life unleased

Not surprising to me at all, I was not able to see the field yesterday, well, not while trying to look directly at it thru readings.  I could see, however, thru what I call my peripheral vision, (sitting on the couch pondering lol) tons and tons of golden magnetic flecks of energy floating around the field.  I had two ladies on my dance card yesterday in Australia, in what is now today’s dateline.  Sometimes, I can see them because they are out of the energy influx.  I couldn’t as my team said, for my own safety.  However, shortly before their connections, as I was peeping the field from my couch, my first one produced an interesting visual, I didn’t understand it at all yesterday and connecting to her didn’t provide information.  This morning tho, I get it.

It was 4am on the 9th in her world yesterday when we met.  What I had seen about 15 minutes before we connected was a gathering of these magnetic flecks that came together and created a huge explosion.  But the explosion was facing inside my home, biological matter.  The explosion was spherical, the inside of the sphere a hot red, reminiscent of molten lava, only not bubble out, just radiating the core of this round magnetic explosion.

This morning, I now hear clearly, this is “life” coming into creation.  If my hearing antennas were on yesterday (they weren’t, not even a little) I would have heard something similar to a sonic boom.

February is a very very fertile month of energy.  Life becoming anew or replicating itself.  Keeping in mind, only you and I see anything of replication as good or bad, the universe, our souls, do not.  No such animal as good or bad, there just is evolution.  These magnetic flecks are reading the energy of your heart center, the codes you are putting out, and bringing the sonic boom to your field of living.  If all you are focused on is what was, what has been… guess what!!  Replication codes underway.  Let me tell ya, you can fool yourself, but you cannot fool the universe of creation.  Just because someone says that want something new doesn’t mean they emotionally align with that magnetic force.  It’s a desire so deep, so full it becomes the only song the universe can hear!!  That doesn’t always mean you know what you want, but you trust the movement towards it.  Especially if that movement is not what you wanted, or better stated, in the way you envisioned yourself or where.  Lets put this into a usable example, over the years I have had several people ask during their readings, where should I move too.  I get really excited when spirit gives a reply of where.  I get confused to find the person I read for next time, moved somewhere else and not the place spirit said, but I am not surprised they have yet to find their groove.  Same with jobs or relationships.  Free will can be a pesky thing and we become replicators, recreating the same experiences in different places.

But lets pick up on where I left off yesterday, which is a great segue here.  My last lady of the day on the 7th gave us all a huge heartful to understand, especially given the above understanding (no wonder I ran out of time to finish my blog lol.)

I put together a very very humble visual of her field:

field of creation

Those diamond-shaped, silvery blue thingies were the very first things I had seen when I aligned to her field.  Actually, it was the one in the west field, the others were reveled as I understood that one (well, understood it the best I could.)  Forgive my humble drawing here, each diamond was at due West, East, North and South.  Each were of the same hue, all about 3 feet long (again, going to my scale of vision.)  As I locked into the one on the west field, it specifically had 6 sides to the upper and lower quadrant, facets I guess.  I do not understand why, that’s on my lady to understand (smile) but it started spinning clockwise and as it did, all these multicolored particles of energy starting coming in from the right side of this rotating diamond.  Pure energy from the multidimensional field coming into her center area.  This diamond also started rotating point over point towards the west.

Then the east diamond became my focal, it was rotating point over point towards the north and the understanding was it was bringing in what we think of as future energy.

The two together, bringing the energy we think of as the future (already here on earth) blending it together with the new multidimensional energy, fertilizing the entire sphere of her field.  It was at this point of understanding that I suddenly seen the two diamonds at the north and south quadrants change into what looked like sun balls.  Her team explained they were magnetic force fields coming together directly over her center, creating Life.  The magnetic field of creation can only be activated by her hearts desires, energy flow/ codes of life.  If we look at yesterdays cell  division video I shared at the 37 second mark on the video where they are showing the “by-pass” channels… this is what I feel so connected with in my lady’s north-south magnetic energy part.  We can by pass the old life and fuel the new… or… not!! lol (She is, just to be clear here, she is fueled in the new.)

Then it got really, really, really interesting.  When i asked her if she had any questions, she said (we didn’t even get to a question part yet when it all lit up, became so much more) she lives in New Hampshire but went to California for a few months (where she is presently) and wasn’t sure why.  Even tho she was loving the beach and the warmth, she was missing the trees and slower life of NH.  The moment she said she was in california… holy heavens, i wish with everything in me, I could show you exactly how I seen this stunning visual.

Her entire field became a super large diamond energy around the 4 smaller diamonds (see humble visual) now strapped together was this gold band around her larger field, but the diamond energy surrounding her entire field went from the ground to easy 20 feet upwards and was oozing with this amazing white light.  Holy shit, it was so intense I could have had an orgasm if I wasn’t focused on understanding it!!

Right now California is releasing a lot… wait.. A LOT of energy directly from the core of the earth (aka the original earth) it magnetizes (gathers) topside to those magnetically aligned to its power and magnetic intensity.  She went to california not to do anything, but to absorb this stunning energy that is enlivening her field in ways I cannot wait to understand!!

Keeping in with this seismic activity (smile) a precious soul shared a post on my facebook yesterday that ties in with her and also with the lady I wrote about a week or so ago, where the volcano showed up in her reading and she lives in Washington state:


“In the past 24 hours, the whole West coast has moved from South to North, from the border of California / Mexico @ Salton Sea Volcanic buttes, all the way North to Mount Saint Helens volcano in Washington State.”



Given all that has been coming thru the readings these last several days, I am getting serious about my Mexico trip.  I have decided that I will leave here on September 18th with a target return date of September 28th.  The only thing about this trip I am sure of, the first place I will be is in the Zone of Silence for 3 nights and three days and then eventually making way to the pyramids for the equinox on the 22nd.  Spirit is explaining that we need time (the 3 days and nights in the middle of nowhere lol) to orient to the energies, to each other (yup, a group trip, ya coming?) and fully align with instruction there.  Not bringing any pre-seeded notions with us, but opening to the new, once there.

In this coming week, I will create a webpage about the Mexico Adventure, what is needed (to drive) and stuff… as soon as I have it organized, I will put the link here.

Something amazing sure as hell infiltrated yesterday.  I took my happy ass to the big wide world because I could (and needed stuff lol) and OMG it was like joy on steroids.  I had submitted paperwork that I had totally forgot to sign to a state agency and went there to sign it, the man was so happy and was actually singing replies to my questions.  I LOVED it!  I told him I feel like I just entered the Voice!!  Even the check out lady at walmart was soooo freakin happy.  I could feel her joy so much.  They were impregnated with the joy of life and in turn, impregnated me with more!!  I so LOVE freakin Life!!

This morning as I woke up, I swear someone tickled me or something, such a shot of happiness ran thru my eyes, my body and the bounce in my step as I went potty!!

May we all see the bounty of Life Joys, together and outwards far and wide!!  For today, I will settle for seeing it thru the precious souls on my dance card!!

I love and honor you All sooooooo freakin much.  Ohhh and just to put this out there, on my drive into the world yesterday, my team wants me to put out a Valentine’s Special.  This is an odd and interesting way to see how to do this special.  The 14th of February, just about the entire world is focused on Love.  So what they showed me in running this special, first, it will be a 22% off special, specifically to bring in the energy of the “master builder” (in numerology) and it will start on the 10th and end on 18th.  But here is the interesting part, they showed me this dateline like this:    >  4 days on either side of the 14th.  The connection at the 5th day, the target day of the 14th.  Time is not linear to spirit, but in this moment, amplified on both sides.

Chew on that for minute lol.  I am getting ready for an exciting day in the field!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of Love unceasing to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas



Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 8, 2016

The Magnetic Flux and Accelerating Change!


There are days where the energy coming in from the field is much more intense than others.  Yesterday was one of those wild rides thru the readings.  After my first connection, I knew the day was going to be energetically intense.  My brains were already starting to vibrate, by my fourth one, my brains were vibrating so damn fast, my language centers were hanging on for dear life.  My firth, I was literally hanging onto my table because the energy around me and the field was spinning so damn fast I was dizzy.  Keep in mind, my body was not spinning, it was an external experience directly affecting my body.  As I stare at my computer with brain fog this morning, not sure what even to talk about, most of the readings are a blur to me this morning, I hear my team (as I ponder the massive energy of yesterday) say the words “magnetic flux.”  Well, I googled it and my brains are now dripping down my face lol.

A precious soul put an amazing “magnetic” video on my facebook yesterday that may be able to express what I cannot:


<p><a href=”″>Magnetic Movie</a> from <a href=””>Semiconductor</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


Jezuz, now lets marry that to what I am seeing now, all in relationship to the massive change underway.  I found an image that are of cells, but if we look at each cell in the image, each one would represent the way I see you.  nucleus (bubble of creation) and the outer cell area, (external world of creation.)  When we come in contact with each other, or groups of each other, it also look like this picture too.

Conceptual cells

Your body would be a point in the center of the blue are of the cell.  Now, I found another picture representing when cells change.  Let me add this little tidbit from an MIT website about cell change:  A cell devotes itself to growth in a phase called G1. A critical transition occurs when the cell enters the S phase, during which DNA is replicated in preparation for division. The researchers found that growth rate increases rapidly during the G1 phase. This rate varies a great deal from cell to cell during G1, but converges as cells approach the S phase. Once cells complete the transition into S phase, growth rates diverge again.

(Again, the way the universe speaks, is it any coincidence that the test above says G1 and we are under a G1 sun storm today??  Nope!!!)

cell change


On regular days, i experience you like the first picture, on magnetic flux days where we are changing again, this above picture.  The electrical current around my head, my antennas, gets fried!!  But at the same time tho, it’s so exciting to now fully understand it all, well the best I/we can.

I also want to share a cell division movie from the same MIT site.  I want to straddle that info with my last lady of the day…



Now lets take all this information and bring it to your universe, your cell of evolving life.  Cells are programmed from the DNA of the body and knows what to do.  Our life is given instruction by YOU.  If you don’t know what you want to do or focus on, then, the magnetic flux just kind stays in flux until YOU decide.

