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Happy day after the equinox, (which is now the day after the day after lol) but most importantly, welcome to the first days of the rest of our lives!!  We all have been getting previews, experiences of what this new cycle will focus on within our personal lives these last couple days, well, starting with the 21st.  The day before and the day after the equinox consist of one full day in spirits eyes, or so they say anywayz lol.  This understanding really nit me when I read a post my son put up yesterday, he won $500 thru a radio station: 92.9 FM.  Last week I just told him, he has the worst money karma I have ever seen and its time to change it, I cannot afford to take care of 3 people besides myself (my mother, youngest daughter and he shares my cell bill, which I usually pay in full.)  He agreed.  So i got really excited to see he started this phase with a huge influx of money.  The radio station number tells a big story too.  YAY Chris!!  Then he said his boss just told him yesterday when the job he is working on is done, he will have a $700 bonus with it.  Wheeeeeee!!  Change is in the air!!! So I hadda sit and look at myself too and suddenly the day prior (the 21st) suddenly made sense.  So I share this so you may take another look at things that may have been presented or happened in the last couple days, with a deeper understanding of them.

On the 21st, after I sung and danced happy birthday to my mother, I came outside and had my coffee, smoke and morning wonder.  I heard/felt (at the same time) its time to raise your reading prices.  WHAT??  Are you kidding me!! lol  I’m not even reading right now, have no idea when I am going to read again and have a ton of people so patiently waiting for their reschedule and you want to talk about a price increase, bite my ass!!  I agreed to do that January 2017, dammit.  Just for the record, we (my team and I) agreed to $25 a reading increase.  I have not raised my prices since 2005, well once at $4 a reading to cover the paypal fees, but I am well taken care of at my rates.  Or at least, have been.  I cannot even imagine the why of this, but, gotta trust without understanding.

Wednesday was also my mothers “spa day.”  The day the hospice volunteer comes in to give her a bath and freshen her up, not surprisingly, she declined her spa day, she woke up in belly pain that morning and has been having an increasingly harder time breathing.  Her nurse that came in in the morning explained to me the degree of her cancer, which I had not fully understood all the medical words from her CT scans, even with looking them up.  I had no idea there are a ton of lymph nodes that align up and down the sternum area for the lungs, and she has cancer in those lymph nodes, plus “free fluid” (from the cancer) in her abdomen, which is what is causing her belly pain.  Bless her heart, which is enlarged due to all this stuff too.

The spa lady that came was a replacement for her usual one.  I felt bad that she made a trip for no reason.  But spirit is always setting people in each others paths that need each other.  I needed this precious young lady as much as she needed my abilities.  For the last week, I have been so homesick for my connection to spirit thru readings, almost to the point of wanting to speed up my mothers process to get back into my own life again, but keep falling short of having a stern talk with her soul (I had one of these with my father, a week later, he transitioned.)

On the kitchen table I have a beautiful book called “The Next Place” given to my mother by a beautiful soul.  My mother is not ready for me to read it to her yet.  The day it came, we looked at the first page and then she said she was done.  I have been waiting to look at it with her.  Her spa lady opened it up and read the whole thing, crying thru it.  This is actually a beautiful picture book with inspirational, hopeful sentences inlayed within the pictures.  As the spa lady was finishing the book (a super quick read) suddenly I could see her team, 5 in all, two next to her left arm to help her thru life, one on her right arm to help her thru the emotions of change and I loved the two in the back, behind her, to shove her into new experiences.  The two in the back (I bet many of you who tend to make the same choices over and over again, have two, a masculine and feminine energy, behind you too.  I wouldn’t fully understand the significance of her male and female tail pushers until the next day, but I’ll get to that in a minute.  They did explain to her (and I am doing the same for you) that should she feel pressure, pain, anything out of the ordinary in her lumbar down to her coccyx, it is them pushing her in a different direction, to pay attention to the choices that are at hand and make radically new choices.  The safe road is not the best road for her (our) life plans.

More came thru for her and we were both grateful for this moment.  I got my sip spirit that I had been longing for, she got insight into her moments now and to come.

When she left I thanked spirit for the connection and the much needed refill and I had to ask, why can I not connect to my moms regular people who come here and are very open to readings too.  Well, too much light would be shed on the condition of my mother and for that, we all need blinders on.  Dammit!!

So yesterday, the hospice counselor came to see us and she is very much on her spiritual journey, we have had wonderful talks before.  She was a safe place for me to vent about the pest control guy that was here earlier in the morning and I have no idea how the discussion turned to politics and his love of trump… grrrrrr.  Talking, excuse me, venting to this precious lady was like breaking an egg wide open to see the hidden contents of an emerging life in the USA.

Without given all the details of how we got to this part (it doesn’t matter) she said that with the influx of feminine energy we must have a feminine/female president.  Once again, like the days of old, spirit hijacked my lips to release understanding.  I love that!!!  We have already had the full feminine experience before the masculine had its hand at life.  This truly is where slavery started, the women in power making the men and their strength, their slaves.  It linger to this day.  This time MUST have people in power and in life that are fully balanced, masculine and feminine.  Bernie Sanders is balanced.  Michelle Obama is Balanced.  Those talking souly about the feminine are still wounded within themselves.

And then the surprise of my mouth came out… it may be time for the USA to fully collapse and Trump is just the guy to do that.  Yikes!!   The more we all realize Hillary’s non health condition, the higher trump goes in the poles.  The saving grace for this confused nation will be the reentrance of Bernie… or not.  Or even Michelle!!

This morning as I sat to write all these wonderful insights of the last couple days, I fully realized why the spa lady had two spirits, defining themselves as masculine and feminine, to push her into new directions, our path needs to be that of a combined energy, the balance of emotional strength to rebuild this precious world starting with our own lives.

(I wrote the above yesterday the 22nd, then my battery died and my day went in a whole other direction.  So “yesterday” above is now the day before yesterday.)

I do want to insert this little treat I came across on facebook while scrolling on my phone immediately after pausing on my writing yesterday, on Lisa Rising Berry‘s facebook page (her name is linked to her blog:)

The Spiritual Significance of the Equinox

In the yogic tradition, the equinox is seen as a day when one has the best possibility of transcending the limitations and compulsions of one’s physical longings.

Shiva is said to have sat as an Ardhanari – half woman and half man, because masculine and feminine are on an even keel on this day.



So with all that said and I hope, understood, let this new cycle be the time where you honor the divine masculine as much as the divine feminine is honored.  It is crucial that we all do!!

On the 20th, I swear my own body has felt like someone took and completely unplugged my energy system from any and all energy systems.  After full nights of sleep, I still couldn’t keep my eyes open and would lay down for many cat naps during the day, only to awaken with my hand, wrist and part of my forearm on my left side completely asleep.  At first I thought it was due to the fact I was napping on my mothers really hard as a rock couch, but the same was happening in my bed too.  I would wake up with my hands and forearms asleep to the point of numb.  The second day in the row this happened, my dear, blessed, protective ego went into protection mode looking at the physical causes that it could be from.  Gotta give the ego its protective stance for a minute anywayz.  Then, yesterday I fully realized its the energies reflecting back to me, my life as it is still in the midst of what could appear as numbed out change.  Stillness.  However, the left side is our reach for life, the hand is our grasp for new life, the wrist is flexibility and the forearm is the extension that allows whatever you are reaching for to be pulled back without fail, without it falling to the ground.  The numbness is my body’s way of saying, things are happening deep inside the field and it is not time to do a thing yet (dammit.)  I finally realized this yesterday, no more numbness.

There is also something I want to share that I came across on facebook on the day of the equinox while mindlessly scrolling along.  It’s an article about an amazing autistic boy:

Included in this article is a video that I watched and realized this beautiful 12 year old is not only teaching us about the gifts society does not take time to realize, but also the importance of thinking.  To take time to stop learning and use that time to think.  The greatest inventions and understandings has come thru the time when life someone stops our path f learning (taking in new information) to ponder.  Please take the few minutes and watch the video included in the link.  There are other nuggets of wisdom in it, but that one (repeated) thing hit me like a ton of bricks as it reflects my life these last (close to) three months.

Well, mom is stirring and I don’t want this to sit another day.  I love you all so much and may we all have our thinking cap on as we continue to watch “as the world changes.”  In balance of course😉 In the words of a 12 year old genius “Forget what you know!!”

