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WE Are the New Spiritual Renaissance!!


I have said so often (from living it so often) many concepts cannot be learned nor understood prior to experiencing them.  I have been trying to wrap my mind and heart around the 12 tribes concept since spirit started talking about it all, back in February and until recently, well, until yesterday, I really am or was, clueless.  But I also know from my own crazy trek these last 17 years, that is the nature of spirit.  Give you a big dump of information and then let it alone so it can seep into the deeper unconscious part of ourselves.  The soul mind that is aware in this realm.  Slowly, if one allows the information to be untainted by what we think it means, the deep unconscious seeds the working consciousness.  The working consciousness then sets off on the magnetic fields (hear that to mean, unseen adventures) to bring that to life.

pea podAlong with the 12 tribes, spirit started talking, almost paralleling the Essenes community and Jesus and his 12 buds (we really do not like calling them disciples, at all.)  Spirit talked (thru you mind you, the readings themselves) about the importance of the 12 that surrounded Jesus and amplified the energy he worked with and thru.  We equally looked at the synergy like a pea pod.  Each pea an invaluable part of the pod’s wholeness.  Each pea unique unto the whole of the pod and empowered in their uniqueness.

Of course, I went into the metaphysical realm first, well, period.  I was thinking energy workers, seers, stuff like that.  Not once did my mind think… mundane life.  It is amazing how we can unconsciously discount how vitally important the mundane life is.  To the degree that if that is not in harmony first and foremost, the spiritual part will not be either, not to the extent it can be.

I am seeing first hand, the amplification that is taking place with each pea coming into the pod we (spirit) named The Nation of Lights.  Starting with our webmaster Howard.  My own heart being pulled back to his potential from a list of easy 25 interested people to do the website, 5 separate times in a few hours.  I gave in and emailed him…

I was really only looking to unclutter my current website ( now that I had the money to hire someone professionally instead of doing it myself.  This mans vision took me to a whole other level of potential, of excitement and now, application in what we are becoming.  Not to mention his freakin amazing site layout and images.  Things instantly started flowing in directions I never dreamed, right down to renting a house to be the hands on facility gather and learn from each other, in person.

As I am watching my accounts payable rise and my organization skills lower (hey accounting is not my forte, numbers are not my forte lol) my mind was thinking… I need a freakin bookkeeper.  Thru my entire blog yesterday all I could think of was my good friend Janet who is currently in Oregon.  I have read for her for many years and she stayed with me for about a month in New Mexico, I not only know her spiritual energy and integrity, I know her human as well and I freakin love her!!  Obviously spirit does too, as far as peas go that is lol.  I emailed her the moment I finished my blog and much to me surprise and absolute deLight, she wrote back with an astounding yes!!  That very day happened to be her last day of work, so the timing, as spirit is good at, was impeccable.

Upon receiving her reply, something soared energetically.  Not for just me, but for whatever this project we are creating, will end up being.  As I took my shower, my team reminded me of all the businesses I have put together thru this life time, 2 being physically located metaphysical places (The Wonder of You and The Soul Center, both in Virginia) and what made them amazing and what created their endings.  I realized I have a tremendous experience of what not to do under my belt, starting with my first business when I was 24 thru this moment.  I have spent a lifetime getting ready for this amazing moment we are all in.

One may think I am the pea pod and not so much pea, but I really feel, my landlord is the pea pod.  His energy, his houses, his land, his amazingness.  He doesn’t have to be actively involved, he truly is holding it all together with his trust in us and allowing us to Be and Become.  So that would make him the anchor of Light to create from!!

So as I was affirming to my team in my shower, no ego’s, stay in integrity, keep the focus on the light, not money and keep expanding.  I was stunned, if not completely overwhelmed to see 12 Centers throughout the world… eventually.  Spirit is good at giving us incentive with no other details around anything.  There is no real path, walking creates the path.

I took a couple of photos of the front of the house that IS The Nation of Lights Center for Spiritual Expansion.  The tenant (who will be there thru June 30th, we take over July 1st) was not home so I did not go into the backyard to take photos.  I will get that done this weekend when he is home.  But let me show you this image and tie this tree in with the dream I had Mother’s Day evening:

nation of light center for spiritual expansion

I now fully understand why I had to keep this dream blog separate and of its own energy.  I would be referring back to its contents more often than I ever imagined!! lol

I share this all, not only for my own processing, but also, to help whoever is getting themselves into something new!!  There are a lot of us being summoned into the new right now!!

From that dream blog: The dream opened up outside under a large tree in our yard.  I cannot wait to show you the huge trees in the backyard.  I didn’t even realize this massive tree was in the front yard until I took the picture yesterday and that dream from mothers day was moved to the forefront of my mind.  Of course, I had reread it to remember it lol.

This part almost covers what my team showed me/reminded me in my shower review:  When the person arrived I did not recognize them and of course, asked him how he found this event.  It was explained that a store down the street had a flier hanging up telling of the event.  At first I was ok with this, until more and more people came due to that flier and they were not nice.  Their ego’s lead their lives.

This, in its own way, is what destroyed The Wonder of You in Virginia.  We all have very different, very valuable unique skills that will make the car run like a magic carpet but wishing you were someone else and trying to be someone you are not, will bring it all down.  I could not fully understand why in this dream it was talking about uninvited guests.  Of course, having a physical place was not even a thought.  But as I toy with how we can make this all work and keep the overhead, over head… I am now clear (due to this dream) if one is not an active member of the Nation of Lights, then the workshops and gatherings at the ground level would be equivalent to the invited guests.

I already had my instruction yesterday on how to keep the vibe high in the house, and it really steams from the opening of The Wonder of You.  Zero negative talk allowed inside the house, ever.  We have a yard and a fire pit to do that around.

As the crowd was increasing in size, suddenly a neighbor who lived next door appeared in his yard who was just not nice.  It felt like he was trying to one up the event somehow.  So I started kicking the people who attended without an invitation over the fence to hang out with him, since their ego’s were very much in common with each other.

Less an actual neighbor, but more many neighboring (in energy not location) facilities that will tend to the ego needs.

I walked into this house that reminded me of a log cabin, but was not made of logs, instead more like 2 X 1 boards that had the same coloring as a log cabin would, old and weathered.

I so wish I had a picture to show you the barn in the backyard that separates our yards from my landlords field that has cows and horses on it.  Exactly these boards!!!  Just for the record, the cows are horses are those that have been “put out to pasture” so they live there to live, be loved and graze til their heart’s content!!

Suddenly it was raining in the house and the rain was coming in thru the space between each board, the floor was flooded.  Thank god it was made of concrete so no damage could be done.  But the living room furniture was soaked.  I immediately called the landlord who just happened to by my current landlord and in this amazingly calm, soothing, reassuring voice, reminded me that he explained this might happen occasionally once I moved in.

I have to giggle a little bit.  The day I looked at this house, we got a hellofa storm that night.  Lightning across the river, never any thunder tho and downpours of rain.  Hydrating our new garden of life.  The old furniture… old ways of being in life and even, in spirit.  No doubt, we will have occasion to be reminded of who we are no longer.

The one thing I know for sure… there is a Mighty Spiritual Renaissance happening across the globe thru each and every one of us in so many wonderful and unique ways!!!

On that note, my begins.  Have an amazing June, ride the solstice energy into your new horizons, KNOWING you are loved and supported!!!!

((((((HUGZ))))) of gratitude and excitement to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Coming Soon (projected launch date is June 9th) My new email address is  Please start using that as I will be phasing out my old site and my current email over the coming months.  Thank you!!!




