The first thing I want to do is celebrate the stand down at standing rock!!!  The people and earth won, at least, for now!!  No pipe running under the river, yippie!!  If those gathered on and around Standing Rock aren’t the out loud expression of perseverance, standing firm in your desires, no one is!  These beautiful people have had every obstacle thrown at them, pelted at them, and they stood firm and did not waver… and won!!

On this same amazing day called Dec. 4th, 2016, the final detail in my daughters change of life adventure came thru.  Her paternal sister is currently on the road with a big truck with an adjustable ball hitch is driving from Houston, Tx to California to tow the RV back to Austin, TV all my daughter has to do is pay for the gas and give her a tattoo!!  Yes, both my daughters are incredible tattoo artists!!

I even finished up the ET course that started earlier this year after months of delays!!

WE are, collectively, the ruby slippers.  The possessor IS omnipotent – more powerful than the perceived ‘Great and Powerful Oz’ or the powers that be right now.  We are One, We are United and we are freakin powerful, together.

I had non reading yesterday that thought me more about our power than I bargained for.  I had already read for my first lady of the day, so I knew I was on and functioning so I was surprised when i went to ETville and seen nothing.  I have already seen in the past few weeks where a reading was more important than an ET connection, but equally for some, the ET connection was more important than the reading, so I went into the office to do the reading, nuttin!!  Hey!!!  What the hell!!  I figured it has to be her and she must be in change, since for years now, when you are in the midst of nuclear change at the cell level outwards, I cannot see you until the change settles into form.  I had to assume this is was the state she was in, even tho saying it tasted like lie (and yes, non truth statements have a taste coming out of my mouth, bluck!! lol)  She had also told me that two friends were sitting there with her, and I have met all three of these ladies in person.  Actually we all hiked the Mesa in my former back yard in New Mexico together last year.  I KNOW these ladies and have read for all of them.

When I hung up the phone I was given the clarity of what and why I couldn’t see for her and it was nothing I ever heard of before.  The first thing my team said was her light was bent in too many direction to get an accurate read.  Huh???  What the hell does that mean??  For close to 16 years now, I could read you in any position you showed up, since I did not read from your physical energy body but your soul light.  You could be having sex and it would not skew what I was able to see and pick up.  Well, that was before our soul light bonded into one energy system with our body’s.  This really puts the full mantle of power in your hands, literally.  But it also changes when you are in physical connection with others of like frequency.  I went looking for an image that I was shown after I hung up and found a site that details more information:


“When waves pass through each other, they interfere, producing neat effects. Artist Gary Drostle harnesses the interference patterns as light passes through rippling water to create fish pond mosaics.

The first pond is Trompe L’oeil (left), a mosaic fishpond in Croydon, Surrey, while the later upgraded Deep Pond mosaic fishpond (right) is in Chiswick, London. Both use changes in colour to evoke the interference patterns traced by light passing through ripples on the surface of shallow water.

 The bright white circles and curves, and the correspondingly darker shadows, trace the constructive interference of the water waves. Where the crests align with crests or troughs with troughs, these higher amplitude waves create more extreme concave or convex surfaces. The water waves act as lenses that refract the light more severely into patterns of sharper contrast. Destructive interference, where crests and troughs cancel out, leave patches of stillness on the water, allowing light to pass through without focusing or divergence.”
How I was shown the light being bent in too many direction was like the pond on the right of the image I embedded.  It changes its pattern, but also the details within the pattern.  When spirit says we are stronger together, holy heavens that has become seriously literal at the ground level!!!
Let me share some images from the movie “The Celestine Prophecy” to really detail what is happening thru us, now:
The above photo is sharing energy together.  The one below when we purposely use our field of light, in the movie it was becoming invisible to the army looking to get the people, but is so much more than that too:
And now that we are the ruby slippers, individually and collectively, when we gather at the ground level of Life, we are changing the ground level of life, even if we are just resting with our feet up!!  It all actually changes and enhances what we are capable of doing, together.
I really pissed and moaned about having to reschedule her, but my team said my body system is not year fully ready to channel in that type of dynamic energy…. yet.  I barely just came out of the upgrade shop now being able to see beyond what I had ever seen before, in the amplitude of reading those who ARE the ruby slippers, fully imbued with their soul powers.  But I now know too, as we move into 2017, the Emerald City, I will not only be able to read conjoined energy dynamics, but see the powers stored within as well.  YAY???
On a completely different note, thru my last appointment yesterday, reflecting that sometimes, a reading get hijacked by your ET friends, happens!!  My beautiful lady’s reading was completely hijacked by some determined to connect with her ET’s!!  What we all have to realize with our wonderful friends from the stars, that yes, they are high vibrational Beings, but they are not like your spirit guides at all.  They do not have access to unlimited information and understandings about you personally.  They are incarnate Beings like we are, only they have their vibrational shit together!! lol  But that is not really what I meant to share right now… another place was revealed, over the mediterranean sea is a super large diamond-shaped doorway to multiple universes.  And yes, there is a base beneath this water mass as well.  However, other than that HUGE diamond-shaped doorway into 4 (actually 5 to include earth) solar system universes… I am not sure about the purpose of that base… yet.
We truly are in magically, powerful, life changing, earth enhancing times BECAUSE we are Here!!  There really is no place like home, heaven on earth and we are clicking our heals together faster and faster!!!
Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with bending light and super changes all around to and thru the ALL of Us!!❤


YAY, I pulled my happy butt out of bed at 4am this morning to make sure I can do a good a huge information dump!!  Lucky you lol.  One of the main things I wanted to do this whole last week, was gather all the various “anomalies” happening in, on and above earth in these last several weeks, which really are reflecting the energies being shown in the readings every day.  Of course, I understood the events more completely the day they were revealed to me and I was still incorporating the days energy readings, now with some time in my rear view mirror, it’s not as clearly detailed in my mind within the relationships of what you are doing in readings, what the ETs show you they are doing with you and how it is affecting our earth and air.  But is a marvel!!!

A youtube video was shared on my wall several days ago, sadly, I was knee deep in assisting my daughter that I couldn’t even comment on the understanding, but I do want to bring it here for those who have not seen it yet:



I love the last few words in the description, looking for a culprit.  We must raise our hands and take blame or is that, credit!!!  We, with a tremendous amount of help and direction from our ET friends, are changing the magnetic pulses, frequencies and anything else we can do there, within the earth and beyond the earth… stuff is gonna move, act a little crazy, no differently than our bodies act as they receive these new energies and assimilate.

Pulling information from, on Dec 1st they talking about:  MESOSPHERIC BORE (IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK): This month, a lot is happening in the mesosphere. The mesosphere is a layer of Earth’s atmosphere above the stratosphere; it is the realm of sprites, noctilucent clouds (NLCs), and airglow. Starting on Nov. 17th, NASA’s AIM spacecraft spotted bright noctilucent clouds forming in the mesosphere above Antarctica. Then, in an apparently unrelated development on Nov. 24th, the normal dome of airglow over China split in two.

This is called a “mesospheric bore”–and not because it’s dull.  A bore is a type of atmospheric wave with deep ripples at its leading edge.  Indeed, you can see the ripples in Shuai’s photo separating the zone of airglow from clear sky.

Bores fall into the category of “gravity waves”—so called because gravity acts as the restoring force essential to wave motion. Analogy: Boats in water. When a boat goes tearing across a lake, water in front of the boat is pushed upward. Gravity pulls the water back down again and this sets up a wave.

In this case, instead of water, rarefied air is the medium through which the wave propagates.  The sudden boundary in the airglow layer is probably akin to a hydraulic jump.  But what created the disturbance in the first place?  (What is the ‘boat’?) No one knows.

The day prior we were gifted with UNEXPECTED SOLAR FLARE: Yesterday, Nov. 29th at 1723 UT, new sunspot AR2615 surprised forecasters when it suddenly erupted, producing an impulsive M1-class solar flare.  A few hours later, it happened again. At 23:38 UT on Nov. 29th, AR2615 produced an M1.2-class flare, causing a short-lived radio blackout over Australia.

Of course, this on the heals of the asthmatic producing thunderstorm in Melbourne Australia, the one and only time any ET ever said exactly where their base is and took me underground to show me.  I have now been doing ET connections for 3 years I think, with the exception of the lab beneath the gulf of mexico, the ETs have never revealed exactly where they are located on or in earth.  But in that one connection, they even spelled Melbourne out to me so I knew where they were.  There is a reason for that.  ET’s or spirit reveals nothing without important relevance.  And that base down under is working directly with the magnetics of earth and beyond earth.

