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Welcome to March!!  The energies feel amazing already and I am only awake 15 minutes!!  It feels like there is this joy that is just stretching out wider and wider, in me, thru me, around me.  May this part be the feeling for everyone and may it last past the morning!! lol

I thought I would be a tricky little human yesterday and went into the bath to see if I could understand the use of the word “mechanics” inside the body and outside within the energy fields.  At first there was nothing but silence, as if the only thing I was going to get was pure relaxation.  Hey!!  That’s not what I am looking for, I want understanding.  So I set up my vision as if I was doing a reading on myself.  Shock me will ya!!  There was my body, all tangled up in this membrane that separates February and march energies.  I was kicking and my arms were flailing as if I was trying to get untangled, but this membrane had me completely engulfed in it.  On the few moments I would actually stop fighting whatever process was underway, I could feel and see this membrane start to ooze into my skin.

I could not stop the fighting I seemed to be undergoing in this meditation.  What the hell??  Since when am I so out of control with myself??  Of course, I called on my team to help me understand and help me figure out how to get out of this membrane.  I think they shut their antennas off in that regard.  Nothing.  No understanding, no comfort, nuttin.  Well bite my ass team!!

Instead, I guess they had another agenda that I did not see coming at all.  We took a little walk down memory lane, a far far walk down memory lane, no doubt, the hypnosis weekend I just came out of, being the catalyst to understand my own session more than I ever did way back in 2001.

During my very first year of meditating, which spanned from the end of 2000 thru the end of 2001, I eventually had 12 separate guides and teachers helping me in all kinds of different directions.  Some emotionally, some physically, some energetically.  All helping me to see how one is interdependent on the other, change one aspect, the other two aspects must change as well. Then of course, how to harmonize and live the changes.

One of these teachers was a massive Being who, every time I asked what his name was, would play the title clip from the song “Dream Weaver.”  So, that is what I called him, dream weaver.  His body signal to me (which I required of every guide and teacher, my way back then of being sure it was them I was connecting to) was creating my whole body like one massive heart beat.  It was amazingly kewl.  Except one time, the first time I realized my antennas were now fully on, of course, back then, I had no idea what antennas were, but… I walked into a book store looking for a particular book someone suggested I read.  My whole body was taken over by the energy of dream weaver.  I was able to hear every single author in every single book all at the same time.  Not the stories within the books, the energy of the authors who wrote the books.  It was maddening and I ran out of the book store while my whole body throbbed as the loudest living heartbeat you can imagine.  It was seriously unpleasant.  I didn’t go back into a book store for a long while.

This particular experience was somewhere I don’t know, maybe first quarter of 2001.  I went to the first ever Life Between Life hypnosis certification taught directly by Michael Newton PhD in Sept 22 – 26 2001.  In my regression, one of the areas I was taken to, was to meet with my counsel of elders.  The place my guide took me was to this pyramid looking place that we called “The Temple of the Presence.”  Just walking to it, was overwhelming.  The energy, the pure, astounding love that emanated from that place was like a massive heartbeat that filled every space, every molecule everywhere.  Going inside took some adjusting.  It was like moving into the living heartbeat of all there was.  I knew it was the Presence… God, because I asked.  What I never ever ever dreamed of in my wildest dreams back then, but was shown yesterday, that is who dreamweaver was/is to me.

Years later, I had assumed (which is not incorrect) it was the masculine energy of my soul that I really had to get adjusted too, integrate and learn to move according to the desires of that part of me.  Yesterday, I was shown it dreamweaver and the Presence, was one in the same.  I think the most surprising part of that reveal was that it is 17 years later and I am still understanding, with total surprise, the enormity of what it is we do, who and what we connect to and live within, thru our journey!

If that didn’t blow my mind enough in this unexpected, sudden change of venue in my meditation, another part of my LBL experience was seeing what it is I do when I am not incarnated.  In my LBL experience, I could see my soul creating energy for the human race and placing it into the earth realm.  My regressionist, also a student, did not expand on that experience at all and that is all I ever understood.  Of course, in 2001, I could never have imagined where my path would take me.  What I would eventually do with any of my travels in meditation or hypnosis as a way of life and income.  I was truly an infant mesmerized by what I was experiencing in meditation and how it was slowly but surely, changing my health and my physical life.

In my bath-time meditation yesterday, I was shown that classroom I was in, with the energy stuff in the LBL experience.  I had always assumed I was the student learning how to assist humanity, never could I have conceived I was the teacher in that setting.  At all, ever!!  I am sure, that thru the 17 years I have walked since then, it did not even matter at all.  I could honestly say, who cares, I am sure, understanding that, would have triggered the Leo pride I had been born with and could have easily approached the rest of my life as arrogant in sharing.

I left my meditation still watching my poor seemingly helpless body entangled in that damn membrane, fighting to get free.  I was left with the feeling of shock… why could I not even touch that energy, help myself.  And why the hell would my team leave me wreathing in turmoil over there???

Ahhhhhhhh!!  The light of a new day and a really good sleep session has me fully understanding it all.  At least enough to allow me to let go of trying to stop what appears to be dysfunctional and embrace what Is.  I MUST thank Charlotte for this understanding, thru her experience in the LBL session.  Because otherwise, I would not understand what I do right now.

I think this is a great time to plug our Conversations with Lisa and Charlotte live video this Friday (tomorrow) at 6pm EST.  We will be talking about her LBL experience and what it means to us!!  Look for the link on the Nations facebook pageas well as my personal facebook page to join the conversation.

Shortly after Charlotte arrived back Home, her group and her went to work.  They helped souls that are getting ready to incarnate on earth repattern their soul energy and then moved them thru a membrane into the earth field.  I was awe struck by her detail and the understanding of how the repatterning works to go from pure soul to a human soul!

This membrane also filters the pure energy of spirit and human and changes the matrix to support the way humans experience their 3D world of matter.  Well… so does that membrane I had been seeing for weeks on the field, but with major major enhancements.  Which makes sense as to why not everyone will go thru the membrane into what I am calling the march energies.  Vibrationally, they are not ready for a more fuller load of pure God energy to come in.  Those that are (and we are plentiful) will be going thru massive acceleration points within their body construct and energy fields.  There will be some (not all) that will be absorbing this membrane into their physical being, changing the DNA thru their body.  And that is when I understood what I was witnessing within my meditation.

