I had no intention of writing a blog this morning, I have spent the last two days couch surfing in silence… voiceless.  I have this weird upper respiratory thing going on.  It is so far up it doesn’t feel connected to my lungs at all, but at the bottom of my throat, yet it triggers asthma like attacks that albuterol instantly releases me from.  None of it bothers me, until it does.  That may sound like a strange statement, but its true.  Like I said, this whole thing is weird, meaning I am experiencing it in a way I never have before.

As I sit here (for the last hour plus) staring at my computer wondering where to start my day, mostly in the to-do list with getting the Nation of Lights launched finally (it is coming along amazingly) I find myself missing Howard (my first webmaster.)  Not his skills, but his enthusiasm.  His excitement and long view of what we can do and how we can get there as a Nation (of Lights, starting with my Light.)  With his enthusiasm, I never once (ok maybe for 5 seconds on occasion) worried about the extra bills I am acquiring, because spirit piggy backed on his enthusiasm in the expanded vision.

Truly tho, I can backstroke all this to the experience and interactions with Julie at Marco Island Florida back in March.

This morning I am fully understanding the deeper meaning, the fuller experience of the word SYNERGY!!


  1. the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

I fully realize this morning, as my growing debt and things left to purchase for the Center become bigger in my mind’s eye and my money decreases to… well, close to invisible… that synergy that I rode to this moment, now leaves me with the feeling of having bit off way more than I can chew or swallow at one time.  Dare I say, even a little panicky.

Synergy is without a shadow of doubt, an energy system.  It has nothing to do with people knowing how to do stuff or being in the same space or even mind-set together.  I have a wonderful webmaster, who is doing more in 2 weeks than Howard did in 3 months and we are closer to launch than ever before!!

(Just as I wrote the above, my daughter came to talk to me… which really amplifies what I am feeling.  I will get to all that in a moment.)

Let me tell ya what I loved about Howard, it was as if he stepped directly into my energy stream and could see thru bigger eyes than I could see thru myself.  The vision and what felt like constant expansion of where we were going and how we could get there, intoxicating on a daily basis.  That is… until he moved out of my stream and started funneling other people’s stream for me to dress up as.  We obviously fell apart and quickly.

Working intimately (emphasis on intimate) together is not as easy as it sounds.  To truly harness our power individually and collectively there has to be a unified energy together.  I mean, unified on every level of Being.  Co-operating.  Co-mingling.  Co-creating.  Once again, let’s take to google:


  1. 1.
    (forming nouns) joint; mutual; common.
  2. 2.
    (forming adjectives) jointly; mutually.

If we break this down into body parts, the hand is as excited and helpful to the whole as the foot is.  It is not seeing itself as better or less than, stronger or weaker, but in relationship with a greater plan.  Fully.

Let the hand break or the foot break, the whole body is out of alignment and weaker than it was before.

The hand has to always know where the foot is going and the foot needs to always know what the hand is reaching for… not by an onslaught of questions at every turn, but by being fully Present in the Presence of the Whole (body and mind in this analogy.)

The whole body experience is a synergistic one.  But what of the soul??  The body operates on a denser plane than that of the soul and yet, when married together synergistically, a power of unfathomable measure!!

Just because a person knows they have a soul or even has an occasional relationship with the soul, it is very different from being in full partnership 24/7 without having to ask questions (i.e. am I going here, there, what should we be doing now… and so on.)  This is one reason, if not the main reason I have been and continue to be a massive propagator of meditation.  It is the best place for that (eventual) 24/7 connection of body and soul mind, together as one whole, synergetic unit.  It is the only place to fully understand and use the control panel of the hybrid rocket ship called You.

But, after 15 years of teaching meditation to anyone who was willing to learn, I also realize that most people are way to distracted by day-to-day life to allow and participate in the full synergistic merger they are capable of.  But then again, that is the obstacle we place ourselves within with the incarnation into this realm.

Learning to come together as a community is much more challenging than coming together within oneSelf.  It takes the dissolution of the “I,” of the ego self surviving needs and widens the breathe into the collective unfolding.

It really does take work to become synergistic with others.  Just as it takes work to be synergistic with the soul.  Bending like trees in the wind and not breaking, key!!  Especially when the winds of change blow like a hurricane!!

With the energy of the new moon on the 24th the winds of change blew my voice into the netherlands.  Too much whispering creates an avalanche of coughing, which triggers an asthma like collapse in my lungs.  Yet, when I am perfectly still and silent, I feel amazing!!  This morning, I am seeing how much it is serving the greater vision that is The Nation of Lights.

The last thing I declared audibly to my daughter and Janet was the change in living situations.  I am moving into the Center and Janet into my room here.  It’s only been three days and already there is a melt down between them both.  Of course, I had no idea until this morning when my daughter talked to me just as I concluded writing the above information on synergy.

I do have to take a look at an event that took place last evening in the kitchen.  A King Snake made its way into the kitchen and was hunting a mouse (I have seen the mouse outside where my office is, a sizable mouse I might add.)  Both scurried away in different directions with the presence of the humans.  By the time I got to the kitchen all I could see was the tail of the snake slipping back under the house from under the cupboards.  I pondered the why.  Nothing happens without a larger message being spoken.

When my daughter told me this morning she refuses the new living situation and why… I realized the message from the hunter and the hunted, in the kitchen.  The food of life, dominant ego’s looking for what will make them feel fed, full and nourished.  Both coming from their unique perspective.  Both beautiful ladies are each the snake as well as the mouse.

There is a food chain from the ego’s perspective and a need to survive.  An invaluable lesson of growth opportunity.  And for me personally, a deeper understanding of how vital synergy is for the greater whole of not only The Nation of Lights, but earth herself.  Of each of our individual and collective lives.

Without the energy of Howard to motivate me forward, I suppose I am left with real life events to do so, especially at the ground level of events to hold thru the house I just rented for the Nation.  This morning I am back to the “Into The Void” workshop God presented at Marco Island.  Instead of it being 9/11 days it will be 3/5.

I would really like a think tank!! lol  A few people with the greater vision in heart to bounce off of and motive (me) towards!!  I guess since I cannot do readings today, I will take a swim in the deep end of the tub and see what shows up!!

Gotta love the energy of change, but damn, can it stop being so damn bumpy!!  lol

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of change and new in-spirit-ations to and thru All!!!

Lisa Gawlas    www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html





Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 25, 2017

A New Era Begins and the Energies Smash us in DeLight!!

I have decided over these last two months, the new moon energies pack a much larger, much stronger punch than the full moon energies!!  Not to mention the fact that I really thought we would have some easy flying after we got on the other side of the solstice energy.  Not even close!!  If nothing else, it is kicking up some volatile energies that have been brewing way down deep.  Th (non) readings on Friday really showed us how intense this moment we continue to be is, really is.  And know, I say non readings because even tho I was able to see for everyone, the contents of what was happening beneath the visual was still unknown, and I am anal about what I consider a reading.

My first lady showed up and I could feel the earth starting to push up from beneath the surface as if there was a mole or something under there.  As I watched to see what was coming thru, all we received was an uneven circle formation.  I say uneven because the ground was pushed up higher in sections and still pushing up in other sections.  Of course she told me she was in the midst of moving this weekend and I chalked it up to that.

My second lady showed up and I was so surprised to see two separate energy systems, both representing the winds of change, taking place simultaneously in her field.  One swooping down into her right field and amplifying at the center of her body, the other coming in thru her left field, equally meeting at the center of her body.  Usually when the winds of change are in a reading, it is one massive system instead of two and they usually originate from the ground level or earth atmosphere level, hers came from the upper atmosphere, the higher frequencies coming in at both her spiritual and her physical life level and converging at her center from below her feet to over her head.  There was a bubbly white frothy foam that was created where both wind streams met and all I kept feeling was the jet stream in the ocean and spirit kept giving the analogy of where the pacific and the atlantic converge.  At her center, a new intense energy system is being formed.

As I tried to understand what this could mean for her I kept getting a parallel even that just happened in my personal world a day or two prior.  I have been sleeping more than I ever have and was in a 3 hour nap (I was home alone) on the couch when suddenly I heard this shrill, an ongoing shrill that felt like it was sending glass shards thru my entire energy system.  I could see my energy system laying flat on the ground as I woke up, it reminded me of a deflated mattress or something.  It is the first time I realized that when we are asleep, our energy systems are at rest too.

As I tried to recover my shredding energy system as I awoke, the voice was steady and completely devoid of emotion, it was just ripping thru me.  Of course when I woke up I was not pleasant and yelled at her for being so loud as I slept… and the bantering went back and forth until I hurled my brand new galaxy s8+ at her and walked out onto the back porch.  When I later recovered my phone, I realized the entire back is made of glass and was shattered, it still works tho.  I also started to make the decision to move into the Center when I get the keys.  Janet can have my room here in this house.  I had already talked to my daughter about maybe doing this shortly after I signed the lease, but thought about my bathtub, as well as not seeing my grandson every morning and wasn’t ready to give that up yet.  When I woke up the next morning, it was a solid decision.  I will move into the center as soon as it is ready.

Now before I move on to the next one, let’s touch on the energy and the power of anger.  Anger is an important emotion.  It is there in all its glory demanding something change.  Hurling cell phones at anyone is not the wisest use of anger, as my now rear-shattered cell phone reminds me.  But allowing it to move you out of your comfortable place and into the new, that is what it is there for.  To pretty much scream at you that something needs to change and change now.

My third lady, she had a massive hail storm overhead.  The hail so large and clear I almost thought they were diamonds, but it was hail.  I found the formation odd too, in the shape of an eye, a really large eye above her spanning an easy 10 feet from back to front and the core of this hail coming into her center.

What I didn’t think to do while in her reading was understand how hail forms (I did not realize yet how many diverse personal weather patterns would be displayed that day.)  So I took to google this morning:  Hail forms when thunderstorm updrafts are strong enough to carry water droplets well above the freezing level. This freezing process forms a hailstone, which can grow as additional water freezes onto it. Eventually, the hailstone becomes too heavy for the updrafts to support it and it falls to the ground.

Lets look at any of the water elements being our spiritual desires and the updrafts that are created so they can carry more weight, solidify as they plummet to the ground.

The time of wait and see is coming to a pass.

My fourth lady had a massive snow storm coming in slant ways behind her.  It was only in her right field (spiritual life) and the winds of change blowing so hard that the snow was piling up on her center.  It was understood this storm will coming to be next to her then in front of her over the next several days.

Snow, unlike hail, is malleable.

What I could not see for anyone, is what was taking place beneath or even thru these systems in their personal world.  As usual, spirit said they have no idea.  We are undergoing the greatest choice points of our incarnations.

