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Energy Release Dec 11th!!

energy release

I find it amazing how important 2019 seems to be for spirit, our evolving souls. There is so much planning taking place, setting up the right environments, places, people and all the intricacies that go with it. As of this past Saturday, everyone is still covered in the black goo, whether partially inside of the dec 5th passageway or all the way out.

There was one gal, the only one I have seen with any sort of color a reading, she had these blue wings at her scapula area as she was flying/laying paralell to the ground. They were flapping at the speed of hummingbird wings and reminded me of tinker bell wings (in shape and size.) They were colored blue, the same blue that I associate with creator (spirit, god…) and I loved her teams reply to my surprise that she had color in her reading. You cannot hide or cover up the creator. Good point!! She was given the wings of the creator to help her navigate the winds of change and navigation that she will need in 2019. I am sure there is more to it, but they are stingy these days with information as 2019 continues to get set up.

There was an interesting twist that happened Saturday too. Two of my ladys, back to back in my reading schedule, both live in San Antonio, Texas. Both were parallel to the ground (one laying on it, the other, my blue winged lady, about 3 feet above it) with their head in the black passageway, the rest of the body out, but again, covered in the black goo. It was explained they were being rewired thru the entire brain construct. When my 2nd lady revealed the same information, I had to ask if it was unique to their area. Yes. Each area is getting a particular energy enhancement for…. whatever 2019 holds for that area.

So we are getting individual rewiring, rewiring that is specific to the landscape we live in, and planetary rewiring. That’s a whole lot of intricacies!!! And that is just what I am aware of!! Who knows what else.

Another interesting tidbit that came thru the readings is, there will be a release of energy on Dec 11th that will start the finishing up of this black goo planning stage. I was kind of surprised to hear and actually see the 11th, because we tend to put our focus on double digits like 12/12. They assured me they made no mistake on the timeline lol.

There was another, important tid-bit of information I forgot to share with my last sharing. When I was talking about the ET connection, it was sooooo challenging to get the communication flowing, like I have never experienced before. Seeing was easy, anything else, took me some time to figure out how to fully receive the information.

From what I understood thru that connection as well as one of the readings on Saturday, there has been a missing (on purpose) energy in this (earth) realm to allow full telepathy to take place. Well, that energy is (slowly) being released into our realm. This has been why it has been so challenging to learn and maintain telepathic communication thru each other.

I think it has something to do with magnetic energy. One of my readings Saturday presented information in a way I have never, very much like they (her team) was using an etch a sketch within the black passageway.

What I am going to include, but don’t fully undertand…. yet… when I think about the energy for the telepathic communication, I keep hearing Prince’s song “Purple Rain.” So I looked up what that song means to him: Prince explained the meaning of “Purple Rain” as follows: “When there’s blood in the sky – red and blue = purple… purple rain pertains to the end of the world and being with the one you love and letting your faith/god guide you through the purple rain.”

The one thing I am absolutely sure of, 2019 is going to be a very interesting year!!

On that note, my day is about to begin. I love you all soul much and then some!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with the magic of black goo!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas


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The Black Goo Coming Out of Dec 5th!!

black goo

Here we are, on the other side of that big event passageway thingie I call December 5th and I am kind of disappointed that instantly we aren’t seeing and understanding in the way I hoped. That said, a tremendous amount of understanding has come thru in every connection about how we and our teams, including our soul, work together.

December 6th and 7th, everyone was still half in and half out this black passageway thingie, except now the black is very gooey and the people I have read for, remain covered in the black substance, even outside of this wedge of energy.

If we can look at this black energy as the final curtain of the last act of the first cycle that started January 2013, now we come into a super sub-cycle that, I believe, starts January 2019. These last few weeks are working out the details.

Keeping in mind, other than black, I could see nothing, no faces, visual details, but the release of information was stunning!!

I had one lady, her soul was so fastidious about the details of what will be experienced in 2019, to the point we would call anal. Detailing things I was not prevvy to, with her guidance team, about the events that must play out in 2019.

I had another lady who’s head was shoved deep into the energy wedge of Dec 5th, looking (from the human/ego aspect) for something that she just could not find. I had another lady, digging at the goo/wall of the inside of the Dec 5th passageway, she too, looking for something within her emotional/spiritual field that she could not find.

With these two in mind (not addressing their team, but looking for the human perception of what they think they want,) not everything we need to experience for our soul growth and evolution, we are going to be passionate about or even, happy about.

Somewhere along the line, we have convinced ourselves, if it does not bring us happiness, its not for us. That attitude has left a lot of pot holes in our evolution journey from the soul realm and those pot holes will be filled in starting in 2019. Instead of seeking happy, just be in gratitude, especially thru any challenges that may (and will) arise.

Keeping in that vain, I had one lady yesterday who really showed us how stubborn we can be as a human species. Again, zero visuals but man a ton of information thru the black.