When the chemical make up of the body changes, the physical body design seems to attack the changing chemicals, as if there is a foreign invader.  It is doing exactly what it is designed to do.  If we think about storms, they come in to change the energy, the layout of the land (if you will) so too, are these energies that will continue to increase in frequency as we move forward.  If we can think of it like the grunts in a war of change… they are taking the brunt of the battle energy so all the troops behind them can move forward more efficiently.  The development of my psoriasis arthritis is doing just that.  It moves position day by day, sometimes by the hour.  If it didn’t hurt so damn much I would be in full amazement with it instead of miss grumbly!! lol

That membrane thingie also serves to help filter the pure energies I experience thru readings, otherwise, I would truly blow up.

I wanted to share today about the June thru September energy fields as I mentioned in my closing yesterday, but my team is saying I do not understand enough to talk about that yet.  Lets focus on March, a double full moon month.  One is happening tomorrow on the 2nd and the other the 31st.  If you can use it as a double spotlight shining into you, a lot will be revealed for as long as you are NOT carrying your past forward.  You will not see and understand the enormity of the new if you still have the filters of misconceptions of the past with you.

A great meditation to do, now and every now moment thru this month, see yourself in the deepest, darkest space, suspended above earth, with two bright lights shining down onto your body from above at 90 degree angles.  In each meditation the light will shine on different parts of you, for as long as you integrated what was revealed the meditation prior.  If the position of the light means is the same as the day before, dive deeper into understanding.

On that note, enjoy the amazing revelations of March.  It will be like nothing you can imagine!! With that said, my team is asking me to please expand my March special, who am I to argue.  I will not extend it thru the end of the day on March 3rd.  We are brewing up something magical and you are a crucial puzzle piece of understanding!!

Big big (((((HUGZ)))) of illuminated Glory to ALL, thru the ALL!!  I love you!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 28, 2018


Holy rock and roll shows batman!!  The energies in the field are crazy!!!  By the end of my 2nd reading yesterday I felt like I did a 90 minute fast paced workout!!

For the last few weeks there has been this membrane that separates the February energies from the march energies.  It is still there as of yesterday, which kind of surprised me, until we were in class last evening and I suddenly remembered the readings from last week.  A couple of the guides stated that not everyone is going to be released into the March energies.  They never clarified what that really meant, so I must have forgotten about it!!

There is a massive acceleration of all energies coming in thru the March (and beyond) timelines.  Keeping in mind, we use the packages of “months” to isolate particular energies.  It has nothing to do with the month itself, but the way we slice up the energies coming in.  That said, February is where the universe draws a line in the sand.  If there are still unresolved issues within the body, field of life, mental concepts about reality/non reality, I guess the best way to describe it as massive do overs.  Giving those the opportunity to see more clearly, make different choices and so on.

One of the most repeated demands/requirements thru the readings yesterday was, forget all you think you know before moving into March.  Forget everything you are capable of doing, so you enter pure, fresh, unbiased, like that of a child.  You can pick it all back up, if you desire, after you integrate all the new energy enhancements, but do not take any of it there with you, it will dilute what is available to you, in purity.

.Back to the membrane thingie.  What served as a filter between the two energies is now serving as a conductor within the two energy systems (February and March.)  If I am understand the matrix of the overall picture.  The eclipse energies released new emotional quantities (lunar eclipse) and the solar eclipse released creator (solidifying) energies… the only two true building blocks of life.  We had the two weeks after the eclipses to assimilate, and connect, as if we were connecting two wires together in many quadrants in our lives.  Some we do consciously, some at the soul level, but one way or another… it all gets done.

And then we have the equinox energies turning the new “mechanics” on, slowly and purposely.  I want to mention this word that was used thru almost every reading yesterday… mechanics.  The mechanics we use within our biology and our energy fields will change with this equinox magnetic fusion. How, I do not know.  I did everything I knew how to do to really understand what spirit means by the “mechanics” and they were tight lipped about it all.

When it comes to this thing that I have been calling a wall, but it more a filtering membrane so we do not get hit with everything at once, has changed, but changed differently for every single person in yesterdays readings.  One it was a blend of all this amazing multi colored energy, enhancing my lady and preparing her for brand new in comiing energies once she gets into March, that will redefine how she does what she does and more.  They told her (and others, including in class last night) do not take what you think you know into the understanding.  Let any part of what we think we know, what we have used and how, sit in the background, until the new understanding becomes a usable energy.  Then you can pick up what you laid down for integration, but NOT the other way around.

Another lady’s membrane reminded me of swiss cheese that had this white thick foamy stuff coming thru the holes, setting up her foundation to build upon as we open to March.

Another… OMG, the visual was soooooo crazy funny.  This membrane was going down into the ground, releasing itself as an open flow.  My lady was belly over the membrane, head and chest in march, butt and legs in february.  Them they showed her boobs hanging and banging the membrane.  Her whole body and energy field is signaling the strong magnetic energies to start pouring in the nurturing and nourishment her life needs for enrichment!  Talk about the power of breasts!!!

Then my last lady, phew baby baby.  The winds of change were blowing so hard her cheeks were pinned against her ears pret near!!  It was shocking to see and feel!!  Let me give you a little glimpse (minus the outfit of course)


I could see (and feel) the massive tunnel the wind was pour thru.  Because that membrane was preventing her from going into March, her face looked a lot like the gif above.  When I wondered what would happen when march opened up, I sudden seen and felt that membrane start to stretch with her body still in the center, like a sling shot.  Each day the tightness on the sling shot got tighter and tighter and stopped about the 7th day in and then they shut me down from see what happens next!!  Sometimes we get a heads up, but not the details, dammit.  But we did understand that ever part of her life, her energy is being hit with change.

Just a heads up for March, since I just went to and seen it:

MARCH HAS TWO FULL MOONS: Most months only have one full Moon. This month has two: March 2nd and March 31st.  …If this is giving you a sense of déjà vu, that’s because you heard the same news in January 2018. January also had two full Moons, punctuated by a Blue Moon. Two Blue Moons in three months? The last time this happened was almost 20 years ago. In 1999, January and March had two full Moons, separated by a February with no full Moons at all–just like 2018.  (Pay attention if you are experiencing any similar themes from within the last 20 years.)

Another thing that seemed to be focused on thru the readings was the energies from June to September.  But, lets leave that for tomorrows sharing!!

Its a wild wild wild ride.hang on tight and enjoy the show!!

So much love, honor and excitement to and thru the ALL wrapped in ((((HUGZ))))

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Going Beyond the Veil!!


