quantum flow


Well, just knock my socks off with understanding and a much fuller view of Life!  But before I get into all that, let me go into a loving rant.  Yesterday morning kick started our Super Powers course, the only thing I was sure about this course was that it would start with a hypnosis session that I had to write.  I kinda figured I would have to wait until the night before the course started to write the script since so much was changing every day in the readings, in our lives… in my life of understanding.  I sat down on Saturday evening and nothing came out.  I tried forcing it… figuring we would start with the ever-present connection of the dual quantum surf boards that I see in readings now.  Couldn’t get a whole sentence to flow.  I did my ritual bitching, stomped my feet, went to bed early, demanding something coming thru in the morning or I am going to have 24 unhappy people, not including myself!!

I woke up to the sun pouring into my room… shit, I woke up late!!!  I bounced out of bed, to the bathroom, to the coffee pot and plopped into my chair, no blog today spirit oh spirit, we have a journey to undertake and you best be clear!!  I do use my voice of authority now and again!!  The first thing I could feel engulf me was the excitement of the air around me.  OMG there was joyful juice oozing from the air itself.  Well that brightened my mood instantly!!  And the script flowed effortlessly…

Nothing about this hypnotic journey was like I was expecting.  Silly me, 15 years later, there is that pesky expectation cuz I think I know something!!  It’s rough being repetitively human!! lol

Writing this script gave me, all of us, a much bigger picture of what can very well be the effortlessness of Life, of Being in your own personal Flow of Life!  (Just looking at my experience from the night before to the morning, I was trying to push my desire outside of my flow.)

After a journey into the earth, partnering with the creative power of creation on earth via the one and only Gaia, we went up above each persons home, not far above, 10 feet above to flow freely out of the gravitational pull of earth and account them with their personal magnetic flow of energy.  As I was writing it, I could see this golden stream of energy that really reminded me of the milky way on a clear night.

Our quantum surf boards navigating the magnetic stream of our lives, moving as if on an escalator, effortlessly towards the direction, immediate destination of your Life.  Ohhhh but spirit had a much larger teaching agenda for all of us on this blessed day.

If you have ever done a hypnosis session or even a guided meditation (to me, there really is very little difference) it is easy to assume the next instruction step and go there before the instructor takes you there.  Learning to multitask, hearing or knowing the next step, yet staying in pace with the flow without getting ahead of ourselves is key now.

As I was taking this amazing group up and out of their homes via a directional I just wrote an hour prior (meaning, I wasn’t all that familiar with the tour myself) spirit is yapping in my ear while I am trying to keep a flow going.  Talking and listening at the same time, challenging!!  Holy shit even.  I am counting them upwards out of their rooms, out of their homes and spirit is talking in my ear, making sure I address the fact that some have already gone ahead of the instruction being given.  I also realized, I have got to practice the skill of hearing while talking independently of each other.  Not so easy, even when what you are saying is written in front of you!!

So as everyone was in a 10 minute pause of my voice, getting to know their incarnated soul aspect that is going to help them develop… remember a super power, spirit was busy giving me key points to address after the session is over.  Points less about the hypnosis session but about life itself.

When you are fully partnered with the magnetic flow of your life, it should feel like you are moving thru your day, thru your weeks and months, effortlessly.  Flowing vs struggling.  However, there is a set of communication taking place in every moment, exchanged between the energy that makes up your body and the magnetic guidance system beneath your feet (your quantum surfboard if you will.)  Let me give you the 6 key points given to me, then I will expand on them:

1. DO NOT get ahead of the energy or instruction.

2. If you went ahead in any part (this was referring to the hypnosis event, but can easily be changed out to your Life) repeat the event to ensure you stay in perfect time with the energy/instruction.

3. Paying attention to detail, to instruction is super important.

4. There is a very specific purposeful rhythm happening, staying with it, not ahead or behind it… VERY KEY!!


6. Be in the moment while taking/receiving the instruction for the next moment.

This was not given during the pause, but thru a sharing of one of our lovely lady’s experience that is just as important, crucially important as well.  The instruction was to go to a star or cloud formation, this served as a portal to the realm where the incarnated Being of your soul would be.  This lady seen a ship first and went there.  And even tho she had a wonderful experience as she was sharing I could spirit redirecting as well.

Lets change this analogy into a drive down the road, tons of class rooms (beats the hell out of stores lol) along the way.  You know your getting ready to go to a very specific one, but there happens to be a class room that is just too exciting to resist, so you get off your magnetic flow and go there first… and you lose the time to go to where your flow was taking you.  Now you must repeat this guidance to get to where you needed to go.

How often do we do this in life… lets say your soul is trying to take you to one place, you see something sparkly over there, instead of getting to your soul destination, you take a side trip away from it.  Of course, one can say there is something to experience there too, and truly there is.  But what if that was supposed to be the third stop or fourth stop and it was your first one… like reading a book from the middle, then going to figure out the beginning.  Or sometimes, we are just so set on what we (egoicly) want to experience, we never arrive at the soul destination at all.  We parked our flow out in the abyss and stumble thru our moments.  So I want to thank this lady for taking a side trip, it really was prefect because otherwise, this would not be a perfect discussion right now!!

Staying in the rhythm of your life’s flow… timing is everything.  Being in the moment, getting a glimpse of the next moment to move into, but not hurrying up and forgetting the flow to it.  Speed is not needed here.  You would end up arriving before your energy did.  Or the opposite, you hesitate so much that you are a mile behind your energy.

Of course, we do humor ourselves and constantly say I am exactly where i need to be.  Well, there is something to learn thru everything, but doesn’t it sound more exciting to be in the flow of your life than constantly hitting brick walls with your life??  How many brick walls does one need before they recalibrate??  ….as I think of my precious daughter still chilling and recalibrating.

And then there was the cherry on my well-baked cake of yesterday… A beautiful man (a virgin upon my field) who scheduled a reading for his birthday last month that got rescheduled, then rescheduled again.  Disappointment and patience are the greatest gifts of our lives, if we allow it to be.  Thank goodness he did, cuz he know about timing, rhythm…  For me to read him correctly, I had things to understand as well as needed the expanded view for understanding his puzzle piece in our grand adventure!!

Beyond the magnetic flow beneath our feet are tremendous molecules of energy that surround us every day of every moment.  I could see him getting up and out of bed, what we think of air, I seen as a shit ton of tiny bubbles calibrating to his energy field via his heart beat, his emotion and what he was thinking about the moment he got out of bed.  Imagine that!!  The air calibrates to YOU!!  To what’s on your mind, in your heart and creates the rhythm of experience thru that.

What I also seen thru this amazing man was the understanding of upwards and downwards motion, as opposed to left or right (back and forth) in the quantum state of experience.  As we move upwards or downwards we are going thru the dimensional folds… bass to treble.  As we move forward and backwards (thinking here, quantum surfboard and flow, not just any day-to-day moment, but purposeful interaction) we are moving thru timelines.

Yet, as his precious soul gave me a bird’s eye view of him getting up out of bed and going to the bathroom (yup, my vision followed him to the holy throne lol) I could see how the energy itself, the air, the molecules reacted in his movements.  As soon as he stood up out of bed, he was encircled by this energy, the air.  The moment he put his foot forward to head to the bathroom, the air started to take on color, energy, activity.  It was in seeing this that it was revealed that it calibrated with his heart beat, his thoughts and his feelings.  I watched as this massive amount of tiny energy bubbles started to move to his left and right from his core, the entire center of his body as he moved forward, was in the action of heading to the bathroom.

What I didn’t understand yesterday but do today with this amazing view, was it is this very energy that gives the brain the spatial recognition of heading to the bathroom.  Even beyond that, it starts creating the experience based on your feet on the floor.  Unfolding your day in tune with your magnetic highway and thoughts/emotions of this day.

Altho this was not at all represented in his reading, I do want to state here (cuz I am hearing it) if you wake up bitchy… better find your flow and change your energy, cuz you are creating a bitchy day for yourself!!!

I also got to see and understand the relationship with this energy field we think of as air.  I could see him laying in his bed and at first I thought him there is no air between him and his bed, spirit corrected me immediately.  The energy is condensed beneath him.  With focus and purposeful direction, he can inflate the condensed energy to produce, literally, levitation.  Levitation is part of his super powers and at the very tip of the iceberg of its purpose and ability in his reality/physical reality.