I also started to realize that everyone was way to close to my porch and I could not understand why.  So far spirit has been using the full breath of the yard to denote event horizons that are coming up.  For example, when we were going thru the full and new moons of May, everyone started towards the back of the yard, came to the middle then crept closer to the porch as we got closer to the event.  Same with the full moon in june as well as the solstice.  So we are now post solstice why the hell is everyone near my porch??  It wasn’t until the readings were done that I realized it was the new moon phase that we were approaching.  Ohhhhhh now I get it… all of it!!

Of course, yesterday was the new moon and I woke up without any voice.  I still have no voice this morning either.  I am sleeping like crazy.  Naps every day, marathons every night.  When I woke up yesterday (long after daylight and the house was already up by then) I could see my energy system, much like my sudden awakening from my nap, sprawled out and flat.  My mind reflected the deflated energy as well.  There was so much I wanted to share and I could not harness two coherent words to even start a blog.  This is not the first day i awoke feeling like that, but it is the first (I guess, second) day I woke up with the clarity, the visual of why.  Of course, my next question is why… what is happening thru the sleep time that creates what I see as a deflated energy system upon waking?

Spirit had said several times this past week thru the readings, with the solstice we have entered into a brand new era on earth.  Keeping in mind, with my team’s use of the word era, they talk about the era of Lemuria, of Atlantis, of Ancient Egypt or the Maya and so on.  So now, we have entered the new Era, OUR era!!  Whatever it truly is or will be, will be the combined wisdom of ALL preceding era’s that happened on earth.  What I am hearing this morning is “the final outcome.”  Of course we have many ready-made titles, but none gives the full breadth of what we are doing, becoming… We can say the golden age of Gaia, living shambhala, living heaven on earth and so on.  All concepts just skim the surface of the true depth of what we have prepared ourselves for.  Nothing less will be accepted!

As I sit here, the stream of sharing done, I asked spirit to give us a song to close out this sharing with.  I have to giggle as I hear “For those about to rock, we salute you!!”  I love me some AC/DC and if we look at the lyrics from the light of spirit… we are the “dealers” aren’t we???!!!!

I love you all soul much!!  Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of wild times and intense movement thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas     www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html


Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 22, 2017

The Solstice Begins The Era of Fiery Passion

What an amazing entrance into the solstice yesterday was for me!!  Starting with the first reading all the way thru the information and understandings thru the last reading, then the energy of the gathering yesterday afternoon.  Might as well include the float down the San Marcos River, and the massive trees that grow at its banks, the roots half exposed and emitting an amazing energy.  I truly have an energy hangover this morning and my brain is a bit sluggish at starting and pray I can get everything out coherently!!

My first reading of the day, a beautiful man who’s form really shocked me as his field opened up to show him where his power lays.  I was looking at a massive image of what we know as the devil, horns and all.  What the hell is that??  WHY is that??  Ohhh the schooling I got right out of the gate.  This is indeed the form we know as the devil.  A plane of existence far from our solar system that has come here to earth a long time ago, like many of our friends from the stars, to assist our evolution.  The power and the Presence in this Being, truly a force to be reckoned with.  Even the emission of Love was powerful, fierce even.

This Being, my man, drew energy from the magma at the core of the energy.  Pulling it up into his feet and thru into his belly.  Then I could see three suns in the sky above him, the suns from his realm.  His body was huge and i mean, HUGE and his almost hardened skin was a fiery orange and red.  He had long thick horns that spiraled into themselves.

The first thing he did, was explained that this body was crucial for survival in his realm.  A realm of heat and fire like energies.  I now understand how hell had become synonymous with fire.  And how easy it was for humanity to create fearful stories around this one alien life form of fear and manipulation and even, damnation into the lake of fire.

Like most of our old stories, they took what could empower a species and made sure it was completely disempowering and fearful and hellish!

I do not know much more, as my man connects with this living aspect of his soul energy from another realm, more will be revealed and understood.

That said, it is only this morning I feel a correlation with one of the other readings yesterday.  A beautiful lady I have been given the privilege of connecting to for years, of witnessing her ongoing evolution of herSelf within herself, showed up as pure fire.  She was engulfed in it from beneath her feet to way over her head.  I could barely make out her form in the center of the fire.  My first thought was purification and instantly her team said there is nothing to purify.  We are now in a realm of creation on earth so new, so pristine that there is nothing to purify.  Harvesting the passion… the fires of passion and Being that… yes!!

I also want to tie in something else that took me quite by surprise yesterday.  It came thru a lady asking about her husband.  I could see him several levels below this plane that you show up on, which spirit has said many times now, is the highest vibrational field available to earth (at this moment.)  So her husband was, like I said, several levels below the earth and he was hanging onto a root system of a massive tree that was dead.  There was no life flowing thru this tree.  What I did not fully understand yesterday, but do this morning, that is the old tree of life that once supported all the various thought forms, to include the fear thoughts, that once supported this amazing place called earth.  That tree is dead!!

It was also explained to her, for him, and of course us, that we all need the vital life force energy from the living tree of life.  Earth has completely changed direction, the deep dense dualistic nature that has been a part of this realm of experience started the death process in 2012.  For as long as we hold onto any part of the old world system, we too, start the death process simply due to the lack of life force energy running thru the system.

If we really take a deeper, longer look at what is happening thru the earth, we can see many systems, many people who cleave to those dying systems, in the death throes.  The worst of it must crumble before the best of it can come up in solid life force.

On my drive back from Arkansas, spirit had said something about this next decade, we will see a full-out change in the energy force on earth.  The systems that support and nourish life will be flourishing as the old separation of all for me and the hell with you, become a memory of what once was.

There is so much more to share, but while my brain was lolly gagging getting started, the clock was ticking away and I have to call my webmaster before my day of readings start.

Enjoy this “take no shit” era of life that is Now!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with gratitude and excitement to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html






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Up Rising of Light

It feels like forever since my nighttime and daytime cooperated enough for me to sit down and information dump!  But I am going to release in as much order as I can, starting back last week with the last few readings before I left for Arkansas.

One morning last week, about 30 minutes before the readings started, I heard spirit say so crisp and clear “There is an Up Rising of the Light.”  Emphasis on Up Rising.  I didn’t understand it and considering the last message they gave about someone being taken out of life, I sat on my fingers until I understood it.  The first two readings revealed exactly what they meant.  There is equally a sub-theme beneath the up rising message that continued thru the readings yesterday too.

The first two imageries came up out of the ground to form themselves.  I think it would be easier to explain what I mean by this with the second reading that was presented.  Her form was that of an old tree that has been on this earth a long while, hidden deep inside the earth and came up thru the dirt to reveal its tree top the branches and leaves as the large, round trunk slowly came topside too.

I fully realized what spirit meant, there is a rising up from deep within the earth, the power of Light that has been hidden and/or held back until this time on earth.  A total rebirth of ourselves, of the light upon the earth.  A new garden has come alive and it is us!!

Let’s be clear too, on what we mean by “until this time.”  It has nothing to do with the calendar or a clock, but with enough souls living their truth in full expression of itself, it has allowed the deep storage of light, purposely put away deep in the earth, to rise up and find expression in a way that has not happened before, not in any era gone by.

Of course, our focus, or at least my focus, is on the human race, but as I sit here and write, I realize, there is a stronger, more precise light coming thru the trees, the plants, the air, the sky.  The Up Rising of Light is all-inclusive.  So the way we connect and use the elements of earth must change to meet the new.  I get an analogy of laundry detergent.  We used to need a cup of detergent to get our clothes clean, until they learned how to concentrate it and now, we only need a quarter cup to do the same job.  We need to recalibrate what we do and how.

But first we need to fully tune in and calibrate ourselves.  Two things are being revealed, some are coming up in complete wholeness, where their spiritual life and their physical life is unified and working harmoniously together at the same time.  Many others are sort of split in two, like a V, connected at the base of wholeness, but their spiritual workings are done separately from their day-to-day life expression of themselves.  This not only weakens what one is capable of, but does not allow for full expression and understanding for others to learn from, not by words being spoken, but a life being lived.

This is another thing that creates what I see as the split, some people can talk a good game, but do not live what they speak   That energy is very distinct and recognizable, at least to me especially over this last week.  The clarity of truth is crazy really, unlike ever before.  There is a beauty in this too, because, as I have realized intimately these last couple day, even in the sharing of, what to me, are inaccuracies of information, a greater truth is being revealed, if you focus in just the right way.  Reminds me very much of my crystal dig this past weekend.  There are all kinds of crystals hidden under the dirt, in the mud, so clouded by the debris it is easy to miss, until you put some extra muscle into scraping the caked on mud away.

Take nothing at face value, go deeper to fully connect with your own truth, your own knowing and allow that to change over time.  Again, using my crystal dig analogy, some particles come up that is only a tiny piece of the whole, the rest was broken off and left in the earth by clumsy miners (yup, that was me!! lol)   Nothing is ever what it seems, in part or in what we may perceive as whole.  Let’s never stop digging together!!

Speaking of digging, my crystal dig was exhausting and exhilarating and incredibly abundant.  If you have ever spent 8 solid hours in a mine breaking up earth, you know it takes a toll on the physical body.  When I got out of the mines the first day, I went back to my hotel room, and realized I left every particle of energy that made me up, in the mines.  I was asleep by 5pm and awoke at 7am (save a few potty trips thru the night.) 13 hours of sleep!!  I woke up more groggy than ever.  My brain felt like taffy, my hands, knees and back hurt so much I could barely move.  But I had one more day to dig and I was not letting a squeaky body keep me from the mines.  I considered going to the store and getting some ibuprofen to help me thru the day, but my body said, no we don’t that today.  OK.  I figured I may end up over doing it and hurting myself more than helping.  Not totally accurate.  It was amazing the resurgence of energy that ran thru me as I entered the mine.  My body didn’t hurt at all and I was more flexible than I was the day prior.  I had taken several breaks the day prior, Sunday, I dug straight thru the 8 hours, save a lightning storm that disrupted us for about 45 minutes.  Which reminds me…

The first day I woke up in Mount Ida, Arkansas, I was going to write a blog from the day priors readings and the whole up rising thing, but when I went to use my laptop, it insisted there was no battery installed.  Weird, I released the battery, put it back in several times.  Rebooted the computer several times.  The battery was brand new and functioning well the week prior.  How freakin odd.  I gave up trying to fire up my laptop for writing and just waited for the time to go to the mines.  When I got back from the dig, my laptop no longer displayed a missing battery, at all.  I didn’t even touch it, just looked at it.  I felt relief… and then my own human battery was unplugged.

