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The Age of Aquarius Has Begun in Earnest!!


What a way to have a grand finale of the group Super Powers course!!  As I was doing the hypnosis for the fourth segment for the group, which included a two snippets of native American powwow music, I watched as the sky suddenly and consistently became darker and darker.  As the hypnosis concluded and we were sharing the experiences, the first reboot happened.  All my electricity (including my wifi modem) went off for a few seconds then returned.  I could hear the thunder happening up in Jemez Springs (about 4 miles up the road) and new it was heading our way.  The winds started blowing, hurricane force winds (up to 60 miles an hour) and an avalanche of hail ensued, then pouring rain.  With the flash of lightning my electricity went off again.  By this time, I already warned the group, if this storm gets closer, I have got to go and I did, the lightning made sure of it!  For the next two hours the rain fell at an inch and hour, the hail, the lightning, thunder and those winds…. ohhhh those winds!  Wind is my favorite thing in all storms.

The weather alert on my phone stated this sudden intense thunder-storm was happening in our area only, over about a 20 mile stretch of land.  To me, if felt like all the elements came to celebrate, to part-take in the closing (ceremony) of this 2 groups over 2 months event.  An event so big, so complete it had to be rebooted twice.  The next alert warned of flash flooding.  An overflow of emotion from earth herself, celebrating and hydrating the soils of new life.

I was given the most amazing blessing of seeing what our future holds, the amazing changes you will bring to this world as a new and ever lasting way of life.  The one thing I realize, fully and vividly, no matter what we think of as amazing spiritual skills right now, it is going to get more amazing, more available to those dedicated to enlarging their spiritual territory on this earth and much more life changing, life enhancing than ever before.

Each person at the leading curve of light has something so unique within them to bring into this reality, to perfect in use and understand and then share/teach outwards for usability for all.  It will require intense inner focus and outer practice, working out the kinks as all new projects require.

As I woke up this morning my teams first message of importance to share here was the intense focus this phase of our evolution requires.  They gave me a parallel to share, using the likes of the inventors of the telephone, the television, various life enhancing aspects of science and physics and having lived off grid several times with no plumbing, that celebrated soul called John Harrington and Thomas Crapper, the inventors of indoor flushable toilets!!  (Hence the phrase, going to the john or going to the crapper.)

To bring such life changing, life enhancing technology to life, they had to dedicate their every moment to working out the details, putting prototypes together, fixing the kinks and eventually, perfecting their inspirations into functional reality.  Same goes with what we call our energy work.  We have not even touched the surface of our ginormous abilities within and that inner dedication is now demanded of our life, to change the way we live in life, enhanced on all levels for the greater good of all.

In the information that was shared thru the 6 brilliant readings yesterday, can I just say first, holy heaven did the light field amp up a good 100 watts!!  The grow light must have done its job, cuz the field is visible again.  However, the ring of white pilot lights around the body is still very prevalent.  So much information came thru all the readings yesterday that I will start there, I cannot remember who released what info, so I will group it up in a story!!

Spirit had said that this particular solicited was more pivotal than we realized (or should I say, than I realized.)  It ended the age of Pisces and fully opened to the age of Aquarius.  The water bearer is alive and present!!!  Especially here in the Jemez lol.  Of course with spiritual endings and beginnings there is an overlap of energies, so really this ending started December 2012 as the age of Aquarius started its presence within our world at the same time.

So as we have fully entered the age of Aquarius, I have found a wonderful website with a headline that just says it all about this wonderful age we are in:

I am the Water of Life, Out of myself I grow. The more you drink of me, The fuller I will flow.

Out of myself, I grow!!!  Exactly!!!!  You and me (us) combined are the new rivers of life.  Sharing, conjoining, flowing!

We are still coming out of the seed cracking open phase of ourselves and this process will be between 3 and 10 days, each person, unique in their sprout time lol.  Sorry, don’t know what to call it.  Equally, the internship (if you will) will go thru the “center of 2017.” I put that in quotes because I heard that exact phrase thru several of the readings yesterday.

Also, another thing that is so important for us all to realized, that whole ascension thing IS HERE.  WE are the living vessel of ascended energy.  We have cleared enough of our container to hold and use the higher Light of spirit in all we do.  The earth has reached the ascended vibration to allow the ascended ones (us) to Be Present on the earth, alive in body, active in matter and visible to those with hearts that can see.

We are now in the time of expansion.  However, again, stated thru several of the readings yesterday, that does not mean challenges are done forever.  Not even close.  We are in the realm of ascended duality, imagine that!!  We work things into perfection by the challenges.  Not by avoiding them or trying to move around them, but looking them straight in the eye for what they truly are, a massive growth to learn from, to bring a new way in and leave the old behind.  The opportunity to get excited by their presence because we know…. WE KNOW growth and something new is at hand that will allow a rapid release of new energy and potential as we overcome the challenge.

There are so many sneak peaks I want to share with you all about the new abilities and visuals witnessed thru the readings yesterday, but my poor mind is like mush today and I cannot seem to harness it all into words, yet.  Plus, I want to save what I do have as available brain matter for the 6 new dances in the field of light scheduled for today.

So on that note, I am going to close.  My playtime is getting closer and my good lord, I so need it more than ever.  Just as a reminder, I fly into Boston Tuesday the 30th and will be joining my paternal siblings in the Poconos of Pennsylvania thru the 4th of July holiday, back to Boston to play with my 5 year old grandson and will return, fresh as new daisy’s late on the 11th of July.  I know we will be fully in our new evolution, expansion and Being what was once potential, now living realities of that potential.

I love you all, celebrate you all and see the ALL in each of you!!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of fluid expansion to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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There is a downpour of Light energy coming thru expanding/growing every consciousness open to receive such a light rain.  We can see it reflected in the incoming CME’s over the last several days, igniting an expansion, an enhancement within the emotional fields of Life… set ablaze.

Once again, I had no ability to “read” yesterday, as my brain was still being pummeled with incoming energy, I could barely think a coherent thought or formulate more than once coherent sentence at a time or the ability to process more than one sentence at a time coming into me.  There was only one thing I could do, and sadly that was reschedule all my readings especially since conversation was not all that fluent from my tongue.

The first thing I became aware of, with the sprouting of new energy within me, was that the dream I had yesterday was foretelling of the new energy, the new (which is really old) wisdom held deep inside the earth for longer than our current memories hold, is rising up again, for all to receive, it they allow.

The emotional field in which we live, love and create within, is expanding, intensifying in it’s purity.

Early in the morning, one of the precious souls I had to reschedule replied to me with a dream she had that evening, that so reflected my own dream experience that was expanding as I sat here.  I would like to share her dream with you too, it became important thru a meditation I had shortly thereafter:  Let me tell you about my dream last night: I saw a line of hearts where our bodies were clear but the hearts were solid. They all were lined up one on top of the other, nicely spaced, in a single vertical line. Next came in the dogs, their hearts were put on top of the human hearts. Then I heard: “We’re waiting on the lion’s hearts.” The end.  Could we be waiting for Leo in astrology? July into August??

Now let me come back to her dream in a moment, with yet another reference to Leo, to the lion (many others have been talking to me about their lion association lately) I realized I have yet to go into meditation to address that interesting happening several weeks ago, where I had seen this lion, standing on two feet, female but with a trimmed mane, step out of my own body and align itself to my right side.  Why I waited until yesterday to address this, god knows.

I entered my bath and called on this Lion-ess thingie that I had experienced and she came instantly.  Her voice was above me, there were no visuals at all, instead it was as if we were having a conversation in the deepest aspects of space.  The hardest part for me with conversation, I do not recall words very well.  Give me a visual, it is with me forever, string words together, it fades fast.  Our entire time was conversational.  So instead of trying to quote her, I will encapsulate the conversations we had.

First thing I asked her was her name and her reply was you may call me Arcanine.  She is an incarnate Being, a direct part of my own soul source that resides thru the constellation Leo.  I asked her what the name of her planet it, she said you can call the place “Arcadia.”  Not that that is the actual name, but she said I have no way of pronouncing its actual name in her language, so she is using that name on purpose.  Of course, I had to inquire about the show “Resurrection” set in the town of Arcadia about dead people coming back into life.  Of course there is a correlation, but for now she added no more information to it.  Dammit.

She explained to me about her race, they are hermaphrodites (as we would understand them) completely male and female at the same time, with working reproductive parts of both energies.  Kewl beans?  They do not get hung up on gender and gender roles like humans do and they do partner and exchange roles according to the needs at the moment.  That is kinda kewl really!!

