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Working Out the Kinks of Group Dynamics.

group cooperation

I want to take a moment to honor each and every one of you.  Your brilliance and wisdom shine thru my days each and every day.  The information and understandings I gather, happens ONLY because YOU show up to share that wisdom.  The human that is you may not fully be aware of just how wise and illuminated your whole Being is, but let me tell you, I do!!  I am now watching the various parts of the living body of god turn on (if you will) only in the moment you show up!  Then the energy of understanding (well as much understanding as I am capable of in that moment) is released BECAUSE of you, because of who you are and your part in the living system of Life.  I am not channeling some entity or group entity, I am genuinely channeling you thru our connections.  How amazing you are!!!  How extraordinarily wise and filled with Light You Are!!  Thank you for filling my world, my heart and all those who understand more because You showed up to release the wisdom of your soul to all of us and allow us all to understand ourselves a little bit more each day.  I love you so much and thank you from the depths of my soul.

There is so much information that came thru once again yesterday, my mind is actually soooo tired.  I think spirit should have warned me about the heavy lifting of all this information and kept an eye on my calendar.  13 hour days, (5-6 readings and 4-5 homework sessions) has my mind in the swamps lol.  Thank god I do have a day off tomorrow, I soooo need it.  Ok enough of my whining lol

We have been looking at the incredible positives of this whole “living body of god” and as one precious soul showed us yesterday, there is some deep learning lessons that come with it (as we all are aware of lol.)

Her placement was the scapula.  This is was such an illuminating reading in the struggles of creating a unified whole when you MUST work with other moving parts.  It was interesting because my focus was on understanding the role of the “scapula” and hers was how unhappy she is in her job, and yet, both were perfect understandings of the importance of your placement in this living body.

Lets look at the scapula:


The scapula is a team sport, it works in harmony with the entire shoulder.  The website I snagged this image from and the scapula information (click here) states a wonderful sentiment:  Together, this intricate cluster of joints creates the incredible shoulder – the cornerstone of movement through the upper extremity. But like any great team, many do the work while few get the credit.

When any part of this team is out of sync with the other, we have things like frozen shoulder, which is what is happening in her workplace.  She is doing all the work and getting zero credit and the scapula is breaking down from taking on all the extra duties.  Of course, in the human anatomy itself, yes we can fix the other moving parts, but in the living system of God, not so much.  However, since it is all held together or freezes up due to the energy of the system itself, we can change it by focusing on the energy system first and foremost, our own part of the system.  Making sure that our energy is clear and fluid and releasing that energy to the system as a whole.  When we feel neglected and overworked, it just adds more toxicity to the energy system.

So even tho this whole system and our placement within it seems romantic, it is obviously not all peach fuzz and roses.  It really is a challenge and rightfully so.

I so love the analogies of this website and he says it best about the whole matrix of the shoulder:  Say we are moving furniture into a building. We require that a solid foundation provide the base for our building. Then, flooring would need to be installed so that we can lay down a rug. Only after these steps are taken – in this order – furnishings can be brought in. Similarly, we must ensure a stable spine and ribcage for the scapula to sit on so that it can in turn be a reliable support for the arm. Stability at each and every link along this kinetic chain is necessary for function as a whole.

Ohhh the paragraph he ends his information with is awesome and we all can use its wisdom in whatever region we are a part of:  Control your scapulothoracic joint, and you control your ability to make gains with strength and power, abolish or avoid pain and dysfunction, and most importantly, take a huge stride toward mastering the complexity of human performance.

If we start taking on the role of spine, ribcage, arm, we become depleted in our own scapula-ness and the machine breaks down even more.  But again, since this is actually an energy system, going into meditation and changing the energy (not the people) of the system is key to good health!!


Well, there is so much more information to share, but I am going to hold off until tomorrow.  My brain is so tired and I am going to save accessing that higher energy for the readings today.  I will catch up tomorrow.

I do, however, want to share a super surprising experience that happened to me shortly after starting to write my blog yesterday morning.  I could hear a cat meowing near my front door.  It meowed twice and so I got up, wondering if my landlady left her cat out over night, something she just never does.  No cat near the front door or the back door.  I wondered maybe it is Fenix, since she is peeing blood and won’t get to the docs until Wednesday.  Altho, other than peeing blood, she was not listless or anything that looked “sick” before I left.  Two hours later, my son told me that his sons cat passed away in his sleep at the same time I heard the meow.  I was shocked really.  I just posted a picture on my facebook emphasizing my grandsons halo:



This picture was taken 3 days ago and now I wonder of that was really a sign of this precious cat Uma who has been in my grandsons life since the day he was born, a sign of the transition to come.  But beyond that, it had been years since I lived with Uma and even then, it was not a close relationship with the cat (it is my grandsons moms cat.)  And yet, this cat showed up at my door when he transitioned.  Not only that, as I was texting Steffi (his mama) suddenly and impossibly, my phone, being held in my left hand my right hand on my mouse doing computer things… suddenly called steffi.  I heard a phone ringing and had to look and see where the hell that was coming from and was shocked my own phone calling steffi.  When she answered I told her I have no idea how my phone just called you, must be Uma saying hello and goodbye.

Our animals are as wise and powerful as the human field too, and obviously remember those who are aware of their presence to get a message out.

Anywayz, I am going to go plug myself into a spiritual charger as I get ready for another 13 hour day.

((((HUGZ)))) of wide eyed wonder to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas



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The Godhead and Us – Our Part in the Living Body!

all of god

As soon as I published my blog yesterday, I jumped straight in the bathtub, I freakin want to know what position I have within this living body of God called us.  As soon as I got into my bath, the meditation, dammit I couldn’t see.  I knew I was in a rush, but also, on a mission, I want to know!! (I can be rather demanding really!!)  Instead of getting any kind of visual (it stayed black all the while) I got a reminder of that really strange energy bulging up and down my body the very day we started to see the “skin” of god, then I heard craniosacral fluid.  What???  Again, picking apart my own memories I instantly remembered my massage days, especially getting out of massage school and trying to find my natural rhythm in massage, it sure wasn’t the way school insistently taught us, which is going with the flow of the lymphatic system.. up the body.  Nope, I HAD to start at the head/crown, with my client face up (instead of starting face down like we are taught in school.)  It took me weeks to figure all this out without understanding why.  But once I found my rhythm, everything else came online so fast and my hands of light massage was born.

But lets back further up, and I am sharing all this so you have a way of figuring out which part of the living body part you are.  When I moved from North Carolina to Vermont, I spent about a month with a friend in New Hampshire, the one who owned the camp I would live in in Vermont.  She was taking her daughter for craniosacral treatments and I was allowed the privilege of watching the whole session.  Granted I was only on this path about 2 years, maybe less but I was able to see subtle energies outside of meditation by then.  I couldn’t wait to see what this doctor, an actual MD trained in craniosacral treatment would do.  He didn’t do a damn thing.  Even tho he went thru the motions, there was no connection to the energy body, the electrical body that I was able to see or feel.  Of course when you are just emerging something new within, there is that huge doubt that maybe it was just me.  But I made sure I told my friend that if he did anything, I sure as hell couldn’t see it.  Ain’t no wonder why her daughter had to keep going back for weekly treatment (for a year!)  The placebo effect was happening, at $90 a week!!!  She would feel better for a couple days then right back to how she always felt.

When I moved from Vermont to Idaho, my desire to learn craniosacral was off the charts within me.  The fulfillment of that desire came close but never got its legs (too long a story to share.)  The end result was my team saying you are going to learn your own way.  Hey!!  That’s so not freakin fair.  But I started to do hands on energy work trying to figure this all out.  My biggest thing with it all, one that was insatiable within my desires was not just tapping into the movements of the body but finding out why anyone is in illness.  That was the one thing I could not find any craniosacral instructor back then (2004) doing or hell, caring about.  While in Idaho, my friend and I went to a holistic fair who just happened to have a craniosacral lady there offering treatments.  I had read for my friend for the last  year or so, so I was already intimately familiar with her inner and outer body.  I was excited to see the connection with the practitioner and my friends inner body and even more excited that this practitioner could pick up on the fact my friend had chronic headaches.  So I asked her the million dollar question (to me) “do you know why???”  I was stunned to hear her say it doesn’t matter why.  YES, THAT matters a lot!!  If you have a leak in the system, knowing why cures the leak, putting a patch over it is just a temporary fix.   I was over craniosacral anything!!

All of these memories came flooding back to me in my 10 minute swim in the dark end of the pool yesterday morning.  In between appointments, I started looking up cerebrospinal fluid and for shits and giggles I decided to look up potassium in cerebrospinal fluid, imagine my surprise when a major component of this fluid is made up of sodium and potassium (more sodium than potassium, but still!!!)

So off to reading land I go and there is no doubt in my heart spirit knew, with this sudden and unexpected twist in the field of readings, I sure has hell needed some validation to be sure what I am sharing is true.  It started with my first connection and lasted all day long, thank you dear spirit!

My first lady cracked me up.  Again, just like the previous days, I am only seeing particular sections of the living body when you show up.  Once that part is there, it is always there, but not before someone holding that energy shows up to turn the light on it.  Anyway, my first lady was plugged into the arm pit of God!!  Geez, how do you tell anyone they are the armpit????  Sounds kinda stinky to me!! But there she was, the top of her head in the armpit and now I see an arm too.  Then the flood of what she is really connected poured in, the lymphatic system!!!  Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!  That makes much more sense.  And she about shit too, because just the day before she had seen a licence plate that had her mother’s initials first then the word lymph after it.   Not only that, in the last year or so, she had two friends, almost at the same time, diagnosed with hodgkin’s lymphoma, both of her friends overcame it as well.  Her presence alone assisted all that!!

