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The Phoenix is Rising and a New Symphony Comes Online!!

phoenix rising


You know it’s going to be an amazing day, an amazing new life when the moment you open your eyes post equinox and the digital clock is expressing 3:33 am.  I was happy to sashay my butt out of bed!!  But of course, just like yesterday, I woke up with information to share.  Is this going to be the new dream state?  Not that I dream anywayz, well, hardly ever… but man, I wanna star in a nighttime movie more often!! lol  Now I wake up with images and information to share here.  Or maybe its just my teams way of affirming my thought that when I pass out for the night, I got to quantum soup school to understand the next version of us.  Now I am waking up with a conscious review of what was learned school??  That’s my theory and I a sticking with it!! lol  I like it!!

I was shocked that I could “see” yesterday, nothing I would even consider a “reading” but hey, seeing is seeing!!  But I also realized something too, the “seeing” ignited something powerful outwards to us.

Spirit seemed to recreate the image I had used in my blog the other day:



The image on the left, only soooo much more beautiful and alive than this image.  Now when I had seen the magnetic core several days ago, it looked like something out of a etch a sketch, with shards of gold flecks uniting to form a solid image, but was not solid at all.  Yesterday, that etch a sketch core was now the most beautiful golden mesh.  Fat just like the image above, but made of an interconnected mesh, solid but pliable.  I could not see thru it, but what I did see when I was connected to you, kinda resembled when a snake has just eaten and has a full belly:

full belly


There you were, everyone I connected to yesterday, engorged in the mesh and dammit if I could not see thru the mesh at all.  The only thing I knew for sure is that you were being worked downwards.  My prayer is that when we meet again in October, it is on the ground level of life.  It is much easier to orient readings when on the earth instead of zooming around in space balls!!

Just after my first connection of the day, something really bizarre happened.  I sat down at my computer when I suddenly heard a massive crash at my back door, and some part of me must have been anticipating it because just at the moment of impact, I turned my head to see a morning dove flying as fast as it could straight into my window at my back door.  My heart sunk, I tip toed over to the back door to check on this crazy bird, totally expecting to see him laying there dead.  Surprisingly, nope, he landed belly side down and was just sitting there on the bricks, recovering.  I googled how to help a bird that slammed into a window, the advise was to let him just rest there for 5 minutes to regain his bearings.   I did, birdy just kept looking at me, chilling.  I started a gentle multicolored funnel of energy above him to assist him wherever he needs it.  I checked on him 5 minutes later, he just looked me as if to say, I’m ok, I am just getting my wits back.  However, his right wing was sprawled out from his body, I thought, oh shit, he broke his wing.  The nearest wildlife rescue is about 2 hours from here, would they make the trip for a dove??  I sent him more energy.. 15 minutes has gone by and he is still chilling on the bricks.  I was not about to traumatize him more by picking him up and placing him in a box like the instructions said.  But suddenly I thought of my father, who fed and loved the birds as much as I did.  Ok dad, I have not asked for anything since you transitioned (or even before lol) come help a bird out please.  Within 5 minutes, the bird was gone.  Thanx dad!!

The love that came out of that birds eyes was like nothing I ever felt before.  Beyond being a nervous wreck that this bird is injured beyond my ability to help, the moments we shared looking at each other was like nothing I ever experienced before.

It was eventually presented to me thru the day that what happened was the magnetic field, the magnetic flow from the core I was seeing thru my lady was fully activated simply by the intention of looking, of participating.  This bird volunteered to be the very thing that showed not only the activation of the magnetic core outwards, but equally the speed in which it now flows.  It left an imprint on the window that looked exactly like a phoenix rising.

So, I have to take to wikipedia to really get the back story of the “phoenix” and it is soooo fitting for us in this moment:

The phoenix symbolizes renewal and resurrection, and represents many themes, such as “the sun, time, the empire, metempsychosis, consecration, resurrection, life in the heavenly Paradise, Christ, Mary, virginity, the exceptional man”.

Tina Garnet writes in The Phoenix in Egyptian, Arab, & Greek Mythology of the long-lived bird, “When it feels its end approaching, it builds a nest with the finest aromatic woods, sets it on fire, and is consumed by the flames. From the pile of ashes, a new Phoenix arises, young and powerful. It then embalms the ashes of its predecessor in an egg of myrrh, and flies to the city of the Sun, Heliopolis, where it deposits the egg on the altar of the Sun God.”


For the first three days leading up to the equinox, I could not see much of anything except particle energy being sucked into the magnetic core.  That must be the next building part of us!! lol   I really was stunned to be able to see anything yesterday,  but no doubt, it is the consumption within the flames I had seen for everyone.  The magnetic core is there because of the sun, the pure energy from the core of the sun.

From one of the conversations, non-reading sessions yesterday the most spirit would show us as we come out the bottom of this magnetic core was black billowing energy leading to the total lunar eclipse.  Choice points, harmonic frequencies of in put and out put so deep within your core, your life, it is unviewable to my snooping eyes.  It is very much like… what are you going to turn on, focus on, become a part of and/or retreat from.  This is such a deep inner journey that not even spirit knows how you will arrive at the ending point of this ginormous system we are in.

Let me do share this little tidbit of understanding… what you are focused on in feeling within yourself, are the very magnetic pathways you are enlivening within your next grand adventure.  May I once again suggest you make it a love story, a gratitude story, an exciting story.  Please stay out of the old, out of the filtered earth and what is happening there during this important and life changing time.

Now on a slightly different note.  Since I was up so damn early yesterday, I decided to take a swim in the deep end of my bathtub.  I wasn’t sure I would get anything, but what the hell, why not try.  I was shocked, the connection was effortless. YAY!!  Of course, my intention was to understand my own placement in the scheme of all this… instead, I was shown what our new energy/biology body looks like as we come into this new form, this whole new system of interconnectedness.  But I am going to save this image, instead of desperately trying to put it into words, I am going to be chilling with an amazing artist tomorrow, my daughter.  I am going to tell her what I had seen and let her sketch it out for us.  It is so very different from anything I had ever seen before and it really needs a proper visual to go with the intricate understandings.  But I will say, the entire construct of the body and energy system was colorless.  These next five, well, now four lol, we will be painting the colors of our new system.  The emotional symphony within is plotting out our next grand adventure together.  I cannot wait to see what that looks like, feels like, is experienced as!!

I love you all so much, thank you for loving not only me and yourself, but all of us the way you do and allowing us all to learn thru your soul light how to experience Life better, grander!!  You are a treasure upon this amazing field of Life and I’m madly in love with each of you!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of laughter and joy and chocolate!! (smile)

Lisa Gawlas

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Happy Equinox everyone!!  I had no intention of putting out a blog today, until I woke up this morning, I had nothing new to share.  My merciless team decided my ass needed to get up at 2:53am this morning as they placed images of cogs in my field of vision and insisted, this is important to share.  My question is… couldn’t this wait til lets say… 5 freakin am????  Nope.  I tried to go back to sleep… yap yap yap.

Life itself works very much like cogs, each one of us a unique cog with a frequency, an energy signature like no other.  There is an endless depth to the cogs of life, and as we change, other cogs once buried deep in the field of our life start to move forward to connect and move with you, with us.  This also sets the tone for the magnetic field of (your) life.  The more fluid you flow, the more you change and attract new cogs into your alignment, the more magnetic your field becomes, the less waiting around you endure.

However, as is the nature of life in this realm, along the way, especially in childhood and adolescence, we lose some teeth on our beautiful cog.  We lose them by loosing sight, losing faith in ourselves.  This comes thru as judgement, unworthiness, loss of sense of Self (seeking others to identify ourselves with) and so on.

Then we start to look a bit like this:

broken cog two

This creates hesitation patterns on our field of life.  Meaning, you just can’t seem to find your next move, your next connection, your next whatever… depending on where the tooth broke off on your wheel of life.  Enough teeth break off, it appears that everybody is enjoying life, except you and you cannot figure out why.  You appear to be stuck spinning your wheels.

So what is happening on this most auspicious day called the equinox, is a planetary wide realignment, super enhancement of the cog system.  The magnetic frequency on those with full teeth on their wheel of life, the magnetic field is gonna just blow your beautiful mind, more than it already may have done!!

Those missing a tooth or two, you’re going to find this is going to be the place you land in your life, the magnetic field is placing you in the very spot that you can recalibrate, realign to the wholeness that you are.  This is usually experienced as unpleasantries.  Our job is not to blame anything outside of ourselves, the field aligned to bring you this inner recognition of a broken tooth so that you can regenerate that piece of your engine and go beyond that.  The magnetic field in this space is not, cannot be as intense, simply because there is hesitation in the field where the tooth itself is skipping.  This actually, is a good thing, even if it appears to be the opposite.  Time slows down to give you another look, another option to align yourself with the magnificence of life in its fullest.