There is a man who MUST cross her path in 2019, why was not stated. He was/is going in a completely different direction than what their souls need of him. There were three teams (his, my lady’s and her wife) shooting energy into his core, doing all they can to alter his ego will of direction.

I have never realized just how hard our teams work to make sure we experience what we need to (not always, want to) for all involved. My lady’s team did say, if they cannot alter his mind about what he needs to experience in 2019, there remains a back up plan, which equally alters her course.

So, if you are feeling a bit directionless in this stage of our game, that is actually perfect. Don’t try and push a direction until all the details are worked out. Then see what presents itself, I almost want to say, the more you don’t want to do something, that’s probably the direction you need to go in. (Thinking completely of my own self here lol.)

I did have an amazing, altho extremely challenging, ET connection yesterday. Challenging because it seemed to take forever for the communication to flow. I could see him, his massive head (3-4 feet from top to bottom) in explicit detail, yet was challenged at everything else, at first.

These Beings come to hear at the end/start of the 26,000 cycle to do their work. His work is bringing in what I am going to call inter-dimensional dust particles and infusing them into particular rocks and trees. There are 4 mountains being infused right now, one being the Himalayas, I think the other Mt Kilimanjaro (my geography sux, along with knowing names of various landscapes lol and he was not bashful about letting me feel that!!) There are two others that I have no idea which. The only group of trees I know for sure is the redwood forest.

Now he presented something quite interesting, him and his team infuse these inter-dimensional particles into the rocks and trees, it is thru the energy of fire that they are fully released into the atmosphere to be inhaled by the human population for their evolution assistance.

He will help to teach my lady how to infuse what is needed in her landscape of Michigan for a must slower release on a denser population (spiritually speaking.) .

Ha!! Now here is something I never once thought about, but is being presented at this moment. Look to the landscapes on earth that always seem to have something happening (fires, mudslides, earthquakes, volcanoes, ect) these are places where the earth has a high enough vibration for change (hence the earth events.) The more dense (collective conscious wise) an area, the fewer events and more and more (conscious) people are placed there, to assist.

The same can be said for humans too, but not really. Many are finding serious (what we call) health and/or mental) challenges of late, it is because of the changes. The DNA has evolved enough to morph into its next version of itself. The mental processes are high enough to change out the neuro-patterns to higher frequencies.

From decades, if not, lifetimes of healing our emotional field, we have carried forward the thought that if something is uncomfortable, (or, in my own case, downright unpleasant lol) we need to fix or remove it. That is not always the case any longer. We are not all broken, but changing. That said, there is still a huge group of humans on the planet still clearing their emotional closet that created illness in their body and/or mind. Knowing where you are or someone else is, is crucial.

Now, understanding why we were placed where we are and in the condition we are in (again, reflecting on my own crazy life) not always fully knowable at the start. (Me, I am really kinda clueless here lol.)

I have put in 6 different phone calls to my Lung Doc in Texas to please please go over the CT results with me. Not one call back yet. I went to refill my main inhaler (AirDuo) at walmart, only to find the prescription expired last month on my last refill. I called my lung doc and asked for them to call in a refill, they did, thankfully, but when I went to pick it up, the lady at the pharmacy wanted $620!! WTF!!!! At full price it is only (and I say only with a giggle) $120!! How did it go up so much in a month?? Well, seems my Lung doc changed it to Adv-air (god bless the people who have to pay out of pocket every month for that medicine!!!!) I call my lung doc while at the pharmacy, they get it worked out to my usual med, only to find out, its on back order and it could be up to one month before I get this med.

Before anyone emails me, yes I could go to another pharmacy if I had cash in hand. Walmart just started accepting CareCredit so I don’t have to have money to be able to breathe well.

And so I wait… and wonder, WTF is the reason for all this. To see how long I can hold my breath or loose my humor (never)?? lol

On that note, my day is about to begin. My team is asking me to bring out the package special again. There is going to be a lot of change and a lot of adjustments to our field as we move into and thru 2019, so who am I to argue!!

I love and honor each and every one of you, so very much!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with black gooey substance of love and change thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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Healing vs Evolution. Human Will vs Soul Will.


I find it amazing, always, how a release of planetary and inter-dimensional energies can and does affect each person so differently. No two readings have been the same, the visuals and target points so different for each person I have read for, yet, it is the same energies being re;eased throughout the planet.

As I ponder that thought this morning, I am given such a wonderful visual explanation of how. We are all in our own, unique bubble of energy, what I often refer to as your intimate field of creation. In readings, we tend to be looking at the flat aspect of that, but it is a bubble that encircles every person individually on this planet. Once the incoming energy hits that bubble it changes to meet the frequency and needs of the bubble, of each persons energy field. This is what I see as your energy field and how the energies are affecting you. I so love and honor the inelegance and communication ability of energy!!

