What an amazing energy field we have brought ourselves to.  Sadly I woke up late today so I am going focus on the bullet points, and there is just so many!!!

The first thing I want to share is what we all want, well us older folks anywayz (smile.)  There is so much talk, so much inner knowing that the energy of “youthing” is here and possible, if we just use it.  I think many of us, myself included, think of it as a superficial appearance thing.  I would LOVE to get my 30 year old face back on this 53 year old body, but dammit, that’s just not happening.

In one of the readings yesterday, sadly I don’t have the time to share all the details, but directly in front of her was this energy that we realized (eventually) is the “youth” energy field.  To step into it, was like embodying the energy of child, peppy, curious, excited, full of vigor!!  From what I understand, as we continue to use this energy field, live this energy field, it will cause the aging process to slow down dramatically.  However, like all things of evolution in life, it is not an overnight thing, it is a process.  We must first use the energy instead of try to smear it on our face.  The first and more important thing this youthing energy will do, is extend the wellbeing of life.  As disappointing as this was to hear and understand, I felt better that I didn’t miss that boat.  I have been trying to board it for a long while, energetically many of us have already.  Appearance wise, can it hurry up and smooth things out already!! lol

Now to try and explain this amazing, exciting, important factor clearly.  Two people, one female, one male (separate readings) revealed something extraordinary that is now in play in our lives.  Sadly, I don’t have the time to set either of these up of how it was all revealed, I got up after 6am instead of my sweet spot of 4-5am, dammit.

First thing we all need to do now (this is going to be really tricky for me) is get rid of the word “potential.”  That was told to me in no uncertain terms thru my mans reading yesterday.  So lets look at the short definition of potential: Potential is defined as the possibility of becoming something.  Our jobs now is to KNOW what we desire is right in front of us.  It is no longer just a possibility, it is a probability if we follow the energy to it.  The way spirit kept showing it thru both my lady and my man is it is always just 3 feet in front of us.  One long stride away.  If we step into it, there it is.  If we desire something that isn’t in our usual day, then pay attention to what is showing up for your to explore.  Females will feel this energy thru their heart AKA inspiration, men will feet it thru their feet, AKA motivation.

The way I seen these two hmmmm… not sure what word to use, realities (yeah, better than the word example) is with my lady, there were three silver strings (reminded me of the metal guitar strings) that stemmed from her heart out into the left side of her field of life, only about 3 feet out in my visibility field, then beyond that, everything blurred, which related to the quantum field of energy itself.  The moment she has a desire (all filters no longer in play) then those strings activate just like you strummed a guitar string and the information/music/inspiration comes back to you to follow thru on.  If you never take that step off your regular path, don’t complain you didn’t get what you asked for, you just didn’t show up where it was located at.

With my man, it was very different, instead, there was a basketball size hole that seemed to explode and remain exploding about three free in front of him on the ground. This hole continued to release (to my viewing eyes) dirt, dust, debris and all the things you would expect to see as an ongoing explosion within earth, only, it was her pure energy unformed in an ongoing release for him to give instruction to (desire) which will create the form of desire.  Again his job is to step into the thing that opens up and motivates him to explore this area.

Action here, is the absolute key word.  Put one foot forward in a new way, whoop, there it is!!  Our job is not to create obstacles.  We are masters of obstacles… all the reasons why it probably wont happen.  In that field we are creating that very obstacle, but with all this magic it is as important to realize we can uncreate any obstacle just as quickly as we created the desire of whatever.  This is an important part of our mastery and there will be a day, we will live obstacle free because we have learned all we can from that energy.

Speaking of miraculous.  I was doing a reading yesterday, again with all this new energy, my lady had these two rainbow swaths of energy at her feet, both about three feet wide, meeting directly at her feet, one to the left one to the right, as these two rainbow pathways embedded in the earth at her feet and started to stretch out about 3 feet from her (I am realizing 3 showed up in some way thru almost every reading… action and communication) the rainbow path curved into her right and left fields.  Actually now that I see it more clearly today (hindsight is always 20/20 even in spiritual things lol) it was like a heart shape that curved back around her.  At the split of the rainbow path, from deep inside the earth came trotting this beautiful horse.  This horse was her power animal, and will ride her into September (huge moment for all of us this coming September/solstice.)  Her keynote with this horse was strength, Every time he reflected the energy of strength I felt it in my arms in an unmistakable way.  What I find funny now, looking back on what happened after the reading, all I knew about the horse was that it was brown, I told her I don’t know the make or model of horses.  This horse was going to take her into places she never thought to explore.

Once the reading was done, she asked me about my car loan.  Yup I still have it and will have it for the rest of my life at this point.  The rest of my life ended yesterday.  This amazing soul asked to pay my car loan off and I could pay her back without interest.  In that moment, beyond the shock of it all, I was consumed in this energy field that was tightening around me, I couldn’t even talk, but more importantly, I couldn’t even think…. all I could utter was “oh my god,” over and over and over again.”  Whatever this energy field was, I could not even access the part of my mind that wanted or should have wanted to say no.  With shock and awe and feelings I never ever ever felt before, not like this, I accepted the stunning generosity to do away with that 25% bleed out every month.  She mailed the check directly to Santander yesterday, I should have my title by the end of this month.  Holy fucking shit batman!!

Thank god whoever was on my schedule right after her, had to reschedule the day prior, giving me an hour to get my shit together emotionally to keep doing readings.  I sat on my couch crying and expanding and realizing….

The meditation I had, showing the title coming my way was more real and more sudden than I could have ever even hoped for.  But the dream became so defined in ways I would have never looked at any of it until yesterday.

But wait, let me interject something else that has been happening over the last few days, that I would never have put together if a beautiful didn’t share her dream with me yesterday.  Since May started, this big ass crow started circling my life, literally.  Bigger than most crows around here, his wing span while in flight was an easy 3-4 feet wide, freakin huge and unmistakable.  I would see him driving in my car, he would circle the field, my back yard, the other day he was right outside my window circling in flight.  Every time I grabbed my camera, he left, camera shy I guess lol.  Crows are scavengers, they eat a lot of road kill and are the clean up crew.  The circular flight pattern that was always present was all about closing a cycle of completion.  I never put any of this together until I helped my lady understand her own crow dream the night before.  Her crow at the last scene of her dream turned form black to pure white.  This gave me full understanding of the snow in my dream.

In my dream, four people, including myself were pushing this car thru mud in the middle of nowhere, as it sank deeper and deeper into the mud.  Thats what this car loan felt like, there is no way out, with interest being added daily, I am in it for life at this point.

Four in my world is a cycle of completion on earth.  3 others besides myself, action and communication.  1 (me) new beginnings.  Then the earth swallowed up my car, but only once the mud turned into snow, a blanket of fresh new energy, virgin and even in the dream unexpected.  It wasn’t snowing it was a nice day.  Water always representing the emotional field of life, it can be liquid (creates that mud) or vapor or solidifies in our world to become snow.

So the opening was my car note being eaten up. Done.  Over.  I had indeed made many phone calls to put this all to bed, an attorney, Santander themselves, consumer protection agencies… none of which could help me.  Until I called the In-Surance adjuster.

Which brought me to the scene of waiting for the insurance adjuster, in my car and this young boy came in.  Not in a million years did I think of my son, probably because this young boy was so young and my son right now is 33.  My son is the co-signer on my car.  It was the only way Santander would give me the car loan since I was already a co-signer on his car at that time.

