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Shedding The Old to Reveal the Expanded, Empowered YOU!!

848-02818695 © Minden Pictures / Masterfile Model Release: No Property Release: No Dione Rat Snake (Elaphe dione) beginning to shed its skin, native to Europe and Asia

© Minden Pictures / Masterfile
Model Release: No
Property Release: No
Dione Rat Snake (Elaphe dione) beginning to shed its skin, native to Europe and Asia

About two weeks ago, I had a dream experience that has lingered in the forefront of my mind every day since experiencing it.  Yesterday, I finally got it!!  Let me share the dream, cuz all of what I am about to share today, in my own understandings, is relevant to all of us, each in our own way of course.

There is this person I always refer to as my mentor, Marc.  He was a huge, significant part of my own awakening for the first 2 years of this path.  He never really was a “mentor” per se, but truly a huge asset in helping me understand what was happening within me as my old reality construct crumbled around me with each dive into meditation I took.  His greatest skill back then was lucid dreaming.  He tried to teach me how, but I never got it at all.  Of course, I could eventually navigate the multiverse in meditation and that is where my spiritual team put all their energy.  Over the last decade plus, on rare occasions, when I was going thru massive growth spurts, Marc would enter my dream states even tho we had been long divorced and not talked to each other since 2002.  The last time he came to visit me in my dreams was in 2010 or 11 (I forget exactly.)  Also, he came to my world…always.

So you can imagine my surprise when a few weeks ago, I went into his world, but with an odd twist.  When I met him (via an online spiritual chatroom) he was living in Australia, Kings Cross to be exact, he has since moved to Hong Kong.  In this dream experience, he was actually living in Sydney Australia and the dream experience opened with me running up a flight of stairs to visit him.  He occupied a top floor, corner apartment and as I got to his doorway, he was coming out and not at all surprised to see me and simply said “I have just been evicted,” and proceeded to go down the stairs with me following him.  Even in my dream state, my mind was scrambling to understand why he was evicted, nothing about that moment felt “out of money,” there had to be another reason.  Altho he and I talked about spiritual things a lot back in the day, he never was one to share his personal world with me at all, which given this dream, something never change lol.

As we made our way down the steps we came to a large open air landing before going down more steps.  There was a high wall at the bottom of these stairs with a large picture window in this wall so you can see over the city.  I stopped a moment to look out this window… it was stunning.  The landscape itself was imbued with violet as its ground scape.  Beautiful buildings scattered about (no, not the opera house area) and suddenly I realized someone had recently sent me a picture of this (in my dream, not in my reality) and I mentioned it to him excitedly… “OMG, one of my friends just sent me this exact picture and here I am looking at the very place it was taken.”  (what this was all about, I have no clue… yet.)

Then I woke up.  Puzzled.  First of all, I went to his world during my dreamtime, I don’t do that, well, never have before anywayz.  But it was what he said that lingered… “I was just evicted.”  I know symbology well enough to know this is about residing in the higher consciousness of life, but what did it have to do with me.

Lets put that on pause a moment.

As the May course started and I am not only doing the hypnosis events, but taking the transmissions too, there were a few times spirit asked “what does your heart desire now.”  I pondered that for the last week or so in regards to myself.  I have no freakin clue.  Suddenly, as I would think about that question, I would hear my soul voice say “enlarge my territory.”  Hey!!!  I’m not sure the Lisa within really wants that… but then again, it’s the heart desire not the head.  Dammit.  I used to say that when I felt I needed to grow in new ways and it was always provided for, in unimaginable ways.  So I knew… hearing it without it coming from my mind… all I could think is, how much more could I possibly do!!  Well!!  It is being revealed!!

When I woke up yesterday, I was so flipping exhausted from my night-time adventures and growing a really achy left side.  The left side of my neck, shoulder, arm and down the side of my rib cage actually hurt.  Last week, it was my butt and back of my thighs that felt like the strain of mountain climbing seeped in.  That was easy to figure out, path of life changing and the strength (thighs) amping up to endure the changes.  So with the largeness of my left side (physical life side) I was little confused… sorta.  I know my voice is changing, my ability to hear/see/express is changing… but why my damn ribcage too!!!  Hey, mercy on this crazy girl!!!

So after I did my blog and notified everyone on my agenda that I am in silence yet again, I took a nice hot bath, one to try to melt my muscles and two to find some energy.  I was depleted on every level energetically.  I felt like a deflated balloon.  I knew I had easy 20 emails that needed tending to and without an ounce of energy in me, ain’t no way… so I went seeking some and got more than I bargained for.

Before I get to my enormous understandings, let me just share that my soul (not me, my soul itself) has 4 other incarnations here on earth and I have met them all over the course of the last 13 years.  One named Marc, the other Frank, Rick and Michael.  Everyone of them changed me to the core with their interactions, albeit brief, within the platform of my own life.

The first thing my team addressed in my meditation was the eviction of Marc dream experience.  He was the first one in my world of expansion and held a place holder in the lucid dream realm for me, for when I was ready.  (Whisper, I’m not ready, but who cares about that!!)   He also showed me, with real life experience when he came to literally visit me for 5 days, about the amazing magnetic pull of cellular biology towards each other.  Thru this, my team reminded me of my crazy nights the last two nights… lucid dreaming… that’s what that is???  Both nights, I knew I was a sleep and awake at the same time… what seems to be missing is my personal control over anything in that environment.

Then they brought back the memory of Michael, my most recent experience back in February.  Thats when portals started to form above my bed, literally.  But he was not interested in knowing how he created them or even how to consciously use them… I was, but I wanted him to do the work of understanding.  Yeah right.  Guess my desire was stronger than my laziness!!  Cuz, well… not only do I have the lucid dreaming going on, it’s all about portals (which again, not really portals like we think of them, but until they let me fully remember the word they use, I’m calling them that!!)

I shared the other day a session I did have (via meditation) with Michael and mentioned within it seeing his body like a snake-skin laying on the table.   It wasn’t until the next day did our team fully reveal that what was shown was potential, if he did the inner work to achieve what was needed.

Well baby, for those of us doing the inner work right now… we are all molting!!  I was shown wiggling out of my own skin like a huge snake.  My team explained, when a snake sheds its skin, every ounce of its energy, of its focus, is within itself, shedding and growing all at the same time.  It is not a time to be out in the world, but deep within our own cellular changes.   Obviously, my voice is shedding too… still today, dammit!!

I spent the whole of yesterday merging with my couch and rubbing icy hot on my neck and shoulders and puffing my albuterol inhaler to keep the breath constant.

I crashed hard at 9pm… and once again, there I went into portal land, but with a shocking twist.  First, I was given a review of what I learned the night before (and I still don’t consciously remember that yet) and the next thing I know… I was up and threw visiting one of he ladies from the May Course, helping her… in that moment, I knew exactly who she was and what she needed… and then I woke up with lungs gasping for air.  Puff, puff on the albuterol and back into portal land I went.  This time, I went to visit another lady from the course… same thing.. assisting where it was needed and return gasping for breath again.  The information and exchange were so vivid in my between times I was sure I would not forget and could email them in the morning of the experience… yeah right.  However, my last adventure for the evening, was a lady I had been working with and dropped the ball on weeks ago, and I went to her, did some energy work on her body and now she, I fully remember this morning.  The other two ladies, I cannot recall which two they were and what exactly we did.  Strange really.  It was so vividly clear and no doubt, I was given amnesia on purpose, why I have no idea.  But my last lady, I remember clearly.  Maybe cuz I know her personally and her landscape… Virginia.  I dunno.

Now, one would think I would be all excited about this brand new adventure unfolding… hell no!!  As I came out of my third portal adventure of assistance last night, I started my Lisa bitching… hey!!!!  I work all day long doing all I possibly can… now its night-time too???

Careful what ya ask for!!

I have complained for…. forever that I never know what I am doing when I sleep and my spirit seems to visit people during their dreamtimes and I want to be consciously aware of it.  Well, I am getting more than I bargained for!!  But with a larger purpose.  What I am learning/remembering in the dreamtime, will one day be fully activated in the day time.  Not as an energetic conscious visit, but as a body and consciousness going to visit.

