Have I told you lately just how much I love you and appreciate you and the knowledge of light and daily news you bring from the heavens downwards everyday!!??  What I am going to share today I had every intention of putting into a video yesterday, until my feet realized the yard has become overrun with fire ants.  OUCHIES!!  I have been trying on my own to remove their growing colonies from the yard (my personal backyard) but their will to live where they are not welcome, is stronger than my will to remove them.  I hired a pest company to come in and help us!!!  They arrive Thursday!!

Speaking of pests, my virus devastated computer should be finished and come back home today.  I appreciate the use of my daughters computer in its absence, but these sticky keys create more work and time spent than I have to give.

I know exactly where the viruses came from too.  We were adding a facebook extension to google chrome that would allow one click in inviting all my facebook contacts to like the Nations page.  I inadvertently clicked on and downloaded something that was not that and my computer went downhill from that moment forward.  Just trying to my make life easier and more efficient ended up costing me much more in time and money.  Lesson learned!!!

If I step back for a moment and just look at the swelling energies I am dealing with that bloomed thru July… the fire ant invasion, the virus downloads, not to mention the complete collapse of the energy bridge that was formed between my house and the Nations retreat center, gives us all a bird’s eye view of spirits adamance thru June of “take no prisoners.”  We have one week left before the wringers of the 8/8 solidify us into our new expanded life fields, clear all invasive energies from your personal fields!!!

Speaking of going thru the wringers lol, my antennas have been in the shop on Friday and then again, yesterday.  I know it is due to the overlapping, intensifying energies of August mixing, clearing and enhancing the July’s departing energies.  Saturday tho, was filled with amazing clear views.

One reading on Saturday, rescheduled from Friday, is with a lady who is going to be at the Into the Void workshop and even in my inability to connect with her Friday, I did keep getting a message that she is gatekeeper before our phone call.

I knew that part of the downtime for my antennas was enhancing my ability to feel, see an understand the higher fields we moved into.  Sure enough, Saturday was like hitting a new mountain peak.

Because my typing is spent backspacing more than flowing with the energies, I am going to save the build up and go straight to the outcome of her reading and what we need to understand thru it.

She was working with all the oceans/seas on earth, raising the vibrations of the waters from bottom of the oceans.  Infusing all the waters with a hybrid energy that is a cross between crystalline and diamond energies.

In the work she is doing, she is releasing the toxicity of negative emotions, negative energies that have invaded our waters and hold the dense fields of the 4th dimension together.  This is allowing for the evaporation then release via rain, of the new hybrid energies to come back down to earth and spread across the lands and into the lesser waterways of earth.

When I tried to access what she was a gatekeeper of…. her team simply said it is enough to know she is right now and the understand will come with time.  The energy patterns of the entire planet are changing rapidly now that even the various gatekeepers of the past are becoming unemployed as that much-needed system collapses and gives birth to the new.  The only true way to understand the job at hand is to work with it at inception.  Which is what she is doing.

With this understanding I get an analogy of the first weeks or even months of pregnancy.  Yes, we know a child is within, but have no idea of the facial features, nervous system attributes, what he or she will be like after birth, we just know a baby is forming.  Same here for all of us.  If we think we know something, it is simply remnants of the past that must be released.  That child grew into old age and has passed on.

Speaking of thinking I know something!! lol I knew creating the Nation’s classes would teach me new things I had not understood before.  Truly, I anticipated this expanded education to come down the road, in the topics less familiar to what I have taught over the last 15 years.  Nope!!  Day 1, class 1… freakin meditation class and especially the Well Being class.  These two topics (along with Kundalini power) are so intimately woven together that they really become inseparable in their totality.  Yes, we can go thru life without one or the other, just like we can go thru life with only one leg instead of two and depend on outside constructs (crutches or prosthetic) to keep us moving thru life.  Unlike leg loss, which is usually a life saving choice, to un-thread or keep this triad separate, is not wise.

This Saturday in teaching (learning) from the Well Being class just set me a reeling in holy freakin shit land!  The subject we moved into was the magnetic fields of the mind and heart.

glitterAs I was explaining first about the magnetic field of the mind, for the first time ever (and I have taught this subject a lot over the decades) I could see, originating from our pineal gland at the base of our brain, what I can only refer to as a glitter field and spreading outwards in a 360 degree circumference. These tiny specs of energy, of magnetic energy moving outwards into the field of matter, searching for a like energy for whatever is going on in your mind that has an emotional charge connected to it.

silk thread backgroundThe magnetic field of the heart however, was like the most beautiful and sturdy silk strings, when in harmony with the outgoing messages/thoughts of the mental plane.  The colors of the silk were intermingled with each other.  This was the only photo I could find of silk threads straight out.

When we are in stress, or judgement, or condemnation of ourselves or others, then the mental magnetic field interplays with the heart string magnetics and we end up with something that looks like this:


Now here is where everything became so surprising to me.  Because I guess I have always thought of the field of life bringing to us, our created reality every day.  Not even close.  We can look at the field of life, all of it, as a super store.  It is just there!!!

It is OUR MINDS and only our minds, that go out into the super store of life, latch into whatever vibration we are sending out, matches up the frequency and events, and pulls those items from the shelf of life back as our ongoing experience.

If that was not enough to blow my well conceived mind, this next tidbit left me in preconceived smithereens.

The mind itself, is incapable of emotion.  I suppose, I really did known this (as I am being reminded right now lol) but not like this.  In teaching meditation and the validation process that can be instant in meditation comes from the feeling centers.  The mind/ego is incapable of replicating emotion, positive emotion.  What I assumed, but is not true at all, is it is only capable of the negative emotions.  It’s not capable of any emotion at all.

So when I (and many others) say the field of life has no bias, well that is true to the degree that the items on any store shelf has no cares at all about who it goes home with.  The mind, the ego itself, equally has no bias.  It takes every cue of its creation, of its magnetic field, from the emotions of the heart.

gEdispAve68EnergyTotalFB_P7vP8Let’s take a place i had been intimate with for 30 years of my life, depression.  Now lets use this artwork that I am inserting here to be those silk threads of magnetic frequency.

Let’s say, in your mind’s eye you are having an internal argument.  Doesn’t matter with what or who, just that it is happening up in your mental construct and the heart energy is anger, bitter, whatever.  The way I had seen it, those flecks of glitter now become waterlogged, soggy, heavy and bellows own onto the heart field, creating a depression in the heart field.  Grabbing at the lower density life shelf for your creation purposes.  The ego mind does not care.  It was not designed to care.

The very moment (ok, there is a 10 minute lag now, as oppose to lifetimes just a few decades ago) you change your emotional interaction with whatever is happening in your mind, you change the magnetic pull back into your life.  Example, lets say you suddenly realize the toxic emotion you are engaging with and decide to find a resolution in your heart.  And now you hug that situation, honor it for what it is teaching you and then send it on its way, never to return in the same way again.  The heavy, emotionally waterlogged glitter is restored back to health and new shelf pickings.

This is how the body breaks down too.  My weight of depression went all the way down into my solar plexus, creating gallbladder disease and when that was removed, ulcers and G.E.R.D.  Six months after entering the deep end of my bathtub, my solar plexus issues released themselves without a trace… 16 years and counting.

Actually, I do believe I can tie this in with my gatekeeper lady, because I suddenly see it!!  There are magnetic pathways in our oceans that are changing, especially in he places where lets say the pacific merges with the Atlantic.  The merger points.  This must equally affect our fields of magnetic flow, everyone’s on earth, not just those who are conscious of their own magnetic’s.  This is going to reduce the 10 minute window down to 9, then 8, then 7… and so on as we cruise to the Sept equinox.

At this moment, there is a lot of warfare (literally) being housed beneath our earth’s waters, toxic spills, toxic energy…. all allowed until this point.

Thru one of the readings on Saturday, I could see this highfalutin crystal/diamond energy increase, taking the whole vibration of light on earth even higher than I originally seen thru the 8/8.  It continues to move higher thru August 15th, then starts condensing itself. Super concentrating itself.  What happens there, I have no idea yet!!  But I do find it interesting that I will board a plane that morning and remain in the skies until the 16th (save a small layover in Chicago) as I head to Scotland.

Before I close and on a completely separate note… sort of.  Since I didn’t write a blog yesterday and do as little as possible on this computer, I took to youtube and found a recording put out by Barbara Marciniak as she channeled the Pleiadians.  It’s the title that caught my attention:  Barbara Marciniak 2017 – YOU MUST BE CAREFUL THIS AUGUST!!!

Since the recording is an hour and a half long, I skimmed thru it (too long for my attention span lol.)  Somewhere towards the end, the Pleiadians were saying what I had just said in my last blog, only they went much deeper.  The internet and all these social media things, took us away from in person interaction and have created a deeper separation than ever before.  We are being asked to reunite once again, at the ground level of Life.  For me to hear that yesterday, was essential really.  I have been toying with closing the retreat at the end of Sept.  I have lost the entire month of July in bringing in any additional revenues and now will lose a part of August as well… not to mention my 2 week adventure in Scotland on top of it all.  From today’s vantage point of my mind, I will have given all I had to give to the Retreat Center and I personally will be in a very unpleasant void with holding it together.  That said, hearing those words thru that channeling… and already knowing how vital it is for us to be in the same space together… I sure as hell do not know how I will hold it all together, but my commitment is stronger now than ever before!!  Thanx Barb!! 😉

Enjoy this very last day of July.  Do whatever it takes to make sure your silk threads of the heart are straight and clear!!!

BTW, the guy I wrote about the other day, that was with the King and AA Michaels sword sent me this video with this note…. freakin awesome Sir James!! “This is a video that I created based on my interpretation of your blogs and our reading. I hope you enjoy it.”



Big big ((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and even… intense excitement thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 29, 2017

Abundant VS Non Abundant is All-Ways Your Creation!


Yesterday did not unfold like I had scheduled it to unfold!!  I had readings to do and instead, from the moment I published yesterdays blogs, major downloads started coming in to the point of almost being immobile from the energies.  As I attempted to do my first reading, even as the phone was ringing, I got a visual of a large, thick gauze over my forehead, my 3rd energy was covered from reading the field.  I can honestly say, I have never been so deeply triggered as I was yesterday writing the last bit in my blog about the workshop in September and everything else I wrote about yesterday.  Some parts I fully understood, most was pure energy without conscious awareness of what coming in.

These downloads lasted until the sun went down.  But I also noticed something important for all of us to understand.  I pretty much live on my back porch.  It’s where my office is, where I do the readings and anything computer related.  I am almost always by myself, it’s too damn hot for any sane person to sit out here longer than a moment.   But I do.  Truly, because i smoke out here.

Anytime I walked in the house, the downloads stopped, I come back outside, they are in full swing again.  I already knew the energy inside the house was not conducive to the energies I must reach and maintain in order to do what I do, I did not realize this applies to the particular download streams too.  It now makes so much sense as to why when I attempt a bath meditation, I can get an opening visual, but then it collapses and I cannot get back there.  I have used up my personal frequency and then it is subject to the frequency of the house/environment.

I say all that to help us all become aware, if you are struggling with connection, with working your energies the way you know you can, but can’t.  It may not be you but the environment in which you are attempting to do so.  The same thing is happening at the Retreat center, the energy that was there, gone, completely gone.  So I remain on the back porch for now.  That collapse is completely on me.  I went against my teams guidance just to keep harmony in the outside world called my life.  I think we can all sell off a piece of our soul to try and keep everyone happy and then wonder why things have gotten so difficult.

In these energies, as we have been saying for months, there is no mercy, no forgiveness in going against your own guidance system.  Let’s take that one step further, as I hear it now, there is also no mercy for not being fully engaged with your inner guidance system.

The way we see, experience and talk about our life, creates a lot.  I was reading a gofundme article about a 4 year old who got mauled by a neighbors dog, and I opened up the go fund me app and had this instant thought “I don’t have much but I will give you something.”  Instantly, I was remanded with new words, coupled with new true energy to cover that negligent thought up, “I have so much and I will share some of that with you.”

