Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 1, 2021

A Wall of Water Enhances Our Entrance into May

This is just a little quicky, but I feel important enough to make sure the information gets out before we enter May.

The moment I woke up yesterday I started seeing a wall over and over again. The kind of wall like you could buy in stores:

wall of water.jpg

No frame of course and only about one panel wide. So I was not surprised that it showed up in all the readings yesterday too. What I do find very interesting is that is that it positioned itself unique to each person. One was between her center and right (emotional/spiritual) fields, the next was directly in front of her (path forward) and another was situated diagonally from her left (physical life) field) and her path forward.

Even the effects of this wall of water were different for each person. One was highly electrical, creating lightening surges to the field and my lady. One was all about germination, sprouting new life opportunities as she entered May. I cannot remember what the other was, but, it is the big finish for the April energies.

Not surprising that the sun rules all of us in May and evaporates the wall of water we are enduring.

If I am understanding the information that came thru yesterday, there is going to be a dramatic increase in our personal magnetic fields.

All of that in mind…

It has been raining here in my world for days. So the rain complemented the water in the readings. Between my 3rd and 4th reading I got a call from my daughter that my 5 year old grandson was melting down at daycare and would not stop, so she asked me to go get him. I was trying to rush to get him and be back for my next appointment and he was in full defiance mode. Refused to get in the car and I had to pick up my little tank (He is 65 pounds and much stronger than I am) and force him into the car. Without realizing it, my phone jumped out of my pocket and landed in the street parking area. Of course, I only realized this when we got home and I could not find my phone anywhere.

My daughter was already on her way home, so my son asked her to look at daycare to see if its there. It was.


My heart sunk to the ground. It got trapped in a puddle and cars ran over it again and again. Thankfully my son to be x son-in-law let me put a new phone on his account. I drove to the smallest Verizon store I have ever seen, wasn’t even sure they sold phones there and was relieved when they said I could finance one. He wasn’t sure since he is behind on his bill. And then pure panic set in when they said I had to have the $91 tax now. I had just paid my phone bill the day before which zeroed my cash flow.

It is crazy to realize your whole world is contained on a phone. I do not have any of my kids phone number memorized thanks to speed dial. I do not have my log in passwords memorized thanks to fingerprint logs. Of course I tried my bank cc hoping they would just let me have a loan, lol, nope. So I sent up a prayer and hoped something was in my paypal lol. I had to use the guys phone to even log in and check. Much to my absolute relief, a precious angel seen my facebook post about my phone and donated enough money to pay the tax and get my new phone.

So my wall of water is all about communication upgrades. I went from a Galaxy S8+ to a Galaxy S21. I will take this damn phone to the grave with me. An expense I didn’t want or need but I guess spirit thought it was important lol.

At least now I have an internal speaker. On the S8+ the internal speaker died on both the phones (they gave me a replacement one because of the speaker on my first one.)

So I anticipate clearer hearing thru May!! lol

My suggestion to everyone is go into meditation and see where your water is. What type of energy is coming from it? Where is it targeting within your body, within your field(s). It will give you a heads up on where the sun will shine on your abilities and enhancements as we enter May.

Hope this provides assistance for you. I love and appreciate every single one of you.

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with electrical germination to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 28, 2021

Post Full Moon~ Pre May

Here we are, finally at the end of April and most especially post full moon. Lord did this moon kick my ass. I woke up the day prior (It was a 3 day cycle) no voice, low grade fever all day, my skin was super sensitive to the touch and my body just felt like crap. Next day (day of) was not as bad, except I still had no voice or energy. Yesterday I felt fine, unfortunately, the field didn’t lol. There was a red X over the moon, a red X that stretched from under the moon to the top of the person I was trying to read for, head and each person had a different series of X’s along their body.

What I do understand from yesterday is that the moon is going thru an energetic transformation. The air space between the moon and us also, transforming. Both area’s assisting the enhancements of the individual primarily where the X’s are located. One lady had them all over her head, neck, down thru her arms and hands. Another completely down her core. I will be reading for them today, so will advise what happened.

We must take a look at the energy of May as well. It is ruled by the Sun. I am hoping to get more information before we actually arrive in May, but the sun will assist in the enhancements that are now available to all Life on earth.

Our New Body Template is enhancing yet again. More attributes and abilities coming online for use. I am also seeing the earth opening up wide. I cannot tell for sure of it is literal or figurative. We will also have more assistance from our friends in the skies than ever before. They will be assisting us from our greater consciousness as well in dreamtime.

