Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 20, 2017

Ohhh the Rat Race I Am In, and the Greater Understandings thru it.


This has been a year of intense light infusion.  Release after release.  The releases all contain different attributes/target areas for assimilation.  All, working in conjunction with itself as well.  We might even be able to look at each release, very much like a time released capsule.  Each timed release affecting some part of the whole, and as we conclude the end of this year (2017,) the original capsule will have completed its distribution.

My intimate focus has always been on whats growing and changing in the expanding field of light, in the expanding field of YOU.  Of course, spirit has said thru this entire year, this energy is effecting ALL on earth.  Not just those we call light, but also those who keep themselves in the dark.  The universe is always unbiased, of course.

I suppose this great and wise universe knew I needed something to allow me to see what is equally taking place in the realm we call… the dark.  Dark not being bad, but void of much light.  Their actions are usually self survival and even predatory.

In an unbiased world, even the darkness is allowed to strengthen its, darkness and survival skills.

The home I am living in came fully equipped with such contrast to understand thru.  I knew we had mice shortly after setting my office up on the back porch.  I have no problem with anything living outdoors, even if that is on my porch.  But once you come into my home, we got problems.

About a month or two after moving in, my daughter and a friend witnessed a snake chasing a mouse in the kitchen.  When my daughter went to see what was making noise in the kitchen, the snake and the mouse fled in different directions.  The snake was never seen again, at least, in the house.  What we assumed was a mouse…. became a frequent visitor inside.  I am a firm supporter of relocation.  I had mice try to set up home in my house in New Mexico, I caught them in live traps and relocated them, with an agreement, they are not to return to the inside of my house.  The treaty was honored for the rest of my stay in that house.

My plan was to do the same here.  So I got a multi catch, live mouse trap and put a huge glob of peanut butter on the inside area, and smaller globs on the far inside, entrance areas.  They ate the entrance peanut butter, but never the inside area, which would trap them in there.  Once I seen the mouse (which I now know are rats, not mice) they were much bigger than the opening of the live trap. Their presence stepped up in my house.  Especially in the attic, were they were tearing up the insulation and throwing it down thru the vents into the living area.  Not nice!!!

I bought a bigger live trap.  One for rats and squirrels.  They were able to gobble up the heaping peanut butter, even licking the plate (which should have set off the trap door closing) clean and still escape.  OK, too small for the mouse trap, too light for the rat trap, I got out packing tape, secured pieces of chocolate and cheese on the inside plate, so they had to struggle to get their free food.  Well, they accomplished stealing the chocolate and cheese and never tripping the latch to close the door.

Sneaky, intelligent little shits!!  And now, they are just getting bold!!  I have since moved my office inside and for a few weeks, sat in the kitchen writing my blogs.  With the secured bate not doing what could have been their relocation plan, I had to step up the game to at least, keep them out of my living space and out of my attic.  I purchased ultrasound devices.  One large one for the attic, three small pug in ones for the kitchen.  The ones in the kitchen did nothing, within days of the larger one being in the attic, the activity ceased up there and changed to the crawl space below.  I am ok with this, at least they cannot be throwing debris down into the house from there.  But the little ultrasonic devices in the kitchen did nothing to keep them out.

Another plan hatched!!  Thru much research and many recommendations, we are going to stink them out or at least, away from the kitchen, MY living space.

I got a bottle of pure peppermint oil, mothballs, satchels designed to repel rodents consisting of peppermint, ceder and rosemary essential oils and steel-wool for the entry points into my kitchen.  I used it all, all at once.  I wasn’t sure what smell they would dislike the most, so why take a chance… I must have had at least 1015 month balls in each port of entry and under my fridge, where I would see them scamper to.

My house freakin stunk to the high heavens.  I had to invest in a air purifier to help tone done the stink of mothballs, which actually worked, not completely, but to the point of almost bearable.  Interestingly enough, my lungs were never adversely affected by the mothballs, my nose was, but not my ability to breathe!!

I felt so accomplished, for close to two weeks, not a rat in sight.  I could still hear them under the house, but I am ok with that.  I guess what I didn’t realize what I was actually hearing, was them planning their plot to overcome the challenge I set for them.  I about shit when I realized one day, they were once again scampering around my kitchen, the moved the satchel packets, AND the steel wool out of the way.  They must have grown an immunity to the stink of the mothballs (wish I did.)  I replaced the steel-wool, made it pickier and they moved it too.  Well just… shit!!

I am now a few hundred dollars into finding a way to coexist with these creatures who are not willing to strike up an amicable deal with me!!  I really do not want to kill them.  I finally sent out an SOS to my landlord, asking if he would go half with me for a pest control company.  He agreed, but said they will poison and trap them.  He already knows I didn’t want them dead, just gone.  He agreed to go half on more ultrasound thingies like I have in the attic since it is working well up there.

I found better ones on amazon that not only have surround sound speakers, but include pressure waves with the ultrasound waves.  OK!!  I ordered several of them and decided to put on on my kitchen floor.  I have a small kitchen and these baby’s were designed for large open spaces like attics and garages.  Finally… not a peep.  Not even a scurry heard beneath the house.  …for two weeks!!

I think I pissed off the beast!!!  Yesterday morning as I woke up and went to the bathroom, there was the granddaddy of rats, at least 8 inches long (not including the tail) standing a foot in front of my ultrasound thingie (which there are two now on the kitchen floor) looking me straight in the eyes.  Bite my freakin ass!!!  I don’t know what they tore into in the attic, but now there are pieces of black plastic on the floor under each vent.  My kitchen has tore up napkin pieces everywhere and rat shit all the way thru to behind my couch in the living room.

Talk about entering the dark night of the soul!!  (A topic we just went over in the Nation’s class on Saturday.)  Now I am just pissed, but equally, in awe as well.  The freakin determination of these creatures!!  They are not about deal making at all.

I must have been so twisted with this new turn of rat events, I could not harness the first spiritual flow to write a blog.  Instead, I researched rat poison.  Even when it became reading time, I did not have one iota of connection to the field.  Dammit!!

I was sitting on my cough, stewing in my own juices, pissed because I cannot see and have to reschedule, and more pissed because I now must use the last resort I did not want to resort to.  Kill the rats!!  (And before you even email me, a cat used to live here, there are many that live outside, and I still have rats!!! Many rats!!)

In my disconnected day yesterday, I suppose I was only disconnected from the expansion and understanding of Light, cuz I was able to see, hear and understand how equally what we call, the dark, is growing in strength and determination too.  Truthfully, they do not care how much light is shined their way, they will find a way to overcome any obstacle we throw at them.

We can get oddly comfortable in outing someone or something, thinking that is enough to change their ways.  NOT EVEN CLOSE!!  They just device internal defense systems and overcome that blockade!!

Their determination increases with ours.  Fighting fire with fire has never done anything but increase the fire.  I am a living example of that.  I have more rats running rampant inside my house than I ever did before setting all these barriers.

We can simple just look at what the Trump administration is doing and even parallel it with my rats.

I did a reading the other day that really hung in my heart.  Her origin was the true aboriginals of the US, what we now call Native Americans, only much more in harmony with all of life.  In this reading, she was being hammered on her head, and all I could think of was the whack a mole game at carnivals.  Then she turned into one of the original drums here on earth.  A drum that used a hollowed out tree, animal hide, and crushed up rocks as paint.  All of which, had to die to be transformed into this drum and mallet I seen hammering her over the head.

Death and transformation is a privilege given to us here on the earth realm.  Only, we primarily see it and experience it as awful, and to be avoided.  A tree would gladly give its life to create board for your home.  This was a lesson I learned way back in 2002 living on the mountain side in Vermont. Many tree’s volunteered their life as a tree to become housing, if the healing center ever came to be.  (It never did.)

For anything to reach its next state of incredible transformation, death must happen first.  You and I,we have died to the old so many times while in body, our lives changed, our way of being has changed and not for a moment was it easy.  Some things, many things, not willing to change, must experience physical death to transform into their greater creation.

