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The Essene Community and The Emerald City!!


I should have realized this time period we are in, the creamy middle of the two lunar eclipses, was going to be a pivotal point in our energies fields.  But I didn’t even think of it.  Hell I am hanging on for dear life watching this most amazing real-time show called… us in evolution!!!

I should have also realized, that with the massive spin taking place in the field, in the emerald city, in us on the 17th… that meant something bigger than even I could possible understand or foresee.  I went into the office yesterday, perky, normal (well, as normal as I get lol) and excited… moments after entering this sacred space of ours, my body temperature started dropping.  I started freezing.  Thank god I had two jackets with me, I put them both on and I was still freezing.  I was truly waiting to see frost form on my skin, I was that cold, even sitting outside where the weather was supposed to be 70 degrees. I wasn’t feeling anything except popsicles!!  I think even all my antennas froze and snapped off.  I wasn’t seeing a thing, my head was getting foggy, I just wanted to crawl into a warm bed.

When I finally got home, the opposite started happening.  It was only 68 degrees in my house and I had to shed my jackets, I started sweating.  What the hell??  it was great to warm up again, but this is overkill!!

I wasn’t even going to write a blog today, until I looked at spaceweather and then suddenly, I have insight to share.

A GASH IN THE SUN’S ATMOSPHERE: An unusually wide and sinuous hole has opened in the sun’s atmosphere, and it is stretching like a gash across the sun’s entire southern hemisphere.


This is a “coronal hole” (CH)–a region where magnetic fields open up and allow solar wind to escape. Solar wind flowing from this coronal hole could buffet Earth’s magnetic field, off and on, for the next two weeks. Much of the material will pass to the south of Earth, mitigating its impact.

I highlighted the one sentence that spaceweather is discounting as important to us.  The emerald city, aligned as the sun the southern part of the sun’s energy is always aligned with the northern pole of the earth, sharing the energy to and fro.  So this gash… which fully resembles the field on the 17th, will continue to release energy into us.  We have been wiped clean for this event (hence my freezing solid yesterday lol.)

However, there are two areas in which we inhabit.  The earth with our bodies, the rest of us (our fields) in the emerald city, so we will get a double whammy (so to speak) with this ongoing energy.  Raising the cellular structures (heat up everyone) and removing old concepts, ideas and stuff within the rest of the body as the fullness of God moves in.

Let’s be very very clear on what this even means… so no one is saying hey, we are all source energy.  Of course we are.  Everything is or nothing would Be.  I am going to grab an line from yesterdays quoted sharing “According to this verse, Jesus Christ is God Incarnate. He embodies all (“the fulness”) of God…”

When we think we know something, when we embody fear or the side effects of fear, we keep the fullness of god out of our container, our field of life.  When we look at something and it hurts us in a personal way… there is something deep within that needs clearing.  For example, the cruelty of animals is a big thing.  I personally won’t look at any Peta videos because it is awful, meant purposely to trigger anger and put one into defensive mode in the energy field.  But do we realize that all the animals are god incarnate too.  Filled with love and purpose in what they are choosing to do or have done in their incarnation.

The more we rise to the level of love, the fuller god can move into our container, our field of life.  For so many years we have said, god is love and only love.  No judgement, no condemnation, full allowance of our personal choices, full understanding of why we would choose something not life enhancing and move in to love us more deeply.

In this way, we should always remain Pro-active and not De-fensive.  Knowing the difference is key.

What we also must fully realize too, God/Source/Creator is not a solo gig.  Like the petals of a flower he lives, shines, emanates thru you, thru us.  Pluck one petal off a healthy flower, the whole system knows what happens and becomes weakened and is no longer what it was designed to be.

Over the top of that analogy I am also seeing the twelves tribes of the emerald city.  Twelve different flowers that make up the bouquet.  Each tribal flower having 12 petals and a center.

Which really means, for the emerald city to be fully active and functional on earth, 144 of us must place every ounce of our life focus into whatever this means, together.  As we get closer to this unified energy field, my beloved Architects community will start to become realized at the full on ground level, for we… the inhabitants.

Back in our closest memories, the Essenes lived very interesting lives.  A closed community if you will, empowered and unaffected by the outside world of duality.  It was a fully Christed community.

As we grow, together, we will pick up where that community, purposely, left off.  Only this time around, it is duality that will disband, not an enriched People and Community.

Again we ask, what are you willing to give up so you can In-body THE All????

How on earth do I transition from a partnered channel with god himself to just little ole me.  Jeez.  I’ll just do what I did yesterday… tiptoe away… I will add in here, there is no ONE… it is The ALL.   History perverted what was.

((((HUGZ))))) filled with the unified flowers (us) of Shambhala…growing!!

Lisa Gawlas (and you know who lol)

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The God Head and The Petals of Life!


The closest image I have seen of our new bodies on the right of this picture.  The left reminds me of yesterdays progression in the field,  sort of.  Taken from:

I really do not know how to begin today.  In my “processing” yesterday, one phrase was repeated over and over “digestible bites.”  These “digestible bites” is how the information, the restriction (for lack of a better word) of the readings and field is unfolding, day by day, for now.

My first lady yesterday… It was (visually) almost like her feet were stuck beneath the sphere of the emerald city and my outside deck it appears on.  As I watched her stretch herself from beneath this sphere and move outwards just outside the sphere, she kept a curve of her body (aligning just outside the sphere) as she filled out the more she curved upwards.  So the lower portion of her legs, were not separate, but blended together as one biological visual, then she became more, human looking, looking exactly like her beautiful self.  As her torso and head filled out and became incredibly visual in my field and now about 5 feet long, again, with staying with the gentle curve of the sphere, the higher she went upwards, the more intense the light field was around her.

She appeared with a bouquet of flowers in her hands, held at her chest, at her heart.  I did not get one snippet of audio, nothing to help us understand what the hell are we seeing.  What does this mean??  Why are your feet under the sphere???  I realized not only is my hearing in the garage, so is my feeling communication.  Both essential to understand what I am seeing vividly.

I figured I would hone in on something familiar, maybe that will break me open.  The flowers she was holding.  For the past 2 years, flowers in a reading always represented, in some way, the energy of Shambhala.  What I did find interesting was the flowers that shew as holding as a bouquet did not have the clustered petal flowers in it, like a rose.  Instead they were all single layer flowers, like daisies… all different, none recognizable to me.  So I went on to try to understand that… nope.

So I did what I normally do when I try to understand things from my head, I asked her to ask me a question, get me out of my head and let the rest of my antennas come on thru my heart.  She told me about a series of dreams she has had recently, all prior boyfriends, and the choices she made, even with a guide showing up to explain the choices.

I learned dream interpretation long before I learned even how to understand a meditation or reading.  Silence from within me.  I had no idea.  Well, that is not a true statement, I thought i knew, based on how I would have normally interpreted this prior to this moment.  I was shut down, with love of course.

When we retracted from trying to understand her presence in the field, and she asked about a DNA test she had done from a hair follicle to see why she is feeling constantly run down and her sinuses or asthma like symptoms never seem to clear up… that which communicates thru me, was on a roll!!  Our DNA is changing, old labs that once showed perfect levels of any given part of us, some will be up, some will be down and what our science cannot look for yet, is what would be shown if they knew to look for it, but they don’t so they cannot see that.  They only look for the familiar.

So it looks like her whole system is out of whack, and it is, but not in a bad way, in a biologically changing way.  It was stated to trust her body, it knows exactly what it needs to ingest to go thru these biological changes with ease and grace, well as much ease and grace as it is capable of while changing.  Our ongoing jobs is not to stop the changes, but partner fully with them and allow for the occasional (or constant) uncomfortableness.

With all this information flowing freely, I started my bitchfest (with love of course.)  Why can I hear all this and not a darn thing from the field.  Instantly and about a foot directly above my crown I heard “you cannot understand it yet.”  Well then, why the hell show us??  Tease!!!!! lol

My second lady unfolded in the same exact way, but in a placement a foot to the right of her.  My first lady was still there, my second lady now in place.  No hearing or seeing.  Until we were looking at each other on skype and she was asking something about her present experiences, wham… back to me.  Now this is just freakin weird.