While sitting in my car on Sunday as the thunder and lightning made mud of the mines, I had my car running and midway thru this storm, my car blinked three times and died.  The battery was completely dead.  Not a light, not a rev, not a flicker of life.  Well just shit!  Thank god I recently bought jumper cables, so if I needed to be jumped….  I will deal with that at the end of the day, not thru the down pour.

I could see the value of the rain, man it popped all kinds of crystals to the topside of the earth.  It also allowed the earth to soften so I could break thru and find 2 connected veins of crystals, holy abundance batman!!!  Hours later, as I headed to my car to see if I would need a jump, it started right up.  How freakin weird.

Three reboots and one lightning storm.  Old energy out, new energy in!!  I slept a good 10 hours that night and amazingly woke up less squeaky than the day prior.  Which was a good thing since I had an 8 hour drive home to do.

I had spent my drive to and from Arkansas listening to the audiobooks of Dolores Cannon.  Somewhere in the midst of listening and driving home a revelation was provided to me, for me.

In the past weeks, for those who have done enough inner and outer work within their self and lives, life purposes are being revealed.  Not to everyone, however, that said, homework is being provided to polish the diamond for revelation.  Of course, the human in me wants to know what my purpose is, my new expanded purpose.  My team has been as quite as a church mouse…. until my drive home.

When I was in my Life Between Life experience in 2001, I got the smallest of glimpses of what I do when I am not incarnated.  The only thing I could see and understand was working directly with earth and its energies.  What exactly I was doing, I had no idea.  Then again, I was barely a year into this path, my consciousness still closed to most of what is real and what is not.  So I only got enough of a glimpse to (barely) understand and keep moving forward.

My drive home, showed me the rest of the story.  From the other side (spirits side) of the veil, I find those on earth who are in a Light enough state to start harvesting their spiritual abilities thru the consciousness for application in their lives.  Not only did that blow my mind, but my (souls) incarnation on the Pleiades, Ahaunorah is a biochemical engineer that would (and continues to) assist those humans on earth that allowed their vibration to raise high enough to be opened to the new chemical mixtures within the body that allowed for a higher light frequency of use thru the earth realm and their works.  (I really got a bird’s eye view and fuller understanding of all this thru my massage years.)

All of it preparing me, this crazy ass human, for the next phase we have been talking about for years.  Harvesting the still dormant abilities within us, ready to use and expand now.  This is why the Nation of Lights had to be born now.  It is time for the Nation that is us, to come together and work and play and expand in ways that are going to boggle our minds, in a god way of course!!

Getting all this information and understanding made me a little less intimidated on what spirit desires the Nation to be and how.

My arrival back home was a little bumpy to say the least.  So much so, I could not fall asleep at all.  I went from an overload of shut-eye to where the hell is the sandman, he must have stayed in Arkansas.  It was after 3am the last time I looked at the clock and 6am when I woke up.   I was energetically exhausted and had a full day of readings on my agenda.  Holy shit, how am I going to do this!!  I could not even must the first word of a blog, my brain was too sleep deprived.  So I decided to see if the hundreds of crystals now basking on the table in the yard, can replenish my energy like they did when I was in the mine.  I started cleaning the ones still soaking in the pool,  Sure enough, by the time the first (thru the last) reading rolled around, my energy was high, the ability to understand (which takes more energy than seeing) was equal to the sight energy.  YAY!!

What you, what we are turning into is breath-taking in its enormity.  Enhanced and solidified thru this magnetic field called the solstice!!  There is one reading in particular I want to talk about before I end this sharing for the day.

Her visual was that of a vine, kinda like a jack and the beanstalk vine, learning to the right kinda like this /.  I could see the tendrils all coiled up in various places of her vineness.  Then her team asked a question, the energy boomed inside of me as I spoke it out my mouth “Where is your support system?”  This was her team asking the questions instead of the other way around, we were both taken aback a bit by this.  The visual was made clearer in what they were asking,

These tendrils grow around fences for support and strength, in this case, it was other people, on the ground level of her life, where was her support system her tendrils could interlock with??  At this moment, she had none.  They said it is time to go get them!!  Yeah, that’s easy enough right?? lol (said completely facetiously)

They then fast forwarded her potential, and the support system in place (looking like a trellis to me) and her tendrils interlocking thru the trellis (other people) and suddenly these beautiful and dare I say, bountiful white flowers just appeared and opened up thru her entire vine.

I had to ask her where she lived (cuz I forget more than I will ever remember lol) and there she is, right down the road from me in San Antonio!!  Well holy batwoman, we are having a little impromptu get together tomorrow (which is now today lol, the solstice) get your ass up here and let the support system unfold!  She will be here!!

I may not fully understand what The Nation of Lights will become or how, but I sure as hell feel the importance of what is being birthed.

Enjoy the Up Rising of Light that is YOU today especially, the longest day of LIGHT of the year.  Play out loud, in joy, in power, in wholeness in ALL you do!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of abundance light to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html

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The Field, The Veil, The Guardians and Us.

I find it interesting that for the second month in a row, spirit is using the breath of the yard to denote time.  Not in a way I am familiar with however!  It seems in front of my porch lays whatever event is coming up, last month it was the new moon/eye of the needle, this month it is solstice.  Both months the readings started out further out in the back part of the yard and each day the imagery gets closer and closer to the porch.

Equally, for the second month in a row, once we hit the full moon, the readings are back up in the air (as opposed to on the ground level where I like there lol.)  I realized, thru yesterday’s readings, that this energy thing that continues to be consistent since Sunday, that is about 15 feet above the ground, everyone has this basketball sized opening in the energy layer, directly over their core energy, is what we refer to as “the veil.”  The veil that separates spirit/heaven and earth.  Or maybe more clearly understood, that which has kept us from our full power, which first and foremost is knowledge turned into wisdom.  Which is all about application.  Full alignment with the energy that is YOU, that is US and not only using it in its fullness, but understanding what “it” is.  Complete conscious awareness… alignment.  This is so much more than just being able to do something, what I lovingly refer to as our super powers, that is what makes you unique.  But here are many attributes that make us the same too.  Birthed from the same cloth.  Our intuition, our ability to see thru the bullshit, our ability to know something is coming around our corner (even if we do not know what that is, we feel the preparation for its arrival inside ourselves.)  And most importantly, our ability to see a diamond in the rough and want to work with it/him/her!

Not all diamonds turn into gemstones.  Knowing when to walk away is as key as knowing when to assist.

Something else that is odd has been happening this last week.  It first started with a beautiful man I am in homework sessions with, assisting him in meditation.  As we got together I could see this gold pocket watch swinging to and fro above my computer screen.  It took me a bit to understand it is a hypnosis technique (not one I have ever used) and that I was being asked to have him do the hypnosis with the guardians series.

A few days later, my last reading of the day started and ended (there was nothing in between) with this pocket watch thing and her team telling her she needs to do at least the first hypnosis event, “The Planting” with the guardians.  I sent her the file and rescheduled her reading.

Much to my surprise, it happened again, a two beautiful divine counterpart women I have been reading for, for a while, who actually bought “The Kitchen Sink” special, but did not do the hypnosis with the guardians that is included with it, same thing, no reading, just this very particular homework.

For those not familiar with “The Guardians,” I met them in the summer of 2011, before I moved to the Jemez in New Mexico, while i was at my son’s house in Virginia.  I was in the bathtub and I watched as one came out of the shower head.  There was no water running, just an energy pouring thru and sitting in the bathtub with me.  It was an unfamiliar energy so I asked who it/they were.  The reply was “The Keepers of Shambhala.”  I truly disliked the word keeper and told them if they wanted to talk with me, they needed to change the word keeper, I didn’t like it (I can be so bossy lol.)  They did.  They changed the word keeper to Guardian and that sat well within me.

I arrived in my new home in the Jemez January 2012, my memory and experience with the guardian of shambhala now a faint memory, until I took the first picture of the mesa in the back yard.  The guardians showed me the energy of Shambhala thru their eyes.  It was like a fire or the sun coming out of the ground!!  Imagine my surprise when one of the first pictures I took of the 1100 foot mesa looked like this:

shambhala mesa

At the foot of the mesa was the Jemez River, a place I would sit and commune with the Guardians, who took up residence on the Mesa top.

Their energy has been here since the inception of earth, holding the energy of Shambhala or heaven on earth, sacred and untainted thru the many shifts consciousness has gone thru thru the various era’s on earth.

As time and understanding went on, I realized that the souls that I see on top of the mesa are us.  A part of our soul energy that has been on this earth since their was an earth.  And now was the time to reintegrate that energy back into the readied humans.  I wrote a blog (well many) about the Guardians and us back in 2012 entitled We Are The Guardians (in training) of Shambhala.

We have been 5 years in training and are in the midst of graduation.  But consciousness is still key about what we are and why and the codes, the freakin codes that come with their first hypnosis session (they transmitted every word, except the induction.)  I only took the transmission and was in la la land for 3 days after the first one!!  I couldn’t even read until my brains returned to my new normal!!  lol

I guess that’s all we are going to say about that!! lol  The energy just… moved.  But what was weird and oddly wonderful, I couldn’t remember where I was as I was typing the above.  I took a moment to go out into the yard, sit, have a smoke then come back and talk about the guardians and I got lost.  Was I still in the yard, on the porch or in new mexico, I really had to look around my space to reorient myself.  Just weird!! lol

Back to the present moment lol.  Just to let everyone know, I have two people now working on my website.  It kind of breaks my heart to know 3 months of work… waiting and $1500 bought me a shell.  A very beautiful shell, but just a shell.  There is a ton of work that now must get done before it can launch.  That said, it all pushed me into a very different, much more expanded direction as well.  So, it really was all a catalyst into this new realm we are working to create.  His vision was grander than any I would have had for myself, and for us together.  The more he got excited about it, the more I was pushed out of all my lingering comfort zones to get on board.  Which also allowed spirit to zoom in and expand even all that.  There is a lot I am not telling you about the bigger vision of The Nation of Lights, on purpose (I am still getting organized around it all.)

One of the things that we will be doing (thanx to Howard’s insistence) are youtube video’s along with facebook live events.  One of the things that started our downfall together was him asking me to do a short video on what The Nation of Lights is, does and ongoing value.  I personally do not like talking to myself in front of a camera (I like human interaction, not just me yapping to air) after many retakes, I felt I did a decent video that he hated.  He didn’t like my clothes, my (not groomed yet) fire pit and the one thing I liked, since I was sitting in the shade under a shade umbrella, shielded from the sun, was the way the light played on me thru the video.