There is so much I want to with the amazing information especially from my last lady of the day yesterday, her visual explains a lot.  However, I am about to start my day soon and I don’t want to speed thru it.  So I will kick-start tomorrow with that information.

However, strangely enough my team is really insistent on getting this information out today.  Obviously, we have changed.  Our energy fields no longer look nor work the same as they did.  We are so accustomed to our old bodies, physically and energetically that we do not fully understand the brand new, super-duper vehicle we have now.  We no longer work the same as we did.  So if you choose to go to an energy worker for a tune up, be sure they are working within the new body field and not the old one.  The example my team is showing me is of (my car) a Honda Civic vs a Honda Civic Hybrid.  Exteriorly they look exactly the same, but nothing about its working mechanism is the same (some similarities, but not the same at all.)

We are a whole, unified living system, not separated by power cells.  Because the new hybrid system called us lives in a higher field of light, those working on the old systems (which they are so needed to continue to do) will see only your old engine and not the new.

Well, my day is about to begin and I am strapped in today!!  Phew baby!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))) of harnessed power for Creation until you! deepest desires!!

Lisa Gawlas






Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 7, 2016

Meta-Science, Meta-Tron and The Stillness of Speeding Up!!


Well yesterday we went straight into a “meta-science” (spirit’s words) rendition of the field.  Have I mentioned how challenged I am about anything science or math, or both!!  But then again, my team gives me a little relief from my science meltdowns by saying it’s because I see beyond what is known to science (yeah, because I don’t know science!! lol)
My first lady showed up kinda strange.  Suspended above her field about 15 feet (again, always going to my scale of vision) was this really large, light gray ceiling fan looking thing with many blades rotating in a counter-clockwise direction.  Not a fast spin, but not slow either.  And then there was my lady, hanging onto one of the fan blades spinning around and around with it.  What the hell??  I could even see the part of the ceiling fan that connects to the ceiling, only this one, didn’t connect to anything I could see, it was just… there.  Spinning.  And so was she.

As I was trying to figure out what the hell this could even mean, suddenly i got a flash from part of the image and message I woke up with.  I so forgot about the visual when the whole focus of my sharing yesterday was on wholeness, biology, divine masculine and feminine.  I clearly remembered seeing this golden particle thingie that was forming a huge circle.  I say particle because it wasn’t solid as it was like trillions of flecks of deep gold forming a really large circle.  Well that image came back as I was trying like hell to understand what a ceiling fan means to my lady.

Well, lets bring back the gyroscope, with a twist!!  So, using this picture, lets turn the rotor itself into the ceiling blades that i seen.  It is only this morning that I realize that there were 8 blades to this ceiling fan, using the energy of the unified whole, power and strength in its display.


Also, the frame would be the image I had seen waking up, the deep gold magnetic field of creation.  I think spirit used a ceiling fan to reverse my interpretation of the flow of counter-clockwise energy, which I have set up to mean opening or releasing new energies into ones field.  Well, when I looked up the winter or summer settings of a ceiling fan, the counter-clockwise direction actually forces the air downwards to the floor. Given the rest of the days readings, that fits better.

So, next I have to understand what a gyroscope is actually used for:  A gyroscope is a device that uses Earth’s gravity to help determine orientation. Its design consists of a freely-rotating disk called a rotor, mounted onto a spinning axis in the center of a larger and more stable wheel.

The stable wheel would be the magnetic energy surrounding the earth and each of us.  The rotor, is the energy of desires put into motion, the spin axis then activates the magnetic field of creation to… well… create.  Bring in the energies of your desires to form.  Ohh man oh man, now I hear “torque ratio” in relationship to the movement of our personal and planetary gyroscopes.  (melt down at 5am lol) So I gotta look up torque: Torque, moment, or moment of force is the tendency of a force to rotate an object about an axis,[1] fulcrum, or pivot. Just as a force is a push or a pull, a torque can be thought of as a twist to an object.

My beautiful lady is rotating her force, no doubt about that.  But what I could not see and only remembered, was the magnetic thingie, the frame.

Now lets bring this all down into Lisa speak (smile.)  The force of creation is always moving, and moving at the rate of speed of your desires.  The stronger the desires, the more force (I guess that wold be torque) to bring that desire into creation.  The more loosey goosey the desire… well… we just spin around.  Now, saying you want something is not the same as the emotional flow of energy of that something.  I say, and mean, at least from the mental state, that I want to hit the lottery.  Emotionally tho, I really don’t give a shit and cannot fake giving a shit about hitting the lottery.  If that was all my mind focused on, I would be spinning around too.

So as I was starting to understand why my beautiful lady was hanging onto one of the fan blades, spinning with her flow, my own personal mind went to my world.  I am probably in a very similar position too and changed it instantly.  I thought about my mexico trip and have not etched a plan on getting there yet.  Now I am firm (well, as firm as one can get in these ever-changing energies) Fall Equinox, I WILL be there!!  Anyone want to join me??

So our job as creator Beings is to emotionally align with the creative force of Life and emote!!  If your loosey goosey, then you have wonderful energy just floating about awaiting instruction from your heart (and only from your heart.)

Ohhh, here is something to think on as well.  A broken heart.  A broken heart (one filled with sadness, regret and stuff) is the lower ego mind bleeding into the heart, which then becomes a part of your ongoing creation.  Interesting!!!  I never looked at a broken heart that way, but now that I see it, it so makes sense.

If gyroscoping wasn’t creating a melt down, my next lady brought me to goo!!  In a great way of course.  I was already seeing her before we connected, spirit knew I would need the extra time to understand what the hell…

About 30 feet above the earth was this gray (gray was the theme of the day) gel like fabric being stretched to the degree I could see the rip apart point in the middle.  It wasn’t ripped open yet, but I could see the stress marks where it was about to.

Spirit had said the day prior, when I couldn’t see anything but blue skies then nothing at all, we hit a new frequency point.  Now, lets keep in mind this is for the entire collective.  If we look at all the entire shambhala collective (that’s all of us on this new earth) like a massive beehive of pockets/frequencies:


We are not all piling into one pocket, but align to a particular pocket/frequency to bind together with the others.  Kinda like taking the honey that was stored out of a honeycomb and sharing and co-mingling it with the greater all of the hive/collective.  Using this analogy and straddling the piano keys too… new pockets have been revealed, new keys were placed on the piano of life.  So truly, it’s not just a single frequency but a whole honeycomb!! lol

As I was looking at her stretching gel thingie wondering…. what the hell is that??  Ohhh the melt down… it is a part of the “spacetime continuum”  Geez… really??  I barely got over gyroscoping.

So I got to a handy dandy googled website and this pops out at me:

Einstein realized that space and time are relative — an object in motion actually experiences time at a slower rate than one at rest. Although this may seem absurd to us, we travel incredibly slow when compared to the speed of light, so we don’t notice the hands on our watches ticking slower when we’re running or traveling on an airplane.

Now lets put this into spirit speak!! lol  An object in motion.. that would be you.  Working, thinking, doing stuff, constantly in motion (please do not misinterpret that from our use of the word action.)  Time slows down, meaning all you really ever see is the slowness of the mundane world around you.  However, step into the stillness, at rest (not busy) now you are moving and seeing at the speed of light.

I really love this analogy too (from the same website) What does this mean for the Captain Kirk and his team? The closer an object gets to the speed of light, that object actually experiences time at a significantly slower rate. If the Enterprise were traveling safely at close to the speed of light to the center of our galaxy from Earth, it would take 25,000 years of Earth time. For the crew, however, the trip would probably only take 10 years.

Getting the mind itself to the stillness (not busy) gets you where you want to go not only faster, but more youthfully too!!

Now lets take the image placed in this sciencey website and wrap it around my two ladies imagery:



So, lets say the spacetime square is the frequency packet your are reaching.  The first thing that has to happen (per the information from my lady’s reading yesterday) is that light you see, must run thru your body and connect to the new frequency.  The center ball in this image would very well be the gyroscope energy of your personal world.  Keep in mind, you are a LIGHT body temporarily in mass/physicality.  Ohhh here is a bring back from yesterdays sharing… in impermanence (physical life itself.)

Now our teams want us to get out of the mindset (and let me tell you, the word filters are on super filter thru readings) of shifting, we shifted.  We are expanded too.  Now, we are raising the biological voltage within our body to meet the higher frequencies.  This came thru as my lady was complaining (smile) about how much her body hurts these days.  Well of course!!  This is a good thing, even if, temporarily uncomfortable.  Power UP!!

My third lady really threw me for a loop.  Her gel like frequency was in a different place (thinking beehive, this makes sense this morning) but the imagery to her left and right… shocked me.

Unlike my lady before her, her gel like thing was domed shaped as opposed to being stretched out.  To my left and right sides of her gray domed pocket/frequency thingie, was something that looked like this:


Anything looking like a double-barreled shotgun shocked me.  Only hers was deep bronze, bringing in the energy of an alloyed material emphasis.  ANd lets be clear on what alloy means: You might see the word alloy described as a “mixture of metals”, but that’s a little bit misleading because some alloys contain only one metal and it’s mixed in with other substances that are nonmetals (cast iron, for example, is an alloy made of just one metal, iron, mixed with one nonmetal, carbon). The best way to think of an alloy is as a material that’s made up of at least two different chemical elements, one of which is a metal.

It took me a long moment to realize this double barrel is part of her heart/creation energy.  It had no trigger or handle, only the barrels.  Also, what I didn’t realize yesterday with her, it is using the full energy of masculine and feminine to create/open/dislodge.

Her team eventual explained the release of energy like a sonic boom:  a loud explosive noise caused by the shock wave from an aircraft traveling faster than the speed of sound.

Now lets tie this in with the understanding before her.  We must be still enough (in our lives) to travel at, travel with the speed of light and loud enough in our energy output to break the sound barrier.

Oh!!  Here is something to think about and feel with!!  If you heard your heart the moment it locks into that intense desire, it sends out sound waves, activating all that is involved within your desire to bring fulfillment.  The sonic boom meets the speed of light and wham… desire made manifest!!

There is so much movement in the stillness than there ever can be in the busy-ness.