Now lets go back in my timeline 17 years.  My financial life, due to a crazy ass live in boyfriend, fell completely apart.  I was living in a condo on the beach in North Carolina I could not afford after kicking his crazy ass out, he broke the electrical box, the electric company refused to fix it because it was purposely damaged, leaving me and my then 15 year old son and 8 year old daughter in the dark.  Long story short, after really really really trying to commit suicide, I gave up and dealt with my life by writing a pissed off letter to the editor of the local paper.  Against all odds, that paper printed my story in the Sunday edition of their paper, even tho I never dropped it off to their outside mail slot until late Saturday afternoon.  When that story hit, I had people, to include the mayor of the city, reaching out to help us out of a sinking situation.  This was just before Christmas, and our lives irrevocably changed from that moment into forever.  So my sons appearance in this dream, took me back to the 17 year beginning and now completion of this cycle.  Even all the stuff in the car, was all the events that got us to this moment, which is now over and the new begins.

What is even more funny, I called my son to tell him of the miracle that just happened, just like his mama, all he could utter was “oh my god” over and over again.  Then he told me about a concert he was going to, that someone had just bought him a ticket to but he really wanted to take his girlfriend but his money was too tight, let me pay this forward.  Him and his girlfriend will be attending a concert, bring the music CD to end the dream, this moment.

One super large theme in yesterdays readings, we are all in a brand new energy field, new beginnings, new lifes on all levels.  Fully endowed with the magic of life.  The bows from the day prior really does show the Presents of the Presence thru each other.

Thank you for being my magic day in and day out.  By the way… Mexico is back on the September schedule.  I’ll put more energy into getting that all organized once I get back from Virginia.  Ohhh and on that note, my daughters attorney advised her to “lay low.”  Keep the couple weeks of freedom she has left.

Magic, miracles, and LOVE are in and thru ALL things, every breath, every corner… “There is a prize behind every door you open.”  (Quote form my mans team.)

Well my day is starting really soon.  To my miracle worker, thank you from the depths of my soul and may your return be more than you could have ever dreamed of.

I love you all so freakin much.

((((HUGZ))))) of dreams made manifest to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html

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the karmic waters of life

The one thing I really don’t look at in this amazing, intense energy field, is the undercurrents that are happen as well.  That little but powerful stream of energy towards the ocean floor that is pulling you in the opposite direction (away from the desired shoreline.)  My youngest daughter is that ever living reminder that there is an undertow of energy taking place, the cumulation of what we think of as negative karma that is taking her so far away from any shoreline all at once and rather quickly too.

Someone asked me not too long ago on facebook about negative karma, if it was building and going to play out as largely as the good karma we are building, at that moment all I could say was, I don’t know.  I spent all afternoon pondering that very thing.  I spent all morning surfing the building of the wonderful wave happening on the top side of the ocean, where the sun shines we play.  Then I get a phone call from my daughter in tears.  She told me she had just come from her PO’s office (a prior felony charge a couple of years ago) and that a capias was ordered due to her probation violation (getting convicted of 3 more felonies while on probation.)  We knew this was coming, we were just hoping it was coming on the back-end of her short time of freedom she has left.  But these weeks are getting crowded for her.  She has her sentencing hearing coming up on the 20th of May, she is ready to go to jail for those offences, she has resigned to that.  She has a hearing coming up on the 17th of May, her 3rd driving on a suspended license which comes with an automatic 10 days in jail.  She is pretty sure it is a weekend thing and won’t have to report to jail that day.  Something in my own gut kept cringing…  I get into Virginia at 1am on the 17th.  I may only have a few hours to spend with her and none of her reassurance could change that feeling in my gut.  I think we both forgot that she had a probation violation creeping up to be dealt with.  She still has 3 more years of her 5 year probation sentence left to do.  And now once the judge signs the capias, it will be completely up to him and his mood whether she can stay free til that court date or remand her to jail until the court date.

Now lets put her on hold a moment, because to top yesterdays massive energy field off, we had the elections in Indiana.  Thank you Indiana for feeling the Bern, but my good god, Trump is now the (presumptive) republican candidate to run in the general election.  At first blush, it really seems ludicrous that this is even a reality, but it is.  However, since I was already spinning into the understandings of negative karma coming home to roost, it would make sense that Trump is the face of the election right now.  He is also the face of our collective karmic energy as a country.

The United States once was a loving country that took people in to give them a home, security, a new beginning.  We have a lady standing every so tall and bright that is there to remind us who we once were:  Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

But we lost our way and we became the very opposite of that.  We have become arrogant, reckless, power-hungry and down right ignorant to others well-being.  We have invaded countries, killed innocents, sent our children to kill and be killed.  Leave children and elderly hungry and cold in the streets.  And then we have Hillary, the slow-growing cancer that is our system.  The two front-runners (per the media noise.)

The difference between my daughters karmic energy showing up at every turn these days and our countries… we can change its outcome.  The huge difference between individual karma and group karma.

We are a collective body of energy and at this moment, we can get pulled in the undertow of the negative karma raging beneath the waters, or pull our selves out and choose differently, humanely for ALL the people’s and not just ourselves.  Or, we reap the consequences of our collective action and nonaction and let me tell ya, it’s not looking pretty.

I remember the day baby bush was put into the winning field of presidency, not by the will of the people, we had elected Gore, but by the delegate system that took away the popular vote and made Bush the elected dude.  My son and I watched the election with bated breath and the moment Bush was declared the dude, I turned to my son without a thought and my mouth said “life as we know it, is about to change.”  11 months later, 9/11 happened.  I hadn’t even started my bathtub change of life at that point.

About 10 years ago I started studying a little bit a book that came out by Michael Drosnin called “The Bible Codes.”  Which was his study on the hidden codes embedded in the bible.  What he found was one common theme no matter where the predictions laid, “you can change it.”

If we do not band together and change the current of our fields of energy, karma is going to come home to roost on our soil, in many unpleasant ways.  If that is what we choose as a collective body.

We can contrast what this looks like with my daughter.  She has been stripped down of every thing, her own karma at play.  She totalled her car, now has huge monthly payments (her car note) on nothing.  The one thing she loved more than anything, was taken away just as she had taken away many valuable items from other people. (Her charges are all around larceny and credit card theft.)  She was stripped of a job she loved (manager at a hair salon) again because of her charges/actions.  She is now preparing to give away the most valuable thing any one of us has… her freedom.

My greatest prayer for her right now, is that she can keep this freedom thru May 20th.  Yeah, I have slightly selfish reasons, I want to see her, hug her, fill her with love as does her father, before she goes to serve her time.

But really take a long look at this comparison, her karmic energy is all unleashing at the same time.  Talk about the tsunami of energy.

Spirit has been focused on the great karma we have built together and individually, simply because that is who shows up for readings.  Very very rarely do I read for someone connected to soap-bubble land, the dense duality where the negative flow of karma is gathering strength just as much as the positive is.

So I ask, in regards to my daughter, if the Sunshine Band of magical beings (yeah, that’s you!!) can hold off the storm clouds of my daughter’s life until May 20th, please.  Thank you in advance for this much-needed assistance.

For the greater collective called our country… let’s change our fate, our karma,  and put the only person who has been poking holes in the dark cloud of energy that our country has become, and having the balls to shed light where light is needed and fight, so consistently for change.  WE must be the change or we will be the consequence.

I can also see today, why spirit was on my ass to put out that second sharing yesterday, soon there after, my focus was about to change drastically.

Either way… the energy is a building.

With so much love, honor and hope to and thru ALL, wrapped in ((((HUGZ))))

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html

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flow of life

If one sharing isn’t enough for a day from me… lol, here is another.  (It could almost be a bookend to my first one today.)

We talk a lot about being in the “flow of your life” the magnetic flow (via the superpowers course) as well.  But what does that mean and what exactly does that look like.

As I was cruising to dance class yesterday, listening to my Deepak Chopra audio book, something amazing started to happen.  Exactly at the moment he was talking about a car accident in the book, I was driving over shattered glass from a windshield, a car accident must have taken place in that very spot.  The shattered glass was on the right side of the road and bleed into the middle of the road.  I could only smile at the amazing coincidence at that exact moment.