Hi honies, I’m bacckkkk!!  What an amazing adventure into the spirit world this weekend was!!  It is funny to think you (I) have collected all these various tools and most of them are shelved and completely forget the power… the full on empowerment that can come thru them, when used!!

I want to thank Charlotte Phillips for being the first one to knock the rust this particular tool was collecting, off.  She not only knocked the rust off, but made it so much more shiny, needed really, more powerfully understood than the times I was certified and used the Life Between Life hypnosis with others, way back in 2001.  I stopped offering it somewhere in 2004, to me, it was just too long and tedious to continue offering.  I mean really, 3-5 hours in one hypnosis session.  I can be humorously arrogant!!  But, I was a baby then too.

Not only did I see a brand new value in offering this Life Between Life experience, but Charlotte’s counsel of elders pretty much said, this is to be my focus.  After her experience, I will. I understand it’s value so much more now.  Perhaps because I have now been in this awakening game for 18 years instead of 1 and I understand so much more and it allows the person to understand so much more and really get beyond the bullshit of the mind and of others!!!

If you are not familiar with what Life Between Life is, I would highly suggest reading or listening to “Destiny of Souls,”by Michael Newton PhD.  This is his second book on the subject and corrects some of the information that was in his first book.  It takes the hypnosis event beyond where QHHT can take you.

During Charlotte’s 4 hour journey, one of the places we went to was what is refereed to (by Michael Newton in his books) is the counsel of wise elders.  We all have our own counsel, they are beyond our guides and our guides guides and assist in our soul evolution.  We were asking about what is happening on earth, and yes, there is a massive energy already underway, it will continue to roll in and fluctuate, but it was when her counsel, with such deep emotion, an emotion that would be equated to human sadness, said this is not the way (earth) was supposed to go.  It became too lost in the density.  Their sadness, for our pain, hidden in the wall of forgetfulness, or as they say it, the density, was palpable.  I felt it as she released the tears down her cheeks.

When she was out of the experience and talking about the many things she experienced and felt, it was so nice to have the validation of something I have been saying for decades… there is no “how its supposed to be,” it is how the incarnating soul allows it to be!!!  This is what I mean as weeding thru the bullshit.  We come up with concepts and ideas that are just… inaccurate and detracts from our life/soul evolution instead of enhancing it.

It was fascinating to me, to hear her explain what she and her intimate soul group (I think there were 5 or 6 of them) did when she was not incarnated…  she helped souls change their energy matrix and pushed them into the density.  She talked about this membrane that separates the spirit world from the physical world, which I see a lot in readings and now understand even more what it is that I see, and what it means to you.

OMG, she experienced time with what she called the Blue Beings and how they are on the upper part of this membrane helping to bring in the higher energies while those of us on the ground are working to bring them up, all of it causing this membrane… the veil to thin!!

Before we went into the Life Between Life session, we did 3 past life sessions.  My personal reason for doing so many past life regressions in a short period of time, was to acclimate the brain in the hypnotic state and also understanding what suggestions take her deeper into the trance state.  Well, the three (4 if we include the one that happens with the LBL session) helped her understand so much of her current life relationships and their (dysfunctional) entanglement in her life.  The gift!!!  It also allowed to to see, feel and KNOW that after many lifetimes of setting up similar scenarios, she finally accomplished what was needed in this lifetime and has completely moved past all the karmic energies she started with.

On my drive back home from the airport yesterday, holy heavens, her team wrapped me in such waves of gratitude and love.  I knew what this meant to her, I now fully know what it meant to her spiritual team too!!  Thank you!!!! ❤

She and I will talk about her experiences and what it means to humanity as well, this Friday 3/2 at 6 pm EST, in our Conversations with Lisa and Charlotte.  Please join us, be a part of the conversation and ask questions!!!

And now, I must transition my energy field and get ready for the mighty world of readings.  Thank you for blessing my soul growth every single day as you seek your own soul growth thru my skills.  We are a beautiful team and I remain humbled by your magnificence!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) of loving adventures to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas


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I was not going to write today since there is really nothing new to report.  But as I am sitting here drinking my coffee, getting excited for the lady coming in tomorrow for the hypnosis weekend, my team taps me on the shoulder and says, we have something you need to share.  I got excited when I realized it is a meditation for everyone to utilize!!

AS we all know and feel, we are in the midst of a massive fizzy drink on earth.  Energies bouncing all around and thru us.  We are finally coming to the end of this two month system of energy super-flux.  March becomes the stabilizing field for what we have taken in as well as released.  The good ole magnetics of the equinox!!

This will set the pace for our march forward into the June solstice.  Don’t take that to mean there won’t be energetic events between March and June, surely there will be, but the next big dance party of energy starts at the June solstice and rocks on thru the September equinox, pack THREE eclipses in-between the two magnetic poles.


I even found artwork to get your co-creative adventure started.  My team kept showing me a simple bridge with 12 planks on it.  Each plank is going to hold a color and vibration specifically to you.  When the image I found had 13 planks, my team grinned and said of course, the 13th is the outcome, the crossing over into your new reorganized landscape.


Setting it up:  See yourself standing in the void (absolutely nothing around you, only this non colored (bare wood) bridge in front of you.  There will be the same on the other side of the bridge, no-thing at all.  Place both feet on the first plank, stand there as the magnetic energy from that plank connects with the like magnetic field within your body.  You may feel a little tub or spark or nothing at all.  When it is linked up, you will start to see particles of color (more than likely, just one color at a time, but nothing is absolute with meditation) forming on the plank, in the core of your body and thru the airspace around you.

It may look a lot like this image, only add your body to the center of the plank/magnet:




When the particles are no longer visible and the plank is now a stable color frequency (and this has nothing to do with chakras, you may experience colors never before seen) put your hands on the banister as a stabilization cue for your body.  This is your cue to the energies that you are now ready to be locked and loaded with this organized frequency within you.  Do pay attention where you felt the magnetic link up within your body, this will serve as you conscious (since you now know about it) power center.  (And trust me, it can be anywhere in the body, not just within the core.  I am seeing them all over the place in readings.)

Do this same thing with the 12 planks.  Do not think you should do this all in one sitting.  This really should be a 13 meditation event.  One system at a time tuned into and locked and loaded.  Give your body and consciousness assimilation time.  Allow your body to signal you when it is ready for the next magnetic plank.