On that note, I am going to close and save an hour to try to get to some emails.  I probably have easy 50 or better just from the last couple days, not to mention the ones I had yet to get to yet… forgive me should yours have gone to the wayside.  There just is not enough of me to do all I really need to do in any given day.  I love you for sharing your stories and experiences and for those asking for assistance, my intentions are good, I just need to learn how to slow the hands of the clock to get to everything!!

Ohhhh and one more thing lol, I so forgot about this until right now.  After the day of science leaning readings, I thought about the large dude rumbling the ground calling himself metatron.  I had heard his name before but have no idea who he is.  Even the websites I look at didn’t seem to fit energictially with what I was seeing and feeling in my lady’s field.  At least until yesterday as I was digesting all this meta-science, he said I am on to something, look at meta and tron:

meta: (of a creative work) referring to itself or to the conventions of its genre; self-referential.

denoting a subatomic particle.
denoting a particle accelerator.

Lets take the words from meta that are being focused thru my eyes:

  1. making reference to itself or oneself.
    • (of a literary or other creative work) making reference to itself, its author or creator, or their other work.

Get it?? (smile)

Ohhh and when it comes to talking about the info I share daily, I do that on my facebook.  Again there is only so much of me to go around and I have got to set focal points.  Facebook is that for group conversations (no PMs tho, please.)  If you sent me a friend request and I have not accepted, email me ( some profiles look like fakers (I have about 300 or better unaccepted requests.)

Anywayz… Have a still, sonic boom kind of day!!

Big big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with the torque of desires made manifest!! <3

Lisa Gawlas


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Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine and the Engine Called YOU!!

the divine whole

I have decided, I need to get better and really seeing and understanding the “signs” being revealed thru the readings.  As I mentioned in yesterdays sharing, the readings on feb 4th, just about everyone had a song clip that opened their reading.  Music, melodies, lyrics.  I understood how the lyrics fit in with the reading, but never gave much more thought to the fact that there was music involved prit-near all day long.  And truth be told, I didn’t get it at all until this morning as I sit here to share.

When my first beautiful lady showed up for her session yesterday, all I could see from ground up was what looked like the most clear, beautiful blue sky.  It felt expansive and all-encompassing, save the center area.  The area that spirit refers to as the south node of earth, where we all live energetically, at least, within the readings.  There was about a foot wide of… I don’t know, no blue sky.  All I could think of was the “pipeline” from the core of the earth upwards.  Nothing in the imagery was moving, at least not to the degree I was seeing.  This image was not personal to hear, but reflective of the entire field itself.  Clear blue skies today.  Nothing to see and understand.

My second reading, I got my floor, no sky, no nuttin except to hear “what is happening is happening behind the scenes” and that we have hit a new frequency.

I am not even sure what I think of, sound wise, when spirit talks about frequency, energetically I know what they are saying, but I am now understanding too, that when we open into a new, higher frequency of dimensional energy, there is music involved.  Not necessarily songs off the top 40, but the song of the universe opened to new keys and melodies being released to us crazy humans playing on the new earth.  Our bodies, our energy fields are absorbing those new notes and tones and adding to our field of aliveness, of usability.

Altho it all sound beautiful, and it is, the way it is absorbed into our personal energy may not equate beauty at all.  For the better part of yesterday I swore I had an alien inside of me.  I could feel something like bubbles, not tiny ones either, like ping pong sized, moving from my sacral plexus upwards into and around my head.  It was weird feeling.  Then, half way thru the day, I guess the lower half opened up to release the hulls (smile) and quantum soup came running out (giggle.)   My ears were ringing (still are) so loud all day long I had to turn the TV up to hear over it.  Love this new octave!! lol

As the body started to even out, suddenly my last man of the day on the 4th was present.  Well, his imagery from on the field itself.  And a larger explanation for all of us to understand.  I find it interesting too, that we are going to talk about this triangle of energy, of ourselves, as today and tomorrow the moon, mercury and venus are aligned in their triangle of light expression!!

The first thing I seen on his field was this sassy, I mean SASSY looking gremlin/elf Being working under the surface of the earth.  He really did look a lot like this (minus the ears and put an elf suit on him lol):


This guy, was set up to my mans left, just outside his bubble of creation, working beneath the surface of earth.  To his right, a completely different Being, gentle and floating and in the realm of “who gives a crap” (quite the opposite of the mr. gremlin.)  She was partly within the ground and mostly above it, undefined edges of her Being, but she reminded me of a cross between an angel and a fairy without any wings that I could see and radiating white.  Kinda like this:


My Gremlin (my name for him) was the speaker, did I mention attitude!!  I kept wanting to plop them both into the realm of elementals and he was quite insistent that they were NOT elementals nor were they “aspects” of this man.  They are both real and working with him on this new earth.

My mans masculine energy is working with the gremlin (nor is he a gremlin, I don’t know what the hell he is, however, I am sure of what he is not lol, cuz he ain’t bashful about telling me) the creator energy.  The one that serves creation made manifest.  Hence his position just beneath the ground itself.  The angel like Being, works with his feminine energy, just outside of the now moment, feeding the energies of our perceived future back to mr. gremlin to use.

Every one of us living, breathing, playing and ummmm changing lol, on this new earth is whole, unified, working as human, divine feminine and divine masculine all at the same time.  The true trinity of creation.  To celebrate one aspect and leave the other out of the celebration is like giving favor to your right leg and ignoring the left leg.  You will end up hopping thru life instead of dancing, walking, skipping…

The days you feel floaty, untethered to your personal space is because the divine feminine is doing the work of the day or several days, gathering the energies of the future so your divine masculine can set it into created for use, play, consumption, whatever.  These are the days you may feel like lead.  For creation to happen, the pure light of the… whatever, must slow down, wayyyyy down to become manifest.  Everything thing MUST come thru you, you are an active participant whether you realize it or not.  The days you feel like dancing thru your moments, the two energies fused together to become one.  Think, conception.

One of the things stated as I was seeing all this thru the greater aspects of all of us and was amplified in my head as I woke up, if anyone thinks they are missing any part of them (what many think of as a twin flame, the other half of themselves) then they shut down half of their energy systems.  If is impossible to be partly here, soul wise.  Our souls can have 100 incarnations, or be divvied up to assist (from the soul realm) 100 other people at once (I really got this point listening to the audio book “My Life After Death” by Erik Medhus) our soul energy is whole at all times, in all streams, in all ways.

If we look at the human incarnate (yeah, us) we are the motor in which all this runs, this is how important you are as an incarnate Being.  YOU, your humanness, your amazing, blessed divinity in biological form is the only motor of creation.  The divine masculine and feminine works with you, or gets benched because of you.

The law of like attracts like will always be the law of creation.  So if any part of yourself is feeling like half of what it should be and someone out there is the other half, then you are going to attract someone who is equally only using half their engine.  In this scenario, two halves DO NOT make a whole.  It makes two halfs.

Now here is a surprising word of caution, even a unified whole Being can and will attract those feeling like half themselves are missing.  (I had no idea until just now lol.) Kind like bugs to the light (not that I am calling anyone bugs lol, just thinking of the cartoon a bugs like and the critter uncontrollably heading to the bug zapper saying out loud when the other bug is asking him why he is flying towards it “I can’t help it, its soooooo beautiful.”

To truly unlock all that we are capable of, in a partnered relationship, two whole’s must be present and participating in their wholeness.

So lets talk about our planetary triangle.  The moon, the emotional field of creation connecting with Mercury, the planet of communication, the masculine in its essence: Mercury, much like the winged messenger of the gods, comes in on feather-light wings and commands us to speak. Communication, intellect and awareness are all within Mercury’s domain, as are logic and reasoning, our manner of thinking, and how we create and express our thought processes.  (Taken from

And Venus, the feminine: Venus is all about pleasure, especially pleasure shared with someone else. This planet concerns itself with love, romance and harmony in our emotional attachments, marriages, friendships and other unions (like business partnerships). Venus is content to spread happiness and tenderness, all the while teaching us how to love and appreciate others and the things that we possess.  (taken from

That means, WE must be the moon energy.  No wonder why the rising moon has been so prevalent in the readings the last few days.  We are rising up to our fullness!!  The full spectrum of emotional Light, the Christed energy, the power and force of the earth!!

WE ARE the song of the Universe!!  What song are you signing?  Whatever it is, it’s also your creation song!!!

With love and joy and music of happy things to ALL wrapped in reverberating (((((HUGZ))))

Lisa Gawlas

I found one of my favorite songs from my youth from the show The Partridge Family.  I was looking for the song but as I watched this segment, it is saying a lot of about this moment and even… this sharing.  In-Joy!!



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The Rising Full Moon Pulling Up and Out…. A Lot!! lol


So many interesting things appeared in the readings yesterday and dare I say, so many readings seemed to just show up on my calendar yesterday.  I am really trying to keep my light intake (smile) to five a day, if we have days of rescheduling, I will do six, anything after 6 is just to hard for me to maintain, my brain starts to become bloated, like when you over eat.  I don’t know how I didn’t notice from the get go I had 8 appointments on my dance, I didn’t notice until it was 11am and I had just finished my 5th reading and there was still 3 more to go.  OMG!!  I suddenly felt road weary! lol  And truly, technically, its impossible to have 8 on a day.  My calendar closes the day out at 5, I will hand set a 6th, but never more than that.  I did 7 and by the time I got to the last one, bless her heart, the only visual I seen was of my antenna looking like a lit fuse sparking back into my head.  I cracked up, I got the message, one more intake of the high light coming thru, I would blow up.  I am grateful she understood.  But this morning, with most of yesterday’s incredible information and expression digested, the 8 was there as an energy system, a reflection of the enormity of the day.  SIGNS!!

Eight, infinity, as above so below, power and strength, unified energy within duality. Just keep that in mind as I share…

Just about every reading started with a song clip such as “Age of Aquarius,” “it’s like thunder and lightning,” “Jesus Christ, Super Star,” and I know there were at least two others, but at this moment I cannot recall them, if I do, I’ll slip them in here.

