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My Blogs Have a New Home!!


I just want to let everyone know I have moved where I publish my blogs, they are now done thru my personal website.  You can still get the blogs emailed to you as I publish them, but you do have to do it from

So today I will give you links to the ones I have published since Sept 3rd, the last time I published thru wordpress from most recent to oldest:

Starve the Old, Feed Only The New, The Love! Be the Risen Phoenix!!


The energies of this moon (and all that intense sun activity) comes in thru the solar plexus, moves into the sacral and then to the root.  Our power (solar plexus) reconfiguration at our sense of self (sacral) and completing our next growth phase of life (root) as we ready for the equinox on the 22nd.

Sept 6, 2017


Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled New Energies and New Beginnings to and thru the ALL

Lisa Gawlas


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September’s Energy of Change and Bounty!!


Well, here I am, day number five and still in the zone of silence, but I am hearing some break thru’s, so maybe today is the grand finale, I pray!  I think it is highly unfair that the universe closes down the field for a week before I go to Scotland, then closes me down for a week once I get back.  Not nice!  Especially since I have been chomping at the bit to see how all this newly inlaid energy is going to reveal itself thru You.  But, human agenda aside, I do understand it, pretty much anywayz.

Before I dive into all that, I want to let everyone know that starting tomorrow, I will be publishing my blog from my website.  If you are recieving my sharings in your email, please go to my site and sign up for the RSS feed at the bottom of this (and every) post:


The day of the solar eclipse, Julie and I went to the Island of Iona’s west side to sit ocean side.  (Above photo 😀 ) Yes the whole island sits ocean side, but the west side is wide open ocean that connects to the US and other places far away.  I sat there breathing in the energy off the ocean, connecting with the energy of the eclipse and could see the winds blowing in, parallel to the waters, new energies.  Some were in wave form, some just straight lines, all filling the airspace and moving inland, in and thru us.  Of course, I did my best to understand what this energy is, what it means to us and all I know is that its new.  When new energy arrives, no one knows what it will do, not even spirit.  It depends on, well, everything its moving into.

I knew in that moment, the pure understandings will come thru the field of readings.  We will have had time to adjust, assimilate and utilize these energies.

On the 1st of September, puffing on my neutralizer instead of the field of light You shine thru, I could feel my higher resources come on-line with a reveal.  (‘Bout freakin time!!)  I was shown all three of my children, my two oldest are starting new jobs on Sept 4th, both in a field they very much desired to work in, one with a pay increase that doubled what she is currently making and both with insurance benefits.  All their desires completely fulfilled and neither settled for the first job opportunity they were offered.  They both held out, but kept that bridge open until it was no longer needed.  Desire completely conquered fear!!

Even my baby girl in jail got a raise in her work.  Granted, she was making a whopping 55 cents and hour and is now getting 59 cents an hour, but that is something.  It makes her feel worthy, human even and proud of herself.  That means a lot when you are stuck in prison!!

What came thru with this overview was that September brings in the energy of desires fulfilling themselves for as long as you put the action into play thru this year.  Thru the massive energy fields that was laid bare and ready for planting.

For some, like myself, another major change is occurring.  A unsowing of the old seeds to make room for the new.  The “Into the Void” workshop with be the first and last event held at the retreat center, with October, it will become my daughter and grandson’s home.  Next year, once I recover from August and September’s release of all my finances, I will build anew, in the two extra bedrooms in my home.

This all came about out of anger, when i found out that while I was gone, she moved yet another animal into the house.  It is way to crowded for me.  One of us is changing houses and I don’t care which one.  She wanted the bigger, spacier house up the street.  She now has a job that allows her to afford the rent and I will pay her house bills.  What was done in anger by morning, felt like the greatest thing we could have done.  I was drenched in this feeling of goodness or rightness.  It is amazing what bunnies do with us (her new animal.)  We are both now filled with excitement at this new, unexpected turn of events that now really feels like it was always heading this way.  We just had to hold this house in place until she could afford it.  The time is here!!  Plus, 5 amazing women (me included in the count) will restore that landscape to zero point, to the void point as we pull in and seed the energies beyond the eclipse, for ourselves and the landscapes of all earth.  Just for the record, there is still room of you want to join our Into the Void workshop!! 😉

So for me, and many others, September is all about a state of change.  Not pulling on anything from the past, in any way, shape or form.  Releasing any and all ideas we have about ourselves, where we are going and how we will get there.

When I was having my 6 hour, new reality weaving episode I wrote about yesterday, I did ask spirit a question (many actually, everything was so present time oriented and effortless too.)  There are others who set out on what I will just call sacred journey’s that seem to be re-configuring past elements to fit into present timelines.  It confuses me. So I asked the voice that was talking with me about that.  It was explained that many such people reside in other timelines and are working from that point of view.  There is no wrong or right of any of it, just where one is at in recorded history.  The only thing that matters in my personal world, is that I am officially out of the time of recorded history and it is my job to stay there.  Okey dokey pokey!!

The last thing I am going to share today is a connection I received the stone circle on Orkney.  I so cannot recall the name of it, but it is connected to the Ring of Brodgar.

stone circle


The ground was way to wet to sit on, so I aligned my entire back with the stone I am looking up at to have a quick feel of what this is doing here.  Granted I did something similar at each of the standing stones and will eventually share that too, but today, for whatever reason, this segment is important to include.  BTW, the first information I received when we were in the standing stones area of kilmartin is they have all been shut off (the energy’s that is.)  At least shut off from usability, there is still an energy stream beneath the ground that runs, then I was shown a small underground stream in relationship to the energies.  It is there, but not powerful enough to use.  Not until humanity gets its act together anywayz.

But back to Mr Gigantic (what we lovingly named this stone.)  I instantly was drawn way up into deep space and surrounding planet earth are I guess what I can call space platforms.  I cannot recall now if I had seen 4 or 5, but I know I had seen them in readings before, very particularly the ET connections.  So seeing them was not a surprise at all.  The blue lights were.  Each space platform was connected to particular sections of earth and the areas these standing stones, pyramids and stuff are located.  This beautiful electric blue light connected to the areas.  It almost reminded me of an hour-glass shape, broadly released from deep spaced, contracted as it entered earths atmosphere then spread out like energy webs to all the places humans consider sacred lands, the energies went thru the stones or buildings and congregated down into the earth.  Hence the trickling streams I had seen a week prior.

I received no other information and it was not for the lack of asking.  It was hard for me to hold my focus, people were moving around the area distracting me!

Ohhhhhh!!  Speaking of people!  The one thing I noticed more than anything in this great land called Scotland, holy shit is the energies high and clear!!  Clearer than anywhere I have been in the USA or Canada.  In certain places, like Orkney, it is freakin off the charts!!  It was explained to me (cuz you know I had to ask) that is the lack of people/population that allows the energies to remain high.  Untainted by massive convergences of collectives.  The energies can remain more pure where there is less… hmmmm dense mental activity!!

I would watch as we entered various places, that initially was just us three, then other people would come and walk around and the energy lines changed, warped, some disappeared all together.  This disappearing allows for the egos interpretation of what is… rather than the truth of it.  The field knows us and allows for it all.