I am now understanding that each plank is going to activate a new energy in each one of the 12 strands of DNA.  I lean into Kryons understanding of the 12 stands of DNA and what each represent.  I have his understanding laid out in the information portal, Internal body System area (<—or just click the link)

I would highly suggest not even looking at that page until you have finished all 12 planks.  This keeps bias out of the experience.

When you step on the final, 13th plank, you will be a new you.  Enhanced, changed, re-magnetized into a whole new vibrational frequency/harmonic.  Step back and really see the energy of you, the new skin tones, the song come thru the cells of your body.  The new interconnected network of these new, high speed magnetic’s.

Once you are fully connected with this final plank, the new you, the bridge will collapse and you will suddenly be in a field, a dwelling, on the water, where you are is going to be as unique as you are, but it will have everything to do with your next great adventure.

Allow yourself to now sit and talk with this new you, understanding what all has just happened, how you are going to be able to use the new additions in your day to day life.

Please keep assumptions out of the game.  Assume nothing and ask questions.  A lot of questions!!  Go pack frequently!!

I love you all soul much.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of new songs of light to and thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas



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I think the best way I can describe the readings these days, the energies of the field, is like a shaken up soda and each person represents a carbon molecule zooming to the top of the bottle, trying to exist!!  In this case, it would be more existing the energies of February and trying to get into the open fields of March.  But spirit put a lid that!!  Or in this case, a gel like wall.

Things are being shaken up inside and out, our bodies, our lives, our earth and sun!!  There have been serious earthquake activity thru the earth, even Britain had an earthquake this month.  Yellowstone had a swarm of 200 quakes.  Mexico just had a 7.2 and there are so many others, just this month alone.

Indonesia had an amazing display of mother earths might and glory on the 19th:



Mount Sinabung completely blew its top!!  (News story here.)

If you click here, this is a site that gives us any new or ongoing volcanoes for the week.  This week alone, there are 3 new volcanoes and 15 ongoing!!!

Of course, the sun, which is not as obvious a player (but a very important one) is adding to the Febuary energy fest: GEOMAGNETIC UNREST POSSIBLE TOMORROW: Earth’s magnetic field may be disturbed on Feb. 22nd by the glancing passage of a solar wind stream. The gaseous material is flowing from a southern hole in the sun’s atmosphere, now facing our planet. NOAA forecasters say there is a 40% chance of minor G1-classgeomagnetic storms when this stream arrives.  (Taken from spaceweather this morning.)

I did 5 readings yesterday, 4 out of 5 people felt like there were being rolled over by this energy, one of them was doing her best to break thru that wall and get her self into March.  Ain’t happening except thru meditation, your body must go by the timetable laid out for assimilation of these energies.

We were all forewarned last year that 2018 is going to be a year of intensity, in and on the earth and of course, thru each of our bodies and lives.

That said, it is not all torment and torture (lol)  people are riding these massive energies into new lives, new opportunities, and ways of experiencing and expanding their spiritual attributes.  Bob and weave is the name of this crazy game!!

We are going to be seeing/experiencing major electrical upgrades on earth and of course, within our bodies.  The heart and brain run via the electrical currents, some that are unstable, we will see an uptick in cardiac issues and’or mental break downs.

When we were discussing these energies in the Nation i think last week or the week prior, spirit said a new bug/virus will be let loose this year, for the purpose of upgrading/enhancing the garden, and equally weeding it out too.

Can I talk now about the total disorientation with time and days and dates.  I am having the hardest time remembering what day it is, what is on my to-do list for the day or week.  Hell, even managing my money, which I am usually really good with, went awry cuz I thought there were two weeks left in Feb and each week has set of bills that get paid that week with whatever money I have.  Opps… I am a week out of sync with my bills and money and I have no idea how that even happened.  Well, yes I do and so wish I could show you how I see it, words are not accurate enough.

Timelines are just… evaporating, merging, vibrating and stuff.  Just like the shaken up soda can analogy.  Our brains are geared towards time-space and now, becoming a bit unhinged (purposely and believe it or not, slowly.)  You may have the experience where one day you look at the calendar and its the 10th, the next day is the 21st… where the hell did that time go??  It happens at a rate of speed the mind cannot experience, and so it fills in the blanks (days) with its own memories of events stretched out to fill in the gaps.

That said, our best laid plans may go completely kaput.  Take my voice for example.  When it goes out, it is on purpose from my souls agenda, to keep all involved safe.  If the collective I hang with in readings are in a massive timeline shift, I will be voiceless so I do not try and push the energy that is unsee-able, and pretty much, undigestible.

We will experience some calm as we get beyond the eclipse in March, but only in preparation for the massive energies sandwiching us from the June Solstice to the September Equinox, and those three pesky eclipses between it all.

I am going to close on that note!! I feel all bubbly inside (burp,)  And punchy in the humor zone too!! lol

I do want to leave you with the audio from last nights class in the Nation.  It was a review of all the subjects we covered in 2017.   I cannot embed it here on wordpress, so if you go to the Nations blog for today (click here) you can listen to the full audio and even download it.

Every class is recorded and downloadable for all paid members of the Nation.  Remember, your first month is half price and gives you access to everything and participation in all live classes too!!

I love and celebrate each and every one of you, each and every moment of the day, even the missing moments!!  lol

((((HUGZ)))) filled with fizzy bubbles of deLight thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas



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The Bouncing, Intense Energies!!


Sleeping at nights lately have been a rough and bumpy ride for me, others too, I am sure!!  I woke up yesterday feeling like I just came thru the womb again.  The inward pressure on my head was intense and my spine felt like it was curled up all night.  It all dissipated about an hour after waking up, but it was still weird and uncomfortable.

Last night, I couldn’t sleep and when i finally did, I woke up every couple of hours.  I had to check this morning, the sun has to be up to something…. sure enough:

GEOMAGNETIC STORM: Earth has entered a fast-moving stream of solar wind, now blowing almost 600 km/s (1.3 million mph). During the early hours of Feb. 19th, the increasing pressure of the stream triggered a G1-class geomagnetic storm.  …The solar wind stream  is flowing from a hole in the sun’s atmosphere, so wide that Earth should remain inside it for at least another 24 hours.  

This sun energy actually puts into a broader understanding from the only reading I had yesterday.  About 5 minutes before it was time for us to connect, a massive storm system showed up behind me.  All I kept saying was, please don’t let this be mine, I cannot take another storm on top of the ones my body is already experiencing!!  I hate to say it, but I was grateful it was her storm system!!