Equally, he too is a dimension traveler.  This view gave me that excited…. OHHHH YEAHHHHHH… feeling inside.  I reference the “beam me up scotty” star trek transportation place, and man oh man is that backwards.  We, the human do not turn into tiny particles of energy, it’s the reality construct around us that does.  Which, when I seen it, made soooo much more sense!!!!  Dah!!

Before I close today, I want to mention a very important reading two days ago, and now, fuller understanding of her reading to complete this sharing.  I could see her hanging onto the outer edge of April’s platform of life.  We can now look at this part of the quantum surfboard as your magnetic flow of energy.  I was shocked to see May’s surfboard at a 90 degree angle (humbly reconstructed image:)

hanging on

Again, what I colored maroon really was multicolored, I am not that talented with MS Paint, nor do I want to put that much effort into this visual.  lol  Connected to her energy source, but somehow crashed into Mays reflective field, the top part of her quantum surfboard.  I watched as she moved back and forth with her hands the feeling was trying to get on top of things, yet, she needed to jump up… she got homework to do!!!  No doubt this has everything to do with what was just revealed thru my man…. Thought, emotion, heartbeat (rhythm.)

With all this said, and I pray, understood too, as I was writing the hypnosis script yesterday and it got towards the end, I realized, each Sunday we will be expanding, discovering more and more about the expanded realm of Life and the super powers within via hypnosis.  With that knowing, I am formulating a plan to include those of you who wanted to sign up, but couldn’t because it filled up to fast, to be included too.  Scaled down of course.  There is not enough time in my day for any more personal, one on one sessions, but there is evenings and group energy time available and the hypnosis events are being recorded thru each session.  I will have this organized and available for you to participate in, if you desire, sometime today.  Silly me, spirit has already seeded another group event for July, I assumed (I really gotta stop doing that lol) it would be this course again, hell no.  I clearly hear we will be several miles past the beginning by then.  God knows I need some running shoes!! lol  Check my website for details, I will get it up sometime today!! – Now Up!!!

I love you so much.  Thank you for constantly pushing me to grow and expand and reach further because you desire the same for yourself!!  We are an amazing team together… flowing beyond imagination, together!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of excited heartbeats next to yours!!!

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html

P.S.  Now Live: Second Chance Super Powers Course.  Click Here for details.








The Wonder of You!

How do you see yourself and the Life around you??


Happy May to everyone!!!  Yesterday was so filled with what the magic of May is, but really, it started presenting itself long before yesterday.  Somehow, in a way only the universe can do, my yesterday, May 1st, never got booked over by reschedules.  It was only this past week I realized it is a fully open day, I don’t have one of those left until towards the end of May.  Of course, me being me, the moment I realized I had a closer, open spot on my calendar, that’s where I started to put people from my latest outage… well, at least two people until I could hear my team bitching at me.  I forgot I have things I must get done and need free time to do it, like… get my cooling fan on my computer fixed before the May course.  So I just put two people at the start of my day and honestly, I am so glad they were there.  They really kick started an incredible exchange with May’s energies in my personal world.

My first lady showed up and I started to realize that the bridge I thought I was seeing was more of a connecting field from the power of April, all those multi-colored energies on our quantum surf board, connecting and unifying the reflective energy of May.  May’s platform was like a highly polished silver energy, and with my first lady, it was forming an overlapping infinity symbol/power generator.  Overlapping just by the front two ends of the circle, which is where she stood, forming an interconnected dual platform.  In the way her personal platform works, I seen her standing there in the complete center of these two fields, which are becoming one (the process will be completed by May 4th) one foot was on the multicolored platform of Aprils energy release (thru each person and their life) and one foot on Mays super reflective platform.  Her body itself became like a straw, taking in from her foot, the power, the energy on what she created as her energy generator of April and released it as instant outcome on the May side.  Her crazy team gave me a visual of her taking in a drink and peeing it out… this is how we are rolling now.  Being mindful of what you are taking in and putting out is more crucial now than ever (of course, each I can easily say that, amplified more each month.)

My second lady stumped me at first.  I could see her two discs starting to move together, but unlike my lady above, hers will be directly on top of each other with just a little space between the two (again, going to my field of vision, separated maybe by about a foot one above the other.)  My lady on the other hand, was standing on the ground, still about 8 feet below these merging platforms, jumping up and down with all she had in her to get onto her surfboards.  What the hell you doing down there???  And why do you look so small???

The one thing I noticed about her was the clothing she was wearing, stunning!!  She was in a tight-fitting, long silver sequined gown that had me thinking of a mermaid, don’t ask why, she didn’t look like a mermaid, just keep feeling the connection with the way her gown fit her.  I realized she was dressed to match May’s energies, ready to use them for all her heart desires and yet, there she is on the ground, looking small in size and jumping fruitlessly to get on her merging surfboards.

The key for her (any of us) to be in a unified field with our duel energy quantum surf boards is to see and realize ourselves much bigger, much more fluid than we appear to be.  To partner with spirit, with life, beyond the confines of mundane life, in knowing, in application, in experience, has us… (to be announced lol.)

Now let me switch to the amazing field of experience in my world yesterday.  I already had an appointment to take my computer back to the computer docs and get a new cooling fan installed to stop my computer from overheating and shutting down the moment I go to stream a video.  I planned on taking it to him as soon as my last appointment was finished.  But the night before, I decided to accept a dinner invitation with a man I started talking with from plenty of fish, why not start May differently than any other month!!!

However, there was something nagging at me.  I had just talked to my ex husband the night before talking on the phone with this man, and I know my ex’s beer induced language/talking well enough.  This man, the next evening, was talking just like my ex… not so much slurred speech, but I can tell beer or alcohol was coming off the tongue.  Of course, I wondered am I just being paranoid from having just talked to my ex the first time in easily 7-8 years…

As my day started yesterday, after my readings, let me tell you how instant that slurpee straw is.  I put a note on my facebook that was not a true statement, but in my mind, close enough.  I said I was going to be driving two times round trip to Albuquerque this day, when in fact, had my plan stayed in my original idea plan, it would have been one round trip to Albuquerque and then one to Rio Rancho where this man lived (much closer to me than Abq.) As soon as I dropped my laptop off and my computer man said when it would be done… I knew I had to go home first, get ready for my dinner date then head back to Abq to pick up my computer then go to Rio Rancho from there.  Yup, I created this dual round trip instantly by saying it out loud.

On my long drive to the computer guys home, I started thinking about what am I gonna wear for my date and I kept thinking about my lady in her silver sequined gown… I want to wear something reflective of this amazing energy of May and me together.  I wondered if I could find a silver sequined tank top to go with an over blouse hanging in my closet??  I have black and silver jeans…. this would be perfect to represent Mays energies.  On my trip home to get ready for my date, I stopped in a thrift store and had a look around… shockingly, something was twinkling within the racks of clothes… a single, gray-silver sequenced T that just happened to be in my size!!!  It went home with me!!

Next door to the thrift shop is a burlington coat factory and on an inspired whim I went into that store to have a look around for maybe eye shadow, I don’t own eye shadow… I found that but much to my amused surprise, at the check out lane was a perfume I used to wear.  I hadn’t worn perfume in geez, a decade?  “Delicious” Beverly Hills.  I used to only be able to get that perfume in high-end perfume stores and there it is looking me straight in the face half the price it was a decade ago.   I don’t have the money for frivolous spending right now and intended to just smile and pay for my eye shadow, until I heard my team say… you are seeing this for a reason!!  Alrighty then, I will get my smell on!!

I get home, turn on my pandora radio and start the getting ready process.  I had to giggle as I am putting on my makeup Shania Twain comes on singing “Man, I feel like a woman!!”  I had to giggle and dance cuz, it was just true!!  The moment she stopped singing there was David Cassidy singing his heart out with “I think I love you.”  Awwwwww….  I love you too!!

