new light of day

Isn’t life the most amazing thing in all the universes, this human life that is.  There was such a beautiful (albeit, short-lived) paused between experiences yesterday.  I woke up to realize we have made our online donation goal and again, thank you, freaking thank you… so teeny tiny an expression compared to the awe and the gratitude within my mother and myself.  I immediately put a call into the floor guy who is already coming on Monday to fix the shower, to let him know, the floor is a go now.

We got to spend only a few hours reveling in the outpouring of love from around the world to help two souls in this vast universe of souls.  Her home will be safe and for this, we are eternally grateful.

And then I headed to Walmart to pick up my mother’s prescriptions and the next phase became immediately presented.  The guy at the pharmacy said the doctor called in 5 prescriptions but they were only able to fill one due to the fact that her insurance will not cover the other four.  What??  She has medicare and Medicaid, more than one should be able to be filled.  Well, come to find out in this state where so many elderly people live, Medicaid will not pay for a damn thing if the person has medicare.  Medicare will only pay so much where as, most Medicaid plans pay 100%.  I asked the pharmacist if we can not process the medicare and do it only thru Medicaid and see whats covered there, nope… that’s illegal.  WHAT???  So, what wasn’t covered?  Three inhalers and my mother’s pain med for her back.  Well just shit.  How much is the pain medicine (she is eating advil and Tylenol pm’s like they are candy) I will pay for that until we can get her insurance figured out Monday… $1099.00!!!   I cried right there at the counter.  So she cannot breathe or have pain relief until at least Monday?  She did get one inhaler, a steroid type that will take about 2 weeks for her to see any effects from.  Thank god I brought my nebulizer and albuterol with me!!

It really is amazing the differences in States.  New Mexico will do all it can, for free, to make sure your health is the best it can be, including covering the cost of a medicine man, if that is your preference.  Florida, screws you, period.  I couldn’t even think after leaving Walmart.  I cannot even fathom this was going to be more challenging than getting the needs of my mother’s home taken care of.

I have a lot of phone calling and letter writing (to state representatives) I am going to do on Monday.

I couldn’t sleep too much last night, between concern for my mother’s drugs and concern of how am I ever going to find my center, my sweet spot so I can return to something I really need more than anything right now, my connection to spirit like I had before leaving.  This is not a fast I want to be on, altho, I do hear spirit (until this morning, I had zero visuals) and spirit kept saying, what you are doing, IS your connection to spirit.  Not the same, dammit.  I have had a direct IV tap from spirit into my heart, now, it’s different.  But then again, I knew it would be, had to be, but dammit, this is too different!!

I had a dream last evening, I was in my bedroom and doing a reading.  I wish I could remember what was being said in the reading or who I was reading for… but I was grateful to, even in the dreamstate, be connected again.

When I woke up this morning, I thought about writing this blog, but something seemed… missing??

Mom was bored with whatever was on TV so I suggested she watch one of the movies I brought… ohhhh Finding Joe!!!  I told her, this will help you understand the place I live within myself now and she was up to listening to it.  I soon realized, I put it on for me.  Granted I watched it with full understanding when I first got it, but after this past month. I understood it deeper than ever before.  My mother went to bed after the “finding your bliss” segment, so that is as far as we watched, so far.  But man oh man… it really put a lot into perspective from all the past readings this year.  I tried to explain it to my mother….

We were at the part talking about death, dying over and over again.  When life seems to rip the rug out from under your life.  I could see the last 5 years of my mother, her car died, she became homebound, her sister stopped talking to her, she became isolated.  Any sort of freedom she had, was now gone.  And then she had a stroke… the door of opportunity literally slamming against her brain.

I explained this to her and added that what we must not do, is rebuild your life in any way, the way it was before.  This happened to change it all, to change you from the inside out and we are well on our way.

During this part, I could see spirit just on the other side of the veil, which was not even near her ceiling, pulling the curtain back and what looked like laying new pipes across this opening.  New plumbing, new emotions, new opportunities that were never Here before.  I didn’t tell her this part because that’s all I understood so far.


Then I was reminded what spirit has been saying (again, thru the readings) this last year… WE are the spirit guides Now.  Looking at my mother, I so get this clearer than I ever had before.  It’s one thing to understand something conceptually, it is a whole other ballpark to understand it exponentially!!

Our guides have helped us all our lives, whether we were aware of them or not.  That chance meeting, the sudden epiphany, the money one finds on the ground when they need something.

Before Walmart (well, the insurance industry) rocked my world yesterday, I thought about our collective, how we have become a true, living group soul energy.  How many of us had to come together to get this all done, quickly and effortlessly.  Not only in money, but in sending love, prayers, holding the light, every part of this experience was/is as important as the other.  The group soul, which is the energy of the ascended masters, the living body of god, many moving parts acting as One.

We Are Here.  We Are That and have found our legs!!  There is no more praying for something, WE are the prayer.  WE are the miracle makers of Life.  Much more will be asked of us and thru it all, we will become even more sure-footed in our endeavours.

Thru watching this documentary, I also realized I was the one being read in my dreamtime.  My soul reading for its human counterpart.  The reason I could not remember the content of the reading was because I must live it from the inside out, not from preknowing it.  Hey, it’s worked great so far!! lol

I am also being reminded to remind everyone about this double energy system called June-July.  It has always been (as spirit said thru the readings) about getting everyone in their positions (if they allowed for it) so that when August opens its door… (I have no idea. lol)

There is a lot changing on the ground level of life, the pipes being changed out were not just my mothers, but humanities.  We are going to see much of the old piping burst from the pressure, know, please know, it must be this way.  What we are seeing as atrocities (thinking of Nice) is pipes bursting in the new light of day.  Higher awareness spreading.  And I hear, the twists and turns that are going to happen thru the rest of this (USA) election session is going to make our heads spin. Hold tight and KNOW there is a much bigger story unfolding, that serves the greater good as the old bursts into the ethers.