Her storm system was two fold, something like a rotating hurricane cloud with the center part being like a tornado funnel.  Both opaque and translucent.  The more I looked at it, the more it sort of reminded me of a jelly fish.

No tentacles were involved.  But the top part that rotated clockwise was releasing new energy down into her life system.  What I created in yellow, the thing that reminded me of a tornado funnel, came down around her body to pull up any and all held onto issues.

The next thing I see is her inner child trying to leap over the dividing line between February and Marches energy.  Its not a line but an etheric wall, partly to filter the equinox energy already bouncing around, and to keep us in the here/now to use the energies of February.

Reading down on today’s spaceweather page, this caught my attention, especially in relation to my lady’s jelly fish storm energy:

In 2018, the pendulum is swinging toward a deep minimum expected to reach nadir during the next 2 years. Space weather changes during solar minimum: Cosmic rays increase, Earth’s upper atmosphere cools and shrinks, and auroras may change color

If the upper atmosphere of earth is shrinking during the sun minimum cycle, which is where our higher consciousness resides, it is squeezing energies into every thing on earth.  For those who have unresolved issues, that will be the first thing pulled up.  For those who have resolved their core issues, then the concentrated energy is expanding the biology, changing it and expanding the spiritual attributes all at the same time.  Both sides take working with to accomplish what needs to be accomplished.  Whether its weeding the garden or planting and nurturing the new.

With these biological changes, we may experience food changes too.  My tongue must be going thru some odd growth, it actually burns when I eat ice cream.  Unpleasant!!  I bought a Symphony chocolate bar last week, the first one I had in years and it was no longer that delightful experience I used to love.  I was really disappointed!!  I ate it anyway, of course, but will not be rushing out to get another any time soon.  Pizza, on the other hand, is like flavor overload and I could eat it all day long.  Go figure!! lol

I am going to conclude my typing for this morning.  My hands woke up swollen and filled with ouchies.  Charlotte and I had a really great conversation last evening about these energies, so I will close here.  (The link is the best I can do with embedding the video.  Sorry)


I did get some website work done yesterday.  I have added the next 6 classes (thru the end of March) on our events page:

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with beauty and grace to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 16, 2018

Hang On!! The Ride is Just Beginning!!

wild energies

That solar eclipse yesterday came with super juice!!  Of course, I remained without any sort of voice for the majority of the day, but I was really hoping to have that sudden breakthru that happens occasionally when I actually try and use my voice.  Nope such luck, I barely said hi and bye to my first appointment when suddenly became overwhelmed with dizzy, for close to an hour.  I mean dizzy like I have not experienced before.  I move my head just slightly, and I became disoriented in my sitting space and nauseous.  I could barely stay balanced on my legs when I tried to walk.  With my inner vision I could see strands of white like that looked like they became disrupted by the movement.  Once all that subsided, jezuz… in came heart burn, which lasted, off and on, most of the day, at least, until some of my voice started to return.

At 8 am, my daughter had my grandson to the doctors, he had been running a 103 fever on and off for 24 hours.  He was diagnosed with croup.  I went and picked up the prescription when it was ready and the drive there revealed what happened earlier in my morning (since I was pondering it on my way.)  I was shown a 3 loop spiral of light coming into my crown, hence the dizzy.  This spiral entered the pineal and then radiated outwards to my brains.  The electrical currents of my brain absorbed the light and released what looked like dark gold flecks of energy that went down my core and into my solar plexus area/stomach.  That’s all I got to see and understand on my car ride.

I talked (whispered really lol) to the hospital about my biopsy of the wrist and I was really surprised when the lady read the results as large colonies of strep.  Strep??  I repeated my name and explained it was on the wrist not the throat.  She assured me, yes it was strep, the community kind, AKA MRSA.  She also assured me that 48 hours after taking the antibiotics, I am no longer contagious.  I already kinda figured that since my wrist is almost completely healed now.  Phew!!  Now I can go see my sick grandson.

Poor little dude, we could have been vocal twins.  I didn’t realize that croup was also a vocal chord destabilizer.  It becomes inflamed along with the upper respiratory issues.  I knew instantly it is the Croup of Light running thru him.  It started on the 14th, just like my loss of voice.  Love (V day) and solar eclipses… what a potent combo.  I cannot wait to see how it is going to play out on the field.

Now let me cycle back to my morning yesterday, while the light was rocking my brains.  Even tho I spent most of that hour hanging on to the arms of my chair, the clarity of thought was stunning!!  The first clarity, my vocal chords.  They started blinking in and out of use since 2012, as I went thru menopause.  As it was understood yesterday, it is my strongest spiritual attribute and must go thru many changes as well as be tampered down (shut off) thru intense energy times.  This will continue as we evolve and I continue to choose to be a mouth piece for spirit.

Then my vision flashed to the upcoming Equinox.  The energies will be a doozy of doozies!!  It will be a full three day event, I immediately went to my booking calendar and booked those three days off!!

But wait, all this is just the primer for the summer events!!  I could not believe what I found when I googled eclipses.  We have the summer solstice on June 21st, and then THREE eclipses:

Jul 13, 2018 – Partial Solar Eclipse
Jul 27–28, 2018 — Total Lunar Eclipse
Aug 11, 2018 – Partial Solar Eclipse

My mind boggles and my energy system is looking for an escape route!! I hear at this moment “this will conclude the building of the golden gate bridge.”

Lets not forsake the energies of the earth and sun playing their part.  CME IMPACT SPARKS POLAR AURORAS: Earth’s polar magnetic field is trembling following the apparent impact of a CME around 0800 UT on Feb. 15th.  (My brains started trembling then too lol)  Today on spaceweather: CHANCE OF MAGNETIC STORMS: NOAA forecasters say there is a 55% chance of G1-class geomagnetic storms today as Earth moves through the wake of a passing CME. Boosting the odds of geomagnetic activity is an incoming stream of solar wind. 

The earth is playing her part too, this is just one news alert todayTHE Canary Island of La Palma has been hit by another flurry of earthquakes once again prompting fears the deadly Cumbre Vieja could erupt – just four months after scientists recorded a swarm of more than 200 tremors.

You and I are seeing and understanding the intense and sometimes, adverse affects of these energies within our own self.  As these energies purge the past, there are some stabilized folks not handling it well at all.  Especially our young adults whose nervous system is not fully matured yet and their minds… well, who knows where their minds go.

