I want to make sure I shared this amazing series of visuals of understanding that I received yesterday with everyone.  It was so unexpected and yet, so very welcome and appreciated.  I love getting the visuals of understanding and it was a nice break from the focus of my moms condition and continued action plan.  I had to go to a local baby thrift shop to pick up a car seat, crib and stroller I had rented for my daughter and grandsons arrival today.  On my way there, suddenly I could see this massive viewing dome up in the sky and there were spirits surrounding all areas of this dome watching.  Learning.  It kind of reminded me of the viewing areas in surgery.

Of course, my handy-dandy, always at the ready, question floated up and out of my mind… what the hell is that??  The reply kind of blew my mind.  Before I explain what spirit explained to me, I want to say there are many of these viewing domes all around the world.  My sector is but one of many, but it is the only one I am suddenly familiar with, so that is where this explanation is coming from.  (I hope I am making sense in what I am trying to say.)

There are, what spirit is calling, “stress points” on earth, in individual lives, in communities, all over the place.  These stress points are set up from the higher realms on purpose to, see who will take action, what kind and how radical of a surrender humans are willing to go for one another.  (As I share this morning, the flooding in Louisiana is also a stress point as well.)

From this viewing area, many things are being done (not interfered with at all.)  Spirits that are going to be incarnating in the relatively near future, are witnessing, learning and absorbing into their energy field, sudden and radical movement to assist.  There are also those spirits who have incarnated, who have had such a hard time taking the focus off themselves (while incarnated) to help others in ways that would change their own lives.  There are also ET’s in this viewing area as well, learning about the human response system.

All of this is gearing up towards a massive shift, coming primarily from a walk-in stand point.  It was explained to me that earth is coming into great chaos, and to remember chaos always precedes change.  The greater the change, the greater the chaos.  This is a good thing, a needed thing on earth.  There will be many reinforcements at the ground level as this change picks up its pace, again, mostly done by the walk in venue of spirit as well as ETs.

We are the boots on the ground that is changing the DNA within the human system.  As we move into higher action, the energy of whatever it is we are doing, bubbles up to spirit (I literally see it as thick bubbles of coded information floating upwards) so that it can be wired into the other DNA systems needed in these times.  From what I am understanding, a living protocol is better held in the DNA than a simulated experience (think, lab created.)

It is not only those who have surrendered totally to action in service that is important, but the other end of the spectrum too.  Those who refuse to release their own needs and desires to be in service (without judgement and without thinking of all one may be losing.)  The coding inside this energy is being reconfigured in the human construct.  Released, albeit slowly as to not to create unneeded chaos within the needed chaos.  We will start to witness this as the energies of change within individual and collective DNA gets stronger in its hold, in its wiring so to say.  A person that would not lift a finger to help another, will suddenly be focused on helping others without gain of personal interest.

Talk about Being the Divine Changemakers!!!  This is the major reason, for years now, spirit has been talking about action.  Action is the only place true change will take hold.  We can talk about concepts, we can write about them until our fingers are nubs. but if we never live it, BE IT, they remain concepts that do very little to change the DNA.

The morning of the 22nd, a marshmallow message was released in email from my beloved Kryon.  It is (as always) so fitting for this information:

Change is Tough
From Kryon Live Channelling, “Getting Connected — Part Two”
April 2016 in Columbus, OH
Change is tough. Change is tough because it begets [creates] other things that are also tough. You change one thing and other things around you change. You intuitively know this and there’s a resistance to it. This resistance is totally normal and common, and eventually you will get through the discomfort. The interesting thing that we wish to tell you about, and perhaps even convince you of, is this: The changes you make today are not only going to create more changes, but also more benevolence. God is in love with you so much that this God, this creative source, sees what you do and matches the benevolence of it with synchronicity.
through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel

When a person (or community, or city, whatever) changes from one state to another, it really does take a village to assist.  There are active teams on the ground, if we are willing to engage them.  Again, using my ongoing experience, I could not do this alone, I would be less effective in assisting my mother and her personal world all by myself.  Your love, help and charity has changed worlds over here.  At the same time, changing worlds at the spirit level too, which in turn, will change worlds to come.

As I was getting all this information on my drive to and from the hospital yesterday, part of me was thinking about work.  I have worked 4 days since the end of June.  I barely got back to work when my mothers world took a major turn in an unexpected (to me) direction.  My team explained one of the hardest things for humanity to do, is turn its back on the focus of money (not even for greedy things, but needed things like paying ongoing monthly bills) and be in service where it is needed.  We, the majority of humanity. tend to focus on our base needs first, deep and old survivor programming.  Those of us willing to forgo that, are changing the DNA at the root level of Life on this planet.

There is nothing frivolous being asked of us, being put in front of us to take action on.  You are my team, I am your team, and together, we are literally changing the world as we know it and assisting spirits and ETs that will soon take embodiment in the areas we live in to become our team members as well.  Ha!!  “We are learning from the best and want to work alongside the best.”  (A direct quote from spirit just now.)

Well, my morning is marching on.  My mother is getting out of the hospital today and my daughter and grandson are arriving today.  My mother is so upset she is being released from the hospital, they were going to let her go yesterday, but she refused.  Part of it is she is so afraid of being alone, the other part is, she loves and is consuming the constant care and attention she is getting from the hospital.

My mother has been and is a narcissist with borderline personality disorder.  No where near as strong as it was before she got ill, it takes a lot of energy to hold that in one’s system.  But as my team has been showing me and helping me to understand in our day-to-day moments, her personality became seriously fractured in childhood (abusive parents) and widened as she aged because she never looked to work thru any of it.  The team she now has on the ground (all of us) is helping to release that energy not only from her field but the collective field and equally, assisting those who will also become boots on the ground.

The only way to truly clean up the collective is being in action, unconditionally and consistently without judgement.  My mama truly has a dream team at her side 24/7 (whisper, that would be us😉 !!)

Her biopsy results revealed her cancer is carcinoid lung cancer.  I am assuming (it was not stated in her biopsy results) Atypical due to the extend of the spread.  We are getting home health set up as well as an oncologist from the Florida Cancer Center set up for the next phase of this journey.  My mother is adamant about not getting surgery if it is offered as an option.  She is also not wanting chemo or radiation at this point.  I explained to her that however she wants this journey to unfold, its her choice, I fully support whatever her choices are, but we are not going to ignore options.  So, she agreed to at least see the oncologist (for me not for herself lol) to see what they say.  I explained to her that if she chooses nothing that we will shift gears and get hospice set up instead of home health.  My father taught me so much and prepared emotionally and educationally for this phase of my crazy life’s journey, for which, I am eternally grateful.

Thank you for being a part of my team, my mothers team, you hold me up so I can hold my mother up.  I love you more than my words will ever be able to express and my gratitude for your Presence in our lives is as equal.

((((HUGZ)))) of life changing, love in action, to and thru ALL!!!!  <3

Lisa Gawlas




Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 21, 2016

Just a personal update <3


I had my parent wall in my home in New Mexico.  Photos of my father and a couple of my mother and most every day I would say hi to my father, thank him for 18 months we got to spend together before he passed and finger kiss my mother and ask her to please let me see her once again, before she passes.  Being estranged from both my parents and then given the blessing to be able to be with both of them once again, before their passing, please know, nothing… no-thing is impossible.  Ever.  For these miracles, I am forever grateful.

But man oh man, this one hurts.

When I started to play with the possibilities of what I might be capable of (thanks to my bible “The Holographic Universe”) one of the first things I dabbled in was scrying.  Taking pictures or personal items of deceased people and tapping into them.  I could do it, I absolutely did not like it at all.  It all came with their base/ego emotions, their pains and worries and I gave it up as fast as I discovered I could do it.

I am finding with my mother as I continue to go thru her stuff, once you let the genie out of the bottle, there is no way in hell to put it back in or turn it off.  Some things, some people, you’re just too connected to and that is the way I am with my mother.  Every piece of paper, all her legal woes, everything is embedded with her emotions and I feel them as if they are mine too.  And it hurts.  I can understand the events and why they happened the way they did, but it still hurts the heart that this has been my mother’s life.

Couple all that with the overwhelming love I have for her, this journey, as grateful as I am to be on it, it is a million times harder than it ever was with my father.  Then again, I was granted a lot more time with my father too since I really didn’t know him, and was blessed to get to know him during his last 18 months.

I spent close to 8 years in the deep end of my bathtub smoothing out the scars the relationship with my mother and understanding her from a soul level.  I think, to fully understand her accumulated choices at the ground level and the consequences that have built up over time from them all, I needed the higher understanding or this feet on the ground view, would have destroyed my emotional heart.  It hurts knowing the pain of the consequences she endured, but I do understand it all.

For those that may not know, my mother was admitted into the hospital on the 15th.  The greatest birthday gift I could have ever hoped to receive.  I have been trying to get her to the ER for the week prior, meeting her new lung doctor and him finding out her heart rate was 156 beats per minute, he highly suggested she go straight to the ER (funny, I gotta back space and erase the ET I keep typing lol.)  We went and had a birthday dinner first, then to the ER she went.  She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and admitted.  Her lung doctor did write a script to get a CT scan of her lungs done so I asked, since she is here, can ya do her CT scan while she is here.  Fortunately, her lungs were in such bad shape, they did one stat and then they did another one.

