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The New Moon Bookends Last Months Full Moon

wallpaper-1492818_1280Welcome to the energies of June!! Of course it starts out with a very powerful new moon that happened on the 3rd but truly was a three day event! Unline the full moon of last month where the enegy was glowing white and thick pour onto us earthlings, this new moon was thick and black and bubbly (sort of.) If reminded me of the energy of lava rocks, but liquidy. Thru this deep black substance were 1-2 inch silver electrical currents running throughout it in no particular order or form. it kept reminding me of the sparks giving off on 4th of July sparklers only without the central burst. Just randomly running thru this black abyss of moon energy.


The feeling of this black downpour that has been filling up the earth like a swimming pool is intense. Emotionally intense.! In the up side and the down side.

If I am remembering correctly, the last full moon, all marshmallowy white and affecting our mental planes of creational thought. This is going straight to the emotional frequency of Life.

The feeling of this black downpour that has been filling up the earth like a swimming pool is intense. Emotionally intense.! In the up side and the down side.

If I am remembering correctly, the last full moon, all marshmallowy white and affecting our mental planes of creational thought. This is going straight to the emotional frequency of Life.

I can give you my own living example of how amazing these two moons work together for speedy outcomes.

As much as I like the housemate I have as a person, I absolutely dislike living with her for reasons I will not get into. Each passing day, the desire for her to be gone gets stronger in my mind and in my heart. On the day of the new moon, she told me she was moving back to Cali. It so surprised (and thrilled) me considering she is the great grandma of my newest grandchild. She already started packing up and should be gone by the time the solstice arrives.

When we were in class Tuesday, spirit gave out an exercise (which I am including at the end of this sharing that include using this energy to remove what you do no want in your life. I never thought of removal, only additions lol. Silly me. Now I am going to focus my emotional field on being able to afford to live here alone. I am so over the roommate life!!

(I am writing this over a two day span) I did a reading yesterday that was rather interesting. My lady was shoulder deep in this black energy of the moon, splashing it on herself. I could see the little electrical currents moving into each of her hands and finding their way to her sacral chakra. Enhancing and changing her sense of Self. Her path forward will contain experiences to enliven that.

On that note, link up your thoughts and emotions, allow the creative universe to fulfill your needs and desires. Keeping in mind, threaded thru these times are needs and desires of the soul for its evolution!!

Click here to listen (and do) the new moon exercise. 

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with the power of creation thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



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The Intensity of June in Prep to Open Our Original DNA

star dna

Here we are, one day away from the high rising, highly emotional energies of June! How we arrive there seems to be as unique as you are. Of course, that was the focus in yesterdays readings. I had one lady being shot into June by a powerful stream of silver energy directly from the earth. Enhancing her, readying her with the energies from the original earth as it places her into June.

Keeping in mind, as I see the platform of June as three feet higher than May was, the frequencies are increasing for Junes show, which means, we need to either meet or exceed its energies. Some of us have a lot of help with the systems we are working with, some of us are putting in some serious elbow grease to assure safe arrival.

I had one lady climbing a ladder like trellis that felt like it was made of bamboo. I could feel her effort in climbing up and over this bridleway designed just for her.

Yet, another lady had the shining full moon itself on her field of life. At the ground level and she was sitting on the top of it as it (will) slowly lift her up and over to the June landscape. Fueling her from the root chakra up with the intense emotional frequencies of June for her to assist in helping others find their center.

One common theme no matter how anyone was being brought into June, each thing went higher than the June platform the slowly brought them down to the field of June. Increasing their frequencies higher than the ones of June then buffering it out in landing.

No one seemed to be set down in the first day of June, but I kept feeling a few days in, It just donned on me this morning that the new moon is June 3rd. No doubt in my heart, that is the target day of arrival, coming in thru the new moon energies.

So if over the new few days you feel a bit unanchored to life itself, that’s perfect. If you feel like it is taking so much effort to get thru your moments, that too, is perfect. There is not one thing better than the other. We are all assigned our own unique tasks and ways of getting to where we are going.