Thank god my 3rd lady was an ET connection.  This will be the determination for myself… is it me, is it the field, is something beyond bizarre happening.  Well lean in to all three.  Her ET connection went off without a hitch.  All my antennas were working just fine.  Freakin weird!!

My next connection to the field showed up… same as my first two, jogged over to the right by about a foot (using my scale of vision) and my other two ladies still in view and their placements.

However, with each new person, I am realizing more details.  The emerald city sphere thing, only at the bottom 3-4 feet does it appear solid and even, bronzy gold now with all these intricate patterns on the surface.  Above that is pure light, first its more like a night-light, then increases in brilliance to flood all my ladies curving upwards in their position.

Also, everyone was slowly growing taller and wider.  As they became wider, the foot of space remained equal too.  OK so there is an enlargement (hear, enlarge my territory) and an expansion that is taking place at this moment.

The Light that is illuminating is pure Source.  God.  Creator.  Pick a name.  This is very much starting to look like a flower, each human the petals of a flower, the center, the light of the emerald city, the pollination of Source.

I found a very simple way of giving everyone a visual, keeping in mind, the light was pure white not blue, but I liked the blue for this art:


Also, the petals in this flower turn down, where everyone on the field yesterday, curved upwards.

My last appointment just confused me.  It was a man, a virgin no less (smile) and I already had to reschedule an appoint with his wife on Wednesday, so when he turned into a living flower petal, his wife emerged with him, closer to his body than the rest, but still some space between them.

The very moment I explained what I did (barely understand) and that his wife was there too, wham…. the entire thing started spinning sooooo damn fast I couldn’t see the individuals any longer, except, none were curved upwards any longer, but parallel to my deck or the ground and blending as one whole system.  It all reminded me of helicopter blades in rotation.

What the freak was that????  I had no idea, except that he was the only man on my dance card and everything went wild with his presence.  Hmmmmmmm…….. Or maybe, the better word would be, activated.

If weird didn’t get weirder… when i was explaining to him that it must be because of his divine masculine presence, that that difference is what created the spin.  Instead of hearing like I usually do, I swear I head a head in my gut that was nodding yes.  What the hell is that??  There is head in my freakin belly and its nodding yes.  That felt, Freakin weird.  Talk about our gut feelings become real!!! lol

Keeping in mind too, that thru out the day, as I am driving my own self crazy to understand… I kept remembering the use of the word “the godhead” in several readings past.  The emerald city is the living god head.  Well, god’s head jumped into my gut!!!

Needless to say, everyone except ET lady got reschedule.  I came home and just plopped on my couch and pondered… hard!!!  And the understanding unfolding… I will keep this in a coherent, linear story form.

The very first time I heard the voice of god was in 2004.  He was not in my bath, but out in the living room in front of my computer.  His voice was a deep raspy masculine voice that decided to answer a question I had long ago forgot about and no longer cared about.

After the blessed mother gutted me of every belief I had, I felt more lost than anything.  I no longer held the identity of mother, single mother, catholic, anything really.  The good, the bad, the ugly all flowed out of me that weird day in 2001.  I would go into meditation time and time again, looking, desperately looking for orientation to my life, to life itself.  I would repeatedly ask “who am I?”  Not looking for the profound, just orientation to my self and life and stuff.  It was always repeated back to me by my team “when the time is right, you’ll.”  What the hell, I need to navigate my life now… can we hurry a bit!! lol

2004, it was answered.  I didn’t like the answer at all.  Hell, I didn’t care about the question any longer, I filled myself out, had orientation to the life field, my life field.  Then here is god showing up melting down my wires.  I put him in time out for a long long time.  Free will can be pesky!!  lol And honored.

  I eventually realized I would one day emerge as a teacher via the internet, hence his placement.

When I moved to the Jemez in New Mexico and started doing these types of readings, his voice changed.  Or maybe, better stated, I changed.  I was no longer in deep relationship with the society views of life, and the raspiness that he once presented, was gone.  Even the deep masculine tone, now talking in higher frequencies, blending with I suppose what we would call, the feminine voice.

The voice that talk to my lady the other day, was not a voice at all, even tho, I could hear words, but there was no real voice.  I don’t know how to explain it.

Yesterday, he explained, the clearer we are in mind and heart, the closer we get to his, I don’t know, true presence, fullness.  That is such an inadequate way of saying it… I hope you know what I mean.

So, going into digestible bites of understanding and connection, on Wednesday, it was a stream of audible energy, broken up in tons of particles (that star-dust stuff forming a funnel to become audible, but without a true voice.)  Even when asking who is talking and his reply being “we all are” was purposely hmmmmm, fragmented as we all assimilate what is now happening.

He (and please know, the word He and God are my personal choices of label and I am keeping it like that, smile) explained that my feeling center yesterday had to be shut down so I did not get overloaded with the full presence of his expression yesterday.  Words themself can become too tainted and he knew, I would process myself into understanding.  Cuz I truly am a light-aholic and I don’t stop until the last drop is assimilated.

He used the flowers thru my first lady to represent the divine feminine and the ability to bring life into form.  My first lady humbles me to no end.  She is 40 and just gave birth to a 5th child (in their blended family) and there is yet one more out in her time tunnel.  The grace and love she exudes in being a mother (while also being employed) humbles me.  I don’t have that kind of patience.  But thru many of her readings, she is revered as the divine mother.  So it makes sense she would be first on this odd stage of a day.

My last session, a man, the energy that puts all of life into motion.  Had he not been on my dance card, I would be seeing flower petals but nothing spinning.

Even our feet are something to be revered.  Going into the image above of the flower petals all stemming from the center of the flower, from the Source of All life, this is huge and again, in this way, in the way I have yet to be able to explain in fullness what we got ourselves into next, has never, ever been done.  So please, do not be pulling anything out of our history books or even our personal history… let every day be new, clear, untainted by any version of the past or even projection of the future.

And I have to giggle as that freakin bizarre head in my gut nodding yes… his way of affirming the godhead!!  I love our creator, he is funny and freakin bizarre just like us… or are we just like him!

I did look to see what is defined as the godhead and found something wonderful to connect all this with take from here:

Colossians 2:9 is one of the clearest statements of the deity of Christ anywhere in the Bible: “In him [Christ] dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.” The word for “Godhead” here is theotés. According to this verse, Jesus Christ is God Incarnate. He embodies all (“the fulness”) of God (translated “the Deity” in the NIV). This truth aligns perfectly with Colossians 1:19, “God was pleased to have all his fullness dwell in him [Christ].”

To dwell in us, as us!!

I am going to tiptoe into my day on that note.

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))))) filled with the Glory of God thru You!!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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The New Power-full (Human) Points!!


I have realized that my mind has not caught itself up in the knowing of what we see you doing on the field in any given day, in the combination of readings each day, is happening in real-time.  There has always been such a tremendous lag between what we see on the field and the outcome on earth, that I have never realized anything to a particular day or series of events that were happening in the field.

Since we shifted into the emerald city in January, the readings always show what you are doing from the soul and cellular level, for the greater all.  Then we harness it down into how to use that amazing skill in your day-to-day life, with purpose.

Twice last week, after only taking in 3 readings, my antennas crashed, or as my team says, were turned to the off position so I did not take in any more radiation than my body could handle.

On Valentines day, we had 5 readings, five amazing experiences and understandings.  One of my ladies had these beautiful red hearts raining down and seeping into the upper part of the emerald city sphere.  As this pure love rained down and melded into the surface of the emerald city, the entire top started to vibrate, wiggle and turn into a clear jello like substance.  This morning I go to spaceweather to grab other information I see this:   On Feb. 13th, something amazing happened in the stratosphere over the Arctic Circle. Normally, the air 60,000+ feet above Earth’s surface is dry and utterly transparent.  On the eve of Valentine’s Day, however, the Arctic stratosphere filled with a gossamer haze of crystalline ice, and when sunlight hit the freezing crystals, the sky filled with clouds of intense iridescent color.

