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In the Stillness is Movement of Creation!


So sorry for the delay in getting another blog out. I had every intention of resuming the ongoing story Sunday, but I swear it was like forcing words out of my fingers. When the energy doesn’t flow, I know there are bits I am missing yet in the understanding. Sure enough!! Yesterdays day of readings shined a light on so many things I did not understand prior.

One of the things revealed in understanding was the difference between our heart energy and our soul energy. I have always assumed (silly me) it was one and the same thing. Nope!! The window of curiosity was flung open in one of the readings last week and the understanding came yesterday thru my first reading.

My lady was in the midst of boarding a train. The engine part of the train without any cars in the rear. The engine was beautiful, deep black trimmed in the most brilliant gold. It was explained that the black was what I call the abyss, everything and nothing. The gold was her soul energy. She was on a step going up into the train. She asked if she was the engineer… no.

It was then explained that she, herself is the fuel that moves the train. Her hear center is what not only gives the energy to move the train, but equally, the instruction on where it shall go.

The way I am understanding this at the moment, (always subject to change with more information,) is that the soul itself is what has access to the abyss. The emotional field of the heart center is what gives the soul the energy/instruction to access the abyss of creation/trans-port-ation. Which brings me to something else revealed last week in the light show.

We only presume to move. Everyone’s “center field” is actually where everything is taking place. When we (appear) to be going on a trip, lets say one country to another, it is our light field itself that elongates and takes in all the experiences and interconnections along the way. We have never left our center field. So in a way, we port from one experience to the next as light.

If we go back to the first lady I had seen in this light spectrum, the way spirit sees us, her light energy extended from her center to connect with something in her immediate field. It wasn’t that her whole center field moved, that always remained in place. I never noticed that until now.

So if we look at this in a larger context, the emotional field of the human MUST match the frequency of the soul to create and vise versa, If there is something the human desires that just is not part of the life experience (example, winning the lottery) it will never happen because the soul is not in that frequency plan period. However, there are places we can take our experience that is on the other end of the spectrum we would call, challenges. Taking a dead end street, going into a war zone (so to speak.) Experiences caused by the ego without the soul input.

Taking this a step further, there are various different frequencies for us to play with, to use as our mode of transportation. One lady had a hot air balloon yesterday, using the energy of fire from the passions of the earth, along with her spiritual vision placed into the flames which created the movements of color in the balloon part of her ride. When all is in the same frequency, away she goes.

Yet another person was on a magic carpet resting on the ground. She was placed in a bubble that prevented her from using it until the tasks she already created in her life were completed.

I hate to cut this short, but it is time for the next phase of my day. Until tomorrow…

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with the emotion to move mountain thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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The Living Field of ALL Life and Your Affect with it.

living light interaction

This could have very well been a three part series. I suppose it is a good thing there was a break in sharing yesterday, so much more was revealed in understanding. So lets get to the lady I didn’t get to in yesterdays blog.

Her center field, or what I am now hearing as her core of light was a deep lavender. What has been explained to me (I have been doing a tremendous amount of pondering) is what I am seeing as the color of the core is the souls primary color of light. The soul is made of colored light. The colors represents experience and wisdom. Each soul brought in its core strengths of wisdom needed for this lifetime. It equally brought in colors it is still evolving towards. Not one color is better or less than another.

It was also explained that the various of colors I see within this dome of light I call your center field, is where the other colors combine. When you have an inspired thought and/or action of any sort, those colors are what combine in patterns to engage. Our strengths and weaknesses combine for the experience.

I also realized that I see everyone’s extended field (immediate and extended) as flat. Our teams are creating it in this way so I can see the differences and most importantly, understand them. Nothing is truly flat except the base of our Light/Life field. However, there is a variation in the patterns and light frequencies when something is not being engaged with. And even that is over simplifying it.

So, onto my lady’s reading. I could see the black circular energy moving around her field. I have read for her long enough to recognize the energy signature of her husband. When he stood still for a length of time, it created what I would normally call a tear in her field. Her team was clear to tell me it is impossible to tear light. However, it can hmmmmm…. remove the light frequency from that pattern. Even this is not being accurate, but it is as close as I can come with words.