My rats are so in tune with their survival skills, they cannot get beyond it.  Most of our government systems are the same way as these rats.  They cannot see the light, even when they are standing, exposed within it.  Instead, they are already developing another plan.  Another, more determined way to remain in their life.  Often times, without even realizing it, we are feeding them in strength and determination by the very barriers we set up to repel them.

I gave up the lets live in harmony aspect yesterday.  I went to Walmart and bought me some Rid-X.  I realized once I got home this (being the only rat poison at Walmart) is the kind that dehydrates them.  I have a river in the back yard, they have easy access to a water source, if they so desired.  Oh well, lets see what happens.  I am at my rats end!! (smile)

I woke up this morning to a chorus of screaming rats behind my fridge.  They ate every morsel I put out yesterday.  But I inadvertently gave them a treat as well.  I accidentally left a donut on the counter, wrapped in paper towel from my daughters house.  They took the whole damn donut and left ripped up paper towel in their wake.

As the morning wears on, there is less screaming rats and a lot of pounding in the walls.  I will keep these pellets well supplied until there is not a single rat left invading my house.

Dehydration.  When I take into the spiritual realm of analogy, it is removing all emotional food from their field.  They have nothing left to overcome, because its not longer an obstacle course, but a full removal of all energy that can sustain life.

Old, tried and true ways, DO NOT WORK!!  It all simply strengthens their ability to become more devious in their survival skills.  You and I are gaining super powers, well… so is that which we call dark, or void of light.  The hazard of an unbiased universe!!  Or is that a blessing??  Because in their strength, we must devise new ways of removal.  Talking about it, is food for them.  Pointing fingers just allows more creativity to unfold thru the darkness.

Pluck a weed from the garden and it will grow back, because its roots are strong and deep.

We need to first, be familiar with the landscape we are working with.  Obviously, the methods used in New Mexico will not… DO NOT work here in Texas.  But then again, they are two very different energy systems as well.  One of compassion (New Mexico) and then this one… an emerging compassionate system still dictated and run by the old… for now.

Ohhh I just remembered something from yesterday morning that I need to share.  My remote control batteries died.  I didn’t have them long enough for them to die already.  The clock on my living room wall was now running 15 minutes too slow.  I have changed the batteries in that clock, and even the clock it self, many times in the last few months.  Something shifted in the timelines.  Even my daughter could feel it, who also discovered she has a rodent of her own yesterday as well.  She lives with a cat and a dog and a rabbit.

When a tsunami is about to hit, the first thing that happens is the ocean retreats from its shorelines.  Often times, spirit has said, we must move backwards before we can move forward.

Something HUGE is afoot.  In the retreat of the ocean, much is being exposed.  You and I, we are the proverbial Rat-X pellets.  The removal of all energy, ALL emotion (good or bad) thru a system that must die to transform.

How we do that, become that… are that… I do not know… yet.

On that note, my day of readings is about to begin (I pray!!)

Big big big ((((HUGZ))))) filled with determination of transformation of the greater ALL in Light, Love and peaceful harmony!!

Lisa Gawlas

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The Changing Crossroads of Spirit and Life.


There is so much change taking place thru everyone one of us, I am finding it difficult to tie it all together as quickly as I had done over the years.  But then again, as I am currently being reminded, in the years past, we were finishing up lifetimes of work and achievements, so even in the emergence of what seemed new (visually on the field) was not really new, but conclusions, the final outcome of lifetimes of an ongoing story leading up to the end.  Every story must have an ending, eventually.

As we moved deeper into the year 2017, we entered an overlapping cinema. One theater is being broken down and put away, while, simultaneously, a new theater is being built and readied.   Which for me, makes it very confusing to understand as a story and I never share anything until I have some sort of coherent, and accurate as possible, understanding to share outwards.

This morning, two images from the readings these last few days, are haunting my vision, while the above conversation was being set up.  So let’s set them free!!

  My first reading yesterday was a no show.  Yet, I started seeing (and hearing) his field about 30 minutes before our scheduled connection.  The words “he is at a major crossroads” echoed thru my hearing while visually seeing a gold energy line crossing a silver energy line.  Every time in the past, when someone was at any sort of a crossroads (not a fork in the road) it would present itself as a + sign.  So in my pre-visual, that is how I seen it, as a gold and silver + sign.  As his phone was ringing, and I was in his field of connection, I realized it is not a plus sign at all, its a X.  I never seen a crossroad show up as an X before.  I would need his full connection to understand why it is in the form of an X, but that understanding did not come.  I made sure to leave the information on his voice recorder, it was too constant to let go until he was able to reschedule… and my day journeyed on.

The very second my eyeballs opened this morning, wham, back comes the visual of my man’s crossroad X and spirit calling him out by first and last name!!  What the hell, that has never ever happened before.  T’is the season tho, right?

I realized something about myself and it is important for us all to realize this and become more clear within.  When I was pre-seeing him, I assumed, the energy of the crossroads formed a plus sign.  No ones team (mine nor his) corrected me.  There is a moral to this story here…

No matter how gloriously our physical minds are partnered with our spiritual minds, the physical mind still operates out of habit and repetition, until otherwise over ridden/reprogrammed.  Old running programs mixing in with new information.  Our teams are not here to tell us we are wrong, unless we are asking the constant, diligent questions.  I obviously do not ponder as diligently as I do when we are in a reading together.  I never realized this until yesterday thru this morning.  It does give way to understanding how so many people are saying they have worked with this energy before, some years before, when everyone else’s team is saying, this is so brand new and never has been in any version of earth’s timelines before.  When something is at it’s base, familiar with prior understandings and use, and the new part of it, so slight to the processing mind, it will gladly present what it is familiar with and continue on from there.  And we miss the new formula.  We miss the truth of the expression presenting.  That, by our teams virtue, is perfectly OK.  We are here to challenge ourselves, overwrite old programs and allow for the new.  If we do not allow for the new, we simply cycle back to where that information was pertinent, and go forward again with the choice of seeing the new, in a new way.

My saving grace is YOU.  I am absolutely anal about being as accurate as possible with what I see and understand for you, that long ago, a I placed a guard at the field gate, so nothing that is not true and correct for you, could come in.  Hence my many melt downs of not understanding while we are together.  I love you so much and thank you for pushing me every day!!

Now, let’s put that on pause right now, as I bring out the other visual that is haunting my field of vision.

I have a young lady I have been working with for some time, who made the conscious choice to not only stay in the old earth energy, but remain in a toxic environment thru it all.  I fully understand why and that is not the topic for her today at all.  Instead, when I read for her the other day, the only vision I was able to see for her, was a floating table.  A small, square kitchen table made out of blond wood.  It floated from my porch to her field, back to my porch, back to her field.  The only thing in light was her.  Sitting at her table were three Beings, spirit guides, all in shadow, unseen by her.  As I connected to them, they insisted it was “imperative” that she connects with them.

When something shows up on my porch, it is always in relationship to our biological/mundane life.  When it shows up on the “field” it is about our growth as a spirit in body.  When it straddles both areas, one is going to affect the other in a big way.  When we have the ability to connect, whether our minds are telling us we can or can’t, your team knows what you are capable of doing, and will tease you towards their light in a reading and allow me, only so much information to get you where you need to go.  If you choose.  We have free will so nothing is ever “required” of us.  We can always choose to do and see what we have always done and seen.  Our souls are in an eternal state of evolution on many planes of existence.  what it cannot or will not experience here, will be experienced elsewhere, eventually (speaking of time as we, the human, know it.)

Now, let’s come back to the crossroads.  In moments past, our major choice points usually had a clarity to them, hence the plus sign.  Right and left, or back and forth.  But an X makes the choice point, vibrationally different.  Blending the past with the new.  Very much like my pre-seeing assumption that his crossroads was in the form of an + instead of the never seen before X.  Gold being the highest vibration of spirit that I see in any reading, which was the top crossing line of the X and silver the highest vibration of earth.

Since he was not available to connect to, the broader understanding of why it changed, went unknown… until right now as I am seeing my own path before me.  For the last few weeks, my thighs and ass hurt like hell while sitting down.  I couldn’t even bare the pressure yesterday, hence, no blog.  Today, I am perfectly fine… at least as of this typing lol.