This energy works with you, with your personal energy field and the desires of the soul and soul growth in material matter. The soul needs to experience itself, thru us, our body and minds, in many different ways and scenarios to achieve whatever it is it has set out to achieve

The incarnate human, on the other hand (finger pointed inwards at myself) does not always understand the full value of what it may be going thru that is experienced adversely.

My own personal body and world has had its share of challenges this year. More than I bargained for really. Truly, more than I want to experience, from the human standpoint, of course.

If we can step away, for a moment, and release the fact we are having this very human experience and see it from the point of view of light.

The entire planet is changing, increasing its light, its frequency, its full potential as a maturing planet. That equally means, all life on this planet MUST change with it as well for it. Not all change is experienced gleefully. Especially when the changes are at the biological level of experience.

Examples; Brian wave patterns are changing with this incoming light. It may appear as we go forward, that many have lost their minds. Indeed, they have. The adverse affects of the enhancement may last the rest of their lives in this incarnation, but there is a positive outcome in its wake that we may never fully understand until we cross over and see it from the truest field of light thru our pure soul eyes and knowing. So much comes thru filtered via our ego, and that is not a bad thing, it is part of the ongoing experience, the evolution of our species.

It is only when we release all of our own biases (good, bad, ext) that we will have full use of our spiritual attributes. This too, is being cleaned up in our plane of existence (earth) by many incarnate souls going thru what can and is preserved as adverse experiences.

What gets really complicated to understand, from the human perspective, is there are so many people still going thru their healing journeys. For these people, any adverse effects underway can be released upon clearing the energy forms that created whatever they are experiencing. Then there are others, taking in this new energy and changing it into its higher form. This cannot be stopped, it has, tho, been delayed.

This is where spirit has said, as we get into 2019, that which we have been avoiding (in experience) will happen. It must for the soul evolution of light on this planet.

I think I finally understand some of the readings since being here in Virginia. When viewing some of the people in 2019, there was an overlay of what I will just call a soul blue print on their fields of 2019, things that the soul MUST experience and cannot be avoided. Along with the creation of our now moments from the mental planes. So human will and soul will, combined together as a full energy. Knowing what you can avoid and what is needed to experience, will get us thru 2019 more easily, or at least, with better attitudes lol. (I’m still working on my attitude lol.)

Here we are, two days out from being squeezed thru the black passageway. It has been interesting with that, I have seen some people go into it and how it affects their energy field. Some squished from all sides, some enhanced by what looks like beams of energy, some so invisible I cannot see them at all. All perfect in accordance with their divine will. I cannot wait to see the outcome on the other side. We have thru the rest of December to acclimate to the new infused us, before we are let loose on a whole new field of adventure called 2019.

On that note… have an amazing today and tomorrow!! I love you all, soul very very much!!

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) infused with light every changing to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas


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Beyond the Passageway of December 5th.


Is time speeding up or what? It is so hard to believe we are closing out another month and soon, another year. This year sure is not ending in a way I foreseen at the start of it!! That is the nature of change tho. The end of this year and even, at least, the first quarter of next year is all about change as well.

Our bodies are changing, our minds and thought forms are changing, our environment is changing. Who and what we are as a species, is changing.

Whatever we want to call these energies that have been coming in steadily since 11/11 will start to be compacted into life itself as we move thru the passage way of December 5th. I have been able to see thru a few of the readings the energies on the other side of that passageway (spirit changed my word doorway into passageway, what the difference is, I have no clue lol.)

The last few weeks of December has all the expanded energy we are receiving now, compressing. The analogy I get is when you have loose dirt on the ground and you take your foot and pat it down. It appears there will be three stages that this energy is patted down deeper as we conclude December. How it affects us, is, as usual, unknown.

That said, when it comes to 2019, things seem to get a bit more strict, spiritually speaking. Again, coming thru a couple of the readings, our soul is here in this plane for its evolution. To truly evolve in the way it needs to, it MUST experience certain things. Until now, its partner, our ego, has had the choice of experiencing that evolution situation, or not. Not any longer. What it needs to experience, it will, it must. For some people, it will be like saving the hardest parts for last.

I was not given a heads up thru any of the readings, what that may mean or look like to anyone. However, I do have my own life to pull from. There is always something to pull from that crazy thing I call my life.

For the first time since I left Virginia in 2010, I have zero finances. I forgot I paid for my website for a year at the same time I paid for webex for a year, and that billed out yesterday. For the second time in a week, my bank account has been over drafted. Money, the lack there of and the abundance there of, has been an ongoing dance in my life. Seems it just stepped up the tempo. That is ok, I have learned to breathe thru the lean times. However, I got an unexpected phone call yesterday from my lung specialists office in Texas yesterday. The lady said my doc wanted to see me today. That’s kind of difficult since I am now in Virginia. So I asked her, did he get the results from my CT scan from the hospital? Her voice dropped and all she said was, yes. I asked her if he could call me (today) and talk to me about the results. All she said was she will ask him, tho I am sure he will.

