consciousness override

There are many days, excuse me, almost every single day, the information coming thru feels so far above my own pay-grade, my understanding of coherence.  Yet, I continue to keep the door open and release the information in the visual infused understandings the best I can.  But I must tell you in all honesty, especially in this new elements of changing time, I just want to throw a party when validation of what is being done arrives in an unmistakable quantity.

Late afternoon yesterday, my phone rang with the caller ID showing the prison my daughter is now at showing up.  I had assumed it was the unit manager calling me back.  I had just left a message for her in the morning asking for proof of life.  Imagine my surprise when I answered and it was that familiar recording warning me there is an inmate calling me!!

I could feel my emotions rise up from my heart and pour out of my eyes the moment I heard my daughter say “hi mama!!”  Now I have to pull myself together so I am not blubbering thru the precious 20 minutes we get to talk with each other.

She explained what happened and when, all on her actual birthday.  Some of the girls at the prison made some “toilet wine” to celebrate her birthday.  Valorie always makes sure everyone’s birthday is celebrated and make some interesting concoctions from her care packages she receives as a gift.  So I could see this as a loving “give back” gesture and at first she said no, then decided, yes, she will celebrate.

She got violently ill.  Throwing up and her eyes swelling shut.  The prison took her to the local ER to be treated.  Val refused the blood test (and I understand why) and refused to say who made the hooch (again, I so understand why.)  While being shackled at her feet and hands, she fell straight on her face getting into the van, busting her face open.  Since she refused medical treatment at the ER, the prison had no choice to transfer her to the closest facility that had an onsite medical facility, which was Fluvanna.

She spent 2 days in the infirmary and then was transferred to solitary confinement/segregation while an investigation was underway.  They told her she was staying in segregation until her hearing on the 24th of October. She was not allowed any phone calls until the hearing.

What really hit my heart with her voice, with her sharing the details, was the clarity of herSelf.  She was so emotionally together, took responsibility for how she got to where she is at and there was not even an ounce of sadness/depression in her voice.  Of course I had to acknowledge this to her, several times!!  Over the course of two phone calls yesterday she explained what she did to occupy her time in solitaire.

First and foremost, she focused on her new life when she gets out.  Reflecting on what she did that got her in this situation, not with self blame, but determination to never get herself there again.  She did have access to books and read 7 of them while she was in time out.  It was thru her second phone call that my heart just swelled, when I mentioned again how amazing she sounded, upbeat and clear.  She said she could feel the love all around her, she knew that she was loved and that was where she placed her focus.  She had a few people write her (Me, Mary and Irene) and when she was caving, she read the letters over and over again.

A few days ago, as I was leaning into my daughters energy field and talking with her housemate turned boyfriend, Alex about her, I could not feel Valorie getting out of jail, instead it felt like death that was happening.  For a split second, my heart panicked.  OK, maybe longer than a split second.  Having not heard from her yet and not knowing the details of what got her in the infirmary or segregation…. After we talked yesterday, I fully realized the Valorie that went to prison, died.  To the degree her team fully rewired her DNA so that she becomes violently ill should she stray into anything mind altering.  Whether it be drugs of bathroom hooch.  They have put massive safeguards into her, to keep her on the straight and narrow.

Let me tell you, as a source of validation, YOUR prayers and love are not only received, but felt and become the very Source of life enhancement.  My daughter is living proof of that.

Valorie explained to me yesterday that she was very confused when they came into her cell and told her to pack up, she is being moved.  And then became stunned when she was moved into the general population in the pre-release section.  Not only that, her hearing was dismissed and she is getting no charges, no marks against her record and remains at the minimum level (of security risk) which is a 1.1.  Granted, she is now in a max security prison with murders and such, but she is happy to have her own cell.  In the other prison they lived dorm style and now she has one cell mate and privacy.  Because she is so short on time, she cannot get into the work program, but she has her jPlayer (iPad thingie) and her TV (which wont work until she gets a cable… a month down the road) back.

(Just an added not here.  She cannot get cards of any kind, books, nothing in color, photos are copied then given to her.  White paper with black or blue ink letters only.)

I had to ponder what brought about this sudden and wonderful change in Val’s position at prison.  It is easy to assume (as we both did) that it might have been the constant phone calls and now with me asking for proof of life… lol.  But my team kept showing me something I did, in a moments time yesterday.

I have not yet gone into meditation to work with the energy of gravity yet.  I think some part of me is a bit intimidated and my mind thinks… gravity… really????  After I published my blog and especially after my first reading, where ET’s came in to explain to my beautiful lady how to change higher, new elements into workable elements in this realm… something must have hit me.

While waiting the 20 minutes for my second reading, I thought about the elliptical band of the new moon/asteroid as well as this whirlpool of energy that makes up the last quarter of this year.  I then thought (seeded by my team, of course) about the gravity waves and how they were released by this explosion of stars.  The thought was also put in my head, that if gravity can weigh something down, it can also make it buoyant too.

So in my minds eye, I seen a wave of gravity in the form of the elliptical, I placed it around my daughters cell and pulled the elliptical inward on itself to create simply a dot and then it sprung back to an elliptical but at 50% gravitational pull.

Of course, I cannot connect to my daughter without my heart pouring love thru its very fibers.  which equally embeds in any energy we use, for this, it would be in the gravity itself.

I smiled to myself and then my day snowballed away… and it wasn’t until my daughters second phone call did I fully realize why she was suddenly released from seg a week early and everything that was weighing her down in that position, gone.

Our minds… MY MIND, wants to go to the most obvious conclusion and stick the story there.  We are unconsciously doing it with the storm stories and the fire stories and I think we need to believe it is the cause of the dark forces (people) instead of the intense energy we call chaos that all-ways preceded and will continue to precede change.

I do want to bring back the last thing my new friend Woody said before I had to close and publish my blog two days ago:  We are in need are partners in these changing times, not controllers.  Life has had enough controllers, wouldn’t you say?”   ~Woody 

Partnership is very different than trying to give new instruction that is against what is happening, that must happen, even beyond our human comprehension.  Humans become much more interested in what is happening when there is a loss of life taking place.  They want to help, assist and that is wonderful.  In these sudden and unexpected moments, no one is looking at blame, instead, they put themselves into action in whatever way they are capable of.  As the events cool down and time elapses, then the rational mind (stay away from there for now, please) kicks in and we want to make sense of what appears to be not only senseless, but contradictory to anything previous.  Be it the super intense storms that are hitting places never hit like that before…. its gotta be HAARP.  The fires that allow green trees to live while communities (and some people too) are gone.  It must be new chemical agents from the government.

It is Earth… CHANGING!!   Partner with the storms, with the fires, volcano, earthquakes, feel the energy, feel the new arising, replacing the old.  But more than that, FEEL the love.

Hell this week, I heard something new… artificial intelligence trying to take over.  I heard this thru a reading and I never heard of such a thing, so I do what I always do when something unfamiliar is presented, I ask my team.  In this case, I asked both our teams.  I am certainly not all knowing in anyway, IN ANY WAY.  Our teams just shrugged their (proverbial) shoulders.

We, as living consciousnesses in-body, create energy consciousnesses that becomes alive.  We are, remember, creator gods in body.   When we hear something, then share something and it gets shared, and more people resonate at that level of vibration, even if it wasn’t true prior, it is becoming true now because we have given it life and legs.  It becomes a breathing experience in our realm.  Why not just focus on the astounding new coming in, becoming visible in validating stories (not just my own stories either.)