Even as I heard the song age of Aquarius, my lady’s team was sure to mention, we are beyond the dawn and into the day, however, there is something very relevant with “the rising full moon” underway that is Feb. 22nd.

Thru just above every reading, the full moon or at least, its energy was prominent in the west field, rising.  It took me just about all day to really understand the significance of what I was seeing (forgive me if I am all over the place today, my brain is like mush but I want to get some things from yesterday out.)  The “rising full moon” currently underway is actually pulling up the energy from within the core of earth, what we are now calling the original earth.  This pure, sacred energy is being disseminated day by day, hour by hour.  As it rises, some of us took up the task of linking the root chakra with the core of the earth and allowing it to pass thru our bodies.  One of my men yesterday looked just like a bubble fountain.  Those clear bubble coming out of his head and dispersing thru the air around him.  His body was in such a rapid state of spin I only realized he was spinning when his team slowed it down, to my eyes he looked like he was standing still.  He mentioned how rough his body has been feeling the last couple days, nauseous, hard to breathe at night, and the back door trots.  Perfect!!  Again all this energy MUST come thru the human incarnate to be used.  Not that the human should be interfering with the process, or doing anything, it’s already underway.  How could we possible consciously (lower consciousness not the soul consciousness) know what to do with something we have never remembered before.  The old earth, soap-bubble land, does not work by the same laws as the new earth.  So just letting it pass thru you is more than enough.  This air, these molecules are super intelligent and not weighted down with the density of duality.

I have to giggle here, suddenly I feel bad calling the old earth soap-bubble land, it feels like a slur of some sort.  My team instantly said I see the old earth like a massive cluster of soap bubbles to show its impermanence.  They are also kinda reflective black, so I cannot see thru any of them, again they say because there is nothing left to see or access there.  The energy we are working with here on the new earth is thinning the bubbles and over time, one by one, the density in which they were created, will burst and cease to exist.

I do want to talk about two amazing energies that came thru yesterdays connections, I have been racking this groggy brain of mine to remember how and why one showed up, for the life of me, I cannot recall.  However, his image and energy is as vivid now as it was yesterday.  Perhaps why and how he showed up is specifically for my gal whom I was reading for.

His image was huge, easy 20 feet tall about  feet wide, not human looking at all, but also, faceless.  His body itself easily reminded me of a robot, just from the size and shape, but he was not robotic at all.  He was so big that appearing in my lady’s reading as her helper, created vibrations from the earth outward, like something super heavy would do.  I could feel and hear each foot step, his color spectrum reminded me of the “old african housewife” from the day prior, a blend of white and lavenders, only a little deep in color than the lady, but not much.  The moment he heard me think “who are you” instantly I heard in this boom like voice “Metatron.”

I knew the name but nothing more.  I think he liked that a lot, cuz what we think we know, is not accurate and he will be assisting my lady… shit, I cannot recall in any way.  Geez!!  The one thing I am sure of tho, it has everything to do with the original earth and what we don’t know about any of it or him or hell, even ourselves!!

Following him, my next I got a song clip “its like thunder and lightning” and with it, when I heard the “its like thunder part” this really large golden, lightning bolt shaped thing appeared resting from the ground over the bubbled dome of my lady’s left side of center.  When I heard the “lightning” part, another one appeared to the right side.

So lets take this to the larger stage of all of us for a minute.  I had to google how does thunder and lightning form, not so much for the science part of it, but turn the science into the metaphysical and feel it from there:

Thunder is caused by lightning. When a lightning bolt travels from the cloud to the ground it actually opens up a little hole in the air, called a channel. Once then light is gone the air collapses back in and creates a sound wave that we hear as thunder.

Lightning is the way the atmosphere balances the charges that have been separated. The charges are separated by the collision of rain and ice particles. During the collision of the particles an electron (which has a negative charge) is stripped one of the particles. Thus having the lower part of a thunderstorm filled with negatively charged particles. While the earth surface now has more of a positive charge, the charge difference will continue to build as the atmosphere does not conduct electricity well at all

I made italic that one sentence cuz I just remembered my man mentioned above with bubble spewing out of his head, his team kept staying he is “hulling” the energy.  He kept thinking ship, I kept seeing seeds.  Even going to a dictionary, gotta get past all the ship definitions to get to this one:



  1. The dry outer covering of a fruit, seed, or nut; a husk.
  2. The enlarged calyx of a fruit, such as a strawberry, that is usually green and easily detached.

The fruit of the womb!!!  Seeds a plenty!!

Lets get to my one man who is soooo consistently aligned with the song “Jesus Christ… Super Star,” or at least, that lyric from the song.  He was on my dance card yesterday, and as I was on the holy throne releasing some coffee, I thought of him (he was next) and instantly not only did I hear the song clip I just mentioned, suddenly I could see the west field, and where the moon itself as been prominent in rising upwards, now there was this freakin HUGE Jesus!!  His arms completely outstretched at the shoulders.  His garment a glowing white radiating the reflection like the moon had been.  And this dude was HUGE, easy 100 feet tall and rising!!



He had no face, he never does.  The only “human” thing on him was his hair, god I love his hair.  Even back in my first three years of my path, when he would teach me in my meditations, he never had a human body, but he did put on some hair and his reasoning was, I loved his hair!

Let’s talk about these two presences and their lack of faces.  Their lack of identity.  This is a huge huge message for everyone.  We can really get caught up in ourselves, we are this, we are that, we can do this or we connect to that… who cares.  That’s the ego identifying… the heart of passion just does.  The true Light of Christ (enlightened ones) radiates, works, sings and dances without the need to identify.  A “Super Star” radiates, shines so brightly for all to see without having to tap on anyone’s shoulders to say, look at me, see how big and bright I Am!!

Why this freakin enormous version of Jesus… of Sananda, the Christed energy glowing bright??  There was a lot for my beautiful man on a personal level of connection, but lets look at the metaphors here.

This coming full moon, the reflection of the sun/son radiating outwards to the earth, shining bright like a super star, releasing the christ consciousness as a usable, full spectrum energy system.  Not just the concept, or alignment, but the ego-less use of all that is available.

The meek HAS inherited the world.

I am going to close on that note.  There is so much more to share that I cannot possibly keep up.  I have not completely unpacked all the information and visuals that came thru yesterday and in an hour, I am heading out for more.  Mercy!! lol  My mind needs a pause for the cause before I start again today.

(((((HUGZ))))) filled with the thunder and lightning of Creation, Creating!!

Lisa Gawlas






Reunion Island... gotta love the name, image and fusion of today's sharing!!

Reunion Island… gotta love the name, image and fusion of today’s sharing!!

I knew something big must have been underfoot when half way thru my blog on the 2nd, my brain crashed.  Hell it was only 6am and I had only been up for 2 hours, it didn’t matter, the rest of the day I was akin to quicksand.  When I woke up yesterday and sat down to share, nothing came out.  Even the things I knew I hadn’t shared yet went rolling back deep in my mind to the unfindable zone.  Fine!!  I’ll start catching up on emails, a very daunting task!!  However, before I get into the wonders of yesterday on the field, I want to start this out with a precious soul who has signed up with me to assist her with meditation, navigating and harvesting information that would help her find her footing and her passion in this new world from the inside out.  I gave her the meditation class to start working with, helping to see and hear and experience.  What she shared is from class three, building your personal soul gym, in which we started with 5 very specific rooms to see and understand beyond your self.  She went from I can’t to freakin rock star rather quickly and I want to share the email she sent me the other day, to give not only hope to all of you working within, but excitement too.  It actually all does fit into what I seen and understood in yesterday’s series of readings:

You asked me to tell you what I get in meditation about how to use the genesis cells so here it is.

In meditation I went into the bioengineering room and asked for more information on getting and using genesis cells.  I then, at your recommendation, opened a new room off of it called genesis cell room.  It contained a lot of balls about 4” in diameter.  The balls were mostly white but there were a few red and a few yellow too. I remember starting to see them when we talked on Friday.  As I was attracted to the balls individually, I’d take it in my hand and squish it into my body.  I squished them in wherever I wanted to be new again; my face, eyes, belly etc. etc.  I continued squishing them in and feeling their energy throughout the day.  Their energy was especially strong if I focused on them while also touching myself, like when I put cream on my face and lotion on my arms and legs.  I also get I can activate them when I exercise and a muscle feels uncomfortable.  I can just send their energy into it. 

Then in meditation this morning, I got that my next step is to take these changes into the discarding room and let go of all the old cells that are not serving me in the way that I want and fill the space they leave with genesis cells.  Next, walk into the new attire room and allow the energy of that room to help me activate them.  When I focus on them I only feel them in the right side of my brain, but if I put my hands on my face, belly, arms, legs, etc. I can feel them where ever I touch while focusing on the.  

While writing this my “guys” are telling me that then I need to go to the library room and learn more about them and how to use them.  Also, to go to the viewing room and see myself in this more alive body.  Here I started to write renewed body and my team said no, not renewed and they finally allowed “more alive”.  I am not sure that fully describes it so I’ll keep searching for the right words to describe the changes. I sense I will eventually end up in the special talent room finding out how to implement these new cells in my healing or new special talent. I am already starting to see the “work” people should be doing that will make their heart sing.

For me this is pretty exciting stuff and exactly what I wanted!  Feel free to try it and share if you want.

Much love and appreciation for your help,


I will come back to that “more alive” expression in a bit.  How all this really started to drop into place on my 2 hour round trip drive to the dentist yesterday!

My first reading of the day, holy frustrated excitement batman.  With everything within me, I so wish I could show you in the true light of my vision, how extraordinary the field of light is now, sadly, you are still stuck with my words.  Dammit!

The air itself was not clear but instead carried a golden/bronze hue to it.  Directly in the center of her field was a line, maybe like a magnetic pole or something that went from the ground upwards about 10-15 feet (always going to the scale of my vision) and then this line started to open up like a V.  In the center part of the V opening, the clarity of airspace, I am not even sure how to describe it.  The golden/bronze stayed to the outside of the V and inside it was like High Def on steroids, clearer and sharper than any vision I had ever experienced, in life or in the field.  Clear across the field, in the west area, a well-lit planet was rising, because of the shading on the planet I assumed it was the moon, but I don’t want to make any assumptions especially when we had such a shift from the 1st of February.  I didn’t hear a sound from the field, and let me tell you, I was begging for audio.  I could see this imagery, I could feel it to my core, but I didn’t understand what I was seeing and what it meant to my lady.  What the hell is that V-shaped opening mean?  What does that moon or planet mean… heyyyy… help some ladies out here please!!