For some of you, in this moment, these missing peaces (yup, spelled like that on purpose) is at the surface of your life.  There is still time to recalibrate your wheel, your cog in this amazing interconnected cog of life.  You will recognize this if there is any place in your field of life that makes you sad, anxious, wanting to get out.  Whatever is keeping that there, is the missing tooth on your cog.  I promise you, you will not be able to grown this new tooth from the outside in.  Life exists to give you the recognition of where you are, to reflect your alignment/flow or hesitation with the fluidity of the field.  This can only be forever redone from the inside out, at the core energy of your Life.

I must give a shout out for meditation.  15 years later, I am still on that soap box lol.  If you look at your life as a potential rocket ship and all the controls are deep within the core of the rocket… well, you need to get inside and learn the controls, otherwise, well….

There is a phrase I have heard more than any other phrase known to man.  “Not as much as I should be doing.”  Granted this is the response most people give when I ask them if they meditate.  But really you can change that up to saying, did you learn your magnificent rocket ship yet?  Are you doing what you love and with enthusiastic joy?   …not as much as I should be/could be.

So here is what is happening, the core energy of earth’s field is now being completely recalibrated for the new emerging cogs (us) and the frequency exchanges that will be happening as we pass thru the total lunar eclipse on the 28th.  That is when the entire new magnetic field of life is ignited and our new story begins in earnest.  Between today and the 28th, it is fully in recalibration mode and recalibrates at the speed (or slowness) of you.

This is why for the last week, spirits focus has been on your new, enhanced instrument (or placement on the bridge of indecision or filtered earth stuck in the muck)

WE are the new song of life, the new cogs speeding creation into our personal existence or holding it away from ourselves… more than ever before.  We are the new frequency, we are the new magnetic grid.  This is truly why spirit gave us the superpowers course back in May, to fully align ourselves to this new, super enhanced life system.  The magnetic flow is going to run so fast, so curvy… a moment’s hesitation can and will change your ongoing story.  (Man, readings just may get incredibly interesting!!  lol, well, even more than they are now.)

We are the new living currents of time/space.  WE are now the creators in body, fully empowered, fully functional (well, we will be as we pass thru the eclipse, but for sure, we are feeling and experiencing it now.)

And on that note, I am already getting a preview of what October holds for me, for us, as a team.  We are going to bring the new motor system to life, together.  Yikes… thank god I have 2 weeks to process this!!

On that note, I am closing for today.  Hear the new symphony in your blood, in your soul, enjoy the recalibration of your life, our life together.  And dig your teeth into all that you desire!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with October Feastivies on the grandest of scales!!  I love you!!! <3

Lisa Gawlas

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Expansion, Explosion, Solidifying Into Our New Story, Underway!!

incarnation choices


When we came out of the solar eclipse and spirit said I would be seeing people’s “instruments” for the rest of the week, I think I should have asked, what about the week after?  True to spirit’s word, we seen instruments or the bridgeway (depending on where one was at) for the entire week, then… nothing at all…. a-freakin-gain!  It’s not like I am not being shown what’s happening with us, but once again, its only when I am not looking directly into the field itself that I am shown and actually do understand it.  I found a picture that I think can help give the visual for what I am about to share.  Ignore the writing on the artwork…


The image on the left side, if we look at the tube of the tornado as the magnetic core that runs from the top to the bottom of the magnetosphere (north to south) and the puffy cloud above as the accelerated zone energy, only, it’s not just located at the top, but completely surrounds the core from top to bottom, that’s where those aligned with the accelerated zone live.

So keeping with the left side of this image above, with the magnetic field opening to leave the particles of pure sun energy in, it is taking our light body and (the way I see it) kind of like carbonation pops and fizzes coming out of soda water, it is doing that to us too.  Codes, DNA, magnetic fields and so on within our body construct are exploding with openings.  As these bits and pieces of us explode, it is drawn into the magnetic core.  Spirit will not let me see what happens once inside the magnetic core, at all.  Not for the lack of trying mind you!!  However, I was given an “idea” about what is happening as we move inside the magnetic core.

If you look at the right side of the above image, all those bits and pieces that have exploded into opening, is now reformatting, what spirit has been saying as “solidifying” in our next version of life.

So all that I can understand, and truly I see it as tiny bits of particles enmass circulating clockwise inside the magnetosphere that at the moment of its explosion, gets sucked into the gold magnetic core and that’s where they stop my vision.  This sucking in (if you will) will continue until tomorrow, the day of the equinox and then (I am hearing, not seeing) the day after the equinox we start to move out into our new pimped out (or sludged out) field of life.

Because of the magnitude of what is happening, this massive event is affecting every version of earth, every time line, every parallel existence of various earths.

Altho I have not been able to “read” for the last two days, I can feel us coming together just before our phone call like never before.  A wash of love, a surge in vibration, a liquid feeling running down my spine, a surge of energy in my muscles.  It’s different for everyone and really, until last night I was even sure what I was feeling or why.  I now realize, it whatever aspect of you that is int he midst of exploding, opening so wide it is no longer contained and WILL be a huge element of your next version of Self, I feel it.  And because I feel it, it is affecting me.  I had 7 wonderful conversations yesterday, and the moment the last one was over, my eyes got so heavy I couldn’t keep them open.  I fell sound asleep for hours, waking up only to move my body because it hurt so much, as if I fell asleep on a cement floor instead of my cushy couch.  Spirit said, this is the energy solidifying in my biological mass I call a body.  Ouchies!!

Can I strongly suggest, from this moment going at least into the total lunar eclipse, you focus on what you desire.  Not what you don’t want, not what you dislike or hate about anything.  Because let me tell you, what you are sending out in waves of energy you are seeding your field with as experience back atcha.  We have the grand opportunity to make our next version of ourselves a living love story, if that is what we feel and focus on within ourselves.  If you cannot get yourself beyond judgement or accusation, this will be your life back atcha on steroids.  The unbiased field of life, ya know.  Ohhhhh, also, stay the hell out of the future.  I have had more conversations these last two days about the future, based on what people experienced in the past and the dilemmas that they face.  Get that out of your life script!!  Please.

I want to give you another gift, I meant to do it the other day while my team was throwing everything we ever put together out there for you, I forgot.  In 2012 we recorded a 3 part hypnosis series called “Hypnosis from the Guardians” and the first one is called “The Planting” focusing planting yourself in your new life on the new earth merged with your guardian.  The MP3’s are on my dropbox account, so if you do not have a free dropbox, then just set one up then click the above link to download.  Ohh and if I am remembering correctly, within the first hypnosis you move your light body from where you are at to the top of the Mesa, where they (the guardians) are waiting.  So let me give you a visual of “Our Lady of Guadalupe Mesa” aka, my backyard!!

the mesa

Many of us have complained, a lot, about the incarnation that got us to Here.  Things like, why did it have to be so hard, so challenging, so wrought with obstacles.  It did serve our purpose, but NOW, we are choosing with our full consciousness of earth intact.  So whatever shows up for you the rest of this year, is because YOU chose it consciously.  We have one more choice point coming up the end of the year… either to expand what we are doing or get the hell out of repeats with a clarity of how you put it in your field to begin with because as exciting as this year has been, 2016 is going to be off the evolutionary charts!!


Keep in mind, I will be flying to Virginia Friday Sept 25th to hang with my new daughter (smile) and learn about my new sparkly self too.  We will both be on Kelli in the Raw Sept 29th, 12pm – 2pm EDT, the day of her 25th birthday.  Ohhh and quite a few people had asked her current mailing address and I keep forgetting to share it.  It is:  Valorie Gawlas     2460 MEADOW BROOK TRL.,  SUFFOLK, VA 23434-8142

May the magic and mystery of your Love fill you, expand you, and create new wonders for you and thru you!!

((((HUGZ)))) of gratitude, intense life changing Love to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Physical Action is Required to Produce Outcome!!


Action!!  My morning yesterday started with that incredibly valuable, if not completely surprising lesson.  Mixing desire with an actual outcome demands we put out our hand into the field of life to make sure what we desire is brought back to our physical reality.  All the wishing, hoping, feeling in the world is not enough, just like a good magician, gotta stick your hand into the hat if you want to pull a rabbit out!!

After I published my blog yesterday, I took a cruise on the directv website to look at the information about the GenieGo, a device that allows you to download your recorded movies or shows onto your phone or computer and watch it without the need for wifi.  I am thinking, this would be great for traveling on the planes.  I could not find the investment fee on their website so I called them.

