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The Drenching of Light from the Full Moon!!

full moon light

Happy powerful, enriching, full moon to ALL!! I swear it is washing away all the debris not needed. My mind has never been so damn blank in all my life. This is the second day in a row I woke up reaching for all the information I wanted to share, and here I sit, staring at the screen. It if wasn’t for the fact that so many ask me about their mind/memory, I ‘d swear I am in early Alzheimer’s. But it is more of a mass spiritual Alzheimer’s lol.

There is also a complete system reboot underway with this moon as well. In my attempt to do a reading this morning, all I got was a complete white out, excuse me, Light Out!! I find it interesting that we will be coming out of this 3 day full moon event just in time for Easter Sunday. The Resurrection of Life. Our Life, the Planets Life, the Life of Life itself.

As I write this, I do see some serious Light energies seeping into the ground of earth, igniting so many potentials that have been unrealized until now. Potentials that COULD NOT be realized until now. As the Light builds beneath the surface of earth, it will create a wave of movement as we head into the next energy system I call May. We will see more things falling apart as room is created to these things enhanced by the Light of Life.

With that said, and just seeing the wave of Light beneath the surface of the earth, I have a deep feeling we are in for some major earthquakes. I can actually feel the shifting of tectonic plates. What I cannot see is where. Of course, spirit is the Master secret keeper anywayz.

I am going to leave you all with information that came thru our group on Tuesday night. I am sorry you cannot see the visuals included, but the information is amazing and important.  Just click the link below to listen to the recording:

4/16/19 Nation of Lights Class Recording

I just want to clarify, we call Tuesday a class, but it is important to understand we all teach each other. Each person brings their amazing Light, their Wisdom, understandings and experience and together, we grow from it. Come join us (Membership info and link at the end of this sharing.)

I love you all soul very much. Thank you for Being in my world, in my heart, and adding your Light in so many magnificent ways to ALL of us!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with earth shattering, life enhancing Light to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas



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The Void of Creation

the void of creation

On the 13th of April, everyone in the readings went to a very unexpected place. A place located between the mental planes and the created plane of our reality. A place I did not even know existed. I suppose that imaginary line that I kept seeing that separated the two planes in readings, was not so imaginary.

In this place it was as close to void of energy as I ever experienced in readings. I suppose I can even call it zero point. It was explained that this place opened up as we became centered between the new moon and full moon energies. Of course, I had to look at my calendar (like spirit would ever BS us lol) and sure enough, we were directly between the two moon systems.

Just because this place feels so void of energy, doesn’t mean it is. Nothing ever can be. For three days so far, the readings have unfolded from this place. A place that sort of filters the onslaught of energies permeating the earth planes we we prepare for the next phase of our ongoing evolution. From what I am understanding (and so much of this is hard to put into accurate words of explanation,) the new and full moons, along with all the energies released from the sun and much from places we never look at, is targeting our DNA/biological field of life.

I have come to realize there is so little we truly understand about the multidimensional universe we exist within. That includes everything, especially planet earth!! This thing I seen as a line separating the mental planes from the earth planes, I figured was simply our teams way of allowing me to discern the energy/visual location in our readings. When we “assume” something, spirit allows our assumptions. Think about that for a long minute.

I kept saying there is no reading dividing line tween the two planes. That is true. Not once did I ask of there was anything more to this line I seen and simply assumed it was there for clarity in readings. Not so true.

How many things in our experiences have we made assumptions about. Our teams are not here to tell us we are right or wrong, but allow us to discover the inaccuracies of our perceptions as part of our evolutionary growth. So something can remain (falsely) true until we push further and allow for the higher truth to be revealed. I immediately get a flash back to my days of being Catholic (religions in general) so much was not true, yet, I held it in myself as true, until deep dives in meditation showed me otherwise.

So much of these torrential energies are clearing debris that has clouded our perceptions for eons. But, even with that… we must have eyes to see. For as long as we hold on to anything as true, it shall remain in our field as that. Which really makes the word true an impossibility really. Because even what we see as true today, may (and more than likely, will) change and evolve as we are able to see and embrace the deeper details of Life evolving.

In one of the readings the other day, a precious man asked about the timelines. I forget exactly how he phrased his question, but the reply back was stunning.