A good 15 minutes into begging for understanding one of her team members showed up standing directly just on the outside of my back door.  She had an interesting attire on, a turban on her head and a simple dress on her body, both matching in muted down colors that blended so perfectly that at first glance it looked like the colors were one, not three.  But as I stared a hole into her, waiting for her to say something… anything, I realized the colors of her attire were white, pink and lavender, but again, blended so well that at first glance it looked like a single color.

She did help us understand what we were seeing, but in no way like I am familiar with.  I hear, I get packages of knowing, I get all kinds of ways spirit talks to us, but nothing ever like this.  I am not even sure the first thing she said, well, didn’t say… I became aware of like tiny bubble in the upper left side of my kitchen, in my house, that seemed to burst and in their bursting released words and feelings so fast they were coming out of my mouth before I had time to even realize what was said or felt or however the hell that worked out.  It was kinda kewl and incredibly different.  She kept referring herself as an “Old African Housewife.”  Huh??  I realized she has no discerning skin at all.  Within her clothes she was a beautiful energy Being.  I was looking to see is black or white or what… none of it.  Nor was that important either.  It had nothing to do with what she referred to herself as.

I eventually understood that the V thing was the full on opening, the full on alignment with the core of the earth, what we are now calling the “original earth.”  The magnetic pole that eventually formed a V was the opening of many of the dimensions that until now (this information I got from another reading yesterday) were never presented to us incarnate Beings.  They were very specifically hidden away, unviewable, inaccessible so not a single molecule of what we now refer to as “soap-bubble land” could taint them.  Keeping in mind, soap-bubble land is what many think of as our fall from grace, but we didn’t fall anywhere, we purposely created alternate dimensions to house the density of duality, the negative spectrum of duality so we can play and learn in that diversity.

I find it interesting that we have created the story that heaven is above us, hell is below us and we were always at the mid section, choosing.  Choosing the higher frequencies or lower ones.

Anywayz, back to my lady’s Old African Housewife.  When I asked her about the word “Old” I instantly seen the old/original earth.  She was indeed talking about coming from there.  Let me leave the rest of her name here for now, because I would not understand Africa until my car ride, I still have no real idea what she means by housewife, but I know for sure, its now what we think.

The Old African Housewife is rather good at sign language, what wasn’t bursting forth in bubbles in my kitchen she was using her hand to affirm what i was feeling.  The planet in the west is indeed the full moon of February.  I had to crack up when she affirmed this by putting her index finger to her nose then pointing back to me.  Why wasn’t a yes good enough??

As my next lady in the field would affirm even more… the theme of the day was “sign language.”  Not so much the kind we think of for the deaf, but not that far off either.  We MUST pay attention to the signs, the living signs all around us, in trust and without fear of any sort.

My second lady had a strange bubble fountain coming out of her center of creation.  A shit ton of muted pastel colored bubbles rising from a single point in the ground and blasting upwards, in a wider V formation and as these bubbles spread out, they also vanished from my field of vision.  Again, in a series of odd sign language and non verbal communication, I understood (eventually) that there was now a complete open and fully working pipeline from the core, which is now the original earth that is releasing what spirit is referring to as the original molecules of life from that pristine earth, the true garden of eden, untainted in any way from the trips into soap-bubble land.

Altho i asked time and time again why are the colors muted, almost like their true and full energy is being held back, no one told us at all.  Smirky spirit smiles is all I get!!

So it came time for my lady to ask a question, even as the words were coming out of her mouth, a ton of hands appeared from west to north, just outside the energy field of my lady’s created reality, applauding.  My lady had just broken up with a guy who was knee-deep in soap-bubble land and obviously she got an ovation for the decision!!  More sign language!!  Only there were no body’s that I could see, just a lot of clapping hands, from about 3 inches of the forearm, the wrist and hands, all in this golden/bronzy hue.

As she and I was talking, suddenly they (her team) inserted an additional visual that really really surprised me.  Her bubble fountain was spewing steady as all this other information showed up.  I could see a lava oozing volcano about 10 feet north of her center (future) and it was suspended about 3 feet from the ground she lives upon.  Imagine my surprise when she said she lives an hour or so drive from Mount hood.  She mentioned the increase in seismic activity taking place there.  If I am remembering these names correctly today, she is about 5 hours from Mt Rainier.  Suddenly i remembered the dream I had last year about the activity underground and the eruption of the volcanos in that area.  Thru our conversation spirit noted that the way the energies flow to everyone is thru the active volcano.  Those of us on the new earth can access the energy without the eruption, but accessing it still does, on purpose, shift all the dimensions beneath us and the earth shakes, the lava spills to seed everyone.

Pay attention to the SIGNS.  No fear, not trying to stop anything because it wouldn’t work anywayz.  Try and squeeze a lady in labor legs together, that baby is coming one way or another!!  LIFE is unstoppable!!

So then my third lady, this is where my first lady’s visuals became clearer in understanding.  This precious soul had like a magnetic tube that I could not see, just felt the energy off, from the ground to about 10-15 feet above the ground, creating pastel sheets of swathy energy.  Her team explained these are dimensions that have been hidden from humanity that she not only now has access to, but must go into and bring forth the sacred information from there to the masses (us.)  Her team color coded the swaths to show more than one dimension and this pipeline that I knew was there but I could not see it what she will use to place herself within the dimensions.

I am going to jump to my last lady (I am running out of time and still have a ton to share.)  My lady was in australia, a day ahead of us and before we even connected on skype, I could see a shit ton of bubble, clear and various size bubbles blowing into my house.  What the hell??  Even when we connected, it actually intensified.  Streaming in from the field thru my window and infiltrating my kitchen about 3 feet in, then disappearing from my field of vision.


The pure molecules of the original earth are now impregnating the dimensions within our space with new life.  They (her team) kept everything clear so I would not try and understand what was being impregnated and where.  Instead they showed a larger view of her field of life and all these sections that just kept reminding me of the deepest honeycomb bee hive ever seen, and one bubble would go in and fertilize the section.

Let me give you something that may trip your mind up like it does mine (why should i be the only one lol.)  When we look around ourself, our world, we, on purpose see air, clear air.  It would be way too disorienting if we seen something like this:



Every intersection in that image would represent a dimension.  What my team is calling interdimensional space.  When we go higher in the realm of earth, then we start accessing the multidimensions.  All of it together, uncountable.  So I beg of you, if you think 5th dimension, 12th dimension, numbers at all… stop it!!  Without even realizing it, you limit yourself.  However, there are frequencies, octaves that are higher than others, that is the key to accessing other spectacular dimensions.  You job is to vibrate at those octaves, in which case many associate the 5th dimension with Self Realization, love, mastery… trust me, if you are on the new earth, you are already there!!  Now its time to put on the explorer’s hat and well, explore new sights, sounds, communication and ways of living so fully, more alive on earth than ever before.

So my beautiful aussie lady gave us a heads up.  This impregnation started on February 3rd, is embedding your/our entire field of created reality in all the various dimensions that will open to life experienced and her team showed us her saturday, our friday when a new skin (and I seen it like a peachy colored skin or membrane or something) happens.  I rescheduled her cuz that’s about as much I could understand.


Now to my amazing car ride to the dentist.  Of course, I had my second listening of the audio book “My Life After Death” from a young man (20) who committed suicide and found a wonderful spirit translator (Jamie Butler) to write this book thru.  So the entire book is his first person perspective of how spirit and us incarnated, interact and what all he is capable of doing here in the vast dimensions of earth.  It was perfect background music for my processing.

The first thing I was thinking of was my lady in Washington state and that volcano.  Suddenly my own memory was taken back to when i was in the Salvation Army homeless shelter in 2001.  I had just come off a week long spiritual strike (I was pissed to be in a homeless shelter and refused to meditate lol, I am so human lol) and I was in the bath and suddenly, I was standing in a lava flow that was up to my ankles.  In my meditation I could feel the heat of the lava, the landscape completely unfamiliar to my eyes… to this day, I never understood why I had that experience… until yesterday.  When I got out of that meditation I had 1st and 2nd degree burns on my foot and ankle but ONLY on my right foot.  The rest of me, including my left foot, completely fine.  I did find out later that day or days later, at that very moment a volcano erupted in the Congo.

Africa.  The point of origin for the seeding of new, conscious, living spirit in biology.  There was no ego as we have now back then.  Old African Housewife ties in here… I have no clue how, but I know she does.

I also remember the guardians that sang and shared and stood guard at the top of the mesa when I first moved in here.  Just about all of them having human incarnates here, now.  We spent the first few years linking them back up to you, consciously.  Obviously, very well done.  There are not as many up there now, they’ve come Home within YOU!! <3


The Guardians of Shambhala.  Waiting eternity’s for our arrival and welcome.  Parts of our soul energies protecting the original earth and her secrets with loving heart and firm conviction.  Now merged back into living biology called… US!!  WE truly Are Here!!

Then came one of my favorite franchises, The Twilight Series.  Edward the vampire of Light, he twinkled in the sunlight like a thousand diamonds. Spirit.  Jacob, the native american shapeshifter.  Bella, torn between the two and loving them both each in their own way.  But who can resist a man who twinkles in the sunlight?? lol

I was given the image of Bella turning into a vampire (scene clip below, fast forward to about 2:35 on the time stamp) and the pain of changes taking place within her body.  You and I have been undergoing these changes for a long while.  The fusion of spirit and biology now completed (for most of us, some are still in process.)

Just like in the Twilight series, those reborn all have their own unique super powers they are born with.  Us too!!  They all have enhanced vision and hearing, us too!!  I realized so fully yesterday, my infatuation with the Twilight series was about our own transformation… and equally, waiting for the Edward to enter my world, or a Jacob.