I hear stories of dark ones trying to keep ascension away.  The only true force in life that can keep any one person from raising their vibration (which in truth, is all ascension is) is that person!!  When we purposely gather in groups to experience and explore our higher vibrations, we are equally creating collectives of power-ful energy and experience.  That is why the Nation was born.  A place that does not host a single element of old energy, of stories that create fear or separation and anger.  There is so much good coming thru.  There is so much GOD coming thru, if allowed.

Keep this in mind, please.  God/Source/Creator (whatever) is pure energy.  Pure, untainted LOVE.  Pure.

YOU are powerful!!  YOU are changing lives, including your very own.  YOU are changing the world with each pure breath of love you inhale and exhale.

I seen a facebook post yesterday where someone was questioning a statement they heard where fear and love are the same thing, that it is all Creator.  No it isn’t.  Remember, we are in a purposeful land of extreme duality.  Fear is the absence of pure love (not assigned love,) just as the dark is the absence of light.  But the very second fear is released, Love pours in to fill the void.  Same as the moment a light is turned on, darkness is illuminated and in the light.

Stay in the light, your power is more life enhancing there.

Thank you all for pouring and continuing to pour your love unto our lives.  You have changed so much in me and my family unceasingly.  Together, we Are the Divine Change Makers in motion!!


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I love and honor you all so freakin much!!  My gratitude for your Presence in my world, in my heart, is unyielding!!  Big big (((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))) of in-Lightened power to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 17, 2017

A New Visible Moon, Star Collisions and our ET’s


Once again, I woke up an hour past my alarm going off.  Hell, the fact I even have an alarm set to wake me up is a puzzle.  I haven’t needed one for decades!!!  No time to wine about that today, let me get straight to dinner time!! (smile)

Two articles came across my awareness yesterday as I was scrolling facebook.  One was this one about science discovering a second moon around earth.  Granted, it is an astroid, but it is the name that struck me first: 2016 HO3 that very sequence came up in a reading recently, a chain sequence HO3 NO3 HO3.

Then the second part of that discovery really hit me with the current cycle we are.  What I call the whirlpool energy that makes up this last quarter, coupled by the fact this is energy system is very particularly called an elliptical by our teams.  I know the two are very much related.  I will pull a paragraph and an image from the article to share:

This new moon has been dancing around for over a century now. Its orbit is extremely elliptical, affecting it to go a wee bit off tangent—between 38 and 100 times the distance of Earth’s primary moon—and bob up and down across Earth’s orbital plane. This new moon is tilted by about 8° and it orbits the Sun for 365.93 days, which is a little longer than Earth’s 365.24 day-long year. 


Even the fact when I do see this energy system, it very much has an up and down motion to it, in what I call the wall of this system

I know there is a correlation to what we are experiencing right now in the field, in our lives and this asteroid moon.  I was hoping to use this morning to gleen some information, sadly I have just over 30 minutes left to get this sharing done, so I highlighting and skimming!!  Sorry.

The other article that came into my view was about two stars crashing together and releasing gold.  

Again, highlighting certain information from the article (in bits and pieces)

The super-dense stars crashed together 130 million light years away, spewing out precious metals and other heavy elements like platinum and uranium…

The huge explosion rocked the fabric of the universe, distorting spacetime. That is a major discovery in itself, marking only the fifth time that gravitational waves have been spotted on Earth.

I find it interesting that the article states this is the fifth time… My team marks history’s changes by calling the, “era’s.”  There was an era prior to Lemuria, that in my rushed state this morning, I cannot recall.  Then there was Lemuria, those who lived during the era of Lemuria, chose to leave earth consciously and without trauma (we can say this was a highly evolved time, but the era prior, was almost pure spirit inhabiting this earth) and then a long rest period for earth before what we call the Atlantian era. then the dinosaur to now era as we prepare for the fifth and final era of the golden age before earth goes into her long rest period again.

I have got to add in an interesting little tidbit that my team is reminding me of at this moment.  A few weeks ago, when I want to end my post by calling everyone a rock star, my team changed the wording to “you are the rock of the stars.”  I giggled at the twist, but it was repeated again in readings a few times.  Now tho, lets take that literally!!

This is where all the new elements are coming from and thru you.  It must all be assimilated by the living matter on earth, to fit earths frequency and atmosphere conditions.

The new event – though still very distant – was much closer and completely different in nature. It was caused by colliding neutron stars – burned out remnants of giant stars so dense that a teaspoon of their material on Earth would weigh a billion tons. (taken from the article linked)

Which too, makes sense each chemical, each compound is coming thru individually, thru each one of us willing to work to make it earth solvent.

There another thing that happened yesterday that I just did not have time to include. Our friends from the stars were leaning on me heavily to let everyone know, they can now re-enter our atmosphere.  Again, I did not have the time to even open that up yesterday, so I am making sure that I do so today since 2 out of 4 readings yesterday had ET invasions in them (smile, with allowance of course.)

It is my last reading of the day that really hangs in my mind with this news about the gold explosion.  She had three ships park above field towards its back.  I must also add, this is the first time, since being in Texas, the ET’s showed up over our field, usually they come thru at a distance beyond the yard.

The three ships were releasing from its bottom, three very specific magnetic fields that resembled gold energy, or the coloring of a manila envelope but made of light.  One was Pleiadian, one Sirius, and one Armada (I think that’s the name.)

These beams of magnetic energy formed the bottom part of the octahedron shape, and my lady was the 4th part of the energy mix, earths magentics which reflected a silver white energy from her.

It was explained that the magnetic fields in our very airspace changed and will continue to change (which also includes the magnetics in the ground, waters, and upper atmosphere, but her focus was on the air that naturally surrounds us) and she is to bind these four very different, yet harmonic magnetic’s thru her new relationship with these 3 Beings.  The spokes person for her was a radiantly beautiful Plieadian female who called herself Song.

I do want to touch on another ET that snuck in a reading when my lady asked about who her team was/is.  We do have several teams helping us at this moment, whether we are conscious of them or not.  First appeared her “spirit team” about 10 feet above her.  At the ground level to her right, was an ET and another form I could not recognize) who said we could call him Mars.

Mars explained to us (first his name is reflecting our planet Mars) that the planet we know as Mars did not originate in our atmosphere, but his.  He is from there solar systems above ours and they seeded what we know as Mars, with their energy systems.  There life on Mars (most of us) long before there was even a molten planet called earth.  It too, was closed down for a long rest, as we grew earth.  And now, some of those elements and magic that was part of Mar’s life and eco system, is being brought thru to earth since the Light frequency can now house them.


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Now I have to head into my day readings.  Enjoy this amazing time!!

Lisa Gawlas

Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 16, 2017

Life IS Changing, Is Your Mind Changing Too??


We are living thru such amazing, quickly changing times, changing earth, changing us that I find it is hard to really wrap our heads around.  Truly, with that sentence I am pointing the finger back at myself.  Every day I take in mind bending information thru readings and yet, I take a look out the window of the world and instantly I seem to forget all that I took in.

The very first image I seen of the Santa Rosa fires when it first broke out, I did a double take because there seemed to be trees in-front of incinerated buildings, still standing.  I did what most of us do when we see something impossible… blink it away and rationalize it’s presence.  I didn’t give it a second thought as more and more pictures came in with green trees surrounding wiped out communities.  Even as, every single day, reading after reading, elements are showing up, changed.  I think we can now call them, super elements!!