The very first morning I was in Virginia, instead of looking for a house, I was looking for a new oncologist. I already knew something changed in my lungs from the CT, the ER doc told me to make sure I got up with my lung doc. It’s kind of disheartening when you call various cancer places, explain you have no insurance nor any money, can you see me?? No one even calls back.

It took me two years and a move to New Mexico to find someone willing to look at the thing growing on my back, which ultimately became stage 3c melanoma, without insurance or money. One of the places I tried was here in Virginia to no avail. So here I am, in a similar situation, instead of it being a growth on my back, it is a growth in my lung. This is going to be interesting. The unavoidable challenge!!

On that note, my day of readings is about to begin. I love you all, soul much.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of change and gentle dance moves to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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Current Energy Influx Leads to A black Doorway on Dec 5th.

energy influx

There is nothing more concerning than being a seer who cannot see!! lol I was getting so concerned that I broke my antennas somewhere along the way. I tried readings from my daughters back porch, nadda. All I could hear was the traffic I never noticed before. Then coming to my new house three days in a row, nuttin! I was truly concerned I broke my antennas.

What I didn’t have with my new house was a bond. I barely visited it for an hour at time each visit. I decided I needed to sleep here and fill the house with my energy and feel its. Sure enough, that worked!! I did not do anything special, no ritual, just sleep and tidy up here.

Of course, the way my word always challenges me, my first reading was an ET connection and not a field reading. Man, how do I connect to an ET when I do not even have my reading field set yet. The human in me likes the field set first, but spirit does not care what I like lol.

At first I was confused, my antenna (consciousness) kept getting pulled to the far left and miles away from my back yard. I could see the energy stream I was being pulled thru, but nothing else. Damn, my antennas need glasses now!!

I guess where they took me was to what I will simply call a conjunction box, then pulled me way downwards, beneath the Chesapeake.

I have long realized that underwater bases are very popular with ETs. Their focus is enhancing our water, not cleaning it, but increasing the vibrational frequencies in our waters that we drink, to assist us in our rapid vibrational increases.

I wasn’t sure what to expect setting up the field itself. My backyard to the tree line is only about 10-15 feet from my back porch, a far cry from my backyard in Texas. Keeping in mind too, I have had zero connection or input on what has been happening in the field since I got sick in Texas… weeks!! Weeks in our spiritual evolution is equal to years and lifetimes it seems anymore.

What came thru every reading over the last two days is this interesting, unique to each person, energy that is changing each person from the inside our and the outside in, each in its own way, targeting different areas in different ways thru each person, that started 11/11 and will conclude at the end of 12/4. This energy is having a profound, if not very unpleasant effect on many people, myself included. it is really ramping up our nervous system on so many levels.

Thru every reading there was this this (about 1 foot thick) black (my word) doorway to the right about 10 feet above the ground. We are all rapidly increasing in frequency thru this period. DNA is changing, brainwaves are changing, our nervous systems are changing, all in prep for our next great evolution.

The one thing I am sure of, that thick black door (which is not a door nor a gateway, spirit was pretty adamant about that, we have no name for what it is) will solidify the energetic changes that have taken place thru this energy influx. (They did put a dateline above the door of the 5th. I am grateful that is a Wednesday, a natural day off so I do not have to worry about not seeing!!) And yet, I cannot see what is on the other side, but so many people had heads up about 2019. How can the field be unknowable in December yet knowable in 2019. I will never fully understand this gig we call multidimensional life!!

The one thing I am absolutely sure of, 2019 is the year of change.

Can I just say, I am seriously over change!! Speaking of change, my furniture arrives this Friday or Saturday. I will be so grateful when it gets here, my ass hurts like hell from sitting on this metal folding chair I got from walmart, just to have something to sit on. Ouchies. But for now, I have the essentials. Coffee pot, blow up mattress, card table for my laptop and this chair. I am good, I hurt, but am good!! lol

Amungst the changes is the way we get together on the Nations Tuesday night classes. I forgot to change my email address with webex, I paid a year in advance last year for our meeting place and renewed this past week, which bounced my account. They are refunding me but also suspended my account for a week as well. I do not understand why, but as long as I get my $366 back I don’t care lol. So I am trying Zoom on for size. I do like Zoom a bit. Right now, just due to my financial reconstruction, I can only afford the free account which limits us to 40 minutes per session. Give me a week or two, I will get the paid account to unlimited time together. So sorry for all the inconveniences I have caused everyone thru my own chaos these last few weeks.

Also, as soon as my butt re-inflates, I will be getting an email out to everyone that has not been rescheduled yet from the last couple weeks, to make sure you get on my calendar ASAP. Please forgive my dysfunction. I’ getting squared away, slowly but surely.

I love you all so much, thank you for the much needed drink of Light!!

((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and excitement to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

PS Meet my newest grandson Zachariah Fenix:


zach n me.jpg
val and zach.jpg
Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 18, 2018

Another Personal Update…


Hey there beautiful souls!! First, I am so sorry for the lack of communication, these last several weeks have been chaos on steroids in my world. I cannot remember the last thing I wrote about so forgive me if I am repeating myself.