I also want to share the clip of how Bella goes from looking ragged as hell to stunningly healthy and beautiful… the restoration.

We have, by complete free will and dedication, FUSED spirit and biology together as one.  We ALL have our own unique super powers, and even in Twilight, Bella had to practice, perfect using hers, us too!!  Even on the other side of the veil, as described in detail by Erik Medhus (see referenced book above) at the soul level, we must practice perfecting what we are capable of and going beyond that, if we desire.

Well, I know there is sooo much more, but my tap was just shut off lol.  So I will let you digest this as I get ready for another bizarre and exciting day in the field.  God, I love you all so much.  Thank you for giving me, giving us ALL the gift of understanding thru You!!

Big big impregnable ((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and excitement to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



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The Living Energy of Gaia Comes Thru US, in Wholeness!!

unified wholeness

I have completely decided (smile) that there is this incredible, wonderful, magical relationship between the elements that make up earth and us.  I woke up at 3am yesterday to the downpour of rain, all I could think as I drifted back to sleep was, I’m glad that’s rain and not snow.  I wake back up at 5am, look outside to make sure that was rain and not snow, and I was correct.  Yay, I have a bird seed run I need to do and this girl long stopped driving in the snow, our roads are just too windy.

Just before 6am, the winds started howling like crazy.  I love me some wind energy!!  Then my outside light sensor flicked on and when I turned around to just look, wow, the show was crazy wild out there!!  As daylight broke, you couldn’t even see thru the snow coming down, the winds singing at the top of their lungs and I am now keeping a steady eye on my internet connection and checking my phone line.  When the weather is this intense, I lose either one or both of them.  I figured I better be safe and forewarn everyone on my dance card, just incase I am a no-show, no call.

Within 2 hours, we had inches of white fluffy stuff blanketing the entire landscape, there was an enhanced beauty with it all.  Ten minutes before 8am, my first appointment of the day, it stopped as fast as it came.

Equally tho, at about that same time, I took all that beautiful energy raging down from the heavens and created like an I.V. flow over Syria, where James Twyman and the gang of us around the earth, gathered in Peace.  A steady, bountiful energy for those hearts ready to Be Peace on earth, in life, in love.

When I “read” my environment ceases to exist.  My walls are no longer there, the landscape of my backyard is no longer there, in its place is you, your light field and living hologram.  Whatever is being shown, is all I see.  Except yesterday, it seems the snow came in on purpose in this way to become the very blanket of everyone’s readings.  It was amazingly visible in every reading of the day, even as it started to melt, it didn’t in the readings.  Bringing into the same spot, the mundane with the spiritual energies.  That alone is a HUGE shift in the field, in the way readings have shown up and very telling of the shift into February.  The two are now one living system of energy that MUST be used and mastered together.

The theme became very apparent, everyone’s world is now filled with the ice crystals laying on their seed crystals, creating a blanket canvas in which to create from (thinking artist canvas, only now, this is the very life you woke up into yesterday.)  Everyone’s placement was within their bubble of creation which looked more like a snow globe than ever before, only the snow was the very ground the bubble was placed on.  It was actually so beautiful.

My first lady showed up in an interesting spin within her bubble.  She was in a rapid movement from east to west leaving only a trail of various shades of grey that my eyes could see.  In yesterday’s readings, the east was all about spring, new growth, a new season of life and west was representing the harvest, all that was planted, fully bloomed.  Invoking both areas harness the desire and outcome as a unified whole.  Just outside of her bubble of creation were the most stunning seeds of light I have ever seen.  They were in various shades from peach to pink and all just above the ground.  I was reminded as i was wondering what the hell they are, that we are no longer just planting at the ground level, but also the dimensions and time-space above it too.  From her spinning in her bubble, in shades of gray showing she is not trying to define anything, but create within the unknowable spectrum of outcome, allowed these seeds to move to the dimension that will open for her to experience.

One of my other lady’s during the day (I am forgetting the order they showed up in) there was this liquid stream of energy coming down onto her snow globe (smile) from way above.  The color blend was a beautiful milky white and yellow energy.  As this stream of energy got to about a foot above the very center top of her bubble of creation, it turned into this gold, but not smooth at all, instead, it reminded me of thick christmas garland, but was not bigger than a nickel round (again, going to my scale of vision.)  This golden spark must have been equal to a glass cutter because I could see etching that reminded me of the longitude lines a globe (but had nothing to do with a globe or even the longitude lines, just to be clear here) after the sections were completely etched out from top to bottom, they gently fell open like the petals of a flower.  BTW, everyone’s snow globe/bubble of creation was crystal clear.

When I moved my vision back to that stream of liquid energy coming down from above to the top of her bubble, trying to understand what has created this stream, instantly I seen the connection of the moon and mars.  I already looked at that morning so I knew that the moon was aligned with mars as it connects with each of those  planets on particular days.  Yesterday was  a half-moon mars alignment.  Planets nor astrology being any part of my understanding, the only thing I knew about mars is it’s the plane to war.  However, we being on the new earth, where the negative influence no longer exists for us because we have cleared those learning lessons and our job is to focus and embrace on the positive aspects of anything. So I had to go to the handy-dandy internet to understand mars:

Mars: Planet Of Passion

Mars is the action planet of the zodiac. The ‘Red Planet,’ after all, should be pretty fiery, and Mars does not disappoint. Energy, passion, drive and determination are all right up Mars’s alley. This planet commands you (and yes, Mars does rule the military) to stand up, be noticed and get things done — sitting on the sidelines belongs somewhere else in the heavens. Simply put, Mars speaks to the power and confident expression of the individual. …

Mars rules our sexuality and sexual energy…

I had no freakin idea about all that!!  How appropriate that the moon connects to mars on this first exciting day of February.  Equally tho, gotta look at that moon, a half-moon, the luna part of the moon.  We tend to see most everything as either masculine or feminine instead of their wholeness, but then again, that’s how we view ourselves and we tend to create everything from our own sense of self.  In this case it is the luna (feminine) energies of the moon merging with the masculine energy of mars and that ah-ha came from the lady I was reading for, she made it clear about the relationship by remembering the book “Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars.”  That fit like the most perfect puzzle piece ever!

Her snow globe was very much like the petals of a flower, opening and closing at her Will.  Inside the glass petals was her body, very much like the pollen of a flower, she was the pollen.  Life’s pollinator!!



Almost like a bookend or compliment to this flower power lady, one of my other lady’s was the living dirt of the earth.  Inside her bubble of creation.snow globe, her team started to change my language to refer to it as a terrarium.  At first the inside of her bubble of creation was nothing but dirt, beautiful, healthy dirt.  Within the dirt I could see living energy in a  white/silver hue that reminded me of veins spreading out carrying life force to all that needs that spark of life to grow.


This is how she sparks life into the greater All.  When it came to her personal aspect, that’s when it turned into a terrarium, all she needs is within her bubble creation to grow all she desires within her life field.  What she does for others was like laying down sod (their desires) and connecting the life force of earth to take root (the energy of earth herself.)  Her team said she was the living embodiment of the dirt of earth!!


What we are seeing together is much more than just how incredible we are, and WE ARE!!  It is showing you, showing us our dynamic within the wholeness of Life and the part we are building with.  If we never go beyond that knowing, of course, our soul keeps doing what it does, but the human who can do sooo much more than what I am seeing, never really takes root and grows beyond the newness of merger (soul and body, heaven and earth.)

I know there is so much more to share, but my brain is shutting and I have a full day today.  So I will leave off here, until tomorrow!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of fiery passion, pollinated desires and life taking root everywhere!!

Lisa Gawlas


Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 1, 2016

Welcome to the Sensual, Fertile EnergyScape Called Febraury!!!


Saturday evening, about an hour before I headed to bed, the winds started circling the house, blowing and singing their eery sound all night long.  I love the wind, it makes my whole body sing.  So I had to smile when my first reading of the day, her name was/is Wendi.  I knew she was going to be the reflective energy of the song and dance that played out around my house all night long.  Sure enough…

I actually started to see and feel her energy as I was releasing some coffee.  What the hell is it about the holy toilet?? lol  I got a visual of her jumping rope in the middle of her field of life, each time her feet hit the ground, the ground itself reverberated with the energy… it reminded me of the ripple that happens when you throw a pebble into a still pond, waves moving outwards.  However, with this pre-glimpse, I could actually FEEL the earth waves as they moved out, its like they cut thru my abdomen, it was kinda nice, kind of odd.

Once we connected on the phone, and I cranked it on outside (smile) the image was the same, only with more understanding that turned into a split screen, outside in the field of light, inside my house to represent her mundane/created life itself.  She was in rhythmical motion (jumping rope) with the field of her life, loosening the soil with waves of desires.  Inside my house, I could see the ground itself, her field of life with all these flower leaves pushing up thru the ground itself in a 360 degree view.  Kinda like this only dirt and again, tons all around:


Her team kept having me feel the energy of crocuses with this field of emerging flowers.  The beauty and bounty of a crocus, nothing can hold back their will to bloom, to live; snow, rock, sandy soil…  Nothing can stop the energy she put into motion to spring into her life.  Her team did say, that of course, they will not all bloom at once (arrive at once in her life) but in stages, as it should be.

I did everything I know how to do, to see what the flower heads looked like and might represent… too much to hope for I guess.  Spirit loves to keep the element of surprise alive and us on the edge of our seats!!

So when my next reading came along, she too was pre glimpsed, but only at the moment I was ringing her phone from my computer and walking over to what I call reading land (a 7-8 foot stroll lol.)  The mighty winds created a massive funnel of energy sprawling from her field of light into my kitchen.  I kept calling it a vortex, but it really wasn’t a vortex like we think of them, I don’t know what the hell it was, except for intense.