Even last summer, while I was still in Florida, thru many ET connections, came the understanding of so many bases under water, within the earth, assisting on changing the elements, the life forms at the DNA levels.  It is only in hind sight, now, that I can see why that was such a major focus in readings, especially, in ET connections.

So now, as we have entered what everyone’s team is calling the end of earths history, now the elements have changed, the platonic solids have changed in frequency and I suppose, ability, for lack of better words to use.  Everything MUST change to meet the changing elements of our world.  Including us and that which we see around us.  But our minds are pesky, habitual in the past we have known.  We grasp for ideas to fit the circumstances on earth.  Trees surviving fires, intense fires that can turn cars into melted metal.

During the first Earth Magic class we were all instructed to get a twig off of a tree and allow the spirit of the tree to become our teachers.  To allow us to start to really understand thru other life form’s consciousness, what is really happening.  I grabbed a twig from a fallen part of the pecan tree that has a branch over my back porch.  It is there along with my crystal and my plant to connect with.  This past week in the Earth Magic class, we were given the instruction to meditate with them.  As I glanced over to my twig, I suddenly seen this almost pencil shaped wood elf looking thing emerge from my twig.  I took a picture of my new friend, who laughingly said I can call him Woody.

(Just for the record, I started this blog on my Nations site and once again, I cannot upload any new photos to my blog, so until I figure out that issue, I will continue to share from wordpress.)


So Woody has been sitting here next to my computer, waiting.  I suppose until he got tired of waiting for me to turn my attention to him and what he has to share.

Yesterday as I was cruising facebook, I once again seen many pictures of the Santa Rosa fires, with amazing green trees surrounded disintegrated neighborhoods and my mind boggled.  Of course there are rising theories of government agendas and secret experiments, which would not be unheard of.  But that does not resonate with me.

santa rosa fire

As I was looking at some pictures (not the one I included today, but similar) my friend Woody pipes up and explains that Life on earth is changing, some have already changed, more is in the midst of change.

“Tree’s, plants, the air, all the things we do not see in the ground and in the air or the skies.  Enhancements in what we consider the molecular structure of many elements are changing and will continue to change until the correct formula is enacted.  With these chemical changes, a higher consciousness is also within the new chemical compounds.  

So, for trees to breath out a protective barrier of protection is contingent on the chemical changes within our structures.  Like humans, not all trees (plants and every other living thing) are changing at the same rate, in the same way.  We cannot take full credit for this present anomaly being witnessed.  Fire too, has changed, is consciously participating on earth as is the air that moves all things as is the electrical currents running thru life.

The West Coast of the USA in particular has been releasing new elements for a while (especially thru the earthquakes).  As they bind together to create their next version of themselves, what most humans call experiments, what we would call activation’s, must occur.  

The same is happening with what is called storms, especially on the East Coast of the USA and extended islands outward.  

We understand how hard it is to realize everything that is happening now and will continue to happen, was all by divine agreement prior to this time frame.  

We are in need are partners in these changing times, not controllers.  Life has had enough controllers, wouldn’t you say?”   ~Woody 

There is much more, but sadly, it is time for me to get ready for my first reading today.  Until tomorrow….  Just remember, thru every travesty, there is a gift.  Look and focus on the gift!!

Lisa Gawlas




Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 15, 2017

light of truth

Ohhh the immediate lessons of life, also known as karma.  They are not wasting time in their blow back, as I am living proof of, dammit!!

Integrity is the most crucial state of Being we can occupy in all we desire to do.  Before I get into my lesson, I googled the definition of integrity and want to share both definitions here, before I start, leaning in especially on the 2nd one.

  1. 1.

    the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

    “he is known to be a man of integrity”

    synonyms:honesty, probity, rectitude, honor, good character, principle(s), ethics, morals, righteousness, morality, virtue, decency, fairness, scrupulousness, sincerity, truthfulness, trustworthiness”I never doubted his integrity”

  2. 2.

    the state of being whole and undivided.

    “upholding territorial integrity and national sovereignty”

    synonyms:unity, unification, coherence, cohesion, togetherness, solidarity

    “the integrity of the federation”

A few weeks ago I bought myself a fancy coffee maker.  In the 5 months we lived here in Texas, we blew threw 2 Mr Coffee makers, the heating element just… died.  Coffee is an important part of my morning flow, so I decided to bite the bullet and not get a cheap coffee pot, but a fancy one.  One that not only brew a pot of coffee, but also gave me the single cup option using either the K-cuprs of a single brew basket.

Let me tell you, I LOVE my new coffee pot.

One morning I must have been in zombie mode when cleaning up.  I used the k-cup for my first coffee, a flavored coffee, while waiting for my pot to brew.  I must have thrown the whole center piece in the garbage instead of just the used k-cup, which I did not notice until I went to fix another single cup of coffee many days later.

I rooted around in my compressed garbage (yuck) to see if the center piece was there, of course not.  It was already at the dumpster in the trash-bag I took out a couple days prior.

So, I decided to take my new fancy coffee pot back to walmart and I straight out lied to them.  Instead of telling them it was my fault that piece was missing, I told them it never was there.

It is funny how we can justify to ourselves the reasons it is ok to be out of integrity, even for a minute.  I was fully serving my self (small s there) and knew Walmart would exchange my coffee pot, which they did, not other questions asked.

I happily brought my new coffee pot home, unboxed it and proceeded to set it up on my counter.  The plug had this thick twist tie in it that needed scissors to remove.  I don’t have any scissors so I grabbed a very sharp, new paring knife, in my dark kitchen (why turn the lights on, I know where everything is and it was still daylight outside.)

I gave the knife a quick swipe to cut the plastic and free the plug so I could plug it in, instead, I got my thumb instead.


cut thumb

The top picture shows how deep the knife went in and poked out the center part of my thumb.  If I had insurance, I know I would have gotten stitches, but I do not, so we rigged (my daughter came rushing to the house to help) gauze to close the wound and stop the intense bleeding.

I cannot have such a massive mishap without instantly asking… what is my lesson here, what did I do that caused this.  Instantly and consistently, the reply was, you lied.  I lied and the very thing I lied about, at the point of electrical connection, created the instant karmic blow-back so I never ever do that again.

The left hand, that which I am reaching for in my physical life.  The hand is the ability to grasp it and pull it towards you.  The thumb locks the grasp in place.

My only true goal in this lifetime, is to keep evolving into higher patterns of light and ability while still in body.  And for a moment, I came close to severing that grasp.  Thank you god I did not completely de-pad my thumb, I will be ok and it will be a usable appendage.

Not only did I lie to get what I wanted, I stole energy from Walmart.  Nothing is justified.  Ever.  I moved out of my own integrity to get what I wanted, with my own inner thought that it won’t hurt Walmart at all, never realizing how much it would hurt me!

Even this slice of life lesson (smile) was two fold in its expression.  First and foremost, back to my little self wanting what I wanted regardless of consequence, but secondly was vivid in understanding too.

We are to be hyper aware that things have changed.  Tools we have used a million times in the past, no longer work the same way and do require caution in application until we are intimately familiar with them.

This is not the first time I freed something with a knife instead of scissors, I have done it many times in my past.  Hence the reason I did not feel I needed to turn the lights on in the kitchen.