I did hang onto one memory.knowing from the portal activation, it was a magnetic intention thing.  The energy of it ran down my core and I think kinda worked like a zipper would… with the magnetic frequency within, opened the spin rate of potential.  The various portals above were already aligned to those I visited last night.  Well, there is two more yet to be traveled I suppose.  Cuz there is five above the main spout!

What I equally find interesting, if not rather exciting… when mother earth insisted I put one more super powers course together before I leave for Boston and PA the end of next month, my team explained that what is happening thru the amazing people in the May course is laying the foundation of all that is to come and June is like putting buildings on the foundation… making it easier for all.  July… there will be no question of the unimaginable being fully realized.

The greatest gift in all the worlds… change yourself and the world MUST change with you!!

On that note… Dig deep within yourself, constantly, unceasingly and power up… Life will never be the same again… thank you creator Gods!!!

I love you!!  ((((HUGZ)))) filled with mastery Becoming!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Well, what a marathon of night school I had last night, right back to those series of portals or wormholes or whatever they are.  This time tho, there was a shadowy figure of a man helping me to learn how to use these things, I never seen him clearly nor can I say I recognized him in any way.  But like the night before, I was neither awake nor asleep and had total memory of being there the night before.  The first session (we had many session thru the course of last night, to the degree I thought days had passed since I first seen these series of openings.)  Unlike the night prior, I was not being sucked up in anything, instead me and shadow man was standing just in front of the wormhole (there is another name that is used for these and I will be damned if I can remember what they call them) that was at my feet and went straight up about 10 feet to a serious of 5 other wormholes encircling this main one.  This man explained that it is the energy within the heart that activates their use and showed me how to do that and dammit if I cannot recall at all this morning… but, in that between place, I seen the main one go from being a gray like energy tube to being infused and revved up with the color of blue.  As it started to vibrate and spin, the one on the left top side started to become activated too, only it was engulfed in red energy.

Each time these things seemed to be fully activated, or at least vibrating and oozing color… I would wake up and couldn’t breathe.  That strange elephant from the night before was now on my chest and I would cough and reach for my albuterol inhaler, which cleared it up instantly, back to sleep I would go, only to end up in the same place, with the same guy, doing the same thing… all freakin night long… waking up coughing and trying to breathe at least until the albuterol adjusts my airways.

Not surprisingly, I am deeper into the silent zone this morning… at least last night (before sleep) I was able to reach down deep in my voice box to create a few bass tones.  This morning, I am back to squeaky toy sounds… barely.

However, a lot of timely revelations happened yesterday in my voiceless world of grocery shopping and house cleaning.  Like I said, I feel fine, my voice is just going thru puberty… again!!

In my Q and A with spirit yesterday (smile) I asked about the weird strain in my right ear as I tried to talk the day prior.  Then, couple that with some posts on my facebook wall the end of yesterday… man oh man, was spirit quick to chime in and for good reason.

For those of us who has chosen to purposely and dedicatedly accelerate our inner and outer vibration/frequency/LifeLove, much is added to our biology in abilities as well as awareness.

No one on earth can see, hear or understand beyond their frequency zone… some laws are unchangeable.  This is as true on the other side of the veil as it is on our side.  This is why the vast reincarnation cycles (of many worlds) are so extremely important to our souls… as they grow and expand and vibrant to higher realms in spirit too.

Our jobs on this side of the veil, the side immersed in duality and amnesia, is to Be the voice of spirit in all we do and say.  That really is where our frequencies start to accelerate to higher levels of knowing/information/knowledge… USE.  The more we share our Light, the more Light is given to us to share and to use and to share more of.

This particular growth cycle I am in, going thru, has everything to do with my ability to hear the higher vibrations of spirit and even, other worldly worlds and bring it down into this one for use and for sharing.  I was shown yesterday how my ability to hear and my (self-described inadequacy) of sharing it all out loud is going to another level… so I can bring more thru vocally.  But equally, YOU are going thru similar upgrades and I have to keep up with you since you show up on my field of light every day.  See, you are pushing me further simply by pushing yourself further.  Thank you for all that and more!!!

Many of us are going thru biological adjustments as we reach higher levels of ourSelfs.  Between extreme exhaustion, hunger, pain in various places, breathing issues, sinus issues, headaches, vertigo… there is an abundance of symptoms out there being expressed as our collective is hitting higher vibrational levels of living, of expressing, of (soon to be) use of what I lovingly call our super powers.

For eons of time, as we were clearing our biology and minds of “issues” to bring us to this moment (that actually started back in Jan 2013) we were so conditioned to think, if we hurt we had healing to do.  And for the longest time, that was true.  Not any longer.

I remember a time in either 07 or 08 when I entered my holy bath to go scrub away some more of my dysfunctions and no matter where I looked within, I couldn’t find something to tap into.  By this time, I was really efficient at finding and transmutting the craziness within me, it was my major focus for close to 8 years and there was always a refinement of my abilities each time I went in and scrubbed.  So imagine my shock when I went in and couldn’t find anything and asked my team to help… their reply was (and this SOOOOO IMPORTANT to everyone one, especially now) “Do you not think you get to a point where you have healed all you needed to heal.”  Ummmm… no, never even crossed my mind and surely not a person I know ever said such a thing.  Is this my ego????

Well, 7-8 years later, I really get it.  We don’t have to pop every zit we ever had or we will never stop the clearing process to start to grow into our expanded levels of Being.  We simply have to clear the container enough to hit the higher vibrations within ourselves.  At the end of the day, we are still going to have our human moments of irritability, fleeting judgements (speaking of my self here.)  But its when you can instantly recognize this, giggle and let that go… that is where true mastery lays and that’s all we ever needed to get to within our body and mind.

Clearing and expansion, sadly, feels exactly the same in the biology.  Neither should be stopped, which I learned quite quickly in my early days of healing my inner shit.  Until I started to swim in the deep end of the pool, I never so much as even caught a cold, since then… ohhh my dear lord it felt like my body went to hell in a handbasket, for me, primarily happening between lungs and head… and of course back then I would use decongestants or something to stop the sludge pouring out and my team would say, its only going to start-up again and finish itself more intensely.  To this day, I only ever use Tylenol for headaches (it stops the pain receptors and not what is happening within) and now, albuterol, cuz breathing is important and it opens the airways to higher flows of energy.

So with all that said, know you are expanding to new levels of yourself.  Where you are feeling this energy the most will be a huge tell-tale sign of where and how it will most likely affect your life.  The waist down, your path in life is about to change in directions that will amazing if not shock you.  The abdomen, your own power is hitting new levels of use inside and out.  The chest to head area… full on expression, outwardly in all that is You.

And so much more than that too, just putting it in a small thimble.

Please know with all your Being, you are growing/expanding/reaching higher levels of yourself.  If you stop and get or do healing work, you take yourself out of the moment and put yourself back in the past, only having to get back to this moment again… and again until you just KNOW your done with past issues and are now getting into your new shiny love infused outfit to go beyond anything you ever thought was possible.

I have got to add this in, cuz I cannot help but smile with spirits reply.  This morning as I am saying to my team (telepathically of course since my voice is still elsewhere, adjusting) this is really an inconvenient time to go thru this.  I am right in the middle of a course YOU insisted we do and now, everyone is getting rescheduled, if not completely missing this weeks homework follow-up.  Of course, everyone in the course is going thru their own biological changes now, or at least, will be soon!!  My teams reply is, there will never be a convenient time in the realm of human life.  We are always busy and it happens at the apex of inner frequency, not a time-table.

Last but not least… DO NOT talk yourself out of what you are capable of doing NOW.  Achieving NOW.  I have heard more times this week (or was it last week lol) sentences like “but I have never done it that way, I cannot do this, or that or stuff…”  Remember, you create your ongoing reality, or you change it.  The choice is ALL-WAYS yours to make!!  Please, put away your need to heal anything within, put away your old stories, and stretch into the new… and allow yourself to fly to places never even imagined possible before.

I love you so flipping much.  You are my greatest teachers I could have ever hoped to have in life.  Once upon a time, I seen God as something up there, beyond this realm of creation.  Now, I see him thru you each and every day.  You truly are God made manifest.  <3

(((((HUGZ))))) of silent bliss to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Quantum Changes Within Gearing Up for Our Next Adventure

energy changes


Ohhh the energies, the biological changes, and dare I even say, thank god for the awareness of it all!!  I receive the majority of my energy adjustments when I lay down to go to sleep, fortunately, that also means instantly going into deep and extended sleep periods.  Works for me!!  The night before last, the very night I had seen everyone’s wonderful golden age energy flow… I swear a brand new kind of elephant sat directly on my chest.  Never felt that sensation before… and then I fell into sleep.  It was weird but not painful or disturbing at all.