Let me finish by saying thank you, again and again and again.  You are the greatest spiritual renegade’s the earth has ever known and you are ALL deeply appreciated (and…. as I am hearing it, prepared for what will be asked of you!!)

Big big big ((((((HUGZ))))) wrapped around every one of you from the entangled heart-strings of me and my mother.  We love you and appreciate each and every one of you!!!  Thank you for making this world a lot safer and much more enjoyable!!  You are All Dearly Loved!!❤

Lisa Gawlas





It feels like forever since I sat down to share, or even just sat down, 3 day car ride excluded.  But lets start back at the day I left.  Like I said before, I kept feeling like I was being evacuated out of my home and the urgency to leave just kept stepping up sooner and sooner than the moment before it.  I was all set to leave Monday the 4th, after my house sale, but when I woke up on Sunday the 3rd, my insides were pressing me to leave that day, as soon as my stuff sold.  I still had 2 major items that needed to sell before I would close the doors to the Jemez, my 60″ TV and my sectional.  As my day started and I turned on my Pandora radio to tidy up the house to, I stopped in my tracks when I heard the first song that came on… “Follow Me.”  I lovingly refer to that song as my Jesus song, since way back in my beginning (2001) that song started playing the moment I laid my head on my pillow to go to sleep.  The sound was so clear and crisp that I actually looked under my pillow to see if there was a radio under it, there wasn’t.  When I fell asleep that night, I had a very vivid dream experience that included me, Jesus and my then Mentor Marc.  So with all that said, when that song came on at 9am Sunday, a song that never ever played on my Pandora list before (and I had that account set up for at least 5-6 years) I listened then stated, fine I will leave today, but we gotta get this TV and sectional sold.  2 hours later, my TV and sectional were sold.

In between the people coming in and out of my home, I was packing up my car.  I was caring my memory foam mattress topper to the car when as I went out the door and turned towards my car, my left ankle decided it was tired and gave completely out.  Down on my ass I went.  All I could think to myself was, what the hell does this mean!!  I had no idea, then.  I got back up, grateful my ankle did not hurt at all and continued my packing and selling.  My TV went first and I helped the man who bought it carry it out to his truck.  My ankle was fine.  Within 15 minutes of my sectional selling, ohhh my dear god, I swore I broke my ankle it hurt so much to walk on.  I still had hours left of the sale and a ton of little stuff yet to move, not to mention I really wanted to clean, sweep and wash the floors, but whatever was happening inside of me, compounded by the pain in my ankle, had me completely surrender and leave, staying seemed to hurt as much as limping around on my ankle.

When I reached the last 10 miles of my beloved New Mexico roadway, this amazing cloud formation seemed to be literally releasing rainbow energy onto the landscape.  I was driving while taking these picture and my camera did not really pick up the intensity of the rainbow, but the entire spray beneath the could was pure rainbow energy, more intense on the left side of it, but indeed thru out it too:

rainbow shower

rainbow shower 3

rainbow shower 2


Within minutes of crossing the border into Texas, the rainbow ceased to be.  New Mexico has one hellofa way of saying goodbye.  I knew this had to be a really good omen.

I drove about 8 hours that day, and getting in and out of the car to gas up or go potty, freakin hurt my ankle, I felt like Miss Gimpy.  That is until I got the motel for the night.  The very moment I crossed the threshold into my fleabag room for the night (smile, meaning, the cheapest hotel I could find) I literally felt the energy in that ankle leave my entire foot area.  It was a very odd sensation, but there was no more pain or discomfort.  That was strange but I was grateful.

The rest of the days on the road were uneventful until I was about 3-4 hours away from my mother and my GPS had me get on the Florida Turnpike.  Shortly after turning on this road, up in the southern sky there was an unmistakable, detailed cloud formation that I will forever regret not getting a picture of.  It was very clearly two really large faces looking at each other.  There was about a 6 inch space between the faces and the energy of the face on the right literally came out and formed from the heart space of the one on the left.  It stayed there in front of me in the sky until I hit my first toll, which I figured I could not get my camera, it was gone by the time I paid and started driving again.  It gave me excitement and of course, the first thing I thought of was… divine counter-part!!  He is here in Florida!!  Funny how we can assume what we want to assume about anything we see.  Thru the days and resting moment within the days, this cloud formation on my mind and in my heart, spirit shared a bigger insight.  We are born from the hearts of each other, what we do for one, we do unto ourselves.  There is none that is not us, not a visual expression of our own hearts.  This amazing cloud expression was showing me me and my mother, together.  One heart, two bodies.  Do we focus on the love or the past that separated the love.  I was once again reminded of the insight my team gave me before leaving new mexico, we must be able to sustain and thrive in our most challenging of relationships with love and service before the fullness of a divine counter-part will come into Being.

Walking into my mother’s home was a mixed bag of emotions.  The separation of 20 years was obvious.  My mother now older and frail, she was my age the last time I had seen her.  The filth that made up her house, was NOT from the mother I once knew.  She was an absolute neat freak.  Her kitchen was littered with dishes and pots and maggots.  Rotting food still in everything.  The linoleum floor speckled with dry fecal matter.  Her living room and bathroom rugs showed the same display of diarrhea that did not quite make the toilet.  With my mothers bad back and arthritis, cleaning anything up at the floor level is a thing of the past.  Obviously cleaning anything up, is a thing of the past.

