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The Flowers and Potency of Shambhala, of You


What a wild ride each day is becoming.  The one thing I am sure of, we are getting our collective shit together faster than I ever imagined we could or would.

When my first lady of the day showed up, her brilliance was unmistakable. But before I get to that wonder, let’s talk about how the flower petals are changing.  Going into yesterday, the 12 flower petals were separated by about a foot or two of clear space.  Yesterday, the three directly in front of my door were now very different.  There was this thick black, something or another between the them, and these thin threads of light running thru them as a weave holding or binding the 3 of them together.  The only thing I understand with this so far, that there are three tribes that make up one unit and there will be 4 units that make up the whole.  And I only understand that part, this morning.

My lady, was standing close to the center area of these petals.  I realized that puff-ball pollinator of Source was no longer there.  The center is now barely a visible pin hole.  It was made clear that source as now moved to the black area, holding three tribes, three petals together in oneness.  Individuated and whole at the same time.

My lady was this long flower, so sturdy, so beautifully delicate at the same time.  The stalk or stem had no leaves at all.  The thickness was akin to the thickness of a finger, the flower head so intensely yellow you could not miss her Presence, her radiance.  What surprises me is that her big beautiful flower head looked so familiar, like I have seen that flower many times before, I just could not recall what type of flower it was.  So I googled a lot yesterday, nothing even close.  The closest description I can come to, is like a tulip, open on the inside, yet each thick petal curved in a C shape to appear closed at the very top of the flowerhead, yet so much space between each petal.  I could even see the long pollen stems inside her flowerhead.

It was explained to her that the stem shows how strong and sturdy she is.  Then the next thing we know, we are being shown her roots, spread out thru the petals and the light weaves black Source of Life, and she was pulling in the light of Us All, not from the earth, not from anywhere but this living emerald city, up thru her stalk and I could see the light threads move upward thru her stalk (a stalk about 3-4 feet tall) weaving itself together as well.  And then when all this accumulated light hit the flower head… there we go again!!!  Ejaculation time!!  lol It took me so by surprise!!!  With a mighty force her flower petals opened up to release what I clearly know now as ejaculate from the pollen stems inside.

So not only is the Source of All Life holding our ground together, but is now in us, as us and we as him (and yes, we are leaning into the masculine, since it was made clear we all have always been the divine feminine thru our very heart centers.)

Now, before anyone goes thinking they have always worked like this, lets stop that in its tracks.  Before this amazing moment in our evolution, we had to pull that divine ejaculate into us, mix in with our desires, then release it outwards.  It had to be this way as we learned to temper and integrate out egos, otherwise it would be very much like giving a loaded gun to a toddler, in a field that was nowhere near ready for such power.

Getting to here, we drew energy from the earth, from the sun, from the elements that make up this amazing world we live in, put it all into the vat of our hearts and with the skill of the alchemist each one is, turned it all into manifested desire…. eventually!

Now, the crazy way I had seen this release of life force energy, of course, I did what I have been doing, I put my implants into the field of desire (not the teeth, I have dentures covered lol) and suddenly her powerful stream of ejaculation contained a freakin gold bullet in the center.  A freakin bullet!!  What the hell!!

I guess this golden bullet, instead of being loaded with gunpowder to create death, it is loaded with lifepowder to ignite life where there seemed to be none before.  It’s our aim that is being practiced right now.  The beauty of lifepowder, it will always do good, even if we miss the target and hit something else, well, life cannot have too much bounty and we may have inadvertently helped someone else thru our attempts to get our aim perfected!!  Win win!!

We also want to be very clear on something.  Before the Emerald City became live, Real, unified with life, we were trekking around as the bountiful alchemists that we are.  It was a solo (more or less) adventure in creation, so the feel and release then move on instruction was so valid and for those not egoic clear enough to partner yet, in the emerald city, that is still the creation instruction set.  This is a crucial skill, learning to set your field of vibrational desire into life.

However, the emerald city pulls from the whole of the city, together, living life forms embodied, all working together for an outcome.  This takes an extra effort to remove bias, judgement, expectation and even, surrender.  Some will surrender their efforts just as the seed head was about to push up thru the ground.  Or decide, we can live without what is being held together by one or by some.  Now we must learn with absolute clarity the gift of working as a team.  Just like our spirit guides and helpers from the other side work without bias to pull the elements together as you fire them up in your heart of desires.  Now, you… WE are learning, remembering to be this crystal clear within our life constructs, with our power, together, as ONE.

I do want to change the subject a little bit here.  Since that Monday when I had my solo man on the field, something very different shifted inside of me.  When I finished his wonderful reading and went out my door to head home, one of the men that comes to talk was sitting there and dammit if the only thing they ever talk about is politics.  He immediately started talking, I cannot even recall about what, but when he started saying how horrible obama’s time in office was… I could feel the anger rise up in me, close off my own energy field from him.  I said, not today, I am not doing this today.  You keep your judgement to yourself and I am going to go enjoy the rest of my day off and I proceeded to walk off the deck, his mouth louder and he kept on ranting… I got in my car and drove away.  That alone was weird for me.  I assumed it was a fluke in my system.

Until yesterday morning where my constant friend Doug shows up and again, politics and his love of Trumps agenda of getting all the immigrants out of our land is his norm.  He started talking about the immigrants and how incredibly slighted he feels that they are there taking things away from him.  That same anger rose up from deep inside of me, and I told him, you really need to check inside of you to see where this hate and judgement is coming from, but I am done talking about any of this.  It no longer serves a purpose for me.

I was stunned with myself.  I could see myself as if my whole body was a flower and the petals closed up tight as a barrel.  Done.

It’s only this morning do I fully realize that magnificence of what is happening.  We have so often used the word ego as an anagram Edging God Out.  The hate, the judgement, the condemnation truly closes the heart force of all life out.

Getting to Here, we had to understand both worlds.  Now that we are here, there is nothing more to understand.  We actually weaken our Light Force by engaging.  If we are going to change this world, restore it back to Love and Harmony, that MUST be the only thing we take in and put out.  Otherwise, it is as if we are asking Source to vacate our premises, our center in fullness.

As I am being reminded of that Master of Love back in the day… Jesus.  He was not invading the space of the controllers, instead, he gathered the ones with open hearts, eyes and ears to hear and see, and shared his wisdom there.

Let’s equally be clear on my own anger in these exchanges.  We love everyone, legal, illegal, on welfare, in the workforce… ALL are so loved and cherished and a part of the ALL.  Anger is there to say… something is not in alignment with me, with us.  And truly serves as a Holy Sealant to keep the density out.    It has no place in our hearts any longer.

There is so much more I want to share from yesterday, but my clock ticks away towards another day on the field.  I am stunned that I actually fell asleep at 7pm last night and did not wake until 5:30 this morning… and I truly could have slept longer!!  Go figure.

I had 4 readings yesterday and not one was anywhere near like the other.  There is one lady I do want to talk about a little bit before I close.  What I didn’t realize until this morning, given what I just stated above with my own experience, is the parts I missed in understanding her visuals.

It was as if her body was made of this never ending yarn.  Yes, the yarn we knit with, only in series of soft colors and beautiful fibers.  She was set up on the outer most edge of one of the three petals now held together by the blackness (unknowable) of Source and suddenly she started moving all around the invisible to my eyes, sphere and looked like she was creating a huge ball of yarn around the emerald city.  It was understood that what she was doing was closing the door, sealing her self off from what is now her old life and creating the threads of the new, inside.  She is getting ready to move from one state to another (literally and figuratively lol) in the next couple months.  In this transitional state that she is now in, this yarn is equal to a cocoon, for safe refuge as the ending comes closer.

She said she has tried to move sooner, but could not, nothing would set itself up in working out.  So now she is set for about late April.  PERFECT!!  I have got to share this crazy visual with all of you… I still giggle.

We get the energy inside of us that something big is changing in our world construct.  We know it, we feel it and often times, we try to put something into motion right then and there, because it is felt so strongly.

The next thing I know, I see this freakin chicken with an egg half inside the egg shoot (smile) and half outside.   This is when our feelings are most intense and yet, the egg is not completely out yet.  So my visual was of her just beneath the chicks ass with a little pick trying to break the egg open.  The chicken just turns around and looks at her with confusion and the feeling of “let me get this damn thing out in the open first.”  lol

Right time, right movement is crucial.  Sometimes the egg just needs to sit in stillness, in the cocoon of incubation for a time, otherwise we end up with scrambled eggs and wonder what went wrong.

On that note…

Ohhh and, I heard from my loan guy yesterday and he said that he had given my loan to a female attorney looking over the details to see if she thinks it is worth the risk of funding.  He expected to hear back by the end of the day…he has not.  Please, please join me in singing my song of love of desire (no matter what you may think I need, trust me to know mySelf) to this attorney who holds my implanted teeth in her heart!!  And let me tell ya, two days ago… we shattered my personal field, cleared it out so no one with her own personal agenda can skew what is being worked on thru the strength and harmony of Life creating!!

I love you all soul freakin much!!  I love me too!! 😉

((((HUGZ)))) filled with pure love, pure power that is US, the ALL expressing!!

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Prayer vs Manifestation. The Wheel of Life and Death and Life.


I swear the red sea within my mind was parted and refilled as I slept last night.  I woke up with so much understanding today.  I am not even sure where to start. But lets start with the word Prayer.  We pray a lot, especially at times when we need something or want something so desperately the only option we see available is prayer.  But what is prayer really?  Why does it seem to work for some and (mostly) not for others?