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The Bounty of Life Is Thru You!

life energy

The creative use of visuals by spirit sometimes makes me laugh so much I get tripped up in what they are even trying to say.  My first lady yesterday just had me in stitches.  There she was in her center and directly in front of her the largest stalk of broccoli I had ever seen.  This stalk was an easy 6 foot tall, and 8 feet wide.  That is one hellofa stalk of broccoli.  Freakin broccoli???  I have never had to interpret broccoli in a reading before and why the hell use a vegetable???

I no sooner got over my giggles with the big ass broccoli in front of my beautiful lady, then it split itself down the middle and opened up to form a V thru its center, but never coming apart at the ground level.  WTH?????

From my lady’s center was a glowing amber-gold light, illuminating from the ground upwards around her.  Thru the V split in the broccoli, this intense illuminating white light.  Then I seen what her team wanted, step into the center of the broccoli.  What the hell does that even mean?  Become broccoli??  Jezuz!!  We won’t even talk about my slow processing, tired mind.


First, it represents the group soul energy of her spirit.  Each broccoli head is all connected and sharing with the stock itself, her physical incarnation.  Although each head is individuated, they gather as a whole, sharing together as one thru the lady on the field.

Second, broccoli is a highly nutritious vegetable and she is being asked to step into the opening, the Light of her Soul and be the soul food for others to become nourished with as she has nourished herself.

Last but far from least, they purposely used broccoli for its green color, bringing in the energy of the emerald city, her heart, fully ripe and ready to purposely feed others on a larger scale.

By the end of the reading I could see her putting her feet into the center of the broccoli, much to my surprise, the broccoli came back together, sealed her up in the stalk and got this crazy relationship of Clark Kent stepping into a phone booth and coming out as Superman (woman in this case lol, or would that be broccoli woman?? lol.)

My second lady had these large double terminated diamonds raining down all around her.  Everything must be supersized these days!!  These diamonds had to be at least 6 inches from top to bottom and an easy 3 inches in circumference at the center.  They were all perfectly identical, clear and faceted.  I realized I missed something yesterday, but I am seeing it this morning.  When she first showed up on the field, those diamonds were in a state of chaos, no patterns at all, just raining down everywhere.  The moment I honed in on some, they organized and created a circle pattern around her (about 8 feet in diameter around her.)  Of course, I was not thinking physics with my tired mind yesterday, I was much more concerned with understanding what was being shown properly for her use.

Let’s take this moment and really understand what I missed.  Our personal energy fields are always in a state of chaos, of flux, until we look at it, observe it, interact with it.  It will create patterns of itself with the observation.

Now this missed information is interesting and perfect for the rest of her reading.  When I focused on her physical body (after I understood the outer circle) there were diamonds coming in thru her crown, but at a much slower pace than the ones encircling her.  The consciousness of the diamonds entering her crown, allowed for full passing of one before the next entered.  I watched a diamond go down thru her core energy as if it was going thru a rubber tube, interacting with the energy of the circle of diamonds and when it all hit the proper frequency, the one going thru her exploded into multicolored light which was received by receptors in various parts of her body.  Due to reading time constraints and her need to do the homework, the first part of the explosion focused on her “supersonic” eyes.  I was kind of taken aback by that phrase since supersonic is sound not visuals.  Her team explained that she is awakening within herself the ability to see the sound waves, allow them to form patterns and move into the understanding of those patterns.   She is to start with nature, the rustle of leaves on a tree, the sound of wind, the grass flowing, streams running.  New patterns are emerging, holding brand new information to be utilized and shared!!

We are all being asked to step into new patterns of our life.  To step out into the field of life and shine and play and reach deeper than you ever have before.

And I wander back to my own crazy, fast expanding life field.  For at the very least, the last three years, my whole heart has been wanting to play on the ground level, with others.  Every reading depicting your changes, your movement made my own desire grow stronger, focused without details.  If we can leave the details to our soul and keep our emotions centered on desire, the outcomes become mind blowing, heart expanding and even more than that.

All the while I was writing my blog yesterday all I could think of was my dear beautiful friend in Oregon.  She is a bookkeeper by profession, I really really need a bookkeeper.  She is also deeply on her spiritual path, spent time with me in new mexico and I just love her.  The moment I finished my blog I sent her an email, offering her a place to live (the new center) if she could do my books.  Eventually it will turn into a paid position, but not yet.  I was not 100% sure how things were going for her in Origin and was thrilled to have her reply with an OMG yes!!  Don’t ya know that it was the very last day of her job yesterday.  She even created the divine space of living (renting) month to month so she could shift anytime the opportunity provided.  She will be here in 2 weeks!!!  I am beyond excited about this.  Beyond grateful.  Obviously so is my team, because for the second day in a row, I was wide awake at 2am, the potentials expanding even more.  Help in getting it all set up and organized is now on the way.

My landlord came by yesterday with the new lease to sign and god, I am just so freakin blessed with the people who are surrounding me, helping me, encouraging me.  When I decided to bite the bullet do this thing, I sent him a text message that said: “Thank you for pushing me over the edge with your trust in me.”  His reply sits with me and it is what I wish for everyone to find themselves surround with:  “We all need people who believe and trust in us.  I’ve been blessed and am surrounded by them.”

I step back and look at this man, his amazing energy and how it works for him.  Since I moved here in April, he had three houses for rent (to include this one I am now in) and the very moment he puts it out there that they are for rent, he instantly has a slew of people wanting in.  How I got so blessed to have two out of three of these houses….!!??  So I told him when he came over, that I would not do this risk if it was anyone other than him.  But I am also planning on leaning into his energy field and using the wonders of his magnetic attraction.  He gave me full permission to do just that!!  Not to mention the freedom to do what needs to be done to be successful.

There is much more I wanted to share, but that will have to wait for tomorrow.  We are heading to Austin in an hour and I must de-stink this body.  Michelle’s eyes are healing rapidly and wonderfully, today is just a recheck to confirm that!!!!  It’s funny, the optometrist said to her last week when she went for her first check up, that she must have wolverine’s healing powers.  I giggled and said yeah, she has all you sending energy!!  What you do, matters and has tremendous, powerful effect!!  Thank you!!!

I love and appreciate each and every one of you, so freakin much!!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) of bountiful energy fields to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas




I was only supposed to have a very simple, very enjoyable weekend baby sitting my precious grandson while his mom worked at the campground this past memorial day weekend.  I decided to take Rune to the park at the campground on Friday, some fun with GiGi and as I was walking into the entrance of the campground, the house on the corner lot, that I knew was for rent by my landlord, started talking to me, hell drawing me into its energy.  How the hell do you ignore a couple of acres of land saying… hey, we have an idea.  A big idea!!

I knew this place was for rent a couple of weeks ago, it sure didn’t concern me.  So imagine my surprise when the whole land just started filling my head with ideas as I pushed the stroller down the long driveway into the campground (it sits directly across from the campground.)  I could see us gathering in groups, learning how to work individually and together in so many ways.  The rent on this place was $2200 a month.  All I kept saying back, is… what… are you crazy!! Coming into the campground and leavening it was as if there was a suction field placed on my whole awareness, drawing my focus to it.  I picked up my pace and walked faster home.  What the hell is my team trying to do.

When I awoke on Saturday morning I decided to take a bath meditation.  I got the strangest visual I did not fully understand.  As I entered I could feel the winds of change, but instead of coming from the air, suddenly this huge blower fan was in front of my face.  What the hell is that??  What does that even mean??  Silence!!!