As anyone who was on my schedule the week prior to leaving Texas knows, I was sick as a dog (where does that expression come from?) I threw everything I knew and had on hand at my lungs, my inhalers, breathing treatments and prednizone and still not the first sign of easy breathing. I had no choice but to take my butt to the ER (with a lot of instance from my kids.) I suppose its a good thing, and not really at the same time. The first ER doc (I was there just as the shifts were changing) ordered a series of blood tests to include to see if I had any clots in my lungs. That test came back off the charts, and the second doc ordered a CT scan with contrast.

Thankfully, no clots in the lungs, which I already felt was the case. However, there was a nodule on my lung my oncologist had been monitoring every year, that my new lung doc insisted was not present. I told my lung doc I needed a CT with contrast instead of the one he ordered, which was without contrast. He insisted I was wrong and he was correct. I will never understand doctors and their need to be right.

My CT scan at the hospital showed that that nodule had changed and got bigger.

There is no time for that stuff. I pushed myself to get my house packed in time for teh movers to load my life up and put it in storage until I found my new home in Virginia.

My pregnant daughter sent her husband to Texas to drive me to Virginia, something I will eternally be grateful for. Along with Linda from the Nation coming up on the last day to help me clean the house on my last day there, I would have never been ready without these two precious souls help!!

My landlord so graciously cut me a check for the refund of my deposit before I left, which gave me my move in money for my next new adventure.

I am so beyond blessed by the people who are in my life. The donations that came in has helped more than I can ever say. I would have been zeroed financially a lot sooner than I am now. Thank you for loving me that much!!!

With Alex driving the whole way, it made it much easier on me. We stopped in the French Quarter of New Orleans because we could. That was awesome. Some seriously weird food is served there lol.

The first thing I tried to do when I got to my daughters house was find a new oncologist. No money and no insurance has made that an impossibility at the moment. I cannot even get call backs to talk about options. So I shelved that concern and took to house hunting.

I do not remember the last time I was so consistently stressed out to the point of cranky irritability almost all day long. Valorie and Alex have bent over backwards to take care of me, making sure my needs are met. I felt so bad displacing Alex to the couch, 6’5” Alex!! He refused to let me sleep there. I tried to do my readings from their house, I never realized how noisy it is. They have a two main roads running at the side and back of their house and all I could hear was traffic (I am so easily distracted.) Not to mention it rained every day since I arrived in Virginia. I tried reading in my car… nope. So more reschedules.

I found the house I wanted instantly, but man we are living in a world of online do everything without a human. The only time I got to see and speak to the realtor was when I gave them the security deposit. Even just looking at the house came with a code for 99 cents. Then an admin fee of $250 (wth is that all about?) but…. I was approved instantly, once I figured out how to get everything uploaded to them.

My furniture is still in Texas and I am hoping will be here sometime this week. It gets loaded on the truck Monday and they will give me an arrival date then.

I did get real internet hooked up yesterday. I now have full comfortable access to my computer (I put the computer table in my car not on the truck and bought a folding chair from walmart. I kinda wish I got one with a cushion lol, but its only a few more days before my stuff gets here and my ass is provided for!! lol

Valorie and Alex had their baby on November 15th, the very same day, 5 years prior, my father found his way Home. Life and death…

The baby, Zachariah Fenix is perfect. I was allowed the privilege of watching the birth and he came out eyes open and did all he could do keep them open and explore his new world. It was so humbling!! He weighed 8 pounds, 2 ounces and a whopping 21.5 inches long, with really big feet!! Daddy’s boy lol.

Zach came home yesterday and I slept at my new place for the first time last night (Alex lent me a blow up mattress.)

Trying to find my center and my way out of the chaos has been much more challenging than I anticipated. I am hoping sleeping here will allow me to bond with my new space and find my new field of connection, which just has not happened yet. But I am more centered today than I have been in weeks. So today and the next few days I will be playing catch up. I have over 500 emails in my inbox (me and my laptop have been estranged until today lol) so please forgive me for the delay in getting everything reorganized and set up to functional again.

I love and miss you all so much. Thank you for bobbing and weaving with me and holding my heart thru all this change. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate each and every one of you.

Big big big (((((HUGZ)))))) filled with gratitude and love!!

Lisa Gawlas

Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 28, 2018

Just a Personal Update…

moving update

I just wanted to make sure I gave everyone an update on what happening in my crazy ass world. I opened up my mouth to say hello to my first appointment on the 20th and started coughing my butt off to the point, my voice left the building… again. It went downhill from there. I finally brought my sorry self to the ER two nights ago, nothing is helping me improve. I have all the meds needed to kick bronchitis to the curb and yet, nothing was helping in any way. Not to mention, this move week, but my physical body moving at all put me into such lung spasms its not even funny. So my week of production is lost on both ends, I have had to reschedule every single reading this week and continue to and the packing that should have been done by now, isn’t.