My outcome… I was bedazzled!!  lol:

May clothes


I was completely right in what I was feeling with the phone call, the man is a beer-a-holic.  Been a long time since I seen someone put away a half a case of beer in 3 hours, and he was already drinking before I arrived.  The day itself had little to do with the date, but the way I felt within myself, with the energy of life reflecting back to me all my heart desired… instantly.  I don’t take time to play, to dress up and just shine in playful ways anymore.  I work all the time.  Of course, my work is my love too… but, yesterday was just freakin fun!!

It really is time to go on amazing play dates with the universe, explore and expand in the energies of creation, of joy and fun and wonder!!  We have all worked to hard not to enjoy… to reap the benefits of what we have done within ourselves!!

Shine on my beautiful loves!!  Let’s Play Out Loud!!!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of shiney things, reflective things, slurpee things made manifest!!!!!

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html








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Massive Quantum Energies “On Steroids” Billowing in…

lifes wet spot

It sure is an interesting slide into May, isn’t it??  I think yesterday was the most bizarre… spatially weird day I can remember experiencing.  I think I can only liken it to being in a hall of mirrors all day long.  Are objects closer than they appear, or is there a ton more room between me and them than it appears?  Not only did my “life” feel like that, my appointments were like that too.  I had 6 readings originally scheduled for yesterday, I did two.  Two were reschedules (on there end) I forgot to reschedule, 2 were simply MIA.  Talk about adding so much space to my already spacious day.  It really hit me when I took that long drive to the dentist, like somehow, everything expanded.  There is too much space between me and everything I am familiar with.  However, once I got on the main highway, it wasn’t so intense feeling, thank goodness!!   But, let me come back to this…

Usually, when we have another major shift in energy coming in, there is a constant on the field of readings, something that appears for everyone that has a relationship to our next system.  Not this time around.  I am at a loss to understand the vast differences within the readings.  When spirit mentioned in one of my morning sharings that we are now building a bridge into May, and my first reading of that day actually showed up with a bridge into May, I thought…. ahhhhh….  good forbid we get too cozy in thinking we understand something!!!!  Because in about 10 readings since that moment, only 3 showed up reflecting a bridge.  Two of us (myself included) have a dome netting over our platform of life, one lady was sitting on the edge of her platform building a new energy system from ancient memories of experiences and then my new man yesterday, a wonderful virgin upon the field, just blew me away and really gave us a bigger understanding of this crazy current (currents) moment we are in.

His quantum surfboard looked different from anything I had seen so far.  Kinda like this humble…. very humble, recreation:

bedazzled platform

The base or floor was in many various colors not all one.  But for the sake of my sanity, I made it all one color (smile.)  The rings around it were no more than about a foot high, or 6 inches between each ring.  It was eventually understood that these represent (in part) the energy of duality and that he is using this partnership, duality as his creational tool.  It also keeps him from falling off the edge (god knows, yesterday, I needed these guide rails too!!)

The posts going down and holding it all together equally represented various aspects of him/his soul, incarnated elsewhere.  The colored dots were like glowing jewels and I kept telling him he bedazzeled his platform of life!!  What I did not add to this image, simply cuz this is where my artistic ability ended lol. was what looked like tassels from some of the bedazzled areas.


And altho i really don’t understand it fully, what was explained about the tassels were the mastery of particular energy combinations.  But lets really look at those jewels, radiations of creative light.  They were not always the same color, but changed constantly as we talked.  His team showed me how this was happening and I pray I can explain it clearly.

In the center of this platform was his body, each energy center of his was emitting strings of light color coded to that frequency (various shades of green for the heart area, blue for the throat area and so on.)  With his emotional field within himself, these light strings were connecting and amplifying various posts on his guide rail thingie.  Keeping in mind, these posts were charged with the pure quantity of energy from incarnated aspects of himself (mostly in the ET realm of incarnations) that amplified back to him the creation of that emotion.

I swear I felt like I was running to keep up with in pouring information!!  But if weird didn’t get even weirder, suddenly I could feel the energy beneath my own feet as I witnessed his bedazzled platform of life/quantum surfboard dip upwards at the front end.  Even more surprising than that, I realized I was standing up.  When did I stand up???  I have never stood up during a reading, hell until recently, I never moved the phone out of my left ear… I like consistency in whatever is working to create this connection.  Obviously things are changing… how do I stand up and not even realize I did that until I felt the force of his platform move upwards beneath my own feet.  Then I thought… well shit, I might fall down, I better sit down again….but no… seems spirit wanted me to be feeling the energy movement so I did his reading in the standing position.

I could suddenly see a massive influx of energy coming in from what we would perceive as our future only this energy, as his team said, was on steroids.  If the energies of change and coagulation is usually the size of marble, these were golf ball sized molecules!!  Equally, with it all, it has changed the speed and velocity of everything.

This brings a few things to the fore from previous messages.  First, if we want to head out in unlimited waters, life, we MUST learn to surf against the flow.  Since this energy is coming in from the future, if we simply “went with the flow” it will take you backwards into previous experiences and familiar ground.  However… with our new crazy quantum surfboards that can move like the flight of a hummingbird… we are knee-deep in surf lessons!!

Last year, spirit was all about speed and velocity, we had a good year to get acquainted with this radical movement of energy and ourselves in relationship to it (I should have done more homework lol.)  But first, lets bring back what it means:

Just as distance and displacement have distinctly different meanings (despite their similarities), so do speed and velocity. Speed is a scalar quantity that refers to “how fast an object is moving.” Speed can be thought of as the rate at which an object covers distance.

Velocity is a vector quantity that refers to “the rate at which an object changes its position.” Imagine a person moving rapidly – one step forward and one step back – always returning to the original starting position. While this might result in a frenzy of activity, it would result in a zero velocity. Because the person always returns to the original position, the motion would never result in a change in position.

(copied from the physics classroom)

Going into my mans crazy surfboard, I could feel, literally, the wave moving it upwards, but we never moved out of the position we started in, most like cuz we were doing a reading instead of trying to surf somewhere.  Clearly tho, it was his inner emotional field, the combination of emoted energy thru a combination of specific energy centers that created the lift I experienced in my feet and seen on his surfboard.

Bless this mans heart, I couldn’t help but go into the holy gutter the moment his team said (when I asked what those rings were) “this is your erection.”  Hey!!!  Lets be gentle with him, he is a virgin after all!!  But no…….  we talked about sex and penetration… O-M-G!!!!  Thank god he was such a great sport… phew!!!

This morning, now that I am not melting down with blush… I really see what his team was trying to explain to us.

We are created in the likeness of God/Creator/Source (pick a name) literally and symbolically.  Men are the firm, external creation vessel (please, think penis here… smile.)  Woman, the deep mystery, the black hole, the depths of energy life springs from.  If we look at our self, our physical bodies, we would be representing the penis.  (Kinda takes the phrase “dick head” to a literal side lol, sorry, couldn’t help myself there.)  The air around us would represent the mysterious feminine… sultry, moving, seductive… and our job is to find the wet spot (lol. for those of you who know the flour joke.)

In order for us to birth anything, to bring anything forward into our present moments, we must insert our firmness into the energy spot of penetrable creation.  I literally see it as an large energetic donut shaped hole, a rather larger one (maybe 3 feet in diameter) and our job is to go thru the hole itself, fertilizing the desires within.

Unlike our physical bodies… well… actually….

There are more than one hole to enter in, knowing which one produces “life” is the key.   Emotion equals entrance equals fertilized desires made manifest.

So now, lets leave all that on hold, cuz that’s about as far as I understand for right now and go back to the spatial difference, the energy bombardment many are feeling and bodies are reacting to (cuz that’s what bodies do with new energies.)  Ohhh and the hunger… the freakin insatiable hunger pangs being felt by many.  Holy flip batman!!!  The only thing I am sure about right now, quantum surfing takes a lot of extra energy and the body is demanding it to build its new, pimped out surfing engine!!  The protein building blocks inside of our biology is changing, honor what your body desires.

Ohhh I am adding this as I just found the image I am using with todays sharing.  Speaking of the “wet spot” I feel very strongly after seeing this picture, these massive quantum energies are the eggs (potential) of the feminine coming thru the wet spot/donut hole… whatever!!  I suppose we ride them and fertilize them at the same time??  I really don’t know…yet!!!

I know there is so much more to share, I just need to words to do it.  Tomorrow???  Here’s hoping today provides more insight as we get closer to the entrance of the energy of May.