June itself is a highly volatile (not my word, spirit just gave it to me lol) month starting especially with the new moon on June 3rd. There will be a tremendous amount of energy and key codes pouring onto the earth thru that final moon of this 3 month energy system (started with the equinox in March.) Much will be illuminated and enhanced with the full moon on the 17th as we prep ourselves to go thru the doorway of the summer solstice on June 22nd. Just for the record, I blocked all those powerful days off so I do not have to utter those pesky words, I cannot see….

Oooooo, this little tidbit was just dropped in; as we pass thru the Solstice, we will be focusing on the opening of our original DNA. All these energies have been in prep for it. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you have already done that, not a soul incarnated has had the access yet. (Direct quote from spirit.)

On that note, my day is about to begin. Ohhhhhh before I go I would like to introduce everyone to my newest grandchild and first granddaughter, Emma Jayne!! She came into the world on May 29th at 10:40 pm weighing in at 7 pounds, 7 ounces and 21 inches long.

Also, I am extending the 50% off special thru Monday. I have been asked by a couple people to do so, so I will!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with upliftment and power to and thru ALL,

Lisa Gawlas

Just cuz I love and appreciate each and every one of you:



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The Emotional Energies of June!

june energies

It looks like June is gearing up to be a doozy of a month!! There is a tide of emotional energy taking us from May into June. With this tide, the frequencies are taking a giant leap upwards as well, which will intensify the emotional charge and quicken the manifestations of those emotions. It is also serving to the that very important gateway for those who did their inner and outer work, to test out their new as well as newly enhanced skills.

My first lady really showed us what is coming. Her reading opened up with her in her center field with this intense blue water that started at the surface level of her field and rose at about a 90 degree angle upwards to the platform of June. For her, this watery energy was calm, almost still as she swam expertly towards June. It was explained that she mastered the movement of her life thru turbulent emotions and now she will help others thru their turbulence.

One her head was one of those old timey white bathing caps with lace like flowers adorned on it. The lace was a dirty white. It was explained that the tight fitting bathing cap was to contain her highly evolved, high frequency energy within her space. This way it is not automatically extending outwards and affecting those not ready to handle it simply by being in her space. The dirty white flowers represents the energy she has mastered within herself I call, Shambalah; peace, love and harmony. The lace represents the intricacy of what it takes within, to asset others in need of such wisdom.

What I did not get yesterday, but do today, was the importance of the bathing suit she was wearing. Her team kept looping the visual of her stepping out of these waters into the June energies. Usually when that happens its because I missed something important.

She had on a one piece bathing suit colored deep maroon, more on the purple side of maroon than the red. Red is now representing the original earth embedded with the energies of the original sun, the purple is always the energy of the masters. Her arms and legs are exposed to show/reelect that she not only walked this path in life, reached as high and as often as she could, but equally mastered what was needed to assist others.

One can easily think I am the only one who sees her like this, but as I am being told, not true. Our physical minds were designed to see others energy’s as magnetic visions of attraction. This is really where the saying like attracts like comes from. It’s all a frequency!!

I had another lady, as the phone was ringing I could see her taking the thick white substance of the full moon energies and rubbing it into her checks like cold cream. I was surprised when we connected and the reading started, she was already out of the full moon energies walking into the energy of June. There was what her team called, a highly moisturizing energy rain gently falling all around her to assist with the June energies to create a buoyancy thru the emotional fields that lay in wait for June. Much more than that, I could not understand.

That said, this precious lady is coming up on her 80th birthday in June. For sometime she has had her heart set on moving to Florida to a community that has all she needs within walking distance. Please join me in seeing her effortlessly carried to this place by the grace of love. It would serve her well, inside and out.

The next phase of my day is about to begin. I love you all, soul very very much!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with love and the perfection that is You Living Shambalah!!