The light of my lady’s center field was truly amazing with outward illumination. It kind of reminded me of a porcupine with its quills out, except hers was all light. When her team showed her husband coming near to her body, the light would dim until he moved away then became super bright again.

I am also being asked to explain there is nothing alive that is ever void of light. What I see as black simply represents a person who lives completely from the ego mind itself.

The next thing that was shown in her reading as her work environment. She works at an art gallery and this truly blew my mind. Altho there are more than just paintings in the art gallery, the focus (again, for simplicty of what I could understand) was on paintings. The artist may have drawn a particular design, but how spirit sees it is a field of light patterns. Amazing and beautiful beyond words. The energy and emotion of the artist combined with the energy of the paint itself, the canvas, even the brush, creates a very unique pattern of light that we see as the painting itself.

Ohhh, once spirit focused on the gallery, it became huge and a 3D structure of Light on her immediate field. Prior to that, I did not see it at all. This is where something becomes enlightened by your presence/interaction with it (even if it is in thought only.)

The next thing they showed us is a customer coming into the gallery who was in a bad mood. His energy interacted with every thing in the gallery and (to use spirits exact word) defiled the light pattern of the artist. Once he left, the energy restored itself.

Then they contrasted that negativity as if it was an employee that came into the store every day. The consistent negative energy would distort the light patterns of the paintings where they could not recover. So whoever purchased the painting took that negative energy output home with them. The new owner could restore the light field of the paining with loving it, consciously or unconsciously.

The next thing I know, we are in a grocery store. Very particularly, in the fruit and vegetable department. Her team allowed me to see the fruits and vegetables as my physical eyes would see them so I knew where we were and to contrast what happens when she walks near them.

First their energy field was down, sort of like dipped onto the floor, as they explained, to keep themselves from absorbing all the different energies of people going in and out of the store. The moment my lady was placed near them, OMG, they had these super excited light strands that spiked straight up in the air and the joy I could feel from them was amazing.

When someone passes anything that is pure of heart, their light field is on high, it is not only noticed (including by the paintings and all things) but celebrated. In the store, these hungry little Beings we call fruits and vegetables took in her light field to nourish themselves, in exchange, sent her nutrients that they contained that she may benefit from.

Of course, we all should know that an equal give and take of energy is crucial for everyone’s well being, all take or all give creates a defiled light pattern… for all parties involved.

If you ever noticed that one person can take fruit or veggies home and they seem to last for ever and another they go to rot quickly, this is due to the quality of light in the environment.

This really goes to reinforce the fact that everything is alive. Everything contains a pattern of living light. Everything is affected by your interaction with it. Interaction being emotionally infused thoughts as well.

Well, there is so much more to share, I suppose tomorrow will be part 4 as the next phase of my day has already started.

So much love wrapped in illuminated ((((HUGZ)))) to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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When DNA Goes Awry at Conception

dna malfunction

The adventure of seeing thru spirits eyes continued yesterday!! They chose (I do not choose) two people on yesterdays dance card to reveal their Light field. What spirit was doing was contracting the various situations of our earth experience/earth life.

I do want to point out before I forget, neither of the two ladies were on my TV screen. Instead, there was a two way flow of energy instead of a buffer between the fields.

My first lady, I have been connecting with for years. She was born with some physical challenges, such as organs not in the correct place in her body and her pain sensors on most of the time.

Keeping in mind, every one of us, every living thing on this earth, is a hybrid of sorts. Bits and pieces spliced into our human genetics from other realms. Her team explained as her reading unfolded that the ET aspect of her DNA did not convert to human DNA at conception. Kind of like a misfire. So the parts of her that is from another realm, developed as it would in that species. They also explained it was not intended to be like that for her. We tend to see spirit as infallible, but they are the ones on a evolutionary path, so they are learning thru our experiences.

I also came to realize that their really is a field that you, we all exist on. So far the three people I seen in this way, all circular, which is the way I have always seen it in readings. Very much like a flat base, or a large rug that we experience Life from. This field expands and contracts depending on what we are doing or who/what we are involved with.

Now my lady, she had a very unique quality to this field of light. Instead of being completely flat, her outer edges curled up. This type of field is unique to her ET species and needed for their way of energetic life.