For the last month, I have been on the fence about ordering Showtime, there are several series that I really love watching and I want the channel, I just don’t want to pay for it!!  lol

As this lady is trying to tell how awesome the GenieGo is, she said you can record the shows on Showtime and watch them anywhere.  I said, but I don’t have Showtime, she explained that it is showing on my account that I can have it for free for the next 3 months.  Really???  Why?  I didn’t say i was going to buy the GenieGo, is that what would give it to me for free??  Nope.  I can have it just because I am me.  REALLY??  For no reason at all?  3 months for free???  WOW, sign me up!!!  No other pay channel, just the one I wanted for free, was handed to me on a silver platter because I called for information.

Action… I was inspired to look at Directv’s website for one thing, then called them to get the bottom line and was handed something that has been in my field of desire because of that phone call… reaching into the hat to get my rabbit!!

I got off that call and the energy running thru me, ya would swear I just hit the lottery or something… like floating on cloud 9.  I now realize that was the energy system called, outcome.  Everything we desire is in the field of potential, everything!!  It’s very much like taking your song of emotional desire and burning onto a CD, so now you have it in the physical realm.  So make sure, whatever it is your desiring, you put your hand out to bring it back into your realm of created reality.  Follow your inner energy field, your magnetic flow, it will lead you to where you need to go!!

Now lets talk about that field.  Holy freakin shit batman, it’s getting intense out there.  More and more is coming online, coming together with each passing day and the energy is getting more, hmmmmm… spacious??  I am not sure how to describe it, but it spreading my consciousness to levels I never thought it would go, not all in one day anywayz lol.  And of course, my crazy multidimensional calendar that I am still using had my last 3 appointments literally back to back with only a 15 minute gap between the first three.  I came out of the gate climbing mount Everest and it only got higher and steeper as the day went on.  When I got the notification in my email for my last appointment, I almost burst out crying, I cannot do one more.  I have never felt like I did yesterday and I don’t even know how to describe it.  Maybe that moment when you’re drinking and you know that if you have one more drink, you’ll go from feeling good to flat-out drunk and not in the pleasant way.  I have never ever had this feeling like I did yesterday.  I am so grateful she understood and was willing to wait til October.

But lets talk about all the added detail, energy that happened yesterday.  I think, instead of individuating how the information came out thru each person, I am going to talk about it as an ongoing whole system. Our pimped out, reversed reflective disco ball of a magnetosphere has turned into a gyroscope looking system within the magnetosphere.


Each one of us has our own unique work/play station within this amazing structure.  Of course, none of this is new information, it has been given to us over the years to start to understand what we had the full on potential to do.  We are here now.  For those that did their inner homework, well great is about go into unimaginably great from here on out!  Yes we will still have those kinks in the biology, tired days, exhilarated days and everything in between.  But the fact remains… WE ARE HERE!!  YAY??? lol

Lets take each new part, that magnetic core thingie.  Two people showed up yesterday that works directly within that energy system.  Altho, visually this thing looked solid, it is made up of trillions of magnetic particles that in my field of vision look gold in vibration (pure undiluted spiritual energy, atomic energy.)

The energy I see as the shell of the magnetosphere has soooo many quadrants in it, and each quadrant, so different and each person is assigned to the quadrant to do their work/creation/play.  If we look at it as an orchestra box and each one of you/us an instrument within the orchestra…

And then there is the wind section, that’s where I am… the place between the needle/magnetic core and the controls of the record player itself…  each section has a different rate of spin, of energy transmission and transmutation.

I do want to mention, thru the readings aligned with the spinning middle part (the part that looks to me like an LP record made of energy) their teams keep calling that area the midheaven.  It is the emotional field of the human that creates its spin in relationship to their work and desires.  Also, the upper part of it access what we call the higher mind, beneath is, the lower mind or ego.  Keeping clear, it is the lower mind that is the master of matter, that part is a super important key player in this whole exciting game.  The very thing that directed me to call Directv yesterday.  We can get inspired all day long, but it is our lower mind that creates the action needed for the outcome, if we allow for it!!!

I so want to give some individual examples of the readings yesterday, I cannot.  My poor brain/consciousness is obviously still overwhelmed and digesting the enormity of each energy system called you.

So on that note, I am going to close here and pray you understand what I tried to share (smile) and find a way to make space for the 7 folks on my dance card today.

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) of every dream made manifest and even a few that you didn’t dare to dream!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Boy, what a mixed bag of tricks yesterday was!!  I am not even sure where to start and make this sharing coherent!  I guess I will start with that wild-looking thing called earths magnetosphere.  The upper part of this disco ball looking sphere must have come online while I was unplugged, or maybe, I was unplugged so my vision could see that high.  Either way, I seen some amazing worker bee’s doing their musical magic yesterday!  I am not even sure what I am understanding with all this, so please know, whatever I am about to share today is subject to change with more information.

I found a picture that I think will help with what I am understanding:

earths magnetosphere


Ignore most of the writing set into the picture.  If we look at this diagram, that yellow-green ring is the magnetosphere, literally in this picture.  Now turn it into s orb as opposed to a ring.  The plasma torus is what I am seeing as the shell of the disco ball in readings (smile) and the space between the ring and the blue, which for my diagram is going to represent the “bridge” to acceleration or filtered earth (forget that it says jupiter, that’s earth, specifically the filtered, duality dense 3D earth, in my diagram.)

The magnetosphere is in constant rotation, which means equally, those of us in the accelerated zone are too.  The inside of this shell of the magnetosphere has these protrusions like the cylinder of a music box has:

music box

The protrusions are different shapes and sizes depending on who I am looking at and their placement on the magnetosphere.  The flappy things that hit the protrusions, that’s you!!  The instrument that is creating the energy waves, sounds, experiences being released back thru Life itself.  No two instruments are alike and serve the same purpose… similar, yes, the same, not even close!!  Each instrument (ummm each of you/us) has a unique job to do, to understand and perfect.  Once upon a time, like last week lol, our guides were the ones plucking these notes of experience for us, now, we are the ones doing it, we have arrived in enough consciousness to embody our roles in this amazing new game!!

So as you can see from this incredibly humble model… for those still trying to ground or anchor or do things that no longer need to be done… it cannot happen.  However, I was given an example thru a conversation the other day for people still insisting they need to do this.  You create an orb of energy around you, what I once called your bubble of creation, so that anything you try to fix or change only happens inside your bubble (which only forms when you take yourself out of limitlessness and go into the limited view.)  If you are doing it with a group, then you are actually weaving your bubbles together, which entangles you in ways you really don’t need to be entangled.  Protective measures have been put in place simply because we are creatures of habit.  Doing what we have always done on an earth that no longer exists in that way.  Mission was accomplished, time to see your new amazing self and use it so differently than ever before.  Or not.

I had seen one lady yesterday, talk about tripping me up lol, she is undergoing a serious change of frequency in her lungs, in the energy she takes in and releases and it is presenting in her life as bronchitis.  Her visual was spread eagle in the center of the magnetosphere while her team tweaked various things that kinda looked like knobs or something at the inside shell part of the magnetosphere.  They explained she is being fine tuned,  I guess think of tuning a piano., getting new strings, tuning them to the new song of the earth field and stuff.

So often we get “sick’ and think we have taken a large step backwards instead of celebrating a huge step forward.  She was literally put in time out, suspended in immobility as all this fine tuning takes place.

My last lady of the day, holy cow what an amazing understanding.  There are some of us that have come in with physical challenges, which even creates physical limitations.  Truly, these are amazing masters changing a lot of the programming that for eons, has been part of our DNA set.  She has had an activated (physical) pain body pretty much from birth.  She uses hand crutches to assist her in walking.  So I started seeing a notebook in front of my face before our connection.  A very particular kind of notebook:


And words I could not see, but could see (if that makes sense lol) being written in pencil.  All I kept hearing is “re-write.”  This whole thing was strange because this imagery was floating in front of my face.  Granted, we connect via skype and at first, I thought that was why, cuz I was looking at my computer.  Nope.

Her team explained that right now and moving forward she needs to literally rewrite her incarnation desires.  Doing it in pencil leaves room to erase the energy, pen becomes permanent.  This notepad is on purpose too.  Unlike the side spiral notebook, when you close it squishes the energy flat on top of each other.  This type, when you turn the page emits its frequency to the other pages.  All new energy comes into our body’s from the back and breathes itself outwards thru the front of our body.  Same thing happening here.

She is to take the time to rewrite her new life story, without using any negatives at all.  Example: “I am enjoying full health and vitality.”  As opposed to “I am no longer feeling pain in my body.”  Using the word pain brings that energy forward.  And reminding everybody who may want to do this amazing rewrite themselves, the universe nor our minds, hear negatives… meaning, “I am NOT” is translated to “I Am” and the not evaporates because negatives do not exist except at the human level of speaking.