I am also hearing that there are doorways of opportunities coming available to those who do the service of Light and Love, inside and outside. Which I find interesting because in our class this past Saturday, a doorway, unique to each class participant, was very important in the meditation we did.

Well, that reading was rather informative, as I had hoped it would be. As we entered April we entered ascension 2.0. Now we are entering new earth 2.0.

We will be seeing many enhancements in our life fields. The earth will be doing a lot of shaking and revealing. Intensifying the energy we have available to work with.

The lady I read for is the one who had the X’s all over her head, neck and down her arms. When I seen inside her head, I swear I was seeing all kinds of wiggly worms. Her team quickly corrected me and replaced it with the words “String theory.” Alrighty then. What does that even mean?? lol

So I just looked up string theory and here is what we get: In physics, string theory is a theoretical framework in which the point-like particles of particle physics are replaced by one-dimensional objects called strings. String theory describes how these strings propagate through space and interact with each other.

They obviously also propagate thru the brain too lol.

I was also able to see a secondary enhancement of her third eye complex. Within the energy beaming out was a ring that looked like a ruby bracelet sort of. It was explained (not necessarily understood) that this is to enhance her prisms of life. It was explained that all life is made of prisms. This enhancement will clearly show her the truth of all things. It is more complex than what I am saying and more than I can currently understand.

There is also an enhancement in her magnetic push and pull frequencies in her palms.

She did ask about telekinesis in relationship to her hand work. The reply was that everyone has this ability, the majority of life (people) do not trust in their own minds ability.

She equally had a Pleiadean show up that is going to help her with her new attributes and expanding what she is capable of doing with them.

With this information I am going to put together a one time special for this moment. A 30 minute reading to look at your doorway, your new enhancements and introduce you to your ET helper and whatever they need you to understand. Because we are always in a state of change and evolution, I will discontinue this special as we enter May.

On that note, I will close for today and share again when we have more information to understand.

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with sunshine and adventures.

Lisa Gawlas



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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 24, 2021

Assisting Energetically within Evolving Bodies.

First thing I want to talk about is something that is at the forefront of my mind since yesterday and spirit is keeping there even now.

There are all kinds of energy work that we can do. Knowing what to apply where is always key. I have received several emails this past week with healing work being done on me. I absolutely love the place of love that comes from, but it has not made any difference in my biology for one main reason, I’m not broken.

If we can look at the evolutionary process the earth is in now, like a seed. You plant a seed, when it is ready, DNA cracks thru the shell and starts pushing itself upwards. You can never put the plant back into the seed and eventually, there will be no remnants left of the seed itself. The seed evolved into its next expression.

Many at the forefront of the light field are going thru the very same process, albeit much slower. In this case, miracle grow/fertilizer will be much more beneficial to the new growing life than trying to push it back into the seed casing. In the humans case, using your expansion pack of Light is best. It assists where and when needed. Sometimes, its just time that is the best thing. There are times as well, actual medicine is the thing that can assist the best.

Going back to the assistance of evolution, knowing your personal energy system is always key. You can make your energy like water to hydrate, like the sun to nourish, like fertilizer to enhance, like the wind to release debris.

Keeping in mind, as well, that there are hazards in assisting. Merging with anyone’s field, changes your own. This is actually a good thing. It expands and accelerates you in so many amazing ways. It is why I will go to my grave doing what I do. There are times, when the biology struggles to keep up. It has to accelerate and create the changes needed to keep up with it’s own personal evolution. Trust me on this, rarely are those experiences pleasant in body. The cells must change and become it’s next thing.

With that, I am being repeatedly shown the evolution of the zygote into a fetus into a baby. Much change takes place. Fortunately, no pain receptors in place. Here we are, in body, fully conscious and evolving into the next human prototype.

Speaking of evolving… we are heading into a very powerful full moon that fully preps us for our entrance into May. Use the Light to really look inside both your biology and energy fields, to see what you became, what has been added or enhanced. You can look at it as your own germination time. A renewed sense of Self. Which makes sense now that May is governed completely by the suns energy. Nourishing everyone’s growth, accelerating it even.

On that note, I need to get ready for the next phase of my day. I love and appreciate each and everyone of you!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))) filled with nourishing Light and accelerated Love!!