The rest of that friday and into Saturday, I was now being haunted.  I could not get the idea out of my mind.  I know this next phase is all about learning to work together, at the ground level, but freakin hell!!  $2200 a month!!  The idea would not leave my crazy head, not even the baby was a big enough distraction to silence the potential stammering about in my head.  I gave in, texted my landlord about the house.  He replied instantly, that house was already rented, but he has one that is coming available July 1st at 57 S. Main.  Where the hell is 57 S. Main??  I live at 357.  Two houses and one field (his field) over, a white house with a green metal roof.  It’s only a two bedroom, one bath, but it has internet included in the rent of $1295.  He had an internet tower built for the campground and that house is in direct line of the tower, so it gets internet.  I made arrangements to see it that afternoon, doing all I can to talk myself out of it.  2 bedrooms and one bath is not what I was looking for.  Hell, I am not looking for anything really, but my freakin, pesky ass team, they are on a hunt!!

Being able to hear spirit, is not always a great thing.  Every objection I had (which was a lot) they overcame.  Dammit.  If they weren’t enough, this precious soul I call my landlord, did me in.  I knew he showed it to someone the day before and while I was looking at it (while the tenant is still living there) another family just showed up at the door to look at it too.  My landlord told me, he is going to give me first option.  He will not commit to anyone until I decide if I want it or not.  That alone blew my mind.  I already pay him $1195 a month for the place I live in, and he has enough faith in what I do, to let me double up!!  I feel a divine conspiracy underway.  I asked him if I could sleep on it.  I trust my judgement best first thing in the morning.  Of course, I didn’t tell him I was going to be demanding validation from my team, cuz this is not a thing I thought of prior to friday.

I started going over pro’s and con’s in my head all night long.  I came up with a long list of pro’s and one constant con.  It will raise my overhead by at least $1500 a month (factoring in electric and water.)  Not to mention, I have to furnish the damn thing!!  This is going to pretty much bottom out what I have in savings.

I wish I could say I woke up with a clear head, not even close.  I woke up with diarrhea and my stomach in knots!!   I knew I was pulling on all the past failures, the things that just did not work out.  I was knee-deep in the void, the constant chatter I had been hearing for 3 days, quite as a church mouse now.  No big signs saying… do this thing, except my inner knowing of how this crazy life works.  Our teams will bring us to the edge and leave us there dangling by our toes.  It must be our choice to leap or turn and walk away.

I leaned into the pro’s list again.  I leaned into the faith my landlord has in me.  I leaned into my webmasters excitement of the new website.  I cleared the past, toilet run by toilet run.  I found my stillness.  I breathed in, texted my landlord and said… I’m in.  I will take it.

Instantly I was back online and hearing my team again.  Thank god too, I had a full day of readings and I need to tap into the field more than ever now.

I fully anticipated a complete shift in the field after the full and new moon landscapes of May, but man oh man, I was not banking on the huge up shift in frequency.  Not to mention new visuals I have never seen (or interpreted) before.  I thank god that we are back down at the ground level of reading (instead of being in the full moon up in the sky.)  Everyone is now showing up directly in the center of the back yard.  This is a movement from the far back to center.  The understanding with the shift in placement is that we are no longer being fueled up, we are now live and at ongoing choice points of what we will do with the fuel in our tanks.

Every reading I did, helped to untie the knot that was lingering in my gut, but one in particular really helped me more than anything.  I pray, it helps you as well.

She was sitting in a rocking chair, with knitting needles in her hand, facing the back of the yard (facing away from me.)  The knitting needle in her left hand was silver, the one in her right had a beautiful steel-blue.  The silver attracting the energy of her (outcomes) of physical life and the steel-blue, harnessing the spiritual energy to make it happen.) Patterns and threads.

I became aware of all these energetic lines that were sprawled out like an unorganized spider’s web and she was pulling various strings to her needles, knitting something together.  Her team explained that she is looking over the vastness of her past (this life and others) and pulling the strings from there to create with.  She never once turned to face me or her present to future energy fields, just the past (and keeping in mind the past goes from a minute ago to forever ago.)

This, of course, is a valid choice, but not the wisest one to make.  There is unforeseen energy in her present and future that she should create with, otherwise we reinvent the past and not much more.  It took some creative footwork, but her team gave us a glimpse of the field she was not looking at, all kinds of flowers and bushes and life all around her.  Her life’s garden is rich and bountiful, but that only matters if you use it.

Her team showed us a flower, just one single flower and if she took that essence and knitted into whatever it is she is creating (which oftentimes is at our deep unconscious level) she will have so many opportunities to enliven her direction with joy and excitement.  However, like all gardens, if not tended to, the energy withers and dies (ceases to be available to use in that way.)  I started to see the flowers lose their energy, what we would call die.  Of course, this was a glimpse into her future and not the present moment.  This withering of her bounty would only cease to be if left unattended or unused.

I instantly thought about the house I am getting ready to lease.  I already heard my team say, how many opportunities do you think you will have to rent something near you that would serve your needs as well as be a gathering place to teach and work the energies together??  I personally would rather try to learn from failure than sit around regretting what I didn’t do.

What I find interesting too, about the readings yesterday, is everyone has choices that were disguised to my eyes.   We, as a human, want to know what we are getting into, before we get into it.  And thru the readings yesterday, I heard a long list of what if’s based on past experiences.  It is our choice to start with a clean slate, pull only the wisdom that benefits you to your current creations and leave fear and the what if’s alone.  And by all means, move into your uncomfortable spaces.  That is where we are going to take off from.

We are all going to be given opportunities we did not see coming, on purpose (dammit.)  We may (or may not) get a heads up that something is arriving, pay attention, move towards it, don’t analyze what you cannot understand.  This solstice energy is giving you gifts of change, of bounty, of Life.  Only you can choose to take advantage of it.

I would have much prefered to be given this extra house choice AFTER the launch of the new website, but noooooooooo.  That would have been too easy or maybe even, made it too easy to turn and walk away.  Not to mention the fact I am going to Scotland mid August.  Had I seen this coming, I would so not be going to Scotland, at all.  But what is done is done.  I have to trust my team sees so much more than I do and I just have to be ready to leap thru every hoop along the way.  I do find weird comfort in the fact this house, that will be the The Nation of Lights Center for Expansion, has a green roof, taking in the energy of the Emerald City.

Ohhh, BTW that fan from meditation.  Some changes have to come directly from you to be utilized and fullfilled.  Damn fans!!  lol

Now that I have made this commitment, my team woke me up at 2am this morning with ideas, lots of ideas on what we can do together and how.  Give me a few days to work it all out in my head and heart and I will let you know what’s coming with all that!!

Until tomorrow….

Big big big (((HUGZ))))) echoing the Nike slogan of JUST DO IT, to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

As I close I hear a song playing in my head!!



you are the eye of the needle

I woke up at 2am this morning feeling like I was going to vomit.  My stomach was doing backflips while my bottom bowels were doing front flips.  Instead of the gas bubbles making their way out, as gas usually does, it felt like they were releasing upwards to my stomach.  The moment I opened my eyes and wondered… what the hell?  I instantly heard, this is the eye of the needle.  What??  Why did I think it was an outside event, not an inside out event.  (I am so human!! lol)

I spent the next three hours in and out of sleep and dare I even say, having inside out dreams.  I would have these visions and understandings when I opened my eyes in awakeness.  I am going to share the experience as if it was one ongoing moment instead of a series of disrupted sleep patterns.  The last thing I heard at 5am is to get up and share this.  Okie, dokie, pokie, here I am!! 😀

My vision was shifted to the inner core of my body at the stomach/souler plexus area 😉 and the softest white sheathing was flapping in and out, very much like a jelly fish.  The next thing I know. this sheathing produces a tentacle, very much like the long flowing tentacles of a jelly fish, and it came out of my mouth.  Instantly I heard, “this is what going thru the eye of the needle is.”  My mouth is the needle??  What??  I think when I fell asleep each time, I woke up with full understandings of what I was experiencing and seeing.  I will put this all into a larger perspective when I finish with my exhausting attempt at sleep last night.

