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No Limits on Reaching for the Fruits of Your Life!!

reach higher

What a freakin wild ride day one was and the visuals… num num num… But before I go on about the amazingness of you, of the field and you together.  I so gotta share the ongoing wonder of my sons amazing world.  I mean, a true living example of how this intensity of magnetics work, now.  When he came out of that interview having the most wonderful job on earth, his excitement, his gratitude was over the top.  I told him I wish I was there to go out and have a celebratory drink with him, but instead a friend of his got to go instead.  He went to a chinese restaurant and ordered a Scorpion Bowl, not something filled with food, but alcohol which is a $20 investment!  His friend bought the first one he bought a second one.

scorpian bowl

The magic of joyful gratitude was so high, the waiter took $15 off the price.  So instead of paying $40 they ended up only having to pay $25!!  While he is celebrating with his drink on get one special (smile) a friend of his puts on his facebook that she has 2 tickets to Fenway park that night to see the red sox play… she cannot go, does anyone want them.  He raised his hand and was instantly blessed with a pair of tickets worth $600 that came with sitting at your own private bar to watch the game.  He said he didn’t get there until about the 7th inning, the red sox were down one run.  Three more pitches after they arrived, the red sox batter hit a home run and the crowd went crazy and the red sox went on to win the game.  A photo from his awesome seats:

fenway park

As he was telling me all this all I could feel is this is how the universe celebrates you, celebrating yourself.  It has magical ways of showing up, applauding your alignment with the joy of life and kissing you right smack dab on the lips.  But you must show up dressed for the occasion (emotional dress of course!!)

Let’s take this incredible, wonderful experience of my sons and wrap it around the energy of my first lady in the field, who equally lives like my son does, putting herself out there, creating, energizing, no waiting, just doing.

Her visual left me drooling for the rest of the day.  There she was all Cleopatra style on this chariot being carried forth by 6 (3 on each side) of the hottest, half-naked men.  Adonis style.  OMG, their ripped, bronze bodies sweaty and glistening from the sunlight.  Forget her, my eyes were trained on this freaking scrumptious men!!  Sorry, still got Magic Mike embedded in me somewhere.


She was sitting just like that, on something very similar except it was made of a tight weave of Light blue something or another.  Now this is one hellofa way to kick off August!  Other than tantalizing our girlie senses inside, there really was a huge expression thru the visual.  Everyone one of us is the divine feminine, the dreamer of this world we live within.  I don’t care what your body is, it has nothing to do with that.  Life itself, the divine masculine, here to carry your dreams into reality, effortlessly.  3 on each side, action and communication must happen.  Put the two 3’s together you have 33, christed energy, LIVING fully in spirit here on earth.  Life is sexy, it IS sexual, it is fertile and it is Here to serve your desires, for as long as they aren’t embedded with judgement and stuff… that would be the filtered earth, a very different scenario, which I have not seen yet.

You can easily put my sons few days into this chariot of life, he showed up, put excited emotion out there thru all the doors he could find, life came back, picked his whole body up and not only pointed him in the direction of phenomenal career, but the way celebrate the day prit-near for free too!!

Effortless living is happening now, thru you!!!

I mentioned yesterday my soundbar died, and it really did.  So I thought.  I tried everything to get that system to work, even pulled up troubleshooting thingies from the web, nothing worked.  Seeing all the magic show up in the readings yesterday, for shits and giggles, I turned my TV on then turned my soundbar on… holy miracles, it worked effortlessly!!  Geez, I just spent $166 for a new one, now I don’t need it.  I spent the day turning if on, off, up, down… just to see if it stopped working again.  Nope.  All I could think is, I don’t need this new one, and I really don’t want it.  The one I have is actually wonderful, as long as it’s working. A part of me started to feel guilty at the thought of canceling my new purchase since it wasn’t shipped out yet.  I kept hearing the very thing that came thru the field “life is not like humans, it doesn’t care if you say thanx, but no thank you.”  Every single time I started to feel bad about canceling that order, my team repeated that sentence over and over.  I canceled it.

My magical garbage can, which really does make me freakin smile every time I throw something away, is a vivid reminder of how we work now.  Wave our hand over life itself, it opens doors/lids for you effortlessly.  Just like my cleopatra lady!!

I had another lady show up, and her visual too, is burned in my heart.  There she was, standing in the center of her life, all normal size when suddenly she grew really freakin tall, easily 10-15 feet tall and as she grew, she was leaning forward into what we would perceive as her near future.  Suddenly I seen a partial tree a few feet in front of her with high hanging fruit on it, very specifically, a pear!!  Because she instantly grew tall enough to reach that pear, she plucked it off the tree.

The fruit of her life is in front of her, yes, some things may seem out of reach, but if you can remember… excuse me, KNOW you are as large as you perceive yourself, nothing is ever out of reach, unless you declare it to me.  You are loaded with magic, and incredible carriers of your hearts desires into your created world of matter.

I also know why her team used a pear, I had just looked up the calorie content of a pear and holy cow, was not expecting near a 100 calories in one little pear!!  I am not dieting but am still very mindful of how much calories I am consuming.  I bought two pears when i went grocery shopping and was seriously considering giving them away.  But thru the magic of my ladys reading, nothing is to rich, to high, too caloric if it brings you pleasure and joy.  Nothing is stored that isn’t used, nothing rots in this life… unless you give the energy to.  Judgement, bias, old thoughts in a new world manifest faster than the speed of light.

My fruitful lady is buying a house that does seem out of her reach, higher than she thinks she can afford or land.  But her team said, know inside that all she has to do is lean into her desire and the field of life (those sexy, sexy men lol, sorry, I’m obsessed now lol) will carry the dream into reality, no matter how high it may seem.  But we also have to allow the universe to use its creative forces to bring it to us, we must act on it and whoomp there it is!!

Like my son, if he didn’t go have big ass drinks, there would be no discount that he was gifted.  If he didn’t look at his facebook at the exact right moment and raise his hand instantly, there would be no free $600 seats to a red sox game.  YOU must show up in your life and participate by leaning in… no more working your ass off to have something, just lean in my beautiful magicians.  KNOW with all you have, something is already working out.

There were several people still undergoing intense energy stuff… I don’t even know what to call it, infusions, alignments, neither the right word/expression, but we don’t have the words in our vocabulary to say it accurately.  For some it will last the first 3 full days of August, others a bit longer.  All perfect, intense.  Like my filet master I wrote about a couple of weeks back.  His skin is now that membrane of acceleration, he has 3 lightning bolts coming in 3 hour intervals over the next 3 days.  Talk about 3 and 33 energy!! The action and communication of Christ!!!

On that note, I gotta go buckle myself in before my day starts today.  The energies are so high, so rarefied my head has a really hard time keeping up with everyone on my dance card.  Of course, my insane calendar keeps putting 7 appointments on a day, which should be impossible… but… nothing is impossible any longer!!

I love you, my christed, fruit bearing, fertility gods and goddesses of life!!  Thank you for rocking my world all-ways!!  Ohh, just an added note from my team, remember, you are not only the dreamer, you may be the very thing making someones dream come true… god and goddess lives within you!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of… well… everything!!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Gotta share a funny video from my first lady that she shared with me!!  Damn, I cannot embed this clip, so just click here to watch a clip from “The History of the World.” So funny, yet, so fitting too!!!