Everything we are doing and have done, is changed.  Enhanced, sharper than ever before (so to speak.)  If we are not using ourselves in the Light of the New world, we are creating (unintentional) havoc by assuming we work the same and it is equivalent to working in the dark.

I have heard several times over the years that working with energy can do no harm.  That is pure bullshit.  Of course it can, and yes, even Reiki if delivered to a system inadequately or one not ready for it.  I have seen it first hand thru clients I had worked with in the past.  Physical and or mental/emotional harm can be done.

Of course, it will all come back to our own personal integrity as well.  If we are exploring our spiritual abilities with the Soul purpose of assisting, safe guards are always in place by our spiritual teams, since we are working intimately with them to perfect our new perfection.

Personal Integrity

the state of being whole and undivided.

You…. We cannot tell a lie, whether to ourselves to others and remain in integrity, whole and undivided.

I am a teacher and a constant student of this universe and as my soul signed to be… I am the living example of what not to do!!

With this lesson, I will make sure my Light is always on when I am on task.  Be it with a coffee maker or a person, and everything in between.  The return of life energy back to its Source, is lightening fast.

In my personal world, the word and definition of Karma is simply, what you put out, must return to you in completion.  There is no good or bad to it, it is simply energy out equals like energy back.  Obviously not in the same exact way.  But in ways that will show us how we are doing now.

Ohhh, before I close….

Salt and Water

Yesterday, when I attempted to take my bandage off my thumb to put a clean one on, the dried blood became like glue to the bandage and my skin.  I googled safe ways to release this bandage.  Warm salt water soaks.  I can do that!!

I have three different salt shakers in my kitchen.  Pink Himalayan salt, white sea salt and regular table salt.  I felt into which one my thumb would prefer and much to my surprise, table salt was it.  I did a 5 minute soak on my now throbbing thumb (from trying to pull the old bandage off) and waa-laa.. it worked like a charm.  But more than releasing the bandage, all pain stopped instantly, right thru this morning.

Of course we talked about this in the Nation’s Earth Magic class last evening and I realized that off all the shapes… the plantonic solids that have been showing up in readings, one is distinctly missing.  The one that represents water:


It was explained that the water itself will be the last to solidify (for lack of a better word) its new form and energy based on the 4 others completing their energies here in this amazing new landscape of full Light earth and body.

It’s funny, I keep wanting to refer this time as the new earth and every ones team instantly reminds me, the earth came fully online January 2013 as an ascended Being.  We have now fully caught up to meet her energy field for full use and application.  But not in any of the ways it once worked.  Even the platonic solids are new… so please, stay out of any history (historic) books.  The information is not recorded anywhere.  Hence the term… NEW.  You are the new recorders, if you allow yourself.  Keep the light on, assume nothing, and have fun!!!  (Stay miles away from blame, whether yourself or others.  It has no purpose Here and depletes.)

Phase two of this final and miraculous 3 phase system comes online about Nov 11th.  Learn and fully understand phase 1 before trotting off to other things.

Mastery is much more important than speed!!

By the way, I could not upload any images to my Nations site this morning (an internet slowness thing I am sure) so I published here first.  I am going to publish in both places every day so no one is left out.  I

I love you all soul very much and appreciate you more than I can ever say.

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of Integrity and wholeness, forever more, thru the ALL of us!!!

Mastery is much more important than speed!!

Lisa Gawlas

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(I am currently locked out of the Nation’s website, so I am publishing today’s blog here!)

For many years now, I can feel spirit going thru the Rolodex of memories, concepts, ideas, and stuff in my head as we do readings, to find the closest thing we can relate to what is being shown.  These last several days, I can still feel them routing in my head, but now, it is so bizarre because it is like they keeping coming to a completely empty room.  How odd to feel your own emptiness.  Of course, all of this is pertaining to science stuff coming in.  Even with that I hear my team giggling as they say “a true blank slate.”  Yeah, very blank!!

Before I even try to talk to you from my empty, I do want to touch on something that is becoming very consistent in the readings too.  How freakin far our light field stretches.  In the years leading up to this moment, I have seen your personal field stretch 25 feet in diameter and thought that was huge!!!  Now, holy shit batman, 33-44-55 MILES (53, 70, 88 kilometers.)  The value of expansion has both a numerological value as well as a full reflection of whatever it is they are in the phase of Doing.  When we asked “to enlarge my territory” we sure as hell received!!  As usual, not in the way I was anticipating tho! To make this understanding simple (I like simple lol) lets say you are working with water, well you are affecting the water 33-55 miles around you.  I am understanding that everyone has a master number assigned value in their expansion field (and of course, they are using my math not the metric math, but even that has numeric value too, prior to the decimal point.)   If we are working on a body, then we are working on all the body’s in that frequency (relative to the person we are working on) in the same radius.

Which all of a sudden, makes clear sense of my oldest daughters, sudden and unexpected lung issues.  Not only does she live near by, she also has half my DNA, so all this is effecting her, hard, biologically speaking!!  Which, is equally affecting my grandson (they both had vomiting issues several days ago. (Clearing the solar plexus area to bring in higher light codes.)

Now let me skip on over the crazy science.  In one of my readings yesterday, a science strand (or whatever the hell they are called) was placed next to her dodechedron light body as her “element of power:”  HO3NO3HO3

Let me tell you, I tried to blink it away… what they hell is her team doing giving me something I have zero connection with.  But it would not go away, so to google she and I went.  First, let me share my shock that both the HO3 and the NO3 are things.  The middle one was much easier to understand than the bookends.  Nitrates/salt.  The first sight that came up with I googled HO3 science said a lot of things I have no comprehension of (smirk) but… it is this one line that hit me, give the zero mass I just wrote about in my blog:  the OH concentration approached a nonzero value at long times, allowing equilibrium constants for the reaction with O2 to be calculated.

The only thing I could understand was in relationship to the salt… which is a natural occurring thing in our body’s that we release, especially when we sweat.  Thank you dear god, this is for her (equally unscientific mind) to understand and use.

Here is the good news for all of us.  No one is being asked to understand the science of any of this. Science has no clue and wont for many years to come.

What we may not fully realize, I sure as hell didn’t, that last year when the “energy” version of “stem cells” of energy was released, en masse, to the earth, much of the binding/instruction of form, came from other dimensions, other elements that was not here in our realm before.  They have reached the stage of usability in our realm, thru us. Keeping in mind, they still vibrate an a highly intense frequency (hence science being clueless for now) and can only be used by equal vibrations and DNA matrices.  Which means, not everyone can work with every compound or element.  No more than an arm could be a kidney or vise versa.

Which actually helps me understand me more.  A precious soul placed a news release article on my facebook wall yesterday announcing science to announce an astronomical phenomenon never seen before.  and a line within the article, caught me:  “Gravitational waves caused by cataclysmic cosmic events result in ripples that propagate through spacetime—similar to a how stone thrown into a pond would create a ripple effect.

Einstein first predicted the existence of gravitational waves 100 years earlier, but scientists did not have instruments sensitive enough to find these tiny ripples in spacetime until the LIGO detectors were up and running.”

That second paragraph confirms what spirit is saying to each of you in the readings.  It will be years before science can see or understand what is readily available to you, right now.

Wind and gravity work together!!!  Which is why it was effortless for me to partner with the wind in my meditation a couple weeks ago, and yet challenged to work with the new (H3o) water.  I only do meditations on my days off (Wednesday and Sundays) so I will experiment with this new (to me) combo on Sunday and see what I learn/experience from it.  It would be great if I could levitate a phone to Valorie, in working order of course!!  It has been 16 days since I last talked with her.