Prayer is a whole body activity, to include of course, the energy field.  Thru many of Gregg Braden’s books (I love that man) he often talks about prayer and how to pray.  In a few of his books he repeated the experience of the man who “prayed rain” notice a word missing from that phrase… the man didn’t pray FOR rain, because in the use of the word FOR, it engages the continue lack thereof.  So when we pray FOR something we are emitting the energy of not having and that is what we get back, the continued energy of not having.

In this mans experience he felt the rain, feeling it on his skin, falling down from the sky, loving and honor its presence in that moment as if it was already happening and at the same time, giving thanx and celebration.

Now lets look at my very real example of prayer manifesting as an outcome.  I am honored to be the poster girl for what not to do in anything!!  I am learning so much about my own experience and I pray, you are too.

I have been hijacking everyone’s reading powers and placing my teeth in their field of magic and of course, using my own as well.  I can see this wonder full new choppers, I can feel them in my mouth, especially since I already have partials, that is not a hard thing to replicate.  And thru YOUR loving hearts, doncha know I have exactly the right amount of money to get these new choppers.  I also have the right amount of money to be put to sleep to have this work done, something extremely important to me.  But not a penny more.  How fantastic a creator we are together.

I do not have the money to get my teeth pulled, never even thought about holding that in my prayer space.  But then again, that is not something I wanted to or even thought about recreating in experience, in feeling.  Which really helps me understand why I am, at least today (I have not heard anything from the loan company yesterday) so far apart from the implants.  I have no idea how that feels (having the actual implants inplanted,) what it feels like and therefore, have not really been feeling the whole kit and caboodle in my outcome.  Want it yes, but holding the feeling as if it all already done, no.

And then, because I work in harmony with each and every one of you, your harmony, your desires MUST equal mine and vise versa, energetically speaking.  Keep in mind, we are all a work in progress, every one of us.  Our greatest challenge is keeping our own bias out of the prayer energy.  Also, being able to keep pace with my energy field, without bias, without bringing in your personal experience or even expectation of how or what should be.

Let’s look at another real example happening with the pipeline in Dakota.  In the first phase of their group manifestation, their joint prayer and focus opened Obama’s heart and eyes to their desire and the work on the pipeline was halted.  Regardless of what some may think or feel, Obama is a high frequency human.  The moment Trump got in office, wham… undone and is pushing forward with force and might only because those holding ground there did not change the octaves in which they pray together.  In this case, they must use full base power, the true power of anger and desire together to reach thru the darkness of what is now in play.  The actual pipeline is secondary to the reality of why it is now going thru.  It is the power and greed that must be addressed, not the pipeline itself, with all the strength anger has available to the task.

That’s another part of our own valuable power we think is bad, the shear strength of it can destroy things… hence its value.  But often it is misused because it is so strong.  Creation and destruction, one and the same force displayed differently.  Maybe these wonderful souls should import a ton of Maori people and feel with everything inside them, their haka chants and movements… that’s some anger being utilized in the greatest most powerfully displayed ways.  War dances and do not stop.  Go in shifts if you must, but do not stop until resolution happens.  And it Will, if Will is applied.

Speaking of war… the first thing I was thinking of as I awoke this morning was the essene war scrolls.  The community I lived in talked about them a lot, interpreted them as if they would actually be going to war, war as we know it, killing with guns and stuff.  Ohhh no, not at all.

Just like with the Dakota pipeline, there is a war happening, what is good for the All vs what is good for some.  It’s time to do the war dance, get deep in the base of the emotional field of love, of anger, of protection and target the greed and power.  For the pipeline itself has already been resolved in phase one.  But just like my implanted teeth, we target what we see and know and not the whole of it.

A precious soul sent me an email yesterday containing a mans blog that he had written on Feb 13th, man talk about more fully reflecting what I tried to share yesterday.  I am going to pull a few of his, Matt Licata’s paragraphs from his sharing entitled: Orphaned pieces of psyche and soma.  (I would strongly suggest the full read, more than once.)

Love is the totality. It is whole. It is raging and alive in the darkness, shining brightly in ways the mind and the conventional world may never understand. Within the confusion, the sadness, the despair, and the aloneness there is often something very real attempting to break through the dream of partiality, attempting to clarify what is most important and something you may have forgotten. There is a richness here – something is happening – but what that is may never support the consumeristic spell of consistent feelings of happiness, certainty, and a life without vulnerability.

Here, in the very core of your friend’s experience – which is utterly inseparable from your own – everything is alive, everything is path, and everything is holy. The divine is not only the joy and sweetness, but comes at times as Kali to reorder your world. Let us step out of the trance and into the fire with our precious friend, hold hands with him or her and keep them near. We can then turn toward Kali together, create a sanctuary for her wrathful wisdom-essence to unfold in our hearts, and finally see what she has to say.

Of course, I had to look up who Kali is and smiled…   Kali is the Hindu goddess (or Devi) of death, time, and doomsday and is often associated with sexuality and violence but is also considered a strong mother-figure and symbolic of motherly-love.

Death is crucial to our evolution, otherwise there is no room for the new.  Sexuality and violence, if we actually seen the explosion of an orgasm… it violently releases it seeds of the new.  Watch a mother bear protect her cubs, that is love in the most violent extremes called, protecting.

Now lets take this a bit deeper, a bit wider.  Yesterday, I kept seeing my mother, us rallying around her in her final three months here in life.  Keeping in mind, it was fully my mothers choice to leave and we all had to honor that place within her.  But what if she wanted to stay…

The visual I get is like a wheel with spokes, my mother the center piece.  Everyone around the world that aided in my mothers well-being would make up the rim of this wheel.  All funneling into her their love, their ability to keep her environment safe and nurtured.

Had she wanted to live, then there would have been a group of us that would rally at her bedside, deep in the base emotions of the cancer that ate at her.  Deep in the Afib of her heart that could not find rhythm with life.  We would have to, with love, crawl into her pain body and raise her up, together, as a team.

Usually tho, we try to work it in the opposite way, let’s be light and happy and hopeful and hope she catches on.  That is equivalent to blowing a dog whistle, outside the auditory ability of the person in illness.

This morning, as this flood of understanding and what is coming unfolded within me.  I could see, 12 communities set up around the world, each housing 12 tribes of 12 aspects within each tribe.  With whatever is being work on, prayer, manifested into reality, one would be at the base of emotions and the other 11 would be flowing in the higher octaves thru the spokes, feeding and replenishing the ones at the base level of change.

This all takes such a unified energy, a true collective, together, in harmony.  But let’s start with ourselves first lol.  The way I see it tho, we gotta be so close or this peek, this understanding of our evolution and where we are heading, would not be presented yet.

I am going to ask, for those that have had implants implanted in their mouth, hold that energy for me.  I will do my very best to tap into your knowing (no bias, no good, no bad, no thing other than the implants implanted period) and hold it within me.  Even if I have to get this all done in sections, it WILL be Done, Thy Will Be Done, eventually!! lol

Also, one more thing lol.  YOU are my crew, my team, and I Am Yours as well.  We cannot say we are empowered with Christ energy and still be looking to the unseen world for help.  We contradict our very knowing by doing that.  We are Here.  ❤

I love you all so freakin much!!  Thank you for allowing me to twist and turn and face wonderful challenges, new light thru each of your amazing wonder in my world.

(((((HUGZ))))) of radical love and empowered Lives to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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The Ego – The Master of Matter!!


Ahhh duality, the under appreciated, undervalued gift of life.  We have two minds that absolutely MUST work together, in harmony with each other.  The soul mind and the ego mind.  The Master of energy and the Master of matter.  Both brilliant task masters.  Each very different from the other.  When the ego is hard at work, it is working in the base emotions, concentrated, diligent and purposeful. The soul mind, swings from the tree tops in deLight.  The soul mind is bringing all the particles of light together and funneling it to the ego, for use.

In the infancy of our new lives, the use is always a collective thing.  All-ways.  We have much to learn, to discern and disengage from, for it to be readily available to any one person, any one community.

I think yesterday was one of the greatest lessons to date, in understanding and truly valuing the duality within me, within us.

The field was down yesterday, or as God says, int burst into purposeful chaos, orgasmic bliss of itself.  I was even showed a repeated visual of the sun bursting its magnetic fields on spaceweather.

Orgasms are like that, they burst the concentrated energy that was built up prior to that moment and releases it outwards.

So imagine my surprise, when the cosmic orgasm produced a phone call to me in the afternoon from the loan company, who just the day prior, approved my home equity loan, to say their may be a complication.  I genuinely thought I owned the dirt beneath the trailer, turns out, nope, not really.  I own 1/226th of a share in stonehenge.  There are 226 mobile homes set up here and we all own a share in the entire community, as a whole.  As the lady I talked to in the office said, I own my neighbors palm tree and they own mine.  Well just shit!  Without owning the land, there is no real equity.  Especially given that this is a 1981 model.  Like our cars, mobile homes depreciate no matter how much you have upgraded them.

The loan officer, feeling the tears in my voice, said he is going to talk to the funder to see if they can work around this, but chances are, they won’t.

When I am filled over the top with emotion, I do what I do best… put a blurb on facebook to just release it outwards and then can get to processing the rest.  My heart in that moment, was truly shattered.  Instead of getting a much needed hug… I got obscurities… something better coming, and stuff like that.  Unless you are sending me a check for the balance of my teeth… no it’s not. And I realized, this is where most of us lose our steam.  We actually do everything we can to stay out of our base emotions, to stay out of the master of matter territory, ego and we swing from the treetops professing something better is coming.