On the same day, two of the readings were working on creating a new atmosphere around the emerald city.  Their work was very different from each other, yet both were doing the same thing, pulling in new energies as a new higher magnetic frequency atmosphere was being brought in.  So imagine my surprise yesterday when I went to spaceweather (after my blog stopped short in its unfolding tracks lol) and seen this: “CO-ROTATING INTERACTION REGION: NOAA forecasters say there is a 45% chance of polar geomagnetic storms on Feb. 15th when a co-rotating interaction region (CIR) is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field. CIRs are transition zones between slow- and fast-moving solar wind streams. The often contain strong magnetic fields and density gradients…”

I have never doubt for a minute, that what I see you doing as a reading opens up, is real.  I know more clearly than I know the land around my home, how real what you are doing, is.  What I did not realize is the realtime it is now happening in.

What spaceweather is reflecting is the mundane outcome of your/our multidimensional works as it happens!!  Kinda mind-blowing for me, in the most exciting way!!

So yesterday, my first reading was an ET connection and I had no idea if I was going to be able to see or not see or what.  Not surprising, as I connected I received a familiar image in a new way.  Something that reminds me of the red and white bars at railroad crossings:


However, instead of these bars coming down parallel to the ground, they formed an X that moved scissor like.  I didn’t fully understand why that formation instead of the usual blocking formation until this morning.  It was truly reflecting the merger of the upper atmosphere energies.  However, this session was not a bust at all, quite the opposite really.  We didn’t get to have an ET connection, well, at least not in the way we are accustomed to (these are the times we are in now, aren’t they lol.)

Me and my beautiful lady simply started talking about what was happening in our atmosphere when suddenly, geez… like a collection of star-dust formed outside somewhere, and created a I don’t know, funnel like formation thru my front door and start to release conversation to us.

It was explained that there is a massive energy system in earths lower atmosphere, as well as a “ticking time bomb in the belly of earth.”  WHAT???  I didn’t even have to get the words out of my mouth when it was assured, no fear.  They formed a visual for me that showed the large center of earths core, in a molten state, hyperventilating.  The expansion and contraction were so fast, and it was explained this energy will be released thru earth, in harmony with the new energies in the lower earths atmosphere.  I did everything I knew how to do to find out how… the sound of silence.  This could be a major earthquake, volcano, massive storms, all three…  the only thing I was sure of, it was not that far off in outcome.

I was also shown the interference pattern between the earth surface as well as the lower atmosphere.  A massive exchange and integration of energies in what we call, the air.  It was also explained this is why the ET connection could not take place, but they also helped me understand something even more exciting, at least in that moment, they did top it minutes later.

I often say,  I can literally feel the ET’s going thru the rolodex in my head.  It is always in the same quadrant of my brain, center to back left side.  Almost a long box like section.  What they do, is pull from my words, sentences, experiences and then pull a combination of that energy to create a hologram (the visuals I see) to communicate with me for the human they are linking up with.  This way, we all understand the reason and ongoing purpose of the needed connection.  Because of the volatile energies in earth’s atmosphere, this could not happen in its usual way.

In this same area in my brain is where what I lovingly call the word nazis (pulled from Seinfeld’s episode “the soup nazi” lol,) are.  Unlike the ET’s tho, in our readings spirit is purposely letting me use my own words, stopping me in my tracks to find new words for the new energies.  This is my learning.  Instead of having it done for me, which does not take hold, I am stopped and rerouted when I use inaccurate words (all the freakin time lol, old habits… ya know!!)

I did start asking… who the hell is talking??  It was so unfamiliar to me, not an ET, not the traditional spirit/souls like in a reading… something… very different, very precise and clear in its communication as well.  I liked it alot, in both expression and feeling, but who is this… the reply “it’s all of us.”  What??  Who is all of us… only to be repeated again, it’s only this morning do I realize (ego not trying to catch up like in the moment yesterday) THE ALL.  OMG Source himself/herself was communicating directly to us.  Whhheeeeeee!!!

Then, I about pee’d my pants with excitement.  My lady was projected in front of me and I could see the power points on her arms and her face.  Nothing like I anticipated seeing!!  But let me give you some visuals!!!  Keeping in mind, all the power points were uniform in size and spacing, all solid in the same frequency of red, the red that reflected the new earth, now reflecting the new human too!!


When the upper quadrant of the face was shown, there was also a red connecting line to each dot.  So that entire area works as one unit with many different power points working together.

I only colored the nose area differently just to show the other section.  There were no lines connecting anything here.


I about pee’d my pants with excitement when the jaw was revealed.  The most exterior points are where the jaw bones meet.  There are four stretched across the upper and lower jaw.  Hey!!  My implants, but not as equal in spacing. lol

I have got to giggle and even take some of my own pressure off myself.  This is not only my own deep personal desire, but also, the universes too.  The enhancements will take what I am capable of doing now and bring it all to a whole other level.


What really surprised me more than anything was the double power points on the arm.  My “couple” had single power points on their legs and torso.  But even that was explained!!

Even tho my lady is married, her husband is not a vibrational match to work with.  So we are seeing what I lovingly call, the solo use of the power points.  There are two, taking in what we call the masculine and feminine energies, or even, the spiritual and physical planes of energies.  We must always, all-ways, work with the whole system and not just a part of it.

Couples still have the double points, however, when they are working together, those power points combined at the center (each move into the center and form a combined power point.)  This magnifies and intensifies the works.

And we wonder why joint pain is soooo prevalent lately for many of us!!   Power up!! lol

Coming back to the head, even tho it is in three sections (referred to as the trinity) it all works in unison with the whole head.  It was also explained kind of like a mother board on a computer.  Many different power points relaying information/energy thru the entire construct.  If one part is not in harmony with the other parts (think of our software programs) a glitch in the system is the result.  Don’t look at this as a bad thing, we learn perfection in the human body by trial and error, and it is time to use these points, individually as we get accustomed to the energy flow thru each section.  Then slowly shifting the energy from one point to the other and holding it.  Again, this is not a race, even the fullness of information is not given all at once, but in digestible bites.

We have a tendency to be so afraid of our new technology that is out.  Hip replacements, knee replacements, hell implanted dentures or teeth.  The collective memory stems from the fall of Atlantis, where technology became more important than the spirit.  So now, many discount the amazing enhancements available today and would rather live in pain than try something new.  For those without fear, they will see their power points of integrated technology go off the charts in that area.  On purpose!!  In Evolution of the whole species called, extraterrestrial humans!!

Is there someone out there who knows how to use photoshop or something similar to create a visual of the new body template?  We have got to stop looking and connecting with the old body system or we will forever be riding an old Model T car instead of the high powered lamborghini!!  Pop me an email if you want to create what I have been shown.  Please ( Thank you!!! 

The rest of yesterday, was a complete blank.  I could not see the field to save my life, but at least we knew why.

I love you ALL so so so so so much.  Thank you for… well… bringing it ALL to Life!!!

Ohhh and speaking of implants lol, I have applied to a company (that deals in high risk people like me…. self-employed, not the greatest fico score…) for a home equity loan.  I have been actually calling everyone and their brother to get this big chunk left funded thru my gifted house and I have had more doors lovingly closed in my face… altho I was hoping for a 24 hour yes or no, and we are on day three, the lady that has done all the paperwork assured me, this should go thru.  May today be the day I hear something positive.

OK I gotta share this funny, when she gave me the loan proposal, she did it as a 30 year loan (set up like a mortgage.)  I was sure she made an error in 360 months, put a zero where it didn’t  belong.  On an $8000 loan I would be paying back close to $70.000!!  Jezuz!!  She was not kidding.  I told her, I will be dead, reincarnated and come back owing you money!!  Not acceptable!!!  We trimmed it to 15 years… and I can pay it off early without penalty.  Crazy!!

Anywayz… have a massively power pointed day today and every day!!  I love you!!!

(((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))) of power and purpose to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.S.  The Kitchen Sink Special click here.  (Consists of the two books I have written and many workshops, including “Learn to Meditate”, “Learn to Read,” “The Super Powers Course” and more. All geared to help us all grow, connect and expand.  Full details on my website.)

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The New Energies of Multidimensional Choice Points!!!


One of the most common questions I am asked in a reading is “What am I supposed to be doing now,”  Usually followed by a statement of feeling in limbo or uninspired.  The reply is constant.  “What do you want to do?”