So when we connected, the image unfolded the same way, outside and inside.  Obviously her field of light and her mundane world are engulfed in the circular winds of change.  When I started to look for her, I could see her up inside the part of this massive system out in her field.  The only thing I could see clearly was from her mid calf down and she was being sucked up into this system and the rest of her was unviewable to my eyes.  But what I could see… holy freakin brilliant batman.  Her skin and shoes were in a color spectrum beyond anything I had ever seen in the field before.  I didn’t know how to explain it to her yesterday, or to you today.  We surely do not see, or at least, have not seen the true color spectrum of life that is… instead, we see thru the filters of our eyes, muted down colors, even our skin… with seeing her skin and her shoes, let’s just say it was all enhanced, clear without anything dulling down the spectrum of light.  She was also up in that funnel of massive energy and dangling about a foot above the earth.  Then I remembered, ohhh yeah, February is about a foot above the frequency of January.  Guess she is getting a ride into it!!

Also, the reason I could not see above her calf, the vibration of the rest of her body was too high for my antennas.  The light field that makes up the body vibrates faster at the crown and in increments, slows down as we get to the feet.  So I was able to see the light spectrum from her calf down as she was lifted to the energy field we are now calling February!

However, it is soooo important for me to note (yeah, my team is not letting me forget this lol) that her winds were as much in my house as they were in her field.  Keeping in mind, outside in the field of light, that’s your soul expression in untethered, untainted expression, in my house, its your mundane biology/created life that we live each day.  With two in a row showing up like this, KNOW, that what has been seeded in the light of your soul, IS finding expression in your physical life moving forward.  And YOU are now in complete radiance, in the full spectrum of Light!!

Let me intersect an email I got from “The Universe. via”  My daily emailed message that I almost never read, I just delete.  Not today tho, I was compelled to open it to see what wisdom was being shared today… right in sync with this sharing, of course.

Please don’t let the wisdom you seek or the changes you wish to manifest be driven by feelings that you’re somehow flawed, weak, or lacking. Because the ability to imagine change in spite of the illusions that surround you and move toward it without even knowing “how” your kingdom will come, is the hallmark of perfection, strength, and divinity.

As if crazy, sexy, cool wasn’t already enough –
    The Universe

I want to bounce forward here to my last reading of the day.  I was kind of intimidated by her.  She was given the reading as a holiday gift, so she doesn’t follow my blog (read the language we use) and her original appointment was last week, on a reschedule day and she told me she was going to be 90 years old this summer.  My heart burst with such love and honor for this lady.  So as our appointment neared, I gave my instruction to her team, please give her something she will understand thru me.  I am often times bringing in information that is over my own head of understanding, I want to be clear and informative with this precious soul.

My precious lady was out in the center of her field, on this radiant and ever-changing new earth, but made out of light orbs.  Her feet, which I could feel she was on her tippy toes, even tho I seen no flesh, she was put together by balls of light, three red balls made up each foot.  Reflecting the harmony in which she lives upon and with this radiant new earth.  Her team kept having my mind connect to a ballerina in her foot position because she moves thru life, thru the changes that IS life, with such grace and fluidness.  I seen her ankle and her knee as this blue ball of light.  Her team explained that her soul expression is so flexible (hence the knees and ankles) with her movements, with the changes and she lives her life by example of Grace incarnate.  They kind of tripped me up on the calf part, because the next thing I know, they are floating a femur in front of my face in my kitchen.  Going back to my body layout in my massage days… the calf is the foundation we have built our life upon, thinking of beliefs and knowings and stuff.  With her, her femur was her calf energy, which represents strength of movement, of change and flexibility.

But really, this morning, I so see the bigger gift her soul showed to all of us thru her.  We really get hung up on 7 chakras, some others too, but we are a WHOLE system of light.  Thru my massage days, I have seen the gazillion chakras in our bodies, but only as streams of energy coming outwards.  Like each pore in our skin has a chakra, I have seen the release of energy thru ankles and knees and stuff, but never the energy center themselves, until yesterday.

The foot has three main energy centers, one in the ball of the foot, one in the arch, one at the heel.  The ankle, a ball there, connecting however you live your life to the knee center/ball of light.

That’s all I got to see within her body, again, the rest was in too high a rate of spin moving into February for my antennas, which too, were moving higher than I could use.  Hey, at least we got to have readings!!

Now I want to connect the third reading and my homework lady and an experience they are both having, but also that I have heard from several people over this last week or so.  The surge of sensual energy at the root chakra.  The orgasms being experienced without effort, if one allows the flow to… flow!!

Life naturally attracts thru the sensual energy, not just in humans, but all living creatures (to include the plants and things.)  When something is about to change, bring in new life, the root chakra is usually the first thing to realize it, again, it vibrates the slowest so is super sensitive to the uptick in earth energies that are impregnating your/our world.

Do not confuse these extraordinary vibrations with having to integrate your kundalini, if you are here on this new earth, I promise you, your are fully integrated, you couldn’t be here if you weren’t.  Keeping in mind, what we do for ourselves, we do for the all.  So the many of us that took in the joyful labors of integrating the light spectrum of our soul into the biology was done for all that vibrated to that merger.  Now, its your living surf board of creation, your job is to learn how to ride!!

I am going to close here for today so I can do a meditation and join it with the many from around the world being led by James Twyman with Peace in Syria.  I have to park mine in their timeline since I have an appointment at 8am, but hey, there is no time-limits.  Let me share the info with you here:

Join us on Monday, February 1st for 
The Great Abrahamic Pulse
Here’s what you need to do: Stop at the designated time and hold the energy of love and peace as you imagine the children of Syria being fed, and the people of Syria living in peace. All you need is 10-15 minutes. James Twyman will be with leaders from the three Abrahamic religions ~ Jewish, Christian and Muslim ~ in a Syrian village on the Israeli side of the Golan Heights within eyesight of several villages held be either ISIL or Hezbollah. They will anchor the energy from the meditation and pulse it through the entire region. James will sing the peace prayers from the three religions, and the leaders will share prayers of peace from each tradition.
Time of the Synchronized Meditation:
7AM Pacific US Time
10AM Eastern US Time
3PM London Time
It will be sundown in The Middle East, and as the sun dips beneath the horizon we will imagine the end of the violence and the beginning of an era of peace. This is likely the largest synchronized vigil in history, so please join us.

I also want to include a clip from something I just watched last night “Real Time with Bill Maher” where he interviewed Dr Sam Chachoua and he talks about the cure he has for aids and cancer… stunning information!!!

Enjoy the bounty of this ever lasting moment!!  I love you all so flippin much!!!

((((HUGZ))) of rapid growth in realms you never imagined!! <3

Lisa Gawlas

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Changing the Templates of DNA is a Process Within Us.

DNA changing

The end-day of this wild ride arrives, finally.  Then again, for those across the pond, you already into February, YAY February!! lol  Altho, here in my world, our beloved mother is going to cast a ton of ice crystals into our world.  We are under a double barrel storm adversary and warning.  One arriving sometime this evening thru tomorrow, then the next one tomorrow evening into Monday.  Somehow tho, it feels perfect, like a gift that will spring up so many surprises thru February.

Yesterday was such an amazing gift of information, couldn’t see a damn thing beyond the moment, but holy heavens the info was priceless.  Thru my last lady of the day, we could clearly see we are in another elevation period as we close out the energy system I call January.  I could see this plank of energy from her present moment to the (blocked out from spirit) field of February and it was bridging us up about a foot in vibration higher than we were in this month.  Of course, what that means to us, we will understand thru experience and landing in February, spirit is really tight-lipped about that adventure, even this close to the gateway.

One of the things that was on my mind to share before I even woke up was a conversation and release of information that took place with one of my lady’s yesterday.  The information itself is not new, but the presentation of the bigger picture, turned so many light bulbs on, I pray, for all of us.

This beautiful lady is young with young children to take care of.  About 3 years ago she developed an autoimmune thing (I refuse to call any of this disease, because, it’s not) called rheumatoid arthritis.  The first thing I had seen was her coming here to assist in changing the template of our DNA for all those who will incarnate beyond this moment.  A few years ago, thru the readings, spirit was talking how our bodies are changing from the autoimmune defense system to… dammit, I cannot remember, something else that will keep us in complete wellness when all this really settles in to the core of humanity.  Finding particular blogs that I put out has become like finding a needle in a needle stack!

She was also concerned that some part of her must be broke or blocking out her higher connections because she went to a quantum hypnotherapist, looking for the past life connection to clear this issue in her body.  She could not connect at all.  Of course, it was not a past life issue, it is one of the elements of work she has come in here to do for the greater all of humanity, changing the biological templates within the immune system.  Her team showed me what looked like globby stuff in between her bony joints, new energy, new cells, new evolution of the whole.  When her therapist in that same session tried to connect her with her higher self, that too did not happen.  This morning I understand the why there too, no one in that moment was ready to fully understand what was really happening.  Hell that blocking still happens in readings to this day.  We all have so many questions, and every question will always be answered, but only in the moments we are ready to fully understand and accept the reply.  Everything we are going thru, is a process.  Our body changes are a process, what we are capable of understanding in those changes, a process.  But be assured, just because you are trying to look backwards for something that is really future oriented, doesn’t mean there is something wrong with your “connections” you are just looking in the wrong direction.

My own physical body started to brew up a crazy storm three years ago, that time when we all made the leap from 2012 into the bridgeway of the new world January 2013 and we started changing in earnest.  We are grounding in the new template by living it.  Thank god we are all taking up a unique section of our bodies.  Mine is the lungs, three years ago I developed asthma like symptoms and that pesky voice loss, which I now fully realize is due to spirit lube/phlegm covering my vocal chords (thanx to the magical tea my sons friend got me when I lost my voice in boston, it returned in 3 sips.)

When I went into meditation time after time in the early stages of this chest shit, my body consistently said, we are breathing in higher energies, new energy, releasing it thru our conversations and stuff and this is what happens as we transition from the old template to the new.  All of life has always been a process, not a quickie in any phase.  This too, is why spirit has said over and over to all of us, don’t stop the process, but do find ways to eliminate the discomfort.  For me, that albuterol, magic I tell ya.  For my lady who asked about getting on meds, which she has not done yet because of pregnancy and breast feeding, she asked about getting on an immunosuppressant, the reply came so strongly thru my gut… NOOOOOO!!  Pain killers, anti inflammatory meds, yes most effective of all is energy work turning down the pain receptors so that the process is easier.