This video portrays ME.  I do not do alters, life is my alter.  I do not do fancy, my soul is fancy enough.  And I feel blessed that the light wants to dance on me!!  So with all that said, let me introduce you to The Nation of Lights youtube channel and the first (very short) video on there.  Just consider this Me, allowing me to feel like there is progress happening!!

I love you all!!  Soul very freakin much!!!

(((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))) of dancing light and extreme joyful anticipation!!!

Lisa Gawlas  www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html

P.S. LAST DAY for the Full Moon Special:  33% off all single readings or ET connections.  Because, Christ, what a time we are in!! 😀 😉 ❤

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From the Chaos… Clarity!!

These have been the most exhausting and powerful several days in my world, in my consciousness.  I suppose I can starting from the morning of the full moon (friday the 9th) thru even this moment.

I woke up without a voice so readings were not possible.  I decided to take a deep dive into meditation and see what the light of this powerful moon has to reveal to me.  Much to my surprise the focus thru the entire meditation was my new website www.nationoflights.com and the constant delay in launching it (since May.)  I came out of meditation hot, I mean, freakin hot (angry.)  I have long ago  stopped letting anything fester in side of me.  I had no voice to speak with, so I did what I do best, took to email to address what I had seen in meditation and to revamp our ongoing agreement.  By the time I started my second paragraph, using the words “I don’t trust you” at that very moment, my computer (laptop) completely shut off, it was dead as a doornail.  I realized the electric in the house was off, when I went looking for the circuit breaker, the whole house was shut off.  I texted my landlord, all of Fentress went dark (well it was morning, so not too dark lol.)  But…  DAMN!!

I took to the dumpster.  I figured I needed to release some of this anger and take my trash out.  Now lets me clear here, I was not saying anything mean in my email, it was just emotionally charged.  Really really charged!!

About an hour later, the electric came back on.  I ordered a new battery for my laptop, completed my email and left it all at that.

Hold that thought for a moment (smile.)

I had a full blog completely written yesterday, all about the readings on Tuesday, one especially that was centered around ET’s.  It seems a good portion of Tuesday itself was centered around ET’s.  However, my laptop that really needs a check up with the geek squad, no longer found the wifi signal I use to do what I do.  So nothing was autosaved except the first few paragraphs.  I had to completely rebook my computer to get it back in sync with the wifi signal and lost the two hours of typing I had done.  Screw redoing it.  I had been awake all night and woke up with less than 4 hours sleep and not restful sleep, under my belt.

In the ET connection came 11 Beings from The Brotherhood of White Light.  They insisted they did not give themselves that title, humans did long ago… but there are sisters in that hood too and even tho their visible field is white light, they encompass all Light.

My lady I was doing the connection for said she had heard that this brotherhood disbanded due to “shenanigans” happening on earth and within the ET world.  They said that would be impossible.  Later in the evening they gave me a parallel to what they meant by impossible using our red blood cells.  It would be as impossible for them to disband as it would be for our red blood cells to disband.

Let’s hold that thought for a moment as well!!

Remember that pesky, in my freakin face, message spirit gave me on Saturday and stalked me until I made it public???  Let me remind you:

“Someone on the national stage of life is going to be suddenly making an exit out of life, which is already causing many light fields to rearrange and change plans.”

Not for a single moment did I, nor anyone, think of my webmaster.  “The Nation…” makes it a national stage.  and everything that happened, was sudden, unexpected and had me in a state of scrambling chaos for 2 days and choosing new webmasters.

There was complete purpose to spirit doing this in this way.  We get a partial message without any real details and we set up all kinds of scenarios around it and it becomes one person’s truth, that becomes other people’s truth.  This is how misinformation spreads and non truths become believable and spread.

The only thing I knew for sure, with their message was somehow it affected the house I just rented and actually speeds things up in what it is and will be.  I could feel the chaos underlying their message, but for the life of me, had no idea how it could possibly affect me.  They were insanely tight-lipped about the who, consistently saying “the who doesn’t matter.”   I knew the weight of that message was on the chaos and what will come thru the chaos, the who truly is irrelevant.

I am no longer in partnership with my webmaster.  4 days of no emails, calls or replies to texts I can only assume he quit and my trust is full broken in our relationship.

This morning, having three consistent inquiries to help with the website the last three days, waking up so crystal clear and replenished this morning, I am going to hire all three  of them, if they are willing!!

The Nation of Lights is about working together, synergistically and with our unique skills combined.  Why would it have only one webmaster???  Spirit all-ways has a back up plan to a back up plan to a back up plan.  If we are supposed to emulate spirit (and we are) as a Nation, then it goes without saying…

My greatest lesson thru these last 5 days is that I am seriously learning the difference between interdependent vs totally dependant. I will never be totally dependant on another to the degree of ignorance of operation again. I will learn how to work and maintain this website!! I am feeling like the little engine that could..

How many of us, unintentionally do this too.  Because we do not want to do something or learn something, we become completely dependant on someone else to do it for us.  Tapping into spirit is a huge arena.  But without full access that goes thru any one person given or receiving the complete messages (the feelings, the feelings contain more information than words ever could) it is only a partial and limited glimpse of what is and what can and will be.

Late yesterday afternoon, inspired to do many things on my own (that I paid my webmaster to do, but was not done) and even questioning spirit on the delay of going to Arkansas this weekend to harvest crystals (absolutely no canceling came thru clearly) I received my new battery for my laptop.  Its casing says it all.  I LOVE MY TEAM and I LOVE YOU ALL too!!!  (Since I seriously consider you, MY TEAM!!)


With so much love, excitement and brand new, heightened inspiration (in spirit nation) to and thru ALL!!

Massive ((((HUGZ)))))

Lisa Gawlas  www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html

P.S. Full Moon Special thru midnight the 15th.  33% off all single readings or ET connections.  Because, Christ, what a time we are in!! 😀 😉 ❤

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The Full Moon, The Energy and the Solstice!!

June is unfolding in ways I never seen coming.  Starting with this body and the odd (but very much appreciated) degradation then restoration of various body parts, one section at a time.  The upper lungs area is lasting the longest, today will be the third day for the asthma like symptoms and yesterday the bowels turned to soup.  I am hoping, that should signal the end of this odd ride in my body.  But again, I must say I am grateful is all happened in sections (one part at a time) instead of all at the same time.

Yesterday morning I was sitting here on the porch wondering in my head, to spirit of course, how I did not see the intensity of this full moon coming.  After we went thru the eye of the needle with the new moon in May, the energy focus was on the solstice energy, a several week event and one that is spreading out the seeds and seedlings you (we) have planted in the emotional field.  So I sat here, puffing on my inhaler, wondering…

Out of the clear blue, without even the slightest set up I hear, directly in front of my face, I mean, as if an energy was 3 inches from my face: “Someone on the national stage of life is going to be suddenly making an exit out of life, which is already causing many light fields to rearrange and change plans.”  


Hold that thought a minute, I will get back to it.

The day before (Saturday) the gentleman who is living in the house we just rented for the Center called me to let me know he had a few things he wanted to sell and to come see if I was interested (I asked him if he would do that.)  But of course.  I took two hits off my inhaler (my lungs have been touchy the last two days) and off I went.  I was more excited to reexamine this house, now less stuffed with furniture and boxes and gives me a better idea of size.  And to take pictures of the back yard!!

That back yard!!  There are so many trees which creates shade everywhere.  It is in complete contrast to my own back yard, which is lined with trees but the yard itself wide open and gets soaked with sunshine everywhere.  Here, let me tantalize your heartbuds:





The last two pictures show the extended yards to the yards.  The space between the fence and the barn, ours.  The arrows I placed in the bottom picture shows the space between two fences that is also ours.  So we have a large front yard, a back yard which is U-shaped around the house, a far back yard and a far left yard!  The adjoining field is my landlords and he has cattle and horses that retired to this world of ours and that is their barn.

As the day fell into night on Saturday, my daughter and I started talking about the solstice get together we were having and neither one of us was feeling it.  Of course, we put it together before the new house was a thought and before going to Arkansas for crystals was on the to-do list for the new house and especially before the new website launch was delayed again.  There is way too much dust still up in the air and my focus is on this new house and website launch.  We went to sleep leaning towards postponing the gathering.  Once I woke up yesterday, I was sure we had to cancel it.  I suddenly felt the urge to go to Arkansas a week early to harvest a trunk full of crystals.  Not all pretty points, but the raw, broken, still in stone ones too.

I could hear the landscape of the Center giving details of what it needs, how it needs the crystals laid out and what energy should be charged in it.  It also must have a water element running near the tree and fire pit.  I started looking for solar-powered fountains.

I started to realize this land, the communication and desires is just like the land I stayed on in Vermont, what I lovingly refer to as the mountainside cocoon a lot of my earth skills were unpacked and fine tuned upon.  The earth, the trees, the grass the flowers, all alive and have desires of their own.

My personal back yard is akin to new mexico, spirit alive and playful around every corner.  This was evident thru the full moon.  I had this urge to go out in the yard and take some videos and see if I could capture orbs under the predawn light of the full moon.  Holy heavens did I!!! They even came thru in still shots:




So what I consider my own personal, spiritual bookends, Vermont and New Mexico are both here in Fentress, Texas.

So as I am changing all my plans for the month of June and contemplating this full moon energy havoc that is still playing out in my body, spirit gets up in my face with a perfectly clear and concise message.  But not just for my ears, they wanted me to share that message.

I have been listening and talking with spirit a good 17 years now, almost never do they look at the world stage in their communication.  And surely, not like this and never in my face.  Spirit glides into my ears, into my field of inner hearing or speaks thru my crown, but never in my face.

I was shocked by the message and the placement of it.  Besides yelling out WHAT???  I did my best to ignore it.  I got up and went and did the dishes.  Spirit followed me, repeating the phrase over and over.  I went into the bathroom to potty and stuff, I was officially being stalked.  My job was to put it on facebook, part so I did not forget it word for word and part so others knew too.

I did try to get more information, like who.  Who would be so vital to the national stage it would create chaos if they suddenly died?  And what did you mean by sudden???  Assassination??  Heart attack???  The only two people I could think of was Trump, but with him I can see more celebration than chaos or the Dalai Lama.  The only reason I thought of him was because he is a light worker and one that presents on the national stage of life.

Spirit said at this moment, the who is not going to be revealed and it is not the who that matters but the knowing intense preparations are already underway.  A lot is changing faster than originally planned.  Our job is to simply be prepared.