Lisa Gawlas

Just cuz I love and appreciate each and every one of you:



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The Original Earth, Moon and Sun


There is so much information coming thru the readings and I am so sorry to be so slack in getting it out to everyone in a timely manor. Or hell, remembering it all to get out. So let me share what I remember to share today

Everyone is in one of three phases: still being bombarded with the energy of the full moon, finished with the energy of the full moon and onto the next phase of their personal evolution, or that space in between the two, a space I am not able to see thru. Fortunately, the third set is very few. Also remember there is no ahead or behind. Every phase is perfect and essential.

There has been so much focus on the “original earth” for the last couple months, I never once thought to think there would have had to be an original moon (seems there were two way back then) or an original sun.

The thick energy I have been seeing from this full moon combines the truths of the original moons, the life that lived on at least one of them at the time, as well as the original energy from the sun. These energies are hitting everyone but will only reveal the hidden truths to those clear enough to receive them.

On top of that, magnetic north and all the other directions were not located in the same place they are on earth now. Of course we have seen magnetic north shifting over the last decades, part of its journey is realigning with its original position. Instruction has been coming out with how the original magnetic directions of the earth are affecting those signed up to work with those energies now and it even plays into the string theory in quantum physics.

Of course all of this energy continues to affect our biological DNA as well as our energy fields. In one of the readings I could see my beautiful lady being injected with some sort of energy from this moon compilation into her cranial fluids which of course will mix in with her spinal fluids and eventually distribute outwards into the whole body.

I have a feeling there is a relationship to one of the beautiful men I read for, where I could see a new gland coming in at the spectrum of Light (where all biology originates) on the left side of his brain.

All in all, we are changing, the earth is changing. Slowly we are clearing the BS of our past, the inaccuracies of our stories told over eons of time and allowing the truth to emerge. The truth of re-member-ing is what is restoring our DNA frequency to the capabilities we were originally designed with.

None of it is a speedy process as we would like it to be. Change happens over generations, the new babies coming in holding more of their original design than ever before.

We all have our part to play in this amazing change, if we dare. Free will still very much at play. Your ability to walk between the worlds consciously and coherently, essential!!

We also have to remove our fixation that when something appears to be wrong, it needs healing. Healing removes the new energies and returns things back to what it was. We must learn to work with the new energies, creating a balance within the acceleration of change.

If we just look at the changes on earth, earthquakes that rip apart the surface, volcanoes that burn away what once was to release new material, new energies. Storms changing landscapes… so too are our bodies changing.

Some years ago spirit was talking about how we changing from an autoimmune system to protect the body to something else. I’ll be damned if I can recall the something else and finding the information in my blogs is like finding a needle in a haystack lol.

That said, I got the test results from the MRI I had on Wednesday. Seems like I won a double lottery with arthritis. I have had psoriasis arthritis since the amazing energy jump in 2012, now rheumatoid arthritis is cuddling up and down my spine. There is no doubt it entered last summer as my brain fog set in. One of the main reasons I put out fewer blogs than ever before. So I immediately looked up if RA effects the brain at all when the docs called me, sure enough: Rheumatoid arthritis causes chronic inflammation that affects not only the joints but other organ systems, too. One of the lesser-known symptoms of the condition is brain fog. Many people with rheumatoid arthritis, or RA, report having trouble thinking clearly, problems with memory, and difficulty concentrating.

What I find absolutely wonderful, if not even slightly amazing, that fg clears when we are together, whether in readings or in class. The moment we are disengaged, it returns. That alone shows how much we enhance each other when we are purposely near (not physically but energetically.) Someone want to sit with me in the mornings? lol

I love you all so soul much. Thank you for being the clarity I seek every day!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with moonshine love to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

Just cuz I love and appreciate each and every one of you:



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The Fires of Purification are Not What You May Think!!

purification fires

What a powerful and impregnating moon this is!! It is serving to activate/awaken deep, sleeping parts of humanity, especially for those ready to use the energy, the secrets long kept from the conscious mind. My first reading revealed a lot in relationship to what this full moon is about.