She brought back that dream of the pyramid emerging from the earth and explained this was foretelling the return of the galactic era.  She also explained to me about the 12 main star gates located directly within the 12 main constellations in our sky (there are many others, but these 12 are what formed what we know as our astrological symbols because of the Beings that came from those star groups and shared their wisdom and their energy systems with the long forgotten (that whole galactic kinship era) earthlings back in the day.  Thru time and consistency, we can really see the energetic systems we are a part of.  We incarnate on earth in very specific astrological vibrations.  For me, it is Leo.  She showed me diving into a ring of light, representing my birth, on purpose.  Not only did I come into life on August 15th, the time of Leo, I came into the date was/is held sacred by the religion I would be brought up in, “The Assumption of Mary.”  Altho, I must say, I never even heard of the assumption of mary until I started this crazy path, didn’t matter.  She showed me how the Mary connection became even more prominent… My actual name on my birth certificate is simply Lisa Parkhurst, the catholic church didn’t like that at all and would not baptize me unless my mother gave me a catholic name, so I was baptized Lisa Mary Parkhurst, and was referred to that name for the next 20 something years.  I had no idea until my 20’s that Mary was not actually a birth name and didn’t count in the eyes of the birth records people, which is when I received my first copy of my birth certificate.  Go figure.  Even that plays into the bigger picture at hand… for all of us.  Even who we think we are, we are Not.  We are so much more than that, beyond the visible and known history of our Selfs (over all incarnations, not just this one.)

Then she focused on our movement of time as we experience it.  The way our earth moves with the stars, changing energy systems every month that again we know as astrology.  There are living worlds within each major constellation and every one of those worlds have had their time here on earth, assisting us, tweaking our DNA, releasing their wisdom into our evolving seeds of life.  The times we have set up as one astrological house opens and closes (like Leo is from July 23rd to August 22nd) is a time where the stargates to that realm is open, in a sense.  Their galactic energies permeate our spacetime in very unique ways (so unique I have no clue what she was trying to show me/help me understand…. yet.)

She also showed me in an actual visual, the membrane that connects each realm to the other.  Their path of (literal) navigation to and from each other, with earth being a central/center point.  This too, is embedded in that 4th hypnosis event in what I call the super powers course.  Now I am understanding in it such new ways, that sadly, I do not have the words to fully explain yet.

Then her conversation changed, much to my surprise.  She talked about my son and even his new housemate and the major choice points they have had and are once again at… and let me tell you, the choices they are each making, not pretty at all.  Intense do-overs for my son, to relive lessons he did not truly learn from in his 20’s.  To choose again or be stripped down bare in yet another do-over to come, sooner than later.  She said she gives me this understanding as a broader spectrum of what is happening on earth.  As everything accelerates, including cycles of time, we are going to see reflections of our past made manifest intensely once again, so that we as an individual as well as an evolving collective can choose otherwise… something radically different from our previous choices.  For those who learned the greatest lessons of their (collective) past and live in the Light Field of love that is Here in its quickening, the doors of amazing opportunities and experiences are already swinging open.

Interesting… with that sentence, I got a parallel to the third session in the hypnosis series I called “creator.”  At the end of the session a door or series of doors is presented to you, based on the experience just prior to that, and as I am really seeing the massive difference of reveal between the May and the June group and until this moment, couldn’t understand the vast difference thru some… those doors are either showing the opportunity (in real life) coming up or a do-over about to be experienced to learn more fully.

So getting back to my ladys dream, the hearts of solid energy are revealing the same thing my dream of the pyramid revealed, the solid Light and Love of Spirit, in body as us, IS US.  (funny a singular before a plural, but hey… it makes a point, huh?)

After I got out of the bath, I looked up the name Arcanine, there was such a familiar tone to it.  I had to smile when I seen it was a pokemon character.  His trait is:  Arcanine is a large, bulky canine Pokémon that also possesses traits of tigers and lions.  (Dogs in my world represent creator energy/divine masculine that teaches obedience and loyalty.)  Even its look is striking:


So much of its attributes can resemble that of a Leo, a fire energy!!  So my lady’s dream of the dogs, creator energy, obedience and loyalty (to the Self, not the world) ignites the fires of passion, long associated with the energy of Leo… “the Lions Heart.

The passionate heart, obedient and loyal to Life itself, sets fire thru the stargate opening we know as Leo, July 23rd thru August 22nd.  And as everyone knows, there are two sides to Leos… which side of the fire you choosing???  Please be clear within yourself… acknowledging something is very different from applying the new as a way of life.  You cannot fool the energy field of life… ever!!

Here’s hoping the 7 readings (gulp, that’s 2 more than I usually do, how do I do that to myself) scheduled for today, reveal more of this amazing story we moved into!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of expressed passion and joy to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Vacation special:  Book a 30 minute 3-4-2 package or longer I will send you the Super Powers Hypnosis MP3 downloads Course to expand our already expanding horizon potentials!!  Also, take $10 off the 15 minute 3-4-2 package as well!!  There is a lot to see and understand thru July and August together!!!










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The Ring of Light and Stuff…

light energy


This is just going to be a quickie since I woke up late and my day starts earlier than usual.  There was an addition to the “grow” light beaming on your personal garden, now at the ground level, this beautiful ring of Light that surrounds what I call your immediate bubble of creation (about 3 feet around your body.  This light, pure white looks like a ring made of pilot light flames only, pure intense white flames:

ring of light

The flickering flames are about 2 inches tall and like a gas stove, there for you to use to cook/create at your heart’s desire.  So now it is as if you are sealed in this energy of light and the ground level as well as from the grow light above.  Altho I still cannot see inside of this area, nor anything in front of it (future,) those who came with questions… holy cow the flow of replies was stunning and exciting.  Movement into clarity.

My first lady really brought some visuals and deeper understandings from years ago, to the forefront of understanding deeper, now.  Funny how spirit could let us just dangle in the information they choose to release at any given time period and trust us to figure it all out.

There was a time maybe 2 years ago, for months, many of the readings were showing things like going into an amusement park, figuring out the rides we loved and wanted to ride and equally the buffet of life.  Massive amounts and varieties of food everywhere my eye could see stretching into the future.

So when my lady asked about her relationships yesterday, my visual was that of being at a Chinese buffet, quite literally really.  Made me hungry, I love Chinese food!!  But it came down to the understanding….

We have been in a living buffet of life, sampling this, trying that, decided what we love and what we really don’t like the taste of.  By this juncture of our evolution, we should know what we love, what we desire in all that we consume, eat, share with.  The variety of life got us to here, but now, we should be so refined that we know our own desires, our own tastes and no need to over eat or sample everything in life.

Choosing wisely, vibrationally in accordance to your ownSelf, more crucial now than ever.

It’s funny, I think the motivation within so many of us to lose weight, to change our eating habits is less about loosing weight and more about focusing directly on what we need and want instead of everything that is available.

Same goes with the amusement park metaphor, we should know which joy rides excite and elevate us to most by now and somehow we shall be the engineers of those rides…. lol, I hear, the ride masters!!  With this, I still love a roller coaster!! Wheeeee.

So what do you love??  What do you desire in all that you had to choose from getting to here??  Time to trim back, refine and focus there.

On a completely different note, I do want to share a dream I just woke up with.  It was one of this dreams that was a experience, witnessing the event as opposed to the metaphoric dream state itself.

Altho a lot of the information was immediately taken away from my memory the moment I opened my eyes, like the where and when of it, I could still see this gaping long hole in the earth created by an earthquake, revealing the top point of a pyramid.  I also understood too, that the rash of so many earthquakes right now is serving to bring up to the surface times on earth long-buried within her and within our memory banks.

The last session in the super hero’s course takes us to a pyramid as spirit eventually called it, from the “galactic kinship era.”  I actually started seeing this pyramid before the course started, thru someones ET session and I knew this was a real-time on earth.  Once the transmission of the hypnosis came thru, I realized this pyramid was an energy activator to many stargates within the things we call constellations of alignment of stars in our actual sky.

This pyramid is making its way to the surface of earth again, in tact and fully functional by those who know how to use it.  In the dream state, I knew where and when… like I said tho, that was wiped from my awakening body.

On that note, my day begins!!

Enjoy the light of your life!!

(((HUGZ)))) of radiance and joy rides!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Vacation special:  Book a 30 minute 3-4-2 package or longer I will send you the Super Powers Hypnosis MP3 downloads Course to expand our already expanding horizon potentials!!  Also, take $10 off the 15 minute 3-4-2 package as well!!  There is a lot to see and understand thru July and August together!!!



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The Illumination/Germination Period


This sure is an interesting time we have brought our selves to.  I guess I should be happy to have seen anything in the few readings on my dance card yesterday, but this sack of human bones can get a wee bit (lovingly) frustrated.  After a three-day black out of seeing anything, I was on bended knee yesterday morning…. please let us see something… anything.  Well, the field and spirit obliged… kinda.

