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Hang On!! The Ride is Just Beginning!!

wild energies

That solar eclipse yesterday came with super juice!!  Of course, I remained without any sort of voice for the majority of the day, but I was really hoping to have that sudden breakthru that happens occasionally when I actually try and use my voice.  Nope such luck, I barely said hi and bye to my first appointment when suddenly became overwhelmed with dizzy, for close to an hour.  I mean dizzy like I have not experienced before.  I move my head just slightly, and I became disoriented in my sitting space and nauseous.  I could barely stay balanced on my legs when I tried to walk.  With my inner vision I could see strands of white like that looked like they became disrupted by the movement.  Once all that subsided, jezuz… in came heart burn, which lasted, off and on, most of the day, at least, until some of my voice started to return.

At 8 am, my daughter had my grandson to the doctors, he had been running a 103 fever on and off for 24 hours.  He was diagnosed with croup.  I went and picked up the prescription when it was ready and the drive there revealed what happened earlier in my morning (since I was pondering it on my way.)  I was shown a 3 loop spiral of light coming into my crown, hence the dizzy.  This spiral entered the pineal and then radiated outwards to my brains.  The electrical currents of my brain absorbed the light and released what looked like dark gold flecks of energy that went down my core and into my solar plexus area/stomach.  That’s all I got to see and understand on my car ride.

I talked (whispered really lol) to the hospital about my biopsy of the wrist and I was really surprised when the lady read the results as large colonies of strep.  Strep??  I repeated my name and explained it was on the wrist not the throat.  She assured me, yes it was strep, the community kind, AKA MRSA.  She also assured me that 48 hours after taking the antibiotics, I am no longer contagious.  I already kinda figured that since my wrist is almost completely healed now.  Phew!!  Now I can go see my sick grandson.

Poor little dude, we could have been vocal twins.  I didn’t realize that croup was also a vocal chord destabilizer.  It becomes inflamed along with the upper respiratory issues.  I knew instantly it is the Croup of Light running thru him.  It started on the 14th, just like my loss of voice.  Love (V day) and solar eclipses… what a potent combo.  I cannot wait to see how it is going to play out on the field.

Now let me cycle back to my morning yesterday, while the light was rocking my brains.  Even tho I spent most of that hour hanging on to the arms of my chair, the clarity of thought was stunning!!  The first clarity, my vocal chords.  They started blinking in and out of use since 2012, as I went thru menopause.  As it was understood yesterday, it is my strongest spiritual attribute and must go thru many changes as well as be tampered down (shut off) thru intense energy times.  This will continue as we evolve and I continue to choose to be a mouth piece for spirit.

Then my vision flashed to the upcoming Equinox.  The energies will be a doozy of doozies!!  It will be a full three day event, I immediately went to my booking calendar and booked those three days off!!

But wait, all this is just the primer for the summer events!!  I could not believe what I found when I googled eclipses.  We have the summer solstice on June 21st, and then THREE eclipses:

Jul 13, 2018 – Partial Solar Eclipse
Jul 27–28, 2018 — Total Lunar Eclipse
Aug 11, 2018 – Partial Solar Eclipse

My mind boggles and my energy system is looking for an escape route!! I hear at this moment “this will conclude the building of the golden gate bridge.”

Lets not forsake the energies of the earth and sun playing their part.  CME IMPACT SPARKS POLAR AURORAS: Earth’s polar magnetic field is trembling following the apparent impact of a CME around 0800 UT on Feb. 15th.  (My brains started trembling then too lol)  Today on spaceweather: CHANCE OF MAGNETIC STORMS: NOAA forecasters say there is a 55% chance of G1-class geomagnetic storms today as Earth moves through the wake of a passing CME. Boosting the odds of geomagnetic activity is an incoming stream of solar wind. 

The earth is playing her part too, this is just one news alert todayTHE Canary Island of La Palma has been hit by another flurry of earthquakes once again prompting fears the deadly Cumbre Vieja could erupt – just four months after scientists recorded a swarm of more than 200 tremors.

You and I are seeing and understanding the intense and sometimes, adverse affects of these energies within our own self.  As these energies purge the past, there are some stabilized folks not handling it well at all.  Especially our young adults whose nervous system is not fully matured yet and their minds… well, who knows where their minds go.

Out of the clear blue on the 14th, I was suddenly prompted to look at CNN’s website.  I hadn’t been there in months.  My heart broke to see yet another mass shooting at a school.  The 18th school shooting this year alone.

We must be diligent in our observations of those on the breaking point.  Unfortunately, this is a side effect of the energies that cannot be helped, but we can help those in distress, sending energies to their mind, comforting, loving, stabilizing.  Do your very best to stay out of gossip, assumptions and judgement about anything that occurs with individuals or even, groups.

On that note, my day is about to begin.  I sound like a bull frog… but hey, I I can croak thru a reading or 5!! lol

Big big (((HUGZ))) of wild energies and beautiful outcome to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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When the Energies Fester!!

energetics of body

Energy.  That’s a word we use, throw around, lean in and out of.  Energy is affecting us 24/7, just like the air.  Our energy fields, like the air we breathe every moment of our lives, we do not even think about.    Rarely do we do a daily check the air quality of our homes, of our environments, equally the same can be said of the energy environment.

I personally have an air purifier that runs 24/7.  When I used to do my massage energy work, in my therapy office when I knew we were going to digging in and release a persons deep issues, I always had an energy purifier running too.  I would set up industrial size vacuums in every window, (visually and intentionally speaking, obviously not literally lol) and every fleck of a persons energy that vibrated lower than the room setting, was pulled out thru these vacuums so earth can transmute it into new energy.

This past weekend was one of the greatest learning lessons around energy that I have had, I probably can say… ever.  I hope it can shed insight into your personal energy world in some way.

I had my first client come for a Life Between Life Hypnosis weekend.  We start with a couple Past Life Regressions so I can gauge the depth of trance a person allows themselves to surrender to, and enter the past life.  There are many visual cues the hypnotized person displays the deeper they go into hypnosis and once into trance, audio ques as well.  My previous lady had none of it at all.  To the point of crying because she could not let herself let go and relax.

We changed the venue from a hypnosis weekend to an energy work weekend.  She needed energy work to deal the pain body and strength of her mental plane.  My own mind was not expecting this, so I forgot to implement any and every energy measure I take in the space (in this case, my whole house) energy work is being done.  This is as much talking as it is hands on.  Energy comes thru both ways just as strong.

When I start any energy work on a person, it is always at the brain level.  The electrical system of the body.  I could not pick the network of light that keeps up engaged with the higher mind.  I could instantly see why she (her mind) resisted hypnosis.

I pulsed light into her brains until I could see and feel a stable network of light starting to engage the higher frequency synopsis and could feel a stable sensation of heat coming from her crown.

We then went and did some talk therapy for about and hour.  Then back to my bed to check on her brain again.  Right back to where it was before our first session.  WTH??

She really was a super gift in allowing me to witness something I knew, but did not realize the depth of speed the inserted light could leave.

I have always told my clients when I did massage, if you leave this room and do what you have always done, all this work will cease and all the issues restore themselves.  Back then, it was usually 1 to 2 weeks before I seen the person again, not an hour.

We did this three consecutive hours in a row, with the same result.  So, I had my lady flip around so I could have her feet.  I developed what I call, Lisa-exology, my personal version of reflexology.  I can access the entire body thru the feet, in the base tone frequency (what we would call 3D, earth frequency, pick a name lol and we are all earthlings.)

The most shocking thing I had seen thru her feet, that gave full understanding of why her head was not holding and distributing the light I was pulsing in.  In her stomach to chest area, was her head.  She had her mouth open wide at the solar plexus area, drinking in her soul energy.  The soul energy is what keeps our body and minds light, depression and illness free.  Since her head was severed from her neck, the energy coming in dissipated instead of running thru her core.

In this position, with her crown upside down aligning with the lower body instead of the upper body, it does not allow the energy in.  This would be like stringing a piano with guitar strings.  (I am assuming they are two very different types of strings.)