My mother has stage 4 cancer (until the biopsy comes back sometimes this week, they are not sure what type of cancer she has… more than likely lung) it is in both lungs, in her lymph nodes, liver and adrenals.  Her doctor stopped telling all the places it is in and changed it to widespread to not overwhelm and over worry my mom.  Right now, they are not going to do an MRI because my mother’s lungs could not endure laying flat for so long to get that test done.

It’s funny, my son reminded me that I seen all this (her end sooner than later) before I left New Mexico, funny how I could forget.  Let me assure you, pre-knowing does not make anything easier, at all, in any way. And please, I share this, to share.  Don’t send me links or what’s good or bad or proven or whatever.  I know it comes from a good and caring place, but just like my own cancer journey, I take advice/guidance from the inside out and not the other way around.  It is more invasive emotionally than anyone probably realizes.

At least my mother is willing to talk about this and face it.  We have already ruled out any surgery, she doesn’t want it.  She is starting to rule out chemo, and again, until we get the biopsy results back with what type of cancer she has, there are no medical options on the table.  She is open to marijuana for her comfort.  My daughter just happens to work on a marijuana farm and makes that special oil and when she gets back to Cali, she is going to get on it.  I talked to my mother about palliative care and hospice, she is open to whatever one is needed based on the choices we make after we know for certain what we are dealing with.

My mothers birthday is Sept 21st, I am hoping she is here to celebrate it.  But I was thinking, if you felt inclined to send out a birthday card to her, let her feel your love and support directly, that would not only be appreciated, but make her moments incredible.  Please don’t send a get well card, she is not going to get well.  We are just going to live well!!!❤  Which is what I told her when she said she is going home to die.  Oh no, you’re going home to live until you take your last breath!!!

Julie Driscoll  39820 US Hwy 19 N.,  unit 226 Tarpon Springs, FL  34689

I tried to do readings yesterday, I couldn’t.  In its own way, it’s amazing to witness the energy field, the heart field work its focus.  I love my office, the energy, the scenery and yet all I could do is feel my eyes well up with tears, my heart yearn to get to the hospital to spend time with my mom, my bowels started to churn, my stomach in knots and my mind going back to all the experiences in New Mexico and trusting the my own energy flow then… I had to honor it now.  I sent out an email and headed to the hospital, and I instantly I could feel my energy reformat.  The wall tears, that released all day long… but not while my mother was awake!!

We talked the other day about what I should do with her when she dies, I know she wants to be cremated, but then what.  I am not leaving a burned up body in my home ever, that’s morbid to me.  So we decided I will plant her in the yard so she can literally push up daisies.  I will create a little flower garden and put a sign “Mom’s Garden”  as her tribute.  We laughed.  But that is the plan now!!

Then I realized, well shit, I’m gonna be the one making all the final arrangements.  I better start looking into that.  Phew baby.  Of course my mother has no life insurance.  I also have to get my name on the title here, which she has been asking me to do for a month now, and I didn’t want to deal with it.  Now I am praying there is time to deal with it.  So I made a call to the attorneys that handle this mobile home park and they were very kind and understanding… but geez, that’s an expensive process too.  Who knew!!  But not as expensive as if it went into probate.  We have a tentative closing date of Sept 6th.

And last evening as I am doing all I can to hold myself together, there is knock on the door.  My Aunt Joan who lives a couple of streets over came calling, shit information seeking.  One of the first questions she asked me… how old are you now.  You have to be 55 years or older to live here.  Bite my ass!!  And then justification for not talking to my mother for years.  I don’t care.  My mother loves you and I pray you come and give her hugs without bringing up the past before she leaves.  She said she would.

My daughter Michelle, who was the blessed catalyst of getting this all happening will be coming here Wed for a week with my precious grandson Rune, I am so looking forward to that.  If I can, I am going to do some readings while Michelle is here, I just don’t want to leave my mother alone for a moment, she has spent so much time in isolation I want her to know that love is here and surrounding her in every moment.  But we should be getting the biopsy results back about that time, then it’s a whole new set of oncology docs and getting home health set up and stuff.  I so wish I knew all this stuff before I got everyone rescheduled or even put out a special, I would have done neither had I known the extent of what is happening inside my mom.  Hell, I wouldn’t have even gotten my office yet, it’s just an added expense at this rate.  But I have to trust spirit’s guidance and breathe and trust and love with all my Being!

Anyway, I wanted to catch you up with my ever-changing world.  I am so grateful to have you all with me/us and loving us and sending us prayers and energy, it is felt and utilized.  Ohhhhhhh…. that reminds me (smile,)  I was coming into the hospital about 2 days ago and there were a bunch of people at the valet station at the front door when suddenly my focus was on them.  I could hear myself saying “i love you” in my mind and then I could see these white rings of light expand outwards to the people (like the rings you see when throw a pebble into still waters.)  As I started to pass a lady in a wheelchair, the light turned from white to this amazing variation of multi colored light in all the rings.  I was really taken by surprise with this moment.  My team said, this is how much we are affecting the world around us with our presence.  It happens whether we are aware of it or not, my team made me aware so I could share with everyone how much we are doing when we think we are just walking from one place to another!!

I love you, thank you for walking with me and my mom and Valorie too!!  Ohhh God bless Valorie, half the time I cannot take her phone calls, I have not skyped with her because I never know what time I will be home (my mother’s primary doc makes her rounds late, as late as 8pm.)  OK, now I’m just whining lol.  Please know, I would have crumbled already without you!!❤  Thank you so much for being Here and Loving US!!❤

((((HUGZ))))) of love and deep gratitude,

Lisa Gawlas








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A quick update…


First, let me thank everyone for the abundance of birthday wishes and all the love, you are all such amazing, beautiful Beings and I am so grateful to have you all as my tribe!!  I got the greatest birthday present ever yesterday, my mother FINALLY went to the ER.  I have been doing all I can to get her there for a week now.  Her energy, everything has been degrading rather quickly this past week.

I don’t know why it took me all the way til yesterday to even think about checking to see if her medical history was online from her stay in the hospital when she had her stroke.  But I suppose better late than never.  I had no idea she had so much heart disease happening inside of her, pretty much most of her veins and arteries going from the heart to the brain are diseased with a 50-65% buildup of plaque with hardening of the arteries.   Something her primary care doctor (that I fired, I wish I could fire her twice) should have told us about in detail when I first (and only) met her.  Not a word about it at all.

Thank god her lung Doctor checked her heart rate and it was 156 beats per minute.  He told her outright, get to the ET straight from his office.  Phew, that did the trick!! I also have to give tremendous thanks to spirit, of all the lung doctors we could have chosen for her to be seen by, we chose the one that had seen her in 2008.  Seems she has a nodule in her lung, which was part of the findings in her recent hospital stay.  The recommendation was to have a CT scan, which her former primary doc never even mentioned it, nor ordered one.

My father taught me more than I ever realized with his own health issues and inadequate medical doctors, which is allowing me to be hypervigilant and much more expressive with my mother.  You don’t even realize what you are paying attention to, until it is needed again down the road.  I took a lot of inner notes I suppose lol.

As soon as my mother got to the ET yesterday, they did an EKG and found that her heart was in A Fib, which I am sure it has been for weeks.  When she got her cataract surgery a couple of weeks ago, they almost didn’t do it because her heart rate was so high.  When she went to see her new primary, same thing, he mentioned how high her heart rate was.  We all assumed it was due to the “white coat syndrome.”  Nope.  Had I, or any of us been armed with the cardiac findings of her hospital stay, well, we wouldn’t have let her degrade as much as she did this past week.

They gave her some medicines to get her heart rate lowered and under control, after about 6 hours she was finally down to a steady 130 beats per minute.  No where near good, but a hell of a lot better than 156.  I have a feeling too, her increased shortness of breath is due to her heart arrhythmia.  I am learning so much about the body, emotions and state of Being.  Its one thing to conceptualize, but it is a whole other ball game to witness it in real time.  What one thinks and what one feels about what they think are so interconnected and as my mother, as well as my father showed me, not conducive to health.

Well, I want to get to the hospital before the docs start coming in.  Sadly, those on my reading schedule (you should have received an email already) will have to wait until I know whats happening with my mother, I will use the days off I have scheduled as my reschedule days as soon as I know what is happening with her.

But let me tell you, I am so so so grateful she is in the hospital and we are getting all of this addressed, understood and remedied!!

I love you all so much.  Thank you for walking this walk with me, your love and support goes to the depths of my soul and holds me up!!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of emotional wellness to and thru ALL!!❤

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html





I feel like in this next phase of our extraordinary evolution, we are getting to witness, experience the tip of the iceberg melt to reveal what was really beneath it all the while.  The one thing I have learned more than anything about this crazy path is that spirit will show us something, we do not realize how vague that something is, until more is revealed and its like ohhhhhhhh….. that’s what that was all the while.  This where the idea, the real true of, what you think you know, is only the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more and not what we may have thought, comes from (my team’s mantra to me for decades lol.)

This is something I am witnessing, with complete awe and intense excitement as we delve back into readings again.  My last appointment yesterday gave me more validation of so many things, things that seem incredibly strange (in this phase of readings) that I never imagined bringing forward.  Now to let you know just how blown my own mind was yesterday, the last time I read for her was back in April.  I cannot remember the contents of your readings two weeks ago forget 4 months ago.