Even as we connected and went over everything, her notebook always remained between me and the computer screen.  Her team explained because she has been pulled out of time and space and held in a sort of suspension as she rewrites her new story.  They explained it like using a sentence with comma’s.  I will use my own analogy (from my own history.)

The beginning sentence of this incarnation could have easily read:  “I have not family in my life that loves or cares for me.”  Now, as I have rewritten that song of my life, and the pause point of where my lovely lady is would read now:  “I had no family in my life, but now I am surrounded by family of light, expanding my understanding about family and being loved and cared for.

The interjection of how you are now, how you choose to experience yourself now, changes the energy preceding and after the comma’s.  You cannot hold your old story (and sometimes, especially when there is pain, whether physical or emotional) involved, its hard to write a new story when your focused on the old one.  If you want to change anything about your life, this is an amazing way to do it.  You start singing a new song which MUST take form.

I hope I am making this powerful rewrite understandable.  Also, don’t lie.  Don’t make something up like “I have always been in health and vitality” if that is not a true statement.  The mind knows things, and you can trick it for a minute, but then it realizes that’s not the truth and reverts back to the way it was and has been.  (Ohhh my hypnosis teachings are still valuable lol.)

She did ask how long she had to get this done… there is no time, so the cycle of this particular month will carry forward with her for as long as she starts her rewrite daily.  If she chooses to not do it, to let life distract her… well, then she will continue with the original story.  But I know her, she will get this done.  Because I had seen her greatest potential in my kitchen… dancing a wiggle that ass kind of dance, hands moving, hand crutches more like pom poms and fluid, pain free movement is her outcome!!

Ya know, I am wondering now…. since the moment I woke up this morning, I have been hearing my daughters new theme song “My Fight Song,” and altho I talked to her last night and things are going well inside of her… I am thinking this is now everyone’s song that needs a rewrite.  It sure as hell inspired my daughter to change it all… may it do so for you that needs that extra push!!

I love you all so much.  I thank you more than I will ever be able to put into words for allowing us all to understand how to do things differently, magnificently together!!

((((HUGZ)))) of love songs, dance songs, and the abundance of bliss everywhere you turn!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Coupon codes to receive 25% off single readings is: 25% off  ~  Coupon code to receive 25% on any and all packages is: Save 25%  Coupons expire midnight September 30th!


Sing… it does change everything!! <3


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The Presence, The Partnership… or the Dense Ego?


Well yesterday didn’t go the way it was planned out!  Not a spiritual vision in the field to be had.  Of course, given the weightiness I felt in my head the moment I woke up, I was not completely surprised.  Of course, spirit did warn us that we are coming out of the solar eclipse like dust particles re-coagulating on the field of life.  Of course, who knew what that felt like and how would it affect our day??  I had no idea.  Often times, I take spirits metaphors just like metaphors, not literal experiences.  And god forbid I should think all this information that is pouring out thru the day, would actually affect me to!  Superwoman syndrome is me!! lol

My first conversation of the day brought what was really happening in this crazy body of mine to light.  Spirit said that as we stepped into our new version of ourselves, there would be a “solidification” period.  Again, I’m thinking metaphoric in nature.  I realized that there was a story unfolding on the field over the last two days, the first day that I could see, everyone was up in hula hoop land, then the next day, mid level to earth, ahhhh this must be the solidification day for me.  But spirit said something closer to the equinox, the 23rd… this is too soon, ain’t it??  For me, my new story picks up where my old story left off, so not a whole lot of moving and changing that I needed to do to fit into this new version, except understand the higher fields of light being displayed thru you.

So after the first two attempts to read, I grabbed me a bowl of lucky charms (gotta keep the inner child happy) sat on the couch and pondered.  The weightiness in and around my head started to give way to… the only way I can even think of describing it, like a seed loosing its shell as the plant within starts to break out.  Only it was my skin itself that was the hull of the seed and I could feel and see these shards of light starting to come out of my skin, mostly thru my head and down my arms.  Weird let me tell ya.  And kewl, but mostly weird.  I did hear my team tell me I am going thru a rapid “photosynthesis” process.  A what??  I had to look that up: Photosynthesis is the process of converting light energy to chemical energy and storing it in the bonds of sugar. (in the humans case, the fat cells within us.)

So I decided, maybe if I take a bath, soak this seed of a body in water, it would hurry up and do what it is going to do so I can get to some of my readings!!  Bad, bad, bad idea!!! Well, bad for the intended result anywayz.

I laid in the bath, and I can’t just lay there and do nothing, so I decided OK Merlin, here’s your chance.  Lets see how you are going to teach me to play this crazy pan flute… or at least, the one pipe you shoved in my spine.  The next thing I know, I am right back at the table sitting across from him and suddenly his is moving back and forth so fast, leaving trails in its speed (he is sitting, so he is leaning as for to the right, then left, the right as his body would extend itself.)  I asked him, what the hell does this have to do with music, or even using breath to make music???  Somewhere in the trails of Merlin, I knew he gave another one of those sly smiles.  Hey!!!  And then the next thing I know… POOF, we were on the other side of the veil and I was standing at the area I know from my Life Between Life hypnosis experience back in 2001 as “The Temple of the Presence.”  This is where my personal council of elders meet me to go over life experiences and help to plan out future life experiences.  Thru this amazing room that I meet them in, is the pulse of the Presence, what we know as God.  The most amazing, love pulse I had ever experienced.  But yet, it wasn’t that amazing yesterday.  Actually, I was kinda sad that it wasn’t that vibrant, intense pulse of love that filled everything, that was everything like I experienced it in 2001.  But before I go there, I was actually happy to see my dude from the Pleiades, Franklyn, waiting for me, he was there the first time I had gone to see the elders.  This time tho, as Franklyn talked to me, he didn’t sound like the familiar voice of Franklyn, instead, his voice was now… melodic, like each word was being sung in this most amazing melody.  So of course I had to ask him, whats up with your voice??  You do not sound like the Franklyn I am used to.  This is interesting and important for all of us to realize…

He explained that what I am hearing is his pure soul voice.  That thru the years, the only frequency I could hear with him was in incarnate voice, because my vibration was still raising to the tune of pure soul.  Now, he can talk in his soul voice.  Hmmmmm…. I didn’t get this part during meditation, I was marveling at his sound, but, everything is on purpose and I realize those of us on the accelerated area of earth are now emitting a much higher frequency thru our voices.  This is the very (tiniest) part of the “new instruments” we have become.  And really puts into a broader light the phrase “those with ears to hear.”

So as we go into the “Temple of the Presence” I am so expecting it to be like the few times I entered in my early years (and I know better than to “expect” anything lol.)  Funny how powerful we are, the room now was very different than it was well over a decade ago, and I kept trying to put it back to the way I remembered it… which really created a lot of blurry frequencies.  Franklyn finally stopped me by simply saying “you are not who you used to be.”  Somehow, I got that… and stopped trying to force a memory of a place that is no longer needed in that way.  Back in the day, my counsel of 5 stood across the room, I had a podium to stand at, Franklyn did too.  Now there was a round table and were going to sit together.  That seemed…. odd to say the least.  Again, only this morning I understand that back a decade ago, my frequency was so dense, to come any closer to me in that environment, I would blow from the shear purity of their light field.

I was also looking, excuse me, expecting the pulse… OMG that pulse of the Presence and it was simply not there… well… not there like I had remembered it.  So I had to ask Franklyn, where is the Presence???  He laughed at me (I get laughed at a lot let me tell you!!!)  All around you, thru you… nah ah!  I don’t feel it, again, going back to my initial experiences here close to 13-14 years ago.  Franklyn explained that my frequency is in harmony with the Presence (god) and no longer keeping myself separate from that.   Ohhhhhhh… It was still kinda underwhelming really!!

Then it was about to get really strange and really humbling!!  My counsel of 5 was reduced to 4 and the 6 of us sat at a round table so completely blended you could not see where one person started and the other ended.  I had to ask, where’s my other dude??  I had 5 of y’all… again, I get laughter.  (I am not trying to be funny here, its a genuine question!!)  The reply was… it’s you.  Huh??  That’s impossible (yeah, like I am now telling spirit how they work things on their side, lol.)  So they showed me in detail… and it would take me too long to type out the details and truly, it doesn’t matter.  But back in my very early days of awakening was the energy of this massive throbbing heartbeat who I call dream weaver (simply because every time I insisted he give me a name, he would play the music dream weaver.)  The Presence, the Counsel member that was now missing.  Never in a million incarnations would I have seen that one coming!!

Then they explained some other details that was so weird and exciting.  They reminded me that in the last two days, coming out this eclipse, I had read for 12 people.  6 one day, 6 the other.  Each person showing up on the field, igniting my new DNA (and I there’s.) 12 strand DNA, 12 readings, yeah I am getting this.  Then I had to assimilate the energy, again what they call the humans version of photosynthesis.