The only thing I could see for the first two people on the field, was this massively intense sun-like spot light shining down on their entire life field, drenching them and everything in their world in such a bright light I couldn’t see thru the light.  At least tho. we got an explanation that actually made sense to me.

Spirit paralleled the understanding to a garden, we can look at the light shining in very much like a “grow” light, providing all the essences needed for the seed of the new human to germinate and sprout.  They said this is what the second part of the 3 part phase is on the other side of the solstice.

They even took it one step further, and it is only this morning do I understand the fullness of what they were very specifically showing us.  The dirt, the soil of our lives, at least the ones who standing within this illumination period of the Christed earth… it’s so rich and nutrient filled.  Pristine and perfect.  (Take that to mean, nothing needs fixing here.)

The seed itself, You.  After a long season of harvesting, you have brought together the energy, the wisdom, the full expression of mastery within the DNA of Life.

Now let me expand on that sentence, because it is really important.  For the last 2 years I think, thru the readings, the West field was so important, so prominent.  The west field showing up in importance in any reading meant harvesting (think medicine wheel, the season of fall, the season of harvest) all the available mastery completed and perfected in all other timelines, parallel earths, off (this) planet incarnations.  We have had years to harvest, to bring into our awareness, our consciousness, our lives, the amazing mastery of Life.  To understand what that means to you, as well as to us as a collective.  And yet, there was equally a waiting period to fully use what you, what we have been bringing into this new expanded realm of the ascended earth.

Like someone who goes into medical school, you learn the process first before you ever touch a cadaver or a living Being.  The time, the processes needed to intertwine your insights, your knowings, your abilities into a new whole system within you.

And now, we can look at this phase, which will take us thru 2017 as the internship.  Actively using your new skills, but still guided by the forces of Life to help perfect what you are doing.

So when my third lady showed up and I was able to see her body in a silhouette kind of energy just outside this grow light, I was baffled, really baffled.  I kept restarting the reading, thinking I must be seeing something incorrectly (I amuse myself) but it didn’t change.  So instead of rescheduling her like I did the prior two, we did a reading!!  The wealth of information that came thru…

Think about the seed itself, it came into life with all the programming it needed, the DNA set that will produce whatever that seed was created to be.  This harvesting season (the last two years) was what we can call the season of the GMO.  We consciously and creatively modified the DNA within our seed of Life, our human vessel and consciousness.  IF we have not looked beyond what we are able to do, then we have a fast catching up period to do, to bring the programming, the mastery that had to wait until this time on earth, to grow and flourish thru you, thru us.

Of course, no one ever has to bring themselves any further than they are willing to go, not ever.  But you can if you want to, if you have the drive and dedication that it takes to bring yourself to there, to here.  This time on earth is not for the weak of heart or those distracted by the illusion of mundane life.

Now I fully understand why spirit was so hell-bent on what I lovingly call the Super Powers Course and thru the 40 people crazy enough to participate, I equally see the life changing energy put into motion by those who practice it all daily.  Not to mention, how much I have changed by those changing themselves.  Now I have got to be very very clear here, everyone has the ability to access every ounce of their mastery on their own, thru meditation and inner illumination.  But for those challenged to find those nuggets and portals and other aspects of themselves, spirit made sure there was a concise direct route to what is available to you know, your super skills of Life.

This upcoming internship is all about application in the physical world.  How, when, and where to use your ascended mastery in life to serve yourSelf and the world around you.

I am going to close with something that is just hanging at the forefront of my mind.  When I was sitting in the Jemez River the other day having that long conversation with Aphranzu, I kept being drawn to how the interplay of shadows beneath the water kept changing and often times, scaring me (like when you suddenly see something that wasn’t there a moment ago… not fear fear, just startled, a lot.)  Aphranzu explained this is how life is too, the shadows of life are never consistent or long-term.  They move with the sun and the energy we call clouds (concentrated emotion.)  When we can see life as the changeable expression it is, that we are in relationship to it, that is when we will not only know our mastery, but fully embrace what we can and will do with it.

Nothing is stationary and nothing within the shadows is real.  The only real thing is the light of illumination that is US!!

Enjoy the illumination/germination happening within and around you.  The Garden of Edan is growing and Alive thru You!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of living joy and celebrated return to Full Life!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Vacation special:  Book a 30 minute 3-4-2 package or longer I will send you the Super Powers Hypnosis MP3 downloads Course to expand our already expanding horizon potentials!!  Also, take $10 off the 15 minute 3-4-2 package as well!!  There is a lot to see and understand thru July and August together!!!






I think, over the last 2 days, especially yesterday, so much has shifted inside of me.  I can liken it to having a 2 day christmas event and the presents just kept coming and unwrapping themselves.  Of course, for me personally, the greatest presents I feel I receive is understanding.  Well, understanding that we can use in our day to day life especially.  Plus, the reemergence of Aphranzu back into my world of communication.

The first thing that became unmistakably clear is this massive, three-phase energy system called June/Solstice energy and us.  I think it is going to be easiest to use a visual someone shared on my facebook wall yesterday.  Even tho the sharing of that visual is a 25k year cycle, we all know cycles close in on each other, get smaller and smaller, well this one became so small is Started in earnest June 1st and will culminate and open the door to the next grander cycle of Life on July 10th.

june cycle

So lets look at this image, the center point being the Solstice on June 21st.  The beginning being June 1st, the culmination or end of that sine wave (which births a whole other sine wave/energy system) is July 10th.  Since the first reading of June 1st,, I seen the high magnetic energy of spirit coming down into a magnetic pole at the solstice dateline, moving the energy into the earth as it arched over and up to the humans aligned with its vastness.  That would represent the left side of the sine wave pictured.

As we started to receive this energy within us, we started another intense cycle of expansion in body and mind and as we walked toward the dateline of the 16th, it changed, started the solidification process within the human attuned to it.  From the 16th to the 20th, I guess the only way to put it into words is it created a living bridge of intense energy from the 20th thru the 22nd.  Maybe to put this in a more understandable way, June 1st we all went Christmas shopping, June 16th we started to wrap up the presents we accumulated (over tremendous lifetimes,) (Of course all this shopping and wrapping was done from the soul level) from the 20th thru the 22nd all these presents were placed under the tree (placed in our expanding consciousness.)  As they were placed under the tree, we, the human incarnate started opening them and will continue thru the 26th, then shift to I suppose use and application of the great expansion of spirit within us, of our consciousness and our abilities as an incarnate spirit in body.

Man, it is so much easier to see this whole thing as a moving visual than to try and put it all into words.

For me personally, I started unwrapping massive gifts on the 22nd, starting the 14 year puzzle of that crazy quatrain that I shared yesterday and thru the day, I remembered the whole thing:

It has been said

Now let it be known

When the moon swallows the cave

Light shall encompass the earth

And then someone put a picture of a very recent (June 20th) crop circle on my facebook that just sent me into holy shit land!!


Ravenna Waterski Club, nr Cervia, Italy. Reported 20th June.

You have the sun engulfing the entire image, the crescent moon in the middle swallowing the cave (indented energy included in image.)  Of course, my own holy shitness was going into overdrive now.  Aphranzu is the commadere of what he has always referred to as a “beamnship.”

Back in 2001-2002 when I was very much involved with my friends from the Plieades, I never thought to ask many questions back then.  I took what they had to share and prayed I understood it and had the courage to apply it to my own life.

Yesterday, I kept straddling the information that came thru wayyyy back in the day to present day and tears just streamed from my heart down my eyes the better part of the morning.  Then I was hit with the prompting to understand the name of his beamship Soluntu.  I remember when he talked about his ship and its name, he spelled it (including his own name) for me.  I looked up soluntu… nuttin… then I was prompted to break it up into the three syllables it is holding.  Sol un tu and I placed that into google for translation… and again, my very leaky eyes burst open with the translation: “sun one your.”  Mirrored back to us would read “your one sun.”

There was so much unpacking in my crazy consciousness I decided to go sit in the river.  The heat of understanding rising up within me meeting the heat of the day… I was sweating bullets.  And an hour and a half conversation with Aphranzu ensued.

Keeping in mind, I have not talked to this Being in any way since 2002.  But I do remember his sternness with me back in the day.  I find it equally interesting that on the show Kelli in the Raw, I actually spoke of him and his less than humorous way of talking.  He was always like that very strict teacher in school.

Of course, one of the biggest questions I had for him was… did you create that crop circle???  I mean, it is just too eery with timing and layout… but of course he did as well as many others over the years.  His “beamship” has special devices on the underside to create the crop circles.  Hence… beam… ship.  lol  His ship was named Soluntu for a reason… to reflect the light of one source back to the emerging human spirit.

He also explained that he has never left my energy field in all these years and has revealed himself to my (very forgetful) awareness many times.  The most vivid one I actually did capture on film was with a group of my beautiful lovies in Loveland, Colorado last year or was it the year prior??  Time!!