I cannot remember if I mentioned this the other day or not, so I am going to say it here, with a meditation exercise too.  Every person in this band of energy we call the last quarter of 2017, the end of earths history, each has been assigned an Alchemical Master to assist you in what you are doing and will do.  If I am understanding this correctly, it is would the conscious aspect of the chemical foundations coming thru.  Which really takes me to a place of… stunning wonder.  We have a tendency to think we must teach or partner with energy, control it and direct it… and yet, it is highly conscious, alive and aware and in this scenario, much wiser than we are.  It knows itself… we are just remembering “it.”

So, your homework, if you desire:

Close your eyes (yes, removing any and all external stimuli is so important) then see and feel yourself in a wide open field, no trees, no flowers, just the greenest grass you ever experienced.  Start walking forward and you will suddenly see… either a pool of water in the ground (like a deep pond,) or a pool of shimmering fluid above the ground (at least 5 feet above the ground… not on-top of the ground.)  Also, one is not better or more important than the other, it is just where the elements reside for your use.

As you step closer to the pool, feel your body shift and merge with the release of energies from it.  Pay attention to what area of your body is most affected, this is your power center when using these elements.

As you get to the edge of the pool, dive in or jump up into the pool.  Feel the shifting dimensions as you dive or jump.  Keeping in mind, in meditation, you can easily and effortlessly jump feet high.

As your feet steady in this new dimension, look around you.  What is the first thing you are aware of?  Note it in your mind.  Now walk around until you see a simple cabin, feeling and experiencing every step you take.  Every breath you take.  Once you locate the cabin, go to the door and knock.  Who ever opens the door is your Master Teacher.  Take time to get to know him or her, like you are meeting a new friend.  Relationships are important, not only with people and elements, but with all of life.

When you have formed this relationship (getting their name and stuff) present to your Master Teacher whatever it was you first experienced, became aware of, in this new environment.  This will be the foundation of work and understanding between you and your Master Teacher.

We will go over this in meditation class on Sunday (4pm CDT) thru the Nation and expand on it.

On that note, In-Joy the expanded wonder of YOU!!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) of new energy, new life, and power unmistakable to and thru YOU!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Weekly Digest!


It seems that moving everything to and thru the Nation is leaving many left out.  I so apologize for that.  I do not know how to fix anything on my website, so I decided to do a weekly digest of blogs every Sunday for those who are as challenged as I am to get the RSS feed working.  I do not understand why it works for some and not others (like myself) but this is the closest fix I can do.  So here is a compilation of this weeks sharings, starting with the most recent first.  I love you!!  (((HUGZ)))))

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Energy Transmutation, Expansion and The Children known as The Golden Ones.


The Obvious Turbulent Energies of Dark and Light, Already!!


The Morphing of Our Biological Energy and Cellular Systems.
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My Blogs Have a New Home!!


I just want to let everyone know I have moved where I publish my blogs, they are now done thru my personal website.  You can still get the blogs emailed to you as I publish them, but you do have to do it from

So today I will give you links to the ones I have published since Sept 3rd, the last time I published thru wordpress from most recent to oldest:

Starve the Old, Feed Only The New, The Love! Be the Risen Phoenix!!


The energies of this moon (and all that intense sun activity) comes in thru the solar plexus, moves into the sacral and then to the root.  Our power (solar plexus) reconfiguration at our sense of self (sacral) and completing our next growth phase of life (root) as we ready for the equinox on the 22nd.

Sept 6, 2017


Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled New Energies and New Beginnings to and thru the ALL

Lisa Gawlas


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September’s Energy of Change and Bounty!!


Well, here I am, day number five and still in the zone of silence, but I am hearing some break thru’s, so maybe today is the grand finale, I pray!  I think it is highly unfair that the universe closes down the field for a week before I go to Scotland, then closes me down for a week once I get back.  Not nice!  Especially since I have been chomping at the bit to see how all this newly inlaid energy is going to reveal itself thru You.  But, human agenda aside, I do understand it, pretty much anywayz.

Before I dive into all that, I want to let everyone know that starting tomorrow, I will be publishing my blog from my website.  If you are recieving my sharings in your email, please go to my site and sign up for the RSS feed at the bottom of this (and every) post:


The day of the solar eclipse, Julie and I went to the Island of Iona’s west side to sit ocean side.  (Above photo 😀 ) Yes the whole island sits ocean side, but the west side is wide open ocean that connects to the US and other places far away.  I sat there breathing in the energy off the ocean, connecting with the energy of the eclipse and could see the winds blowing in, parallel to the waters, new energies.  Some were in wave form, some just straight lines, all filling the airspace and moving inland, in and thru us.  Of course, I did my best to understand what this energy is, what it means to us and all I know is that its new.  When new energy arrives, no one knows what it will do, not even spirit.  It depends on, well, everything its moving into.

I knew in that moment, the pure understandings will come thru the field of readings.  We will have had time to adjust, assimilate and utilize these energies.

On the 1st of September, puffing on my neutralizer instead of the field of light You shine thru, I could feel my higher resources come on-line with a reveal.  (‘Bout freakin time!!)  I was shown all three of my children, my two oldest are starting new jobs on Sept 4th, both in a field they very much desired to work in, one with a pay increase that doubled what she is currently making and both with insurance benefits.  All their desires completely fulfilled and neither settled for the first job opportunity they were offered.  They both held out, but kept that bridge open until it was no longer needed.  Desire completely conquered fear!!

Even my baby girl in jail got a raise in her work.  Granted, she was making a whopping 55 cents and hour and is now getting 59 cents an hour, but that is something.  It makes her feel worthy, human even and proud of herself.  That means a lot when you are stuck in prison!!

What came thru with this overview was that September brings in the energy of desires fulfilling themselves for as long as you put the action into play thru this year.  Thru the massive energy fields that was laid bare and ready for planting.

For some, like myself, another major change is occurring.  A unsowing of the old seeds to make room for the new.  The “Into the Void” workshop with be the first and last event held at the retreat center, with October, it will become my daughter and grandson’s home.  Next year, once I recover from August and September’s release of all my finances, I will build anew, in the two extra bedrooms in my home.

This all came about out of anger, when i found out that while I was gone, she moved yet another animal into the house.  It is way to crowded for me.  One of us is changing houses and I don’t care which one.  She wanted the bigger, spacier house up the street.  She now has a job that allows her to afford the rent and I will pay her house bills.  What was done in anger by morning, felt like the greatest thing we could have done.  I was drenched in this feeling of goodness or rightness.  It is amazing what bunnies do with us (her new animal.)  We are both now filled with excitement at this new, unexpected turn of events that now really feels like it was always heading this way.  We just had to hold this house in place until she could afford it.  The time is here!!  Plus, 5 amazing women (me included in the count) will restore that landscape to zero point, to the void point as we pull in and seed the energies beyond the eclipse, for ourselves and the landscapes of all earth.  Just for the record, there is still room of you want to join our Into the Void workshop!! 😉

So for me, and many others, September is all about a state of change.  Not pulling on anything from the past, in any way, shape or form.  Releasing any and all ideas we have about ourselves, where we are going and how we will get there.