We did many hands on energy sessions. When there was enough energy flowing for the body to actually speak to me, her throat chakra shocked the hell out of me.  I heard so loud and clearly “Frozen Balls” and then, I could see severed testicles just above her throat with a thin layer of ice surrounding them.  I was caught between shocked and laugher… what the freakin hell??  We had to take a break so I could compose myself back to center.  When we got back to hands on energy work, I started at the feet so I could really understand what just happened and why.  A large knight in black armor appeared on the left side of the bed.  This was her in a previous life.  She was so not nice and became known as “the black knight.”  Down her core were 8 frozen testicles.  It was explained these 8 men she castrated in that lifetime are now the antagonists in her current lifetime.  The goal, always, is to return the karmic field to zero.  It is still an ongoing process.

Obviously this position of her head upside down in her belly, allowed for many blocks up and down the spine/core energy flow.  By the end of our time together on Sunday, I decided to do a hands on massage on her core (full back.)  We put a coating of light on the skin and worked a tremendous frequency deep into her muscles and vital energy within the body.

She went home with a lot of homework to do.

We can and really, should seek out others to assist our well Being.  That said, it is not enough just understand a block was released… what block? Where did it originate from, why, that will always reveal how to release once and forever.  That once and forever part, is always on you or the client, not the energy worker.

In my complete forgetfulness of doing energy work, especially at the massage level, I did not put in place my own inner filters.  I have been long out of that game, and I just wanted to help her body and her soul.  A massage therapist always takes the clients energy in thru their body’s, and transmutes the heavier energy’s thru the crown.   Again, knowing this and setting up the needed filters, crucial.  Once I was no longer doing massage, I no longer needed those filters.

At 11 pm Sunday night, my left hand (and only my left hand) was on fire.  When I woke up in the morning, the pain was so intense the air was hurting it.  Large blisters had formed at the wrist and lower palm area:

The one on the palm was a bloody mix, the others just clear ooze.  What the freakin hell happened?  I hurt to much to hear beyond the pain body.  Once I lanced the bloody one, the pain started to reduce itself.  Holy freakin hot pokers from hell batman!!  But, it didn’t stop me from doing my readings, thank god!!  Actually, during readings, even tho I hold my phone with my left hand, it did not hurt at all.  For those doing energy work, this is actually very common.  I remember especially from my massage days, I would have a serious bout of the energy flu in my sinuses, the moment I was with a client in my therapy room, not even a sniffle.  Once the session was over, snot overload!!

This crazy blistering on my wrist really gave me a very personal view of how energy really works as well.  There is one thing to have the visual as a concept, it is a whole other ballgame when it plays our in your physical body.

By the time all five readings were done, I realized I had a hot, inflamed streak moving from my wrist to my elbow.  This is the artwork the ER doc created on my arm, in case the infection spread beyond it and I had to come back:

I called my primary who was able to see me within the hour.  God bless him, he is a PA just out of school and would not even come close to me.  He was befuddled and truly, rose to fear so quickly.  He insisted it is more than likely the MRSA bacteria and I should go to the ER immediately so they can start IV antibiotics and get a CBC result stat.

Whats funny, my body was not feeling the fear he was releasing, but what the hell, whats another big bill in my life!!  I take my confused ass to the ER.  The doc and nurses there could not believe he sent me to the ER.  I explained he thinks its MRSA and I need intimidate IV.  I realized the club of docs will not verbally disagree, but I could tell my ER doc was not in alignment with that thought.  He pretty much put his face in my wrist to take biopsies from the blood blister area and swabs of the fluids.  He never put a mask on, only gloves.  And then drew what looks like a penis on my arm!! lol  It wasn’t until yesterday in my quiet ponderings did I get the correlation between penis and frozen balls!!  Completely on me, because I did not do what I needed to spend a full weekend doing energy work.

He gave me a script for an oral antibiotic and salve that does target the MRSA bacteria, just incase.  He said I wouldn’t have lab results back for three days.  (That should be today.)

Now lets take a look at the energy of bacteria, which develops from energy and again, energy has no bias as to good or bad, needed not needed.  You open it arrives, period.

Bacteria grow to a fixed size and then reproduce through binary fission, a form of asexual reproduction. Under optimal conditions, bacteria can grow and divide extremely rapidly, and bacterial populations can double as quickly as every 9.8 minutes. In cell division, two identical clone daughter cells are produced.

My hand hurt so much, I actually welcomed healing energy from the beautiful people who love and care for me on facebook.  Of course, you cannot show something like this without getting advice on alternative treatments.  If I only had that much money to spend!!

By the time I woke up in the morning, OMG it was like a miracle happened.  My hand did not hurt, the red penis was gone and all the inflammation was at my wrist and palm.  But man oh man, my energy system was off the charts zooming!!  It was close to intoxicating.

Five readings later, I am still energetically zooming and pumped, but now that red streak came back, but much fatter than it was.  Instantly I knew the correlation was with the energy coming into my hand from the amazing souls on the phone.

Energy spreads/moves energy!!  Unlike you and I, there is no bias to it all.  I would prefer it spread out than bundle up!!!

By the end of the day, all the red was gone again.  Fortunately yesterday was a day off.  I was so wide awake with all that energy sent to my arm, I didn’t get to sleep until close to 3 am and up at 6!!

I also realized too, when anyone is giving remedies online.  That energy is actually being sent to the person addressed.  I didn’t need to go buy anything, I had a system overload of, tons of treatment ideas already working on me.  Thanx for that!!

All of that aside, we have a series of powerful energies being released from the lunar and solar eclipses and we are already feeling the energies from the equinox coming up in March.  Designed to change and rearrange every-thing, inside out and outside in.  Let it flow, not build up and fester, physically and/or emotionally!!

Ohhh how I love being the poster girl of what not to do!! lol (yes, complete sarcasm there!)

On that note, I love you all soul much.  I cherish each and everyone of you for all you allow me to learn thru you!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of wonder and awe to and thru the ALL!!

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intense energies

I think we can definitively dub 2018 the year of turbulence.  Inside out, upside down, turbulence.  Every reading yesterday still showed, focused on the intense energies streaming in from the upcoming solar eclipse, the still effective lunar exclipse and might as well spice it up with the solar events (taken from spaceweather,com:)

SOLAR WIND, INCOMING: A stream of high-speed solar wind is expected to reach Earth on Feb. 15th or 16th, possibly causing G1-class geomagnetic storms. The gaseous material is flowing from a hole in the sun’s atmosphere now turning toward our planet.

ACTIVE SUNSPOT AR2699: Sunspot AR2699 is a shape-shifter. Over the weekend it morphed into a quadruple ‘spot, with two new magnetic islands as large as Earth. Rapid changes in the appearance of a sunspot mean one thing: Its magnetic field is changing rapidly as well. Tangled magnetic fields can criss, cross, and explode–a process known as “magnetic reconnection.” Solar flares in the magnetic canopy of AR2699 are likely on Feb. 12th.

I want to spotlight two of the readings from yesterday.  One lady showed up her back to me, and it was as if she was having back surgery from the base of her head to the tailbone.  Right down her spine was open, clamps holding back her skin and streams of golden sun energy moving into her spine between the vertebrates.

From my peering eyes, it looked quite, literal, visually speaking.  I could see her as if she was in surgery, but she was standing up.  Her team explained that the major it this energy is effecting her spinal fluids, which then rise up and merge with the cranial fluids.  I had also seen, post solar eclipse, her team surgically stitching her back/skin back together.  Instead of a continuous stitch, they used single loops, 32 of them to be exact, starting at the neck all the way down to her butt.  It was explained that each one of these loops represented new “cycles” in her life.

The close she got to the equinox in March, all this energy and the loops start to become active/activated.  I could see these loops releasing themselves from her back and started to float, spread out and intermingle with each other.

What really surprised me is she told me (she was a virgin to my field) that she had back surgery a year prior.  And with that information stated: “I wonder what Louise Hay would say about that.”  Instantly my lips stated, it wouldn’t matter because it would not be accurate.  Louise wrote for those in the original body template, where duality played havoc with the mind and body and the emotional field was upside down, vibrationally speaking.  The only way this energy would embed in her is if she was evolving with the new body template and her surgery prepped her for this very time!!

The other lady I want to talk about was an emotional reading, so we dove into her physical body.  She was standing, arms stretched out from the shoulders, and her biceps and triceps were bulging with solar energy and oozing this energy big murky yellowish drips to the ground.  This energy is targeting her reach for life, strengthening her.  Her left knee was open, similar to back surgery lady, part of the skin completely gone (like a brush burn) the other skin pinned back to expose the guts of her knee.  There were these things that looked like cooked white rice, individual, inside her knee matter.  Pure energy restoring and enhancing her flexibility of movement.