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of wild, erect energy hitting the wet spot of y/our Life!!!  (giggle)

Lisa Gawlas     www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html










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Rebooted and Learning to Surf “At Will” Against the Flow!!


What a strange culmination in my world to a very intense week on planet earth.  From the eruptive volcanic in Chili, to the landscape/life altering massive earthquake in Nepal, to each of us feeling the strange roller coaster like pings of emotions taking us up, dropping us down and whipping us side to side all damn week!!  The moment I published my blog yesterday, I was wrapped in this energy that said/felt “this is the end of your day.”  End??  It’s freakin 6am, I am barely starting it!!!  By 7am, my internet and phone was completely off.  Granted we were having a wonderful rainstorm yesterday, but since they fixed my wirings, the storms have not shut me down at all.  I decided to take advantage of this moment and actually take a bath.  With the readings and meditation classes, I don’t allow for any bath/shower time, no eating time, I crack myself up sometimes, I can forget I exist too!! lol

So I ran a bath and decided to take a look and see where I am at in this new quantum surfboard of energy.  I could see myself at the northwest edge kicking energy out into the abyss.  What the hell am I doing??  I look lost!! lol  The next thing I know I see this grid come up from all around the outer platform and create a dome like area all around me.  Thru this whole (mini) thing I am simply watching myself… next thing I know I am now in the southeast section and I pull myself up thru one of the grid spaces (that looks like a stretched out fishing net) and just sat there on the grid, half in half above it and that’s all.  Nothing but the black abyss all around me.  The end.  What the hell was that??  I am more confused now than before I took a bath.

I got out of the tub in time for my first reading and dammit if there was still no dial tone or internet.  I cannot tell you the panic that goes thru me when I have no way of calling or emailing anyone on my schedule that I cannot connect.  I took a trip down to the Pueblo where I at least know I get a cell signal and put a note on my facebook of my current condition and emailed the two people I had missed already to say why I was no show.  It was a strange energetic trip to say the least.  The water flooding the roads, the mud sliding down the hillsides, it was… deeply cleansing and reformatting in feeling.  I could have very well be in a living reading, thats what it felt like.  I couldn’t wait to get back into my home!!

I got back home and did my ritualistic bitching at spirit, rescheduling is officially a nightmare with the May course taking up every day thru May and how unfair this is to any of us!!  No one cared about my bitching… silence was all I got.  Except the hummers… It seems at least 15-20 made their way back to my world yesterday and their activity was odd.  I have their feeders hanging on my back yard window and yet they were pretty persistent in their flight patterns of hovering around my front window and front door, looking in the house.  I knew something was up inside my home, what, I still have no clue…

The longer the day stretched on with no internet or phone, the higher my inner anxiety grew… I cannot tell you how much I dislike leaving anyone hanging… and I swear my team must have given me some anesthesia cuz the next thing I knew, I couldn’t stay awake and I slept, and slept, and slept thru pretty much til this morning.  However, just before I crashed, I got a clear visual of my daughter in her cell with three angels surrounding her.  I took comfort in that image and asked them to tap into her like they once did when she was younger… There has got to be some sort of miracle happening, when I talked to her Saturday she had not yet heard from her court appointed attorney nor had she had a bond hearing scheduled yet.  I just found out from her roommate this morning, she talked to her atty yesterday and has a bond hearing set for today!!  This happened on a Sunday???

This morning, having a million hours of sleep now under my belt and god only knows what kind of energy work… I am absolutely sure yesterday was some sort of reboot for all of earth.  The high intensity energy being released from the earth herself, the new platform of life we have beneath our feet, the choices we have (mostly unconsciously) made thru April… all forming a bridge of energy into the field of May.

Ohhhh, something I wanted to mention with two of the meditation instructions that came out these last two weeks.  We are so accustomed to saying “go with the flow” what if, our job now is to learn how to surf against the flow???  Two exercise was taking my lady’s over the ocean waves against the flow of the waves themselves.  Learning to surf “at will,” in the opposite direction of the currents of the ocean, of the life field around you.

Now, to see what the hell we got ourselves into this time!!  I love you all so much and thank you for Living this crazy ass life we created with me, with each other!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) of creating your NEW flow of Life, At Will!!

Lisa Gawlas  www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html










What an amazing, informative day yesterday was, I hope I can get everything in today.  I know I have said this before, but I must say it again, this is a shift like I have never seen before.  Where spirit is focused on the quantum state of your life as opposed to the road you are traveling.  The limitlessness of the whole self.  With it all, they are getting really good at validating the things I am seeing thru you and let me tell you, I appreciate that, because this is all getting just a bit weird (and very exciting) even for me!!

Thru my first man on the field yesterday, this nugget of understanding came thru his team that just rocked my world and allowed me to see things from their perspective that actually surprised me to the core.  They said there is three ways they work with us and immediately I could see him sleeping his bed and his team dropped down what looked like a bunch of wires, something you might see in a OR or ICU unit, except the wires were all dangling from about 4 feet above his sleeping body.  They said this is when they work with him, with us, in our unconscious state, when we are asleep.  What excited me about this visual, his bed was pure white, sheets, pillowcases, comforter, all white.  He told me that is indeed how he chooses to create his bed, all white.  What I had seen was actually his bed.  Great way to kick-start this crazy day!!!

Then they said there is the semi-conscious state and gave me an image of being in meditation.  HUH???  Meditation is semi-conscious… hey!!!!  As they explained it, we are not fully participating with our whole body in whatever event we are participating in via meditation, even tho we are there in the event(s) we are only half there without expanded consciousness.  But this is equally a crucial part of our evolution. the semi-conscious state of participation.  And then there is the conscious state, fully active, participating in our day-to-day lives with our body and consciousness together.

However, as I am currently being reminded, I spent the first three years of this path in a room above my bathtub learning from Sananda and Franklyn (my bud from the Pleiades) how to work the energy of the physical body.  After my three years of training there, I wasn’t released to go do energy work, I ended up doing readings, understanding in real-time the language of light, of metaphors and symbolisms that is the universal language of spirit.  Three years after that and many more meditations and understandings later, I was let loose in the field called massage, which changed energy I thought I knew about the body, the soul and its communication system.

We can only understand so much thru mediation, kind of like going to school, it is a crucial training ground, but if you never take into your physical world as an application, it’s just great information… the semi-conscious state.

What I find interesting about this man, who really changed what I thought I knew about this new crazy quantum surf board that we have, is there were no colors on it.  From what I understood, the colored energy comes from applying what you are understanding, seeing, experiencing thru your meditations into your physical life.  He is just now being hooked up with a massive intergalactic consciousness (what we would think of as an ET incarnation of his soul) and streaming the energy to his unconscious state and now he must take this relationship into the semi-conscious state of meditation.  Even that allows the colors of your surf board, you living energy system to come online.

Speaking of your living energy system, one of the readings yesterday gave me yet another surprising view to this… I don’t know, platform of life, surf board, I don’t know what the hell to call it, lol.

I could see her round multi-colored platform of life-like everyone elses, about 8 feet above the ground, however she had an interesting twist and much-needed added information.  At the ground level was this beautiful flame of fire, representing both the flames of purification as well as the flames of passion.  The greater the purification, the clearer the passion.  Half in and half above this easy 6-7 foot flame was the craziest image of her…. the flying nun.


Am I seeing this correctly??  The one thing for sure, there is no mistaking that damn hat!!  The more I looked at her, the more she was starting to look like sally fields (the actress who played the flying nun.)  What the hell????  Granted, I used to watch the flying nun wayyyyy back in the 70’s but I cannot remember the whole premise around that show and her character except she could fly.  So good old wikipedia helped us.  Altho there were many parts to this character that fit my fiery lady, this one stays with me to this moment:  She explains her ability to fly by stating, “When lift plus thrust is greater than load plus drag, anything can fly.”

She understood this sentence instantly, and dammit if I can remember what she said.  I knew she should have emailed it to me lol.  But let me summarize by saying your passion will lift you up when you are not weighted down with life.

But lets look at how she was able to fly too, thinking of the winds of change that blow thru us quite often these days:  Sister Bertrille could be relied upon to solve any problem that came her way by her ability to catch a passing breeze and fly.