Part of our own deprogramming is moving out of our original life ways, including spiritual too.  When I first started doing readings back in March 2003, I could see easily 10 years into someone’s future, bring out very particular events that would play out, and others that had the possibility of playing out.  Even the things the people desired, has an easily understandable direction, almost always, deal with the dysfunctional emotions within, and what you desire can reveal itself into your experience.  I never realized just how easy readings were back then.

Now, you present like a squeaky clean glass.  There is nothing left to wash away, it’s just a matter of YOU deciding what you want to pour into it for your next flavor taste of life.  I would strongly advise, not to make the choice thru the mundane, but whatever you may be working on spiritually.  The most simple example I have to use from my own history is when I was in Vermont and moving off the mountainside where living life was free.  I needed a job and all i wanted was to keep expanding my ability to see and read for people.  I didn’t care what the job was for as long as I could continue focusing on that.  I immediately became aware of an assisted living home looking for a personal care assistant.  The Lisa in me really had no desire to do that… but that which speaks thru my mouth let out an excited YES when they asked if I wanted the job.  The 2 years I was employed there, my abilities went thru the roof in experience and understanding.

That said, if you don’t give instruction thru desire to your life field, guess what, you are both just staring lovingly at each other… waiting.  If life is your mirror of experience, then guess who has to do the decider, put the energy into motion.  YOU.  Then we can see the potentials in your field.  Or, even what needs refining for best outcome.

I truly thought I was not going to publish a blog today, because this is all that flowed thru me this morning.  And then I took the free time to listen to a Kryon link on my facebook.  OMG similar message!!  So I will leave the kink  here and wonder off until tomorrow!!

Since this is an MP3 audio from site, I don’t know how to embed the player so i will leave the link to this stunning audio that compliments and takes further my sharing today.  YAYAY for Kryon and US!!

Short but sweet today!!  Love you all soul dern much!!!

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and movement to and thru All!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Using Our extraterrestrial DNA!


Sometimes, actually, most times, I feel like I go into a living episode of the twilight zone every time I go to the office.  So much is revealed to us about how much more we are capable of experiencing, how truly magical we really are, by design!  And yet, when the day is over and I wonder home,  well, it is life as usual.  Or so it seems anywayz.  I guess what I really mean, is that I want it all, fully online… NOW, please! lol  But that Now moment is completely contingent on you, each and every one of you (us.)  The dedication and application of all you are capable of.  Then, you teach others how to achieve that within themselves.  As more and more people are capable of holding that state of expansion, that state becomes the norm for every other incarnating Being (babies) coming to earth.  A process of evolution done and mastered thru the human in body.  Thru you!!

Today I want to share an ET connection that has me drooling at the mouth.  With this, it is not only in what we are capable of doing within our own bodies, but what we are capable of doing with the natural resources we have available to us every day.

This was my lady’s second ET connection in her package, and often times, the second connection brings on a new ET to learn from.  In a way, this happened, but thru the same ET as the first time, who called himself Sam, but very different.

Her ET first showed up explaining about the series of bases beneath the great lakes and the viewing point we were experiencing was over Lake Erie.  In this first presentation, his body was clunky, big, very green with really bumpy like skin.  He explained that there was a system beneath the ground and lakes that allowed transport from one lake base to another.  Very much like what we would consider a portal, but then again, we call everything portals. lol (I heard that, a lot.  We only know what we think we know.)  In order to travel thru these portals, we must consciously know how to alter our vibration to flow within it.  Hell, to even see it!!!  Not just from a meditative stand point, altho that is a crucial beginning, but also from standing where you are on earth.  Otherwise, it always remains part of the unseen world.  Even if we can see it, we must know how to, at will, partner with the energy flow to move thru it.

There are, many occasions that our ET friends have engulfed us into their vibration for transport, almost always when the body, the ego is asleep.  It’s time to wake up and participate.

So, when she showed up the other day of the 2nd connection, I could see this arcing of light, a blend of what looked like violets, blues and reds I think, arcing from one point to the other and back, over a platform that seemed so far away, or at least, further than my usual view from across the marina.

The next thing I know, her friend, the green bumpy guy, is standing a foot in front of me on the deck, but not looking anything like he did the first time we connected.  I did recognize instantly, his energy signature tho.

Instead of being green, he was this gray silver color.  His legs were like toothpicks, unusually tiny in proportion with the rest of his body.  His face was stunning, big pointy like ears reminiscent of spock’s from star trek.  His eyes golf ball sized and deep black.  He took my view close to the skin on his face, tiny little colored dots blended into his gray-silverness.  He explained that these various colored dots allows him to take in various energies directly from our sun.  It is how he breathes.  He (eventually) explained that that arcing light across the marina, harnesses the particular energies from our sun and flows down to the bases, but also, what allows him to walk around in this form on top of the earth, without harm.  They are not capable of breathing our atmosphere, but they have, built into their system, the ability to take in sunlight rays for breath, more or less.

I think about the many ET session done in New Mexico, where the focus was on being able to breath, differently, but effectively, in other atmospheres should be become skilled enough with our own bodies to travel with them beyond earth.

He also explained that we, the human Being, is spliced together from many different races to make up our biology at the core.  Strip away our exterior differences, we all work and look the same.  Well, pretty much anywayz.  There are some species of humans with more ET DNA alterations than others.  There are the ones who have spent lifetimes coming into this earth realm, mastering that added ET DNA consciously using that skill in their physical life.

So often, humans get excited thinking they are from another planet.  Everyone is at their core.  But we are on earth and our excitement should be that we are ON EARTH and this is our planet.  We cannot open a skill within our human construct the same way we did, lets say… as we did on Mars.  Two, radically different, body types.

He also explained why his physical body was soooo different from the first time we seen him.  He explained that they have the ability (as do we) to change their form to fit their needs.  The work he was doing the first time, required that body type for efficiency.  The body I seen the other day, was what we can call his resting position, or natural state of Being.  Ohhh and he also explained, the pigment of his skin, the gray-silver allowed for the unneeded rays of the sun to be reflected off him.

At the end of our connection, he triggered something, geez now I cannot recall exactly what it was visually, but I instantly got a full on connection with the last in the super power series.  Where humans and ET’s gathered around a central point, a pyramid, and the energy experience was out of this world (smile.)

In order to fully come alive, in all the ways we were born to, we really have to release the strong hold duality has on us.  We change the world by our inner and outer focus, or we keep it locked in place by the same means.  Example, all this cancer awareness keeps cancer in our awareness.  Focusing on animal cruelty, keeps animal cruelty in our duality. Imagine many people start focusing on body amazement, we start holding rallies for body amazement awareness.  Not just health but the whole shebang, guess what others becomes aware of?? Not cancer, but how amazing their body is that they never looked at before.

How many videos are now circulating around the internet with once predatory species of animals cuddling and playing with what once was their prey.  They are not thinking about violence, or even the cruelty that may still be ongoing with others in their species, they are focused on now, and they have already started shifting to oneness, visibly, to teach the humans!!

Of course, we get all tangled up in our humanness too.  We think a carrot has no feelings and a cow has tons.  Do we rally around carrot cruelty, the pesticides literally hurt the growing bodies, and don’t think for a minute your organics are as organic as one thinks. The air, dirt, water, all one system.  We restore it all back to its natural way of being by focusing on that.  The amazing planet earth, pure, loving, nurturing and plentiful is all its expression of love and food.  When that is our focused consciousness, we will experience the old ways falling away because nothing is holding it together any longer.

In this way, we also become masters of our bodies, of our environment, of Life itself.  We shed the old ways and live the new ways (which is really old, the original way.)  When we are in this state of Being, we will hear the carrot and the cow call out “I am ready, come pluck me for your nourishment!!”  And you will also be flooded with the love of service from one thing unto the other… You!!

There is equally a bizarre distortion in the saying “lay down your life.”  The killing fields are rampant around the globe.  We celebrate the children going off to war, into the military machine and call them heroes when they come home dead, exclaiming they laid down their life for our country.  Again, we say, how utterly bizarre, barbaric even.

We ask all of you to lay down your life, to die to the old ways ongoing.  To be reborn, a new, in love.  Not by any sort of physical death, but by stripping the duality from your field.  It will feel like you’re dying, because the way humanity is (not) living now, is like the living dead.  Let it all go… come Home Now.  Right Here, Right Now.  In Love!!  In Life!!!!