My second lady, I could see the intestines and then heard clear as a bell, duodenum.  I was familiar only in the word from my massage school days, but had to go to google to look it up.  The part of the small intestine that connects to the stomach.  Now considering this precious soul has had intense issues for the last 5 years with this very area, to the point of dropping down to 98 pounds, and is still working on producing solid waste within her body… what many people would look at as a dysfunction within her, instantly spirit said she has been changing out her body to accommodate this high energy field.  Equally, we get much more interested in our bodily functions when they are in pain than when everything is running smooth and this era of her change was in her and humanities highest good.

This, more than anything, I pray shows you not all (perceived) illnesses is something bad happening to you because you have unresolved issues.  Quite the opposite, you… WE are changing from the inside out!  This is your blessing to the world.

My third lady was a kidney!!  What I found so interesting and again, leans into the much needed validation that I am not going out of my mind with what I see and understand in the readings, she married her divine counterpart last year.  He is from another country, another continent and moved here to the USA to be with her, leaving his life and two teenage daughters to do so.  Guilt can so be a game changer and people are good at throwing their guilt our way if we are not doing what they want us to do.  And he is in the process of clearing up this guilt, to the degree he had a kidney infection a few months ago.  I could not tap into him in any way, the first time ever.  But the fact that bodies come with two kidneys but can function with one… makes me want to keep my eye on this evolution of them of their partnership!! (I am so nosy like that lol.)

So with my day done, and my energy draining like I sprung a massive leak, I hopped into the bathtub for more information.  Especially since, in my google searching I learned that the cerebrospinal fluid is made in the brain, well that would be the godhead, mr grape head (smile) ohhh grape juice!!! lol

Wait, I found a picture that can help, visually:



Now take all those smaller bubbles inside and squeeze them together and fill it up with so many more bubbles that there is no space around them.  That blue line is the spine connecting the godhead to the body itself.  The part that is outside of the main bubble starts what we call the throat.  These smaller bubbles are every conceivable consciousness, past, present and future.  It is every one of us and every planet and galaxy and things we cannot even comprehend.

This, is how I see you, thru the eye of God.  Where the unknowable becomes known every time you show up.  This is how all this new information becomes understood, it is your place, you’re living Light within the godhead.

So back to my second bath.  Which is really where the above information came thru from.  Living in my energy field, so flipping strange to me really, was the voice of god.  Now I have had my conversations with him thru the decades, but never like this.  When he talked to me, it was always way outside of myself and always in this masculine deep, raspy voice.  Yesterday, it was nothing like that at all.  Instead, it came from my intimate energy field, the part that extends just from our body, but the voice itself came from all of it, talk about surround sound lol.  Equally, the voice now smooth if not androgynous and very much like the voice I hear in the field thru readings.  OMG, it really is god speaking to us.  I knew many moons ago, “my team” collapsed into a collective voice, my team, your team, and the field itself, speaks thru this voice that I hear when we are in readings.  Not in a gazillion years would I have thought… Source him/herself (typed like that for those who do not like me calling him, him😉 )  But as he said, I changed my relationship with him and he changed with me, no longer needing to project outside of me but as a living part of me.  And you!


So instead of being interested in telling me about this whole cerebrospinal fluid stuff… he showed me the field of light taking place on earth.  He leaned into our current primary elections and said, he has some miracles up his sleeve to do all he can to produce the horserace of the Christ (Bernie) vs the AntiChrist (Trump.)  Hillary became like a non energy in this conversation.  It kinda got me very excited!!

Since he was ignoring my ongoing query about what to do more with this whole fluid thing and potassium and stuff… we brought in the energy of my baby girl.  Something huge is happening there that I know from talking with her.  Not only did she have this MASSIVE shift within her from vomiting green bile, two days later I was hearing a song my siblings played at my father’s funeral “When I get to where I am going” and it played every time I thought of my daughter.  Death is upon her and that is a really good thing.  When I talked with her yesterday morning, she finally accepted the advice I have been trying to give her since she went into jail… think about what you want to do or be when you get out of jail.  Because of her convictions (lots of grand larceny counts as well as credit card theft) her time in the retail gig is about over right now.  She told me yesterday morning, with odd excitement, she wants to be a mortician!!  WHAT???  This way she can still use her cosmetology skills and be in a completely different profession.  She asked me to see about getting books on that.  Alrighty then.  Shocked me, but hey, she is thinking of change.

And Source said, she feels the death of her life, it is perfect she is leaning into a mortician as her next skill and current interest.  Entertain it with her, there is more happening than meets the eye.  Alrighty then!

This connection must have been more than my physical body could endure.  I started crashing, hard when I got out of the bath.  I could barely keep my eyes open for the day.  I went to sleep before 9pm and I took a fully charged phone to bed with me.  It was literally on the charger reading 100% full when I took it off and went to bed.  I woke up at 4:30am this morning and my phone was completely dead.  Yeah, big huge energy reboot of the massive kind.  Now to see what it means on the field, to us.

I cannot even fathom how the readings, you, the field will change as we move into June.  Hell I cannot even wrap my human mind around what is happening now and this is truly just the beginning!!

On that note… Thank you so much for bringing the Light of God that is You to my world, for trusting me to see you the way I do and most importantly, sharing your amazing Light within this incredible world we share together!!  I love you sooooo flippin much!!!!!!❤

(((((((HUGZ))))) of joy juice all over your Life!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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The Body of God and Our Function Within It.



Boy, if things aren’t twisting and melting my mind with each passing day.  I guess when spirit said we are becoming the “body” of god in this emerging collective, they were bringing in some literally energy there.  My first lady showed up at the top of this now elongated and much more stable amber/goldish bubble like substance that I can now see into.  The opaqueness is turning clearer, the color scheme remains… OMG, this coloring, it just hit me, in one or two of the readings a few weeks back, I had see one (or two, i cannot remember) of my lady’s incarnated body’s from the original earth, her skin tone was exactly this color!!  Also, this is why we have termed this age “the golden age.”  My lady showed up dangling from something that looked like a spine, only it was a soft blue color, at the top of this bubble thing and from here on out, I am going to refer to this bubble thing as the skin of our emerging collective.

This spine looking thing tripped me up, because only about 6 inches was down inside this skin and about 2 feet was up above it.  That would be an upside down spine in book, but then again, why does god have to be usual??  There was absolutely nothing I could see below that 6 inch cervical spine that my lady was hanging onto.  But as the day would reveal, I could only see the next part when someone showed up, until that moment it was not visible to my eyes.

I had to understand too, that spine looking thing above the skin and suddenly that came into view along with the word “the godhead.”  This was a super unusual looking thing, imagine a huge amberish-goldish balloon with a shit ton of grapes inside filling every crevice.  The grapes (are not grapes but resemble that shape and size) are a more opaque coloring all connected to this spine looking thing that feeds the body of us.

As far as I can understand right now, the placement I see each of you in, is the energy system strongest within this body of god called us.  That too, is why the spine was colored blue, bringing back the familiar coloring I had seen over the year when god himself was present and being represented in the readings.  (And please “he” and “god” are my personal choice of words.  A rose by any other name…😉 )

Now to contrast my first lady, I couldn’t even imagine what would be presented with my second lady, my mind was already melted from my first one, she showed up in the lower quadrant of this really large skin (lets say 20-30 feet long by 10-15 feet wide) sitting… waiting.  I realized she was in the lower lobe of the lung.  There is no right side left side definition with what is emerging (spirit made that very clear yesterday.)  It was much easier for me to understand the connection of the throat, cervical spine that the bottom of a lung.  I took to google and sure enough, there are three lobes to each side of the lung.

I am not giving what I think any of it means, because really, other than having the pure power/energy of that particular function, I really have no idea at all.  I feel like I am 10 feet over my head in doing readings with understanding now.  Of course job is to get personally intimate with your new position, if you want.

My third lady threw me for a huge loop.  When she showed up, I could see she was hanging on between the two lungs at the 5th, 6th and 7th thoracic vertebrae.  I have no idea what those three serve in functionality at all.  (It wasn’t until we hung up did I realize that the placement as at the high heart energy center.)  But it didn’t matter, she was not interested in knowing any of that.  She had just came to the USA from another country and was going on a tour about for the rest of the year and wanted to know about that and where she should be going next.  I about shit when her team and the energy they replied with thru my body said “we don’t give a shit.”  WHAT??  Hey, only I can use the word shit descriptively!!!  But they also said, it is up to you (and this is for everyone, not just her) where you put yourself on earth and what you enjoy while being in any given place.  Her teams focus was on the position she could have held and I say could have, because the next thing I seen was her letting go of the spine area and cascading all the way down to the bottom of this skin thing.  She laid there at the bottom, nothing else emerging or coming online to view (organ-wise) instead what her team said she is in the void space within the body.  Free will is also very much in play here.  She was not ousted out of the body at all, but instead, they gave the metaphor as being in the back seat of a car, along for the ride with no responsibility of direction or use of the car.  With that in mind, they also said she has until the end of this month before everything “solidifies” in it position as we enter June-July.  No wonder this is an energy system so big we need two months to house it!!    It’s hard enough being and understanding ourselves, now we are a living, function part of the godbody and we have to get to know that part of ourselves, if we so desire.