The thick light of the moon was still flowing down into her immediate field of life, oozing slowly to her external field of life. There was a large, upside down V shape of clarity directly over her center field that extended from the moon to the ground. I could see a ring of fire surrounding her body in about a 3 foot diameter (always going to my scale of vision of course.)

There was an energy coming up from the deep core of the earth moving into and thru this ring of fire. Her team explained this fire is serving many purposes to include purification. They were quick to address that they do not mean purification of removal of anything. To be Here is to be clear. (Or at least clear enough to move to the next phase of our individual evolution.) so going again to that readily available online dictionary, definition two of purification is: the process of extracting something from a substance.

The ring of fire is also a product of the sun energy that was embedded in the moon energy. But, not everyone has a ring of fire in their field. So far, she was the only one. As each persons journey is unique and different and the energies will present as needed for the individual.

As I was understanding the energies within the ring of fire, suddenly and quite unexpectedly, what looked like a metal spear came suddenly from above and thru her crown to just above her pelvic floor in her body. Then I could see the heat energy of the fire focus itself at the tip of this metal looking spead that was as long as her body concentrate itself at the tip, melting it away. As it melted there were codes being released and moving towards the body section that had resonance with those codes. For this part of her spear it was her left kidney.

It was finally explained that this spear looking thing was a series of fragments from the original earth, the fire too, was coming from the original earth, both meeting from the mental and physical planes for release and assimilation of energy and usability.

My second lady was in what looked like a capsule of energy surrounded by this thick white moon energy filling up her immediate field like a swimming pool. The capsule surrounding her body was to protect her until this moon energy reach the top and would penetrate and release her from this protective phase.

Sadly, thats all I can share for today, its almost time for my first reading. Let me just say, if you feel you are still in a waiting period, chances are, you are, at least thru the end of this month and all these energies come together in unification for you to work with. However, there are many ready to go and meditation is always the golden key of accessibility!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of purified energy to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas





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The Marshmallow Full Moon and Mutable Energies.

full moon light

Well hello full moon. I am just going to call it the ooey gooey full moon of our lives!! I keep forgetting how thick the energy of May was as we were looking in from April, at least, until this full moon.

On Friday the 17th, the only thing I was able to see was this brilliant full moon with this glob of red and orange stuff moving in and out of it. I kind of thought it was sun energy, but I have never seen it globby like that. I pulled up spaceweather and sure enough, their main picture that day was a close up of part of the sun in that same color spectrum. And that is all I got.

Saturday, the day of the full moon, it got a bit more strange. The full moon every was akin to melted marshmallows, thick, gooey and bright white. The sun was doing its thing too, quite a few globs of the red and orange sun energy embedded in what looked like a marshmallow waterfall from the moon flowing to earth.

What was unusual even beyond that, that each person was elevated up near the moon and in a different position as this moon/sun goo enveloped them. One lady was standing and the energy was focused coming into her crown and then down over her body. I could see the moon goo also fill up her field of life like it was filling up a swimming pool. Another lady was laying down, head to the right, feel to the left, this energy was targeting her solar plexus as she was slowly rotating as if on a spit, and the goo wrapped around her in layers.

What I cannot tell you is what any of it means!! Kind of crazy really. My vision was crystal clear. I could feel the substance with my fingertips, yet the feeling centers where all the communication of understanding happen, offline, obviously so was my hearing since not a word was heard.

As I sat down to process all I had seen but by far did not understand, I started to remember April and how often spirit said that the energies of May are mutable. So lets go to the handy dandy google dictionary of understanding and bam…. I get it:

Definition of mutable. 1 : capable of change or of being changed in form, quality, or nature. 2 : capable of or liable to mutation.