There were more anomalies, I just cannot find where I seen them at.  Sorry I have been distracted this week, not to mention my brain has literally been vibrating from kingdom come and back each and ever day reading the field, not a pleasant or workable event!! lol

Now lets back up a moment to the video, hilo events.  That happened around the same time spirit said to people, target the water movement towards the oil basins.  If we are going to move water and create new flows, guess what, the earth is gonna shake itself up a bit!!

In so many of the readings, water itself has come from and center.  Let me just pull one from yesterday, and we can start to see how the thunderstorms are creating huge influxes of energy that just happens to have an adverse affect on bodies.  (A little something I have 4 years of first hand experience with!)

Ohh wait, before I get to her details, there is something I have been wanting to share but kept forgetting!!  There are three areas I am seeing people set up within outside the door (in the field of light.)  As we transitioned into December the placements took on new meanings.  Those I see at the ground level are working directly with the earth’s energies and frequencies, those about 6 feet above the ground are working in the upper atmosphere, beyond our breathable air space and then the mid section, they show up directly between the two and work the breathable airspace, which combines the earth and upper atmospheric energies.  One is not better or more important than the other, just different duties providing for the good of all.  However, I do have to say, there is a lot more people working the upper atmosphere than the other two areas.  Maybe it’s because we are still going thru intense change, I don’t know.  We will see!!

Anywayz, my lady yesterday was in the upper atmosphere swimming in energies that looked very ocean like, but was pure energy.  I could see the waves forming and blending back into the energy just like you would an ocean.  My lady was doing the breast stroke, very particularly the breast stroke (her team made sure we understood that.)  She had on a white bathing cap, her team explained that was for her crown protection.  As her right arm went out and pulled the ocean like energy behind her, it took pure energy and gave it something equivalent to an emotional frequency.  Her left hand took the energies and gave them the frequency of matter.  Her position was head and breast above the energy surface and from the waist down, below the surface.  However, the energy ocean from her waist down was very very different from the one in front of her.  Her team explained that by doing the breast stroke (using the heart, lungs, ribs and diaphragm) and changing the energies with her hands, it produces a usable energy for the earth, which transitions to the earth via rain.   Ain’t no wonder our rains are so potent these days!!!  Add some electricity to the mix… it is all changing life on this planet.  As life changes, so must our bodies ability to eat and breathe these changes.

Ohhh and one of the things her team explained I found so stunning, came from our conversation about even spiritual vision being 20/20 in hindsight.  Even tho what I am seeing we are doing Now, spirits concept of Now and ours are a bit skewed.  For example, they showed her also over the Emerald City, that to us humans incarnate, we still walking towards, yet it is fully built, amazingly beautiful and we are already working there too.  I was watching her do the breaststroke in a clockwise large circular motion, what her team explained is creating something like an energy vortex the likes earth has never experienced before.  So she is already working there, as well as here, and primarily from the sleeping state (body asleep, soul busy, as just about everyone I am reading for now, is doing.)  The greatest gift we are going to ever give ourselves is to start participating consciously.  The more you understand your innate, natural skills, the more proficient you become at using them for your own personal creation and destruction.  Keeping in mind, destruction is as important to life as creation is. Once again, I hear the old familiar statement from spirit “If you can have it all, would you give it all up first.”

Yesterday was my five month anniversary of leaving my heaven, my beloved life in New Mexico.  Never in a million years did even think something could cross my path that would have me leaping out of that life into another on a moment’s notice.  But then again, I was pretty damn sure I would never see my mother again in this lifetime.  And yet, like a volcano erupting, my life in New Mexico melted away and new structures set up in Florida.  Lava always reformats itself into a solid construction… eventually.

I dear friend I never met, Jeff Schauss created a painting earlier this year that just exploded in my heart.  He even decided to send me this paining and the energy from it just radiating everywhere in my Being.  I hung it on a wall that faced the outside of the backyard, yet was positioned on the wall inside my home where I parked my car in the front yard.  I don’t tend to over analyze things, I just ride the energies.  I think it was last week or the week before I was looking at this paining now hanging on my office wall spreading its energy out into the marina when I just stopped in my tracks!!



Those four things to the right of the painting felt important, but for the life of me, I could not interpret them.  That is, until the other day as I was looking… feeling into this image before my day started and being completely blinded by the rising sun and my heart stopped”




Everything that I was about to experience is fully detailed in the painting.  The poles of the sails I see every day.  The blinding sun energy, even when you look towards the bottom of the painting, there is the marina, the waters of the marina.  And cradling the entire explosion is the colors of New Mexico.

Then I had to look at the whole wall’s energy now:


The Mesa, the explosion of change and my soul painting.  Destruction and creation, one in the same!  Birth and rebirth!  Our duty is to hold nothing and allow for everything!!

Speaking of change!!  Things are moving in an upward direction for my daughter and baby grandson!!  One of my friends met up with my daughter, she had AAA with plug RV on it, and AAA moved her RV (even after they realized, since there was no truck involved, that not how the plusRV was supposed to work, let it go thru anywayz) to another wonderful souls property in Redwood Valley.  That part of her change is finally done, no more mean degrading people pushing her around.  Now we are still waiting to see if her paternal sister is going to drive her big truck from Houston texas to Cali to pull the RV to Austin.  This really is best case scenario.  We should have a definitive answer today.  If this becomes the case, we exceeded what was needed in fund-raising, and to each and everyone, thank you from the depths of our souls.  She will actually have enough money to settle into an RV park instead of just parking it for a few weeks on a friends land.  I think last night was the first time in weeks I slept soundly, which is why I could dance out of bed at 4am today!! lol

I also want to mention my youngest daughter as well, the one in jail.  Ya know, I really do have amazing kids and they sure have not taken the traditional path in life!!  Since Valorie became incarcerated, I have been looking for paperback versions of the trilogy “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch, until last month, the only things I could find were hard covers.  I finally got to send her the trilogy and OMG you talk about the phrase “right time, right place” being a truth.  I don’t know that she was really ready to digest that information in the way she is now, before.  She needed everyone of you writing to her, redirecting her thought patterns, and sending love in the unique ways each of you do, to be open to this information.  And holy gobble gobble is she excited and ingesting and getting it!!  She was like firecracker last night, quoting parts of the book in understanding.  Saying she always thought I was a fruit loop, especially when I would tell her I am God, she is God… and now she understands.  NOW she gets it and embraces it and big yays!!

She is truly in a school you can’t pay to be in, surrounded by such contrast you can’t pay to learn from.

And for my mother, myself, my children, the greatest alignments they have is YOU.  Your love, your support be it prayers, money, letter writing, whatever, all feeds the funnel of rebirthing our children, our parents, our world.  For that, I am on bended knee in deep thanks, overwhelming gratitude that you LOVE That much, that completely, that unconditionally!!  You ARE Shambhala made manifest!!!

((((((HUGZ))))) of life exploding love to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas





Boy oh boy has December revved up the engine of life or what!!??  I am back to doing readings with my eyes closed and my hand over my eyes, zip, zap, zoom batman!!  New skills, serious supers powers are coming online.  I once again woke up late, I think its between the stress my oldest daughter and youngest grandson are going thru and a plan to get them out of homelessness and back to Texas to safety going awry every single day and then the magic of what is coming thru the readings, the energy embedded in all that magic, I am burnt toast at mid day!!

There are so many different skills I want to talk about, sadly, I wish I would have gotten out of bed when I woke up at 3:30, but I closed my eyes and wham… they opened again at 6:30, dammit!!  I’ll get in what I can tho…

One of the lady’s yesterday who had an amazing pod of dolphins all hanging out just outside my office door.  Three were most visible, one was most prominent and said her name was Ela Weesa.  What really surprised me is that Ela Weese is an incarnation of the lady I was reading for, soul.  It was explained that it was easier to incarnate as a dolphin for this time of connection and remembering, the language of understanding would be easily translated from dolphin to human because they shared the same soul mind.  This dolphin was 15 years old.  They live and play in the deep pacific and work on changing the sound energy thru the oceans with their communications, their echos and songs.  My lady will remember how to do the same thru the air waves as well.