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Welcome to the Abundant, Amazing Field of August!!!

work that energy

Well here we are, August numero uno!!! YAY??  Dammit if I don’t feel any different today than I did yesterday.  I was really hoping 10 years would have fallen off while I slept, but nope, the mirror still reflects the silly old me today.  But that’s ok, I love that chick in the mirror.  Mentally I am pretty damn sure I am regressing tho!! Or is that digressing??  lol :-p Alright, enough silliness…

Can I just ask, do you fully realize just how extraordinary you are?  How filled and surrounded with amazing creative energy your body and life is??  How much, your passionate heart altered everything??  I see you and the changes that are taking place because YOU are in life, day after day.  You change me every single day.  I Am better, because You are in my life.  I am honored, and humbled, and beyond grateful that you keep showing up day after day.  And without fail, you always give me something new to look at, to ponder, to take deeper into our collective understanding.  Just thank you so much for filling my world, altering my mind, the way only You can.

And yesterday I had a lot to ponder.  A couple of weeks ago, I talked about seeing that opening at the end of this year.  A foot wide opening as this year ends that was filled with intense white light and was releasing subatomic particles that was billowing to our current timeline, which is where I had seen that membrane that stretched as high and wide as my eyes could see in the center of August.  I am not sure how it happened, but yesterday thru a few of the readings, it moved to Here, the gateway between July and August, but now, billowing upwards to fill in all the nooks and crannies of life.  What I hear right is spirit saying it is a subsystem of the main system.  In the simplest of terms, it is intensifying the magnetic flow of life, thru you and to you.  So the air itself is highly magnetic, your energy field within your body, highly magnetic.

For those who have linked up the ego mind with the soul mind, look out baby, this is truly going to be the time of your life!! If you thought things were magical before, that was just the pre-party!!!  But let me tell ya, you must show up, be present and dress for the occasion!!!  You are more an active participant now than ever before.

Something I learned yesterday, these intense weather systems that we have seen, the 8 plus feet of snow in Massachusetts, the daily rain here in the desert, the storms, floods, earthquakes, volcanos and all the other things I am just not aware of, all serving to bring this energy forward.  To change the energy of the landmass to something different, more vibrant and ready for us crazy folks.  The ones who know they are made of magic.  ARE Magic.

You can certainly “blame” it on other things, like HAARP, Cern, bad ET’s, whatever, but that simply states you really don’t see the magic and I am really sorry about that.  If ya don’t see it, really understand the beautify of it, that equally means, you have no idea how to use it as an asset.  Instead, it leaves a gaping hole within your field that allows outside influences to influence you.  The magnetics of life are not biased, there is no good or bad, just intense within your field of vibrational understanding and output.

I do want to share what happened with my son yesterday.  What an amazing, living example of how this all works to the greatest degree.  My son is 32, lives this path like we do, understands it and shares himself thru it.  As I mentioned, he once again (not the first time with the company he has been working for) suddenly got laid off instead of going into work 2 days ago.  He took to craigslist, threw himself thru every door he could find seeking painters/contractors.  Sight unseen, 20 minutes later, he was hired by a company to start the next day for more money than he was making.  Within a few hours he had all kinds of offers and one in particular that really drew him in.  He chose to forgo the much-needed money job that started the next day to be in an interview with a company that really rocked his heart.  He showed up for the interview amongst several other guys seeking a job as well.  They made him prove he can paint, and let me tell you, my son can paint!!  They gave him a personality test and not only was he the only one hired on the spot, starting the next day, again for more money than he would have been making.  This company, with framed quotes from “The Secret” hanging upon their walls, knowing he gave up making money to be there for an interview, gave him $200 cash to compensate for his time!!  This job comes with full benefits and 8 paid holidays a year to include his birthday.  Can you imagine that??  A company that sees the day you were born as a holiday worth celebrating and paying you to enjoy??  That see’s the sacrifice of your desire and compensates you for it???

But then again, this is truly how my son ran his company when he was in Virginia.  Maybe not the benefits, he was still tweaking his cash flow, but he took care of his employees before he ever took care of himself.

With that, I suddenly get a remembrance of a reading in the field a while back.  A lady who showed up and directly in front of her was a tri-fold full length mirror.  Imagine now, we all have this directly in front of us, less than a foot away from our bodies.  That means, the length of time of reflection back to you is close to instantaneous.  What you put out emotionally in the physical field of life flows in to BE your center path forward.

There is no reason in the world to be in a job, a home, an environment you don’t love and that may not even love you.  Put yourself out there, throw yourself thru all the doors you can find, that which is resonate with who you are, will be tripping over themselves to get you!!  Sit around and wish you were somewhere else doing something else, that is creating a gap between you and what you could have.

This is not held to just employment.  A couple of years ago I decided to get a soundbar for my TV.  I LOVE my 60″ big screen TV but the speakers inside of it, crappy.  When it rains, I could not hear the TV on full blast over the rain.  I bought a refurbished, inexpensive soundbar from ebay and loved it up until yesterday, it died.  Dammit.  It was not the one I had wanted back then.  I wanted wireless subwoofer, I would have liked more surround sound speakers, but I would not invest more than $100, for you.. yes, for me, ain’t happening.  It worked well enough for the two years I had it and that’s fine.  But going back to TV speakers…. ewwww.  I gotta have a new soundbar, and all I kept thinking of was my crazy magical new garbage can… Why not have the bells and whistles??  I took to amazon, found one refurbished that had a wireless subwoofer, two alternate exterior speakers and the soundbar too all for $150!!  I had money set aside for my bills that are not due anytime soon… and invested into my listening pleasure.  No guilt, no saying, but you don’t need that… there were others as cheap as $67, no subwoofer tho.  How can I rock my Pandora radio without the bass of a subwoofer??

So, the moral of the story here lol, life is moving things around, out of your way so you can have what you really wanted.  If we go into pissy mode and complain and grumble and not see the gift of it… well… thats on you, not the magic of the field of life!!

Nothing is ever as it seems!!

Happy, abundant, delicious August my friends, my beloveds!!

((((((HUGZ))))) filled with the music of life booming thru your cells!!!

Lisa Gawlas








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How’s Your Inner Attitude??

inner attitude

I love to witness the incredible magic of this life, especially thru my kids.  How the right attitude not only leads you to the right doors, but like I had seen in a reading several days ago, just walking past these doors flings them open for you.  Let me go into detail with these, there are so many nuggets we can all glean from my son’s experience yesterday.

As you know, I ended my blog yesterday with the sudden news my son got laid off unexpectedly from his job yesterday.  He didn’t even take time to grumble (much, for a minute with me, he did, but venting is a good thing, growing legs on it… not so much.)  He took himself to craigslist and sent out his resume to everyone that he thought he was a good fit in the painting/contracting world.  Within 20 minutes, he had his first job offer and was elated.  The job was making more money than he has been.  A couple of hours later, he had incredible job offers, more than he could imagine choosing from, with great companies who understood his plight and wanted to hire him ASAP.  This too gives way to a few of the readings I have seen and now I really understand it.  For some people I had several choices/opportunities and the field said, you don’t have to choose them all.  The field is not like humans, nothing is taken personally if you say, no, don’t want that one thank you.

Isn’t this a more exciting way to live life???  This is how we are meant to live, not struggling or second guessing where our next meal may come from.  My son is loaded with inner confidence about who he is and where he wants his life to go and the universe dropped the job that could not take him there and now lots of choice opportunities in a grander alignment of his path forward.

Yesterday in the field, it was still very much the energetics aligning now both body and airspace.  Stretching, pulling, tweaking and one even tea bag like, dipping up and down into the earth then topside.  Thru it all, we are all putting the final touches of choices in motion.  You may not realize it, but what you are holding onto with feeling, is a choice.