Then!!!  Ohhhh my dear good god!!  All I could see is her naked butt twerking like crazy!!  I was going to put a twerking video here for those that do not know what twerking is, ummm… youtube it yourself lol.

Her butt was wiggling and jiggling in my view for the rest of the reading.  Her team explained it is the vibration, and even tho she may not be physically doing this action, it is happening energetically, in rhythm with the intense, enhanced incoming energies thru her body.  Primarily affecting her root and sacral energy centers, her connection to her life and her sense of self within her life.

Once again, actually I think, thru every reading, the March equinox was mentioned, the solidifying event of all this intense energy.  Her team sneaking in a phrase that took me by surprise.  They told her this is all in preparation for her pole shift.  WHAT???  I did not see what that looked like and I sure as hell do not know what the even means to her, to us.  But it became clear many (not all) will be experiencing their personal pole shift.  (All that damm twerking can create earth quakes… so why not a personal pole shift!! lol)

Well, I am going to have to leave you hanging there, my day is about to start!!  Thank you so much for showing up on the field to help us all understand that we are not breaking down, but evolving!!  What a wild wild ride we are on!!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of sun dancing energy to and thru ALL!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas

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The Merging of Parallel Lives and the Eclipses.

merging dimenions and eclipses

This has been a crazy week in my body and mind!!  Equally in the multidimensional energy systems period.  Let’s first start with my mind.  Since Monday, I am either waking up clear as a bell and can see forever, or am stuck in a fog bank thick as molasses!!  I woke up the other day (Wed to be exact) and not only had to orient myself to where I was, but what time of day it was as well.  Later that same afternoon, my voice came back.  Granted, I sounded like a squeaky toy, but hey, I was audible beyond the whisper!!  So imagine my surprise when I went to do my first reading yesterday, starving for some soul food, and just like on Monday, the moment i connected to the visual, cough cough cough, threw my voice completely out again.

Let me tell ya, I had a melt down with spirit!!  For a change, that melt down was productive!!  The gave me a running understanding from the early part of January thru now.  The first few weeks were all about earth energies spewing into the atmosphere (via earthquakes, volcanoes, storms) entering every cell of ever DNA on this planet, in preparation for this lunar/solar eclipse cycle we are now in.  The way it was explained to me yesterday, the lunar eclipse is akin to being sandblasted with multidimensional quartz light energy, the solar eclipse, multidimensional diamond energy.  Life is being altered at the DNA level of its infusion.

Right now we are in the middle of both systems. We are doing some heavy lifting in the sleep space.  Going to parallel earths/lives and looking for the pockets of energy where not only we as an individual made a higher choice and turned some serious lights on, but also, where the vast collectives did too, then merging it back into this version of earth.

I like this analogy I am currently seeing to explain this further.  Imagine your life is a pizza pie, divided into 8 slices of pizza.  Each slice is in a different dimension having parallel experiences but making different choices with each experience.  The ingredients on each slice of pizza will be pretty much the same, only arranged completely different on each slice, where the outcome was changed and a new placement was created.

What is happening now, is one of those pizza slices is being plopped on top of the one you see/are living now, with this particular consciousness.  Now the ingredients laying on top of each slice, must merge together to create coherency in the mind upon waking and like everything in the human realm, this is a process over time.  Not a one night deal.

Now, lets say you have a pizza slice that just made every unintentional less than wise choice it could, that slice is not going to be tossed out, it can’t because it is still a part of you, your soul mind and shares information and experiences back and forth at the subconscious level. So now your fuller pizza slice will fold in on it, turning lights on where none had been before.

Let’s take this one major step further.  It was triggered by listening to a video of the Leo King talking about these eclipses and he mentioned something I never thought about “A collective dark night of the soul.”  If you want to listen to his video the link is here:

Now imagine, all these pizza pies (everyone has their own) and the wiser slices is melding into the denser ones in this reality, it would send a collective shock waves thru that particular collective and not the pleasing kind.

I will never forgot one of the first dreams I had entering this path of awakening.  It was as if I was in a house with so many walls and the walls just started melting.  I wrote my mentor at the time and his reply really hit home about what this dream meant… a dissolving reality construct.  Trust me, my dissolving reality construct was hard enough being an avid meditator and having communication not only with like minds, but my own spiritual team.  Imagine those that do not have such a blessing in their lives and their reality is starting to melt down on them!!

Lets take this to a cookey level lol.  Going back to my disorientation upon waking the other day. Let’s say one pizza slice has now become completely irrelevant to your ongoing story of evolution, meaning you harvested all that was needed from that slice.  Now you merge that energy into you, including any and all characters that were living on that slice of pizza with you.  So these folks, most who will never even know you exist, just got merged into your higher field of living.  Again, adding to the collective dark night.

This gives understanding to the people who seemed to have been hit with insomnia of late.  Purposely staying out of this pizza merger, for now.  Either because you have just come out of your wave or will be going into it.

So here we are, pizza mergers, sandblasted quartz and diamond energies into our cells and so many stories/details to tell, to sort out!  Information and understandings will start to blur together.  Example, yesterday you may have been absolutely sure something was true, today, not so sure.  And yet, for some in that questioning facet, the next version of your higher truth may not be fully revealed yet.  Don’t hang on just because there is nothing else or new to grab onto.

Equally, honor the body, the biology going thru all this as well.  Sunday, the day before my voice blew out, it felt like I had a cut (not a sore throat) at the back of my throat.  It was the oddest feeling ever.  If I ate, drank or smoked something, it was as if it was going over a cut, but not ever single time, just enough to have me pay attention.

When my voice blew out on Monday, it felt like glass in my throat.  It actually hurt like hell.  When my voice crept back Wednesday late afternoon, talking was slightly painful, like I had cuts on my vocal chords or throat or something.  Same thing happened yesterday when I attempted to do my first reading.  That is when I received the image of being sandblasted by interdimentional quartz/diamond light, completely altering Life on planet earth.  Not a good thing to gargle with I guess!! lol  Our hologram of Light expression is changing!!

This morning, I have some voice and it is still fragile, but this light aholic is going to try again!!  Today will be the last until Monday.  I have my first Life Between Life Hypnosis client coming for the weekend.  Ohhh do I have questions for her council!  lol

Have an amazing weekend, be gentle with your self while we all have a pizza party together!! lol

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of light mergers to and thru the ALL!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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P.S.  Silly me gave you a link to the promo with the conversation about the dark night of the soul and the golden age of the soul, here is the actual full length conversation.  Sorry about that!!


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New Mathematical Frequencies, Multidimensional Life and US!!


There is a flood of information coming into me at this moment, I hope I capture it all clearly as I share it with you.

In a few of the readings this last week or so, I keep seeing this series of what looks like an algebra form of math.  Spirit is saying we have new mathematical frequencies unfolding.  Just to be clear (some people are really clear on what the word new means,) never Here Before, in any of the forms of earth!!

The only thing that fully registered with me in seeing these equations, they all start with the capital letter A, followed by 3 or 4 other numbers/letters that just get lost in my vision.

Hold that thought a minute, lol, I  promise, I will get back to it.

We live in a world where one thing must be right and another thing must be wrong.  Weather we are looking at each other, the way anyone thinks life should be on this planet, our politics, hell, even the clothes we wear.  If I went outside during a massive snowstorm with a bikini on, people would be trying to change that, put extra clothes, because of their perception of cold and appropriate attire when its cold.

Now imagine, there is no right or wrong.  Just the information we took in and desire everyone to see things that way.  By took in, I am not talking about only our peers or news or anything, but even by our spiritual teams (the unseen ones.)  They know exactly where you are heading, more or less anyway, what understandings and experiences will serve you best and they make sure you dine in particular places.  Every iota, serves the All.  It is serving the massive change happening on and thru earth at this very moment.  And it all truly serves your personal role in life, at the physical plane level.

Where we get slightly confused (some, very confused) is when earth is trying to turn a page and we will not leave what we knew to be true today, to enter the next page we are writing together.  WE ARE the invisible ink writing the stories on each new page.

We live on a multidimensional non reality, bendable at every turn.  The moment the light we see bends, everything around us changes.  We change.  Conflicts often start at this very point, individually as well as collectively.

And there there are those that break free because of the bend in the light.  The perception they held (about anything) dissolves and they can see the next dimension of their life, more clearly.