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of stillness and bliss to All!!!  I love you❤

Lisa Gawlas


Another 4am morning, but today, instead of hearing the insistent pleadings from my mother saying “Lisa, I’m hungry” instead, I awake to her large but frail frame struggling to get into the doorway of my room.  That kinda scared me.  She was heading to my toilet, a far far journey for her.  She forgot that I put a hat in her toilet to monitor her bathroom releases and insisted that her toilet doesn’t, even when I told her it did and reminded her of the hat, she was already focused on using my toilet.  Alrighty then… of course she got stuck on my toilet.  Between being completely out of breath and not having the 4 inch high rise on the toilet seat, she could not get up and I was of little help to get her up.  Time for me to start weight lifting or something.  I called on my team, put my arms around my mothers back and whooosh, up and off the toilet she came.  The trek all the way back to her bed had me holding my breath.  If she fell, we were screwed.  Of course, hospice gave me the number to call in the event she fell, 5 strapping men would come to get my mother back into bed.

Got her into bed, put some food and morphine into her system, fed the damn cat, who has become so needy and whiney.  I finally got my coffee came outside and pouted.

As I awoke from my slumber yesterday, to my mothers voice, it became vividly clear that last week, those few days I was absolutely sure mom was in the midst of making her transition, she opted to stay a while longer, her rebound, which I have got to continue to give credit to the anonymous box of Godiva chocolates that came via UPS to her, as the cure, because from that moment on, it was like my mother became a rose blooming one more time.  She has been awake and alert much more thru the days.

When I am not having my own selfish (and yes, little s there) moments of saying shit… I cannot do months more of this, I can see and fully understand the bigger picture.  There is magic happening, I can see it, I can feel it and more than my tiny, occasional selfish moments, I so appreciate it.  The allowance of being loved.  This seems like a little thing, but really it is energetically transforming.

Her life, our life, is surrounded by an in pouring of love.  All her birthday cards are opened and displayed all thru out her room, the gifts that come in she holds in her hands before I set them somewhere.  Every ounce of it, without conditions or expectations, just because she IS.  I have watched how she takes in this energy.  I do not have the capacity to put the details into words, but it has changed her from the inside out in truly miraculous ways.  Equally tho, it has done a similar thing to my aunt that lives a few streets over.  She is now visiting my mother more often, several times this week.  My mother insists that its her guilt, which was probably true in the beginning, but as I explained to my mother, I am really good at reading energy and Aunt Joan is here because she loves you.  I could almost feel the relief within my mothers field.

For all of this, I am so grateful to not only witness, but be a part of.  Yet… my own inner restlessness is stirring and dare I say, amping up my own aggravation for the ongoing limbo of my life.  So as I came out here on the car port to have a smoke and pout a bit, my team showed me more details of little visual understandings I have been getting this last week.  I have tried to write about them all week, but between my increasingly dysfunctional laptop and my mother calling me… well…

I have found a great image to help explain what I have been seeing and understanding to this point:




Let me say this from the get go, one place is not better or worse than another.  We are all scattered about all places, as needed, all timelines.  If we look at the outer fractal, what we are going to call individuated timelines which really are frequency of existences, or simply… area 1 (to save my typing) and to make this more understandable, of course I will lean on my own journey and understandings.  In the beginning of this year, the first quarter of pure energy, I was living on one of the area 1 fractals, doing what I do and enjoying it.  Equally understanding that the energy of the first quarter was to get us ready for massive choice points and changes of venues in our lives, if we allowed for it.  Free will is NEVER taken away.  It may be squeezed to the best advantage point towards soul growth, but never taken away.

As I/we (and there is no timeline for any of this, it is always energy packages and not associated with any illusion of time) moved into the 2nd quarter, we also started to move towards the center of the fractal we were on.  The place figure three is calling no time, a reconfiguration of our on going life points.  We could all see how this played out in my own personal life with my daughter and grandson showing up in my life on mothers day after a 4 year estrangement.  Little did I see the enormity that would unfold, but hey, spirit keeps us blindfolded, a lot!!  But having my daughter come back started to reconfigure all of our choice points (mine, hers, everyone that would be involved in our lives, to include, my mother.)

When my daughter landed on my mother’s doorstep, she placed herself in the area of figure 2, the conclusion of many lifetime events that had an opportunity to completely finish up.

When she called me to tell me of my mother’s true living and health conditions, my own timeline exploded (into vibrational energy) and with my choice of helping my mother one way or the other, my life came out of the fractal energy it was happily within and came plowing into the conclusion area.  However, with free will of my mothers still very much at play and her free will was standing behind that wall of anger, we had to reconfigure her timeline.  If her mind and body wasn’t in such a weakened state already, I am not sure it would have been as easy as it was… but her energy had to move off the timeline (figure 1) that she had been living on, completely taking her into the center (figure 3) and spitting her back out on a timeline where we had healed the energy between us and she was ready to open to my presence in her world.  This happened with a lot of effort from my daughter as well as her sister in Pennsylvania.  Which means, they equally had a foot on that timeline already.  Talk about living multidimensionally!!

Now lets take this one step further (as I am not getting this understanding) back in 2011 I wrote my mother a letter trying to get myself back into her life, or anyone of her grandchildren.  Had she accepted that invitation then, the plane we opened up recently, would have unfolded in her/our consciousness.  However, she declined the invitation, so beyond this consciousness, all that needed to play out, did, but in a whole other timeline of existence beyond this particular fractal of consciousness.  HA!!  Think about that for a moment, this particular fractal of consciousness.  Wow, I never thought of it like that before, yet… seeing it and understanding it now, of course it makes perfect sense.  Going with the elongated spiral fractal, it is designed so that one fractal can easily fit into and blend with another.  So when we merge timelines and conclusions, the mind does not see what happened to get there, it is just there.

Let me back up to 2011 tho, as I just realized this.  At the time of writing that letter ( and including lots of pictures) to my mom, I was living off the grid in a trailer in the desert in south albuquerque.  A few months later, I moved back to my roommates world, then moved back to virginia to be with my son, got spit out and moved 3 months later back to new mexico.  I could not figure out where I was supposed to be, now I fully understand that unsettled feeling thru 2011 was the potential of reuniting with my mother.  Instead, I found my heaven January 2012, until the next opportunity presented itself to be Here.

So yesterday, as I come outside (my new really hot, refuge) and try and get myself down off the mound of guilt for just thinking, I don’t want to do this for months, but to be clear, I will, without hesitation, I decided to pull the weeds in my mothers flower box in the front, since my aunt informed me if I don’t, we will get a ticket by the office.  Great!!  I gotta go kill plants that look pretty to me cuz there are rules around that here.  (Hear me grumble lol, I miss my free growing desert.)  And then these crazy memories with new twists started to infiltrate my awareness.

My mothers primary horpice nurse, after being here two days in a row to check on my mother said there is a chance my mother may be here for a couple of months, if this sudden burst of energy isn’t just a rally.  Instantly my whole Being deflated and my mouth was already sending off the words “I don’t know if I can do this for a few more months, just sitting here.”  She had said there are options, I can put my mother into hospice, once, for 5 days to give me a break to get my own stuff done.  She hinted about me returning to New Mexico for that time, or my mother could go into hospice.  Neither will happen because instantly I could feel the decline of my mother simply by leaving her house and what she has come to know here.  I thanked her nurse and with appreciation just said, I couldn’t do that.  I am in this for the long haul, here, with my mother.

So as I am plucking really pretty weeds getting ready to open tiny little yellow flowers (how are these weeds???) there was a culmination of timeline (non)memories wafting thru my consciousness.  In the timelines my mother and I shared together in this ongoing consciousness, every time my mothers life was disturbed or should I say, inconvenience, I went to live with someone else, usually foster care.  The choice (not from guilt, which was only fleeting within me, but from the depths of love) to stay by my mother, thru to the end, changed all of our timeline outcomes.  That is to say, completely voided any and all (negative) karma that was waiting another lifetime to be transmuted.  That is one of the huge gifts of residing in the area (3) of no time.  When we choose via the heart mind and not the ego mind, it changes everything, completely.

So this morning, again, for the 2nd day in a row, I came outside and pouted and this time, asked my team to help me understand this moment, the longness I feel in this moment.  My whole heart expanded when they showed me… my mother and I in the space of the inner most fractal, dancing a waltz together.  There was no sound, no words, just grace and fluidity. and such profound love.