The thighs… strength of walking our path, especially during times of intense change.  The gluts, they are all about our connection to life itself and the sudden moments (think of the hips, tho my hips have no discomfort at all) that life brings.  This intense, muscle discomfort is simply the new energy expanding in my legs, preparing for my next great adventure on this place we call earth.

Thank god, my lungs have been ok.  Since the moment I booked my appointment with the lung specialist, I have had no big issues in that department.  Let me throw up a gratitude flag as we come out of the energy field of the 11:11 today.  That energy hit my legs instead of my lungs.  Yay!!

I have decided a couple weeks ago, to change my lung specialist appointment from Nov 28th to sometime in February.  It is the holidays, my daughter is getting out of jail January 8th, I will be taking a week and a half off to hang out with her, my day to day living expenses double since my New Mexico life… this is not a good time to be spending (up to) $400 on tests.  I tried to get insurance, but that is not happening.  Texas offers nothing for people in my age group.  Trumpcare is so insanely expensive (average $910 a month with a $$6000 – $8000 deductible, depending on the plan choice,) so it will be all out of pocket for me.

I have not followed thru on that choice yet, my team is haunting me with my mother, father and maternal aunt’s memories of delayed information about their true state of Being (biologically speaking.)  No matter which choice I make (still deciding here lol) it will change my game direction.

Right now, my direction is already changing… it’s almost time for my first reading.

I love you all so much!!  Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with guidance thru the New Light of Life to and thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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almost a virgin.jpg
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Stretching Into the New as the Old Drops Away.

new light of day

I think I fell into the abyss yesterday.  I woke up in plenty of time to put out a blog, instead, sat at my computer and stared blankly at it.  Not for the lack of information, but instead it was like my head was wiped clean while I slept and I could not recall a thing to share.  Instead, with the exception of one reading on my dance card (Wednesday are technically a day off) I fell into the world of mundane stuff.  I didn’t realize until this morning (how am I so delayed at getting this stuff processed lol) that she really gave us a view of what is happening right now. for many.

She was being stretched upwards and downwards (from head to toe) as well as from arm to arm (left and right) like rubber.  All of this constant stretching, then releasing back to original form, then stretched out again, released again, over and over, was releasing so many of things within her energy field.  I seen them like cogs falling away.  Her team explained these cogs can be relationships that served her thru now, life experiences, places, many things that are changing out.  Two main cogs seemed to remain stable.  One to the left side of her base heart, which was much bigger than any of the others I had seen, the main cog.  The one up at the top of her sternum, the high heart/passion center, was also constant.  Everything else was being stretched out of her and new ones started to emerge and find their placement in the running matrix that (should) be finished by the end of this month.

For those going thru this, it is not a time to make major decisions in our life, even tho the pressure we may be feelings, seems to be calling for that.  Think about it tho, if something is falling away from our lives, we have a tendency to want to replace it with something else, instead of allowing for the void space of the new to be interconnected thru our energy field.

Also, thru this life expanding time, we are equally going thru a change of guides/teachers/assistants.   By now, this should be a common theme in your journey.  Every time we have a major change within ourselves, we get assigned (for lack of a better word) a new teacher(s)/assistant(s) to help us orient and enhance these changes.   Seek them out!!  Granted they are still doing their work in our unconsciousness (of their presence) but man oh man, we can zoom into our new expanded state when conscious of what that even means to us!!

I can hear the questions now… HOW??  Meditation is the greatest gift you will ever give to yourSelf.  For some, it may be the most challenging gift you ever give yourself too, but I promise with All that I AM, it is worth the frustration!!!

How timely is this!!  I just received the youtube video of the EastCoastMom WestCoastSon I did with the amazing Charlotte Phillips and her son Tevin Marsh last week.  Keep in mind, my beautiful Charlotte did what I have done so many times in the Nation’s recordings, got so excited she forgot to hit record until 20 minutes in.  So the first 20 minutes are missing, but let me embed the video here, my hope is to lead you into tempation!! (smile)



I have also been mulling around in this crazy head of mine, something new.  Well really, kind of old that I am making new again!  Thru the Nation of Lights membership, I offer “Meditation Assistance” classes twice a month.  In the beginning, when everyone was “new” we had a good turn out for these classes.  Lately, as so many become fluid in meditation, class participation has fallen off.  I was going to reduce the class to once a month and eventually, not at all, but instead, I am going to offer it differently.  To ANYONE who needs or wants help.  The class is held on Webex and limited to the first 25 people who sign on.  The next class will be on November 26th at 4pm CST.  If you want to attend for free, no obligation whatsoever, send me an email and I will put your name/email address in the attendee’s invite list.  Keep the invitation when it arrives in your email, that will contain the link to join the class.  Just bring your questions and/or challenges and we will overcome them!!!  Can’t make that one, its ok, there will always be more.  Just watch our online calendar to see what upcoming classes are being offered.  Due to the Holidays in December, there will only be one meditation assistance class offered on December 10th.

My email address is

I will also save all the audio’s of the meditation classes, free to everyone, on the “Information Portal” page, under the “Mastering the Emotional Body” section, on the Nations website.

I suppose my team had a grand conspiracy happening all the while, given my new specials that I released the other day (and at the end of this sharing.)  Something that in my 15 years of reading, we have never ever done.  It is time!!

I love you all so much and thank you for Being Here, Being You and especially Being a part of my world, my field of Life and Love!!!

Big big expanding (((((HUGZ))))) stretching beyond all of our comfort zones into the Light of the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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almost a virgin


Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 14, 2017

The December Energy Bands (4) and the 2018 MultiPlex!!

energy bands

The first day on the field since the 11:11 proved once again, just because spirit says something consistently, one way, doesn’t mean it will “look” like that!  Everyone teams has been talking about the first layer of skin coming online after the 11:11, I kinda wish one of them said “Metaphor Lisa, we are using a metaphor!!”  I wouldn’t have been so, bitchy cuz we were not looking at skin in the way I was expecting.  And I know…  Life 101, get out of expectation!!!  Silly me and this human suit!!

Before any of the readings started, I started poking my antennas out in the field, mostly to be sure we are going to see something.  The field itself was beautiful, a cross between a foggy mirror with the feel of like ice (minus being cold, just how a this sheet of ice feels) The colors were so blended, so beautiful of soft blue, white and clear.  I could not see thru it, and yet it didn’t hold the feeling of being reflective, like the energy of a mirror would be, instead it was cloudy.

I did not see this in any active reading, only first thing in the morning when I was “previewing” the field.  I would have never, in a million years, thought what I was seeing was me.  It is only this morning as I am trying to understand the first vision and explain it outwards (since it was the first thing placed in my vision this morning) did I ever think for a moment, that is me.

The feeling of ice now makes perfect sense.  The solid surface crusted over the depths of water (emotion) that each one of you arrive upon.  Think about ice itself, melting and refreezing constantly.  So too, are we.  This is what gives me the ability to see you in your constant state of change, solid and changing all the time.

Then there is the cloudy mirror that blended with the ice, but yet, distinct in the feeling of it.  I found an image that might help put the visual together, except take away the gray scale and replace it with soft blue, white and clear.

cloudy mirror.jpg

I can see what most “mirrors” in life do not reflect.  The emerging “you” come up thru the depths of your ocean, finding form!

I like that a lot really!!  I almost never see myself in relationship to the “field,” unless I do a bathtub meditation and even then, that is not guaranteed.  So for me, this is an unexpected priceless gift!!  Thanx spirit!!

My first lady on the field gave us all a wealth of information about what is coming down the proverbial pike.  Her “skin” had me fully realizing spirit has been using a metaphor.  She looked like an astronaut!!

space suit.jpg

A few exceptions from this picture, her whole body suit was white.  Spirit called it her “Light suit.”  The head piece was glass or clear all the way around, what her team (sort of) referred to as her theatrical view space.  And the jet pack on the back did not come up to the head, but just below the shoulders.