Since I got in so late (about 7:30pm) she and I sat and talked until we both surrendered to the day at about 9pm.  I woke up long before dawn and my mother and started on the kitchen.  This was emotionally hard.  How long has she been living like this?  I had a deep feeling this kitchen condition was more an effect from deep depression than physical ailments.  My Aunt affirmed that thought to me when we called her later in the day.  My mother has been in a deep depression for a very long time.

She has had no one, and I do mean NO ONE in her life for years.  Her car broke (a really good thing) about 5 years ago and she has been sitting in the house, alone, utterly alone for all that while.  She did have a sister, who lives a few streets over, that was her friend until my mother borrowed her car and wrecked it.  My Aunt was furious because my mother did not have the money to pay for the things the insurance did not cover, they have not talked since (several years.)  That is a deep condition in this family, money and walls.

As I started to go thru and toss heaps of papers (bills, receipts and stuff) I started to realize she must have started closing down about 2014, there papers started accumulating (all over the house) from about that time period.  She also became a hoarder of plastic containers, mostly the lids, neatly protected in zip lock bags… trash!!  I took out 8 bags of trash the first two days.

By the second full day here, the damn that has been firmly kept in front of the wall of tears started to break.  I kept thinking of the mother I knew, social, active, super clean (house and body) and who she is now.  Even when she walks, it is like her body was twisted.  Not so much with an actual limp but that her body was uneven inside.  Metaphysically speaking, I really do understand, you withdraw your support from life, life withdraws its support within you.  But its my mother and damn metaphysical understandings!!  My heart was mourning the vibrancy of the lady I once knew as I understood the walls she has been busy building thru her life left her in isolation (inside and out) and unkempt.

I would only allow myself moments of these tears, just enough to release the pressure, then back to being proactive.  Estimates need to get done.  First ones to come were for the AC until getting done.  The motor and unit that runs the AC from outside, rusted to death years ago.  She had a window unit in her living room window doing all it could to cool down an 80 foot double wide with an open floor plan.  Of the three vents that blew cool air, the center one was not working and the two beside it was struggling.  This was my biggest priority.  Especially since my mother has a really hard time breathing once she lays down.  All I could think of was my father, she sounds just like him when they laid down, coughing, wheezing and rattling.  She either has emphysema or lung cancer (he had both.)  She has not been to the doctors in over 5 years, so she is not even sure.  We will find out much more tomorrow (friday) at her doctor’s appointment to include a mammogram for the double grape sized lump near the nipple in her left breast.

Several days before my mother discovered a large lump in her breast (while I was still in New Mexico) I started getting a vision that saddened and surprised me.  I could see my mother in her bed (surprisingly, her bedroom looks just like it did in my vision) and she was dying.  I was laying next to her in her bed, feeding her and giving her drinks.  I couldn’t understand why I was seeing that, yes, she has some medical ailments, but none that was that dire, that I knew of.  When I called her and she told me of her lump… my heart sank.  It is still sinking.  I realized that the journey I had with my father is nothing, emotionally speaking, like I am having with my mother.  I didn’t know my father, there was no father daughter bond with him, my mother on the other hand… this is hard, much much harder than I ever imagined it would be.  I am doing my very best to lean into gratitude for being here now, for being in her life again, but my heart still aches for the 20 years of space, for the decline and isolation I could have helped her with.  I love her so damn much, have all my life and this, it is just hard.


The cheapest estimate we got on the AC was $3300.  I had $1500 set aside specifically for this repair from my house sale.  I didn’t realize the entire unit died, she told me the motor was still good.  Not!!  There was no motor lol.

But the AC stands along side another major priority, my mother’s bedroom floor is sagging. It scares the hell out of me to walk on it.  The particle board rotted and she has a strip of plywood that allows her semi safe passage onto her bed.  We got an estimate on that, $2300, I about choked!  She also has a shower that is leaking, it looks like it too is rotting (the guy affirmed it pretty much was) and is spilling water onto that floor too.  His estimate to fix the stand alone shower was $318 and save the bathroom floor from rotting.

I put a gofundme project together.  Talk about being completely moved out of my comfort zone.  Its hard enough accepting money, but purposely asking for money, especially a large sum of money… OMG my comfort zone moved into a whole other country!  Especially when so many people gave of their amazing hearts to cover any needs I had or would have to get me here to my mothers.  But I had no choice, before I even had the floor estimates down and trying to feel into how much above my $1500 we were going to need, I felt the amount of $4500.  $5000 felt like too much, $4000 felt like to little (that’s how I came up with that number.)

We won’t even talk about the electrical needs, she had a kitchen outlet that completely caught fire and had black melted plastic on the top outlet while she used the bottom outlet.  Half her outlets didn’t work and I don’t play with electricity.  I anticipated the cost of fixing the electric to be higher than the floor.  Thank god for an amazing electrician who checked my mother’s electric bill to find out, all her wiring needs were covered by insurance she took out thru her electric bill.  Everything got fixed with nothing out-of-pocket spent.

So in total just to get the immediate, life threatening needs fixed, it was going to be $5918 and with my $1500 sitting, the total is $4418.  I was within $82 of being right.  Truly spirit guided cuz the Lisa sitting here, had no real idea, I just felt into it.