You and I, being in the human suit, look at months as forever long, to spirit, it is less than a blink of an eye.

Coming into this week, I cannot even remember which days it was now, but for about 2 or 3 days I could see two sets of hmmmm lines, a bunch of them,  The top layer of lines, spread out in a circle were black, the ones below the black ones were a metallic gold.  They were spinning around and I was in the center.  I decided I guess I should pick one since the visual is always the same.  I stepped on a metallic gold one, that was the last time I seen that visual and I knew I did something, but no clue what.  At least, until this morning.

For two days now, I have been so restless inside myself with tinges of aggravation (pesky humanness gotta be there too ya know lol.)  And this morning, I realized that what I am feeling is the energy of the equinox coming up on the 22nd, now pulling us into our next grand adventure.  The magnetic doorway is now wide open, will be for the next thru the 21st, as the energies intensify as the doorway closes on the 2 days preceding the equinox (thru the end of the 25th.)

If I am understanding the ongoing visual, the black lines (pure human-based experiences) and the metallic gold lines (pure spirit in human form experiences and even describing it this way, is so inaccurate, but as close as I can get right now) are intertwining to become one massive fractal expanding.  This is unlike any of our timeline/frequencies experiences the earth realm has ever known.  I think the simplest way to explain what I am seeing, is if we took a song, any song and instead of listening to the song over 3 minutes, the entire song plays in a nano-second, all at once if you will.  With it will come many crazy, wonderful and more than likely, disheartening experiences thru 2018 (that’s one hellofa long nanosecond lol) the sound of pure spirit will be seeping more intensely to the human realm (those on the black line will be having experiences, intensified, as those on the golden lines.)  Those not energetically equipped to handle the speed up of frequencies will simply leave the body and go back to the other side.  Those of us walking the golden timelines will open to more spiritual energy than ever before, in ways unheard of before.  So with that, I have no clue what I am talking about (smile.)

The intensity of magnetic attraction will be so over the top intense as we maneuver this next amplified, extraordinary phase of growth in the human realm.

I had this odd, crazy desire this morning, which of course, I gave into.  I made some homemade bread with the intention of the yeast to pull the magnetic fields of all good things into itself and disseminate itself to those who eat of it.  I have never ever done that before.  Lets see what rises from it!!

Well this day is well under way and my computer is about dead again.  So I will leave on that note and say, I am not aggravated any longer, instead, in such deep and wondrous gratitude that thru it all… Here we are!!❤

I love and miss you all like crazy.  I hope I have gotten an email out to everyone on my dance card, if not, I did put a note on my main and reading page that until I finish this dance with my mother, I am not doing readings.  Of course, I will get a reschedule notice out on the other side of this journey as we expand into a whole new phase of Living!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of beautiful magnetic fields of amplification to and thru All!!!

Lisa Gawlas






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The Present Moment and the Temple of the Presence Within.



This morning, as I sit outside and have my predawn coffee and smokes and listen thru the baby monitor to my mother breathe, I have become so vividly aware of the absence of time, the true stillness and expansiveness of love, of the Presence of Love.  I think we need to completely redefine a concept we try to live by: “being in the moment,” I never fully understood that expression until this morning and only because there is such a lack of anything and everything else, do I fully understand its enormity right now.

I just received a very simple visual to help show what I mean, what I am so vividly aware of this early morning:



The blue circle, that’s our unique energy field, the thing that surrounds us 24/7 as we move thru life as well as beyond life.  It is OUR temple of the Presence, if we allow.  The red x in the center, that’s our body.  I wish there was a way to have those black lines move in and out of existence, but I am not that artistically savvy, but know of this diagram, they are the only things not static.  The represent time, past experiences, future desires, even present moments things, all filled with one kind of an emotion or another.  For as long as we have any or all of these lines intersecting into our energy field, they are affecting us in many various ways, altering and pushing our present moment.  Just think about it, an experience from the past, whether we look back with joy or cringingness, is affecting how we make our choices for the present and future.  Think about this for a moment, even our joy is simply a measure of our sorrow (again, from past experience, but not only in this life, but whatever we carried forward.)

Which takes the energy of healing to a whole new level of understanding for me.  Healing should be erasing the emotional currents of intersections within your blue circle, (when allowed) your Temple of the Presence (god.)  Of course, many would think of the physical body as the temple, but look at all that space around the red x.  It would be like saying the cars on the road are the temple of our movements in life and we can see that any given car lot is filled with more cars should the one we drive die.

When we heal within ourselves, a job one you can do unto yourself. There are those that can assist the energies to start opening up, for the roots to be seen and explained (that’s what I have done/do for others) but only you can void the causality of any given intersection of emotion.

When we fully and completely void out the pain filled intersections, we stop trying to recreate the joy filled intersections and fully open up to new, unthought of experiences.  It truly is what Being in the Moment really means.

I am working in my mind my mothers obituary.  Yesterday as I started working the energy sentences around, I was picking up pieces of her past, mulling them over, wondering if this is the best way to express in a few words my mother’s life and death.  This morning, my mind back on that task, but void of any yesterdays and became engulfed in this tremendous moment of love flowing from one temple to the other.  It had nothing to do with mother and daughter, friend or foe, it was consumed with pure unadulterated love.

And my mind goes back to the cloud formation when I entered the payment booth on the florida turnpike,  two faces looking at each other, emerged from one heart appearing as two people.  I so get that now.  My mother has been one of the greatest teachers of my life.  To give me the feeling and experience of the depths of separation to this moment to that IS the depths of Oneness.

A couple of days ago I started to send out my thank you emails (I have so many more to go) to those who have surrounded my mother and I with the ability to be together without having to worry about how the bills are going to get paid or how the klondike bars will remain in stock, when the floodgates of my eyes just opened up and poured out the most intense love and gratitude for the rest of the day.  Wave upon wave upon wave.  Thank god I was wearing my glasses and not my contacts!!  I was pretty damn sure my mother was transitioning that day… but I was wrong.  (I will catch up to the emails, I am so knee deep in processing, understanding and loving my mother.)

Yesterday morning when I got up, the well in my eyes completely out of fluids, I took to two of my angel decks.  One called the archangels and the other called the ascended masters.  I asked for understanding in my mothers moment, since she is still here and decided to stay a while longer.  I was bitching about the card I pulled from the archangel deck that simply said “Soul Mate.”  What??  My mother is past the energy field of looking for a soul mate, thank you very much.   So I poo pooed the card away and pulled one from the ascended masters deck: “Purification.”  Ohhhh now that one makes sense to me.

Again, I say, we give meaning to things that may not always have the meaning we think.  Much later in the day, when I was deep inside myself, listening to my mother coughing and breathing, I realized the significance of the soul mate card.  How often we search outside of ourselves for love.  My mother was married 5 times and was actively looking for her soul mate even here in Florida (I found many of her personal ad things she had written.)  The true soul mate to anyone is our Self.  The love of our lives is ourself within ourSelf.  The purification is allowing the reunification of her soul to her self, the love affair of eternity!!

These were the waves of love, of tears I flowed with all day long, the purification of my mother unto her soul.  Last evening, in the (now) rare lucidness of my mothers conversations, for the first time I think in all my life, I FELT the love from her heart when she said I love you.  In order to truly know how unequivocally one is loved and cherished by the universal force of life, you must first love yourself that way too, to really feel the true energy of that.  My mother not only is feeling that, handed me this profound moment of true understanding and experience on a golden platter.  Talk about life coming full circle!!

On a more personal note, one of the things I am going to do when this is all said and done, I want to start a foundation specifically for those who will be the primary caretakers to those in transition and release money to them to make sure the last thing on their mind is how the bills will get paid as they spend every moment of their day holding the hand of someone they love.  I cannot tell you enough the treasure you bestowed upon my mother and me, and even, my father and me when he transitioned in 2013.  I love you and treasure your love upon our lives.  Together, we have changed one amazing soul back into the depths of Love, I Am eternally grateful!!

The present moment, when buoyant with pure, unconditional love, will take you to heights never before imagined!!

I love you all so damn much.  I am starting to feel like a broken record with my words, but I cannot say in language the depths of my loving gratitude for walking this amazing journey hand in hand, heart in heart with us.