In her reading in April, I could see what looked like an octopus with 7 tentacles and the body of her octopus looked like the cute little guy from Sigmund and the sea monsters.

sea monsters


Well with her reading yesterday, those 7 tentacles were actually 7 extraterrestrials working in oneness with her, as her team on the ground (on the earth level) and 4 of them looked like sigmund.  I about shit when she said I used that example back in April!!  The validations went on and on thru our time together yesterday.  I am sure I needed that validation much more than she did, due to the information started to come thru the readings and ET connections.  So let me focus on the information coming thru.

We all knew or at least had a really good idea that there are Extraterrestrial bases/communities around this world, some beneath the oceans and lakes, some within the ground (commonly thought of as hollow earth dwellers.)  But now, we are making contact, telepathically at least, with the ones that are here, within the earth realm.  That, I did anticipate before moving here to Florida.  What they are sharing with us, I did not expect at all.

When we see science making new discoveries about things on this earth they never seen before, is it because they never seen it before, or it was recently seeded topside to be discovered??

In two of the readings now, there are very particular elements that have been going thru genetic modifications to fit into our environment and atmosphere, especially thru the base in the gulf of mexico.  Rock life from other planes of existence, plant life from other planes of existence and I am sure, so much more that we have not seen yet.

Keep in mind, what i am sharing comes as a collective of information thru several connections this past week.

The first thing I seen was what we would consider a rock, ordinary in its appearance.  I don’t think anyone would look twice at it.  It kinda reminds me of gray slab.  However, the properties of it can create an energy source, naturally and without destruction, to run an entire community… and so much more than that too.  But there is also something interesting about its energetic makeup, it will only be able to be seen/discovered/used by those… I guess the only way to say it, is those vibrationally aligned with it.  Those who mean humanity well.

I am also realizing, nother ever just appears to our eyes for use without preparation from our star friends first.  First it had to go thru (whatever they did lol) alternations to be conducive to our atmosphere.  Then they had to do long-term studies to make sure it was conducive and was able to do what its intended use was for, the reason they brought here in the first place.  Then they can to find clear and unbiased transceivers to lay the groundwork for its imminent arrival of discovery so that connection with those who would use this as an asset (as opposed to destruction) would be made aware of their involvement.  The one thing that did not surprise me about who this information was released to, that Being I lovingly call, my architect.  He has the most amazing prototype of a community that I have ever seen and it WILL come into our reality as all the players and dare I say, materials are in alignment with his (seeded) vision.

I think my lady yesterday came onto my dance card at the most perfect time, as I am hoping I am not getting this information wrong since it seems so far-fetched.  with her, there was this thing that looked like seaweed that too, was being genetically modified at the base beneath the gulf, only to find out, it is actually DNA from the Beings that look like Sigmund and the sea monsters that is being brought into our realm as plant life for use in ways that will make our stem cells pale in use.

Even more than all this exciting stuff coming thru (a lot I am still assimilating and trying to figure out how to bring forward in language) the energy connections are different.  The energy feels soooooo different here than the years we spent together in New Mexico.  I think the only way to describe it, is in New Mexico it was all like a hologram of light potential… here, geez I am not going to say this right, but the closest I can come is more physically Here.  Much less metaphoric.  Very exciting, if not incredibly intimidating for me (I want to be accurate in my interpretations and understandings to you.)

Now more than ever, your job is to make sure your antennas are working to maximum capacity.  You must be able to hear and even see if you want to understand what is being asked of you.  We have moved into the times we have fully incarnated for.  Yes life can get busy (and your job is to choose which focus your going to focus on) and exercising our abilities can be slow and frustrating (and your job is to choose patience and diligence) but press on anywayz!!  The communication waves are stronger now than they have ever been before, USE THEM!!😉

That is all for today.  Mom and I have a sunday funday (and celebrate my, holy shit, 54th birthday, that is hard to spit off the tongue lol) to do and we are going to see Nine Lives and have some lunch together.  Yay!!  Until tomorrow…. when i talk about the underwater base, the special crystals that allow us to literally walk on water… and more!!❤

Big big (((((HUGZ)))) filled with mysteries revealed to and thru YOU!!!❤

Lisa Gawlas    www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html

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P.S. S.  My gift of life present to anyone who desires, my 5 session meditation class.  Because seeing and hearing  and maneuvering the energetic lines are essential, if you want to go there ; ) !!  A free dropbox.com account required to access the audio classes.  In-Joy!!

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The New Field and the Pull To the Equinox Energy!!

calm and storm


First, let me thank everyone I am so who has waited and waited and waited to get their readings rescheduled, we are finally back in the field together and I am so excited!!!!!  It is still taking me a minute to find my grove, everyone (ok, I have done three readings so far lol) seems to show up in a different spot inside my office.  I tried to crank my antenna outside, truly expecting the field to be out over the marina’s waters, nope, inside the office we start and no one in the same place.  I think my first appointment really gave me a heads up on this oddness right from the get go, there are many dimensional folds that we are moving in and out of in the space we think of as air.  Don’t think 3D, 4D, 5D… remember we have uncountable dimensions all around us.  Which suddenly makes sense of why one part of a room can feel completely different than another side.  Also, why some furniture feels better in one location that another.  It’s all about frequency, kind of like one area is tuned to a country station, another a rock station yet another a jazz station.  That kind of frequency is what I am trying to explain (as I double in trying to understand too.)

So lets get to some fun stuff!!  ET’s a plenty in the field.  I will start with my first lady yesterday.  He showed up about 4 feet in front of me peeking thru a black curtain that looked a lot like this (circle is where his face was)



The curls on either side of the opening, per his information, are the dimensional folds that are always around us.  He opened the one he was looking thru for my lady.  I was expecting him to come out from behind the curtain, instead, he turned around and took us thru it.  At the ground (my floor) level was this tube of light (about the size of a golf ball) that he seemed to float on for about  or  feet, then it suddenly turned right and we were in a room.  My lady was now laying face down on a table and there was a team of several ET’s and two spirit Beings (not guides, but not biological either) working on the back of her legs from the buttocks to the ankles.  Fortifying her strength, foundation and flexibility of (sudden) movements.

From what I am understanding now, many of us are going thru these various upgrades that started the last week of July (more or less) and will continue thru the end of this month.

Let me straddle this with my beautiful architect who was on my dance card today.  His ET and spirit team is helping to lay out the fiend inside and outside my office.  His team showed up by my office door and his reading spread out thru my sliding glass doors and over the parking lot outside.  Now I know what direction is future (smile.) because they also showed the magnetic pole of the september equinox just inside my glass sliding doors.  Time is stacked on top of each other.  On the mesa field, the timeline of the equinox would have been much further away from his team’s “present moment” position.

Well, I wrote the above yesterday and I am hell bent on getting this sharing out today, so forgive me if I am a bit jagged in sharing information.  There is a ton coming thru the readings!!  No to mention so many twists in my ability to see, read and understand (can you imagine that, understand!!! lol)

I am not figuring our that inside of my office that’s where you and your geez, words, personal space is that I read from.  Outside, holy heavens, ET-ville in ways that are so unlike New Mexico.  They are here.  There is a very old (per our time) base located way down in the center of the Gulf that they have used for many many melina. They have many other hidden bases thru out the world as well.  Many of us have been working with them for lifetimes getting everything set up for the times we are in.

One of the key things I am seeing right now is the effect this magnetic field of this upcoming equinox is having on all of us.  It is (purposely) pulling us all out of our comfort zone, aligning us to new spaces, people and even ideas.  Many of the codes/ energy streams/whatever you want to call it, that has been implemented into the biological DNA is now releasing itself, turning itself on (if you will.)  Which means, many peoples abilities are going to change, enhance, become interconnected int a field of consciousness that has been purposely been scrambled (that would be the ETs that are working here within the earth plane.

We must work diligently to expand our telepathic abilities, or to use my words, increase the frequencies of our antennas.  :-)

There is increasing in the calm as well as an increasing in the storm, there will come a time the two will collide and this is what we are all being prepared for.  But lets dispel something floating around in the fear based ethers.  This comes from a question that was asked yesterday in a reading.  Our love trails (chem trails) do not have nano technology where you can breathe in anything and be controlled by any means.  Only YOU can relinquish your control over yourself and you can do it by buying into the fear game.  Stay out of it, it serves no higher good.

An amazing piece of information just came thru my readings I just finished that I want to talk about right now too.  She asked about two trees she planted, one is doing really well, one is not doing so well.  With her question I oddly kept seeing a yin yang symbol, light and dark.  Once I moved outside to ETville, the understanding became so clear.  There are a lot of Light Sources (people, plants, all kinds of living things) that is pulling up the particles of dark (fear) in thru their Beingness and transmuting it into other dimensions to one day come back into this dimension as higher frequencies of energy.  By doing this blessed and needed work, it does take a toll on the biology, and parts start to break down, close down and they will one day (sooner than most) transition into what we call death, by agreement.

This understanding gave me so much clarity on what is happening with my mother.  Her breathing is getting more and more labored and her energy field feels so much like my fathers did in his last weeks here on earth, weak.  My mother is transmuting a lot of energy from her collective thru her agreement to be Here.  Remember, she did have an exit point recently that closed because she opened herself to the higher frequencies of love now permeating her Being thru all of us.

Many are doing exactly this thru their gift and love for life.   We may see a sudden surge back to life and equally a sudden decline into the other side of life, know either way it is the souls choice our job is to assist them with love (and zero fear.)  We have our own tasks at hand!