I can go into the opposite realm with a living example too.  I was reading the comments on the interview with me and Kelli in the Raw and seen a person say they do not agree with me, chemtrails are bad, Abraham (channeled by Esther) is bad, and there was not a positive thing in the several sentences written.  Let me assure you, I am not here to make anyone see the bright side of the dark, I could care less if you do or don’t, as long as I do, thats all that matters really.  However, I can see vividly why there MUST be a filtered earth, because if you believe strong enough that anything outside of you can harm you or hell, harm anyone around you, then you give your power away to that and invite it in as harm instead of love.  What you do to yourself is one thing, what you invoke for others… can we just say, bad karma coins.  Thank god for filters, otherwise that negative energy and expectation of that energy, would set up home in your body and life instantly!!!  I also got to see how “collectives” work in that little shout out too.  Like minds do truly gather and engage in like thoughts and give it more energy, more power.  This is what we call the “collective consciousness.”

So here we are, the last day of this phase as we step into August.  Well, those down under already stepped into august this morning, hurray for you, how’s it looking/feeling????  lol

Your inner attitude is seeding everything you are about to experience.  Are you feeling the wonder of you, the magic of life?  Or, are you still looking and fussing about anything that may be dark.  We have a choice of which garden we feed and grow for ourselves.  YOU are the miracle grow of life, use it wisely!!

Another short but sweet day.  Enjoy the kaboom of this moment into the next!!!  Sashay past all the doors you can, watch them swing open for you.  If they don’t, recalibrate your emotional field then do it again!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) of miracles in Love!!!

Lisa Gawlas





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Inner and Outer Electrical Work Finishing Up…


Are you enjoying this intense and bumpy slide into August.  Holy flipping heavens batman!!  So lets quickly do a recap of this past week or so, getting here to today.  We passed that “pivotal point” on the 23rd, only to find out we were in the midst of another system caused by entering that point.  That system being, the air becoming more highly charged with the energy of Light, a three day process.  Then the earth itself sliding on up higher and parking into the new airspace the day after the air was done.  Silly me, why did I not think for a moment when all that was done, WE had our turn to adjust.  Never even crossed my crazy mind until it was unavoidable.

On the 28th, thank god, a day off, but one I was going to enjoy with that wild and wonderful Kelli in the Raw!!  10am we had a date to discuss anything she wanted.  Well, talk about the electronics and internet juice being caught up in a wind of their own.  It took us an hour to get our connection anywhere near stable to do the show.  But I had experienced something similar the day before with an element of google.  Kelli does her interviews from google plus or circles or whatever that is called.  I do all my calling, incoming and outgoing, via google voice.  One of my readings the day before, once we finally got connected suddenly we disconnected and both of us could not get a call thru, she was getting a fast busy signal when calling me, I was getting one trying to call her back, I finally gave her my direct landline number and that cured it.

The satellites are going a bit buggy as our personal worlds are being rewired.  Just like with the air and earth, we are now in a similar vein of change.  The electrical connections all around us are changing, upgrading, downgrading all depending on where we are at within ourselves and where others are at within themselves.

A hazard of this outer electrical rewiring is that hazard it has on our sleep or lack there of.  With all this electricity zooming around, sleep seems non-existent.  That was my scenario the evening before Kelli’s show.  It’s not that my body was filled with energy, my crazy mind could not find the shut off button, I was wide awake until after 1am, then seemed to get up every hour thereafter.  I was a limp noodle by the time I drug my butt out of bed at 6am.  Only to crash that night and sleep for over 10 hours, waking up 5 minutes before my first reading of the day.  I didn’t read squat yesterday.  Instead, as I begged the field for mercy and understanding I a tool set dangled in front of my eyes.  Ahhhh, with all the new lines now laid externally, gotta put them together internally.  It was an interesting day inside body yesterday.  Good, but rapid and sudden changes… Ohhhh and laying down to go to sleep, the coolest sensations.  the first thing I felt was like my entire external energy field, still connected to my physical body, quickly expanded.  I don’t even know how to describe it, but it was kewl!!  About 5 minutes later, the that sudden expansion snapped back to the body and I fell asleep immediately and woke up late again today, dammit.

I learned so much. as usual, with Kelli’s interesting stories and questions, I was going to share them here with you.  Sadly tho, it is almost time to start my day again (and dammit, we better see something today!!)

Ohhh a sudden lightbulb just went on.  My son called me and out of the clear and unexpected blue, he lost his job today.  Old wiring being taken out so new ones can be inlaid and come on-line.  Anyone in the Boston, Cape Cod area need a perfectionist of a Professional Painter – (former, in VA) contractor, hit me up and I will put you in touch with each other.

On that note, my day begins, may this high light of August bring all you need to Lighted Reality and then some!!

((((HUGZ)))) of radiance and opportunities to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I know I am easy a week behind on replying to emails.  Forgive me for the delay, I usually spend my mornings tending to them, but my mornings have gone haywire.  Please also know… I DO NOT READ private messages via Facebook.  If you have something private to say, emails get my first priority.  Facebook to me is an outward sharing of each other.  My email is where anything you need to say privately, is looked at.   I WILL catch up on responding to emails soon.



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A New Alignment, A New Perspective Underway!!

light of august


There is always something… isn’t there!  I was sooo. popping out of my skin, excited to see the big view thru you yesterday and only got a glimpse, dammit.  The glimpse thru all 6 people was the energy system forming around and thru them.  Great in and of itself, but with this earth parking her butt up higher, August itself became so intensely flushed in white light, I could no longer see thru it.  After my third consecutive connection showing us this enhancement of energy in and thru them, I realized, this is going to be the way of it today.  I sat on the couch, half grumbling to myself, I wanna see beyond this moment, hell, we all do.  We are now in a higher frequency zone… what’s it mean to us, what can we do, where we heading, spirit had already said I will be able to see the seeds planted by you thru readings.. lets see!!

I opened facebook on my phone and started scrolling the news feed… just to distract my mind from bitching a little too much on this heavenly day.  I had to laugh out loud when the first thing I seen was:

What true patience is, is knowing that you want it and knowing that it’s coming and actually enjoying the unfolding along the way. Understand that you never get it done. So you might as well be patient. You never get it done, because every time you want and receive, you also receive a new perspective from which to want. Life is a constant unfolding of new desires and then a constant alignment to those desires.


Excerpted from the workshop: Larkspur, CA on August 30, 1997

I made bold the part that really not only applied, but gave me that DAH!! moment. Of course, I had witnessed this over and over and over again, every single time we have a shift, large or small, there is an “period of adjustment” that is anywhere from 1-7 days long.  The one we are in now is thru the last day of this month.  We completely moved into higher, more potent airspace and higher vibrational ground space, which means, our vehicles also became higher vibrational and of course the landscape forward has changed vibrationally.  So the August timespace I was seeing even two days ago, is not the same August timespace we will be walking into.  We are all adjusting now, new energy, new alignments seeping in, filling out and even my crazy vision antenna has got to acclimate to the higher frequencies of light to be able to see in this new Light.

There is no doubt in my heart that whatever the energies were doing to and thru me yesterday, were in my pineal gland, the melatonin center.  I could not go to sleep to save my life.  I am in bed by 9pm and out like a light before 10pm.  Last night, midnight I was still tossing and turning wondering where my sleep switch was.  Needless to say, I am dragging butt this morning. But hey, it’s a Kelli in the Raw day today!!  (10 am MDT)

So enjoy this time as we are more finely aligned to the desires of our heart and soul (and yes, even our beautiful lower mind) and I adjust to how we are going to see them on your field and what it all means to us!!