The suit as I was seeing it was a protective energy as all the various energies and light codes meld together thru this month (November.)  Her jet pack in the back of her, connected directly into her base heart and worked via the emotions she put out or did not put out.  Acceleration and deceleration, creation and destruction.

It was her head piece that really caught my attention.  I could not see how it worked from looking at her, so I placed my vision into her and looked thru her eyes.  I needed a lot of help from her team to understand what I was seeing.  The new platonic solids and how they are fitting together and forming the multiplex called 2018.

This is where the information started to come thru.  I will start with the bands of energies coming thru in December.  Four to be exact, altho time is relative, we can look at a new band of energy each week, intensifying, solidifying our field of choices and non choices.

These bands of energy came thru just like that, not waves, but bands fitting around the center post of each universe (that would be each one of us, individually at first.  Ohhhhhh, now I get something else too!!!)

It was the third and fourth band that was focused on in her communication.  The third band came thru during the week of the solstice.  It was unlike the other three bands vibrationally, a blueish color and more felt vibrationally (to me) than the rest.

What was stated thru her team yesterday, with that last band as we conclude not only 2017, but earths history as we have known it, it was stated as a band of collective choice.  I didn’t understand that, because it was the collective choice that decided where you (we) would land in 2018, not our individual choice.  It is only this morning do I fully realize that the first two bands are setting into motion our individual choices, the solstice puts us into our “anchor groups” and I must mention this, for some, actually many on planet earth, do overs as they see the bigger version of themselves thru the obstacles missed and/or avoided getting to here.

From what I am understanding (subject to change with more information) the collectives will he those who’s action and resonance is with particular platonic solids.  We have five that we know of, and five more that are here Now.  By June, 2 more new solids, geometric energies, will be released into our realm of growth and experience.

Our jobs are to stop looking at the known universe and look… participate beyond it.  An artist who can only see 5 colors is very limited in what they can create.  Now an artist that not only see’s colors that have not been seen before and creates them here on earth for all to see and use… that is Mastery!!  THAT IS YOU!!!

I want to touch base on something else that had been coming thru the last few weeks that I didn’t really understand until now.  As we were heading into the 11:11 light pile up (smile) various teams have started to use a phrase “theatrical matrix” in relationship to what is happening.  Our theatrical matrix is changing.  It’s kind of funny (but not really either,) that when I google theatrical matrix I get trailers from the movie, the matrix.

I now understand this terminology a little more this morning.  Each one of us set a stage, we hired hand crews and players to allow our story to be told and experienced.  When we ended one story we already had another set being readied.  Until now, it didn’t matter if the world changed for us to experience the next theatrics of our Self, it was personal and individual and vitally important getting to here.

And now, if we have done the inner light work to realize we are a group soul, our theatrical matrix is ramping up, conjoined with others simultaneously unlike ever before.  You are my right hand, and I am your left.  One body… One Nation many moving parts!!!

I am going to have to let the rest go until tomorrow, my day is zooming on!!

I love you all so much, thank you for being the Foundation of my heart, of my eyes and encouraging my own growth thru yours!!  We Are One!!!

((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))) filled with gratitude and swift movements towards the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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The last two days I woke up and did website work since I didn’t have anything to share out loud.  My team got a wild, unexpected hair in its field of humor and we have created two specials I have never ever offered before.

The first one is for complete virgins, anyone who has never had a reading with me before.  The second one is for those who have had at least one reading but it has been over 2 years since we connected.  The coupon code VIRGIN expires December 1st, the coupon code AlmostAVirgin expires Novemeber 30th.  ‘Let’s break the ice together!!! (big ass grin.)


almost a virgin


Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 11, 2017

WE ARE the 11:11 made manifest!!!

we are the 1111

Today, I enter my 18th year of purposeful change.  A day I once called the day of my awakening and now call, my empowering re-birth-day.  A time of year I do a lot of reflecting on the changes that continue since that bizarre, 8 hour experience with the Ouija Board.  Not only my own changes, but also, my children’s, my ongoing, every changing, environment I call my Life.

At the core of my Life Now, is You.  You are what surrounds me, nurtures and nourishes me, expands me to places I could not have imagine existing.  Think of this, in order for you to become the Light of my world, you too, had to embark on purposeful change.  So I cannot help, as I reflect on me, reflect on you, too.

So often, we look to the unseen world for assistance, for guidance, for help with our needs.  In truth, YOU… WE are that unseen world, made manifest.  I pray for a miracle, You show up, in the silence, and act.

So thank you, each and every one of you, seen and unseen, for Being an integral part of this Light Show I call my Life.  Without you, there would be no me!!  I love and honor you so much!!

Speaking of Light Shows (smile.)  We are piled high in the energy of light.  Each and every person on the field yesterday reflected that.  We were up to our necks in coagulated light energy.  Each person looked a lot like this:


Just a head or chest and head, depending on how high the light accumulated.  It was explained that by today, the light will be over everyone’s head, and as we go to sleep this evening on the 11:/11 the light will start to make way to become the new skin, new energy, new light codes activated and waiting for interaction (with its host/you.)

This is a time for deep integration of the energy being absorbed into you.  Conscious integration and application.  By conscious, I do not mean you know or even understand, detail for detail, what is happening.  God forbid this path would be that clearly laid out for us!!  That would make the game way too easy lol.

Let me use this crazy thing I call my body to help understand some of the things you could be experiencing and why.  For many days now, I feel like someone squeezed every last bit of energy out of me.  It is, at times, all I can do to muster the energy to get up and go to the bathroom.  Often times this last week, just sitting in front of the computer, drains me even more.  So my email replies have been close to non existent.  Even my daily blogs have been every few days.  My body has this overall ache too it, not painful, just achy especially in my legs.  Like right now, my thighs, feeling the pressure of the chair I am sitting in, would like to explode lol.  They won’t and I know that, so I persevere!!  lol  (And trust me, every where you see me type out an lol, I am truly laughing out loud as I type.)

WE are changing at the core level of light deep within ourSelfs.  We are all being asked to absorb the light that has coagulated around us, purposely breath it in to every pore.  Do not give it instruction, just an invitation.

Often times, we are under the delusion that because there is a light dump coming in, even if we are aligned to the highest frequency of that light, it will just activate us in various ways.  All of Life, All of Light, is a partnership.  Open to receive and the Light enters, sit around waiting for it to come in, it is like someone placing a glass of water in front of you and you never pick up the glass to drink.  The relationship is in the personal interACTion.

My own personal emotional field, holy shit batman!!  For a few hours I may feel like I just feel madly in love, euphoric even, then suddenly I feel like I was just thrown down 10 flights of stairs, feeling every bounce along the way.  Hitting bottom and wondering, what the hell???  Then wham… back up we go.  Gotta love a good shake up lol.

At the end of the day, one very long long day (lets call it at least a week) we are changing.  Into what??  That is for us to decide.  There is no road-map, there is no… foresight from spirit.  You decide, we decide and then it becomes laid our as our next great adventure with Life.

There is one thing I am feeling for sure, way deep down inside myself.  An ending like never before.  We can call it a death that has arrived like Christmas morn.  At the end of this road, I received my final implanted teeth.  Teeth, brought about by Your Love for me and especially JenniFires desire I have these new teeth when she started a gofundme for something I would have considered, frivolous.  With the 6 month journey of not having my bottom denture implanted, held in place, let me assure you, there was nothing frivolous about this investment.  I no longer have to take my bottom teeth out to eat.  YAY.  Thank you so much for being the Miracles of my Life, of my mouth!!!  So let me give you a peek at what my $6000 smile looks like and let me assure you, they work like a miracle in my mouth!!

new teeth.jpg

I had the final work done yesterday, on 11/10.  The day prior to that, my baby girl living in prison for the last (close to) 2 years, was facing more time added to her sentence for her 4th offence of driving without a license.  YOU raised the money so we could hire her a pad atty instead of the court appointed one.  Again, YOU were the miracle we needed to get this done. Done it was… she will not have to serve one more day of “time,” it was all reduced and instead of the minimum of 30 days, he gave her 5 (interesting number there) as time served.