The flat field serves the human b allowing the energies to run off and spread outwards. With my lady,, because the edges curled up, the energies coming in roll our and then back to her. This creates an overload of energy and the reason her pain body is always amplified.

At the top of her center field of light, the area within everyone’s field that the body and energy system exists, were these three antenna like things that moved slowly up and down. It reminded me of the way lava in a lava lamp moves. They were also shaped like the top of a femur bone, Again, these light fields are unique to her ET species and go in and out of various dimensions, collecting energies from those dimensions and bringing it back into the light body. Another aspect that is not conducive to the human form. It’s just too much constant energy, coupled with the fact there is no run off, her receptors are always on, which creates pain in the body.

They did give her meditation exercises to do to funnel off these energies and use it for creation purposes as well.

Granted, the birthing team in spirit could have easily terminated the pregnancy, but her soul was up for the challenge of experiencing life in this way. And she has truly mastered the art of living in a high energy body giving fuel to the ascension process of the Life on earth thru her efforts!

I am going to have to save the last one for tomorrow. I have got to get to physical therapy. It is mind blowing on so many levels. It will show you how negativity affects all things and how your light assists all things.

I do have to wonder why now are we being shown this in such intimate and exciting ways. Ahhhhh the excitement of our evolution story!! Until tomorrow…

(((((HUGZ))))) filled with pure joy and excitement to all!!

Lisa Gawlas

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We Are Living Light Fields, Experiencing Other Light Fields.

life field

What an amazing, surprising day in the field of readings yesterday!!! Things have shifted in ways I could not even fathom!! One of my incredible ladies showed up with this beautiful crystal rain coming down in front of her and along side of her, I realized there was nothing behind her. There was nothing behind anyone. The only energy/influence that exists from time gone by, is what we consciously or unconsciously bring forward. As I looked out in front of my lady, there were little buds coming up thru the ground. Her team explained that there were dreams and desires from her childhood that never became realized and now… it is time. Her team also explained that she was a very wise child (and i felt we were in the 6-8 year old age range) that focused on her needs down the road. Things long forgotten thru time and challenges upon life’,s path.

Her team also explained that not all children are wise due to surrounding influence of parents, peers and so on. They close down, where some, her in-particular, remain open and focused regardless of exterior input. The fact that she is entering her solar new year, her 62nd birthday this weekend, makes me realize that its never too late to have childhood dreams realized.

As I was sitting waiting for my next reading, I could hear her team ask me to read for here in my livingroom. I have my reading field set up in my kitchen and is where I do all my readings now, so I was rather surprised to her this request, but hey, I do listen to spirit now and again (smile.)

So let me set up my livingroom for you. I sit on my couch and about 8 feet in front of me is my 70” TV on the wall. Her team explained that we are going to read in a new way so she does not get hit with any more energy from the connection. The next thing I know, I could see me, her and her new guide standing in the black of my TV (my TV was obviously off.)

I read for her as the Lions Gate started and I could see shards of energy coming down slant ways straight into her eyes. She had something that looked like little pac men inside her head, taking these intense shards of energy from inside her eyes to the back of her head, to the visual cortex. It was explained that these little helpers where there to help defray the energies coming so they do not mess with the electrical field of her brain. For the follow week she has had what some would think as eye infection, leading and uncomfortable. Only, its not an infection but due to the energies coming in. The body needs to process in its own way as well.

Her team explained to her (to us) that in my usual way of doing readings, we share energy with each other. She is taking in mine, I am taking her her’s and thru it, the hologram I call visuals unfolds. Body and soul are full participants in this way. Having us appear in my TV screen allows the soul to step away from the field, so the body is not taking in any energy from the reading. The soul itself is absorbing it all so the body can rest from any more energy input.

And then her field unfolded on my living room floor in away I have never ever experienced before. It was insanely breathtaking and sadly, all you have are my words to paint the picture.

It was explained that what we are experiencing is the way spirit sees us. They do not see us in flesh and bone, but in the light patterns that we really are.

What I call our center field (where our body resides) was this amazing indigo blueish color and dome shaped. I could also see the transparency of what I also call her immediate field as well as the exterior field.

Everything in our created reality begins and ends with our interaction with it. This is going to be hard to put into words and I pray I get it as close to accurate as words allow.