Holy shit, this was taken June 21st, 2014.  Exactly one year ago to this moment!!

But if that is not enough to blow my little mind, he explained that they can do more than create crop circles.  The rainbows, the very distinct cloud formations… all a collection of energy to give us that mind opening ah-ha moment of remembering.  Like what appeared in the sky as we were finishing up our talk:

face in clouds

He also explained they hide directly in front of the sun more often than we may realize.  What many think of as sun dogs is really them saying hi to us in the language of light.

Not everything is as it seems.

Something bothered me tho, and I did address him about it all.  Back in the day, he was quite stern, the way he spoke… very different today, well, yesterday.  I had to smile as he explained… do you still talk to you children the way you did when they were 5 or 6 years old??  No.  They matured and you now speak to them differently, as I do you.

I matured??  I was sure I digressed lol.

And so I decided to kick some doors of conversation open.  Jorge.  Do you know Jorge.  But of course he does and yet, what was revealed blew my ever loving mind.

We know we have hybrids here on earth, of course there are human/pleiadian hybrids on their planets too.   Jorge is the son of my beloved Franklyn.  For years, every now and again, I get a vision of my bud from the Pleiades named Franklyn walking from the mesa to my backdoor with his wife and child.  Never in true physical form more like a solid energy form, but I know what I see and what his message is.  They will be coming.

Aphanzu assured me nothing will happen before I go on vacation.  He insisted I need a break before the next phase (no shit!!)

The conversation moved to our biology and our DNA stuff.  I asked him about regrowing my teeth.  I really, really dislike my partials and would like my teeth back.  He explained that there was a time, that regeneration process was alive and open in our DNA set.  But thru the great separation, we shut off much of our magic, our working DNA to fully experience separation at its core.

He then gave me a visual of the lizard and its ability to regrow its tail because it is needed for its own balance.  We have the same abilities within our DNA, and now, we are beginning to reopen that long dormant ability within us…. and so much more.

There was so much more revealed, but that is enough for today.  I gotta save up brain space for the readings today… and dammit, there better be visibility on that field!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and awe!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Vacation special:  Book a 30 minute 3-4-2 package or longer I will send you the Super Powers Hypnosis MP3 downloads Course to expand our already expanding horizon potentials!!  Also, take $10 off the 15 minute 3-4-2 package as well!!  There is a lot to see and understand thru July and August together!!!

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Information from 2001 collides with our Now!!

intergalactic earth

Yesterday, about 10 minutes before my first reading, I got a pre-glimpse of imagery.  Of course, I had assumed it was for my lady, until I connected to her and realized, the field is on shut down to my viewing eyes.  I realized what I had seen was the image of what is happening right now.

I could see this amazing sun, a huge round disc in the sky, golden energy radiating out from the edges of the sun, a bubbly white surface and inside the surface, directly in the center, was a crescent moon, the opening of the moon was pointing down towards the earth.  This, I realized, is what is being reflected for all of us as we continue our solstice solidification together.  I get the sun, I didn’t fully understand the moon.  I googled what cresent moon means:  The word crescent is derived etymologically from the present participle of the Latin verb crescere “to grow.”

Suddenly my memory banks of a quatrain I heard way back in 2001 started to filter back.  This quatrain was really unusual because back then, I never “heard” outside of meditation, I was still a baby… But I heard it in a males voice up near my ceiling and it was very much versed Nostradamus style and over the years, I have pretty much forgotten about it… until yesterday, one line in that quatrain started to bubble up in relationship to this image I had seen.  To this day, I cannot rememeber the 4 lined quantrain to save my life, but I did a google search yesterday, even back then, I posted everything I experienced somewhere on the net… back then on a place called  Instead of finding the quatrain, I found several channelings from one of my group of 5 Plieadian energies that helped me back in the day.  Let me share with you that channeling (the sentence in the quatrain I was looking for was embedded in the post, which I have made bold today.)

As always, I would like to share my meditation with you. This one is wonderfully packed with information that one does not have to decipher (as I had requested ) The main guide thru this meditation was Aphranzu.

I was compelled to take a candle into the bath with me, and placed it on the left side of the tub. I watched for several minutes the dance of the flame…continuously going from straight up, to the right, then forward. Never did the flame bend to the left. So I tossed up a little request… and asked Aphranzu to bend the flame to the left if he was here…instantly, the flame went to the left…then closed my eyes and just breathed.

I was then instructed to take a walk… with each step sending me deeper into this meditation. At first I started walking on green grass, and I could see that hill that I climbed in front of me…so (I have no idea why) I decided to pop on over to the ocean’s edge for my walk.

A few steps later, all my guides and spiritual helpers were in front of me! In seeing them all together, I was actually surprised at how many I have gathered over the course of time. As I watched them turn around and start to walk in front of me…I heard part of a very special song that was gifted to me by Sananda sometime ago… Follow Me by Uncle Cracker (which has a very different meaning to me than the songs original intent) and I started following them.

As I did, there was a part in the path we were walking that I knew was dangerous for me to walk on. It was all spiky and stuff. Knowing that they could float and I could not… I stopped. They all turned around and asked why I had stopped… because I didn’t want to hurt my feet was my reply. Instantly I felt this rush of trust… kind of like an unspoken message that came across in a silent whisper (smile). It is in the face of danger that we have to trust… it is so easy when the walk is comfortable to trust.

And I walked on these spiky things and never got hurt or felt discomfort. And was led into the opening of a cave. As I entered the cave… the words from the quatrain I heard many months ago was being echoed all around me… “When the moon swallows the cave… Light shall encompass the earth”.

So many people were coming to this cave. There were many “healers” there to help with the masses that kept coming. I understood that this cave was actually a temple of sorts…and it will manifest itself in today’s world.

I was also instructed to listen to the “flame” within. To learn how to bend and move with the flicker of the internal flame. This particular message was urged for me to remember and offer to all. We all have a very bright flame within us. Some of us get blocked by the blowing winds and do not know how to keep up with the constant flicker (changing)… but one MUST learn.

This compliments my post on “reading your energy” under channeling…very much the same thing.

I had also asked about the coming changes that he talks of… as well as others do too. I asked for a inkling that I can share with others. His reply was…

Everyone’s changes will not all be the same, so to say one thing, that will affect only or two would be misleading. However, each will know of the coming changes as they learn to move with the flame within, and listen to the energy around you…and above all TRUST with LOVING hearts!!

When the moon swallows the cave…. I have never understood what that even meant… at least, until yesterday.

cresent moon

When the moon swallows the cave… the illuminated ridge of the moon is swallowing the cave of darkness… the sun, illuminating… surrounding it all.

This whole finding made tickled me, because for the life of me, I could not remember what Aphranzu was teaching me back in the day.  I remember every other Pleiadian that connected to me and their teachings, but him… I long forgot.  So I did another search and found the channelings he shared back in 2001… 14 years later, the time is NOW that he talked about.

We would like to extend greetings of your New Year. May you use this time wisely.

We come to speak about the up coming changes. So much is in store for your planet, for your beings. You must keep remembering what is reality and what is illusion. Reality is within the core of your being, the song that is being played on the winds of your illusion, your chosen dream.

The call has been and continues to be sounded. Now is the time to awaken to who you really are. To aide in others awakening. As you remember who you are stretch out your hand to those in need.

There are many here to help you. We watch from the ethers, we blend in your bodies, we are here. With the coming changes, many will feel alone. You can feel aloneness as being separated from all creation, or you can use it to feel your all one ness, as always, it is your choice – and you will have to make the choice.

As you realize the changes we speak of, you must remember who you are, and where you came from. Your vibration level will be vital at that conjuncture. You will need to vibrate from the frequency of love, from the place where all is heard and known. There is no room for judgement or fear, which will only hinder your task that will be at hand. As you watch the events of the dream take place, allow your love to flow into every nook and cranny and fill the space of time. We urge you to cast no judgement in the times to come, and to hold no fear – stay centered and focused within your all one ness – within the vibration of the higher love that surrounds you.

Now is the time to remember whom you are and what you have come here to accomplish at this critical time upon your planet.

Sleep no longer our treasured brothers and sisters.

I Am Aphranzu, Commadere of the beamship Soluntu

Couple all of this with something that arrived in my inbox the other day from and the planetary alignment that was prevalent yesterday and the CME aleart from, I knew something massive was/is underway:

FULL HALO CME, STORM WARNING: A coronal mass ejection (CME) is heading directly for Earth. It left the sun during the early hours of June 21st, and is expected to sweep up one or two lesser CMEs already en route, before it reaches Earth sometime on June 22nd.