And why would we think for a single moment, having a broken heart, feeling deflated over something that was just a moment ago, hopeful, means we have moved out of our heart center.  Unless we do not fully appreciate the tears of our own heart.  Of our own desire changing and sometimes, that even means falling apart.  If a plan, no matter how divine it is, does not catch wind, it will get grounded.  Even this is sooo crucially important in our evolution of understanding our WHOLE self.

Let’s take a different look at this working model that is crucial.  Imagine you have someone you love in a hospital bed, hanging on for dear life.  Those that love that person gather around the hospital bed, hearts broken, heavy and praying like there is no tomorrow, and for that person in bed, there may very well be no tomorrow.  That emotion is the greatest creator of all time.  That heaviness is FULL of life’ Love at the base level of Life itself. It will facilitate more miracles than a 1000 people all around the world singing songs of hope.  The heaviness of love and desire is not something to push away, but to be used!!

But man oh man, we don’t really like to get down and dirty.  To ache for a better outcome.  I do.  I spent all night aching.  It is simply the master of matter in my heart saying, ok… plan two.  We will work on a plan two, or in this case, I think it’s like plan 5!! lol  And trust me, I do not give up, but I know when to give in.


This morning, more separated from the disappointment of not actually owning the land beneath my trailer, I realized this working model here at Stonehedge, is actually a perfect working model for an enlightened community.  Go figure.  No one owns anything and everyone owns it All.  (In this save, minus the trailers set up on the dirt.)  Even what I pay in “maintenance fees” each month, we all chip in for the lawn care, the pest care, the cable, water and sewage and so on.  There is a wisdom to the working model.  Just not with the people within it.  (The folks here do do the best they can with where they are at, collectively.)

Now, to set up a true working model, our job is not to stay outside of the harmonic of the person hurting, but to join in there, with love, with knowing, with partnership of all working bits and peaces.  To add lightness.  My son did just that.  Ohhh what needed comic relief we both needed.  He is having a very difficult financial time in his world.  Not for the lack of turning every stone and even building his stones only to be taken away for the moment.  And so he called me to find out what was happening within my world… and we vented and then changed the subject to something that happened to him recently and it just turned into such gut hurting laughter for an easy 10 minutes.  And thru that laughter, it did produce something he has been looking for for days and wham there it was, which was also the brunt of this laughter escapade too.

Yesterday, in my looking towards what’s left that I can do to get this done, my last and only option is selling this house.  Yet, nothing about that felt right.  Especially this morning, it is not time to unhouse myself.  There is too much change happening everywhere and no place to feel like moving towards.

So lets bring all this together with the information released the last several days.  We really do have a gift called the ego mind.  So many people want to kill it, stop it, squash it and yet it is the very reason we are here in this amazing landscape of duality.  We have this amazing gift, this very powerful tool that exists no where else in all of creation… that alone should reveal how special we are, but instead, because it really is so foreign, we are throwing the baby out with the bath water and calling ourselves complete.

Now the untempered ego.. that’s a bit of a bully.  It has grown untempered thru lifetimes, but when integrated and fully partnered with the ALL of Life, it is an amazing task master!  What good is a car if all you have is the gas and the oil and all the other fluids.  It is our mind so familiar with matter that knows how to construct an engine, a fuel line, tires and even, the human to drive wherever they desire to go.  Even if they want to avoid going anywhere…. that would be felt as… unsafe.  Go there anyway!!!  We are needed there the most!!

Have an amazing day my beautiful co-creators.  Let’s get a little dirty today, the eclipse is counting on us, since we released it as such!! 😉

(((((HUGZ))))) of power and bliss to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Being ReSourced!! And the Heart of the Divine Feminine


I have decided, the greatest trickster, the grandest of sneak attackers, is God HimSelf!!  I was pretty darn sure that we would not be seeing and understanding the divine feminine aspect until maybe after the eclipse, since he said, the next phase.  Nope.  It was yesterday.  And the presentation, again, not what I was thinking!! lol

But even all this, every day, every reading since the Presence of All Life showed up to fully partner with us, I have become hyper aware of my own expectations, my own incredibly inaccurate assumptions.  He may have showed up for my one lady with a dust rag cleaning out her uterus, but I fully realize, he is arriving daily with a freakin vacuum cleaner within my personal field.

I anticipate tomorrow based on what was revealed today.  I am pretty damn sure, we all do.  It is almost second nature within us, not a natural second nature, put a deep, long, historical programming.  And it is time we all let that shit go!!

So my first lady of the day shows up, slowly walking towards the center of the petal, each step she takes to the center, her physical form starts to grow taller, get lighter, more transparent.  I also noticed that along each side of this (one of 12) flower petals were replica’s of the flower in wholeness.  Each flower was about 10 inches tall, separated by about 10 inches of space, and aligned on the borders the full length.

By the time she took her final step to stand at the edge of the flower petal, facing the great pollinator (smile… his choice of expression there) she was easy 9 feet tall and incredibly transparent.  See thru, no skin, no bones, just a human form mass of energy.  There was so much revealed in this moment that I completely missed in understanding.  It happened similarly thru each reading….

We think we can hide things, bury things, be secret about things, and yet, the Source of All Life see’s All.  We can only be transparent before him.  Our Glory is known, Seen, and loved beyond measure.  And we are NOT these tiny little Beings trying to find our way home either.  Not one of us is lost… a little blinded by duality, but not lost at all.  In the creators eyes, we are giants among giants,  we are the bravest of the brave for Being Here.  For daring to leave our soft, warm loving beds back Home to come here, to earth, in a game of forgetfulness, to create, with and thru, the heart of God, Home right here on earth.

And then, the area where my lady’s heart would be could I see it, opened up like a flower blooming, releasing seeds of its own.  These seeds were opposite of the way I see the seeds of our Creator (he really does not like that title, go figure… but in a moment, we will all understand why) open in a way that allowed a connection, jezuz… like a vagina, or dare I say… a va jay jay (god I love that word play) is open to engulf a penis.  These seeds were jumping from her heart to the pollen stems that create the god body in our readings, and each seed connected to a bulby pollin stick.

Immediately my view was of a sperm and egg at first penetration, a spark of Life, a change in cell composition.  With every seed on every pollin stick (for lack of better words lol) Source is changing.  From one second to the next, he never the same, because YOU add to his All-ness every moment of energy day thru eternity.  Your evolution is His evolution and vise versa.

I could have so easily cried from the love, from the reverence of God back to us.  That is, until the humor was restored and we continued on our view of understanding.  My lady’s flower heart became liquid at the back, at the spine and started flowing down her spine.  This takes juicing to a whole new level!! lol Her love juice was the same color as the flower petal she was standing on. And then her tailbone, now slightly curved outside of her body, was steadily dripping her flower juice everywhere she went… creating flowers in her likeness.  Imagine that sentence… in her likeness, not in god’s likeness, but in her’s.

This takes, to a very real and pray even more understandable level… “we create our reality thru our emotions” and really, thru the way we view ourselves.  WE are the creator gods, (or would that be, goddesses lol) always have been.  When we assign the title “Creator” to the Source of All Life, we are sooo incredibly inaccurate, disempowering ourselves.  He is what holds it all together, he feeds and nurtures All of creation, unbiasedly, lovingly and with sheer joy and reverence to All Life.

I cannot help but remember the many channelings I took from my friends in the Pleiades, they always signed their sharings with “with love from the One Source.”

Every heart in all the universes IS the divine feminine.  It takes in the energy around them and reproduces outwards by the emotion they feel with what they have taken in… This is every human, animal, plant, even the stars in our sky.

A flower, pushing up thru a crack in cement, took in the isolation of humanity at its seed core.  Placed itself in what most would deem an uninhabitable environment and grew and bloomed anyway.  THAT is the seed of determination!!  THAT is the energy of fulfillment where ever we find ourselves.  A flower, so beautiful and delicate, yet so hardy and strong willed.  That is why we have used flowers to represent Shambhala, Heaven on Earth.

My second lady on the field, the partner to my virgin solo man from Monday.  There is so much i want to share, but I am being asked to hold back… except this one part!!  OMG it was soooo weird.  She was walking so slowly, dressed in this pink/lavender garb, holding a baby swaddled in the same colored blankets.  Imagine both of our shocks when she got to the edge of the petal at the center, and the blanket now gone, this well fed, fat baby was now being dangled by one arm over the flower center.  What the freakin hell???  This baby looked like a real infant, and the next thing I know, she drops the damn baby into the flower center.  The sacrificial lamb.  I am stumbling trying to understand what the hell just happened.  My vague memory opened up to something in the bible about god asking some dude to sacrifice his son… well, we misspelled son in our inadequate interpretations.  We are, as creator gods/goddesses, constantly creating new life, our life.  In order for us to have more, we must return to Source that which we birthed.  So this baby represents all that got her to here, in body, in mind, in heart.  And is being ReSourced.  Made anew. We are ALL being asked to give back our Sun, so we can be ReSourced with even more powerful sun energy and Life.  To be the Sun in body and no longer external.  So that bible thing, it was never ever asking for him to sacrifice a human… we are so silly!!  And she was ReSourced immediately.  The details of which, I am being asked to hold back…for now.

My last two ladies were similar, sort of.  My third lady was sitting on the edge of the flower petal, towards the outer part, swinging her legs and staring outwards into the abyss. She had this peacoat looking thing on, colored the same as the flower petal, only deeper in hue.  A hat reminiscent of the roaring 20’s and all I could feel from her was deep compilation.  I did understand that her “dress” was representing all that got her to here, her old clothes if you will.  She just closed the door on her past and now sits in what we would consider a pregnant pause, a vital part of our process.  Nothing more was shown so I just rescheduled her.