Do we really use the currents of winds to take ourselves in new directions??

Speaking of winds of change… Another reading had me scratching my head.  First of all, I got a total memory wipe of who this lady was I was connecting to, even tho I have been reading for her for over a year and her incredible charity to me and my son this past christmas leaves her embedded in our hearts, I could not recognize her name.  Spirit is good like that.  Her image was hanging onto the to south edge of her platform of life, suspended parallel to, nothing really.  There is no earth, no sky, no anything that I see beyond this 25 foot circumference of a circle platform.  But she did have a death grip on the edge of this platform, her body tho, dressed in this drab gray plain jane outfit suspended in air.  What the hell??

On the outside of her life, beyond where passion and desire lives (which is that platform) the winds of change were blowing hard.  I had to giggle when she said I tell her that every time I connect to her.  lol. well, time to use them!!!  She is in a job she doesn’t love, but is only a year or two away from full retirement and is waiting that time out.  Yet, she does know what she is passionate about and wants to do that as her life’s work, hence the grasp she has on her platform, but she gotta get that whole body involved, her whole life, even if it starts as a side business/adventure.

I realized something important with these two incredible lady’s, the body itself and the platform of life are one living tapestry and must work together for the outcomes of desires.

Going back to my flying nun (giggle)  I was able to see her move up thru the center of the platform of life and as she used the energy of the fire/passion (and I got a relationship to a hot air balloon) to lift her up, suddenly her entire outfit matched the multicolored design of her platform of life and as she moved upwards like 4 inches, I could see that the energy of the platform and her attire was one fluid energy.  As she raised her body upwards, the energy system on the platform made this movement as if it was moving with her.

The closest image i have to share with you is actually from american idol and J Lo’s gown she wore that was actually amazing.  I am including two shots I snagged from the web:



Both pictures are the same gown and everything changed thru her song.  This is how we now work with this platform of life, one living tapestry!!

If your body is not on this platform then you using half your power and vise versa.  Imagine life as you lock and load into one living energy system, consciously!!

I know more information came thru yesterday, but now I am blank.  So, I will leave this to simmer as I get ready for another day of wild, crazy adventurous information and visuals.

A little update on my daughter, so much better yesterday than the day before.  She slept thru the night for the first time.  She is even starting to take responsibility in some areas.  You are all working miracles with you love light, thank you for helping us in such a magnificent and validating way.  Dare I even say, she read a book for the first time, well probably ever!!  Things, they are a changing because of your Love!!!  Thank you so so much!!

(((((HUGZ)))))) filled with gratitude, love and pure excitement!!

Lisa Gawlas    www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html









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Your New Quantum Surf Board and Stuff… :-)

quantum surf


First let me thank all of you for holding light, sending love and prayers to both me and my baby girl, for sharing your stories with me, your hope with me and Being Here for and with me, for us!!!  I do want to share this tidbit, for anyone who may wonder or doubt in the slightest that sending love, sending light to another has any real effect.  I had my first phone call from my daughter on Thursday and I could tell her body was in pain and she said she was going thru withdrawals.  When her roommate told me they are still giving her her treatments, I assumed that meant methadone.  Thankfully not at all, just Tylenol or Benadryl. So I put that on my facebook under my blog thread and asked if you would send light to the cells of her body to help in this transition.  When she called me yesterday, she sounded better, said she was eating and sleeping more and that her body is not hurting as much as it was.  Of course she gives the credit to having been on the methadone treatment, but we know better don’t we.  So please keep sending light to her cells, it really is making a difference and from the depths of my heart, our hearts, Thank YOU!!!!!

I want to share one other, surprising experience thru this inner place called me, my heart.  For the first two days after I found out my daughter was back in jail, it felt very much like this huge black (not anything negative, just, black) grip wrapped around the whole of my body.  All I could feel was her, the love I had/have for her.  Thru it, I realized, felt something I have never felt before in all my life.  That Love was alive in me.  Not just a feeling, hell I never questioned my love for her, it is real, it is strong and it is forever.  However, during the days of the emotional grip, it moved like kundalini moved, rising up from the base of my spine and waved (like a series of S’s) upwards into my heart and expanded.  This movement happened many times during the days after I found out, but not since I came out of that grip.  And I have to wonder.. what was that, why was that??  This is not the first time she got herself into a pickle, not the first time my heart was filled with worry about her choices, and not the first time I felt how madly in love I am with her not matter what.  However, it is the first time it affected me in this way.  So what changed…. or maybe… what intensified and came to life?

Maybe, this is what the “power of love” really is, it’s not simply a feeling, an outpouring of energy made of feelings, it’s a movement within the body, a force in and of itself.  I know there is more to this, today, right now, I don’t know what it is.  However, I do feel strongly it has a lot to do with the way everything shifted in the “field.”

I didn’t do readings for two days after finding out about my daughters dilemma, I was in a grip that had me focused in one place only, the love of my daughter.  Let me tell you, I celebrated to the high heavens being able to focus on the field and on you again yesterday.  I needed that!!!

The last time I wrote about the field and the readings, I believe I left off talking about the “black hole.”  The day I found out about my daughter, Tuesday, thank goodness it was later in the afternoon when my readings were all finished… that black hole turned into what looked like a large record album.

record album


Take away any gray, it was all black except the little hole in the middle, it was white.  I was seeing people’s relationship to this odd looking disk about 8 feet above the earth.  The last one of the day would stay with me for the next several days.  She was half thru the tiny hole, I could see her light body on the top side, but the visual underneath the hole, the bottom half of her body just had me cracking up.  Unlike her light body above, her bottom half was very weighty:

big bottom

She had on black pants (unseen things) and even puckers of cellulite showing thru the black pants and just kinda stuck there unable to pull her bottom upwards.  I could see her hands pushing on the top of the record album looking thing trying as hard as she could to pull the rest of her up, but couldn’t.  It became understood there is something happening in her life that is so connected to her root chakra (physical life and even sense of self at the sacral chakra level) that is weighing her down and not allowing the light body of her lower half move upwards.  She understood what it was all about.

This image hung with me as I moved thru my moments after hearing of my daughter.  It would be so easy for us as humans, as parents or child of parents (smile) to get tangled up in others issues and weight us down.  To make their issues, their desires or demands, ours.  My dear lady, thank you for helping me more than you may ever realize.  Perhaps that is what gave life to the energy, the living movement of love I felt inside.  Dunno.

So I was rather surprised yesterday when that crazy disk was not only still there, but thru every single connection the field called it “the new platform of life.”  There was a twist tho, it went from black to multicolored.  The colors were vast and beautiful and difference for every single person.  I found an image that is close, only none of the colors were streaming outwards, instead, they circled the groves of the record, going around and around.

colored record album

From what I am understanding thru all 6 readings yesterday, this is our new platform of life, not on the ground, but suspended above the ground like a quantum surf board.  Equally, I thought the disk was moving, I realized it is the energy on the disk that is in constant motion.  The energy spectrum was reflecting the person’s energy field now creating their life field.  Think about how huge that is.  No longer do you need to suck in the energy, it is now a part of your life, the very ground you walk and create on.  No longer tethered to any reality construct, but free to move everywhere and anywhere you desire, at least, once you know how to use this new energy matrix!!!

One of my beautiful lady’s showed up, standing at the northwest edge of her disk, her platform of life, shoveling.  It was a strange image cuz she had an old coal shovel digging it into this disk and each shovel of energy she brought up was a hunk of white energy.  I realized she is putting energy into her perceived future, but no desire, no form or true intent.  I suppose we can look at it as gassing up the car but having no idea where you want to go yet.

If this all doesn’t get more confusing for our precious linear based minds, there is no future.  May, September, December, none of it exists.  However, in other timelines, within other sub dimensions of earth, it all has already happened.  If we cannot conceive what we want in our tomorrows because we have not experienced it yet, then we need to gas up our new spherical surf board and learn to move into future or even, deep past scenarios to have a look, experience we are capable of and then bring that timeline of experience into our present and start building that here and now.

True one of the readings as I was talking about May, their team said there is no such thing as May.  I was reminded that even tho I speak in “months” I am really speaking of energy fields, not months, not linear based timelines, but energy itself.

