my mans reading was after what my team consistently calls “the shit storm.”  I could see ashes or piles of dust everywhere.  This shit-storm is not a one day event, but increases over time… a year… two… more??  But from the rubble, I seen my man take that sword of truth stab it straight into the ground and from that energy release arose “the rainbow coalition.”  A genuine rebuilding from the heart of God/spirit/soul.  The dark ages of mans ego is turning to dust.

Without my computer to do work on, I came across a video on facebook that just tripped my trigger.  Something put out by the dude known as The Leo King.  I actually listened to several of his current astrology videos and became even more excited as I heard him explain the energies of the planes coming into alignment thru this coming lunar eclipse on August 7th turning thru the solar eclipse of August 21st.   Here is one where he said heads will be severed (remember our teams are referring to the 8/21 eclipse as a guillotine!!

My last lady… OMG!!  I am grateful she was my last reading of the day cuz we went close to an hour over her reading time.  First it took me a while to understand what the hell we were seeing with her, then it was so amazing and it just kept coming.  I sure as hell ain’t quitting!!

This was also the first time in my history of reading I see a reading pick up where it left off weeks prior, save the movement of the sun around the earth (what we know as time gone by.)  I wrote about this lady July 14th as her team called her a time keeper here on earth.  If you click the link, she is towards the bottom of the sharing.

Her readings were supposed to be ET connections, so that is where I started once again, yesterday.  Attempting to connect to her ET’s.  The opening visual I recieved was weird and not fully understood thru her whole reading.  But that changed while listening to an audio-book yesterday.

The field

Once again, excuse my humble art, but I wanted to give everyone a visual to keep pace with.  So in my last reading with her, she ((her body in the connection) was way in the back of the field at the ET connection area.  Yesterday, after I gave up trying to figure out the energy shown in the above art as the star and partial oval, I found her in the opposite corner of the yard standing in earths shadows under the lunar eclipse area (it took me a long while to understand all that, and her reminding me of her last reading… the dominoes started falling!!)

So many eyes are on the solar eclipse of August that we do not fully honor this partial eclipse on the 7th.  Her team gave me the most unpleasant visual and analogy.  Most people are looking at this upcoming partial lunar eclipse more like a fart, when it’s really a wet fart…the shit starts releasing thru it.  And yes, I seen ass and wet lumpy yuckiness coming out in place of a gas release!!  Ohhhh the things I would rather hear than see! lol

Now let me back up to the confusing start of her reading.  The first thing I seen was this half oval thingie just below the treetops of the back yard, half on the back end the fence, half over her field.  Then, this 5 pointed, brilliant yellow star was placed within the oval on the other side of the fence, hanging in place by a silver or white string.  This was supposed to be her ET connection, and yet,  understood nothing.  Not a word or feeling was released in understanding.  I got so frustrated I decided to change the focus of our connection to a field reading instead of ET.

There she was, wayyyyy in the far right, front corner of the field.  The field itself was brilliant light and yet, she was in shadow as she stood in the corner.  What the hell????

She started to explain she was the corner last time I seen her.  No you weren’t!!  I never seen this before.  Then she explained her last reading and the keeper of time and the understanding was like an avalanche because it literally picked up from her last reading, save the change of calendar energy placement in August energies.  She even reminded me of the energy of time, the 4th dimension collapsing from the last reading.  To me it looked like a wall of water releasing itself.  It was even stated that the waters in this release, went back into the 3 D ground, connecting to the tsunami shit storm energy from a few readings ago.

Then I remembered the portal from deep space that released and held in our creation the 4th dimensional time-space energies.  I once again seen that portal, but now, I also seen it connected into the core of the earth, her deep center.  I then seen the portal closing with this lunar eclipse as well as the connective point in the core of the earth.

I realized that time-space closes first at the core of the earth and rises upwards in collapse.  Shifting the earth in many ways…. storms, earthquakes, volcanoes and such.  Not all at once, over what we call time…. but a closer body of time than we are accustomed to.

I remembered some of the videos I watched thru the Leo King earlier.  That star…. I wonder if it is Mars or Uranus???  There is an alignment starting on the 7th.

Until I was in my car and decided to put Dolores Cannons “Keepers of the garden” on.  This book was published in  1993.  It just happened to start at a place… chapter 16, 5 minutes into the chapter and her regressed man speaking of the earth tilting on her access and the sudden extinction of dinosaurs…:

“A natural phenomenon which is occurring again at this present time.  There are many natural physical changes that are now occurring which shall occur for the next 18 chronological years…  this is a slow gradual process (for times sake, I have to skip thru)… Until the time of shift, at which point, it is very rapid and could also be said to be instantaneous.  The actual adjustment could actually be accomplished within minutes. …a natural evolutionary process in which the earths magnetic poles align themselves to different star points in the heavens (at this point, I about shit a brick.)  These points move in their prescribed manner much like the constellations move around your planet.  However, they are not so much influencing your planet… the far off stars are more powerful (a surprise question by Dolores back to her hypnotized subject.)  Yes!  All far off stars are more powerful.  The point at which your planet is aligning is spaced similar to your constellations, spaced similar.  They move thru a prescribed path.  ….the earth is preparing herself to align with another point of origin, that is what is causing the awakening of such things as the ring of fire and volcanoes in other parts of the earth also.  This is also causing the weather disturbances.  It will start as gradual, but the gravitational forces that are coming into play now will also cause the tilt to be faster.”

Hearing this, I instantly thought of my lady’s 5 pointed star, nothing I could feel in connection to, and did a lot of assuming (based on the explanation of the Leo King) and now, I knew!!  The energy that ran thru my body in that moment of listening… unmistakable!!

It was also explained thru my lady’s reading that all this negativity, separation, hate, is only held here in this realm by the fabric of the 4th dimensional time-space.  Without that glue like substance, all that could remain afterwards, is the light of love.

This is why no one still dealing with ego separation can come back to earth, it won’t house the lessons needed.

Ohhhhhh my dear good god!!  I just realized the flash I received about the people who are gathered here in good ole Fentress Texas for the Into The Void workshop in September… the visual of removing the debris field of separation from the core of the earth… is like the midwifes assisting the baby out of the birth canal, faster more precise than if left alone.

I am going to close on that note and process in the deep end of my pool before my readings start.

Buckle up my beautiful Masters of Light and Matter, it’s about to get Real!! (Gulp)

Big big (((((HUGZ))))) filled with readiness to Serve thru the All!

Lisa Galwas

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July Special:  All Reading purchased thru today and the rest of July includes One Month Paid Membership in the Nation!! (The email confirmation was supposed to provide a link to the reschedule zone, which it is not.  Please book your free 15 minute reading after joining the full membership of the Nation thru the reschedule zone.  Thank you.)

Also, Any paid membership in the Nation receives one free 15 minute reading!!!  Hopefully the link to schedule the free reading is in the Nation’s confirmation email, if not, just hit up the reschedule zone please and let us know.  We are tweaking as fast as we can!!  Just click here:

We now offer a weekly membership.

You can use this lower fee ongoing or just come explore once a month.  Remember, all classes and sessions will be in a video/audio library so you can participate when you can.  I pray this helps those who have been feeling left out.  The information is detailed here:





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