That was stunning to me.  It is also what powers up and configures our personal holograms to or apart from each other.

May we all, forever remain unknowing and untitled, this is where everything is revealed in truth and the truest of power lays and is shared!!

Have an amazing day my beloveds!!  I miss you so much!!  Ohh and today’s Kundalini Power class is being rescheduled.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of open hearts and clear minds to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

P. S.  September Nation of Lights Special:

Every new and renewing member in September will be shipped 5 Scotland drenched crystals.  I brought the newly mined crystals to Scotland and they hung out in the sun, the rains, the moon and the joy and are now highly charged and ready for their humans.  I will need your physical mailing address once you sign up as a full member, or your membership renews.

BTW, the price glitch on the site is now fixed.  Sorry for the oops yesterday!!

These crystals will be used in October’s Earth Magic Classes as well.




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Stripping Down! Understandings from Scotland <3


Man oh man, sometimes (most of the time) spirit can be so damn pesky.  My last day in Scotland, I woke up in the silent zone… no voice.  Couple that with head and chest congestion, full-blown asthma attacks and my neutralizer was packed safely in my suit case…  my flight home was… rough.  Fortunately the long trip over the Atlantic was on a half full airplane and I got my window seat row all to my self.  I did not sleep, but I did get to sprawl out and that was good.

Now here I am, home for three days now and am still voiceless, (no readings or class today) but at least down to just upper respiratory congestion, which is keeping the voicelessness in play.

There are many things I want to share with y’all from my Scotland adventure, and many things I know I will not understand until we connect thru the field of readings, but today, I want to focus on two night-time adventures that took place.

My amazing tour guide and friend, Julie, broke our adventure up into three sections.  The first section (3 days) was spent in Kilmartin, connecting with many of the standing stones in that area, climbing (what felt like a mountain) a hill to castle ruins in wind and rain and many other adventures I will write about, but not today.

The next phase of our adventure was going to the Island of Mull, directly across from the Island of Iona.  The very first night in our beautiful B & B, I was awoken in the middle of the night, eyes open, mind conscious… to an energy shift in my room.  The most amazing energy shift I had ever felt and I have no way to describe it with words.  There was a Being I could not see, but felt and heard, levitating in the 3 foot space between my bed and the bathroom door.

circle and lineHe told me that I have not released all my beliefs yet, there is more to go.   He explained that I have got to get myself (we all do, this was about me, sharing to everyone so we all understand and get to this point within ourselves) to a place where there is only me and Source.  He then placed an image of a circle or an opening in the airspace and a line moving upwards into and thru the circle area.  The line was me, each of us, moving into the Source of All Life.  We will know we achieved this place because that energy shift I felt and so did not want to part with, will be felt as a constant.

I didn’t get any instruction on how, or what the hell do I have left to let go of, but I can say it broke my heart when that energy left.  Even when I woke up in the morning and went outside for my holy smokes, I did all I could think of doing to reconnect with that energy… not the Being, just the energy and other than relish the memory of having experienced it, I could not reproduce it to save my life.

OK, I am on a mission.  What ever the freak I have left to let go of… I am stripping down.  Every day, several times a day, I begged for help.  I am walking the land of Iona, up the Dun I, praying to understand what I still need to dump… I surely will, I just don’t know what the hell is left!!

There is was an interesting twist I could feel with the letting go instruction.  I went back to Blessed Mother meditation experiences in 2001, when she told me to lay down all my beliefs so that I may be filled with the truth of spirit.  At least with that instruction, I knew the mile high beliefs I had, I just didn’t know how to let them go, and she gutted me like a fish.  Here, I now know completely how to let things go, I just have no idea what I may still be lugging around.  HELP!!!

With my Blessed Mother experience, I paced my house for three days trying to figure out how to release my beliefs before reconnecting and begging her to help me in meditation.  I walked Iona and Mull begging to know what I need to realize and release…

The third and final leg of our amazing adventure was way up North on the Mainland of the Orkney Islands, in a land named Twatt (that just cracks me up, ok a few miles outside of Twatt, but hey!! lol)  Here we rented a whole house for our 5 day adventure.

Night one, at about the same time as my Mull experience, a tick after midnight, something horribly unpleasant was happening.  There was a massive pipeline of energy being pumped into my solar plexus, stirring the incredibly full juices in my stomach (one will never ever go hungry when on a trip with Julie) and it was like my stomach was suddenly split in two parts, the lower part rumbling with gases being released into my bowels and the upper part boiling like water.  I tried to breath the nausea away for a good half hour, but it became too intense, I decided out was much better than in and walked across the hall to the bathroom, stuck a finger down my throat and started what would end up being at least 5 minutes of projectile vomiting.  It looked like molasses with major chunks coming up and out from the depths of my Being.  I know, too much information lol, but hey, I didn’t eat anything that resembled molasses, nothing dark or black and surely nothing that chunky!!!

When I released the last of whatever was spewing out of me, I crawled back into bed, begging for mercy.

The vile inside of me now gone, a new nighttime adventure was about to take place.

I did fall back to sleep for a moment, then was awoken, well, my consciousness was awoken, my body laid sleeping on the bed.  I could see it and was very aware of it sleeping.  About 2 feet above my sleeping body a whole other plane of reality opened up.  In this plane, which was filled with as much depth, detail and feeling as the one underneath it that held my sleeping body (which I could see and experience both at the same time.)

In this upper plane of existence was that amazing energy I experienced the first night on Mull.  OMG, this is where I want to live!!  In this energy field. I was shown my present day body in this upper plane, my entire abdomen now hollow, empty of anything, including guts, a circle was placed from my rib-cage down to my pelvic floor.

hologramInside this circle spirit placed two mountain peaks with the most beautiful blue sky behind it.  Imagine my stunned surprise when i seen these mountain peaks on a tour bus named Rabbies.  (I snagged their logo from their website.)  But, back to my night time adventure for now.

Who ever was talking to me (I could not see who it was, nor understand who it was either, and truly, I did not care) explained that life itself is an individual hologram that emits its frequencies from what we call the lower chakra’s.  From the solar plexus down to the pelvic floor.  The hologram emits its life force (our personal realities) by the energies coming from the upper chakra’s and that is to include the mental planes as well.  There is a reason the brain is in the head and not on our laps.

I did try and understand why this image, what does it mean and received no understanding at all.  Somewhere along this experience, I fell back to sleep and then woke back up again. (This actually happened many times thru the night until I finally got out of bed at 6am and not because I wanted to get up lol.)

When I awoke again, everything was the same, except now there was a second circle being placed mid-center and horizontal.  The only thing that was explained to me, or maybe, that I can recall, is it is what activated the new hologram.

It was only after getting out of bed and pondering that I realized the relationship to a gyroscope that came thru so many readings a couple of years ago.  I have to giggle at this moment, as I went looking for a gyroscope, one of the first things google shows is some of my handy-dandy artwork from those times, and I am going to include the blog link it came from (I have not reread that blog yet.)  I have to giggle as well, at the name of that blog:  The Light of Creation and the Gyroscope!  Written at the start of 2012 ❤


OK, I had to scan that blog and am glad I did!!  Here is an excerpt from it:

The Guardians created a whole new twist for my poor processing mind.  They showed me them… their individual energies flowing down from the top of the Mesa Cliff, thru the center of the field itself, to where I sit (and do all my readings) moving in thru me (us) back out and upwards to the Cliff top.  Their energy created a flow, another circle of energy.  This time tho, the circle of energy was vertical.