When I was having my 6 hour, new reality weaving episode I wrote about yesterday, I did ask spirit a question (many actually, everything was so present time oriented and effortless too.)  There are others who set out on what I will just call sacred journey’s that seem to be re-configuring past elements to fit into present timelines.  It confuses me. So I asked the voice that was talking with me about that.  It was explained that many such people reside in other timelines and are working from that point of view.  There is no wrong or right of any of it, just where one is at in recorded history.  The only thing that matters in my personal world, is that I am officially out of the time of recorded history and it is my job to stay there.  Okey dokey pokey!!

The last thing I am going to share today is a connection I received the stone circle on Orkney.  I so cannot recall the name of it, but it is connected to the Ring of Brodgar.

stone circle


The ground was way to wet to sit on, so I aligned my entire back with the stone I am looking up at to have a quick feel of what this is doing here.  Granted I did something similar at each of the standing stones and will eventually share that too, but today, for whatever reason, this segment is important to include.  BTW, the first information I received when we were in the standing stones area of kilmartin is they have all been shut off (the energy’s that is.)  At least shut off from usability, there is still an energy stream beneath the ground that runs, then I was shown a small underground stream in relationship to the energies.  It is there, but not powerful enough to use.  Not until humanity gets its act together anywayz.

But back to Mr Gigantic (what we lovingly named this stone.)  I instantly was drawn way up into deep space and surrounding planet earth are I guess what I can call space platforms.  I cannot recall now if I had seen 4 or 5, but I know I had seen them in readings before, very particularly the ET connections.  So seeing them was not a surprise at all.  The blue lights were.  Each space platform was connected to particular sections of earth and the areas these standing stones, pyramids and stuff are located.  This beautiful electric blue light connected to the areas.  It almost reminded me of an hour-glass shape, broadly released from deep spaced, contracted as it entered earths atmosphere then spread out like energy webs to all the places humans consider sacred lands, the energies went thru the stones or buildings and congregated down into the earth.  Hence the trickling streams I had seen a week prior.

I received no other information and it was not for the lack of asking.  It was hard for me to hold my focus, people were moving around the area distracting me!

Ohhhhhh!!  Speaking of people!  The one thing I noticed more than anything in this great land called Scotland, holy shit is the energies high and clear!!  Clearer than anywhere I have been in the USA or Canada.  In certain places, like Orkney, it is freakin off the charts!!  It was explained to me (cuz you know I had to ask) that is the lack of people/population that allows the energies to remain high.  Untainted by massive convergences of collectives.  The energies can remain more pure where there is less… hmmmm dense mental activity!!

I would watch as we entered various places, that initially was just us three, then other people would come and walk around and the energy lines changed, warped, some disappeared all together.  This disappearing allows for the egos interpretation of what is… rather than the truth of it.  The field knows us and allows for it all.

That was stunning to me.  It is also what powers up and configures our personal holograms to or apart from each other.

May we all, forever remain unknowing and untitled, this is where everything is revealed in truth and the truest of power lays and is shared!!

Have an amazing day my beloveds!!  I miss you so much!!  Ohh and today’s Kundalini Power class is being rescheduled.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of open hearts and clear minds to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

P. S.  September Nation of Lights Special:

Every new and renewing member in September will be shipped 5 Scotland drenched crystals.  I brought the newly mined crystals to Scotland and they hung out in the sun, the rains, the moon and the joy and are now highly charged and ready for their humans.  I will need your physical mailing address once you sign up as a full member, or your membership renews.

BTW, the price glitch on the site is now fixed.  Sorry for the oops yesterday!!

These crystals will be used in October’s Earth Magic Classes as well.




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Stripping Down! Understandings from Scotland <3


Man oh man, sometimes (most of the time) spirit can be so damn pesky.  My last day in Scotland, I woke up in the silent zone… no voice.  Couple that with head and chest congestion, full-blown asthma attacks and my neutralizer was packed safely in my suit case…  my flight home was… rough.  Fortunately the long trip over the Atlantic was on a half full airplane and I got my window seat row all to my self.  I did not sleep, but I did get to sprawl out and that was good.

Now here I am, home for three days now and am still voiceless, (no readings or class today) but at least down to just upper respiratory congestion, which is keeping the voicelessness in play.

There are many things I want to share with y’all from my Scotland adventure, and many things I know I will not understand until we connect thru the field of readings, but today, I want to focus on two night-time adventures that took place.

My amazing tour guide and friend, Julie, broke our adventure up into three sections.  The first section (3 days) was spent in Kilmartin, connecting with many of the standing stones in that area, climbing (what felt like a mountain) a hill to castle ruins in wind and rain and many other adventures I will write about, but not today.

The next phase of our adventure was going to the Island of Mull, directly across from the Island of Iona.  The very first night in our beautiful B & B, I was awoken in the middle of the night, eyes open, mind conscious… to an energy shift in my room.  The most amazing energy shift I had ever felt and I have no way to describe it with words.  There was a Being I could not see, but felt and heard, levitating in the 3 foot space between my bed and the bathroom door.

circle and lineHe told me that I have not released all my beliefs yet, there is more to go.   He explained that I have got to get myself (we all do, this was about me, sharing to everyone so we all understand and get to this point within ourselves) to a place where there is only me and Source.  He then placed an image of a circle or an opening in the airspace and a line moving upwards into and thru the circle area.  The line was me, each of us, moving into the Source of All Life.  We will know we achieved this place because that energy shift I felt and so did not want to part with, will be felt as a constant.

I didn’t get any instruction on how, or what the hell do I have left to let go of, but I can say it broke my heart when that energy left.  Even when I woke up in the morning and went outside for my holy smokes, I did all I could think of doing to reconnect with that energy… not the Being, just the energy and other than relish the memory of having experienced it, I could not reproduce it to save my life.

OK, I am on a mission.  What ever the freak I have left to let go of… I am stripping down.  Every day, several times a day, I begged for help.  I am walking the land of Iona, up the Dun I, praying to understand what I still need to dump… I surely will, I just don’t know what the hell is left!!

There is was an interesting twist I could feel with the letting go instruction.  I went back to Blessed Mother meditation experiences in 2001, when she told me to lay down all my beliefs so that I may be filled with the truth of spirit.  At least with that instruction, I knew the mile high beliefs I had, I just didn’t know how to let them go, and she gutted me like a fish.  Here, I now know completely how to let things go, I just have no idea what I may still be lugging around.  HELP!!!

With my Blessed Mother experience, I paced my house for three days trying to figure out how to release my beliefs before reconnecting and begging her to help me in meditation.  I walked Iona and Mull begging to know what I need to realize and release…

The third and final leg of our amazing adventure was way up North on the Mainland of the Orkney Islands, in a land named Twatt (that just cracks me up, ok a few miles outside of Twatt, but hey!! lol)  Here we rented a whole house for our 5 day adventure.

Night one, at about the same time as my Mull experience, a tick after midnight, something horribly unpleasant was happening.  There was a massive pipeline of energy being pumped into my solar plexus, stirring the incredibly full juices in my stomach (one will never ever go hungry when on a trip with Julie) and it was like my stomach was suddenly split in two parts, the lower part rumbling with gases being released into my bowels and the upper part boiling like water.  I tried to breath the nausea away for a good half hour, but it became too intense, I decided out was much better than in and walked across the hall to the bathroom, stuck a finger down my throat and started what would end up being at least 5 minutes of projectile vomiting.  It looked like molasses with major chunks coming up and out from the depths of my Being.  I know, too much information lol, but hey, I didn’t eat anything that resembled molasses, nothing dark or black and surely nothing that chunky!!!