I tried all freakin day long yesterday to see where I am at in this body, I am freakin clueless.  Not nice!!  But then again, I had 10 appointments yesterday and my mind started melting down from the get go… so today, I only have 5 and will jump into the deep end of my bathtub, If I have a new job I want to know what it is and how to be efficient as I can be with its role.

My last lady of the day, she surprised me too.  Keeping in mind, any new aspect of this emerging body only came into my view as each person showed up.  So there she was, sitting on the shoulder-blade of gods shoulder.  Unlike the other ladies I had seen, this beautiful creature had white wings on her back.  We did get a little more information of her position than I did for the others, her connection is the energy running from the reach for life (shoulder to arm) and the throat expression to bring into matter/reality.  Her wings help to direct the wind flow to assist any change that is needed within her life or others.

I cannot even fathom what any of this means to us, how we use this knowing, our positions and of course, each other.  But I suppose, that’s what we are about to discover!!

With my sharing yesterday and even this morning, a book I had read a long time ago by one of my favorite authors keeps pressing at me to read, so I guess I will download it today to read.  Its “The Third Millennium” by Ken Cary.

On a completely different note, I would really like to ask any of you so inclined to send my daughter’s cat, Fenix some healing energy.  She started Peeing blood and I asked my daughter’s roommate to take her to the vet, he can’t until Wednesday.  Your combined energy created miracles in my daughters body, she is so upbeat and glowing even, I cannot thank you enough for your love!!!  Here is a picture of our 12 year old fenix:


Thank you in advance.  Until tomorrow….

I love you all so much!!  ((((HUGZ))))) of mind melting realities to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas






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The Emerging Collective IS the Body of God Thru US <3

god collective


I do believe I understand (well, as much as I am capable of anywayz) why we had an unviewable field the day before yesterday.  Now to try to put into words what is happening.  Challenging let me tell you.  So I did my best to create a visual of what was revealed thru a few of the readings yesterday.  With this visual I mixed the energy of my 2nd reading with a part of my first reading and I am adding a second picture to show the opaque coloring.

emerging collective

opaque coloring


My first lady had those brick-red wood cross sections above her opaque (the color of the outer circle of the bottom image) however, her emerging bubble was more round, but not spherical.  My second lady did not have that red cross-section at the top but her emerging bubble was elongated like in the image.  Both that same amberish/goldish opaque coloring.  I could barely see thru it to the inside.

There was absolutely nothing else in the field, no ground, nothing outside or above the image, just these really large bubble looking things.  However, there seemed to be a constant wind with each one, because the bubble itself was never stable or still.  There was also zero audio with either one of these readings.  It was like I was looking into a void that was now producing something.  At first I thought these bubbles were our new “bubble of creation” or our personal energy field.  Nope, that didn’t sit right at all.  There are times, yesterday was huge for me, I try to understand something so hard I keep the very information out because I am going thru my rolodex of my mind trying to figure out what I am seeing, especially while we are connected.  What I see does not matter unless I understand what I see and how it applies to you.

My first lady’s call dropped and as I was walking away from “reading land” to my computer, I must have shut off my mental processors too, because instantly I felt (not heard) that what I am seeing is the new emerging collective spirit has been talking about the last couple days/readings.

Let me get back to this in a moment.  About 15 minutes before my first connection I had this really odd energy in my heart area.  It felt like someone was blowing up a balloon inside my chest and it was actually rather uncomfortable, not so much painful, just really really uncomfortable and it didn’t go away.  The closer we got to reading time, the more elongated this balloon in my chest got, going up into the bottom of my skull, expanding my throat area to the degree it was getting hard to breathe normally.  WTF??  Is this a heart attack???  It was like nothing I have ever experienced before.  I didn’t associate it with my connections in the field until my second one showed up.  This energy remained and bulged and moved even in between my first and second reading, but again, about 15 minutes before my 2nd connection, this elongating balloon of energy went down below my solar plexus as well.  When she and I got connected and I seen her “bubble” I realized what I was feeling inside of my body for over an hour now, is this energy that I am seeing with my beautiful lady’s.

My second lady, not having the red (to represent placement on the newer, higher vibrating earth, thru the heart) cross sections, she had something really different.  Lets say this bubble was about 20 feet long, the top 5 feet started to present like pin pricks with what I seen as escaping white fizzy energy thru the pin pricks (think, salt shaker top lol.)

With both lady’s I knew they were both inside this emerging bubble, but because of the opaqueness of the bubble I could not see them clearly at all.  There was much more wobble to my second lady’s bubble and let me tell you, I felt every wobble in my body.  I cannot even pretend to say this was a pleasant experience, not at all.  It became challenging to breathe, I was truly waiting for my chest wall to just explode, the growing pressure in there was intense or at least hurl from the inflated energy in my digestive system.

It took me a whole freaking day of processing and really tapping into the energy in my core to understand the significance of it all.  Unlike every other collective (group of connected consciousnesses) being a part of the brain waves of information, this collective is forming in the core of our Beings.  It is not a heart thing or a mind thing, it is a pure soul thing.  It comes without words (hence no hearing thru the first two readings) and moves in a rhythm of connection inside.

When my day of readings was over, I could feel the energy of this bizarre over inflated elongated balloon inside my body start to release, but not in a usual way.  Going back to my 2nd lady and her aerated upper quadrant, the energy started to release from the top part and I could feel it hit my brain, individual sections of my brain at a time and that part of my brain just became exhausted, like it melted down.  This happened over the series of hours and I just became depleted mentally and physically.

The nine hours of solid sleep I had must have given me the understanding I awoke with today.  But I will get back to this in a minute.

My third lady was so different, there was no opaque bubble that I could see, altho the space was there for it to be or become.  Instead, all around this center space was a mix between what looked like paint made of light, creating a wavy circle around this “space.”  Mixed in with this (easy 5 foot high) wave of white, red and blue light wave was what looked like colored sprinkles (the kind you put on ice cream cones, made of the same color as the light band.)  Unlike my first two ladies, I had no balloon effect in my body, which I was more than grateful for.  I also had scattered hearing thru her reading too.  Her team kept relating these color waves and sprinkles as “particles and wave energy.”  What the hell does that have to do with the price of eggs???

Again, it is only this morning that I understand more.  All collectives, to include what we call the christ consciousness collective and the shambhala collective forms and it used within the outer brain wave patterns.  This is a crucially important way of getting the brain onboard of our limitlessness and was the key player/connector in the evolving stages of our growth/spiritual evolution.

This new collective is now forming within the heart field, inside, superseding the brain itself and using fully the soul mind.  I am not describing this correctly (dammit.)  What my third lady’s team kept saying to her in relationship to this energy around the new collective that is being held for her is “Be the sage.”  There is no room for doubt.  Actually any seedling of doubt, keeps us in the field of light without entire within the new emerging collective of all those who KNOW they are Sage.  If there is an inkling of doubt that one is not capable enough, wise enough, spirit enough, well then get over it (smile) because there are no free passes into the magic we have brought forth.  It must be OWNED to be used.

My last two readings were information sharing, thank god.  I know my biology could not take in one more expanding balloon without creating physical harm to my biology.  Now imagine how powerful this collective is that we now are or can be a part of.

From what I am understanding, this collective is as pure as spirit, as we are when we are not incarnated.  It is how we were in the original earth, within our original incarnations in the earth realm before we created duality to the degree it has been.  Which actually makes sense now that I think about it.  For the last few years, spirit has been all about the integration of the ego (not killing it or divorcing it, but integrating it) within the construct of our spiritual mind.  The master of matter (ego) and the master of energy (soul) now one whole unit working fully thru the heart space of Self and each other.

Wow here is an interesting added insight.  No one that is still using their mind (thinking of all the other collectives out there) can access the collective that we have brought to life now.  It can only ever be accessed thru the heart, thru a complete release of self (small s there) and what is happening… OMG, we are becoming the living body of God/Creator/Source.  Holy chit batman!!

OMG, I just got a flash of the thing I shared yesterday about the supercell thing at my ceiling.  There is so much more to it than i even realize.  The energy of the cloud was presented because of my connection with God showing up as cloud energy (in readings as well and especially from the audio book of Erik when he crossed over and god visited him as a mass of fog or cloud energy.)  The old man in the white hair and robe, from my catholic days.  The gold still remains the highest energy of spirit, and obviously there is nothing higher vibrationally than God!!  Those coin looking things, that is each one of us forming this emerging collective as the Living body of God, together as one.

Let me give you two very real examples of what will keep one out of this emerging collective, two sides of the same coin.  If you start any sentence with “I don’t think I can” or the first thing you want to do is tell everyone what you can do (not in the excited, OMG I just this experience way, but in the way I hear a lot of people connecting with me… I can do this and this and this and this… that’s ego on both ends.  The part that needs to be acknowledged and/or the part that keeps you suppressed.  The sage knows its wisdom and has no need to tell everyone how wise and capable (or uncapable) he/she is.

God creates himself (my personal preference, if you don’t like it, tough cookies) anew every moment of every day.  What was discovered yesterday now blends into what will be discovered today (sounds like the field this week lol.)

WOW oh WOW oh WOW!!  I am sooo freakin excited!!  I hope you understand and OWN the significance of what all this means and what I am desperately trying to put into words.

I am going to leave off there and get ready for another exciting day in the field.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love and appreciate you!!