((((HUGZ))))) filled with renewed vigor and pure inner Soul Mate Love to and thru All❤

Lisa Gawlas



I find it amazing that yesterday (sept 6th) marked my 2 month arrival date here in Florida.  In those two months, so freakin much has happened, like a whirlwind of events.  If just moving to Florida wasn’t life changing enough, all the events that have happened since my arrival, permanently changed the landscape of my life and heart.  However, yesterday rang a two month bell in a way that leaves me…. almost numb really.  A wonderful female attorney came to my mother’s house yesterday with all the papers to sign giving me half ownership of this place.  She wrote the wording very specifically in one of the documents, that if either one of us passes then complete ownership goes to the other in full and no will or person could contest it.  All my life my mother told me she would not leave me a penny, and I found her will that she wrote in 2004, sure enough, me nor any of my children were mentioned, only my sister and two of her sisters.  When I questioned her on it, her only reply was, we can write a new one.  No maw, that’s not what I want, I only want what you want.  I didn’t come here for anything you have, I need and want nothing except to spend time with you.  But now, I officially inherit my mother’s life.  An act of love and desire from her (I kept trying to talk her out of it) in her final moments.

I do have to look at the numbers aligning the check that was written for her final act.  $974.50  All numbers of completion (974) and then change with unlimited potential (50.)  Taking in the first group, 9+7+4 equals 20, duality with unlimited potential.  All together they are 25 or a 7, spiritual completion.  What a crazy road it has been, the twists, the turns, the bumps and bridgeless intersections and yet, in the end there is nothing but unconditional love and gratitude flowing between us.  My greatest prayer is that humanity as a whole, can one day find this place.  No judgements, no demands, no conditions… just loving service to each other, to and thru the All that is Life and our Life Force.

This last week has been oddly still in my world.  I feel like I have climbed into a hole with so little motion.  Even my inner connections have been oddly quiet, except of course, when I start quietly bitching.  My team breaks thru the inner silence to help me get a grip.  For the last few days they have been showing me this loop and truly, is the reason I am writing today.  I did a super humble rendition of it from MS Paint:



Let me clarify why the first quarter is not on this loop.  It was a quarter of pure energies.  I even rescheduled a lot during the first three months because we got very little meat and potatoes thru our connections, just a ton of energy.  I am anal about what I consider a reading.  This loop shows the end, the still point and the emergence of new beginnings.  So new the beginnings they have never been a part of this realm before.  I suppose that is one of the major reasons I cannot get a feel of beyond this moment, nothing feels solid in any way.

Lets go to the center loop, the close of one book and the release of all that got us to here,  My team keeps showing me scraping off the walls of the loop.  All the old residual of all that got me (us) to here, scraping off the walls of memories.  Not just this lifetime, but many of our past lifetimes that created what we would consider hardship, emotional pain/dysfunction so that as we emerge on the other side of the equinox, the energies of life will be potent.  More potent than we had ever seen before.  Highly electric in its field.

Let me intersect this incoming information here.  Last evening as I was sitting outside, having my smoke, listening to the sudden and continued onset of my mother’s coughing, I seen something as I was mindlessly scrolling facebook.  A video about Hillary Clinton having Parkinson’s.  The truth meter hit like a ton of bricks…. ahhh that makes sense of her odd ticks.  Parkinson’s affects the central nervous system, the electronic relay of the body.  Need I say more.  Just to clear up some concern this may have on others dealing with electrical disorders, those residing in the higher frequencies will be less affected by the higher electrical currents.  Those based in density and duality… it will be a touch and rough ride.  This too, includes many other things as well.  The speed of the heart frequencies will increase its RPMs.  For those who are working and engaged in change to the higher states of Living, we may feel flutters or sudden happenings in both the heart and brain area, but it will simply be electric adjustments taking place.  No need to worry.  We will also see many exit as well so that can do their clearing without the interference of ego.

I went to my office a couple of days ago to pay September’s rent, slightly bitching to my team that the could have waited a few months to get my ass moving on an office, this is a financial burden that just isn’t needed (in my mind anywayz.)  I was hoping to pop a squat while there to just take in the energies, I do love that place very much.  Instead a man I have been talking to since I got there was sitting at the table in front of my door.  I was kinda pissed about that.  I finally get a mom sitter and all I can do is go shopping (that was important anywayz.)  Very similar to the energy push I felt in New Mexico, I felt getting out of my office, off the porch and getting to the shopping agenda.  That was strange.  I was going to just suck in the energies from inside my office, but nope.  Pissed me off!!  (I get pissed off a lot lol.)

My team explained to me that it is important for me to have a separation of church and state (their exact words, how freakin odd.)  But I am also going thru the inner scraping and it is not time to take in the new energies yet, it would create conflict within my personal field and the field that is equally building at the marina.  Hmmmmm…

I think Monday, labor day, was a really hard day for me, emotionally.  I felt like I have fallen into the crack of the abyss, neither living nor moving or doing anything I feel as productive outside of waiting for my mom to pass, and just feeling that pissed myself off at myself.  Half the time, my computer will not connect to the internet, so my sharings are far and few between.  So I took out my handy dandy pendulum and called on AA Michael to give me a message, something to help me thru this moment.  His message caught me by surprise:

“You are in a time altering ending.  Do not give up.”

Now that I understand the fullness of the loop I have been seeing, I understand his first sentence, however, I never planned on giving up, so that confused me.  However, I am hoping the get hospice relief volunteers here twice a week and I really wanted to do some readings with that time, just for the intake for me, and the relief of those that seem to be perpetually waiting to reschedule.  We won’t even talk about running out of money, and god I hate back to finances again.  But with writing that check yesterday and paying the Sept bills this month, we are out…. and I breathe, a lot and lean back into trust, a lot!! lol

And so here I sit, pondering.  Yesterday there was a flurry of activity here at moms place.  First the hospice counselor came in, I really loved her a lot.  She is a Reiki practitioner, and very much on her spiritual journey.  We had great conversations and she encouraged me to become a hospice volunteer when this journey is done.  I told her I have been seriously thinking about that for 16 years now.  The few times I tried, it didn’t work out.  Maybe this time…

A hospice nurse came in after, I told her of my concern about my mother refusing her breathing treatments, she says they are boring lol.  But I also remember her nurse practitioner telling me she will start to refuse her meds.  Well this morning, she refuses her inhalers too.  Even tho, with all the paperwork signed yesterday, she started coughing like never before.  Constant and farting, OMG the gas this precious soul is emitting.  I upped her morphine intake to help her breath, which so far has worked.  I had to laugh when she said I am going to turn her into a drug addict.  I am your drug dealer, aren’t I! lol  At least we can both still laugh.

Yesterday and even this morning, I am reminded of a simple sentence my team said to me as I was having my own inner melt down in New Mexico about giving up my heaven to come here to help.  “If not you, then who?”  Two months and not another soul has come to assist my mom, save hospice and the hospital team.  She has lived here 18 years, has a sister 2 streets over… so, if I can share this thought my team is placing in my vision for all of us.  When we see someone in need, be it an estranged family or friend, a neighbor or someone we pass on the street, ask your (our) selves… if not you, then who??

We are One, in service to and thru the One.

I love you and appreciate you with all my Being!!  May we all come out stronger and Lighter on the other side of this D and C (dusting and cleaning.) lol

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and servitude to and thru ALL!!❤

Lisa Gawlas









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Zero Point and Restoring the Queen (of Love) Within All!!


I have been doing readings now for 13 – 14 years and so many times I have heard spirit warn someone of changes ahead, but refused to go into any sort of detail about those changes.  I find that kind of pesky of spirit, give you a heads up that what we may think of as choppy waters area ahead, but not what to look out for.  Of course, their old stand by line is because pre knowing would change it.  We would alter the course, even if it was the greatest thing (albeit difficult) we could ever get ourselves into.

The 2nd quarter of this year, so many people got the warnings of changes ahead, so many that I had to wonder about my own course of life.  From January 2012 my life was rather ordinary, if not predictable, save some minor disturbances (changes) but as spirit talked about the enormity of August and September, the changes and sudden turn of events for so many people (without details of course) I was kind of hoping I would have some of my own.  The point always was, aligning in new directions for the massive energies now under way.   But for everyone, there is always this thing at play called free will which is one of the reasons spirit would bring it up to begin with.  We humans are not really creatures of change, and knowing it will (eventually) be a great thing, will hopefully have folks allowing for sudden opportunities to show up.