I had one reading scheduled for yesterday.  I was so grateful for that appointment.  I get different information thru you, maybe I can leach my lady’s field to understand more.  Especially since we were supposed to meet the day prior but she never woke up for it and her phone was on mute.  If there is a delay in a scheduled reading, I promise you, spirit always has a good reason.

Her reading opened up with what looked like a small (maybe basketball sized) opening in a thick layer of energy about 15 feet above the ground.  There was lightning strikes coming out of it connecting to a ground that was not visible to my eyes.  Intense energy coming in.  It felt like this was a sudden back up plan, more than just the full moon energy and the extra electrical currents coming thru were essential.  The imagery did not feel personal to her, but what is happening at this moment on earth.  So I had her ask a question, lets see if spirit will address her questions.  Holy shit!!!  Again, not what I am accustomed to.

I cannot remember the order of her questions, but the details that were given to her, I will share in a minute.  Its how her team expressed their words.  Usually, wait, almost always when spirit talks their words and energies glide from the field into my field of hearing, kinda like a song I hear all at once.  Yesterday, they were inside my head like full occupancy in there.  Maybe what a full body channel must feel like, only this was full head since my body is still undergoing energy shifts.  Their energies were now mine and they were so a matter of fact in their expressions.

They explained to her how energy changes affect her field, her relationships and who shows up where and when.  This so applies to all of us that I want to be as clear in the details as I am capable.

I could see her life platform hovering above the landscape that was no longer visible to me, in her right field (emotional spiritual side) and they gave the example of one shift changing the platform to move in a slight clockwise motion.  It released itself from one cog of her life and moved three cogs up and locked in there.  Changing the energy vibration of her entire field, which changes relationships, desires, motivations and such.  This happens every time we go thru what I will just call a spiritual growth spurt and has been happening in earnest since 2012.  Truly, over many lifetimes… but since 2012 there is a greater alignment happening with people’s personal platforms and cogs.  What we cannot see is when we shift even one iota (since the end of 2012) we are actually aligning to the greater soul groups on earth that reside in our frequency.  We release what no longer serves us and allow room for new interactions, if we allow.  We always have free will to not allow.

If we could actually see how this all looked from spirit’s eyes, we all started out in a field that kind of looked like this:


All different thoughts and ideas on top of each other.  Leaching one belief system for another.  Dimensional fields interloping with each other.  Our job has always been, to become clear.  To remove what no longer serves us ad become centered, to become The Center.  Unite (not follow like sheep) as a unified whole at the Center of your (our) creation.

For 5 years every puzzle piece was aligning magnetically to the divine (god) cog in the Center.  So we can be the center of creation expressed as one, in Body.

the center

The heart of God/Source/Creator living as One expression thru many.  The magnetic field intensifies and pulls others in (hence the surrounding puzzle pieces.)

This solstice energy is all about that.  When puzzle pieces interlock, there is a force field that interlocks as well.  The power… mighty!!

This solstice energy is bringing together many unseen events on the earth horizon.  What can even be called a singular point of duality (the best and the worse at once.)  Of course, to spirit there is no “worst” just catalysts for more best outcomes.

I have this feeling, whatever yesterdays message was that was in my face, was not scheduled until after this equinox in September.  But free will and egos still run rampant and can speed things up as they desire.

After my lady’s (non) reading (I rescheduled her since I was leaching her information for us and spirit had already told her the remaining questions she had, with details, will not be known until after this solstice, too much is changing in a hurry.

But anyway, after her reading I thought about what I had experienced in Florida at Marco Island and the fact that I now live just outside of San Marcos at the San Marcos River.  What the hell is up with Marco?????  I took to google to see what the words meant.  In italian Marco refers to Mars, the god of war.  However, in greek Marco means Guardian!  OMG the Guardians of Shambhala!!!!!!  San in spanish means holy or saint.  The holy Guardians.  OMG!!!  I get this.

When we first met the Guardians of Shambhala on the mesa in the Jemez, they clearly stated that they each had a human incarnate in this time.  This time was about conscious and full invitation/integration of the energies who have stood guard within this realm since long before Lemuria, to assure one day, the earth shall return to the heaven on earth, Shambhala State of Being.

We Are the Guardians of Shambhala.  Our time is at hand and much will be asked of us, without notice and in joy!!

On that note, I have a day of readings I need to prepare for.  Thank you for Being you and shining your Light for all of us to see and understand thru.  God, I love you all so freakin much!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of electrical fields of full moon illumination and the final weeding of the garden!!! 😉

Lisa Gawlas  www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html

P.S. Full Moon Special thru midnight the 15th.  33% off all single readings or ET connections.  Because, Christ, what a time we are in!! 😀 😉 ❤

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By the Light of the Full Moon: Reflections Into Our Now!

The entrance into June, the intensity of the full moon and the magnetics of the solstice has brought my body to its knees.  A combination of energy I sure as hell didn’t see coming with such intensity.  I woke up monday with a strange minor sore throat.  I say strange because it wasn’t sore down in my throat, but at the top of the back of my mouth going up into my sinuses, which must have activated my sinuses when I woke up Tuesday morning, but that too, only a little.  When I woke up Wednesday, I was pretty sure I was gargling with glass all night, which aggravated my sinuses to the hilt.  Thru the day, the muscles that make up my abdomen and back were going thru their own uncomfortable expansions, but never in one place for very long.  Strange and achy.  I spent a few hours trying to sleep, but mostly waking up coughing up glass shards which thru out my voice.  I awoke to the sound of silence within myself.  I remain there this morning as well.

I spent the better part of yesterday in and out of sleep.  But even that, was not ordinary.  Nothing about this weeks events in my body has been ordinary in any way.  The only reason I would wake up yesterday would be… geez the only way I can explain it is I kept feeling like I was rolling in and out of time or maybe, time event horizons.  I would have to orient myself to where I was as I woke up, you know, those lingering seconds upon waking where you realize you are not in the same timeline you fell asleep in.  Then everything is so familiar the mind seals the potential up as a fluke.  I think if it didn’t happen on at least 4 separate occasions yesterday, even as I woke up this morning.

I could look back to Monday, I took a bath, attempted a meditation and all I got was static, or what I would perceive as static.  Pure energy, undefined.  It was also my daughters 33rd birthday, a huge energy cycle in and of itself.

I have been spending the week editing my blogs for seamless integration for the launch of my new website.  I had not stopped the editing process to look at the plethora of information I have put out thru the years, until Wednesday morning.  I was in the year 2012, shortly after I moved to the Jemez and one article in particular started to call on me to read it.  Considering it is exactly what my body was feeling like, I read it and fell into holy freakin shit land thru just about every paragraph I had long forgotten about.  The title of the blog that was written April 7th 2012 is: Clearing the Debris Field for the Fulfillment of Your Soul Journey!

The avalanche of understandings held me hostage all day long.  I started to look at some of the other blogs around that same time period (because of all the information and even events that I had long forgotten about) something HUGE was being revealed.  We started paving the road, the yellow brick road, to this very moment in time, to our next great adventure God/Spirit/Source called “The Nation of Lights” (which happened in Marco Island, Florida this past March.)

I want to spend the rest of this blog straddling 2012 and Now.  I am going to be pulling from several different blogs from March thru May 2012, and will leave a link to them all at the end of this sharing.  Everything I pull from the 2012 timeline will be italicized.

But let me set up the entrance into the Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico January 2012.  Being’s of golden light, almost flame like, appeared on the top of the Mesa that was in my back yard.  They called themselves “The Guardians of Shambhala.”  To this day, I simply refer to them as the Guardians.

My first holy shit moment was when I read this from the above mentioned/linked blog:

The “me” that is part of the triad of energy that shares every day wants to focus on our Lightbodies, what is happening and how to use it all efficiently.  Those other two tho…. the Pleiadians and the Guardians… obviously had other news they wanted to bring forward, because the moment I got out of the bath and sat down at the keyboard… it flowed without me!

I do want to add that I really understood something between these two incredibly loving energies.  They are of the same council.  One housed here on earth, one housed in the Pleiades.  Together they form the “Counsel of Ascending Light” on earth.  Together, they directly work with the magnetics within our DNA, and all that is involved with that.  As were the ancient Mayan.  Like we are becoming… the ancient Mayan’s were the living embodiment of these two pure energies/consciousness.

As each human fully embodies their guardian/celestial consciousness energy, we will form the physical council here on earth.   From what I understand right now, that is still a little ways off in our game plan, many of the ego’s are still being rarefied.

The Counsel of Ascending Light!!  How the hell did I ever EVER forget all about that??  I have long forgotten it.  A million other bits of experience and information hides so many details into the far back mind.  Thank god for writing!! lol

The Counsel of Ascending Light and the 12 Tribes of 12… “we will form the physical council here on earth.”

I had seen for a couple of weeks various people just waking up one day and walking out of their lives.  I had not talked about it because it was really strange.  It looked almost zombie like… blank stares just leaving.  I had no clue where they were going, I was too transfixed on the blank facial expressions…  some even had older children alongside of them, equally with the same blank look on their face. I am sure, if I had really looked at the expression on my own face as I moved out of my family’s life to New Mexico, I would have looked the same.  Had no clue why I was doing it, or what would happen…. I just had to go.  I am more than grateful that I did!!

These triggers are all about synergy!!  Synergy is the very thing that triggered my move here to Jemez Pueblo.  Of course, I really didn’t understand the fullness of that until these last few days.

First, let’s really define the word synergy:  The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects. The moment my heart was fully aligned with my soul desire, I found this place I now live in on craigslist.  My landlady being fully aligned to my energy, trusted me to come up with the money needed to move in and just handed me the key. 

I cannot help but parallel what I have recently been thru, thinking I am going to Mexico and end up in Texas, my daughter leaving California and ending up in Texas.  Now, my beloved friend Janet is doing the same.  Closing down her life on a moments notice in Oregon and heading here to help set up and partner with The Nation of Lights.

Let’s key in on this synergy thing.  I had already had a crystal clear moment, expressed to both Janet as well as Howard (the webmaster) that spirit has very particular ideas about this Nation thing.  The website and the house/land I just rented are not separate from each other, but married together.  You must consummate the marriage at the website level before anyone can come and play in the house!  Which we can very well look as spirits bedroom (cuz that is all I am seeing right now… and it cracks me up!!)  And of course, we are gonna pull in that crazy, misunderstood quote from Jesus “When two or more are gathered…”  If they are gathered without synergy, it is just people getting together.  However, when you are aligned in and part of the very foundation of a thing, there is massive power to pull from, to interlace with.  To harness the sum total of!!