All I could think of as I had seen what is now happening in the field was a of a gyroscope.  I also heard with the new formation of circular energy “The Wheel of Time.” 

I find that amazingly interesting because the one thing Julie and I knew, was were went to Scotland to reset time to zero.  Many believe (and am now a firm believe in its truth) that time began in Scotland and so we went back to where time began, to null its history and clear the energies.  Reset to a true zero time or maybe better stated, a void of time.

Back to sleep I faded, then woke up to a new scene just above my sleeping body.  Keeping in mind, we had just arrived on Orkney, so we had not set out exploring any of its amazing places yet.  We simply unpacked from our 6 hour trek across Scotland and enjoyed our time together until the morning.

When I woke up in the split screen of my room, the upper plane was also a split screen.  Here I had Julie’s husband Greg to the left of my view field and Julie to my right.  Greg doesn’t really resonate with the spiritual understandings we talk about, but really loves the adventures he goes on with his wife.  His body was as if I was looking thru the midnight field, and he was laying down, parallel to my own sleeping body, but to the left of it.  Suddenly an ax came down and split him open from throat to pelvis and all this black goo started coming out of.  I heard very distinctly that that was the ax of Thor. Hey, the ax of Thor just came thru a reading before I left.  Wish I could remember the details from it.

Then there was an image of this cliff at the ocean, flooded in daylight.  There was a C shape to this cliff and suddenly I seen Julie’s head parallel to the inside of the cliff.  She started at the shortest part of the curve and with the force of a massive vacuum, zipped alongside the cliff and out, completely disappearing.  The only thing I seen of her was her hair flying in the force of the wind!!  I asked at least 10 times thru that experience and the days following… where the hell did she go??  Silence!!  Dammit.

Then, again a trip into sleep then back out again, this time the view was from above the clouds and I knew I was view me.  Hey, I cannot see anything below the clouds!!!  What the hell??  The only thing I knew for sure… this was me in the trio of us.

Of course I pondered hard on this when I got out of bed.  Something huge is being revealed, some understand, but I am truly puzzled over Julie… not any longer tho.  Today, I get it.

hammerGreg was easy to understand.  He was so reminiscent of my Blessed Mother experience.  Only she had AA Michael’s sword of truth gutting me, he had Thor’s ax.  I knew Greg represented the majority of humanity, but why Thor’s ax?  Well, I googled about it and came to realize that Thor’s hammer clearly states that those that are worthy holds the power and magic of Thor’s hammers, others get an ax.  I understand the ax to show that one must be stripped of all false beliefs and ideas to become worthy of the power, of any power.  So there is a true stripping away right now of humanities false beliefs.  This, I am sure of.

cloudsEven my image was sort of easy to understand.  I was demanded to release all beliefs, ideas, preconceptions and stuff.  When you get down to nothing, then there is only nothing left.  Puffy clouds!! The absolute VOID.  The view from above the clouds and not down looking up.

time goneAnd then there is that pesky Julie.  Imagine my stunned surprise when we went to the Black Craig Cliffs, a place completely known as where time began, and there it was.  The cliffs have been dated back 500 million years.  The part standing in the sea by itself, was carved from the ice-age 10 million years ago.

I created the highlight of the cliff line she was sucked out of, the stick figure represents her.  Today, this morning, I get it.  Julie could be the greatest history major ever, going beyond the mundane history into the many layers of other understandings.

We returned to where the stories of anything started and it was all sucked out of the plane of existence we are now in.

We will never build the new with even one fragment of the old coming in.  Any fragments are incomplete and inaccurate.

So our major purpose there was Julie clearing all the old lines of history, of the stories told, retold and reinvented.  Greg clears humanity.  And I am gazing from above.  We were like an oreo cookie and Greg the creamy middle!!

One of the pictures I captured really showed the record being cleared:

black craig cliffs

I want to come back to the gyroscope of creation before I close for today.  It was explained to me that the gyroscopes work like magnetic frequencies.  We bind to another’s hologram of frequency and experience.  Creating a larger story, unbroken thru the mind’s eye.  When we fall out of resonance with another (this can be places, jobs, people, everything) we disengage from that hologram and find others of like holograms, or, at least we should.  There are many that stay out of their resonance and start the body break down because of it, free will and personal choice is ever lasting.

One of the biggest things that came thru my night-time weaving journey that last 6 hours was about the storm still brewing out in the Gulf of Mexico named Harvey.  The voice that was talking told me that once this hurricane comes on land and creates destruction (which was really a deep, intense energy clearing) people will blame it on the government and HAARP.  I think we as a people cannot fathom mama being so powerful in her energy.  Trust me, I seen first hand how she can slice mountains and make them crumble!!  Let me share some amazing images of her handy work:

She forms new cliffs, oozes her juices out of the ground to shift the landscapes.  She is not a passive player in this new story unfolding, but a determined mama cleaning house!!

I didn’t see anything being blamed on an outside source until Houston happened.  It was the most amazing thing to witness on facebook.  First there was one person who mentioned it, then later that day, another… the day after, a few others, now it’s flooded with it from many sources that I trust and admire.  Interlocking magnetic holograms!!

This is what happened to our history too.  Couple all this that embraces fear and blame, we cannot say we are in the new while doing old things.  Propagating fear is not new.  Controlling the weather is not new.  Hell we did it while in Scotland.  We had three hurricanes follow our asses to that great land and the entire 10 days was supposed to be drenched.  Once we got to the Orkney’s and the third hurricane, Gert made its way across the sea, I asked if it would just park over Ireland and give us a break.  I had to giggle when we woke up in the morning and the whole thing was drenching Ireland and we had no more rain until we left.  (Sorry for the inconvenience Ireland.)

It would be so great if we all could stop propagating fear of anything.  Weather, food, corporations, life itself…  If you truly want to unleash your personal Guardian of Shambhala and Live Heaven on earth, release any and all old stories now.  Focus on the beauty, the bounty, the magic.  You and Source.

The door of opportunity closes at the equinox.

I love you all soul soul much!!  Thank you for enduring my times of silence (from the field) and know with all my heart, I am looking forward to seeing what we will experience next together, from there!!

((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))) of wonder and SourceFilled Bliss to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P. S.  September Nation of Lights Special:

Every new and renewing member in September will be shipped 5 Scotland drenched crystals.  I brought the newly mined crystals to Scotland and they hung out in the sun, the rains, the moon and the joy and are now highly charged and ready for their humans.  I will need your physical mailing address once you sign up as a full member, or your membership renews.

These crystals will be used in Octobers Earth Magic Classes as well.