Lisa Gawlas


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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 17, 2021

Post Reboot ~ A New Oneness

Well this sharing is a long time in getting out. These last several weeks have been rough in the body. Between the lungs and the digestive system… lordy!! I even took myself to the ER in small town Luling, and they could not do a thing for me. This tiny ER does not have the ability to run the tests that is needed on my digestive system. So I got some prednisone and was sent on my way. Now I just kind of look at things as a good diet. I am losing about 1 pound every 1-2 days. Gotta find the good… lol

Things have really gotten interesting after the reboot we just came thru. It seems every person in the high frequency field of life has become partnered with an element and more. It is not even partnered, it is become one as.

So far we have seen oneness with the wind, the air, lightening, fire, soil, clouds, water, snowflakes, etc.

All that it is capable of doing, so is the person partnered with it (again, it is a oneness, I am reminded over and over again lol.)

I will give a few examples. The wind blows around everything. In it’s journey, it can and does pick up various attributes that is needed. For example, blowing thru the forest it can (if needed) pick up the attributes of trees to enhance the strength and sturdiness within its power.

The snowflakes were interesting because no two are alike. So it’s power is in constant change and reconfiguration.

Then we have water, which flows thru everything, again, picking up attributes that are needed for whatever its adventure is.

The trick is to etch into your knowingness is that you are THAT.

From what I am understanding, the remainder of April is all about training, remembering how to Be That. How to use it for your creations, uncreations, desires and assistance.

When we move into May, it is fully ruled by the energy of the sun. At the very least, intensifying what you are capable of doing and much more. The much more has not yet been revealed. I cannot see past the energy of the sun in May, yet.

I did forget to mention that the days before we went into the reboot of the new moon, everyone I read for had a celestial body connected to them. Some more than one. Most unnamed bodies in our sky. All in relationship to what we are seeing and experiencing now.

On that note, I am going to close as I have to get prepared for todays Body Template Class.

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with radiance and Oneness!!

Lisa Gawlas



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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 5, 2021

Ascension 2.0 Underway!!!

Wow what a rough ride into ascension 2.0 I had!! I am still not feeling well, but wanted to get this information out side Wednesday, but my body had other demands.

In the readings on Wednesday, it was stated thru each one, that we are now, officially into ascension 2.0 or the active second phase. Let me explain…

Everyone on earth is on an ascension journey. It is truly how the soul evolves. It is also how the earth and all life in and upon it evolves. I understood spirits use of the word ascension was to clear our bodies enough to hold and use the higher frequencies of light. We hit critical mass as we entered 2013 and the earth was officially ascended as was/are many beings upon her, including some (let’s just say, enough) humans for the energy to continue and accelerate.

I honestly thought that was it. Much to my surprise on Wednesday, we are now in the throws of the 2nd phase of ascension. The way I am understanding this was the first part was like being a new born baby. Growing, adjusting, getting familiar with our new environment (the ascended body.)

As we entered the 2nd half of last year, puberty set in. This when the New Body Template came online.

As all us tweenagers became accustomed to the new body template and started using it, that brought us to here, ascension 2.0

There are now new energies and attributes coming into us thru this second phase. I was shown some of them on Wednesday (which sadly, I can’t remember at this moment.) I have said many times before, reading is an interactive sport. We are there together, sharing energies and wisdom. Wednesday night my body started to get the spiritual flu. The head congestion became intense. By Thursday morning, I was cooked. The head congestion, sore throat, voice loss, lung funk left me unable to do anything. Saturday and Sunday brought fevers to my body. I knew exactly why tho, even tho I felt like shit.

It has been a long while since we had a sudden and intense shift in the field, on earth period, I forgot what it was like.

Today I am significantly better. My fever broke last night and my voice came back. Head and lungs are still in rough shape tho. I was able to do one reading today, for which I am very grateful.

We are in the midst of a massive influx of light to speed our already accelerating body. There will be a reboot as we go thru the new moon on the 12th, which will be a 3 day event. So from the 11th thru the 13th, the humans in the 2.0 phase of ascension will be completely rebooted.

What all this means to us, I do not know yet. But I find it very synchronistic that we are starting the full spectrum use class of The New Body Template on the 10th. Much will be revealed and learned thru it. This has always been spirits way. There are still 4 seats available for class!!

On that note, I am going to lay my body down now. It’s so stuffed up lol.

I love and appreciate each one of you. This is not an easy journey to dedicate yourself to!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with ascension liquid to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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The Next Cycle of Changes are Here

Now I am hearing that before this year ends, there is going to be a very important change in government leadership (they won’t say where or whom.) But it will be a game changer (for the greater good. Whats funny is I was sure I was hearing that from my own ego self, so they pushed in harder and then in my face. I love my teams way of getting news out, even if it is vague to us.