One of the times I woke up, I seen one of these tentacles come out of my mouth extend about a foot outwards and made like an upside down U shape and touched a quadrant of my external energy field and instantly I knew, this happened while I was in childhood too.  Whatever this is, this is not the first time.  I became crystal clear about being back on a ship, an Extraterrestrial ship and I was not alone.  Many of YOU were there, in my childhood rememberings.

Now that I am awake and not drifting in and out of sleep…

From our throat to our crown, that IS the eye of the needle.  All the energy coming thru it is coming from deep in your core, hidden quadrants opening up and finding new ground in your life, in our life, to grow.

The most mesmerizing thing was being in childhood, I don’t know, 6–7 years old, and what looked like hundreds of other children all sitting around in a room, in a series of circles (chairs behind chairs.)  I could not see anyone, except bodies thru a thick fog (placed over my mind’s eye) and every one of us were being prepared and have been being prepared thru our entire lives… for this very moment, together.  We have been finding each other in the physical, thru the internet and other groups we may have attended.

How many of us, once we find each other, feel like we have known each other all our lives.  We instantly assume it is because we are part of the same soul group in spirit, which is not wholly true, it is because we have been together thru this whole lifetime, we purposely forgot.  If we weren’t made to forget, we would have known too much about our future, a very intimidating thing for children, even young adults.

 Let’s put all this on hold a moment while I connect my happenings yesterday to my inside out dream state last night.  I had my first dentist appointment to get my new teeth relined, a date I was sooo looking forward too.  Hours later, my daughter had her follow up visit at the Lasik institute in the opposite direction.  We made a day of it, going for lunch in between.  Somewhere between sitting in my dentist’s chair getting my teeth refitted in New Braunfels to driving to austin I realized I had two major lumps on my left side under my arm that started to itch.  What the hell?  When did I get bit, how did I get bit there, not once, but twice.  I had a t-shirt and a sweat shirt on and I was driving, so my arms were not in a position to just let a hungry bug have dinner on my body, not in that place anywayz.  By the time we got to the lasik institute, I developed another bump, just like the first two, only under my right arm instead of my left.  Now I know this is not bug bites, but what the hell is it.  My first thought (which is usually the correct thought) was of an ET something.  But that would be impossible since this happened between appointments.

We decided to rent Dr Strange from redbox while we were out.  We both had wanted to see that movie, so we did.  I fell in and out of sleep thru it.  All I kept thinking is they are depicting it so inaccurately… the time loops.  As if I had any idea!!!  lol  Until this morning and all this nighttime oddness comes together.

We may never fully realize how many times we are in a moment of bent time, here and not here at the same time.  Being altered and altering our playing field.  Truly, we a fully conscious participants in what we are doing, it’s the physical mind that gets the dose of forgetfulness, on purpose, to keep us on track.

I was watching an episode of ancient aliens several days ago, the first time in forever.  My daughter had it on when I went into the living room.  This episode was showing all the pyramids around the world and the grid they are on and how they were all built in a similar way.  I cannot even tell you if I knew, or did the show say, that they were all powered by each other.  A very particular energy system, interconnected around the world.  That was phase one.  When that phase was complete, the energy that sourced all the pyramids was turned off (more or less) so that humanity could evolve to the next phase, which included circles.  Crop circles.  What I am hearing right now about these crop circles is they act like centrifuges in the quantum fields of life.

And now, the third and final phase begins.  There are many players to this phase, not yet interconnected, but time will bring it all together.  Each tribe perfecting their part, together as a wholly working body of Light in consciousness.

I go back to us being children on this ship, the instructors what we would call ET’s, our magnetic fields of attraction amped up as we crossed into 2012 and lives changed, and changed again, and yet…. again.

More changes are coming, that are going to blow our ever-loving minds!!!  (Hell, my mind is already blown!! lol)

I was also shown, this is a blackout day on the field.  Every person on this planet is opening up like a seedling, germinating and sprouting.

This is a time like no other!!  My daughter just woke up and she too, had a series of dreams she called nightmares all night long, I call massive revelations of her growth!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) of excitement and wide eyed wonder to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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From Full Moon to New Moon, A New Field of Life is Seeded!!

moon seeds

I am so amazed that we are swimming in the energy of the new moon already and that full moon is still present in every reading.  It must have been overly pregnant to still be releasing energies thru this moment.  Or maybe, better stated, so important it is staying til the last moment, seeding, illuminating our way forward from here.

Thru every (attempt) at reading yesterday, the light of the full moon was pouring downwards towards earth.  Instead of being way up in the sky, at the back side of the back yard, it started out about 20 feet above the earth and directly over the center of the back yard, what we call your center field of life.  I started to realize, as the day passed and each new person showed up, the full moon was moving closer to the front of the yard.  By my last reading, it was a foot away from the eye of the needle that has been consistently just in front of my porch, representing the new moon energy.

Each stream of light had a different image/energy within it.  All of that, I could see vividly, the understanding tho, it must have been in a ballpark I could not get to, at least the “what this means to you personally” ballpark.  Not a spirit would help us understand, so I choose to reschedule everyone yesterday, but also made sure everyone received what I could see.  I know there are times spirit shows us things that is not for the mental understanding, but it always has purpose.  I am realizing, it stays away from our mental planes, on purpose.

Of course, I am going to pull from my own ongoing experience.  The two times I went into meditation to look at my position on the field, the first time it was a large triangle on fire.  Did my pesky team explain to me what that meant, hell freakin NO!!!  But it was burned in my mind’s eye none the less (pun very much intended.)  Weeks later, when I looked again, that triangle morphed into a translucent gold, globe like thing with 12 distinct (but not separate) sections.  Again, I was left in the silence of the visual.

It really isn’t until right now, as I am searching around for examples to use for spirits reasons for giving a visual with no audible content of understanding, do I more completely understand what I had seen for myself, which is, all-ways, for us!!

The triangle set up on the ground point upwards, three unified sections connected together to amplify all the energies within it and radiating out from it.  The mental plane, the spiritual plane and the physical plane (aka mind, body, soul.)  Fire purifies.  Releases all the old that is not longer needed, while at the same time, sends its flames of passion, of illumination into the new, the yet unexperienced.

Of course, I wasn’t looking at my pesky webmaster, pushing me into places that I have long resisted going into, via the new website.  His vision, hell, his faith in me far exceeds my own!!  He has taken my simple desire and is creating an elaborate labyrinth of potential for all of us.  It is no longer being set up like a gym, but more like the N of L IST (Nation of Lights Institute of Spiritual Technology.)  The dome with its non separate sections!!  I may be the one presenting 17 years of accumulated knowledge and insight, but I will be every bit a student along the way too.  Starting from the ground up, as a unified group presence here on earth.  Kinda freakin exciting!!

The one thing he shows me without any shadows of doubt, we all need a catalyst to push us further than we ever let ourselves go.  Someone or ones that can see beyond the human facade into the spiritual treasure chest and knows how to bring it out for the greater benefit of the person and the landscape we live within (the earth.)

We are One and We are unstoppable!!

Before I close, I would like to ask a favor.  I asked on facebook yesterday and am doubling up here.  My amazing webmaster, Howard, would like client feedback for the emerging new site.  If you can send me some feedback, whether it was for a reading or readings you have had, a workshop you attended, audio’s you may have downloaded and utilized, we both would very much appreciate it.  My email address is  

On that note, spend today feeling all the dreams you couldn’t even fathom dreaming, already being realized!!