As I started my day of connections yesterday, I became aware that that thing called my voice, was slowly slipping away, with it, so was my energy.  Not even tired, just… depleting.  By my third appointment, my voice was gone, yet, other than energetically exhausted, I personally felt good.  No sore throat to warrant a voice loss, zero coughing (except when trying to talk) no lung issues or asthma like attacks… just bit by bit that thing called audibility went away and is still gone today.

What was interesting tho, in my attempt to speak, I could feel a pull on my inner right ear each time I tried really hard to speak.  So I knew, my spiritual hearing coupled with my spiritual sharing is going thru the roof of change… again.  Yay!!??

I would love to know… where is this energy hitting you??  The answer will reveal where your strongest energies are for your use of “super powers.”

As I had plenty of time to ponder this sudden and unexpected quite time within myself, I have to laugh at the way my team explains things.  First thing they say is… you cannot look directly into the abyss (energy field) and not be changed by it.  Yeah, I know that from years of doing this peeking.  Then they gave me a rerun image of a show I just watched called “Supervolcano.”  A really great mini-series about yellowstone blowing.  In this show it erupted for 7 days and then started to collapse in out itself where the magma once was.  That was me yesterday (ummmm the last week) collapsing in on myself lol.

I take in massive amounts of quantum energy, especially in exchange with the wonderful and amazing folks taking this May course.  They are (in spirits words) literally going out into many different dimensions, super frequency dimensions, bringing back handfuls of never experienced before (in this realm) quantum energy, smearing it into themselves (as their super powers) and the landscape.  I breathe them in, their experiences, their excitement, their new energy fields every day and exhale here to you, in my own way.  Ya feeling the volcanic ash??  lol

Well, with the golden energy day of readings, which I knew was taking this massive energy system and finding solid ground to reform onto, into…

As I was waking up this morning, protesting about the 4am hour, I did my best to go back to sleep… instead, I went into what I will just call an awakened dream state.  I was not asleep nor was I “awake.”  I suddenly felt this pulling sensation and the next thing I knew, I was in the center of I dont know, wormhole, portal… an elongated energy system.  I could see it and feel it clearly.  I heard my team tell me, this is what you really do, you live between energy systems, I think they had a particular word they used, but I cannot remember it right now.  The next thing I knew, 5 other tunnels or wormholes or whatever they were… popped up in a circle around and above the one I was in.  What the hell???  What are all those things??  I guess that will eventually be revealed cus the next thing I know, that grip released and I heard, now get up and share.  Huh??  Share what??  Freakin pesky team I have!!!!  So, 4:30 am, I drag my booty out of bed… again, and this is the only voice I have today.  Silent on all levels.

On that note… have an amazing day!!  And may all that is in your heart become manifest as you express it outwards!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of grand adventures and deep and radical change to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  The power is within you, lets tap in and bring it out for full on use!! LAST chance Super Powers Course starting in June, click here for details.  This course is limited to the first 12 people who sign up, there is not enough of me to do 24 again.  Holy quantum energy batman!!







golden age


Gotta love the crazy energetic presentation of “simple” geometry that is the field, is us, shifting.  I had a feeling the other day with seeing that bell thingie move to the right and being only half viewable, something else was happening.  Well yesterdays readings gave us an amazing view, an amazing feel/flow of vibrant energy coming into those who created that critical mass event.

Of course, I have done my inadequate best to give you a visual to follow along with as I explain the best I could.  Beyond the stunning visuals, there was this feeling… OMG the feeling of energy, like nothing I ever felt before.

the field unfolding

The main image was the flow of golden energy that was in the most smooth blend of golds, yellows, gentle oranges, white and silvers.  Let me emphasis the “smoothness of this flow of energy down to a single point… the person I was reading for.  I don’t know another word to describe it, it was stunning really.  But then in the lower part, where point meets point, it got a big frizzy.  All I could think of was bed head to describe it.  The feeling of this perfectly blended energy… was beyond perfection at both ends.

As I tried to understand what is this energy, spirit came up with several different names that all represent the same thing.  Shambhala, The Golden Age and even thru one lady, the Dawn of Aquarius.  We obviously have a lot of different names for an energy system (from spirits point of view) all denote the same thing.

I did have to ask why the energy went from smooth, fluid… to frizzy once it connected with a point below our (earth’s) atmosphere.  The simplest explanation was, it entered “creatiality.”  Yup, spirit is creating new words as we go!!  Think of it like adding air freshener into your air, it is no longer stable as it was when it was in the can or even coming up thru the release valve, once it hits the air, it disperses.  With this golden fluid, it disperses ONLY in the field, the creation field of the human aligned with it.  But it too, will settle where it needs to inside and outside the human fully aligned with Shambhala/The Golden Age of Living Life.

Each reading added an extra element, depicted in my super humble artwork to the right.  The second lady had the added element of what kinda looked like an intense orange/red/golden sun emerging at the very top of her golden opening.  Even before I called her, I kept hearing a clip from the song “Age of Aquarius” with the lyrics “When the moon, is in the 7th house and jupiter aligns with mars…”  It took me a while, but I realized her team were sharing this part of the song to let her know she is in complete alignment within herself, with the energy system moving into her field of creation… SHE – WE ARE, the Age of Aquarius!!

The next lady after her, no more intense sun up in the ethers, instead, with that same intense color spectrum, was a pole like energy going straight thru the center up and down… for her, her team said one of her super powers is the ability to help people make like the phoenix… from ashes to rebirth in a matter of a session.  Of course, she got homework to understand what that means and how to use it.

Thru the course of this energy filled excitement, I mean day… spirit also said this very particular incoming energy, released to only those who are living heaven on earth, Shambhala, the age of Aquarius (pick a phrase) as a way of life thru the heart, this is also solidifying their energy field, their new earth(s) (I keep seeing many more than one that we will reside on, I have no clue how that works out… yet) that will take form as we end May and cross into the Brilliance, the solidity of June.

Ohhhh, and I obviously need to point (cuz spirit just reminded me) that in the image I put together, I could only see a part of the lower triangle and half of the body… we are still in transit thru the end of this month, building our new earths to experience our fullness on.

Now let me change subjects completely, since that’s all I currently understand about all that.  This has been an odd, exhausting, interesting week for me.  Granted, with the start and continuation of the super powers course, and me trying to make sure I have a few readings to do so i can keep up with the field, and doing my daily sharings, I am now working 12-14 hours every single day.  This week I scaled myself back to 10-12 (smirk.)  The minute and a half leave myself between appointments, I have been doing an Ancient Aliens marathon as is the cable channel I was watching it thru.  Some of the episodes talked about abductions… and something that came thru my lips on the Kelli in the Raw show started to come together.  Somehow our conversation came to alien abductions and my mouth (smile) said, there are no longer abductions like there was some time ago.  I really surprised myself when I heard that.  The things I didn’t even knew I cared about!! lol

But, between something about that conversation with her sticking in my consciousness, and this show talking about abductions and time lapses/amnesia with some people… domino’s started to fall in memories I had long lost, or so I thought.

when i was young, particularly age 6 thru 8, my mother, (step) father and their 2 children would go out on family outings and lock me in my bedroom instead of taking me with them.  When I first started this path of meditation and realizing I could access memories that were creating chaos in my adult life and change it, I asked my team to help me remember those lost years.  I know I was locked in my bedroom a lot during those years, but what did I do to pass time?  I had zero recollection of anything beyond being locked in.  They gave me a tiny memory fragment thru meditation of playing with Jesus and the Blessed Mother and Franklyn (my dude from the Pleiades) in my room, but even that felt like when you have a past life regression, there is almost no attachment to it and no real emotional involvement with the memories afterwards.  There had to be more….