When I released the last of whatever was spewing out of me, I crawled back into bed, begging for mercy.

The vile inside of me now gone, a new nighttime adventure was about to take place.

I did fall back to sleep for a moment, then was awoken, well, my consciousness was awoken, my body laid sleeping on the bed.  I could see it and was very aware of it sleeping.  About 2 feet above my sleeping body a whole other plane of reality opened up.  In this plane, which was filled with as much depth, detail and feeling as the one underneath it that held my sleeping body (which I could see and experience both at the same time.)

In this upper plane of existence was that amazing energy I experienced the first night on Mull.  OMG, this is where I want to live!!  In this energy field. I was shown my present day body in this upper plane, my entire abdomen now hollow, empty of anything, including guts, a circle was placed from my rib-cage down to my pelvic floor.

hologramInside this circle spirit placed two mountain peaks with the most beautiful blue sky behind it.  Imagine my stunned surprise when i seen these mountain peaks on a tour bus named Rabbies.  (I snagged their logo from their website.)  But, back to my night time adventure for now.

Who ever was talking to me (I could not see who it was, nor understand who it was either, and truly, I did not care) explained that life itself is an individual hologram that emits its frequencies from what we call the lower chakra’s.  From the solar plexus down to the pelvic floor.  The hologram emits its life force (our personal realities) by the energies coming from the upper chakra’s and that is to include the mental planes as well.  There is a reason the brain is in the head and not on our laps.

I did try and understand why this image, what does it mean and received no understanding at all.  Somewhere along this experience, I fell back to sleep and then woke back up again. (This actually happened many times thru the night until I finally got out of bed at 6am and not because I wanted to get up lol.)

When I awoke again, everything was the same, except now there was a second circle being placed mid-center and horizontal.  The only thing that was explained to me, or maybe, that I can recall, is it is what activated the new hologram.

It was only after getting out of bed and pondering that I realized the relationship to a gyroscope that came thru so many readings a couple of years ago.  I have to giggle at this moment, as I went looking for a gyroscope, one of the first things google shows is some of my handy-dandy artwork from those times, and I am going to include the blog link it came from (I have not reread that blog yet.)  I have to giggle as well, at the name of that blog:  The Light of Creation and the Gyroscope!  Written at the start of 2012 ❤


OK, I had to scan that blog and am glad I did!!  Here is an excerpt from it:

The Guardians created a whole new twist for my poor processing mind.  They showed me them… their individual energies flowing down from the top of the Mesa Cliff, thru the center of the field itself, to where I sit (and do all my readings) moving in thru me (us) back out and upwards to the Cliff top.  Their energy created a flow, another circle of energy.  This time tho, the circle of energy was vertical.

All I could think of as I had seen what is now happening in the field was a of a gyroscope.  I also heard with the new formation of circular energy “The Wheel of Time.” 

I find that amazingly interesting because the one thing Julie and I knew, was were went to Scotland to reset time to zero.  Many believe (and am now a firm believe in its truth) that time began in Scotland and so we went back to where time began, to null its history and clear the energies.  Reset to a true zero time or maybe better stated, a void of time.

Back to sleep I faded, then woke up to a new scene just above my sleeping body.  Keeping in mind, we had just arrived on Orkney, so we had not set out exploring any of its amazing places yet.  We simply unpacked from our 6 hour trek across Scotland and enjoyed our time together until the morning.

When I woke up in the split screen of my room, the upper plane was also a split screen.  Here I had Julie’s husband Greg to the left of my view field and Julie to my right.  Greg doesn’t really resonate with the spiritual understandings we talk about, but really loves the adventures he goes on with his wife.  His body was as if I was looking thru the midnight field, and he was laying down, parallel to my own sleeping body, but to the left of it.  Suddenly an ax came down and split him open from throat to pelvis and all this black goo started coming out of.  I heard very distinctly that that was the ax of Thor. Hey, the ax of Thor just came thru a reading before I left.  Wish I could remember the details from it.

Then there was an image of this cliff at the ocean, flooded in daylight.  There was a C shape to this cliff and suddenly I seen Julie’s head parallel to the inside of the cliff.  She started at the shortest part of the curve and with the force of a massive vacuum, zipped alongside the cliff and out, completely disappearing.  The only thing I seen of her was her hair flying in the force of the wind!!  I asked at least 10 times thru that experience and the days following… where the hell did she go??  Silence!!  Dammit.

Then, again a trip into sleep then back out again, this time the view was from above the clouds and I knew I was view me.  Hey, I cannot see anything below the clouds!!!  What the hell??  The only thing I knew for sure… this was me in the trio of us.

Of course I pondered hard on this when I got out of bed.  Something huge is being revealed, some understand, but I am truly puzzled over Julie… not any longer tho.  Today, I get it.

hammerGreg was easy to understand.  He was so reminiscent of my Blessed Mother experience.  Only she had AA Michael’s sword of truth gutting me, he had Thor’s ax.  I knew Greg represented the majority of humanity, but why Thor’s ax?  Well, I googled about it and came to realize that Thor’s hammer clearly states that those that are worthy holds the power and magic of Thor’s hammers, others get an ax.  I understand the ax to show that one must be stripped of all false beliefs and ideas to become worthy of the power, of any power.  So there is a true stripping away right now of humanities false beliefs.  This, I am sure of.

cloudsEven my image was sort of easy to understand.  I was demanded to release all beliefs, ideas, preconceptions and stuff.  When you get down to nothing, then there is only nothing left.  Puffy clouds!! The absolute VOID.  The view from above the clouds and not down looking up.

time goneAnd then there is that pesky Julie.  Imagine my stunned surprise when we went to the Black Craig Cliffs, a place completely known as where time began, and there it was.  The cliffs have been dated back 500 million years.  The part standing in the sea by itself, was carved from the ice-age 10 million years ago.

I created the highlight of the cliff line she was sucked out of, the stick figure represents her.  Today, this morning, I get it.  Julie could be the greatest history major ever, going beyond the mundane history into the many layers of other understandings.

We returned to where the stories of anything started and it was all sucked out of the plane of existence we are now in.

We will never build the new with even one fragment of the old coming in.  Any fragments are incomplete and inaccurate.

So our major purpose there was Julie clearing all the old lines of history, of the stories told, retold and reinvented.  Greg clears humanity.  And I am gazing from above.  We were like an oreo cookie and Greg the creamy middle!!

One of the pictures I captured really showed the record being cleared:

black craig cliffs

I want to come back to the gyroscope of creation before I close for today.  It was explained to me that the gyroscopes work like magnetic frequencies.  We bind to another’s hologram of frequency and experience.  Creating a larger story, unbroken thru the mind’s eye.  When we fall out of resonance with another (this can be places, jobs, people, everything) we disengage from that hologram and find others of like holograms, or, at least we should.  There are many that stay out of their resonance and start the body break down because of it, free will and personal choice is ever lasting.

One of the biggest things that came thru my night-time weaving journey that last 6 hours was about the storm still brewing out in the Gulf of Mexico named Harvey.  The voice that was talking told me that once this hurricane comes on land and creates destruction (which was really a deep, intense energy clearing) people will blame it on the government and HAARP.  I think we as a people cannot fathom mama being so powerful in her energy.  Trust me, I seen first hand how she can slice mountains and make them crumble!!  Let me share some amazing images of her handy work:

She forms new cliffs, oozes her juices out of the ground to shift the landscapes.  She is not a passive player in this new story unfolding, but a determined mama cleaning house!!