I do want to share a little thing that flowed out of my soul last evening when someone asked me “What do you want out of life?”  I really never thought about that, not in a very long time.  I thought hard… and my mind couldn’t come up with an answer.  I have more in my life than I ever thought possible.  So, needing a reply, I just let my soul type thru my fingers and loved the reply so much I wanted to share it with you.  It absolutely true for me, obviously or my soul would not say it lol:  To keep waking up everyday, unwrapping the mystery and joy within its presence. To add joy to the day in any way I can and let it take me to the next great mystery/present.

So for today, enjoy the incoming and outgoing energies, keep your eye on the prize… whatever it is.

I love and honor each and every one of you so very very much!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) of wonder and bliss to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas





This is going to be a quickie, actually, I wasn’t going to write today so I can tend to some long over due replies to emails, but here my team is, hanging stuff in my face that I just cannot ignore any longer.  I really need a clone to sit and just tend to emails… grrrr!!

So yesterday, being that interesting day our precious earth parked herself into the new, higher resonant airspace, I wasn’t completely surprised not to be able to see the field yesterday.  But like a gift all wrapped up in a bow, we weren’t left hanging/wondering what this new parking space looked like, I had a wonderful man from down under scheduled as my last dance of the day.  He is on tomorrow’s dateline.  I have seen in the past when those in tomorrow’s dateline showed up on my can’t see dates, I could see for them.  The wave of time….!!!!

He gave us all an incredible message about this amazing transition up we underwent the last several days.  (Up = higher in light frequencies)

As soon as we connected I could see him as if his whole body was a really big caterpillar standing straight up on its hind end.  The moment my eyes met his field, within seconds I watched him morph from a standing caterpillar to a blob of nothing to the most unusual looking butterfly my eyes ever witnessed.  His team said that this day (as we humans perceive it) is instantly transformational.  By virtue of being here, we once again shed our old bodies and get pimped out with the new.   There is nothing we have to do, except be fully aligned with the accelerated earth as opposed to the one just under it where things must still be filtered.  So we open our eyes and morph!!

With his crazy looking huge butterfly body he had these things that were between the body and the wings, they reminded me sort of like hinges, moveable and there was a set of three at each side of his body.  Putting his image into human form, they would align with legs, abdomen and head.  His team said this unique butterfly body is actually a true body in another realm of life and now his job is to learn how to use it.  They showed us that he can manipulate time and space and stuff with the purposeful movement that is triggered by his emotional field to take something from one part of time and bring it to the present.  They gave an example… if he had a new car that was already sitting on his timeline to receive in January 2016, then he can harvest that energy and bring it forward to now.  He asked the wonderful question of “well how would I have the money now to purchase it” and his team… listen carefully everyone, this is sooooo important to take in… “it is not your job to know how it will happen, but to know it will happen.”  The field of life is a partner itself.  It will do its part if you do your part.  They brought this example down into something even smaller, more relatable.  What if you asked me to meet you somewhere for lunch and I say I will be there.  Are you busy worrying how I am going to get there, are there roads that will connect my body to the place we talked about, do I have the means to get there, no, if someone says they will meet you for lunch, you both show at the said time and place.  Same here!!  Wait….. SAME HERE!!

So know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, today everyone woke up with their amazing superpowers embedded in your new form.  Your job now is to practice using them, understand them as they relate to this realm of energy/matter.  Of course, he got homework to do!!

Ohhhh silly me, in front of him was this amazing HUGE sun of golden bronze coloring, it was 3 feet in front of his body, down here at his level of living, shining the most stunning energy and illumination to assist him in all he is about to do.  No wonder the sun has been so quiet lately, its here in our realm assisting us personally.  I love that flipping sun!!!  Ohhh, ohhh… the golden bronze color… gold being the highest vibration of spirit and bronze being the alloy, mixture of several things to form a new thing.  So are we!!!

I spent the day in silent gratitude, I didn’t have the energy to do my much needed house cleaning again… and just sat around in the depths of gratitude wondering what tomorrow will look like.  Seems our earth and sky wanted to give us a gift…

About 8pm my eyes were suddenly drawn to look outside my front windows, I got so excited to see this:



I could tell a storm was rolling in, but the rain hadn’t arrived yet.  This storm sent us a double rainbow BEFORE it arrived.  I ran out and obvisouly took pictures.  What a stunning way to close this day.  But she wasn’t done yet!!

Fifteen minutes later, as dark was falling, so was the rain now.  And that rain lifted that partial rainbow into full view and seemed to move it in front of my house, it was so big and close, I could not fit the whole thing in the lens.  8 minutes after I snapped these photos, it was completely dark/night outside.  Talk about a huge message to all of us!!!:

full rainbow

double rainbow


I was thrilled to see a friend in Albuquerque got a full capture of the rainbow so I am including it here (thank you for that!!)

abq rainbow


So on that note, enjoy this new, expanded, accelerated Life we created.  Mama and sky are sending their loving gratitude in the full living colors of the sky!!  YOU did this, ALL is grateful!!!

Big big ((((((HUGZ))))) of luminosity in full living spectrum to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. One more day and I get to giggle my ass off with the one and only Kelli in the Raw!!  Lets see what she has discovered in her Super Powers homework from the last time we were together!!

Please join us on the 28th at 10 am MDT on Youtube.  If you can’t, no worries, I will share the recording the day after!

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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 26, 2015

The Mouth of God IS Within You and Around You!!

surrounding joy


There is so much that happened and that was revealed on the field yesterday, and yet, one thing that even waking up this morning, I cannot take my heart or eyes off of.  I have been doing readings, in one form or another, since 2003.  That’s a lot of readings thru the years, a lot of discoveries, presentations upon the field of life, within our hearts and consciousnesses and yet, this moment shocked me, humbled me to this very moment.

Shortly before my second connection of the day, I sat down to have a bowl of cereal when I felt the connection to my next lady on the field and suddenly an inaudible but very familiar voice started to… I don’t know what the hell he was saying, but I knew who was saying it.  God, Source, the Presence (pick a description) was emitting a series of sounds up near my ceiling.  Over the last 15 years, I have had personal conversations with God, his voice back to me, when he talks, is in the lowest, raspiest voice I ever heard.  The next thing I know my lady is suspended in front of me, in my livingroom, and the voice of god is directly above her about, I don’t know, about 6 feet above her, suddenly, something I have never seen before, a massively large face forms, mouth so wide open it reminded me that face from scary movie (only the mouth, not the creepy face)

big mouth


The face itself was more like an energetic outline, and huge and uttering sounds that made no sense to me, down around my lady.  What do you do with something so amazing as that?  I watched it, enjoyed it and did not dare ask questions like… what the heck you doing??  I would save that for our connection.  That image, that energy stayed present until I disconnected with it to move over to reading land (my kitchen lol) as soon as I disconnected, I heard a clip of a song… “Joy to the world,” well, my lady’s name is Joy!!  Hmmmmm.

I sat in my reading chair, explained to my lady what was happening and sure enough, now outside in the “field” (AKA my back yard) there she was, the mouth of God still billowing sound down around her, but now, something else is being revealed.  We cannot make sound without breath, His breath was creating or forming a honey colored film around her body all the way down to the ground.  His sounds, again not words, sounds, were setting up inside this honey colored film like black fuzzy strands of energy.

Actually, if you take this image and reverse the coloring, where the background is that honey colored and the fuzzy things are black… kinda like that:

fuzzy strands

So the breath of God is now surrounding her, now part of her bubble of creation, and the sound of god, threaded within it.  Talk about being in good company and surrounded with heavenly energy… but I never understood, why?  God shows up, and I know he knows deep in my heart, the questions I am not asking… hey, God shows up, surrounds you world, releases some sounds thru his mouth, you really gonna sit there and as “Whatcha doin’ here??”  I just wanted to drop to my knees and give thanx.  There was also no way I was going to try to break that connection to try to move my vision forward, I would feel like an ungrateful little brat, my lady understood too.