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The New Human Template!!

the new human... emerging

Well here we are, down to my last day on american soil, well, for the next two weeks anywayz.  I have my tripod packed, my plan is to do some videos and if possible, one or two facebook live events, especially at the Isle of Iona.  I called Verizon and they said they have service in Scotland and for $10 on any given day, I can use my unlimited call, text and data with them too without incurring roaming fees.  So if I want to do an upload or facebook live event, I can!!  Yay!!

I was able to get a reading done on Saturday, granted, only one and she was in Australia, but hey, we will take it and run with it.  So much wonderful information came thru her energy field!!

Of course the field is shifting and re calibrating itself anew, I really feel this is the main reason we are not able to connect to the field, at least until we get post solar eclipse, like we are accustomed too.

On the right side of the field, about mid-line from front to back, there are several trees lumped together, that separates my yard from my neighbor’s yard.  This is also the same set of trees I seen my monkey lady drive into the lake of light.

What is interesting, as I write this out this morning, at least, about the trees, I am instantly reminded about that one huge tree from Marco Island, the event that started this whole Nation of Lights in my heart experience.

In my lady’s reading, this clump of trees not only separates old world (my neighbors yard) from the new world (my back yard aka your field) it is also representing the new tree of life as well.  So imagine my surprise when my seen my lady, high up in the tree top, suddenly move away from the lake of light.  This is not our first rodeo together and she is a member of the Nation, she is NOT aligned with the old world, so what the hell she doing heading into it???

I was instantly reminded of the blog I had just published and the tension wires I wrote about.  I could see them strung out thru the entire field to the right (only in my neighbor’s yard) and my lady down under, set up on this really large unicycle thing, as if she was cycling across the highest tension wire.  The entire color scheme was in the old yellowed black and white flavor, I think we determined it to be sepia, to give the understanding of “old energy.”

My mind was working overtime trying to understand why she was purposely heading in that direction instead of over or into the lake of light.  She then reminded me that she is a massage therapist and the avalanche of understanding released itself!!  Especially when she said that she accesses the akashic records of her clients in sessions and spirit said… NO, go directly to their blood and their living blood lines!!

This goes in direct relationship of working directly with humanity, the ones still living.  Her team emphasized the living.  The ones already passed on are in other families in other blood lines and resolved what they needed to in the afterlife!!  Our focus has to be on those still kicking about in bodies!!

The blood itself, which carries both oxygen and DNA, will travel to all the family members that hold any portion of that DNA in their body, and upgrade their light quotient directly thru the bloodline.

So the highest (tension) wire unicycle visual was to show how incredibly skilled she is to stay above peoples issues while working directly on them and constantly maintain her inner and outer balance as she does her work!!

Speaking of doing body work… Ohhhh my dear good god!!  I had the absolute privilege of digging my hands into a precious soul named Linda yesterday as the final energy work class of the Well Being series.  The first event we held at the Nation of Lights Retreat Center as well!!  It was recorded both thru webex as well as my camera.

It has been so long since I got my hands fist deep in someones biological energy field and OMG the wonders I have been missing!!  The things we are growing in our bodies!!  Holy freakin shit batman!!!!

The first ting I discovered thru my lady were these things coming out of her temples.  They are not chakras, but something else.  I have never seen them in all the bodies I have ever connected with thru my 7 years of doing hands on body work.  I can call them antennas but that would be inaccurate too, altho they do serve an enhanced function in that way.  I gave as much information as I was able to understand in the video (I will include the videos of this session at the end of my blog) and I can feel it, much more than that information is currently being withheld from me, dammit!!  But next month, I am going to have a field day exploring the new evolving human template thru the Into the Void Workshop.  I think the reaping phase will be ohhhh so much more than I could have even fathomed.

There is also this new gland that is “ready” but not ready for use yet.  It is located at the lower part of the diaphragm and looks like it is made out of a material closely resembling the muscle of the heart, but is small and shaped between looking like a puffy 7 and a puffy comma ( ‘ ).

Spirit called this an “activation gland” and quickly told us not an activation like we would think.  It is to activate portals and wormholes and things like that.  It is chemically based and will only appear (first) on highly evolved humans (those that keep their energy clear.)

I think it is thru this portion of the information coming thru her body that it became very clear that there are 5 mother ships hoovering above the USA, watching or maybe better stated, guarding the airspace, guarding us.

It was further explained that once this activation gland is ready for use, we will be able to transport ourselves from here to lets say, their ships by our inner chemical release of transportation.

It makes even more sense as to why spirit made sure we knew that this massive wave of energy is targeting our endocrine system…

“Beam me up Scotty” may just be a chemically infused thought away!!!

There is so much more to share, but I am going to let you watch the videos to get the rest of the information.

By the way, we have a new retreat planned for October 28th and 29th focusing on Earth Magic.  All of October is Earth Magic Month within the Nation.  Please go to our events page and click on the links of each event for more details!!

Also, we have organized the videos for the paid member’s and are getting the energy work sessions that was done for everyone to enjoy, into the information portal area.

I love you so much!!  I am not sure if I will get another blog out before my return from Scotland, but one way or another, I will get videos out!!

I have three baggies worth of crystals I am taking with me, some to leave, some to christen and give away when I return.

Big big big ((((HUGZ))))) filled with awe and wonder and new attributes within our biological species!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Here is the full length video of the Hands of Light Energy Session from Sunday August 13th!!



NGS Picture Id:1500684

Ohhh these crazy, amazing times we are in on planet earth!!  Why can’t we do crazy and amazing at the same time!!  Talk about duality!!  As I started my day of readings yesterday I could feel…. I stress, tension… intense tension in my whole body, in my mind.  I did an inner check… I am not sure this is mine, but could be, I have been a stress ball lately!!  I had 5 readings on my dance card, and one could say I blanked every one, because I seen nothing at all.  However, every one brought a stillness to the energy field.  Like one of those intensely still days, not a breeze or a bird in the midst of life.  When I would disengage from trying to connect, that tension of the field came back.

I realized eventually, this was a world-wide tension, not just my own.  However, that said, when the entire world is hyper-tense, well, it has a world wide effect on individuals too.  I checked the headlines of the news… dammit, Trump went on a twitter tirade against North Korea again.  This man is looking for a fight.

I wondered to myself…. if I placed duct tape over his mouth, is there a karmic blow-back to me??  Invasively silencing someone is not nice.  I then couldn’t get the visual of taping Trumps mouth shut out of my mind.  Of course, my desire was from a place of fear, not one of those obvious, big ass fears, more like when you see you have 10 minutes to get to work and know its a 20 minute ride.  A subtle fear if you will.

Nothing good ever comes out of fear.  I am sure I am not the only one around the world wishing he would just shut up, less is more in this case.  Ohhh no, when he couldn’t engage North Korea, lets invade Venezuela.  While we are at it, lets poke China too.  Someone surely will engage back!!

For the first 38 years of my life, anger and rage was an uncontrolled force in my life.  There were times, I just needed a fight and I would go looking, usually thru those I loved, spouse, boyfriend, kids… the who didn’t matter, I needed a release from the energies boiling inside of me and I would get pissed if I invoked a fight that did not engage back.  I would go hunting… or drinking.  I dared anyone who told me to calm down or shut up to face me.  I had crazy trigger fists back in the day, and used them!!