They focused my vision inside the dome of light and suddenly I could see all sorts of color patterns in there. The moment she had a thought that connected to an emotion, I could see that pattern extend outwards to her outer field. When her energy connected with something in her outer field, I could see that energy pattern of light. If there was an interaction beyond the passing, that developed a whole new pattern of light. Example, lets say she went outside and picked a flower to bring inside her house, that flowers life force stopped, but a new pattern emerged as her love of the flower and the flowers delight to cease in this way took light.

It was equally explained that many times her soul or her team will imprint thoughts in her mental fields, her body will create an emotion to connect with the thought (what we call intuition) for an action that needs to be taken. If she follows thru on this prompting, the pattern inside her extends outwards and the pattern changes when the inspired thought is completed. However, if the inspired thought is not completed, it returns back to the light dome, unchanged. An example is, lets say her thought was to go to the store and she got in her car, headed to the store (the light pattern extended outwards) but she never did go to the store (so it went back into her dome of light/center field) awaiting a new opportunity. Had she followed thru, the pattern of light would return changed awaiting the next set of instructions/interaction.

They also gave us an example of when we do something that is not in anyone’s best interest. Lets say for example she did go into the store, and was in a bad mood that day, and was not very nice to the cashier (again, just an example here) that pattern hits what I seen as black energy, distorts itself and returns to her dome of light.

What was further explained is this is the energy we know as karma. We are always attracting what we put out. No one can clear your karma, as much as some may say they can. It is a part of your living light and only you can change anything within your karmic field of light.

I was then shown what her dome of energy experienced as the light shards entered her (that I had seen thru her previous readings.) Holy heavens, the electrical field in her body was so amped up from toe to head, it was amazing to see and no wonder she was down for a few days.

My last lady of the day, I too got the instruction to sit in my living room. When I connected with her, she explained that she has had a low grade fever the last couple days of the lions gate. Her team said she is going to be read like my lady I just described, only with the addition of her purposeful interaction as a spiritual writer (book and blogs.) From what they allowed me to glimpse, it created a secondary light field above. Her team explained she needs three days to “cool down.” Very much like taking a cake out of the oven and letting it cool before you touch it.

I find it interesting too, that both of these ladys are active participants in the Nation of Lights Tuesday classes. It feels purposeful to say that.

Well, the next phase of my day is about to begin. Thank you for showing up and always showing us the evolution of our species. I love and honor you more than my words will ever fully express!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) filled with the Light of Love to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Post Lions Gate Meditation

lion teeth

And here we are, on the other side of the 5 day event known as the Lions Gate. These last two days of (non) readings were interesting. On the 9th I woke up seeing this huge lions head above me, which has been consist since a few days before entering the 5 day event of the Lions Gate. His mouth was open and I could see either saliva or venom running out of his k9 tooth. I never did get clarity on exactly what this clear stream of liquid was, but I would see it consistently before each connection. This liquid I keep calling venom was either coming out of the right k9 or left, depending on who I was connecting with. Some (but not all) had the visual extending to where exactly this venom was hitting them. One lady in her eyes, one in her ears, another down her spine. Nothing was ever explained by their teams, when I would try to actual connection, nothing. Same with the 10th as well. Only instead of a lions head,e everyone had a tornado. The one thing I was sure of, the tornado wrapped around the 5 days of the lions gate energies. Like the day before, some people had an addition to the tornado funnel while some did not. Why, I have no idea.

So what I am going to do today, is give you a meditation exercise to do.

Lions Gate Meditation:

Imagine you are outside and standing directly under the center of the Lions Gate. In the center of the 5 days of change. Look up towards the sky and see a massive lions head with his mouth wide open. Notice a stream of clear liquid energy coming out of one of his k9 teeth. (If it is his right tooth, it will effect your emotional spiritual field, if it is coming out of his left, it will directly affect your physical life field.)

Fully connect to this stream of liquid, what does it feel like, is there anything coming into your consciousness about why it is happening on that particular side.

Follow the stream to the ground level, what point is it targeting? Your body, and where on your body? You immediate life field, where and why.