When my son called me the day before mother’s day this year to tell me Michelle, my oldest daughter wanted to come see me for mothers day, holy shit, there is my change!!  A gift I would never foresee arriving.  YES!!!  Tell her yes, I want to see her and my newest grandson.  We had not talked for four years!!  I could not sleep I was so excited and I really didn’t even have to wait, it would be 24 hours later and wham, my life was enhanced and reconnected with my baby girl.  Little did I ever foresee that Mother’s day would be the first domino falling in a rapid series of dominos that would forever alter the landscape of my life, of my heart.

My mother was placed into hospice care yesterday.  I knew that was going to be the place we steered this boat to, but I didn’t expect the flood of emotions that came with it.  Maybe it is a coupling of being placed in hospice and the intake nurse helping me with the prognosis of time, altho no one can say for sure, but based on what she has seen and sees with my mother, weeks to a month.  My heart shattered.  I keep thinking to myself, this should be easy news.  I knew before I left New Mexico, I could not tap fully into my mothers birthday timeline, which is Sept 21st.  My mother talked about christmas plans, and I knew there would be no christmas for us, so why did my heart shatter anywayz.  It really is the validation of what you already know to be true and kind of places the period at the end of the sentence.


Change on steroids!!  The attorney is coming on Tuesday to do the paperwork to add my name to the title of my mother’s home.  If I didn’t have an aunt (the one who lives a couple of streets over) so concerned with my presence and time here with my mother, I would just let that go.  The last thing we need to be doing is spending $1000 on something that can seem frivolous when I have not worked in 2 months and will not be working until my mother transitions.  But the few times she has called, it was more to scope out my presence than any concern of my mothers.  I am pretty sure I will still have some sort of fight on my hands with her.  I am not old enough to live here, it’s a 55 and older community and I am still at the young age of 54 lol.  However, I am grateful that the manager knows of my presence and my immediate intentions (staying to care for my mother.)

Its kind of funny too, I try to look beyond the horizon of my mothers passing to my own life and it is…. empty, for lack of a better word.  Maybe more of a blank canvass right now and no paint has been provided…. yet.

As I shift between tears of mourning and inhaling spirit, I opened an email last evening, “The Quantum Awakening” magazine.  I am having a hard time taking in anything heady right now, but I tried to ingest the sharings in the magazine… and then I came to the one that is from “the one known as Michael,”  first, I loved how that whole sentence opened up.  Archangel Michael is a group energy, not a single entity, and I found odd comfort in the way the sharing opened.  Suddenly I remembered the pendulum time with my mother when I first got here.  AA Michael is the one who swings thru my pendulum, I went and got the messages he gave to my mother:

“Distance is collapsing on time.”   “Zero time starts in Heaven.”  “Queen restored to earth.”  My mothers first question was “Am I dying.”  No no no… Michael is a cryptic angel of quantum science.

Funny, when we do not want to deal with something, we can change the interpretation to mean whatever fits our fancy at the moment and I did just that.  I look at it now and I know what he was saying.  Dammit.  But there is something so much more…. his last sentence, the queen restored to earth, there is something huge sitting there.  Zero time, a time of nowhere and everywhere.  Heaven on earth, heaven in heaven.

My “mother”has always been the earth herself, my beloved nurturer of my life and soul.

Distance is collapsing on time.  Thru facebook, I am seeing so many souls returning to the other side of the veil, or at least, in the stages of returning there.  They will live fully helping us left at the ground level of heaven.  Thru this entire year, we have been given a choice to experience the bounty of heaven on earth or accumulate fear, which will recreate itself as experience as we pass the threshold of the equinox this Sept.  Free will in duality… yippie.

Lets come back to the queen, there is a huge message there.  Of course, we think earth maybe, female ruler, but that would discount the male energy and my team never does that.  So I looked up the meaning of queen and I got the ah-ha I have been pondering:

  1. 1.
    the female ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth.


The feminine is the ruler of the emotions.  The masculine is the ruler of creation.  We all have a king and queen energy within each of us.  For my mother, her true royalty will happen as she passes, where the ego dissolves and her true energy of love gets crowned in her field of light once again.

For those of us still kicking around in this reality called earth, we will fully step into the royalty, the independent state of love.  The queen that completely serves and supports her king, creation itself.  Our personal creation commanded and built within pure love.

And I have to giggle, sort of, as I look out into our lives arena, with the current king (trump) and queen (hillary) displaying all the energies of the old, of the ego so that we may choose once more, our inner and outer alignment.

We truly are within a massive regime change, the coup of all coups.

I also had to ponder this crazy hurricane.  It has been 11 years since Florida had a hurricane land on its soil.  This hurricane had to snake between the keys and the tip of florida in order to make its way to the gulf, directly over the ET water base beneath and then turned upwards.  A very particular energy system, cleansing, rehydrating and distributing power along its path.  Recharging a system that has long ago, been put away.  Same with the double fisted storms at the Hawaiian Islands.  All created purposely at this time, for a reason yet to be experienced.

So here we sit, in the energy of zero point, prepping inside and out for even more twists and turns personally and globally.

For all those sending cards, both to my mother and daughter, helping with financial assistance, again to us and my daughter, please do not take my lack of emails of gratitude personally.  I have been emotionally melting down this last week or so.  Every ounce of energy I have, I focus on my mother and her needs.  When I take a breath, I come outside and take in my teams energy for the next round.  We appreciate you more than I am taking the time or energy to say.  We would not be going thru this phase as Lightly as we are right now, without your love and help and prayers.

Today I feel more focused beyond my mom, hence this sharing.  I will get to emails soon.  Forgive me for the wait.

We love and appreciate you so much and so much more than that!!  You are our life line, our Light Line and we thank you!!!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of endings and new beginnings as the royal arm(me) of Light dresses!!❤

Lisa Gawlas (and mom too.)




tarnished penny

For the last few days I have had a constant visual, with understanding of course, my own experience of understanding, which always make things so much clearer for me.  The visual is of an old blackened penny laying on a side-walk, just laying there.  A person may come by, look at it, realize it’s a penny and walk on by.  Most people do this because they know it’s a penny that’s tarnished.  Then there are folks like me, they are not content just knowing it’s a tarnished penny, in order to fully understand how the penny got tarnished, one must first bend over and meet the penny at the ground level of conscious, pick it up and inspect all parts of it to not only fully understand the process of that penny, but the many other pennies who allowed themselves the same fate.  Alone and tarnished.

Interesting choice of word there… allowed.  Who would think a penny could allow for anything.  All living things have choice of energies.  Imagine that!!

But the penny here is representing my mother.  The sidewalk is her bed.  In order to understand why she not only why she is laying on the sidewalk, but how she got all tarnished too and what can I do to assist her transition from a penny to a diamond.

In my very Beginnings of this crazy thing I still call my spiritual path, altho, really, all of life is always that, a spiritual path, but I guess I should throw in the word, awareness.  Awareness that there is a purpose to life that we do have access to, for the most part.  Anyway, my team taught me from day one, assume nothing, always seek more and then seek again and then even again.  Nothing is ever as it seems, even the information that comes from spirit is just one layer of a much broader truth reality which will change what we thought we know when more is added.

In order to truly understand the penny, the person, place or thing anyone seeks to assist, you must bend over, go to their place of understanding, in this analogy, it would be to the ground.  To the basest of emotional levels.  To fully understand all that is taking place, then for a moment, you must allow yourself to be free of the higher frequencies of emotion and take a stroll thru the base emotions.  To fully revisit being human and the base level.

I forgot how raw it is down there.  How easy it is to take someone’s head off (I am so sorry my beloved facebook family.)  However, I now understand my mother so much better for the day I spent in the densest of emotions.

What I gift I have been given to be able to spend the last weeks or months of each of my parent’s life with them after decades of separation, two very different creatures, dying in two completely different ways.

I watch my father inhale and memorize every ounce of life.  He would stare out the window and I could feel him absorbing life, the gratitude he had for being in nature.  He loved to go for car rides to take in as much as he could.  He would have done anything for just one more day.  My mother, complete opposite.  She is done, ready to go home.  Has no interest in what life may still have to offer.  Doesn’t care if its rainy or sunny… only which kind of chocolate did I get for her today.  Hey, that’s important!!!

My mother refuses to leave the house, hell she refuses to leave the bed, except to go potty.  I needed help in understanding and the universe sent me the most amazing Nurse Practitioner today, whose mother went thru the same exact thing.  Just.. done.