Another lady, thank god she was my last one of the day, she had these (which she later showed me was the merkabah) crystal things easily the size of a tennis ball, tons of them, raining down all around her:


In the center of each one, was these ellipticals of energies, red, white and blue and what her team called nuclear energy, like the nucleus of a star.  As my mind wondered what she gonna do with these, in that instant, she reached out her hand, plucked one and shock me… popped it in her mouth!!  The moment it entered her mouth, the crystal part evaporated, the energy that was contained inside released and flooded her entire mouth, but the greatest change that I could see came from the bony structure of the back of her teeth.  Over the next few weeks, this energy will infiltrate the entire bone system in her body as well as those bodies that reflect her frequency, which would be the 11D system!!

I am also starting to understand that many of these energy changes that we are going thru, will be finishing in waves.  Some just after the full moon in December (the 14th,) some as we cross into January, some mid Feb and even some March.

Whatever all this is, I am bearing witness to the extreme intensity of duality amping up.  My son, who was texted that he was fired over the thanksgiving holiday, then went for his final paycheck and was docked $50 for a reason his bipolar boss made up.  He realized he fared much better than the guy, who was also texted he was fired the same day, he was docked $100 for a reason the boss made up.  Mean people just getting meaner.  But the my oldest daughter is giving me, makes me really wonder what we are going to be looking like next year, in the contrast of life.  She and my 10 month old grandson went homeless the week prior to thanksgiving.  They were living with and working for my grandsons paternal grandparents.  He decided no one is getting paid, period.  It was supposed to be a lump sum payment that is just never going to come.  And his mean streak just became so much meaner and every foot up my daughter gets, he single-handedly rips out from under her and his baby grandson.  Mind boggling to me really.  I cannot even imagine what goes thru a heart that wants to make sure a 10 month old has nothing.

Anyway, I digress.  Spirit has been saying that there are going to be two extremes playing out and I now have a bird’s eye view of what they are talking about.  Our job is to remember, to know and live… the heavenly bodies that we are.  To pay attention to what is happening, but don’t get covered in the muck.  To lend a hand to those in need and desiring to get to safer grounds, but not engage in the chaos.  We are going to find that even well laid plans may change on a dime and to keep steering lives to safer ground.

On a final note, I do have a gofundme together for my daughter and grandson, whose entire plan changed yesterday, so I will be revising it and upping the assistance needed later today as soon as I have the final figures in on the change of plans.  The biggest change has gone from driving the RV from California to Austin texas, where they have friends and family and support, to shipping the RV, which will be their home when they land in Texas.  Bids are coming in now and we should have a new game plan today.

On that note, my own day begins.  Enjoy this crazy ride.  All-ways know, YOU are the heaven that is emerging, that is being built over all time lines.  Hold steady and be in Joy all the moments you can!!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of nuclear energy changing lives from the ground up, to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas





I think today, I am going to focus on a word that is not only repeated every day in all the readings, but I think it is one we really take for granted in application as well.  The word conscious.  Every day, thru every reading, we being asked to be conscious.  To be consciously aware of what we are doing, saying and how we are working our magic.  Which, to me is odd since I work and read for some of the most conscious people on this planet.

  1. aware of and responding to one’s surroundings; awake.
    synonyms: aware, awake, alert, responsive, sentient, compos mentis

    “the patient was conscious”
    • having knowledge of something; aware.
      “we are conscious of the extent of the problem”
      synonyms: aware, mindful, sensible; More

    • painfully aware of; sensitive to.
      “he was very conscious of his appearance”


Again, I think we can take some of our own self knowings for granted and use things as a blanket thing.  One of the biggest pet peeves of just about all of our teams are two words that we are using that are soooo yesterday’s words (giggle.)  Healing and clearing.  I am seeing people becoming much more mindful of using the word healing, but now the next catch word replacing it seems to be clearing.  One of my beautiful lady’s team gave us a wonderful analogy in asking her to stop saying she is clearing.  Imagine you did all the dishes in your sink, there they are, sitting in the stranger drying.  Someone turns on the water, you grab all your clean dishes and instead of using the water for creation, you rinse them again, clearing them again, and each time the water gets turned on, there we go, cleaning already clean dishes.  Kind of wasteful if you ask the universe!! lol  And one can argue the statement as universal, but that would actually be untrue as well.  Just because your neighbor is doing their dishes doesn’t mean your clean ones need to get rewashed too.

These energies, holy freakin cow batman, intense, changing us to the core.  Sometimes it may even seem like we are breaking down instead of building up.  Change is like that tho.  Intense.  Seemingly destructive.  If we can look at ourselves, our bodies and energy systems and apply the wonderful art of Japanese Kintsugi:


(This info and image taken from amusingplanet.comMost people would like damages to their broken items to be concealed and hidden by repair making the object look like new. But the Japanese art of Kintsugi follows a different philosophy. Rather than disguising the breakage, kintsugi restores the broken item incorporating the damage into the aesthetic of the restored item, making it part of the object’s history. Kintsugi uses lacquer resin mixed with powdered gold, silver, platinum, copper or bronze, resulting into something more beautiful than the original.

When new energies, new material is inlaid into the old, it is neither healing nor cleaning but changing, expanding.  Taking what was old and recreating it anew.  Now we can spend a lot of wasteful time continuing to clean or heal, which will keep you in the back of the line until you finally let go and change already!!  Always remember, you are the decider.  If you say you are healing, you are being restored to the original container you were born with, if you say you are clearing, you are washing already washed dishes.  Just declare you are in a state of Kintsugi, changing into a new form from the old!!

Enough about that!! lol

Something so exciting and amazing came thru my first reading yesterday.  I about pee’d my pants with the release of information excitement!!  My lady, a virgin upon my field (giggle) had three ET’s show up in her reading from inside my office.  I was actually surprised, but the information they released and the “why” they showed up in this way…. tickled my tummy.

Her magnetic team wanted to show they were not working in the gulf mexico, instead they are at a base in Melbourne, Australia.  They even showed me this sandy topside and then rich thick dirt below the sand… wayyyy down there they have created a base.  My lady was in the UK, so she is not familiar with Melbourne, I have no clue where in Australia it is located, but from what I had seen in detail, there has to be sand, beachy kind of sand!!

This deeply hidden Melbourne base works with the magnetic field of both earth and beyond.  Drawing a clear contrast with the base here in the gulf, which works primarily with the DNA of life on earth.  When she and I finished our reading I googled Melbourne to see where it was in Australia, and about shit when I found a news story about the death toll rising from rare thunderstorm asthma!!  I know first hand inside my body how the changing magnetic fields triggers asthma like symptoms.  It has been happening inside me since I entered and went thru menopause (4 years now.)

I find it interesting that the very last paragraph of the above article coincides with the year of the Harmonic Convergence:  The world’s first recorded thunderstorm asthma event occurred in Melbourne in 1987, when hospitals reported a five-fold increase in asthma cases. Similar events have happened in the United States, Canada, Britain and Italy. The last major event in Melbourne was in November 2010.

Science, or maybe its just human nature, looks for the most obvious reasons and settles into that.  Consciousness is always key!!!  Thunderstorms bring in super magnetic fields of energy!!

I do want to touch on some of the magnetic information that came thru yesterday as well.  Old magnetic patterns are being dissolved, completely released from this realm we call earth.  New magnetic symmetry (what the hell is that?? lol) is being laid in.  I did look it up (magnetic symmetry) but still have no clue what it means, but I unmistakably heard it just now.

Maybe that is what is happening with our brains too.  My pineal gland was off the charts yesterday and that is not meant in a pleasant way either!!

Let’s see what today stirs up in our bodies!! lol  On that note, my day is about to begin.  I love you all so much, thank you for showing up day after day and releasing so much wisdom and wonder thru your Presence here on earth!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of Kintsugi versions of wonder and awe to and thru All!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Last day of these rates.  I cannot believe we are closing out November already… or hell, 2016 for that matter!!  Anywayz….

On December 1st, 2016 all of my reading sessions will be increasing.  I have not raised my prices significantly in 11 years, it will probably be another 11 before I do again.  But just want to forewarn everyone about the increase.  The One Hour reading will go from $99 to $149, the 45 minute reading will go from $83 to $95, the 30 minute and ET connection will go from $59 to $84 and the 15 minute reading will go from $33 to $45.  All packages will increase as well.










Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 29, 2016

The Soul Mind and Physical Mind Is Upgrading!!