Ask questions.. If you do not hear the reply immediately, its ok. As soon as your consciousness is able to understand the reply, you will hear it. May be a day, a week, a month or next year. Assume nothing, clarify everything!!

When you feel you are done with that part, take a step forward, feel the energies start to pick up all around you, take another step forward to realize you are in the winds of a tornado. Is it circulating clockwise (sealing energies in) or counter clockwise (opening energies up.) Is there anything embedded in the winds of the funnel energy (i.e. lightening, crystalline rain, coins, could be anything and all mean something specifically to you.)

Now expand your consciousness even more to feel and/or see where this wind is hitting you the most. Is it your body, your immediate field of life, if so, can you feel what is being targeted (work, relationships, residence, etc.)

As always, ask questions, assume nothing, confirm and validate if what you are feeling/experiencing is accurate.

Now, step out of the tornado energy, using your soul consciousness, look into your field, what has changed? What was enhanced? What was removed? Now look at your body, inside your body… what was change/enhanced/removed… as always, asked questions.

I hope you enjoy this Lions Gate meditation. I love and honor each and everyone of you soul very much!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with the winds of change to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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The Lions Gate Meditation!


Here we are, the fires of August and the Lions gate eve, which really is a 5 day event. By that I mean, the energies of the Lions Gate (or any extended event, such as new or full moons) the energies are as strong for those days as it is on the day of. Most of the time when we have extended cycles like that, I cannot view the field mostly for safety reasons. Needless to say, the field was unenviable yesterday, with the exception of my very last lady of the day, I got a glimpse of her field just before calling her. There was crystal rain pouring down everywhere from the Lions Gate, this morning, I realize this visual is for everyone and this massive energized rain will continue thru the 10th. 5 days, change on all levels.

And changes started last night in the Nations Tuesday night class. A member of the Nation lead a meditation. I want to thank Barbara Jacksha from the bottom of my heart to the top of my soul for the experience. I have not had a meditation since I lived in Texas, when I realized how much my back hurt laying in or getting out of the bathtub. So for me, last night was such an extraordinary treat to participate instead of lead. I am going to leave last nights class with the meditation as well as the participants experience at the end of this sharing.

I do want to talk about my experience with the meditation somewhat. As it opened up, the huge lion head I have been seeing in all the readings the last few days, was present. We all were in a curcle holding hands, when the lions head showed up, it started to circle us in a counter clockwise directions (opening new energies) and we were then moving in a clockwise direction (sealing the energies in.) The Lion would slightly pause at each person and let out a roar that emitted fire. Leo is indeed a fire sign.

As the meditation instruction continued, the lion that was now in the center of the circle jumped on me, knocked me over and started licking my face like a dog would. The gratitude and love I felt while he was doing this was deep and unyielding.

This next part is not only what surprised me the most, but sits in my heart still. The lion took me to a set of beautiful marble or granite like stairs, as I looked upwards, there were two beautiful old friends standing at the top. Sananda on the left and Archangel Michael to the right. I paused, I was so surprised and so joy filled. I walked up the steps and stood in front of them when Sananda placed a golden crown on my head, that became part of my head. No doubt they felt my confusion and immediately AA Michael explained that I wear the crown of truth. With that, I was shown my history for the last 20 years since starting this path. The many people I connected with thru readings or teachings that now do amazing things within their own skills. To empower even one person on this earth is a gift unto the heavens (as opposed to making them dependent on you.) I was told I have entered my rest period. There is no doubt in my heart they knew my deepest question… My body hurts all the time prit near, have I done something wrong. Don’t think for a moment I do not have my human concerns. Especially when I see various teachings out there thru once trusted vehicles/people.

I understood what they showed me and why. So I had to ask, then why am I struggling to keep my overhead, overhead now. As much as I LOVE the fact I have no roommate, I am now living beyond what I bring in, at least thru Nov when my lease is up. I was reminded of the major life lesson I have brought into this crazy game called life… finances lol. Yup, its a life long theme. Feast and famine. The famine is not a punishment, but evolutionary experience for the self/Self.

Please let me get beyond this lesson!! lol

Anyway… I must get to physical therapy. Enjoy the Lions Gate Meditation lead by Barbara and please visit her website to see the amazing things she shares there!!