If anyone ever doubts the entangled hearts of spirit, then they simply do not know you!!  Since I did not have internet hooked up yet (we just got it hooked up yesterday) the only place I could put the gofundme (which is actually youcaring funding) on my facebook.  Within 24 hours we had raised enough to deal with the AC and let me tell you, not a moment too soon.  I wasn’t sure how long it would actually take for the wepay site to get the money into my bank account (it said 3-5 days) but I wasn’t waiting around for it to happen either, I called the AC guy and got him scheduled for Wednesday, which would have allowed 3 days for the transfer to happen.  Her little window unit must have heard the conversation I had with him, because an hour later, it died.  It had been chugging along for years and finally said ohhh good, help is on the way, I can die now.

Within hours, it was near unbearable in this house.  It’s not even the temperatures itself but the humidity.  I have had the temps in my house in New Mexico reach 95 degrees, yeah I sweated, but breathing was not impaired at all (I didn’t have AC there at all) but here, with that humidity… holy freakin shit batman.  The humidity started climbing, 40%, 45% and topped off at 54%.  I worried about my mother and the cat sleeping that night.  She could barely breath as it was, and if I was having trouble, it has to be worse for her and the fur covered cat.  I tried to talk her into going to a hotel until we got the AC running, she refused saying I have spent so much money already.  Who cares about money, if one of us is not alive that money is worthless!!  She did not lose any of her stubbornness, at all.

I cannot tell you the gratitude that ran thru my blood when we woke up the next day, and the money hit the bank account.  OMG maybe the AC would have mercy on us and can fit us in today, a day early.  I got his answering machine, we took to facebook to get the prayer posse whispering YES into his heart, sure enough when he called about noon that day… YES it was and 2 hours later, the AC project started, 2 hours after that, we had air but most importantly, it was sucking the humidity out of the house so fast there was a waterfall coming out of the AC unit outside.

So as I could formulate and hold a thought without it melting, I started to think about this last month and what spirit had to do to make sure this one soul on earth I call my mother, had to orchestrate to get so much done so fast.  Take a long view with me…

First, my oldest daughter had to get pregnant, have her son and have her heart opened to the degree she wanted to reconnect with me after 4 years of silence.  She wanted her son to know his grandmother.  This was the greatest mothers day present I could have ever received, since she showed up the evening before mother’s day this year.  Then she had to ask for my mothers address, and put it on her itinerary to visit while she is doing a country-wide tour to introduce her son to those important in her life (she started out in California where she lives and went as far as Massachusetts, where she is now before she starts the trek back home.)  She she realized that going to her grandmothers (the first visit or communication in 20 years) it would take her out of her way by 15 hours one way.  She decided against it until she had a fight with one of her paternal uncles in Mississippi and decided to cut that visit short and go show up on the doorstep of her grandmother.  Neither one of us knew if she would be welcomed in or have the door closed on her since my mother disowned her too a couple of decades ago.

Obviously she was let in.  When she called me to tell me about the fact that my mother had just come home from a 20 day stay in the hospital after having a stroke on the June 10th (my daughter arrived on the 13th) and the deplorable living conditions and state of isolation my mother was in, before we even hung up, I knew what I was going to do… get my mother the hell out of that living condition.  However, the snag in my plan was that my mother told Michelle she did not want me calling her or showing up, she still wanted nothing to do with me.  So I wrote to my aunt in PA, the only sibling of my mothers (she has 7) that still talks to her, explained my mother’s living conditions and my plan and if she would help my mother see this was a good thing to let me back in, not a bad thing.  My aunt just told me the other day, she had to make several phone calls and tell her (yell at her) to let me in.  WALLS are huge and solid in this family.

But let’s go to our world of spirit.  The movement of the timelines I experienced while getting lost that one day trying to go for a hike.  So much moved (for all of us) that day.  I told spirit if this is going to get done, you need to change the timelines to one where my mother still loves me and it was done within minutes.  It released the hate and opened the door to love.

But lets look at that for a minute.  I write about all the potential that we now have within our energy fields including changing timelines and outcomes.  What I could not understand was how to make it happen.  There are no rituals that will get it done, you can intend all day long but the only true thing that moves mountains, is the emotion within the heart of desire.  I personally did nothing except ask.  But equally (as I am now understanding) my magnetic field was on high as well.  The pull to my mother’s world was not even a thought, it did not go thru my mind in any way, it was just… gonna happen.  Which really helped me understand how this whole magnetic field of life really works (another thing I pondered, since before this event, my life was pretty much the same every day.  I had nothing to understand it thru.)

The magnetic field of our hearts, of our lives when fully active should supersede the mind.  The mind itself only creates the details/action needed to get to wherever we are being pulled to.  When in full alignment with the magnetic flow of our lives, all the players who need to show up, will show up instantly.  Just like my landlady shockingly telling me my mother could not stay with me.  Now I see why, it is much better I stay with my mother for so many reasons.  I would have never even thought about moving without her, so I bless her so much for moving me out!

On my three day drive to here, and experiencing the outpouring of love and donations thru you, my team showed me how magnets work.  My flow going to my mothers, inching me nearer and nearer by the house and I could see all these gold flecks of energy (you) flooding into my magnetic stream.  It allowed me to not only get here with zero financial worries, it also allowed me to get the many little things that needed taken care of effortlessly and without financial worry (like getting food, getting my mother under clothes, paying bills and stuff.)