I have decided, it’s one thing when your higher mind goes into the shop for upgrades, it’s a whole other, dysfunctional ball game when the base or lower mind goes in for upgrades.  I started to write my blog Saturday when I woke up, there was soooo much information to share.  There was this odd, constant, I don’t know, like a disconnect between various thoughts and flows of information, so I had to stop and start so many times I finally just gave up.  I figured I will just pick back up where I left off yesterday morning, holy heavens, I had less brain function yesterday than even the day before.  On the upside tho, doing readings, I understood more than I probably ever did, but without the lower brain function at peak performance, the ability to bring it all down into words, holy heavens, near impossible!!  It was a challenge to say the least.

Yesterday was a day off and my car had already been scheduled to be at the local Honda dealership to have the recalled airbags switched out at 8am.  So I didn’t even try to finish up the blog, besides my brain did not feel functional anywayz.  The drive was odd, to say the least.  It was like the road and world in front of you and around you were not solid things, but more like putty that can change and shift as you speed on down the road.  I could almost see the flow of energy I was moving thru and creating just by driving to Honda.  We won’t even talk about the overwhelming feeling that something more than wonderful is on its way.  What that is, I have no idea and it may be nothing in particular, just the souls knowing that no matter what happens, it’s wonderful!!  All day long I kept feeling similar to the Jill Bolte Taylor from her Stroke of Insight video experience.  Obviously nowhere near that extreme, but not all that far away either:


There was a major hazard to this experience tho, I was cranky and irritated by everything.  I barked at the man at the Honda dealership for no real reason, I barked at the man at Enterprise car rental (Honda uses them) for trying to sell me insurance.  I realized so clearly that Florida is the land of businesses taking advantage of people.  When I finally snapped at him, just screw the car and take me home, he finally shut the hell up about taking out $27 worth of insurance I felt Honda should have paid for, and gave me the keys.

When all that was finally over and I found safe refuge on my couch for the rest of the day, the oddness in my brain just became more odd.  I really had to stop and ask my body if we are stroking out.  The left side of my forehead and down around my left eye felt… weird.  I don’t even have a way to describe the weirdness, it was an ongoing physical sensation with completely disrupted thought patterns that lingered.

This morning I think I see what has been (and will continue to be) happening.  I see it as two different patterns of magnetic energies, the higher frequency kind, which kind flows like water I suppose and then the more hmmm I don’t know, disrupted or sparking like pattern that binds the lower mind itself.  My team is giving the analogy of new software being installed from the higher mind and the hard drive it installs upon, which is the lower mind, is going thru a massive upgrade to handle its incoming function.  Then there is the binding together of course.  Interesting days we are in!!

There is one thing I want to bring forward from my failed attempt at sharing on Saturday lol, and that is the prevalent images of things that so remind me of children’s Erector sets.  These simple, but really large formations came thru several of the connections this weekend.  What I eventually understood as magnetic thingies (smile.)  One of the things, a huge arch looking Erector set formation was holding a dimensional field open for the flow and use of that energy system, but one in particular that has not left my mind, was this huge wheel inside the glass sliding door that is the divider (in readings) between being in 3D density or out in the field of light experiencing life.  It looked like a huge wheel rim, hollow in the center, but again, having that Erector set framework to its rim.  It was silver but seriously tarnished.  My lady’s team explained that it is showing the oldness of time in the present.  Going thru this wheel, this release of time construct has become a one way flow.  Up until this quarter, this year’s final quarter, we could bob and weave, 3D and then back out again… now, we are making the choice of which place we want to experience this upcoming year, 2017, AKA the Emerald City, which only exists in the field of light, NOT in 3D density.

I am going to have to end there for today, my day is about to begin.  At least I have more brain function this morning than I had at any given time yesterday!! Yay!! lol

((((HUGZ)))) Filled with Magnetic binders opening new highways of, well, everything!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Just another reminder that my fee’s will be increasing on December 1st.  I have put the notice on my reading page, booking page and main page of my website.  I will add it here too:

On December 1st, 2016 all of my reading sessions will be increasing.  I have not raised my prices significantly in 11 years, it will probably be another 11 before I do again.  But just want to forewarn everyone about the increase.  The One Hour reading will go from $99 to $149, the 45 minute reading will go from $83 to $95, the 30 minute and ET connection will go from $59 to $84 and the 15 minute reading will go from $33 to $45.  All packages will increase as well.








I woke up yesterday so excited because I actually slept thru the whole night.  OMG my body felt soooo rejuvenated, and no after tremors of coughing on waking up.  I was sure… absolutely sure, this is the day!!!  This is the day we connect back into the field together again.  I had nothing to write about yesterday, today is day 7 since I woke up with no voice and major bronchitis/asthma like symptoms happening in this body.  For close to three hours yesterday, there was barely a cough in sight.  …Until one minute before my first connection, the coughing started in earnest.  As we connected, the mine earthquakes coming from my lungs were steady.  Hack, hack, hack… bless her heart and ears.  She had concerns I knew I could help her with, so I started spinning my chair around in a slow circle, realizing that each point of light (position from my chair) creates a different point of view from my seat, maybe I can find the one that isn’t quaking my lungs.   We did find a spot where we could actually talk for about 5 minutes to talk her off the ledge of change she was starting to back up from.

I had started hoping this lung quaking with her was due to the fact that she is in the midst of massive life changes and when we are in that space, our team has got to fall to the background so as not to interfere with your/our choices.  My next reading wasn’t for 2 more hours (some folks rescheduled on their own before hand) and I was chomping on the bit to see if this was just my lady’s change interfering with our connection.

In the meantime, I talked to my daughter in California, she is going thru some hard, massive life changes as well.  My voice was steady as a rock talking to her, save a few throat clearings.

When my next appointment called me, earthquake city just from saying hello.  Jezuz!!!!  I don’t care, I am going to try to connect anywayz.  On my way into the “position” of connecting, I got a quick visual a very familiar finger wag saying no no no.  The surprising part of the finger wag is that it wasn’t spirit, but a huge ET hand wagging their finger just outside the sliding glass door.  Hey!!  What the hell???  Why are you there!!??  It didn’t matter, my lung quakes were now in serious overdrive and I could barely breathe.  Just trying to tell her I love her and thanking her for her thanksgiving kindness was blowing out a lung.

Thank god, at times, I do listen to my inner voice.  Because I had plenty of room on my calendar yesterday, I was going to email two people to see if they wanted to go early, that felt more wrong than right, so I sat on my hands.  On my way out the door to the office, I was prompted to go grab my inhaler, I did of course with the question in the back of my mind… why???  I felt freakin fantastic!!  Well hanging up with my second and last lady of the day, just walking to the car I was in a full-blown asthma like attack.  Albuterol to the rescue!!  Instant breath in a puffer😀

Before I had the finger wagging ET outside in the field, I found an article about a fireball over florida the other day and posted it on my facebook for one reason.  I tried to take a picture of the morning sliver of a moon close up but each picture was oddly blurred and nothing I did unblurred it.  Here are two photos, one from the regular visual and one at 4 times zoom:



All I kept feeling with the blurred light of the moon was there was an ET presence happening.  That alone was an odd thought for me, I just don’t think like that, my first assumption normally would be something is wrong with my phone.  I didn’t even bother to share the pictures until I read the article I linked above.  It all felt connected.  And still does, especially now after my attempt of sleeping thru the night again.

I came home from the office immediately after my last lady feeling completely defeated.  I was so sure, given the perky energy in my body, this is the day we get to connect again. This spirit-aholic is jonesing for her next gulp of your light!!!  But alas, my lungs were in earthquake mode once again… I spent the afternoon and evening hacking up more lung!!  I spent most of the night awake, coughing, trying to breathe, and yet, somewhere hovering above the earth at the same time, just like the other night when I could so clearly see the potential of those at standing rock.  But I suppose last night, the view was from higher up in the sky.  I could see the earth, it was dark so it was the part of the earth that was in nighttime mode, and there were these… shit, I have no idea now (I did while I was witnessing or assisting what was happening) these particles of pure white light exploding in our atmosphere and being embedded in a way that looked like huge light seeds beneath a particular quadrant of the ground.  Again, I could not recognize the landscape itself, when you look at the earth from way above, it just looks round and without sun, unidentifiable placements lol.  Hell even with the sun, I would have no clue, my geography did not make the trip into this incarnation with me!!

I woke up this morning, coughing, in a full-blown asthma like attack (they should bring me with a space on or something lol) with fragments of knowing, remembering what I learned thru my attempt at sleep last night.