The next thing I know, they took the energy of that big throbbing heartbeat I knew as dream weaver, placed in it the center of the table, it started to form a sheez… a beautiful violet matrix of energy that went upwards almost like in a funnel shape, but not really.  As it went higher, it spread out at the aboveness lol, and a new spider web was created.  It looked exactly like this amazing, beautiful, pure white illuminated spider web.  They called this web, my new calendar (weird, huh?)  Instantly, I got worried… oh shit, I don’t want to “trap” anyone into my field, OMG this is not a good thing… is it??  (yeah, I am incredibly human even in spirit lol)  Instead, they showed me the aroma being emitted thru the field of life, and like a hummingbird to nectar, YOU show up.  And just like the nectar feeds the hummer, you place a shard of Light into my field, forever changing/enhancing not only me (but especially me) but all those who are brave enough to read my sharings.

My team also explained why and how I kinda defeat myself with my daily schedule.  In spirit, we do not need to rest or take a day off to assimilate, or even sleep or ponder for hours.  When you and I are together, I am so resident in that space of light, I forget a lot, that there is a human going thru this process too, that does absolutely have to have days off to integrate the enormity of each connection.  Altho, there is nothing I can do about it in September, I will be much more mindful (I have been saying this for years lol, like an alcoholic promising no more drinking lol) to take time off so we do not have to reschedule so damn much.  Spirit better make sure my integration days are on my planned days off!!  Sounds like a good compromise, doesn’t it??

But my team was not done blowing my mind.  They showed me the mesa where I now live and the Guardians who have waited an eternity for this amazing time… The pure spirits that held Shambhala/Heaven on Earth Here for our arrival, because they are the pure spirit of us.  I watched over the years one by one, the group of guardians get smaller and smaller because you brought them into you. As we became enlivened, so too, did the energy field here in the place I call Home.  They equally showed me (blew my mind with) the energy field that now lives here… and explained when people come to visit me in person, this energy embeds in them, giving them the greatest choice points of their lives.  They become much more responsible with their approach to life than ever before.  Simply because they were drawn to the energy (please know, not me at all, the living presence that is alive thru Us here.)  What I find kinda funny… once someone visits me, more often than not, I never see or hear from them again.  It was explained thru my amazing 20 minutes in my bath yesterday… because they choose not to be responsible and therefore, our journey together was done, complete and nowhere else to go.

Then, my amazing team showed me two people, one that I do read for, one that do not as an example of how this new energy system we call life works.  One lady keeps a lot of sadness in her, and my team brought her energy to my meditation and her body was in the form of a ball, like a bouncy ball.  She was on the “bridge” just rolling around, back and forth to the filtered earth, to the accelerated earth and never really going anywhere.  I was shown her ego, her mind and how it keeps her so dense in the sadness and if she would only work harder to find her joy, which is really what the “enlightenment” process is all about… the heaviness of her mind would allow her to stop rolling and start bouncing, reaching higher levels of herself.

The other person, living so thru her ego, what many know as “false light” (your ego can only go so far in broadcasting light without the purity of soul partnership) and I seen her sink into the filtered earth like she was in quicksand.  The only part I could see was her right arm poking straight up in the air, like reaching for help I suppose.  Her arm reminded me of the Twilight series, it twinkled as the vampires do in sunlight.  But unlike the new version of sexy vampires, she was very much in the old… decaying in the Light of this new world.

I got out of the bath with less brains than I went in.  I could barely hold a verbal word of coherence as I tried to reschedule my next person, then the next then the next.

I do want to leave you with this profound thought… knowing.  When we embark on the journey of change, however we do it (can I give a shout out for meditation here) life is going throw you every distraction possible to see if you are serious about changing into a higher vibration of yourself.  If you keep saying “I was too busy” well… yeah.  Can I suggest you changing your priorities??  There is very little mercy left in looking and playing with that which no longer serves you!!

If you don’t meditate, or have not figured out how to have that active, participating meditation arena, let me please direct you to my meditation page.  There are three audio podcasts on my page that if followed thru, will give you conscious communication and interaction with your team.  Let me also toss you out a handbook I wrote to help you understand and participate with this awakening part of yourself.  It is only available with this coupon for free on (click there to go to my handbook page) and put in the coupon code: XE29K to download it for free.  Lots of meditation exercises in that book to help you restore, reclaim your personal power!!

If that is not enough (my team is on a serious roll here) everything I offer thru my online calendar is now 25% off thru the end of this month.

I am closing here, before my team starts giving my furniture away!!  I love you all so much.  Tune into the Joy channel of your life, stay there, that’s where the party is!!

((((HUGZ)))) of unrestricted pleasure and surges in frequency to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Coupon codes to receive 25% off single readings is: 25% off  ~  Coupon code to receive 25% on any and all packages is: Save 25%  Coupons expire midnight September 30th!





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DeJa Vu and our new Symphony together!!


I have got to start today’s sharing by saying thank you.  Thank you for showing up every day and shining your amazing soul light on the field of life.  The beauty, the sound gets more and more beautiful with each shift.  You are gift upon my eyes and ears, my heart and soul each and every day and I thank you!!

Before I get into the amazingness of all the readings yesterday, I want to talk about Deja Vu first.  When I first started this path, I would have those experiences a lot, but now, I cannot remember the last time I had that experience until this shift.  The last two days, thru two of the readings (one each day) which actually confuses me.

When I did my Life Between Life regression back in 2001, a part of the 3 hour hypnosis session was going to the life planning area to choose the body type, family surroundings, life experiences needed to resolve old karma and create new understandings.  Thru seeing the many different possible scenarios that could happen at various choice points in that life, one was so important to take you to the next grander road, the experience was embedded in the physical minds frequency that we experience as Deja Vu, the feeling like we has seen or said or done this before.  We have!!  In our life planning stage from the other side of the veil.  Our own souls way of saying, we made it to the next wisest choice point to alter and enhance the journey thru matter.  Kinda like a spiritual mile marker!!

With all that said, this incredible moment we have entered, this shift of all shifts, we seen as a potential before our parents ever became pregnant.  Ohhhh, here is something I did not know (lol, like I know so much!! lol) Those moments of Deja Vu are also like getting off an exit ramp as your cruising down life’s highway, into another dimensional field of life that allows for more expansion, more possibilities.  That’s so freakin kewl!!

Perhaps that is why each day now, more light, more details and understandings are being added to the readings.  We are expanding into so much rarefied light, and it was bright in the field all day yesterday, unlike the day before where is was truly like reading in the night sky.

But spirit didn’t stop at Deja Vu to make it unmistakably clear that what I am seeing is true, planned in knowing, they point a holy shit exclamation point on the end of my day yesterday.

My last lady of the day show up looking like a massive blow fish all puffed out.  Her skin was the most beautiful blend of yellow-green (soul/sun energy blended with heart energy.)


Instead of being in the water, she was actually a drift on the air currents.  I about shit when she said she has had a recurring dream since childhood about a blowfish drifting in the air.  REALLY???  This image was so bizarre and unusual and yet here she is, getting it completely cuz of the recurrent dream.  May I add, this precious soul was also a virgin on my field too (new, someone I never read for before.)  A vital part of the validation keys coming online in my crazy world.  So again, thank you!!  I do have to giggle with her tho, we are seeing the new teachers assisting you in these musical moments of our newness.  Hers, was Charlie Tuna!!  HA!!  In her reading he had on black glasses and I could not remember for the life of me if the commercials I have seen of him, did he wear glasses??  lol


He had said that this is the guise he is choosing to wear as he teaches her how to swim the air waves and equally, gotta love he is a Tune-a-fish.

I had another one during the day, a precious man i had been reading for that filled me in a way I have never ever experienced before.  His view was “surfing” this pastel pink, blue, violet blend of energy coming out of the sun winding its pathway down towards earth.  Even tho his position was surfing it, his team also used the word “super soaker” but I seen no squirt gun in his visual.  What the hell?  The understanding with him is he takes the flow of magnetic energy from the sun as it forms a pathway to the earth, thru his feet he is naturally pulling up the energies we see as CME’s, Solar Wind, Magnetic Filaments and squirts it out of his heart now tuned to the biological life on earth.  (I am leaving so much detail out simply because to explain how each person works would take me hours each one, and you are your own unique instrument, so the details are not as broad spectrum as they once were.)  When his team showed how he is surfing this energy and squirting it out his heart with each heartbeat, suddenly and beautifully, I had stereo sound in my ears.  I hear either in one ear or the other, never both.  This I experienced in both ears at the same time and the richness of the music, which has a series of (what I now understand as) sacred geometry embedded into the sound, penetrated my eardrums, literally,  I could feel it, see it, hear it.  This morning I looked to see what was happening with the sun energy yesterday and I have to smile: SOLARSAURUS: An enormous cloud of plasma is rotating into view over the sun’s eastern limb.  His team did say the sun is always releasing energy, but these particular things, whether they release from the sun themselves or not, affect us even more than usual.