I could see all these lines, sort of like guitar or piano strings. So many of them…. uncountable really. So many of them had something that looked like fuzzy energy strewn across them. What spirit said is there is a team in play right now, that is correcting the timelines so they are all harmonious and will (eventually) line up as one full on harmonic. It was also explained that many many humans over many incarnations, have created what I see as the fuzzy energies because they keep adjusting the energies of time to their perceptions of what was/is needed.

All our energies should be focused on our personal evolution, inside and out, without our energetic and created reality systems. So much is changing, enhancing, and falling away.

Ohhhh the storms I had seen in readings the last couple days. Winds of change, one even blowing windows inwards to clear the way my lady seen the world (created and uncreated.) This is an personal enhancement and nothing negative.

Actually, it just donned on me!! Spirit said that this entire month was circular and all events and energies rebuilding the core of each of us. This void space is that core.

Well, my day is about to being.

Big big big ((((HUGZ))))) filled with love and the winds of change at your back and not in your face!! 😉

Lisa Gawlas



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The Emerald City, Revisited

emerald city

I find the way spirit focuses on something then leaves it be as if they hadn’t even focused on it in readings for very long stretches, then out of the blue, brings it back.

When I was living in Florida, spirit was so focused on the term “the emerald city,” which of course, was the city of each persons on heart. The importance of enhancing it, clearing it, growing it, using t. Then, just like that, their focus went elsewhere and not a word was mentioned about in in close to two years… until this week. But not consistently, yet.

My lady showed up with this beautiful, emerald green snake between her feet, on the ground, slithering into her near future. It was explained that the snake was also representing her soul energy. Kundalini (to me) always appeared as a snake in the readings. It was explained the color was representing the emerald city (I about shit, since I have not heard that mention in forever.)

It was explained that it took this long for the quantity of the collective (enough people) to raise their heart frequency to this level. Which also happens to coincide with the release of the fragments.

After so much time has passed and a million other bits of information coming thru over the years, I had forgotten a lot of what was talked about during the emerald city times. So I am skimming the blogs I had written to familiarize myself with it. If you want to too, they are here:

It has been explained that the focal point in this phase is on the community of the heart, of the emerald city within. The building of the city now that the elements for the structure is being released and absorbed by enough people. (The original earth fragments.) This is not an overnight event, but a building of very particular communities (within the heart) over years.

With that I get the bring back of the factories that went along with the information that came thru the emerald city time a couple years ago.

Well, my butt woke up really really late today. Somewhere in my head I really thought it was Sunday. Even when my alarm went off, I swear it was Sunday (my day off) so I turned it off and slept for 3 more hours.

So, until tomorrow…

Big big big (((((HUGZ)))) filled with the community of love made manifest!!!

Lisa Gawlas




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Gateways of Opportunities


There is so much to catch up on. Sorry I have not been able to put a post out in days, half due to over sleeping, the other half due to brain fog. But today, I will catch up the best I can.

We started the 2nd quarter of the year, which always brings a new energy system to the field. The new moon of this first quarter released a tremendous amount of original earth fragments to those who’s frequency can absorb them. Our new moon on the 5th was so powerful it was a 3 day event.

There seems to be so much “opportunity” that is coming with this new moon energy. I do want to clarify what spirit said “opportunity” means to them thru several of the readings. Keeping in mind, spirits focus is always on the soul growth as opposed to the humans idea of survival and prosperity. These opportunities are exactly that, something showing up in our personal as well as collective world(s) that give the soul the opportunity to grow/evolve.

There are many who think their soul knows all, understands all and that is so far from the reality of it. The soul comes here to evolve in many different ways. Duality is a magnificent teacher. Event the things we think we perfected along our path to here, has more perfection to it. More energy, more power, more everything.

Some of these “opportunities” were shown as gateways at the ground level of the persons field I was reading for. These gateways all looked different, one like a gate of a barn, one of a fancy fence, all different types (minus any fencing or any other detail on either side.)

Each persons magnetic field is drawing them to their gateway of opportunity, but in all things Life, free qill is always at play and is our responsibility to open the gate or not.

This coming full moon on the 19th plays a huge part in it all too. Again, thru what I am gathering thru the readings, it feels like it shines a light on the gateways before you/us. Opportunities to evolve. Keeping in mind, the soul evolves in many many different ways which always enhances the humans earth experience. For example, the soul may desire to evolve in compassion, in which case, we would enter an event where we need enhanced compassion at the human level. Or perhaps in grace, and we would be entering an event that would require enhanced grace.