Not even five minutes later, he is talking about a butterfly, again in that exact moment, a white butterfly flew across the street (from the right side of the street) in front of my car.  This was now beyond coincidence.  Both of these events happened while I was driving thru the Jemez Pueblo (indian reservation.)

Two other things crossed my mind before getting to dance class, one was… I need to find a Boot Barn so I can trade my pow wow boots for country dance boots.  As I was making the turn into the parking lot of the dance class location, I about shit when directly across the street was a Boot Barn.  I have never even seen a boot barn before, I have only ever heard of it from The Voice lol.  My heart kind of skipped a beat.

When I loaded the address into my GPS, I could see that somewhere nearby was Cliff’s Amusement park.  I had the thought that it would be nice if it was close enough (for me not to get lost) so I can go ride the roller coaster and enjoy that too.  Holy shit, on the other side of the street (the parking lot was on a corner) was Cliffs amusement park.  I didn’t even notice it until I went out the other exit (opposite the way I went in.)  There is all its glory was the top of the roller coaster.  Holy shit!!


Today, there is something else happening too.  I so enjoyed my first dance lesson last night that the feeling this morning within me was to buy a DVD to continue at home lessons, in between my group dance lessons.  I broke a really good sweat last night in dance class, which is going to help me burn the 15 pounds of winter fluff I put on and it was just fun and for me, really different.

I have a lot of exercise videos, my sweatin to the oldies has been my all time favorite to do since the 90’s.  But that just wasn’t sitting in my heart today (or any other day lol,) instead we are going to order a line dance instructional video so I can go out and dance, while shedding the winter weight at home (and learning how to move my left and right feet in harmony lol.)

Looking at how incredibly in sync all this is, when I entered the dance studio last evening, the guy gave me a schedule of all the events for May, and May started the beginners country class.  How awesome is that!!  This morning as I am looking over the events of May, this Friday is a “practice party” from 6-9pm, with a “new comer” group class from 6-7.  Holy shit, my schedule allows for it.  I will be there.

The moment I made the internal commitment to follow the inspirations of today, I felt something, realized something that is the key reason I am putting out a second blog today and not waiting until tomorrow.

How can we possibly experience the flow of the new if we keep using the energy of the old.  Even if the old has been tried and true, it is still the old (thinking simply of my sweating to the oldies video.)  You would think something seemingly so insignificant of what you are dancing to wouldn’t matter, it all (creates) matters!!

Even last evening in dance class, we learned a two-step and a four step both of which really emphasised the muscle in the right calf for me (for the ladies, the men led with their left foot.)  Building the emotional foundation of the new dance you are doing (for the divine female) which creates new strength in the foundation of the outcome (divine masculine.)

So what is the magnetic flow??  It is pulling into your physical reality the emotion you are emitting… instantly.  We hear the phrase “as above (let’s call that the higher emotional field of ourSelfs) so below (the outcome made manifest of those emotions.)

let’s look at the collective effect this all has on us.  Yesterday, by a shear whim (smile) I asked everyone to lean into the weather to clear the skies for my travel to dance class.  About an hour or so into my morning yesterday, on that amazing holy toilet I sit upon (releasing coffee lol) I suddenly heart the song “Bookie Shoes.”  Of course I giggled and thought the message was about dance class itself.  Until I posted the song on my facebook (to get it out of repeat in my mind lol) and realized that is was a dual message.

At that exact moment of hearing the song, the dark storm clouds were dissipating and the sun came out and shined all day long.  I even checked my accuweather app, that an hour or so before created the thunder storm warning that was in effect for the afternoon… it changed to warmer sunnier weather for the day.  The song “Boogie Shoes” was done by KC and the Sunshine Band.  It was only after I posted the song on facebook and started the call to my next appointment did I see spirits emphasis on the “Sunshine Band.”  (Thank you everyone for that gift!!!)

We are powerful beyond measure!!  Align yourself to Love and dare to do something different, anything different.  It ALL (creates) Matters!!

Just to let everyone know as well, the field is “finishing up” the bows on the Presents of your Presence on earth.  That’s all I am seeing and hearing with every connection today, which actually overrides my usual frustration with rescheduling and is building an excitement that is new!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) of boundless new energy thru ALL made instantly manifest!!  (Whisper, and all this, its just the beginning!!)

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html

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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 3, 2016

Releasing the Emotional Filters of Life!!!


When I first started doing massage back in 2006, I gave full permission to the field of life to allow any symptoms I may not understand thru the massage to be replicated for a moment in my body as a physical expression that needs my clients attention.  A lot of the times, this expression was in the form of such sad tears, I would touch my clients body and just start balling, because they had their sadness tucked away so deep they didn’t express their feelings until I released thru me.  Then we would both balling.  Gotta love a good massage lol.  This expression had crossed over into the readings I do now, nowhere near as often, but still happen.  These days tho, its usually just a case of sinuses, spirit lube and sneezing that only happens when I am on the phone with someone and goes away just as quick.   Until yesterday…

I had a lady, actually the one I wrote about a few weeks ago where the energy of the word “venue” would become more important than I ever realized in that moment, in that reading.  Let’s bring back that word and its understanding: the place where something happens, especially an organized event such as a concert, conference, or sports event.

In this case and everyone’s case, the place where something is happening would be your life, your field of life itself.  Whether we realize it or not, each day contains an organized event ongoing.  When spirit says there is a change of venue in May, we must also show up with a different output of emotional energy to allow for it.  At any venue, one thing that is required is electricity for it to unfold efficiently and reach all the people attending.  For us, that electricity is our emotional output.  If you want something different then you better feel something different!!


So my venue lady showed up (I had no idea it was her tho, until she reminded me) and I could see the energy moving out from her left side of her body starting to spread outwards in bands of color into her life field.  The bands had waves to them and reminded me of waves of music that I had seen on the internet only smooth and flowing outwards.  With every single reading yesterday, the imgary and understanding being so new, my first response is “what the hell is that?”  The very second I was both looking at these energy bands and asked the question at the same time, I got the most painful… let me emphasis that… PAINFUL jolt of energy behind my right eye.  Ohhh my dear good god what the hell is that??  I completely lost my connection and started once again to look at her energy flowing out again, pondering what it means and once again, that freakin sharp pain behind my right eye stabbed me out of the flow of her reading.  Holy freakin shit batman! I was actually afraid to look at her field straight on again, and kept my eyes to the floor as we started to understand what the hell was happening.  But I also told the field, lets not do that to me again, I will figure out what you are trying to say with what was done already, thank you very much!!

Have you ever gone to a concert or event or hell even in your own home when the electricity shorted out.  There is a surge of energy that sparks and disperses outwards but not towards the thing intended.  That was the message.  The electrical output is shorting out and not fueling what can be happening.  I really realized this when she started explaining her worries.  Her money running out, her unemployment was running out in june, she was even worried about our time running out and she didn’t have a way to continuing it.  All of her energy was being fed into what she doesn’t have and what is running out and not on the excitement of what could be.  Creating a massive short in the field of energy called her life and my right (emotional spiritual) eyeball.  To be clear, this sudden, stabbing, explosive pain was behind the eye, it seemed to explode just as it got to the back of the eyeball itself… dispersing the output before you even see what’s coming in.  Short circuiting your own field!!

She also was talking about something she did in the 90’s to protect herself from those in astral realm.  I kept seeing it like those 3D glasses you wear at a movie, filters behind her eyes.  It wasn’t until I was driving to dance class that I really understood why her team was showing these glasses (the blue and red filters that are in these glasses:)

3d glasses

In her case, both filters were behind the right eye, because what you filter emotionally becomes your reality.  Think about the 3D itself, when your not looking at the movie designed to see thru these glasses everything else around you is distorted and the movie (yesterday’s energy) appears closer than it is.  Distorted the current field of emergence!