My ER visit was the best thing I could have done. Not that anything has improved in my lungs since being there, not at all. But, the doctor that seen me for the first 10 minutes I was there, was my angel really. I got there just before shift change and that was my good karma. This doc ordered 5 different blood tests to find out why my meds are not working. What I didn’t realize is that one of the blood tests he ordered was to check on a possibility of a blood clot. Of course, he also ordered a chest x-ray, which came back clear. The blood test for the clot came back off the charts high. By this time there was already a staff change, which gave me a new doc. He poo pooed the blood clot test off, saying he didn’t think that was causing my respiratory distress (which, neither did I really) but ordered a CT scan with contrast. Every cell in my body was doing the happy dance. I wanted my lung specialist to order this for me, instead I got a CT scan without contrast which showed my lungs perfectly clear, in complete contrast to the ongoing CT scans my oncologist had been following with the nodule on my lung.

Well, the ER CT scan shows changes to that nodule and it has become bigger. My respiratory distress is in the upper lungs where that nodule is.

The doc said that the blood clot test might have come back high due to the meds I was already taking. Nah, I’ve been suspecting a clot in my left leg for some time now. He didn’t need to know that tho. I am not dealing with any of this here in Texas, but will the moment I get to Virginia.

I am praying that Virginia gives me state health insurance. Not having insurance is one of the biggest reasons I haven’t pushed my lung doc for more tests. I have spent all my savings, maxed out every credit card I have to get the tests ordered from him and my rheumatologist. Couple that with all the rescheduling I have had to do, not because I am sick but the field is so intensely intense (smile) with changing energies, that it is like a massive perfect storm in my financial sector. So I have had to cut out some things, food, which I don’t have the energy to cook anyway, nor the ability to eat. I take a couple bites of anything and I am full. I have lost 25 pounds in the last 2 months, which I kind of like, but would be better if it was my intention.

I will be putting a call into my lung specialist on Monday. He has done me so wrong, and I am sure, others too. I tried to explain to him on several different appointments about what my oncologist was watching with the CT scans and that the non contrast scan was wrong. He insisted I was wrong. The lack of money and really not wanting to deal with another possible cancer journey, kept my paddles in the river of denial. But I know my body, I know its communication and I buried my head anyway.

I also pay attention to all the messages coming out of the field, especially the ones focused on the energy and how it is affecting our physical biology.

My two kids in Virginia had no idea what was going on with me. I purposely kept them out of my loop this week so not to stress them out, cuz man they stress about me, fast. Until I decided it was getting time to go to the ER, and keeping everyone updated on my progress (or lack there of) on facebook.

My freakin son, when I was simply THINKING about going to the ER had a melt down, called my daughter up the street, called the hospital itself, several times, if he had my physical address, would have called 911 to get my ass to the hospital. The ER nurse to me how upset my son was and so worried and even the nurse gave me hell on waiting so long to come in. Hey, life without insurance… ya know!! That hospital is already suing me for unpaid medical bills.

Then my very pregnant daughter gets on her band wagon, wanting to hire a company to finish my pack out and send her husband here to drive me to Virginia. I have raised the most freakin stubborn kids in the world. Valorie was relentless, as was alex, mostly due to the stress val was now in and her crying cuz she is worried about me. I compromised with them, alex will be flying in to Texas on the evening of the 30th to drive me to Virginia so I don’t have to travel alone. My daughter up the street has avoided helping me for months, emotionally and physically. I am actually now grateful to be going to a world where I am going to have the emotional support I am going to need, in person, if what I feel is happening inside this crazy body of mine, is true.

So I will be on the road as soon as I do the walk thru with my landlord and get my deposit back. I should arrive in Virginia the 1st or 2nd, depending on how well I can sit in a car for long periods of time and if my converter will power up my nebulizer.

That is my update. Please please do not send me a bunch of emails advising this or that mixture or remedy or what to do. I know the place of love you send it from, but it is all overwhelming and just too much. Just send comforting energy as I make my way to Virginia to the next phase of my life’s journey and our adventures together, there!!

Because I am still in respiratory distress, I am going to be sending an email to my folks scheduled tomorrow and Tuesday to reschedule into November. Also, I must go to the airport to pick up Alex Tuesday night, so we will not be having class. I will make this all up to everyone when I get to Virginia. I already have ideas being downloaded, I just don’t have the energy to put anything in motion yet.

I love you all soul much and so appreciate you in my world and your ongoing bobbing and weaving with my scheduling.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of new energy, new life, and the bounty of joyful love to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 20, 2018

The Void and the Moons…


Holy energy systems batman!! I swear these days, I do not know if I am coming, going, upwards or downwards!! I cannot recall the last sunny day here in Texas, it has been a month of rain, which does not help the human energy system called me. lol But, for those concerned, no warning of flooding here around me, that I know of anywayz. Except, of course, the flooding of these energies.