There is a place, you and I meet, that is so calm, so beautifully silent, protected even.  I thought the entire day yesterday was a blank on the field, but really, it was an instruction manual.  In times of intense chaos and building tension wires, find others of like frequency and engage there.

Which has me back to Saturdays unusual day of field events!!  The first one, nutting, the next three, that split screen of lake of light and porch images.  Then my last two took me by such excited surprise, they were both in the field, at least, engaging with the field!!  The only two this entire week I have called “readings.”

I am going to start with my last lady first… she was up in the trees that are in the middle of the field line, far right.  That place that once denoted the melting of time.  Now I feel it is the area denoting light and the new tree of life itself.  OMG just like the crop circle created the other day:

eclipse crop circle

This coming eclipse on August 21st is a trail to the new tree of life.  Which would make my second lady’s visual the energy of the eclipse.  Holy shit batman!!  This is kind of exciting to finally understand!!

So my last lady was in the tree with the energy of a monkey.  She was even told that she hold many of the qualities of the monkey within her.  I smiled when she said she has had past life memories of Being a monkey!!

Then, as she was monkeying around in the tree (smile) suddenly she had this light blue snorkel, goggles and flippers on her body and I knew the timeline was August 15th, when the energies stop rising.  She dove out of the trees and into the middle of the field, diving down so deep I could no longer see her, but knew, this was the time to dive deep into ourselves, find the treasures buried deep within the lake of light, absorb them in and get familiar!!

record-player-049The lady before her, being the very first one I was actually able to see engaged on the field held more information than I realized.  She was in a canoe and in the center of the lake of light, was an easy 25 foot diameter whirlpool of energy.  The more I looked at this whirlpool swirling around and around clockwise I realized it had striations on it just like the old school records did.  Only, not so evenly placed.  Some had gaps of inches, some closely grooved.  She was in a canoe that did not move out of place, just like the needle on a record player, it’s the record that moves, the needle follows the grooves.

I already knew she had left Texas and staked claim in the marijuana fields of Colorado, now owning her (and her husbands) own pot farm.  That was two years ago and right now as we talked, her first crops are emerging out of the ground.  Spirit was soooo excited!!  They will be encoded with very special lake of light frequencies and will be released to anyone who smokes or consumes that crop.  Hey, I am coming for first fruits!!  I am not a fan of marijuana, but hell, I can make an exception one time or two!!!

I fully understand this morning she is already encoding the energies of the eclipse into her babies.

So I went looking for her husband, what is he doing?  She was the only one in the canoe.  He was directly below her, but way below.  He was in the black energy of the void, the timelessness of the void doing something… mechanical.  What I felt was bringing new mechanics to the emerging field, how or what, I have no idea, I could not see.

With this understanding, I am not sure we will be able to see before I return from Scotland.  I will show up for every reading and do my best to glean something, but if you are scheduled between today and Monday and want to wait til September, I completely understand.  Or we can just talk, which is about what I had done yesterday and then rescheduled together!!

I would use this crop circle image as your meditation platform.  Start at the eclipse energy, explore the depths of it all, then hop circle to circle, exploring each one, until you get to the new tree of life… of light.  we need to huddle there and Be the calm thru the storm!!!  WE ARE lady Liberty and Uncle Sam, feeding the masses and keeping safe refuge!!!

I love you all so much!!!!  Big big (((HUGZ)))) of gratitude for your patience with me thru this massively changing times on the field!!!

 Lisa Gawlas

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Focus on Raising the Vibration of Humanity!

rasing up humanity

What we target in our desires to help in these times we are in, matters.  I see a lot of people sending healing energies to the earth.  Believe it or not, the earth is in good shape.  Yes, she has some scaring from humanity’s ignorance, but at her core, in the depths of her heart, she is in really good shape.  The focus of our energies, of our love and compassionate healing energies should be focused directly onto humanity itself.  That is where the greatest breaks are… not the earth.

One could reason that if they sent their energies to the earth, well then humanity automatically reaps the benefit, not at all!!  In order to reap such a benefit you must be connected to the earth thru the heart of love.  Not to mention, the earth is currently drenched in this lake of light, an energy field that way surpasses any of us/those currently incarnated here on earth.  The mother is always taken care of, first and foremost by the fields of life.

I do not see very many groups getting together to help humanity get its shit together.  There is this odd disconnect, thru even the “light-workers” realms of humanity as a whole, granted a divided whole, but still a living organism bound together by energies.  It is the most disconnected parts of this organism that creates the devastation the earth endures, that we (all of life) endure(s) because of it all.

It is our responsibility, as highly evolved living organisms of Light to remove the cancer at the base of our living organism.  Doing it from a state of meditation, is simply not enough (I cannot believe I just typed that!! lol)  Meditation served to evolve our personal Beings to the stage of… well, where we are now, vibrationally.  We are equipped with spiritual technology that has been long hidden from our use.  As this lake of light absorbs into our Being day by day, we become more potent, more powerful in our abilities than ever before.

This is one major reason why there are so many filtering stages set up in August and concluding with the Equinox in September.  What I see as the lake of light (spirits terminology for it) is the most potent light field ever released to the earth.  It is slowly being absorbed into the earth and each one of us as well.  (To my surprised ears) this light is being distributed dispassionately to the All.

We cannot quarantine the “disconnected” with hopes of connecting their hearts back to the ALL and leave them out of the light quotient.  That would be like trying to jump-start a car that is completely out of gas.  Won’t happen.  This is one of the main reasons tensions and threats are amping up in the disconnected sector of humanity.  The dense, disconnected egos are drinking in this energy just as much as the heart field is.

That said, focused used of these highly potent energies have more power than the erratic sparks by the untempered.  Being hands on in our work with have 500 times more effect than any other way.  This is where your jobs, no matter what your job is, can come into great importance.

Food workers of any sort (fast food, farms, packaging…) can concentrate their heart energy thru their hands for the infusion of this light, with the soul purpose of raising the vibration of whomever consumes the food.  Nothing more needs to be embedded, no more specific instruction needed, since no one knows who exactly will consume the food and what their mental planes need to increase their vibration… the light itself will.

Auto workers, same instruction.  Telephone, electrical workers, construction workers and any profession, same instruction.  Anywhere you are, where your hands on on task, focus the heart light.

Where two or more are focused in the same area, the power amps up.  Walking in the waters of earth, tilling the soils, the instruction directly to the DNA of human life is needed.

We are humanities clean up crew, not the earths.  The earth wants to work with us, for us, for all of Life as a partner.  She is not helpless in any way, she has survived more than our souls ever have (individually.)  She is wise and ready.  More than ready!!  (We would be wise to tap into her wisdom.)

The time for passive interaction is gone.  Done.  We have come in to be boots on the ground, not hearts up in the air.

And I must smile at the song we are going to conclude this sharing with:

Not exactly what I planned on sharing today and I am not going to deter the message either.  So until tomorrow….

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) of amazing powerful love to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas and Company 😉  ❤

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The Lake of Light ….and the Dark!

lake of light

For the second night in a row, my body was wide awake at 2am, thinking its time to get up for the day…. not!!  By the time I fall back to sleep I am waking up near 7am.  This is throwing my groove out!!  But then again, this is the season we are in.