So when my 4th lady showed up, similarly dressed, I really thought I was over lapping the readings unintentionally.  The difference being, my 4th lady was dancing a jig as she moved toward center.  She had something in her right hand that looked like a cane on moment then a closed umbrella the next and she used it as a lively dance partner.

The moment her dance brought her to the edge of the petal, wham… off went her clothes.  Nekked as a jaybird  she was.  Then she tossed her cane/umbrella way up in the air and it landed straight into the middle of the pollen head of Source and he consumed it.  What the hell????

All the tools and magic that got her to here are being transformed (and that is the closest word we possess to make this sentence true.)  And just like my lady throwing a baby into the Source of Life, she was made anew.  New antennas emerging from each hip, with purpose of course.  Similar to the one lady I seen with the celestial tail.  She too will be a fore-warner of earth movements, mans movements and stuff.

I have got to giggle, in one of the readings and god was saying, we have not even come close to discovering the tip of the iceberg, all this information and homework is simply building a new iceberg so we can rediscover ourselves if we allow the All of us to be ReSourced!!  And if not, that’s ok too… there are other planets that will host your evolution.

With the completion of that sentence, I hear a clip from Stix… the jig is up, the news is out, they finally found me!  So let me leave you with this song, Mama is earth, the lawman is ego and WE are the renegades! People will want to change you, convince you, you are wrong and they are correct.  Don’t let anyone hang you with their words and beliefs.  Mama got us and we got her!!  Renegades together…anew… ReSourceFull!!!

Have a love drenched day my beautiful C0-Renegades!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of fertile seeds from the Heart of Creation Thru the Field of ALL Creation!!!

Ohhhh and speaking of creation… my home equity loan was approved yesterday!!  They are sending an appraiser to do a drive by and I should be getting the final payout… which they feel should be near $7-8000.  My new implanted teeth is shining teeth is shining thru Because of YOU and Me and the WE-ness that make life happen!!  As soon as I have a final figure on what they will release to me, I will update the go fund me.  And again, thank you for partnering with my mouth for this gift!!  I love you All so much!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.S.  The Kitchen Sink Special click here.  (Consists of the two books I have written and many workshops, including “Learn to Meditate”, “Learn to Read,” “The Super Powers Course” and more. All geared to help us all grow, connect and expand.  Full details on my website.)

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Seeds of New Light, Christ, the Anti Christ, Oh My!!


It is amazing how unconsciously (speaking directly of myself here) we can humanize God, Source, Creator… or as he said to call him “That.”  What was strange, is calling God “That” and referring to him as That, felt like an object and uncomfortable on my tongue.  And yet, having my solo guy on the field yesterday, I truly expected God to show up as a feminine energy.  My jaw dropped to the ground when that didn’t happen!!  I think my expectation was so high, which I usually check at the door and don’t bring to the field, that even the opening of my mans reading was nothing like I was anticipating, given the wild ride of the day prior.

Instead, my man showed up on one of the petals, raised up about 6 feet in the air connected at his lumbar spine to a thin silver pole.  His body was parallel to the field and spinning clockwise like crazy.  Fast.  I had to ask for his body to stop spinning so I can see the details, which is how I realized the pole thing was part of his lumbar spine.  I also noticed that from head to toe, he had these pollinator thingies in place of body hair, sticking out of his skin and clothes.  Then he went back to spinning, and then I realized so more was happening.  There was a double wind stream taking place thru his spin.  He was releasing these light seeds to the earth and as the same time, drawing in more of these light seeds from Source to stay constantly replenished.

It shown that he is releasing pure Source Light thru his body, but not always in the same way.  The main way, what he is doing right now, 24/7 was setting his soul and cellular bodies up all over the world at the main political offices to shed Light Seeds.  I had to laugh when the first place they showed up was atop of the White House and there must have been a fan set up inside to make sure that most of these Light Seeds are blown away.  Very few were absorbed and utilized.  To contrast this, I seen what I guess would be Switzerland’s equivalent and they had people set up to draw in these seeds and use them to enhance their selves as a governing body that will eventually flow out to the people.

It was also explained, he is in most countries doing this.  Talk about being multidimensional and mulitlocational!!! But also, talk about being exhausted day in and day out.

When we got enough information about his position and I truly feel, to completely kick my expectations to the curb… It was as if his form melted (I would say from exhaustion lol) onto the petal, feet towards the center.  And then it happened… and I think I lost it more than even yesterday.  This is a brand new man I never read for and now I have got to tell him the Source of All Life just ejaculated all over him.  And yes, the word and expression “ejaculation” is God’s purposeful word.  And even now I hear: “I Am an equal opportunity ejaculator!!”

However, contrasting the day before and all the women, this seed filled ejaculate had a different reaction on his body.  What we would consider the clear fluid became like a crust covering his skin, the seeds, the long stemmy seeds (like I showed in yesterday’s blog) was everywhere his body hair was, or should be.  However that works out!!

His job, his homework it to start becoming consciously aware, a conscious participator with his Source energy Light Seeds of release.  The more he consciously participates, the more concentrated the energy becomes, the less exhausting all of this becomes.  And this applies to everyone.

Our goal over these next few years is to become conscious co-creators, much more than we are now.  As we are now, we are semi-conscious, those using other people’s ways and abilities, well change that into partially conscious.  As the world stands right now, on purpose, there is not one fully conscious human on the planet.  The body is still very much upgrading itself to hold that kind of Light, that kind of Pure Energy.  That said, all of earth his a massive pivotal point as we closed out 2016.  Now, everything quickens, if we allow for it in our personal bodies and spaces.

There are some things we must leave at the curb ourselves, personally and collectively.  Getting out of gender roles, stereotypes and our single view of what we are capable of doing.

Right now, the whole earth is being Seeded in ways it never has before.  We are changing as a species faster than we ever have before.  Those that refuse to germinate the seeds of Light coming in, will simply leave this planet for another to finish their lessons.  Duality has started its death throes.

There is a visual we want to share, to help with understanding and partnership.  Lets use the example of a woman with a fetus in the womb at about 8 months into gestation.  That is about where we are, those living within the constructs of the emerald city.

In the past, the way communication happened in this sacred place (the womb) was the baby would relay its needs thru the amniotic fluid, the sound amplifier between mother and child, this was the same way we connected to God, Source… only our amniotic fluid was with our guides, our teachers, memories thru the belt line of time.  Integrating, growing, becoming…

Now, the communication changed.  Instead, the umbilical cord that has always served as a direct food source, is now equally the direct communication with the mother, with God, Creator, whatever.

One can argue… but I have had my conversations with god for most of my life.. and we have, thru much needed filters.  Thru the amniotic fluids to absorb that pure energy.

This is where most of humanity, over eons and eons of time, get stuck.  They do not allow the relationship to change, to become sooo much more.  If a community does, like the Essene community, history focuses on just one… like Jesus.  Then we pervert particle sentences… “I of my own self, can do nothing.”  If they would have finished the quote in its entirety, it would be understood that to do all he was remembered for doing, he had to pull from the entire flower, from the entire community and at the same time, be so tapped into the source of all of life to know instantaneously, what to do with all that harnessed power.  Not to mention, in full relationship with the earth energy too.

The Father and the Mother come thru the sun!!  Each one of us, has the opportunity to Be the Sun on earth, as a living expression, in thought, deed and body of God and Gaia.

We also caution you who run back to the history books, both within the memory of your akash as well as on the earth.  There are many many planes of earth experiences.  What you call parallel lives.  Every major choice point created a new plane of experience.  So what happened in one plane, may not have happened in another, or another, or another.

We have all come to this moment, with fragments. On purpose.  And now, for those who allow, these other planes of what we consider history (which is truly being played out right Now) is condensing, blending together to reveal a much larger whole.  To allow embodiment of all the masterful choice points into what we would consider, singularity.  Our emerald city lives.

We must also remain aware, that just like the baby in the womb, it/we will have particular attributes of the mother and the father.  But the mother and father do not cease to exist because you were born, not at All.  And not one person will be able to do it all, each can do a whole lot, but, we need the family to pull from and not be separated from each other.  That too, is on purpose.  (Haha… “That” was placed on purpose too!!)

(I cannot believe we are going to go here… but… here we goooooo….)

Christ vs the anti Christ.  Christ is simply a title of enlightenment.  Full enlightenment. The community known as the Essene community was a Christed, fully Christed community.  Because that which we know as Jesus was a spokesperson for this community, we think he is the only one who was enlightened, enabled to perform “miracles.”  History, both from the spiritual realm as well as the ongoing human realm, had to twist the truth, hide bits and peaces (again, spelled that way on purpose.)

If we can temper the phrase anti christ as someone who lives solely from the ego, who pulled the shades down on any sort of Light of the All, there are many walking around, sitting in churches and synagogues that can truly be called, the anti christ.  All needed, loved and part of this amazing game.  The United States has just put in power, the greatest one of All.  Timely and perfect he is!!

For those who gather in the Light, use your vision, your ability to see upcoming choice points of the collectives soon to fall away… this will take you to the Gathering!!

With all that said, I am given a view of I don’t know, i guess what we call the ongoing Now moment, its framed like an elliptical shape, stretched out only to the future, the past non-existent, save yesterday.

Phew baby, We are closing on that note!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) of Light Seeds penetrating where no light has dared to go before!! lol

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.S.  The Kitchen Sink Special click here.  (Consists of the two books I have written and many workshops, including “Learn to Meditate”, “Learn to Read,” “The Super Powers Course” and more. All geared to help us all grow, connect and expand.  Full details on my website.)