So we can sit around and wait for May to show up and hope its different, better, whatever than April, but if we are sitting around, we will get more sitting around thru May.  Also, recognizing what is your old story, your old hopes and dreams is as vital as knowing May itself does not exist.  You cannot be in your old field of dreams and create your new field of dreams, that’s a conflict of energy that will zero everything out.

Before I close for today, I do want to talk about I think it was my last reading for yesterday.  One of her superpowers started to be revealed and holy cow did it make sense to me, something I never looked at before and light bulbs just started coming on!!

How many people do you know that seem to be acting, living out of character of themselves.  Like they are trying to be someone else instead of themselves.

If we could stand back and look at the energy construct of each person themselves, we would see a lot of geometric shapes that make up their energy field.  I call these shapes puzzle pieces, the bits and parts that make up the whole of each one of us.  When others cannot see their own puzzle pieces or know how to put them together, often times, they will take someone elses puzzle piece and force it into their life construct.  Maybe the wholes look similar, but just does not snap together correctly.  This causes a misfiring of their energy field, of what they are attempting to create for themselves and never seems to mesh.



My lady’s superpower is going to be recognizing this in their field and removing the energy that does not belong to them and returning it back to its source field.  Not that she has to know who it belonged to, just the intention of returning it back to its original owner is enough.  Even more surprising to my ears, she does not have to get the person with the inaccurate puzzle pieces permission to do this reconstruction.  I suppose that would be like finding stolen property and returning it to its owner, you don’t have to get permission from the thief to return the contents you know belong to someone else.

Ohhhh the magic within us!!!

On that note, enjoy this crazy ass ride.  Surf the bumpy ocean and learn with the excellence of your soul how to surf the vast interdimensional space of You, of Us and bring it to our Now!!!

I love you and thank you and every other thing/feeling that I simply cannot put into words.

((((HUGZ))))) of energetic bounty to All!!!

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The Light, The Dark, The Love!!


Well, these last two days I took a nose dive, a heart dive into the depths of duality.  The other side of love that just hurts so much, not because something was done to you, or really has any affect on your own quality of life, but simply because you love and love with all your heart.  I sat in my hurt last night and cherished the feeling, of loving someone so much you empathize with knowing their life is falling apart and all you can do is witness it and love them thru it all.

My youngest daughter (24) has made a consistent series of bad choices pretty much since her senior year in high school and started to develop a rap sheet a mile long now, not once did it deter her from making the same choices, doing the same exact thing that she was arrested or ticketed for in the past.  Of course, when I look back on my own life, pre-bathtub era, (smile,) I have had my own similar patterns.  I never did anything illegal, just self destructive.

My daughter is currently in jail, being held without bond, as she awaits a separate hearing for a similar charge next month, while being on parole for a conviction of similar charge (all stealing, all felonies.)  Dare I mention the pill addiction, the drug addiction she is also going thru.  The rehab facility that is akin to a legal drug dealer, for $13 a day, she gets s steady dose of methadone and thru it, I have watched her go deeper into her addiction… helpless because now its justified and called “medicine.”.  The crazy society we live in, god forbid anyone should feel their own pain from their own choices, best we medicate it all.  Much to my absolute surprise, she is continuing with the methadone treatments in jail.  Holy shit even!!

So now I have a 24 year old, amazing child looking at real prison time and it breaks my heart.  Death is not always a loss of physical life and I have been in the grieving process because her life will never be the same and so much harder than it ever had to be.

I took a long ride to the grocery store yesterday, just to get out of my house and out of my head, popped on the audio book “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers” just wanting to ride with someone who lived (and died) a similar path, and to try and understand, looking for direction of what to do, how can I help all the while praying for the light of knowing.

I have told my daughter so many times, she has the worse karma in the whole world, she is always getting caught doing something.  Granted, she does get her fathers genetics of an incredibly pessimistic attitude with life and lives it out loud.  But I realized yesterday, as I begged her soul for understanding and direction… there is so much more to her consequences than just bad karma.

When we stray off of our life path, our soul will make sure brick walls are placed in our way to redirect.  Thru the brick wall comes bigger challenges to choose again.  Equally, it will align earth angels to help us over that hump, which she has had and I am so grateful for.  But her choices and actions never really changed at all.  Sometimes, the angels become inadvertently, enablers, thinking they are helping when really its allowing more of the destructive choices, myself included.

As I was driving back home, my daughters soul voice came thru loud and clear for a brief moment.  I heard “we had to get her off the street.”

I have seen it written so many times that everything is perfect, as it should be, we are experiencing what we came here to experience and I have always called that a crock of shit, simply by understanding my own (destructive) path to here and knowing I never should have made some of the choices I did, same applies to my daughter.  The safest thing her soul, her guides could do for her was to take her completely out of the life she was living as a way of saving her life and taking a longer, harder look at her choices.  Of course, the next thing is going to be getting her to be responsible for her choices, her actions, instead of saying it was someone elses fault.

The other side of this coin is dealing with an adult child.  No one will talk to me because she is over 18.  I don’t know the truth, the story behind the story.  What she is being charged with conflicts with what she is saying happened.  Nor can I find out the process for her, from here.  She does have a life outside of jail, car payment, critters, stuff… makes a mama nuts when they say, “but we cannot discuss this with you.”  Grrrrrr!! I am feeling like mushroom here!!

Of course, I want to do something to help my daughter in some way.  Her roommate said her car note is due… well shit, its more than I have available, but I figured maybe a partial payment will keep it from the repo man until we know what her future looks like.  Of course they (her finance co.) could not talk to me about anything and told me to have her call them… ummmm… she can’t, she’s in jail!!  Doesn’t matter.  So I use the scenario conversation… what if… he’s willing to take my money but not tell me if that is enough to keep the repo man away.  I told him I will call back when I decide.  Seems the freakin universe decided for me.

My daughters whole world revolves around money, period.  Making money, spending money.  On my drive home as I was hearing bits and pieces of her soul communication I clearly heard send her love, lots of love but not money.  By the time I got home, the universe made sure I did not help her financially cuz I had two refund requests which put my money in a deficit.  When the universe wants something in a certain way, they make sure it happens that way.  Cuz I know me, I would have done it anywayz, but now, I cannot!!

So I thought to myself, I will get her the book “the secret” she has nothing but time now and if she gets bored enough, maybe she will read it.  Me and her brother have been trying to conspire for her to see the DVD, but also “get it” too.  Well, books are not allowed to be sent to jail.  Methadone, yes, books, no!!  Talk about getting an inside look into a black hole that just gets blacker!!

Kinda funny, the day before this all happened I was doing my dishes and seen one of the morning doves jumping up and down on the ground outside.  I assumed this bird was doing the wild thing, it is mating season.  I went to my back door to peek in, and my heart broke into a million peices.  This morning dove was standing on a dead morning dove, I swear trying to give it a birds version of CPR.  Bouncing up and down as the feathers flew in the wind.  When the dove seen me looking, he picked up his dead partner by the talons and flew off with it… and I could feel its sadness, its pain, its loss.  Little did I know it was an omen for things to come in my world.  Yet, yesterday as I breached the end of my driveway, a massive yellow and black butterfly (not a monarch tho) emerged in front of my drivers side window and flew to the left side of my car.

Death and rebirth… may my daughter find the wings to fly anew!  I love her so damn much its all I can feel and I am grateful.

Thank you for enduring my venting process, it does help a lot.  Time to get back on the phone and make more calls.  I love you all so much and am so grateful to have you in my world, in my heart!!

((((HUGZ))))) of hope and light to all that may be enduring the darker side of love and the strength to stay focused on the love light itself!! <3

Lisa Gawlas
















I should have known there would be more to the enormity of April that something so hopeful (on my end) as an evening out of the playing field.  Sheez.  I expected (my first big mistake) easy sailing after the added energy release from the 11th thru the 15th, I swear spirit holds out information just to watch us squirm and wonder (and on my end, bitch!!)  Then, my second big mistake, I said out loud to a lady after I finished her reading “I am so glad I have not had to reschedule anyone for a week.”  Wham!!!  Spirit served me a words sandwich on a platter and I have been eating them for most of the last 4 days.  For the life of me, I could not understand why… over the last two days, finally we got the reveal and I gotta say, I am so surprised!!  Something this big, we usually get a heads up, a sneak peek into it all, at least, not that I seen coming.