In our own personal lives, we will see and experience much change as well. Some we will love, some, not so much (from the human level that is.)

There is also a major reality check for many as well. Things that seemed one way, suddenly reveal themselves in the light of truth. Not always pleasant or even welcomed lol. I say that I think of my trip back to Virginia. It was an experience that just stabbed me in the heart in its revelations. With it brought on intense diarrhea for close to 6 days. Talk about getting the shit out of your system lol. On top of it, I got thrush too, of course, I kept my words to myself. Not ever a good idea, but, in my heart, I was not about to make a sad situation sadder. Color me human!! A constant rinse of sea water helped clear it up, thank god.

So now, lets get to some of the exciting things happening within your/out bodys I am seeing thru the readings.

The focus is on the expansion of what I have been calling the new body template. In the begging when this template started showing up in readings, we would see and need to work on, the parts that were universal. Those were the bodes, the energy and magnetic systems and the power centers. Enough people have worked with and expanded the “bones” of the template enough that now, our unique additives are being added. And they are extraordinary.

One of my ladies has a special skill coming online that is hard to explain lol, as they all are. But, when something becomes validated for me, it sends me over the moon with joy. Thru her reading and special ability to see/hear and help plants (and all other living things on earth) I helped her understand how to use the combo that was shown to her with my own plants that are pretty much looking dead. They told me they need iron oxide to help them. What the hell is that?? I had to google it. Sure enough it is something. today within a reading a very plant knowledgeable man, I asked him about this iron and plants. Surprise me when he said it helps plants when their leaves are yellow to become green again!! So thru my lady’s reading yesterday, thru her magical thought of creation, she produced it for my plants. I look forward to seeing them undead lol.

Our evolution is picking up exponentially. We are going thru biological upgrades at what feels like the speed of light. With it, our energy fields are changing. All of it brings it to our life experiences. Making sure you connect to various challenges to use your new skills and functions of light. Knowing what you have available and how to use it, so important. Equally, we are expanding our skills so fast. By the time we understand one part, the next part is added on. So with that in mind, my team is on my butt to put out a very special, special. I will offer a buy one and get 2 free for 15 minute readings. They are also on me (have been for a while) to put classes together so we not only know how to enhance ourselves, but also work with group energies using out new body template tools. I am finally ready to offer that too!!

Ohhh and today, thru a reading of course, was the information on how our bodies are actually using the covid virus/illness to accelerate the biological changes within us. Our power center of the heart includes the lungs, they work as one. So much is changing in that biological field. Her team explained that those who do not physically survive covid has either agreed to be a much needed stream of light on their way Home, or has a body that is just not able to process the changes.

On that note, until next time… it freaken great to be back in your field of Light again!! I love you soul much ❤

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with accelerated energy to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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New moon to Equinox. Meditations Included.

Is it me, or does March feel extraordinary?? Granted, we are still getting kicked in the biology from all the energies, but man, the heart expansion has been great. Just when you think you cannot love any deeper, you do. When you think you cannot appreciate any stronger, you do.

We are now in the full energy of the new moon in Pisces and it is fully partnered with the highly magnetic seeding of the March equinox. The vibration of new is all over the place!!!

I want to give everyone a meditation to do as we embrace these two partnered systems. Self awareness is now more key than ever!


See yourself standing in a large circle of rocks or crystals (that creates the circle border.) You are in the center. Above you is the energy of the new moon, but it may not look or even feel like a moon. It will have an appearance unique to you. (For example, black with diamond looking dust sparkling, the hue of a rainbow in its make up, etc..)

Somewhere in your circle you will see a large, energetic magnetic pole. It could be at due north, south, next to you, it’s position will be very purposeful to your ongoing journey thru life.

On the outside of your circle (which represents both your immediate and center field) will be at least one of your spirit guides. It can be a new guide or an established guide. They will help you understand the importance of the new moon and how you are experiencing it. Also the importance of where your equinox pole is located and the relationship to this moons energy for you.

You may also see a pathway leading beyond your circle, walk it. Pay attention to every detail. All of this will help you understand your journey and role during the next 3 months. (Until the summer solstice.)

Once you have understood this part of your energy field/journey, in a separate meditation, look at your body. For those that hold the high frequency, the new body template is fully functional with new attributes coming online. Enhanced energies and powers available to those who maintain a high frequency within themselves as well as their immediate field (home, work, relationships.) Again, your guide will be with you to help you understand what you are seeing/experiencing and to understand how to use your new Self.

Keep in mind, I am always available to see and understand for you.