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Ejaculation, Penetration, Holy Heavens God is in “Season!!!!”


Mercy, mercy, mercy!! When things change, holy heaven, they change!!  I think I will ease myself into today’s wild wonder.  Phew baby!!

The field, the reading platform changed.  It is now a beautiful open flower with 12 petals in the hue of a pink/violet.  The center of these petals, a green puff-ball that sort of looks like this:


Only there was no open space, all those little green thingies were tight together and so full.

I actually started seeing the field long before my first client showed up for her reading.  This alone was different, I almost always only see the field, especially when it changed so dramatically, when we are connected.  Not yesterday.

I also understood that each petal I was seeing represented the 12 tribes.  On each petal would be 12 people who made up the energy of the expression of the petal.

The center peace (yes, spelled that way on purpose) is God himself!!  And let me tell ya, yesterday, he was all male!!  Even tho we all know he has no gender, or better stated, is All genders (is there more than 2??  “All” seems a bit too much to use, but hay… ahhhh “All” the humor!!)

I was chomping at the bit to get this day started and start to see the rest of the story.  My day stated unusually late, 10:30am , on purpose, it also ran unusually late too.

Finally, it was time, I couldn’t crank my antennas out fast enough!!  Let me tell ya, we got so much more than we bargained for.

My lady showed up in her biological form on one of the petals facing towards center. In my wildest imagination, I could have never foreseen what happened next!! This puff ball of center peace opened up just slightly and with something akin to a gust of wind came from the center and spread, head to toe all over my lady.  These tiny little green things flowing towards her in this stream, only once they left the center, they actually turned white.  When this gust engulfed her body, I used the phrase “its the breath of God” and instantly I heard God, using a male voice saying ohhh no, that was not breath, that was ejaculation!  WHAT????  Hey!!  You can’t talk like that, hell you cannot ask me to repeat that!!  And yet, to be accurate, I had to.  I lost it, completely.  When I get extremely nervous, I laugh, I had since childhood (to really bitter adults,) and I was in hysterics and blushing like there was no tomorrow.  And I hear, “who do you think invented ejaculation?”  Stop it!!  The first time God shows up as the center peace of readings and we are dropping immediately into the Holy Gutter!!

He even stated that yes, he was using a masculine voice to relay this ummm energy and skills of Man.  Inside the ejaculate, were the seeds of him.  When I finally got some composure and could continue with the rest of the story…

I watched as all these tiny seeds melted onto my lady’s whole body and her body immediately started changing, become swirly patterns of colors. the front surface not solid any longer, yet the back side, kept its solid/human view.  My vision was brought to the tailbone of her spine and it started growing.  It grew down to the ground, over the ground about 2 feet and then curved upwards about 4 inches and finally stopped.

I had seen something similar to this in an ET connection or several.  So I had an idea of what was happening, but god made sure I was sure.  He ignited her celestial DNA and the first thing to come out of this is her full tailbone, an antenna like appendage that connects directly to Gaia and the lowest frequencies just above the earth.  With this, she will always be in direct contact with Gaia, and be aware of extremes that may be happening within her.  Her responsibility is to tell others about what she is picking up.

The little part that curved up, served a similar agenda.  There is a lot about to happen on the top of the earth, and she will be able to pick up the warning signals and her responsibility is to let people know, so they can find safe refuge, and she will even know where that is.

I think my first lady was there to break the ice, because my second lady took me way over the top!!  She was sitting at the inner most area of the petal, where it blends into the center peace, swinging her legs from the knees down, back and forth, quite rhythmically.  I do want to state this is the very same lady that was holding the bouquet the day everyone emerged like a living petal.

And then it happened, again.  This seedy center peace, which is God and not just the energy of god (he kept correcting me all day long using that term) but the fullness of himself made manifest as this pollinating machine! lol  The next thing I know, a gust comes out of these pollen heads and moves between my lady’s legs, which were close together, and as this “ejaculate” moved up towards mid-thigh, it went from clearish to a golden color streaming into her vagina, into her cervix and moved up the entire length of her spine.  Once it reached the top of the cervical spine, it started this slow rotation and in various areas, not defined yet (as he kept saying, on purpose… ) sprouted this little green things, one at a time, one place at a time, that looked exactly like the cluster that represents God.

Keeping in mind, it probably took me 10 minutes to even tell her that.  I lost it as soon as I seen the stream move between her legs.

Let me tell you, the humor and the pure joy the Source of All Life was having yesterday with us, was felt so deeply in my core.  He even made wise cracks, filled with truth tho, “you just got a blow job from God.”  As he formed lips in the cluster of his center peace-ness, I lost it even more!!  OMG!!!  How do I keep my reverence for the speaker, for God and crack jokes and talk about sex at the same time!

I really thought I lost most of my embarrassment about sex long ago.  Having done in person group workshops geared around the lighting and movement of Kundalini thru masturbation… this took it all to a whole other level.

My third lady showed up… Jesus I cannot take this!!  There she is, standing on a petal with this odd looking knit hat on.  At first it reminded me of a knitted fedora hat without the rim, and my vision was pulled up closer… OMG its a freakin vagina!!  Stop it, just stop it!!  My lady cracked up and said she had a friend who actually made her a hat that was a vigina!!  Well she obviously seen what your head really looks like!! lol

At least with her, god wasn’t ejaculating on her or giving her blow jobs, no… instead there he is formed like a beautiful light pole and slid his pole of light down into the vagina on her head, down thru her spine and out the bottom of her biological vagina, came well, light seeds of the Creator!!  She took the phrase an innie and outie to a very real level.

There was information about what was happening and how to become more consciously aware of the experience for each person.  I can barely remember the details, so I am giving you what I do remember clearly, the freakin visuals!!  Mercy!!!

My 4th lady was different.  Instead of being on a petal, she was hanging on to the outside of the petal with her hands.  It was explained that she just arrived where she needed to be, (in her life, she literally just moved) and it will take a bit of “settling in” before we can see her relationship on the petal, within the tribe.  So we focused on her more personal, immediate, life stuff and let me tell you, I was grateful to get a break from all this sexual activity thru God!!

I am going to repeat to everyone what as repeated to her over and over again.  “Hold your ground” and something on the order of “demand what you expect.”  We have a tendency to let go of ourselves to conform to another’s desires, expectations and even, manipulation of truth.  Do not ever bend to conform.  Change will never happen that way.

And my grand finale, phew baby!!  My lady was standing on the petal pregnant, or at least, she looked pregnant.  However, when I moved my vision into her belly, it was not a baby at all.  It was a mish mash of… I don’t know.  What looked like plant material, some little feet with shoes on, it was just… bizarre looking.  Next thing I know, there is god and his non form head looking like a large vacuum hose sucking the contents of her belly, out!!  What the hell?  Then, if that wasn’t odd enough, from his suction energy form stemmed an arm, a finger I have no idea, and up her vagina it went.  And then another extremity appeared and went upwards and into her head at the crown.  So my lady has a three-pronged creator doing really weird things to her!!  Sucking and inserting simultaneously!!

It was explained that all of life is changing biologically.  Our plants, our animals, ourselves.  As all DNA goes thru change, the physical body is doing all it can to recognize the new energy and process it and it needs a little help to remove what it will no longer process, hence his vacuumness.  He knows what needs to be removed and we must trust and allow the process without fear interference.  When we do not honor the bodies promptings, we are not honoring our own changes.  So with this, we say… do not bend to another’s perceptions of what is.  Most look outwards in the dark and not inwards in their own light.

The part of him that moved into her vagina, OMG it was crazy, there he was with a little dust rag, cleaning out her uterus.  What the freak!!  And hell yes, I cussed my socks off and the source of all life laughed with us, thru it all.

So with her, there is a lot of dusting and cleaning happening right now, to ready her biology for the next phase after the eclipse.  Thank god (simile, wink) we didn’t have to wait til then to see… He reached thru into the “9th plane of existence” (his words, hence the quotes) to retrieve something that looked like a cross between clear quartz, amethyst and celestite all together as one large (easy 4 inches wide and tall) geometric shaped thing.  He inserted it into her uterus.  It was also explained that matter in the 9th plane of existence does not work the same as matter here in the 3D realm, it is alive, very conscious and hmmmm… I am not sure what the word would be, but once it is implanted, grows into the uterus and becomes one with it.

The part of Him going into her head, he explained there is no cleaning needed there, but it will go live after the eclipse.  It was as if his finger merged into her pineal gland and suddenly these sound waves started moving outwards like a pebble thrown into a pond moves the water.  It was explained that the pineal and her uterus will work in harmony, one sending out light waves and streams, the other, sound waves.

And this… straight from the Source… “Do not think any of this has been done before.  If you say this already happened, clear your ego.  You will miss the divinity of life expressing thru you in fullness.”

Interesting, with that statement, it is equally understood that the ego is the one place that is completely up to each person to clear and partner.  God, thru the rite of free will, cannot and Will not.

So, in between all my melt downs and smoking cigarettes like crazy, I was reminded about my own journey.  I was barely 4 months old, still in the petri dish called my bathtub when my kundalini was ignited… over and over and over for I swear, months.  I could not put a toe into my bath water without the surge of sexual energy firing my grid.

Then, thru my beloved teacher Sananda, when the tabby, trigonic filled smokey quartz took me to the Qumran cave number 4 to read directly from the scroll, hidden safely by Jesus himself… Sex again eventually became a focus point.  Not any particular positions, but the combined rhythmical, purposeful movement of two bodies (I had enough understanding of my own body a year prior lol.)  And then again, in 2010, as the half written book “The Lost Codes of Shambhala” spilled out of me in two 12 hour days and then stopped… waiting….