I love you all soul very very very much.  Thank you for being the Lights of my Life, you change me, for the better, each and ever day!!  Thank you!!!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with magic and power to and thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Enlarging Your Territory of Light and Life!

expanding energy

We are finally closing the gap between the full moon and the new moon.  All that lunar brilliance is pouring into the field of Life, already going thru the eye of the needle and being set up by the solstice energy.  I think I can safely call this new moon on the 25th the great transformer, changing the emotional field into the created field of life.

I think it was on Friday when I attempted to do the readings, the field was in a massive white out.  I could not look at it straight on, but when I was parallel to my deck, I could see the brilliance of the white light flowing into my reading area from each person.  But no two fields were the same.  One was pure, steady white light, another a pulsing white light (akin to the pulsing light of a computer screen) and yet another had these gold dots of energy scattered about the light.  I had no real idea why and what that meant.  Spirit does not always reply when we ask… what the hell is that!!

Yesterday, I think we got a glimpse of understanding.  My first lady showed up, the moon now prit near over the center of the yard (instead of behind the back yard) and she (everyone) was working on the outside of the moon pulling the energy into their field for their emerging desires.  She had this golden castles just started to push itself up from the ground.  Kinda like this, only forming a circle, not straight across:

castle top

Not near as much detail either, but very much the varied tops like this.  It was explained that these emerging parts of her core energy… CORE ENERGY???  What??  This circle was about 6-10 feet in circumference, no one’s core energy is that large!!  Or at least, has never been.  The core energy flows in thru the body.  Not no mo’!!  Talk about enlarging our territory!!

If that expanded area of core energy wasn’t enough to blow my mind, those things that make up the castle tops served (at least) two purposes.  One being like antennas that hone in the needed information and connections thru the multiverse and also as storage area’s of energy.  Then of course, we have to look at the pure spiritual power of the gold.  Wowsers!!  I cannot wait to see it and understand it when it’s completely up and out into creation!!

Another one, so incredibly opposite.  She had this formation of rain, the clearest, blue-tinted rain i had ever seen, forming a pitched roof as it came out of the moon and spread out over her center field.  It was explained that this is going to be a highly emotional time for her, stretching thru the september equinox.  That alone could sound a bit intimidating, but spirit assured her there are some intense highs that she will experience.  Then she was given an example of my most recent ride down the white river rapids from new mexico to here in texas.  A ride I would do again in a minute!!

One of my readings yesterday was an ET connection.  I had just been missing the ET connections and wondering how they will unfold in this new location, so a shot of excitement ran thru me when I seen this virgin man on my schedule and it was for an ET session.  Then I panicked for a minute too.  Shit, we have this high velocity, intensely volatile energy bouncing thru these moon phases, most times, ET’s cannot or will not arrive until it settles.

I didn’t even have to worry if they were going to show up, they were rather mouthy (in a loving way of course) as I was explaining to this beautiful man how I work a reading.  I have said these words to every new person god, for a decade at least, never once did spirit or an ET interupt me to correct what I was saying… until yesterday.

When I said: “The way I see is in a story made of light,” I was quickly corrected, adimentaly.  “This is not a story, this is happening.  We are simply projecting from another realm to yours, but it is not a story!!”  Well damn!!  I was kind of excited with that interruption.  At least we know they are here and listening!!! lol

Their presence was wayyyy over in the far back right side of the sky in what at first felt like an energy bubble.  I could feel 5 distinct personalities within this energy bubble (that was actually a cloaked ship.  They explained that because of the highly delicate energies setting up on my man’s field, they could not, would not interfere with that layout, hence their distance and cloaking.  Yet, it was important for the connection to happen now.

He had two Pleiadians, a male and female who explained to him that they have been with him all his life.  They have been in and out of his physically created world many times over the decades, starting when he was a baby, maybe 3-6 months old.  He arrived in body with a very high light field and they have been adjusting him as he grew, so his DNA could handle the light spectrum running thru him.  Often times, taking him back to the ship for adjustments.  They also said he could call them Leaf and Flower.  Not that that is their name, but a revelation about what he came here to do with the plant kingdom.

Another one was Sirian, who called himself Samsonite, like the luggage!  Tough, sturdy and filled with treasures.  His last two, once again I am so challenged at this planetary name, at remembering it.  Armadia or something like that, the A is correct lol.  They presented as a fork and knife, kinda crazy, but with purpose.  The one who looked like and said he could call him fork, did so to show him how to roll up energy strands (and I kept getting the visual of spaghetti being twirled around a fork.)  The other, who looked like a butter knife and said to call him knife, was going to show him how to purposely cut the energy he twirled up and where to place it his field of life as well as the greater fields of life.  What an amazing Motley Crew they are!!  I cannot wait to see them all again in a couple of weeks, we just might have some universal dinner ready to eat lol.

I do want to touch on an email I received, with a link to a video channeling that was put out saying that earth is going to die in 50 years.  Granted, I do not receive every ounce of information there is to glean thru the readings, but the one thing I am pretty damn sure of, if we were entering our extinction in 50 years, that would be coming thru strong, since we all have children or grandchildren who would be affected by this.  Yet, thru the souls of YOU, not word of preparation has been mentioned.  Simply because, it is not true.  Yes, we are going thru intense change, just like a woman does when giving birth. Water flows, blood flows, things tear, and the heave ho of the stomach walls would make any earthquake blush in comparison.  But she is bringing forth life, not death. Altho, the death of the old way of living is happening.  She will now be responsible, as we are, for the life coming thru.  WE ARE the golden age, the golden Ones of Gaia, the living 13th strand of golden DNA, here for the long haul, not the short-term.

On that note, I need a shower!!

Big big big ((((HUGZ))))) of illuminated power and intense joy thru and to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Our Field of Life, Karma and Creation, in Detail!

Network over South America

I am sitting here, ready to dive deeper into the 13th strand of DNA and instead, I have a major focal point in my face.  Our field of Life, of Emotion, of Creation.  I did a simple diagram so you can follow along, visually with this sharing.

Field of Life

We can look at this whole platform or cycle as karma, or what you put out, comes back to be experienced by you (me, us.)

The sun and moon are always playing its energetic part on our life fields.  Right now, we are still in the full moon energy creating from the illumination of our emotional depths.  Of course I state it that way because our greatest goal in life, is to be aware of our emotional frequencies at all times.  But the better part of humanity is still catching up to that inner awareness.

If we take the output of the moon as the spotlight of our emotional creations, then the sun, in its spitting glory, gives the energy to make all that manifest.  Sort of like pouring miracle grow on our ever-growing, ever-changing gardens.

Then we have the time within the moon phase, where it all goes dark, becomes new once again.  We can almost look at it as every 28 days, we emerge from our own inner black holes to decide again.  Often times, we keep choosing the same thing, for lack of seeing beyond that stream of emotion.  Even if that emotion is wanting more or something different and not knowing what that may be, we create that ongoing experience until we decide otherwise.  And then there are times, when we get caught in a rut for so long, our souls swoop in and create chaos, change, something new!!  The more we resist that something new, the longer and greater the chaos in our field.

Of course, I am talking about our personal fields here, but there are many other types of fields.  Since I used a square, lets look at it like a chess board, several surrounding squares would be the community we live within, half the board would be the country and the whole board would be the whole world.  Of course, many deviations thru all that too.

Keeping in line with the chess board, I, nor you, cannot make a choice, at any given time, that does not affect the whole world.  Imagine that!!  That is a massively interconnected playing field!!  Equally, this is how we change the world by changing ourselves!