So we gave her homework and a free follow up session for as long as she needs follow up sessions.  Your energy flow is as important to me as it is to you, because it affects the All of us and might as hook it up efficiently so we can all party together!!

My day is about to begin but I do want to squeeze in this other reading too.  She had four bands of the most beautiful light blue energy streaming from the front of her body, aligned at the power centers of the sacral chakra, sacral plexus, solar plexus and heart center.  Up until this moment, this coloring represented Source, god, spirit whatever… I was quickly removed from that association because we are now fused as one with that energy, with the force of life.  So these bands represented her creator force always in motion, always activated attracting to her what she desires.  What was crazy about this session, when I would look directly at these bands, they all moved up the heart center, conjoined there in a unified stream, but bent in a large curve up towards her head/face with the four bands lining up behind each other.  When I wasn’t looking directly at them, they were at rest stretched outwards from each energy center.

It took me a while to understand it, but we got there.  When you are looking at what you desire, you are giving instruction to your field of life, creating the heart center merger, and when you set it free, it kicks up the magnetic attraction to bring that together.

We can actually straddle this reading with my ouchie lady… when emotional output and desire are in harmony, the magnetic field is working rapidly.  But when we want one thing and feel another, it short circuits the field.   With this lady all I kept thinking about was the wave/particle energy.  That’s all I am going to say about that!!

My next bell is ringing, time to change classes now! lol  BTW, thank you for the incredible influx of dream interpretation, it is all so very much appreciated!!  I am going to try and write back to each, but not quite sure I will be able to.

Also, I loved my dance class.  I am learning my left from my right!! lol I think it more about dancing in the flow of earths gravity at this moment and not stepping on anyone’s feet or plowing into their body.  Its so funny how the dance of light is so different than the dance of the feet!!

Ohhh wait a minute, I do want to address something I am seeing all over facebook.  God knows we really, really, really need to stop feeding the fears thru individual filters.  This meme:



If you think for a moment that food of any kind can lower or increase your vibration, you do not understand what vibration is.  Only you can dictate how something is going to affect you, consumputally (lets invent new words already lol.)  The ONLY thing that affects your vibration is your emotional field and how you feel about anything.  Fear will plummet your field in a nano second, so if you decided that you are now afraid of sugar or junk food, or take medication to assist your body (I eat all foods joyfully, without judgement or fear) then that’s on you and not a real thing, but what you have created it to be.  But to spread fear as this meme is… that’s also on you.  Karma, ya know!!

I love you all so much!!  Big big (((HUGZ)))) of ecstasy and non-filters to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas    www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html

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The Fires of Your Soul and the Dance of Your Heart!!


I soo couldn’t wait to dive into the readings yesterday and see what the energies of May was going to present, at first blush it could have looked exciting but cryptic, but after a good nights sleep, the larger picture is crystal clear.

I am going to straddle two of my readings at the same time, because even tho there visuals were incredibly different, the theme was very much similar and gives a larger understanding of the rock concert called May!

My one man, who happened to be celebrating his birthday yesterday, opened up on the ledge that begins May (May is still visibly 7 feet in the air and to the right of the center field) and he was a wiggling his groove thing.  Just a dancing in place, I couldn’t help but smile, but then I had to wonder… what are you dancing to?  I didn’t hear any sound or music or anything, just as I wondered, key a clip to the beach boys “I’m picking up good vibrations” instantly started to play but also brought in a new visual, this swath of energy was representing the song lyrics and moving into his heart, which in turn made his hips wiggle and his feet move.  Then, to the left (physical life) of his field, there were pairs situated down the field of May, a man and woman pair.  Opportunities waiting for him to connect, balancing, enhancing and uplifting where he is headed in his personal life.

A couple of readings later, something similar.  A beautiful lady showed up with an easy 20-30 orbs all in front of her moving up and down about 6 inches directly in front of her.  I never seen spirit represent itself as orbs before, except in pictures.  I suppose that is spirits way of saying we are all in the same space you are in, assisting.  I could feel them radiating their energies onto her skin, her skin then bounced the energies in two directions, to the right and the left.  There was a large swath of energy that represented this and 5 magnetic lines embedded in this swath of energy.  Then suddenly a musical note hit the lines on her left side.  Kinda looked like this, instead of that big S that starts a sheet of music, that is where her body was represented:


We can look at this energy as your magnetic field of life, and I do want to add, for anyone having done or doing the superpowers hypnosis course, this seems to be the most overlooked aspect of the course and yet, is the most vital part threaded thru the whole series.  There will be sudden and unexpected key changes and you need to know when to move and not think!!

With this idea, my own memory goes back to new years eve with my son.  We went out dancing together and I was about 5 deep into my white russian intake (smile,) there is something about alcohol that turns one of my two left feet into dancing geniuses (or at least, that’s how it feels when you just don’t care lol) and a song came on I never heard before but the beat was good.  I stood for a few seconds and actually witnessed myself doing this, who knew it would be a set up for the unrealized energy (on new years eve) to come.  My whole body was programming itself with the unfamiliar beat of the song, as soon as it was registered, I danced without missing a beat.

This little moment in my time reflects the energies I just talked about.  My man and lady being filled with the new energy, the good vibrations, going in to their field of living awareness (heart and skin) and their job is to move in time to the new song of their life.  That goes with just about all of us.

Just as I am feeling comfortable with all the new imagery and direction in the field, there is alway someone who shows up to scramble my brains!!  This precious lady did just that.  There she was standing on the entrance of May and about 6 inches in front of her was this freakin fire, east 6 feet tall and not much wider than she was.  Amazingly I found a visual online:

fire being


This flame was her new power suit and I could not see beyond it to save our lives.  Her job is to merge into this living fire, become one as it, use it as her expanding skill set in her life.  Fire is passion it is also the energy of destruction and many other things.  Equally changed, created an enhancement in her vision, which I tried to see thru her eyes merged with fire… dammit I couldn’t because she has not done it herself yet.  Made me fully realize that I can only see thru you what you have engaged first.  (Thinking superpowers here.)  However, I did get to see the potential of her body merging so completely with the flame, all I could see was this flame with two eyes (that is where I tried to merge and see thru those eyes) stating it will shift her vision to see the opportunities that will empassion her life or what she needs to burn away.  And more than that too.

I did everything I knew how to get beyond this very determined flame, nope.  This had to happen first before any energy was revealed beyond it.

To completely change the subject, I had the oddest dream last night.  The dream opened up with about 4 of us (I cannot say I knew anyone in the dream) and we were pushing my car, I guess died or something.  We were in the middle of nowhere an open field that was covered either by mud or snow, I cannot quite remember, actually I think it started out to be mud then the mud became snow at the moment… wait, I’m ahead of myself.  As we pushed my car to god knows where, the tires were sinking into the ground deeper and deeper, then this is where the mud turned to snow, suddenly the ground opened up a massive sink hole and my car dropped down into the ground an easy 100 feet, and only my car.  Those of us pushing the car were on the edge of the sink hole still on the top of the earth.  My mind started racing, who the hell pays for this now??  My fear of heights was present in this dream, there was no way I could look over the edge of the sink hole to my car and all I could think of is shit, now I have to pay this ridiculous loan with no car at all.  I started making phone calls to the ones I thought would be the ones to deal with my car buried in the earth, and each call said nope not us… the last call I made (one would think it would have been the first call lol) was to my insurance agency.  There was a sudden scene change and the next thing I know I am sitting in a car filled with all kinds of stuff, and this body (late teenager) sat in the passenger side of my car, which just went down a sink hole, he was the insurance adjuster but all he cared about was some music CD he left in my car the day before, which I leaned over in front of his legs and picked up the CD sitting on  stack of god knows what, and handed it to him.. thinking to myself, how am I in this car when it went down a sink hole???  Then… I woke up!

WTF???  I am good at dream interpretation, but sometimes you’re just to close to see the bigger message.  Any ideas???