As this crazy series is talking about alien abduction, suddenly memories I didn’t even know I had started to raise to the surface.  The time I was locked in my bedroom served for my adventures elsewhere, and I would be taken on the ships and a good strong, long-lasting dose of amnesia was put into place.  Hmmmmm…

When I was “awakening” I had shared my whole story and others shared theres on this place I lovingly refer to as that spiritual forum.  One of the men on that forum made an account of what he refered to as an “abduction” but with memory of it.  He talked about a group of humans being in a theater like setting… and stuff… and just reading that account of his, my whole body reacted, I couldn’t breathe, I started shaking, it was weird.  When I got myself back together, I asked him about my reaction and he simply said, cuz it happened to you too.  Gulp.  End of that story!!!

When I was living in North Carolina, the place I “woke up” in, a friend came to visit me for a month from New Hampshire.  He was well into his path and did trance channeling and stuff.  One morning he woke up and asked me, where did you go last night?  Huh??  I went to sleep, where else would I go??  He had said that he woke up about 3am to go to the bathroom and came out to the living room to talk with him and I was gone.  I was no where in the house and my car was parked in the driveway.  Hmmmm… have no clue.

Now fast forward to I think 2007, I was just waking up from a nights sleep, I was on the couch and when I opened my eyes I could see this creature standing over by my glass sliding doors, in my living room, staring at me.  He resembled a gray, only he was tannish and much taller.  I must have held my gaze on him for an easy 2 minutes… then I blinked and he was gone.

So as these vague memories are tumbling open, I hear my man from the Pleiades, Franklyn say abductions are not done by force, but agreement and with a higher purpose.  To eliminate any fear, amnesia is placed within the participants until the time they are ready.  (Ready for what, I have no clue… I am not!! lol)

But it all, also gave me such clear understanding of why I am so afraid of the dark outside, when alone.  I am not afraid in my house in the dark, or with someone else, just when all by myself.  Now I understand why more fully.  Doesn’t release that semi-fear, but at least now I at least understand it.

But I still gotta wonder… after 15 years of swimming in the deep, opening this and that and every crazy thing that has been shown to me since my “awakening,” why now?  Why put this all together… now??

I suppose, we shall see!!   …..rut roh… as I go to close this I hear “The Galactic Kinship Era…. returns.”  (Not without a friend it doesn’t lol.)

On that note, have a glorious day filled with golden sunshine beating in your heart and living thru you as Life, Love, Heaven made manifest!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  The power is within you, lets tap in and bring it out for full on use!! LAST chance Super Powers Course starting in June, click here for details.  This course is limited to the first 12 people who sign up, there is not enough of me to do 24 again.  Holy quantum energy batman!!






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May Into June… Dreams Into Created Reality!!



This time period we are in, should not called “the shift” of the ages, which denotes a single shift, but instead, the shift, of the shift, of the shift, of the shift (and keep going) of the ages.  Especially since this “Shifting” is collapsing and births of new realities, new consciousness systems/collectives, higher,more refined frequencies we are stepping into and using.  Just when you think you have a handle on something…. here we grow again, and again, and again!!

Let me tell ya, (as you already know) its freakin exhausting!!!   I wake up more tired than I went to sleep and seem to drag my butt around all day long wishing I was asleep.  Granted, this is the not the first time these feelings of fatigue gripped us, again that many shifts we went thru to get to here, but this one is big and long-lasting!!!

I have only done one reading the last two days, but she gave us an exciting as well as the ongoing perplexity of what is happening.  That crazy bell form has moved to the right, representing our perception of future.  I could only see half of it in her reading as her team added an extra element to this HUGE energy system we are birthing together.  Thru the deepest night sky that now made up my back yard in her reading, came puffs of enlarging energy… some deep red, some deep blue… they created the visual to show us how far into deep space this energy is arriving in our atmosphere.  As it got closer to her point in the imagery it grew larger and larger and the dissipated, I suppose much like what happens to a soap-bubble when you blow it too big, it disperses itself into the air.

Later that same day, I decided to get out my handy-dandy pendulum.  I haven’t sat and used that thing since sometime last year.  But being on that show, Kelli in the raw and she showed me her pendulum, I had to show her mine (show and tell lol) but in that moment, I could feel the gathered energy sitting in my pendulum, my version of inviting archangel michael over for coffee, instead of calling him on the phone (meditation.)  Hey, it works for me!! lol

So, I got our my A B C’s chart, got my pendulum out and sat and okay Mikey Baby, I know you have something to say… say it!  What I find amusing within myself, I already hear what he is saying before the pendulum swings out the entire sentence, but it’s somehow, oddly clearer this way.  But with this sentence, he didn’t let me hear it, instead he spelled it out.  “House in arc.”  Huh????  What the hell does that mean.  I have dubbed his communication with me as my archangel of quantum physics, but this left me confused… as usual.  So, gotta bring out a clarity question, what the hell does that mean???  What arc??   Alright, a couple of clarity questions!!  As the pendulum started to swing to the E, I heard the word energy… HEYYYYY!!!  I do not want to hear the word energy, so he simply swung out ELG.  What the hell is an ELG??  I had to giggle… Energy Lisa Gawlas.  I’m still clueless over here.  Like spirit, he doesn’t care!!

So I put my pendulum down and looked up arc as it relates to science:


Geometry. any unbroken part of the circumference of a circle or other curvedcurved line.

Also called electric arc. Electricity. a luminous bridge formed in a gap between two electrodes.

Funny how, thru my pondering and re-asking, he reminded me of the way he formed the sentence… IN… my HOUSE (is) in (an) arc.  The arc is ELG (from me I suppose.)  What the hell does that even mean??  Of course, I still have no clue.

So I decided to ask a more direct question that is in my heart:  So Mikey baby, are you going to come visit me in the physical reality.  He quickly swing the pendulum to the Y, our short way of saying yes.  My mind scrambled back to his opening sentence… geez if you just appear in my house, please make it during the daytime.  That will still scare the crap out of me, but only for a moment.  Nighttime… the wimp within lives strongly!!!

I put the pendulum down and just pondered for a few hours.  Then, inspired to hear one more thing, picked it up again and said… ok… now what?  (Yeah, I can have attitude with half answers and half insights.)  He swung out “Be Prepaid.”  Shit, I could feel the energy in my arms as the energy released to move the pendulum… for what???  MICHAEL.

That was the end of that.  I am not ready to hear any more, thank you very much.  For days now, since that moment, an energy session I had with a man who stopped by back in February, a man actually named Michael, kept showing itself again and again… the potential energy merge that was given to him.  Prepping him… I will copy and paste what I sent to him after this (meditation) session back then:

…a vision, a full on energy I will never not ever forget….
I could see you laying the table like you would witness a snake-skin which no longer housed the snake.  On the opposite side of my table, next to my window… Ohhhh my dear good god… a full on material Archangel Michael.  No identity (facial features that were clear) but I know that soul signature anywhere… and as I watched him, which is equally you, he opened his wings… It is downright shameful I cannot draw a lick… the feathers so brilliant white with a trim on every feather of Gold.
I will do a massage for you when you get here… its not even a choice, its a responsibility of completion.
I personally have been working/playing with aa michael geez, 2008 I think… never did I ever see him in full form.  I don’t see any of my guides/teachers/spiritual playmates in full form and hadn;t since my early years.  Minus the soul once known as Jorge turned Norte.  Now, I do want to say, that month long session of transformation never found completion cuz the man known as Michael, willingly and freely gave every ounce of this energy to a stranger.  (Long story, not needed in details again.)
Shortly after that session, I could see this crispy charcoal black man get up off my massage table and with a brief case in hand, walked out of my front door.  I knew the end of that.
But with this radiant, spread eagle (smile) remembrance of AA Michael standing at the far wall of my home kept circling around my mind, strange noises have been happening there the last few days.  I have decided, I am just as much a wimp in the daylight as I am in the night.  All I could think is… oh shit… I’m not ready.  I could feel the… YIKES within… moving up as I would turn my head slowly to see what might have feel, or scratched against the wall.  Of course, there is nothing over there, which heightened my nervousness/anxiety.  I still have some preparing inside to do!!  Who knew!!!???  lol
Now lets bring this all back to the shifting of the bell thingie, I realized today that the reason I only could see half of it was because the other half, the part I could not see, was releasing itself into new, versions of itself… realities made manifest.  Dreams come true.  We must have hit the gong these last few days…
The only thing I understand about any of this… June brings it all into solidity.  How… I have no freakin clue, but no doubt, day by day, the readings will reveal it all… eventually!!
Ya know, as I am sitting here ready to close this sharing for today, I am seeing all the businesses I created over my lifetime… their names.  Like leaving bread crumbs in my/our story of life.  The first one I ever put together, I was 24ish and was called “The Valleys Helping Hands” (gift certificate book, think… Dynamate.)  The second one:  The End of the Rainbow Lottery club, third one (actually, it was the fourth one, I had two at the same time at this stage… The Buyers Market newspaper, but on a whim created “Dreams Come True Dating Service.”   Then we have my website that I started creating way back in 2003 whose original name was “Spiritual Healing – Gods Way” that eventually morphed into the name “The Wonder of YOU” that now rests as The Soul Center.
The arc of my Life!!!
Love you all sooo much.  Have the most amazing, uplifting, KNOWING day/week/month/life!!!
(((HUGZ)))) of boundless love and eternal joy to ALL!!!!
Lisa Gawlas  The power is within you, lets tap in and bring it out for full on use!! LAST chance Super Powers Course starting in June, click here for details.  I will be sending out emails to those already signed up for June today.  Sorry, I went really deep within this week.