I kept close to my reach, a conversation I had in my infancy online on that precious spiritual forum I grew up within for the first 2 years of my new life.  It was a conversation about love and sex and this sprung from my fingertips in reply… and I am going to give you that part here, a link to the whole page about sex here.

What if… there was something already inside of us that could heal depression, physical
               illness, the world around us, would you be willing to look there?  Our medical or
               mental profession do not address this aspect of us—THE SOUL AGENDA and
               what it is trying to bring to your attention and awareness.  

There is power in our sexual energy that most people take for granted because they do not 
understand the “whole” of it all.  The manifestation energy of the orgasm is intense and powerful!

What if... Our sexual energy was our closest connection to our Creator—THE very connection of creation?
What if… The energetic exchange merged three energies as one (physical you, spiritual you, & Creator)?
What if… The creation of the soul was done through the orgasmic flow of our Creator, in a pure and loving state so that when we shared ourselves in this manner, in the physical world of Being, could we not touch and feel the heart of God within the exchange?

This is why, God is kicking off his Presence, his Fullness in our connections from here on out, with the amazing expression of what we call sex.  Life producing Life.  But not in any way we understand it… yet.  Not in our tantra books, not even in our truest of collective memories that has been allowed in this realm of creation to date.

But the truth is coming (and yes, pun very much intended.)

On that note, I have one reading today.  A man!!!  I am so freakin excited to see what happens today with a man on the field.  God bless him, a virgin upon my field no less.

I love you all soul freakin much.  Thank you for allowing me my humanness as we move thru these unexpected, heavenly releases of wild wonderful Source full energies and understandings!!!

As I found the main art for todays sharing, I fully realized that WE, our physical bodies are the very heaven we have sought!!  We are the heavenly body!!  I think I knew that, but not in this way!!  lol  BTW, I had no idea what to title todays sharing, so I asked God to pick a title.  He went for the shock value… just like yesterday thru my every moment!! lol

(((((HUGZ))))) filled with explosive, expansive orgams to and thru ALL!!! 😉

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.S.  The Kitchen Sink Special click here.  (Consists of the two books I have written and many workshops, including “Learn to Meditate”, “Learn to Read,” “The Super Powers Course” and more. All geared to help us all grow, connect and expand.  Full details on my website.)

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The Essene Community and The Emerald City!!


I should have realized this time period we are in, the creamy middle of the two lunar eclipses, was going to be a pivotal point in our energies fields.  But I didn’t even think of it.  Hell I am hanging on for dear life watching this most amazing real-time show called… us in evolution!!!

I should have also realized, that with the massive spin taking place in the field, in the emerald city, in us on the 17th… that meant something bigger than even I could possible understand or foresee.  I went into the office yesterday, perky, normal (well, as normal as I get lol) and excited… moments after entering this sacred space of ours, my body temperature started dropping.  I started freezing.  Thank god I had two jackets with me, I put them both on and I was still freezing.  I was truly waiting to see frost form on my skin, I was that cold, even sitting outside where the weather was supposed to be 70 degrees. I wasn’t feeling anything except popsicles!!  I think even all my antennas froze and snapped off.  I wasn’t seeing a thing, my head was getting foggy, I just wanted to crawl into a warm bed.

When I finally got home, the opposite started happening.  It was only 68 degrees in my house and I had to shed my jackets, I started sweating.  What the hell??  it was great to warm up again, but this is overkill!!

I wasn’t even going to write a blog today, until I looked at spaceweather and then suddenly, I have insight to share.

A GASH IN THE SUN’S ATMOSPHERE: An unusually wide and sinuous hole has opened in the sun’s atmosphere, and it is stretching like a gash across the sun’s entire southern hemisphere.


This is a “coronal hole” (CH)–a region where magnetic fields open up and allow solar wind to escape. Solar wind flowing from this coronal hole could buffet Earth’s magnetic field, off and on, for the next two weeks. Much of the material will pass to the south of Earth, mitigating its impact.

I highlighted the one sentence that spaceweather is discounting as important to us.  The emerald city, aligned as the sun the southern part of the sun’s energy is always aligned with the northern pole of the earth, sharing the energy to and fro.  So this gash… which fully resembles the field on the 17th, will continue to release energy into us.  We have been wiped clean for this event (hence my freezing solid yesterday lol.)

However, there are two areas in which we inhabit.  The earth with our bodies, the rest of us (our fields) in the emerald city, so we will get a double whammy (so to speak) with this ongoing energy.  Raising the cellular structures (heat up everyone) and removing old concepts, ideas and stuff within the rest of the body as the fullness of God moves in.

Let’s be very very clear on what this even means… so no one is saying hey, we are all source energy.  Of course we are.  Everything is or nothing would Be.  I am going to grab an line from yesterdays quoted sharing “According to this verse, Jesus Christ is God Incarnate. He embodies all (“the fulness”) of God…”

When we think we know something, when we embody fear or the side effects of fear, we keep the fullness of god out of our container, our field of life.  When we look at something and it hurts us in a personal way… there is something deep within that needs clearing.  For example, the cruelty of animals is a big thing.  I personally won’t look at any Peta videos because it is awful, meant purposely to trigger anger and put one into defensive mode in the energy field.  But do we realize that all the animals are god incarnate too.  Filled with love and purpose in what they are choosing to do or have done in their incarnation.

The more we rise to the level of love, the fuller god can move into our container, our field of life.  For so many years we have said, god is love and only love.  No judgement, no condemnation, full allowance of our personal choices, full understanding of why we would choose something not life enhancing and move in to love us more deeply.

In this way, we should always remain Pro-active and not De-fensive.  Knowing the difference is key.

What we also must fully realize too, God/Source/Creator is not a solo gig.  Like the petals of a flower he lives, shines, emanates thru you, thru us.  Pluck one petal off a healthy flower, the whole system knows what happens and becomes weakened and is no longer what it was designed to be.

Over the top of that analogy I am also seeing the twelves tribes of the emerald city.  Twelve different flowers that make up the bouquet.  Each tribal flower having 12 petals and a center.

Which really means, for the emerald city to be fully active and functional on earth, 144 of us must place every ounce of our life focus into whatever this means, together.  As we get closer to this unified energy field, my beloved Architects community will start to become realized at the full on ground level, for we… the inhabitants.

Back in our closest memories, the Essenes lived very interesting lives.  A closed community if you will, empowered and unaffected by the outside world of duality.  It was a fully Christed community.

As we grow, together, we will pick up where that community, purposely, left off.  Only this time around, it is duality that will disband, not an enriched People and Community.

Again we ask, what are you willing to give up so you can In-body THE All????

How on earth do I transition from a partnered channel with god himself to just little ole me.  Jeez.  I’ll just do what I did yesterday… tiptoe away… I will add in here, there is no ONE… it is The ALL.   History perverted what was.

((((HUGZ))))) filled with the unified flowers (us) of Shambhala…growing!!

Lisa Gawlas (and you know who lol)

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The God Head and The Petals of Life!


The closest image I have seen of our new bodies on the right of this picture.  The left reminds me of yesterdays progression in the field,  sort of.  Taken from:

I really do not know how to begin today.  In my “processing” yesterday, one phrase was repeated over and over “digestible bites.”  These “digestible bites” is how the information, the restriction (for lack of a better word) of the readings and field is unfolding, day by day, for now.

My first lady yesterday… It was (visually) almost like her feet were stuck beneath the sphere of the emerald city and my outside deck it appears on.  As I watched her stretch herself from beneath this sphere and move outwards just outside the sphere, she kept a curve of her body (aligning just outside the sphere) as she filled out the more she curved upwards.  So the lower portion of her legs, were not separate, but blended together as one biological visual, then she became more, human looking, looking exactly like her beautiful self.  As her torso and head filled out and became incredibly visual in my field and now about 5 feet long, again, with staying with the gentle curve of the sphere, the higher she went upwards, the more intense the light field was around her.

She appeared with a bouquet of flowers in her hands, held at her chest, at her heart.  I did not get one snippet of audio, nothing to help us understand what the hell are we seeing.  What does this mean??  Why are your feet under the sphere???  I realized not only is my hearing in the garage, so is my feeling communication.  Both essential to understand what I am seeing vividly.

I figured I would hone in on something familiar, maybe that will break me open.  The flowers she was holding.  For the past 2 years, flowers in a reading always represented, in some way, the energy of Shambhala.  What I did find interesting was the flowers that shew as holding as a bouquet did not have the clustered petal flowers in it, like a rose.  Instead they were all single layer flowers, like daisies… all different, none recognizable to me.  So I went on to try to understand that… nope.

So I did what I normally do when I try to understand things from my head, I asked her to ask me a question, get me out of my head and let the rest of my antennas come on thru my heart.  She told me about a series of dreams she has had recently, all prior boyfriends, and the choices she made, even with a guide showing up to explain the choices.

I learned dream interpretation long before I learned even how to understand a meditation or reading.  Silence from within me.  I had no idea.  Well, that is not a true statement, I thought i knew, based on how I would have normally interpreted this prior to this moment.  I was shut down, with love of course.

When we retracted from trying to understand her presence in the field, and she asked about a DNA test she had done from a hair follicle to see why she is feeling constantly run down and her sinuses or asthma like symptoms never seem to clear up… that which communicates thru me, was on a roll!!  Our DNA is changing, old labs that once showed perfect levels of any given part of us, some will be up, some will be down and what our science cannot look for yet, is what would be shown if they knew to look for it, but they don’t so they cannot see that.  They only look for the familiar.