I am still desperately trying to organize my time, not doing so well yet on that part.  Everything else is going very very well.  So on that note, I am going to close for today but will do a much more extensive sharing tomorrow.  I currently have scheduled three days off (Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays) as my mother gets accustomed to my absence during the day.  I am also working a shorter day for the same reason (3-4 readings a day instead of 5-6.)  Because of this, my schedule is booking out longer than usual and for that, I appologize.

Let me give a welcome to the new field special of 22% off everything I have for the next three days (ends 8/15.  Just type in coupon code NEW for single readings or ET connections and NEW2 on packages!!

I love you so much and thank you for the depths of my soul for waiting so long for me to get back in the saddle again.

(((((HUGZ)))) of radiant love and super cells of creation to and thru ALL!!❤

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html










Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 8, 2016

Timelines, Dimensions and Frequencies.

time dimensions

Nothing like starting several different conversations and not completing any of them!!  So sorry to ask you to hold a thought and then just leave it dangling lol.  I want to start today with the unfinished expression of understanding from the timeline/the bridge of my 1973 – 1974  time.  A purposeful separation of realities based on choices.  We often think that kids are not held to the laws of karma as much as adults are.  This would only be (slighty) true if you are just incarnating in this place called earth duality, but kids are as much responsible for the choices and their actions as adults.  Most of us in this collective, have had many lifetimes on this plane of incarnation, so we are held to the accumulated earth experiences and choices from all the lives we lived and not just the few years we may have been in the new body.

Also, keeping in mind, before my birth, my mother had already agreed to host my incarnation, not raise me mind you, host me in her life so I can get a good foothold in some of the densest of realities.  I was removed from her care (or really, lack there of) when I was 8 then placed back with her when I was 11.  Choice points and reality expansions.

I think the best way to explain this is with an image of spaghetti lol.  And what we consider timelines have nothing to do with time at all, they are the vibrational pattern of energy/reality constructs:



The bowl holding the spaghetti would be the earth plane.  The spaghetti’s themselves, what we think of as timelines.  Vibrational frequency patterns of reality.  One could say the spaghetti sits on top of each other, but nothing ever does touch another thing, between each strand would be what we would consider dimensional folds.  Doorways.  Opportunities for change.

As you can see there are countless intersection points in the whole bowl (earth plane.)  Some intensely high vibrational frequencies intersect with some intensely dense frequency realities, on purpose.  Then, if I can complicate this even more, some of the spaghetti (smile) are so thin, it appears like it’s all the same reality, it’s not.  We can see this by the storms we have experienced in the past, lets just say, a tornado wipes out a town yet one house remains completely unaffected.  That house was not on the same timeline/reality construct as the rest of the town.  Instead, its soul purpose was to hold the light frequency and if the town didn’t change from one density to another, then mother nature was brought in to do a bit of house cleaning on that timeline.  Same sort of things happen in countries, in places where people gather, and in individual families.

So bringing this all back to my 73-74 time period, that reality was deconstructing as we were living it out.  That spaghetti strand was already disintegrating as I merged elsewhere away from my mother.  I was placed with her friend, who happened to have a 2 year old child (I was 13 at the time) and was a prostitute.  That was the first time I realized I had a choice in my realities and with amazing ease (thank you directory assistance lol) of effort, found my father.  Until this moment the only thing I new about my father was his name and about where he would be living.  Even his reality was simply a stepping stone to yet other realities that opened based on my choices.  If I never made the choice to leave that lady’s life, I am sure I would have turned into a prostitute (by her continued prompting) but that wasn’t my gig in this lifetime.

Our choice points, our doorways that open to change, if we close them, it does take a toll on the physical and mental bodies.  Think about our cells, we are completely in new bodies every 7 years.  Old cells die, new ones are born and we are never the same, or at least, have the opportunity to not be the same.  The body itself works off of cellular memory, but what memory?  What timeline and what reality construct??  It all depends on if one walks thru the doorway to higher experiences (that does not mean easier experiences, just higher in light vibration that must be applied and integrated.)  Knowing means little, living is everything!!

So now, let’s go back to where I said to hold that thought with my mother’s spine.  Her lumbar spine.  Her root chakra (connection to life) and her sacral chakra (sense of Self) are in disease.  It became as if her root was connected so deep to the density of duality and yet the rest of her needed higher light to thrive within her soul agenda in this life time.  But free will is pesky and often times, repetitive!!

Thru our collective efforts, we have opened her heart, but have not opened her mind yet.  The heart and the mind must come to near the same frequency for the body to change its cellular makeup.  I am starting to realize the heart is easier to open than the mind is to change its habitual thought patterns.

As I was doing the dishes yesterday, I was reminded that my mother was diagnosed years ago as a manic-depressive.  That’s why she feels ill and barely gets out of her bed.  Coupled with the week-long rains we have been having, her melatonin is lacking.  (I used to have S.A.D. and know the importance of Self Light to complete depression removal.)  So as you all are holding the comfort energies here, I have been upping the Joy energies and intermingling them with the waves of comfort moving thru the space here.  This morning I can see a profound effect, even if it is slight… she may want to go grocery shopping.  The last several days, she has not wanted to do anything, so I see this as progress!!

Since we are still having avalanches of rain and flash flood warnings, I am not going to the office until this system that is parked on the coast, moves!!

Once we get her mind to open, to really start to feel and understand the light of life, we can start to uptick her timelines, her vibrational frequency that keeps her spine rotting.  Then we can go into the cellular repair, but not before then, her body could not handle it.

Altho my focal point is my mother, we are equally working an entire collective with our teamwork.

Now to completely change the subject, more or less, I started asking my ET friends to allow me to have memory of their sleep time work.  I want to be a conscious participant, dammit!!  The most I am getting at this moment, is vague (can I say very very vague) awareness that they are here and doing… stuff in the night-time.  For the last week or so, my left knee has been hurting when I try to cross it.  It only dawned on me last night that it was from the work my friends in the sky are doing.  Flexibility and changing out the strength of foundation I work from (thigh – strength and calf – foundation of life.)

What we are learning to do, slowly and proficiently with my mother, will be needed on much larger scales in times to come.  I want to thank my mother for being one of the greatest teachers I never expected to have in this phase of growth!!  I do find it interesting that my father and her father are guardians over her.  They are constantly behind her.  Two men that facilitated tremendous emotional pain in her young life and now fully assisting her wellness.  I love that so much!!

Ohh an added note.  Since yesterday I can see the most beautiful silver blue arc of energy from my office to my mom’s home.  I was just now told that the office is on a much higher timeline frequency than this house and the two are now assisting each other.  Yay??

I love you sooo much!!  We are an amazing team!!  <3

((((HUGZ))))) filled with open hearts and open minds to ALL!!!❤

Lisa Gawlas






If feels like forever since I put out a sharing.  It also feels like I have stepped into a living classroom in life.  I am learning so much thru each day with my mom, with the collective energies I call, us.  This is nothing that meditation or just pondering could ever reveal.  It kinda reminds me a little bit of biology class, where you have to dissect what was once a living creature to fully understand how it worked.  Well in this case, we are all still living (thank god.)

Since the day I choose to do what I can for my mom, my team has been very detailed in allowing me to see and more so, understand the consequence of choices.  Again, we bring back the dismissal that so many people tend to say, “you are exactly where you should be,” to which, my team as never agreed and instead always replied “you are where you allowed yourself to be.”  There is not a straight path put forth for anyone in life, otherwise, there would be no free will and there would be no need for reincarnation to make wiser choices.

My choice of taking care of my mother was always the same, one way or another, it would happen.  My choice of getting her to New Mexico intersected and gave another a major choice point (my landlady of course.)  When we make choices, no matter how large or small, there are only two real choices, love or fear.  Each choice builds more of the road we will travel upon until we get to the next intersection/choice point.

We use the word consequence, which by historical value, often is used with a negative connotation to it, it is not being used in that way, at all.

  1. 1.
    a result or effect of an action or condition.
    “many have been laid off from work as a consequence of the administration’s policies”
  2. 2.
    importance or relevance.
    “the past is of no consequence
    synonyms: importance, import, significance, account, substance, note, mark, prominence, value,concern, interest;

    “the past is of no consequence”


But before we go to the bigger choices, lets take the seemingly small, mundane choices that are also paving out our ever-changing roadway before us.  Being aware of why we make the choices we do, is key and dare we say, essential to this current phase we are all in.

Do you choose to eat something because you love it or because you are afraid of its opposite.  (Donut vs carrot lol)  My team brings back a huge choice point I had some years ago, something as trivial (one would think) of turning left or right out of my driveway.  My inner voice said turn left, I said no, right is the shortest distance.  $116 speeding ticket made me see the bigger reality of fear.  Dammit.  And no, I did not need to experience that, except to teach me to trust in my inner promptings.  That is what the fear choice path does, teaches.  It is never a punishment and it is always brought on by ourselves.  All-Ways!!!  When we are constantly making love choices, the road is effortless.  That is not to say there are no bumps, but when ya love a good roller coaster ride, you know those bumps have great importance too and they tickle your tummy (solar plexus) instead of evoke frustration (which is simply a block or chaotic energy in the solar plexus, and we just have to clear it, if we desire!!)