 We tend to gauge our whole life according to what we have in the bank.  Our bank account is simply a constantly moving reflection of our whole life.  When our cash flow is not reflecting our abundantly created life, then we need to look to where we have stagnated our own energy, our own movement and change it.

On the opposite spectrum, some people have plenty of money coming in but not a whole lot of internal joy and connection.  Nothing is ever a one way street.

Spirit will do all it can to push us out of our comfort zones, our stagnation areas.  It is our jobs to move with the pushing.  To want out of stagnation more than we are willing to stay in that place.

All of this came thru the massive processing I was in yesterday as I am hearing and seeing the special gifts that are coming in to the members of the Nation of Lights.  To those members who are willing to put a brick in the emerging wall month after month.  To steady its birth, sturdy the life coming thru it.  To enlarge the territory of Life in Life, consciously.

I can argue quite well with my team, hell, with God himself (I am not a passive player even in incoming guidance!! lol)  As these downloads started in visuals, and I could see spirit running very particular spiritual gifts thru our meetings every week, I instantly thought about the many emails I have received since the Nation’s launched.. the emails saying I want to join but have no money and trust me, I have to sit on my hands not to just give people free access.  As my team consistently reminds me, go ahead try building a house and not pay any of the contractors, the house collapses before it ever sees reality.  We all live in an amazingly abundant world, except those who cannot see it.  Who has resigned to the stagnation of un-abundancey.  A personal choice that is completely allowed and at this changing energy time on earth, will not be interfered with, except y you and your personal actions to change it all.

We have little to no conscious memories of what it took to build maintain what we know as the Essene community.  Not only to build it as a physical construct, but to maintain the purest of energies within it.  They kicked more people out than they ever let in.  But history does not look to that.  For the most part, history see’s nothing but the guy we know as Jesus.  Much more came out of that community than just the likes of Jesus.  Much, much more.

In the downloads yesterday, coupled with the Into the Void workshop and the sword I talked about in yesterday’s blog.  I posted some details on the Nation’s facebook page so I would not forget the exact details.  I am grateful I did that, I know my over crowded memory.  So let me share that then extract from it:

We will be instructed by the Extraterrestrial Counsel of Ascending Light thru the entire event. Acturians, Pleiadians, Sirians and others. Each in physical attendance will be fashioned with their own unique Sword of energy (encoded in a crystal each participant will receive at arrival.) The engraving will take place during the void and the release of  it’s energy thru the reaping of energy thru the eclipse onward.  This crystal will remain your lifetime partner and will go thru constant upgrades as the energies shift.

Just for the record, they not ever refer to themselves as extraterrestrial, but added that word for our understanding.  I was instability reminded of the hypnosis with the guardians, session three “Welcome Home” session (all of which is available to paid members under the meditation part of the carousel.)  The end of that session is around a pyramid with each persons ET connection behind them.

In talking (since i could not read) with one of the lady’s that will be at the Void workshop, I could see her crystal already being infused.  Her team called her a “gate keeper” but not any like we are familiar with to date.  The energy’s of the past are releasing themselves, so the gateways that once needed guard, dissolving as new ones opened up in the higher frequencies.  It was explained to her, that she will be given much deeper instruction at the event, since not one of us can conceive right now. the energetic landscape that is currently building.

It was also explained that “boots on the ground” is where the truest spiritual power lays.  Altho the internet has been a huge catalyst to bring us together consciously, it is also allowing for distance to remain.  I was shown a visual of a light bulb burning in Australia and one burning here in the USA, from above the earths plane, yes you can see the energy stream of light flowing out and connecting, but more like a night-light.  When those same lights are standing on the ground, side by side, it becomes like a halogen flood light. The earth, the humans and spirit/god are Present as One.  And where the true rebuilding must be done from.

Of course, spirit has been saying for the last two years, it is time to come together at the ground level of creation to create.  They were not joking!! lol

Back to my conversation and these crystals.  There will be 12 fully infused crystals as move into the void.  One will house the gatekeeper energy, one the energy from Michael’s sword, and then 10 other frequencies too.  I received no clarity on what those other qualities will be, and this morning I hear that I will not know until I meet (in person) the person who activates what is (going to be or will be) stored.  I was also told, this could take years.  It doesn’t have to, but can.

The 12 tribes and the musical frequencies within each tribe.  The hunt is on!! lol (That is a quote.)

There is so much more, but… this sitting on my hands is becoming oddly common place.  “We share what needs to be shared to motivate the All, and save the fine wines for the class events.  Put your cup out, it will be filled.”

 Before I end this, I am declaring my commitment out loud here to do my first full Nation of Lights Energy Recap on Sunday.  This will be a weekly event published on the Nations youtube channel.  This is wayyyyy out of my comfort zone and have been resisting it for weeks now.  It is actually watching The Leo King and his Pleiadian Summer message that got me off my resistance track and really seeing the value thru him, in physical expression (and not just the typed out words.)  You will keep getting both.  This will be in addition to my blog and both with ALL-WAYS remain my give back to the ALL (hear that as, free lol.)

Lisa Galwas

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Also, Any paid membership in the Nation receives one free 15 minute reading!!!  Two days left here as well.  Hopefully the link to schedule the free reading is in the Nation’s confirmation email, if not, just hit up the reschedule zone please and let us know.  We are tweaking as fast as we can!!  Just click here:

We now offer a weekly membership.

You can use this lower fee ongoing or just come explore once a month.  Remember, all classes and sessions will be in a video/audio library so you can participate when you can.  I pray this helps those who have been feeling left out.  The information is detailed here:






Before I start this sharing that I was chomping at the bit to write ever since the last reading yesterday, let me warn you that you may see above average typos in today’s sharing.  My computer has viruses and is at the Dr’s and I am using my daughters laptop and the keys stick like crazy.  I won’t have mine back til Monday.

First I want to share a surprising tidbit about this 8/8 wringer washer lionsgate energy that surprised me.  Not everything is going to make it thru the wringer.  This was made crystal clear the last two days of readings as some people hung onto old energies, be it relationships, thoughts, even, places as well.  Anything solid in the density of separation and hate, will be left behind on this side of the 8/8.  Which I guess makes sense as i remember the grape juice lady squirting her juices to those on this side of the lionsgate and just her skin went thru the wringer.  Hold onto nothing!!!

Due to my constant backspacing today, I am going to focus on the last two readings of yesterday.  Their information stayed with me thru this moment!!

I reconnected with a man I had not read for for a few years as his life took him in out of life for a few years.  He went to prison for teaching people how to break out of the matrix, more or less.  Thru his reading, his team said it did not matter what he did or did not do, his path was always leading to that place anywayz, partly to burn off karma from a lifetime long ago and especially to meet this one man there that was in that karmic exchange too.

Like my daughter, he used this time for the greatest clearing and exchange of wisdom.

castle wallsHis reading opened up with what looked like a castle wall around him.  This wall had the cut outs at the top like the photo on the left and was completely circular as he stood in the middle.  It connected his reading to a lifetime that he lived in 1252.  He was being taught something by the king in that timeline, who was also the man he had to meet in prison in this timeline.

We do not see a lot of karmic exchange in readings these days, so I was very curious to see what and why now??

The entire life hologram showed up on the left side of the castle wall.  My man and this other man looked like they were in a sword fight, but there was only one sword.  That sword drew me in like a magnet.

The sword was silver and beveled down its length, the one thing I was sure of that metal did not come from this earth.  It looked silver but felt nothing like silver or any metal, there was an energy to it, an amazing, powerful energy.  The handle had this large (golf ball sized) blue sapphire multifaceted stone just above the blade.  It looked like sapphire, but was not that at all.  It was explained that the metal of the sword and this crystal were from another realm, not of this earth.  It was from Arcturus.  I could not remember that name to save my life yesterday in his reading, it was weird like I had a block around it, even tho his team kept trying to push it in me to tell him.  This morning… wham, there it is!

This was no usual sword and was not used for cutting people open.  Ohhhh no-sir-reee.  This was what we know as archangel Michael’s sword.  The king was teaching my man how to use this sword and I watched and felt the heart energy infuse itself into and thru the handle, into the beveled blade and release in a blast out the tip of the sword.  It was amazing to experience.  I have long known that that which we (created) know as AA Michael was originally an ET that we have digitized long ago, as we did with anything that came from the skies, but never knew his planet of origin until yesterday!!  He was (and his soul energy still is) a defender of truth.  Not conceptual truth, divine truth.  Power filled truth!!!

My man inadvertently killed the king with the sword and this lifetime reunited them again, to perfect what they started in that lifetime.  It was also stated that this sword, which was a real thing back in that lifetime, has long since been removed from this planet.  This gave me amazing clarity as to why Michael is always depicted with a sword and shield.  The shield prevented any blow-back from affecting him upon the heart charged release of the cutting edge of truth.

The last part of my mans reading was after what my team consistently calls “the shit storm.”  I could see ashes or piles of dust everywhere.  This shit-storm is not a one day event, but increases over time… a year… two… more??  But from the rubble, I seen my man take that sword of truth stab it straight into the ground and from that energy release arose “the rainbow coalition.”  A genuine rebuilding from the heart of God/spirit/soul.  The dark ages of mans ego is turning to dust.

Without my computer to do work on, I came across a video on facebook that just tripped my trigger.  Something put out by the dude known as The Leo King.  I actually listened to several of his current astrology videos and became even more excited as I heard him explain the energies of the planes coming into alignment thru this coming lunar eclipse on August 7th turning thru the solar eclipse of August 21st.   Here is one where he said heads will be severed (remember our teams are referring to the 8/21 eclipse as a guillotine!!

My last lady… OMG!!  I am grateful she was my last reading of the day cuz we went close to an hour over her reading time.  First it took me a while to understand what the hell we were seeing with her, then it was so amazing and it just kept coming.  I sure as hell ain’t quitting!!

This was also the first time in my history of reading I see a reading pick up where it left off weeks prior, save the movement of the sun around the earth (what we know as time gone by.)  I wrote about this lady July 14th as her team called her a time keeper here on earth.  If you click the link, she is towards the bottom of the sharing.

Her readings were supposed to be ET connections, so that is where I started once again, yesterday.  Attempting to connect to her ET’s.  The opening visual I recieved was weird and not fully understood thru her whole reading.  But that changed while listening to an audio-book yesterday.

The field

Once again, excuse my humble art, but I wanted to give everyone a visual to keep pace with.  So in my last reading with her, she ((her body in the connection) was way in the back of the field at the ET connection area.  Yesterday, after I gave up trying to figure out the energy shown in the above art as the star and partial oval, I found her in the opposite corner of the yard standing in earths shadows under the lunar eclipse area (it took me a long while to understand all that, and her reminding me of her last reading… the dominoes started falling!!)

So many eyes are on the solar eclipse of August that we do not fully honor this partial eclipse on the 7th.  Her team gave me the most unpleasant visual and analogy.  Most people are looking at this upcoming partial lunar eclipse more like a fart, when it’s really a wet fart…the shit starts releasing thru it.  And yes, I seen ass and wet lumpy yuckiness coming out in place of a gas release!!  Ohhhh the things I would rather hear than see! lol

Now let me back up to the confusing start of her reading.  The first thing I seen was this half oval thingie just below the treetops of the back yard, half on the back end the fence, half over her field.  Then, this 5 pointed, brilliant yellow star was placed within the oval on the other side of the fence, hanging in place by a silver or white string.  This was supposed to be her ET connection, and yet,  understood nothing.  Not a word or feeling was released in understanding.  I got so frustrated I decided to change the focus of our connection to a field reading instead of ET.

There she was, wayyyyy in the far right, front corner of the field.  The field itself was brilliant light and yet, she was in shadow as she stood in the corner.  What the hell????