When I repeated poked my antenna out in the field on the 16th and kept seeing my floor, I thought, ok, maybe a reboot after all these energies.  After all, I woke up late that day, sat at my computer and immediately my computer went into a 40 minute windows upgrade reboot, had to be a parallel happening there.  The only thing I heard in a glimpse of hearing was “we were getting our new shoes.”  Hmmmm… I thought it was skin lol.  But, new shoes, a new way forward, ok, makes sense.  On the 17th, I was able to see the new energies, the new things being presented, but it still felt unfinished in some way.  I think my precious lady in Scotland gave me a clue that I completely missed.  She was the only one that I actually seen new shoes on (others had new things, but they all weren’t “shoes” in the readings.)  Her shoes were a smooth pat and leather like yellow and they were tap dancing, happy feet!!  But when it came to the rest of her body… MIA.  I could see the black energy (deep unknown) of her ankles and about 4 inches up her calf and nothing else.  Plus, she was not on the ground at all, she was way up in the air tap dancing, but it also felt like she was suspended in that one spot, for that moment.

The 18th I was sure we would get the bigger story of where we were heading, but nooooooo… once again I am seeing my damn floor.  I really want to find a way to kick spirit in the ass, this is messing with all of our schedules thank you very much!!  As the day progressed (or is that digressed) it was time for the worlds greatest and only Maju creator and I got a pre-glimpse of him that popped my mind open to what is happening.  I recognized immediately the energy of my maju he recently created for me.  Plus, the form is unmistakable (smile.)


There he was, sliding upwards on the spiral energy of my now 10 foot (in our visual) maju.  Because of the two meditations I have had with my maju, I knew exactly what I was seeing.  Yesterday, I got still images for some of the folks on the field, and spirit was chatty to help us understand, that alone is a miracle that I am grateful for, so let me give you the whole story as I understand it now.

When I took my maju the mineral spa Bath House in Jemez Springs and did my first meditation with it, I could see the same dull yellow energy that I had seen Mr. Maju Creator spiral up, pointing outwards thru the subdimensions in my meditation.  However, I realized that what I seen had more to this ongoing story than I realized in that moment.  The dull yellow energy coming off my maju went outwards and downwards first, hitting what I will call the lower octaves of subdimensions and then rapidly shot upwards to the higher one that I could see the ongoing biological and consciousness expansion happening (with a man I will hopefully meet.)

He was the only one I got any sort of pre-glimpse of, however, when we connected for the reading, nuttin.  From past experiences, I know when the energy fields are too high, we are all protected from sharing each others energy by shutting me down, which will never cease to stop pissing me off.  Understanding it and liking it are two different ball fields!!

However, as I sat and pondered, I did get a bigger revelation that became topped off in clarity (more or less) with the still shots of yesterday.

I was reminded of very real experience of shifting thru the density I had never felt before driving thru the Jemez the other day.  The lives and energy we think of as our immediate past and thinner and closer than ever before with those whose vibration/frequency went higher.  As my maju showed, you go down before you can shoot up… and that is happening to so many of us, like a sling shot being pulled back for acceleration.

My first snapshot yesterday was of a lady standing out in the field and above her a very familiar, but not seen in close to a year, image was rotating above her… a black hole!!!  Ahhhhhhhh…. I’m getting this now.

Going from how I have interpreted a black hole in our field before (and is still the same now) it pulls all the energy from the known universe into it, well, anything that gets close to its sucking field and altho science has yet to be able to see whats on the other side of the black hole, they lean into the creation of another universe, and so do I.

So going with the piercing upwards in to the higher dimensions of other earths, and given the consistent still image of the black hole yesterday, we have made yet another rapid ascent upwards!  Which gave me understanding to the sleepless night caused by my desire and inability to breathe the night prior.  I am really starting to recognize the energies and my lungs trying to cope with a sudden upwards swing in our atmosphere.

With one of my ladys yesterday, as she was asking some questions, I got a big ole pesky X at the top part of the black hole.  I could see the position, just not whats thru the other side.  However, spirit did give her a dateline (that I am feeling applies to most of us) of being thru and viewable 20th-21st.  What is funny, when I heard those dates, I instantly had a meltdown, thinking… a freakin week?  I cannot reschedule for a flipping week I have no where to stick folks.  I am so sure I make spirit giggle as they put the number 19 in front of my face.  Ohhh yeah, it’s the 19th.  Yet, for the remainder of the readings tho, I still felt the timespace of a week even tho, it really is only a day or two.  Talk about the loss of time and the sense of expanding!!!

I had one lady give us an amusing semi-still shot of what is happening.  Her body was in a large yellowish diamond-shaped energy field, I could see her body half thru the black hole and half dangling downwards, her feet kicking and kicking and kicking.  All I could think of was a breach birth only in reverse.  She (we) are being birthed into a vast accelerated energy field in the upper dimensions and are still half in, half out.  Feeling a bit ungrounded these days??  Great!!  I have said this for easily a year, but gonna say it again, PLEASE do not try and ground to anything, cuz that pulls you back down and you gotta start all over again.

All of this understanding really gives a fuller understanding to a food conversation we had on facebook several days back.  So many of us are craving the heavier foods, for me it was pizza.  I haven’t had pizza since I was in Virginia with my kids.  I bought a pie and ate it within two days!!  I felt the cells of my body singing with joy… the heavier foods allows that binding (similar to grounding but without sticking to the earth we are leaving.)

Another conversation I have seen on my facebook was the feeling of not knowing what to do or how to do it.  Well, that too is perfect, if not uncomfortable.  I have no idea why spirit would say alright, change locations now, change jobs now… and leave us dangling in what feels like forever without any real clue of whats next.  I do understand tho, for some, this transition could not have been possible in whatever old energy system you took yourself out of… and yet, the new marching papers are still being printed.  Even with this statement, I feel many may be suspended thru June, thru the solstice.  There is a lot changing, not only the magnetic pathways we travel, but people, inner desires, outer experiences and a whole lot more than is beyond my conceivability.

On that note, if your body is sending you signals for some mac and cheese, some pizza, some cheese cake… honor it.  (Hmmmm, cheese!!! lol)  It knows what it needs more than your (our) minds do!!  The body itself is also going thru the acceleration changes, chest and head colds, fever and flu like symptoms… gotta love biology!!

On that note, I am praying I have a day of readings to start today!!  Have an amazing time rebirthing into the higher, more adventurous higher octaves of life… I cannot wait to see what that means to us!!!

Ohhh, as I see the picture I am going to use for todays sharing, I gotta mention that it is (of course) no fluke we have been in a G2 solar storm and the coronal hole on the sun been spilling its solar winds to us.  The sun is always working in harmony with us crazy, brave humans!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of deep gratitude for your patience and understanding with me coupled with excitement to see where we having taken ourselves now!!!

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html













Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 17, 2015

Bombs Away – Torpedo’s of Light Underway!!

torpedos of light

Once again, sleep took precedence over typing two days in a row.  However I do want to quickly sharing a series of insights that came thru some of the conversations last night that I know helped me understand the sometimes, whiplash feeling of, well, feelings, emotions, incredible highs, sudden lows and running the gamut in between.

I could see these long torpedos of pure white light being plunged down from above thru every single version of earth/frequency there is.  This creates openings to the higher wisdom of light, but equally at the depths of darkness, starts to break up the density of darkness.  Imagine the darkness is made out of glass, when these torpedoes hit the glass, it shatters into pieces, I could see those shattered pieces quickly moving upwards into the higher realms of light, meaning, into our personal light field, to be transmuted back into its purity.  We do that by not taking anything fluttering around us personally and especially if it is visible in our field (meaning, coming thru directly from another person or group of people) just use your love field to charge the shards of dense emotions into light again.

We are seeing people melt down, become angry, volatile, it’s simply these light torpedos breaking apart the density within their personal field and they are reacting to the moving emotions within themselves.

I had to go out yesterday to resupply my birdseed and my smokes, and for the first time I can ever remember, the air out there, on my 11 mile trip was dense, unpleasant even.  To the degree, when I got out of my car to walk in either store, it felt like my solar plexus got snagged on something on the ground and was pulled downwards, which actually hurt my physical body.  In my car, and even walking around in my house, this did not happen, just outside on the open landscape.