On a up note, her team also stated that in about 6 months, june-july the process we have been bringing into the DNA should be settled in by that time.

It’s time to look at our bodies and stop thinking “what is wrong with me,” instead, “what am I changing for the greater All of humanity?”  We cannot be Divine Change makers without going thru changes ourselves.

Now, as my morning is gearing towards my next phase, I do want to mention this amazing, synchronistic exchange yesterday within my email.  I am days behind from responding to any emails at all.  Since I finished my blog early, I decided to delve in.  A precious soul many of you know and love named Aisha North (author of the “Manuscript of Survival” and now watercolor painter extraordinaire, with her New Blog “Water Speaks”  send me an email a few days ago with a stunning image she made from melting snow that she calls  “The Magnetic Force of Creation is Set!!”

 "The Magnetic Force of Creation is Set!!"

“The Magnetic Force of Creation is Set!!”


My whole insides came alive with butterflies because that is the exact color scheme and pattern I see as the “original earth” in the core of this new expanded earth.  The fact that she painted this with the multidimensional element, fresh from the universe, snow, just hit me.  As I was tying my reply to her, I got a tap on the shoulder from the universe to turn around and look outside.  The most stunning sunrise in a long stretch, reflective of this beautiful painting was happening:




So I excitedly took a ton of pictures and send her a few images of the reflection in the sky at the exact moment I was connecting with her, her heart of art and stuff.  n her reply back, I do want to share with everyone the song of her extraordinary soul, here is a snippet of her reply back (Thank you Aisha, I LOVE YOU!!):

I just wanted to share this with you, it is part of a message I received a few days ago:
I heard the words “The darling buds of May” and with them came this message:

“You are emerging through the crust of the old like fresh sprouts, and even if you may feel vulnerable and fragile, you are in fact powerful and strong for you have a very secure foundation. Your roots are deeply embedded in the nutritious New Earth, and so, you are free to continue to grow and unfold into something that has never been seen before. For there are no longer any old rules that apply as to what you will grow into, and as you continue to emerge and show more and more of what it is you carry within, people will begin to gravitate towards you because they feel these same stirrings of new growth within themselves. For you are not alone, you are a part of a vast network of emerging souls all over this planet, and as your buds open up, the new flowers will appear, and they in turn will mature into fruits that will be there for all to savour. For this time, the Tree of Life that is you is also the Tree of knowledge, and this time, the fruits are meant to be for the nourishment of ALL.”

I am going to close on that beautiful radiance, a message from the vast heart of the universe to ALL!!

Take time today to give thanx to the energy system called January, it has enlivened all that was in your heart and mind and a lot of stuff that wasn’t.  The bounty of Fertile February is about to be revealed (today would be a nice time to reveal it lol.)

Big big fertile (((HUGZ))) to all!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Changing to the Fertile Fields of February!!


Well here we are, the last two days of January, what a wild wild ride January has been!!  For me personally, I had two very interesting, if not in the house of slightly worrisome, dream experiences.  First, I almost never have dream experiences that I consciously remember in the morning, if is 3 or 4 times a year, this girl is celebrating.  But I also know, I expend so much of that higher energy there is nothing left to harness in the night times, I am out cold.

About 2 or 3 weeks ago, I was semi woken up in the middle of the night with the presence of my mother standing at the side of my bed.  My mother and I have been estranged for 20 years.  I tried to reach out and reestablish contact with her back in 2011, but it was not returned.  So when she showed up in my room that night, all I kept telling her is if you are here, then you must be dead.  She kept bringing my vision out to my living room, I have a wall that has some pictures of my dad and some of his indian jewelry his wife gave me after his passing.  On that same wall, on the bottom, I also have a picture of my mother.  Twice during that strange visit, she stretched my vision to that wall, not saying why, but having me stare at the picture of my father.  When I woke up, I really assumed she must have passed and that was her way of saying she was with my father.  Well, I knew she lived in an over 55 community in Florida, so after much pacing, I called their office to have them check on her, well, she is still on this side of the veil.  Thats a good thing… so I went to option number two, maybe she was forewarning me of my own fate.  My father had metastasized lung cancer, I was having my annual CT scan, I would find out soon enough.  Even tho I don’t see my oncologist until February 10th, UMN put the results on my online medical page, I am perfect neck to pelvis, nothing remarkable inside.  YAY!!  But what the hell gives with her visit.

This past Thursday, some of my friends here where I live, got together for dinner.  One of my friends was diagnosed with inoperable stage 4 breast cancer a few months ago, waiting 3 years to have it checked.  The first time I touched her tumor, I instantly got a connection with my dad, his lung tumor protruded out of his chest wall bulging on his back.  Her’s was bulging at her upper chest.  Since then, she has been proactive with holistic remedies, but really pulling away from the cancer docs and their options.  She is taking chemo pills to shrink the tumor and when she said it was shrunk my half, I couldn’t control my hand to reach out and touch it.  I really wish I didn’t.  There was no light in that area, it was guarded by a metal plate (metaphysically speaking here) and a repelling energy that sent my hand off as quickly as it went on.  I gave her a high-five even tho, we both knew what she said was not exactly the truth, but much like my father, he didn’t want to talk or deal with any of either.

That night, Thursday night, when I went to sleep, my whole entire evening would be spent by her physical body haunting me.  That sounds really negative, but insisting I pay attention.  I had no choice but to pay attention it wouldn’t let me get into full on sleep.  It’s presentation of itself burned itself into my mind, even this morning, I cannot shake it.  Hey, I love her like a sister.

I have done energy work and readings thru massage for 7 years, I have seen many body expression, the less light one allows inside the core, the system itself, the body itself starts to present from deep browns to fully black energy, on my table, if some sort of disease hasn’t already presented itself, it’s just a matter of time unless ya deal with the emotional field of light that has been blocked out.

My beautiful friends physical body was deep brown and black, with an odd twist.  It was as if her ribcage was once broken or severed and grew to the left, creating a 90 degree bend of her body to the left, always in the light of physical life, but never up straight within herself.

I also realized thru the night, this was her physical body tapping into my sleep time, less her soul energy.  I didn’t even know that was possible.  But of course, it goes to what we have been really understanding together, our biology is a living conscious energy with desires and a will of its own, beyond but also, partnered with the soul energy.  If it was her soul, the first time I said to it/her I have tried to talk about what caused this cancer and have been repeatedly shut out, let me go back to sleep.  All freakin night long, I got no sleep, instead, this pesky, actually desperate body kept knock on my window.

I was a useless rag yesterday.  I got no sleep, I finally got out of bed to stop seeing that image of her. Like that worked lol.  It was less invasive being totally awake than drifting off to sleep tho.

I had no real idea why her body was stalking me lol, but with a freakin awesome nights sleep last night, my brain is working today and the rest of the story is filling in.

Let’s put this all on pause for a moment and I am going to back up to the last two readings of the day on Thursday.  My beautiful 14-year-old fiery-angel in body, her entire field was like this amazing yellow, yellow-orange field of liquid glass.  She was not in her center so much as she was sprawled out from center/now to the far right, future and I got an image of being peeled like a banana.  This light field that has surrounded her was releasing itself to reveal the fruit of her soul in body, in a process that will stretch into the middle of February.  The beauty of most of our children, they are coming in so aligned with their soul light and purpose, they don’t have to do a thing except wake up and Be each morning…. very much like the caterpillar changing into the butterfly. Unlike us seasoned veterans of the old world, it’s a choice, we must be fully aligned to our light source to evolve into our next light form and all the abilities that go with it.

My last lady of the day, she was in change too.  Only like wonder woman, rapidly spinning about 7 feet above the ground, changing to align with the fields of fertile february.  They kept aligning her energy with wonder woman and with wonder woman, she had to decide to change from human to super human.  Obviously my lady already made that choice and it was underway.  As we talked she said she was hearing the word “Calculus” and neither of us knew why.  Hey, don’t talk math to me, algebra melts my mind, forget anything beyond that!!  So in the morning I looked up what is calculus used for… I sooo had to smile those big deep smiles when our team validates what we are seeing in unexpected ways:  Calculus is the mathematical study of change, in the same way that geometry is the study of shape and algebra is the study of operations and their application to solving equations.

There is not a man, woman or child not being affected by the solidifying energies underway as we cross from the energy field of January into February, the only thing I am sure of right now, February will be so fertile in all the reflective (or damped out) energy of your Life field.  Meaning, what one may not be dealing with (and its always at the emotional level of creation) will grow more quickly in whatever form that needs, and those who expanded their field of light are going to reap gardens they never dreamt possible.

Ohhh before I close, my team does want to say too, there are many that are using this amazing field of energy to exit, on purpose and as planned from the soul level.  Leaving behind seeds of light for all of us.  Even those who cut their journey short, leaves us all caution signs/detour signs that states so clearly, not this way!!

Mother earth, HA!!  In the form of my own mother, is doing all she can to assist in direction as well.  Can you imagine the earth loving you, that one amazing person living here, so much, so INCREDIBLY much that she built a bridge from one person to you, to say fill yourself with light so you can stay and enjoy the party, you have more to do Here, than There!!

Let me close by address this profound thing we have Here and  NOT on the other side of the veil, a physical body.  A conscious, living entity with needs and desires of its own.  It knows what it needs to not only be Here, but also, Thrive Here!!  It sends us all kinds of signals all day long.  Cravings is a huge signal that our body needs “that.”  My body happens to be a chocolate-aholic lol.  It will also tell you what it doesn’t need, too.  So many people are tapped into the external programming of others, they ignore the body signals being given.  We are not talking just foods and stuff, but equally the interaction with others.  I get a well placed energy wedge between me and someone who does not need to be in my life at least until they change their frequency more towards love than separation.  I have that with my oldest daughter, she just had her first child, my second grandson and my heart would soooo love to be part of her life, but…

As I grab a cup of coffee and ask my team if there is anything else they would like to share today, I hear the opening of a Bowie Song, a man who used this energy to truly blast off into the expanse of his soul and touch us ever still

I love you all so much and thank you for always understanding my crazy days and nights and loving me thru it all!!

Lisa Gawlas



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