So in these last several weeks I have been learning a lot of about the confusion of timeline entanglements.  More of my mothers memories are coming back, but she seems to associate everything with her 29th year.  I am also learning to discern when she uses her memory loss as a truth or as a convenience.  There is also something that I never even thought about as a possible reality, that back in a particular timeline, with this it is distinctly back in 1973 and 1974, I was 11 and 12 years old and the last time I lived with my mother as a child.  It was a tumultuous time between us, to say the least.  She would leave for weekends and go to Jersey (to visit the sister that now lives a couple of streets over) and completely forget to tell me she was going, leaving me alone for the weekend hoping she is ok.  In asking her some innocent questions about that time (like the wall to wall posters on my walls of Donny Osmond and Tony Defranco) she has no memory of our time together.  However, she remembers everything else, the man who lived there for a time with us, some other non-relevant to us things, but nothing about us.  (a good thing really lol)

Even as we lived that time, it was an unstable timeline.  It served more like a bridge, and once that bridge was crossed and the choices made thru each step, the bridge would cease to exist to any of those who had not resolved any conflict on that bridge.  For many of us, aware today, we will find these unique bridges within our lives.  Of course, unique to your timeline and historical events.  (who knew, I had no idea!!)

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned to my mother a letter I sent her in early 2011 with pictures and addresses of me and all her grandkids and unlike when she is struggling to remember something, she insistently said she never got it, cuz if she did, she would have called immediately.  I soooo wanted to believe that.  Mostly because I would have realized fully that the 5 year isolation period was part of her plan, her path.  But nope, she was at a major choice point intersection that very year.

As I started clearing out more of the containers and lids she has stored in more places than I could ever imagine (trying to ease the change in bit by bit) there was a picture of my grandson with my writing on the back stating this is your great-grandson.  Of course my heart broke, she choose the isolation.  She choose to really feel the energy of fear, loneliness over love to learn from, because love was not in her energy system.  She was very much focused on hate and separation (which is what her family does, she gets it honestly.)

I find 2011 interesting in my own moments.  I was living off the grid, in a single wide mobile home set up on the Pajarita desert in S. Albuquerque and was getting ready to shift, move as the weather got hotter and hotter.  I would have been ready to move to help my mother, if she would have allowed it (understood from present moment and surely not back then.)  Spirit gave her a whole year to make an alternate choice before I became settled in the Jemez January 2012.  Whats funny, I even tried moving back to Virginia that year (2011) when I felt it was time to leave NM, I was off by a few states tho lol, I got spit back to New Mexico three months later.)

Something I was feeling and now know for sure, my mother had to have the stroke she had, in order to allow the change that was very much-needed in her life, in her lessons, to happen.  I had to smile broadly when I found out when she was actually admitted to the hospital the day she had the stroke: April 15th at 13:13 (her foot doctors receptions was a wealth of information for me!!)  That means she was discharged on may 5th, 5/5.  Her 20 day stay (duality setting her up for massive change.  The time of 13:13 is the ultimate completion.  Had she not made the turn to allow us in, that little air conditioner would have been the catalyst to send her Home.

I even learned a little something something about delaying something I was already planning on doing.  I waited a few days after arriving in my mother’s world to get the gofundme project in play.  I already knew that was the only way to raise the funds needed to get the repairs done, but god I hate asking for help (I’m a work in progress too!!)  Had I got that project done the moment I got here, as I was supposed to do, we would not have ever had to endure the day and a half in the sauna.  But then again, I know for sure that it would have ended her life right then and there.  So not only have you helped a soul upon this amazing planet, you saved a life and enriched so many other lives by your loving assistance.  Again, thank you just does not cut the inner feeling of gratitude from both of us.

Lets look at the twists and turns that can happen even when we make a choice that is unlike previous choices.  Going again to my mothers choice of allowing us to have a relationship again (made possible by my aunts insistence that it is in her greater good to have someone help her, she really wanted nothing to do with me, even still.)  As a back up plan, she developed a lump in her left (physical life) breast.  I have had cancer, a good friend of mine in the Jemez has breast cancer, so I know intimately what that energy feels like when touched upon directly.  She had cancer.  Once again, she was at a major choice point.  She could choose to be open to love or take advantage of the loving people who suddenly infiltrated her world.  If she was just using the energy now surrounding her, we would be having a cancer journey to talk about.  Gratefully, she is allowing the energy of love in and that lump is reducing itself and starting to liquefy as the ultrasound that was done when she was going to have her biopsy done revealed.  So no biopsy and we have a 3 month follow-up to check on her breasts via a mammogram!!  YAY!!

Also, we had a bone density test done, much to everyone’s surprise (even her new doctor) her bones are in really good shape.  Perfect even.  The only area of concern now is her lumbar spine where she has degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis.  Her root and sacral chakras!!  Hold that thought for a moment!!

This last week, I was flooded with the exciting feeling… it is time to get an office.  Working out of here is just impossible.  My mother’s deafness has the TV on super loud and the humidity outside is just impossible to sit outside for even 30 minutes and maintain a high connection.  I headed to craigslist.  I don’t need much, just a place to be able to bend over and connect to lol ohhh and quiet!!  I found a cheap ($275) office offered by a mobile DJ, I thought that could work.  Then I suddenly remembered an inspiration that came, I cannot remember if it was before I left NM, on my drive to FL or after I got here, but I heard my team say to get an office overlooking the water.  I was still hoping to be able to work out of the house… ain’t happening.  The DJ never got back to me and back to craigslist I went the next morning to find another office suddenly available (I didn’t see it the day before) of an office overlooking the marina in tarpon springs (where I live.)  I am realizing there aren’t any real beaches where I live, I would have to travel to clearwater or tampa and the rents get higher there.  The marina office was $100 more, but hey, its worth it to have a water view.

I have got to celebrate that this place works just like I do, trust!!  No credit check, no reference check just a good feeling that we fit!!  I got the office, yay!!!

Let me give you a tour of my emerging holy space:

new office2new office

new office3













My body vibrates like there is no tomorrow being at that place. I gotta love the address too, 331 Anclote Isles Marina suite 102.  I am also grateful it comes with my own personal mailbox, because the mailman at my moms place sends anything addressed to be, back to sender!!  Oops!!

As my soul is revelling in the energy there (and can we say, I am so surrounded by men I have entered my own personal heaven and every day I can honestly declare that my ship has indeed come in!!) something new started brewing in my mother.  When I went to the office the second day to get the keys, sign the lease and give the man a check, I stayed there for a few hours, just loving the solo energy of MySelf again.  OMG I was jonesing for this more than I realized.  To the degree when i got home, I actually had a 99.7 temperature and spent the rest of the afternoon in bed.  My mothers mood changed.  She was irritated and I have so forgotten what she was like, but much of her old self is peaking back thru.  She gets really judgemental to the point of mean when she is irritated.  I sent her waves of love and comfort.

When I went back to the office the next day to set some things up, I could feel her energy degrading.  Fear was setting back in.  When I got back, she was saying how much she didn’t feel very well.  One of the things I must relearn is how to discern her energy.  My mother has been a hypochondriac all her life, when she is in fear of something, she creates symptoms to glean attention.  I was in my 30’s when i realized this and stopped giving in to her desires.  Now, I really have to discern what to be physically diligent about and what to simply send her energy to comfort thru these changes.

She knew I planned on going back to the office yesterday morning and woke up weak and visibly struggling to breathe.  She said her arms are weak and she has pain in her stomach area.  She refused to go to the ER, so I sat next to her in her bed, hugged and kissed her (checking on her biological field) and reassuring her how much I love her and am so happy to be here.  I also sent out a request on facebook to send my mother comforting energy… my next big lesson of the season!!

With all of us sending her comfort, she started feeling more secure.  I knew what she was doing was leaning into the remembering and re experiencing being alone, which was depleting her energy and affecting her breath.

Which really shows how powerful memories are.  If we continue to go back and align with something of our past, (and many people call it healing) we take ourselves back to that energy and our bodies go for the ride as well.

One of the biggest things we are learning now, in this phase of our collective growth, is how to work as a team.  Boy if yesterday was a huge lesson (that I only fully realized this morning.)  The last time I wrote a blog,  I mentioned that all energies coming to my mother, come into me first and then we send it out to here (strobe light affect) there are some energies that can and will just surround her, like comfort energy, anything higher than that, comes thru me (the transceiver) then emits outwards in waves of light as she can handle it.  Some rooms here are purposely void of these direct energies so she can have a place to assimilate.

I started to crash big time as I was at my office.  I thought I was getting another energy fever but didn’t feel hot.  By the time I got home, I was depleted.  I had to force myself to stay awake until 6pm so I could skype with my daughter.  When our skype session started, everything on her end was filled with lag and pixilation and then 15 minutes in, the securus server completely crashed as did our internet.

This morning as I finally woke up (smile) the way my team showed this experience of yesterday was like being in an operating room with a bunch of surgeons all doing their own thing.  We have become so accustomed to doing our own thing, energywise, that we now must learn to work as a group energy or there will be fried energy or should I say, fried transceivers everywhere!! lol

I was hoping to get back to readings tomorrow (Monday) but I crashed before I could even try a connection at my new space, and I am not going anywhere today.  It is raining buckets upon buckets out there and these roads flood as easily as they did in New Mexico.  However, I will be emailing the first wave of people (those who are waiting for a reading from the end of June) today sometime to get on the schedule.  Once I have them pretty much set, the next wave will be emailed (Beginning of July) and then the last set (end of july into august.)  Once I have everyone on my calendar, I will open up for new readings too.

There is, as always, so much more to share.  But we are leaving it here for today!!