The Moon connecting with Venus and Jupiter in Leo occurs Saturday June 20th, providing an evening display of beauty and promise. The Graphic created by Sky & Telescope illustrates the line up of the stars and planets of these aspects.

The aspect of Jupiter trine Uranus (exact on June 22) begins with these aspects rolling out the transition that will unfold a new spiritual journey. The events that call each person at this time say it is time to turn and focus on Jupiter’s calling, which will bring in the situations necessary to light up your pathway to your new spiritual journey.

As noted on the graphic, the Moon provides the display that lights the path and June 22nd provides the exact trine
(positive) of Jupiter and Uranus.

This beautiful sunset backdrop ends a significant week of June 14 through June 20 and sets the pace for the new week of June 21 through June 27.

To read more about Jupiter trine Uranus, visit Alpha Life Trends Home Page.

To read more about Sky & Telescope, Click Here

Major Aspects

June 20 | Venus and Moon – 13 Leo

June 20 | Jupiter and Moon – 20 Leo

June 22 | Jupiter trine Uranus – 20 Leo

June 30 | Venus conjunct Jupiter – 22 Leo

Lisa Gawlas's photo.

This morning, I am still on a visual black out with the field… but man my heart can feel so much expanding, becoming… alive.  I don’t know the bigger story yet and ain’t getting it today lol, but my team wanted me to make sure I shared this information with everyone today.

So here I am… sharing.

Until tomorrow… I love you soul very very much.  Big big ((((HUGZ))))) wrapped in trusting change to all!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Vacation special:  Book a 30 minute 3-4-2 package or longer I will send you the Super Powers Hypnosis MP3 download to expand our already expanding horizon potentials!!  Also, take $10 off the 15 minute 3-4-2 package as well!!  There is a lot to see and understand thru July and August together!!!

P.S.S.  I actually found the post referenced above called “reading your energy.”  Keeping in mind this all came out a full 2 years (back in 2001) before I even started reading period… well, at least for others.  As I read this long forgotten post, not only did water leap out of my eyes from my heart… so did the prompting to add it to todays sharing… so here it is:

I had the oddest two experiences this week with my own energy that I would like to share with you, as well as parts of a conversation I had with Aphranzu in relation to this subject as well.

On Wed. evening, after feeling perfectly fine, out of the clear blue, I swear someone just sucked all the energy out of me. I was instantly tired and wore out. I had found out later that there was a discussion about me from the place I was living at (for those of you who don’t know, I was occupying a room at the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter… an experience within itself). It was in that moment that they had decided to terminate my stay at their Nazi Camp (said with love now, said with love ).

It was in this reflection that I realized just how much we can pick up just by paying attention to our bodies. As a dear friend had discribed this little whipe out of energy…. It was the universe’s way of letting me know I can now rest after a month of hard labor

Well, today, I popped into Walmart to get a new keyboard and a quart of oil, I didn’t make it 10 feet in the door when something smacked me in the face. I looked around and I swear I got bombarded with the weirdest energy from the signs all around… like seeing 150 TV commercials all at once wanting you to buy their products… I was overwhelmed…. So I decided to just look at the floor and go get what I needed and leave… but the energy bombardment didn’t stop,,, it was as if I could hear all these thoughts floating around the store … it was so intense that my knees got week.

Well, I hurried in and out then went to the place where my daughter plays Pokemon with about 30 other kids… I had the same sort of reaction there. So I decided I am just going to go sit in my car and think.

I tuned into the energy that was jumping around in my body, and then just became still… in the stillness Aphranzu decided to pay a visit. He touched me with his own energy and I became one big heartbeat… just like Dream Weaver used to do to me (for those of you who remember Dream Weaver).

I asked him about this energy I am picking up on and what does it mean. He has paid another visit so that his message is clear (goodness knows my memory can use some work…lol)

“You are to read this energy, it will be of vital importance in times to come. There are vibrations all around you if you choose to pay attention. Feel your feet upon the ground, listen to the direction of Gaia (Little insert here, Gaia, which is what I heard, seemed to be purposely spelled Giai). She shares her wisdom for those who listen.

You will always know what to expect if you just listen to the energy around you, in you, under you. There are no secrets. Every thought and every intention is in the air—- listen, feel, understand this communication of energy.

As you learn to understand and communicate this energy around you, you will be prepared for all that will come. But you must learn how to read it. The learning is something that only you can do, no one can do it for you.

There are many waiting for you to ask for their assistance, and will be glad to help you, but, you MUST ask for it with the highest good of all in mind.

You will soon be faced with many changes. Understanding the language of energy, your energy, will keep you safe.

Many blessings of the One Source,

I don’t want this to become a marathon post, so I will close for now and come back with more of what we talked about later. Besides, there are something’s I need to ponder yet.

((((HUGZ)))) with much love, light, and energy!

Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 22, 2015

Solstice Energy and Other Really Weird Stuff!!


Holy cow, did yesterday go off the rails into strange-land in my body.  I actually woke up with brains that kept shifting between feeling like they were filled with molasses to feeling so spacey thoughts got lost in the cracks.  I wasn’t even going to write a blog, because harnessing a full and coherent thought/sentence was challenging.  But that pesky team that lives thru me…. they wanted at least some info shared, so I shared what I could before a bigger collapse of my thought processes fell apart even more.  So I wasn’t completely surprised when my first reading showed up on the field and all I could see was my floor.  My antennas and my brain were elsewhere today and I knew that was going to be the way of it and I sent an email out to every reading on my dance card for the day.  Then I just got pouty, I finally have a day I have 5 readings, 5 puzzle pieces to see the bigger picture of this massive shift of energy we are in the midst of and I am as blind as a bat, psychically speaking anywayz.  Dammit!!

My second appointment for the day was a homework session for the Super Powers and it took every ounce of mental power I had to not only hear what she was saying, but to formulate replies to her has well.  My brains really felt like a helium balloon that kept floating upwards to the sky and I had to keep yanking them back down to the ground and then off they would go again.

When we finished, I called my son to wish him a happy fathers day and to see what kind of fun adventure he wanted to do with my grandson that I can treat him to.  His first choice was the science museum in boston, I went to the website to get them tickets.  OMG I could barely navigate it, I could not comprehend their maze of ticket purchases or even what was happening there.  I could feel this energy, an energy I have not felt in a good many years, start to run thru me.  Irritation.  OMG I was getting more and more irritated the more I could not comprehend this crazy site.  I called my son and told him I could not figure out what i am doing or what they (the museum) wants for payment and I was getting a bit cranky.  We switched plans, Lego Land…. grrrrrrr.  The irritation is now coursing thru my whole body… not frustration, complete irritation like someone had just given the entire insides of my body a massive brush burn.  I couldn’t figure it out, so I paypaled him the money told him to do it himself because I was too irritated to continue.  So he did one better, he put my grandson on the phone… nothing like the sound of my precious angel to clear out that irritation… at least, for a minute.

I sat on my couch just trying to find center again… the use of my mental matter… and that energy of irritation became alive inside of me.  I could feel this very distinct energy come down thru my crown, scraping the walls of my whole body, rushing thru my hands and feet and I had no way of crawling out of my skin, which irritated me even more.  Then my brain got the light spins… what the fluck!!!  All I kept thinking to myself, this energy now coursing thru my body, irritating it, must be what the fuze of a firework feels like when it is lit.  It sparks and sputters and moves towards ignition.  This last for an hour or two… and then holy flipping heaven, my root chakra started to vibrate to kingdom come.  Now I am just confused.  I don’t know whether I want to choke something of screw something!!  What the hell is that intense pulsing at my va-jay-jay all about, its sooo contradicting the other feeling happening at the same time.

Then I got to see it… the lady I had written about yesterday, the golden showers coming down around her from above and equally upside down too, showering up from the ground around her too.  I was in the midst of my own golden shower… well I guess part two because earlier that morning, before I even started to write my blog, I see that golden zipper up my back.  So now this is an inside the body event.  Ya know, maybe if the energy started at the root chakra the irritation wouldn’t have been sooooo…. irritating!!

So there I am, in my own inner land of confusion… the pulsing energy at my root chakra hitting higher and higher notes of intensity, the light spins in my brain has me trying to hang on for dear life and that now fluid and consistent irritation energy has me shaking my hands to release it, it was just billowing out of my hands especially.

I kept getting a flash of the day priors Super Powers group hypnosis session entitled Creator.  The flow of source energy meeting with the magnetic flow of earth and soul energy together and changing the entire energy mix within the core of the body and equally the bubble of creation around the body.  But I also remembered too, that ping against my root chakra was also my signal that something was arriving in my created world that I desired and made manifest.  What the hell could it be… there is only one thing that seems to be taking an eternity to arrive and that is my divine counterpart.