Among the many things the soul may desire to experience there is one that is not often thought about, but the Pleiadians focus on it quite often in readings. That is the energy of beauty. Beauty is one of their strongest attributes and of course, has nothing to do with being pretty or attractive or pleasing visually, altho, it does enhance the visual field of light around such an advanced Being full of beauty. It is a State of Being. The phrase that comes to mind with this is “she has a beautiful heart.” That is a phrase that has more to do with the power of beauty and yet, there is more to it.

Our friends from the stars are going to be getting extra active in this next phase of our evolution on earth. They were showing themselves to me before my day of readings started yesterday and came thru a couple of the readings as well.

I did get a glimpse of the May energies… very very mutable. If you were to take melted marshmallow and a raw egg yolks, that is the texture of the May energies as well as the color spectrum too.

We are taking into our core so much new, enhanced energies that will need events of experience to fully realize what we are now capable of, that is the energies of May!!

My day of readings is about to begin!! Here’s hoping for more clarity of mind tomorrow!!

Love you all so much!!

((((HUGZ)))) of vibrancy and Beauty to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



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The Circular Path of April

purple earth

(This is added after I wrote the below information. I was looking for art that fit todays sharing and found this image, but also, the blog it came from which I am linking at the end of this one. I have not read the whole article yet, but something hit me when I seen: “Earth may have actually been purple for the first 2 billion years of its existence — thanks to a purple-tinted molecule called retinal. “)

Wow its been a while since I had complete marshmallow brains!! These last two days I was full of marshmallow fluff in my processors!! There is no doubt in my heart we were in 2 full days of a planetary reboot.

Before my day of readings began yesterday, I was given a visual of a series of Xs that formed a circle. The circle formed clockwise, sealing in some potent energies. Then from the top of the circle thru the bottom, another line of X’s.

The one thing that has been consistent with the readings so far in April, this is a very circular month. Most of the months/energy systems build what we perceive as our future. Not this one tho. April is drawing everything into its (new) core energy. The words that were repeated in Tuesday nights class were “building a new core.” I am not sure how that all works, but thru one amazing man I got to see the energies of April, incredibly purple in its hue, circular as it filled is field all drawing itself into his core. The closer his energy got to his core, it started to turn dull shades of white to whitish gray and where the purple was in his field became crystal clear.

If we look at April like this:

tesla plasma coil.jpg

But in the opposite way of how it works. Instead of the energy being released form the core going outwards, everything is being drawn in. Every emotionally fused thought, desire, idea, action, all building your new core. But also, assigning new values to the collectives and our participation at that level.

This morning I decided to see whats happening with the sun today at spaceweather: THE SOLAR WIND IS HERE: Earth is inside a stream of solar wind flowing faster than 500 km/s (1.1 million mph). This is causing geomagnetic unrest and intermittent auroras around the Arctic Circle. Solar wind speeds should remain elevated for the next 48 to 72 hours as our planet surfs two additional streams of solar wind in the offing.

Fuel for our fires!!

There is something else hanging at the forefront of my mind to share this morning. I cannot recall if I shared this already or not, but obviously important enough that spirit wants to share it now or again.

Our physical/ego minds are fueld by what we think of as habit and familiarity. If you mention a blade of grass, immediately your mind tunes into the blade of grass it is most familiar with. You may see it, smell it, feel it… but it may not be the grass that is being talked about, The mind doesn’t care nor discern.

We are going to be receiving a lot of information that has nothing to do with our past or familiarity with anything. Keeping our mind away from what it has experienced is crucial. I must admit, not as easy to do as it may sound. I am being readdressed over and over again in readings.

This started when I was shown the landscape of the original earth, or really, the tiniest section of it. We were talking about its vegetation and my mind already conjured up vegetation that is of our earth now. Fortunately I can hear and feel spirit change that part of my mind, I call it my kick in the butt, but really, its a kick in the head lol.

We will never see what we have never experienced before if we keep bringing what we have experienced to the party. Same with interpretations or even what is known in our (extremely limited) realm of quantum physics.

We are getting ready to receive so much more than we never realized was…

On that note, my next phase of my day begins.