It is not for spirit to tell you what you are changing into or capable of changing, but for you and you alone to decide. The energy is here for you. It’s enough at the moment to know that. As we pass thru this full moon period and head into the solstice, there will be what you may consider as a cooling off period, or hardening. Where the energies of change take form and substance in your (our) life. You will start to see what you changed and what you did nothing about.

You will also start to see the expandedness of your spiritual abilities start to come into play with opportunities to use them. Those opportunities may appear as hardships of yourself or others. The assistance of your greater Being is at hand, use yourself in new ways.

What we cannot and should not do is just wait around for something new to happen. We are the creator gods in body. Push a door open, even if the door is not the one you thought you wanted, it just may well lead to the door you really wanted to appear.

Using my own experiences of this month, I really needed to find medical help for my leg and back. One that would have mercy of my depleted finances. I applied at the free clinic last month but heard nothing back until the day after I went to the ER. A few days later, I was not only approved for the free clinic, but seen that very same day and all my medical needs will be provided for for $5 a pop. 5 the energy of change. I am scheduled for an MRI on Wednesday to see what is happening with my back and if it is pinching my nerves in my leg and arm. They have also hooked me up with an oncologist as well as a . rheumatologist.

I now get all my prescriptions for $4 each as well. I have stopped taking my long acting inhaler several months ago, $120 a month was just not in my game plan. I am now back on it and my lungs are so happy!!

So spend the rest of this month not waiting for something to happen, but making it happen any way you can!!

See you in the field using the magic that you Are!!!

Big big marshmallow ((((HUGZ)))) to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas




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The Triad of Energies Underway!

triad of energies

We are in such an amazing energy sandwich. Equinox on one side, solstice on the other and now the energies from the full moon pouring in the middle. An intense triad of energy. Of course, our sun is not going to stand around and not be part of the excitement!! I had such a hard time understanding what I was seeing yesterday thru the readings, like I had molasses on my brains. I should have checked to see if the sun was spitting too, but I assumed (silly me) it was the focus of the full moon doing it.) Nope:

SURPRISE STORM SPARKS AURORAS IN THE USA: A surprise geomagnetic storm erupted during the early hours of May 14th when a crack opened in Earth’s magnetic field. Solar wind poured through the gap, igniting auroras over northern-tier US states. (from space weather)

The full moon was the focal point in all the readings yesterday, especially the energies pouring into each persons field and how they will be affected/enhanced by them. One lady brought us into the moon itself and these little Beings were taking bits of the moon (dirt?) and mixing it with this amazingly bright light inside the moon, and directing it to her crown energy. I thought seeing these little Beings inside the moon was new, found out last night in the Nations class as we were talking about the energies seen in the readings, that I had seen these Beings in one of our members readings about a year ago, assisting with her stem cells.

There is so much happening in our body’s, at the DNA level as well as as the mental level. We are changing, humanity is changing. In the lady’s reading I mentioned above, I could see yet another tiny gland coming in in the left part of her brain. From what I understand, this gland serves to enhance the magnetic field of output and intake. I am sure there is much more to it than that, but like I said, I struggled to reach understandings with so much of what came thru yesterday. The seeing was easy, there is so much new light frequencies, which means so much new information, that my own mind struggled to get out of its own way in what it thought was. There is so much that needs to overwrite our old ideas about pretty much everything, including ourselves.

So lets start practicing that with an exercise!!

Close your eyes, take in a few deep relaxing breaths and imagine yourself standing in the midst of lush landscape. Not too dense, not to sparse.

To your left is the energy flow of the equinox, to your right the energy flow of the solstice. Turn to your right and start to slowly and deeply breath in the energy of the equinox. Feel its presence as it moves towards you and into you. Listen to the tones that comes with it, pay attention to what part(s) of your body is most affected by its energy as you breath it in. You may see colors or codes within each breath, feel into it all. Pay attention to where any of it gathers in your body. It may be all in one place or in several places.

When you feel you have taken in all you can with the equinox energy, turn to your right and do the same with the solstice energy.