There was a tremendous amount of new energy being released into our breathable atmosphere for weeks now.  When new energy meets the existing energy, the energy changes just like when a sperm meets an ova.  Because we actually breathe this air, this energy, there was/is a lot happening in the quantum realm of space, our atmosphere of space, and into the human DNA as well.  There are some humans, sadly I am one, that are hosting the change in DNA while in body, which allows the DNA of all, I don’t know, not hurt as much lol???  And I am being told, not everyone goes thru the massive symptoms I do, but I do simply to understand and share what is happening.  Lucky me!!  NOT!! lol

Anyway, there are many ET’s assisting in all this change we are going thru, both in body, in landscape and in the atmosphere.  Many ships from many parts of the universe that are here on earth.  Please know and trust with all your heart, there are no space wars happening.  No ET’s fighting amongst themselves for domination over earth or anything else.  We humanize so much and we humans are the only ones fighting.

But anywayz…. the energy in the atmosphere that is now coming together almost like solid particles and releasing itself into the earth, looking like fireballs because it needs to speed to penetrate deep into the soil, safely.  The soil of the earth has got to change its matrix too, to be able to absorb the new energy from the air as well as the rain.  So in a way, all of earth is getting a lung transplant.  Since all systems work as a whole, everything else must change to be able to digest and use the new higher energies.  So some will be having what feels like digestive issues, others joint issues, others whatever… find comfort, just don’t stop it.  What you are going thru, doing is a privilege, even if you feel like shit!! (Stated from my own human self lol.)

Following a link in the article above, I am sharing video of what a guy’s drone captured, looks like my moon picture only moving instead of still out of North Carolina:


It now makes perfect sense why an ET made itself known in my brief attempt at connecting.  From what I am hearing in this moment, which is why I go into massive coughing gags with you and only with you… “we are breaking quanta of light together.”  I don’t even know what the hell that means, but I know what it feels like in my body!! lol  Thank you????  lol

I am being asked to remind everyone that all of this is preparing us to fully enter the “Emerald City” of Light on earth.

On that note, time to get to the office for another dose of quanta light exploding!!  I will be there for every connection today.  Now I am just a curious cat toting albuterol to the party!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of Light changing realities to and thru ALL!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Mercy me!!  Another night up all night coughing my lungs out, but with an odd twist. Every single time I woke up coughing, I could literally see the people protesting in N Dakota in different formations.  I didn’t get the relationship until I fully woke up for the day (just now) but a few times there were in a fractal formation, a spiral formation.  They were moving energies thru the formation.  The other formation was a blue and black yin yang symbol.  I guess the people were dressed in blue and black I don’t know how I knew any of this when I was up coughing my throat open again, but I could see then as if I was in the sky looking down at them.  This one, while hacking up a lung, I actually did understand.  The little blue and black dots representing water and oil.


Thru what I was seeing, the people, the true shamans (I really dislike that title, everybody and their brother claims to be a shaman, few genuinely are) making up the smaller dots, and the ones representing oil opening as the ones representing water flowing into the oil.

Know I don’t know a damn thing about oil mining or whatever it is called, but I think if groups targeted major facility of extraction, where the largest oil reserves are that these companies are pulling from… the oil will become contaminated with water.  Obviously, earth, the water and the oil are in full agreement with this reverse plan (instead of the oil always spilling into the water.)  But it must be enacted by the guardians of this earth, which would be us.

We are much more powerful than any corporation out there, but only if we do not try to fight them in their way (fear and more fear.)  I seen a heartbreaking video on facebook yesterday of I don’t even know who, with massive water hoses hosing down these precious people in cold cold weather.  WTF????  Talk about using their power against them.  Grrrrrr.

Try and touch the 2nd amendment and the people who are supposed to be our government are all over it, protecting the right to own and use guns.  But the 1st amendment: [1] The First Amendment states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”  Completely ignored and violently violated!!

There is peace and then there is the heart of the warrior, a call for action beyond what any corporation or government (hell, most people) can see or understand,  While standing in place you can unleash incredible power, call on the elements, call on the animal kingdom.  The bison showed up in a herd at the front lines, employ them don’t just take pictures, geez!!  Talk about a statement of “we are Here with you.”  Peaceful and passive are not the same thing nor interchangeable.

We, together, have more power, more ability to control what is happening than they can ever dream to have,  but only if we remember and use it!!

Hell, we can band together in group and start to defunct the oil wells all over the planet.  They are extracting thru energy, we are energy, we are a very very powerful wise energy.  More than that, we are LOVE and act from love.  Watch a mother bear protect her young, she is not peaceful nor passive, she is lovingly aggressive.  Why the hell aren’t we with this earth?

What is happening inside and thru my body, is the same energy happening inside and thru the earth.  The power systems are changing out.  The way energy runs and flows, harnesses and disassembles is changing out.  Every time we have a massive energy shift, my body over reacts only so I can understand, not only what is happening inside of me, but within our beloved earth too.  As within, so without and vise versa.

The coughing can easily be related to small little earthquakes rerouting energy… rerouting water flows to a new source target.

Let me change the subject just a little bit here, still very much relative, just different.  I am so freakin determined each day that this is the day I can read again, connect to the source of all light called You, again.  On my drive to the office, I already knew that was not going to happen.  My body started to ping a small temperature, and the coughing, jezuz christ the coughing!!  I barely cough at home.  It really is a stunning difference, a switch in energetic frequencies.  My first lady, a virgin upon my field (someone I never read for before lol, for those who are not familiar with that expression I use😉 ) holy love fest in my body batman!!  All I could think of was champagne bubbles.  The coughing was on overdrive!!  I didn’t want to leave yet, it was more than my body could handle in staying.  I hurt my throat from the coughing.  Thank god she understood, thank god everyone understands.  I am starting to feel like a junkie needing a fix really really bad, but the body cannot take it… yet.  I emailed everyone else and did not pick up my phone to say boo to anyone for the rest of the day.

The one thing I am absolutely sure of, what we consider frequency is in full essence, a purer form of love flooding this planet.  Those who are aligned to this love, this frequency are absorbing it is, day by day and the body is assimilating it, changing into its new stellar form.  (Interesting choice of word there… stellar.)

I want to share an article that was shared in the comments section of my blog yesterday (thank you so much Brenda) that for the most part, hit many bells and whistles inside of (some parts not even close, like the bottom part about food and sex and stuff lol, we can be so human in our thoughts, even the ancient ones.)  The link and story is: “The Secret Story Never Told.”

I will cherry pick what I want to share from that article (like I said, not everything hit the truth inside of me, but many things did and that’s what I am sharing:)

There’s a thing in your brain called the claustrum and modern science is still not to sure what the claustrum does. …

…this claustrum produces an oil, a very sacred oil. In ancient Greece this oil was known as the Chrism, the Christos, or Ichthus, because they said it was oily and had a fishy smell. When the claustrum secretes the oil it makes a journey down your central nervous system, your spine and ultimately to the bottom portion of the spine, the sacrum. Most humans are born with 33 vertebrae and as they age the vertebrae start to fuse in the lower portion and form the sacrum and coccyx. Could the story of the fall of man come from the descending of the oil?

As it settles in this sacred place, the sacral plexus, the five fused vertebra of your spine, it then begins its return journey, the ascension if you will. The oil must return up the 33 vertebrae, and while it’s making the journey, and before it reaches the 33rd and it crosses the vagus nerve. This amazing nerve, called the 10th cranial nerve, as there are 12, touches all the vital organs of the body. Damage to this nerve accounts for a lot of different diseases with in the body. This nerve can only be healed through chanting. Perhaps a reason chanting is so prevalent in your ancient religions?

After it crosses the vagus nerve, it enters the hypothalamus.. Here the sacred oil is mixed with serotonin from the pituitary and with DMT from the pineal gland. And here in the hypothalamus, it sits for 2 1/2 days, just as the like sun does on December 22nd and arises December 25th. just as in the story of Jesus in the tomb, inside your body, the Christ, the chrism, the ickthos, the oil, the sacred secretion that comes from the claustrum and makes the journey up the 33. The Santa Claus(trum), that brings great gifts from the North Pole. Serotonin was known as milk and DMT was known as the honey, and hence the land of milk and honey, and combined they were known as the manna from heaven.

I have a full feeling, this is how we become the ruby slippers.  WE are the ones with power, with the pure love source to change the world as we see fit.  WE are becoming the great wizards of Oz.  Truly, we are the anointed ones.  Nothing will take that away from our birthright except fear and passiveness.  Let’s just be done with both, ok????