((((HUGZ)))))) of wide-eyed wonder and excitement to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas















sage alchemy

I swear, I have one of the best jobs on earth (IMHO) and yet, one of the most unstable jobs on earth too.  The field was closed for viewing yesterday, which really pissed me off (like anyone in spirit cares about that!!)  It really was the strangest experience, kind of like when you go to the movies, you have your ticket in your hand, your popcorn on your lap, you’re sitting down waiting for the movie to start, and…. nuttin.  The projector guy took the day off and didn’t tell anyone.  I was connected, it was just the field that was closed for viewing.

It took me two reschedules to get over not being able to do my job as scheduled then I hit the couch to pout about it (I am so freakin human lol.)  At least spirit did throw me a bone and gave me a huge surprising visual to attempt to show why the field was unviewable.  At my ceiling level I could suddenly see this massive energy that reminded of a cloud energy, pure white cloud energy with an opening in the middle of it.  This energy took up the entire space of my living room at the ceiling level.  I found a picture that is pretty damn close to the way I see then image, minus any dark clouds, it was all snow white:

cloud vortex

Even the hole, just like this (flipped) image, was defined and bunched up like this.  On the left side of the hole, there was this man in a long white robe, with long white hair, beard and mustache shoveling gold into the hole.  I have no idea where the gold came from, he was scooping from the cloud itself and the moment his shovel hit the cloud that is when gold appeared.  He was shoveling the gold into the hole.  I could not see what the gold was doing in the hole at first.  The whole thing reminded me of my grandparents coal furnace and shoveling coal into it.  For as large as that hole was, I could not see into it at all.

I did not, and still do not recognize this man at all.  It is been many many years since any of my team took “form,” they are all energy that I connect to. Even when they did take form, I never had one that looked for felt like this guy.  I still have no idea who he is, he never told me.  But then again, I was much more interested in the gold and what the heck it is doing, where is it going?  It was only about an hour or so later, that man still shoveling, that I started to see something come down from the huge hole.  I cannot even tell you what it was or what it means to us, but the substance was translucent and opalescent, the size and width of quarters.  It just started raining down all these quarter sized…. whatevers.  They came down about 3 feet then disappeared from my view.

What I find really really interesting, is the image itself always became….. I am not sure what correct word to use, so I will use the word more defined, and that is not a good word because this was so clear, so freakin real that if I didn’t know better, I swear it was a part of my ceiling (going to actually being a part of something I could touch.)   Anyway, about 15 minutes before each appointment, the energy start to emit communication.  Before the close connection of my appointments, it was a living visual but as I started to lean into the reading appointments, understanding started to be provided.  Which alone, shows just how vital we are to each other’s field.  We increase the energy of anything and everything when we are connecting together.

The first communication stated that we have talked about alchemy a lot over the ages, but we really don’t use the energy as we are capable of.  This is releasing (and releasing is not the correct word either, dammit) the full spectrum of alchemy thru the emerging collective.  Our job is to start to tap into this very real ability and USE IT.

Then, just before another call, this very dedicated and diligent white haired man said the field is full of nuclear fusion, which is why it is unviewable.  So, going to google: In nuclear physics, nuclear fusion is a nuclear reaction in which two or more atomic nuclei come very close and then collide at a very high speed and join to form a new nucleus. The mass of this new nucleus is slightly less than the sum of its constituents, by an amount known as the “binding energy”.

So then, let’s marry the two.  I went to a handy dandy website to look at nuclear fusion and alchemy and came up with this:  But what of the fabled transmutation of lead to gold? It is indeed possible—all you need is a particle accelerator, a vast supply of energy and an extremely low expectation of how much gold you will end up with.

So lets start with gold itself, spiritually speaking would be the highest form of spiritual energy I see in readings.  Then, lets take the fact that the first day back to the field of light, it was all about supercells and funnel clouds.

So, going to wundergound and looking at their information about “supercells” lets pick some of their info in relationship to what was shown yesterday:

The National Weather Service defines a severe thunderstorm as a thunderstorm that is producing:

  • hail that is at least quarter size (1 inch diameter or larger) (lets change hail into pure usable energy)
  • and/or wind gusts 58 mph or greater
  • and/or a tornado

A supercell is a highly organized thunderstorm with some components that set it apart from other “garden variety” thunderstorms. Supercells have the capability to produce tornadoes,damaging hail, and strong downdrafts (which translate into straight-line winds at the surface). All tornadoes are spawned from a parent supercell, but not all supercells produce tornadoes.

In addition to the standard necessary ingredients for a thunderstorm (instability, moisture, source of lift), supercells require strong “veering” of the winds, which means the winds are turning clockwise with height.

Now taking some of this information and the visuals on the field when the supercells were being shown, the funnel cloud itself would act as the directional energy.  Taking this part of wundergrounds sharing: strong downdrafts (which translate into straight-line winds at the surface) we would have to use the element of wind to direct the change of energy into what we desire as its outcome. (too funny, my eyes were just drawn to the word count and it was 1111.)

The one thing I am absolutely sure of, every one of us has our own personal supercell (even if spirit simply shows you as a banana lol)  But, as I am starting to realize, my team was showing me something it would take me days to understand the why of.  One of the beautiful souls who share on my facebook put a video on my wall about what happens when Potassium meets water.  Holy explosions batman!!

Here is an in depth video of potassium:



So my team didn’t just blow off my desire to see my supercell or funnel cloud, they actually gave me an element I am made up of for use within the supercell.

Let me interject here, spirit does this a lot in readings.  What looks so damn cryptic to me, they are showing you so much about yourself and your “makeup” but our job is to take all that imagery and understanding deeper and don’t stop exploring the “why that” until you hit that ….. ohhhhhhh, THAT is why! understanding.   Our jobs here in the realm of matter is to know ourselves and how we work in this realm.  Spirit gives us a lot more information that we realize (speaking of my banana self lol) and our job is to keep opening up the understandings.  Go deeper, all-ways, go deeper!!

For those who have perfected/conjoined their meditation skills, it will all unfold right there in your space, because it IS all right there in your space.  I say this because I just thought to myself, shit I don’t have any time in my day until Saturday to even take a meditation.  But, this is now the living part of our emerging new collective.  The REAL reality will be a living, viewable part of our mundane reality too.  Which makes it all instantly usable (yeah right, I’ll let you know about that statement!! lol)

Well, seems mr white haired man is still here (as I ponder how to use that damn supercell thing and will he help me??)  He said he is “an ancient sage.”  Well, I don’t know what a sage is really, so once again, handy dandy google and wikipedia helps this girl out:

A sage (Ancient Greek: σοφός, sophos), in classical philosophy, is someone who has attained the wisdom which a philosopher seeks. The first to make this distinction is Plato, through the character of Socrates, within the Symposium. While analyzing the concept of love, Socrates concludes Love is that which lacks the object it seeks. Therefore, the philosopher (Ancient Greek: φιλόσοφος, meaning lover of wisdom) does not have the wisdom sought, while the sage, on the other hand, does not love or seek wisdom, for it is already possessed. Socrates then examines the two categories of persons who do not partake in philosophy:

  1. Gods and sages, because they are wise;
  2. Senseless people, because they think they are wise. 

(I made bold, underlined and made red that above sentence.)

Going back to the “original earth” and our incarnations there, we did not seek wisdom, we were born with it.  We did not seek love, we were full of it.  We MUST return to that State of Being to fully use our alchemy.


Lets dig into this a bit deeper too.  Gods and sages.  To me, that would be the divine masculine, the energy that brings dreams of the feminine into matter.  The earth herself, all of us incarnate, are the dreamers.  What good is being able to produce any sort of life if there is no energy of the dream of desire?  So of course we are both all-ways.  Knowing how to use each aspect is key.  Knowing our own key elements, going to the period table, well enhance the alchemy outcome.  That alone is interesting, over the years, on rare occasions, and most especially thru the ET connections, an element would be shared to the person.  I had no idea why (slow on the uptake here) at least, not in the fullness of understanding.

I do want to change the subject, just a little bit, but yet, really does flow directly into what we are sharing this morning.  Two days ago my daughter called and shared a bizarre experience she had at about 2am in her morning.  I shared the experience she told me on facebook (looking for deeper understanding of it.)  Here is what I shared on facebook:  …Of course, she is sleep deprived which I feel helped to create this experience. About 2am she started to smell something like formaldehyde. The more she smelled it, it was like everything around her was transformed to a place where Jeffrey Dahmer used to cut up and eat people. The smell got stronger and she could feel the heat of blood and felt blood on her as if she was Jeffrey Dahmer opening a skull and eating it. She said this experience lasted at least 2 minutes or longer. Obviously, it freaked her out. …

So many replies of understanding was shared (I really appreciate that a lot!!) and so much love and healing energy was also sent to her thru that sharing.  8pm that same night, my daughter got violently ill and started vomiting green slime (as she put it.)   It was so dramatic, the guards rushed her to medical, that alone says how intense her illness was.  When she called me yesterday (and told me about this vomiting and how bizarre green it was) she felt so good, her energy shifted upwards, there was joy in her voice and she said how much better she felt.  YOU did this.  Your energy cleared her out completely.  This is alchemy.  Taking something toxic and making it radiant!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

However, we tend to be able to use alchemy when it is for someone or something else.  Maybe because we are not really emotionally involved like we are when it is our own self.  And now, we MUST focus the energy on our own self to truly be the master of our personal universe as we are capable of Being.