She helped me understand what to look out for, that her candy cravings are due to the cancer,  Cancer is a sugaraholic so she will want more and more and since she has resigned to letting go… just let her enjoy whatever she wants.  This I can do with joy!!  I just went and bought $100 worth of her favorite soda (diet pepsi) her klondike bars (hey there is calcium in that) and a wide variety of chocolate, many with peanut butter (sneak in some protein lol.)  OK some healthy food too, but 75% was comfort food for mom.

We are now in the process of getting hospice set up and a Do Not Resuscitate sign for the house signed by her primary.  I have a plan of action, or really, non action, but a direction in which to go and I understand my mother’s desires.

I went to the hospice resell store the other day and on my way home, about 10 feet in front of my car was my mothers soul.  It was faint and huge, I mean, huge like 20-30 feet high and 10-15 feet wide and presented as my mother’s body, only, faint not solid.  I feel this was her souls way of saying she is halfway home.  My vision was then switched to her bed and my father and her father sat with her.  Both died from lung disease, so it makes sense to me why they would both help her in this moment.

I’m still waiting for someone to talk to me about my mother’s prognosis, since she refused to go see the oncologist.  Her prognosis is really going to steer my immediate future.  If she has much more time than she thinks, I have to set up my work schedule and get mom sitters in place.  If we are talking weeks… then I will sit with her until the end.  I am hoping in the next few days either her primary or when hospice gets here, I will get the prognosis.

I have not so much gone to my computer this last week while my daughter and grandson were in, so forgive the week long lack of email replies or sharings. I will catch up with everything, including myself.

I so love my tarnished penny, my beautiful mother.  I am so grateful that I am Here and have this amazing last dance with her.  A two-step of love back into the Light!!

I love you all and thank you for picking me up when I fall down.

((((HUGZ)))) of Life, of Love and Pure Light!!❤

Lisa Gawlas





I want to make sure I shared this amazing series of visuals of understanding that I received yesterday with everyone.  It was so unexpected and yet, so very welcome and appreciated.  I love getting the visuals of understanding and it was a nice break from the focus of my moms condition and continued action plan.  I had to go to a local baby thrift shop to pick up a car seat, crib and stroller I had rented for my daughter and grandsons arrival today.  On my way there, suddenly I could see this massive viewing dome up in the sky and there were spirits surrounding all areas of this dome watching.  Learning.  It kind of reminded me of the viewing areas in surgery.

Of course, my handy-dandy, always at the ready, question floated up and out of my mind… what the hell is that??  The reply kind of blew my mind.  Before I explain what spirit explained to me, I want to say there are many of these viewing domes all around the world.  My sector is but one of many, but it is the only one I am suddenly familiar with, so that is where this explanation is coming from.  (I hope I am making sense in what I am trying to say.)

There are, what spirit is calling, “stress points” on earth, in individual lives, in communities, all over the place.  These stress points are set up from the higher realms on purpose to, see who will take action, what kind and how radical of a surrender humans are willing to go for one another.  (As I share this morning, the flooding in Louisiana is also a stress point as well.)

From this viewing area, many things are being done (not interfered with at all.)  Spirits that are going to be incarnating in the relatively near future, are witnessing, learning and absorbing into their energy field, sudden and radical movement to assist.  There are also those spirits who have incarnated, who have had such a hard time taking the focus off themselves (while incarnated) to help others in ways that would change their own lives.  There are also ET’s in this viewing area as well, learning about the human response system.

All of this is gearing up towards a massive shift, coming primarily from a walk-in stand point.  It was explained to me that earth is coming into great chaos, and to remember chaos always precedes change.  The greater the change, the greater the chaos.  This is a good thing, a needed thing on earth.  There will be many reinforcements at the ground level as this change picks up its pace, again, mostly done by the walk in venue of spirit as well as ETs.

We are the boots on the ground that is changing the DNA within the human system.  As we move into higher action, the energy of whatever it is we are doing, bubbles up to spirit (I literally see it as thick bubbles of coded information floating upwards) so that it can be wired into the other DNA systems needed in these times.  From what I am understanding, a living protocol is better held in the DNA than a simulated experience (think, lab created.)

It is not only those who have surrendered totally to action in service that is important, but the other end of the spectrum too.  Those who refuse to release their own needs and desires to be in service (without judgement and without thinking of all one may be losing.)  The coding inside this energy is being reconfigured in the human construct.  Released, albeit slowly as to not to create unneeded chaos within the needed chaos.  We will start to witness this as the energies of change within individual and collective DNA gets stronger in its hold, in its wiring so to say.  A person that would not lift a finger to help another, will suddenly be focused on helping others without gain of personal interest.

Talk about Being the Divine Changemakers!!!  This is the major reason, for years now, spirit has been talking about action.  Action is the only place true change will take hold.  We can talk about concepts, we can write about them until our fingers are nubs. but if we never live it, BE IT, they remain concepts that do very little to change the DNA.

The morning of the 22nd, a marshmallow message was released in email from my beloved Kryon.  It is (as always) so fitting for this information:

Change is Tough
From Kryon Live Channelling, “Getting Connected — Part Two”
April 2016 in Columbus, OH
Change is tough. Change is tough because it begets [creates] other things that are also tough. You change one thing and other things around you change. You intuitively know this and there’s a resistance to it. This resistance is totally normal and common, and eventually you will get through the discomfort. The interesting thing that we wish to tell you about, and perhaps even convince you of, is this: The changes you make today are not only going to create more changes, but also more benevolence. God is in love with you so much that this God, this creative source, sees what you do and matches the benevolence of it with synchronicity.
through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel

When a person (or community, or city, whatever) changes from one state to another, it really does take a village to assist.  There are active teams on the ground, if we are willing to engage them.  Again, using my ongoing experience, I could not do this alone, I would be less effective in assisting my mother and her personal world all by myself.  Your love, help and charity has changed worlds over here.  At the same time, changing worlds at the spirit level too, which in turn, will change worlds to come.

As I was getting all this information on my drive to and from the hospital yesterday, part of me was thinking about work.  I have worked 4 days since the end of June.  I barely got back to work when my mothers world took a major turn in an unexpected (to me) direction.  My team explained one of the hardest things for humanity to do, is turn its back on the focus of money (not even for greedy things, but needed things like paying ongoing monthly bills) and be in service where it is needed.  We, the majority of humanity. tend to focus on our base needs first, deep and old survivor programming.  Those of us willing to forgo that, are changing the DNA at the root level of Life on this planet.

There is nothing frivolous being asked of us, being put in front of us to take action on.  You are my team, I am your team, and together, we are literally changing the world as we know it and assisting spirits and ETs that will soon take embodiment in the areas we live in to become our team members as well.  Ha!!  “We are learning from the best and want to work alongside the best.”  (A direct quote from spirit just now.)

Well, my morning is marching on.  My mother is getting out of the hospital today and my daughter and grandson are arriving today.  My mother is so upset she is being released from the hospital, they were going to let her go yesterday, but she refused.  Part of it is she is so afraid of being alone, the other part is, she loves and is consuming the constant care and attention she is getting from the hospital.

My mother has been and is a narcissist with borderline personality disorder.  No where near as strong as it was before she got ill, it takes a lot of energy to hold that in one’s system.  But as my team has been showing me and helping me to understand in our day-to-day moments, her personality became seriously fractured in childhood (abusive parents) and widened as she aged because she never looked to work thru any of it.  The team she now has on the ground (all of us) is helping to release that energy not only from her field but the collective field and equally, assisting those who will also become boots on the ground.

The only way to truly clean up the collective is being in action, unconditionally and consistently without judgement.  My mama truly has a dream team at her side 24/7 (whisper, that would be us😉 !!)

Her biopsy results revealed her cancer is carcinoid lung cancer.  I am assuming (it was not stated in her biopsy results) Atypical due to the extend of the spread.  We are getting home health set up as well as an oncologist from the Florida Cancer Center set up for the next phase of this journey.  My mother is adamant about not getting surgery if it is offered as an option.  She is also not wanting chemo or radiation at this point.  I explained to her that however she wants this journey to unfold, its her choice, I fully support whatever her choices are, but we are not going to ignore options.  So, she agreed to at least see the oncologist (for me not for herself lol) to see what they say.  I explained to her that if she chooses nothing that we will shift gears and get hospice set up instead of home health.  My father taught me so much and prepared emotionally and educationally for this phase of my crazy life’s journey, for which, I am eternally grateful.