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of electrical love to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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April Is High Voltage Creation with Vibrant New Colors!!

colors of energy

Ohhhhhh Holy April batman!! What a super charged month it is starting out to be!! I am not completely surprised, given the high energy ending of March and the fact every time we got a glimpse into April it was always raining down electrical currents, but man, what high intensity emotions come with the ignition of these currents!!

Of course, the sun is playing directly into this amazing energy by having a perfectly timed solar storm. From spaceweather yesterday: SOLAR WIND, INCOMING: southern hole in the sun’s atmosphere is facing Earth and spewing a stream of solar wind in our direction. Estimated time of arrival: April 3rd. (Today they changed the arrival to the 4th.)

Every reading was centered around the energy… the electrical currents coming out of the sun yesterday. Each one taking on a different presentation in the way it is affecting the person I was reading for. It’s way to complicated to explain as well. But each connection produced fireworks of various types and the emotional release with each firework had my body zinging!! Emotions I cannot remember having before. They also all had colors, vibrant new intense colors I have not seen before either. Wowzers even!!

Thru one of the readings, we were warned about being out in the sun during this solar storm because of the new energies coming in with it. That people will be easily burned if not protected from the rays.

There is one visual I do want to share with everyone from yesterdays readings. One of my ladies had this energy coming down to her created field of life in bands. Once the bands dipped down into the creation field, they went from being bands to looking like springs, which she knew instantly were burklin currents (I never head of them before.)

Altho these burklin currents were going everywhere, my vision was focused on her crown, as one of these srping looking things entered her crown it became like a frayed yarn that went everywhere in her brain, changing her neuronetwork and electrical frequency in her brain.

Then my vision shifted down to her feet, she had one of these burklin currents coming out of each foot at the arch. This created what looked like roots just under the ground level of her field of life and spread out in a 360 area an easy 30 feet in circumstance (going to my scale of vision of course.)

From these roots sprang 5 areas of growth encircling her. What they were were blurred from my vision, dammit!! But her team assured it, it will be revealed as we go further. Ahhhh the ever existing mysteries of our lives.

There is so much more to share, but I was a lolly gagging this morning and the next phase of my day is about to begin.

Love you all soul very very much!!

((((HUGZ))) filled with high energy emotional colors of new life to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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High Voltage as we Move into Aprils Purple Energy!!

high voltage doorway

March as well as the 1st quarter of 2019 is ending with some seriously high voltage in play! We are barely getting a handle on our lives on the ground when everyone is swooped back up to the place between the mental planes and creation!!

Thru one of the (non) readings I could see what represented a high voltage line at that (imaginary) line that separates the mental planes from the physically created world in my readings. The electricity running back and forth, sometimes at the same time in either direction, was intense!! My lady was standing on this line, but her body seemed tremendously large. To the degree that her waist to foot occupied the mental planes and from her waist to hear head occupied the pure energy space above the mental planes.

From what I could understand, the power centers that engage in the created matter we call, life, is being infused with the fragments of the original earth. Keeping in mind, these fragments are coming in in what we would think of as layers and will be ongoing thru at least the rest of this year. Sort of like getting little sips of a tall glass of water. Someones team said last week, this is not a speed process but a process of efficiency.

The part of her that was above the mental planes in what I am just calling the pure energy planes, I could barely make out and did not understand what was transpiring there. I am sure that plane, which is so new to my field of vision, is still out of my personal frequency field. Each connection helps with assimilating and eventually being able to see and understand more clearly. However, from what I gather, its providing the pure energy to ignite the lower body/fragments to ignite in their right time.

Then suddenly her team added another image to her field. About 3 feet in front of her, still in the mental planes view, the doorway to April appeared and opened up.. Any time I had seen the energy of April, it has always been a beautiful deep purple with lots of electrical currents similar to rain, flowing down. When her doorway opened, the purple energy started to move towards her ginormous body… and that was all I could see!! lol

Another lady (I may be mixing the two readings together come to think about it lol,) similar postion but I could see her taking a step into April. Before I get into that, let me tell you, there is something so yummy about a Virgin on my field. Spirit seems to open the door to understanding much wider than if you are not a virgin (new to my field of readings. She was the only I did not reschedule yesterday. Even tho I seen for everyone, it was more in the general happening as opposed to personal. This precious virgin lady (smile) got a full reading and we got to see a little bit of April and what we may be in for.