It’s time to bloom!!

Sam, I Am

Well that was the most wonderful, unexpected blend of energy sharing I have had in a long time.  There was no way I would even put my name to the above sharing, it was all running thru me, like warm water.  Yummm.

I do want to add a little something to all of this today.  Something that came up in my “memories” on facebook yesterday from good ole Don Juan and Carlos Castaneda (taken from wikipedia via this link)  I will make bold some highlights:

The art of stalking and the mastery of intent depend upon instruction on the mastery of awareness, which consists of the following basic premises:

The universe is an infinite agglomeration of energy fields, resembling threads of light.

These energy fields, called the Eagle’s, or the Indescribable Force ‘s emanations, radiate from a source of inconceivable proportions metaphorically called the Eagle–the Indescribable Force.

Human beings are also composed of an incalculable number of the same threadlike energy fields. These Indescribable Force ‘s emanations form an encased agglomeration that manifests itself as a ball of light the size of the person’s body with the arms extended laterally, like a giant luminous egg.

Only a very small group of the energy fields inside this luminous ball are lit up by a point of intense brilliance located on the ball’s surface.

Perception occurs when the energy fields in that small group immediately surrounding the point of brilliance extent their light to illuminate identical energy fields outside the ball. Since the only energy fields perceivable are those lit by the point of brilliance, that point is named “the point where perception is assembled” or simply “the assemblage point.”

The assemblage point can be moved from its usual position on the surface of the luminous ball to another position on the surface, or into the interior. Since the brilliance of the assemblage point can light up whatever energy field it comes in contact with, when it moves to a new position it immediately brightens up new energy fields, making them perceivable. This perception is known as seeing.

When the assemblage point shifts, it makes possible the perception of an entirely different world–as objective and factual as the one we normally perceive. Sorcerers go into that other world to get energy, power, solutions to general and particular problems, or to face the unimaginable.

Intent is the pervasive force that causes us to perceive. We do not become aware because we perceive; rather, we perceive as a result of the pressure and intrusion of intent.

The aim of sorcerers is to reach a state of total awareness in order to experience all the possibilities of perception available to man. This state of awareness even implies an alternative way of dying.

The first paragraph I made bold, is exactly how I see in readings.  I never really got that until yesterday, even tho I posted it a year ago.  It is your soul that is putting pressure on me to perceive what you need to know for your own evolution… which equals humanities evolution.

Going to all that Sam said, when we are caught up in duality, we are experiencing way too much darkness to assemble in our own light.

To face the unimaginable!!  I do that thru you, every single day.  YOU are the unimaginable.  You are god revealing bits and pieces of him/her self thru you.  But, revelations are simply revelations until you make them true for All.  Focus on the Light.  Your Light.  Our Light and lets change this world together!!

I love you all so much!!  Big big bear ((((HUGZ)))) to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Merging “Divine Partners” to Create a 3rd Body!!


So much information came thru yesterday, before I was once again, unplugged half way thru my day.  Most of that information tho, I am going to save for tomorrow, since today is a day off, I have an overflow of information to use!!  I do want to use today to hone in on my second connection of the day, the first time since we became the emerald city I got to read for a divine couple, together, at the same time.  I even had to giggle when in yesterday’s blog, spirit was relating so much to sex… well talk about setting the stage!! lol

So, my beautiful couple were male and female.  Their combine field opened with each of them looking like two serpents blending a forest green and black thru each of their serpant body’s as skin tone.  Each serpent body was formed in a braid, not a smooth exterior like a serpent, but braided, three sections interweaving all the way thru to the neck area.  Their team explained it is the weaving of the trinity: The physical plane, the spiritual plane and the mental plane.  All three working as one, unified.

Their teams explained that their colorings are deeper in color because they are not using each others energy’s as one whole system.  Hence the black blended in with the green, undiscovered potential… when combined.

What surprised me at first, was in the field, the man was placed on the right and the female on the left.  The explaining of why, was perfect (like spirit would be anything less than perfect lol.)  In my world of readings, the right side of any field or body represents the energy of the divine feminine, the left side, the divine masculine.  Because the man held the divine masculine in his body, he had to stand in the field surrounding him, within the divine feminine.  Same applied to my lady, because she is female and infused with the divine feminine within her body the field she surrounds her self within is the divine masculine.  Wholeness of each at all times.

Keeping in mind, they were not physical bodies but big ass serpent bodies.  So each of their “tails” started exterior to the emerald city sphere to the right and left sides, curved upwards at the bottom center point of the sphere and at the entrance point, became entangled.  Creating a perfect spiral of energy all the way up their torso and the neck and head area were not entangled, but set up on the same side as their tails, but inside the emerald city.  I just realized, that their intertwined torso snake bodys, wrapped around each other 9 times.  Their “legs” allow for their important individuality while the torso merges together.

The way their teams set up this visual, this should be how they work together, which they do not… yet.  They received a lot of homework!!!  And thru their homework, came amazing revelations about the body.

Now they were both situated like naked barbie and ken dolls inside my office (thank god, I don’t need to be seeing anyone’s nether regions!!)

Power Points (not to be confused with chakras.)


To make this visual perfectly clear, I snagged a braid off the internet to use as a visual.  However, unlike hair, our braided sections are not really uniform.  The yellow stars in the visual represent “power points” thru the body.

The power points however, are uniform.  Each power point is the braided section above three braided sections (see why I need a visual aide lol.)

Going from the ground us, there is a power point at the ankles, then the knee’s, then the center of the hips (as opposed to the side of the body.)

The next section of power points started at the bottom center of the torso, at the groin area.  It was explained that from the groin to the clavicle, there are 9 additional power points.

The neck, head or arms were explained in yesterday’s session.  Their homework had to focus here before moving on.

Homework!!  Do not even try this is with a partner that is still dealing with inner issues (still moving thru the collectives within Gaia.)

It was explained to them that the place where they live is not resonant with the energies of the emerald city (and sure if, they explained why, as well.)  So they are going to have to create a “carpet” of energy beneath their feet in order for any of this homework to be done.

Standing naked, facing each other (the distance apart didn’t really matter) they were to bring the energy of the emerald city thru them and out their feet and sending,one at a time, a wave of this energy to the other.  Keep doing this until you can feel the higher vibrational “carpet’ holding steady below the feet.

Then, starting at the power point at the ankle, one sends out a stream of energy from only that point, to connect with their partners power point in the same location.  Do this with the eyes closed, so you can feel the energy instead of picking up visual cues and (mis)interpreting it as energy felt.  One the partner experiences the energy, retracts…. ALWAYS retract your energy back into yourself.

Then allow the partner to send you their energy from this power point.  Continue with the exercise all the way up thru the last power point at the clavicle.

Don’t think this needs to be done in one standing.  Zooming thru any exercise is so not the point.  Integration and intimate familiarity, IS!!

Once your rocking this, next…  At the same time, again, starting at the ankle, send out a stream of energy midway to your partner.  You should feel the two power streams connect at the center between you.  A merging of the energies.  Retract, then go up to the knee, repeat all the way up to the clavicle.

After you are completely familiar with the merging of each power point energy together, now again, starting at the ankle and working upwards, extend to the center, merge but do not retract.  Go to the next power point, merge, next… all the way up.

I was super stunned and excited to see the outcome once the visual exercise was completed.  A third body was formed between then, an energy body.  It did not have a human form, long and about a foot wide sparking with electricity… energy.

Once they can hold (and at least one of them see) this energy body they have created, it gets really fun.  OMG, I cannot believe my memory of this final detail of their homework, of unifying ) braiding the three together as one… was just wiped from my memory in details.  Can I just say… sex was involved lol.  Shit!!

My own melt down aside, spirit is saying this part is not to be shared outwards yet.  There are too many “couples” that think they are both aligned for this energy fusion, but are not.  It will be good practice to do the above exercise, for the enhancement of the partner still coming into full clarity of Self (non judgement, and non conditional expression.)