I could not sleep at all the evening of the 15th, which made moving thru the 16th this side of impossible. My brain and body were down for the count. I swear it felt like there was compression happening in my mental planes and the lack of sleep served as a numbing agent. However, I got the best sleep I can remember getting that evening and woke up the 17th fresh as a daisy. The moment I woke up the feeling “today is the day” flooded me. I got most of my kitchen packed up with the energy supply and whatever that feeling was about, I am still a bit clueless. I was soooo looking forward to the readings on Monday, the 18th to see what happened!!

I was soooo disappointed to see nothing, hear nothing on Monday, understand…. nothing. We won’t even talk about the 5 people having to be rescheduled… again!! I was a bit bitchy with spirit and when my day of rescheduling was done, I sat upon my holy couch and let loose with my bitchfest!! Instantly I heard, there is a planetary reboot underway. Why not tell me this in the first place, I could have adjusted my schedule accordingly!! But nooooo…. it was a complete surprise to me. I think I was so frustrated I started to even doubt I heard that correctly, was there really a reboot?

Two hours later, my phone could not connect to the internet nor place a phone call at all. Not even 611 to ask Verizon what happened. I remembered a couple months ago one of their satellites completely crashed and Texas lost data connection for hours, must have happened again. 2 hours into waiting for it to get restored, I drove to my daughters to leach some wifi and call them. Nope, it was all me. I fell off the server and they had to do an individual reset, a reboot to connect to their system.

Yeah, I got it!! But not as clearly as I did yesterday!!

Thank god I was able to see and hear and do what I do all day yesterday. What surprised me the most was how different each person was. I want to make everything linear, according to calendar dates, even when spirit keeps saying we are out of time and everything now is a frequency event, not a date on the calendar event.

So some people are just entering the blackout/void period, others are walking towards the completion of this new/full moon sandwich, which I am so glad we got to see and understand thru the first two readings. I had no clue what would be revealed this week considering this void place is merging together the full moon energies of the first quarter 2019 blueprints and the new moon the last quarter 2018 blueprints and yet we still have days before we go beyond the actual full moon.

I think the best image to help us fully undertand this moment coming into the full moon is one of my ladies had all these wires coming down into her brain. The wiring were color coded blue and red and there were hundreds of them. Her team kept showing me the color coding of electrical wires and explained that the red and blue are in relationship to that. Well, what the hell is that? I am not an electrician!! lol So here, I looked it up: Electricians often use black,red or blue wires to deliver electricity to a circuit from the main panel.

What was explained that the electricity was being enhanced depending on her thoughts and emotional output, as well as her ongoing choices thru any given moment.

Directly in front of her were three different paths that she is currently choosing to experience. The middle path was silver, all about her physical life, the one to my right was gold, all about her spiritual growth and the one to my left was white, experiencing opportunities she had been avoiding to give her new growth. One was not better or worse than the other and it was eventually revealed that by the end of this quarter, the three should merge together as one. Emphasis on should… just because we are presented with opportunities for growth, does not mean we always take them.

One of my ladies was sitting in her center, in what looked like a computer chair, spinning around and around like crazy. Every now and then she would pause at the 10 o’clock position for a moment, then spin again, pause again, spin again. It took us a while, but we figured out that something from her past (she knew exactly what) was preventing her from moving forward. She needed to go into that position and understand the karmic energy that is preventing forward movement.

Her team kept showing us a small tree branch being snapped in half, something broken that prevents the opening of forward movement. Again, she knew exactly what that was and will be clearing her karmic closet to clear her way.

Well, my day is about to being, so I will leave off there until next time!! I love you all soul much!!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) of change to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 13, 2018

Super Blueprints Coming and Using Our Quantum Mind!


Here we are, pulling in energies from two separate systems, the new moon and the full moon as we all get ready to hit the blackout/void area of the 16th and 17th. From what I am seeing and understanding from the readings, this 48 hour wedge of energy in our fields, serve to conjoin or make one, the two different systems. Keeping in mind that the new moon is pulling in all the blueprints from the last quarter of 2018 and the new moon, the higher frequency energies and blueprints from the first quarter of 2019. I was able to peek the two coming together like a brand new super diagram.

As I started to see this in some of the readings, of course my big question becomes, well, if this merger happened before the full moon even happens, what can we anticipate during the full moon. The collective reply is I am looking at all this with my linear mind and really need to see it with my quantum mind, where time and space do not exist. For as much as I use that quantum mind, this task as we walk day to day, kinda difficult for me at the moment!! Perhaps that will be my learning curve as we exist this black out time.

I have also noticed in this weeks readings, a few people that really need to release their hold on, well, hard to put into words. I want to say the past, but their past is also their present experience. Putting major change into play may be best to describe. Whether it is moving to a new physical place, better aligned with your personal energy field, new relationships or even, just opening your mouth and expressing in new, higher ways.