Over the 15 years, on the rare occasions God showed up to have a talk with me in my meditations, one thing always, consistently happened, I came out of meditation starving to death, like I hadn’t eaten in a hundred years.  I spent all day long yesterday on the verge of starving, hungry like no ones business.  Then, then after my entire day of readings, my legs themselves felt like pulsating leaded downed sticks of energy.  From foot to hips, it was weird, even uncomfortable in my legs.  Like I had just hiked the highest mountain and now my legs are spent.  I was supposed to clean my house after my last reading, I couldn’t do it.  I had a date with the garbage dump, it took every ounce of energy in me to muster that short little trip.  I never leave home without my radio blaring out some sort of happy tune, but I was still mesmerized by this big mouthy/face of god image, I didn’t really hear what was playing on the radio until I made it to the top of the hill where the dump was, suddenly my ears became tuned to what was being sung on the radio:

Pour some sugar on me
Ooh, in the name of love
Pour some sugar on me
C’mon fire me up
Pour your sugar on me
Oh, I can’t get enough

I had to laugh out loud, the day my hummers sugar-water burst asunder, twice, someone posted that song on my facebook in relationship to it.  I smiled so damn big as I threw my trash out.  Went home and still could not move my lead filled legs, I sat and stared at my lady’s image all day, all night long… pondering.

I must have done it so deep even in my sleep that the moment my eyes woke up this morning, it was the first thing I seen and felt and the need to focus on that here in today’s sharing.  Sharing with you really helps me process things in a different way and allows a fuller story to unfold.

So why is it that God only showed up in this way, in my ladys readings.  Her name is Joy, Joy to the world.  Gods breath is surrounding Joy, which means, our breath is the very element of expressable joy there is, the song of our soul, the Presence of Life thru our expression in life.  Not just our words and speech, but the full on expression.

The mouth of God, we all possess it in our physical bodies, known as the Medulla Oblongata.  I snagged a few paragraphs from my half written book, not “The Lost Codes of Shambhala” that ties this together a bit:

First, let’s go to the medulla oblongata.  This is part of your brain stem that connects directly to the spinal cord and what I call your main core channel.  It is located on the cervical aspect of the spinal cord and attaches to discs C-1, C-2 and C-3.  These are in the throat chakra center that governs self-expression.

 Scientifically, the medulla oblongata functions primarily as a relay station for the crossing of motor tracts between the spinal cord and the brain. It also contains the respiratory, vasomotor and cardiac centers, as well as many mechanisms for controlling reflex activities such as coughing, gagging, swallowing and vomiting.

However, scientists are becoming more aware that the human body can and does absorb energy and that a form of solar energy or electricity operates it. The main input center is located at the medulla oblongata in the brain stem. This area of the body is called ‘the Mouth of God’ by the ancient Masters of Life. The life energy was called ‘The Word’ due to its vibratory rate, which is audible. The medulla oblongata is so sensitive; a pinprick would cause instant death. To tickle it would cause paralysis. Any other organ can be operated upon except the medulla oblongata.

It’s interesting now that I look back on the information that has come thru this week, expressed itself in my personal world and the release of information thru some of the people this week.  We had that pivotal point thingie on the 23rd, first affecting the airspace itself, finishing on the 25th.  Yesterday was the 25th, and by the very name of JOY, Gods breath presented itself, His vibration (and yes, I know god is not a he nor a she, its my personal choice instead of calling him an “it” or “that”) very specifically thru the living container called Joy!!

We are being asked by the Presence, the Creator of LIFE itself to BE the living expression of Joy.  To pour some sugar on it, sweeten life up, no matter its presentation, starting within ourselves.  Yes, we can look at the chaos all day long if we desire, but for as long as we see anything as chaotic, dark, unpleasant, it must remain within our world to that degree.  See the joy, feel it, know that chaos is simply change underway… and again, throw some sugar on it… you sweeten the pot of life thru the very essence of God Himself.

So many people ask what am I here to do, from the Big Guy himself and one of the sweetest, superpowered lady’s I know… we are being told… Be JOY!!!

Today, the earth locks and loads, will be interesting to see what shows up today!!!  On that note, my day is about to begin again and again, so much information not being said today.  I slept my ass off last night!! lol

Until tomorrow, Be Happy, Spread Joy, Eat Sugar, or bathe in it!!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of super sugary sweetness forever to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas













Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 25, 2015

Are You Choosing Acceleration or Filtration??


Of course, on a day I had so much to share, my hind end woke up late.

The most interesting, actually, quite astounding event happened thursday, the morning of the 23rd, a good thirty minutes before my first reading of the day.  I had just finished my blog and had to do bird duty, with the heartwarming return of all the hummers again, they are whizzing thru food like no ones business, yay!!  Two of the three feeders were empty, gotta feed my babies first.    Before I even got up from my computer chair, I got a quick glimpse of my first lady on the field, holy heavens, talk about rocking my world, literally.

I could see her standing on this node in her center of her life and suddenly everything in her vision started shaking, like an earthquake… a vision quake!! Suddenly I could see that membrane thing I had been seeing separating mid august, surrounding her like saggy pantyhose no one pulled up yet.  I didn’t have time to expand on her visual, I hadda feed the birds.

I am not a novice at feeding these hungry hummers, this is my 4th season and know to make sure the bottom is secure before flipping the liquid sugar over to carry out to the feeding bar.  I do it every time.  Two feeders filled with fresh sugar-water, the moment I opened my back door, one explodes all over my feet, throw rug, and floor.  What the hell???  Ok, maybe I didn’t double-check that the bottom was secure, my bad.  I put it in the sink and took the other one outside to hang out.  Just as I was putting it on the hook, it exploded too, all over my feet and the ground.  What the freakin hell??  One… yeah maybe I hit the snooze button on making sure the bottom was tight, two… impossible.  I know I did.

As I spend time refilling each of the feeders and making sure the bottoms are super tight, I get a reminder of that vision quake I had experienced as I got up from my computer.  Bookends of a communication from spirit.

What is hummer feeder… sugar and water boiled and blended together.  The true sweetness in life.  Yup, its the 23rd, that “pivotal point” spirit has been yapping about and here we are… with earth herself quaking in sugary shivers, releasing to all of us, in sudden and unexpected explosions, the sweetness of life itself.

Can you imagine the bigger statement here.  The sweetness of life is one your feet, under your feet, sprawled out around you, seeping into the ground before you.  This was so beautiful a statement I didn’t wash my floors or my feet.  I wanted to feel it thru my day, thru the readings and did… without the first ant coming in and sucking up our sugar!!  Yay!!

I was so excited to connect with her and find out the rest of the story earth-shaking, sweet explosion of a day!!  All day long, I got much more than I bargained for in understanding.

First of all, I do want to make very clear, incase I forget to as I go along, all of this wonderful, accelerating energy is happening because of us, because of our shift down into the depths of our hearts and expanding thru the minds of our soul.  Life itself is coming along with us and it is not vise versa.  That said, all of life, earth herself must change to fit the changing humans, but it all is changing because we have changed!!

The first thing I could see on her field, is that now familiar (energywise) membrane that I had seen set up in mid August.  Mid August is still a key point where this “membrane” is concerned, as I hear spirit say, we can look at it as the “line in the sand.”  A collective and individual choice point that is already underway.