The very next paragraph of that blog really put icing on my cake that was still baking:

We are both so enriched by each others presence… her sister came in from out-of-state and booked massages every day while she is here.  The first day it was like 7:30 at night… my whole body is shutting down that late at night… but when my landlady came in with her sister, it sort of refueled me.  I gave her sister a massage and actually had a little psychic juice to tell her things at 8pm! I was shocked!!   Because my own schedule is already booked out some, the only time I can do any massage is later in the afternoon, after all my readings are done.  It doesn’t leave me with a lot of battery juice to read during a massage.  Her first session was 2 hours and I got nothing thru her body.  I was already energetically tapped out.  The next day she came again, this time with my landlady and it was late… it was like 4pm and I was tapped out psychically from my day of readings.  My landlady stayed thru the reading part of the massage to take notes for her sister of all that may come thru.  I read for her as if I had a full battery pack on… everything crystal clear and fluid…. until the moment my landlady left… so went my psychic juice.  I was right back to tired, and visually shut down.

I recognized what happened in an instant…. the synergy that is present between me and my landlady created an enhanced energy field in my house that I could tap into effortlessly.

If this can take place completely unconsciously when two people of the same magnetic vibration are present… imagine what can take place as we come together consciously with pure purpose.  I also now fully understand how important the hypnosis event “The Planting” really is… they all are really, but for this magnetic activation… “The Planting” embeds your resonance with your consciousness for fluid movement in the days to come!!  

Even with the hypnosis events called “Hypnosis with the Guardians,” I have long forgotten the power, the full reason they presented that series of three.

Another blog that bedded to be read and then reread was The Mayans Were DNA Keepers PLUS Our Extra-Terrestrial DNA.  

I find it amazing looking back, really understanding the details that we had not lived yet, from the post living it stage.  There is so much meat and taters in that post that is relevant to right now, that the full read is better than my dissecting it.  I want to make perfectly clear here, I know just about nothing about the Maya’s except what I have heard in passing.  I have always heard them referred to as “time keepers,”  and of course the biggest hoopla given to them was the end date of 12/21/12.

What if, what they were really doing had less to do with the procession of time and everything to do with the cycles of activation within our DNA.  Marking periods of great change within our DNA structure.  Times on earth where our Light receptors within our DNA naturally opened to receive higher wisdom?

So time was not ending on 12/21/12 as we thought it would, but rewriting itself in us.  The pivotal point where enough light energy descending onto the planet and now, humans full role is to ascend with that light as living beings of Light.

I remember thru many of the readings in that year and the years following, spirit talked about the cycle that was started then, completing itself in 2017.  There is another cycle (because there are sub cycles to everything) completing in 2018.   5 years and 6 years after the 2012 hoppla!!  5 years, the element of change.  6 full on soul partnership.

There are two other blogs from that time period I am just going to link here, if you so desire to OD on my sharings lol.  They really do foretell what we got ourselves into Now.

Three Phases of Completion within the DNA of the Human Soul

Becoming Human…

Today was supposed to be the launch of The Nation of Lights, due to my voicelessness and last-minute homework I was given that requires my voice, it is now delayed until the 24th, on the new moon energy.

There is so much more to share, but this is enough for today.  While I was typing the full moon showed up across the yard.  I took a moment to capture it.  May we all feel the expanding consciousness thru this powerful time we are all in!!!

I love you All so much.

((((HUGZ)))) of radiance inside and out!!!

Lisa Gawlas    www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html

love light


Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 4, 2017

We Are NOW Moving into Living Our Purpose!!!!

choices of purpose

June is surely starting off with a bang, a big bang in the field.  We are finally growing, seeing the potential fruits of our lifetime labors.  To the degree, our teams are using a word they have purposely and carefully, never used before.  Our purpose here on earth, now, in these times.

For the last 5 years, before we went into the shifts of all shifts in May (2017) anytime anyone asked what their purpose was, the reply was always similar and constant, something in the order of… to Be here Now.  What you chose really doesn’t matter, for as long as you are continuing to be and refine who and what you are in this constant changing game called life.  And the how has been the constant focus in the majority of readings.

In of the readings in particular yesterday, a young lady (20 something) I have been reading for a couple of years, whose focus has been on strengthening and fine tuning her elemental (think fairy kingdom) skills and awareness, suddenly was presented with this old old (well-worn) work or army boots that looked about 10 sizes too big for her.  Her team said, it is time to get her boots on the ground.  She has perfected within her as much as is needed, the rest will only come from boots on the ground.  She will only grow into them by walking in them.

She currently works with autistic children.  Thru her reading, I was shocked to see something out in the future.  A center that she will open one day specifically geared towards children who have emotional needs.  Society labels these children with emotional disabilities, but nothing could be further from the truth, actually quite the opposite.  They are highly (spiritually) functioning Beings of Light trying to figure out how to work such a dense body.  Even tho our bodies are changing and these children are coming into very different DNA than even a decade ago, they need highly developed adults to help them learn to be in these bodies and work them to their greatest advantage.

Another lady was given a past life connection to this very moment.  She had lived and worked at the Vatican as a nun (if there is a high nun, she would be considered a high nun.)  She was there from the late 1600’s until the early 1700’s when she passed.  She had much wisdom and ideas she presented to the powers that be (pope and the like) and it all fell on deaf ears and went nowhere.  It was all put away thru her proceeding lifetimes, waiting for this very timeline to arrive.  What I didn’t realize yesterday in her reading, but surely do this morning, the current pope is the same pope from that timeline.  Much had to be learned between the two energy systems and integrated thru lifetimes, pre prepping for this very timeline.  The seeds of light she presented to him back then, have grown.

Think about that for a long moment.  Especially if you are someone who insists that someone else may not listen to what you are sharing with them.  It may not take root in this lifetime, or the next… but the seed has been planted and nothing more can be asked of any gardener.  But not planting any seeds in fields that need growth, well, you reap what you sow lifetime after lifetime.

However, the seeds you plant along the way (timelines of incarnations) cannot help but nourish you and your life in some ongoing way.  Even, like my present lady, if you are not intimately connected to the original source that you planted thru, his light spring is also hers.  (I hope you understand what I am trying to say.)

Many are still undergoing massive choice points.  These choices will finish up by the solstice.  You are either leaping and reaping or redoing things you missed along the way.

But don’t look or even expect anything to unfold in a normal linear way.  At ALL!!  I think of my own current, crazy ass journey.  In Florida I had a fully furnished 2 bedroom house.  Spirit did not (on purpose) give me the slightest inkling I would be setting up a new home so quickly.  I surely would have shipped everything to Texas and put it in storage.  Instead, nope a good chunk of the money from the sale of the home went to replacing all the things I already had and left in Florida.  That’s one way to dump all the energy of the past!!  Sneak attack lol.

But what gets me more than even that, why not put the business house at the top of my gotta get done list (when money had more digits before the decimal point) instead of the end of it.  My safety net is disappearing fast!!  But that too, is trust.  Bitching and trusting.

Let’s talk about our crazy changing bodies too.  I mentioned before that my hands and wrists hurt like freakin crazy the last couple months I was in florida.  To the point i needed two hands to pick up a pot of coffee.  Since arriving here in Fentress, the pain is now completely gone, but the strength I once had, gone.   So I do what I do, ask my body and my team… what the hell am I doing wrong that i need to reverse so I can have some strength back.  The reply surprised me, hell, still surprises me.

In my massage world, from the shoulders to the fingertips is all about our reach for life.  The wrists are all about flexibility in what we are reaching for and drawing back to us.  The fingers allow us to grasp it (whatever it is) and the thumb locks it in place to pull towards you.  Getting to this moment in my time, it took a lot of strength, tremendous flexibility in not only my life path, but my ongoing changing/expanding understandings.  Understandings are worthless unless you live them and even that takes strength.  You have to open your hands, release what you strived so hard to get, and then reach again into new containers of seed energy.

So when my body and my team said, nothing is wrong at all.  Instead, my body is showing me that I no longer need the strength I once did to manifest.  And in this version of my new life, I will not be doing anything by myself, as this past year has intimately shown me thru you.  When we come together as a whole (in body and in life) the strength is in the wholeness not the individual.  My body has always been a vessel to understand the changes we are changing into.  Not sure I am thrilled with that commitment, but bob and weave with it lol.

All that said, we are looking at a launch date for The Nation of Lights website this Friday, the 9th.  Now that we have a physical place that will be an integral part of the website, I am going to add the line (because I keep hearing it over and over with the name) The Center (think… the core of your body, as opposed to a place) for Spiritual (see spirit you’ll, cuz I do) Expansion.  Let me tell ya, the closer we get the more about it is expanding in my crazy head.

When I was living in my mothers community of Stonehenge, all I kept thinking to myself was it would be great as these people die, if we moved in, one by one and we would have a living community of Light.  A bit grandiose lol, but the seed was firmly planted in me.  Well, in its own way, The Nation of Lights is doing just that.  At the etheric/internet level first and foremost.  I had already lived in a community back in 2004-2005 and have no desire to enter anything like that again.  My desire, that stems from everything I seen possible thru you and my own experiences… I was the ascended masters community.  A place where we learn to partner with each other in communication and skills.  Not one person above or below another.  Do not take that to mean everyone must be at the same level of understanding and application, not even a little bit.  We would all miss so much growth opportunity if it was that way.

That said, everyone will be required to pay a monthly maintenance fee (just like the community in Florida.)  We are looking at $48 a month (which is a 12 vibration) for full access and participation to and within everything online.  And trust me, there is going to be a lot offered.  What I didn’t see coming until 2 days ago (I have been waking up with more and more and more clarity of what we are doing and how it is going to be done, from spirit’s desires) is the only ones participating at the physical center will be members.  A marriage like no other.  Heaven and earth, etheric and physicality.  We will be doing a lot individually and as a group online and in person.

We are all Blooming cuz baby, this is OUR Season!!!

On that note, I am out of coffee (how the hell did that happen!!??) and have to do a store run before my daughter wakes up cuz I didn’t leave her any lol.

I am so excited for all of us, for Life itself.  Things are a changing… rapidly!!