It was her left leg that stretched out to enter April, all about her physical life’s walk moving forward. I could feel the push off from her right leg on that electrical line and the high voltage energy/emotion to kick start her path moving forward in April. What surprised me, they allowed my vision to move into April and I watched as her whole body tumbled head over foot from the mental planes to the ground. The feeling of gravity pulling her downwards was strong. The tumbling was kind of like mixing the energies of the pure energy planes and the mental planes together as she prepared to land.

What was so funny and rather confusing to me, she was shown a couple of people who will be intersecting with her path and be the catalyst of changing her direction. The one lady in focus had a fish in her right hand, not a Christ fish, but a fish fish. No real understanding was given about that damn fish, except the feeling that when she meets this lady, somehow a fish (an actual fish) will be the validater to let her know she is the woman from the reading. Her team also said she will provide my lady with sustenance. Didn’t say how or what… but that word was used several times, on purpose of course. We all know spirit has deeper meanings that we realize.

Well, my day is about to begin its next phase.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with high voltage love of creation to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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I would like to leave you with this amazing, beautiful Poem written by my dear friend Barbara Jacksha (Link to her blog.)


I AM this day, this hour
I AM this moment
Moment of thrashing heart
Moment of fear casting futures
Future, a game of cups and balls
Future, a confounding slight of hand
Hand me this moment to feast on
Hand me the rustle of this breath
Breath, loud and soft
Breath carries life
Life lays out a buffet
Life offers extra dessert
Desserts to wallow in
Dessert we sometimes regret
Regret swings its knives
Regret slices at air
Air of the past
Air of futures formed of smoke
Smoke swallows more than we know
Smoke plays us for fools
Fools with good intentions
Fools wanting to do the right thing
Thing is, we can’t breathe in smoke-choked hallways
Thing is, we can’t see when smoke stings our eyes
Eyes cannot be fooled
Eyes only see this moment
Moment of air and form
Moment of our greater presence
Presence hugs us when we cry
Presence offers us a dance
Dance with the moment
Dance deeper within
Within, we are sugar pops and warm summer naps
Within, we are laughter and blinking Christmas lights
Lights carried in our eyes
Lights shared with all I AM
Am this moment, am this hour, am this day
Am a central shining spark
Spark flaring in this moment
Spark flaring no matter what the moment brings
Brings a message I don’t want to hear
Brings a sneeze from the puppy at my feet
Feet get it right
Feet only have this moment to walk
Walk aligned with fear
Walk aligned with truth
Truth or not, here I am
Truth or not, hugging this moment
I am

This is what prompted her amazing Moment (taken from her facebook post): Well, I’ve had a second doctor give me the opinion that the leftover brain tumor in my head is indeed growing again. What to do about it remains to be seen. This wasn’t what I wanted to hear today, but being a writer, I let it lead me into a poem and meld with the topic of my morning meditation: “I AM This Moment.” (A good one to sit with if you feel so inclined.) Much love everyone.

power of love

What an amazing conclusion to a very chaotic time. So many times we never really see the outcome of the work we are doing, we must trust that it accomplished its goal.

From the moment I walked into my daughters home, all I could feel was the presence of loving compassion, thank you so much for filling the house up with such incredible energy.

The child protective ladies were amazing prompt. We all sat at the kitchen table and the feel as as if we were all there for a social visit. There was no judgement, no ill feelings being sent out. Even when they read the complaint that was called in, those two paragraphs that they read off, had no energy to them. It was as if they were reading out of a book that was required. It was stated in the complaint that it was reported by the person we knew called val’s doctor. The ladies did ask all of us if we knew why she would do such a thing. Me and Val just looked at each other, not wanting to hurt anyone any more than has already transpired, we said nothing. That nothing must have been enough. At the end of the conversations they concluded that this person must have just been angry and decided to call in. They closed the case.

Of course, we must also give some credit to the baby himself. He exudes love and well being. He smiles and does not complain at all and is a chunky monkey!! lol The ladies just lit up when they seen him!!

Granted, this whole situation is simply a grain of sand in the whole of earth, but imagine we all took task to a grain of sand… we WILL restore harmony thru time and effort to the ALL!!

On that note, my next phase of the day is about to begin. I just wanted to be sure we all see the power of love in its various forms, employed and the outcome of that employment.

Thank you all for sending loving comfort, you are miracle workers each one!!

Ohhhhh, I knew there was something else I wanted to share, but forgot (I published before I remembered this part too.)