She started to explain she was the corner last time I seen her.  No you weren’t!!  I never seen this before.  Then she explained her last reading and the keeper of time and the understanding was like an avalanche because it literally picked up from her last reading, save the change of calendar energy placement in August energies.  She even reminded me of the energy of time, the 4th dimension collapsing from the last reading.  To me it looked like a wall of water releasing itself.  It was even stated that the waters in this release, went back into the 3 D ground, connecting to the tsunami shit storm energy from a few readings ago.

Then I remembered the portal from deep space that released and held in our creation the 4th dimensional time-space energies.  I once again seen that portal, but now, I also seen it connected into the core of the earth, her deep center.  I then seen the portal closing with this lunar eclipse as well as the connective point in the core of the earth.

I realized that time-space closes first at the core of the earth and rises upwards in collapse.  Shifting the earth in many ways…. storms, earthquakes, volcanoes and such.  Not all at once, over what we call time…. but a closer body of time than we are accustomed to.

I remembered some of the videos I watched thru the Leo King earlier.  That star…. I wonder if it is Mars or Uranus???  There is an alignment starting on the 7th.

Until I was in my car and decided to put Dolores Cannons “Keepers of the garden” on.  This book was published in  1993.  It just happened to start at a place… chapter 16, 5 minutes into the chapter and her regressed man speaking of the earth tilting on her access and the sudden extinction of dinosaurs…:

“A natural phenomenon which is occurring again at this present time.  There are many natural physical changes that are now occurring which shall occur for the next 18 chronological years…  this is a slow gradual process (for times sake, I have to skip thru)… Until the time of shift, at which point, it is very rapid and could also be said to be instantaneous.  The actual adjustment could actually be accomplished within minutes. …a natural evolutionary process in which the earths magnetic poles align themselves to different star points in the heavens (at this point, I about shit a brick.)  These points move in their prescribed manner much like the constellations move around your planet.  However, they are not so much influencing your planet… the far off stars are more powerful (a surprise question by Dolores back to her hypnotized subject.)  Yes!  All far off stars are more powerful.  The point at which your planet is aligning is spaced similar to your constellations, spaced similar.  They move thru a prescribed path.  ….the earth is preparing herself to align with another point of origin, that is what is causing the awakening of such things as the ring of fire and volcanoes in other parts of the earth also.  This is also causing the weather disturbances.  It will start as gradual, but the gravitational forces that are coming into play now will also cause the tilt to be faster.”

Hearing this, I instantly thought of my lady’s 5 pointed star, nothing I could feel in connection to, and did a lot of assuming (based on the explanation of the Leo King) and now, I knew!!  The energy that ran thru my body in that moment of listening… unmistakable!!

It was also explained thru my lady’s reading that all this negativity, separation, hate, is only held here in this realm by the fabric of the 4th dimensional time-space.  Without that glue like substance, all that could remain afterwards, is the light of love.

This is why no one still dealing with ego separation can come back to earth, it won’t house the lessons needed.

Ohhhhhh my dear good god!!  I just realized the flash I received about the people who are gathered here in good ole Fentress Texas for the Into The Void workshop in September… the visual of removing the debris field of separation from the core of the earth… is like the midwifes assisting the baby out of the birth canal, faster more precise than if left alone.

I am going to close on that note and process in the deep end of my pool before my readings start.

Buckle up my beautiful Masters of Light and Matter, it’s about to get Real!! (Gulp)

Big big (((((HUGZ))))) filled with readiness to Serve thru the All!

Lisa Galwas

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rainbow coelition

I think I am going to call the first week in August (since that is what we are seeing already in the field) the great extraction!  Extracting higher thoughts, higher energies within the love frequency, and truly higher frequencied spiritual skills.  All this while still clearing the remnants of the old debris field within us.

My first lady’s field presented what looked like a windshield to a car, not the car itself, just the windshield way up in the air, an easy 10 feet above the ground, but hovering right in front of me in her field.  This windshield was laden with soap, just like the soap you get sprayed with at the car wash.  Of course, it all came equipped with a windshield wiper, which steadily moved back and forth thru her entire reading.

Because of its location up in the air, I knew it had to do with her soul mind, clearing the way she understood herself/Self together as one.  Because she was a massive mirror back to myself, I really understood what was being shown to her, clearly.

We truly underestimate our own power and the thoughts that have emotional charge to them.  If we see ourselves as limited, we give power to that and that must be the experience of our creation.  If we see ourselves as stuck in a situation, and it is affecting us emotionally, guess what… the field of creation has zero bias.  No good, no bad.  Just pure creation based on the emotional thought feelings we are experiencing longer than a minute, alright, maybe 10 minutes.  We can look at that 10 minute window as the steam hole, letting steam escape.  After 10 minutes, whatever we may be feeling grows legs and becomes our created platform of life.  Until we change it.

Because we are in a field of matter, our ego minds have first say about anything.  If its perception of its partner, the soul mind, gets clouded, well, that is our lesson, our job to clear up.  To free once and for all the limiting thoughts of our self, of creation and of opportunity!  What is today does not have to be tomorrow, unless we worry it into ongoing creation!

Of course, with this I am talking on an individuated, personal level of creation.  As per a few of the readings yesterday, there are events that will take place at the collective levels of life.  These we have no control over, save our view and ability to see beyond what is happening.

With that, I am going to jump to my last reading of the day.  My beautiful lady lives in California and she showed up dressed sort of like a clown walking on stilts.  Her dress was very particular, red, white and blue depicting independence day here in the USA, not the dateline, but the energy of freedom.  She had on the most beautiful blue tuxedo with tails, purposely representing the creator energy she is.  We tend to separate ourselves into divine feminine or divine masculine depending on what is between our legs, we are both, all-ways.  There is a time to use the emotional output of the feminine and there is also a time to use the solidifying energies of creation.

As we dove into understanding about why she is on stilts, she already has the ability to see above the incoming storm…. and with that came a visual of a rising wave from deep in the backyard over the fence line that makes up the field I read from.  This wave was the most beautiful, deepest blue I had ever seen and it is building into a tsunami wave.  Then the information came out that it will hit the USA hard.  And as I went to say the words wave of water, my team turned the sentence into a wave of shit!!  A shit storm is about to happen in the USA… after the solar eclipse.  When exactly, was not stated, god forbid we should get too much information about that!! lol  I could not even see for sure is this an actual tsunami wave, or simply a wave of energy designed to release the shit so many people hide under.  I have no idea about that.  But I do know, many of us are preparing ourselves to be the assistants to help others onto the safe shores of understanding, if they allow.

This morning I awoke remembering some of the work we were doing in the nighttime.  This is a true first for me.  Not a dream, but the work we do when our bodies are in sleep mode.

I was with the Into the Void participants, and we were already working on clearing up the deeper, denser collectives on this planet.  We were bursting denser thought bubbles rising up out of people’s energy fields.

What I find amazing about this experience, is the fact that as of today, one person is fully committed to the event.  Read that to say, one person has paid, I know another is going to since she already booked her flight.  And yet, the dining area at the retreat center was filled, each chair has a person I cannot see, except in lighted, silhouette form, is sitting in a chair.  There are 8 chairs at the dining room table.  I was not sitting at the table, but viewing it from above the room.  8 Master’s (9 if you include me) working together, stripping down the energy fields of density with purpose and combine effect.

But it is only July and I do not have that many even considering participating (this is my thoughts upon waking this morning.)  Here is a quote that we can all understand in anything we feel pushed to do, but tend to hesitate and discount along the way.  What I heard was “we can lean heavily on a person’s field of desire and intention, but we cannot push anyone, we cannot lead them to do what they can do, that must come from their own free will.”

In spirit, there is no such thing as time.  It all happening now.  You and I think we are waiting for Sept for this workshop, when it is already underway.  Our Presence together will allow the fullness of our power to surface to the consciousness area of our life, for ongoing use and development.  We gather already at the round tables of spirit, working, clearing the debris field that will flood this precious country in a shit storm / tsunami wave.

After this storm, a rainbow coalition will arise.

The visual I just received sort of reminds me of the phoenix, ashes scattered about the USA and those that did not drown or crumble, rise up in many colors (skin colors) and unite in a way that will take our breath away in hope, in knowing, “the best just began.”

We are all being called to the carpet, to clear our Knowing of ourselves, of each other and be ready to assist at the ground level, when the time comes.

I am doing everything I know how to see anything, something, on the other side of the 8/8 Lionsgate now that we are standing in the first week of August energies.  Nuttin.  The other side of that event is more shut down to my snooping eyes than ever before.  I do understand that we are in a massive collective choice point of inner and outer readiness thru the lunar eclipse on August 7th.  As we go thru the wringer of the 8/8, it will be refinements of the choices we made.  Whether our choice was to be an active participant in the shitstorm ahead (at this point, I have no clue how it will affect other lands outside of the USA) or to be at the helm of the new creation as it arises.

I guess this is a good time to remind everyone that I will be in Scotland during the second half of August.  I fly out on my 55th birthday, August 15th and return August 30th.  I will be on the Isle of Iona for the solar eclipse, working with the water energies to replenish what this eclipse tears open… from the christ side of the field!!

With that said, I did not realize that my reading calendar was completely booked until September.  So this morning I opened wednesday august 2nd and wednesday august 9th (my scheduled days off) to book readings before I leave.  I have closed the 8/8 for readings because I KNOW we will not see anything that day as we all go thru the wringer, solidifying our choices into new form.

I love you all so damn much!!  Thank you for showing up day after day so we can all make sure we are above the storms coming and not in them!!!

Big big big ((((((HUGZ))))))) of clearing and unlimited potential thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas              My new link to book readings is now here:

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Employing Archangel Michael’s Sword of Truth.

sword of truth

Not surprising at all, there is yet another major shift in the field, and of course, within us post new moon energies.  All 5 readings showed up yesterday in the energy fields of August!!  I think if I can pull a single theme from it all, it would be to be more consciously aware of your self, the thoughts, the emotionally infused memories we have from the past, and the environment that surrounds us.  We are so accustomed to feeling the way we feel, whether someone is triggering us and our reactions are as they always have been, discount how we feel by blame, or just feeling bad about ourselves because of it.  Or someone could be going thru or just coming out of an experience that resembles one we may have experienced along the way, and our own unresolved feelings come up and become the conversation.

In between the readings, I had the beloved AA Michael standing with me (ok, I was sitting, he was standing lol,)  consistently reminding me of his presence and expression the day before in the energy work meeting.  Truth is a funny word, which is AA Michael’s core energy as he works with any of us.

Truth is a funny thing really, rarely is truth a true truth, but something we latch onto to believe is true.  All we have to do is take a look around the fields of life, we can see so many groups professing one thing, and to that group, they believe it with all their hearts.  I can take the many beliefs in Catholicism for example.  They are taught to fear god, fear the devil, in hell, in punishment and so on.  I spent 8 years picking the catholic out of my energy field and when some of the beliefs I did strongly feel to be true was shattered, my teams consistently reminded me that some things are true whether we believed them or not.  I could not fathom a god without punishment.  My life seemed to be an ongoing series of punishments.  When my team pulled the curtain open wider and explained that I created what I perceived as punishment based on inaccurate belief systems, that sent me into a tailspin, one I wanted desperately to fall into denial about.  Which they (my team) allowed, until the next revelation of my own bullshit was revealed and eventually, when we have so many curtains pulled open, we start to not only see a greater truth but start to recreate our lives from that new truth and it changes the field of our personal life, eventually, for the better.  I say eventually because first, the house of cards must fall, which could equally feel like a punishment!!  (I say all that from the way I felt in my early years on this crazy ass path of change.)

My first lady on the field yesterday, crawling on her hands and knees, looking grown up but dressed as a baby, reborn into the high frequency energy fields of August.  She was using every ounce of energy she had in her field to crawl forward, I could feel the strain in her field as she put a hand and knee forward.  There was a reverence surrounding her, the field of spirit, bent at their knees in awe of her determination.  Pure and perfect in their eyes.