I love you all and OMG I cannot wait to connect and see what we are going to see Now!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of love filled choices and joy overflowing to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas  www.mysoulcenter.com


I find it so synchronistic as I am really getting a bird’s eye view and understanding about choices, that this memory from facebook would show up yesterday:


Can’t resist adding this one in as well:





What an amazing and revelation filled last few days I have been having.  But before I get into all that is being revealed, let me just say, Mom’s cataract surgery on her left eye went wonderfully.  She was a nervous wreck going into it, but now is seeing clearly and is at ease.  This week coming up, more doctors.  She meets her new primary Monday, then has her ultrasound guided biopsy on Tuesday (we should have the results within 24-48 hours) and a follow up visit for her cataract surgery on Friday, on the 10th, she sees the retina specialist to see what, if anything, they are going to do about that eye (she has a cataract there too, but needs to deal with the retina first.)

Now, to the revelations that have me feeling like I am getting a blow-by-blow understanding of what is happening behind the curtain of the great wizard (wizard of oz.)  Again, so much of this is not only opening within me because I am reading Dolores Cannon’s book “Custodians.  Beyond Abduction,” which I was instantly attracted to when I was listening to her audiobook “Keepers of the Garden.”  As with the way I shared the other day, I am not going to reference which part of the book triggered what and I am not going in any particular order except whatever memory is coming thru in the moment.  Not only is this book helping to peel back the curtain, but also, validating so much of what I already knew as well.

I do want to mention tho, as soon as I started diving into “Custodians,” I started to see two interesting ET’s that I have never seen before, not even in all the ET connections I have done over the last few years.  Two very white forms, male and female, always standing just behind my right shoulder, always together, always shoulder to shoulder with each other.  They are both very white, their skin is very white if not luminescent but not like a light bulb, they don’t glow, or emit a visible stream of light, its hard to explain.  Their hair is white and even their clothing, very much like plain lenin, an off white.  They don’t speak, or at least, I have not heard them, just seen them.  That is, until my mother was in for cataract surgery.  I went out to the car to have a smoke and read more of my book when the moment I was finished my with my cigarette, the car died.  I had it on to use the AC, which was blowing warm air, I just assumed that was because I had the window down and this humidity is hell!!  The car just up and died at the exact place I was reading in the book about how they can make cars start and stop and stuff.  They use the energy field around the person for what they are doing, at times.  I tried several times to start the car, nothing.  I was going to call roadside assistance and each time I had that thought, I kept feeling… wait and see when my mother is done.  It turned right over.  With all the running I had to do this coming week, i wasn’t taking a chance.  I drive to autozone and had them check my battery, which is about 7-8 years old and its a 5 year battery.  It took the gal a bit to actually get a reading from the battery, but when she did, she said the cells are all perfect in the battery, but the battery is showing completely drained.  I left well enough alone.  The car has been starting perfectly ever since.

I knew that was my two new friends way of saying… not only are we with you holographically, we are physically with you here, now.

I had to smile in wonder and awe when I came to the part of the book where a lady had a similar encounter and described my new friends to a T.  They are a part of the council of elders that govern the flow of the multiverse (not spirits, but a vast group of ETS, very much like the united nations.)  I knew instantly that these two beautiful Beings were that as well, especially given how much ET contact I have thru the readings, it would only make sense that a governing body be near and with me to assist.

One of the memories I have had for ever, was being about 6-7 years old and laying on the grass in my backyard at night-time, looking up at the stars and crying as I shouted to the sky “you dropped me off on the wrong planet.”  As that memory came back over the last couple days, I realized I was not shouting to the stars, but to the ship literally hovering at the roof level of my house that I could see.  The entire underbelly of this ship emitted a blue light that sort wrapped around the ship (it wasn’t closing downwards, just more formed a donut shape around the underbelly and sides of this craft.  The more I remembered this, the more I could see thru the light into what would be the opening platform on the bottom of the craft.  This also gave full understanding (which I kinda felt was true anywayz before these memories were enhanced) as to why I am still, to this day, afraid of being alone in the dark outside.  My friends only would appear to me when I was completely alone outside at night.  As a child, I had no fear, it was only as I grew and the veils started to purposely close to my awareness (until now) that the fear replaced excitement.  This is also, one of the deepest reason that thru all of my deep, inner, intense healing years, I never ever addressed this bizarre fear, it wasn’t time for me to understand.

Let’s talk about Implants!!!

When people started to talk to me (in my early beginnings) about negatively controlled implants inserted by ET’s, my inner guidance always said no, not true.  We never delved any deeper on that subject until, this week really.  Even tho, thru readings and people saying they had or were getting implant removals, I cringed inside.  If they hadn’t already had it done, we would strongly advice them not to do it.  There is nothing negative, harmful or bad in anyone.

Even before leaving New Mexico, when my team showed us a time of emerging virus, an upcoming pandemic, I knew that what people call implants were actually devices to create immunity to what is already starting to take a foothold on this earth.  Not because any ET is creating illness, but with all the ice melts and climate change, the dormancy of unknown virus are reversing.  We are the ones that will be here to assist, since we will have complete immunity to any virus or disease or, fallout.

But beyond that, these lovingly, purposely inserted devices also were to enhance our inner abilities.  To raise the frequency of those not aligned to fear from the inside out, turning on the higher abilities all humans are born with.  Fear however, defuncts these gifts.

There is also inoculations that we received, often times as well, genetically modifying our bodies for enhancements.  ALL-WAYS for enhancements.

As I was reading and remembering so much about the devices implanted in us, the inoculations we receive, the alterations to our genetics, and how the medical industry would scratch their head due to bizarre inconclusive results on testing.  We appear ill, but as I have been saying for forever, its change in progress.

If you take just the turbulent time while I was going thru menopause, just after my cancer surgery, the doctors insisted I developed COPD and my body insisted, I didn’t.  The many, for no reason at all, times I would wake up to have zero  voice.  All of it, purposeful mutations to enhance the body, the immune system and the frequency of light energy released thru the breath.  We won’t even talk about the chaos within my white and red blood cells that for years boggled my oncologist.  He finally gave up and said it was due to my smoking.  NOT!!!

Of course, all of this work creates different food cravings for us, each our own unique cravings.  Mine has always been something sugary, yum.  There are times, the gluten molecules are that which activates and enhances the inner processes underway (hence my dunkin donut insanity lol.)  It was even explained to me, the alterations in our food system (what we call GMO) our friends from the stars are using proactively to allow our immune systems to become stronger.  Not that splicing anything with a toxic chemical was wise, but since it is so widespread in our food chain, they use it to enhance us further, otherwise, most of us would be dead by now.

My two new friends, who at this moment, still remain nameless, said that I am here in Tarpon Springs on purpose.  Can you imagine all this was put into place over 20 years ago…

There is an underwater base/facility that has been running for eons in the gulf of mexico.  My two friends, and so many others, have been there, for eons.  The last several connections we have in the ET course, their connections will be from that base very particularly (I had a feeling when I left.)  Even what we will do as a group will be radically different than any of us imagined (especially me) thru the last of the course.  What is being revealed to me right now, a lot has to do with restoring the implant devices that have been scrambled by fear filled, well intended people.  Especially since these devices, left scrambled, creates a chaos signal to the light body and well, let’s say the side effects are not what our friends intended.  For others, we will just completely turn off the signals.  We will have to work first at removing the fear that set this all in motion.

We have a lot of work we are going to do together, but to rush in (as they hear me thinking, can we start already lol) would be more detrimental than efficient.

So many of us are excited and KNOW we can literally move thru solid objects, transport ourselves thru portals and stuff, yet… this is because it is already happening.  It is how we are removed from our beds at night, how we go from here to there (often times, on their ships or in another dimension where the facilities are located to enhance us.)  These next several years will be enhancing those abilities within those that have fully released the fear/worry of any and all things.

And then there is our pesky bodies.  I say pesky because, jesus I am gaining weight again like there is no tomorrow!!  Of course, I started to put this back on back October of last year when I went to see my daughter.  I had gone back on my 1200 calorie a day diet several times over the months, didn’t lose an ounce, sometimes actually gained weight.  WTF?????

Thru all this revealing and what I have said so many times (it’s just much clearer now given all this other information) that those gaining weight are the energy transceivers.  Our fat cells are very much battery cells, storing and using higher frequencies of energy.  The more we agree to do, well, the more we have to hold.  So I had to ask… but… but…. what about free will.  I want to stay in my skinny jeans without a tummy that sits on my lap!!  Well free will is also an emotional will, not something that is controlled souly by the brain.  If our desire to serve is what energy signature that is present and constant (emphasis on constant) then the thought of just staying skinny is overrode because it does not hold energy within our field of instructions.  This goes with everything.  This is why “intentions” are a good start, but not enough.

There is so much more, but I am being asked to end here for now.  Ohhh I am starting to get inquiries about our Mexico trip.  That is on hold once again.  I am using the money I had stashed away to do what needs to be done and one thing I WILL do for my mother before this is all said and done, get her her visit to PA to see her sisters and friends.

I love you all so much and so look forward to the “radical” changes in our connections and readings again, whenever we get the green light on that.  When we are ready, I will email everyone waiting to reschedule before I ever put out new readings.

((((HUGZ))))) of enhanced life, light frequencies to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas






The movement of timelines, of energetic vortexes, of dimensional folds.  It happens as such a high vibrational frequency, rarely do we know its even happening.  I think tho, I have been given a strange glimpse so we can start to know… It started yesterday, this damn jonesing for a donut, not any donut, very particularly a dunkin donut, donut.  And even tho it truly is in walking distance, which I must say, just about everything is within walking distance now, I had led in my ass.  I didn’t want to go anywhere.  The weight of feeling unconnected has been getting to me.  Unconnected like I was in new mexico, which was 24/7.  I could feel the space of 3D density starting to creep in, god its thick at the ground level of life.  But no worries, joy and gratitude and beauty is still constant within me, that can and will never find its way into the background of my life ever again.  EVER.