This is also one of the very few people I had seen in the last few months whose reading took him all the way into the middle of next year.  He is currently in school for nursing and yet, mid next year, he will somehow have his own youtube music show!!  Showing he set up the end of his last incarnation (ummm last week lol) to continue this amazing path into the new (now.)   I have to crack up tho at his teacher, again like Charlie tune-a-fish, his guise is on purpose.  He was a human bat like looking thing.  His face a blend of black and violet, his face looked like a bat really, pointy ears, which only in my processing last evening did I understand the “antenna” aspect to his pointy ears.

For the last year or two spirit has been on its kick about no grounding, stop grounding and learn to flow.  Now I soooo see the reason why.  For those of us on the outer edges of earth, the expanded area (I am bringing back my humble presentation from yesterday, to be perfectly in this important understanding:)

new earth

In the expanded area, we MUST be fluid, like the air, the waters, the magnetic field of life.  There is nothing to ground into here, nor is there anything anyone needs to fix or anchor in… just saying!!!  Imagine your on the filtered earth, where 3D is having its way with you, why on earth would you want to anchor into that??  You sure as hell cannot be on the filtered earth and anchor anywhere else?  Even the bridge, it’s a choice point not a permanent residence.

Even the field of our physical bodies must be open… allowing.  Like grand piano.


Open, reflective, melodic in its output.  Your job is to know how to play the strings of life, not anchor in anything, then ya just get bloated.

Ohhh and I gotta say this too… thru someones reading yesterday, we are the instruments of life, the new orchestra of life, earth, that magnetosphere is the orchestra box itself.  Tuning into each other and amplifying the brilliant new song of life outwards!!!

We must be conscious and fluid as we learn to live as this expanded Self incarnate and how to work our magic thru the bridge and the filtered earth.  Know thyself!!!

Now let me go to the grand opening of my day yesterday!!  This man is a shining example of just how powerful we are!!  I could hear the element of surprise when I said hello to him.  He insisted he did not have an appointment with me, I insisted he did!!  Your on my calendar therefore, you do!!  He had said he had been wanting to book more appointments with me, but since he knew my September was already full, he was waiting til October and we was quite insistent we used up his last package.  Well dammit, your here now, I am going read for you!!  His joyful giggle and surprise was a gift unto my soul that I could not ignore and just pass by!!

His body is the needle and the core of the sun, central sun, passing point from this side of the veil to the other (pick a description) was where he got his “thread’ from.  New codes being released, new energy, source energy to sew into life whatever he desired as well as assisting others with his enhanced instrument.  We had to laugh and celebrate the fact that he wanted a reading so damn bad and to be at the top of my day instead of the end… he (miraculously) sown himself into my calendar exactly how he wanted it.   I told him that he was such a gift unto my day, he best not even try to pay for it… it was a wonderful confluence of manifestation and exciting information to us, to us all!!

There is so much more information floating around in my crazy brain, I cannot seem to pull it together yet.  This morning head actually feels thick and tired.  And of course, I have 7 people on my dance card.  Here is hoping I can take in more light without blowing up!! lol

I want to leave you with a video a precious soul put on my facebook yesterday morning.  This video affected me instantly and so surprisingly.  I started crying immediately, these tears of…. recognition, expansion, love!!  Well just dammit, its a facebook video and not a youtube video, I cannot share it here.  Too bad, its stunning and should be more available to people beyond facebook!! <3  UPDATE lol I found it on youtube and embedding it at the close here!!!  Enjoy!!!!!

I decided too, that when I get back from my daughters, I am going to look at investing in a pan flute with online lessons.  I say I “can’t” do a lot of things, mostly, I don’t want to take the energy to learn.  I Am going to learn how to literally play the pan flute so I can go to the river and play it for the Guaridans who have stood guard over the energy of Shambhala waiting for us to arrive!!  We are Now Here!!

I love you all so freaking much!!  Thank you for blessing my life day after day in ways no one else can!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of vibrant, life changing, life enhancing music to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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The Music of Love vs the Power of Fighting!

expanding love

Wow!!  Just… WOW!! I am not even sure how to start today’s sharing.  The information, the imagery, the wonder that was presented thru the field yesterday, holy excited heaven batman!!  I think the best way to start is with the earth herself and then, our relationship, our instrumental song of her powerful love made manifest.

Thru one of the readings yesterday, we were giving the amazing, the stunning view of the expanse of our new earth.  The relationship we now have with her (and her with us, of course.)  First and foremost, she wants everyone to know, to realize, she is a finely tuned instrument herself, in this new, amazing version of our life together.  If at any time you look at the earth and think it needs fixing, or realigning, look first into yourself, the reflection you are seeing, is your own.   Now with that said, what I am going to share came thru the readings and a ton of processing the information.

We are building a new bubble of energy as our new universe around us, so too, is the earth.  She showed her emerging self in relationship to us thru one of the readings and it just took my breath away on so many levels.  It is this morning I now fully realize what she showed us the new magnetosphere of earth, her loving arms around us, if you will.  The literal sense of the magnetosphere is:

The Earth has a magnetic field with north and south poles. The Earth’s magnetic field reaches 36,000 miles into space.

The magnetic field of the Earth is surrounded in a region called the magnetosphere. The magnetosphere prevents most of the particles from the sun, carried in solar wind, from hitting the Earth.

Some particles from the solar wind can enters the magnetosphere. The particles that enter from the magnetotail travel toward the Earth and create the auroral oval light shows.

The Sun and other planets have magnetospheres, but the Earth has the strongest one of all the rocky planets. The Earth’s north and south magnetic poles reverse at irregular intervals of hundreds of thousands of years. (Taken from Windows to the Universe website.)

So I found an image that gives a starting view of her new field surrounding us:

mosaic earth

The biggest difference being, the reflection was back to us, not outside of herself.  We being in the middle part of her magnetosphere.  The mosaic of color was actually a blend of light infused pastels of pinks, yellows and oranges… for now.  And she literally is coming online at her center, which is why I cropped the picture this way, she too, is emerging with us and us with her.

Our personal sound waves are bouncing outwards to her pimped out, shiny, super reflective field surrounding earth and combining her energy, her music, with us as a partnership, enhancing and enlivening it all WITH US.

The way I am now seeing how this amazing earth is laid out:

new earth


If we can look at ourselves in relationship to this image, those I had seen yesterday, coming thru the hula hoop looking circle representing the eclipse shows the expanded outer magnetosphere of our emergence.  This where it gets complicated for me to explain.  The “instruments” I had seen yesterday was not all about music.  There was a traffic light, blinking like crazy in the red, yellow, green energy.  Her team said she directs the flow of traffic in and our of her world.  But if we look at the bigger picture (that I used) as we perfect our instrument, we also let in or stop the arrival of new instruments in this expanded field.

Then I had one whose instrument is fire.  The pilot light was her heart, the instrument is the fire itself.  Fire can be passionate, cleansing, nourishing, dancing.  Her job is to know which to create when and how to use her emotional field to do that.  Because we know, if we misuse fire, it burns!!

Fire Circle


When I seen her, I thought hey!!!  I am a Leo with Sag rising, how come I am a damn flute?  I wanna be fire too!!  Hell I should be fire, no??  NO!!  Forget you had a birthday called August 15th.  Forget you had an astrological chart from that past life.  Forget all the things you thought you knew about yourself.  In this incarnation of ourselves, we are now fully partnered with the earth, her elements in living expression of life.  Not divvied up into 12 houses, but a full house working as one.

I am a damn flute!! lol  But really, when I get over myself (smile) it makes sense.  This immediate past life (like last week and the other 53 years) I have been perfecting the wind energy within myself.  Taking the octaves of information that comes thru the air and bringing it to life the best I can.  The more aligned I became, the broader the winds spread, the more instruments of truth (that’s YOU) showed up to play with, sing with, share from.

Since I do understand myself, I can use this new relationship with earth as an example of understanding.  When we stop seeing anything as good or bad, broken and in need of (our) fixing, whether it be a human, a place on earth, a system of energy… we enter the true partnership with earth herself.  The reflective mosaic of energy speeds the field up and slows it down where needed.  There is a harmony that is actually contracting.  If we are the widest part of earths sphere, then anything we say or do must contract, move inward to the bridge and to the center, affecting all that is there.  Expanding them, and without magnetic flow, rattles them a bit, gets them out of their limited view of themselves and gives them the opportunity to move outwards.

We are the system busters and we aren’t going to bust the old systems in the way we may think.  We are the winds, the fires, the color streams, we are fluid and penetrating and life changing.  If I try to go fight a system, we both get black eyes.  If I sing my song into the system, it MUST change, not by force like in a fight, but the power of love itself.