Anyway, the day is about to begin.  Enjoy the new music of your life.  Ohhhh speaking of new music, tonight is my first dance class and our weather is calling for late afternoon storms, if you can all assist me in talking to the weather, let it rain and thunder before or after my drive to and from (I’ll leave here about 4:30pm and should get home by 8:30pm) that would be very much appreciated!!

I love you all so much, happy dancing to everyone!!!

Lisa Gawlas    www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html

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music of life

Happy May everyone!! I hope you all enjoyed the grand finale of April.  My last day of April was as different as it could get, at least from my normal day-to-day.  First, I only had one appointment on my dance card, not for the lack of trying to fill it up when I had to reschedule last time, but only one person was able to set their rescheduled time for yesterday.  This is actually the first intentional (well intentional from spirit’s plan, not mine) day off I have had since the last time I went to see one of my kids.  I just don’t take days off, I use them to reschedule appointments too.  I fully realized, I need to do days off more frequently, even when I don’t have anyone on my dance card, my whole body and mind is still hyper aware of the time, looking at the clock to make sure I am not late for an appointment that doesn’t exist.  Talk about building habits!!  It also allowed me to treat myself to a meditation after I published my blog.  I really wanted to know my position going into May and if there is anything I am not looking at that needs to be addressed.

As soon as my body hit the holy waters of my bathtub my team instantly said “you really don’t know how to take a day off, do you.”  Hey!!  I have the energy to connect for myself and I am going to take it, dammit!!  So the first thing I inquired about my car title, I told my team, I need help understanding how to get my car title in my hand before this year ends.  I then could see this vortex like swirling energy field about 10 feet in front of me, I walked up to it, put both of my arms into it, grabbed the quantum energy that would assist me in closing out my car loan and holding my title to my car.  The only thing I could visibly see was my car title, because god forbid we should get too much illumination on how it is going to happen.  Altho, I also planted the seed of the lottery here called “The Roadrunner Cash,” which is the daily cash  drawing.  It’s an easier lottery to win, my mother had won $200,000 on the Pennsylvania cash  a few decades ago and when I had my lottery club in florida, we had won $13,500 on the Florida cash 5.  So I have faith in it more than any other lottery.  I put my intended numbers into the vortex.

I stepped back to look at my position with May, I was surprised that I seen my body on that yellow gel like entrance placement already in the May energy.  I was about 2 feet into the energies of May and my hands were up in the air and the sun let loose some serious energies and exploded at and into my heart area.  What the hell is that??  I had no idea!!

The next thing I know my team is explaining about the 7 octaves that has been shown representing May all April.  They used the energy of octaves for a reason, sound, rhythm, think… music.  Then they showed what looked like a cross between a square dance changing partners and a fast polka, both requiring fast movement of the feet, my kind of dancing!!  Our job is to recognize the key change as May unfolds to quickly change to the next partner (in this case, it would be people dancing thru May, but it could be anything, a place, a desire, unlimited in its presentation.)  If we are in the magnetic flow of our lives and feel the energy, the movement of change will be swift and effortless and magical.

I cannot even imagine what would possibly cross my path in any given day.  My days are sort of like a record that is skipping, I get up, write my blog, do readings, process, sleep, repeat.  Period.  But yet, my opening into May has me already there and a super energy surge coming into my heart.  I know that means something but dammit if anyone would tell me.  I really assumed it had everything to do with my upcoming trip to Virginia.  I am finally giving in to allow my daughter to put a tattoo on my body, one that will connect us energetically and one that she put on her body some time ago for the same reason.  I will also be seeing my ex husband for the first time in sheez, 10 years or better and I am thrilled he is coming in from Florida to hold Valorie’s hand as well.  She needed that.  But other than these unusual things…

So I got out of the bath to make sure I had the time to prepare for my one and only appointment for the day, and decided to go onto youtube looking for a dance that was a cross between a polka and a square dance so I can put on facebook what I understand with Mays energies.  The only things I was able to find were actually dance classes and people learning to country dance.  Not quite what I was looking for, I wanted the visual I seen in meditation represented… but instead, this wave of energy came thru me like a ton of bricks, that looks like fun!!  Without even thinking I was googling country dance classes in Albuquerque.  Holy cow there is a lot of them!!  Two stood out, one called Arthur Murray (it sounded familiar in some way) and the other one, simply because it was the name of my sons contracting business when he was in Virginia, named after the initials of his son CSP Dance studio.  I couldn’t find a price list on the Arthur Murray website but did find some for the CSP one, 5 weeks, $55 for the 5 week group country sessions, which of course comes down to $11 a week.  I’m leaning in there… and yet, I crack myself up, I still asked anyone on facebook if they are familiar with this dance studio…. and I hear my team say  Really?  It didn’t matter that the name itself exploded in my heart and the numbers too… I really was looking for a reason not to, which failed.  lol

Keep in mind, I have never even so much as entertained the thought of joining a dance class, ever.  Not even while in meditation moments before.  I can come up with ready-made excuses why it’s too much fuss… any of the dance classes are an hour to an hour and a half drive one way, I work every day, I have a new course starting at the same time, and I don’t have the extra money.  I can invent excuses faster than I am willing to invent reasons why…

However, the one all time excuse I use for just about anything was eliminated as soon as I got out of the bath.  Between the time it took me to get out of the bath and look on youtube for a visual of Mays energy, a precious soul sent me a donation.  Instantly my mind seen the quantum vortex I was pulling from in my meditation… I now have the extra money to do my lottery ticket, (I would never ever take bill money and play the lottery with it, ever) but at this point, a dance class never even crossed my mind… not for another 5 minutes anywayz.

As I was looking to see if CSP Dance studios had a group country dance class later in the day, I found one Mondays at 6pm (and Saturdays at 10am, I sure as hell am not going to not work so I can go dance) perfect really.  Dammit.  Then I do what I do, I start pacing in my head about spending $55 on a series of dance classes I never even thought i would feel excited about a moment prior… and instantly my inner vision went to my incoming donation and my team said… its not taking money out of the bill pool.  Dammit.  I am now enrolled in country dance classes starting tomorrow May 2nd.  Holy shit batman!!  I would have never seen that one coming!!!  Not in a million years!!

Let me straddle my experience with my only reading of the day.  My lady showed up at the connecting point of April-May.  She had a single bar over her head, kind of like a parallel bar gymnasts use, only this was only as wide as her body.  Her body was suspended above ground, her hands firmly on the top bar, her energy going into her hips and legs to hold them out straight, parallel to the ground of May.  Then the next thing I see is this energy coming out of her heart center, creating to paths of energy one to her left one to her right and it started to form a heart shape, connecting/culminating after the mid-point of may.  The unified field of emotional output being experienced as physical life outcome simultaneously.  And even more to my surprise, a man appeared on this side of the time line of May (during the first two weeks.)  He felt like a strong relationship potential and he came bearing gifts.  Of course, the gifts in his outstretched hand to her, looked like lumps of energy in his hand, but spirit will always keep the mystery happening… they may be actual gifts, opportunities, just about anything conceivable and god forbid we could see what that would be!!

The one thing I could see for sure, there was a complete parallel of energy between my meditation and her reading.  Opportunities are going to present themselves in very unexpected ways and our job, if we desire to have the energy of our heart made manifest, is to move thru every door of opportunity and explore it all.  Don’t get hung up on any one thing, we limit ourselves when we do that and wonder why what we desired never became manifest… well, it’s waiting behind a door you have yet to walk thru.

Let’s all dance into new venues of our life we never seen coming… together!!  Thank you all for being the guiding force, the love made manifest in my life… I really would be lost without you and I know for sure as well, I sure as hell wouldn’t be dancing thru May without all your wisdom showing up and shining on my life and the lives of others.  Thank you for loving is all so much!!!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of happy dances and sudden surprises thru ALL!!!!