It also makes me see, as I have told my mother over and over again since getting here, that everyone, no matter their past, is worthy of love.  That spirit will move mountains to get our needs taken care of.  The only unfortunate thing, most mountains have this thing called ego that stops the movement towards amazing goals and outcomes.  When we pause, even for a moment, to think about what we are getting into or out of, the flow is broken.  Which leaves many with the ongoing question… why doesn’t it work for me.  It does and will if we can keep our minds to the task it was designed for, movement thru matter and always let the door take you to where you/we need to be next effortlessly with all needs covered.

I think hard on that little window unit.  If it had died a moment before we got here, or if I didn’t or couldn’t get here, if you weren’t there to get me here abundantly, there is no doubt in my heart my mother and her beloved cat would be dead.  They could not live in that humidity for much longer than the day and a half we endured.

Days before I left New Mexico, my aunt sent me a very worried email.  She was afraid I was blowing smoke up my mother’s skirt, that I wasn’t going to follow thru on what I have been saying.  My mother even said to me several times “I will believe it when I see it.”  And I think of the collective pond who feels humanity sucks (as my mother and aunt did) and the ripples of change flowing outwards right now.

I also think of how much we can change and enhance the karmic dept of people and places.  My mother was isolated for 5 years, a place I know she created for herself and then suddenly, life burst into her world, into her heart when her granddaughter and great grandson showed up and she woke up out of the isolation, and yearned for more.  Her heart yearned for love again.  She got depressed and the raging diarrhea (that’s how her body lets her sadness out, which spills on the rugs and floors.)  Since we (me and all of you) arrived in her world, she has not had diarrhea once.  She is actually having normal bowel movements even when she eats or drinks something that normally would have triggered it before.  It really makes me realize that LOVE is the most powerful drug, the greatest healer of all.  I think irritable bowel syndrome should be called irritable life syndrome.

There is much more to share, but that is for another day.  I am giving you a novella to read.  My mother has her doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning, ohhh and I took her for an eye exam the other day.  Her vision is not good, only to find out she has cataracts (I thought the doc said glaucoma, but no, its cataracts) and bleeding in the left retina.  She has the presurgery appointment for the cataract on her right on the 22nd then an appointment with a retina specialist on August 10th.

We have the floor guy coming to fix the shower on Monday, we are still raising the money for the floor.  Thank you for helping me take such good care of my mother, of the collective in need of loving compassion.  I will never ever be able to put into words my gratitude, my own awe of your extreme generosity with a lady who some could view as not worthy of help.  ALL Are.

I have had several people asking me when I will be doing readings again.  Please know it will be as soon as I humanly can.  I have not even had the time to process the emotions in me with all that is happening with my mother.  I do have a target date of July 25th, but lets see whats in her boobs before I commit to reaching places I have not fully cleared the way inside of myself to reach… yet.

I love and appreciate you all more than my mere words will ever every express.  Thank you for help two souls so enormously, unconditionally, the way you do.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with miracles and love!!

Lisa Gawlas

The link to my mothers fundraiser is here:


Me and my mother the night I got in. She soooo wanted a Taco Bell fix and she got it!!❤












Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 30, 2016

Which Way Is Your Wind Blowing??


And here we are, sitting in the gateway, excuse me, the void!  I went into meditation yesterday morning hoping to get a little something something to share outwards, I got squat!!  Dammit!!  Ok, maybe not complete squat, the only thing my team was present for (with visuals, there was zero anything else) I simply asked for an easy time on my road trip to Florida, I had to giggle as they showed the road ahead as if they laid the red carpet out for me.  They ignored me when I said hey, red carpets usually lead to an event, whats the event.  Silence.  Dammit.  The only other visual they shared with me was this big ass white carnation, the stem coming out of my heart and the flower head, the size of a basketball hoop, about a foot above me.  I have no clue what that even means, no one was talking to me yesterday, well, not in my bath anywayz.  So this morning I looked up what a white carnation symbolizes: White carnations suggest pure love and good luck. Yay!!  lol

At the end of what was a very very long and busy day (which seems to be every day since I decided to shift) I went to dinner with a friend and really got some good information to share.  My friend asked how will we know which side of “the yard” we will be on.  The reply surprised and excited me.

We should all be getting the feeling, the experience in our lives already, moving into July just intensifies it, solidifies the energies deeper than they are right now.  For those on the Shambhala side, no matter what is happening in your life, everything that is needed is already working out, effortlessly.  Your needs are fulfilled before you even realize you had a need.  There is no struggle or want.

It was only in that moment I was absolutely sure, my collective choices and actions planted me in the fields of Shambhala.  With this massive undertaking of liquidating my life and prepping to move 1500 miles away, it is all going amazingly well.  Exhausting, but I couldn’t ask for a more perfect, more supported experience in my world.

The chaos side, well that would be the opposite.  No matter what one tries to do, it never gets lift or support in any way.  Altho it can seem like it, it is not a punishment in anyway.  It is a time for anyone in the field of chaos to really look within, re-address their approach to life, to themselves.  This is also caused, in part, by the collective negative energies one may have put out that had not come home to roost.  To clear itself and present new choices based on a new, life supporting emotional output.

Separation, self-absorption, no longer has any glue in this fast evolving world we live in.

The timing of all this is so interesting, we have the political conventions happening in July.  It is going to be very interesting to see how this all plays out.