In one of the readings the other day, my lady took us to one of the many (and I do mean many) parallel earths happening. She showed up looking very much like a monkey with these really huge ears. Then we were taken to their/her plane of incarnation which was in the center of what her team said was well over 150 thousand versions of earth. What stunned me, and had seen this thru several of the readings so far… such a large gap of time from the original earth to the time earth started splitting itself into other planes of experience.

I think I for one, thought all the parallel earths were just slight variations of the one we are on now. Nope!! Her form on that earth was/is the ruling species.” Just as humans are the ruling species of this realm. It really gives the movie The Planet of the Apes a whole other spin in my mind!! But… in that realm, they have not forgotten who they are. They are very Self aware, coexist with the world around them. Duality is nowhere near as strong as it is here because it never became tainted.

Lets get to her ears because my day concludes itself lol. The wind was blowing into her left ear, I could see the information coming in from the wind as if her ear was a brain. The communication was instant and clear. The winds themselves travel the earth, the upper and lower atmospheres and have much to tell us if we will start listening. Truly listening. Not assuming, not bringing in what we think we understand… but listen with our soul mind. We will always know where to put our foot of love in that moment.

There is more to share, but…. that will have to wait til tomorrow. I just was reminded to share this part. So here it is!! lol

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of Life clearing, Life enhancing Love to and thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas



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Super Powers from the Soul.

energy power

There is no doubt yesterday was some sort of planetary reboot day and not a gentle one at that!! So many people I talked with had erratic sleep to no sleep. I slept, but after 8 hours I woke up feeling like I ran a marathon all night. When I woke up, I had zero desire to write a blog then 2 out of 4 people on my schedule were MIA. Crazy days we are in!!

The day prior, the readings were all about going higher in our mental planes. Piercing thru to higher frequencies that have yet to be released to us. Getting there tho, takes some inner focus as I have mentioned the last couple sharings. Unifying the vibration and frequency for starters.

I want to thank everyone that shows up for the Nations Tuesday nights class, it is such an invaluable way to bring the weeks readings into a larger understanding.

First I want to make clear about the use of the words “super powers.” They are not always doing energy work or what we think of as psychic work, they are harnessing your own personal power for the highest good of whatever event you are in. It really became super clear in last nights class exactly what that means.

Equally, what it means to allow the soul mind to not only be present in our day to day lives, but allow it to act when action is required. This allows full overriding of the (always questioning) ego mind.

Going back to the little bit I shared, about a woman in my physical life that is an amazing catalyst for strife in my family.

She came in from out of town and I only got to know here a partial day plus 10 minutes the next day. Day one, I there was such a familiar energy to her energy that I could not place nor really tried to. A master in the manipulation of others is a very particular energy signature, one I knew well, but had long forgotten, My mother had the same energy to her. Of course, it wasn’t until years in the deep end of my bathtub that I even understood any of that.

The way this lady talked, you swear she had everyone’s best interest at heart. Insanely convincing except to me and my daughter.

It was the next day, the 10 moments together, that really taught me so much of our own personal evolution in this phase.

The negative energy that hit my whole Being walking into the house was…. shocking. It has been forever and a day since I felt anything even close to that.

The one thing I can say honestly, when you are in the midst of an evolutionary situation, it is not even on your mind that you are. At least it wasn’t for me at all. So I wasn’t thinking super powers, or anything spiritual at all.

The conversation was incredibly unpleasant and attacking someone I love deeply. As the verbal and energetic attacks escalated, I could feel my whole Being draw in energy (which I did not even play attention to until last night in class, on the replay lol.) I think we can use the visual of ants scattered about and someone sends out the signal return home NOW and all the ants head home. Same with my personal energy. Once the energy was fully within me, that is when my mouth opened and stated “I absolutely dislike you.” Not in a mean way, but a firm matter of fact way. Again, thru class on Tuesday, I could see that this on the release of the energy within those words, an amber energy field was placed around her, keeping her energy close to her and not out in the room where several people, including my 4 month of old grandson was. A containment field.

I got up and left immediately. No higher good was going to come of staying or even attempting to talk about anything.

We have a tendency to focus our energies on love and what we conceive as spiritual love. Containment fields are important. Its funny (not ha ha funny) the visual I get is when a nuclear plant has a leak, the first thing they do is create a containment field around the leak. Same here.