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Living Shambhala – Critical Mass Achieved!!!!

life exploding reforming

Two days ago, when I got out of that bath meditation as I was trying to get spirit to help us understand that whole bell shape, bell curve gig, I was suddenly overwhelmed with emotion.  I could feel the tears welling up behind my eyes like I have just received the greatest news of my entire life and it hung there.  There was nothing spectacular revealed in meditation, at least, not that I was aware of or retained.  I finally broke down and asked my team…. what on earth am I feeling??  I mean, it feels good, I just don’t know what I am feeling this for.

Just above my left ear (physical life side) I hear the softest, sweetest voice say “Lisa, everything you have ever worked for, is Here Now.”  What the hell was I working for??  My mind is scrambling to figure that out… there is no intelligent, angel of a man (hold the feathers) in my life… but the feeling grew deeper, fuller, the tears of… I cannot even call it joy, it was something else, something… reverent in away I never experienced reverence before.  Knots were curling up inside my stomach, like something huge was happening and you get that childlike nervousness inside.  What the hell have I been working for????

Just call me clueless Lisa… that’s how I went to sleep… clueless.

I only had one reading scheduled yesterday (the rest of the day are the super powers homework sessions) and not surprisingly there was that bell, there she was on the pendulum and the damn field is as tight-lipped with understanding as they were the day prior.

Spirit has said many times before, it’s not always about the “reading” itself, it’s about the conversation we have in place of a reading.  This precious 30 minutes in time was never more true in revelation.  Holy blessing batman!!!

She asked a question I had no answer to, nor was the field very revealing about… well… not in the way I am accustomed to anywayz.  She asked if the gong part of the pendulum will ever hit the sides of the bell image.  That I was sure was a yes given the faint details we did get the day prior.  We, as a collective, are building moment towards that.  So then she asked… will we hear it?  Will there be a sound we will actually hear?  I dunno.  But then I got a flash of what science now calls, the big bang theory.  Of course there would have to be a sound… but I don’t know if you and I will hear it.  Then the visuals I was receiving started revealing something, plus her explanation of what she feels when she uses her Tibetan gong (I think that’s what she said she uses.)

Lets take the image of many soap bubbles together, not just one cluster, many clusters connected to many other clusters:


Remember back in 2012 when everyone was talking about reaching “critical mass” of enlightenment.  If (and of course, we did) enough people “woke up” to their own christed energy and started using it, living it, ascension was assured.  We actually reached critical mass for that event back in mid to later 2012.  2013 had us arriving in the ever-expanding body called ascension.  The new vibrant earth and our high vibrational hearts became one and we started expanding, adding wisdom, stretching our consciousnesses into amazing realms of not only possibilities, but experiences.  This Christed energy is what my team refers to as the 5th dimension, less an actual dimension and much more a vast frequency interconnecting very particular dimensions together as I humbly shown as the lower area of the bell thingie.

Back in 2007 my team started to reveal the next great adventure on earth called Shambhala.  Living heaven on earth in all its possibilities.  Of course, I had to start doing research on what Shambhala was, I barely got out of the Christed energy understanding and I was still in finding my own inner shit and clearing it up… until I went into a meditation to look for more of my own inner crap to clear and I couldn’t find anything… did I break something??  My team said to me, don’t you think there comes a time you cleared/healed as much as you needed to??  Ummmm… well NO!!!

We can liken that to never ever getting out of the shower, you just scrub and scrub and scrub… and never get out and put on those pretty clothes you’re getting cleaned up to wear.

Playing dress up was never so freakin weird… for years… thru now even.  This is one hellofa long dress up session let me tell you!!!  But we really do work best by trying on something and realizing… nope that looked better laying on the bed than on me.  Figuring out what we do not want to create, what we do want to be in the center of and how exactly are we going to shine and giggle and be incredible playful humans living… LIVING heaven on earth.

Shambaha is not a particular place on earth, it is an energy, a LIFE LIVED that can only come thru the human incarnate.  When you have let go of your judgements, your biases, pretty much everything that made you human in the first place lol and live in absolute joy and love with ALL THINGS.

I chose the spelling of my use of the word Shambhala on purpose.  In Sanskrit is simply translated to Peace, Love, Harmony.  Perfect!!  But this MUST be thru your heart… no looking for it to be in a landscape, a job, anything.  It’s YOU, wherever YOU ARE!!!!

As my team revealed more and more and more of what living Shambhala really meant to the earth, to the people/collectives willing to do the inner work, holy heaven, its all I wanted, I have worked night and day, with anyone willing to work with me for themselves to get here.

Here we are!!!!  (insert major happy dancing here.)

That bell thingie… THAT is the critical mass reached for the solidification of Shambhala!!!  This is what my team meant by “all that you ever worked for, is now here.”  And I only understood that fully and clearly because this beautiful, precious lady showed up for a reading and we had a conversation instead.

But the illumination was just getting started!!!

Let me bring back the image from yesterday:

bell curve

The image of the pendulum…  our teams only have certain ways to show the story unfolding for me to understand.  We are not ON a pendulum, our entire collective ARE the pendulum.  WE, as a unified heartbeat thru space, time and well beyond, are what is swinging that pendulum, building energy to gong the sides….

And we could see it clearly, the gong, the reverberation of that round gongy thing releases a frequency never heard in all of creation before.. shattering the lower soap bubbles/dimensions where fear and separation are still hanging on.  All that energy coming up thru every other dimension, purified, excited with living light and we are forming new worlds.

There is more to this incredible, tear stinging with love and reverence story bubbling up in my consciousness, but it is far from clear, actually at this moment, its more confusing than anything.  But hey, lets all take a collective breath and feel and celebrate the enormity of what have achieved and are doing TOGETHER!!!

WE ARE the golden age of Life.  Only thru the human incarnate can anything happen.  You powerful creators you.  Remember too, to create takes the energy of uncreation as well.  Know mama is gonna twist and turn and burp and fart and just do what she does so naturally, wonderfully, in her “nesting period.”

On that note, celebrate, in-joy, hug each other, go in (to meditation) and see what being a living spirit in physical body means to you, start undersanding the super powers you brought here to use, to create and build with… because baby, we’ve only just begun!!!!

((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))))) of Dreams Come True to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  The power is within you, lets tap in and bring it out for full on use!! LAST chance Super Powers Course starting in June, click here for details.






galactic return


Well, talk about throwing me a curve bell!!  (smile)  One day we are in anti gravity bubbles of movement, then in a blink of a day, there is a crazy bell shape energy system showing up for all 3 (almost 4, she didn’t show up, but I seen her anywayz) people the very next day!!  Two things were consistent for everyone, the background itself was like gray-black, again giving me the feeling of being in the night sky kinda feeling, or deep space.  The other thing was the shape of this crazy energy system itself.  I put my handy dandy humble artwork together to give you a view:

bell curve


The first lady that showed up on the field yesterday is depicted in the lower left side of this image, sitting down.  Unlike everyone that was on the pendulum itself, the bell image or outline was not golden, it was a little darker than the background to give us an image of where she was.  With the exception of the bell itself, I could understand her position.  Sitting in a classroom like setting in the position to look over all that got her to this very position in her life, gain strength and insight from it, if she choose, and then choose what direction she will go in from there.  But there was nothing more I could gather for her because there was no light of illumination come thru that I could see/read/understand.  But I also understand why too, she was busy being really upset.  Revolting against everything.  Bless her heart, been there, I know that place well.