Lisa Gawlas and Barbara Jacksha
8/6/19 The Lions Gate Meditation


(Just in case the download link does not work, go to my main blog at:

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with the Leo Fires of Passion to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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The Creation of Truth!

truth waves

Holy heavens August is already a hot and wild month as we all prepare to cross the threshold of the Lions Gate on 8/8. There remains a massive lions head plugging my viewing beyond the 8/8 at the moment. It seems for some, spirit really wants the focus to be on the new energies pouring in and the focused conscious of how to use them. I did take a peak at spaceweather this morning and not surprised to see: SOLAR WIND STORM IN PROGRESS: Solar wind is currently blowing around Earth faster than 700 km/s (1.6 million mph)–the highest speeds observed so far in 2019.

It is felt to my core in the readings as well!! I do want to focus today on one particular reading before my fingers tap out.

The Energy of Truth!

It has been some time since the wonderful, beautiful Archangel Michael showed up in a reading. I was so tickled to see and feel his amazing presence in one of the readings yesterday and share information with my lady that actually took me by surprise.

We all know Michael for the qualities of truth and protection, but did anyone realize that there is a creation quality to truth?? I sure as hell didn’t!!

My lady showed up with a deep golden bell just in front of the Lions head at the Lions gate. Then I suddenly remembered the saying “when you hear a bell ring, an angel gets his wings,” which I thought was kind of weird. That is until it was explained that an angel doesn’t so much get its wings but the wings become matured to release a sound. Keeping in mind as well, that angels are incarnate Beings from a realm outside of ours. What we would consider an extraterrestrial race.

My vision was then taken down to my lady and the focus was on both of her scapula’s. When she moves them in certain ways and tunes her heart as if it was the dinger inside the bell, in element and emotion of truth, creation waves are released from her.

When she was about to get her homework exercises, that is when the familiar energy of AA Michael showed up, to be her teacher on how to work this amazing ability.

He explained that his race are born with wing buds and as they grow, so do the wings. They then must reach a level of wisdom before their unique talents become activated for use. It would be very much like when we go thru puberty, which is set off by chemical changes in our bodies. Only their chemicals are activated by the way they live their life instead of set to a calendar within the body. (I hope I am explaining this well enough to understand.)

What we have been calling the advanced souls (several blogs ago) are too, in this position of activating very unique, special skills. Not only from the angelic realm, but many other realms that helped seed this amazing thing we call earth in its beginning.

The one thing I mentioned, which came pouring out with even more surprising information, was how beautiful he was. That I have not seen any angels that were not beautiful. He reminded me about what I had learned from the Plieadians, that the element of beauty is a power source too. I realized I had not met a Plieadian that wasn’t beautiful as well. AA Michael went on to explain that they interbred with each other. Passing on very particular DNA/qualities to each other, long, long ago. This is important because for the last many decades (longer really) we were given messages by so many ETs including what we know as angels. Our mission was not only to share it, but live it as well. That is the only way knowledge becomes wisdom and increases our inner frequencies, unlocking (if you will) special abilities from our extraterrestrial linage for use (and not misuse.)

On that note, the next phase of my day is about to begin. I love you all soul much. Thank you for Being Here and doing what you do!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with the power and glory of Truth!!

Lisa Gawlas

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The Energies of August!!



Welcome to the Holy Fires of August!! We have had so many shifts in this last month its hard to keep up. Every time the field shifts, so does the meaning of the imagery experienced in readings. Not to mention, the presentation of such imagery. Keeps me on my toes that is for sure.

One this consistent thru all the readings in August, no solid ground beneath our feet any longer. It is a field of pure energy, absolute potential everywhere we walk. There will be spots we moved to in our path forward where the energy’s just whip the hell out of us, while taking our personal and collective evolutionary skills to new heightened levels of experience.

My first reading yesterday kicked off with some nice validation for me and my precious lady I was reading for. When we have so many shifts and I have to keep reinterpreting the visuals, its nice to get the validation back that I am getting it right.

My lady had all these circular openings in the airspace in front of her, she was elongate like worm and move thru an opening and reform back on her field looking normal. This repeated over and over until I understood what she was doing was going in and out of wormholes. At the moment she is/has been doing it at an unconscious level and now it is crucial for her to become conscious of what she is experiencing as she goes thru these wormholes. Try as I might, her team would not give me the first glimpse of what she was doing and kept telling me it is none of my business (I beg to differ lol.)