I tried to find my center and becoming more and more unsuccessful.  Bathtime!!  I started to run a bath and as the water is running I am thinking, holy shit, water amplifies energies, I will flipping blow up… maybe I will color my hair instead, distract myself.  With that thought… holy shit, someone was paying attention to my thoughts and change of venue, because the energy in my root chakra exploded and there was no flipping way I could ignore the constant, intensified pulse of my body.  Geez freakin Louise!!!

I got in the bath, my whole body started to contract.  I plopped one crystal into my bathwater, my lurmerian crystal, closed my eyes and became incredibly aware of a multitude of ships, ET ships above my home, forming a circle with each other.  What the hell is that????  Their ships formed like a doughnut shape, with a hole in the middle.  The, as if collectively from each ship, this energy from the opening in the middle of their alignment started to pour into my bathtub… and there on top of me is the long lost (not seen in a long time) Jorge now known as Norte… and my still nonexistent brains was scrambling to remember what we call him now and he gave me the grace of knowing… Jorge de Norte.  His presentation of his physical self is quite distracting for me.  He is just so pretty.  For those of you who have not seen the image I had found, a Canadian actor, Adam Beach, whose image in this picture is the exact likeness of Jorge, let me share it with you:


So there is this amazingly good-looking man laying on top of me, fully clothed dammit… I am fully nekkid and he has jeans and shirt on, not fair!! lol  Maybe the clothes were an illusion so I wasn’t fully and completely distracted… with his arrival on my body, holy flipping cow, I am surprised the energy coursing thru my body didn’t create tidal waves in my bathtub.  But weird was about to go into overdrive…

I asked him about the name he gave me today, Jorge de Norte and the closest I could come to his energetic reply was a completion of the energy of his name presentation.  Now, keeping in mind, when he arrived in my bathtub/meditation several years ago, it was a merging of the energy of my first boyfriend, my first love, back when I was a teenager whose name was George.  Jorge (pronounced: whore-hay) is the Spanish version of George… the beginning and the end.  Or something like that…

When he changed from Jorge to Norte, north in my world of readings is the future direction, so there was a feeling of him arriving from the future.

So we had this crazy conversation with the crazy energy between us rocking my body and what was left of my mind to distraction… but I had enough mental capacity to ask when the hell you arriving in my world, not in my bath.  I about shit when he said after I come back from my vacation, before July ends.  Really???  Shit… I’m not ready, how you getting here??  Wait if there is a portal you are coming thru, please do not just arrive in my house, you’ll scare the shit out of me.  Wait, if that portal is in my house and that is the only way you can arrive, can you quickly run outside then knock on the door… (my mind was melting down lol.)

Instead of addressing my chaos, he completely took me in a very unexpected direction.  Suddenly, his head and heart was completely aligned with mine, there was a space of about a foot between at the head.  It was as if he was supporting his body with his hands, but I never seen his hands, that face is just too pretty to care about hands!!  But then suddenly this thick violet with tinges of blue energy connected our heart centers.  It was as if the alignment of hearts created this thick moveable energy that I could not tell if it was part me, part him, all one energy… I have no clue, except to say that it created an ecstasy within my body that really, really took me by surprise.  I was already rocking from head to toe, now it was like everything was vibrating to kingdom come inside and outside…  geeezzzzzz!!

But it was about to get even more bizarre and intense.  He then put his forehead on top of mine, and these two intense lights, pure white lights, mine and his merged together  as one beam of energy at the forehead.  Holy headrush batman!!  Yup… it gets stranger still… the neck… directly where the larynx is located… weird, weird, weird…. at first it was like getting a hicky and then there was this thing… something sticking out of my throat that was very phallic like that was the ummmm geez louise, source of the ummmm hickiness,  it was made of a solid like radiant white light sticking out the center of my throat.  Well, turn about is fair play… when I found his… my body could not contain the energy any longer and holy heaven talk about an explosion!!!  Phew….. the light between the heart, the third eye and that crazy thing sticking out of our necks… amplified and fused together.  Now what all that means… I have no clue and am not quite ready to find out either….

The next thing I know, he is gone and I am in my bath like a limp noodle wondering what the hell just happened!!  This is a solstice experience I will never forget!! lol

But my day of experience was not quite done yet.  I decided, I am going to color my hair anywayz.  It really is the only day I have left (time wise) to do it before I head out to see my babies.  Now, I will tell you my secrets lol… like I really have any left anywayz!!  I am not a natural blond (shocker, huh??  lol)  I was born with brown hair and have been coloring it blond since I was 17 and discovered “Sun-In.”  Over the last decade, my roots have gone from dark brown to a nicely blended silver, making my need to cover my roots longer and longer, because now, I have no brown left in my roots.  Well… until yesterday.

As I am putting L’Oreal color on my roots, at first I thought I was seeing things… I could actually see my roots, they were more dark brown than they ever have been in years.  What the hell??  How the hell….?  And my memory flashed back to my odd shopping day when I was instructed to bidazzle myself for a date that evening.  I bought a nice shiny tank top, even bought eye shadow (having worn that in about a decade) and to my total and shocking surprise, at the check out counter was my favorite perfume I used to wear, again, easy a decade ago.  I stopped wearing any sort of fragrance as I started doing massages.  Delicious – Beverly Hills.  I stared at it for a long moment and my team is saying… just buy it will ya!!  Huh, really??  Now you care about my personal aroma output?  None of it had to do with my date (not my type of guy) but with changing the minds memory sorta.  Back in my 30’s I was so hmmmmmm well lets just say I liked to strut my stuff and stuff.  The point was to reprogram the minds way of seeing the physical body with all the memory triggers of that decade.  Smell, looks, dress…  with it all, it will confuse the mind (more or less) as to what stage we are in and go back to that timeline/age line.  Which too, was a sneaky, but kewl reason my personal body triggered the weight loss desire.  When I was 32 (exactly 20 years prior) I lost 70 pounds… as I did this time around.


As I sit in 101 degree heat (with no a/c in my house) melting and pondering the bizarreness of this day, I get an inner prompting to look up the meaning of the name Jorge.  Well that’s weird, for three years now, that has never been a prompting at all.  So I did and about shit when the literal translation from I think greek is “farmer” or “earth worker.”  OMG!!  I had no idea that was the origin of the name George or Jorge… holy shit, I always knew my counterpart had to be an earth-worker.  And then I heard… of the future, earth worker from the future.  Bring it on, I need to learn to navigate earth anywayz!!! lol

Now to tie all this craziness in my single day yesterday to what I was shown thru it all with the up coming energy systems called July and August.  They are set up like maternal siamese twins, connected at the core of their systems, but looking very different in color vibration.  July is the same color violet with threads of blue like that energy I had seen between mine and Jorge’s heart centers.  August, an amazing, vibrant red.

I think the closest way I have of explaining these systems, these months is… June served to turn every thing on inside of us and around us.  Fully functioning Christed Beings in body, in mind and on the fully functioning Christed Earth.  As we cross from this side of the solstice into July, our training wheels are being removed… and by August, we are fused into… whatever that means to us!!  I was really, really, really hoping to get that long view yesterday thru the readings.  But nope!!  My body and soul had very different other plans for my entrance into this crazy new system of Life!!  For those rescheduled yesterday, I am so sorry and so grateful for your understanding and patience.

On that note, enjoy this crazy ride… its a wild one and will only get wilder… if you dare!! ;-)

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of booming ecstasy made manifest!!!!

Lisa Gawlas











Well, happy solstice everyone, equally, happy fathers day to all as well.  The longest day of Light of the year blends with our beloved Divine Masculine, our Creators, Our Fathers (at least here in the USA) may the Long Light of this day be expanded thru the fatherly energy within everyone’s heart!!

This truly is an interesting solstice, unlike any I had seen before (within readings.)  There are three distinct phases to it, it started to take in highly charged magnetic spiritual (creator) energy into itself on June 1st, arch it thru the beloved earth (dreamer energy) into all humans open and clear enough within their body to Be that spark of creation between the two.

As we swam along the currents of June, on the 16th that magnetic energy started to condense, moving into solidifying form.  The field said we will recognize this shift in the magnetics within us, within earth for 5 days preceding the solstice and 5 days after.  If that wasn’t intense enough, it went into yet another phase, the day before and after… a super condensing 3 day event.  All I have to say, this moment in our collective lives is so damn big there are three phases to it that will culminate and finish up on the 26th!!!

Ha!!  I just realized something… if life itself is not become a vivid expression of the things we are seeing/understanding… Today in the US is fathers day and the solstice which represents the longest day of light of the year, plus, it is also SUNday.

But also, I share those dates with a grain of salt.  To tell this story, we need linear language and yet, there is nothing linear about any of this.  It is all an energy system with three distinct phases to it.  It will remain affective/available the moment you align to it.  So there is no missing this huge event.