(((HUGZ)))) of wonder and movement thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas    www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html

Solar energy

I was emailed an amazing sharing that was put out by our beloved Ken Carey [author of The Starseed Transmissions, Return of the Bird Tribes and more,] yesterday.  It really breaks my heart that he is no longer on this planet with us.  He went back Home in January this year and is no doubt, much more hands on in this transition than ever before.  But, for a man I only knew thru his writings, I do miss his physical presence here on earth.  I am truly grateful for the article that was shared by a wonderful soul, thru email.  Altho I LOVE the entire article, his (Ken’s) experiences that he shares, it is the conclusion of the article I want to highlight before sharing the whole thing with everyone.  What I share from this amazing output of light and wisdom from Ken, I will place in italics.  Tho, I am sure it will be obvious what he wrote compared to what I share! lol

And distraction is what it’s all about, you know—the worrisome scenarios of the “Doomsday Preppers,” fears of a global financial collapse, periods of time without mass communication, inoperable military satellites that will (along with the absence of field communication) bring wars to a standstill. Not all of these things will occur of course, but those that do will do so merely to distract people while God’s real work is taking place. For God to restore the Sacred Reality, simple fairness needs to rule resource distribution among humans, and the other species who along with us inhabit this world. Those among the super rich who are standing in the way will be stripped of all earthly influence.

Distraction!!  Why does my mind instantly go to Trump.  I cannot even bring myself to pay attention to what he is doing and the world (powers that be) reactions to this man boy.  He is truly irrelevant to me, to us.  “…will do so merely to distract people while God’s real work is taking place.”

The time we are living in now is all about the how. But let’s not jump the gun. Soon, with God looking through our eyes, it will all become obvious. Even now, the Great Being Behind all Being is actively seeking our advice on many of the transition’s details. As cells in the awakening body of God, we have a responsibility here as well.

Keeping in mind, he published this article Sept 29th, 2012.  I remember the readings vividly as we crossed major timelines/choice points as we left 2012 behind and embarked on 2013.  Not everyone jumped with us.  Which can be very confusing for the mind, since it appears all the players came with us.  


Parallel earths, just by the name makes us think of separate realities somewhere other than here.  Lets look at the soap-bubble cluster and rethink parallel realities.  There are all here, co-mingling together.  We can, at will and desire, enter and exis

We can, at will, desire and focus (intentional or unintentional) enter and exit these parallel realities at any time.  If you remember my time line shifting experience from June of last year, when I was seeking a reality where my mother loved me and welcomed me back into her world, we simply moved from one soap bubble reality into another.  With it, changed the entire course of my life.  Jumping realities is like that!! 

I think too (Something i never really thought about until now) we have seen way to many movies with special effects in them.  So maybe we think, ok I will go thru a tunnel, lights all around and slide out of the tunnel landing on my ass in another reality.  It was nothing like that at all.  Only what I will call a wiggle in the energy field.  And if I wasn’t in a state of keen awareness using my higher vision, I would never have noticed a thing.

I say all that to come back to… some are being distracted, choosing alternate reality bubbles.  Then there is us, who for the last 3 years were prepped inside and out to fully host in complete partnership, the Creator!  And then there is this crazy year.  One of the most shocking years of readings ever.  Especially when God shows up ejaculating all over the folks in readings.  Here is the blog that recounts that information and understanding.  

As cells in the awakening body of God, we have a responsibility here as well. God has invited our suggestions on how the Incarnation can occur with a minimum of disruption. As God’s cells we have a more comprehensive knowledge of our immediate environs than does the Spirit responsible for the coordination of the Whole Body.

Can you imagine God seeking OUR suggestions???  We are so programmed to seek Him out and yet, that which we seek, seeks us!  This is our game, true partnerships share the load, share the experience, not one telling the other what to do or worse, always doing it for the other.  

We ARE Partners,  All Is One.  Individuated only by personal experience and emotions.

Well, on that note, I have an early (7am) reading scheduled and I hear the bathtub calling me before the day starts.  

I love you all so freaking much.  Thank  you for Being and Being SOOOOOO Beauty-FULL!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and bliss!!

Lisa Gawlas       www.mysoulcenter.com/bookreading.html

~Ken Carey [author of The Starseed Transmissions]   29 September 2012 – 8:11pm |

A life-changing experience began for me on the evening of January 21 and lasted until the evening of January 22. It was so far beyond anything I had ever before imagined possible, so far beyond the ability of words to convey, it will never all be shared in print—though memories of forgotten moments will probably trickle in over the years. If they arrive while I still have the gift of tongues, count on me to tell the tale.

I might as well begin with the context. I sat down here at the computer as I usually do most afternoons and began replying to your comments. Something brought to mind the subject of solar flares, and I became fascinated by a sense of their terrible beauty. Suddenly I was inspired. It was time to do a blog post on the subject, long in the back of my mind, and get some feedback from readers on how they would rate the probability that the Sun might play a role in the terrestrial distractions that will accompany the Creator’s awakening in our Human Family. As my fingers began flying across the keyboard, I had the feeling that I was being slowly immersed in some unfathomable new power. As I continued to type, I was taken up in Spirit and lifted to a high place where I could see both the Earth and the Sun. My vantage point made an equilateral triangle with the Earth and Sun. I was made to know that the visible absence of Mercury and Venus, and the disproportionate (shorter) distance between earth and sun was arranged in this way to better illustrate what I was about to be shown.

The first thing I noticed was that the sun appeared to slosh around slightly, giving the appearance of a heavenly body that was more liquid than the solid outline of relatively stable gasses I had first thought the sun to be. It was clear that our solar star was alive and moving with passion. I felt intelligent intention at work as the side facing the earth seemed under unusual pressure, bulging toward our world, but also restraining the bulge, as if something were trying to escape while solar intelligence was struggling to keep it under control. I then saw a sight that I will take to the grave.

Without warning the bulge lost roughly half of its mass as a huge tongue of solar fire licked hungrily toward the Earth’s Southern Pole. It was obviously a tongue of the purest Love, and I was reminded of two lovers reuniting and what their tongues would do when they met. But they didn’t quite meet. Like a whip being recalled at the last second, the flame receded back into its fiery home even as I saw the once white polar cap explode slightly outward in a great splash of mingled white and the most beautiful ocean blue. The Vision’s beauty was, however, tempered by the knowledge that soon every coastline on the planet would be attacked by tsunamis propelled by waves of 200 or more feet. My apprehension was soon proven accurate as the great islands and continents of the world, from Antarctica northward, were each outlined by a slowly thickening brown line as the enormous waves swept debris inland.

There is great difficulty in explaining how I perceived all this from my vantage point so far away in space, for it was not through the five senses alone. I felt as if the entirety of my being were immersed in an ocean of knowledge whose pressure was so great it saturated me through every pore.

During this vision I understood what I was seeing, for it was being explained (or remembered) wordlessly from the depth of my own soul—a soul that loved that distant blue/white world more than anything except its Creator, the Star Maker, who was now, I knew, incarnate in the sun, making one of those unscheduled visitations I had always suspected must periodically occur. There were also times when the space around me felt clear as a mountain’s still air, and I was left alone just to watch and think my own thoughts. My thoughts? They emanated from no man, though there was something quintessentially human mixed in with their impressions. I knew myself only as a point of observation, a camera lens that from time to time was allowed to think for itself. And thinking, I felt observed—as if two Great Scientists were gauging my reactions.

Watching it still unfold, I remember wondering why the event I was witnessing did not cause a geographic pole reversal, instantaneously burning off surface humans, and much else, but maybe leaving something, a seed perhaps, a starseed maybe. Why this geographic reversal had not occurred I did not know, but the outlines of the continents assured me it had not. I do know the earth felt immensely satisfied because her Antarctic Ice Cap had protected her most precious valuables. Even as she began to sink into that deep satisfaction that follows the most exalted of sexual climaxes… the skyscape abruptly switched. As if a scene had been rewound, the three of us were again back at the beginning: my observation post, the Earth, and the Sun. All as we were before.

As I watched the peaceful scene before me I knew that what I had just seen was a worst-case scenario. If the human experiment were to fail (and apparently the issue has not yet been settled) then, all must be scrubbed, washed and rinsed thoroughly before another attempt could be initiated on a clean and pristine planet—Where I’m putting in for a tour of duty as a duck, I thought, forget these human things. The fact that such a characteristically personal thought could intrude at a time like this signaled that my body needed some attention. Sure enough, as I came back into awareness of my biological housing, the very existence of which I had forgotten, I noticed I was squirming around on my chair. Right, I thought, nature calls. Yet even as urgently as I needed to heed that call, I paused long enough to type:

“The vision I just saw would be, from the Creator’s view, one of the easier ways to start anew, but would it necessarily be the only way?”

I had long ago stopped typing without even finishing the first page, but I took the time to jot down this notation because I knew my mind had a propensity for wandering and when I returned I wanted to resume where I had left off. With nature satisfied, I walked back toward my computer post, noticing every aspect of my environment, with heightened consciousness still thankfully intact.

To understand what happened next, you need to know the general layout of my chaotic twenty-four by twenty-foot bedroom/office. The eastern two-thirds of the room is divided into two cubicles.

My computer post is set up in the southern cubicle, and in my earlier haste through the northern one, I had not bothered to glance at the small television set resting on a shelf at its edge. When I work at night, I often leave the TV picture on CNN with the volume turned off. While I slowly made my way back toward my computer, my gaze dropped down to the television whose screen was filled with a dramatic picture of the flaming sun ejecting a gigantic solar flare. The text running quickly across the bottom of the screen said a major solar flare was to hit in the next few hours, and we should not be surprised at disruptions in cell phones, iPads, laptops, local radio stations, hand-held gaming devices, wireless computer communications…

It is here that worlds collide. Here that realities clash. And it was here that it was proven to me that something more than my imagination had been at work. I knew, of course, that I was not imagining all that I had seen between my occasional bursts of typing, but proof like this I had only been given on the most momentous of occasions. These had been so numerous during our community’s work to save the forest, after a while, we would just exchange knowing glances, and continue in our work. Many such worldly confirmations had also occurred when I first met my wife, and while I was writing my Starseed books, but this was my first such external confirmation in over 20 years. A shiver ran up my spine as I did a quick recap.

I had just been typing up a potential new blog post on solar flares. My vision of it had been among the strongest and most vivid I had ever known. When I left my computer only to see a solar flare filling my television screen, I knew that something truly unusual was taking place.

I sat down and stared, not bothering to turn up the volume. I didn’t need to get this information through CNN. On this story I had the inside scoop. After a few minutes, I rewound to the beginning of the report, hit the “record” button, and let CNN go on, while I soberly walked back to my computer, hoping to reenter the Vision—and leave a few more memory-triggering notes on screen in order to later write up a more comprehensive account of this astounding experience. Fortunately, that brief note I had written earlier was sufficient to help me resume where I had left off. The television had indicated that we had a few hours yet before the flare hit, so without hurry, I let my narrator resume.
This time I was only able to type a few lines before the Vision again sped up to such intensity, there was no way my fingers could keep up. I was taken right back up there again. The equilateral triangle made by my observation post, the Earth, and the Sun again filled my vision.