Thank you for being a part of my team, my mothers team, you hold me up so I can hold my mother up.  I love you more than my words will ever be able to express and my gratitude for your Presence in our lives is as equal.

((((HUGZ)))) of life changing, love in action, to and thru ALL!!!!  <3

Lisa Gawlas



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Just a personal update <3


I had my parent wall in my home in New Mexico.  Photos of my father and a couple of my mother and most every day I would say hi to my father, thank him for 18 months we got to spend together before he passed and finger kiss my mother and ask her to please let me see her once again, before she passes.  Being estranged from both my parents and then given the blessing to be able to be with both of them once again, before their passing, please know, nothing… no-thing is impossible.  Ever.  For these miracles, I am forever grateful.

But man oh man, this one hurts.

When I started to play with the possibilities of what I might be capable of (thanks to my bible “The Holographic Universe”) one of the first things I dabbled in was scrying.  Taking pictures or personal items of deceased people and tapping into them.  I could do it, I absolutely did not like it at all.  It all came with their base/ego emotions, their pains and worries and I gave it up as fast as I discovered I could do it.

I am finding with my mother as I continue to go thru her stuff, once you let the genie out of the bottle, there is no way in hell to put it back in or turn it off.  Some things, some people, you’re just too connected to and that is the way I am with my mother.  Every piece of paper, all her legal woes, everything is embedded with her emotions and I feel them as if they are mine too.  And it hurts.  I can understand the events and why they happened the way they did, but it still hurts the heart that this has been my mother’s life.

Couple all that with the overwhelming love I have for her, this journey, as grateful as I am to be on it, it is a million times harder than it ever was with my father.  Then again, I was granted a lot more time with my father too since I really didn’t know him, and was blessed to get to know him during his last 18 months.

I spent close to 8 years in the deep end of my bathtub smoothing out the scars the relationship with my mother and understanding her from a soul level.  I think, to fully understand her accumulated choices at the ground level and the consequences that have built up over time from them all, I needed the higher understanding or this feet on the ground view, would have destroyed my emotional heart.  It hurts knowing the pain of the consequences she endured, but I do understand it all.

For those that may not know, my mother was admitted into the hospital on the 15th.  The greatest birthday gift I could have ever hoped to receive.  I have been trying to get her to the ER for the week prior, meeting her new lung doctor and him finding out her heart rate was 156 beats per minute, he highly suggested she go straight to the ER (funny, I gotta back space and erase the ET I keep typing lol.)  We went and had a birthday dinner first, then to the ER she went.  She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and admitted.  Her lung doctor did write a script to get a CT scan of her lungs done so I asked, since she is here, can ya do her CT scan while she is here.  Fortunately, her lungs were in such bad shape, they did one stat and then they did another one.

My mother has stage 4 cancer (until the biopsy comes back sometimes this week, they are not sure what type of cancer she has… more than likely lung) it is in both lungs, in her lymph nodes, liver and adrenals.  Her doctor stopped telling all the places it is in and changed it to widespread to not overwhelm and over worry my mom.  Right now, they are not going to do an MRI because my mother’s lungs could not endure laying flat for so long to get that test done.

It’s funny, my son reminded me that I seen all this (her end sooner than later) before I left New Mexico, funny how I could forget.  Let me assure you, pre-knowing does not make anything easier, at all, in any way. And please, I share this, to share.  Don’t send me links or what’s good or bad or proven or whatever.  I know it comes from a good and caring place, but just like my own cancer journey, I take advice/guidance from the inside out and not the other way around.  It is more invasive emotionally than anyone probably realizes.

At least my mother is willing to talk about this and face it.  We have already ruled out any surgery, she doesn’t want it.  She is starting to rule out chemo, and again, until we get the biopsy results back with what type of cancer she has, there are no medical options on the table.  She is open to marijuana for her comfort.  My daughter just happens to work on a marijuana farm and makes that special oil and when she gets back to Cali, she is going to get on it.  I talked to my mother about palliative care and hospice, she is open to whatever one is needed based on the choices we make after we know for certain what we are dealing with.

My mothers birthday is Sept 21st, I am hoping she is here to celebrate it.  But I was thinking, if you felt inclined to send out a birthday card to her, let her feel your love and support directly, that would not only be appreciated, but make her moments incredible.  Please don’t send a get well card, she is not going to get well.  We are just going to live well!!!❤  Which is what I told her when she said she is going home to die.  Oh no, you’re going home to live until you take your last breath!!!

Julie Driscoll  39820 US Hwy 19 N.,  unit 226 Tarpon Springs, FL  34689

I tried to do readings yesterday, I couldn’t.  In its own way, it’s amazing to witness the energy field, the heart field work its focus.  I love my office, the energy, the scenery and yet all I could do is feel my eyes well up with tears, my heart yearn to get to the hospital to spend time with my mom, my bowels started to churn, my stomach in knots and my mind going back to all the experiences in New Mexico and trusting the my own energy flow then… I had to honor it now.  I sent out an email and headed to the hospital, and I instantly I could feel my energy reformat.  The wall tears, that released all day long… but not while my mother was awake!!

We talked the other day about what I should do with her when she dies, I know she wants to be cremated, but then what.  I am not leaving a burned up body in my home ever, that’s morbid to me.  So we decided I will plant her in the yard so she can literally push up daisies.  I will create a little flower garden and put a sign “Mom’s Garden”  as her tribute.  We laughed.  But that is the plan now!!

Then I realized, well shit, I’m gonna be the one making all the final arrangements.  I better start looking into that.  Phew baby.  Of course my mother has no life insurance.  I also have to get my name on the title here, which she has been asking me to do for a month now, and I didn’t want to deal with it.  Now I am praying there is time to deal with it.  So I made a call to the attorneys that handle this mobile home park and they were very kind and understanding… but geez, that’s an expensive process too.  Who knew!!  But not as expensive as if it went into probate.  We have a tentative closing date of Sept 6th.

And last evening as I am doing all I can to hold myself together, there is knock on the door.  My Aunt Joan who lives a couple of streets over came calling, shit information seeking.  One of the first questions she asked me… how old are you now.  You have to be 55 years or older to live here.  Bite my ass!!  And then justification for not talking to my mother for years.  I don’t care.  My mother loves you and I pray you come and give her hugs without bringing up the past before she leaves.  She said she would.

My daughter Michelle, who was the blessed catalyst of getting this all happening will be coming here Wed for a week with my precious grandson Rune, I am so looking forward to that.  If I can, I am going to do some readings while Michelle is here, I just don’t want to leave my mother alone for a moment, she has spent so much time in isolation I want her to know that love is here and surrounding her in every moment.  But we should be getting the biopsy results back about that time, then it’s a whole new set of oncology docs and getting home health set up and stuff.  I so wish I knew all this stuff before I got everyone rescheduled or even put out a special, I would have done neither had I known the extent of what is happening inside my mom.  Hell, I wouldn’t have even gotten my office yet, it’s just an added expense at this rate.  But I have to trust spirit’s guidance and breathe and trust and love with all my Being!

Anyway, I wanted to catch you up with my ever-changing world.  I am so grateful to have you all with me/us and loving us and sending us prayers and energy, it is felt and utilized.  Ohhhhhhh…. that reminds me (smile,)  I was coming into the hospital about 2 days ago and there were a bunch of people at the valet station at the front door when suddenly my focus was on them.  I could hear myself saying “i love you” in my mind and then I could see these white rings of light expand outwards to the people (like the rings you see when throw a pebble into still waters.)  As I started to pass a lady in a wheelchair, the light turned from white to this amazing variation of multi colored light in all the rings.  I was really taken by surprise with this moment.  My team said, this is how much we are affecting the world around us with our presence.  It happens whether we are aware of it or not, my team made me aware so I could share with everyone how much we are doing when we think we are just walking from one place to another!!

I love you, thank you for walking with me and my mom and Valorie too!!  Ohhh God bless Valorie, half the time I cannot take her phone calls, I have not skyped with her because I never know what time I will be home (my mother’s primary doc makes her rounds late, as late as 8pm.)  OK, now I’m just whining lol.  Please know, I would have crumbled already without you!!❤  Thank you so much for being Here and Loving US!!❤

((((HUGZ))))) of love and deep gratitude,

Lisa Gawlas








Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 16, 2016

A quick update…


First, let me thank everyone for the abundance of birthday wishes and all the love, you are all such amazing, beautiful Beings and I am so grateful to have you all as my tribe!!  I got the greatest birthday present ever yesterday, my mother FINALLY went to the ER.  I have been doing all I can to get her there for a week now.  Her energy, everything has been degrading rather quickly this past week.