Out of the clear blue on the 14th, I was suddenly prompted to look at CNN’s website.  I hadn’t been there in months.  My heart broke to see yet another mass shooting at a school.  The 18th school shooting this year alone.

We must be diligent in our observations of those on the breaking point.  Unfortunately, this is a side effect of the energies that cannot be helped, but we can help those in distress, sending energies to their mind, comforting, loving, stabilizing.  Do your very best to stay out of gossip, assumptions and judgement about anything that occurs with individuals or even, groups.

On that note, my day is about to begin.  I sound like a bull frog… but hey, I I can croak thru a reading or 5!! lol

Big big (((HUGZ))) of wild energies and beautiful outcome to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 15, 2018

When the Energies Fester!!

energetics of body

Energy.  That’s a word we use, throw around, lean in and out of.  Energy is affecting us 24/7, just like the air.  Our energy fields, like the air we breathe every moment of our lives, we do not even think about.    Rarely do we do a daily check the air quality of our homes, of our environments, equally the same can be said of the energy environment.

I personally have an air purifier that runs 24/7.  When I used to do my massage energy work, in my therapy office when I knew we were going to digging in and release a persons deep issues, I always had an energy purifier running too.  I would set up industrial size vacuums in every window, (visually and intentionally speaking, obviously not literally lol) and every fleck of a persons energy that vibrated lower than the room setting, was pulled out thru these vacuums so earth can transmute it into new energy.

This past weekend was one of the greatest learning lessons around energy that I have had, I probably can say… ever.  I hope it can shed insight into your personal energy world in some way.

I had my first client come for a Life Between Life Hypnosis weekend.  We start with a couple Past Life Regressions so I can gauge the depth of trance a person allows themselves to surrender to, and enter the past life.  There are many visual cues the hypnotized person displays the deeper they go into hypnosis and once into trance, audio ques as well.  My previous lady had none of it at all.  To the point of crying because she could not let herself let go and relax.

We changed the venue from a hypnosis weekend to an energy work weekend.  She needed energy work to deal the pain body and strength of her mental plane.  My own mind was not expecting this, so I forgot to implement any and every energy measure I take in the space (in this case, my whole house) energy work is being done.  This is as much talking as it is hands on.  Energy comes thru both ways just as strong.

When I start any energy work on a person, it is always at the brain level.  The electrical system of the body.  I could not pick the network of light that keeps up engaged with the higher mind.  I could instantly see why she (her mind) resisted hypnosis.

I pulsed light into her brains until I could see and feel a stable network of light starting to engage the higher frequency synopsis and could feel a stable sensation of heat coming from her crown.

We then went and did some talk therapy for about and hour.  Then back to my bed to check on her brain again.  Right back to where it was before our first session.  WTH??

She really was a super gift in allowing me to witness something I knew, but did not realize the depth of speed the inserted light could leave.

I have always told my clients when I did massage, if you leave this room and do what you have always done, all this work will cease and all the issues restore themselves.  Back then, it was usually 1 to 2 weeks before I seen the person again, not an hour.

We did this three consecutive hours in a row, with the same result.  So, I had my lady flip around so I could have her feet.  I developed what I call, Lisa-exology, my personal version of reflexology.  I can access the entire body thru the feet, in the base tone frequency (what we would call 3D, earth frequency, pick a name lol and we are all earthlings.)

The most shocking thing I had seen thru her feet, that gave full understanding of why her head was not holding and distributing the light I was pulsing in.  In her stomach to chest area, was her head.  She had her mouth open wide at the solar plexus area, drinking in her soul energy.  The soul energy is what keeps our body and minds light, depression and illness free.  Since her head was severed from her neck, the energy coming in dissipated instead of running thru her core.

In this position, with her crown upside down aligning with the lower body instead of the upper body, it does not allow the energy in.  This would be like stringing a piano with guitar strings.  (I am assuming they are two very different types of strings.)

We did many hands on energy sessions. When there was enough energy flowing for the body to actually speak to me, her throat chakra shocked the hell out of me.  I heard so loud and clearly “Frozen Balls” and then, I could see severed testicles just above her throat with a thin layer of ice surrounding them.  I was caught between shocked and laugher… what the freakin hell??  We had to take a break so I could compose myself back to center.  When we got back to hands on energy work, I started at the feet so I could really understand what just happened and why.  A large knight in black armor appeared on the left side of the bed.  This was her in a previous life.  She was so not nice and became known as “the black knight.”  Down her core were 8 frozen testicles.  It was explained these 8 men she castrated in that lifetime are now the antagonists in her current lifetime.  The goal, always, is to return the karmic field to zero.  It is still an ongoing process.

Obviously this position of her head upside down in her belly, allowed for many blocks up and down the spine/core energy flow.  By the end of our time together on Sunday, I decided to do a hands on massage on her core (full back.)  We put a coating of light on the skin and worked a tremendous frequency deep into her muscles and vital energy within the body.

She went home with a lot of homework to do.

We can and really, should seek out others to assist our well Being.  That said, it is not enough just understand a block was released… what block? Where did it originate from, why, that will always reveal how to release once and forever.  That once and forever part, is always on you or the client, not the energy worker.

In my complete forgetfulness of doing energy work, especially at the massage level, I did not put in place my own inner filters.  I have been long out of that game, and I just wanted to help her body and her soul.  A massage therapist always takes the clients energy in thru their body’s, and transmutes the heavier energy’s thru the crown.   Again, knowing this and setting up the needed filters, crucial.  Once I was no longer doing massage, I no longer needed those filters.

At 11 pm Sunday night, my left hand (and only my left hand) was on fire.  When I woke up in the morning, the pain was so intense the air was hurting it.  Large blisters had formed at the wrist and lower palm area:

The one on the palm was a bloody mix, the others just clear ooze.  What the freakin hell happened?  I hurt to much to hear beyond the pain body.  Once I lanced the bloody one, the pain started to reduce itself.  Holy freakin hot pokers from hell batman!!  But, it didn’t stop me from doing my readings, thank god!!  Actually, during readings, even tho I hold my phone with my left hand, it did not hurt at all.  For those doing energy work, this is actually very common.  I remember especially from my massage days, I would have a serious bout of the energy flu in my sinuses, the moment I was with a client in my therapy room, not even a sniffle.  Once the session was over, snot overload!!