I really learned this yesterday thru one of the two readings I had.  The first lady showed up giving the phrase “a golden shower” a whole new twist!!  She was set up directly in the magnetic energy of the solstice (which I have always seen as a magnetic pole of energy embedded in the ground, like a lightning rod only gold in vibration.)  Coming down from just above her and at the same time, spraying up around her from the ground were two showers of golden energy (looking very much like the energy released from fireworks) engulfing her entire body, but with a bugle around her too.  Her team explained we are now in that three-day event of solidification.  I could no see anything else for her, we rescheduled.

I highly anticipated my next reading to be in the same space, much to my surprise, he wasn’t at all.  Instead he came thru merged as an earthworm, moving like an inch worm into the ground and up, over back down.  It was kind of a funny visual, it was as if his body was a long earthworm, dammit that I cannot draw!!

But what really stunned me, I could not see the solstice energy near him and his team said, he is still preparing for that system of arrival in his world.  This beautiful man already works very deeply with the earth herself, creates from her body… treasures of intense energy.  So I had to smile that he was blended with the earthworm energy… and let me share the meaning of earthworm as a totem here:


Earthworm teaches growth, regeneration, healing and reflection. He shows us how to ground our spiritual and emotional sides to emerge transformed and renewed. Continue working with diligence as you will reap what is sown now. You may feel like you are in the dark, please know you are preparing “fertile soil” for your endeavors. Earthworm will teach how to feel the sensations and vibrations around you. He will help attune your extra senses.   *earthworms are not insects, they are considered annelids which are true worms.

So, know, you cannot ever miss this life changing, enhancing, expanding event… it will wait for you to get your ducks (or worms lol) in a row and then release itself until you!!

So this morning as I sit here quite lazy in mind and body, I took a sneak peek at my own body to see what the solstice is doing with me.  I was quite surprised I actually did get a visual… a golden zipper from my pelvis to my neck at my back being zipped up.  Ohhhhh I am excited to find out what is being zipped up for the next grand adventure in this crazy and every changing walk of Life!!

May the long day of the sun shine brilliantly upon the divine masculine, the creator, the father within all today!!

Happy SUNday, solstice day and fathers day… 3 as 1… to ALL!!  I cannot wait to see the after party thru you!!  :-D

((((HUGZ)))) of dazzling brilliance to ALL <3

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I just looked at and there was an M3 solar flare released already today coupled with the solar wind streaming from the coronal hole… the sun, as always, in step with us!!  <3



choice points merging

Well, blow me over with solstice energy!!  Actually, I am being corrected, blow me up (like an inflatable toy) with solstice energy!!  I woke up yesterday morning something after 3am to do the potty thing, I contemplated for a brief moment to get up and start my day or go back to bed.  I opted to go back to sleep.  I awoke again at 6am looking at a dark brown fuzzy image of myself (not solid, a fuzzy 3-D form made of brown energy) suspended about 5 feet above me.  I could see a single point of silver energy located directly in the spine at the sacral plexus area.  I swear I was looking at a star up in the sky, that silver energy was that small and really did resemble a star.  I actually got nervous for a long moment… holy cow, where did my light go??  Why is it there, why is it so small, where is the rest of my body.  Who could sleep or even write with all these questions running thru the brain.

I got up, did my morning ritual: potty, coffee, computer… and as I sat here at the computer, trying to think if there was anything new to write about, I started to feel… to know… that when I woke up at 3am, I was in a major choice point in my life (as most of us are right now) and had made my direction choice.  I started digging in my mind… what the hell did I choose??  I went back to sleep, please don’t tell me that is a bigger, symbolic choice.  A girl needs her beauty sleep ya know!!

Outwardly, there is not a new thing I planned on doing, for right now, at least thru mid-July, my direction has already been set.  This coming week finishes up the June’s Super Power course, on the 30th I head to Boston to go love on my son and grandson, the 2nd I go back to Pennsylvania for the first time since my dad died and see my siblings for a major 4th of July bash, come back home on the evening of the 11th and then back to doing what I do daily.  What the hell did I choose??  When did I choose it and how??

Spirit had mentioned major choice points thru readings many a time over the years, they had also explained that these “choice points” aren’t a conscious choice like what to wear for the day or what to eat for breakfast.  It is an accumulation of energy and action from the last major choice point to now that sets into motion something new or a repeat of things unaccomplished thru free will alternate other choices to bring one back to the soul agenda instead of the egos agenda.

I kept seeing that image of my brown fuzzy energy body with the tiny silver energy beaming out of the spine.  That has to be a clue after I got over my worry that I somehow lost the light field of my body and my team kept showing me the night sky and a single star in it… I had to look up what a star is made of (my and science… long divorced) and found this easy to understand explanation:

What Are Stars Made Of:

Stars are made of very hot gas. This gas is mostly hydrogen and helium, which are the two lightest elements. Stars shine by burning hydrogen into helium in their cores, and later in their lives create heavier elements. Most stars have small amounts of heavier elements like carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and iron, which were created by stars that existed before them. After a star runs out of fuel, it ejects much of its material back into space. New stars are formed from this material. So the material in stars is recycled.

Earlier last year, thru many of the readings, helium was a major player on the field, I never really understood why… until now.

Thru smaller (spirits word, not mine) choice points, we have been collecting the energy we needed (or didn’t) to come to this very moment in time, a major choice point.  This is what was being reflected to me as I woke up.  For a change, my soul wanted me to know, something has changed, shifted and is emerging.  BUT WHAT???  I really dunno.  But I felt like whatever the major choice I made as I went potty, has to be something good/positive instead of do-overs.  (Stated directly from the human point of view, spirit doesn’t see anything as good or negative.)

For the rest of the day, I could feel that energy spread thru my body much like a breath…. inhale, expansion… exhale, contraction… all day long.  It was kind of a nice feeling if not woozy and floaty at times.  But again, I have no clue what I choose…. dammit!!

But I think, something bigger was revealed later in that evening.  I was sitting on my couch, scrolling my facebook wall on my phone when someone had a video of a man I think mowing a lawn at 100 years old who ate vegan for a long time and of course, credited his diet with his health with a statement that said we should all eat vegan.  Ugh… I love my steaks, my pork chops, ohhhh stuffed cabbage, milk, eggs… I must have, for the first time in my entire life, really took a moment to feel inside of my heart, my soul… is that what you really want??  Because what happened in that moment, I have never experienced before, like this.  It was as if my very soul stepped in front of my face with this amazing energy expression of love and gratitude for my personal dietary choices and stated unequivocally: “I am not here, to be here as long as I can. I am here to be the best I can Be while Here.”  

For me, it was such a profound declaration and a great sentence that I hurried up and put it on my facebook wall so I didn’t forget any of its words or feelings.

This profound moment in my time reminded me very much of another profound moment that happened in December 2011.  I was sitting in my car at my roommates house doing readings and was in-between sessions when out of the clear blue I heard Archangel Michael ask me “where do you see yourself in 2012.”  My mind started spitting out answers… I was asked that question three different times in a matter of minutes.  I suppose he was looking for the heart reply instead of the head reply.  Suddenly, like the most loving bubble of energy rose up from my heart and declared its expression in reply “My desire is to live by myself surrounded by like minds.”  There was such an emotion embedded in that, I realized, YUP that’s exactly what I want for the coming year.  Within weeks… I was literally given the keys to that very thing.. which is my Home to this day.

So last evening, my souls declaration, and I know, a sneak peek into that “major choice point” was being revealed.

Now let me wrap all this into the two very different readings I did yesterday.

My first one showed up in a canoe.  There was the most beautiful cloudy like soft blue water surrounding her, 3 feet all around her and three feet beneath her.  3… action and communication.  Well, if you’re in a canoe, action is required for movement and to be able to steer your way forward.  She only had one ore, which was purposeful, using the emotional side (right side of her energy field) to move forward in balance with the left side (physical life.)  She was on a calm open sea unrestricted in any and all of her desires.  She just needs to put that oar in the waters and go.  With this was the knowing for her that she is supported and surrounded by the emotional field of life, the dreams of unlimited potential and she is navigating to every outcome every hoped for and dare I say, some never hoped for too.

Contrast this with my next lady who really boggled my vision.  As we connected I watched her physical body turn into an A.  She was standing in our present moment, then suddenly arched backwards in an upside down V shape with a dirty guldens brown mustard kind of color that formed the line across that forms the A itself.  What the hell????  Is A for Apple??  Thank god her team was expressive, cuz I sure as hell would have never understood their presentation of her.

Even in this wonderful christed body, chirsted earth, duality is still very prevalent, and always will be.  We need contrast to continue to make lighter choices for our ongoing Self.  Duality is very dualistic (smile) it can (and should be) used for the acceleration of your greatest potential made manifest or it can hold you back like super glue in the denser side of itself (by our own focuses and lack of action.)