I hear, more often than not, when I ask if someone has any questions (in the readings of course) when it is something personal, mundane, the energy of devaluing it is very present.  Words like “I hate to even ask about this, it is so mundane.”  Guess what… we are living a mundane life on purpose.  Our mundane reality is AS important as our spiritual reality.  If we feel that our need or desire for money (or whatever) is “too mundane to think about or ask about” guess what we are creating???  Alchemy is the outcome in matter.  Matter, MATTERS!!  Our WHOLE Life matters!!!

On that note, I am going to close for now.  I am giving you a mini novel to read lol.

First and foremost, Be the Sage you were born as.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of magic to and thru ALL!!!❤

Lisa Gawlas



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Accelerated Energy Forming A New Collective and More!



Let me tell you, all those supercells and funnel clouds the day before, let loose some serious high charged energy.  It took everything in me to keep connected to the field thru the first three readings yesterday.  I felt like an antenna must feel when it is viewing way out of its range, blink in, blink out.  My brains were buzzing, my skin was buzzing and my body just pulsating all day long.  You are becoming a wild, wild ride for me!! Just don’t make me spin in circles, I will vomit!! Of course, I now vomit banana juice lol.


I was so anticipating (I really, really should know better than to do that already) more supercells and funnel clouds in the readings, nope, not a single one.  That alone tells me that the pace has quickened, faster than I have ever experienced a field change before.  However, that doesn’t mean that energy system went away, not at all.  There is so much happening all at once right now, that the field is changing quickly to accommodate its release and understanding fast.  Last evening, as I was doing all I could to pull in my energy to finish up my day, to finish up my 9th appointment for the day (3 were homework appointments) I suddenly seen my funnel spout (YAY I have one!! lol) and it just put itself on my mouth and I sucked it in like I was taking in oxygen, and it gave me a much needed energy boost.

So let me talk about my first and last lady’s of the day, because they were two sides of the same coin.  My first lady showed up and I was truly expecting supercells so I trained my vision upwards in the sky… nuttin.  I started again, and again then finally I brought my vision down to the ground, there she was, sitting on a landscape made of river rock/pebbles with her feet dangling in this huge black circular energy, which we eventually understood as the releasing side of a black hole.  New energy come up thru her feet, setting an expanded foundation (her calfs were in there too) for her to use and live her life off of.  But then it got really weird.  This black hole was about the side around as a 5 foot above ground pool.  Her team showed her in this system thru this 6 week period and she was slowly moving clockwise.  She initially was sitting in the due south direction, as she slid (never getting up) over to due west, the ground changed from pebbles to beach sand.  As she moved to the north, it was a rich green forest, due east was the purest/cleanest ocean waters I had ever seen.  But what the hell does it all mean to her??  She is a purifier.  Taking the energies that are now coming in from the areas of “soap-bubble land” that released themselves from there and moved onto the new earth (speaking primarily of consciousnesses.)  Come to think of it, it reminds me of the healing stations that many experience once they cross over to help remove the residual ego out of the soul energy.  So she is a natural filtering device for the earth.  But equally, thru her natural state of filtering, she is able to take in new energy for her own use and desires in her own unique way.

So if I am a banana oozing potassium all around, she is a filter, sliding her ass around clearing things up.  I must say, she did a super great job in my world, she is the one that cleared up my car loan!

As she completed this circular movement around the black hole, then four lines formed that reminded me of a tee pee forming, and she was on the top part of this new formation, about 4 feet above the black hole area, glowing.  Illuminated with higher frequency energies.  That is where they ended my vision of her.

Now let’s couple her with my last lady of the day.  With the 5 people before her, all on the ground level, I was looking at the ground level to connect with her but I couldn’t find her.  Geez, don’t let me zap out yet…  Once I moved my vision upwards, there was odd film set diagonally across the air, the next thing I know, she popped her face thru the film.  WHAT???  What the hell is that and where are you?  She is in another dimension.  It took me a while to fully understand, but hey, we got it, well as much as we could get in understanding anywayz.

She was in the timeline of prehistoric age and even tho I could see her face peering thru the dimensional film, her body was like a massive lizard/crocodile thing.  I soooo wish I could draw!!  But the important thing was knowing she will be dimension hopping over these next 6 weeks, accessing particular energy from her incarnate forms in those dimensions for use in this one.

Lets bring these two readings closer to home.  The black hole energy is also the energy within the supercell and funnel cloud, the releasing side of a black hole.  The winds from this releasing energy is fluttering many of the dimensional folds so that we can slip in and out of them, at will or and/or as needed.

Let me give you some strange happenings in my world yesterday that will help all of us know when we are melding dimensions into the space we occupy now.  In between the readings, I noticed a shiny red wrapper laying on my floor.  When I went over and picked it up, it was an empty Dove wrapper with the little inspirational saying on it that said “Forget the rules and play by the heart.  Love DOVE.”  Where the hell did that come from?  I have not had dove candy in my house in months, I swept and washed the floors before I left, took all the trash to the dump… I set it on my desk, the message was too awesome to just throw away.

Thru the morning, I started to hear a series of beeps like the coffee pot or microwave just went off.  I got up to see what it could be, nothing.  I had not run the microwave and my coffee pot shut off hours prior.  I sat back down, the series of beeps went off again… WHAT??  There is nothing that could be making that sound, at least, not in my dimension.

It wasn’t until my day of readings, especially my last one, did I fully realize that the dimensional energies opened and left gifts (or is that garbage lol) and sounds in my world.  Come to think of it, why not leave me the chocolate that was once in the damn dove wrapper, I am open to eating chocolate from other dimensions!! lol

As I sit here and ponder this and remember that crazy sock and booty that just showed up between my washer and dryer a few months ago:

sock and booty


And how many of us have that vanishing sock experience thru the dryer??  Well, the washer and dryer next to each other creates a unique energy field together, especially when both are running at the same time.  This energy allows the folds of the dimensions to open and close, like a wind would flutter curtains.  The dove wrapper appeared just behind my the place I usually sit on my couch, the beeping sounds showed up near my reading chair, all containing high energy vortexes or wind flows.


I know we tend to limit the amount of dimensions around us by so much of our old and truly, out moded language.  There are “uncountable” dimensions all around us.  And since we can only experience what we are open to experiencing, I would highly recommend getting out of the use of language that counts dimensions (the most popular is the 5th dimension, which I do believe most people are really referring to the higher/purer consciousness known as the Christ Consciousness, which has nothing to do with dimensions and everything to do with personal and collective consciousness.)

I know we talked about this one thing before, but I am going to bring it back because one of the readings yesterday added much more information to an understanding.  As we open and move thru various other dimensions, we will either hear tones in our ears or in our head, feel a sudden surge of energy or a sudden flash of warmth.  All of these are signs you have opened and moved into higher dimensions, even if that is by a fraction of an octave.  What I didn’t know until yesterday, is that if we stop moving forward or upward or however you want to look at it, and suddenly take ourselves backwards, or downwards into lower dimensional energy, that creates pain because it is not what the body is designed for.  Like a sudden sharp pain in the ear, or the feeling of being squashed or squeezed (like you are trying to force yourself into a space you no longer fit in.)

Here is something I didn’t know/realize either.  The day my daughter went to jail, I went to visit her that night.  I was the only visitor since it was not a regular visiting day and I got out of state privileges.  She and I just started balling as soon as we seen each other.  It took over 20 minutes for the phones on either side of the plate glass to actually work.  No one could understand why the phones would not connect us to each other.  It is only this morning I see all the key factors, our depressed emotional field in a very depressed field of energy, which took my own energy and created spikes in the flow.  Anything that is using electricity is affected and equally given our lack of communication with each other and the tail end of her court hearing came into play in the energy field as well.  That last part I was aware of and as I fine tuned my own energy the phones started to work.

I mention this because we have now moved into a realm where a lot of different things are happening at once, more than ever before.  Our jobs, as difficult as it may be at times, is to say in our center to keep everything running smooth.  We, as a collective coming on line that is even beyond the Shambhala collective (which, until one of the readings yesterday or the day before, I had no idea there was anything higher than that.)

But what does a collective really mean, and this is important for us to understand (speaking to myself here too lol.)  A collective is a series of light energy.  The series coming from humans incarnate.  There are as countless collectives as their are countless dimensions.  So there are tremendous amounts of energy fields crossing each other at any given moment.  We can look at it as the densest of the fear vibration to the most accelerated field of light and every fraction in between.  This is why and how we get tangled up in other people’s beliefs, their fears, their hopes and even the chaos.  Being clear, centered and focused where you are and where you are taking yourself is always key.

Think about this for a minute, a long minute.  Lets say you are playing in your mind of memories and you tap into a cross section of collective consciousnesses that are going thru something similar and you get hit with all kinds of emotions, for this example, lets call it lower (ego based) emotions.  Then you own them.  Then you think you have a block or need clearing.  Hell no!!  By doing that, you take yourself out of the forward momentum and back track.  To be on this new earth, you have done all the inner work needed to hold the higher light frequencies coming in.  KNOW THAT.  You can allow these emotions to pass thru you but don’t own them as yours.  Once again we bring that very very important saying to the forefront KNOW THYSELF.  YOU are always in control, unless you give that control over to the intersecting energies.  That too, is a personal choice.