Lisa Gawlas    www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html

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Just for the joy of it… nothing like a man in tight-fitting jeans…❤  Happy May to ALL, thru ALL!! Keep the pep in your step and have fun!!






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The Living Luminosity of May.


I think today I am going to focus today’s sharing around one primary reading yesterday, because the more I look at the imagery, the more I understand its significance and the energy of May itself.  I created a super humble diagram of the way this April-May field has been looking to me the last several days (much more beautiful and radiant than this, but hey, it does give you a visual to follow along with lol.)

april may

It is only in the last few days, when the whole “chaos collective” started to be a focus point in the readings, that that higher magnetic wire started to become relevant.  Most people are still in the position of doing what looks like calisthenics or gymnastics at the high wire point, straight training their whole field as they absorb and give instruction to the chaos field (calisthenics) or find their balance and new dance in life (gymnastics) in relationship to it all leading into May.  Again, I use the word May as an energy system, less a date line on the calendar.  So know, no matter where you are, its perfect.  There is no ahead or behind, its energy.  Or better yet, think of it like a gourmet buffet, some people are still eating, some are digesting, some are looking for the dance shoes to work it all off/out!!

My one lady yesterday showed up with her right foot half on the field of May (the ball of the foot and the toes) and the heel wearing what looked like a stiletto still on that magnetic wire.

The front of her foot (which was bare) was pressed down in what looks like a bright yellow gel on the landscape of May.  Her soul energy laying out the yellow carpet of support, of comfort, of Light.  The light spectrum I see with anyone already in the energies of May are soooo illuminated, everything literally gives off a glow of light, the ground, the air, the body itself, everything.  Its freakin beautiful!!

The back of her foot, again wearing like stiletto show, was in kind of a shadow energy, the light is on her, in front of her, casting a shadow to what is behind her because it is leaving the story of her life behind at this point.  The 6 inch heal represented her removal from taking in any more magnetic energy because she put what she needed into motion.  It also represented her “lift off.”

She explained to me she put everything in motion to move out of Mexico and start a gypsy kind of life traveling thru the USA until she finds where she is going to live next.  She has already set some adventures along her path.  Her whole soul is alive and participating and supporting this grand adventure, as is the earth herself too and all things.

Now I am being shown the luminosity that is prevalent in all things in May, well with what I have seen with the few people in May’s landscape so far.  May is also demanding we not only invoke the field of Light for our navigation, but connect with it, see it, feel it as your magnetic compass.  I found a clip from the movie “The Celestine Prophecy” that can give you an idea of what May is demanding of your exchange:




Of course this clip is simply between two people, but as I am seeing, everything is giving off this light field, whether it is a plant, the ground or even a car or something inanimate.  The living relationship is what is key here.  An exchange of Light information to take you to the next level, if you pay attention.

(ADDED NOTE:) I was just thinking (looking at a picture of my grandson on facebook) of how this “light exchange” affects us and how we already feel it at times in our lives.  I cannot look at my grandsons picture without my heart feeling like it is being stretched to another fullness of capacity.  But also, I get that same feeling when I see or hear Bernie Sanders speak.  I have also realized (thru reading comments on his facebook threads) that I am not the only one who hears him speak and tears roll down my face.  The emotional field we are connecting to, is real.  The love and energy we are sharing, is real.  We fill each other in ways we now must become fully or at least, mostly fully (smile) conscious of.

Now let’s get some unexpected information flowing too (since it is being dropped in at this moment.)  We have friends from the stars (Intergalactic Beings) most are part of our soul family, some are new to the game of human interaction, all desiring a connection with humanity on a personal level.  Do we ever really stop to think about that?  As much as we desire to connect with the intergalactic community, they desire as much to connect with us.  But what is being shown at this moment, when they are present in our light field, the field of light changes to include their frequency.  They may not be on the ground themselves, but their energy and consciousness is.  Just the same way when we travel to lets say the Pleiades in meditation, we are changing the light field around the Pleiadians we connect with due to our present there.  (For those participating in the ET course, hypnosis session 3 is going to be extraordinarily important for you to hone your skills thru, just saying:-) we are going to be doing a lot more than I even imagined, together… gulp.)

There was one lady who showed up yesterday, someone I have been reading for, for a very long time and the news she shared with me shocked me.  I mean, holy freakin shit, shocked me.  She showed up suddenly pregnant.  Not one time thru her readings was a gold orb of light (the way I see incoming babies) revealed.  This event was a sneaker, those times spirit said they cannot reveal things because knowing it would change it.  Of course, when I see “babies” down the road, they are there because you can change it, if having a child is not where you are leaning.  Also if it is where you are leaning, to assure you, there is a baby in your timeline.  But this was a one of those things spirit would not reveal nor, much to my surprise would they assist her in her decision-making process.  Keep the baby or not.  Her question was more of the entanglement that would be created with the baby’s fathers, whose relation already started to wind down.  Her team explained, they cannot even assist her in making that choice, but once the choice is made (and there is absolutely no right or wrong choice, there are simply different outcomes because of the choice) they will spring into action to align whatever is needed once the choice is made.  They (her team) kept me absolutely blocked out of Mays energy as she stood just before the threshold.

I keep thinking to myself, besides going to Virginia to my daughters hearing, have I put new energy into play??  Geez I hope I did.  Ohhh ok, (I feel suddenly off my hook) I was going to have the ET course be June and July, I gave May as a bonus month so I can help anyone that needs help in accessing the higher dimensions of themselves.  Phew… I got new gigs in play… how about you??

Know the best is yet to come… and WE ARE the best there is and we be coming!!  …and are already here!!  Straddling the timelines is what we do best at this moment!!

So much love, excitement and luminosity to all felt in the wrappings of (((((HUGZ)))))

Lisa Gawlas    www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html

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Choas and New Fractals Conjoining!

chaos fractal

It appears that May is going to be a month of choice points, opportunities opened up for us to walk thru, or not.  Part of the chaos beneath our surface yet readily apparent in the earths atmosphere is building to these various choice points that are appearing more and more apparent (not in detail, just that there are going to be many twists and turns in the road, if we allow for it.)

As I was explaining this to one of the precious ladies on the field yesterday, my mouth wanted to say “life changing” choices, but her team took the word changes and replaced it with the words “life altering,” with it came this intense and amazing energy that made me stop and pay attention to their particular use of the word “altering.”

So this morning, I did what I do best, googled the definition of each word and it really reveals something bigger in our emerging picture:

  1. 1.
    make or become different.
    take or use another instead of.
  1. change or cause to change in character or composition, typically in a comparatively small but significant way.

So these collective choices that will be presented, may not seem like your usual type of choices, the feeling is, they will be much more subtle than straight in your face obvious.  However, each choice is altering the path before us and building itself to an energy system “so big it needs two months to house it” (per spirits words) called June/July, which is also leading us to September’s energy field.  So I put a little visual together, which actually gave me more understanding (imagine that.)

new fractal


When spirit talks about someone’s (in a reading) life emerging a new fractal, I always see the energy like my humble drawing above, a spiral unfurling.  As I put this together, I really started to see the bigger energy picture.  May puts all this energy we have been collecting, absorbing, assimilating thru 2016 into play.  We are either going to recreate the same fractal (life experiences) that got us to Here, or alter the choices we make to create a new fractal of energy outcome.  (Added note:  I just found the main art for today’s sharing, if we look at the specs of energy surrounding the emerging spiral, we can look at the chaos energy surrounding us, choice points and emerging spiral/life pattern we are creating.  I hope that makes it clearer than my humble art lol.)