For her, it was showing one foot in the denser reality and one foot in the light the line of energy, her emotional field, keeps her connected to both, in which case, she is Here in what I call the new earth, the christed earth, but movement forward cannot happen until, as her team showed, she removed the deep connection with the denser side of life.  She already knew what she had to do and her team made sure her “language” reflected her energy too.

We use words like “I pray for…” and/or “I hope for…”  both is an energetic disconnect from the outcome.  Doubt severs strength, weakens the field of creation.  It’s right up there with my pet peeve of a word “try.”  Know it, do it and it will arrive in the most amazing, unexpected, exciting ways.  Hope, pray and try… that’s like revving your engine but never stepping on the gas because you are not sure you will get to where you want to go or how.

As we went over some of these things, I could see suddenly, her body move from the A formation to an I formation.  Think “I Am.”  Or, as I had to giggle… I literally did ask her team if the A was for Apple and then when I seen her in the I form I/they said it was like Being the iPhone…

So to bring this all back to food lol, that is one of our hardest over coming biases we have that I see out there.  I am being reminded again of another “food” conversation on someones facebook wall where she stated there is no “healthy food” where she was.  I could feel that energy well up within me to express… and the expression is much more important than many may realize: All food is healthy… if you allow it all to Be. Remember, it’s all source energy…

We are in the most amazing, profound time of our incarnated lives.  Like my A frame lady, our job is to remove our dualistic thinking, expression, separation from the ALL of life.  One cannot judge something and be In-Powered at the same time.  IF you are Source energy (and you are) then all is Source energy.  Food, drugs, chemtrails, whatever that is currently deemed “negative” out there.

The choice point for all… You are One with All things or you are separate from somethings… judgement and fear has got to go, if you want to go to that land of unrestricted potential!!  But, ya don’t have to, ever!!

On that note, my day begins.  I love you all so much.  Thank you for being the most amazing teachers I could have ever hoped for.  Ohhhhhhh, speaking of teachers, me and that crazy wonderful gal known as Kelli in the Raw did it again.  If you have two hours to blow, come giggle with us:



Big big (((HUGZ))) of unconditional, unrestricted Love to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas














ascension energy

Are ya feeling the expansion, the intensity of this recent new moon (the 16th) in your world yet??  It came loaded with tons of star dust seeds for growth and expansion and dare I even say… quickening like never before!!  Couple this with the intensity of the solstice energy already amping up the fields of life on the 21st… rest time, breathing time, that’s quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Of course the moon is in Gemini, the twins I see as duality.  No doubt, one of two things are playing out within you, or soon will be.  If you have not already tilled your garden of life for the new growth… it will be done for you by this most loving, but far from biased universe/spirit.  Read that to mean, upheaval!!  For those who have already tilled their soil, cleared their energy field of the debris… opportunities abound!  Our job is to reap it all!!  The season for stillness is over, life is about to go into overdrive.  Our jobs is to keep pace, both with the constant tilling as well as reaping.

I was watching a show I stumbled upon the other day called “Three scientist went into a bar,” and I was stunned to learn that the various life changing inventions we all now take for granted, the firs tone that comes to mind is the telephone, two patents were applied for at the very same day by two very different people… both with the layout for the telephone.  Of course Alexander Graham Bell gets all the credit, but that same day, another person unrelated, had the very same download/invention idea/plans on this life altering device.  There were several other major things that happened this same way… new technology coming thru more than one source at the very same time.  These scientists have stated it is now a pattern instead of an anomaly.  All I could hear my team saying was… this is what we mean by a back up plan and even the back up plans have back up plans.

I mention this because I have been given the stunning privilege of witnessing 40 people go deep inside themselves, their the dimensions, into other parallel earths and off planet lives to harvest what I call their super powers.  The emergence of amazing technology and spiritual abilities not seen on this side of the veil before.  Similar themes coming thru two very separate groups (Mays and Junes.)  Diligence and focus is required to fully bring this all forward… and many amazing new things WILL be brought forward!!  Can you imagine how bizarre it must have appeared to those in the Bell day when he started talking about a device that could transmit your voice from one place to another in real-time across the landscape.  I am sure, he, as well as those others that were getting this information had to invoke a trust they probably didn’t even realize they had within them, to bring this forward.  This invention was so important to human evolution, spirit dropped the information design into more than one human to assure its birth in that exact timeline.

Same is happening here, now, in this aliveness of spirit.

Even tho I had 12 appointments yesterday, only one was a reading and yet, her reading, her information and the way the energy came thru, stayed with me all day long which now seems perfect given all the homework reviews I heard yesterday.

About 10 minutes before my connection with her, my whole body started to get excited, like something new was going to happen and I was going to be a part of its emergence… at least, witnessing it.  You do not even know how excited that gets me!!

The way her reading unfolded was so bizarre it has taken me thru this morning to really understand it all.

The first thing I had seen was what looked like a meteor or something that came out of the other side of the veil up in the sky in the position that would aline with “future.”  As this solid-looking ball of something or another made its 90 degree descent into her sacral plexus (what many ET’s have refereed to as our “community” center,) that ball of something went from looking solid to this mass of multicolored energy that hit her right in the gut, directly in the solar plexus and instantly, again with another 90 degree angle, came out of her body and streamed into the ground itself.  It was stunning and the energetic release that came with it all was breathtakingly moving my own energy field and I had no flipping clue what it meant!!!  At least, not initially, didn’t matter tho, I felt its enormity.

Her team explained that this energy is creating an opening to the denser frequencies of earths so those that need what she is about to discover within herself, will find their way to her.  Then her team showed these two bells about a foot in front of her face that kinda looked like this, but again, there were two next to each other:

brass bells

Her team called these two bells “monk bells.”  They also said she WILL find them in a gift shop soon and they are part of her tool set emerging.  The equally stated that these two bells are inseparable.  They must be used together or they will not work… irreplaceable within each other.  Meaning, if you lose one you cannot replace it with another.  They are vibrationally pared for life!!

They also explained about frequency, tone, what happens when you clink these two bells together from different distances and how it emits different frequencies… and they also said she will open a energy practice by the end of the summer.  Not that she has the potential… even with this incoming information that was so new to her… her teams language really struck me… because there was no use of the word “potential” which is more common than not in readings or hell, even in the homework sessions.  I am realizing, I think lol, that when they use the word potential, they already know that the human being addressed just may not follow the promptings to bring to this side of the veil all that they can.  Many get lost in the demands/chaos of external, mundane life.  But that too, is part of the challenging process.  You will not be given something so extraordinary if you cannot let go of what brought you to here in the first place…. but the potential is there, if you are WILLing.

Then there are those of us crazy enough to throw caution to the wind, leap blindly off a cliff into the depths of our own unknown… this is the true “Light Worker” (as I am hearing that from spirit right now.  It’s not about illuminating someone else’s way or even coping someone else’s agenda, its about Lighting up the depths of yourSelf, sacrificing the superficial… the mundane, as you till the fields of your own energy for super growth and expansion!!   …or not!  The seeds of new Light must sprout from You!!!

She must be a crazy lady, cuz again, there was not the use of the word potential… but she WILL find these bells, she WILL open up an office as an energy practice.  I made bold those words (cuz I was told to, lol) to emphasis the lack of the word we so frequently use… healing.  Ohhh and we have a cocky spirit this morning… “if you do not understand why, you do not understand this new earth.”

Now, the other bigger strangeness from my lady was how the information unfolded… it was like all these intense sheets of energy were overlaid on her and I was trying to read as fast and as clearly as I could with each sheet overlaying the next.  It was flipping bizarre and fast!!!   Only this morning do I really understand the overlays… several dimensions coming online at once for her, to her.  Her job is to mine each dimension that holds her expanding super powers, her abilities and bring them forward to this dimension.  These dimensions will open right there in front of her, her job is to harness what is being dropped into her conscious and run with it!!   And her team said, it will happen fast, so quickly there will be no time to think, just act.  Trust.  Then act again.

ACTion is the only thing you can trust, even if that ACTion seems adverse to those around you.

On that note, I gotta get ready for my big, exciting date with Kelli in the Raw this morning.  I love that crazy lady so much!!  Since its a Youtube interview, I gotta put on my pretty face (giggle.)  What I find interesting, just before I went to bed last night, Kelli asked me about something she is currently experiencing… seeing dimensional doorways in her reality!!  Spirit has something up their sleeve and I cannot wait to find out the rest of the story.  10am MDT.. join us!!  I will post the interview in my next blog as well as on my facebook page, for those who cannot join us live.

I love you all so flipping much.  Thank you for everything!!!!

Lisa Gawlas


raw stuff!!









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