I didn’t see anything being blamed on an outside source until Houston happened.  It was the most amazing thing to witness on facebook.  First there was one person who mentioned it, then later that day, another… the day after, a few others, now it’s flooded with it from many sources that I trust and admire.  Interlocking magnetic holograms!!

This is what happened to our history too.  Couple all this that embraces fear and blame, we cannot say we are in the new while doing old things.  Propagating fear is not new.  Controlling the weather is not new.  Hell we did it while in Scotland.  We had three hurricanes follow our asses to that great land and the entire 10 days was supposed to be drenched.  Once we got to the Orkney’s and the third hurricane, Gert made its way across the sea, I asked if it would just park over Ireland and give us a break.  I had to giggle when we woke up in the morning and the whole thing was drenching Ireland and we had no more rain until we left.  (Sorry for the inconvenience Ireland.)

It would be so great if we all could stop propagating fear of anything.  Weather, food, corporations, life itself…  If you truly want to unleash your personal Guardian of Shambhala and Live Heaven on earth, release any and all old stories now.  Focus on the beauty, the bounty, the magic.  You and Source.

The door of opportunity closes at the equinox.

I love you all soul soul much!!  Thank you for enduring my times of silence (from the field) and know with all my heart, I am looking forward to seeing what we will experience next together, from there!!

((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))) of wonder and SourceFilled Bliss to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P. S.  September Nation of Lights Special:

Every new and renewing member in September will be shipped 5 Scotland drenched crystals.  I brought the newly mined crystals to Scotland and they hung out in the sun, the rains, the moon and the joy and are now highly charged and ready for their humans.  I will need your physical mailing address once you sign up as a full member, or your membership renews.

These crystals will be used in Octobers Earth Magic Classes as well.





Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 14, 2017

The New Human Template!!

the new human... emerging

Well here we are, down to my last day on american soil, well, for the next two weeks anywayz.  I have my tripod packed, my plan is to do some videos and if possible, one or two facebook live events, especially at the Isle of Iona.  I called Verizon and they said they have service in Scotland and for $10 on any given day, I can use my unlimited call, text and data with them too without incurring roaming fees.  So if I want to do an upload or facebook live event, I can!!  Yay!!

I was able to get a reading done on Saturday, granted, only one and she was in Australia, but hey, we will take it and run with it.  So much wonderful information came thru her energy field!!

Of course the field is shifting and re calibrating itself anew, I really feel this is the main reason we are not able to connect to the field, at least until we get post solar eclipse, like we are accustomed too.

On the right side of the field, about mid-line from front to back, there are several trees lumped together, that separates my yard from my neighbor’s yard.  This is also the same set of trees I seen my monkey lady drive into the lake of light.

What is interesting, as I write this out this morning, at least, about the trees, I am instantly reminded about that one huge tree from Marco Island, the event that started this whole Nation of Lights in my heart experience.

In my lady’s reading, this clump of trees not only separates old world (my neighbors yard) from the new world (my back yard aka your field) it is also representing the new tree of life as well.  So imagine my surprise when my seen my lady, high up in the tree top, suddenly move away from the lake of light.  This is not our first rodeo together and she is a member of the Nation, she is NOT aligned with the old world, so what the hell she doing heading into it???

I was instantly reminded of the blog I had just published and the tension wires I wrote about.  I could see them strung out thru the entire field to the right (only in my neighbor’s yard) and my lady down under, set up on this really large unicycle thing, as if she was cycling across the highest tension wire.  The entire color scheme was in the old yellowed black and white flavor, I think we determined it to be sepia, to give the understanding of “old energy.”

My mind was working overtime trying to understand why she was purposely heading in that direction instead of over or into the lake of light.  She then reminded me that she is a massage therapist and the avalanche of understanding released itself!!  Especially when she said that she accesses the akashic records of her clients in sessions and spirit said… NO, go directly to their blood and their living blood lines!!

This goes in direct relationship of working directly with humanity, the ones still living.  Her team emphasized the living.  The ones already passed on are in other families in other blood lines and resolved what they needed to in the afterlife!!  Our focus has to be on those still kicking about in bodies!!

The blood itself, which carries both oxygen and DNA, will travel to all the family members that hold any portion of that DNA in their body, and upgrade their light quotient directly thru the bloodline.

So the highest (tension) wire unicycle visual was to show how incredibly skilled she is to stay above peoples issues while working directly on them and constantly maintain her inner and outer balance as she does her work!!

Speaking of doing body work… Ohhhh my dear good god!!  I had the absolute privilege of digging my hands into a precious soul named Linda yesterday as the final energy work class of the Well Being series.  The first event we held at the Nation of Lights Retreat Center as well!!  It was recorded both thru webex as well as my camera.

It has been so long since I got my hands fist deep in someones biological energy field and OMG the wonders I have been missing!!  The things we are growing in our bodies!!  Holy freakin shit batman!!!!

The first ting I discovered thru my lady were these things coming out of her temples.  They are not chakras, but something else.  I have never seen them in all the bodies I have ever connected with thru my 7 years of doing hands on body work.  I can call them antennas but that would be inaccurate too, altho they do serve an enhanced function in that way.  I gave as much information as I was able to understand in the video (I will include the videos of this session at the end of my blog) and I can feel it, much more than that information is currently being withheld from me, dammit!!  But next month, I am going to have a field day exploring the new evolving human template thru the Into the Void Workshop.  I think the reaping phase will be ohhhh so much more than I could have even fathomed.

There is also this new gland that is “ready” but not ready for use yet.  It is located at the lower part of the diaphragm and looks like it is made out of a material closely resembling the muscle of the heart, but is small and shaped between looking like a puffy 7 and a puffy comma ( ‘ ).

Spirit called this an “activation gland” and quickly told us not an activation like we would think.  It is to activate portals and wormholes and things like that.  It is chemically based and will only appear (first) on highly evolved humans (those that keep their energy clear.)

I think it is thru this portion of the information coming thru her body that it became very clear that there are 5 mother ships hoovering above the USA, watching or maybe better stated, guarding the airspace, guarding us.

It was further explained that once this activation gland is ready for use, we will be able to transport ourselves from here to lets say, their ships by our inner chemical release of transportation.

It makes even more sense as to why spirit made sure we knew that this massive wave of energy is targeting our endocrine system…

“Beam me up Scotty” may just be a chemically infused thought away!!!

There is so much more to share, but I am going to let you watch the videos to get the rest of the information.

By the way, we have a new retreat planned for October 28th and 29th focusing on Earth Magic.  All of October is Earth Magic Month within the Nation.  Please go to our events page and click on the links of each event for more details!!

Also, we have organized the videos for the paid member’s and are getting the energy work sessions that was done for everyone to enjoy, into the information portal area.

I love you so much!!  I am not sure if I will get another blog out before my return from Scotland, but one way or another, I will get videos out!!

I have three baggies worth of crystals I am taking with me, some to leave, some to christen and give away when I return.

Big big big ((((HUGZ))))) filled with awe and wonder and new attributes within our biological species!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  50% off The Nations membership thru August!!!  Join the Nation today!!!

Here is the full length video of the Hands of Light Energy Session from Sunday August 13th!!



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