So there my lovely lady is, in the center of her field (life) and standing on a node that is that power button of the 23rd, with what I recognize as this membrane thing surrounding her from the ground up to about her hips so far.  This membrane seems to be loosely piled and really reminded me of the way saggy pantyhose look when you’re wearing them at the end of your day.  With that, I could feel HER acceleration, intensity and upward movement.  With it, the ground itself is moving with her.  She suddenly started to take on the energy of a rocket ship, gas engines spewing flames down at the ground, shaking things up as her body starts to shatter the airspace around her as she moves higher in the dimension frequencies, taking all that is her life, including the earth itself, with her.  I started to see as she moved higher, this membrane started to stretch upwards with her.  No wonder if was looking all saggy!!

Here, I am going to insert my second lady of the day, before I explain further what came thru both of them.  She was in a similar position, except instead of a rocket ship changing the airspace, where she was, I could see fissures all around the earth coming from her center space of life.

OUR vibration has set all this change in motion.  The energy workers, sky workers, sun workers, whatever you want to call that group, they are shattering the “glass ceiling” of life!!  The earth workers are creating the shattered energy of the earth, so her newness can emerge from the crust of the old and set up whole, pure, beautiful in the land of the new.

All of it emitting a frequency so intense it is having an effect on everyone.  Think about the enormity of it all, land and air are all vibrating to such an intense speed and hitting every thing with its explosion that some, very stuck in the density are feeling it and getting a bit pissed off, some, really pissed off.  They have no idea why they feel so irritated within so they cast it out to whomever is near.  Those of us in centerfield may be feeling the anxiety as all of this intensity changes everything, not as your own, but the shear release from every collective within this realm.  Some are getting intense migraine like headaches, go ahead, ram your head into a glass wall… your gonna feel it.  Thank you for doing it anywayz.

Now keeping with just these two lady’s, the one thing that became clear to me, this “explosion of land and air” will start to subside in two phases.

I could see each of them as they accelerated upwards with that membrane thing, suddenly make an upside down U-turn and land about 3-4 inches above where they started.  That is how spirit shows us a higher vibrational earth now underway.  The rocket lady will be finished in her landing 3 days, so one tick after midnight tonight.  The groundbreaking lady will finish 4 days, one tick after midnight on the 26th.  To be clear here, midnight always represents your personal world time.  I have seen this often with the folks in australia and new zealand, they are both a day ahead of me, I see tomorrow because they showed up in my today.

Even with that statement, I head spirit saying, you and I look at time as a linear thing, it really is a never-ending wave flowing in all directions.

Another thing that really surprised me too, was seeing the two new worlds.  Yup, two of them, set up like a snowman (on top of each other.)  As we settle in to our new earths, that membrane thingie not only wraps itself around your bubble of creation, it is also wrapping itself around your version of earth.

Remember, getting to here, that membrane had a dual purpose to it.  For those in alignment with the higher frequencies, hear that as the pure, unconditional, unbiased, non judging frequencies, you will be residing on the top world of acceleration.  Those still working thru judgement and insecurities within themselves, will reside on the bottom earth of filtering your thoughts and emotions no all your worries and judgments don’t show up at your door like a herd of buffalo.  Lag versus no lag in the creative field of life.

One of my men that showed up (yay men!!!) was a filet master!!  I had wondered how this membrane kinda separates itself to wrap its function around each earth.  He showed up with what his team called “laser persian” and innately knew how to filet this membrane and there is a small team of other filet masters working on it too.  Of course, all of this at the moment is from the soul level thru the body.  Our job, if we so desire (which, I do!!) is to understand what we are doing in this amazing game so we can bring it into our consciousness and use it further in our personal lives.

Don’t think for a moment your soul revealed all its amazing capabilities to you yet, not even close.  The higher we go in frequency, the more we are able to use from soul, the magic of being spirit alive and CONSCIOUS in matter.

One of my lady’s showed up that just confused me.  There she was, standing in the center of what looked like an old-fashioned donut:


This is very unlike the saggy pantyhose images I have seen so far that day.  What the hell could a donut mean??  And her team took us straight to dunkin donuts, I was watching her body move down the donut hole, up the donut hole.  What the flipping hell could this mean??  Ok, old fashioned donuts are heavier donuts… the phrase important to her was the term “donut hole.”  There was something familiar about that phrase… science??  I had to go look it up or my mind would have melted down scrambling in my recesses trying to understand it.

Medicare!!  Here is the information on that donut hole:  Most Medicare Prescription Drug Plans have a coverage gap (also called the “donut hole”). This means there’s a temporary limit on what the drug plan will cover for drugs.   …The coverage gap begins after you and your drug plan have spent a certain amount for covered drugs. In 2015, once you and your plan have spent $2,960 on covered drugs (the combined amount plus your deductible), you’re in the coverage gap.

For those outside of the USA, medicare automatic health insurance you get I think age 65.  So lets look at “health care” spiritually speaking.  Your attitude, how you see yourself and the life that you create at any given moment.  Do you KNOW that everything in your life is “covered or do you feel there is a lack, so you must save and ration??  You create your own donut hole.  Keep in mind, dipping down into the density, where things are still being filtered, can affect your physical body that is trying to fly and you, by virtue of your emotionally charged thoughts, keep it dragging down.  Stop that!! (smile)

The dunking I seen comes from her shifting to cared for (up) to feeling the need to save (down) because there may not be enough.  This truly represents the massive, unavoidable choice point we are all in.  Choosing to reside on the top, accelerating earth or the lower, filtering earth.  This is not a mental choice, you cannot just say, of course I want acceleration.  It is a true, core, emotional choice.  One you cannot trick or fake or talk yourself into or out of.  Something I got to fully and deeply experience yesterday.  But I will get to that in a moment.

Just as amazing as my first lady on the fields explosive connection with me before her reading, one of my lady’s had a very very odd effect on me during her reading.

As we were talking, suddenly I had a massive hot flash from the chest up.  A few moments later, I had another massive hot flash from my feet to the top of my thighs.  I didn’t even realize the flipping body could flash in sections.  But it got even more sectioned than that, another point of our conversation about her fields reveal, my left leg at the back, at the upper calf and knee area, flash of heat.  Sweat and all… all of it to literally, thru my body, show her the areas of acceleration as she moves forward day by day.  Intense and sudden acceleration.  Of course, I understand the sections, I just had no idea our body could hot flash in such precise sections.  I have been enduring hot flashes for the last week, but toe to head ones, not very particular sections!!  And how the hell does your soul know how to flash me!!  That is sooo flipping kewl… or hot!! lol

Just like my first lady had to be rocket lady, the air MUST change before the earth comes along, so to does our upper chakras.  From the heart to the crown.  Then, the intensity of our life path follows suit (my legs) connecting the new foundation of your knowing system (as opposed to your belief system) connected to the flexibility in physical life to travel there (knee plus left leg.)

Obviously our souls, our hearts are so intimately connected, even if you appear to be a virgin on my field as my hot flash lady was, your soul knows my wiring and the way to make the message important to you.  Equally tho, your soul cannot interact within my body and my life without having profound effects on me too.

So lets tie this all up in a bow with my amazing day yesterday.  Maybe this is why I woke up too late to fully share what came thru the field, thru you, the day before.

My car had a date with a mechanic in Albuquerque to get the back brakes replaced, the cruise control button fixed and after driving thru the desert heat without A/C I had them give me an estimate on fixing that too.  But wait, I am already a mile ahead of my day, the importance of it all.