You are not trying to understand what any of it means yet or what you will do with it. You are becoming conscious and interactive with the new enhanced power source of your Being. Becoming aware of vibrations and tones.

When you have taken in as much as you can, become aware of how the energies of the equinox and solstice come together within you. Like seeing puzzle pieces take form, an orchestra coming together.

As you are exploring all the new energies within you, feel the soft rain of energy coming down from above from the full moon. Is the energy targeting an area of your body (crown, heart center, feet, etc) or is it dispersing all around you? However it is coming to you, it is sparking the Light of Life in the next phase of your evolution. New or enhanced abilities will be revealed. New directions that require your consciousness will become magnetically enhanced. Feel the power of the enhanced magnetic field of your life ramping up. Where in your body is this most noticeable?

Now become aware of your feet on the ground, a new magnetic pathway is rising from the earth to enhance your awareness of your path forward. Move your feet (walk slowly) as you walk and become accustomed to the vibration of your path on this earth. You may feel a sudden surge of energy as something appears in your awareness. It may be a mile marker, an energy system, something that is personal to you to let you know that moment is important for you to be aware of. It may even require a sudden change in direction.

As some point in your walk forward, you will meet at least one spiritual assistant. This assistant (formerly known as a guide) will help you understand the new energy system that is you and how to utilize it to the best of your ability.

Do this until the energy beneath your feet subsides. This exercise is to get you intimately familiar with your new enhanced Self. To become aware of the surges within you and what is coming from them.

Do this exercise more than once. You will bring more and more energy into you and most importantly, become more and more conscious of what changes are taking place, why and what to do with it all.


Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of loving gratitude for all you do, all you are and all you are becoming!!!

Lisa Gawlas




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Equinox and Solstice Sandwich

energy sandwich

We are now in an equinox/solstice sandwich. When we started May, everyone’s field was at about a 25 foot diameter (keeping with my scale of vision) as the energies of all of April expanded and found its magnetic place in our fields of life. I was very surprised to see the solstice energy already connecting with ever reading yesterday. So energy waves were still coming in from equinox on the left, and energy waves from the solstice on the right, condensing everyone’s field. Meaning, it takes less energy to create/manifest. At the same time, new energy enhancements are coming in.

Every person also had something in the order of an energy shield at the outer most edge of their immediate field. Keeping in mind in my readings your field is broken up into three parts. What I call your center field, taking in your biology and energy body within your biology. The immediate field is where your home, work, loved ones and that which is close to you emotionally reside. Then there is the outer field, like when we go to the store or travel, we cross paths with many people and things for a moment, most of which are out of our long term control/connection field.

Every person had a unique collaboration of energy coming into their body from this energy film. Also, it was in the form of a half circle. Nothing was visible behind anyone.

One of my precious guys had energies coming in from the sun, the earth, equinox and solstice, accumulating in his belly. I then could see 9 green Beings aligning his energy field with something that looked like a bubble gun in their hands. They would take turns at specific times release a single bubble that was targeted to his belly and when that bubble entered the energy in his belly sort of blew up into various codes (reminded me of wingdings on a computer) and assimilated themselves in various parts of his body.

These Beings were new to my awareness. A deep green in color, skin the texture of grog skin. They called themselves (something) of 9. Jezuz I cannot recall the first word and no it was not counsel.

I had another lady split down the middle in a V shape. This got really really weird!! I could see what looked like a faucet way above her pouring down an energy that was part of her last reading, interdimensional frequencies flowing as one. She also had golden-bronze lightening bolts coming from the equinox energy into her field and rolling thunder coming in from the solstice.

The energies pouring in where creating really unique looking layers within her core. What looked like shimmering soap bubbles at the base of her open V and then multicolored looking (cooked) noodles above the bubbles and what really threw me for a loop, something that looked like a T-bone steak above that.