I am going to close on that note.  I was praying today would be the day I can connect.  I opened up today for those that I had to reschedule over the weekend, I was sure I would be back in the saddle by now.  Between no sleep at all last night and waking up into a full-blown asthma like attack, I am not tamping this body any more than I have to.  I keep breaking it!!  lol

Happy thanksgiving to everyone.  I love you and give thanks to you more than my words will ever be able to express.  May this day be steeped in love to and thru all.

Big big big ((((HUGZ))))) over flowing with loving gratitude and empower heart beats to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 23, 2016

Expanding Consciousness, Heaven In Our Lives and Timelines!


The great news is, my voice was restored Monday!!  The bad news, I still cannot use it dammit.  The coughing is more than I can endure.  So one more day in the grand time out seat.  I am so sorry to all those on my schedule, I was really praying the words “I have to reschedule” was a thing of the past.  I guess not😦

The above was as far as I got in writing my blog yesterday before someone completely pulled the plug on my energy field after getting back home from the office and passing out for 5 hours.  My intentions are good, the body says screw that,  lets sleep a little more, except at night of course, when it should be sleeping, ohhh it’s up coughing and coughing.  Altho, I do have to give thanx to the fact at least it no longer feels like each rib is cracking any longer.  All the painful parts of this change out fully released Monday evening, per my asking.  I finally tapped out shortly after I woke up.  I hurt.  I don’t mind discomfort or even achy, I really really dislike pain.  My throat felt like some has been holding a hot poker inside the center, my ribs from bottom to top felt like they were each breaking with every cough, almost to the point of tears.  The congestion in my head was so thick I could barely think, my nose was raw from blowing.  So I asked my body, lets wrap this up, it hurts too too much.  Within about an hour of asking this of my body, my voice started to crack thru.  Not a steady voice, but it had audible tones to it.  After a few hours, I had a high-pitched voice that was steady. YAY!!  That’s a start, a really big and beautiful start.

As I sat on my couch and was coughing and the pain in my ribs and my diaphragm was over the top, I suddenly seen this diagonal like of oil drips coming into my back at the sacral plexus and sacral chakra points of the spine.  Inside each oil drip was this… I don’t know, like energy,  The oil was clear and each drip no bigger than a raindrop.  I found a picture of an oil lamp to give you the visual I had, minus it being a lamp, but two lines of these oil drips going into my back:



I asked my team what they were doing and their only response was “you’re being anointed.”  Thanx, please let that equally releasing the pain.  As I watched this oil thing happen (I personally felt nothing on my body, I just seen it) suddenly the congestion that was so thick in my head, started to release itself.  My high-pitched voice started to find its new normal pitch.  My ribs no longer hurt when I coughed.  OMG I am on my knees grateful.  I was soon to realize there was a down side to this wonderfulness.  I had to get up and put the garbage out to the curb.  When I sat back down, holy shit batman, I swear there was a jack hammer stuck in my lower back and pelvic girdle.  This absolutely painful sensation lasted what felt like hours, really was only a few minutes then completely subsided, until I had to get up and move my body again, then it returned when I sat back down.  Hey!!  Not nice!!!!

Something magical started happening thru it all too, a clarity of thought I had not had before, not to this degree.  Even the few times I had to get up and move this body and I sat back down to be jack hammered, I understood that my team had to restore the balance that moving disrupted in the solidification of the new energy body within the bones.  Ok I found another visual for you:


I circled in blue where the jack hammer was working its pain filled magic.  The only thing my team really explained was that I was being poured into a new vibrational vessel, one that runs on and out puts higher octane (light.)  A similar reason why my ribs hurt with each cough, they kept saying its like a contraction, or better yet, squeezing into skinny jeans!! lol

Besides this, something else started to happen, as I was scrolling facebook, with a mind that actually could take in information again… the clarity was breathtaking, if not, disheartening.  I have come to realize there are prayers out there that have people taking on the pains of the world as their own.  Maybe, in another energy body, that was a good thing??  I don’t know.  But in this high-octane one, if you cannot feel and see and BE the beauty of this world, of spirit incarnate, you will be holding the pain body in place and trust me, I felt in my bones just reading a meme from a beloved brother out there.

In order for any prayer, any mantra to actually work, to be effective in its reality of desire, you must hold that very vibration in yourself as if it is already done.  If I may strongly suggest to focus on the perfection of the soul and not the detriments of the ego.  For as long as we address the “wrongs” of the ego, we are actually holding them in place, even if it appears to free things up.

LOVE is the only thing you are responsible for.  Unconditional, non judgemental love.

Someone put an odd thing on my facebook post about this oil thing my team was doing to me, about the North Dakota pipeline and then again when I told my beloved brother he needs no forgiveness.  And then another person once again, called out the N Dakota pipeline under my oiling my back thread… hmmmm… something started to whirl around my new mind.

I’ve been watching the ongoing events of the pipeline thing since it started.  Two powerful entities pushing up against each other.  One is doing it in peace, the other doing it with all kinds of weapons and no one getting anywhere fast.  This is one major reason I fall into the words/stances of Mother Teresa “I was once asked why I don’t participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”

Being against something causes friction that deadlocks in the middle.  The whole focus on this gathering and those holding prayers around the globe are against the pipeline but equally, afraid of the oil contaminating the water should it get put in place.  A very reasonable fear.  But, fear is as powerful an energy as love and again, the universal energies have zero bias, if feels into the strongest energies and manifests that.  So we have been watching for way too long, oil leaking into the waters.  Why not reverse the energy??  The oil companies would go out of business if the waters got into the oil.

Instead of being anti oil, we can all become pro water.  Let’s turn the waters into the oil basins.  Yes it will create some scarring within the earth, but nowhere near the magnitude or long-term disaster that oil going into the waters produces.

Instead of protecting the water, let’s use it!!  Direct it.  This completely stops the fighting against anything, there is an already powerful number of people sitting on the very ground together, harness the power of the water, together, in love and with purpose and change the flow of direction.  This would also create a brand new look at hydropower instead of oil as well.

I had this clear thought and understanding twice and vividly seen the energy redirection of the waters of the earth… and each time, there was an earthquake.  The first one was in New Zealand the next in Japan.  Coincidence??  Absolutely!! Two things conspiring as one outcome.  We have the ability and the power to shake up this amazing world.  The corporations have the power of law on their side, granted the law is as corrupt as the corporations, but WE have the power of nature on our side, in our hearts and it is OUR responsibility to use it!

That aside, there is a channeling that was brought to my attention many times on Saturday by the Hathors (channeled by Tom Kenyon.)  There was no way of taking in any information on saturday or sunday and really not until late monday.  But with all this new information swirling around my consciousness, I figured it was time to have a dive into the channeling.  The title alone had me seriously interested:  “The Art of Jumping Timelines.”  Granted, it was channeled August 3rd, 2010 but with the way it was flying around, it is obviously hitting a bigger chord today than it did then.  I have learned just thru what I do, spirit puts out information years before it is ready to be experienced.  Changing collective minds takes… time!!  Our ET’s know this as well as our spiritual teams do.  I would strongly recommend the whole read, I have linked the title directly to Ton Kenyon’s channeling on his page.  I do want to pull out some of the things that really hit me in the hallelujah place within this sharing of his.  First and foremost these two paragraphs:


The ascension process, from our perspective, involves the energizing of your second body, your KA, and its elevation in vibration so that it emits more light, eventually becoming the SAHU, the Immortal Energy Body. There are many ways to raise the vibration of one’s KA. Most of your spiritual traditions have their own methods for raising your vibration, unfortunately, many of them are also riddled with dogma, taboos, and quite honestly, interference patterns from thought-forms placed by those who did not and do not desire your freedom, but who profit by your imprisonment.

And, yes, it is sad to say that some of your spiritual traditions—and especially your religions—are insidious traps, and if you are to rise upward in the ascension of your own being, you must separate truth from falsehood. Only you can undertake this task, for it is one of the necessities of mastery. This is a line in the sand of consciousness itself for those who have chosen the ascension of their own being. They become masters of truth and do not step aside from ferreting out falsehood from reality. They are not slaves to dogma. They bow to no one but their own divinity.”

If you need a mantra or prayer or something, take these two paragraphs and really really really dive head and heart into them.  Completely FREE yourself from anything less than love.  And since all things are love, even those crazy corporations doing their very very best to get us to embrace our own power instead of reacting to fear… they are love and deserve the love of our Beings.  Antagonists are incredible things.