Of course it was date day with mySelf too, so I turned on my Pandora radio at the same moment I was deeply thinking about how extraordinary simple yet extraordinarily beautiful my life is.  Doncha know the first song that came on the radio was “Simple man” by Lynyrd Skynard.  My eyes got all misty… hey… I have makeup to put on and it doesn’t apply well with wet eyes.  Let’s choke in this love I am feeling so intensely.  Second song, “Slow Ride” by foghat.  Slow down, enjoy these amazing moments.  We tend to want to speed thru everything without taking the time to smell the roses.  Well, this day is all about smelling the rose of my life… me, my soul and magic mike!! (grin)  The third song was “Stairway to Heaven” by good ole Led Zeppelin!!  If you have not really felt the beautiful duality of this song, click here.  Gold in my world is the highest vibration of spirit, we buy that stairway of owning spirit, of the gold that is US within and around US.  And I will share the last phrase of this song, because it goes with the day:

And as we wind on down the road
Our shadows taller than our soul.
There walks a lady we all know
Who shines white light and wants to show
How everything still turns to gold.
And if you listen very hard
The tune will come to you at last.
When all are one and one is all
To be a rock and not to roll.

So I set sail into my day, I get 10 miles away from my house, go to light a smoke only realize I forgot my light… dammit!!  I have three lighters at home, the last thing I need is a new one.  But, I want a cigarette dammit.  I stop at the dollar store on the way and smile as my eyes are drawn to my first message of the day:

love lighter


True love exploding in flames that can even be a bit thorny at times.  Yup, I Am my greatest truest love!!

I get to my first destination, Precision Honda.  They had already given me a quote of $105 to put my already purchased elsewhere back brakes on.  They couldn’t give me a price on the cruise control button until they knew what was wrong, well… the button itself $95, to install it, $89.  My non-existent A/C $189.  Holy chit batman, I had my eyeball on $300, my entire savings was $500 and you’re gonna eat it all up!!  I have a date with lobster and magic mike.

Inside, I knew both fixing my A/C and my cruise control was not a must have for the safety of my life, but yet, in a way it was.  I was born with a very heavy lead right foot that just makes me speed a lot, which had also made me get pulled over a lot!!  My cruise control assures a slow ride anywhere I am going.  Gotta have it.  A/C in the desert helps remove the dripping sweat rolling from the forehead into the eyes.

Something never before experienced washed over me.  Normally, I go into panic mode, taking things off the table so I still have a little something left at the end of the day.  There was not an ounce of this panic, this choosing this over choosing that.  A beautiful soul had just mailed me a rainbow with $40 cash it in, that will pay for the movie and the tip at red lobster, I have just enough for my meal after paying for my car.  Fluck it, do it all!!  Of course they didn’t have the cruise control button in stock so I only had to pay for the order and could pay the $89 when I go back to get it installed on Tuesday.  Now I don’t have to count pennies to pay for my lobster!!!  Life is freakin great and always moving things around so we can have!!

I went outside on their deck to have a cigarette while I am waiting and to just take in the beauty of the Sandia mountains.  Those mountains give my heart such a jolt of electricity every time I see them.  I decided to take their picture and realized there was an intense haze covering the mountian range.  As I took the picture anywayz, I heard my soul say: “some never see how solid and beautiful life is because of the haze that can surround it.”



Now, I need my day to flow in a certain time order so I can be at each place at the right time.  The movie Magic Mike XXL was playing at 1:30 pm, which was the show I wanted to catch.  My car appointment was at 10 am, I had to be done by noon so I can go eat leisurely and arrive at the movie in time.  My car was done at 10 minutes before noon, red lobster was only a 4 minute drive away, yay!!

When I walked into the restaurant, i was surprised to be taken on a trek way across the dining area, down around the other side, passing all these people eating.  Surely I could have sat at one of the empty tables along the way.  Nope, once I got seated, I seen why.  She put the menu at the area of the table that would have me staring straight into the bathroom area. Until I realized there was something even more special about where and how she seated me:



The way they had the light set from the ceiling shining down at the lighthouse, all I could feel was grateful.  We are accustomed to Being the lighthouse and the energy of shining the light outwards, but there really is a light shining onto the lighthouse itself, ever nurturing it, giving it loving strength to not only weather all storms, but to be that beacon of light thru it all.  I also couldn’t help think about the Business my friend and I had together in Virginia called “The Wonder of You.  We ordered a $1300 wall mural to be that beacon of light shining out the door for all to be attracted to and come in to see.  For a long while, it really did work like that:

the wonder of you image

So, with all that said, OWN the wonder that is YOU.  Celebrate yourself with yourSelf often.  How often do we really spend loving, intimate time with ourselves… usually we want someone to go out with.  To fill that space of being alone.  BE THAT unto yourself!!

My drive home was the most, my god, there are no true words to express it, beyond satisfying, fulfilling, enriching to my whole Being, not to mention the cold blast of air defusing the 95 degree temperatures all the way home.

There is already so much I have left out in sharing, but 3 hours of typing now, my brain is a bit mushy and I have an exciting day of readings to do.  Until tomorrow my beautiful, earth shattering, heat releasing loves of my life!!!  I love you All so flipping much!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of rock solid love and golden arches thru your whole Life!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  We are going to do it again… join me and that crazy chick called Kelli in the Raw Tuesday the 28th at 10am MDT.  The one thing I can guarantee, there will be laughter!!!!

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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 23, 2015

Honey, We’re Here!!!!!!


Well here we are!!  The big “pivotal” date of the 23rd!!  Damn it if everything looked the same when I woke up today.  Ahhhh, but that is the trick of it all, everything looks the same, its the energy that’s different.  We are energetically different.  But then again, what the hell does that mean to us.

The one thing I know for (kinda) sure (smile) is that now we get our new skin, that membrane thingie from the middle of august.  We are setting ourselves up in either acceleration mode or extreme filter mode, depending on our emotional field within, getting to here.  This really is a good thing either way.  For those still working thru judgement and bias, you will be thankful for the filters… the lag between thought/emotional energy and creation, but also, that is all encompassing lag too.  Again, the universe is not biased at all.  But I gotta say too, even for those of us with the acceleration skin on, do some serious filtering on your thoughts and expectations, cuz let me tell you, you’re creating “that” at the speed of thought now.  Dammit!!

My first lady showed up in the field with something being dumped on her.  I realized it was that membrane of mid august, liquefied and is now becoming her skin.  Her team said she can look at this moment as being in the “waxing” phase of a car wash, the final touches/enhancements bring poured (or is that pored) on.

It wasn’t until my day of readings was done and I was so flooded with this amazing emotion, love on steroids.  Now considering you give me the absolute privilege of sticking my whole energy field in the center of your own, and I am wrapped up in the love-fest happening to you, I cannot help but linger in it thru my day, for which, there is no amount of worded gratitude I can express for such a daily gift.  But my team showed me what was really happening, I was getting dumped on too, the same as my first lady.

My next lady on the field had those familiar balloons of celebration, but instead of surrounding her on her field of life, it was like a balloon and streamer dump from above her head thru a funnel from spirit.  Her team explained as well, that the pastel multi colors of the balloons was purposeful, new, never before used energies coming into and around her.  The streamers were deeper in color, energies that she has been using to date that will enhance the new energies coming in.  And even tho the balloons were coming down into her, her team said they were all filled with helium… all I could remember about helium was that some welders use it to not blow up lol.  But then again, as we rise quickly in vibration, heat is a side affect. Can we say back to back hot flashes anyone??  The helium buffers the friction of rapid heat/acceleration so we do not self combust.  Yay!!??

My third guy sent me for a musical loop.  I had a little bit of time between my 2nd and 3rd appointment, so i did my dishes.  I was celebrating the return of my beloved hummers, at least 20 of them fussing around their feeders and my heart was leaping for joy when I suddenly heard, directly above me this rock music.  Very distinctly guitar and drum playing music, not a song that I knew, but enjoyable to hear.  I heard it again and suddenly thought of my next appointment… ohhhh this is his music!!  That is awesome and rather enjoyable too.  Thanx!!