There is something else happening too.  This is harder to put into words of understanding.  I have not had a solid night’s sleep since the moment I made the decision to move.  I am up several times a night, sometimes for over an hour at a clip.  It’s exhausting and kinda pisses me off!!  But finally, understanding came last evening as I got up at midnight wide-eyed and bushy-tailed.  These waking points are like… let me share the visual I got:  if you had thought bubbles around you, containing sacred information, important information that has not integrated into your system, into your waking conscious mind, each time I (we) are awakened at night, these thought bubbles are bursting and releasing into the conscious energy field.  Some are much bigger than others, hence being awake longer than other times of waking up.

I must also say as well, that on the other side of the yard, these thought bubbles contain the karmic energy that needs resolution.  That’s all I’m going to say about that!!

Even tho my team is purposely using the words conscious mind, I have no idea what is being released.  I am busy bitching.  lol  However, it is not “direct knowing.” more like a misting of energy into the consciousness, that over time integrates into our next skill levels.  Even that will not be fully understood until the moment you go to use it.  Spirit is always about OJT!!  (On the job training.)

Ohhh, complete change of subject here lol.  I have been meaning to share this thru the last several sharings and of course, I forget.  When I first moved here to the Jemez, my heaven, people from all around the world sent me rocks from their/your soil/landscape.  I was going to take them all with me, but nope… I will do a ceremony right before I leave and put them all in the Jemez River in my backyard.  The energy of the Jemez will forever flood and sustain your fields of life.  A give back from this place to you, to us.

Over the close to 5 years we have worked here together, we opened a huge vortex at the top of the mesa, which will be closed back up as we leave this place.

It’s hard to believe I will be leaving this place in a few days.  What’s even harder for me to believe is how excited I am to go, to embark on the next adventure, growth of my soul, our souls in a new way.  Something beautiful is brewing that we are all going to be a part of!!  The enrichment of life thru each other, with each other, As each other!!  The body of the Living God!!  <3

Enjoy this transition into July.  I am not sure how much more I will share, my house sale starts tomorrow and if all goes well (get a full night’s sleep lol,) I will be on the road Sunday night.

Ohhh I gotta share this too, just cuz.  I told my mother yesterday that I am not only a massage therapist, I am also a certified hypnotherapist certified in Life Between Life Regression (testing the waters here.)  She got so excited and is soooo open to doing some past life regression, hypnosis healing and life between life exploration!!  Yeee Haaaawwww!!!  This is going to be a fun adventure!!

I love you all so so so much and thank you, more than my tiny little words can ever say, thank you for loving me, loving us the way you do!!

((((((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))) filled with peace, love and harmony to All!!!❤

Lisa Gawlas

(PLEASE no booking or rescheduling appointments until I send out an email with my new time zone and changes.  Thank you!!)  




event horizon

There is so much to share, amazing how one day not writing has me backlogged with information and now I pray I remember to get every ounce of it out!!

For many years now, we have talked and even seen to the slightest degree, the separation of the wheat from the chaff, well, if I am understanding all that is coming in (information wise) now, this is the final separation.  This is what this “great flood / great purification” is really all about.  The more “connected” conversations I am having about this enormous moment we are all in, the clearer it is becoming.  The visual spirit is showing me as we arrive in the energies of July, the new landscape of our lives, is if you had a large back yard with a fence running down the middle of the yard, on the right side of the fence, the yard is green and lush, the joy oozing all around.  The left side of the fence starkly opposite, chaos.  Pure chaos.  I see it as black strands and dots of energy in constant movement of I guess the word we can use is entangled debris.  It’s cold over there!!  This fence is like a force field, one cannot and will not affect the other even tho they share the same yard (so to speak.)

The entire planet is in choice, every person, every collective, every thing!!  Which side of the fence are you choosing??  My team is very specifically using the term “Shambhala” for the right side of the fence.  I choose that particular spelling of the word (there are many variations) because of the Sanskrit meaning “Peace, love and harmony.”  It is not enough to simply declare or intend to arrive in Shambhala, to live there you must BE Shambhala.  Let’s be really clear on this too, because sometimes we can get confused due to many different facets of programming over the eons.  This very important information came thru a conversation the other day as well.

There is no “doormat syndrome” allowed in Shambhala.  Love is a shared energy, it is not all give with no need for return.  Often times, we give and give and give and think to ourselves, it does not matter that in my time of need, I am stuck alone fending for myself even tho I have spent a lifetime giving as much as I can to others.  Believe it or not, that is as life depleting as taking and taking and never giving of yourself.  Balance is always key.  (and please, KNOW, that I am not talking of myself here, we are abundantly in each other’s life in every way possible.)

Peace, Love and harmony MUST begin and end with you.  It can never come from an outside source, however, it can and will be reflected back to you by the world you choose to have around you.  If you are not abundantly supported in all that you do, change the world you have around you!!  Do it ASAP please.  It is God to be the center of your universe and fill your needs first and foremost.  All-ways!!!!

The left side of the yard… phew baby.

Sunday night my sleep cycle (or really, lack there of) was bizarre.  I fell asleep at 9pm like usual, but then awoke at 10pm, 11pm. 1am, 2am, and finally at 3am just got my tired as up for the day.  However, I must point out, the first two awakenings were just my eyes popping open, the last three however, I each time I woke up, I heard the song lyrics “When i get to where I’m going, there will only be happy tears.”  All I could say was if you don’t let me have one decent nights sleep, I am not going to get anywhere!!