What can create miraculous results can also do great harm when misaligned from the start.  So…

We do have a second session after they do the final part of their homework.  I wanna see the arms and heads part!! lol  I am so nosey!! lol

With all that, I have got to ponder the solo adventurist!  It was explained differently in a reading a few days ago about our “keys” (which power points were never mentioned.)  The torso, from groin to clavicle, has 11 vibrational keys within it and the head itself, is the 12th key that must always be played with any of the other 11 keys within the torso.  I use the word “keys” because the visual was like keys on a piano…

Ya know, I liked the old body better lol.  7 chakras was easy to understand and use!!  12 keys in the torso, 9 power points in the torso and 3 in the legs (totalling 12, so far)  and we barely uncovered the full matrix of our new bodies…

I am going to close here for today.  Just for the record, the field is shifting/expanding and contracting again.  The upper part expanding causing contraction to the lower part of the spherical gig called the emerald city.  Thank god today is a day off.  So until tomorrow…

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of powerful keys of creation to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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The Friction of Sex, the Creation of Orgasms. Oh My ;-)


What I completely missed yesterday, until my ride to work, is the combination of readings on Thursday the 9th and what we had seen the day of the eclipse were partnered in this story.  The blending of pure love and truth from Thursday created the spiral pattern and what I see as the structures forming the 12 sections.  I don’t even know how I didn’t get that correlation, but it was important enough for my team to make sure I knew.  OHHHHHH and another thing I didn’t realize either, my jesus christ superstar dude, and my AA Michael with liquid sword of truth flowing and blending, both men!!  Two back to back divine masculine energies, creation becoming manifest.  Let’s take a moment to lean in our just how vitally important our men, our divine masculines in physicality is/are!!  (We see multiples, but there is only ever one.)

Also, another important tid bit of information that came thru the other day that I sooo forgot to include yesterday…

I was showing my lovely lady how to use the magic that she is naturally doing for the emerald city, and how to use it as part of her personal creation field.  Heer body, primarily her spine, had 12 keys to it (like the keys on the piano) and a constant key called the head.  In the old body the head had three energy centers, the crown, the third eye and part of the throat chakra.  Now, it is all one system, for those living within the emerald city (there are so many going thru their energetic and biological changes that this is not has not yet fulfilled itself.)

When we were looking at how to work the keys, and focused outcome thru the harmonizing, of course, I brought the outcome to a central point outside out body.  It was put quite adamantly that there is no outside.  There is no inside.  There is no longer a separation of what we are doing and what is happening.  There is no “outcome” there is just “come” (ohhh that sounds kinda sexual lol.)

Even this inner work and outer work was purposeful getting to here.  We had to separate in order to fully understand ourselves, body and soul.

Actually, lol (what a way to start a day) we are coming back to our sexual body and orgasm.  Orgasm is the result of the movement of intense energy, it happens in and our at the same time.  A whole body/soul experience.  So too, does our creation.  As we learn to harness that energy, what we call kundalini and orgasm out various upper points of our body, that is creation creating.  That is how we play our piano (smile.)  Not that we have to be having sex, but movement of energy, beyond the normal day-to-day energy we use and barely notice.  The moment we consider orgasm is the moment of creation, which is you, not outside, not even inside.

Now let me skip to the last reading I was able to do yesterday.  My time is short this morning, so I have to condense.

My lady showed up looking like a towel.  Now imagine this towel is placed in a hole in a wall and being pulled back and forth, in and out… that is what she looked like going thru one of these cross sections.  Creating friction.  Jezuz, spirit must have sex on their mind this morning… think about sex, in and out, friction and ecstasy/orgasm and creation, all one and the same!!  I never even for a moment, thought about it like that yesterday!! lol

What I was seeing as taking place from this friction she was creating, was a brand new what spirit only called the flower of life.  There were these amazing, radiant, multicolored geometric shapes that I have never ever seen before, interconnecting and becoming wider and elongated.  it was made perfectly clear, this is not an individual creation, but for the all.  The emerald city is the flower of life and each of us an intricate part of the whole, not separate as have seen our own selves getting to here.  I hope I am making this clear.

What I did not expect at all, she would be the last thing I had seen yesterday.  I had already done three readings, clearly and enthusiastically and then wham… shut down for my last 3.  WTH??

Something else was happening that I only notice about an hour later.  My freakin back, thru the kidneys hurt, well was intensely achy.  Not pain but true discomfort spreading from my left and right sides.

When I attempted to connect to what would be my second blank, I did what I do best, bitch.  Instantly I could see something that looked like a fire funnel, not made of fire, but the energy and coloring was in the fire spectrum (just like the main art I used today,) starting at the top of the earth’s atmosphere, elongated down about a foot or two, turned itself upwards and the wide part of the funnel was now at the back side of the emerald city orb.  I really have no clue what its fullness means, but let me tell ya… towel lady started friction in me and then closed down the field!!  Powerful!!!

When I got home, OMG was I a stink bomb!!  I mean, literally the body odor was unpleasant to even my own nose!!

On that note, its shower time!!  Y’all rock my world more and more these days and dare I say, without delay!!  Phew baby!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) filled with the orgasms of creation, creating to and thru the All!!!

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The New Field and Our Enhancements!


Imagine my delightful surprise when the field was crystal clear yesterday, at least visually, mentally my brains were vibrational soup by the end of my day.  Phew baby!!!  It was explained thru one of the readings that our event, caused by all the energy on the earth yesterday, happened several days prior (wednesday and thursday.)  All the energies come from above the earth realm, to the earth realm and since the emerald city is just above the earth realm, it not only made sense, in some weird way validated for me what we have been seeing and understanding these last two months.  However, the energies coming thru the reading… holy shivering shit batman!!  My whole energy system, starting from the brains down, were rendered useless after my last reading.

I think what I am going to do today, instead of individuating the details with everyone’s amazing view and understanding, that built on onto the next, I’m just going to blend them all into one wide view.

The emerald city, for the next couple weeks, is back to spherical, but a bedazzled sphere!!  Look straight onto this intense, energetic spewing sphere, all I could think of were the lines on a globe that represent latitude and longitude, they formed that pattern.  But instead of being flat, they were about 2 inches wide and about 2-3 inches raised up from the surface, but not separate from the surface.  These lines were all an intense white, but not just plain white, depending on how I cast my vision onto them, they sparked, like when the sun hit new fallen snow.  The surface that I could see in between these lines were in a color spectrum I have never seen before and our teams said, its never been on this side of the created realm before.  Of course, color is always equal to energy output.  The closest color I can relate it to would be gold, but its not any variation of gold I had never seen.

It wasn’t until my 2nd reading, did it become clear these latitudes looking lines were not circles around the sphere, but a continuous spiral that started at the very top, blending for a hot second with one of the longitude lines (and please know, these lines have nothing to do with longitude and latitude, they just help me in this story,) before circling outwards.  Same at the bottom.

The word nazi’s working overtime in my head yesterday… this is NOT a grid either.  Grids are only needed at the gaia level, where individuation and separation is still prominent. My first lady came up with a word that worked well.. this is the framework that we are seeing and experiencing.

What I am calling the latitude lines was revealed to be the framework for the 12 tribes or sections.  The spiral is pure Source energy, but not just energy and not really matter either, something in between the two.  The image I get is when water is forming into ice, but not yet ice and no longer fluid… crystallizing and remaining in that state during this phase.

What we have really got to understand, that working with energy in the emerald city, is nothing like working with the energies we are all so familiar with on earth.  I am still trying to wrap my mind around the how…

My first lady showed up with this large lightening bold looking thing in her hand.  It must have been an easy, 4 feet long.  Same white substance as the framework.  It was purposely created in a lightening bolt form to represent energy.  Taking pure energy for whatever it is she is working on, freezing it, or making it solid… and since she is already doing this thru the greater all of the emerald city, I watched as she took this lightening bolt and with an intense force, shoved it into one of the intersecting areas where the lines crossed each other.  Wild woman!!  That was borderline violent!! lol This is when the water analogy was presented.  First the energy had to be fluid, like water.  Her intention solidifies the energy for use, then the intensity of the thrust, melds it into whatever she is working on.

I was able to follow her thrust at the intersecting point she was working on to see what happened inside.  This tiny little spiral spring looking thing started to grow in the energy of blues, violet and red, blending into each other, elongating and then the next thing I see, ever everyone standing in the center of this sphere who are actively working with the emerald city energy, there isn’t a whole lot of people here, but there doesn’t need to be either,.  These little spirals were reaching out to everyone’s head, at the back of the head just above the base, exactly where my indent formed a few weeks ago.  About an inch above the base of the skull.  I think we can look at this as our new Source fed, umbilical cord!!