Of course, there is the personal fractal and then there is the collective fractal (and may subgroups of each.)  So before I get ahead of myself, I googled fractal just to be clear on what I am sharing:  A fractal is a never-ending pattern. Fractals are infinitely complex patterns that are self-similar across different scales. They are created by repeating a simple process over and over in an ongoing feedback loop. Driven by recursion, fractals are images of dynamic systems – the pictures of Chaos. Geometrically, they exist in between our familiar dimensions. Fractal patterns are extremely familiar, since nature is full of fractals. For instance: trees, rivers, coastlines, mountains, clouds, seashells, hurricanes, etc.  (Taken from this website:  http://fractalfoundation.org/resources/what-are-fractals/ )

On the above mentioned webpage is an interactive image that will show you one seemingly minor alteration changes the pattern.  Now think about us individually, as we alter the things we do and do not do on a daily basis, which cannot help but affect the larger fractal, the collective in which we live.

Let me take another line from the italicized paragraph, “dynamic systems – pictures of chaos.”  For two days in a row thru the readings, the “chaos collective” is still being shown, with those I read for in the upper atmosphere (which alone is telling come to think of it) and the chaos at the earth level of atmosphere.  Our job is not to avoid the chaos (which would be impossible anyway) but to birth new fractals of life thru it by altering our choices.

May starts the birth of this new fractal, then as we move into June/July we are going to see the emerging landscape we have created, individually as well as collectively.  Altho not a thing has been shown in any readings with August yet, putting my simple image together the feeling is, taking that last look around to see if this is the etching in our ongoing story we want to keep and bring to life.  September solidifies that entire energy system as the new (or for some, it will be more of the same, exact replica of the previous fractal due to no alterations in choices.)

Another very important theme coming thru the last two days, is we are truly being set up to be the way showers, again knowing the chaos energy i see are the people who released themselves from the separation duality in what we call soap-bubble land and are kind of scattered about (as chaos would appear) trying to find their footing and their Self on this new earth.  You and I had spirit guides to assist us in getting to Here, now, you and I are the guides in biology given the responsibility to do that for others.  We can no longer hide in the corners of our lives, silent and invisible…  (well, we can, but that is backtracking big time.)

Well this was a bit more heady than I anticipated today (smile.)  I cannot help but giggle as I look at today’s date, I was sure yesterday that there was only 1 more day left of April, I kept hearing the song each time I said that we are only a day away (now sing those 4 words, from the musical Annie and the song “Tomorrow.”.)  Hmmmm.  I woke up to crashing rain outside at 4am.   The gardens of life are being watered… as the sun comes out even brighter as I type this.

On that note, enjoy this expanding moment, differently than you ever allowed yourself to experience it before!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with the Rain of Light thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas  www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html

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Holy cow what a difference a day makes.  One day I feel like I am part of the night of the living dead cast, as the living dead next I feel like Julie Andrews dancing around the hills singing the sound of music in my bones!!  I’ll take more of yesterday’s energy please!!

There was a huge twist that I never expected to be pointed out in a reading, so there has to have been much more to the living dead (lack of) energy the day before.  The field had a split sort of view to it thru every reading.  What spirit called the upper atmosphere and lower atmosphere of earth.  The upper atmosphere was completely in alignment with the fields of may, that 7 (foot high) octave base that makes up mays landscape and then there was, below it, the lower atmosphere.

The lower atmosphere contained energy I could barely see, but spirit made sure we understood it.  It is the scattered consciousnesses of those who just disembarked from “soap bubble land,” the deep density that had people feeling separate from each other.  To me it looked like a faint sea of particles.  One thing is for sure, something created a mass waking up or maybe breaking off from the old.  And as spirit explained, they are people who no longer feel connected to the old way of life, and yet not sure what the new way is.

This is where you come in.  By virtue of being you, you in your high vibing, light emitting body walking around, you are giving instruction to the scattered fields of consciousness.  Light is always releasing codes of information, instruction sets that allows others who are open to receiving it (in this case, they all are) to pull that light in to help orient them to their next version of themselves.

Spirit is calling it the chaos collective, the chaos that precedes the change.  And WE are the change….!!!

What I found interesting is that just about everyone showing up yesterday felt stuck or blocked or something and no one was.  Instead, the body appears to be moving so slow, meaning the field of life around you is also appearing to be moving slow or even, not at all.  But everyone just about had a relationship with the lower atmosphere, their legs or most of their body was immersed in this newly scattered energy, swirling the energies, creating ripples of information, dare I say igniting magnetic codes, simply by moving forward.   Think about this for a moment, you are changing the life, the consciences of others when you are at work, school, grocery shopping, where ever you are and whatever you are doing.

It kind of feels like a preprogramming on both spectrums taking place.  You are absorbing the light codes that are igniting your next adventure, which at least thru yesterday is going to be to assist all these folks to find their footing, their self on this new earth.

There is one lady that stands out right now in my mind, well all day long yesterday too, that when her team showed her on the landscape of May, there was a big, shiny black bear there to greet her.  This was her new power animal, a reflection of her powerful abilities.  This bear said he will be walking by her right side at every moment until September.  Helping her to see the power within herself thru him.  The surprising part to me was that he also said he is a living, currently incarnated black bear, not just a spirit, but alive on earth.

All I could think of for the rest of the day, was our animals and the movie Avatar.  When the earth mother engaged all her animals to help protect the people, they could see who meant harm and those who were fighting the ones who meant harm and helped them and did not eat them.

Every person I read for yesterday, is being set up to assist in some way, each in their own unique way, but something big is brewing, that much I know for sure.

There are two different yet similar climate changes happening, the climate of the earth, and the climate of the consciousness of the people’s of earth.  Both purposeful and a catalyst of those who take more than their fair share.  Be sure to take a moment to thank these people.

Before I close I do want to talk about the energies we have within us, the power and fortitude we are fully equipped with now.  If we look at it kind of like a laser gun and this laser gun has (lets just say)  5 different settings, reflected outwards as light beams, each light beam capable of doing a particular thing, so is our emotional field set up exactly like that.  Laser beam precision.  But like any high-powered gun (release of potent energy) we must know what we are using and how.

I gave my own personal example the other day of making a joke outwardly about my car loan screwing me in the ass and making my hemorrhoids bleed, hours later, my long forgotten about hemorrhoids literally started bleeding (after geez 7 years of dormancy, at least.)  To this very day, I am still catching myself fueling that energy even tho I switched to “I fucked myself” well, the energy down below is still reflecting that laser beam emotion.  Dammit.  I am a work in progress and continue to be the poster girl of what not to do!!

However, there is another emotion just as intense as that feeling these days.  I want to be a part of the political revolution with my boots on the ground (guess my party boots were always going to be army boots lol) but other than occasionally giving Bernie Sanders $15, I have no idea what else to do.  Thankfully, many people asked this very same question yesterday.  Our job is to hold the emotional focus within, the moment the arena we fit into opens, then we must jump in with both feet and full heart.  Our focused energy it triggering those that know how to organize at the ground level for the desire being emitted and then they will emit the signals back outwards for our participation.

I am also reminded of an experience I had December 2011, as I was sitting in my car after moving back from Virginia to New Mexico, and wanting something different.  I knew I didn’t want to be in the place I moved back to or even doing what I was doing for work (which by that point, I was literally working out of my car doing readings.)  Suddenly AA Michael asked me “How do you see yourself in 2012.”  I was very stunned with the question and my head engaged first.  It thought of many scenarios and stated them, each time AA Michael asked the question again then again until my mind went blank, it had no more answers and with an empty pause, my heart was able to speak.  The feeling inside of me was soooo different from the ramblings of my mind, the things my mind could come up with… instead it was quite, focused, knowing and fir the first time I knew exactly what I desired and I replied from the heart “I want to live in my own house surrounded by people who think and live their life like me.”  Of course, the ego part of me thought… a community, an intentional community.  But from that moment forward I became like a woman possessed, looking thru the apartments for rent on craigslist, trying to stay within the low-income zone I could barely afford in the moment (I was paying $300 a month as a roommate.)  Bars on windows, empty liquor bottle apartments… blahhhhhh.  Then I was prompted to look under houses for rent instead of apartments (WTF, I cannot even afford the apartments.)  When I seen the picture of the place I now live, it became obsessive to me, to the point of waking up at 1 in the morning and not letting me go back to sleep until I acted on it.  Pesky soul!! Thank god for a pesky soul who could see beyond the moment that the mind is not privy to.