From what I am feeling/hearing, this coming quarter will be quite grand for us. Amazing opportunities abound. A lot of the dark energy has been squelched (but far from all.) This is allowing the light of expansion to flourish in exciting new ways.

On that note, I must close. I will be leaving out for Virginia in a few hours. I will return this coming weekend. I love and appreciate every one of you.

Big big (((HUGZ))))) filled with powerful, radiant magnetic energy of new beginnings to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Super Changes in the air



Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 6, 2021

A Major Quake of Change!!!

Happy March everyone!! Well, that big earth events (earthquake or volcano ) happened out in the ocean off of new Zealand. Three quakes within a few hours, 7.3, 7.4 then 8.1. I read it was the largest quake in that location in recorded history. I am always grateful when big things like that are in the ocean.

I just also recieved from my team, since this event happened within the ocean, very particular energies have come up thru the waters and into us, into our environment to accelerate inner and outer changes.

I also want to be clear on the non information our teams gives often times. They explained to me they can see the pressure building up inside the earth from all the energetic events. They can also feel the timeline when the pressure will need to release itself. They have no idea when or even where exactly that will take place. The earth is always shifting and moving, so its up to here when and where it must happen. They say this is true of any major event they try and foretell us about. Like weather events.

This is equally true for personal potentials we see in readings. They can see your frequency, your personal evolution, the codes that are incoming and at times (not always) what they will awaken in you. What they cannot see is what you will or won’t do with them. Same with incoming events. Sometimes its concrete, knowable in time and experience, most times, not so much.

In the old days of reading, and still true for many that are in the process of clearing old karma, much was concrete almost to the hour of an experience. The ones I typically read for are already clear of all that karma, Self realized and evolving at the pace of light coming in. In this way, each are given the mantel of personal creation on all levels. With the energy of free will always at play, you become the decider of what you will do and when.

I think many of us consider our guides and spiritual helpers all knowing. None are. All souls are in a state of their own evolution as well. And not all souls have access to everything. Not to mention that they reside at different platforms of frequency, depending on their wisdom/skill level. This is one of the main reasons I have so many different readings available. For me to switch from one platform to another is exhausting and sometimes requires a whole reboot of my antenna’s.

There are times (which I strongly dislike lol) when the energies are too strong they must remove my voice so I may go thru my own personal upgrades without taking in more energy that I need. Same with you too. We get put down so we do not disrupt the processes happening within us.

On a personal note, I will be driving back to Virginia with my daughter this coming Friday and will be gone thru that whole week. I have already cleared it off my calendar so no worry’s about having to reschedule anyone.

I will be sure to put out one more blog before I leave. I love you all soul much!!

Big (((HUGZ)))) filled with upgrading energies of evolution thru ALL!

Lisa Gawlas

Let’s keep the last special running until I leave! You are changing at the speed of light, so why not!!



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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 27, 2021

The Hybrid Energy of the Sun Eruptions and Full Moon

Radial blurred rays. Neon light tunnel. High speed. Abstract background. 3d rendering – illustration.

Happy full moon everyone. This is a kickass collaboration between the sun that completely forgot it was supposed to be in it’s solar minimum, and our brilliant beaming moon.

There is an electrical binding taking place with the sun and moon energies that are creating a hybred energy and being placed in the biology’s that can handle such energies. Now by handle I don’t mean it feels good, we just don’t blow up!!

There is going to be an uptick in most of our brain functioning and heart abilities. So headaches, dizzy, nausia, blurry vision, and so on… blame it on the energies coming into youl Same with the heart, rapid pulse, heart palpitations, high or low BP, ect, blame it on the energies. This moon is a three day event so by March 1st we should settle down until the next energy system hits us.

These energies are here to enhance various aspects of our selves. Keep in mind tho, it is your responsibility to access, understand and use them. Spirit gives me the analogy of placing a plate of food in front of you. If you don’t choose to eat it, it’s simply potential.

This energy started kicking my ass yesterday. Between the (very) blurry vision and upper back pain, I just want to raise the white flag again. But I know, this too shall pass, if not only for moment.

One of the readings I did this week came with the most interesting twist. She was standing in her field holding a beautiful bedazzled purse. Nothing like I ever seen or felt before. When my lady asked where she got it from, the reply so surprised me: “a gift from source/god.” In all my years (ummm decades) of readings, I never had that experience. The feeling was so deeply penetrating within the heart. Something evening beyond love.