This crazy blistering on my wrist really gave me a very personal view of how energy really works as well.  There is one thing to have the visual as a concept, it is a whole other ballgame when it plays our in your physical body.

By the time all five readings were done, I realized I had a hot, inflamed streak moving from my wrist to my elbow.  This is the artwork the ER doc created on my arm, in case the infection spread beyond it and I had to come back:

I called my primary who was able to see me within the hour.  God bless him, he is a PA just out of school and would not even come close to me.  He was befuddled and truly, rose to fear so quickly.  He insisted it is more than likely the MRSA bacteria and I should go to the ER immediately so they can start IV antibiotics and get a CBC result stat.

Whats funny, my body was not feeling the fear he was releasing, but what the hell, whats another big bill in my life!!  I take my confused ass to the ER.  The doc and nurses there could not believe he sent me to the ER.  I explained he thinks its MRSA and I need intimidate IV.  I realized the club of docs will not verbally disagree, but I could tell my ER doc was not in alignment with that thought.  He pretty much put his face in my wrist to take biopsies from the blood blister area and swabs of the fluids.  He never put a mask on, only gloves.  And then drew what looks like a penis on my arm!! lol  It wasn’t until yesterday in my quiet ponderings did I get the correlation between penis and frozen balls!!  Completely on me, because I did not do what I needed to spend a full weekend doing energy work.

He gave me a script for an oral antibiotic and salve that does target the MRSA bacteria, just incase.  He said I wouldn’t have lab results back for three days.  (That should be today.)

Now lets take a look at the energy of bacteria, which develops from energy and again, energy has no bias as to good or bad, needed not needed.  You open it arrives, period.

Bacteria grow to a fixed size and then reproduce through binary fission, a form of asexual reproduction. Under optimal conditions, bacteria can grow and divide extremely rapidly, and bacterial populations can double as quickly as every 9.8 minutes. In cell division, two identical clone daughter cells are produced.

My hand hurt so much, I actually welcomed healing energy from the beautiful people who love and care for me on facebook.  Of course, you cannot show something like this without getting advice on alternative treatments.  If I only had that much money to spend!!

By the time I woke up in the morning, OMG it was like a miracle happened.  My hand did not hurt, the red penis was gone and all the inflammation was at my wrist and palm.  But man oh man, my energy system was off the charts zooming!!  It was close to intoxicating.

Five readings later, I am still energetically zooming and pumped, but now that red streak came back, but much fatter than it was.  Instantly I knew the correlation was with the energy coming into my hand from the amazing souls on the phone.

Energy spreads/moves energy!!  Unlike you and I, there is no bias to it all.  I would prefer it spread out than bundle up!!!

By the end of the day, all the red was gone again.  Fortunately yesterday was a day off.  I was so wide awake with all that energy sent to my arm, I didn’t get to sleep until close to 3 am and up at 6!!

I also realized too, when anyone is giving remedies online.  That energy is actually being sent to the person addressed.  I didn’t need to go buy anything, I had a system overload of, tons of treatment ideas already working on me.  Thanx for that!!

All of that aside, we have a series of powerful energies being released from the lunar and solar eclipses and we are already feeling the energies from the equinox coming up in March.  Designed to change and rearrange every-thing, inside out and outside in.  Let it flow, not build up and fester, physically and/or emotionally!!

Ohhh how I love being the poster girl of what not to do!! lol (yes, complete sarcasm there!)

On that note, I love you all soul much.  I cherish each and everyone of you for all you allow me to learn thru you!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of wonder and awe to and thru the ALL!!

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intense energies

I think we can definitively dub 2018 the year of turbulence.  Inside out, upside down, turbulence.  Every reading yesterday still showed, focused on the intense energies streaming in from the upcoming solar eclipse, the still effective lunar exclipse and might as well spice it up with the solar events (taken from spaceweather,com:)

SOLAR WIND, INCOMING: A stream of high-speed solar wind is expected to reach Earth on Feb. 15th or 16th, possibly causing G1-class geomagnetic storms. The gaseous material is flowing from a hole in the sun’s atmosphere now turning toward our planet.

ACTIVE SUNSPOT AR2699: Sunspot AR2699 is a shape-shifter. Over the weekend it morphed into a quadruple ‘spot, with two new magnetic islands as large as Earth. Rapid changes in the appearance of a sunspot mean one thing: Its magnetic field is changing rapidly as well. Tangled magnetic fields can criss, cross, and explode–a process known as “magnetic reconnection.” Solar flares in the magnetic canopy of AR2699 are likely on Feb. 12th.

I want to spotlight two of the readings from yesterday.  One lady showed up her back to me, and it was as if she was having back surgery from the base of her head to the tailbone.  Right down her spine was open, clamps holding back her skin and streams of golden sun energy moving into her spine between the vertebrates.

From my peering eyes, it looked quite, literal, visually speaking.  I could see her as if she was in surgery, but she was standing up.  Her team explained that the major it this energy is effecting her spinal fluids, which then rise up and merge with the cranial fluids.  I had also seen, post solar eclipse, her team surgically stitching her back/skin back together.  Instead of a continuous stitch, they used single loops, 32 of them to be exact, starting at the neck all the way down to her butt.  It was explained that each one of these loops represented new “cycles” in her life.

The close she got to the equinox in March, all this energy and the loops start to become active/activated.  I could see these loops releasing themselves from her back and started to float, spread out and intermingle with each other.

What really surprised me is she told me (she was a virgin to my field) that she had back surgery a year prior.  And with that information stated: “I wonder what Louise Hay would say about that.”  Instantly my lips stated, it wouldn’t matter because it would not be accurate.  Louise wrote for those in the original body template, where duality played havoc with the mind and body and the emotional field was upside down, vibrationally speaking.  The only way this energy would embed in her is if she was evolving with the new body template and her surgery prepped her for this very time!!

The other lady I want to talk about was an emotional reading, so we dove into her physical body.  She was standing, arms stretched out from the shoulders, and her biceps and triceps were bulging with solar energy and oozing this energy big murky yellowish drips to the ground.  This energy is targeting her reach for life, strengthening her.  Her left knee was open, similar to back surgery lady, part of the skin completely gone (like a brush burn) the other skin pinned back to expose the guts of her knee.  There were these things that looked like cooked white rice, individual, inside her knee matter.  Pure energy restoring and enhancing her flexibility of movement.

Then!!!  Ohhhh my dear good god!!  All I could see is her naked butt twerking like crazy!!  I was going to put a twerking video here for those that do not know what twerking is, ummm… youtube it yourself lol.