Now let me jump to another paragraph that is sooooo important to ingest and understand…. in regards to jumping timelines (again, I would highly recommend the full read) I am making bold a very important concept in this paragraph:

“The task here is to be true to your vision while paying attention to what the current reality is showing you. It is not about pretending. It is about facing reality as it presents itself to you while simultaneously holding a higher vision. In other words, you deal with the reality of your life while simultaneously holding the vision of a different life. This is the art.”

I had a very similar conversation on my facebook as I (and the world) witnessed Donald Trump becoming President elect.  In my personal world, which is the Emerald City, Bernie Sanders is MY President.  I will move and express in his shared responsibility way, but equally looking at what is happening the soon to be trump world. Pretending that election didn’t happen on some timeline is as equal to my mother ignoring the fact she had cancer growing for years.  It is life taking not enhancing.

One more paragraph before I have to go and pray I can read today, oops several more lol:

“As paradoxical as it may seem it is quite possible to live a separate timeline, having a different experience of life than those around you.  

Let us say that again another way. It is possible to live in heaven while others are living in torment. At the deepest levels of consciousness it is simply a matter of choice.

We do recognize that you have been, and are continuing to be, manipulated by forces that desire to keep you imprisoned. But our choice in this communication is to give you keys to jump out of that imprisonment, not dwelling on the history of it, or the identities of those involved. For, in truth, the true Controllers are unseen by you. They are the Puppet Masters.”

We are in a time of massive change… WE ARE the massive change.  Fear not.  Always know that great chaos precedes great change.  Just look at videos of stars going nova, or a woman giving birth.  It looks like complete destruction and yet, it is bringing new life.

I love you and thank you for the patience of those on my schedule having to reschedule until we can see in new light, together again.  I pray, that is today!!

((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and bliss with the fullness of living Heaven on earth, together!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 20, 2016

The Body of Changes


It has been a while since my body has turned into a pool of goo, but alas, I am head deep in the goo and getting gooyer!! lol  I knew it was coming, but hoping it wasn’t.  As much as I honor what is happening, I still feel like shit or is that sludge, maybe shitty sludge lol.  All for the greater good!  I think the hardest part for us humans is to really really know that as our bodies melt down, there is intense greater cellular change taking place and the last thing we want to do, is stop it or even tone it down.

I am learning so much about this phase of my own evolution, if I had more energy, I would be dancing around the house from understanding what is really taking place.  However, I don’t even have the energy to THINK about dancing lol.

For the last 5 years, I have lived where I worked and worked where I lived and so there was no deviation from the energy pool at all.  Because of where I lived, I rarely met people and I sure as hell didn’t go out as much as I have been since being in Florida.  Going grocery shopping was a 2 hour round trip that had to be planned in advance.

However, since my mothers passing I have been meeting so many wonder people almost every week or so.  I would observe that something within my body changed, whether it was feeling like I exercised too much (trust me, I don’t exercise at all, I grew allergic lol) and especially the day after the house lighting party, such an extraordinary event with wonderful people, the next I swore I went mountain climbing and from my feet to my head, felt like pulled (lets call that expanding) muscles.

All this in addition to the intense body aches I went thru, in sections, starting with the very day I arrived here in Florida.

Fortunately I have a great connection with my body and have all this lifetime.  It explains to me what is happening, what it needs and most especially, what it doesn’t need.

What I started to realize is that our biology is changing again.  This time, to be taken out of the ethers (if we dare) and linked up in person at the ground level.  Even this must be done gently, over time.  There are energetic receptors that open to whomever you are connecting with at the heart level, integrating their soul plan with your soul plan and we go thru changes.  I suppose we can look at it like putting a map together, country by country, state by state, city by city and so on… all from one person.

As we moved into and thru this massive full moon, my throat started to get a little scratchy.  Just enough to be annoying at times.  By Friday the 19th, the scratch was turning into discomfort and even some of the readings were producing a cough.  I understand this connection too, the higher the energy I am taking in, the and let me tell you, it’s rocking the tree tops every day, the more my lungs are affected by it.  Friday was also one of my busiest days, 4 readings, a homework session, my last free skype session with my daughter and then ocean side dining with my beloved architect and his beautiful friend.  To top this all off, I forgot my damn laptop at the office.  Nothing was going to stop me from the day’s agenda.  I could live without my laptop for a day, not even looking for the bigger meaning there either.  I was too busy.

When I walked into the restaurant, my architects friend was there first and I could feel the excitement in my cells just from seeing him.  I have read for him several times and now I get to hug that beautiful man in person.  But when my architect arrived, I swear it was like the inner 6-year-old just met the real santa for the first time.  I was soooooo freakin excited and in awe and every good thing and the party in my cells lingered for a long while.  That alone got my attention.  Getting my attention and understanding the significance is often times two different ball parks.  I was not caring about understanding just enjoying the amazing moment in time I was sharing with these two beautiful men.

Half way thru dinner, the coughing started in earnest.  But not just regular coughing, glass shards seemed to be included.  It hurt so freakin much and only in one place in my throat, the power nodule we call the throat chakra.

After dinner we went to walk on the beach or better said walk to the ocean’s edge at the beach, but first I had to feed that pesky parking meter.  I was good until 9:01pm, we had an hour to spend at the beach.   It was so wonderful that there was not another soul on the beach, just we three.  We could feel (but not see) the presence in the sky… being watched.  Dare I even say, enhanced.  Shortly after just standing at the waters edge, taking pictures, having wonderful conversations, my body’s temperature dropped and I started freezing.  I needed to get back home anywayz, I am already up past my bedtime and I have a 30 minute drive ahead of me.

Well the pesky beach cops had no mercy on my beach time.  I was issued a $20 parking ticket at 9:11.  Dammit.

As I drove home, my throat having been ripped open from shards of glass, I couldn’t wait to hit the bed.  I was freezing, tired, in throat pain and would end up spending the entire nite coughing up glass.  I kept trying to tell my vocal chords to please hang on, don’t leave, I have such full days… or at least… wait til Monday, my day off.

I woke up with zero voice and a throat that felt like hot pokers were having its way all night long.  Freakin dammit!!  I didn’t have my computer so I couldn’t do anything except pout and drink coffee and beg my voice to come back!!  Like it cares about our schedule!! lol

As I got to the office to do my first reading, voice still somewhere in the ethers, but no coughing really, I was hoping.  OMG that was a really really bad idea!!  Just connecting with my morning male virgin (smile) brought the glass back and the coughing was on overdrive just trying to utter audible words.  I whispered I would email him, grabbed my laptop and went home.  I knew this glass couching thing was simply due to the high frequency at the office and that we purposely connect to at the office.  I emailed everyone, but incase they didn’t get the email, I had to be in a lower energy place to try and speak.  Home I went.

Sure enough, when my 2nd appointment called me, I still had no voice, but didn’t caugh, didn’t create pain, nuttin.  This really had me raise an eye brow to understanding.

As the day went on, I could feel the energy inside my body as if it was stretching the very bones in me.  The origination point of the energy was at my back in the sacral plexus area and it would spread upwards and downwards at the same time.  I would follow it up and thru my head or arms or fingers, it wasn’t always flowing to the same place, but the flow, the stretching was constant until sunset.  It was uncomfortable, imagine your bones being stretched lol, more achy than pain.

A couple of times during the day I thought about taking something just to ease my body thru this and my crazy ass body simply said “put your big girl pants on and deal.”  Ohhh I love this body of mine!!

As the sunset, the energies shifted from stretching all my bones and realigning my joints to freakin coughing again and the heaviness in the chest, I think the elephant from the mesa found me and decided to sit on top of me.  Thank god for albuterol and my body’s allowance of it!!   I really do like breathing, a lot!! With the sunset came the spirit lube and tons of it.  My head is a snot pool and my eyes feel like they will just pop right out of the sockets.  Yippie!!

My temperature gauge was also going thru massive flux, freezing with chills one minute, hot and sweaty the next minute.

You know something huge is changing inside when chocolate takes like shit.

And today, is day two.  I am without a voice still, my head is going to pop soon, I’m sure of it.  Now with the morning light, the coughing as subsided pretty much (good thing, my freakin ribs and diaphragm freakin hurt.)

The only thing I can say for sure about any of this, is what my team is saying right now… we are bring the magnetic field to the ground level of life and the body MUST adjust to accommodate it.  So we say, once again… nothing is wrong, all is perfect and everyone going thru something similar, put your big girl or big boy pants on and let yourself change and evolve!!