I will never forget when my and my (then) 11 year old daughters path lead directly to the Salvation Army homeless shelter back in 2002.  I was on this flipping path for 2 year prit near, did every single thing my team asked me to do and we still ended up in hell, I mean the shelter.  I was so angry with the universe, with my team, with life itself and talk about biting off my nose to spite my face, I went on a meditation strike.  One full week, zero meditation.  Back then, I didn’t miss a day of connection and it was the only way I knew how to show the universe, my guides, I’m pissed!!!  For a whole week, my anger grew.  These folks at the shelter (and let me tell you, loving compassion is not the key feeling in a homeless shelter from those that take you in, at least, not this one) had all these crazy rules.  One of them was you MUST become employed.  I was employed, but not enough to live off of, especially with a preteen in tow, so they demanded I get a “real” job… piss me off more.  We won’t even mention the fact this happened December 19th… we were gonna spend christmas in the homeless shelter!!  This shelter wouldn’t even let us go to my sons house in another state for christmas, they said they would give our beds away if we did.  Well, bite my ass!!

Let me tell you, I was so angry that the toilet in me and my daughter’s room, instantly got clogged up.  Pee…UUUUU.  This shelter was not very helpful about getting a plumber to fix it either, days it was stinky and clogged until I threatened them with the board of health… that day, it got fixed.  But that toilet was a true reflection of my emotional field, clogged and stinky!!

I felt helpless, victimized even… pissed beyond imagination!!!  Thank god I was a part of a spiritual forum at the time and I vented my anger, my dismay on that forum and the incredible souls who held my hand, my heart thru my awakening helped me to look at my unpleasant position in another way… what if I was there to help someone!!  Hmmmm…. never thought of it like that.  Maybe this isn’t all about punish Lisa for doing what I was guided to do, maybe there is a bigger reason.  I started talking to the other girls/ladys there… understanding them, how they and their children got there.  I started to see homelessness in a whole new light and this entity called the salvation army (Which really was military like) in a whole other light.  I even found someone interested in spirit, in meditation and decided ok…. I will be less pissed and go take a meditation.

I don’t even know how I ended up in the meditation I was in, but it isn’t until today do I really get the full meaning of the experience (13 years later, lol, sloowwwww on the uptake I am!!)  I was standing in the middle of a landscape I was unfamiliar with and suddenly this orange-red lava started to flow behind me, encircle my feet and flow around me to the continue its journey forward.  I knew there was an emotional cleansing happening via the lava.  When I got out of meditation, I had 3rd degree burns only on my right foot and ankle (emotional balance in the path moving forward, or standing still, as I was.)  Several hours later, it came on the news that there was a major volcano eruption in the Congo and people died from the lava flows.  What the hell???  That was the last time I purposely connected to earth… she can be rough!!! lol  Mothers!!!!!

I got a telemarketing job, and since I was pretty much the only inmate there with a car, I got three other ladys a job with me so they had transportation to and from.  I didn’t like the job at all, but it did give me the privilege of consuming books between phone calls and allowed me to grow and maintain a stream of income to get me and my daughter out of that place.  Of course, 5 weeks there I was evicted.  Long story, but was glad to go!!!

The crazy thing with this path, it will always take you in the direction you need to go, for the growth you need, rarely in the way you want it to go, those damn preconceived notions we have.  But once you can really embrace what you don’t want to see, don’t want to deal with as a gift… and a precious, amazing gift… a time out to recalibrate and choose again… amazing things start to show up for you.  2 month after my release from this shelter, the greatest desire in my heart happened, my mentor in Australia came to visit me for 5 days.  There truly are miracles in wait the moment you get done being pissed and use the energy, the reflection for change!!!

Just sayin….

Now, my three crazy ladies on the pendulum.  I suppose since they were all on this gently swinging back and forth pendulum, their bell energy was lit up in gold energy.  I still had no flipping clue what this bell image meant and spirit started saying “the bell curve” what the hell is that??  I think I have heard of it in school when grading papers… but other than that… freakin clueless.  My second lady of the day sent me some information that I want to share here too:

Hi Lisa,
I think I do see the relationship between the bell curve and an actual bell.
The bell curve (or Gaussian function) is a complex mathematical function that explains a lot of natural phenomenon that seem random.  Things just do seem to fall into a bell curve, which is also known as the empirical rule.  Here’s a diagram:

So if this also applies to a person’s frequency and vibration, in terms of an actual bell, this could be thought of as how far their ringer swings:  68% of the people are going to swing between +/- 1 standard deviation.  Another 27% will be able to swing between +/- 2  standard deviations and can move around in 95% of the bell, and another 4.7% can swing between 3 standard deviations.  But the sides of the bell are beyond 3 standard deviations, and only 0.3% of the people can actually connect with the side of the bell.  But once they do (ring the bell), the frequency and vibration inside the bell is going to be drastically changed.
I see the rim of the bell as the “grid” and when people reach a certain frequency, they will connect with and activate the grid, which will change the frequency of the whole field (the bell).
Well, that’s my 2 cents worth.

(I so gotta appreciate those who can use their left brain and right brain together… my left brain is on permanent vacation, so thank you for this!!!!)

What I found interesting too, everyone that was on the pendulum, none were hitting the sides yet but all building “momentum” in a purposeful, rhythmical way for their next adventure.  Spirit even said several times when I asked why they aren’t ringing their bells… “it isn’t time yet.”  There was a funny energy package on the word time… not that it represent time itself, but that moment when all the energy is gathered for creation released.  Kinda reminds me suddenly of orgasm… ring my bell baby!! lol

I was also reminded about information that was coming thru… geez… last year I think?? When spirit started showing us the way the multidimensions of earth are constructed and the space/area many refer to as the “5th dimension” which to me, is shown more like a hallow tube (and yes, nothing is hallow, just need a visual for the mind) going down thru all versions of earth.  I think too, this is what many refer to as hallow earth, but I don’t know that for sure, my team never talked about a hallow earth so I dunno.  But thru yesterdays readings and that bell shaped, I kept remember that long forgotten information.

I had a small moment between appointments to actually take a bath and gather information about all this crazy, unexpected bell stuff and away I went.  Clarity was not the top priority on my teams mind… instead, they gave me another view of the lady who was next on my dance card (who never showed up, she thought her appt was next week… so many of us are having a really difficult time with time!!) but she was on the pendulum and she was stripping layer after layer after layer of this outer bell energy… it was beautiful to watch… but heyyyyyyy… I am more confused now than before!!

Lets just say, if we want something new to arrive in our life, we must make room for it, literally as well as frequency wise.  If we want it with all our hearts but do not put the action into its arrival, let me tell ya, the universe is a really good stripper/cleaner of energy too.

If I can bounce back to the lady who gave us the explanation of the bell curve… as we were talking, I don’t even know what brought this up, but spirit said we have two primary focuses in our distant past, Atlantis and Lemuria ohhh and we group a lot of stuff around “ancient egypt” but there were many other eras upon this precious earth and one main one we are actively bringing back is an era they called “The Galactic Kinship Era.”  That era showed up in my field of vision so clearly and excitedly.  A time when earth truly was a main hub of interaction, transport (coming and going) of what we now call the galactic federation (and then some.)

No wonder ET’s suddenly started showing up in readings last march en masses, reconnecting with their friends on earth.  Assisting, reorienting us to bigger, grander times yet to come!!

So in my crazy meditation that was too conversational (about that bell curve) for me to remember any significant details, suddenly there is Mikey Baby, that crazy dude we know and love as Archangel Michael.  His opening words to me, stunned me.  “It’s about time you seen me for who I really am.”  He’s what we would all and ET.  Of course, this knowing became so solidified in my and Kelli’s crazy and wonderful conversation (and lusting) around archangels!!  He did his very best to give us the name of the realm he hails from and the closest my vocabulary could come to its expression is “Angelica.”  And we wonder how we got to call them angels (well, I have always wondered that lol.)  Very much like calling humans, humans that hail from the earth realm.  Then we dietize ourselves or them… we are all gods tho!!

Their species are so connected to their hearts and their minds in such a wonderful partnership, which they have been (desperately lol) trying to assist us with to this day.  No wonder I have dubbed him my angel of quantum physics, he smart and loving.  Yup, yup, yup, dats what I want in a man, minus the wings… no wings or feathers please.