WE, at our core, are ALL multidimensional Beings existing in a very holographic, multidimensional space we call, earth.  Even our physical bodys are multidimensional!!

If we can look at our personal reality bubble (smile) like a disco ball:

variances of light.png


Just to keep this analogy simple, at any given time, we may have 10 of these little squares lit up, illuminated if you will.  Seeing what ever it is we are seeing and experiencing.

Now, imagine suddenly, 5 more lights turned on but contrasted the view you were so comfortable looking at.  Something inside you triggered those lights, declared you were ready to see and experience more.  This is where our major choice points come from.  You are now at a choice point, move our of your way, or remain where you are.

Any new lights that turn on are ALL-WAYS at a higher frequency.  Often times, it will have incredible conflict in all you thought to be true about the world you are experiencing.

Let’s say you choose to explore these 5 new lights.  The 10 you were in did not turn off, but now blend to make a larger story, a more radiant understanding (often times, very confusing at first because of the contrast) of this multiverse we are all experiencing.

Let’s say again, you moved into the more full experience with now, 15 lights and 2 more come on, completely contrasting what you thought to be true.  And yet, when you move into the higher frequency of these two lights, it bends what you thought to be true into higher understandings of why you even thought that way to begin with and adds more potential to your multidimensional abilities.

This starts at birth.  Not during any energy times, but at your personal readiness.  There are times, which many of us have experienced, when we get so caught up in the light we have been seeing that we do not want to let go, move beyond that.  Nor do we have to, but your soul will devise events in your personal life… that… well… strips away what you held onto.  I have had more bricks, more life stripping events in my personal world than I care to mention.  Stubborn Leo was my name and I have the scars to prove it!!  lol  Of course, now those scars are lines of wisdom 😉

Now, this disco ball is what you were born with.  On Dec 21st, 2012 something started to happen thru out all the multiverses, a ripple if you will.  This ripple was so strong it started to create distortions in everyone’s disco ball of light.  It started to wiggle like jello as new, never before in the earth’s multidimensional realm, new waves of light came thru.  These waves of light started to accelerate the evolution of the biology, of the physical and spiritual mind, of every thought ever created.  For the next three years, thru the end of 2015, there was no ground floor safety for anyone.  We all wiggled thru the vastness of light, changing… evolving.

Our bodies, landscapes and minds started acting in ways they never had before.

We hit new land, a brand new frequency of potential and experience as we moved into the energy system I call, 2016.  Which, for many people, brought even more changes.  Chaos was the familiar (pretty much, still is lol.)

In all this time, we were reaching for, and finding, critical mass to open up the next stage of this multidimensional adventure.  To be clear, critical mass is reached when enough people on this planet have and use the lights turned on in their disco ball to continue to create outward distortion (change) in their personal field of life.

2018 has become like no other previous experience.  We are very much like the USS Enterprise in Star Trek, going places no man (or any other life form) has gone before.

In this crazy ship we simply call life, there are many masters working there (me and you, not anyone outside of a body.)  Some of us are changing DNA (yeah, that would be my crazy body) some working on new math, some on new science, some on assisting others to turn on and integrate new light windows, and on and on and on.

So, let me bring this back to my opening algebra statement.  I went looking for examples of the various dimensions that science understands and found this awesome explanation and visual aide thru wikipedia:

In five or more dimensions, only three regular polytopes exist. In five dimensions, they are:

  1. The 5-simplex of the simplex family, {3,3,3,3}, with 6 vertices, 15 edges, 20 faces (each an equilateral triangle), 15 cells (each a regular tetrahedron), and 6 hypercells (each a 5-cell).
  2. The 5-cube of the hypercube family, {4,3,3,3}, with 32 vertices, 80 edges, 80 faces (each a square), 40 cells (each a cube), and 10 hypercells (each a tesseract).
  3. The 5-orthoplex of the cross polytope family, {3,3,3,4}, with 10 vertices, 40 edges, 80 faces (each a triangle), 80 cells (each a tetrahedron), and 32 hypercells (each a 5-cell).

An important uniform 5-polytopes is the 5-demicube, h{4,3,3,3} has half the vertices of the 5-cube (16), bounded by alternating 5-cell and 16-cell hypercells. The expanded or stericated 5-simplex is the vertex figure of the A5 lattice, . It and has a doubled symmetry from its symmetric Coxeter diagram. The kissing number of the lattice, 30, is represented in its vertices.[7] The rectified 5-orthoplex is the vertex figure of the D5 lattice, . Its 40 vertices represent the kissing number of the lattice and the highest for dimension 5.[8]


I do not understand any of what I just copied and pasted, but I know it is important, along with the equation that this one picture (there are more if you click the wikipedia link) of the AUT(A5) in relationship to the “new mathmatical frequencies” I have been seeing in some readings.  Obviously this one is not new… but because it starts with an A, I am using it!!

If we are going into dimensions that we never have before, we MUST change at the cellular level of Life.  Not just you and me, ALL LIFE.

In the Nation’s class the other day, I could see our blood cells changing.  The electrical impulses intensifying.  Some will not survive this process, most will, at least for a time.  We ALL must let go of anything we think to be true to allow for more light.  To allow for the radical changes underway.  There is no absolute truth, only versions steering our course forward.

Yesterday, as I prepared to do my first reading of the day, of a like soul who is taking up the task of Being a DNA changer, I was still saying hello to her while getting her imagery in my view when all of a sudden my voice started to do funny things.  Snap, crackle, pop… there went my voice!!  Gone, just like that!!  I must say, that is a first for me.  To be audible one moment then truly feel the energy on my vocal chords as I was trying to explain what I had seen.  I will share it here since I now know this is what is happening now, to all of us.

In her field, all the way the right side, just before the energy I now see as the solar eclipse (coming on the 15th of Feb) was this large (about 7 feet tall) golden screw standing on the ground.  I could see her standing in front of it, and then she started melting like liquid energy and moving into the groves of this screw and rotating upwards.

It was explained that we are in a massive energy of the lunar and solar eclipses.  We are being hit with massive feminine and masculine energies, and entering into a whole new level of multidimensional experience.  It was also explained that I could not see where this screw like thing was poking into because it is out of my scope of vision for now.  It is out of everyone’s scope of vision as we flow higher in our experiences and creations.

I gave thought to her kids (she has 5) and her husband as I watched her melt and flow up the groves of the golden screw, wondering what would become of them.  Because of her, they all just became blobs like jelly and will flow there with her.

I still have no voice this morning, but man oh man, a huge new version of understanding with this morning.  I apologize to everyone this sound out affects.  But we are ALL changing channels, even if we are trying not to… too late!! lol

Ohhh the work and pain it takes to grow a new garden!!  But we ARE!!

My beautiful flowers of Shambhala, I love you and honor you so much.

Big ((((HUGZ))) to and thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 2, 2018

The Emotional Body of Light and ReClaiming YOUR POWER!!!!

emotional body

Wow, what an amazing day in the field yesterday!  Things are finally moving, building towards the things we came here to do.  So many things in our personal life will be removed to make sure of that future and we will be pushed/prompted, like never before!  There are so many things I want to share today, I hope I not only remember it all, but have time to share it all before my day starts.

My first lady took me to a place I have never been before.  I must have created (since it was listed under my packages lol) a package focused on reading the emotional body.  I must have created this so long ago, I do not even remember creating it and no one bought until a couple weeks ago.  When I seen the package come thru, I had no idea what the hell she bought.  I had to go to my calendar to see what it was, and I still had no idea.  Even this morning, I am at a total loss of remembering creating it.  But hey, if it is what you sign up for, I’ll figure the way there when we are together!!  I started to go into like panic mode about 5 minutes before our connection.  I really had no idea what the intent of this package was.  Gotta trust, right??

I guess spirit felt my inner melt down and as I was on my way to go potty before our connection, I got the most surprising connection to her.  She was radiant, I mean, it will take the understanding of light body to a whole new level for me.

Once we were connected, I was in awe of what I was seeing.  When we look at each other with our physical eyes, we see skin, hair and well, everything matter.  Our bones, our muscles, our blood, all of it, is a vast array of light, many different colors/frequencies of light.  Depending on what you are doing with your life,  Equally, thru my massage years, I also knew that we store our issues in our tissues, but as I seen yesterday, it, at times goes way beyond that.