Just and added note, for me personally, this energy is coming in  and spreading at the bone marrow level, which is why my bones feel stretched and achey.  I looked up bone marrow: Bone marrow is the spongy tissue inside some of your bones, such as your hip and thigh bones. It contains stem cells. The stem cells can develop into the red blood cells that carry oxygen through your body, the white blood cells that fight infections, and the platelets that help with blood clotting.  

It truly is change the birth of the cellular level.  Again I say…. Yippie!!??? lol

I love you all so much, thank you for constantly kicking me in the energy system of expansion!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with new fuel and expansion packs to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Just another reminder that my fee’s will be increasing on December 1st.  I have put the notice on my reading page, booking page and main page of my website.  I will add it here too:

On December 1st, 2016 all of my reading sessions will be increasing.  I have not raised my prices significantly in 11 years, it will probably be another 11 before I do again.  But just want to forewarn everyone about the increase.  The One Hour reading will go from $99 to $149, the 45 minute reading will go from $83 to $95, the 30 minute and ET connection will go from $59 to $84 and the 15 minute reading will go from $33 to $45.  All packages will increase as well.




Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 18, 2016

Shifting Timelines, Parallel Worlds and Our Mixed Up Reality!!


I so love when I can wake up in the morning and understand myself and my feelings better.  This morning is one such morning, thanx to an article a beautiful friend shared on my facebook timeline last evening.  I have not read the whole article yet, only because puzzle pieces already started to plop into place just from the shear scan I did of the article.  I guess I should share that article with you (smile) Parallel worlds exist and interact with our world, say physicists

This came perfectly timed with my own inner questioning as to why my mothers passing still hurts my heart the way it does.  I had none of this with my father, at all.  Quite the opposite really, when I would think of my father after he passed, I would fill up with sooo much gratitude for having spent 18 months with him before he passed.  Of course, I justify to myself that this sadness lingers with my mother because I only had 3 months, but I realized this morning, that’s only partially true.  Let me put all this on hold and share the bigger picture this crazy skimmed article triggered!  Let me tell ya, the more I look at it, understand it, the crazier the picture becomes!

I am going to start with a sentence from this article:  an idea that posits that all possible alternative histories and futures are real, each representing an actual, though parallel, world.  You and I already know this is a true statement, even without the equipment to prove it, we live it and that’s proof enough.

Several weeks before the main election event, I realized I cannot point my finger in either poison and call it ok.  I am not voting Trump or Hillary, instead, I live on the timeline where Bernie was on the ballot and won the election.  I live there still!!  I hadn’t thought much more about that inner declaration until this morning.  And with this, let me bring out the importance of questions again.  Spirit does not reveal anything until we ask the question, until we ponder the reality of anything.  I started questioning yesterday, when my heart shattered from getting the proof of ownership to the mobile home insurance company they requested.  I scanned the bill of sale/transfer and I just broke down and cried uncontrollably, which surprised me.  I justified the eruption with the thought that she had told me my whole life she would never leave me a penny and in the end, she gave me everything she had.  But that didn’t feel like the truth within my reaction, but was the only thing I could think of.

Now let’s back up to June, when I was still in New Mexico, when my mother was still refusing to talk to me or have me reemerge in her life in any way.  I got lost on a road as I tried to go for a hike to clear my heart and mind and declared to the universe in my lostness, that if I am going to invade my mother’s world (I was going whether she accepted me or not) then lets move to the timeline where she loves me.  Again, not because I needed my mothers love, but because it would make everything so much easier than kidnapping an old lady (this was even before my landlady told me my mother was not welcome.)  Within hours of that moment, my mother changed her stance, told my aunt and my daughter that she is excited to reunite with me again.  YAY!!!

I also understood (eventually) that that timeline shift was created at the 2011 intersection when i wrote to my mother inviting her into her grandchildrens life or mine, if she desired.  She didn’t, but I knew, on another timeline, it had to have happened.  All choices are played out.

Recently, it was also revealed that in that timeline shift, that higher frequency came down to the lower frequency, which is why when I got here, we eventually found out she was filled with cancer.  Her hate and tightly held in emotional field, ate her away.  This morning, I am realizing that on the timeline we pulled into this dense reality, we reunited with plenty of time to keep and maintain her health and emotional field.

Now it is becoming very clear we cannot alter the timelines for one and not have it affect the all.  This gets complicated to explain in words, I see it clearly as a visual, which makes perfect sense to me now.  Let me try to explain…

You and I, we were always heading to the emerald city, the 11D platform of life, of Living as God in body in all we do think and say.  In this timeline shift, we took a strand of that energy and pulled it wayyyyy down into the 3D density and chose (shit, i think I choose for everyone lol) to overlay it in this dense density.  My team is assuring me this was a good and needed thing (phew.)

Had none of this happened, you and I would have awoken on Nov 9th to a Bernie Sanders Presidency.  He had won, hands down, in 11D.  So the president of the emerald city is Bernie Sanders!!  I love that world!! lol  He is already changing the face of politics there.  Our jobs is to understand what he is employing there and do it here.

We have this platform that my team has been showing me called 5D.  If we were to look at this as three distinct layers in all the layers of life, the 3D is the solid bottom, the 11D is the solid top and the 5D is like a wobbly platform the goes in and out of both realms.  The christ consciousness.  The dressing room of the in between.  Hell (3D) or Shambhala (11D) and where we make our choices which experience we will live within.  Because this area wobbles, often times we go back into 3D then shift upwards to 11D.

This wobble, especially on my days off, is where the sadness hits me the hardest.  I want her back dammit!!  We had the best relationship of our lives and it was only 3 freaking months.  However, I now fully understand why it hits me so hard, it’s just my heart saying, she is still playing the game with you.  My mind tho, has not yet wrapped fully around that significance.

Now lets bring this all down to the 3D level where Trump is the reality.  When i was out with my friend the other day, we were talking about him and I could really understand more about his sacral chakra placement in his root.  This is actually going to play to all of our favors, eventually.  He couldn’t give a shit about anything on earth, what happens to earth, the people, the animals he doesn’t care one way or the other.  He cares about how he looks (ego) in relationship to his choices.  He is currently filling his cabinet with tons of old energy, not nice people because they are the only ones addressing his sense of self, his ego.  In this relationship, they are making all the plans and he is feeling all their glory.  So much for draining the swamp.  But then again, he is the swamp why would he drain it?

My daughter found a forbes article that articulated his tax agenda.  Bad news for most us.  Donald Trump’s Tax Plan Would Hit Single Parents Hard

Now let me back myself up a few months, shortly after Bernie was ousted from the running in this crazy plane of existence.  All I could feel was the Trump is the only one who could bring this country down to its knees.  It is much easier and quicker to rebuild something that has been wiped out by a hurricane, than continue to patching of the leaks over time.  Guess what!!???

It is so important to realize that we must address Trump with love, compassion, adversity in vision but not hate, not anger, not any of that.  If he could realize just how incredible his sense of self will be revered by an alternate form of anything, let me tell ya, he will do that instead.  He truly does not care and that is a good thing.  We are his four-year reality show and we MUST come together and make it a together story, a love story by bringing down the wisdom from our Presence in 11D to Here.  WE are the Divine Changemakers if we dare.  The time for silence is over.  He does not have access to his heart nor his pineal gland so we must meet him at the physical level of ego, with love and honor for what he can do!!

Spirit has said several times this week in readings, as we enter 2017, you and I enter the emerald city and trump enters the white house and life as we know is going to change and change fast.

We all have a massive change of energy that will speed up even more as we close out this year.  It is going to get interesting that is for sure.  But for now, I need a shower!! lol  I have a date with my beautiful architect and his friend this evening and I cannot show up smelly!!  I am sooo excited, I am meeting so many people in this crazy land called Florida.  Life is GOD!!!❤

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of Empowered Hearts and Boots on the Ground…. loving!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Just a reminder that my fee’s will be increasing on December 1st.  I have put the notice on my reading page, booking page and main page of my website.  I will add it here too:

On December 1st, 2016 all of my reading sessions will be increasing.  I have not raised my prices significantly in 11 years, it will probably be another 11 before I do again.  But just want to forewarn everyone about the increase.  The One Hour reading will go from $99 to $149, the 45 minute reading will go from $83 to $95, the 30 minute and ET connection will go from $59 to $84 and the 15 minute reading will go from $33 to $45.  All packages will increase as well.


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