So lets look at this crazy, intense new collective coming online thru us.  Pure light energy directly from the other side of the veil (spirits side) untainted by any filters, any ego goo, for as long as you are open to receive it, use it as your Life Force.  Coupling this energy is the pure energy from the original earth, AKA the garden of eden.  Back in that time (if you will) we did not have egos at all.  We had pure Life Force energy in body.  We are now at the accelerated point of Becoming that again but in new expanded ways.

Back then, we did not have trillions of dimensions filled with experiences.  We did not have thousands of eras that we have learned and evolved from using duality and gravity.  So it is true to say, we have even more capabilities now than even in that amazing time.  That is, if we do not dilute ANYTHING with what we think we know.  If you can allow yourself to wake up every morning as if it was your very first day on earth, that would be your greatest gift unto yourself.  We are now equipped with a brand new GPS system and it has nothing to do with all the scenarios that got us to Here.  Think about it, everything we are familiar with was and is contingent on the ego mind.  Now that the two are melding into a whole functioning unit… The master of matter (ego) and the master of energy (soul) are in the process of becoming one… if you so allow.

Well, this was a great news break for me lol, hope it was for you too!!

Have an amazing, accelerated day!!  I love you soooooooo freakin much!!

((((HUGZ)))) of multidimensional energy to ALL!!!❤

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. A beautiful soul put a link on my facebook yesterday that included this awesome “Purpose” diagram.  That is the one question I am asked the most and the one thing spirit never has a true answer for, because it is what you are here to Be… excited!!!  Let me share the diagram and if you click on it, it will take you to the whole story:

your purpose




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Personal Supercells, Funneled Energy and the Next 6 Weeks.

love energy

I should have known by the unexpected conversation in my sharing yesterday, the energy and imagery of “storms” would be a key factor in yesterday’s readings.  Everyone had their own supercell and funnel cloud doing various things to them.  However, unlike the funnel clouds we are familiar with, these funnel clouds were pushing out energy for the most part (as opposed to sucking anything up.)

My first beautiful lady in the field showed up with a funnel cloud, that her team expressly stated had a reverse flow to it, (pushing out energy instead of sucking it up) and was bouncing at the top of her head when suddenly, she broke in two, split down the middle and half of her fell to the left and the other half to the right.  To my eyes, it was as if a shell was being broken open and inside the most beautiful amber glowing light was present.  In front of her, at the ground level, the place I call your center path forward, for about 3-4 feet, the energy of her path was white, straight forward, and then suddenly the funnel cloud breaking apart her shell, created an event I could not see (on purpose) that suddenly lifted her path upwards and started to reflect the same color energy that is now what I see as her.

Her team said that over the next 4-6 weeks (they eventually dropped the 4 and stayed with 6 weeks) there are going to be many twists and turns in her path, taking her out of her comfort zone, putting her into experiences she will feel unqualified to deal with.  As she and I talked, I realized why this energy tornado broke her shell in half, as she was talking about a family member with a dire diagnosis that she is assisting in energy work, she kept saying “I am not god, I do not know…” and things that just broke the energy flow itself.  Ummm yes, she is, we are all aspects of God with a direct line of communication, knowing and abilities.  The take away I got from her reading was, either own who you are and what you are capable of, or you will be thrust into situations that will leave no room for doubt.

Then I had a lady, Ohhh my dear good god the imagery surprised me.  Her funnel cloud latched onto her whole face like a suction cup.  I could feel the down flow of energy onto her face and watched as the particles of her face blew up and released themselves from her.  Her team said that all of her identities are being stripped away.  Then this tentacle like thing came out of the funnel cloud and stretched inside her head to her pineal gland and started wiggling about in her pineal.  I could see the energy of Light grow larger and her team said the light field inside and outside her pineal gland was being enlarged to allow for new soul blue prints to come in.  Then they explained that as she was planning this particular life and the series of events that needed to happen, 3 other lifetimes were also planned after this one that would allow the expansion to continue thru each lifetime.  However, she had not only completed what she set out to do in this lifetime, but started to open the energies that would have taken place in the other lifetimes as well, so what is happening right now, is those 3 future lives are now going to be played out in this lifetime.

Like my first lady, 6 weeks became an important timeframe.  The first two weeks (which she is in now) is the encoding and assimilation of the first of these three lifetimes, then in about 2 weeks time, there will be “an intense emotional event” that will take her off her center path and put her deep into her right field, her emotional, spiritual field.  That is when the 2nd set of blue prints will start to be encoded and assimilated.  At the end of that two-week period, there is a sudden shift out of the right field with a 90 degree angle taking her to her physical life field. With the culmination of this 6 week period and 3 separate soul blueprints now assimilated, her center path will now be deep in her left field.

As I tried to see what the end of this 6 week cycle looked like for her, god forbid spirit should be straight forward with anything.  She got a series of 4 balloons lifting upwards.  These balloons acted like helium but felt like water balloons, I could feel the fluid energy inside the balloons and yet they lifted upwards effortlessly.  Her team explained that both were correct, each balloon represented a rise in the emotional field (water) as effectively as helium would remove her from the gravity that was keeping her in her (previous) life.  The red represented the rise upwards thru her root chakra. Then came a blue one, representing her soul expression in new and higher ways, then a green one, which represented the heart working in accelerated ways and then the last one caught me by surprise.  The fourth balloon was yellow, representing her soul in life, got about 2 feet above the ground them burst open and spilled all over the place.  The full release of her soul onto, into her new merged life path.  That’s all they would show or tell us about that.

Of course, the use of “6 weeks” is not a static timeline at all, but more a gauge of expectancy with many blurred edges, especially when other people are involved in crossing into one’s path.  However, 6 weeks from yesterday is the 4th of July, Independence day here in the USA.  Hmmmmmm!!

Then I had one lady, dear lord she was bizarre looking.  First tho, unlike my other lady’s, my view with her was way up above the supercell and this intense, bright blue and red shards of energy coming into the top of her supercell.  As I tried to figure out what the hell that was, I could see this funnel cloud start to emerge, and these shards of energy, which spirit said was pure consciousness from a collective on spirits side of the veil (I had no idea they also had collective consciousnesses too) was coming in.  Then I seen what looked like human forms bumping around inside the funnel cloud.  What the hell is that???

Her funnel cloud came down and sat upon her head and started to produce what looked like electrodes all over her skull.  Her team explained that these electrodes are pulsing the pure consciousness into her brain waves in various sections of the brain itself.  This is going to allow her to hold pure consciousness without it being muddied by the elements we call ego and the vast and various consciousnesses that it once had to pass thru (which changed it from pure consciousness to meld with what one or others thought they knew about any given thing.)

So I had to ask about the forms I seen in the emerging funnel cloud… well, it got stranger.  Her funnel cloud formed onto her center path and I could see what looked like legs and maybe hips still wrapped up in the energy of this funnel cloud system.  What her team explained, there will be at least three humans that will enter her path/life that have been seeded with what we will just call alien consciousnesses that will serve to temper the energies, the pure consciousnesses being imbedded in her.  There was also an understanding that for anything to take hold in this realm, it must come thru humans and be used.  So these three (I felt three, not 100% sure there is three) people will hold the higher energies and altho they will show up in human form, what will be released will be from other realms of life already sustaining the pure consciousness of spirit.  I was and still am a bit confused on all this all works out.  But she was also told that what she is also being set up for is to be an active, participating emissary from other worlds.  There will be a time, years from now, when these other Beings from other realms will come to participate with humans and one of her jobs is to dispel any fear that could take place.

Thru all of this information, I could see new portals starting to be created for use.  It was explained that many of the old portals used for travel closed down, evaporated I guess as humanity fell deep into fear.  Now as we return to love and welcoming, new ones will form thru us and our active participation.

Thru some of the readings I could also see I guess the only way I could describe it as the folding in of what we think of as timelines, time itself is no longer what it once was.  We no longer have to wait three incarnations from now for anything if we are willing to put the work and energy into ourselves to bring it forward now.

With all this information and actually exciting unveiling with all my readings, I so wanted to see where I was at and what my supercell and funnel cloud was doing with me.  I am also very concerned about my daughter.  I have talked to her many times since she was locked up and it is not like any of the other times she has been locked up hoping to get bail.  Maybe it is because there is nothing to “change” for, nothing to hope for, at least for the coming year or so.  Our conversations are flat and she is not ready to talk about change or… I don’t know how to explain it.  But before I even started running my bath, my team reminded me of the many times previously I inquired about her thru meditation and every single time, they showed me her with her hands handcuffed behind her back.  It was so consistent I stopped inquiring, then just forgot about it.  Not once did I ever ask them why, more than likely, because I didn’t want to know.  Change must be long term for something different to come out of life.  Valorie changed for as long as it served her freedom and then went back to what she had been doing for years, drugs and stealing.  Her ongoing personal choices created such a stripping down of everything, right down to totalling her beloved car and the last of what she had left, her freedom, now gone too.

Ok enough about her, I want to see where I am at!!  I want to see my energy system and what it is doing.  Well, WTF… no funnel cloud, no super cell, hell no me either.  Instead, in my center path there was this large banana.  I do know my own energy signature enough to realize I Am that freakin banana… WTF????????  Next thing I know, I am being peeled half way down my banana body.  HUH???  I blinked, I got out of meditation and went back in… I am a still a freakin banana.  The most my team said was look up potassium, this is what you give out thru your Presence. WHAT??  Where is my supercell, I want a freakin supercell!!  Nope, I am freakin banana.  I was a little on the pissed side, so I got out of meditation since I couldn’t get my team to tell me anything more.