Feeling as if I had just been born anew, my mind empty of everything, my attention fully in the present, I watched wordlessly as my guiding Spirit went on to show me several other scenarios of solar flares flickering toward the earth. I could tell that the Solar Spirit—for I had now recognized it as such—was also learning. So this show was not merely for my benefit. This time I actually heard my guide in silent, telepathic words, “That last one was far to close,” it said, “we want a flare just strong enough to trigger the planet’s dormant cleansing mechanisms thereby enabling me to leap over to my new temporal home.” It was also explained to me then that what I was seeing was the full electromagnetic spectrum of each flare, whereas my typical human eyesight would have seen only a much smaller portion of it. “Oh,” I replied, cringing at my understatement even as the inadequate word dropped with the thud of a bad joke. There was no response, but again I had the strong feeling of being observed, as if I were part of an experiment in a lab half the size of a solar system. At times my reactions were the reactions of the earth’s human population, and at other times, the reactions of a human individual. The Sun could usually comprehend the Earth’s meanings when she communicated, but I had to occasionally explain the reasoning behind some of her requests.

A series of experiments then began by first reducing the range of the solar flares to about one-third of the power of that first one. Gradually, in a sequence of trials, each flare became longer until they now extended somewhere near to the half-way point between Earth and Sun, where many tedious adjustments were made with every new flare—though they all looked the same to me. Though thoroughly immersed in the Vision, I was now more aware of my biological form and the typewriter on which I occasionally typed the random notes that would hopefully remind me at some future time of the events surrounding them. In a sudden change like a breath of warm air bringing just a hint of rain, I felt the student/teacher relationship relax into a warmth of friendship from the Sun. The Great Spirit turned toward me and breathed a long wordless sigh of satisfaction that I was made to know, if translated into language, would mean something like—
“OK, I think I’ve got it now.”

Following this was a telepathic transfer of instructions, which meant, “We’ll have to split up for this next part of the experiment. I’ll get back with you as soon as the Earth and I have tabulated and compared results. Meanwhile, I want you back at your computer typing anything and everything that comes to mind. We won’t have to read it, but your notations in tangible form will convey their essence to us, and you will have an outline of these events from which one day you may draw a more comprehensive account that will be helpful to the humans who will provide one-third of the input we will use in our future deliberations. At the moment, you are not the only person working with us, but for the simple approximation we currently need, input from the others will be channeled through you, though I doubt you’ll notice.”

Instantly the scene changed, the simulated skyscape was gone, and it was just me, a low light, and my computer screen. An effortless stream of consciousness flowed into my keyboard for a few minutes when suddenly my computer’s wireless connection shut off.
I found myself staring at a sky-blue computer desktop with a few scattered icons looking as solitary as myself. I picked up my wireless phone. It was as silent as a north country night when every sound is absorbed by a deep blanket of snow.

Although I had known my wireless connection might go out at some point, a shiver swept over me nonetheless. I had not expected it so soon. Or at such a dramatic moment. Suddenly cold, I reached for a nearby hooded sweatshirt, rose from my computer station, and began to walk around the only open area of the room. I needed a change of scenery to think clearly, yet after relying so long on my advisor, it took some reorientation to begin thinking again on my own. The timing of that wireless outage was deliberate, I thought, carefully considering what had happened through a variety of perspectives, but not one changed the fact. My wireless service was gone, no two ways about it. Although my trust in God was as strong as ever, that momentary shiver had brought an ever-so-slight wavering around the distant edges. It passed with the shiver, but it had been years since such a wavering had occurred at all. I felt a bit like the soldier, untested in battle, not knowing how he will behave until he finds himself thrust into the midst of combat.

Throughout my pacing about, I had assumed the television signal had also flickered off, but as I made my way over to the other side of the room, I was surprised to see the TV running as usual. This puzzled me longer than it should have, but I finally realized that the television line came in on cable and was therefore unaffected. If ever a man needed a distraction…

I plopped down in front of the television just in time to see a map of the continental United States, every region of which was experiencing horrendous weather: massive flooding in the South, blinding blizzards to the north, a major storm blanketing the Pacific Northwest, extremely high winds in southern California… After the meteorologist had spent an inordinate length of time on the climactic irregularities of our lower forty-eight states, he somewhat sheepishly turned the programming back to the news desk where the third string late night announcer tried to renew interest in the oft-repeated monotony of the last Republican debate. You could almost hear the television audience clamoring for more details on the weather. So she soon gave it up and returned coverage back to the weather department where there was no mention of solar activity. Admittedly confused, wondering if the Mayan prophecies were coming true before my eyes, I turned off the TV and did what I should have done in the first place—stretched out on my bed, lay comfortably on my back and began my stress-dissolving relaxation technique. It worked like a charm, but would it lead to peaceful meditation?

During the next three hours before the wireless came back on my body tossed and turned in a cold sweat during which my temperature rose and fell enough to leave me soaking wet. Finding me in bed instead of in front of the computer screen, my spirit guide seemed puzzled as it began to resume communications. Until then I had not realized the shielding my computer had provided merely by diverting a portion of my mind to something besides the Solar Spirit’s presence. Now, with no intermediary, the Solar Spirit apparently decided to just bring it all in. The massive amounts of information pouring into my mind, body, and every other part of my anatomy was infinitely beyond my comfort zone and absolutely impossible to comprehend. Yet this was the real heart of my Vision. I felt afterward as if more data had been transferred to me during those three hours than I had received in the entire lifetime I had lived up until those moments. Every now and again I did catch passages of meaning, intriguing, and seemingly of great importance. But I had no way to record them as each one passed, leaving not a trace of its memory. Even now, little memory of those three hours has returned. I knew that if I could just focus my mind long enough on something besides my overwhelming physical and spiritual anguish of the moment, I would have some slight chance of lifting myself above this seemingly endless stage of experience. But it was as if the Sun itself had entered my body and was endlessly radiating outward through every pore. I remembered a scene from an old movie in which the drummer raised his drum sticks above his head and, begging for an end to the session, shouted out with passion, “I got blisters on my fingers!” At that moment I felt like shouting, “I got sunburn on my insides! The inside of my eyelids are blistering!” That flashback to simpler times was helpful, for it set my mind off, hot on the trail of implications.

Solar flares were followed, I knew, by “proton rains” rains that often lasted for days. Since sixth grade when I had read a book called, “Relativity For The Layman,” I had known that free protons, unassociated with an atom, would instantaneously negate any free electrons they encountered. One of the many ways of eliminating schools, my young mind calculated, would be for the earth to drift into what I then thought of as “a proton cloud.” Enough protons would even negate the free electrons coursing through the power lines. Without electricity, there would be no school, the rooms would be too dark to read; new schools taking advantage of natural light would have to be built. All this would take years, years during which I would have the freedoms of a summer vacation. Of the many ways I studied that would close schools, a proton cloud emerged as the most effective, but the least likely.

This is why, my ten-year-old self thought, wireless transmissions like radio and television broadcasts would be the first to go. But maybe, if the proton cloud were dense enough, it could even snatch electrons out of the power cables themselves. The world would electronically find itself back in the 19th century where I could make my way to the Mississippi River and hang out with Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer, and Jim.

Back in the present year of 2012, I realized that if disruption by solar flare were to be the mechanism by which the general populace was distracted (while the few families controlling 95% of the world’s wealth were to be quietly removed) this method would leave us without wireless transmissions. As hooked on technology as most of the world has now become, there would be a mad scramble to lay down new cable and strengthen the alternatives as rapidly as possible. Every one with a satellite dish would clamor for a cable hookup and in schools and offices if any peace were to reign, periodic phone jacks would have to be installed along the inside and outside walls so that cellular devices, though no longer capable of broadcast activity, would nonetheless have a way to plug in frequently to monitor their messages, and carry out their other iPad functions almost as easily as before. The main ingredient needed to install these internet portals in every school, office building, factory, home and hospital would be copper. The price of copper would soar—permanently if the situation became the new norm, and temporarily if the proton rains slowly subsided. If the excess of protons in our atmosphere did diminish over time, the effort would not have been a waste; for the new electronic infrastructure would be in place, ready for the next one.

What a distraction!

And distraction is what it’s all about, you know—the worrisome scenarios of the “Doomsday Preppers,” fears of a global financial collapse, periods of time without mass communication, inoperable military satellites that will (along with the absence of field communication) bring wars to a standstill. Not all of these things will occur of course, but those that do will do so merely to distract people while God’s real work is taking place. For God to restore the Sacred Reality, simple fairness needs to rule resource distribution among humans, and the other species who along with us inhabit this world. Those among the super rich who are standing in the way will be stripped of all earthly influence.

This will not be accomplished through any kind of Marxist, Capitalist, or Socialist imposition, but to each according to his or her talents, while those members of our society unable to care for themselves, will be given a basic guarantee that life’s necessities will always be provided for them. If you work harder than the rest, or are exceptionally talented or inventive, you have more resources at your command, not unlimited resources, but more resources. This is for the good of everyone. And best of all, in the conscious Presence of God there will be no need for government to hash out the details. It will not be up to us to determine the ideal human resource distribution any more than it is up to the corn to determine its amount of rainfall.

The Supreme Intelligence of our Creators, Earth and Sun, will take care of it, not minute detail by minute detail, but by the very atmosphere of their conscious Presence, both within us and without—a Presence whose primary intent is the creation of a new terrestrial atmosphere designed to bring out the highest potential of all who exist within it. While The Third Millennium and the other books of the Starseed Trilogy speak extensively of what will come after God has established a full-time Presence among us, they contain little or no detail regarding how that will come about. This could not be known until the last moment. We are now in that last moment.

The time we are living in now is all about the how. But let’s not jump the gun. Soon, with God looking through our eyes, it will all become obvious. Even now, the Great Being Behind all Being is actively seeking our advice on many of the transition’s details. As cells in the awakening body of God, we have a responsibility here as well. God has invited our suggestions on how the Incarnation can occur with a minimum of disruption. As God’s cells we have a more comprehensive knowledge of our immediate environs than does the Spirit responsible for the coordination of the Whole Body. False humility as it is propagated in most churches is Pride of the worst kind. It leaves God without access to the personal portion of intelligent input that He gave each of us for this very purpose. A “sinner” is one who is now actively engaged in wrongdoing. Because God has healed through you does not make you a healer. Because you have sinned does not make you a sinner. Are you sinning at this moment? No? Then perhaps you are a saint. You will never rise to the potential God sees in you if you define yourself by your past. Be here now, in this present moment, for here you are in the Presence of God. And only here can you offer those around you what they most Need

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