There was no way of harnessing the higher information to share outwards in a blog, my brain did not accompany my body with the getting up for the day action.  I tried to write thank you’s that are seriously way behind in getting out… besides the word Hi, the emotion I wanted to put into words, was where ever my brain was.  So I did more packing sorting and pricing until about 6am when I started to feel the pull of my holy bath waters.  Considering I have not even had a shower in days (my to-do list is longer than the hours in any given day, showers can wait!! lol) even a disconnected bath would be welcome to my nose!! (giggle)

I laid in my bath and asked my team, how can I be in service, is there more I can be doing?  My team simply replied, no you are doing what is needed.  Ok, let me rephrase, is there anything I can do for you?  My team just said back, you know you just asked the same question using different words, we need nothing more from you.  Then what the hell am I doing in my bath… I got stuff to do!! BTW, what the hell is up with my sleep last night, that is not nice considering how much I have to do yet.  And why did you skip midnight??

What they showed me was really bizarre and dare I add, surprising.  Each time I was awakened, it was equal to being cranked… like if you had this screw top and each time my eyes opened, I was given a full rotation to opening.  In this visual, the two times before midnight, I with each crank I went up and up… then on the other side of the midnight hour (change in timelines completely) I was being screwed down, or cranked into a new reality.  My team explained this is what the 2 day void really is.  Many will experience it before the 30th-1st target date, but ALL will experience it then.  Again, this event is planetary.

So I opened a door I kind of wish I didn’t… I asked my team, since we are in a whole other set of timelines, can we make it so my mom sticks around longer than originally planned??  What I got in return, I wish I can give back, close that door, I don’t want to see what was just opened.

There is now currently a meeting that is ongoing with my mother’s counsel in regards to this request.  They will not be able to fully reply until she and I get together in the physical (when I move to Florida) relationships are very different on the phone than they are on the actual earth plane of living together.  However, they did give me caution, that she is not to move back to PA at all, visit, yes, move no.  Her energy system could not withstand the weight of the density of that plane and would cause life failure.  Really??  Then… the information went into very unexpected directions.

Now focusing on the left side of the yard of life, the chaos field, my team explained that much is going to happen over the next three years (and a lot has already been started) but most particularly (because this was where my focus was at) with Pennsylvania, NEPA to be exact, I was shown a virus spreading, akin to the black plague.  I kept hearing new strain of the Zika virus, but I am not sure if my means exactly the zika virus or simply a new badass strain of virus.  They explained that many places around the world, will have this causation due to the stripping of the earth, the defuncting of the ley lines in areas that have been over mined.  Now being familiar (growing up) in NEPA (north east pennsylvania) we stripped just about all the coal from the mines and have now moved into place oil wells, which comes with fracking, all over the grid of that area.  We can look at ley lines like oxygenators (or think aquifers) and when we deplete the energy fields, life that normally could not survive (viruses) thrive.  Because the humans in these areas have weakened immune systems (due to the lack of oxygenation from the defunct ley lines) then… well trouble happens.

I thought about the wonderful people I know that still live in these areas.  My team assured me that what we would deem “light workers” those aligned to the energies of Shambhala, will be immune completely.  I was so surprised to see that our family from the stars have been working on many an aligned human to implant the immunity that will be needed.  Many of these implants were messed with by misunderstandings, but that goes into free will of the people as well.  Choice and consequence of choices.

I am done seeing this, it’s not pleasing to my senses and I will find a way to make sure my mother looses her desire to live in PA.  So then, let’s switch the view to Florida, since my ass is moving faster than my mind can keep up with!!  What is up with this sneak attack to transfer me to Florida.

I was taken to a beach, sitting on the beach and staring out into the ocean.  I could suddenly see and feel this huge beam of light coming out of my own forehead.  Holy shit, I feel like a what a light house must feel like lol.  As I sat there, this crazy light coming out of my forehead, suddenly way out in the ocean a massive ring of light started to emit and open and come up out of the ocean waters.  OUR ETs!!!!  I didn’t see them mind you, just felt them thru this massive field of light now being exchanged.  The one thing I knew for sure, it was the ones already here on earth.  I was so freakin excited!!  And then something even more amazing happened… something I had foreseen so long ago that an amazingly generous soul recently reminded me of in an email… An event that came thru what I called “Healing the Nations.”  The light over the ocean changed in its intensity to become like a silver white and I knew it was the Presence (of god) revealing himself thru… (will let you know when I know lol.)

If this wasn’t enough to take in and absorb, I was told that I will get an office ocean side to do my work.  We will use the ocean energy for what we are about to do and of course, our friends from the skies too.  The (sorta) guilt I have been carrying from having to reschedule everyone thru this “great flood/purification” event, started to ease and turn into excitement.  Everyone (including the ET connections) are changing venue and points of (Light) connections and well, let’s just say things are about to change (how, I have no idea, yet!!)

I was so excited!!  OMG, this time with my team gave me a much needed energy boost to get my to-do list done.  I got out of my bath, turned on my Pandora Radio (cuz everything goes better with music lol) and about shit a brick when the first song (which has never ever played on my Pandora playlist before) that came on was “When I get to where I’m going.  Ohhhhh I did ask my team about the repetition of this song and they said to listen to it from the point of being alive, not crossing over (death.)

So as this song played, I stood still and listened… really, listened.  And my heart blew open as the tears streamed down my face with knowing what I had just experienced in my meditation and feeling this part of the song:

But when I get where I’m going
And I see my maker’s face
I’ll stand forever in the light
Of his amazing grace
Yeah when I get where I’m going
There’ll be only happy tears

I forget a lot of things, so much information, inspirations come thru at such a rapid rate over the last decade and a half, that which did not produce anything in that moment, I just forget about and move on to the next flood of light coming thru you.  Again, Catherine B… thank you for this documented reminder and never losing the faith of what I see… and seeing into this moment what I myself could not, would not see otherwise!!