There is intense power in our words and how we combine them with the energies of our Being and allowing the soul mind itself, be the catalyst for use. Which brings in the triad of energy we must use in our new super powers. Vibration, frequency, soul mind. One energy overriding our ego mind.

My ego mind would never tell someone that I dislike them, and if I did, it would be fused with so much anger that its affect would be detrimental to all involved.

In order to restore the harmony earth was created from, we all must do our part in containment of the disharmony that exists. We each will have our own way, our own approaches and situations that may vastly differ, but the goal remains the same.

I bring back my lady with the snow, shoveling…. uncovering what is now available to see with clarity. When she threw the snow over her lright shoulder, the snow simply disappeared from my view. There was no melting, no returning to water, but a complete evaporation of the snow… fully transmuted by the spirit crew (unseen to us) assisting us as we move ever higher in our evolution.

This example, use, understanding is simply scratching the surface of what we can and will do in our days to come.

On that note, I have got to get ready to go to my daughters. Child services was called again, and we are meeting today to go over events from that weekend. Please send your loving compassion. Thank you in advance.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of empowered Love to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas



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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 25, 2019

Feeling vs Emoting (plus) Consciousness is Crucial!!


One day it seems the readings are all related to weather patterns and the number 5, next day… not a single one lol. I swear it keeps me on my toes and consistently smashes my assumptions!!

Yesterdays readings were all about purposely and consciously raising up into the mental planes and the common number was 10, but with some twists.

First lets look at the 10 in my interpretation, 1 is all about new beginnings, 0 unlimited potential (being pregnant and empty at the same time.)

With one of my precious ladies, the focus was on taking in energy from the left and right, vibration and frequency all at the same time as she consciously and deliberately moved upwards to the mental planes of awareness. It was explained that in this phase of our evolution, we need to unify the energies as one power.

Again, in my world…. vibration is the rate of speed our body and minds vibrate to, allowing whatever frequency that opens up to, to be accessed. Frequency is the information available given the vibration one is at. So until now, we raised our vibration then accessed new frequencies of information and experiences. Now, we must do it simultaneously.

Hopefully, I can share this next understanding clearly. We can raise our physical vibration but not access new frequencies because we have not raised our mental vibration to process and vise versa.

Hold that thought for a moment…

Another thing that is required, is to combination of feeling and emoting at the same time, to fully access and use what may be available to you/us.

Until yesterday, I never really thought about the difference between feeling and emoting, but it was made rather clear, the two are not the same thing. You can feel something but never put the feeling into an outward action. To emote is an action.

I can actually use my own personal example of this (now that I can see it clearly enough to understand lol.)

As I said yesterday, there has been some serious, evolutionary chaos unfolding in my personal world. The details of which, I will not share because it involves more than just me and not all favorably. But…

There is a woman who was a catalyst for the chaos unfolding who’s energy field was… unpleasant to say the least. On the 2nd day of obligated conversation that was escalating to an even more unpleasant energy, I could literally feel my entire energy field move inwards, into myself. As soon as it hit a certain point, my mouth instantly stated “I absolutely dislike you” to this lady. I did not say it in a mean way, just as a matter of fact way… and got up and left the situation. I could see and feel the energy that she was putting out, seal itself up within her own field as opposed to hitting everyone else that was in the room.

I instantly focused my entire Being on the love I have for the person who was the target of this chaos. What an amazing energy shift within me, and the clarity that came with the change.

I would have never realized it if I was not shown exactly how the energies shifted this morning. But, what took place was simultaneously feeling and emoting. Restoring and increasing vibration and frequency at the same time.

Our game will be inlaid with master manipulators to allow us the opportunity to grow, to evolve, to change on a moments notice.

Another thing that was shown yesterday, that I am still working on understanding, is the sound wave/side wave combo. It was shown in a reading yesterday, and has everything to do with my lady’s evolving abilities but… science and me, we are kind of estranged this lifetime.

The biggest take away from yesterday, is being CONSCIOUS of your mastery. If you are just waiting for something to show up, you will wait thru the next lifetime. If you are deliberately participating at your highest consciousness level, you are going to receive personal gifts at the speed of light!!

New teachers of the new energies are now in training. Yep, that’s you!!!

On that note, my next phase is about to begin!!

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) to all the masters incarnate. ❤

Lisa Gawlas



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