And yet, because she has hip pain, someone told her her kundalini was blocked.  No it isn’t!!  To be in this placement of the field of life, you cannot be harboring blocks.  That is not to say the energies are so intense it is creating discomfort in particular areas of one’s body.  Let’s take the hips for example.  When our path of life is changing radically, an energy system infiltrates the core within our bodies, changing DNA, speeding up the molecules of our biology to match the frequency we are going into.  Often times, this creates discomfort, sometimes even, dislocation of bones or muscles.

This is a time we are in a major choice point with our own truth.  Is this pain because of the intense changes in energy or because of something unresolved within.  They do feel exactly the same, pain wise anywayz!!

Now let’s bring out a double-edged sword (thanx Mikey!! lol)  If someone is telling you you have a block but truly, you do not, you can create a block by believing it.  On the other hand, if you have a block and have convinced yourself (from the mind) that it is ascension symptoms, you may do more harm than good to that area.  Always ask your own body, it will find a way to reveal the truth back to you.  Then own it!!  Or even call on Archangel Michael to assist in knowing what is true for you, then own it!!

The more we are in full alignment of our own truth, inside and out, the more truth that will be revealed to us.  The true magic of the field of life we are now stepping into!!

pinwheelMy second lady was an odd bird!!  She was set up on this pin wheel looking thing in the right side of the field.  I did my humble best to recreate the image, very humble best lol. There were 9 of these pinwheel thingies that her body was draped on that were parallel to the ground.

I realized her body position, looking dead really, was to show she has completely surrendered her ego will to the divine will.  This pin wheel thingie was enhancing the energy fields flowing out of her topside (she was face up on this thing) and the earth and the magic of this pinwheel drawing out any impurities that remained.  All she had to do (and is doing) was allow.

It became really interesting as we started to dive into the understanding of what this crazy pin wheel thing was.  It was made of a material completely unfamiliar to me.  It was explained that it is a material that will soon be discovered in the earth.  Science will think they missed it, but it is new.  It could only be here in these particular energy frequencies.  She will be one of many who have the opportunity to discover this substance and as her team stated, it will be revealed in obvious places (she doesn’t have to go hunting in far off lands for it.)

Then we seen it in its raw state, it was a much lighter green than the forest green of her pin wheel.  It was goupy too.  It reminded me of the texture of a bowl of oatmeal.  Goupy!!  A little thicker than slime.

It was explained that this substance that will be discovered either by the end of this year or sometime during next year, has a consciousness creation ability to it.  If the correct person works with it, and they want this substance to be a tent for a weekend of camping (let’s say) then it will become a tent, a close to indestructible tent at that.  When the camping is done, the person who created it to be a tent, releases it back to its original form and it becomes goup again.

Here in lays yet again, personal truth.  If we are open to see higher realms of truth and work with it, we will be discovering so much as we move forward.  Creating the new from actual substances that are so ready to partner with the human soul.  Give your power, your truth to someone else’s concept of it… well, we miss a lot then.

After our reading she went to look up the information she was remembering thru the reading, written by our beloved Ken Carey in his last book The Third Millennium.  She took a picture of the page and emailed it to me.  Let me share, because so much more was revealed thru this single page of text… something I was not prepared to feel in its entirety!!

ken carey.jpg

Of course, the text was meant to show the biological cooperation that was seen by Ken in the 80’s when we wrote this book.  My extreme excitement, if not complete awe was located towards the end of the page.  To be exact:  “the great floating cities of light will be constructed thru the cooperation of the nations of the world.”

I cannot recall now if it was her or someone else’s reading that evoked the visual of two very separate worlds living one on top of the other.  Those still dealing with their inner issues will be as if they are elsewhere, close to invisible to those whose energy fields have risen above the chaos to build, create heaven on earth.  Two bubbles were shown, the density below and the light creators above.  The floating cities Ken referenced.  OMG, we can even take her pin wheel image to represent the 12 tribes living throughout the world, representing the cities of light thru the Nation of the Godhead.

I swear when I read that, Archangel Michael stabbed me in the back with his sword to recognize what I had just read.  The Nation’s floating cities of light.  I know for me personally, I have learned so much in the tiny three days of classes we have held together thru the Nation, that I never knew or at least, recognized in fullness before.  That is only because of the people who gather in the Nation.  Not necessarily only the ones who show up for class, but the moment you bring yourself in as a full participant, we are all able to leach your soul field of information for laying our foundation down.  It was already explained, but not even to the depths I understand it this morning, that if you cannot attend a class, your soul does anyway and all that is provided in energies automatically flows to you and this is how we can glean the soul energy of your Presence, which I had no idea about.  Like I said, I have learned so much in teaching three days of classes than I could learn in a year of meditation.  YOU are that potent and wise!!

Well there is a ton more to share, but my reading day starts early today.

I love you all so dammmm much!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))) of truth and wonder to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas              My new link to book readings is now here:

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The New Moon Release… Holy Heavens!!!

beyond 5th dimension

What an amazing new moon energy presentation yesterday was in my world.  The first thing I received was something that rarely happens, a dream experience!!  And a potent one at that!! The setting itself reminded me a bit of The Game of Thrones, dark, low light settings.  There were all these people dressed in a very odd way, I am not even sure how to describe their dress, maybe like in thick layers of rags.  I guess it really doesn’t matter since I did not receive understanding where I was or why.  But these people start to build something that reminded me of a really large plant terrarium made out of old wood painted green.  I did not participate in the building of this plant thing, instead I watched (I guess I am even lazy in my dreams lol.)  There was a huge jubilation when this plant thing was finished and I suddenly realized I had a glass of what I at first thought was water in my hand so I decided to water the plant thingie with my drink.

The closer I got to the plant thingie, it started shrinking, or contracting to a size that would easily fit on any windowsill.  The moment I was next to this now much smaller thing, I either was told or realized, what was in the glass was aquamarine.  Liquid aquamarine and as I poured it all out into the container of this thing, the look on everyone’s faces astonished me.  I knew from there look what I did in pouring the contents of my glass fully activated the contents of that box and the look on the people’s faces… they could not believe I knew to do that.  As the glass was now empty I walked straight a head and literally walked into a awake state in my bed.  I was kind of bummed because I wanted to turn around and see what was growing in that box, but there I was, in my bed now wide awake.  Dammit.

It is not until this morning that I looked up some of the qualities of aquamarine, but I did find a wonderful website to help with that:

Aquamarine evokes the purity of crystalline waters, and the exhilaration and relaxation of the sea. It is calming, soothing, and cleansing, and inspires truth, trust and letting go. In ancient lore, Aquamarine was believed to be the treasure of mermaids, and was used by sailors as a talisman of good luck, fearlessness and protection. It was also considered a stone of eternal youth and happiness.  Today it protects all who travel by, over, or near water, and opens the channels of clear and heartfelt communication.

Aquamarine embodies all things connected to the sea, as well as those things relating to Heaven reflected on the surface of the water. It becomes a mirror, reflecting itself indefinitely, making it possible to discover hidden meanings of reality. As a stone of symmetries, it is conducive for meditation and revelation, a stone of prophets, shamans, healers, and mystics. It also allows us to explore the darkest depths of our souls, face to face with ourselves, and with others.

There is no doubt, it was the catalyst to the unexpected, humbling surprise gathering of ascended masters and Pleiadians in the energy work event we had hours later thru the Nation events.

However, before I get to that amazing, and let me tell you, even this morning, I am still in awe of who showed up and what they assisted us in knowing.

I do, however, want to touch on some things that we went over in the Nation’s class of meditation the day prior.  I fully realize that over the last 17 years, I have had so many experiences in meditations, so many things I never thought to question especially in my early years, that I had long forgotten even happened.  Equally tho, I have taken in so much mind altering information that I completely forget about sometimes even an hour later.  Couple this with the sheer amount of readings I have done over the decades… I have forgotten more than I will ever remember.

Until that very moment in time, when spirit wants you to not only remember something, but understand it too.  Like in meditation class on Saturday, (which I am so so sorry, never got recorded) and we were talking about how meditation, when done in fullness, allows you to leave the earth dimension and travel elsewhere for your needed experiences.  Somehow this conversation led to a memory I have not only long forgotten about, never understood either.

In my first year of meditation, there had been 2 or 3 times where the meditation itself, what I was seeing, opened up in front of my in a circle no larger than a tennis ball.  I could see every bit of activity thru this circle, but unlike all my other meditations where the viewing screen took up my full vision and I was a participant and not just a viewer, I was a viewer in these few experiences.  I never gave it a second thought ever again… until Saturday.  The information came to me that when we meditate actually as a full on participant (instead of getting still and waiting) we enter portals of information and experience.  At times, we get stuck (for lack of a better word) outside of the portal, and simply witness what is happening instead of participate.  In this case, it would be very much like viewing a movie that has little effect on us.

Something else that came thru the meditation class I want to share with everyone.  I am going to use the wonderful expression of one of the Nation’s members as she described what it meant to her.  She posted it on the Nation’s facebook page, so I am using the copy and paste magic (smile.)

“In our 1st mediation class, Lisa shared insights about meditation that were very helpful to me.

I had always approached meditation as a passive exercise where you surrender to Spirit who knows exactly what you need and how to help you open up and release limiting beliefs.

Not so. What Spirit sees is your light-body, and since your physical experiences result from the choices you make, Spirit is fine with all of that, even though you may feel stuck and miserable. You must actively participate in mediation, using your creative imagination and will to communicate with Spirit. You need to ask questions, and be open to guidance in whatever way it comes to you.”

You and I have these amazing things called brains that take all the frozen light and changes it all into physical substance that we can see, feel, taste and use.  Our spiritual teams see’s us as we really are, light bodies, everything on the earth, is a light field unique to itself expression. They all, are guides, not doers, not interferers.  They wait until we seek their particular assistance and they assist… if you just wait, they too, sit next to you and wait!

Now, lets toggle back to yesterday.  In the Nation, we are learning how to enter and remain in a state of Well Being.  In class itself, we are learning how our physical body works and where any and all dysfunction starts, which would be the mental matter.  On Sundays, we are doing live healing/energy work events to display how it all works.  I have never ever done my energy work in a group setting on the internet.  Not ever and I will say, I was nervous.  Not so much about doing the energy work, that is as second nature to me as breathing, it is making it understandable since I pretty. for now, will be the only one able to see what is taking place at the energy level of the volunteers.

As we began, I got the shock of my life.  Standing behind me, to my right side, was Archangel Michael, that amazing dude holding truth and protection in the field of life.  Then directly behind me, Sananda, the Master of Love, to my left side was now a combination of the Blessed Mother and Kali Maa as one Being.  None was in physical form, I do not need that familiar to know their energy signatures and communication ways.  I have not worked in a live, group setting with these amazing teachers of mine since… shit, I think 2004.

I no sooner acknowledge them to the class and the volunteer receiving this energy, suddenly across from me at the far edge of the porch, my Pleiadian team of Franklyn, Ahnourah and Alfronzu.  I had worked intimately with this team for the first three years of my journey.  Learning, understanding and changing.  Franklyn is my Pleiadian father, he and Sananda spent three years in the deep end of my bathtub showing me, cell by cell how the energy body, physicality and healing works together.

Ahnourah is an incarnation on the Pleiades from my soul (she is not me, but a separate incarnation that lives and loves on the Pleiades.  She is a biochemical engineer primarily in the human (earth) sector.)  Her and her team assist the human race to develop and release the correct combination of chemicals thru the endocrine system to not only assist in restoration of what we call illness, but to equally facility higher frequency thresholds in the body for our ongoing ascension.  Altho I must say I never once, to this day, understood the chemical combination that happens during energy sessions, I do know intimately, thru 17 years of constant use, what energies go where and how to affect the outcome desired.

These two did not completely surprise me as much as Alfronzu did.  He is a commedeer (captain, also spelled phonetically) of a beamship.  He explained that if we can all look at our physical bodies as our personal ship, we should be as intimately familiar with our ship as any captain operating a ship.