I do understand (but do not like at all lol) that spirit withholds information so that it motivates you to explore deeper and more frequently.

Suddenly one of her helpers showed up with what looked like a mining light on his forehead. He explained she needs to use the light coming out of her third eye to help her see thru these wormholes. I stopped a moment, I knew we take like in, I don’t think I ever realized just how much light our third eye puts out. Ohhhhh, here is something else I didn’t know that is being shared at this moment. The light we emit has a frequency to it, and we are always attracted to those who emit the same frequency as we do. Do not misinterpret that to mean everyone uses the frequency they have available, but they will always be attracted to those same frequencies. Like attracts like. And yes, the light can brighten as well as dim. Often times, that is when we start to seek someone knew in our world of metaphysical friends.

So we asked her new helper what his name is. Instantly I heard BERT and then he added in tronics. BERTRONICS. There was such a feeling of purpose to not only the way he gave his name (which is not his actual name.) My lady looked up the meaning of both bert as well as tronics after our reading, the validation I (we both) needed arrived:

“So Bert means Bright, Bright light, lol.

 Tronics is a suffex referring to a device, tool, or instrument, more generally used in the names of any kind of chamber or apparatus used in experiments.”

I had another lady show up with (what I eventually realized) were 8 candle sticks floating in front of her. They would form patterns then unformed and reform another pattern. (Yes, they all had a flame.) Her team said they were “rudimentary patterns laid out in front of her to follow/connect to. The basicness of the patterns means she does not have to be conscious of them, she will naturally follow them to the one they focused on last, the figure 8 that lead to the Lions Gate. As I understood that part, one circle of the figure eight rose up and laid directly on top of the other circle, making the two, one. The entire circle was now aflame.

I then seen her move up thru the fiery circle and then she was given “a feather in her cap.” Renewed, refreshed, impassioned and most of all, successful!!

There was another lady who was reaching for the north star, which was only feet above her. Yet, she could not reach it due to the blindfold I seen around her eyes. I had to look up the north star to try and understand what was being shown, I was so surprised to see that “The North Star or Pole Star – aka Polaris – is famous for holding nearly still in our sky while the entire northern sky moves around it.”

Lets change that a bit to the center of the universe in which all revolves. WE, each one of us, is our own north star, the center of our universe in which all things revolve. We pull in and push out every moment of every day, that which revolves around us. We call that, our life. To truly see what we are reaching for and creating, we must not have blindfolds on.

On that note, the next phase of my day begins. Ohhh, to avoid those pesky days where I cannot see due to new or full moons, eclipses, equinoxes and so on, I will be adjusting my calendar and the days off at least for this year over the next couple days. I will be sending out emails for those on major energy days to reschedule once I have an idea how I will work my days off.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) Leo Love to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 31, 2019

New Moon, New Biochemical Bodies!!


And we close out this month with the second new moon of July. Which actually makes so much sense given the start and end of July’s readings. We entered July about 7 feet about the earth on our own landscape supported by so much energy from the original earth. That energy slowly absorbed into us as we moved thru July. Now, the energy is fully absorbed and so many new skills are being unlocked, for those with the fortitude and desire to learn them.

If I look at just two of the readings and what they really showed for all of us… My beautiful man showed up with two huge plumes of fire billowing upwards on either side of him, One side was coming from the earth we live upon, the other side coming from the fires of the original earth. As I looked beneath the surface of his field to try and understand what was being shown, I could see what looked like three pipelines, one for each fire and then one at his root chakra, I watched as the three pipes became braided and all I could feel was a connection to the Double Helix. A DNA infusion of our ascended earth we live on and the frequency of the earth we started on, as it enhanced his DNA and unlocked many potentials within him. Much to my surprise and excitement, we also received information about events coming up for him next year. It has been such a long while since there was the energy of the future presented!!

It wasn’t until we were talking about the readings in class last night that I realized my 2nd lady was like a bookend to my fire man. She had this pendulum swinging behind her that had the face of a clock on its bottom round part. The minute and hour hands were spinning every which way and her team said she was out of time (not that she is running out of time, but removed from time.)