At first, the only thing I seen was her upper body, from the chest upwards.  Her biceps and triceps were made of this amazing light blue light instead, I could see the dull white light that made up the bone.  Spirit said they removed the other colors so I could understand what we were seeing.  The blood, fascia, skin, chemicals, nerves and so on, all have a light frequency of there own.  My focus as we started was on her arms, the reach for life and the light that strengthens that.  Light blue in my world is always creator energy, god light.  Her reach for life and the strength she puts into it, is god focused.

The next thing I seen was her diaphragm, a soft yellow light.  Her soul fully surrounds her heart and lungs and it is the very breath of life she uses.  It is all being feed, energetically, thru her crown.

This was so much more than seeing light, there was a feeling, a drawing into her energy with love, with desire to just melt into her.  This upper body was important to understand and connect to before they went down under (the solar plexus area.)  From her abdomen down, the light was not visable to me in her muscle structures.  I immediately understood why when I seen this snake about a foot and a half extended out of her body thru her belly button.  I knew instantly that was her kundalini energy.  That should not be outside the body!!  Yet, hers was suspended outwards, straight as an arrow.  I knew she was giving away her energy, not sharing show is with others, but giving herself away.

I also understood that her kundalini no longer rests at the base of the spine, but in the energy center we know as the sacral chakra.  This is a great thing, a powerful thing even, when it is inside and not outside!!  When we are constantly giving giving giving, it deletes our natural light energy within, especially at the base energy centers (root, sacral and sacral plexus areas.  That takes up all the organs in the abdomen.  This makes up our connection to life, our sense of self and our community centers.

Being in service does not mean being a doormat.  Equally, when the upper body is rocking the energy of god essence, people will want what you have, not having a clue what it is they are wanting, but it is a natural attraction.

We are all, or at least, have been in search of god in one way or another thru so many lifetimes.  Often times, we are seeking that which is outside of ourselves and when such a seeker connects with that very energy, that full spectrum energy that another may have developed in their physical light body, they become like unconscious leaches.  Not meaning to harm, but having no clue why they are so motivated to take and take and take.

This is a major reason why WE must be Self aware and embed the word NO into our vocabulary!!

So my lady got homework to bring her kundalini energy back into the body so it flows thru her core as needed.  This will create the emotional balance needed for the higher work being asked of us.

As I brought my vision down to the rest of her lower body, I was jolted with surprise when I seen a boulder sitting on her pelvic floor!!  Immediately I had to ask… did you have sexual trauma in your life.  Yes.

Our sexual energy and our kundalini are two parts of the same coin.  This has nothing to do with sex, but the very energy we know and recognize as sexual energy.  The power and power source.  Before she can work on removing the boulder, she must bring that snake into its rightful place in her core, and keep it there!!

Which all made me grateful this package comes with two homework sessions.  I still do not recall creating it, but I know there is a lot more to be understood thru it!!  So I created a special for this package alone that will run thru Feb 11th, with an 11.11% discount. Use coupon code: EMOTION  Click here to view/book the Emotional Reading Package.

When I have a fuller view of what the physical light body looks like, I am going to ask my daughter Valorie to create it for me.  Granted, the color frequencies will be as unique as each person is, but wowzers, its beyond beautiful to see.

I am also understanding as well, that what we know as the ball of kundalini energy, for those in the third (and final) body template, resides in a place of your focus.  It was just made known to me, mine is in my solar plexus.  One energy center over another does not make anyone better or less than, it is simply where our power resides to enhance what we are choosing to do in this lifetime.

That said, those in the original body and awakening body template still have their kundalini at the base of the spine/pelvic floor.  When I understand more, I promise, I will write more!!

Now I must dive into my last reading of the day.  I am going to quote my team, they said this to me many times in my first few years of my journey.  “Just because you believe something, does not make it truth.”

When we are in spirit, creating the adventures of this lifetime, it is done from pure love and desire of soul growth.  Nothing less.  There is no dark plots happening at the level of spirit, that is an impossibility.  The only contracts we have in this lifetime is done at the soul level, with love and purpose.  Yes, we invited some antagonists into our playing field of life.  An abusive spouse, a negligent parent, someone that murdered a loved one, or, even ourselves or what we deem financial hardships, or super abundance.  Every part has a reason, focused on soul growth.  The attributes that come from these hardships/challenges.  They are as vital to our growth as all the great and wonderful contracts.

My beautiful, precious lady is already in a physically challenged body and found information out there about canceling contracts and did a meditation series around that.  In one sitting, she removed 5 contracts, within hours, she fell and broke her arm.  Over the course of the next 2 days, she fell on her face, hard 4 or 5 more times.  She consciously and purposely removed the support systems in her life.  Nothing left to hold her up.

What we may not understand, is we may have a contract with one antagonist that holds three other contracts of support thru that antagonist.  Remove one, remove them all.  Remove 5, you may end up removing 100!

Free will can be a bitch!!  Equally, a massive learning curve!!

If we can as well, lets remove any focus on dark forces controlling anyone.  Unless you are giving your power away, no one on this earth or beyond it, can control you.  You are always, all-ways, in charge.  By simply believing, as your version of truth, that anyone can control you, you just handed them the keys to your house.  By changing your beliefs, your personal truths and taking your power back, you equally hold the keys to your kingdom once again.

Not even spirit can make you do something you do not desire to do, or reverse that, stop you from something you desire to do, even if it is seriously detrimental to your life or well Being.

 There is so much more to share about this moon and those mushroom shaped Beings that I seen spill out of the full moon, turquoise portal (indeed they showed up in one reading yesterday) but, I am getting the signal to close here.  Who am I to argue??  lol

Now that I have my voice back and rocking, I will be doing the video show “Conversations with Lisa and Charlotte tonight, 6 pm EST.  Alot of this information will play into what we thought of as the Dark Night of the Soul.  With the new body templates, it is the Golden Day of the Soul!!  Come join us live on the Nations facebook page or right here:

Convo w Lisa and Char pic promo

You don’t want to miss this one! Catch Lisa Gawlas and me ( Charolette Phillips ) tonight at 6pm Live on The Nation of Lights Facebook page or We are discussing the energies we have all experienced on some level over the past 2 weeks. Our experience of the dark night, it’s not what you think. See you there 

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of In-Powered Light to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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P.S.  I was sent an email, to get the word out that someone has recently become homeless.  She is part of my friends network on facebook and another compassionate soul put together a fund raising campaign for her.  Here is a snippet of the email and the funding link.

I’ve set up a YouCaring raise for her (thank you so much for showing me how with the events of a 2 years ago when we went through such distress with your mama)

Can you please help me spread the call?  I think you know the further this goes out and more people that see it, the more likely it will be to help.

Thank you in advance for any assistance for our dear Kathy’s well Being!!

Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 1, 2018

The Body of Light vs The Body of Disease.


Are you feeling the power of this amazing power moon!!  Even tho the fog kept me from participating visually with the eclipse yesterday, my daughter forgot a bag at the store and my grandson had the full moon flu (he is fine this morning) yesterday evening, so I volunteered to go get her bag of dog food.  I will forever be thankful for the chain of events that forced out into teh night time.  I never drive at night.  My night vision leaves a lot to be desired.  The 10 miles between the store and my house, the moon traveled on the left side of my journey, all the way home.  Holy copper energies man!!!  I have seen and experienced a lot of full moons in my day, but nothing ever felt or looked like this one.  Keeping in mind, we are going to be in a very strong afterglow of this moon thru the 7th of this month.

I said something in yesterdays sharing that I really had to ponder the way the sentence came out.  There will be a lot of new light forms this year.  What does that even mean.  I did take a meditation yesterday and two things showed up.  Me walking up a ramp into the sky (where am I going??  lol  No one would tell me) and the new turquoise portal that appeared in the far right corner of the field.  This portal, in my meditation, thinned out and all these little mushroom looking (shaped) Beings started to pour out of this portal and scattered all over the yard, then went out of my vision.  What the hell was that??  I have no idea.  No one was talking to me yesterday, dammit.  There is no doubt in my heart, you will reveal the deeper understandings thru the readings.

Now, to completely change the subject (smile,) there was something I wanted to mention when I was writing about the flu, but forgot.  This morning, it is at the forefront of my mind to remember!!