There was more, but dammit if my memory didn’t just get wiped!!

So on that note, I will leave you to ponder…

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) of the new era of Galactic Kinship and smart, loving men and women to ALL!!! (giggle)

P.S. LAST SAY: Mothers Day Reading Special thru May 16th… Buy one get one half price on 15 or 30 minute sessions.  I have freed up space in the month of May to include new readings!!

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Feeling a Bit Untethered?? Perfect!!!!!



I feel like I have my face smacked up against two distinct, yet unified energy systems called May and it has me completely blown to bits.  Granted, I am not doing near as many readings as I am accustomed too, only about one or two a day, but dammit if every day we are not shifting and shifting again that I feel like I loosing control of the ongoing story.  But then again, I got my face smashed (by my own creation lol) into an over sized plate of meat and potatoes called the super powers course via everyone’s homework.  Holy heavens!!!  My body barely wakes up with orientation to its new space and zero time and by the end of the day, I am creamed soup again!!

The one thing I am seeing and fully realizing, we, both as an individual as well as a collective, cannot go out beyond time and space, harvest our own mastery, bring it back to our day-to-day reality without changing EVERYTHING and I mean, EVERYTHING!! It has brought the chaos theory into a full spectrum view of truth in this crazy, exciting energy package called May.  When a butterfly flaps its wings (of course, you are and always have been, the butterfly) in one place, another place feels its effect.  What is not stated there is that every dimensional version of earth, every frequency, every molecule located in every version… IS AFFECTED.  Dimensions are altered, forever changed.  Of course, this is how so much became so dense over eons of time, but now… holy light explosions batman.  Those denser (fear and separation filled) realities are bursting, just like a star going nova, as new, pristine light filled ones are formed.

The readings this week had me confused, which is really my natural state of Being any more.  The only thing I could understand is that everyone is going thru a raise in frequency, no earth beneath anyone, nothing but dark sky and stardust surrounding each person.  If you’re feeling untethered to anything, to life and even desires, perfect.  Flow with it.

In a couple of the readings this week, I was able to see into the very beginning of June… so very different from March thru now… earths!!  I could see earths!!  Many of them, pristine and vibrant.  Flawless and illuminated with so much Light.  By the force of your inner heart of Love, you are disengaging from the earths that still carry a chaos signature upon them… to move into and onto a quantum field of earths.  But with this new evolution comes even more responsibility of our applied superpowers for the other versions of earth still carrying the denser energy signatures.

I had a lady yesterday in the field that gave us a great view of what is happening.  She was suspended inside a new emerging bubble of creation energy about 10 feet above the earth.  I seen her rotating around like you would see an astronaut in zero gravity looping around head over feet.  I could also feel the solar winds coming into her bubble in front of her, creating this anti gravity spin.  The new radiation filling her body, her immediate environment, preparing her for a “soft landing” (as her team put it) into a new reality as we end the month of May in full prep for the multidimensional living called June.

Keep this in mind, a lot is being given to us right now, even more is going to be asked of us, for use in what we are harvesting and bringing back into our consciousness.  With that little sentence comes a big gulp as I get a clip from the movie Bruce Almighty where God, was the janitor, washing the floors, changing light bulbs and stuff.

I am witnessing, taking in the highly intense flow of radiation from those in Mays super power group and their amazing abilities.  The unification of 24 people, even tho they are harvesting their memories of different areas, different timelines and even beyond earths dimensions, I am seeing a cohesiveness, and interplay of strengths…. USE, unfolding.  From what I am understanding at this moment (again, as always, subject to change with more information) we are orienting ourselves to our new (to us) expanded abilities thru May and June.  Using them, playing and exploring them in our own personal worlds/created realities, strength building to use together, on purpose thru the collectives, thru all the dimensional frequencies of earth in July.

When we did Sundays hypnosis events to harvest more of our super powers thru other dimensions, thru a stargate even, I couldn’t wait to do it myself.  As soon as class was done, i ran a bath, and was completely blocked…. dammit!!  I wanna know what my new super powers are… hey!!!!!! I heard our beloved mama said, your already using them… huh???  What the hell am I doing… wouldn’t it be nice if I knew???  Guess not, at least not from the state of meditation.

Instead, I had completely forgotten about a youtube radio/TV show I was asked to be a guest on last month.  Kelli in the Raw scheduled me to be her guest yesterday (May 13th.)  I have got to thank the folks who rearranged their reading times to allow me this forgotten moment.  Thank you so much!!  Our subject matter was so much fun and vast and blew my own mind in response.  Especially when she had asked something about the dimensions and I could see something new added to it all… what I call the sub dimension within earth, which houses all the timelines, well, there are even subdimensions with the subdimensions that house months, days, hours, seconds.  Like a bubble within a bubble within a bubble.

If you have two hours to kill and want to laugh your ass off with us… check us out.  We will be doing it again June 18th!!  I LOVE KELLI!!  Just sayin!!

This morning as I sat to write something…. I realized, I know what my initial super power is, the dimensions.. traveling, opening, closing and stuff.  Who knew!!??  I sure as hell didn’t.  But, like all of us, everything about us, our focus, our abilities have been preparing us for what we are about to do, and trust me, it is life changing, earth changing…

We indeed, are the ones we have been waiting for.  So now, no more waiting… it’s all about applied action!!!

I love you all so much, the most beautiful facets of the most amazing diamond core energy that ever lived.  You’re awesome!!

((((HUGZ)))) of wonder, bliss and even, pure exhaustion as we grow even more!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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P.S.S.  The power is within you, lets tap in and bring it out for full on use!! LAST chance super powers course starting in June, click here for details.













new realities created thru you


Well here we grow again!!  This growth phase is like the culmination of the many others we have had along the way.  We have been stretching, changing, expanding, growing our consciousness beyond what we ever thought was possible.  Granted we have been changing since the moment we popped open a weary eye to the Grand Illusion we were living, but since the transition from December 2012 into 2013, we made conscious choices to change in the area’s where we placed our focus.  By that, we mean, if something new was presented to you, you either stretched into it or retreated away from it.  For those stretching themselves beyond where they thought they could go… and how… so much more was given to you, added to your awareness and inner abilities.  New people and places came into your life.  Old ones left as the stage of your life experience changed.

At the same time, everything about life and earth and all that surrounds it, has been changing as well.  New dimension being created to house the enormity of You, of US together.  At the same time, older, denser dimensions collapsed into itself, releasing new energies for the ongoing new.

These last two days, since mothers day and the second hypnosis event opening into new dimensions, I dropped deep inside of myself… another metamorphosis underway.  Yesterday my whole inner body and mind felt like quantum soup.  Doing my regular mundane things became challenging, like thinking, walking with coherency.  My house looked like my house, but felt strange and unfamiliar at the same time.  I stood in the doorway of my backyard, just trying to orient myself with my world, and one by one, the hummingbirds that were to the left eating their endless buffet of sugar-water took flight to the north, zooming directly in front of me, as if to show me something.  As I was gazing mindlessly towards the north (my right) I suddenly could see the waves of interdimensional energy in the bushes.  This is not the first time it happened, its just the first time it was stable maybe.  The day I captured the orb fest near my computer, later that day I walked to my front door and felt this odd bumpiness and out the peripheral vision I could see sudden striations of energy to the right outside my door.  I was so disoriented I couldn’t hold it and it left my field of vision as quickly as it appeared.  Yesterday, it stayed there until I moved my body.

With my entire inner body feeling like liquid goo, I asked… what the hell is up with myself?  I hear “your changing.”  Dah!!  My response more sarcastic than anything was “it better be a good change.”  I hear back, “change is always for the better.”  I blew a raspberry and sat on the couch again.  I knew the voice speaking to me, Gaia.  This is the first time her voice came thru into my reality without being in meditation.  But then again, she was the one who showed up to teach me my new super powers… once again, much to my own inner shock.