The electrical and thunder energies were creating something like a spiderweb network thru her entire immediate field. The bubbles started to flow out of her core and onto the ground that makes up her field, the noodles started to elongate and penetrate some of the bubbles then attack to the spiderweb thingies. Creating new power points and obviously much more than that, but what, is not understood yet. The steak really had me confused, until finally I realized it was in relationship to her muscles.

We are also coming up on the full moon on the 18th. One of my ladys had a great array of “windows” popping up on the other side of the full moon. Her team explained they are windows of opportunity that will be clearly visible. Unlike doors that we usually do not know whats on the other side until we go thru them.

There is so much coming in, enhancing, adjusting, creating thru us. Our focus is becoming much more instantaneous than ever. Keeping in mind, the field of creation has no bias. We focus on lack, we get lack, we focus on our needs and desires, they are manifesting so quickly.

I finally put my focus on my medical needs this month. Thru a series of events I finally found a clinic that is taking care of all my needs and then some. I get an MRI on the 22nd to see what the hell is up with my back and leg. I get a rheumatologist and oncologist all for the affordable price of $5 per visit and $4 per prescription!! Sitting has become much easier!!

Well, my day is about to begin!! Put your best foot forward and grab what life has to offer. Your soul song is playing, now dance!!

I love you all soul much!! Big big (((HUGZ))) of deLight to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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The Sound of Creation.

sound waves in water

Ohhhhh how wonderful to get much needed mega doses of Light!! The readings were primarily centered around sound/frequency. Not just any sound, but very personally YOURS. To the degree I could not hear any of the sound being presented. It was explained that the sound waves had codes embedded in them very particularly for the person I was reading for. Each came thru uniquely of course, one being presented by a gigantic bell, another a drum, yet another some odd platform in the upper atmosphere taking in 8 different frequencies, harmonizing them and sending them out to her to bring in.

It was explained to me (after much bitching, of course) that the reason I could not hear the sounds being emitted (I could only see the codes on the sound waves) was because the sound was very specifically for the person I was reading for and not for me. To take in that sound would do more harm than good. So if you hear sounds no one else seems to hear, its because its yours alone to hear. Also, conscious participation by each person I read for, essential. Just because codes are coming in, doesn’t mean you know how to use them without conscious participation (can we say, meditation.)

If I am remembering correctly, these personal sounds started to come in around the last week of April, one of the main reasons my voice was turned off. I will always show up to work, always. So they have a way of making sure I do not. Pesky freakin spirit!!

With that in mind, anytime something unexpected happens, that we as a human do not like (I hate losing my voice for so many reasons) it doesn’t mean its something that needs fixing… but needs patience and understanding. We are not always privy to the ins and outs of what is happening on the quantum levels and trust is a good place to live.

(All the above was written a few days ago.)

As we entered mid April, I was able to see the energies of may and the only way I could describe them was mutable. Kind of like energetic play dough. There was no shape or form to any of it, just there for our arrival and creations.

As we entered May, I completely forgot about the mutability that was shown on occasion. Being in the energy did not look for feel like it did previewing it in April. and I swear my short term memory has left the building!!

There has been a consistent focal point thru all the readings so far in May, a focal point I didn’t fully understand until several days ago. I think the best way to describe it is this way:

Imagine that your personal field of life, at the created level of reality was all contained in a box. That box is 20 feet high. In the center area of this box, at about the 10 foot mark, is what spirit is calling the point of creation. Where our creations manifest from. No two persons area of creation looked anywhere near the same. I have not figured out why or what the differences are yet. But, how creation happens is consistent for everyone. I pray I can explain this with coherency.

On top of our 20 foot box of crated reality is a 20 foot bx called the mental planes. The mental planes have very little to do with our brain egos. It is where creation energy flows from and where we experience most of our meditations and vibrates at a very high frequency of light.