I had to go into the big wide world to go grocery shopping, on my way home, I must have been removed enough from my pissed off feeling of being a banana to get more understanding.  I still don’t understand why I don’t have a supercell (I really want one lol) but my team explained the yellow of the banana represents my soul energy, the skin of the banana being my solidifying aspect (human) on earth, the exposed fruit was my pure soul energy emitting the same energy as potassium to those I come in contact with.  Then I remembered several weeks ago when spirit, thru the readings, stated each of us are a key aspect of earth, the elements and all that make up earth.  We have a living part of us that is that.  Of course, the human in me thought, ohh maybe the wind or the sun or something like that, never in a million years would I have thought potassium!

So, if you think I am a bit fruity, I assure you, I AM!!  lol  EAT ME!! lololol

Have an amazing day my loves, it is soooooo great to be back in your Light Field!!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with electro-Lights and love to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

My new theme song lol:



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YOU Are The Storm That is Gathering!!

The Weird Cloud Atlas…Mandatory Credit: Photo by Science Photo Library / Rex Features (1815511p)
Supercell thunderstorm
The Weird Cloud Atlas
*Full story: Supercell thunderstorms rotate with immense energy, causing a strong updraft and severe weather, including tornadoes, hail, heavy rain, lightning and heavy winds.

Hello again everyone!!  It is soooo good to be back home, in my world of love and light and simplicity!!  And YOU!!  Today I get to connect to the field, to you, to good and happy things!!  Things that will make me bitch out of loving frustration of wanting to understand… ohhhh the things that make my motor run!! lol

I wasn’t going to write anything until tomorrow, when I had some readings under my belt of new understandings, but seems my team wants to talk once again about choices.  Of course, that comes as I ponder my daughter.  For those not on my facebook, my daughter has been sentenced to one year, three months the midway point between when her attorney was asking for (11 months) and the prosecutor (1 year 7 months.)  Once out, she will be on a 10 year probation.  She will get credit for the 2 months and a week she had already served last year.  So… 13 months she is going to be thinking about her choices, once I/we can get her back to taking responsibility for her choices.  She has currently jumped back into the river of DeNial, deep and hard.  Of course, she equally jumped back into her pills and addiction and no doubt, stealing again.

As I sat here, getting my feet back in my life and my flow, I pondered my daughters reality and I hear my team say, the storm is here.  There are two very intense currents of life taking place and two very different outcomes of these storms.  We can even look at it as the upper atmosphere, the place where all energies gather and the lower atmosphere, where the energies let loose upon the earth.

We all live in one or the other of these atmospheric places.  Let’s call the new earth and those who own their life, take full responsibility for who they are and where they are, the upper atmosphere.  Meaning we are the ones creating this energy, this storm that is still coming together.  Then there is the lower atmosphere, the place we can call soap-bubble land, dense duality filled with separation and blame.  The house of cards.

With that thought in mind, these coming months is going to be for some, miracles are coming out of the woodwork and for others, the bottom keeps dropping out.  Both are perfect for the energies involved.

Once again tho, those of us living and creating the upper atmosphere of energy, we have full responsibility to assist those where the bottom of their lives have dropped out.  To assist in whatever way we can, help build a new strong and solid foundation in their lives from the place of love and responsibility.

Think about that word for a minute: response-ability.  We MUST respond in our knowing, in our wisdom, in our ability to show a better way.   Love is an action word.  Hence the word “Way Shower.”  That’s us and its about to get crazy on planet earth and we are about to put at the forefront of change, on the ground, assisting.  Responding.

I don’t know exactly what is up spirits sleeve, but as I take these messages, I so feel the energy of massive change blowing.  My mind goes to what is happening in our political climate and all the stuff being exposed there.  That bad ass Bernie Sanders is like a freakin halogen spotlight in all the dark places and is relentless in his Light exposure.  There is a massive storm brewing there and we the people MUST take part.  Just as we did in our personal lives.

Do you see the beauty in this timeliness?  You and I have had decades to figure out how to put the dark in us into positive motion as the light became the new, unshakable foundation in our lives.  And now, we get to assist all the collectives in a similar way.

We dream of a better life, of communities of love and cooperation.  The earth IS that community.  The Time is Now.  The energies are here, we are Here, and the house of cards is already falling all around the world.  It’s going to pick up speed and momentum as we move thru this year.  So many people have been waiting and desiring to be in service for the greater good…. well, it is time, but it will more than likely be in unexpected ways.

Lets be really clear on this upper atmosphere energy.  To be totally effective, it must come thru us as source energy.  Think of it this way, you can have a gallon of gas in a container, but it’s only effective if you actually put it in your car, otherwise it is unused energy.  Response-ability.  I cannot help but giggle, if not equally wanting to participate, I am being shown the Democratic National Convention happening in Philadelphia this July and all these specks of pure white light gathering there (the people who are energizing the political revolution.)

WE ARE the storm that is gathering and dammit, I want to pelt some rain somewhere!!  Ok I will pelt rain on my daughter, but hell i want to be part of the ocean too!!  Philly in July anyone??

Back to my daughter for a minute.  She is being transferred today to her home for the next year.  When I have her mailing address and inmate number, I will put it on my facebook as well as here.  Anyone wanting to rain on my daughter, it would be much welcomed and much appreciated.  My greatest hope is that she will one day say yes, I did (fill in the blank) without blame or excuses.  It is only from that constant place, true change, a new foundation can be built.  We have a year to get ‘er done!!

BTW, I did not get my tattoo (phew.)  My daughter was so stoned out the last few days of our time together, ain’t no way permanent ink is going on my body when she could barely keep her head up straight.

I love you all so much and have really really missed our connections.  Speaking of which…. it’s almost that time.

Have an amazing day filled with hope, love and storm energy!!!


Lisa Gawlas






river of light incoming

If I wasn’t so damn excited about the energies coming thru yesterday, I would start out bitching about not being able to do readings, but the cause is too well worth it.  But let me start at the beginning, it was an odd odyssey of a day.  My first reading was a beautiful lady across the pond and as I went to connect with her, my antenna/eye was drawn upwards to the sky where the sun was hanging low, with a very strange thing beneath it… A huge red X!!  What the hell is that doing there??  On rare occasions over the years, spirit would place a big red X across my backdoor as their way to say you cannot see the field today.  My antennas are working, the field is just unviewable.  But never in all my years of reading have I ever seen this X placed under the sun itself.  But I also felt, this is going to be the way of it for everyone today.  Dammit!!

Then I started to hear a song by the Beach Boys “Good Vibrations” and it felt like it was the sun himself singing directly to the earth, the love of his life.  Which of course, reflects all of us as part of her living body.  <3

So once I got her rescheduled, I went to to see if there was anything up with the sun, other than an ongoing coronal hole spewing space wind around, according to spaceweather, the sun was kinda uneventful.  However, as I was looking at the sun and scanning the info on’s page, in my vision I could see a filament leap up and outwards and release itself.  I ignored it since there didn’t seem to be anything that would produce such a thing.

As I was hoping that this X would be gone by the time my second reading came around, and still very much pondering the placement of this X, I heard spirit say “The river of life (light) is rising and creating new curves in the flow.”  With it, I could see this massive flow of light at the earths level, deep and rapid like white waters rushing forward.  Alrighty then!!   My second lady was in the red X zone too.  Dammit.

Since I had an unexpected hour of free time with rescheduling instead of reading, I decided to hop in the bath to see if I can get clearer information on what this is about.  I was stunned at what I was shown and excited for all of us!!

The very moment I closed my eyes in my bath, I instantly seen fissures all over the magnetosphere and thick, foamy white energy oozing thru and down to earth.  I could see various forms of this river of light and how it can be used.  The first image was the massive river of love and hope growing in relationship to Bernie Sanders (spirit is all about the Bern let me tell ya!!)  The raging river (filled with the consciousnesses of his supporters and their energy of motion/movement) and it slammed into the Democratic Convention and tore apart the doors, the building, everything.  This on the heals of a little video I posted on facebook that really got my heart excited, which sadly, I cannot post here since its not on youtube.  But in one of his speeches when someone from the audience shouts out “You” he instantly says no, not me us.  No president can make changes alone, it must be the people together.  A movement indeed.  Movements change things, protest build up static electricity.  If we want change, we must band together like drops of water that form the raging river of life… together.  This flood of change got my little heart excited!!

But spirit was just beginning to show us what this energy can produce, if we allow it to.  The next thing I had seen, shockingly to me, was my sons energy field and his new girlfriend.  I wasn’t sure I would ever meet someone who he dated longer than a day that my heart would feel like it does for the mother of his son, until he started talking about this girl.  Ohhhh yeah, this one is THE keeper!!  Well, seems spirit thinks so too!!  I was shown his white water river of life increasing with this energy, flowing rapidly forward and then an unexpected (to me) merger with his girlfriend and the amazing energy they will harness together when they merge lives together.  I about pee’d my pants with excitement for them.  But equally, I was being shown what is at hand for those finding the loves of their lives thru this amazing time.  Superpowered rivers!!

I couldn’t help but think of my grandsons mother, I love her so much, like a daughter.  I had already seen a man coming into her field a while back, but so far, he hasn’t arrived.  The moment I thought about her I was shown a man coming down from the sky inclosed in an octagon crystal… what the hell is that??  I could see his image thru the crystal, a pretty pretty young man, but what the hell is he doing in a crystal?  I feel like his energy should come with a label that says “please break in case of an emergency.”