I was given a very clear view of what we have embarked upon.  I pray I can share it outwards with you with as much clarity.  If we look at all the subdimensions of the earth realm, and again, there are so many they are “uncountable,” where every frequency, every timeline into the deepest past and further future reside, it would like similar to massive collective soap bubbles:



This image would represent ONE collective.  Many many interrelated earths, frequencies exchanging with each other.  Lets just call this collective Shambhala.  Inside the very middle would be the core of Shambhala, where the light of the humans is brightest and clearest.  The bubbles surrounding the core interlap, and as the humans there step into their fullness, that soap-bubble… that sub dimension collapses into the core.  What I have no way of showing you with pictures… is the hundreds of thousands of other collectives, that surround this collective and how they shake and change and collapse because one single sub dimension made a massive shift to fullness.  We see/experience these shifts as earthquakes, volcanoes, weather systems and such.  We experience these intense upwards beaming frequencies as biological issues such as headaches, flu or cold like symptoms, asthma (mine) like symptoms and such.

If all this wasn’t mind-boggling enough for my soupy self, I was brought right back to the image of the indian chief from my super powers meditation, phase 1, coupled with a very familiar phrase “return of the bird tribes.”  This headdress was created in the likeness of a race of extraterrestrial Beings that came and participated, shared their magic and wisdom with the inhabitants of earth.  The headdress was made of their feathers, Beings we now call angels.  They were bird like and humanoid like and could easily fly as they could walk and talk.  I can get so frustrated that I cannot draw a lick, because I seen them in their exactness yesterday. odd-looking, but very kewl.  Those who wore this powerful “headdress” were the ones that were clearest in their vibration, in their desire to assist their tribe, the earth and sun.  Like many star visitors that came before and after them, their time here on earth was finished and all that was left was vague memories.  Their feathers have long since became particles of dust within the earth… their memories distorted and reinvented.  However, their energy of beauty and skill and love is a part of our earth, a part of us that reached the vibrational frequency they imprinted many, many versions of earths ago.

We are them!!  They are us.  A unified consciousness awakening to our fullness.  Super humans even!! (smile, wink)  And yet, there is so much more to this story that I don’t yet understand.  But, that too has been the way of emerging consciousness.  Bit by bit.  I suppose we can look at it as collecting all the (previously) distorted memories and bringing them back into clarity, into truth and forming a brand new super collective.  This is why spirit has been so anal about using the phrase “ASSUME NOTHING.”

I was also given a huge glimpse of how we are going to use our emerging super powers as well.  What we are capable of, is beyond incredible and how we will assist all versions of earth, mind boggling in our expertise!!  Small, tiny example of an experience I recently had.

One of my landlady’s cats started to look at my hummers like snack food, jumping 4 feet in the air to try to eat them as they ate from their feeders.  Putting myself back into alignment with love was challenging at best, with that cat, especially when I would hear the clang of the feeder hit the side of the house, I would go outside to see tiny hummer feathers stuck to the feeder…. grrrrrrrr.  I have got to find a way to love this damn cat as much as I love these hummers and at the same time, stop him from pouncing upwards at them.  Someone on my facebook gave me a link to a pest sonic control thingie… and I thought…. well hell, I can set an energy wedge with my intention for the same result, no cat jumping to feed on my beloved hummers, no harm coming to any of them and stuff.  So I did just that, created a huge wedge of energy beneath the feeders that would repel the cat and keep everyone safe from harm.  Its been a week now and zero cat leaping to eat the hummers.

May is going to continue with collapsing and reforming realties/frequencies/timelines so to speak.  Our physical bodies will continue to adjust according to our inner focus, our desires and thought processes and actions.

In my meditation with mother earth, she demanded (pesky lady) I put together one more super powers course before I leave on vacation the end of June, to include the personal one on one sessions.  Not a whole lot of time to play with in June, but I also have a very vivid idea of what we are doing and how, now.  I will not offer this again, cuz July, holy cow batman… we are taking it to a whole new, LIVE level of application.

Well, there is a ton more for me to share, but my day is about to begin.  Until tomorrow….

I love you all so much, thank you for consistently pushing me beyond my comfort zone and out of my own assumptions about anything!!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of Joy and laughter too All!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Mothers Day Reading Special thru May 16th… Buy one get one half price on 15 or 30 minute sessions.  I have freed up space in the month of May to include new readings!!

P.S.S.  June Super Powers Course is now live to sign up if you dare (smile.)













mirror of change

Ya ever have that moment that changes everything???  That very moment you look into a mirror you looked into a million times and suddenly you see a new face shining back, one you never seen before and are shocked to see now.  That’s how my day started yesterday… the mirror being meditation.  I finally had the time to do the hypnosis event from this past sunday since I could not get a blog out to save my life.

I started to realize earlier this week, the suggestion within the hypnosis event, “enter a star or cloud” meant more than just orienting people to their time of day in their world.  The star represents the energy I call earth workers, the cloud, sky workers… sun workers.  I have always associated myself as a sun worker.  So when my magnetic flow took me to a star, I really though I took a wrong turn somewhere… I am surely in the wrong place… where’s the cloud????  I looked around and everything vanished, nothing but this beautiful silvery star energy and it sucked me in!!  Even more to my surprise, I was standing before the Mesa that is my backyard.  On Top of the Mesa were the guardians of shambhala, all now wearing various human suits and clapping.  Should I take a bow?? lol  This is supposed to reveal my super powers and what the heck???  The next thing I know I am surrounded by a very familiar place… what I call the core of Gaia chilling with mother earth again.

Like any good mother, she realized my perplexity and instantly said “why are you so surprised?”  She brought up memories stretching wayyy back to 2001 when I used to ground myself until every time I cranked out my anchor from my root chakra, I would be pulled down from my bathtub, thru the dirt and rock and land in the center of Gaia and hang with her.  Had no idea why, but I stopped grounding because I kept falling thru my tub.  Equally, I realized I can return at will anytime, and I did many many times thru the last decade and a half.

Without ever realizing it, I have an ear tuned to earth and an ear tuned to spirit, navigating both systems at the same time.  Moving here to the Jemez not only deepened my connection with the earth, but opened it to its full potential.  In my personal world and my relationship with the earth, this place she said is like her womb, where life springs forth, changes and evolves.  We create and collapse dimensions together because of those who show up and expand here (readings, classes, gatherings and the like.)

She reminded me how, since moving here to the Jemez, my “antennas’ are incredibly affected by the barometric pressure changes.  I did realize that, but had no clue why.  When we have storms, my inner reception is sketchy, if at all online.

Great!!  I got it coming from the sun and the earth now!!  No wonder I am (self dubbed) the most unreliable psychic I know!!

She showed me the significance to the interesting magnetic flow to the star, it went upwards in a spiral then evened itself out to connect to the star that I went thru.  She explained that the energy I seen as an upwards spiral are the dimensional frequencies I navigate to do what I do.  Kewl beans???  I had no idea!!  She explained too, that the significance of the orbfest the other day was to visually show me how I open and close dimensions at will.  Of course prompted by the full moon and continuing with the inner feeling/prompting.  This is how we all do it, when aligned to the depths of ourSelf’s.

And this is just the beginning.

I was again looking at all the Guardians standing on the top of the mesa in human dress.  One in particular really had the hold of my vision, a native american indian chief in full dress… full headdress.  He instantly corrected me when I referred to his amazing headdress as a war bonnet.  He explained that this headdress represented those who could navigate both realms, sky and earth and take their people thru the dimensions.  Equally, an attribute from the memories, the experiences and exchanges with their star brothers and sisters.  War in any capacity was inconceivable (in their time) and would destroy any capacity available if used in connection with anything, not just their headdress.

And so much more was shared with me, trails and echos of my journey to here… and I simply stood there, dumbfounded.

Just when you thought you knew yourself… not!!!  But, as I was reminded in this life changing experience, I never asked, I assumed one thing and one thing only based on my previous understandings of myself.

So with this precious day called Mothers Day, whether you are a man or women, have children or don’t, doesn’t matter, take a new look in the mirror of your life, See the wonder of the new you, the mother within you.  The love made manifest thru your life.  We have not only grown into adulthood, we, thru the loving presence of our hearts, have become the mothers of this new world, the unlimited way of Being in life unconditionally!!

Celebrate yourSelf today, the dreamer of all worlds with passion and glory!!

Happy Mothers Day to All!!!

((((HUGZ))))) filled with extraordinary love from a boundless wellspring!! <3

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Mothers Day Reading Special thru May 16th… Buy one get one half price on 15 or 30 minute sessions.  I have freed up space in the month of May to include new readings!!













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