So it looks like her whole system is out of whack, and it is, but not in a bad way, in a biologically changing way.  It was stated to trust her body, it knows exactly what it needs to ingest to go thru these biological changes with ease and grace, well as much ease and grace as it is capable of while changing.  Our ongoing jobs is not to stop the changes, but partner fully with them and allow for the occasional (or constant) uncomfortableness.

With all this information flowing freely, I started my bitchfest (with love of course.)  Why can I hear all this and not a darn thing from the field.  Instantly and about a foot directly above my crown I heard “you cannot understand it yet.”  Well then, why the hell show us??  Tease!!!!! lol

My second lady unfolded in the same exact way, but in a placement a foot to the right of her.  My first lady was still there, my second lady now in place.  No hearing or seeing.  Until we were looking at each other on skype and she was asking something about her present experiences, wham… back to me.  Now this is just freakin weird.

Thank god my 3rd lady was an ET connection.  This will be the determination for myself… is it me, is it the field, is something beyond bizarre happening.  Well lean in to all three.  Her ET connection went off without a hitch.  All my antennas were working just fine.  Freakin weird!!

My next connection to the field showed up… same as my first two, jogged over to the right by about a foot (using my scale of vision) and my other two ladies still in view and their placements.

However, with each new person, I am realizing more details.  The emerald city sphere thing, only at the bottom 3-4 feet does it appear solid and even, bronzy gold now with all these intricate patterns on the surface.  Above that is pure light, first its more like a night-light, then increases in brilliance to flood all my ladies curving upwards in their position.

Also, everyone was slowly growing taller and wider.  As they became wider, the foot of space remained equal too.  OK so there is an enlargement (hear, enlarge my territory) and an expansion that is taking place at this moment.

The Light that is illuminating is pure Source.  God.  Creator.  Pick a name.  This is very much starting to look like a flower, each human the petals of a flower, the center, the light of the emerald city, the pollination of Source.

I found a very simple way of giving everyone a visual, keeping in mind, the light was pure white not blue, but I liked the blue for this art:


Also, the petals in this flower turn down, where everyone on the field yesterday, curved upwards.

My last appointment just confused me.  It was a man, a virgin no less (smile) and I already had to reschedule an appoint with his wife on Wednesday, so when he turned into a living flower petal, his wife emerged with him, closer to his body than the rest, but still some space between them.

The very moment I explained what I did (barely understand) and that his wife was there too, wham…. the entire thing started spinning sooooo damn fast I couldn’t see the individuals any longer, except, none were curved upwards any longer, but parallel to my deck or the ground and blending as one whole system.  It all reminded me of helicopter blades in rotation.

What the freak was that????  I had no idea, except that he was the only man on my dance card and everything went wild with his presence.  Hmmmmmmm…….. Or maybe, the better word would be, activated.

If weird didn’t get weirder… when i was explaining to him that it must be because of his divine masculine presence, that that difference is what created the spin.  Instead of hearing like I usually do, I swear I head a head in my gut that was nodding yes.  What the hell is that??  There is head in my freakin belly and its nodding yes.  That felt, Freakin weird.  Talk about our gut feelings become real!!! lol

Keeping in mind too, that thru out the day, as I am driving my own self crazy to understand… I kept remembering the use of the word “the godhead” in several readings past.  The emerald city is the living god head.  Well, god’s head jumped into my gut!!!

Needless to say, everyone except ET lady got reschedule.  I came home and just plopped on my couch and pondered… hard!!!  And the understanding unfolding… I will keep this in a coherent, linear story form.

The very first time I heard the voice of god was in 2004.  He was not in my bath, but out in the living room in front of my computer.  His voice was a deep raspy masculine voice that decided to answer a question I had long ago forgot about and no longer cared about.

After the blessed mother gutted me of every belief I had, I felt more lost than anything.  I no longer held the identity of mother, single mother, catholic, anything really.  The good, the bad, the ugly all flowed out of me that weird day in 2001.  I would go into meditation time and time again, looking, desperately looking for orientation to my life, to life itself.  I would repeatedly ask “who am I?”  Not looking for the profound, just orientation to my self and life and stuff.  It was always repeated back to me by my team “when the time is right, you’ll.”  What the hell, I need to navigate my life now… can we hurry a bit!! lol

2004, it was answered.  I didn’t like the answer at all.  Hell, I didn’t care about the question any longer, I filled myself out, had orientation to the life field, my life field.  Then here is god showing up melting down my wires.  I put him in time out for a long long time.  Free will can be pesky!!  lol And honored.

  I eventually realized I would one day emerge as a teacher via the internet, hence his placement.

When I moved to the Jemez in New Mexico and started doing these types of readings, his voice changed.  Or maybe, better stated, I changed.  I was no longer in deep relationship with the society views of life, and the raspiness that he once presented, was gone.  Even the deep masculine tone, now talking in higher frequencies, blending with I suppose what we would call, the feminine voice.

The voice that talk to my lady the other day, was not a voice at all, even tho, I could hear words, but there was no real voice.  I don’t know how to explain it.

Yesterday, he explained, the clearer we are in mind and heart, the closer we get to his, I don’t know, true presence, fullness.  That is such an inadequate way of saying it… I hope you know what I mean.

So, going into digestible bites of understanding and connection, on Wednesday, it was a stream of audible energy, broken up in tons of particles (that star-dust stuff forming a funnel to become audible, but without a true voice.)  Even when asking who is talking and his reply being “we all are” was purposely hmmmmm, fragmented as we all assimilate what is now happening.

He (and please know, the word He and God are my personal choices of label and I am keeping it like that, smile) explained that my feeling center yesterday had to be shut down so I did not get overloaded with the full presence of his expression yesterday.  Words themself can become too tainted and he knew, I would process myself into understanding.  Cuz I truly am a light-aholic and I don’t stop until the last drop is assimilated.

He used the flowers thru my first lady to represent the divine feminine and the ability to bring life into form.  My first lady humbles me to no end.  She is 40 and just gave birth to a 5th child (in their blended family) and there is yet one more out in her time tunnel.  The grace and love she exudes in being a mother (while also being employed) humbles me.  I don’t have that kind of patience.  But thru many of her readings, she is revered as the divine mother.  So it makes sense she would be first on this odd stage of a day.

My last session, a man, the energy that puts all of life into motion.  Had he not been on my dance card, I would be seeing flower petals but nothing spinning.

Even our feet are something to be revered.  Going into the image above of the flower petals all stemming from the center of the flower, from the Source of All life, this is huge and again, in this way, in the way I have yet to be able to explain in fullness what we got ourselves into next, has never, ever been done.  So please, do not be pulling anything out of our history books or even our personal history… let every day be new, clear, untainted by any version of the past or even projection of the future.

And I have to giggle as that freakin bizarre head in my gut nodding yes… his way of affirming the godhead!!  I love our creator, he is funny and freakin bizarre just like us… or are we just like him!

I did look to see what is defined as the godhead and found something wonderful to connect all this with take from here:

Colossians 2:9 is one of the clearest statements of the deity of Christ anywhere in the Bible: “In him [Christ] dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.” The word for “Godhead” here is theotés. According to this verse, Jesus Christ is God Incarnate. He embodies all (“the fulness”) of God (translated “the Deity” in the NIV). This truth aligns perfectly with Colossians 1:19, “God was pleased to have all his fullness dwell in him [Christ].”

To dwell in us, as us!!

I am going to tiptoe into my day on that note.

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))))) filled with the Glory of God thru You!!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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The New Power-full (Human) Points!!


I have realized that my mind has not caught itself up in the knowing of what we see you doing on the field in any given day, in the combination of readings each day, is happening in real-time.  There has always been such a tremendous lag between what we see on the field and the outcome on earth, that I have never realized anything to a particular day or series of events that were happening in the field.

Since we shifted into the emerald city in January, the readings always show what you are doing from the soul and cellular level, for the greater all.  Then we harness it down into how to use that amazing skill in your day-to-day life, with purpose.

Twice last week, after only taking in 3 readings, my antennas crashed, or as my team says, were turned to the off position so I did not take in any more radiation than my body could handle.

On Valentines day, we had 5 readings, five amazing experiences and understandings.  One of my ladies had these beautiful red hearts raining down and seeping into the upper part of the emerald city sphere.  As this pure love rained down and melded into the surface of the emerald city, the entire top started to vibrate, wiggle and turn into a clear jello like substance.  This morning I go to spaceweather to grab other information I see this:   On Feb. 13th, something amazing happened in the stratosphere over the Arctic Circle. Normally, the air 60,000+ feet above Earth’s surface is dry and utterly transparent.  On the eve of Valentine’s Day, however, the Arctic stratosphere filled with a gossamer haze of crystalline ice, and when sunlight hit the freezing crystals, the sky filled with clouds of intense iridescent color.

On the same day, two of the readings were working on creating a new atmosphere around the emerald city.  Their work was very different from each other, yet both were doing the same thing, pulling in new energies as a new higher magnetic frequency atmosphere was being brought in.  So imagine my surprise yesterday when I went to spaceweather (after my blog stopped short in its unfolding tracks lol) and seen this: “CO-ROTATING INTERACTION REGION: NOAA forecasters say there is a 45% chance of polar geomagnetic storms on Feb. 15th when a co-rotating interaction region (CIR) is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field. CIRs are transition zones between slow- and fast-moving solar wind streams. The often contain strong magnetic fields and density gradients…”

I have never doubt for a minute, that what I see you doing as a reading opens up, is real.  I know more clearly than I know the land around my home, how real what you are doing, is.  What I did not realize is the realtime it is now happening in.