What is even more exciting than that, is that Valorie kept saying she did not feel like she was going to get more time added for days before this hearing on the 9th.  She was so excited to tell me that her feelings came true.  Her intuition is strong and validated now.  But let me tell you, it came about because YOU helped her thru the many challenges over these last two years.  You wrote letters to her, helped with iCare packages, commissary deposits, attorney fees and most especially, with your prayers of Light sent to her.  And without a shadow of a doubt, Now, she KNOWS she is not alone and found a place of intense love and honor for herself.  She now sees hope and Light where before all she could see and feel was darkness.  I will be in Virginia the day of her release on 1/08/18.

I can go on and on and on about how much you changed my mothers life, her heart before she died.

Let me assure you, it does not matter whether you are doing energy work, meditating, writing crazy blogs (smile) for as long as you are the outward experience of Love on earth,


WE ARE the 11:11 made manifest!!!

Thank you, each and every one of you, expressed and unexpressed, for Being my Field of Light!!  I love you madly!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of Light in ACTion thru the ALL of US!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 9, 2017

The Love Frequency, Trust, Death and Creation.


Before I say anything, I want to thank Charlotte Phillips and her son Tevin Marsh of EastcoatMom and Westcoast Son for the amazing time I had when they hosted me on their live event last night.  The entire interview is on their facebook page, linked above.  I cannot seem to be able to embed the video, or I would.

Before I get into sharing one of the most surprising, blush inducing, ET connection I can ever remember having (smile,) I want to address something that happens a lot and was touched on by Charlotte last night in the interview.

When you and I are in a reading, in class, doing an interview show and you ask a question, I will often go on a detailed explanation to get to the answer, by the time I am done, I cannot remember what the question was and I always ask, did that answer your question.  Charlotte asked me last night, since she knows I do do that a lot, why I ask that so much.  Let me give you a very clear explanation so that each and everyone of you do the same (smile.)

  The very best way (clearest in understanding) to explain this, is to use the analogy of a laptop computer.  No matter where I go or what I am doing, I Am all-ways the laptop computer.  When I sleeping, the computer is in sleep mode resting too.  When I wake up in the morning, it is as if the mouse got jiggled and computer starts running energy (electricity) thru itself to work and have access to all the programs installed on the computer.  So, in this analogy, the incarnate human known as Lisa would be the visible parts of the laptop.  The software would be what we refer to as our soul mind, our soul energy.

When we are in a reading, or a classroom setting or things like radio or video interviews, and a question is asked, it is like the software program opens up and replies.  That software program (soul mind) has access to so many other satellite stations of information and understanding, as well.)  So the very animated reply (we never sit still in answering lol) is given by the much wiser, much more accessible soul energy that is me.  By the time the energy that is my soul speaking, releases itSelf from my self in answering whatever was asked, the Lisa part forgot what the question was to begin with.  The information often times comes out so fast that I barely have time to keep up with what is being said.  Even when it is reflecting on my own past experiences, my soul radiates this tremendous joy of reflection and honor of the really difficult parts.

We present, very much on purpose, as one Being.  My soul is not separate from myself, nor am I separate from my soul.  We are one and we will never say my Higher Self said, that is keeping separation alive and well on earth.  Granted, many people will connect to information if it is credited by some other highly evolved Being… WE ARE that other highly evolved Being and ownership of that Knowing, is crucial for all of us to Become.

Keeping in the computer analogy, I have stated many times that I Am a group soul, in any given reply, often times, my soul is pinging off various other satellite systems/other souls all connected as one soul offering whatever the reply is.  ALL (what we call) ascended masters, do this.  Here on earth, it really is what we are being asked to evolve to.

In our interview last evening, my beautiful father/teacher/friend from the Pleiades, Franklyn was remembered in some of the first “channelings” I have ever done.  They are all as relevant today as they were in 2001 when they first came thru my fingertips.  I will share them all, here:


Greetings dear friends,

I come here to talk about patterns. Do you see the pattern of the love frequency?

That is the first gentle knowing and need to reach out and say hi to someone. To get together or know the “other” a little more… and then so much you feel the need to talk or be with them almost always. This is tuning into the love frequency.

The love frequency can be greatly misunderstood because you think of love as being between male and female. Love has no gender, no restrictions. It seeks out that love that others share with you. It helps you to “remember” when you communicate on this frequency. Love is a powerful emotion and can be greatly misunderstood by those first experiencing it. This is not a romantic love, but love unconditional, love of the One Source uniting you in your glory of being-of love.

Many are sharing the excitement and joy of establishing new friendships. Friendships that seem to go deeper in your heart than normal. Some are feeling uncomfortable with this emotion. I say… do not be! Let your love flow from your heart out to the universe into the other hearts. As you do this, you will start to remember, to have more “knowings” than you did prior to establishing and allowing this new relationship using this frequency. The bond of these new relationships will become so strong… do not allow it to scare you or confuse you… just go with it and grow with it. Share all that is in your heart to share.

A new world is emerging, and this communication frequency is vital for you to nurture and understand and utilize.

I end this with the love of the universal light that surrounds you and the key to opening the frequency of knowing the love.



There is a peace that is coming… you all can feel it. It warms over you like the morning sun. So many are feeling the love that was sitting in their hearts… waiting to be awakened. You will use this love… the vibration of this frequency.

You can communicate with each other on the vibration… and many of you are doing so now… . you will find the communication stronger and clearer as the love pours out of your heart and into the universe.

You will touch people in so many ways. As your thoughts of love breeze through another’s mind in passing… it will stir something inside… and help in their remembering… their need to learn more.

Touch and be touched… Love and be loved.



Greetings my dear ones,

So much is happening on the earth planes. Many of you are feeling the shift that is now taking place. Your world seems chaotic, but it is restoring balance to who you truly are. There are many confusing feelings flowing through many of you. As you climb higher on the frequency of love, you will find more and more that the inner parts of you need clearing to fully understand exactly what the frequency of love is all about.

Make no mistake, you are all climbing higher. You are learning to integrate into each others thoughts and plans. Not on the human plane but of that in Spirit, in the 5th plane. As you climb higher, more and more doubt is thrown into your beings. What will you do with this doubt? Run? Or face it for what it is? No one ever said this would be easy, but it is not as hard as some make it out to be either. Your heart remembers what unconditional love is, it knows how to use and communicate on the vibration of unconditional love. Talk to your heart, listen to your heart, feel what is in your heart. Do not allow the cloud of misperception to stop your progress. Be clear on what is in your heart-the love, the unconditional love.

There are groups forming all over the world. These groups communicate through the love frequency with each other even when they are not aware of the communication. There are some that are still sleeping within your groups, but as you raise your vibration of love, even those sleeping will hear the message. The time is now to clear your emotions of the past and raise your vibrations of love and use the highest level of love to send out the messages, to help in the awakening of your brothers and sisters. If you are unsure how to clear your emotions so that they are pure, ask your guides, your ascended masters, the angels. They are all waiting and willing to help you in every way they can. The time is now to change and transcend your thoughts and vibrations…do not wait another day.

Many blessings of love from the One Source,



Greetings my beloved friends,

 I come today to talk to you about trust. Listen to the word. Close your eyes and feel what that word means to you. Say it to yourself and ask your inner guidance to allow you to feel what trust is in every cell of your body. Can you feel it? Write down what that feeling feels like to you.

Now I ask you, what do you trust? Do you trust yourself? Do your trust your neighbor? Do you trust your higher guidance, guides, and angels?

How much do you trust in that trust? Do you find yourself questioning your own actions? Are you trusting the universal love to flow thru you in every minute? Do you trust that your brothers and sisters that you cannot see are at your side loving you, guiding you, protecting you at all times?

Do you feel any sense of doubt in your heart? It does not matter what the doubt stems from, if it is there, then you are not fully trusting All There Is.

TRUST means knowing that in your every second, all you ever need is already provided for you. That no matter what you do, the love of the One Source is flowing through your veins with unconditional love for all that you are… all that you are becoming.