So the blue line that I created from the (current full moon) down into our right fields of life (the silver line separates our emotion from our outcome.)  We can look at our emotional output as the seeds of what we perceive as our future, whether later today, tomorrow, next week, next year, none of it is stretched out in time.  Time does not exist.  It is all just waiting for that trigger, that solidification point of the front of the field.   That is where I see the “eye of the needle” these days, directly in front of my viewing area, at the fore most part of your life field.  The stronger and I may even say, longer any given emotion is held, the bigger, more present the outcome.  Be it in joy or sorrow, the field has no bias.  It has no concern whether what we are holding onto so deeply in our emotions is going to create more sorrow or pain, it just knows the instruction it is given and develops that as life experienced.  So we can really look at the eye of the needle as the never-ending genie in your, in our bottle, coming out (at least) once a month for magic creation.

Some seasons are much more powerful, life changing, than others.  This particular May, this particular year of 2017 is one of those massive times.

Of course, nothing in life happens instantly, we have been growing and grooming this very season, well we could say forever, but truly, since we left 2012 and entered 2013.

Four full years to take a deep look inside and decide, then decide again, and again.  The higher the light field over the entire chessboard, the greater the chaos we see.  Well, I think we can all rest assured, we have brought in a massive amount of light thru these last four years.  Chaos is reigning thru most countries (not all, some really latched onto the higher light and doing all they can to change, make better, the lives of the people within their country.)  We can say the same thing with states within countries, cities within states, neighborhoods within cities.  And then there is what we call, family.  The black border on the square, that’s where family resides.  A part of you and equally, not a part of you.  Many people feel obligated to keep and entertain the various family members who are in chaos, or just down right not nice, which, intimately affects your playing field, if you allow.  Or, we could just push them to the outside of our personal playing field, so their chaos does not intimately create within our own fields.

Let’s get back to our personal playing field, since that is what we live within 24/7.  Let me tell you from personal experience, it is perfectly ok to not know where you are going or how you are going to get there.  What is not ok, well, depending on how you want to experience your life field, is feeling negative about it.  There is a hmmmm, heaviness to what we experience as negative emotions.  The heavier the emotion, the more rooted in our ongoing reality it becomes (since it is so close to the ground anyway.)

I cannot help, for this particular sharing, remember how much I wanted the change that I had seen so many people bringing into their field of readings.  Altho I loved my life very much, but spirit was saying that their new growth, spiritual abilities and attributes will become enhanced and noticeable if they allow the change to come in (it was coming anyway, resistance takes us out of grace and ease and creates harder experiences than we would have had otherwise.)  I wanted some change, some new abilities!!!  If there is more than I am capable of doing, sign me up!!  That became a deep emotional mantra reading after reading for close to a year!!  Mother’s Day last year, I got what I wanted!!  In ways and experiences that I could have ever dreamed of, hoped for, fathomed in a million lifetimes!!

Now here I am, much has changed, pretty  much everything has changed, but I still do not know what the new abilities are.  With every ounce of my Being, I know that is what will be discovered thru the Soul Gym.  There is so much I know how to do, was trained to do over the last 17 years with my team, and so much I do not do with much of it.  I feel, for all of us, this is the time we see how our wholeness really rocks the atmosphere of life, all life, together.

OMG, now I get it!!  The 13th strand that will be coming in and doing whatever it will do, will be creating a brand new chess board for all of life, one connected square at a time!!  At least, for those who have a full functioning Emerald City / Field of life.  Not quite sure what that looks like, but no doubt, the readings will reveal more, as You all-ways do!!!

I love you and appreciate you more than my heart will ever be able to express in words!!

Big big big (((((HUGZ)))) filled with new chess pieces to and thru ALL!!  Only we are now making it a game of love, not war!! Imagine that the rook hugs the knight!! And the king and queen have babies, not pawns!!  Ohhh what a world THAT Will Be!!!  (Just a reminder that THAT is what God called himself back in February 😉 )

Lisa Gawlas







Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 17, 2017

The 13th Strand of DNA!!

13th dna

I am going to focus in on two of the readings from yesterday, true bookends of each other.  The feminine and the masculine!!

This was my second reading of the day and I had just taken pictures of the turkey vultures moments prior (see mothers day dream blog.)

My lady had her two arms sticking out of the belly of the moon, wiping what I felt like were smudges off the surface of the moon.  I realized she was trying her best to clear up the emotional light that shined down onto the earth.  Before I get too long into her details, it feels important for me to say this is the same lady who paid off my high interest car loan and allowed me to pay her back interest free as I could afford to.  I have never met her in person, so she really took a $7000 risk in doing so, but she said she wanted to remove that stress from me so i can focus on what was important in my life.  That is an amazing trust in the unknown!!  So it seems perfectly fitting that she would be the one to present this incredible, exciting information.  She really does what she can, to remove the emotional smudges from lives.

When she finally stepped out of the moon, ohhh my dear god was she sooo beautiful and sooooo pregnant.  Her skin glowed gold, radiant from head to toe.  She was nakken save a white string bikini bottom.  Her belly was so large, easily in her 9th month and I swear she had twins in there!!  Huge!!

As she came out of the moon, this series of spiral / circle like things became her sliding board down to the ground.  This is a humble representation of it:

moon spiral ingintition

As this golden, luminescent body of her made its way to each connecting circle, multicolored sparks emanated from it, but only once she was in that area.  Igniting that area.  She was so damn graceful with that huge belly of hers!!

Once she made her way to the ground, deeper into the right side of her field than even the circle spiral thing landed, I was taken aback as I watched her reaching between her legs and give birth, effortlessly.  I was waiting for twins and instead, she gave birth to a freakin fish!!  A FISH!!! lol  The fish grew into full size right before our eyes, a whale!!  A massive whale!!!!  The whale explained to us that it is not any whale that have swam in our oceans prior to this moment.  This new type of whale is now seeded in our oceans and our scientists will soon discover this new species.  Of course, they will think they missed this discovery, but that is not true, it is new to this plane of existence.

I had already known that whales and dolphins hold the energy of our DNA within themselves, and this whale made it clear, absolutely clear that his ally, my beautiful lady, is bringing with her the 13th DNA strand.  He holds the energy, she holds the embodiment.

The dolphin also went on to explain that our current 12 stand DNA works separately from each other.  Very much like our right hand works independently of our left hand, our kidneys work independently of the heart and so on.  Yes, it all works together, but independently.  This 13th DNA strand, which too, will eventually be revealed thru science, acts like the pea pod analogy I used in my blog a few days ago, the one without a title (which I now realize, I cannot link here because of the lack of title lol.  I posted it on May 11th.)

Now let me put her on hold just for a moment so I can skip to my last reading of the day.  A beautiful man from Norway.  He was a virgin upon my field, not only that, he never read my blogs before so was unfamiliar with the way I read.  Which was ok, because he told me, he never had a reading in his life before.  I had to ask him how the hell he found me.  He was unsure and I was boggled.  I was grateful he was my last reading, it gave me the much needed time to explain to him the layout of the field, what each area means and how the information comes thru.  Let me tell ya, I about shit when out of the belly of the moon came a golden double helix.  I had already seen in my above lady’s reading and here I am not only with a virgin, but a virgin who does not understand my crazy reading language.  AND he comes toting the masculine energies of this 13th DNA.  Not only that, he is one of the light anchors in the 12 tribes.  Jeezus, how do I explain all this to him??  I emailed him links to my blogs lol.

His golden DNA helix (and to be clear, spirit only used the double helix so I would understand we were talking about the human DNA, but all 12 strands, not just the two base strands) was coming out of the moon and twisting like a really kewl roller coaster ride.  He too, was bringin in the 13th DNA.

Thru his team, it was explained that even tho we only look at the DNA as having twelve strands, within each strand are millions of strands of energy, coding, so each strand is truly a clump.

Reminiscent of my lady, he too had areas on his DNA thingie coming down to the earth that made sudden curves within itself.  Instead of sparking outwards like my lady when he climbed down to the ground, the sparks came out of his heart.