What spaceweather is reflecting is the mundane outcome of your/our multidimensional works as it happens!!  Kinda mind-blowing for me, in the most exciting way!!

So yesterday, my first reading was an ET connection and I had no idea if I was going to be able to see or not see or what.  Not surprising, as I connected I received a familiar image in a new way.  Something that reminds me of the red and white bars at railroad crossings:


However, instead of these bars coming down parallel to the ground, they formed an X that moved scissor like.  I didn’t fully understand why that formation instead of the usual blocking formation until this morning.  It was truly reflecting the merger of the upper atmosphere energies.  However, this session was not a bust at all, quite the opposite really.  We didn’t get to have an ET connection, well, at least not in the way we are accustomed to (these are the times we are in now, aren’t they lol.)

Me and my beautiful lady simply started talking about what was happening in our atmosphere when suddenly, geez… like a collection of star-dust formed outside somewhere, and created a I don’t know, funnel like formation thru my front door and start to release conversation to us.

It was explained that there is a massive energy system in earths lower atmosphere, as well as a “ticking time bomb in the belly of earth.”  WHAT???  I didn’t even have to get the words out of my mouth when it was assured, no fear.  They formed a visual for me that showed the large center of earths core, in a molten state, hyperventilating.  The expansion and contraction were so fast, and it was explained this energy will be released thru earth, in harmony with the new energies in the lower earths atmosphere.  I did everything I knew how to do to find out how… the sound of silence.  This could be a major earthquake, volcano, massive storms, all three…  the only thing I was sure of, it was not that far off in outcome.

I was also shown the interference pattern between the earth surface as well as the lower atmosphere.  A massive exchange and integration of energies in what we call, the air.  It was also explained this is why the ET connection could not take place, but they also helped me understand something even more exciting, at least in that moment, they did top it minutes later.

I often say,  I can literally feel the ET’s going thru the rolodex in my head.  It is always in the same quadrant of my brain, center to back left side.  Almost a long box like section.  What they do, is pull from my words, sentences, experiences and then pull a combination of that energy to create a hologram (the visuals I see) to communicate with me for the human they are linking up with.  This way, we all understand the reason and ongoing purpose of the needed connection.  Because of the volatile energies in earth’s atmosphere, this could not happen in its usual way.

In this same area in my brain is where what I lovingly call the word nazis (pulled from Seinfeld’s episode “the soup nazi” lol,) are.  Unlike the ET’s tho, in our readings spirit is purposely letting me use my own words, stopping me in my tracks to find new words for the new energies.  This is my learning.  Instead of having it done for me, which does not take hold, I am stopped and rerouted when I use inaccurate words (all the freakin time lol, old habits… ya know!!)

I did start asking… who the hell is talking??  It was so unfamiliar to me, not an ET, not the traditional spirit/souls like in a reading… something… very different, very precise and clear in its communication as well.  I liked it alot, in both expression and feeling, but who is this… the reply “it’s all of us.”  What??  Who is all of us… only to be repeated again, it’s only this morning do I realize (ego not trying to catch up like in the moment yesterday) THE ALL.  OMG Source himself/herself was communicating directly to us.  Whhheeeeeee!!!

Then, I about pee’d my pants with excitement.  My lady was projected in front of me and I could see the power points on her arms and her face.  Nothing like I anticipated seeing!!  But let me give you some visuals!!!  Keeping in mind, all the power points were uniform in size and spacing, all solid in the same frequency of red, the red that reflected the new earth, now reflecting the new human too!!


When the upper quadrant of the face was shown, there was also a red connecting line to each dot.  So that entire area works as one unit with many different power points working together.

I only colored the nose area differently just to show the other section.  There were no lines connecting anything here.


I about pee’d my pants with excitement when the jaw was revealed.  The most exterior points are where the jaw bones meet.  There are four stretched across the upper and lower jaw.  Hey!!  My implants, but not as equal in spacing. lol

I have got to giggle and even take some of my own pressure off myself.  This is not only my own deep personal desire, but also, the universes too.  The enhancements will take what I am capable of doing now and bring it all to a whole other level.


What really surprised me more than anything was the double power points on the arm.  My “couple” had single power points on their legs and torso.  But even that was explained!!

Even tho my lady is married, her husband is not a vibrational match to work with.  So we are seeing what I lovingly call, the solo use of the power points.  There are two, taking in what we call the masculine and feminine energies, or even, the spiritual and physical planes of energies.  We must always, all-ways, work with the whole system and not just a part of it.

Couples still have the double points, however, when they are working together, those power points combined at the center (each move into the center and form a combined power point.)  This magnifies and intensifies the works.

And we wonder why joint pain is soooo prevalent lately for many of us!!   Power up!! lol

Coming back to the head, even tho it is in three sections (referred to as the trinity) it all works in unison with the whole head.  It was also explained kind of like a mother board on a computer.  Many different power points relaying information/energy thru the entire construct.  If one part is not in harmony with the other parts (think of our software programs) a glitch in the system is the result.  Don’t look at this as a bad thing, we learn perfection in the human body by trial and error, and it is time to use these points, individually as we get accustomed to the energy flow thru each section.  Then slowly shifting the energy from one point to the other and holding it.  Again, this is not a race, even the fullness of information is not given all at once, but in digestible bites.

We have a tendency to be so afraid of our new technology that is out.  Hip replacements, knee replacements, hell implanted dentures or teeth.  The collective memory stems from the fall of Atlantis, where technology became more important than the spirit.  So now, many discount the amazing enhancements available today and would rather live in pain than try something new.  For those without fear, they will see their power points of integrated technology go off the charts in that area.  On purpose!!  In Evolution of the whole species called, extraterrestrial humans!!

Is there someone out there who knows how to use photoshop or something similar to create a visual of the new body template?  We have got to stop looking and connecting with the old body system or we will forever be riding an old Model T car instead of the high powered lamborghini!!  Pop me an email if you want to create what I have been shown.  Please ( Thank you!!! 

The rest of yesterday, was a complete blank.  I could not see the field to save my life, but at least we knew why.

I love you ALL so so so so so much.  Thank you for… well… bringing it ALL to Life!!!

Ohhh and speaking of implants lol, I have applied to a company (that deals in high risk people like me…. self-employed, not the greatest fico score…) for a home equity loan.  I have been actually calling everyone and their brother to get this big chunk left funded thru my gifted house and I have had more doors lovingly closed in my face… altho I was hoping for a 24 hour yes or no, and we are on day three, the lady that has done all the paperwork assured me, this should go thru.  May today be the day I hear something positive.

OK I gotta share this funny, when she gave me the loan proposal, she did it as a 30 year loan (set up like a mortgage.)  I was sure she made an error in 360 months, put a zero where it didn’t  belong.  On an $8000 loan I would be paying back close to $70.000!!  Jezuz!!  She was not kidding.  I told her, I will be dead, reincarnated and come back owing you money!!  Not acceptable!!!  We trimmed it to 15 years… and I can pay it off early without penalty.  Crazy!!

Anywayz… have a massively power pointed day today and every day!!  I love you!!!

(((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))) of power and purpose to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.S.  The Kitchen Sink Special click here.  (Consists of the two books I have written and many workshops, including “Learn to Meditate”, “Learn to Read,” “The Super Powers Course” and more. All geared to help us all grow, connect and expand.  Full details on my website.)

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The New Energies of Multidimensional Choice Points!!!


One of the most common questions I am asked in a reading is “What am I supposed to be doing now,”  Usually followed by a statement of feeling in limbo or uninspired.  The reply is constant.  “What do you want to do?”

Part of our own deprogramming is moving out of our original life ways, including spiritual too.  When I first started doing readings back in March 2003, I could see easily 10 years into someone’s future, bring out very particular events that would play out, and others that had the possibility of playing out.  Even the things the people desired, has an easily understandable direction, almost always, deal with the dysfunctional emotions within, and what you desire can reveal itself into your experience.  I never realized just how easy readings were back then.

Now, you present like a squeaky clean glass.  There is nothing left to wash away, it’s just a matter of YOU deciding what you want to pour into it for your next flavor taste of life.  I would strongly advise, not to make the choice thru the mundane, but whatever you may be working on spiritually.  The most simple example I have to use from my own history is when I was in Vermont and moving off the mountainside where living life was free.  I needed a job and all i wanted was to keep expanding my ability to see and read for people.  I didn’t care what the job was for as long as I could continue focusing on that.  I immediately became aware of an assisted living home looking for a personal care assistant.  The Lisa in me really had no desire to do that… but that which speaks thru my mouth let out an excited YES when they asked if I wanted the job.  The 2 years I was employed there, my abilities went thru the roof in experience and understanding.

That said, if you don’t give instruction thru desire to your life field, guess what, you are both just staring lovingly at each other… waiting.  If life is your mirror of experience, then guess who has to do the decider, put the energy into motion.  YOU.  Then we can see the potentials in your field.  Or, even what needs refining for best outcome.

I truly thought I was not going to publish a blog today, because this is all that flowed thru me this morning.  And then I took the free time to listen to a Kryon link on my facebook.  OMG similar message!!  So I will leave the kink  here and wonder off until tomorrow!!

Since this is an MP3 audio from site, I don’t know how to embed the player so i will leave the link to this stunning audio that compliments and takes further my sharing today.  YAYAY for Kryon and US!!

Short but sweet today!!  Love you all soul dern much!!!

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and movement to and thru All!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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