By the end of this session, we realized that the ascended masters behind me and the Plieadians in front of me, work in the same/similar energy relationship.  Archangel Michael and Alfronzu are tied together in energetics.  If you do not know how to stand in your own truth, you will never understand your own personal ship either.  Sananda and Anourah were tied in together, the energy (or dysfunction) of love regulates the body’s endocrine system.  We are either releasing highly potent chemicals to assist our bodies, or muddied ones that break down the body.

Then we have the blessed mother (divine feminine, the emotional field of each of us) and the divine masculine of Franklyn, the creator of outcomes in our personal life field, and of others.  If we come back to the energy and wisdom of Alfronzu, our personal ships are always affecting others, for better or worse.  Knowing its/your full on energy construct, what is good for you, what needs to be removed, key to all Well Being.

What took place thru this event, blows my ever-loving mind.  I am being asked to give the concept and not the detail in today’s sharing.  Boy oh boy, that’s not easy for me!! lol

In full relationship of my beautiful volunteer, it was shown how her heartbeat was connected to the mechanics of time.  This is what allows us all to age, to break down from the mechanical process of aging.

Equally, these mechanics become distorted in our bodies by the breakdown of our personal truth, or what we would call, life experiences.  From utero thru death.

Truth is not just saying what one feels is true for them in any moment.  It is looking at the entire construct of incarnation experience and understanding, owning and even, changing all experiences based on the truth of the experience, not on the dysfunction any experience caused us.

I truly became a witness and spokesperson for the energy work unfolding.  I of myself, did nothing but try to keep pace and understanding ongoing.  AA Michael acted first.  Cutting open a series of timelines where my lady did not see the truth of a situation starting at age 7.  After he was done, Ahnourah placed what looked like a small, closed pocket watch in her heart area and filled with a thick, yellowish fluid that she stated was the combination of all 7 (major) glands in the endocrine system.  As she works thru these series of events in her timeline, which we would normally consider the past, but it all still affects her as if it is all still happening now, these new chemicals will go into her body to restore her to Well Being.

Much to my surprise and deLight, all participants were gifted a chemical filled pocket watch thingie to work with as well.

We all were also informed about our constant misuse, misunderstanding which is equally an untended non truth about not only them, but our dimensional fields.  Again, if the only true way we will achieve full on ascension, living heaven on earth, is by knowing the truth deep inside, regardless of anyone else’s idea of it is, we best own what is ours to own.

Alfonzu explained this is detail.  We refer to the 5th dimension so inaccurately that it is a distorted thing in our world.  Even referring to the Pleiades as 5th dimensional Beings is inaccurate.  Altho they understand what we are trying to say and what we mean by our (inaccurate) concepts, most of humanity does not and creates conflict in the field.  He explained that as we use the phrase 5th dimension, that is equal to what we also call the christ consciousness, a level of frequency where one understands they are so much more than a body on earth.  They are spirit, capable of so much more than ever realized.

This place is equal to arriving at the greatest arcade arena ever developed and within the 5th dimension as we keep explaining it… we stand at the doorway, but not inside the building itself.

To fully enter and go beyond that, one must reflect fully and completely the energy we call The Emerald City.  A frequency of love untainted by perceived limitations and a desire to assist in ways that will challenge one’s very incarnation.  In this view, we can look at it as finally moving inside this arcade place and looking, touching, feeling all the amazing games you can play.  Some of the games may even instantly start the moment you touch them… others await your next frequency.

The next full expression of frequency would be what I call Shambhala.  Living as a human soul on an earth that is equally a soul energy.  But even this, is a learning expansion stage.  If we were to keep using the attributes called the 5th dimension, this would be equal to the 7th.  In my conception, I really thought this was the stage of completion… ohhhh hell no.  Our pleiadians reside and live, two full frequencies above that into what we would relate to the 9th… but again, in no way the way we perceive these frequencies.  But for language expression I am going to just say what Alfonzu stated yesterday, all inhabitants within the Pleiades are between the 7th and 9th frequency platform.  All that showed up yesterday and have been working with me for 17 years, are full-scale 9th frequency.  Which is how they could show up on my porch to assist us.

We are also working towards getting our individual and collective selves there too!!

Let me tell you, this completely unexpected day yesterday, this class event, filled me with excitement and allowed me to release a lot of the fears/concerns I had with myself and the Into the Void workshop.  If this happens just from an energy work class, I cannot even fathom who all will be showing up and teaching us thru our on the ground connections with each other!!



But first I must make a detour to Scotland!! lol

Well my day is about to begin.  I love you all and thank you in ways, I am sure I have not thanked you before.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of timeless love and accelerated frequencies to and thru All!!!

Lisa Gawlas              My new link to book readings is now here:

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queezed grapes

Two days in a row now, the field is closed up tight as a barrel.  At least for external viewing/readings, inside tho and even thru just conversations, the insights and inspirations are intense.  It is funny, at least to me, when we are in these downloads, when the details are so clear, so filled with inspiration and potential, and the outcomes details, I swear our capes are flapping in the wind and our knowing that this can be done, impenetrable.  And then you get released from the energies for  a while and the worry of how the hell are we going to pull all this off, returns!!

I have mentioned once about these encompassing energies that came thru the reading of my New Zealand man the other day.  I have had one more experience like that in the field with a precious lady as well.

It is like this double U-shaped, interlocking shower head that stretches from the left side of the field all the way over into my neighbor’s yard where the 8/8 gateway is, releases this energy, this massive infusion of energy from about 20 feet above the ground into the readied person.  With my lady, these energies were very different in texture and visual than my man’s.  Her was very liquid like, unlike the gaseous/cloud like energies that were released and engulfing my New Zealand man.  For her there were multiple streams of intense shooting liquid violet of many many different shades.  They were shooting to her center at about a 45 degree angle and then all of a sudden these 2 inch energy birds started to fill the striations of energies too.  They were not physical birds, nothing to recognize in our bird world, but tiny birds nonetheless.

As I looked at her, she was in the same energetic outline as the birds, and being infused from the top downward and inward with every variation of violet.  It was explained that these variations took in all the mastery the earth has ever accomplished, past, present, future, and is being infused into her.

My lady is a true earth worker, someone deeply connected and in harmony with Gaia.  The birds are her allies to make sure she not only works from the ground level, but knows when to take flight and move/spread her energies higher and elsewhere.  Even the phrase “birds of a feather” was presented.  We need our human allies at the ground level too.  They will do their part to bring her human allies to her life and her to theirs.

Much more than that, I either do not remember (this was several days ago now) or that’s all that came thru, I cannot recall.

I know I have been getting drenched these last few days as well.  I think I am equally understanding this bizarre process more clearly as well.  At least as we go thru the 8/8 lion’s gate.  I am going to back up and share my personal experiences and (hindsight) understandings of what we are in the thick of right now, at least heading into the LionsGate wringer washer (analogy) energies.

About a week ago, I took a bath so I could see where the hell I am at in this fire process.  The moment I slipped into the water and closed my eyes, I could see this flame coming out of my high heart area.  The passion center area.  My immediate reaction was, is this a good thing or a not so good thing (do I need to do more clearing work here) and with that inquiry, suddenly I seen so many people standing around in a circle, they are full on flame energies, while my little flame was steadfast in the center.  More and more came into to enlarge the circle and set themselves up in the area of vibration that matched their flame.

Passion!! Passion alive and embodied thru so many individuals together as one.  Let’s talk about passion, I think that word can be confusing.  I know for myself, when I think of passion, I think of the phrase “in the heat of passion” and my mind goes to the holy gutter and sex!!!  That is not what true passion is at all.  It would be great if it was.

True passion comes from the soul alive in body.  Again, using my true example of a life, I know my soul is impassioned about the Nation of Lights, build it, tweaking it, working with it.  The Lisa that co-exists within that energy, chokes, a lot.  Given my own druthers, the very base Lisa, I would gladly hand this project off to someone else and just participate.  I would be great with that!!

Same with this Into the Void workshop, hell that passion supersedes my own soul and moves in straight from Source/God/Creator and when I am in downloads, I want to drop to my knees in reverence and knowing.  When I am not in the full on connection, I would gladly hand this mantle off to someone else and run like freakin hell the other way.

So passion itself, is not always an excited, OMG I cannot believe I am doing this, I love it so much, energy, but a directive, a constant, a push forward and then forward again into the depths of the unknown aspect of oneself.  Wanting to do something and then doing it anwayz, no matter how much the human does not want to do that… is really the life force of passion running thru you, pushing you into your next grand version of yourSelf, from soul agenda, not the minds.

So with all that said, these energies that are filling those people up who have gone thru and purged themselves from the fires, is infusing the next great passion of the soul and from Source, now fully partnered within the soul energies.  

Feel with that for a moment. This is freakin HUGE!!  Again, for those who go thru their inner and outer fires of purification, with allowing full occupancy of the soul within the body construct, so too, is the Presence, the god spark is not longer just a spark but a full on stream of energy within and without the host incarnation vehicle (that would be me and you, just to be clear.)

It is one thing to see that beautiful picture of an eternal flame, which is what my team called that high heart flame, giving me a connection to the one that burns for JFK.  Go figure lol.  But the eternal flame of spirit, of passion at the Christ Center of creation, can be quite intimidating (from my own personal perspective.)

Our jobs are so much more than acknowledging the flame now burning, and knowing this massive energy is moving into us, we MUST use it, take action, Be and DO more than we ever allowed ourselves to before this moment.  Equally, we must at the very least, understand what we are being pushed into.  I have got to come back to the Into the Void workshop and the catalyst for understanding more.  When potential becomes real.  There is a huge responsibility that comes thru.  With just one person saying they are attending, it was as if I choked that flame back into my body, the fear (and yes, fear can be a very good thing) of not knowing what the hell I am supposed to do with this workshop unleashed itself.  I felt it down into my toes!!  That passion turned inward felt (to me) like being flung off a cliff and as I was free-falling (truly, driving my grandson to daycare lol) I kept feeling these whooshes of winds wrapping around my face, clearing the energy into understanding, which, for the most part, I detailed yesterday.  By the time I turned the corner to the street I live on, I had tears of joy, love, awe and wonder streaming down my face.

Yesterday, when I woke up I had this odd feeling in my frontal skull bones.  An incoming pressure.  It started out mild as I attempted (but blanked… thru the day) to do a 7am reading.  I could feel the energy move faster, get stronger each time I tried to connect with someone in a reading.  There was no outer connection allowed.  I could not even tell you what inner connection was happening.  Only that the pressure remained for the better part of the day, sometimes stronger than gentle, but consistent thru the day.  And then the first payment from a completely different source came thru for the Void workshop and there came that fear… that OHHH my freakin god, this is happening, returned.  I was in a state of human like shock, immobile, processing from levels I have not reached before.  The feeling of responsibility, overwhelming inside me.  It even overrode the excitement of finally meeting this precious soul, who freed me from the never-ending interest on my car payment when I was back in New Mexico.

I swear, every bone in my forehead shattered in that moment.  I now know what the wringer is with the 8/8.  These two amazing Beings are bookends to a process we all must go thru, understanding the energies infusing in us, then being crushed like grapes! Ohhhhh, which I had seen my many shades of violet lady go thru actually, in her reading lol, now I really get it.

So let’s talk about that part of her reading lol.  Because the information was amazing now that I remember it!! lol

I watched as she was going thru the double rollers of the 8/8 and she suddenly looked like a bunch of purple grapes being squeezed out.  The juices from her grapeness staying on this side of the field as the skins of her body came out the other side.  Released from all the juices (passions) that got her to Here, but yet, that juice will remain for those who need to drink of that wine.  She only takes the skin of her Being to the other side of the 8/8 as she reconstitutes herSelf, herLife with the energies I had seen.

How and when will always be up to her, up to us.  Keeping in mind, just because we have the passion of the christ of All Life infused in us, it is up to use to use that energy.  To put something in play, something we never would have thought about doing before.

I could not see anything between the 8/8 and the solar eclipse of the 8/22 except that her juices were once again, released only this time, from the neckline (think severing the head and the blood squirting out from the arteries of the neck) outwards instead of backwards.