I decided to google immune vs autoimmune the other day.  The first block of information that appeared, opened up my understanding in a whole new way:

At the core of the immune system is the ability to tell the difference between self and non-self. Autoimmune diseases arise from an overactive and misguided immune response of the body against substances and tissues normally present in the body (self).

The words I made bold, caught my attention.  Let’s change the non-self to Self (soul energy.)  Instantly in see that, it was like body jolted backwards in my timeline to the very point of developing gutatte psoriasis and why.

 For those who do not know my back story, my childhood was growing up in foster homes, relative homes, friends of my moms home, and group homes from the time I was 8 years old thru emancipation at 16.  I had to be emancipated in order to qualify for what I think was supposed to be a bridge into the real world.  The bridge was not built well lol.  But, it is thru that bridge, that I mentioned in one of my previous blogs, that I hitchhiked to Georgia since I was suspended for two weeks from school.  I went with another girl who lived in one of the 3 bridging houses in the apartment complex.  We got into a huge fight, long story, not worth sharing.  I left her in teh hotel room with three young truckers and was going to walk home (I lived in Pennsylvania, a rather walk!! lol)

I arrived at a gas station and called the staff of the bridge house I lived in, to let them know where we were for last three days and that I want to come back.  The state, especially in 1979, did not process anything quickly.  Knowing i was stranded for several more days, I just started crying, the guy working at the gas station heard my sobs, long story short, he invited me to stay at his house with his wife and teenage daughters until I got my way arranged to get back to PA.

I could not believe the compassion of this entire family.  One of his teenage daughters was pregnant and due around my birthday.  They were the kindest, unexpecting people I had ever met thru that point in my 17 years of life.

I was born naturally compassionate.  It wasn’t anything I had to work at or understand.  Like a child that knows how to play the piano, or naturally see’s what no one else does, it was mastered in another lifetime and naturally a part of who I was/who they are.  To be clear, it has nothing to do with spiritual mastery as the person called Lisa, I was chaos on two legs.

Their gift of true, honest, want nothing, compassion to give me a safe place to stay, feed and water me, activated my compassion neuro-network within.  It equally activated my spiritual growth in ways I would not understand until close to 40 years later (also known as this week lol.)

Immediately, my chemical makeup started to change, enhance, spill out lets just call it metaphysical qualities.  Hence the development of psoriasis starting with that Georgia experience.  My hands were covered by the time I arrive home.

My life, from those three days with this most selfless family, created a ripple affect within me that is still ongoing.  The desire to change.  To undo the chaos that was my first 17 years of life.  Until 2012, I would have 5-7 years between outbreaks, between the time more enhanced chemicals were added to my body, to change even more.

Since 2012, I now have an outbreak every Sept-Oct, right around the equinox time.  With it, it opened up a slew of other, perceived dysfunctions like asthma and now, psoriasis arthritis. and chronic voice loss.  All chemically caused, not because something is wrong, but because we are accelerated faster than ever and this is simply the bodies was of assimilating it.

Like the flu that is happening in seasons, is not a bad thing, but a radical thing.  Radical change some may not be able to handle.  I am actually getting a flood of what we call diseases that not diseases at all, but change in progress at the Light of DNA level.  It’s funny, I wrote a blog entitled we are the new virus, spreading… I didn’t realize it was as literal as it was figurative.  WE ARE the cause of this flu!!  Light has infected the whole world!! YAY???

On that note, my day of readings is about to begin.

I love you all so much, so very much!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with the Flu of Light thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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For a 15 or 30 minute package (buy two get one free, plus save an additional 22%) use coupon code: MASTERBUILDER

Special is good thru February 2nd, 2018!!

P.S.  I was sent an email last evening, to get the word out that someone has recently become homeless.  She is part of my friends network on facebook and another compassionate soul put together a fund raising campaign for her.  Here is a snippet of the email and the funding link.

I’ve set up a YouCaring raise for her (thank you so much for showing me how with the events of a 2 years ago when we went through such distress with your mama)

Can you please help me spread the call?  I think you know the further this goes out and more people that see it, the more likely it will be to help.

Thank you in advance for any assistance for our dear Kathy’s well Being!!

timeline changes

The day is here, that bad ass Super Blue Full Eclipsed Moon.  Wowzers!!  I woke straight up out of bed at 5am on the dot, after not going to sleep until close to midnight, highly unusual in this body!  But I am grateful.  The full moon is parked over my back yard, funny, directly above your field at the fence line on the right, where it has been showing up in all the readings this week.  There is a brilliant rainbow halo around it that my camera is just not capturing.  The light of the full moon is overtaking the picture.

full moon.jpg


It’s about time something this powerful fell on my day off so I do not have to reschedule anyone due to its intensity!!  But then again, these last few days have been mind raising in the readings.

There is one reading in particular that is hanging in the forefront of my mind to share from yesterday.  My time keeper.  As I bent over to get her reading started, on my way down to my lap (giggle) I could see clearly the blond wood of her stilts.  As I sat upright (which I do the moment I am connected) I followed her stilts in reverse until I connected with her body wayyyyy up about 20 feet above the ground.  More specifically, what her team said was that film that we call our magnetosphere, that separates the inner astral world of earth with the outer.  She was located directly at the fence line of the back yard, that which divides the January/ February energy fields and where the full moon has been positioned above. Suspended in air, or maybe, held in position by the magnetosphere, was an old clock that reminded me of the ones embedded in steeples.  Half of it was in the lower astral, half in the outer astral and she was called a “keeper of time.”  I could see her doing something that was purposely blocked from my understanding (which is really getting super pesky these days) with the place the hour and minute hands connect.  She was altering timelines.

I was viewing her and her work from the side, so I snuck my eyes to the back of the clock, we had a vast series of cogs running in the back of the clock.  These cogs kept the timelines unfolding.  During her reading, A master time keeper showed up and he made it clear that he was not an incarnated Being, but directly from spirit.  My feeling was, he was the head honcho of time on the earth realm.  He even made it clear to us, since I felt him so strongly as a male, that time itself is a male/masculine energy.  Who knew!!  I didn’t lol.

It is those cogs that keep the full spectrum of time running with the ability, and dare I say, spirits direct desire, to change the current running time.

I was able to see and understand as even just one cog is removed and replaced, the entire element of time changes, the outcomes change, what could have been disastrous becomes diverted into a more productive reality.

My ladys Master time keeper explained that we cannot alter the past in the way we would like.  The example given, in my personal reality, Bernie Sander becomes president.  What he explained is that is not what everyone else on this planet sees and experiences as the wider reality.  They are not looking to create a sub illusion, but a direct change in the path forward.  He even stated, that on the timeline we are currently sharing, many detrimental events will happen.  When the cogs change out from the current moment and what we perceive as the future, this events become diverted.  They do not happen.

It is time for the true time keepers incarnated on earth, to start to work together, consciously, as a team.  This was sort of stated in her reading yesterday, this morning, it is matter of fact.

Each conscious time keeper has a particular skill within the element of the clock (if you will) not one person can do it all.  This is truly a safety mechanism created long before time began.  I know I have read for several time keepers over the years.  If you are one of them, please email me at so I can get you all connected together and start working on the larger project at hand, together.  You will even find ways thru each other, to work out the kinks.

We are all capable of altering our own timelines, but the greater landscape must be done by those who not only lived lifetimes perfecting this skill, but understand how, when and why as well, beyond the human scope of understanding/knowing.  I hope everyone has been doing their homework!!

To combine the information that came thru the 5 readings yesterday, we are in an intense year of full spectrum energy.  New mathematical frequencies are being presented, which, if I understand that meaning, new forms of light will be revealed moving forward.

We have got to trust the immediate promptings running thru us.  We may not understand the why of it, but really do have to trust it.

I am going to share two examples from my world yesterday.  As you know from yesterdays sharing, I need a new car battery.  I am trying to squeeze my dollars to make that $110 unexpected expense work, when my son texted me early in the morning to say he finally is able to use his snow blower that I got him for Christmas.  It is a crazy time in the world when Texas had more snow events than Massachusetts!!