On my drive home I felt this sense of dread, like something bad is about to happen.  I kept checking in with my body… we getting sick here?  Couldn’t feel any reply, so I asked the earth, something planetary or this area about to go down??  Nuttin.  What the hell??  My whole emotional field felt like it entered the amusement ride the scrambler… whipping to dread, to sadness, to a moment of breathability and back again, not very amusing at all.  The moment I walked into my house, it started to settle down and dissipate.  What the hell??

I realized the multi dimensions are becoming thinner to us, more accessible if you will.  At the onset of this thinning, it is much easier for us to feel and recognize the traumas that are happening in other timelines.  As we pass thru those immediate ones, we will start to feel the deeper levels of earths timelines, the higher frequencies where trauma/pain/sadness was not even a thought in human kind.

When spirit said we have been handed the mantle of responsibility, I realize now it is more than simply expanding into what we are capable of, we are equally the pillars of light set in place to transmute the shards of darkness/density quickly changing/falling apart.

Well, time to get ready for my day.  Group (((HUG)))) to everyone filled with joy and laughter and pizza!!! (smile)

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html

P.S.  New intense May course now available (3 openings left)  Discovering and Developing Your New Super Powers. <— to go to my webpage for more information, just click.  Thanx!!!!  

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You that old saying “when you finally figured out all the answers to the questions, they change all the questions” well, that is exactly how I am feeling this days.  Talk about spirits prompting for the last few years of even what you think you know is only the tip of the iceberg, there is much more and it gets deep, really really deep!!!

Let’s talk about change first today.  This is really an enormous thing that affects every part of our lives, the seen and the unseen as I really got to see yesterday thru one of my ET lady’s.  We did her first and only ET session many months ago and then between my rescheduling and her life, we have not done another once since.  I truly anticipated to pick up where we left off from the initial session, meaning same ET’s showing up and exploring the ship that was present yet unexplored during her first session.  Nope.  It was a complete change of venue.  Then again, she also signed up for the May course too and some of what came thru for her to do yesterday, tied in with the pyramid that came thru my ET man the day prior.

When you change your focus even in your spiritual realm, of course your team or teams are going to change to take you further in your new direction.  Often times, there is a lag in connection here on the earth realm until your active consciousness can catch up to the bigger details of your new direction.  Kinda like moving house, gotta get to know your way around.  Just wanted to share that.

Out in the horizon of ET-ville, this huge cog appeared that was solid at least, at first.  There were unrecognizable (to me) glyphs on this cog, when the homework part came thru, suddenly a spiral as well as a series of circles formed around each other, appeared.  Her job was to align the glyphs by moving the energy of the spiral as well as the circles to align the glyphs to open stargates.

Of course, I started talking about the experience with my man the day prior, the pyramid and stuff and suddenly, again in my kitchen (as opposed to out in ET-ville) that cog that was out in the horizon made up the floor itself of this pyramid from the day prior.

Some of the things that I completely forgot to mention yesterday, I want to tie in here now.  Disrupted sleep patterns.  My ET man (with the pyramid of ancient egypt info) was telling about his odd sleep behaviors at night.  He felt like was just awake all night long, he would close his eyes for what felt like a minute, look at the clock and an hour would pass.  Instantly I could see what was really happening with him… these wavy sheets of energy were floating across my living room area and I could see him in bed, roll over to one side and merge into one of the waves in this sheeting.  He moved into an alternate dimension, as he returned it felt like a minute had passed but he was actually gone an hour… returning without memory of his experience.  His team said they were adjusting his frequency of travel and it will become a conscious event as he moves forward.

Equally, it gave us new information about this crazy thing called subdimensions.  As I see it, the dimensional sheets run up and down (sky to ground) and now with the addition of the time waves, they run back and forth (parallel to the ground) but in waves.  If I am understanding this correctly (subject to change with more information, or not lol) each sheathing of time waves represents an era, each wave within that era represents time itself.  Plugging into the right subdimension with the right time wave will take you where you want to go (key twilight zone music here lol.)

Thinking of the subdimensions… we have mentioned before there are many different versions (frequencies) of earth and lets just take the story of Jesus, there are many versions of his story/life out there… knowing which dimension your recalling the experience from and intersecting that with the time wave, allows you to reenter that place and time and frequency.  They all have truth to them because we live parallel lives experiencing various outcomes to many of our choice points, which keeps the story changing and literally keeps us hopping dimensions unconsciously.  I guess, we are about to get rather conscious about it all now!!

Ohhh and something else about the whole fish net stocking visual too.  Those diamond-shaped openings (to my eyes at least) altho completely connecting on the legs of my lady, yesterday, I could see the shape of the diamond kinda floating around in the air space itself, I feel having everything to do with the rolling timelines mentioned with my mans sleeping experience.  How to access them beyond meditation… guess we will (eventually) find out!!

Personally, I have got to give such huge, huge thanx to the validation of this crazy new focus to both team spirit as well as team you.  What we are uncovering now is so beyond anything I ever fathomed before, that in moments of separation (meaning, not connected to you and the field or my own meditations/moments with spirit) I really have to question the validity of what is coming thru.  Last night, as I went to sleep and put on “Ancient Aliens” to fall asleep to, as I was drifting off into lala-land, the series was talking about the ancient aliens and their large stone erections and glyphs and stuff.  The last thing I heard was the speaker saying that they ancient aliens were here to teach us to go beyond our ordinary human life (it was much more detailed than that, but I cannot remember exactly) and my last thought was, they are here again for the same reason.

One of my sessions yesterday, was going over the homework from our last session, a new guide/lady showed up in my kitchen.  I realized that spirit is still using the inside of my house to represent the biological creation of your world (the backyard is your soul light and potential emerging, the front yard is ET-ville and what they are bringing to the table) and my inside house, life itself.  She connected with this lady in her meditation once, and that one time sent her into loopy-ville in her day-to-day life for the following week or so.  Her lady simply showed up (a stout woman at that) and levitated parallel to the floor and suddenly she had all these etheric multicolored strings on her body.)  From that moment forward my actual lady started loosing sense of time (writing the wrong dates, cannot remember the date or day,)  driving the same road she had driven for decades and feeling unfamiliar on it, a momentary sense of being lost, a spaciness in the head when it comes to talking/communicating (she is a counselor, so like me, language is vital lol) and so many more odd, disorienting things.

What started happening is she was semi-consciously entering and exiting various timelines, other frequencies of earth itself.  The information provided thru her explanation of all this was actually rather exciting.

When we travel anywhere, you and I think that we know the way because of the same road, the same landmarks and this is how we travel from point a to point b… well, no, not really.  That is simply what your brain see’s and registers.  When her team was explaining to her about being on the road she traveled for decades and her feeling lost and unfamiliar, they explained she went into an alternate version of earth and we actually travel via a magnetic frequency (just like the birds) and because that magnetic frequency was very different in this alternate version of earth, she lost her bearings while there and felt reoriented once she arrived back into this familiar version.

The spaciness we have been feeling… there are days I swear to god I feel stoned out of my mind and talking, gathering words to form a whole sentence seems so challenging, especially when you and I are together in the field.  This too was explained twice yesterday, for which, I am so grateful for the understanding.  Our language centers are being enhanced, upgraded if you will.  Not the words themselves, but the energetic vibration of our communications.  A higher quantum of light is being inlaid within our language centers so that the release of it thru our communication is easily absorbed/assimilated by anyone we talk with.

It feels too, like the beginning of our use of what we think of as telepathy.  I have noticed especially this month in reading land, you can see what I am seeing, cutting back on my need to ramble, I mean find the words to explain what I see.

Speaking of rambling, I know there is so much more that I want to share, but suddenly, my mind is blank.  Guess the spigot was shut off lol.  On that note, have the most amazing day however it unfolds!!

So much love and gratitude to all of you wrapped in big tight bear ((((HUGZ)))))

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html

P.S.  New intense May course now available (five openings left)  Discovering and Developing Your New Super Powers. <— to go to my webpage for more information, just click.  Thanx!!!!  

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