I cannot even imagine what the field between the 8/22 thru the equinox of 9/22 holds.  But man, it is juicy!! lol

So, all this to say, just because there is a finishing point to the energies as we look at them, no one has to wait to get to the finish line to work with and experience any of it.

Party on my beautiful flames of Passion in body!!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and…. well, even a little trepidation for the New that is You!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Ripping Thru the Illusions, of Even Oneself!


Before I start sharing, I want to make a major correction from my last blog, after having to write it on the blackboard 100 times (smile, wink) my incredible man I referred to is not from Australia, he is from and lives in New Zealand!!  😀

Yesterday it became incredibly obvious the field itself, is truly a mixed bag of tricks.  People still dealing with and moving thru the first 5 fires, some at the 4 fire area (the bend in the U shape) and others harvesting from the crystalline fires.  It would only make sense with how diverse we are, so would our position on any given day within the field.  For me, it is one thing to assume it that way, it is another thing to see it that way and know for sure.

I do want to highlight today, my lady I talked about last week who was stubbornly standing between the first and second fire, resisting my energy trying to pull her into the first fire and then calling on AA Michael and Kali Maa to help, and even they were challenged.  So she got meditation homework and I rescheduled her to yesterday, 3-4 days later.

I was so surprised when her meditation homework came thru that I (well my soul) was one of the three Beings assigned to her meditation circle to assist her.  Her meditation abilities are extraordinary, her ability to see, hear and experience, superb.  All of that with meditation is wonderful, but if you do not fully understand what you are experiencing in meditation and why, it is like going to a movie that is in a foreign language, we can assume what is being shared, but KNOWING is where the power is, the understanding that creates change.

I have added meditation focus classes in the Nation, we will address this language of light that is unique to each person, heavily!!  This “language” is also the basis of being telepathically fluent!  (OK, off my soapbox (smile.)

What I found amazing, exciting and I feel, very illuminating to all of us is that thru her meditation homework, she was able to reach into my heart, pull out a ball of pain from my past, sit with it, hold it and cried for 20 minutes while doing so.  What she had assumed (and truly, many would assume this as well) that I was still holding that pain in me.  Thru her reading yesterday, it was fully realized what she did was access what I had worked thru in this lifetime in my own personal pain body, and simply by holding it and feeling it, it accessed the very things she held in her body in likeness and released it thru her 20 minutes of tears.

What took me 8 years to accomplish in myself, she achieved in 20 minutes!!!  But it was also stated in her reading, this is what she is going to be doing, in a large way, to assist others.  To reach into their pain body and transmute the energies from what was held as pain to radiance… she is truly in the remembering stages now.  And instead of being in the first or second fires, she was already leaping into the third, with joy and excitement instead of that stubborn resistance.

Just understanding all that, puts a huge shift in the way we are able to work energies now.  Most “healers” out there are still working thru their own pain bodies, so the people who show up are reflections of their own issues.  This was the way of it for me for the first three years of assisting others thru their emotional shit, and quickened my healing within, because I am always taking notes and applying, to this very day.

(I actually wrote all this yesterday morning, then fell into the deep end of the processing pool for hours.)

A catalyst for the falling was all Paula’s fault!!  She said she was coming to the Into the Void Workshop.  Her announcement on my facebook could not have been more timely placed, given what I had written above and the influx of understanding that came thru for many hours after that.

I want to talk about a word I purposely used, because saying something is someone’s “fault” is not necessarily what you may think (which also came thru my intense processing yesterday.  Let’s lean into earths use of the word (taken from this website)

What’s at fault?
From an earthquake’s point of view, there’s more than one way to devastate a city. Most earthquakes occur along cracks in the planet’s surface called faults. These cracks may be small and localized or can stretch thousands of miles where tectonic plates meet. Usually, the rocks on either side of the fracture are moving past each other too slowly for us to notice, but sometimes stress (pressure) builds up and they’ll suddenly slip, making a big move all at once. The effect of that sudden shift depends on the type of fault the movement occurs in.

My underlining.  I do have built up stress around that workshop, it is nothing I have ever done before.  It really does scare the shit out of me.  The unknown, ya know!!

Until someone pushes against the energy of coming, it was not delved into more than I expressed on the workshop page.  Well, my lady pushed yesterday and I could feel something inside me slip.  And the downloads and clarity started to pour in!!  For which, I am eternally grateful and extremely humbled and eventually falling into awe.

I was reminded of an experience I had 17 years ago, in my early stages of meditation and healing deep within.  I am snagging it from my (old website) just to save retyping, but I realized this is the core energy, shifting we are going to do thru the first few days of the workshop:

As I started to get deep into meditation and healing and confronting various aspects of me, I became even more of a mess.  Everything was bubbling to the surface and affecting me.  I prayed… no I demanded help from the universe.  Begging, pleading, and threatening to quit if someone didn’t help me (smile).  It was in these moments of deep stress, high confusion, and feeling more lost than found did the Blessed Mother come to me.  Since the details of this exchange are elsewhere on this site and in my book, I will simply touch on the importance of what she asked me to do, “lay down ALL your beliefs so you can be filled with the truth of spirit”.  To imagine the enormity of this request, take a moment, think about everything you believe… everything you believe about yourself, life, religion, god, your family, your work, every aspect of who you are and what you perceive to be the truth, and try to forget it all. Not only forget it all, but wipe it completely out of your mind as if it was never there to begin with.
I wanted so much to please her… this huge icon that was here in my meditation helping me…. me, little ole dysfunctional Lisa.  For 3 days straight, every moment of each of those days I tried to figure out how to get rid of all my beliefs.  I did, however, realize how much was actually “beliefs” as opposed to truths (very very different in vibration).  I couldn’t do it, I was clueless how.  These beliefs were so deeply engrained in me… made up the very skin that covered me, how do you just let all that go?
Feeling like a failure, I called on her thru meditation on the 3rd day, and simply told her I don’t know how to lay down all my beliefs and begged her to help me.  I will never know what she did or how, I really don’t care to know either, but she did something.  In the moment I begged her to help me… I felt it.  It felt like someone took a gutting knife, inserted it into my guts and pulled everything out of me.  EVERYTHING!  It was not painful, but it was the strangest feeling I had ever experienced.  I have no words in my vocabulary to even start to describe what happened or the feelings of it.  When I got out of meditation I feel so empty.  Like there was nothing inside of me.  I was just a hollow shell of a woman, with nothing there.  No emotion, no feelings, no connections to the memories that were within me.  What is really strange as I look back, even the teachings of my church… were gone.  The crippling teachings of my Catholicism that kept me in a place of dysfunction and dependence and fear… gone, all gone.  Everything I thought was me, was now gone.
Of course this created a whole new set of questions on my part (smile).  Who am I?  I really no longer knew.  I started to demand (which was my nature back then, and to a degree, still is today) to know who I am and why is the universe helping me like this.  I would get so upset that I no longer knew who I was, I would sit in meditation and just cry asking for them to please tell me who I am.  I really didn’t know anymore.  They always came back with the same loving, assuring voice… you will know one day.  Well that didn’t help me in that moment!!  I really could be my own worst enemy.  Several years and thousands of hours of meditation later… I started to understand who I Am.  Funny, now that doesn’t even matter anymore.  What matters is what I can do to help others in their time of need.

Of course, I was a royal mess, vibrationally, emotionally and physically when I started this path.  We have all done a lot of clearing and this workshop is not going to be dealing so much with the pain body, but the deception of our own understandings of self with Self and our (limited) perceptions of how we work as a human soul.

We use labels as if they mean something.  They only do to the ego.  The moment one declares, let’s say “I am a reiki master,”  one also declares I am complete in that area, because they have a piece of paper that declares that to be so!!  We actually limit ourselves by declarations.  Or, perhaps even, most especially, the programmed thoughts that are out there that people own as their personal truth.  Chemtrails are bad, GMO’s are bad, this is not good, this is better… all of it, limiting the very essence of who and what you Are.  What the world is and thru good intentions, solidify negative thought forms thru the universe.  What if they no longer existed in you.  Imagine the room to be filled with the truth of spirit there would be.

Getting ourselves into the void, that place of nothingness, no titles, no self identities, no nothing, not as easy as just saying words of declaration.  It is truly a vibration in the field. We can bullshit ourselves (and we often do) but we cannot bullshit the field, it only knows/reacts/becomes, true energy.

Now, trying into my lady who did her meditation with me, AA Michael and Kali (which for me, in my personal experience 17 years prior, was the blessed mother,) she reached into her pain body, reflected as mine, and pulled out the dysfunction and it was healed/released/transmuted for her, because I had already done the work.  The blessed mother, in her knife gutting experience, did exactly the same thing.  Within me was pain she endured, falsehoods she had to release, and released me from the brunt of my own chaos.  I would be lying if I said that was the end of it, I was new and unaware and it truly took me the next 3 years of adjusting to not allowing any of it to creep back in and become what it was.  Consciousness, self-awareness and full on personal responsibility is humongous!!

So thru these downloads yesterday, I could clearly see me reaching into every persons energy field, one at a time, pulling out a ball of… stuff that needs to go, I would call it, self identifying bullshit, and handed it to them.  This begins the first three days.

The void itself, has confused me, because I could not imagine what we would do for those three days.  Thru the downloads yesterday, I could see us, pulling that energy we are now in, the true fullness and emptiness of the void, wayyyyy down into the core of the earth.  Voiding out the history that keeps dysfunction and separation operating topside.

At this point, we will be working as a group soul, incarnate, which is more powerful than any group soul discarnate or individually.)

Now imagine what happens when we, as a group soul, start to fill with the truth of spirit, not only for ourselves, but the whole of the earth too.

I do want to mention here as well, my intention is to record the majority of the workshop and upload parts of it for the all full members to utilize in their own way throughout the event.

Let’s tie all this into what is currently underway on earth.  The fires of purification, the 5 fires of crystalline energy, the seeds of the new energies of the empowered glory years of earth coming thru that interlinked U-shaped shower system I am now seeing with a few people.

Someone asked a great question yesterday.  She mentioned that her and a friend were talking about all the hoopla around the energies of the solar eclipse on August 22nd and if they will actually see a difference in anything on earth.  The replies were something that we all need to understand, so there is no energies of disappointment or lingering doubt that something has indeed transpired that will affect the rest of earths life.

ant colonyImagine life itself is nothing more than a giant ant colony.  7.5 billion ants in the whole population.  Unlike the ant colony, that always works for the greater good of the colony, the human colony, for the most part, works for its own self-interest (in and out of the field of light.)

You and I have no real idea where anyone is, in their energy system in relationship to the influx of incoming energies.  Try and pick out one ant in this picture and decide where it’s at in the energy matrix, we cannot.  That is not our role or purpose.  These energies will hit everyone where they are at, constructively in their personal field.  It is not our place to know how these energies will affect them, unless they seek us out.  It is for us to understand how the energies are affecting us, individually.  And even that, often times is only down the road apiece.  Do not look to the day after and say, well nothing happened.  A ton is happening, and changing.  Even in the realm of spirit, hindsight is 20/20.  Just look at the event I mentioned here, with the blessed mother 17 years ago.  I know only understand the depths of why it happened in that way and what I am going to do with its power for change, now.

I am going to close here for today.  I am still in the midst of major processes.  We have updated the Into the Void workshop page to include pictures the retreat center (keep in mind, I am still furnishing it, it will not be as bare as it is today by Sept,)  As people book their flights and we have an idea of what time people are arriving at the airport, I am going to do what I can to have a ride available (my daughter) to bring you to Fentress.  We will work out those details as we get closer.

Something HUGE is happening on earth right Now and WE ARE IT!!!!