I don’t know why it took me all the way til yesterday to even think about checking to see if her medical history was online from her stay in the hospital when she had her stroke.  But I suppose better late than never.  I had no idea she had so much heart disease happening inside of her, pretty much most of her veins and arteries going from the heart to the brain are diseased with a 50-65% buildup of plaque with hardening of the arteries.   Something her primary care doctor (that I fired, I wish I could fire her twice) should have told us about in detail when I first (and only) met her.  Not a word about it at all.

Thank god her lung Doctor checked her heart rate and it was 156 beats per minute.  He told her outright, get to the ET straight from his office.  Phew, that did the trick!! I also have to give tremendous thanks to spirit, of all the lung doctors we could have chosen for her to be seen by, we chose the one that had seen her in 2008.  Seems she has a nodule in her lung, which was part of the findings in her recent hospital stay.  The recommendation was to have a CT scan, which her former primary doc never even mentioned it, nor ordered one.

My father taught me more than I ever realized with his own health issues and inadequate medical doctors, which is allowing me to be hypervigilant and much more expressive with my mother.  You don’t even realize what you are paying attention to, until it is needed again down the road.  I took a lot of inner notes I suppose lol.

As soon as my mother got to the ET yesterday, they did an EKG and found that her heart was in A Fib, which I am sure it has been for weeks.  When she got her cataract surgery a couple of weeks ago, they almost didn’t do it because her heart rate was so high.  When she went to see her new primary, same thing, he mentioned how high her heart rate was.  We all assumed it was due to the “white coat syndrome.”  Nope.  Had I, or any of us been armed with the cardiac findings of her hospital stay, well, we wouldn’t have let her degrade as much as she did this past week.

They gave her some medicines to get her heart rate lowered and under control, after about 6 hours she was finally down to a steady 130 beats per minute.  No where near good, but a hell of a lot better than 156.  I have a feeling too, her increased shortness of breath is due to her heart arrhythmia.  I am learning so much about the body, emotions and state of Being.  Its one thing to conceptualize, but it is a whole other ball game to witness it in real time.  What one thinks and what one feels about what they think are so interconnected and as my mother, as well as my father showed me, not conducive to health.

Well, I want to get to the hospital before the docs start coming in.  Sadly, those on my reading schedule (you should have received an email already) will have to wait until I know whats happening with my mother, I will use the days off I have scheduled as my reschedule days as soon as I know what is happening with her.

But let me tell you, I am so so so grateful she is in the hospital and we are getting all of this addressed, understood and remedied!!

I love you all so much.  Thank you for walking this walk with me, your love and support goes to the depths of my soul and holds me up!!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of emotional wellness to and thru ALL!!❤

Lisa Gawlas





I feel like in this next phase of our extraordinary evolution, we are getting to witness, experience the tip of the iceberg melt to reveal what was really beneath it all the while.  The one thing I have learned more than anything about this crazy path is that spirit will show us something, we do not realize how vague that something is, until more is revealed and its like ohhhhhhhh….. that’s what that was all the while.  This where the idea, the real true of, what you think you know, is only the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more and not what we may have thought, comes from (my team’s mantra to me for decades lol.)

This is something I am witnessing, with complete awe and intense excitement as we delve back into readings again.  My last appointment yesterday gave me more validation of so many things, things that seem incredibly strange (in this phase of readings) that I never imagined bringing forward.  Now to let you know just how blown my own mind was yesterday, the last time I read for her was back in April.  I cannot remember the contents of your readings two weeks ago forget 4 months ago.

In her reading in April, I could see what looked like an octopus with 7 tentacles and the body of her octopus looked like the cute little guy from Sigmund and the sea monsters.

sea monsters


Well with her reading yesterday, those 7 tentacles were actually 7 extraterrestrials working in oneness with her, as her team on the ground (on the earth level) and 4 of them looked like sigmund.  I about shit when she said I used that example back in April!!  The validations went on and on thru our time together yesterday.  I am sure I needed that validation much more than she did, due to the information started to come thru the readings and ET connections.  So let me focus on the information coming thru.

We all knew or at least had a really good idea that there are Extraterrestrial bases/communities around this world, some beneath the oceans and lakes, some within the ground (commonly thought of as hollow earth dwellers.)  But now, we are making contact, telepathically at least, with the ones that are here, within the earth realm.  That, I did anticipate before moving here to Florida.  What they are sharing with us, I did not expect at all.

When we see science making new discoveries about things on this earth they never seen before, is it because they never seen it before, or it was recently seeded topside to be discovered??

In two of the readings now, there are very particular elements that have been going thru genetic modifications to fit into our environment and atmosphere, especially thru the base in the gulf of mexico.  Rock life from other planes of existence, plant life from other planes of existence and I am sure, so much more that we have not seen yet.

Keep in mind, what i am sharing comes as a collective of information thru several connections this past week.

The first thing I seen was what we would consider a rock, ordinary in its appearance.  I don’t think anyone would look twice at it.  It kinda reminds me of gray slab.  However, the properties of it can create an energy source, naturally and without destruction, to run an entire community… and so much more than that too.  But there is also something interesting about its energetic makeup, it will only be able to be seen/discovered/used by those… I guess the only way to say it, is those vibrationally aligned with it.  Those who mean humanity well.

I am also realizing, nother ever just appears to our eyes for use without preparation from our star friends first.  First it had to go thru (whatever they did lol) alternations to be conducive to our atmosphere.  Then they had to do long-term studies to make sure it was conducive and was able to do what its intended use was for, the reason they brought here in the first place.  Then they can to find clear and unbiased transceivers to lay the groundwork for its imminent arrival of discovery so that connection with those who would use this as an asset (as opposed to destruction) would be made aware of their involvement.  The one thing that did not surprise me about who this information was released to, that Being I lovingly call, my architect.  He has the most amazing prototype of a community that I have ever seen and it WILL come into our reality as all the players and dare I say, materials are in alignment with his (seeded) vision.

I think my lady yesterday came onto my dance card at the most perfect time, as I am hoping I am not getting this information wrong since it seems so far-fetched.  with her, there was this thing that looked like seaweed that too, was being genetically modified at the base beneath the gulf, only to find out, it is actually DNA from the Beings that look like Sigmund and the sea monsters that is being brought into our realm as plant life for use in ways that will make our stem cells pale in use.

Even more than all this exciting stuff coming thru (a lot I am still assimilating and trying to figure out how to bring forward in language) the energy connections are different.  The energy feels soooooo different here than the years we spent together in New Mexico.  I think the only way to describe it, is in New Mexico it was all like a hologram of light potential… here, geez I am not going to say this right, but the closest I can come is more physically Here.  Much less metaphoric.  Very exciting, if not incredibly intimidating for me (I want to be accurate in my interpretations and understandings to you.)

Now more than ever, your job is to make sure your antennas are working to maximum capacity.  You must be able to hear and even see if you want to understand what is being asked of you.  We have moved into the times we have fully incarnated for.  Yes life can get busy (and your job is to choose which focus your going to focus on) and exercising our abilities can be slow and frustrating (and your job is to choose patience and diligence) but press on anywayz!!  The communication waves are stronger now than they have ever been before, USE THEM!!😉

That is all for today.  Mom and I have a sunday funday (and celebrate my, holy shit, 54th birthday, that is hard to spit off the tongue lol) to do and we are going to see Nine Lives and have some lunch together.  Yay!!  Until tomorrow…. when i talk about the underwater base, the special crystals that allow us to literally walk on water… and more!!❤

Big big (((((HUGZ)))) filled with mysteries revealed to and thru YOU!!!❤

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Let me give a welcome to the new field special of 22% off everything I have for the next two days (ends midnight 8/15.)  Just type in coupon code NEW for single readings or ET connections and NEW2 on packages!!

P.S. S.  My gift of life present to anyone who desires, my 5 session meditation class.  Because seeing and hearing  and maneuvering the energetic lines are essential, if you want to go there ; ) !!  A free account required to access the audio classes.  In-Joy!!

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