Equally, instead of beaming this golden skin he was adorned in a white, tight fitting T Shirt and light blue spandex pants.  It was explained that we are to look at this 13th DNA as the very skin of our Creator/Source, especially from the sacral chakra down thru the root that connects to the earth.  His white T Shirt was akin to an artist’s canvas, always ready for new energy, new creations, never holding onto anything along the way.

Once he was at the ground level, he stood there sweating this massive color drops from his chest into the ground.  I mean, freakin massive!!  Not a sweat bead, more like the size of gourds!!!  Each drop quickly entered into the earth and it was explained this is the new lifewaters of life.  He (and we) fully affect and alter the ground waters of the earth.  And so much more than that is happening that I just couldn’t yet understand.

I realized that these two amazing Beings showed up representing the golden age of gaia.  WE are the golden age.  We are the illuminated Beings of Source incarnate.

I had to smile when he told me he had just taken his last test to be a life coach.  Ohhh he is going to do so much more than that and he feels it deep inside of himself as well.  Plus, god must be blessing america, as he as he is moving here in July!!

Now, back to my lady and the dolphin.  I had to giggle when the dolphin said “You can call me Sampson and I will call you Delila!”  I knew there was a bible story connection but had to google it to really understand it.  The dolphin made sure we did not take any of what the bible expresses as the negative aspects of the story, they embedded fear for control and that is not present here.

It’s kinda funny, Eve got all the blame for tempting Adam to eat the apple, Delilah gets all the blame for:  The name Delilah is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Delilah is: Amorous, delight, languishing, temptress. In the Old Testament, Samson’s mistress Delilah tricked him into revealing the secret of his strength, then betrayed him to the Philistines.

And good ole Sampson: With the Spirit of God upon him (Judges 13:25; 14:6, 19; 15:14), Samson was a powerful man with supernatural strength. The story reveals that he was also very intelligent with an unusual sense of humor. 

I think those who wrote our stories were serious intimidated by the power of the emotional female and only looked to strength for their safety.  Today we know better, we need as much strength in our emotions as we need emotions within our strength.

I am going to leave off here, there is so much more to share, tomorrow.  My day is beginning and my fingers have been typing for close to 5 hours, they need a nap!! lol

Ohhh before I go tho, let me tie in the turkey vultures.. the golden purifiers, keeping the 13th strand of wholeness pure in its emergence!! ❤

Have I thanked you lately for showing up in the field to feed us all!  I love you and honor you more than my mere words will ever express.  Thank you for being the fruit if the tree of life we all get to eat from!!  ❤

((((HUGZ)))) of excitement and wonder!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Last Day for the Mother’s Day Special on all single readings or homework sessions.  Save 22% by using coupon code:  Mama

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My Mothers Day Dream and Understanding of It.

dream catcher

What an astounding, enlightening day in the field of readings yesterday was.  I do believe we seen some meat and taters go into the oven for cooking thru each reading yesterday.  Before I share all that, I do want to share a dream experience I had while out-of-town the night before mother’s day.  It took me until yesterday and two birds showing up in the yard, to fully understand what it was revealing.  I share this, first because it ties into two of the readings yesterday, but also, in hopes of helping others understand the communications that come to them while their mind is resting and what seems cryptic for a moment.  As I am watching the length of this sharing get longer and longer (smile) I will put out two separate blogs today.  This one and then one with the information that came thru the readings.

The dream opened up outside under a large tree in our yard.  I knew I was waiting for people to arrive, I was having some sort of party or gathering.  This house and yard was located on the top of a very steep hill.  I only noticed that when I seen someone running up the steep driveway to attend the event.  When the person arrived I did not recognize them and of course, asked him how he found this event.  It was explained that a store down the street had a flier hanging up telling of the event.  At first I was ok with this, until more and more people came due to that flier and they were not nice.  Their ego’s lead their lives.

As the crowd was increasing in size, suddenly a neighbor who lived next door appeared in his yard who was just not nice.  It felt like he was trying to one up the event somehow.  So I started kicking the people who attended without an invitation over the fence to hang out with him, since their ego’s were very much in common with each other.

As more of these uninvited guests arrived, I kept feeling someone huge was out of balance within the house itself, even tho not a single person went into the house, the gathering was under this really large tree in the yard.

I walked into this house that reminded me of a log cabin, but was not made of logs, instead more like 2 X 1 boards that had the same coloring as a log cabin would, old and weathered.  The door had me enter an area that was more like a super great room, in most of it was this really large, spacious kitchen and thru a wide open threshold, a living room.  Suddenly it was raining in the house and the rain was coming in thru the space between each board, the floor was flooded.  Thank god it was made of concrete so no damage could be done.  But the living room furniture was soaked.  I immediately called the landlord who just happened to by my current landlord and in this amazingly calm, soothing, reassuring voice, reminded me that he explained this might happen occasionally once I moved in.  I was so comforted by that reminder and it all suddenly became ok, then I woke up.

treeSeveral things in this dream stayed at the forefront of my mind.  First the fact that my landlord there was my same landlord now, connecting it all to the present.  But that tree, the tree that is down the street from me, just before we get to the campground, is the same one in my dream.  It is also the very same (type of) tree that I had seen in my early adventures to the Pleiades (2001) via meditation.  My Pleiadian team took me to some section of their world with this massive tree that kinda looked dead and kept telling me it was the tree of life.  All I could think was, wow, what a sad tree of life!  But never told me any more about it and why it looked so barren.  And now, it is literally next door to us!!

So the tree in my dream connected me to my present and past at the same time.  The furniture in the house was the first brand new furniture I ever bought on credit when my children were small.  I only had my first two and they were like 1 and 2 years old.  That furniture traveled with me until I moved to florida close to 10 years later.  Equally, the setting, that store in the dream, was also the same store that was a street over where I lived at that time.  A time when me and my two children moved out of what I call the ghetto, low-income housing, to a real apartment.

The entire set up of this dream mixed my past and present into that setting.  But the mean neighbor and the uninvited guests at a gathering that I never really knew within the dream, what it was for, until yesterday.  Just for the record, we have met our next door neighbor here several times and he is the nicest guy, so that part was not literal at all.  This dream was so real, so vivid it stays with me as a memory as opposed to a dream.

I pondered it for days, shifting back and forth with its meaning, since I am now living with my daughter and my grandson who happens to be about the same age as she was when we moved out of the ghetto.  Even tho that is a connecting point, that really has nothing to do with the water getting in and flooding the inside of the house.  It wasn’t even raining outside!!!  Between awaking with an inspiration and the arrival of two birds later that day, the full on dream became realized.

In a few weeks, there will be no familiar old furnishings from my life prior to April.  Not only am I in a new world, a new incredible relationship with my daughter and grandson, I am having my etheric house completely rebuilt, my website.  The house of my soul garden!!  I have the greatest carpenter anyone could ever ask for with my webmaster (Camille, I will be forever indebted to you for this hook up!!)  A large part of my new site is constructing the soul gym, a membership based gym for all of our soul expansions.  We are currently going over how it will function, the courses, seminars and weekly focal points that will be presented.  Within my new sight’s housing is a place to do its own blog.  Until yesterday morning, I was pretty adamant on keeping my daily sharings open to the public without having to be part of the nation of lights soul gym.  When I awoke yesterday, I knew… I mean KNEW that I would eventually share the majority of understandings thru the blog in the new site and once or twice a month, take what I understand from those sharings and keep them here, on the wordpress sight.