(((HUGZ)))) of fault lines moving in and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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energy choices

The moment I sat at the computer yesterday, ready to share, I heard my team say, no, not today.  I could be a little persistent and was going to anywayz, there is too much I have not said yet that I feel is so important.  I got scrambled brains in my persistence.  I couldn’t even think forget write!  I thought about a meditation, nope not even that was initiated.  wierd.  As I got deeper into my coffee and being awake (smile) all I could feel is this… energy, i use the word ominous, but without the negative connotation to it.  I could feel it but in no way understand it.  When I looked to see when the new moon was, something hit me when I found this:  The new moon on Sunday July 23, 2017 is at 0 ° Leo.  The 0 degrees, zero, pregnant and empty at the same time.  I knew, whatever I was feeling, it was coming in from the new moon… that zero degrees of Leo.

I had hoped my readings would give me the clarity I was seeking.  It did, but not until my third reading.  My first two, here in the USA, were strange.  The still was palpable, the intense silence of the field, audible.  In all my years of reading, I never experienced this to this degree and not in this way.  Somethings, are just beyond words to describe in detail.

It was not like I was down or even the field was down.  I just had the most amazing conversation with my lady, Julie, that I am going to be traipsing around Scotland with and so much was learned with bouncing with her.  I will share as much as I can remember.

We were talking about the energies of the moment and we started opening into the many different systems coming up starting with this full moon on Sunday, spirits focus kept jumping to the total solar eclipse on August 22nd.  Of course, she and I will be together then, on the Isle of Iona in Scotland.  Spirit kept referring to this eclipse as a guillotine, the first three times I heard them say guillotine in relationship to the eclipse, I didn’t get the fullness of what they were saying, until they said it the fourth time and it was like my whole consciousness was pulled to the very specific word they were using “guillotine.”  That sounds incredibly barbaric coming from spirit actually.  A complete severing of the energies system as the moon hides the sun (emotions removes the light.)  Those who continue to live their life by the dense ego, goes one way into experience, those who live their life by the christed heart within themselves (not the stuff they know outside of themselves) goes another way.  I can almost liken it to the entry of hell or heaven on earth.  Of course, hell is always self (ego) created, so it is not like spirit is punishing anyone in any way, ever.  But the challenges will be long-lasting as part of the massive earth purification.

There were so many epiphanies, understandings coming thru our conversation.  We both bounce so incredible together and can keep up with each other as we bounce, which could really be understood as skipping all over in our conversations, removing linearity to a large degree.  I even had to stop to acknowledge the wonder of how she and I work together, my knees got week just knowing we will spend 2 weeks in each others presence, bouncing!!!  And then it hit me like a flood… OMG, I just wrote about the difference of this earth being a rock (3rd rock from the sun) and turning into a trampoline.  Hey, just because I write something, doesn’t mean I always understand the fullness of what slips out my fingertips!!

The ego, in its undisciplined ways, is rock solid in its perception of itself, of the world around it and its survival triggers.  As we add inner light to ourselves, hunks of rock start to fall away, we open up to new concepts, new relationships that expand even those new concepts… until we no longer have the solidity of rock ego in play at all.

That is where true, and I mean true, not occasionally, but 24/7 synergy comes into play.


A state in which two or more things work together in a particularly fruitful way that produces an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects. Expressed also as “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Read more:

This is where the trampoline fabric comes from.  So information, knowledge, experience, and wisdom can bounce around this amazing planet instead of hit large rock walls.  OMG, I now understand something that came thru the only reading I was able to do yesterday.  My beloved man in Australia, he showed up at midnight in his world, just as one day was turning into the next.  I will detail his reading later in this sharing, but I want to tie what I just said about synergy and rock walls together thru what I seen thru him.

lions gateHe was standing on the massively thick rock door that shuts on the equinox (sept. 22.) but his team showed the image I used to the left.  The lionsgate that exists in southern Greece.  Only with the equinox, there is a 4 foot (to my vision) thick rock door that closes forever at the entrance way, my man was standing on top of this formation, directly above the center of the door platform thingie.  I did everything I knew how to see thru his eyes, to see what was on the other side of the door after it closes.  All I got was a thin super black energy system.  I know now what it is, not how it works, not how we are going to accomplish this in what appears to be a very short period of time, but it is the trampoline every.  The synergy systems of wholeness.

Even this morning I can see so many people stuck on the back side of the door, using their ego will, together, trying to push thru that door.  Ain’t happening.  For as destructive as the ego alone can be, it can never penetrate the force field of spirit.  Ever.

Now I gotta add in a conversation I had with my friend here later yesterday afternoon.  We were talking about the Nation of Lights and the events held in person, at the Retreat Center and how they will work.  I can honestly say, I have no idea.  But then again, looking back over my personal past, I started every new thing I am able to do, having no idea how to do it when the time came.  Experiencing something in a meditative state is extremely different from being in person, doing that (whatever that is.)  However, as we were talking about the how we are going to start training together an amazing bit of information came thru.

If we looked at each other as musical scales, ohhh or instruments.  Yes, let’s use musical instruments also in this analogy.  My job at this emerging point, is to recognize all the energy fields that holds and plays the F note, and what instrument they are playing (what spiritual skill they have perfected or are working on perfecting) and group them together (we call this, creating the clans.)  These precious Beings must learn how to work and amplify together before they can add their F notes to the G notes and create harmony.  Maybe we can look at it as band practice, ongoing.

This band can only come to life thru synergy.  A self identity-less Synergy.  That is why the Into the Void Workshop is so important to spirit.  There is something releasing as that equinox door closes and dammit, we are going to fully use it, whatever it is!! lol

So coming back to yesterdays energies and my amazing man a tick into the next day, gave us soooo much understanding of this intense time we are in.  After I rescheduled both my ladies, his energy system started presenting to me.  I was shocked because I could not see, use my vision, for my ladies at all.  Yet, as I went into the house to do the dishes, there was my amazing man, unfolding directly in front of me.

I know we get hung up on the energy of Now, of timelessness and stuff, but there is a true rhythm to this earth plane, a movement of release that can be closely associated with our perception of time.  Time is simply based on the movement, the constant movement of earth and the galaxy and all life.  So with Australia being way head of my time zone, they will have first fruits and I get to glean those fruits for early consumption!! lol  By the way, this very specific understanding did come thru his reading yesterday.  But I have also witnessed its truth many times over the years thru readings as well.  I cannot see for anyone in the day I am located in, yet let australia or new zealand show up and the details are full!!

When I finally connected to my man in the field, I was so excited to see him IN the field!!  I wasn’t sure if I was just getting a preview or will be have full participation.  Thank god it was the later and holy freakin shit batman… what a wonder!!!!

FIrst and foremost, there were NO FIRES in his reading at all.  None, zero, zip!!  That got me freakin excited!!  That said, there was still the energy of the U shape energy system up above, but now it was a double U interlocking itself, kinda reminded me of a massive shower rod that enclosed itself.  This system was still as large as the open U of the fires, extending to the far left of the field and into my neighbor’s yard where the 8/8 gateway remains.

The energy system I had been seeing wrapping around him, thru him before our connection started to release from the interconnected U-shaped system above.  It reminded me of cloud energy filled with gold and a large array of colors.  It was so beautiful to see and feel.  As it released from this bar like system (think shower bar) and started to flow downwards to his Being standing directly center of it at the ground, it all moved from wide to gathering together to form about a 3 feet system around him.  No other space was affected, just, his.

My eyes became focused on his skin at the head level, it was changing energy form.  His skull, the very bones that make up his skull, were changing energetic form.  It entered the neurotransmitters of his brain, super charging them with energy, with KNOWING, sacred knowledge from times erased from all memory of earth, until now.  The synapses regions were changing, the very gray matter that holds it all together, changing.  It was even stated that if they did an autopsy on his brain 20 years from now, it would not longer be gray but have a blue hue to it.  With this understanding it was instantly known that this blue hue is because his Pleiadian energy is coming to the forefront of his Being.

The very bone structure itself was changing and as this energy completes itself, the humans that remain on this amazing earth, will completely biodegrade after death.    Right now, going back to the whole rock system, bones remain forever.  It wasn’t always like that and is returning to its original template.

His team explained that he is a clear, ascended master in body.  He had gone thru the flames and came out pure.  Do not think for a moment he does not still get to be human and have his moments.  But they are simply that… moments, not months or years, but fleeting moments of energy from the base.

I lit up when he pretty made this statement (as opposed to question form.)  He said, but this is happening to everyone right now, right??  Yes and absolutely no.  Yes, everyone is being fully imbued with energy, but hardly any on earth right now are ready, biologically and emotionally ready to be filled with the high potency energies directly from the ascended master frequency.  There will be many variations of this energy released, to match and assist the human embody all at the frequency levels of their being.  So no two mixtures will be the same.  And each major choice point thru the equinox, will release new energies, given the new choices and actions (or lack there of) in relationship to getting to the full spectrum energy spirit is calling from the ascended master field.

I was even able to see the crystalline/diamond hybrid energy coming out of the fissures of his skull.  Which I realized was the energies from the crystalline flames, infusing.

What I realize this morning as well, we are all in the last four fires (or completely out of them, depending on the individual in play) creating our next and what sounds odd to say, final adventures on this planet in this particular body system.  Obviously we all have refining to do, hence the next several systems in play thru the equinox in Sept.  Let’s go over them, just so we are all as clear as we can be (smile.)

New moon on the 23rd, which spirit had said last month, there is a massive power node on July 23rd that is like none ever before.  We are already drawing the energies in from it.  Then we have something associated with the Mayan calendar (this is repeated information, I am personally clueless about anything Mayan calendar related) with July 25th of no time point. It feels very much connected to the 23rd energy system and when something is huge, as the times we are in now, it is rarely a 24 hour event, but days and even, weeks.

This all pushes us into the partial lunar eclipse on the 7th of August.  One last moment of inner and outer inspection before we head into the wringer of the 8/8.  The lionsgate serves to solidify the major choices to date, as well as squeeze out any remaining debris so that those choice points/life experience can unfold in the way you have decided.  And yes, you ARE the decider, always have been.

Even coming out of the 8/8 feeling flat-out (smile) we now give breath to new life in our personal and planetary fields.  We are either reinflating using all our old models or stumbling thru the new models (since they are new, we really have very little orientation with them moment to moment.)

However we do it, takes us to the guillotine of the 8/22 solar eclipse.  The moment the moon hides the sun, it is done.  Obviously, the USA is most affected (and truly, most needed in severing the old from the wonderful new.) since this eclipse travels from one sea to the other, across this land in its energies.  I am sooooooo grateful my happy ass will be sitting in the Isle of Iona, a place many refer to where time began.  Julie and I will be working our good works there, neither of us having a clue what that even means, but we are ready!!

I cannot even imagine what the energies between the solar eclipse and the equinox will provide for us in experience.  However, given the fact that the Into the Void workshop MUST be there, I really feel it is the final stripping down of our perception of our self (small s there.)  I considered moving the workshop to a later date, since we are only looking at two – three months from now, absolutely not.  Whoever shows up, shows up, even if it is only mySelf, this will happen.  Good thing I like playing with MySelf!! lol

There is much more to share… but there is, for most of us, tomorrow!!!

I love you all so much and honor every ounce of your Beingness on this crazy plane we call earth!!

Big big ((((((HUGZ))))) of madness made wonder!!  (hmmm, ponder that a long minute lol.)

Lisa Gawlas

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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 15, 2017

The Fires, The Clarity and the Action Required!!!

fire of God

We have come to this experience of our life here, Now, with buckets full of wisdom, knowledge, understandings and yet, we have not harvested all we could, all we should have perhaps, from those experiences.  My last two readings, and my own epiphanies yesterday amplified that very fact.

Much to my surprise, if not slight disappointment to, everyone on the field was once again in full relationship to the fires again.  However, it did give a clearer understanding of what I misunderstood the day prior.  Because I had seen all 5 readings the day prior in relationship to what they were building, becoming and the fires getting closer to the ground, I assumed (one day, maybe, I will stop assuming anything lol) that was the way of it for all of us, the fires closer to the ground and the ground closer to the fires.  Nope.  Not even close.