So the place where you are showing up in relationship to your “instrument” is more complex and important than I realized yesterday.  The hands, the grasp you have with life itself, the melody, the harmony, the ability to change the channel for those who need it.  One lady showed up as I eventually understood, the bow part of the instrument.  Like a violin, the earth the violin, the very strings of musical life, her feet, the bow to bring the music of life together.

My last lady of the day confused me, well, at least until this morning.  But man oh man, what a dynamic grand finale, not that she was supposed to be, I had another appt after her, but nope that was not happening.

She was the only one who showed up on the ground itself.  I kinda love that!!  So much easier to read on the ground than way up in the darkened air!!  Her placement was directly at my backdoor (east field, spring, new beginnings.)  Her field, barren, dehydrated even.  Of course, I am having my own inner melt down because everyone but her came thru the eclipse thingie and what does this mean now.  There was too much “light” in her field to associate it with the filtered earth, and even the ground in her center, no mounds of anything, just dry sand colored dirt and pebbles.  Keeping in mind, I had no freaking clue there was a bridge way between the filtered and accelerated earth until this morning.  But it does make sense there has to be an orientation place, a semi-buffered place and we align with our new.  But keep in mind too, this bridge is not a one way bridge.  We can come out into the expanded world, do nothing and end up either back in the bridge or in the center filtered earth.

But going back to my east field lady.  She had told me her (longggg overdue) divorce just became finalized. YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!  In the next breath, but she is going let him stay in her home for a year.  Huh??  Now I see why its dry and rocky!!  Now what really became interesting and bizarre, out in the “shadows: of her life field, new helpers were working their tiny little asses off (tiny, like one inch big) tilling the soil.  Out in the shadows, OMG the soil itself was soooo rich, beautiful, ready for growing anything.  But yet, as I looked at her field in a cone of vision, not even close.

Think about the shadows, places we don’t look, things that we don’t see, and many people get afraid even just thinking we have shadows!!  They are stunning and untainted by the focus of our lives.  We all have an area of our lives that is so ready for growth, if we simply move out of centerfield and look where you have not looked before.  She and I talked and like everyone yesterday, had homework to do.

I had another appointment 15 minutes after I hung up with her, and my battery was dead.  Just… drained.  Technically, impossible.  I had made sure I put my phone back on the charger due to the heavy schedule, and yet, when I called my 7th lady of the day, all I got was the loud beep of the battery about to die.  I recharged it for 15 minutes, nuttin.  We had to reschedule, my phone tapped out!!  Must have been that dehydrated landscape!

I sat on my couch and really pondered the energy expression coming thru my east field lady and as soon as I tuned back into her, the skies opened up with a huge downpour of rain!!  I knew it was for her, something shifted in her own divine authority thru our connection and it is pouring rain on her field of life.  YAY!!

On that note, my day begins soon.  Thank you for allowing me to stumble thru understandings, process a day or two and get clearer on what I see thru you.  We are all in a brand new way of life.  May we all loose what we think we know about ourselves and become more than we ever could have imagined!!

Big big (((((HUGZ)))) of fiery passion and songs of Joy to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas





Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 15, 2015

The (Strange) New Instruments and the Living Harmonic Convergence!

Soul Song glowing person_2

Sure enough, its weird in the field!!  Keep in mind, three words I use to describe something so damn new it’s weird, bizarre, just plain old strange.  Indeed, its all of that!!  I only had two appointments on my calendar yesterday, just incase we can snoop something out.  Interestingly enough, these two appointments, were both men!!  That alone is a miracle!! (smile)  My first appointment was in the beautiful land down under, Australia, so I read him as the clock in his world passed the midnight hour into the 15th dateline.

It took me a little minute to find the frequency and when I did, he reminded me of a circus act, ya know when the guy gets shot out of the cannon!!??


But instead of a cannon, he was being propelled thru a double hoop circle thingie called, the solar eclipse.  He was a solid black mass in human shape.  Nothing distinct that I could see, no facial features, no fingers, just human shaped.  Even the area around where I was looking could be called nighttime, but I guess its dark way up in the sky!  But truly, we were in the first few minutes of this incredible event.  Since spirit already forewarned me that we will be looking at our “new instruments” this week, I squinted hard to figure out where it may be on him.  Well this was about to get confusing!!  Keep in mind, his body was in a still frame just like the image I used, but more parallel to the earth, but still pointing upwards too.  I suddenly noticed he had something wrapped around his head… a single guitar string (well, I call it a guitar string cuz that’s the first thing it reminded me of.)  Thru the information that came from his field, it started at the back of his head just below the opening of the crown.  And spiraled around his face, down to his neck and my field of vision lost the rest of it as it crossed his clavicle, the next phase (next month) will pick up in the next section, from the high heart… This guitar string looked like a clear plastic string.  What the hell do you do with that??  The next thing I know, we are looking at this hallow bronze piping inside the core of his body and at the top of it, where it connects with the bones of the skill, these bendy bronze finger like things were in his cranium bones, to many to count, but I knew what they did.  Each one was tuned to a particular frequency/emotion.  When the emotion was activated, it plucked his guitar string and reverberated outwards.

His job this month is to go into meditation and start learning how to play his new (partial) instrument with purpose and efficiency.  Harnessing one emotion at a time, to experience the outcome and also recognize the vibration, then take two emotions and put them together, which changes the harmonics flow out and equally increases/changes the way the outcome happens.

An interesting piece of news came out of his team as well… as he was saying he doesn’t really meditate… too bad so sad!! lol  Everyone coming thru the accelerated cannon of life is a fully functional instrument of this new world.  Equally, everyone was given a new teacher to help learn your new instrument.  But not everyone is going to make the effort to learn their new instrument from the inside out, in which case… well…. I guess the instrument can be likened to catgut stitches, it just dissolves back to whence it came as we cross over the full lunar eclipse.

The placement in which I am seeing its appearance is purposeful too.  His guitar string started at the back of his head where the consciousness emerges from the pineal gland.  So not only is his emotions activating a harmonic chord outwards, it is also spinning his consciousness to open and/or align with that thing he is feeling/manifesting/accessing.

Lets take a moment too, and talk about the arrival of new teachers helping us learn our new instrument.  Going into my own confusion about the arrival of Merlin to teach me how to use the pan flute inside my core, his team blocked my view of his teacher (dammit.)  They explained that we have pigeon holed what we call the “ascended masters” into particular groups of experience, and they are arriving to bust out of those holes!!  To show us they are much more than that… as we are!!

So my second appointment was like the other side of the bookend.  He was (well, still is lol) in Sweden, in the late afternoon of the 14th dateline and he showed up on this side of the eclipse cannon.  Unlike Aussie man who was smooth in his black body, Sweden man was globby.  Like hunks of this black clay stuff was still forming his new body.  I could not see his “instrument” at all, his team said, he is still being formed and not visible to my snooping vision.  Dammit!!  However, as our teams are so good at doing, he had a dream experience that gave him a heads up.  He dreamt of having a didgeridoo, but it was broken in the dream.  …And this the season we have been in since August 1st, repairing/enhancing our true instruments.  Interestingly enough, his team said, unlike my “pan flute” which plays in the higher registry, the didgeridoo is all about the bass, the frequency that takes the higher registry itself and solidifies it into creation.  His team assured him that when I got up to write this morning, I would see how it fit into his body… this is a crazy visual, but hey, true to their word, I am seeing it.  From the back of the throat to the engorgement of his lips, is a super sonic, I guess collapsible and expandable didgeridoo.  In its resting state, it is collapsed or retracted, when used, it elongates thru the very breath of emotion being released.

There is more I want to share, but my team is holding that back from me, insisting there is too much I don’t understand yet to release it.  No shit Sherlock!!

I do want to share this information tho.  If we look at our new instruments like a piano sitting in the middle of the room , and lets say, we never seen a piano before.  So we just went over to the piano and started banging on the keys, yes, tones will come out.  There is a harmonic to every key we now hold within us.  Our job is to learn our new instrument, to know how to play it on purpose and with efficiency.  Because as we move forward, we are going to be moved to where we can make the grandest difference in this world or held back so we do not create chaos by not learning ourSelves.

We are building a living harmonic frequency, orchestra, together.  We will never know how to play with each other if we do not know how to play with ourselves first!!  (Sounds kinda kinky lol.)