Waking up this morning, my whole focus was on getting to walmart to get my mother’s eye drop prescriptions.  I just now realized I didn’t even ask her if she wanted to go (I personally, would never forget such a thing… but I really understand why… now.)

Granted, the ride to walmart isn’t even 5 minutes, but decided I am going to put my audio book in and listen to something other than news or the family feud.  I opened up Keepers of the Garden, hoping I could find where the end of the book talking about being taken to the new earth or staying behind to help on this one, was at.  Someone mentioned that on facebook and I needed a review.  I swipe of the fast forward button, I arrived to that exact space in the book.  Odd!!!  Perfect too!!

On my way back from walmart, I stopped at dunkin donuts.  My dear good god, the young man who took care of me was the spitting image of my cousin that killed himself about 30 years ago, right down to the broad smile he got from his father.  Is it weird that my cousin’s mother lives a few streets over from my mother?  I got my dozen of donuts (yeah, my mother has a bigger sweet tooth than I do!!! lol) and as I walked into my car, I heard clear as a bell, yes that is Michael reincarnated.  How kewl, how strange.

As I was relistening to the audio book and realizing, much of this scenario is getting ready to play out here, I decided it was time to download the book “Custodians.”  Beyond Abduction,” by Dolores Cannon.  I don’t usually sit down and read a book any more, but now that my drive to anywhere is less than 5 minutes, audio books are taking a back seat to my listening pleasure.

One of the main reasons I don’t read books in the traditional way any longer is because a few sentences and I am off in la-la land downloading whatever got triggered by what I just read.  Now, I will be thrilled if that can happen again.

Well, let me tell you, Lisa found her new groove!!!  My mother in her room, TV off, lights off, just me and dolores’ magic, instantly the downloads and visuals started.  OMG THANK YOU!!!  I have missed these moments more than I realized.  Thank god this moment lasted over 3 hours!!  I just finished chapter 1 lol.  Too much information came thru for me to hope to remember it tomorrow or the next time I have a chance to write, since tomorrow is my mothers cataract surgery day.

So much vast information came thru, I am not going to tell you the triggers, just the information as I am remembering it, in no particular order.

The first thing that was shown to me, was the light vortex that has been created by each and every one of you and comes into the living room and into me.  I am a living energy transformer.  But the transformer itself only works when I sit in that one spot on the couch, the one I mentioned the other day in my sharing where I knew one of my vortexes was finally forming.  I watched as the energy flickered from me to my mothers chair, very much like a slow strobe light.  Her strongest energy signature is in that chair and that is where the energy pulses to.  My team explained to me that the rest of the home was sealed off from this energy (hence why my bath was ineffective, since that is my mothers bathroom.)  She can only handle so much, and she does get the energy from the pulse to the chair even when she is in her room, more muted down tho than when she is sitting directly in it.  This is on purpose and for her protection.  Any sort of spiritual conversation enhances the light field, which is why she taps out immediately and has to go into her room.  They are the ones that also blocked the full effect of the hypnosis for now, she is already undergoing radical change in her body and light field.  Too much is indeed, too much.

Then they showed me the energy striations going outwards towards everyone in her personal collective consciousness, changing not only people’s inner feelings of life and nurture, but also affecting DNA down to the level of Light.  True genetic alterations taking place.

I also seen my own energy body, still in radical change.  We ALL are.

Then I was shown what we would consider timelines, instead, spirit showed them as pipelines, but not straight ones at all, more like hmmm one part of a swastika.  There were several of them as I watched them move like a game of tetris and then connect in new ways end to end.  Spirit also said with this movement, there is a tremendous bend in the light.  Next thing I know I was show a diamond shape, the light intensifying and becoming clearer at the top half and the dark getting darker on the bottom half.  At this early stage of the game, we cannot enhance the light field of heaven on earth without intensifying the energy of those choosing hell on earth.  Duality has no bias.

I think my team heard me not only thanking them, but bitching about waiting so damn long for my reconnection in this way.  They explained, they had to wait until the DNC was over to be sure of which direction our earth was moving in.  Just to put in here, spirit does not know everything, not when human free will is always in play.  They were truly waiting to see what Bernie would end up choosing to do, his choice gave way to the direction we would ultimately move within.  Now don’t think for a moment one person does not affect an entire world!!  With his choice to tap out and back Hillary (I kept asking why he choose that, and pretty much, it came down to its none of my business lol, but they did reiterate free will and gave me a flash back to my own personal choices I had just written about in my last sharing.)

The door to chaos has been opened.  WE must learn to move in a moments notice, because it will release slowly and build from there.

My thoughts went back to the donuts and the giggle I always have inside of me of the mother who once, did not eat candy at all, now is worse than a child with anything sweet or sticky.  The sugar molecule is very important to our (hers and my) light bodies.  We do not always understand what makes us tick at the cellular level of light, rarely do we.  We tend to go into “group food fashions” not realizing what works for one person is energetically detrimental to another.  We have all have a very unique instruction set within our body as a whole (physical and light) and different energies are catalysts for different things within different people.  For me personally, to take away my sugar would be to deaden some of my senses and receptors of those higher frequencies.  My mother inherited this sugar tooth when I did my core healing around her and activated her light body thru activating my own.  It truly is uncanny to see how many of my traits, that she never possessed before, that she possesses now.  Something as out of the ordinary as a nightlight in every room, same exact cutlery, curtains, crazy stuff.  Even she is in awe of it.

As I was reading the part when Dolores was talking about the ETs gene splicing in various ways to help us become affected by certain things like cancers and virus’s and stuff… I immediately seen my own cancer and the experiment that unfolded with that journey (not within my awareness until today.)  Many of us have agreed to be the testers, the lab rats if you will, to help the whole of humanity.  Some of the experiments work well, some, need tweaking.  All agreed prior to the experiment.  Now we may think it was agreed to before incarnation, not necessarily.  It was unknown which way humanity would go (a lot is still unknown) so it was agreed to during our sleep time visits to other realms with our friends.

I was given a small glimpse of the field I will just call August.  Like large thin cocoon shaped things forming, what they (the ETs that are assisting in assimilating this information for me) referred to as various consciousnesses, so much is still taking place as we move into the fields of our new experience(s) and collectives.  Enhancements in many areas, degradations in others.  Keeping in mind, the higher the light in the top of the diamond, the more intense the energy of dark rustles.

I am sure there is more, but suddenly, the flow just stopped.  But as I said, I just finished chapter one!!!    Ohhh and since I was in such a connected flow, I of course, asked about readings again… not yet.  We cannot fathom that energies that are happening, the new pipelines connecting and the movement of the field is shifting like a kaleidoscope, as is the light field within our bodies, our cells, our vastly changing collectives.

But it was stated that it took this long for me to find my connection because of the information that is now coming thru.  What we will be putting out over this next week will be like the preface of our new book… heads and hearts.. up!!!

I love you all so much and thank you from the depths of my soul for your patience waiting for your readings.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with sugar and spice and everything Magical❤

Lisa Gawlas





















magnetic energy

What an amazing feast of energies July has been, and continues to be!!  Every morsel gives us something new to use within our lives, within our field of energy.  However, like all energy, it must be applied, used.  For me personally, I feel like I entered a brand new training camp that is exhilarating, and yet, leaves me feeling like a beginner all over again.

For the last year, spirit had said, more times that I can remember, what worked for you before, will not work for you now in the same way.  We are different and therefore, our skills MUST become different.  Not once did I feel connected to that statement, because while in New Mexico, everything worked the same as I was accustomed to, effortlessly.  That is, until I was evacuated to Florida!!  Now, everything I took for granted… well, lets say I found a new appreciation for!!  At the same time, all that I am seeing and understanding thru this amazing new experience called Life, has me more appreciative of the power of inner change than I ever could have been without it.

The first thing I understood in a way I just couldn’t before… before this life experience, is living in the magnetic flow of your personal life.  Spirit has not only talked about it for the last year, but also was the focus within the Super Powers hypnosis series.  Again, with my life before this change, being so repetitive, the same every day, there was no real, outside the ordinary within my life, to fully understand what living it really meant.  What it felt like or moved like.

I do now!!

But let me back up for a moment.  June.  In the oddest of places, I could feel change approaching.  When I sat down to “ponder” and played my phone games, I could feel the end of these moments happening.  I didn’t understand it, but I felt it.  I walked into my house feeling so appreciative of all it provided for me, the expansion, the beauty, the friends.  There were many tell-tale signs that change was around the corner, that I was sure of, but again, for 5 years, while living in my heaven, the only time change happened is when spirit asked me to put a new course together.

The moment my daughter told me of my mother’s condition, I knew in that moment what I was going to do.  What I didn’t fully realize until now, looking back at the enormity of it all, is what happened inside of me.    What will happen inside of everyone during this massive shift of Life (and for many, it has already happened to you, too.)

What I have been calling our core energy, it runs from above the head to below the ground and forms a pipe line around your spine, some are wider than others, but everyone has a core energy.  Within the core energy are the things we know as the chakra centers.  During the course of these next three years, everyone is going to be given a life changing opportunity for this experience to happen as well.  It is a requirement of fulfillment of our spiritual evolution in body.  Of our super powers.