So then, since spirit is on a love adventure, I asked…. wait, excuse me, I demanded to see my own opportunities in this lane.  I was shocked, still am really.  Unlike my son or my grandsons mothers energy that was in full spectrum light, mine showed up kinda like in the shadows, or maybe better said just as night was about to fall, that kind of lighting.  Instead of being on my center path forward, my path formed a C curve outwards into the field of life (rut roh, what new adventure awaits me doing something different… dunno) and I had to crack up at what they showed me.  Men lined up on either side of this C curve path and I was doing the “eenie, meenie, minie moe” thing…. WHAT???  Like I should have so many choices, lol, I would be happy for just one choice at this moment.  I thought my team was just being ridiculous so I cleared the energy and started again, and once again, I am doing the eenie, meenie, minie, moe pick of men.  I cannot wait to see how THAT comes into play!!  The one thing I am sure of tho, given the way these C curves show up in readings, it’s going to be something new that takes me out of my usual life and curves back later in the timeline.

So then, I thought about my next appointment, a man who already has a lot of changes happening in his ever expanding heart field as well as his life field.  What they showed me with him, really got my motor running.  His whole energy field represented a sling shot that has been pulled back thru the whole of this year:



With the focus being on the tension of the energy being pulled back.  Which also reminds me of all the “retrograde” planets that are happening.  This is using the energies to catapult your desires forward instead of always doing a review of our long cleared shit (unless we insist on picking old wounds, which many do more out of habit than need.) This is really where he can lean in with pure knowing and exciting and say “the force is with me.”  Everything he has desired is releasing unto him because he put his energy into it and created the perfect amount of tension with focus, action and that most important fuel, desire!!!

I also felt very much, this is an event many are experiencing at this crucial moment of energy release too.

Then, one of my readings as I kept trying to see if I could see anything other than a red X at the sun, I did see something different, even more bizarre, there was a series of X’s on one side of the sun, I knew they represented planets or something, but what the hell does that even mean?  I am still trying to understand why the X is at the sun, now here she comes to confuse me even more with a series of planet X’s lol.  Her team did explain that there are more planets involved in this energy release from the sun.  Alrighty then!!  What the hell??

Shortly after I think my 4th attempt at seeing something other than these red X’s someone posted on my facebook a video of “A filament eruption towards the northwest limb today hurled a coronal mass ejection (CME) into space. So far the plasma cloud appears to be directed away from our planet. More updates later today once full coronagraph imagery is available.” from solar ham.  I about shit a brick!!!  Spirit wasn’t kidding when they showed me a filament eruption, of course, why would they?? lol

For those of you still overcoming doubt, let me tell you, there are days and moments I am full of it (in more ways than one lol.)

I went to a few times yesterday, nothing.  But this morning… those series of X’s suddenly make sense too:

VENUS, THE PLEIADES, AND A SOLAR STORM: A filament of magnetism connecting sunspots AR2542 and AR2543 erupted on May 15th and hurled a CME (coronal mass ejection) into space. Coronagraphs onboard the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory captured the cloud as it billowed away the sun alongside two other objects of interest: Venus and the Pleiades.


The Goddess of Love and the Seven Sisters are in conjunction with the sun this week–a close encounter invisible to the human eye. SOHO can see it, however, using an opaque disk to block the sun’s blinding glare.

Although the CME appears to intersect Venus, it does not. The expanding cloud is far in front of the second planet. The third planet may be another matter.

Sooooooo!!!!  The power of the sun, harnessing the power of love (venus) coupled with the ascended energy of the Pleiades, which in my personal world, taught me about the importance of unconditional love and non judgement, collect together to form a massive rising river at the earth level.  And at that most amazing time spirit has been focused on, the split of May (first half to the second half.)  The 15th-16th is the split, the gap between all we have put into play and the way it will appear on our field of life as an outcome.  And the timing for me to not be here is perfect too, as the energy takes form for me to see, I won’t have a week of reschedules, just two days (yesterday and today, of course, I am just assuming today given all the energy understanding, I hope to be wrong about that.)

I am personally excited that at this time of the river of life overflowing and creating new curves (hey there is my C curve, ohhh shit, don’t let it be related to Virginia lol, I am so over that state!!) in the field of life, I am more than grateful to be spending this week of love rising with my baby girl.  This will be my last sharing until I return late Saturday night, however, I will put the outcome of my daughters sentencing (which will be at 10am EDT on Friday the 20th) on my facebook wall.

I will, however, be coming home with something new.  My daughter is an amazingly talented tattoo artist and as a way of binding our energy together as she starts this change of life (incarceration) I am getting a tattoo from her tomorrow.  She already has it on her arm in honor of us and now I will have her mark in me, on me to bind our energy fields together thru our animal totems:


Her’s is the lion, mine is the tiger and the eyes will be colored with our birthstone colors (the lion blue the tiger green.)  I have never had a tattoo in my life (can we call me a wimp in the pain department) so if you think about sending me lots of comfort tomorrow (I really am scared shitless about it, even tho I got me a tube of “super numb” but what the hell, its time to get beyond our comfort zone!!) I would really appreciate the energy, thanx in advance.

On that note, enjoy the swim, rage into new directions, dare to live out loud with joy and determination.  The sling shot has been pulled… ready or not… here we go!!!!!  Go with the sudden and rapid changes/flows otherwise, don’t complain if you get caught in the undertow!!  Just sayin!!!😉

I love you all soooo flipping much!!  Thank you for Being the amazing Beings you Are!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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We Are At a Collective and Individual MAJOR Choice Point.



This morning my mind seems to be focused on one particular reading yesterday and the feeling that so many of us are in this very similar position.  In front of my lady, spread out to her left, right and center were three suns.  They were not hanging in the sky or even the upper atmosphere, each one was only about a foot above her head and the two towards her sides were about 2 feet away from her, the one over her center path was about 3 feet away from her.  There was nothing else I could see, but I did know she was at a major choice point in her life.  Stay on the same path she is on, move to the left or right to begin an expanded version of herSelf and her life journey.  Not a single detail was shown, other than the suns, the choice points.  As the reading went on, her team did show that her center path forward was actually done.  They showed this by pulling a shade down on her path, however, we with free will can continue on the path that is expired, but as always, with consequences.

We tend to make choices based on our physical life instead of our spiritual life.  We enter a job that for a long while, we loved.  We are making good money, keeping our overhead, over head.  And then, what seems out of the clear blue, things start changing, the job allows new players in the fold, changing the joy we once experienced, making the time heavy and burdensome, even if we still are loving what we are doing, the environment and/or people changed so much it becomes a chore.  That is a tell-tale sign that you are reaching your exit point.

Altho I reflecting on my lady’s job from yesterday, this holds true for just about everything, relationships, living environments, cities…

But we get focused on what we have and what we think we need instead of what could be next.  Pesky humans that we are.

However, the other hazard to this, is the choice MUST come from within us.  These are the times our guides must pull away their energy and their insight to allow us to make the choice from within our hearts.  It is those times when most people get frustrated because they cannot feel or hear their inner guidance, or no clues are being placed in their reality to help them make the choice.  Think of these moments as graduations days.  Your done with this part of your life and now YOU must choose whats next.  Once you choose, even if that choice is staying the course of familiarity, that’s when the next series of information/visuals/assistance comes into play.

She did get a warning and I got some pretty strong memories brought forward thru her reading, on the hazards of staying the course.  I remembered my terminix days as a branch manager, we had a change in upper management, I went on vacation to see my daughter for a week, came back to find out I was no longer branch manager, nor the sales manager title I held before that promotion, nope I was back down to just a sales employee.  WTF??  When I found out more of the details, I brought on a sexual discrimination lawsuit to my employer and my attorney insisted I stayed employed while going thru the suit.  My body started to break down, between a massive depression setting in, ulcers raging, GERD developing.  Even tho my pay was decreased with my demotion, it was still a better pay than anything else around.  6 months I endured this hell at a job I loved doing but hated going to more and more… until I finally quit, discovered my bathtub and all my illnesses evaporated (over time, with new choices.)  The day I gave them my resignation I swear it was the first day I let the sunshine back in my life.

I mention all this because as my lady’s team repeated to her yesterday, you can stay where you are, but it will twist up your energy field.

This morning, as we all sit on that threshold of first half of May and begin to enter the second half of May, it feels so strongly that we are ALL at this massive collective choice point, individually as well as collectively.

Thru another reading that is now in my mind, the choice could be and dare I say, should be, to allow ourselves to go higher (vibrationally) than we ever allowed our selves to go before.  And the human within asks… what the hell does that even look like.  I personally, have no freakin idea.  Equally tho, I feel an unhinging of my own energy as I get ready to go to Virginia tomorrow.  Kind of like I am closing out the cover of one book, the time spent with my daughter will be collecting the new energy for the next book and when I come home… well… we will see, cuz again, I have no freakin clue!!

Actually, maybe I have a clue of the what, but surely not the how, because I am being reminded of this information dump that is still underway.  The new energies coming in, thinning what we think of as the veils, easier and fully access to our spiritual abilities coming in and that alone often times changes the path we have walked to here.

We will see, won’t we… or better said, we will be in the experience of our choice, even if it is a choice to stay the course.

On that note, my day begins early today.  Lean into something new and I will see you there!!

((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and bliss and  choices in your peripheral vision!!

Lisa Gawlas

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