I really have no idea what ran thru me, but man it was so instant and unavoidable.  I immediately went to southwest’s site to look at airfares for May.  Why May??  I have no idea. I about shit how cheap I could get the flights.  Not only were they cheap, they were cheap coming and going on Saturdays, only $119 each way.  Granted I hadn’t seen my son or grandson in over a year, but I had not even thought about making plans to go see them until I get myself over this financial hurdle I am in.  I still pay the electric and water bill for my daughters house and when I can help her with groceries and gas needs as she works things out in her world too.  So, I really have not put any thought about a trip to Mass, at all.  Even when I do, I look at many airlines, sit on my hands and contemplate spending the money and time off from work… not yesterday.  It all happened within minutes.  I knew I had room on a credit card I had been trying to pay down, wham… April 28th thry May 5th I will be in Mass with my son and grandson.  Not only did I get cheap flights, they are both non stop flights.  I have never flown non stop because they usually cost more.

The day did not stop me from spending money I do not have lol.  Smoking is an expensive joy in Texas.  The least expensive cigarettes costs me $46 per carton.  When I was in VA, I got them for $23 a carton.  I brought home 4 cartons!  But, now, I am back and have no desire to spend twice as much as I could get in VA.  I did make plans with my daughter to replenish when I need, but that feels so, inconvenient lol.  I started getting pressed with the roll your own kind of smokes.  I cruised amazon to see what the roller costs… $16 once and done.  The cigarette tubes with filters already on them… $7 for a whole carton.  I have no idea what loose tobacco sells for, I am sure it was less than $40!!  Amazon Prime credit card to the rescue.  I will soon be a roll your own smoker!!  I love the fact that the tubes I ordered are “Zen” with that name printed on them.  Holy smoke even!!  Anyone have any advice about loose tobacco?  I am a menthol smoker and these tubes I ordered are menthol… Any insight you can give me, via the above email, would be greatly appreciated.

Again, I never even once thought about roll your own smokes, ever.  Yet yesterday, I could not stop thinking about it.  Usually, I would mull it over for days until, usually, it lays dead in the past and I just move on.

Here’s to trusting sudden, out of the blue (moon lol) inspertions.  Act, don’t think!!

Speaking of trusting… bouncing out of bed at 5 am with only 5 hours of sleep so I could see the moon became something I will always be grateful for.  I went out in the yard, took those pictures, breathed in the energy and came back in to caffeinated and write this sharing.  Soon after, the moon was completely gone.  My phone was declaring we are under a thick fog alert.  There was no fog when I went outside at 5am.  Well, I found out why I could no longer see the moon shortly after 5am.  I waited until daylight to get this picture:


full moon portal.jpg

That massive fog bank revealed a massive portal when I took the pictures.  I could see (in the area circled) a massive portal of turquoise green energy thru the camera lens, but try as I might, I could not capture it in the picture!!  I have a feeling, the readings will tell us so much more!!

For now tho, I am going outside to meditation and breath in this new energy.  I love you all soul much!!  Have an amazing Super, Blue, Full Eclipsed Moon day!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 30, 2018

The Flu, The Electrical Body, The Full Moon and the New YOU!!

new energy

Finally!!  5 days down and finally, my voice returned yesterday for readings.  I take in so much information on any given day, I forget 90% of it each day.  All last quarter, spirit kept telling us we are moving into a new energy field, new elements floating around the air, new forms of old elements, new everything.  Not to mention a higher electrical current on earth too.

I caught the tail end of the local nightly news the other day that put this understanding right smack dab in my face.  They were talking about this new flu and how deadly it is and how it is causing so many heart attacks.  Heart attacks!!  That is it, this flu is not your usual virus that we are familiar with.  It really is a virus of Light.  It is highly electrical, combined with all these new elements that MUST enter biology.  Change biology, start new (unrecognizable to the medical profession) energy running thru our body’s, which must affect the heart, since it runs purely off electrical impulses.

I received a text on Sunday from someone scheduled for a reading yesterday, she couldn’t come because she was in the hospital.  I sent here energy to assist whatever was happening to her.  I immediately seen her blood and new molecules traveling thru her blood, slowly integrating into her biology.  I read on facebook later that day, that she was in ICU because of her blood, she went sepsis and no test is revealing why.

The hazards of this biological change happening so fast, most of our medical professionals have no concept of what is really happening to humanity, the true evolution at hand, and no testing equipment designed to see it for what it is.

The one thing I was absolutely sure of yesterday, thru the readings, this full moon, super moon, blue moon total eclipse on the 31st, is no joke.  It’s energy release is like no other eclipsed moon I have ever experienced in readings.  It is penetrating into the biology itself like never before.

My first lady on the field, she was bathing in it.  I could barely see her body from all the thick, white energy of the full moon.  I had to squint hard (smile) to be able to see inside her body to understand what was happening.  I could see this shiny metallic cog (reminded me of the sheen and color variation from Peacocks Ore/Stone of Happiness.  It was located directly at her sacral plexus/community center and was referred to as a “hybrid cog” several times thru her reading.  When spirit wants us to really acknowledge and pay attention to something, they will repeat it over and over in a reading.

As her reading went on, suddenly we were connected to her ET team, her new partners and implanters of this cog.  They referred to themselves as “The Sirian Counsel of Light for Evolving Humanity.

They arrived into her reading via a smaller ship and remained in the ship thru it.  The beautiful of spirit vision, it has no limitations lol, so I was able to see thru their ship and see them, 3 of them, all wearing glass like bubbles on their head.  This was really unusual, rarely does any ET’s show up with these things on their head.  They explained that it was to keep the information limited from me, since I write and share a lot, there is information they do no want me/us to know, only their lady.  Hey!!!  Not fair!!!

We did get a little glimpse of her and their purpose together.  To put it in a nutshell (which is all I got from them) is she will be placed in areas (be it a store, a diner, a theater…) where frequency needs an upgrade.  Instead of targeting simply the space, she will target the human directly, indirectly.  I think we can look at it as being at ground zero doing the work.

Which brings me to my second lady!  I have been reading for her for many years, so I know her back story pretty well.  She was born with a body unlike ours, organs no in their correct place and her pain body engaged since birth.  I (eventually) understood that her DNA housed more of her Alien/ET DNA from birth.  What many of us see as birth defects are really more ET DNA being exposed in form that the traditional looking human.  This is trru of the more common so called defects such as down syndrome and autism.  so many want to blame these things on all things government, but really, it is a accelerating evolution thru humanity.  It must come thru the living vehicle!!

Back to my lady.  I started seeing her before our appointment and I kinda felt bad for her, knowing her already super sensitive pain body and recently experiencing my own.  The full moon thick white energy was in and thru her home, all moving into her.  As the energy was near her physical body, some of the white energy turned into strands of golden energy and were moving into her spine.  The first thing I did when we connected, was ask how her pain body has been lately.  Intense!!

I say again, this path is not for the weak of heart, as this flu is really showing us.

Going into an alignment with my first readings agenda, my precious lady will be doing “frequency acquisitions.”  The way her team let us see and understand it, is if she had wings and several lower based frequencies were around her, her wings would open up and absorb these lower frequencies into her higher frequency light.  She will not even have to go looking for anyone to help, she works manning the phones of a suicide hotline.  How amazingly perfect for her and those who need her Light.

Like with anyone we assist consciously or unconsciously, remember, you have no responsibility with what anyone does with the assistance, that is always up to them.  All-Ways!!  We can use the old adage here, you can take a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink.

My third and final lady on the field, again, someone I have been connecting to for a while, has these major power rocks in her basement.  They are large (so large they cannot be picked up) and have been there for a decade or better.  I have felt there energy before, but nothing like yesterday.  Holy freakin heaven batman!!  I started previewing her too, well, her rocks!!  They were breaking this golden like energy, in and out, in and out.  At the top of the rocks, I suppose we can even liken it to the crown energy, energy was being emitted upwards thru her house.

When I connected with her in the reading, her body was parallel to the ground, with a wedge of energy about a foot or two beneath her, so she was not laying on the ground, but appeared to be floating just above it due to this energy from the rocks.  Couple that with the full moon energy coming down into her from above, she couldn’t get up if she tried.  She was in an energy pin down!! lol  But, the was movement with her body, going from one point of the field to another, semi rotating and nothing I could pin point with clarity, except that there are new magnetic spots in her field of life, she is being powered up with these new magnetics and that is all her team would allow us to see/understand about that.

Her team did say that the brunt of this full moon energy should ease up by the end of the first week in February.

Is it any co-winky-dink that I started binge watching The 4400 on Netflix 2 days ago??  For those of you unfamiliar (Like I was before watching) here is a little promo I found:  What appears to be a comet slows, hovers and stops, then bursts forth to reveal 4,400 people who were presumed dead or missing over the past 50 years. They look exactly the same as the moment they disappeared, but some of the returnees now have special powers. After one of the 4,400 commits a murder, a special division of the Homeland Security Department is formed to monitor them.