My first lady opened up sitting inside the first fire, which was now back up at the treetop area.  Her placement is really important for all of us to understand and really take a look around our field to be clear of where we may be at.  Same thing with my third reading as well, but I’ll get to that as we go.

I could see my lady shivering, freezing as she sat in the center of the fire.  How the hell can anyone freeze while inside a fire??  This really blew my mind to see.  She even had her hands across her chest, as one would if they were cold and trying to warm themselves up.  Which also blocks the intake valve of the heart.

fish tankDirectly in front of her, between her body and the inner rim of the fires, were these bubbles that reminded me of a fish tank.  Only they were larger, about the size of marbles and golf balls.  But as plenty as the image I used and in constant motion from her sacral chakra to her nose area.

Pure oxygen, higher, clearer/purer oxygen bubbles.  She was either oblivious to them or just frozen in this experience that she was unaware.  The only thing I was sure of, is that she was in the first fire and simply sitting there, freezing.  Not experiencing the fire, not working with its energies at all.  But I had no idea, the whats and the whys.

She explained to me that back in April, her beloved baby brother was in a severe auto accident that left him on life support for 9 days.  She had power of attorney and was the only one able to decide to continue life support or let him Home.  She choose to set him free, which is exactly what he wanted and needed.  On his deathbed, a lady showed up.  A lady who she thought was his ex-wife, only to find out, they never divorced so she is still his wife, separated by I think she said 9 years.  Now this non ex wife wants the brothers estate, which belongs to my lady.

There are events that are brought to us, that can freeze our whole lives over, if we allow them.  We stop moving.  The fires burn of passion and we freeze.  Unless we breath in the oxygen that is directly in front of us.  Enhanced energy, fortifying what we should do next.  But if we do not drink of our own life Source, we become immobile in many ways.

And then the choice point appears.  When we got to this explanation in what she should do next to stand up for herSelf (not the small s there) I was stunned yet, it all made perfect sense.

Reaction vs action.  We action is just like a ricochet of what we have done in the past, that more often, simply recreated another like event to choose more wisely again.  This would be making choices directly from the ego, without the refreshment of the soul mind being taken into the choice.

Of course she must hire a lawyer and fight this good fight.

Her homework was to drink in the bubbles via meditation.  Which will give her much more clarity and strength as to why she is in this place again (relinquishing her desires, her power to others again.  She had already fought, and won, a long battle with cancer.)

These bubbles increase the magnetic field of hmmmm… attracting the perfect attorney to help her seal up her boundaries and keep her brothers estate, as he desires for her.  Or, she will just react, having been told throughout her reading, you must do something.  Sitting there freezing is not an option.  But if all she did was get up and call an attorney without these enhanced bubbles, she will get an attorney who will do the will of the non ex-wife.  This is the final hurrah for her to fully own her power and do what is needed for herSelf (capital S there, no more starving because of the small s.)

My third lady really surprised me, hell every reading now just surprises me.  I am learning so much of what not to do and how to do what is needed faster and more clear than ever!!  So thank you all for that!!  This little life of my appreciates that!!

My lady was standing upright straddle the first and second fire.  There is about 6 feet of space between each fire.  She had her left foot in the first fire and her right foot in the second fire but her whole body was in the void between the two.  Not really dealing with either.  Yes she had truly gone thru the release of many things in her world recently, including a 7 year relationship, and seemed pretty ok with it.  But, not seeing the gifts, the things that need to be burned and never returned as she goes forward.

Because she purposely was working from her deep unconscious with this visual, she wanted into the fires since that is the very reason she wanted a reading, but yet, held herself outside and between the two, I could not see what was happening in either fire and the white area is simply void, a resting place if you will.  So I attempted to do what I do when anyone shows up for a reading resisting what needs to get done, I did all I knew how to grab her body and place it in the first fire.  Not happening, she resisted with a strength, a deep unconscious tenacity I rarely see, fighting against what needs to be done.  I called for help from her team.

Instantly the energy form of AA Michael showed up on her right side, the power of protection in the truth of what Is.  Next to him and aligning with her core, was a Being I was very unfamiliar with.  Keeping in mind, they both showed up as an energy signature not embodied as a visual, but in their true spirit form.  This female helped me understand she is similar to what christians think of as the blessed mother, only she is not that, but from the hindu understanding.  My lady knew instantly who I was talking about Kali Maa.  I never heard of her, so did a quick google to see her attributes and knew she was correct (from the affirmation of the lady in her field as well as what i seen instantly:

Kali is the Hindu goddess (or Devi)

of death, time, and doomsday and is often associated with sexuality and violence but is also considered a strong mother-figure and symbolic of motherly-love. Kali also embodies shakti – feminine energy, creativity and fertility – and is an incarnation of Parvati, wife of the great Hindu god Shiva

We cannot enter a new life while holding on, blindly and dare I say, stubbornly, to the old.

There was someone to her left shoulder than I could not feel into.  These two mighty beings could not get her into the fire either.  Man oh man, when she learns how to use this strength, she is going to be unstoppable in all she will do.  All she came here to do!!

She received a homework assignment.  She truly had no idea why she was resisting so strongly, so this meditation was there to help her.  I about shit a brick when the third person in her field was me.  I was a part of her meditation with these two powerhouses.  It would make sense that I would take the left shoulder position, I see her life and energies combined.  Kali is aligned with her core and Mikey baby, her soul.  We rescheduled to Tuesday to do the second half of her reading.

My second lady of the day, she was swinging like Tarzan’s jane from fire to fire, just heading into the fourth fire.  My eyes were blind to anything within it, on purpose.  Because she is doing everything that is needed to do and any added information would be a detriment in her pursuit of inner and outer purifications!!

Even my last lady of the day, she was sitting on the outer edge of the 5th fire, having gone thru them all and just sort of contemplating the 4 fires in front of her.  There was no movement from her at all.  Until she makes a choice, gets up and creates action, not even her team knows what to help her with.  Save a few questions that remained unclear from our last reading.  But for all of us, we are the deciders, uninfluenced by our teams, but assisted by them once we decide are we hitting the repeat button or finished button.  Our creation is up to us, personal and final.

What I realized thru the day, the relationship of the fires and the ground depended on where one was at within the fires.  Higher from or closer to the ground itself.  I was not expecting that at all, which of course, it why it had to show up.

What it means to outcome by the end of July, I have no idea and personally, I do not want to find out.  I want to be at the ground level experiencing new life, dammit!!

I do think, however, thru my own events of the day, the 4th and 5th fires are amazing with its presentation of clarity, if we are constantly on the lookout for what we do no know thru ever moment of every day.

My first holy shit moment came when I was reading for stubborn lady, who is an amazing meditator.  Her vision and hearing fully loaded.  She had asked a question that made me crap my own pants with understanding.

Forgive me if I am getting the details of how this happened wrong, but the meaning, I know is absolutely correct.  In one of her meditations, one of her guides grabbed her and started shaking her saying you are RaShaw (spelled my way lol) over and over again.  There was an experience of light stretching out and coming in.  Instantly I knew what was happening.  This is her soul name.  Ra being the god of sun, she purposely took on that name in spirit for this very incarnation.  Because her soul name reflects what she came here to do in this lifetime.  Pull in the sun energy (pure spirit energy) contract it and release it to those who need it (and much more than that, but hey, that will be released after she realizes what she is resisting.)

As I was explaining to her about soul names and their meanings, of course I used my own personal experience, cuz that’s how I roll!! lol  My soul name came thru a meditation garden at the Edgar Cayce ARE center in VA Beach in 2001.  They had this water fall area that I would sit at several times a week to meditate.  One day, as I was in meditation suddenly as I was breathing in the waterfall, tons of these tiny light Beings/Elementals started pouring and flying out of the waters chanting: Sha wah nah, over and over and over again.  It was a chant that just opened my heart with goosebumps and excitement.  When they finally finished their crescendo of Sha wah nah, I asked… what is that.  They explained it was my soul name.  I had wanted to know that for so long, I could not believe I was getting it.  How wonderful!!  I cried all the way home, tears of joy and awe of course.

I had to ask my team if this was correct and of course it was.  So now, what does it mean.  What is the meaning of Shawahnah??  The City of God.   Ohhhhh I like that.  Who wouldn’t??  lol  I never gave it much more thought until yesterday as I was explaining my soul name to my beautiful stubborn lady, I shit a brick when I felt and I mean I FELT the relationship to The City of God and the Nation of Lights.  Same.  As above, so below.  Holy shit, now I am just intimidated (in a good way.)

In Between my readings, I seen a post on my facebook wall from an amazing soul who shared so much love and more light than I realized in her expression (light being knowledge, pure knowledge that can become wisdom.)  I will quote her whole sharing here, because it really is the whole thing that made me realize something profound:

 “August is “roaring” to go!.
I so enjoy considering the imagery Spirit presents you with and your ability to hone in on its meaning, context and evolution. It’s such a fun, yet challenging, way to communicate, but ultimately one that offers practice for all of us in understanding words do not do justice to the imagination of Spirit.
Thank you for such hard work, much less the effort it takes to record, illustrate and share it.
There are all kinds of translators out there, but only one Lisa Gawlas, Spirit Translation Service. LOL 🙂 ❤ “

What she shared, beyond the love and appreciation she has for me and what I do, didn’t sink in right away.  It came in waves as others replied and unfolded in-depth the rest of the day.

The universal language of spirit is metaphors and symbolisms.  Understanding that language is key to all of us.  Not just so we can understand our dreams or meditations or hell, even our life events more fully (we may think our life is literal, it is not, not really) but to one day fully possess and use our telepathic abilities.

Telepathy is not a verbal thing.  Actually it is completely void of words.  Words are misconstrued more than they are understood.  But the energy filled visuals, clear as a bell, once you know the language.

Because of what I do and how long I have been doing it, as well as shifting my own self thru each shift (only because You keep showing up for readings!!  Thank you for that!!) my telepathic abilities, beyond the human realm is clear.  Very clear.  But on the earth’s surface, not so much.

Our ET’s communicate at this level to all of us. But we too, each one of us, must be in a vibrational state of equal frequency to clearly hear and understand them.  They too, use symbolisms and rarely words, in their communication.

Our planet right now, have so many levels of consciousness, from the depths of deep unconsciousness (fast asleep to the Real) to the wide awake and every level in between.  It’s the wide awake ones that will use readily and steadily the natural telepathic abilities we have within us.  There will come a time on earth, it will be the only true way of communication.  All the others still have static in their fields, save moments of experience.

One of the visuals I got as I was grocery shopping yesterday was a common theme between me and my oldest two children right now.  I will be thinking of them and forming a question to ask them, the next thing I know they either call or text me within minutes with the same question or even, the answer.

I realized it is energy waves being sent out and received, not words at all, even if I was thinking in words, but the emotion embedded in the words.  They received the energy as if it was their own thought and replied to me.  And often times, vise versa.

No doubt, we all have had experiences like that.  It is our true, natural way of communicating.  The only thing required is a moment of clear energy to be felt, received and replied to.  Now imagine we start practicing day and night on this ability.  It cannot be with just anyone otherwise, it will get old and boring and stopped eventually because of the lack of validation happening.

I also know now, this whole telepathy gig will become a major focus in the Nation, later, as we build a solid foundation of understanding of Life.  True Life on the earth plane.  I have to giggle as I hear “just because we know something doesn’t mean we are ready to do that thing.”  Tell me about it!! lol

On that note, I am going to close for today.  I feel like I am putting out novella’s these days!!  There is so much understanding coming in, I cannot help it!!

BTW, Today is our very first get together via webex thru the Nation.  I will be sure to keep everything announced our facebook page located at:

Speaking of facebook (smile) a wonderful soul posted an amazing video on my facebook yesterday that truly looks like the fires above the treetops, but not a fire that is burning in destruction.  I cannot seem to embed the video so i will post the link to it:

Until tomorrow, know with your whole being how love and cherished You are.  I love you beyond measure as does the whole universe!!

Big big big (((((HUGZ)))) of Life Becoming…. Real, to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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