Her butt was wiggling and jiggling in my view for the rest of the reading.  Her team explained it is the vibration, and even tho she may not be physically doing this action, it is happening energetically, in rhythm with the intense, enhanced incoming energies thru her body.  Primarily affecting her root and sacral energy centers, her connection to her life and her sense of self within her life.

Once again, actually I think, thru every reading, the March equinox was mentioned, the solidifying event of all this intense energy.  Her team sneaking in a phrase that took me by surprise.  They told her this is all in preparation for her pole shift.  WHAT???  I did not see what that looked like and I sure as hell do not know what the even means to her, to us.  But it became clear many (not all) will be experiencing their personal pole shift.  (All that damm twerking can create earth quakes… so why not a personal pole shift!! lol)

Well, I am going to have to leave you hanging there, my day is about to start!!  Thank you so much for showing up on the field to help us all understand that we are not breaking down, but evolving!!  What a wild wild ride we are on!!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of sun dancing energy to and thru ALL!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas

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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 9, 2018

The Merging of Parallel Lives and the Eclipses.

merging dimenions and eclipses

This has been a crazy week in my body and mind!!  Equally in the multidimensional energy systems period.  Let’s first start with my mind.  Since Monday, I am either waking up clear as a bell and can see forever, or am stuck in a fog bank thick as molasses!!  I woke up the other day (Wed to be exact) and not only had to orient myself to where I was, but what time of day it was as well.  Later that same afternoon, my voice came back.  Granted, I sounded like a squeaky toy, but hey, I was audible beyond the whisper!!  So imagine my surprise when I went to do my first reading yesterday, starving for some soul food, and just like on Monday, the moment i connected to the visual, cough cough cough, threw my voice completely out again.

Let me tell ya, I had a melt down with spirit!!  For a change, that melt down was productive!!  The gave me a running understanding from the early part of January thru now.  The first few weeks were all about earth energies spewing into the atmosphere (via earthquakes, volcanoes, storms) entering every cell of ever DNA on this planet, in preparation for this lunar/solar eclipse cycle we are now in.  The way it was explained to me yesterday, the lunar eclipse is akin to being sandblasted with multidimensional quartz light energy, the solar eclipse, multidimensional diamond energy.  Life is being altered at the DNA level of its infusion.

Right now we are in the middle of both systems. We are doing some heavy lifting in the sleep space.  Going to parallel earths/lives and looking for the pockets of energy where not only we as an individual made a higher choice and turned some serious lights on, but also, where the vast collectives did too, then merging it back into this version of earth.

I like this analogy I am currently seeing to explain this further.  Imagine your life is a pizza pie, divided into 8 slices of pizza.  Each slice is in a different dimension having parallel experiences but making different choices with each experience.  The ingredients on each slice of pizza will be pretty much the same, only arranged completely different on each slice, where the outcome was changed and a new placement was created.

What is happening now, is one of those pizza slices is being plopped on top of the one you see/are living now, with this particular consciousness.  Now the ingredients laying on top of each slice, must merge together to create coherency in the mind upon waking and like everything in the human realm, this is a process over time.  Not a one night deal.

Now, lets say you have a pizza slice that just made every unintentional less than wise choice it could, that slice is not going to be tossed out, it can’t because it is still a part of you, your soul mind and shares information and experiences back and forth at the subconscious level. So now your fuller pizza slice will fold in on it, turning lights on where none had been before.

Let’s take this one major step further.  It was triggered by listening to a video of the Leo King talking about these eclipses and he mentioned something I never thought about “A collective dark night of the soul.”  If you want to listen to his video the link is here:

Now imagine, all these pizza pies (everyone has their own) and the wiser slices is melding into the denser ones in this reality, it would send a collective shock waves thru that particular collective and not the pleasing kind.

I will never forgot one of the first dreams I had entering this path of awakening.  It was as if I was in a house with so many walls and the walls just started melting.  I wrote my mentor at the time and his reply really hit home about what this dream meant… a dissolving reality construct.  Trust me, my dissolving reality construct was hard enough being an avid meditator and having communication not only with like minds, but my own spiritual team.  Imagine those that do not have such a blessing in their lives and their reality is starting to melt down on them!!

Lets take this to a cookey level lol.  Going back to my disorientation upon waking the other day. Let’s say one pizza slice has now become completely irrelevant to your ongoing story of evolution, meaning you harvested all that was needed from that slice.  Now you merge that energy into you, including any and all characters that were living on that slice of pizza with you.  So these folks, most who will never even know you exist, just got merged into your higher field of living.  Again, adding to the collective dark night.

This gives understanding to the people who seemed to have been hit with insomnia of late.  Purposely staying out of this pizza merger, for now.  Either because you have just come out of your wave or will be going into it.

So here we are, pizza mergers, sandblasted quartz and diamond energies into our cells and so many stories/details to tell, to sort out!  Information and understandings will start to blur together.  Example, yesterday you may have been absolutely sure something was true, today, not so sure.  And yet, for some in that questioning facet, the next version of your higher truth may not be fully revealed yet.  Don’t hang on just because there is nothing else or new to grab onto.

Equally, honor the body, the biology going thru all this as well.  Sunday, the day before my voice blew out, it felt like I had a cut (not a sore throat) at the back of my throat.  It was the oddest feeling ever.  If I ate, drank or smoked something, it was as if it was going over a cut, but not ever single time, just enough to have me pay attention.

When my voice blew out on Monday, it felt like glass in my throat.  It actually hurt like hell.  When my voice crept back Wednesday late afternoon, talking was slightly painful, like I had cuts on my vocal chords or throat or something.  Same thing happened yesterday when I attempted to do my first reading.  That is when I received the image of being sandblasted by interdimentional quartz/diamond light, completely altering Life on planet earth.  Not a good thing to gargle with I guess!! lol  Our hologram of Light expression is changing!!

This morning, I have some voice and it is still fragile, but this light aholic is going to try again!!  Today will be the last until Monday.  I have my first Life Between Life Hypnosis client coming for the weekend.  Ohhh do I have questions for her council!  lol

Have an amazing weekend, be gentle with your self while we all have a pizza party together!! lol

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of light mergers to and thru the ALL!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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P.S.  Silly me gave you a link to the promo with the conversation about the dark night of the soul and the golden age of the soul, here is the actual full length conversation.  Sorry about that!!


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