Here we are, post 8/8, ok, by two tiny days, but still!!  I do not know why, not for a moment did I think, ok if we come thru the wringers of 8/8 flat as pancakes, old juices gone, it may take a bit before we reconstitute ourselves.  Something I suppose, should not and is not being rushed.

All my readings yesterday showed a sliver of a sun coming up over a horizon.  But not thru the night, in the whitest daylight field I had ever seen.  The field itself is like a rising river of light.  I say rising because these energies will continue to fill up our fields thru the 15th, where they hit their peak, then concentrate themselves.  I have no idea how that even happens and I will be flying high in the skies as they concentrate.  I wonder if it would be considered rude if I scanned the plane and sneak peaks of what that looks like thru the bounty of various frequencies that will undoubtedly be flying with me??

Anyway, I do not have very long to share today, so let’s get to some potent information that I was able to glean thru a precious soul that showed up on the field.  Even tho there was nothing but a lake of light in the field, a few people did show up on my deck, in front of my feet to look at and understand some things thru.  One lady in particular was a huge target of light picking for me.  She was the lady that the tsunami wave showed up thru and then spirit turned that tsunami wave into their expression of a “shit storm.”  With everything happening now between the two children in charge of countries…. I was looking forward to picking information from her soul.

I do find it incredibly interesting and I do not think I really fully realized that some people hold very particular information in their soul light, that others just do not have for easy pickens.  It is your unique alignment and purpose on this amazing grid of earth life for sure.

She showed up on my porch wearing hip waders (fishing boots) and slugging around in something that just reminded me of the sewers, liquid lumpy stuff.  I didn’t give any weight to the fact she was walking around a landscape wading thru the lumpy brown waters yesterday.  Because the last time I had seen her, several weeks ago, that wave of water was just rising and now, on the other side of the 8/8, it was at the ground level.  But hold that thought a moment, I will get back to it…

I asked her if she got her high-rise apartment, not, she was completely blocked from getting it, so she is staying, uncommitted, where she is at.  She mentioned something about being in charge of personal destiny and this series of rings start to show up with such understanding I never really took a look at before.

Her team said, yes, we all are in charge of our personal destiny, but then there is familial destiny, city destiny, state and country destiny and then, collective destinies, that intertwines and sometimes, when they all converge at a critical point (which I seen these rings moving and interlocking at her personal destiny ring) everything changes.  It’s where everything changes.  Think of the storm system Katrina.  No one would have purposely placed their personal destiny into that horrific event, but because of all the other interlocking destiny’s, lives changed thru it all.

We were all made aware of the completely inadequacy of our government thru that storm event.  The complete disconnection of the government from its people.

And yet, as the waters dried up, an event that was purposely placed for us all to rethink our allowance of government, we all went back to life as usual.

That lake of light is not a passive player by any means.  Yes it is there for the reaping, but also has its own agenda in clearing up the muddy waters of life.

Our conversation, quite on purpose for me, went to the current escalation of Trump and Kim Jong Un.  I wanted to see what we would see thru her soul light that seems to have a direct connection to what is coming down the pike with all this.  I was not disappointed at all (in being able to affirm what I had seen the day prior, with some shock involved.)

When Kim Jong Un started targeting Guam in his blast back to Trumps rhetoric of fire and fury, I could see him standing there, in my field of vision, pointing to Guam and doing something to the USA while eyes are elsewhere.

While connected with my lady and bringing up this memory from the day prior, there to the right of us, directly in front of my clock, was an elevated Kim Jong Un pointing with her right hand to Guam.  The field of light firmly at his back.  I never expected the light to be in support of any of this.  Kim’s left hand was in the dark, wiggling about, sneakily doing something that I could not see.  It was hidden in the depths of the darkness.  I knew where it was located tho… our white house has truly become a chaotic dark house.

I was shocked, to say the least, but seeing Kim in such a back-lit field of light, and could not understand WHY the light would support and get behind such an antagonist.  I tried to pull Trump in to understand his energy but I could not.  His field is so dense and brier ridden, there was no way of getting him on this field for reading.  At least, not yesterday.

As my last appointment came around, and I was simply explaining to her the things I had seen and the fact we are not seeing anything beyond the dawn of the new day we are all in, the undertanding of why Kim was back-lit in light.

When change takes place, there must always be a catalyst to create that change.  I suddenly remembered bad boyfriend choices, evictions, workplaces, things that single-handedly devoured my life and placed me and my children into chaos.  There must always be a catalyst when we are not doing the changing of our own accord. Like the storm named Katrina, the catalyst is a strong force of destruction.

As I must conclude this sharing to start a day of readings, I hear a phrase repeated over and over… “You can change it.”  (“You” being a plural you.)  Not from our lofty places above it all, but take down the beast before the beast is unleashed.  This, is a collective beast, not a single man.  The self preserving ego’s, the separation of humanity, of the world itself.

On that note, I am going light picking again today!!!  I love you all so much.  Ohhh and I did yet another maiden voyage, a youtube live event last evening.  Thank you for helping me thru it.  Ha!!  I found an embed thingie from facebook, hopefully it works.  Thank god I perfected the art of rambling!! lol  Enjoy ❤

Lisa Gawlas

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The Lions Gate Opens to Clear, Fertile Fields!


Image Artwork by Krystleyez

There are some things that are so beyond the scope of explaining them in words, that even trying, cannot and will not capture its fullness.  That said, I am going to do my damnedest to explain yesterdays weather energy here in good ole Fentress, Texas.  First of all, I feel it is too important not to try and capture in words, plus spirit knows that’s what I do, so I was able to experience the full breadth of this new energy as it poured into this planet, even if by the slight deception of it being a weather event over parts of Texas.  It was a worldwide event not just a Texas thing!!  Spirit just knows how to point something out to me for the further understanding and sharing.

I was typing out my blog yesterday when the skies open up and released a rain that slammed its way to earth, hitting the tin roof over my back porch with such a force I could not even hear my own thoughts any longer.  I was then prompted to record the sound, it was so loud…

I could have easily just put on the sound recorder and did it that way, but instead, as if on autopilot, I stood up, opened my video recorder, went to the opening on my porch and just pointed the lens into the yard to capture the sound of the rain.  In the minute and a half I recorded, I got a whole lot more than just the sound of rain.

I trimmed the video down so we could get straight to the stream of green energy that came in from the right side of the screen, from just in front of my porch and zoomed across the yard to the tree line.  That is about 5 seconds into the video.  5 Seconds after that, this smoke appeared coming from the same origin point, only heading towards me or the video capture.  I am not quite sure of the intent there.  Even tho I was not able to see either of these energies with my naked eyes, I could see them clearly thru the video screen.  I looked behind me to see if I left a cigarette in the ash tray, I did not.  But that would have had to be some seriously determined cigarette smoke to go from the far end of my porch, outwards thru the screen, hang a left and move an easy 10 feet along the front of the porch screen, then hang a left to come towards me.  Yes it was raining but the air was rather still.  And then the energy shifted, changed, intensified and wham an avalanche of orbs started pouring in towards me from across the yard.  I looked above my camera to see if there was something out of the ordinary that was creating this on the video… nothing that my eyes could see, at all.