In our efforts to create, we focus on the energies thru the mental planes and bring them down (slow down their frequency) into the created planes. What threw me for a loop (still does really) is the focus of the energies at the base level of the created planes (at the ground level if you will.) This is our physical desires (as opposed to our mental desires) and they must be raised up, the frequency increased to meet the center point of our reality box. This is not as easy to explain as I would like it to be. However, there have been many times in readings where someone would say they wanted something in their life, yet, the energy I was feeling from them would actually have stated the opposite. So we can “think” we want or need something, but if the energy from the physical level is not matched, it ain’t happening.

That that is from the personal desire/manifestation. Our souls have desires as well. It needs certain experiences in its evolution as well as the assistance of the evolution of others.

I think the best way to explain how it tries to get the human to the point of experience it needs is similar to blowing a dog whistle (keeping in mind the first part of this sharing I wrote a few days ago.) A sound is emitted, a vibration picked up (or missed) by its human and the path taken (or not.)

We can look at it as those times when we say, I don’t know how I ended up here, or what made me do that. You were following your soul whistle without the minds interference!!

Well there is much more to share, but my day is about to begin and I do not want to let this slide one more day. I will continue tomorrow!!

(((((HUGZ))))) filled with love and creation energy to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 2, 2019

MAY Change Serve You Well!!


Easter and the Resurrection sure hasn’t played out like I expected (does anything anymore??) I woke up Easter morning completely voiceless, stayed that way thru the following Sunday, save a couple hours, long enough to get into an argument with my housemate, then it went away again. I went to babysit my grandson on Sunday and while literally kissing his feet and making as much sound to play with him as my voice allowed, suddenly it was back on full volume and stayed that way thru Monday!!

The readings were so informative. My first precious lady had recently been asked for a divorce, shocking to both of us. Of course, anytime there is such an unexpected (or even expected) ending, it brings a deep sense of sadness. As she was explaining that she is trying to not be sad, her team explained to her (and to me too) how important and even powerful (what I call) these base emotions are for us to use. They are not to be avoided, most of the time, they cannot be avoided on purpose.

Her team went on to explain how much love was contained in her sadness, that alone is powerful.

It is often times the greatest changes come about because we are sad or angry or both. It allows our sense of desire to be not only amplified, but intensified in focused energy/output.

I am listening to her team, taking note after note. Lately, all my base emotions are at the surface squelching out the higher octaves. It has been so long since I have felt this…. ok, gotta say it, miserable. The last time was in 2010 when I lived in Virginia and shared my living space with others.

We are in an amazing season with all of Life. Our own and with others. The wave of change has started, it is unstoppable and it is equally bringing the base energies to the surface in many, to use not to squelch down.

We are, of course, in May. A 5 month. The month of change. Sunday we enter the 5/5 where all the energies will be amped up within the horizons as well as every center field.

Change. I tend t think of big changes with that word. But even the smallest of changes can make w world of difference.

I made the decision during our first argument to move fully into my bedroom. Which requires my son in law to come over and rehang my 70” TV, which oddly enough, is the core of these rounds of arguments. Alex was supposed to come over yesterday to move it. I told him wait, let me have a conversation with my housemate before we do that. Well, that went horrible lol. So now it will happen. I rearranged my bedroom for the new adventure, and even tho I am not fully moved in to my room yet… there is a very noticeable energy shift in me. I have been trying to put out a sharing for days and it was as if my crown was completely shut down. Thinking the first higher thought was not happening. Remembering the readings from Monday, gone. Today tho, I not only hear spirit, I feel spirit too. I truly do not like fasting from the Light, at all!! lol

When we become complacent, or not wanting to stir the waters to keep the peace… everything will escalate to bring about the changes needed. Even at what we would consider, the smallest level of life.

So, the moral of the story pay attention to the things that need changing, down to the smallest and up to the biggest levels. Use the base emotions to move the energies to where they are needed next. Pay attention to planet earth as well. She is going to be moving and grooving with her own changes!!

Interesting times are here!!! Let’s dance and stomp, together!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with radical change in the smallest of places!! I love you all soul much!!

Lisa Gawlas

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