It became a match made in heaven, my landlady and me.  Our hearts knew and trusted, even tho the mind could not see how this would work out financially.

I share this again because when that door of your desire opens, your job is to walk thru it, without judgment or question or saying… I can’t.  Period.

On that note, my day soon begins.  I am also days behind in my emails, forgive me, please.  I will catch up!!  I hope (smile.)

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of magnetic energy of fulfillment to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html

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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 27, 2016

We are the Change We Have Been Waiting For!!!

the power of us untied

My whole body and energy field felt like a deer caught in the headlights.  I woke up at 4am, after a good, solid 7 hour sleep got some things done on the computer my son needed, opened up my blog and me and my computer stared blankly at each other.  The only visual I could muster in relationship to what wasn’t happening thru my fingers was what looked to me like a building (getting larger) tumbleweed rolling across the upper atmosphere of life.   That blankness would be the theme for my entire freakin day yesterday.  Well, kinda sorta anywayz.

I finally surrendered to not being able to squeeze out a word about 6:30am, and took to my pondering place (my couch) in hopes of finding my full on connection before my first appointment showed up.  Instead, it felt more like there was an energy coming in and being spread over the surface of my skin, I could feel its subtleness and I could feel my body slowly absorbing it inwards, all day long.  I was quickly reminded of many of the readings this last week, with the energies  being distributed and absorbed in different ways, some just like I was feeling, all over the skin and absorbed in.  With some others, coming directly from the feet upwards, some thru the core root chakra, others solar plexus and so on.

I had to wonder why spirit would use the image of a tumbleweed rolling forward, was it because as I drove home from the big wide world the day prior there was a massive windstorm rolling in from the south and pushing tons of tumbleweeds across the road I was driving on, to the north (coming out of the  past and heading into the future.)  Spirit always uses imagery on purpose, our job is to ask enough questions to know why that image, which will give us a lot more understanding about what is being shown.

A tumbleweed itself is a dead weed:


So I went to a knowledgeable website this morning to understand more about what a tumbleweed is and I got a mind full:  This seemingly historic icon is actually an invasive weed. Contaminated flax seed, brought by Russian immigrants to South Dakota in 1873, is thought to be the source of Russian thistle invasion. After its introduction, it became one of the most common weeds in the drier regions of the West. It spread by contaminated seed, threshing crews, railroad cars, and by windblown tumbleweeds. Ironically, Russian-thistle hay saved the beef cattle industry during the Dust Bowl of the 1930’s, when no other feed was available for starving animals.

I am kind of surprised that tumbleweeds hail from Russia, a country who has gone thru their own break up of an old system (the U.S.S.R.) there was nothing untied about the soviet state of russia, just like now, with the USA.  We do have a lot of old contaminated seeds populating our future.  Just like the banking industry and monetary industry, we, those that say they are aligned with the higher collectives (to be wiser and more unified) we cast blame.  Yes we do have a broken system called the USA, yes we are seeing clearly how big money can rip the votes out of people’s hands, but we the people have as much responsibility in allowing it to happen as the creators of this system have for pushing it forward.  The majority of voting people are making sure the old broken system stays in play.  The tumbleweeds of our past are gaining speed and momentum to become even bigger.

The tumbleweed I had seen in my visions yesterday, had emerging golden magnetic energy thru the old bare tumbleweed.  On my drive home the day prior, I could not avoid running over many of the blowing tumbleweeds and they broke up under my car, never to tumble onward again.

For over a year now, most especially as our new, expanded superpowers started to be revealed (early last year) spirit has said over and over that it is no longer OK that we sit in our sacred spaces and push energy outwards.  It is time for a collective action, a unified boots on the ground coming together.  This game has always been meant to be played on the ground, we just had to down load all the software over the last several decades to know how to use our new beautiful selves.  The evolution of consciousness had to precede the revolution of humanity.  Evolution is a much slower process that had to be done first so that there are those with the heart and mind of love willing to put themselves into action, at the front lines on earth, to break apart the tumbleweeds of the old and plant their seeds in the groundwork, the framework of life itself.

I realized yesterday was a super tuesday election day in the Northeast, to include my birthplace of Pennsylvania and 4 other states.  Ahhh there is more to this tumbleweed energy than just my dysfunction.  This is another landscape where old energy is still rampant.  I really got to understand the energetic fields of life when I met my father, the only reason I would have ever gone back to PA.  I tried to spend 2 months with him in the summer of 2013, assuming I could still do my readings at his house.  I was incredibly wrong.  Instead of doing readings, we were faced with this low hanging energy system, thick and blocking the light of spirit that I need in order to do readings in the way I do them.  I never realized before that moment how much a landscape allows what you can do.  Instead of doing a reading, the folks on my schedule was more like a blade slicing thru the dense old energy collective, Over about a months time, we opened enough of the thick cloud bank to create a small opening and bridge for light to come thru at my fathers house, and only at that place.  However, as I am understanding now as I remember this, spirit said it had to be done on the ground level, in person to fully take hold and spread with time outwards.  A very slow and steady spread (this is how evolution works.)  Thank god there are tougher people than me that set up home in not only the landscape of Pennsylvania, but all of the other low hanging dense collectives to continue to break thru the walls of time.

However, as we can see from these ongoing elections here in the USA, there are still so many people who represent the bare, dead tumbleweed energy of the past.  Contaminated by lies received as truth.  When a person, when a collective is lied to long enough, their innate ability to receive actually truth is deadened.  The lies now feel like truth and truth feel like lies.  Look at the vast amount of people still clinging to their “holy books.”  And yet we have someone who could very well be the likes of Jesus or Buddha running for presidency and demanding change and they (the old collectives) turn their cheek to the old familiar.

As the election results came in last night, I took to facebook just to vent, as I usually do.  Then I seen a sign that really caught me, my teams way of saying don’t sit there feeling sorry for yourself and the generations to come, instead:

fight back

What really caught me in the motivated hear was what was personally included on top of the sign by: The People For Bernie Sanders 2016  Each one of us is a rain drop. Together we’re a monsoon. bitly.com/revcalling

Lets couple this with something I shared some time ago:

stomin bernie

And as a very wise soul pointed out on her facebook yesterday, here is a Bernie Sanders, 74 years wise, fighting at the street level, day in, day out for change, for unity, for each other.

We have got to come together to be the living monsoon of life.  Just like mother nature has wind storms, snow storms, rain storms, she cleans up regardless of who is looking or standing in her path… WE MUST do the same in every area of our life.

Together, We are the change we have been waiting for.  Are we still waiting??

Spirit can fill us all up with the most profound energy, but unless we put it to use, it remains like genie trapped in a bottle.

Makes me realize why I have always loved the storm energy.  If we knew our collective powers, we would never just sit back and wish and hope and bitch… and our time is come!!

Ohhhhh, here is something to feel within yourself too, ha!!  Each one of us has an element of earth as part of our living field of life.  This has been shown thru so many of the readings and it is only right now that I am getting the bigger picture together.  The sun, the clouds, the thunder, the electrical currents, the wind, the air, the quantum energies, and so on…. when we come together each with our own part, we are a storm no one can stop, but we must know ourselves to fully use ourselves and how to blend that with each other.

Ohhhh I am feeling the next wave of readings previewing itself in the higher octaves of May already.

I’m ready… are you??

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of intense weather pattern changes thru the ALL of US!!!

Lisa Gawlas  www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html

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