When your body becomes sick, do you question its sickness? Saying oh, why me? There is a process in our communication. If you do not hear us one way, we will find another way to get your attention. Your body is a great attention getter. A sickness is actually a healing in progress, but until you trust in that, your sickness will linger. Trust that you can communicate with your body. Trust that it will tell you what you need to know. Trust that when you understand what it is trying to tell you, the sickness will go away as if you never had a sickness before.

Do you trust in unconditional love? Do you know what unconditional love is? Can you feel it? Can you feel it for all that it is? Close your eyes and feel the unconditional love of the One Source flowing through your veins. As you feel that love, allow yourself to trust in that love. Not just in that moment, but in every moment after that. In allowing that trust to form, you are also allowing your fears to be released, for there is no fear of any sort when there is unconditional trust in the unconditional love that is you.

Trust is a big issue on the earth plane. In order to raise your vibration in unconditional love, you must also raise your trust. You cannot do one without the other. Spend your meditations in trust. Ask your guidance to help you with the trust issues you may be carrying around like old baggage.

When you trust All There Is, you realize there is no-thing to fear. When there is no fear, all there is is love. Unconditional love without fear and totally guided with trust… it is vital to your future.

Help is all around you, all you have to do is ask.

Many blessings of love from the One Source,


It is kind of funny, my Pleiadian team was here to help me understand the true nature of Being in body and how to Be in life much more productively.  I almost feel like I got off easy, altho I promise you, employing any of their teachings as my way of life, was so far from easy.  That said, I look at the instructions that come thru the ET connections since I started doing them intentionally several years ago, OMG quantum physics meets metaphysics!!

I am being clarified at this moment.  For any ET to arrive and connect with you, you MUST already be a part of the universal field that IS Life, called the Love Frequency.  If we can look at unconditional love as the only material in all the multiverses that allows for life, LOVE MUST be the core of creation.  Otherwise, death happens.  That is true for planetary bodies, planets, countries, cities, families, a person.

When we hear of a star going nova, it is because the energy that held it together, Love, was removed so it can decay and become something else in its rebirth.  The absence of love all-ways gives way to the expansion of love.  Death and Birth.  Decay and Creation.

We can look out the proverbial window of life on earth and see, really see, how much decay is underway.  We can also see, moreso, EXPERIENCE, the expanding love that is taking it’s stead.  YOU and I are the Love rebirthing with every thought, action, and deed.  It is all happening simultaneously, as it always does.

Do not get caught up in what is decaying, unless you have an intimidate solution to transform it into higher states of love, then, by all means, take positive action!!

Well, I wanted (two days in a row now) to share my ET connection from the other day, but I am once again, being asked to hold onto it.  So, maybe tomorrow???

As the interview closed last evening, and Charlotte gave me time to talk about any specials I am running, I didn’t have any for my readings… and my mouth opened up and offered one.

We will call this the 11:11 special and the price reduction is more purposeful than I realized.  I was going to use the master builder frequency of 22% off, when I was over ridden and asked to offer 25% off.  We are a quarter of a way into the greatest change the earth will ever experience and we want to celebrate that!!

Sooooo…  today (the 9th) thru midnight on the 11:11 take 25% off everything I offer!!

For single sessions use coupon code:  11  For packages use coupon code 1111

I love you all so much, thank you for loving me so much as well!!

Big big group ((((HUGZ))) filled with new creations everywhere!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 7, 2017

The Massive Release of Light and The Dark Night of the Soul.

dark and light

If we look at life as a school, then with the full moon energy on the 4th, the classroom bell rang and there is massive movement in the field.  Changing from one classroom to the next.  Staying with this analogy, some are being pulled by gravitational force to their next classroom, others scattered about trying to figure out what classroom they need to go in next and many old energy thinkers are hanging onto their door frames resisting the change that is officially, inevitable.

Yesterday after I published my blog, I received a “Marshmallow Message from Kryon.”  It so synced with what I was saying and what I am about to share today:


From Kryon Live Channelling: “The Addictive Old Energy”

August 2017 in Stamford, CT

If you are a Lightworker, it’s time to step into the light. The things that you thought you knew well may have shifted slightly. This includes what you believe is “truth”. When you start to turn on the light in a dark room, you see new things. Perhaps your “truth” was based on seeing things dimly in the dark and assuming what they were? But when these same things are illuminated, and you clearly see them, truth becomes fully revealed! Truth can change based on the revelations of time. It changes when the light is turned on.

 KRYON  through Lee Carroll,  the Original Kryon Channel

I have always said, when new information comes in, “subject to change with more information.”  With the quickly approaching 11:11 dateline, new information, new light is coming in!!  Everyone’s classroom is changing.  Some are skipping ahead a few classes, others that are clinging to their old doorways must change too, but not into the information since they are stubbornly hanging on to the old, but new ways of realizing the old no longer serves them.

Thru one of the readings yesterday, as she was crawling thru her golden pipeline of change and acceleration, something new was revealed.  A fast moving conveyor belt right in front of my porch, moving so quickly to and thru the 11:11 all I could see was intense light and a massive, quickening pull to it, speeding to the right of the field, denoting future, a future that is Here, Now and filled with intense new Light.

We must always remember, we exist in a land of duality.  As this new energy is coming into our biology, we will feel bliss and then like someone flipped a switch and the energy feels like depression and many things in-between.  Obviously no one worries when they are filled with bliss, but often times, point the blame finger inward as if they did something wrong when the heavier energies of light come in.  No, it is exactly that, light containing heavier, material to manifest, particles.  When it comes in thru your field it can feel like something pushing on you, hence the depression.  If you do an emotion check and know there is nothing you are dealing with emotionally, then just let it do what is needed, it will pass and go back to lighter.

That said, lets take a moment to love and comfort those hanging onto the doorway, not wanting to deal with anything new, or old.  This light is not biased, not programmed to enter only those ready for it… nope.  It is hitting everyone.  We are going to see acting out because of it.  We ARE already seeing acting out, because of it.

I look back on my path and absolutely affirm the phrase “you’ve got to go thru hell before you get to heaven.:  The moment just one particle of light exposes anything dark, hidden, filled with blame of others, holy shit, the inner melt downs are worse than the depression of being ignorant to it.


Holy heavens batman!!  If you are not truly familiar with what the dark night of the soul is, let me give you a website that details in better than anywhere I have ever heard before or since.  Just click here.

And trust me, it is not just a one time occurrence.  But each occurrence does get easier, lighter, quicker, until it no longer can exist because you have become in-Light-end.  That does not mean you do not feel the energy of depression on your field, but you are wise enough to know it is the light revealing what was not seen before.

Up until this amazing point in humanity’s evolution, the dark night of the soul happened because of soul work one was doing.  Not any longer.  The light dump is creating it thru every human hanging on to old doorways.  Our job is to understand what is happening, planetary wide, a release compassion, not bullets.  The eye for an eye analogy only leaves everyone blind and no one progressing further than that moment would have allowed if approached differently.

There is a certain truth to the events in the Matrix movies, we have the power to stop a bullet in mid flight, especially as we bind together and work energy fields, together as one.  For as long as we ignore that… well… the eye for an eye analogy continues to present.

WE must remember… re-member, we Are a new super human at heart.  With skills and use of elements like never before.  We can change this world!!  We ARE changing this world.  We ARE the Change in this world.  WE ARE Being demanded to Step up, Step Out, Step IN!

If we are using old world terminology, how is anyone ever going to embrace the new that is not only here, but released the old in its Presence?  If we do not work at using the new elements in relationship with the old elements, change is simply a concept, not a reality.

It ALL MUST come thru the human incarnate.  (Whisper, that’s us.)

I am being given a change of venue for the next couple weeks in the Nation’s classroom.  I am leaving it here as a note to myself when I get to website work.  This Saturday is working fully with the 11:11 energies, but not in a way we may think, maybe better stated, in a way I thought we would.  The week after, on the 18th we will address in detail the dark night of the soul, especially for those we may witness, know, run into, that is totally unaware of what the is and how to address the changes to assist them.  Whether they are conscious or not of the assistance.  Then the next several weeks, we are changing the syllabus on what I had already scheduled (which spirit has pretty much done since class two of the Nation lol.  Learning to Read, we are going planetary, in bits and pieces at a time, as well as individually.  I will write up new syllabuses tomorrow on my day off.  I will post a notice on the Nation’s facebook pagewhen it is complete.