They talk about the ripple effect, and the vast variety of super powers many have now developed within themselves (in our actual life right now.)  The Nation of Lights is equal to the Center for the 4400, there is power in like energies, for increased developed at a faster speed.  I’ve known this to be true for close to 2 decades.  What we can look at in 2018, is the release back into this multifaceted timeline… of the 4400 (figuratively speaking, there is no set number, except those willing to do the inner and outer work to enhance their abilities, increases the value and speed too.

Now with all this let me take you inside my crazy personal world.  A few days ago, my daughter lost the keys to her car.  Excuse me, her 2 year old made them disappear.  She searched frantically for 4 days looking for them.  I gave her my car to get to work.  She accidentally left my trunk open all night and it killed the battery to my car.  Considering I was on my 8th going into my 9th year of a 5 year battery, I wasn’t too surprised when her friend came to jump my car and it just would not jump.  He gave her a battery charger to use, and I decided to one up that charger and do an experiment.  I asked for energy charge via the wonderful friends on facebook to be sent to my battery.  I am not in a position to afford a new battery., especially when February’s income just got wiped out by my voiceless rescheduling.

A long time ago, back on the mountain side in Vermont, starting to really come into understanding of the power of true energy that we can harness when focused, I took regular AA batteries, that at that time (2002) had yellow stripes on the side, and when you put your finger and thumb top and bottom, it would show you how much battery juice was left.  I made sure my experiment was with completely dead batteries, and focused all my energy into the battery and that yellow stripe would go from dead to fully charged, but only for as long as I held my focus there.  Once I released my focused energy, so did the battery.

I kept seeing this experiment while my car battery was being charged.  I should have realized the meaning, but didn’t.  My car battery can no longer hold a charge.  It completely died while idling in my driveway.

The greater news is, while everyone was sending their electrical charge to my car, which was parked right behind my daughters, she suddenly found the car keys out in the back yard where Rune threw them.  So not only did the focus charge my battery, it charged and cleared the pathway of my daughters mind and the lost car keys!! Thank you!!  Today my roadside assistance is coming to tow my car to Walmart for a new battery.

I sat down at my computer yesterday, don’t ya know the batteries in my mouse were completely dead too.  I just changed them about 2 months ago.  This energy is draining the old so we are forced into new currents of life and thought!!

On that note, I gotta get ready for another day of reading…. YAY!!

Ohh we have added a new section to the Nation of Lights website.  We just started building this today.  Anyone who has a paid membership in the Nation is now entitled to a free listing on the Service Directory.!directory

Contact my webmaster Chris at for inclusion.  We are also starting a referral program, it should be done by tomorrow.  Details TBA!!

I love you all soul much!!  Have an amazing entrance and exit into and thru the FULL MOON POWER of YOU!!

((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and bliss and as much gentleness as our bodies allow!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 27, 2018

We are Changing Biology with our Choices.

changing biology

Energy season is really running rapid, isn’t it!!  For so many of us, it is a really wild ride inside the body.  I have been paying extra close attention within mine the last few days, since I could do little else!! lol

I already wrote about day 1, with the waves of energy creating congestion and voice loss, day 2 was just as weird.  When my voice would roll back in, there were no high tones to it, only bass.  I very much sounded like Jeremiah the bullfrog.  I had very little congestion, instead, an elephant sat steadfast on my chest.  So I would have break thru asthma attacks thru the day.  In the late afternoon I was watching (really just listening) to some program on TV when my whole body caught the background music… drums.  I have always had a heightened relationship with drums and now I think, I understand why.

I received this completely unexpected memory of being in what you and I would call a room, my soul in this very small room (just large enough to contain it) and the walls were beating rhythmically, drum beats were altering my entire soul energy.  The patterns of light within my soul changed color with the drums.  There was a sense of ecstasy that came with its infusion.  The only thing I could understand about what was happening, for sure, was an enhancement of some sort to the soul energy.  This whole glimpse didn’t last long, not even a minute I think.  It wasn’t until yesterday did I form the connection between the memory that was given to me and my bass voice.  It was totally connected.  What it means, I have no idea.

Yesterday was just a harsh day in body.  Quite the opposite of the day prior.  My daughter came over first thing in the morning and I was able to utter a few words to her, now I was all tenor, like a squeaky toy.  Then the voice left again, less in an out as the two days prior.  But my body hurt, my knees, fingers and wrists were inflamed.  Movement was debilitating.  So my brilliant and compassionate body told me straight out, if I take 800 mg of ibuprofen every 6 hours, I would not be in as much pain.  Sure enough!! I made sure my last dose was just as I went to sleep and I woke up fluidly this morning, even a bit of pep in my step, hurray!!  My voice is back to sounding like Jeremiah, but hey, I don’t hurt and am not blowing or sneezing, and I can breathe!!!

My body and I took a walk thru memory lane yesterday.  Remembering when psoriasis first appeared on my body.  I was 17 and took a hitchhiking trip with a roommate to anywhere but where we were at.  We lived in PA and broke up in GA (long story I won’t get into.0  When I finally returned home, I had my first outbreak of what would be diagnoses as psoriasis (many years later, it was no widely known back in the late 70’s.)  This autoimmune disease changed the course of my life.  I was supposed to go into the Navy straight out of high school, but because this rash was unknown and misdiagnosed, they refused to take me.

There are three types of psoriasis, I have gutatte psoriasis, little circles that accelerate skin growth and looks gross!!  It would come and go, 5-7 years between outbreaks until I went thru menopause in 2012.  Now, every October like clockwork.

In my early years of this path and as various illnesses were spontaneously healing in my body (ulcers, GERD, depression and so on) I addressed this psoriasis.  I want it gone too.  My team explained that all my other dysfunctions were exactly that, dysfunctions caused by the way I approached and felt about life.  The psoriasis was a natural way my body was changing with the energies.  I didn’t really understand what my team was talking about then, but did trust what they said.  Truthfully, I never dived much deeper than that thru these last two decades, I accepted it and it was ok.

That is, until this inflammation hit and I started to understand what it is.  I do not mind unpleasant or uncomfortable, I do, however, mind pain, especially when it is chronic.  So yesterday, I was having a fight with my body.  Well, as much of a fight as one can have with the body.  And it brought me back to the moment, the action that triggered my psoriasis.

I was raised in a rather prejudice family.  Back in the 60’s and 70’s prejudice was targeted at black people, even tho, in my area, the black population was only 1.7% and I never knew anyone of color, I tried to hate, but couldn’t.  In my senior year there was a black girl who got busted for having an ounce of marijuana.  By this time I was living in an experimental (by the state) home where 3 seniors have a house to themselves with 20 something staff that supervised (a very failed experiment lol) and I really had no one to answer to, she was terrified of the trouble she would get into at home.  I took the rap, even tho the principle knew it was not mine, I insisted it was.  Thank god it was 2 joints shy of an ounce, so no police were involved (I never thought that far out in my desire to help her.)  I got suspended from school for two weeks (hence my GA trip) in my 4th quarter of my senior year.

That very act started the energy of change.  The acceleration of growth within my cellular body.  To assist my cellular body, psoriasis became present.

In 2016, I was presented with yet another life changing decision, helping my mother.  A lady who never had my back thru my whole life, now needed loving compassion to exist hers.

The flood of new chemicals released in those two life changing decisions, altered the cells of my body, the chemicals of my body.  What happens to my biology, assists the all.  This is true for ever person on this earth going thru their personal, unique change in the higher realms.

 We are changing biology with our choices and that is also, often times, presenting as changes in the body.  Usually, very unpleasant changes to experience, but not always.

In order to override hate, we must override it in our chemical reactions to its very existence.  Action, not words, lead the way.

.Ahhhhh, isn’t life just freakin grande!! lol    At least now, I can finally stop looking for what I am doing wrong and focus on what is right and keep tip toeing in that direction.  We ALL CAN!!!  The energies of sun and earth are demanding it!!

Here is praying that the bullfrog within, will allow the voice of reading to express today.  I miss you so much!!  No matter what, there will be class in the Nation today!!  Even if I have to whisper.

Big big (((HUGZ))) of radiacal change thru the entire DNA codings of Life, thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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