What was even more surprising what was in the purse!! Three items (well, sort of items lol.) One was energy ball of pure energy, another was a molecular structure (many different types) and the others were geometric shapes. Each thing was associated with various part of her make up. The energy spheres for the brain, the molecular structures for various parts of her biology and the geometric shapes for her energy fields.

What suprised me even more was that her team kept telling her she had a choice to use these or not. It was a gift and she could accept it or not. Such a major shift from you must!! lol

Well, my fingers are screaming at me. I wanted to give everyone a heads up on this hybred energy coming in.

I love and adore each and every one of you, soul much!!

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with extraordinary love and well, everything!!!

Lisa Gawlas




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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 24, 2021

The Next Phase of Our New Body Template!

When spirit says there will be earth events during readings, my mind consistently goes to earthquakes and volcanoes, almost never does it think super deep freeze!! As everyone is most likely aware of by now, Texas was in hell week last week. But now we are back to nice spring weather (high 60’s, low 70’s.) We are still under a boil water advisory, but at least we can run the dish washer again. lol

Look out west coast, the pineapple express is coming for you next!!! Until I read that in my weather app, I thought the pineapple express was only a movie, not a weather system. lol May all be safe thru it and the grounds hold firm.

(I wrote all the above yesterday…. as of today, we now are fully back to normal, the boil advisory has been lifted, YAY!!)

Now lets talk about the readings since coming out of the deep freeze!!!

What I (and our teams) refer to as the new body template, it has expanded its light of functionality. Keeping in mind, as I explain the additions, I see without the skin blocking anything. Equally, I do not see anything of the current body we posses, only what is relevant to the (evolving) new body template. That said, many times spirit had shown me bodies with skin and they are so luminous, so beautiful to experience. I now understand where the luminosity is coming from.

When our three crucial new systems are working as one, the entire body becomes light. Well, a layer of light beneath the skin. These three systems are the (biological) magnetic system, energy system as well as the light governing pineal gland (which is part of the power center of the brain.)

I believe what is being shown now is what each soul will be bringing in that is unique to them, or at least their soul group. I am not 100% sure yet. More readings of that nature will help me understand for sure.

There was one lady, whose light energy went thru the soles of her feet and down into the core of the earth, accessing vital timelines for her to pull up into her. Not the experiences themselves, but the wisdom and/or abilities that will be part of her vital path forward. There was much more to her reading, I just cannot recall it at the moment.

I had a beautiful virgin man (it was his first reading) have the most amazing energy system in his abdomen. It presented like the form of a butterfly. The body itself going into his sacral root power center, and up into his solar plexus power center. The antenna’s piercing the heart/lung power center.

It had these two wings that fluttered rhythmically and purposefully from front to back. This entire system worked as one, drawing energy from his sacral root, from the earth, up into the magnetic intake of the soul/solar plexus and the antenna’s vibrating the heart and lung power center to release what was needed to flutter the wings. All producing very specific outcomes.

I also find it interesting as well as exciting that when we do these body readings and/or body A team readings, whatever is being shown as an example of what the system you are working on is attempting to achieve, it is actually being done as we talk about it. This alone shows that your soul (all of our souls) knows exactly what needs to be done and how, we just have to trust that part of us and of course, tap into it consciously and purposely.

As I think (and feel) about that statement, it also participates within our regular readings too. As part of what I call your team (as well as mine) the soul participates, always. (Dah, why am I surprised lol. I can be a long standing ditz, obviously lol.) It is a collaboration between our soul and the helpers that is our various teams. I am sure everyone already knows this, but I will say it anyway. When we are working our spiritual and biological evolution consciously, we have teams that are set up to specifically assist with that part of our evolution. What we call our spirit guides, well that is their mission, to guide you thru life, but not necessarily to sharpen your incoming skill set. That said, even our spirit guides are of the elite set. There are very few humans consciously and purposely evolving themselves and so they have mastery in that realm. Unlike our starting guides that helped us make sure we worked out the karma we set out to do at birth, guided us towards various important events and relationships and did what they could to keep us from us from hitting brick walls. Now, we make our karma day to day, we decide our focus, our skills, and perfecting there til the next major energy system opens even more for us.

We are indeed a wild bunch, spiritual and biological rebels at our core. Together we have changed so many paradigms and continue to do so. I have said this many time before and will say it again, I am honored and privileged to be a part of your word, your life, your rebel-ness. I love you all so much. I am super grateful you allow me to grow thru you!!!

On that note…. it’s great to be back in the saddle again!! A warm saddle lol. Until next time…

Big big ((((HUGZ))) filled with the luminosity of Light thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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