I did not realize just how important this minute and a half (shorted to a minute and 3 second) video would be at fully explaining beyond words, what really transpired yesterday, the day of the lunar eclipse.

The rain was so loud I could not even concentrate to finish my blog.  I closed it out, published it and sat and absorbed the rain show, which turned into an unusual thunder and lightening show.  Unusual in the way I felt it, even, the way I would see it.  The first flash of lighting took me by surprise, it didn’t display in my field of vision like lightening at all.  Instead, it took on the energy of something like this:

energy of the yard

Wow, even just taking a picture the day after, adding the energy visual created a hellofa lot of energy from the picture.  I could not get this image loaded into this post for the last 15 minutes.  I even closed down wordpress, opened up a new one and it still would not load.  And then…. wham, here it is!!  Ohhhh these are so not usual times we have climbed into!!!

The image is the backyard, the lightening was inside the treeline that makes up the backyard (my side of the yard.)  I seen the lightening like a dull light that came in from the left side of the yard, billowed down as if to form a cup shape as it traveled across teh yard.  My first thought was, surely that is not what I just experienced… until it happened again minutes later.  Alrighty then….

I paid attention.  I actually tried to go in the house, I am kind of a wimp when it comes to lightening.  I love a good storm, from inside the house.  But I couldn’t, my body became immobile as I sat and experienced the lightening.  The closest thing I could relate it to is a vacuum.  As if this cup shaped electricity was scooping out all the energy of the yard, I felt this vacuum in my body as well.  It was kind of oddly weird but not bad at all.  After about 3 or 4 of these scoops of lightening, a massive bright one stuck and without even a few seconds delay… thunder rolled… and rolled and rolled.  It rolled for well over a minute long.  Deep baritones of rolling thunder.

The energy of the yard replenishing, filling out with such a clarity too it.  I could feel it in me,, in every molecule of my body.  I was already starting to go rolling in the deep within and I had 4 readings on my dance card to do.

AT 9am I connected to my first appointment.  Normally when I am not able to see, the only thing I see is the 3D image of my deck and my feet.  Not yesterday, instead of just my deck and feet it all looked like when you see heat rising up from the road or pavement… new lines of energy at our 3D base level of life emerging.  I knew I would not be able to do readings at all, first the rain was over amplified in my ears that hearing beyond its dance was impossible.  Just connecting to my precious lady down under (in Australia) had my solar plexus in such a state of movement I wasn’t 100% sure I wouldn’t throw up eventually.

With my connection to her, everything seemed overly alive.  I say overly because it was affecting my sitting body in a very strange and unusual way.  We rescheduled, I then sent an email out to everyone else and rescheduled them too.  I was being pulled so deep into myself… talking, typing, doing anything was becoming more and more difficult.

As I sat reorienting myself after closing out skype from my first and only attempt at reading, I fully realized this energy was at the soul level of inter-connectivity.  Binding those in the similar frequency zones tighter, releasing others from the web to go elsewhere.  A purging and refueling all at the same time.

The rains let up mid afternoon and the yard had this amazing clarity about it.  If I was able to capture its fullness, it would be like the crispest, clearest picture ever captured.  The outline of everything shimmered with newness.

I received notice later in the day that the Retreat Center was vacant again, I was grateful for all involved.  For A moment I thought about going up there to recharge the energies, but I was still being recharged myself.  I instantly received a visual of the legion of light (or was it elves lol) working from the top down, embedding this new energy into every crevice of the Center.  The visual was kind of funny come to think of it, these tall skinny (no more than 6 inches wide) ladders (the Center has 12 foot ceilings) and these little workers that really do look like gnomes or elves, washing or rubbing things in from the ceiling downwards.

That alone shows us all, there is now a unified energy at the ground level of life, working without needing instruction, without waiting for us humans to either do it ourselves or ask for help.  This is truly exciting on so many levels.

I am so excited for all of us!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) and crystal clear energies to and thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Lunar Eclipse, LionsGate and the tin foil bridge to 8/15.


august energyFinally!!  Here we are at the first of the series of three August energy systems, the Lunar eclipse.  I do not know that I should really separate today’s eclipse with tomorrows Lions-gate really.

I think the best way to look at today (and the many days/weeks leading up to today) like a wardrobe change coupled with a shopping spree.  Only, it’s all energy, it’s all emotions.

What do we want in place of the old jeans we are tossing out?  Clearing out is one thing, but we must always add back into ourselves, new energies, new desires, ambitions, goals and footsteps.  I hope everyone got themselves at least one pair of Nike shoes embedded with the energy of “Just do it” on your feet!

Speaking of just doing it… I finally got my first video done and out yesterday:

Thru the video and speaking of the Lionsgate, I suddenly seen this energy system, at first a small circular energy system from the sky to the ground, as I was talking about it, it enlarged itself and I could see that the “veils” we are so accustomed to navigating within or for some, around, they started to thin, they just released themselves all together and the funnel like, growing energy system was black, pitch black.  Completely new energy, so new, it has not held light in its stream within this realm before.

Think of it like a pitch black room, your job is to explore it, allow yourself to bump into new package of energy, pull it into you, consume it, process it, then use it.

Let’s take this all one step further, since it is the parallel I am getting!!  Each person who has done the inner work (and trust me, a lot of you have!!!) would be equal to an individual black hole (just for understandings sake, I took to google:  Stellar black holes form when the center of a very massive star collapses in upon itself. This collapse also causes a supernova, or an exploding star, that blasts part of the star into space.

You are the center of gravity, collapsing the old energy fields, the old thought forms of separation.

YOU are the event horizon and what is on the other side of the black hole: The event horizon is a proposed boundary around a black hole. On the other side of it, the gravitational pull of the black hole is so strong that, in order to escape it, an object would have to be moving faster than the speed of light, a feat that almost all physicists agree is impossible.

What do scientist really know about what is and isn’t possible.  They only know what they can see and then, most especially, prove!!

Your change of thoughts, change of actions, change of clothes is what created the event horizon.  Your ability to access the deepest, most secret/darkest parts of the abyss, easy peasy!!  With your access and consumptive use, wham there is a new light in town!!  A new understanding, a new ability, a new way of Being in this amazing life.

I feel (but could be wrong with more information added) this event horizon lasts thru the equinox in Sept.

But I got too far ahead of myself.  There is at least one reading from Friday I want to pull in and share.  My lady had already gone thru the 8/8 gateway wringer thingie and was taking all this new energy, pulling it together to form something solid (I seen it similar to a silver flag pole) and started feeding it thru the wringers of change on the 8/8 (time is far from concrete with spirit, its an energy system, not a dateline) and much to my surprise, it came out the other side very much like aluminum foil.  This highly reflective silver foil formed a bridge upwards to the august 15th peak of energy. (Where the energies stop rising and start condensing.)

What the hell…. aluminum foil????  Who the hell can walk on aluminum foil??  Those who cleared their inner planes and come thru light and buoyant.  Anyone who allows any of the heavier energies back in on the other side of the 8/8 simply fall thru the foil.