As the amazing information came thru my second reading of the day yesterday (to be fully detailed in a separate blog today about the 13th DNA strand) towards the end of her reading, we all got a warning shot from our teams.  When we share the information outwards, people are going to say it already happened and create their own stories around what they think they understand about what is coming thru.  None of it is accurate, because what we are defining it all as we go and is still forming thru humanity.  I was slightly stunned, in all the years of reading and sharing, spirit has never been so specific about not listening to anything besides spirit!!  So I really paid attention.  To the degree that about 10 minutes before this lady’s reading, a giant visitor came a calling and called a friend to join him.

turkey vultures

Two amazing turkey vultures let me get up close and personal with them.  They were on the roof in my neighbor’s yard.  In the same direction the yard of my dreams took place, to the left.  I did not fully get their arrival and message until my day of readings was done and I had time to look up turkey vulture as a totem.  Holy freakin shit batman, all the dominos tumbled into understanding:

The scientific name for the Turkey Vulture is CATHARTES AURA which means GOLDEN PURIFIER because as it goes about it’s lifetime business it purifies the landscape and environment in it’s own natural way, ensuring the continued health and life of other living things. The Vulture is a promise that all hardship was temporary and necessary for a higher purpose. Once a Vulture enters your life as a totem or guide, it will remain with you for life.

Vultures live and work together, both in cooperation and friendliness. They communicate with friends and neighbors when they find something to eat. They let the others know where the food is. And when there is a big feast they communicate with neighboring flocks in distant roosts. Also, Turkey Vultures that range within California Condor habitat areas, when they find food they will go to the Condors and lead them to it. One roost was observed when they had a dead cow in their neighborhood. They somehow contacted a roost of 100 vultures about 30 miles away to come join them. Several days later, before they finished their feast, two more cows died. Within a day the vultures had contacted another roost to join them. At night all the birds visited together in the same or neighboring trees. There were now three different roosts living together. When the cows had been cleaned up the several visiting roosts went home.

I realized these are not my personal totem helpers, but the totems for The Nation of Lights.  These amazing birds have been flying overhead since we arrived here in our new home, casting large shadows of themselves in my backyard, but only ever landing in the yards to my left and right, kinda bummed me out.  I wanted to see what bird it was and get a picture.  I get it fully now and will explain in more detail about their presence in the next blog.

It is so comforting to know that we are building this next phase with a solid foundation that will stay untainted by incoming emotional outpourings.  We will have such a spacious platform to cook up our soul food together for our next amazing nourishment of life together!!

The one thing we should all realize, if we haven’t already.  The information that is coming to us now, is not so much new as the experience of living it will be.  We have looked from long before incarnation in this body, all the possible scenarios that could play out in this time, preseen the potentials, embedded the memories of what could be in our mental plane for use when it is needed.  Sometimes those memories start opening up decades before it happens.  A seed turned into a seedling.  A seedling turned into a stalk.  A stalk turned into leaves and eventually a flower.  For as long as we do not get hung up on what we think is growing, what it will look like, how it will be, the flowers of life can and will grow unencumbered by perceptions of potential.

I find it interesting too, for someone who almost never dreams, this presentation came while away from home as a mother’s day present or is that Presence!!! 😉

On that note, I am off to do my next blog!!  No wonder why I was kicked out of bed at 3:30am, it was going to be a long typing morning!! lol  God thing it is my day off!!

I love you all soul much!!  (((HUGZ)))) filled with the joy and harmony of Shambhala!!

Lisa Gawlas






Each camel represents your heart held focus.

We are finally starting to descend out of the moon and back onto the ground, but not completely.  It is like everyone is a time released (or is that an emotionally released) thing, bit by bit, releasing energy down into a life scape that is fully ready to receive new instructions.  What I find super amazing, my entire back yard, just about an acre of space, is our immediate energy fields of life.

Over the years, I have seen our personal energy fields expand, going from the usual 3-5 feet in circumference around the body (what I call your immediate life field) to 10-20 feet around, but an acre!!  Holy heavens talk about expanding our territory!!

Sadly I woke up late, so I have to reduce this down to bullet points this morning.  I promise to go to sleep on time tonight to get the full breath of it out tomorrow.  Plus I’ll have another full day of readings to help us understand more!!

From the first to the last reading yesterday, the belly of the moon opened up like self sealing gel, releasing various visual energies.  One lady had golden butterflies fling out, another thick, pastel colored flower petals, another translucent energy rods, all about a foot long and another was a large tear drop shaped energy capsule that focused on the bottom center of this tear drop, or rain drop (it had nothing to do with tears, except the shape) was a nucleus of energy.

The common theme with all the energies, they were slowly making their way from the belly of the full moon down to the right side (emotional spiritual side) of each persons new framework or network of energetic life, creating unique formations that engaged and released what I will just call the new juice of their lives.

Another common theme, whatever their formation was (like I said, each was so different) I could see this juice, or like a golden liquid energy that started to run from the now activated area of interconnecting lines at the ground and underground area, all towards the front side of my porch.  I had not interpreted the front of the porch area yet in the readings, or maybe better stated, spirit hadn’t, so I was a bit confused about this area.  The day didn’t help me become less confused either.

It was stated thru several of the connections this immediate area directly in front of me represented the present, or Now.  Which would make the entire rest of the landscape, the energies setting up for the Now moment.  Until the needle appeared and stayed from my first reading until the last.  The eye of the needle was the focal point, the new moon energy on the 25th.  This needle was the constant. In the same place, the same size and coloring for every person.  About 4-5 feet long, stuck in the ground with the eye itself about a foot long and about an inch wide.

All of the moving energy flowed thru the eye of the needle one way (in one form) and came out the eye so different.  It is as if that inch of space transformed everything into tangible bits of material energy.

All the energy coming out of the eye was immediately pulled outwards into the vastness of the left side of the yard/field by the magnetic energy of the solstice and will be distributed into the ready areas of that side of the field thru the new moon/solstice gateway.

I could not see what was taking place on the left side, and of course, spirit reiterated again that they do not even know what the individual and collective outcome will be like.  We are all making choices, NOW, every day, every hour of every day, as to the landing points of the right side and the flow thru the eye of the needle.

Which brings me to my confusion (I am easily confused lol.)  If the front of my porch represents our present moment, our NOW moment(s) then why is the eye of the needle, which is on our timeline of the 25th, next week, located there.

I was given understanding this morning.  Our NOW moments and our perceived future moments are one and the same.  The only real, non-existent moment that is, is the past, its gone, period.  The past dissolves to become our present and future energies.  We create based off that simple system.

If, anywhere in our past, be it 10 minutes ago, 10 days ago or 10 years ago, dissolves in its passing and blows forward one (or many) of several ways.  Embedded with the memories we have not freed, embedded with the desires we have yet realized, completely neutral because we held nothing to our chest and on and on.

The Now moment is what is already creating what we perceive as our future.  We can sort of look at it as an ongoing house we are building.  It’s design and shape changes based on the tools and experiences of Now, but is always already forming and formed.  We are simply pulling it closer towards us with every thought, deed and action.

So really, as I take a longer look at the readings yesterday, the future is not out there somewhere, it’s simply on the other side of your field, waiting for your key!!  That said, whatever is on that side of your lawn (smile) we will currently call, the dark side of our fields, or even, the void, is changeable at any given moment/held emotion.

Wow, which is giving me a whole new way of understanding the push-pull of the magnetic field called our life.  Sadly, it will have to wait until tomorrow.  My day of readings is about to begin.  But tomorrow is a day off, so we can dive deep together!!

Have an amazing Tuesday my beloveds.  Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with threads of your new tapestry of life already weaving together!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Extended Mother’s Day Special on all single readings or homework sessions.  Save 22% by using coupon code:  Mama  I am extending this special thru midnight the 17th since I had the date wrong, I never changed it to 2017!!  So sorry about that.


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