On a completely different note (smile.)  I was driving home yesterday and as I rounded the bend to my home, at a very particular bend on the road, (a store, one of my confirmation markers when I came to look at this house, called Shangri la West,) suddenly I could see this light blue massive spider web looking thing stretched across the road in front of me and it held itself until I drove straight thru the middle of it and came out the other side.  What the hell??  I say that a lot!!  lol  My first thought was… did I just make that up (something I so rarely do) but it looked like the image I used in my blog the other day:

flow of life

The exception, I was on the road, my car is that snake head looking thing and the spider web was the lightest, beautiful blue.  All I knew yesterday was “an entry into a new portal.”  YAY??  This morning I hear (as I am wondering, why there, why not closer to my actual home) and the reply I get, “the expansion of my harmonic field of creation.  Well, I have no idea what that means to me personally, but I guess we are about to find out.  I just hope I don’t get lost walking around!! lol  Or better yet, find my doppelgänger so she can get me caught up on emails!!  Here’s hoping!!

Another thing I was reminded of this morning while sharing here, back in the day, when I was first learning to channel, which started with automatic writing, the poet within my soul signed each poem “Song Bird.”   I am going to leave the last thing I ever wrote in that way (2001) at the end of this sharing, it’s so fitting for the “harmonic” theme we are in!!

I love you all so much.  Thanx for being the most wondrous music of my life, unto my soul!!  Ohhh another thing that came out of the readings yesterday.. Spirit said that the Harmonic Convergence done in 1987 was done in the ethers, calling those with hearts who could fear, to this very moment in time.  NOW, WE are the living harmonic convergence, in body, in the field of life, in ACTion!!!  YAY??  lol

((((HUGZ)))) of harmonic bliss to ALL!

Lisa Gawlas

The Song of the Universe
It is the song of the universe
That fills you thru and thru
It is written in the wind
It is written within you
Listen carefully to each exciting beat
Let your mind sing in glee
Let your heart sway with love
The song is being echoed for the whole world to see
The song that fills the universe
Is happy beyond your dreams
Listen carefully to the tune
Not everything is as it seems
There is a purpose for this song
For those about to hear
It sings of the prophecies
Predicted over the year
It is with intent and conviction
The song is being heard today
It wakes up the sleeping part of you
That on purpose was put away
So listen carefully
Dear children of the light
The song that fills the universe
Gives way to your birthright
(Lisa Gawlas)
Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 14, 2015

New Instruments or Mounting Obstacles?? Which Way Did You Choose?

heaven and earth!

I really thought I would have nothing to share today, true to spirits forewarning (about damn time…smile) the field itself is void, nothing I can see at this moment.  So I decided to see if I can dive into the bathtub and get a little news we can use.  The one thing I can say for sure, there was a distinct shift in everything.  At first, all I could see is the black behind my eyes, when this happens, I always take it old school, back to the beach in my mind’s eye, back to the alignment of my team walking the beach with me and then wham… somehow, I find the new frequency, the new entrance into the expanded field of me, of us!  Sure enough…

The energy around me was so fuzzy, like tons of gray cotton balls all stuck together, but yet, I knew I landed at a small table in a room that was not visible at all to me.  Directly across from me was a dude I recognized from many of the readings over the years, Merlin.  He too was fuzzy, but I know his energy signature well.  He placed these 4 or 5 hollow tubes, wood, something on the table in front of me.  Each as a different length and he told me this is your new instrument.  Huh??  Tubes sprawled out on a table??  What the hell do I do with them?  I will never ever forget his reply, and his reply set up the theme of the rest of this month in readings.  “You’re not going to figure it out by looking at them.”  Well dah!!

I had woken up yesterday morning sure I went thru the birth canal of the eclipse.  My head was a dull aching thing, the base of my skill, from ear to ear, hurt.  The headache radiated up from the base of my skull and spread out in bursts.  I could feel the energy in the bone structure of my skull moving, expanding and giving me a headache.  I really wanted to give it the whole birth thing, since most babies come out head first.  Nope.  Mr. Merlin showed me that as I slept and went thru the eclipse (it happened from just before 11pm until just after 3am in my world) the first of these hollow sticks was placed in my core energy.  He then showed me the back of my spine being energetically opened up and this crazy hollow stick being inserted.  Thanx??  But I still don’t know what to do with it, how to use it.  I then was shown a pan flute.  Ohhhh so this is a musical instrument??  Besides not being able to draw, ya know, I have zero musical ability too??

pan flute

So the headache was the first of four musical pipes placed in my spine, the longest one first, each month, the next longer one will be added until we hit December, then the last one.  So I had to ask, you’re a magician, why do I not have a music teacher here???  I got a belly laugh in reply!!  NOT FUNNY!!

After I got out of meditation, I looked up an instrument made out of hollow sticks (I had no idea what it was called until found it in the internet.)  I had to laugh as to why its called a “pan flute.”  The pan comes from the Greek god Pan (god) The “flute” part of the name comes from them being a woodwind. (taken from wikipedia)  I got the connection!!  The Medulla Oblongata is also called The Mouth of God.  It is located on the cervical aspect of the spinal chord and attaches to C-1, C-2 and C-3.  This is in the Throat Chakra center that governs Self Expression. (taken from my website)  

So, back to my crazy meditation.  All of it is more a message to all of us, which is why I am sharing as much as I can remember today.  The next thing I know I was asked again about my desires.  Wouldn’t it be sooo nice is spirit just told us what our desires should be and we follow that??  lol  I have no idea, to assist my daughter in her emerging growth??  And then the reply comes back… but what about for yourself??  Hmmmmm… Well, I am at the giving up part of a partner, but there is still a little fire burning on that spectrum.  That must have been the magic reply because what came next, soooo surprised me.

There was the beautiful energetic Archangel Michael hovering above our earths atmosphere, completely aligned with the planetary system I know and love called the Pleiades.  He seemed to pluck a man from that system, suspended him in from of his own (energy) body, merged with him, then fanned out the combined energy down to earth… to a single man on earth.  Archangel Michael explained that this man is going (or has gone thru) a near death experience so the energy merger can fulfil itself.  Knowing spirit talks both in literalness as well as metaphors… I had to ask which this explanation was surrounding.  They told me it doesn’t matter.  Ummmm, well, yeah it does!!  You are going to show me this and then tell me it doesn’t matter!!  What the hell?  Then I was instructed to pull up all my fishing poles (hey, I don’t have that many out there lol) and remove them from all the ponds because in this version of the new story, he ain’t coming thru that gateway.  Wanna give me a hint on how he will just magically show up??  Maybe in my box of Lucky Charms???  God forbid… I get a sly smile from the angel of truth.  Dammit.

Then it all just got weird really.  The information went more planetary wide with the entrance into this new light field (of all earths.)  There are many people who were given the task of alignment with their field of light who choose other things.  For most people, that’s just the way of it, for others, their responsibility was to align, period.  I was shown very particular examples (people I am familiar with.)  Some may get sick, this one person (no one I read for) was forewarned already that if he didn’t do things a different way, his body would start breaking down and in this meditation, I was told, he will become very sick.  Bless his heart.  Others I had seen climb down a light tan wooden ladder onto the filtered earth, which I now see in the center of the expanded earth.  Where the opportunity to transmute the obstacles that they avoided or just weren’t sure of, will be placed in front of them.  I seen like a massive mound on the earth, and the only option is to transmute it.  You can no longer walk around it, I even seen the potential of walking thru it, and all these bees flew out.  Yikes…

And then I seen the ones coming thru the eclipse to the dust particles floating back down to earth.  Merlin said this coming week, we will be focusing on the new instruments being inlaid in people.  Kewl beans!!!   Seems to me, there is a whole new orchestra of music being readied!!

For the rest of the afternoon yesterday, all I could hear in relationship to this instrument thing is was the first line of St Francis’ prayer, but the whole embodiment of the prayer is what is now being Demanded of us… not to seek to be that, but to BE THAT.  I am changing out the “make me” to the “I AM” authority, and equally changing out “let me” to “I WILL.”  The reason being the difference between KNOWING who you are and still trying to figure it out.:

Lord, I AM an instrument of Thy peace;
where there is hatred, I WILL sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
and where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master,
grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
to be understood, as to understand;
to be loved, as to love;
for it is in giving that we receive,
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life

(Lets make clear that last line, is not about physical death at all, but to die to the old and reborn into the new expanded field of life we are living now.)

So with all this, the point is, no more looking under old rocks for what you once sought with a burning desire.  All of life reincarnated in one way or another this weekend, new codes, new soul blue prints, even new “divine partners” coming to the fore, if we will let go of the life that just completed itself.  If you don’t let go, no worries, the obstacles will become so big… you will either park in front of it for the rest of this incarnation, or transmute it.  Because as we cross over the full lunar eclipse… well, lets just say focus on the joy of transmutation as well as really understanding your new instrument.  Take nothing for granted!!

Dammit if the choice isn’t, as always, ours!!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) of new music creating magic for ALL that have ears to Hear!!

I love you soooo much!!

Lisa Gawlas

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