My last lady, she was straight out of the Cinderella story in visual.  Outside in the field, she was a Light infused bluebird stringing this endless light ribbon around the intersecting points, as well as creating spirals with her ribbon on some of the up and down lines.

When I shifted my vision to inside my office (I am not even aware anymore when I do that lol) suddenly, in the upper field of my vision was the fairy godmother, Cinderella getting fitted for her ballroom dress and the bluebird trimming her dress with the blue ribbon.  It was explained that she embodied all three.  She was the one with the magic, the one experiencing the magic and the one helping to enhance the magic.  Thru her it was explained that we can look at the sphere of the emerald isle in relationship of “the ball” in the story.  Then I got to see the shifting into March… once again, another massive shift after the second lunar eclipse this month.  This ball or sphere suddenly started to open like flower petals opening, only now, I felt connected to I dream of Jennie’s bottle, it was so elegantly furnished as the four quadrants opened up and lowered themselves towards the ground.  Bringing in the power of Jennie too.

Before I get too ahead of myself, our story, I want to come back to my middle lady of the day and the creamy middle of this story!!


Hey!!  I found a visual that can work with this part of the wonder!!  So if we look at the lines that go up and down, they create 12 sections. The red line in the center, would actually create the 13st part.  The thing that not only holds it all together in the center, but also that can work in harmony, effortlessly with all 12 sections at once.  Just like in the Jesus story, he worked in harmony with the 12 apostles and they worked in harmony with him.  If even just one did not show up, nothing would work at All.  That is, in the grander capabilities of what can be done with all 13 are at the ground level of creation. Let me be perfectly clear as her team was yesterday, on the ground level, together in the same space, together… working our magic.

I was reminded several times yesterday, what I am looking at, in a flat kind of 3D way, is actually multidimensional.  But we are rising this visual because it is a perfect base to start from.

There are things we can do on our own, using the 12 sections, but there are many things we must be together for.  Her teams example… turning water into wine.  Which, of the energy conversions, would be the easiest when we perfect our craft, because we are staying in liquid form.  Turning bread into fish, that is a bit more dynamic!

As we were talking about the center posts (if you will) it was then revealed there are 12 of these humans currently incarnated.  Which means, there will be 12 of the 12!  And she blurted out.. ohhhh that is 144!!  Yes!!  I don’t know what the hell that means, but baby I felt it!! lol

This precious lady from the UK happens to be here in Florida right now, expanding on Marco Island.  I just happened to block off the week of the equinox cuz I thought I was going to be getting my teeth done/pulled and implanted… at this point, that’s not looking too hopeful.  So screw it, I am heading to marco island the 19th thru the 22nd.  She already booked a condo for us, and I have two people in mind to join us and she has one.  Now if we can get everyone’s schedule to link up!!

Speaking of bodies (giggle,) I have gained 40 freakin pounds this year!!  Holy chit batman!!  I have once again, gone on my 1200 calorie diet to loose nothing at all.  And its pesky when you can hear your body… this is needed, for now.  Thank god the for now ended yesterday.  We are now focused on shedding what was needed to get to here.  I am doing a 2 day fast, today is day 2… easy peasey!!  Then a veggie and egg diet and then who knows what.  This releases what was accumulated to get to here… and new energy cells will be presented when the moment is correct.  Talk about a yo yo!! lol  But thats how my body rolls.  Dammit!! lol

As always, there is so much more to share, I just am not sure how to bring it fully down into words, yet.  Then again, today is another day filled with wonder and revelations!!

I almost forgot about this really important part, I was reminded when I found the main art for this sharing.  I don’t have but a few minutes before I have to leave, so I am going to condense it.  lol  Or try!!

With my second lady, there were these dull yellow flowers (the color yellow was dull, not bright) at every crossing section of the up and down lines and spiral.  It was explained, they are using the image of the 4 petal flower multidimensionally and several meanings at once.  It represents the fullness of Shambhala.  The flower of life as a whole, not individuated like on earth.  Geez, several other things too… but I am crossed between sharing that and needing to go.  At least I planted here, will open it more tomorrow.  Love ya’s!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with the fullness of Source made Manifest thru YOU!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas

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Concepts turned to living reality experiences.  It is what we are all practicing, living, from the mundane to the spiritual (not that there is any difference, the mundane and spiritual are one and the same thing.)  Whether it is an invention idea that someone has, a business model floating around in someone’s head, or the spiritual abilities we have suddenly felt inspired to bring to our day-to-day life, it is all conceptual made into actuality.

For this earth to become the living kingdom of the emerald city, we must become multidimensional in full consciousness, in full application of what that means.  But what does that really really really mean??  We have fragments that we have already applied, for example, our natural state of empathy, of being empathic.  The ability to feel others emotions.  Every living thing, is empathic.

That said, we have kinda melted the wirings of this amazing, interconnected field of Life. Thru conditioning, we have misplaced the discernment of what we are feeling that is ours and what is coming from others. Especially when we are trained, and it truly is training straight from babyhood, to stay in the fear vibration.  An individual and collective clog in the pipeline!

My own clog was so thick and deep I developed gallbladder disease, when that was removed, I developed ulcers and G.E.R.D. and for the better part of my life, previous to age 38 (when I started meditation) I also suffered, to the point of repetitive suicide attempts, S.A.D.

Proactive meditation did for me, what 30 years of therapy could not.  Unclogged my clog and restored health.  But more than becoming ulcer free, I started to be able to discern what I was feeling as opposed to what I was carrying around that was not mine.  I was also taught how to keep others emotions outside of my core.  Understand what they felt, but not own them as my own feelings.

So I had to look up the meaning of clairsentient, because for some crazy reason, we have decided that our own empathic ability is completely different from clairsentient, and even the definition:  “Clairsentience, which means clear sensing, is the ability to feel the present, past or future physical and emotional states of others, without the use of the normal five senses. Psychics who are clairsentient are able to retrieve information from houses, public buildings and outside areas.”  Is kinda bullshit…. confusing.  “Clear feeling,” that’s all clairsentience means.  Empathic: “showing an ability to understand and share the feelings of another.”

It is all completely unifying ALL our senses, not eliminating any of them.  Ya think about the 5 “Clairs” in psychic talk, clair meaning “clear” clearing hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling and tasting.  Clear is the key word!!  Not experiencing thru the ego, but thru the soul that you are.

If we looked at ourselves like a lug wrench… the four extensions that plug onto the lug of a wheel, we would say one extension is hearing, another seeing, another smelling, and the other tasting.  The thing that binds it all together in strength and usability is at the center, feeling.  The truth strength of the soul that gives understanding to the other 4 parts.

Not a single human, past present of to come, is born any different.  We are All That. The question is… how much is a person willing to invest in themselves to open themselves fully up?  I am not talking money investment, just time and effort.  I didn’t spend a penny to open my channels, just a lot of bath time… A LOT!!

We bring this all up because of a profound experience that happened yesterday.  A friend is in from Hawaii getting her mother, who is in the early stages of dementia, ready to go into an assisted living environment.  I went to Tampa to have lunch with this lovely lady and I got to meet and hug her mama before we ventured off.  We enjoyed a few hours of margaritas and mexican food and a conversation how our journeys with our mothers are very parallel to each others.  I talked about some childhood stuff, we talked about the narcissistic ways of our mothers coming up and how much they have changed in the last phase of their life, to become almost a different person.

Imagine our surprise, when arriving back to the house, her mother said “Nadja told me how difficult your life had been and how similar our relationship is to you and your mothers.”  As her mom was talking to me, the energy field she spoke from, was not that of a remembering a conversation she had with her daughter, and her daughter said “I never told you any of that mom.”  I knew she was there are the dinner table with us, not in body obviously, with all off her multidimensional sensed intact.  I could feel her in a way I never felt anyone before as she talked.  Her empathy and love was so strong as she recalled our dinner conversation.  I even smiled and said…. you were at the dinner table with us, weren’t you.  She smiled, I couldn’t stop hugging her.  The love I felt, coupled with this brand new, emotional experience we were having… opened a door to our next phase of evolution within each other.