Well this sharing went into place I was not anticipating.  On that note, my day begins!!

Super ((((((HUGZ)))))))) filled with Super Light!!

Lisa Gawlas

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higher vibrations

I had a series of experiences the other day while doing the Energy Matrix class via the Nation.  One of the very first things my team taught me was about unconditional love and judgement.  The two are inseparable energetic’s.  When we are in judgement, we are not in unconditional love, but the perception there of.

I was shocked at the shear amount of judgement I did.  I asked my team back in 2001 when this was a strong, ongoing daily lesson/application for myself, to please let me know anytime i was in judgement.  Holy freakin cow, just about every other thing that came out of my mouth or streamed thru my head, was a judgement.  My body was constantly being rattled and it took me years to change the energy in which I witnessed this world from judging to neutral.

My team has not stopped that application request to this day.  The moment I open my mouth to have an emotionally infused opinion about something (which is what judgement is) I can feel the rattle, even tho I know I am consciously stating whatever I am judging and on occasion, give my self permission to judge (never ever in my writings tho, just in occasional conversations, with the follow up statement, yes that was me judging…)

This rattle applies when I hear judgement from others too.  It is louder when I do it myself, but there as well when I hear someone judging.  My father was a prime teacher of how louder the field itself experienced judgement.  My father condemned so many things, welfare, most people, just so freakin much that I found it really hard to be in his space for very long.  When I was at his house, I spent most of my time out on the porch having my holy smokes, just to clear my space.

The class was on Energy and how everything has consciousness.  We were talking about food and the perceived vibration of particular foods.  This arena, no matter our walk of life, has the heaviest judgement within it, the reprogramming of perceptions.

If all things are energy, then all things MUST be Source energy created.  No energy can exist without Source/Creator/God as it and it as god.  Even when man puts various things together to create something other than its original form, it is all still various vibrations of Source energy coming together as a new harmonic. Some harmonics are a work in progress, some amazing perfection.  ALL Source, ALL wonder-full!!

So the conversation came to an example of a good that is higher in vibration.. Kale, than something lower in vibration, french fries.  First off, the energy of judgement is already present and bouncing.  The higher and lower vibration was really saying kale is good, french fries is bad.

My personal experience in this conversation was amazing.  Just taking up this subject and talking about it out my mouth, that energy vibration I know very well as judgement, was as if it was vibrating in surround sound.  Not just a poke, but encompassing my whole Being and this happened several times during class.  It was stunning to experience and confusing to experience.

I opted to not write a sharing yesterday, I swear I ran a marathon during my sleep, I woke up exhausted.  I couldn’t even sit at the computer, so I took my coffee to the couch and pondered in slow motion.

The Nation was put together as a unique… experiment??  Anything that is new in this plane of existence, and any other (from what I am hearing) is considered an experiment.  The concept of the Nation came thru a conversation I had with God thru the spring equinox at Marco Island this year.  The detailed sharing about that is clickable from here.

As I built the website and started to understand what is being asked of me, of anyone who will actively participate in the Nation, is to refine our personal energy body’s (mental and spiritual planes) to become the living godhead.  Which is way to lofty for me to try and really understand, and dare I say, way to intimidating too.  But to use easier words and concepts, it would be uniting at the earth level, a group-soul mind.  Not a soul group, a group-soul.  One living body with independent consciousnesses working as one for the greater all, as the greater ALL.

The closest thing we have in our memories of anything like this, would be what we know (and so much we do not know) as the Essene Community.  Even they were limited in how far they could take themselves because of the density that was so prominent on earth and limited because what we think of as communication systems were limited.  But they set the eternal flame for us to all grow within…. and beyond!!

When there is a misinformed concept in the group-soul of the Nation, it is amplified thru the All of us.  Keeping in mind, the universe, Life is not biased, in this way, it always encourages our growth and expansion thru what we call trial and error.  That said, the higher we take our personal frequency and bind together with others as we do in the Nation, the more responsibility we have to Be Zero point in all we think do and say, before we open our mouths or minds to any given subject.  If we just remember this little thing… we cannot be the Presence of God and judge anything.  Unconsciousness does not give us a free pass.

My internet is severely challenged these last few days.  I have been trying to download the Energy Matrix Class so i can upload it to the Nation, but so far, I can barely download half the file.  I am still working on it.  I really wanted to place it here for everyone today because a lot of important information came thru our group, sadly tho, it is still a download in progress (smile.)

I want to completely change the subject now.  I am running out of day and really want to talk about this personal experience I had.  On my facebook wall I was venting about the insane (yup, that’s me judging lol) cost of health insurance thru the site.  $910 a month with a $5000 – $8000 deductable.  A precious soul asked healers to gather round and supersede the need for insurance.  As soon as I seen it I put a note there that said no healers please, only those that know how to work with the energies of increasing vibration.

Speaking of a group-soul, that is who and what I am.  There are many amazing Beings that work and speak thru me as me.  There are things I say, that I put out in vibration that really takes me aback and I have to ponder it.  Well the energy coming thru that sentence, that exclamation was just such a thing.  I had to go pick up my grandson from day care so it gave me a disconnected time to ponder.  I could see various energy “healers” with that I call their bag of tricks (energy specialties) but in this multifaceted view, none were holding the energies needed to assist those accelerating to the new Light energies.  Many do not even know how they work, they just do what they do.

This example went a little further in our mundane world example analogy.  Some “healers” are dentists and if you have an ear infection, granted it is located in the same space, you do not want to go to the dentist to get assistance.

Most of your professions demand you have continued education credits, even massage does.  At least in their chosen energy package, they can start to use expanded energies if they are constantly going to the classroom of their soul… consciously!!  This is no longer an unconscious time we are in.  It used to be.  We didn’t have to be so hyperaware of all we are doing, because we were all changing from the old body template to the awakening template.  In that venue, it could be said that one energy fits all, most of the time. But those of us in the new body template must be aware, conscious.  Vibration facilitators are those who are in constant continued education classes with their soul and their physical mind and will serve you more than well.

I can keep it to my mundane experience happening right now.  The very health clinic I go to told me they are not qualified to target my lungs in their understanding and set me up with a lung specialist.  There is such honor in knowing our limitations.  Not one of us was ever set up to do it all, that would take us out of group energy dynamics and this is a group sport we are playing!!

On that note, my day is about to start.  I love you all so much!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with Pure Love and expanding Classroom to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Thru most of October our collective “teams” have been referring to November as the time we start to November as the time when all the infusions of the new energies that ran amuck on the planet thru October, (smile) start to come together to form our first layer of new skin.

Skin is our largest organ of the body and most exposed.  And literally connects to the whole body, head thru toe.  So it is not surprising that this organ amplifies all that you are, energetically.  It is as if it is its own alchemist, taking all the various energies, frequencies that make up our bodies and finds the harmonic chord to send these energies outward, blended together as light vibration.  It in a constant state of performance because out light output changes with our emotional field and the chemical output of the endocrine system.

It is also absorbing the environment around you too.  Not just what is in the air, like the sun and stuff, but the various energies as well.  This creates a sort of connective tissue with those of like frequency since whatever is out of your frequency cannot be absorbed.

From what I am understanding thru the information released in October, it is at the first layer of the skin that is utilizing all our energies.  I have seen various geometric shapes show up at this layer, various colors and frequency outputs and so on.  But I have been waiting to understand it more fully before I wrote about it.  It seems that is a privilege that just isn’t going to happen.  And this morning, its what my team wants to focus on, given two readings this past week, and one of them, I totally missed this connection/understanding.  I will start with her.