With the swing of the pendulum an energy field was growing higher, one on her left, one on her right. Her team made it distinctly understood that her body separated the two energies., they were two distinct energies filling up. One side started to produce what her team called “modules” in the energy. They had very faint color hues to them. These modules will seep into her and cover/enhance the neurons with a heightened electrical output.

On the other side were things that looked a lot like sperm, all different colors and more vibrant than the modules. These will enter her blood stream, the nucleus of the cells. The purpose is to infuse more pure oxygen and another element (I cannot recall if she was told what element or I just forgot) into the blood. Now I went to look up red blood cells this morning to make sure I am remembering the placement of these spermy things correctly:

Red blood cells are initially produced in the bone marrow with a nucleus. … It allows the red blood cell to contain more hemoglobin and, therefore, carry more oxygen molecules.

Mature red blood cells are unique among cells in the human body in that they lack anucleus (although erythroblasts do have a nucleus).

Obviously there is a relationship between her nuron modules and the sperm looking energy in her blood.

With both these amazing people, one was focused at the physical DNA level the other, the chemical DNA level. (I’ll be dammed if I can recall the rest lol.)

As always, consciousness is key. It’s not enough to know we are evolving, if we want to use the energies, we must consciously interact with them, understand their potency and applications.

I am sure there is more information that I am missing, but I must get ready to go to physical therapy. Now that I have my pills and CBD oil rocking my body all together, my fingers are happier than ever. I should be able to share more often!!

I love you all soul very much. Enjoy this amazing new moon of new beginnings and enhanced biochemical fields!!

Big big (((((HUGZ))))) filled with grand adventures to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



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P.S. I cannot recall who had the coils in their reading, but as I was looking for art for todays blog, I seen this image and got hit in the solar plexus with your imagery. The image is linked to the information, just click it.


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From the Inside, Out!


What crazy week this has been, at least for me. I am not even sure where I left off on information in my blogs, so if I am repeating myself, please forgive me.

I did give you a wonderfully simple (smile) diagram of the way I see the field in one of my recent blogs, with that 4 foot wedge of energy beneath the higher ground of earth. It was explained thru the readings that we are absorbing that energy into us and it will effect in each in our own unique ways, depending on where our evolution is taking us. So I suppose I shouldn’t be completely upset that I lost my voice and that my asthma kicked up its heals this past week. Ohhh I love this explanation I am hearing… I inhale your energy and exhale your holograms during readings. So my lungs and voice MUST keep pace with everyone’s evolution in order to do what I do.

Without even realizing the intensity of the week I was in, I decided to do an experiment on myself. I precious friend sent me CBD oil to help with my back pain. I wanted to give it a true test and decided to stop the medication I am taking (Cymbalta for nerve pain and Meloxicam for back pain.) Not the smartest decision I ever made. My plan was to let it all get out of my system then start solely the CBD oil on the third day. I didn’t make it past day two. My back and my left arm were in such agony I gave up my experiment and took my pills again along with the CBD oil.

Four days into the voice loss and self inflicted pain in my body, I put a little post on facebook wanting to raise the white flag for the day. Within hours, my voice came back and my body didn’t hurt at all. A couple hours after that, I had this tremendous wash of love and gratitude surround me and fill me. It was not my own, but from spirit.

The next day, my voice was gone again, my body still in its pain state. But, the love that I was drinking in the day prior, was just oozing out of my pores. I could feel the love for everything in my world in a new heightened intensity.

I also became fully aware that spirit does know and in their own way, can feel our evolutionary discomfort and values us beyond measure for enduring it. We have agreed to come here to this plane of physicality to change the world, from the inside out. …And we are!!

I have had my voice back for two days now, and my body is back in its state of hiding from the pain (smile.) I would like to give my beloved Nancy not only a shout out for sending me the CBD oil, she is also sells it. If anyone would like to order their own CBD oil, please buy it from a precious, loving soul at:


On that note, the next phase of my day is about to begin. Be gentle with yourself. You are loved and cherished beyond measure!!

((((HUGZ))))) filled with love, comfort and tremendous gratitude to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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