With this higher expression, a constant has been coming thru the a few people this last few weeks. We have a tendency to not want to contradict or oppose someone else’s ideas of what is. Yet, that is the most important thing we can do now. If a light is never shed, how would anyone be moved from their comfort zone of understanding?

Keeping in mind the storm system Michael, the new and higher truths MUST be released. The old stories washed out to sea.

I did an ET connection last week that kind of blew my mind. The ETs were from a place known as Atlantia and much of their history became interwoven in ours, making our stories and even memories untrue. Untrue only that a lot did not happen at the earth plane. And yet, there were cataclysms here as they happened there, too. When we start to expand our sight, our quantum sight, we will see a direct correlation with events in other realms and events here. The linear mind cannot differentiate one place from another, but the quantum mind, will!!

There are so many humans now intimately connected with their friends from the stars, if you participate with them, see where there are disturbances happening in the outer realms, you will get a heads up of what is coming into experience in this realm.

If I am understanding this whole thing correctly, this last quarter is time for movement in all sectors. Change at its greatest. Change with our full on participation!!

I am doing my part!! lol Virginia here I come…. again!! lol

On that note, the next phase of my day begins. I love you all so much and I cannot thank you enough for holding my hand, my heart, my soul within yours as I change again!! May I serve you just as deeply!!

(((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))) of grandness and change to and thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas


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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 11, 2018

A Blackout of Converging Energy Coming on the 16th, 17th.

new and full moon energies

Houston, we finally are ready for take off!! But not too far a flight! lol We are finally in the back yard, at the ground level of field experience!! It has been since the end of the last eclipse in August that any of the readings were directly in the back yard, directly in your personal field of life. We have been gathering and assimilating all kinds of new energy between August and now. That said, there is still a lot of things coming together in each persons field, so much so, I may need a few days to really understand this part of our evolution. Then again, we are between two systems again. The new moon, which takes in (or is that let out) the energies of this last quarter of 2018 and the full moon which brings in the energies of the first quarter of 2019.

As we were talking about these moons in the Nations Tuesdays class, our teams let it out that between these two systems will be a “black out.”

the moons.jpg

My handy dandy humble artwork gives you the same visual I received thru class. The black is the new moon of Oct 8th and the white is the full moon of Oct 24th. The magnetic energies are already stretching out to converge in the middle, that black out time on the 16th and 17th.

Of course, the moment I heard we are coming into a black out, I had a melt down. I have a full schedule on the 16th, thankfully the 17th is my day off. I was called out by spirit (as I always am lol) I bitch when they do not give us a heads up on dates we will not be able to see, and I bitch when they give us a heads up. I am just a bitch I guess lol.

One of the readings talked about the energies coming form Hurricane Michael!! I couple what was shared thru my mans reading and all the profound energy reconstruction that took place in the ET class we are doing, it is all connected and so purposeful that this storm system came in as a cat 4, 2 mph below a cat 5. I had no idea about its strength until last night.

It was explained thru my mans reading that it is purposefully named Michael to be associated with the energy of truth and protection in that truth. Of course, we know that angels as we invented them, do not exist in spirit, but the collective attributes do. With Michael, the attributes are truth and protection. That entire energy is a part of this hurricane system, clearing out the lies that have been laying around for eons, clearing out debris fields of forgotten lies that still are affecting the many lower collectives (what we call the fear collectives.)

It is not by accident this storm formed and released itself from the gulf of mexico, there is a large ET base at the bottom of the gulf.

At this moment, Michael appears to be exiting land thru Virginia Beach and going back into the gulf (always subject to change.) Here is a link to its path, but also, if you pan out, there are a couple other systems to the left and right of it, developing. Clear Virginia up before I get there, please!! lol

Speaking of… I have ordered my packing supplies, booked a mover and sitting here doing all I can to not panic. Why is it, that each time I was moved to move, it was always at the end of my financial rope. When I left Virginia in 2010, I had nothing at all to move with except $200 for gas, which of course, changed by the day I left thanx to my son throwing me a goodbye party. When I moved from New Mexico to Florida, I wasn’t in as bad a financial shape and sold everything I owned to get to my mother. The biggest common denominator thru those two and this experience of moving on a dime, is you. Thank you so much in getting me this far in preparation. My daughter is buying my riding lawn mower, so she will cover the next payment of the movers (paid in thirds of $500 each third, the last third on delivery.) Ohhh the adventures of life and trust. Now if I can only manifest a magic carpet to float me to Virginia, that would be freakin awesome!! lol

Anyway, my day is about to begin its next phase. Thank you for Being and Doing all that you have done and will do in the days, months, years to come for this amazing place we call, life on earth!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of deep and never ending gratitude filled with Love to and thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

All take and no give is just unacceptable for me. So I am doing the 50% off special again thru the 13th. Thank you so much for helping me thru these intense changes, again!!! More (((HUGZ))))


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