When we take in information, whether it be with our eyes or our ears, it affects our right and left hemispheres of our brain.  Right side is the residence of spirit, left side is the residence of ego/mental mind and our work thru the decades (lifetimes) has been to partner the two, integrate the two hemispheres so they work in absolute harmony with each other.  Intuition and action, one energy.

Both our eyes and our ears are centered in the brain area for a reason!!  When we have an opportunity to go beyond our perceived limits, in this case, it would be assisting my mother an energy is released into the full spectrum energy system we call the brain.  If the mental mind or ego is not fully partnered with the spirit, the right hemisphere, the first causality would be fear, thoughts of the past, bringing back old timelines as if they were present company.  Or, on the opposite spectrum, jumping into something without a plan.  Spirit is pure love, but the mind itself, is the master of matter.  Often times, (I have done this more times than I care to mention) we feel the intuition of doing something and jump into whatever before it is a concrete system on the earth plane and end up flat on our ass wondering… why!!

Right time, right place, right direction is always essential.   When both hemispheres of the brain are magnetically in tune with each other, it all happens exactly in the right way, at the right time.  But I am getting ahead of the story here.

When Michelle told me of my mothers conditions, that energy flowed into my ear, thru my mind, into my third eye and unlocked (which is how I see it, like a set of tumbler locks) the vision, then the throat, the communication, then the hearts (high and base) then the solar plexus, then the sacral plexus, sacral chakra and the root itself, uproots from the energy it was connected to, folds up around the exterior of the physical body and starts a counter-clockwise spin thru the whole energy system.  Opening the energies of change on all levels, including the energetic body of the physically incarnate.

God, I so wish I had a way of showing you what I see right now.  With all the chakras fully unlocked and the root chakra now forming something that looks just like a chrysalis around the body, the energy centers themselves blend in color and vibrancy within the protected, changing energy field.

In our current way we see and experience the color spectrum of the energy centers/ chakras, we rarely see the vast amount of colors that are actually within them, we tend to look at blue as blue, yellow as yellow and so on.  But the more we engage our spirit, the more they blend to create the full spectrum of colors often, not viewable to the naked eye.    This creates a rainbow field that only the spiritual eyes can see and absorb.  This is always what is called (at least, by my team) the rainbow tribe.  (I had no idea until this moment.)

Just like the caterpillar, the incarnate being MUST let go of all they knew, all that they remembered and fully, completely surrender to zero point.

To be clear, my team is saying that if at any moment I stepped into the past history with my mother, even for a moment, the energy within the chrysalis would stop and have to reformat itself to a new experience.  With that, I am being told that it would have engaged the energies of whatever that thought was… meaning, if I had entered into a memory (timeline) where my mother and I were at odds, whatever we were at odds with would have to manifest during our new relationship to clear that once and for all.  If too many memories came back, the reunion would not take place.

Back in 2001 (after I got my meditation grove figured out) I spent literally hundreds of hours address the ways I felt within me, which continued to create chaos around my life, due to the way I absorbed into my field, my mothers past actions and inactions.  I want to share the last moment of this deep inner healing series that was shown to me.  The moment, I fell madly, deeply, unconditionally in love, in awe of my mother.

Spirit opened the meditation up from the other side of the veil.  There stood my mother, an amazing, vibrant soul in body.  In going thru her personal life plan, she willingly and with such love, surrendered to her inner knowing of Soul, of Being a spirit and densed out her energy field so she could provide me with the life experiences that would one day, if I fully allowed, to become the Me I Am today.  There was such a profound love of her to me, in that meditation that I understood everything my mother willingly sacrificed in this lifetime, so that I may one day emerge.  I cried tears of love and honor for days after that meditation, that experience.  It is how I see my mother today.  Selfless in her spiritual sacrifices.

During the month of June, with my energy in such radical change, and a plan of action coming to the fore, there was a new, intense magnetic field laying itself out that will forever be a part of my life now.  There was a second moment that could have stopped it all, when my landlady said my mother could not come stay with me.  In that moment, had I gone up into my head for a minute….

And then the radical shifting of timelines.  Holy shit batman.  I surely didn’t understand this at all, until today really.  At first I was going to leave after the ET course was finished, then I split the time up and made the plan to finish only the last week of July once I got settled at my mothers, and the shifting happened several more times, to include the last day of my house sale.  I think this was my greatest test/challenge of all, because I am anal about my appointments and responsibilities to you, to the field and I couldn’t even come close to overriding that responsibility to the one I was feeling with my mother.

The magnetic shift was in full gear and I was in full alignment with it (phew.)

There are many things we will never fully know until we physically die and do our life review.  It is only then we usually see the full brunt of our choices.  I was given this view about a week ago with my moms little window air conditioner.  It was scheduled to stop working before it did, but with our collective choices (and trust me, you were as much a part of my choices as I was.  If even one person had a melt down because I had to reschedule them to a time that is not even known yet, I am sure I would have delayed my arrival, so thank you for flowing with and trusting me the way you do.  My mother would have exited this lifetime.  She is here to teach us, to restore the gifts of her soul that she so lovingly gave up before incarnation and we are her soul team assisting.  She is truly teaching us how to be the spirit guides incarnate, in love, in matter, in joy.

Several days ago, I took out my handy-dandy pendulum after finding a book on pendulums near my mothers chair.  Of course I called on ArchAngel Michael and asked if he had any messages for my mother.  He did!!!  After writing this blog today (With tremendous help from my team) I so more fully understand his messages!!!  Here is what he swung out to spell for her:

“Distance is collapsing on time.” She said what does that mean, he said “zero point.”

“Start in heaven. Queen restored to the earth now.”

When a butterfly comes out of its cocoon it can choose to see the world around itself at the same ground level experience that the caterpillar had before moving into the cocoon, or it can see itself as limitless, expanded new view and its ability to soar to new heights.

How many of us feel like the kind and queens of our world, our created reality?  That too, is a choice, we can either see ourselves enslaved to the old reality, to our denser emotions, or become the King and Queens of our court, with all the perks that go with Being living royalty.

Of course, I posted that message on facebook and then asked AA Michael for a message to our facebook family and he said:

“It had played out perfectly.” I asked him what is “it” he swung out “love.” I asked if he was referring to the events for my mother he said yes. I also asked if he took part in the full orchestration, he said yes, then my flip flop laying on the floor… moved.

The ground crew is activated (hence the flip flop moving and making me jump lol) and in perfect harmony with the magnetic flow of the new earth.  LOVE is the only focus, the only direction.  And thru it all, WE have changed, are changing others, are enhancing magnetic energy thru the multiverses because… imagine this… BECAUSE of one soul on earth that I happen to call mama in this lifetime.

And just to catch everyone up on what has been happening here in our ever-changing world, all the construction is finished.  With the extra money that came in, we got rid of my mothers 20 plus year old carpet and put down linoleum.  We were able to get many of the other odds and ends that were eventually needed to be done, done (eventually became immediately.) Again, thank you does not even come close to what we feel inside!!  Without each one of you, this would be an incomplete mission.  But, as AA Michael said… We worked together perfectly at the ground level of heaven on earth!!

On the medical front, a lot is happening too.  I fired my mothers primary care doctor and she goes to see her new one on Monday.  She is scheduled for cataract surgery this Friday (on the left one only until the retina specialists sees her right eye on the 10th.)  She had an ultrasound done on her breast and is scheduled for a biopsy on Tuesday.

Her (now former) doctor prescribed her a pill (Daliresp) for her breathing, 180 pills (a 3 month supply) cost $1992 and she just received the approval on it.  The out-of-pocket was only $3.60

Two days ago, my mother said (and literally oozed the emotional energy with her words) “I have never felt so taken care of in all my life.”  Again, I say to every single one of you, THANK YOU!!

Now to contrast all of this, I just received a call from my daughter (the one in jail) who has been sliding deeper and deeper into a depression.  She spent the full 40 minutes of our video session last evening saying how much she hates the new pod she was moved into (all trustees and pregnant ladies) and how much she hates her job (cleaning from 10:30pm until 4am) and that she is going to request to quit and be transferred.  Well, she didn’t have to do either, she was moved this morning to a medium/max security pod.

For days now I have been trying to tell her she is the one in control of how she feels and she should find a way to feel joyful, in gratitude, anything other than what she is allowing herself to feel.  Of course, she wanted nothing of it… at all.  So the universe conspired to give her something new and educational.


Of course, two weeks ago she was given an addition 9 months (totalling 2 years now) due to her probation violation. She had asked me to ask you to please write her.  Her mailing address is:

Valorie Gawlas  Inmate Number 0039229
P.O. BOX 7609

She is not allowed to receive any packages, all books must be pre approved, so don’t send her any, please.  As we have found out, they will be returned.  Also, any cards cannot have glitter or rhinestones on them, they too, will be returned.

Well, there is so much more for me to share, but that is going to have to be for another day, tomorrow I am hoping (smile.)  I am still learning this new dance and my mother wakes up as early as I do.

I love you all and miss you more than I can ever put into words.  My team did say (as I pondered when the hell am I going to feel ready to do readings again) that there are still things on the ground for me to focus on and much is still changing within the realms we call, humanity!!

I love you all, soul much!!!  ((((HUGZ)))) filled with gratitude, love and magic to and thru All!!

Lisa Gawlas



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