I did try to see where these people fall too, but I have no idea.  Spirit shows it similar to the guillotine energies of the solar eclipse, heads severed without any heart juice, simply drop off and out of my field of vision.

I find this very moment, amazing!!!  The skies just opened up with a torrential downpour of rain.  It is coming down so hard and fast I cannot hear the words over the sounds of the tin roof.  So I decided to record the rain to capture the sound.  I captured more than the sound.  I seen thru the lens this energy streak across the yard and then suddenly, a shit ton of orbs started blowing towards the camera.  I looked at the trees, there was no wind that I wasn’t feeling.  I uploaded the video to my facebook page.

Today feels like a perfect day for a total landscape cleansing and dehydrating.  It is, after all, the lunar eclipse deep cleanse day!!

On that note, I am going to close for today. Natures song is playing louder than spirits words thru typing!! lol

I would like to invite all of you to join me on Wednesday August 9th thru a facebook live event thru the Nations facebook page at 6pm CDT for a Q and A session.  Bring your questions about anything, the energies, life, whatever!!  Just do not try to make it a personal reading please.  And let me assure you, I am nervous as hell about stretching into that sector too (the live events)… but dammit, I got my nike boots strapped up to my knees… lets just do this!!!

I love you all so much!!  Big big cleansing (((HUGZ)))) to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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I get a little pissy when I show up for work and the field is closed to my viewing eyes, which is what happened again yesterday.  I do understand that in this hazy crazy month of August, we are going to experience extreme unpredictability, but hey…. we a have a schedule to keep, dammit!!!

curtainMy first two ladies, a complete blank, not even a nugget of understanding as to why.  The why would be quite helpful in my book.  My third lady… standing in the light of her solar new year (birthday,) had me on my knees begging for a little something, something and much to my surprise, even as I was explaining to her that the field is closed, I got an image that reminded me of a white curtain slightly pulled open to create a diamond shape and this flood of white light coming thru. Ohhh tantalize my taste-buds, we might get a little something something!!  Begging can work on occasion!!  Of course, it was less me begging and more her birthday energy releasing the central sun energies and understandings.

big_The Sun Behind The Clouds HDSo I assumed my position, bent in half with my chest resting on my legs, and I got a split screen image.  I could see my feet and deck (the tell-tale sign that my antennas are not functioning properly) but I could also see the white out of the field.  Way in the distance above the treetops on the other side of the fence line was an image of a white-hot sun.  Like this picture here, only the clouds were not dark at all, they too were a pure puffy white.

I had just been to spaceweather to see if anything was happening on the sun that might be causing this field closure… sure enough:  GEOMAGNETIC STORM WATCH (G2-CLASS): NOAA forecasters say there is an 80% (not a typo!) chance of polar geomagnetic storms on Aug. 4th when a solar wind stream is expected to envelop Earth’s magnetic field. The wind is flowing from a canyon-shaped hole in the sun’s atmosphere…

And thru our birthday girl, we even got the very rare opportunity to understand what this energy flow is targeting!!  It was clearly stated that it was targeting our biorhythms.  Of course, the only thing I could think of was our sleep patterns.  My lady had said she woke up earlier than usual and I had woken up later than usual, so there is something to this.  Like spirit would try and fake us out (somethings they do!!! lol)

I found a wonderful website that helps all to understand

The Different Biorhythms of the Human:

 Human Being Biorhythms

Biorhythms are the natural monthly fluctuations that govern:

  • Physical:

    This cycle effects the physical aspect of the body. It encompasses your energy levels, your resistance, and your overall physical strength and endurance. During the positive half of cycle is when you will feel at your best. This cycles influences physical factors such as eye-hand coordination, strength, endurance, and resistance to disease.

    • (Peak) You will feel physically fit to work on projects requiring physical strength and endurance.
    • (Low) During the down half of cycle you are likely to have less energy and less vitality. Be sure to follow this cycle if you require physical endurance for either sports or your work. 


  • Emotional

    This cycle governs the nervous system and also is referred to as the sensitivity rhythm. This cycle influences our emotional states, affecting love/hate, optimism/pessimism, passion/coldness, depression/elation.

    • (Peak) When you are feeling most creative, most loving and warm, and you are probably more open in your relationships.
    • (Low) More inclined to be withdrawn and less cooperative. You may also be very irritated and negative about those things that occur in your everyday life. 


  • Intellectual

    This cycle supposedly originates in the brain. It influences our memory, alertness, speed of learning, reasoning ability, accuracy of computation.

    • (Peak) Considered to be at your most intellectually responsive; you’re open to accepting and understanding new ideas, theories and approaches.
    • (Low) Much more likely to have difficulty in grasping new ideas and concepts. 


    • Compassion (38 days)
    • Aesthetic (43 days)
    • Self-Awareness (48 days)
    • Spiritual (53 days)


These cycles start the moment we are born.

They are at a mid-point at that time. They then go up and down at different rates over our lifetimes. When any of the cycles are at a high point, things we do that require aspects of that trait are more successful – the reverse is true during the low points of a cycle. Many people report that they can improve the quality of their lives by monitoring their biorhythms and acting accordingly.

All three cycles go through positive (ascending) and negative (descending) phases. The days on which a cycle passes from positive to negative or vice versa are known as “critical” days.

There are three critical days in each cycle, and it has been proved statistically that more accidents happen on these days than at any other point in the cycle.

(Taken completely from her site.  There is much more information on that page than I am sharing here.)

If we are first and foremost, energy systems (each living thing on earth) and then we are chemical systems, and the outcome is what we perceive as physicality, these biorhythms must originate from the endocrine system, the chemical systems of our bodies.

If our chemicals are being infused, changed, remixed (if you will) it is going to have a confusing (at times) affect on our bodies or maybe better stated, our daily “normal” functions.  Again, there is no bias to the energies.  The light is not only targeting those that have cleared their emotional and physical lives from the impurities of the past, but equally hitting those that are still harboring, and reacting to the dysfunctions of the past.  All this as we head into the emotional Lunar eclipse on the 7th for that one last big look at the suitcase of our lives.  Take what serves ya and dump the rest.  Cuz we are going thru the wringers of the 8/8… squeezed into the new form of life.  New chemicals enhanced to enlarge our territory (again, that is not only for those with a tidy house, but equally, those with a debris field too.)

If I am understanding this communication correctly, as we go a bit deeper into august, we will start to see the two, very distinct gardens of life, at least, at the individual view first. The weeds vs the flowers.  The old world expression vs the new world (Shambhala) expression.  Those that think they are in power (empowered) and find themselves incredibly dis-empowered and those who have thought they were powerless who suddenly become incredibly empowered.

Something amazing is happening on earth, and that something is YOU!!  It is US together, working and acting as One!!!

United we stand, divided we fall…

has never had more true meaning than the times we are in now!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of love, gratitude and freakin wonder thru it… thru US ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  50% off The Nations membership thru August!!!  Join the Nation today!!!

Every paid member of the Nation will receive 33% off all Readings or ET connections.  Coupon code on the Join page!!!

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