When we connected he was surrounded by musical notes floating all around him.  There was one note in particular that seemed to supersize itself for me to notice.

musical note

I don’t read or understand musical notes at all.  And yet, it was so in my face I looked it up while we were together.  I am still clueless, all I know is it is the “eighth note,” whatever that means.  His job is to understand it.  Thank goodness he plays music, which excited me when he said that.  But what really surprised me was given the limited view the last few days, his team took my vision up to the energy of 2016 towards the end of the 2nd quarter and there he is, with 3 other “band members” making music for youtube.

Obviously the music they will bring out together has much more meaning than just happy music.  His team kept giving me glimpses of the movie “August Rush” which is all about hearing the music and obviously so much more than that.

I realized they showed him this preview of next year because his path is about to change focus.  Right now he is in school for nursing, yet his new blueprints of life has him making very particular frequency releasing music.

My grand finale of the day was a husband and wife that I was supposed to read for, separately.  They each booked their individual appointment after the other.  I started to see them both a good 30 minutes before my first scheduled appt with the wife and they were interlocked at the left arms in a square dance sort of movement.  I kept trying to get them to release their entangled arms so I can see and feel them separately and spirit said that is not possible today.  Well that’s gonna make it difficult to read them separately then.  So I read them together!!

They are in a conjoined dance of life together, enhancing their “reach for life” by being joined together via the left arm’s (reach for what they desire in their physical life) and above them, their team created a spiral of energy of that membrane thingie from august… an acceleration of their conjoined field together.

Can I just say, I was thrilled to see and feel this.  I seem to be the poster child, thru spirit, of divorce and new alignment, that on the rare times I get two truly aligned partners, I am in awe and in total excitement to see what they do together!!  It got even more exciting because their team started to refer to the moment we were in as their “wedding day.”  Granted, they were already married as we think of that walk down the aisle, but that doesn’t create a spiritual marriage, a union of two energy fields merged together as one blended, enhanced frequency.  The consummation we think about has less to do with sex as in spirit’s eyes, the charge itself of fulfillment.  A Unified merger that can only take place at a certain vibrational level of the two.  Consciously.  We even gave them a wedding present, because they are about to give it back to us.  The super powers hypnosis course, unlocking information that the two of them perfected thru lifetimes and other worlds together and will bring forth in this dimension.  Once I see how all this works, you know I will let you know how to really make the most of it for those with a conscious, spiritual active partner in their lives.

Before I finish up today, I do want to talk about the thought frequency within us now.  Like I have always said, I teach by doing what we shouldn’t do lol.  A few days ago, I decided to throw my fishing line back in the pond of men… starting with the plenty of fish dating site, since it is free.  My good god did the men my age get old or what?  I am so looking for someone with a lot of pep left in their step, let’s go do things, I have cooked enough homemade meals to last a lifetime… and yet, thru my inner expectation… phew the old men gathered like moths to a flame.  Dammit.  Suddenly I had an impassioned thought, maybe there is a cougar in me, maybe I should be looking downstream instead of upstream.  Don’t you know that within an hour I seen a commercial for a new dating site called “cougar life.”  Well, I sure as hell don’t look as sexy as the lady on the commercial and I sure as hell don’t want someone my sons age… but let’s have a peek.  I closed it down the moment I seen “gold diggers.”  I’m not digging for gold, hell I am made of gold (spiritual energy, not money lol) so I took myself back onto spiritual singles, doncha know, again not a single match for me there in the entire world.  THE Entire world!!  So I decided to date myself.  I love my company, I make me laugh a lot, I am a great dance partner with myself, so I  made a date with me.  Since I have got to go into the big wide world tomorrow (Friday) to get my cruise control and rear brakes fixed, I am going to take myself to red lobster again, that’s what I did with me on Valentines day and go see Magic Mike XXL on the big screen.  Yummmmm!!! <3

If Being the love you want to be in the world produces the results I have experienced and continue to experience thru the last decade, then why not be the same for dating.  I love me a lot!!  So tomorrow is date day with mySelf and the celebration of new skin, new life, new everything!!

Here’s to wedded bliss to all, without or without a partner!!  Make incredible music for all to hear!! <3

(((((HUGZ))))) of overflowing love and champagne (or, as I prefer, Tequila) to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas







Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 22, 2015

NOW Is The Time to Celebrate and Smell the Roses


I swear there was the strangest storm in the field yesterday.  The first three, I couldn’t see head on, only in previews before we met, the 4th one, not at all, but still got some verbal communication for her.  Third one her whole reading was laid out and explained before I met her and more once we got got connected and went like this 7 times yesterday.  By the last one, the moment we were done, I was done too.  Long nap time.  One would think with such a long nap I would have been up early, nope.  My ass woke just after 7am!!  I am up at 4-5am daily!!  Usually I get up this late, I skip a blog, takes me a bit of time just to harness that first sentence and my day of readings always start at 8am… nope, my team ain’t having it.  lol  There is something very important that was repeated thru the field yesterday.

This “pivotal point” that culminates and becomes whatever it is at one moment after midnight tonight, is so big in the land of spirit, they are surprised we are not celebrating ourselves.  So that was the theme yesterday, celebrate yourself, feel them celebrating you, they are surrounding you and there is a party going on, balloons and all (at least I seen that thru my first lady.)

One of my lady’s, OMG her entire field was laden with freshly cut, non thorny long stem roses that were a stunning blend of pink/violet.  The flower heads were just before bloom, not a closed bud, but not fully open either.  Take not to not only smell the roses, but roll all over in them too.  My lady was doing just that, rolling around on her ground of roses.  Roses, in my world, being the highest vibration of love that I see, pink and violet, the passion of the ascended master (her soul in body.)  As I was explaining this to her, I had my hand up by my nose explaining it… I really am so animated even on the phone.  OMG the smell of roses that was released.  I love roses and it sent my heart a quiver!!  Thank you for that!!

This time right now is not the time to know where you are going, but to celebrate where you have been!!  To celebrate yourself, to take in the wonders of all that got you to here.  Eat cake, drink champagne, and dance!!

I do have to mention this one too, just because I do not think we all fully realize just how powerful we are.  The one I got the whole reading done before we even said hello.  She was in this golden cage, the bars all up and down around her no more than a foot away from her body.  I could see her inside this cage, her arms stuck out desperately reaching for what looked like golden coins all around her.  It was raining golden coins.  Now her cage was made of gold, gold always being the highest vibration of spiritual energy that I see… something in her mindset had her caged in instead of in fluid motion.  Her team was sure to tell me that the gold coins that was raining down around her was “change.”  The high spiritual change she so wants within her life.  She could reach for it, but until she freed herself from that cage, that’s about all she could do.

When I finally got to do her reading live, with her on the phone, she knew exactly what it was showing her.  She is looking to move out of the area she is in, out of the house that she had lived in and is actively looking for a new place.  But feels caged into this other house.  Well, therein lies her cage.

What you think, with emotion becomes.  It is what is.  It doesn’t have to be that way, but dear Genie’s of life, say it, know it and it is done.  No bias from the universe.

There is more that came thru yesterday, but these are the important key ones and my day begins shortly and I have emails I must tend to before that.

Be assured, a lot is setting itself up, just like in the old days (said with a giggle) and much will be revealed as we move forward, but for now… eat cake and celebrate the enormity of what you have done individually and collectively!!

Have an amazing, rose filled day my beautiful, incredible loves!!!!

((((HUGZ))))) filled with laughter and joy to All!!

Lisa Gawlas



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