I have decided this morning, dementia is as misunderstood as the use of empathy and clairsentience is misunderstood.

Witnessing a personality change.  Over dinner, Nadja and I talked about how different our mothers personalities had become.  As if we are looking at two very different people.

Instantly, my memory came back this morning of a moment I had with my son, oddly enough, at a mexican diner.  I had not seen him in 4 years and came to stay with him for a while.  We had only been together several weeks, when I took him to have some mexican food and he said to me.. something burned forever in my mind and heart “Mom, you have changed so much, I don’t know who you are any more.”  I thanked him for noticing and explained I have worked my ass off over these last 4 years to change.  So I had to ask, “how do you feel about it,” his reply, again forever etched in my soul “I don’t know because I don’t know how it will affect me.”   Obviously, it turned out better than good!!

Dementia is the person’s soul unclogging the pipeline, opening them up to their true persona, their truest self.  Melding other lifetime experiences into this one, removing the facade that served as their survival mechanism… all thru the wiring of the brain, the chemicals that make up and keep changing our bodies and thought processes, our persona.

I am going back next Thursday to pick her soul for information and understanding 😉

That said, it does give me a new fire within myself about this whole emerald city thing.  My team has been on me about getting a new workshop together, binding 4 at a time, people within the emerald city landscape together in skills, then weaving together 12 (so it would be 3 groups of 4, initially) as a fully functioning wheel, together.  First, via the internet then crucially, in person.  I am still working out the details to make it functionable as a whole workshop together.  It is intricate and more than I have ever done before.  However, having this experience last night… I know where we are headed!!  It’s just how to get there together with the same 12 core people.

Enjoy today’s full moon eclipse, comet infused, sun radiance day!!  May the field be viewable thru it all!!

I love you all so much.  You hold my lug nuts together (smile.)

Big big heart expanding, heaven evoking ((((HUGZ)))) to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 9, 2017

Living, Being Multidimensional and the Full Moon Eclipse!


The night before last, I woke up just after midnight cuz I had to potty.  As my eyes opened I became aware of this loud booming base sound that my mind registered as thunder.  It stayed audible as I walked to the potty, sat down, started to pee, and it even became louder, as if it was coming in thru my small bathroom window behind me, without ever breaking.  My mind decided that thunder doesn’t act like that, maybe something is blowing up outside, maybe it’s an ET craft hovering outside my bathroom.  When I finished doing my business, the moment I got up to look out the window, that boom finally stopped and an avalanche of rain replaced it.

This thunder lasted about 5 minutes long.  For a hot second, I knew it could not be thunder, but when I seen and heard the rain, my mind resigned to acknowledging what I heard was thunder.

The physical mind is designed, sort of, maybe better stated, we have locked it into this place of assigning familiar experiences of our past, to a new experience we may be in.. When we experience something, no matter what that something is, the mind is busy going thru something we have already experienced to assign a value, a familiarity to the experience.

Imagine my surprise when I was talking to my friend that lives on a sailboat where my office is located, he heard zero thunder.  He said he was up all night because of the storm and he experienced no long drawn out thunder, or any thunder.  My first thought was, that’s impossible.  My office is barely 5 miles away from my house.

Instantly I remembered the communication thru my silver pole lady that I wrote about yesterday.  The pause point, the sound of the big bang, the storms that show up thru the earth in pause points…. hmmmmmmmm.  I love it when my soul mind and mental mind are functioning together.  lol

Having had this conversation before my first reading, I was not completely surprised when all I seen was the rug on my floor.  However, given the intense energy that came thru the readings the day prior, I really was not surprised at all.  I was grateful tho, I could not see, but my hearing was intact.  So the conversations were illuminating.

My bath meditation the other day, the first and only one I have experienced since being here  in Florida, I was a little bummed out about the monotone experience or the fact we never went any higher than my shower head.  I even asked my trio let’s go somewhere, let’s have a huge experience like we used to do.  Their reply was stunning and for that solitary moment, disappointing.

They explained that my bathtub meditations were equal to a child receiving their first tricycle.  The speedy adventures a child can have on their trike.  They can go places they never were able to go before, and quickly.  As the child grows, the trike no longer serves the same purpose, it’s too small, the knees are hitting the handle bars and they have outgrown the trike, but the mind does not see it that way.  Instead, it remembers all the amazing journeys it experienced and wants more in the same way, thru the same venue.

The tricycle was only there to allow us to experience speed and balance and new adventures until we could hold our S/self in that speeded up state (what many refer to as ascension) to be able to experience all the dimensions at will, any place, any time.

I have said something similar for a decade, “the more you meditate, the less you have to meditate.”  I just never realized it would one day, become a very clunky way of getting around.  Not only that, what was once sooooo expansive, becomes limiting as well.  Dammit.

We do this with so many bits and pieces of our lives… we do not allow ourselves to outgrow what was once so efficient, to allow a new, expanded reality to take place.  When we say “expand my territory” spirit is nothing thinking mundane, as we do (excuse me, I have done.)   Instead, that phrase is requesting an expansion in our spiritual Life, abilities, understandings, experiences.  And yet, so often spirit expands it and we are back tracking to the familiar.  We are so human lol.

When we do allow for a true expansion, everything shifts within us.  We bring in more and more multidimensional energies, abilities and thought forms.  We start to have experiences very few other people experience, even in our mundane life, because we are no longer living in just one reality, but many with vibrational differences, that others are  not yet vibrationally aligned to and therefore, not a part of their reality experience.  (God I hope this is making sense lol.)  Plus, we must allow the new to become a part of our reality construct, which means keeping the mental mind expanding in your own personal soul gym!!  For as long as we have a biological body, there will always be integration and expansion.  All-ways.

So that thing I thought was thunder, was not.  It was something similar to the big bang of creation (which was not the only or even the first big bang and far from the last.)  My friend at the marina could not hear it because it was not in his plane of reality existence.

So, keep at heart, there is no  wrong or inaccurate, for anyone.  We are all viewing life thru the dimensions… the expanded or limited and/or evolving territories of our lives.  Together, thru all the planes of existence, we are weaving together a brand new tapestry called Life…. Experiencing.  Meaning, there are those who are just awakening to the grander reality of Life, those awakened and applying, those applied and now building.  Every morsel crucial to Life’s evolution.  Stories overlapping, blending together like the facets of a diamond, the facets of god made manifest thru every living thing.

Keeping in mind as well, those awakening feel like their story is brand new, never heard of before, and to them it is!!  And we must celebrate that for them.  It actually becomes old news for us, our job is not to devalue their much-needed excitement and understandings at all, but to celebrate their moment, because it is sooooo important, but not make their moment yours, lest we retract back into a dimension (and dimension really isn’t the correct word, but close enough to understand) and lose our footing in the expansion.  And at the same time, assist in their own expansion as you assist your own!!  (I hope this is understandable, words are so pesky!!)

And how perfect is the fact that tomorrow, Friday night, February 10, 2017 brings the Full Snow Moon—as well as a penumbra lunar eclipse (in Leo) and the close approach of a comet.  It begins at 5:34 p.m. on February 10 with best viewing at 7:44 p.m. This is a very subtle kind of eclipse which may appear like a darker-than-usual Moon. It’s easiest to view from the eastern portions of North America, as it will be too light in the western time zones.  (taken from the farmers almanac)

Not only do we have the moon doing its thing, a comet adding its glory, the sun is set up for us too (from spaceweather this morning:) NEW SUNSPOT: A new sunspot is breaking through the surface of the sun’s northern hemisphere, and it is crackling with C-class solar flares. These are minor explosions, which could intensify if the sunspot continues to grow.

Can I just say… pamper yourself this whole weekend!  Allow without any expectation or historical association of anything.  And be ready… for what, I don’t know, but I do hear that!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) of fuel, of magic, of Life Changing energy to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. FULL MOON SPECIAL, now thru February 12th.  Take 11.11% off all packages!!  Use coupon code: Light

P.S.S.  The Kitchen Sink Special click here.  (Consists of the two books I have written and many workshops I have done to help us all grow, connect and expand.  Full details on my website.)

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