The first thing I had seen was a large cube or hexahedron in the center of her field.  Like just about every cube I had seen previously, it has this super soft, almost liquid golden energy that makes up its shape.  Her cube, however, was bedazzled.  It had what appeared to be various gemstones (and her team was quick to correct me they were not gemstones or anything relative) in various spots on her cube emitting a light frequency of that color spectrum.

When I finally found her, inside the cube doing a back-bend that appeared to be sending energy from her belly out the top side of the cube in a beautiful mix of white and lavender light, I did not realize at all, until this morning, that her back-bend had much more purpose than I was able to understand thru that moment.  She was tightening up the output of power at her center, thru her skin and ignited this frequency combination that went up as high as my spiritual eyes could see.  I cannot recall what the light was doing and obviously, not important to anyone but her or I would remember.

Another lady, her face was boiling when we connected, just like water bubbles in a boiling pot of water, only her skin was an off white and there were various colors within the white bubbly stuff that would pop inside instead of outside.  I could not make out eyes, a nose or a mouth, these bubbles were dominating the whole face.

It was explained that it is the first layer of skin programming itself, while releasing what we can call her past perception of herself, her self identity.

This becomes important for all of us to understand and allow.  It is so easy for us to perceive what we may have worked with, how we have done something in the past and insist that we have already done this, or have done that (not referring to my lady in the field at all here, but the collective who refuses to acknowledge this is all NEW blended in the base of the old)  Ahhh, that statement can take us to another level of clarity with my beautiful bubbling lady.

The palate of skin was an off white color.  The soul energy that has always been present and will continue to be present in the body going thru change.  The smears of color is the new energy, new frequencies coming into the light body and biological body creating a whole new human prototype.

Now let me bring one other reading from this week into view (I had no idea all these were so interrelated!!)  This precious lady had two new areas of emerging, I don’t know, glands, an organ and gland.  I am totally sure.  One is in the digestive system, with this organ, I had seen articles on my facebook about its discovery.  It seems they are still discovering the degree of change the body is in.  Here is an article for this:

I did not fully read this article, so I am not sure they are talking about something that I could only feel in light emergence thru her, something being formed to the left of her stomach area.

It is so exciting we are alive, in body, conscious and Knowing at this time of evolutionary change.  It is also rough to be here, in body, thru these changes… of course I am pointing that rough finger to my own body at the lungs level of change.  Cough, cough, gasp!

Well my day is about to begin.  Thank you for showing up, day after day, so we can all understand our personal and collective evolutionary changes and enhancements thru the amazing being called You!!  You really are my hero’s!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of love and expansion thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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lighted life

I want to pick up where I had to leave off on yesterdays sharing.  Something we should all do or at least, start practice doing, is releasing the thoughts of good or bad, right or wrong and just melt into the IS-ness of what IS happening.  By declaring anything right or wrong, good or bad, we are actually judging it and judgement is a form of fear.

As we are walking thru this thing we call our life, we must always remember, we do not walk alone and the journey is two fold, for both our human experiences as well as our soul experiences.  The human mind would never purposely create challenges, especially the big ones, the soul absolutely would.  The soul absolutely does.

There are two sorts of magnetic’s always in play in our lives, the human magnetic field and the soul magnetic field.  These two fields are always in constant communication with each other, sending out and pulling in at all times.  Always conspiring to bring in new levels of growth experiences for us, to challenge us and take us further than we ever would have taken ourselves otherwise.

All of this is probably obvious and known to everyone.  Lets talk about the word manifest.  The more we are in alignment with our mastery, when our energy body is at full throttle of acceleration, manifesting becomes close to instant, most of the time.  There are things, we are doing all we know how to do, to pull into our Now moments and it is like we became energetically constipated, it’s just not happening, or so it seems.

There is this very very important thing our human minds do not account for, right time, right place.  Let’s take something easy to use as an example.  Let’s say you are putting all your energy into manifesting a better job for yourself and months roll by and no doors seem to be opening.  The first thing we should do, is make sure we are not anywhere near the fear vibration and if that checks out and you are in desire as opposed to fear, and it has not come thru yet, its simply not right place right time, even if your human self is so over where you work now.

Let’s say you are looking at company A as your next best fit and they are not hiring yet, but you put an application in.  In order for you to get this dream job, someone else must be looking for their next best fit, and the universe is conspiring to move that person out so you can move in.  And we can look at the same scenario for that person, which has an affect on how soon or delayed you can get that job.

The flip side can be in play as well, there is something you need to experience at the current place before you can be released into your next job and even that, the energies and right time, right environment has got to come together.

We have been so programmed, on this path of awareness, to think if something does not happen in the time frame we want it too, we must be doing something wrong.  Not at all.

That said, there may be things we desire from a human perspective that just will never happen in this lifetime, because it does not serve our growth.  The first thing that comes to mind is, winning the lottery.  That sure would overcome a lot of our daily obstacles… but then again, it is those very obstacles that are pushing us forward in our personal evolution.

Many people confuse, or maybe better stated, interweave joy vs happiness.  I hear so often things like “I want (fill i the blank) that brings me joy…”  Let’s take a quick look at the difference between the two.


Joy and happiness are wonderful feelings to experience, but are very different. … Joy comes when you make peace with who you are, why you are and how you are, whereas happiness tends to be externally triggered and is based on other people, things, places, thoughts and events.

Joy is an internal stream of constant, like love is.  The two are intertwined and inseparable.  And I am not talking about our version of love, but that pure, unconditional love that we are created from.  That energy that allows us to look at a murderer or a terrorist and still feel love in our hearts for them.  Not their actions, but the creation of god that they are, that they have totally forgotten about.

Now Happiness is that extraordinary moment when we get the call for the new job, or meet someone who sets our soul on fire, or our favorite chocolate is on sale!!  It (happiness) is not long lasting, but does add to our joy within!!

Then there are things that show up in our lives that are so unexpected and dare I even say, completely unpleasant to experience and move thru.  This is where so many people actually lower their vibration by pointing the finger of self blame at themselves.  Feeling things like “I must have done something wrong.”  That is such a dis-empowering thought to ever have.  So, if that feeling lingers in your mind, cut the chord and free it forever.  Find a way to tap into your inner joy, and say… ohhh change is afoot, I am in a growth stage and can accelerate my Being even more now.  Let’s see what I can do thru this unexpected event and where it will take me as I allow it to!!

Our job, our challenge is to find the gift and focus there.  All the wrapping (chaos) that once hid the gift will eventually fall away, the gift never will, if it is embraced.  Push it aside or be oblivious to it… it will reappear again, and again, and again until it is finally embraced.

We are all in an accelerated season of change.  The particles of light blowing into our earth realm are accelerated in every way.  If you think for a moment, you have experienced this already, recalibrate your thinking.  This is the next level of evolution for ALL Life.

Destruction and creation are one in the same energy.  The more we hang on to a thought or self perception, the more energy we are attracting to ourselves to release it once and for all.

Patience is crucial for all of us.  That which springs from your heart of desires, KNOW it is coming.  Do not loose focus or loose heart.  If it is a job you are desiring, go into your current job every day as if it is your last day there, celebrate and be in joy.  Do not look at the clock or the calendar… it is irrelevant to what is arriving thru your heart desires.

Be mindful of what you are engaging in.  If there are conversations happening that remind you of pain you once experienced without fuller Self awareness being experienced, do not engage, it serves no higher good for yourself.  If you are in a conversation that creates anger… unless that anger is putting you into knowing how you are going to change whatever the topic is, leave the conversation.  It all creates a drag on your energy system.

As more and more light comes down and shines spotlights everywhere, there are more and more puddles of old energy memories creeping up, being splashed in (via conversations,) we would highly advise to look for the puddles that are sparkling with love, hope and empowerment.  Building a new not rehashing a past that is gone and none existent, except for in the collective memories that keep those energies prominent in this world.

There is so much more coming to earth, as a release of the old.  Not for anyone to get stuck in, but to assist others out of, and accelerate thru!!


That is a statement so big my team wanted it at the beginning and end of todays sharing!!

Humongous ((((HUGZ)))) of joy-full Light and experience to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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From here on out, we are offering the first month at half price ($24.) 

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