I am going to share some of what Catherine sent to me that I had put out there some time ago (since I am not 15 years older not 10 lol)

“I could see this mass gathering taking place in a very large open space. There was a large stage like you would see at a rock concert, but instead of bands, all the “Light Worker” people I was familiar with, gathered. Folks like Neale Donald Walsch, Gregg Braden, Michael Newton…I could see the sea of people who came from all over the world to attend this massive day long event. Each speaker shared whatever their expertise was thru out the day. What so surprised me was, I was not only the organizer of this event, I was also one of the speakers…
Thru this ongoing event and I witnessed speaker after speaker talking/sharing… suddenly the most amazing thing happened. It just getting to sunset when suddenly in the sky… the most amazing light permeated everywhere. It was felt, experienced by every single person in attendance. The Light of God changed us, healed us forever!!”
Yet, the one thing about the vision that never wavered… I was there, on a stage surrounded by a sea of people… leading the meditation. I would laugh because no one knows me… not like they do the people I was sure was creating this event.
Well I am 10 years older now… I speak the language of Light fluently… fluently enough to know the LightWorkers I had seen had always been You.  You who occupy this land. You who occupy the fields of Light.
The other constant within this meditation was tearing a massive hole thru the fabric of time… and the Light… the PURE LIGHT flooded the darkness of the world’s stage.

I find it interesting that our teams, speaking of this very moment we are all in, is now calling it “being in the event horizon.”  A couple of years ago, thru the readings (have I said just how freakin grateful I am for your faith and trust with me, YOU provide all this Light information, I am simply a stenographer) spirit was talking about preparing for the “event horizon.”  Well, we are in it now!!  I did take a stroll to wikipedia to understand (remember) what an event horizon is… turn the quantum physics into metaphysics and the fence running down the middle of the yard:

In general relativity, an event horizon is a boundary in spacetime beyond which events cannot affect an outside observer. In layman’s terms, it is defined as “the point of no return”, i.e., the point at which the gravitational pull becomes so great as to make escape impossible, even for light. An event horizon is most commonly associated with black holes. Light emitted from inside the event horizon can never reach the outside observer. Likewise, any object approaching the horizon from the observer’s side appears to slow down and never quite pass through the horizon,[1] with its image becoming more and more redshifted as time elapses. The traveling object, however, experiences no strange effects and does, in fact, pass through the horizon in a finite amount of proper time. From here to the central singularity will take 0.0001 seconds in proper time, in free fall, for a 30 solar mass black hole. This infall time is proportional to the mass of the black hole.[2]

Keeping in mind, in heart, we are NOT here to stop the chaos, for it is very much needed.  We are here to build the new, BE THE NEW!!!

Ohhh I want to add in this visual (I am most forgot lol.)  Going back to the fence separating the yard… shambhala and the chaos.  I could see the energy of chaos as if it was in a corset and started to become squeezed tight.  As this energetic corset squeezed tighter and tighter, the energies started to gather upwards at the top of this corset and once released, transmuted and flew into the garden of eden we are living and building… the heartscape of Shambhala.  With this visual is the knowing (but not the understanding) that much is going to be released unto us in energy forms of all kinds to flourish without struggle or effort.  Energy never truly dies, it’s reformatted and recycled into higher forms (us!!!)

On that note, my to-do list awaits!!  My team so lovingly moved up my move out date to Sunday at 6pm!!  Jesus, have Mercy on this human!! lol  It’s weird because I feel I am being evacuated as opposed to transplanted and I have no idea why!!  (Nor is anyone tell me either lol.)

I love you all so much and I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your love, your support, your own bravery for Being the Presence of God embodied!!

((((((HUGZ))))) overflowing with happy tears to All!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

(PLEASE no booking or rescheduling appointments until I send out an email with my new time zone and changes.  Thank you!!)

P.S.  I want to share a meditation experience that a beautiful friend had the other day.  When she told me of her meditation and I could feel the importance of it, I asked her to share it on my facebook as well as was given permission to sre it here.  If you do not put your foot forward into the new, into the pure trust field of Shambhala, well… Just do it!!!

Thank you Barbara Jacksha!!

Lisa, this morning in my meditation I saw something that fits perfectly with the messages you’ve been receiving/writing about the importance of action and moving forward.

I saw myself walking into a void of pure potential, at the leading edge of my life. I understood that there was no one leading the way, no one breaking ground for me, that the creation “ahead” was both my responsibility and my exciting adventure.

Each step I took into the void created virgin ground beneath my foot. And once I took a step I saw and felt how reality immediately sprang to life and arranged itself around that movement/choice. Side to side my body formed a plane. In front of the plane was pure potential. Behind that plane were all the resources, guidance, help, knowledge – everything I’d need, backing me up 100 percent! But it was my step, my step into the void and the unknown, that created the reality. Without the step or action, potential remains potential and new realities remain unrealized.

I felt how the old idea of needing to get each and every duck in a row before we take action, of needing to feel 100% confident or ready, or needing to feel certain about outcomes, is backwards and so the old way of doing things. It’s literally our magical movement forward that creates, and that movement is as simple as taking one small step at a time. Completely doable (and exciting and fun) for everyone, no matter where any of us are at and no matter where we want to go.

So today I am celebrating steps large and small! Love you

(From Barbara Jacksha, Santa Fe, NM)

the great purification

If these days can’t any more strange or intense??  All my readings and even ETville all had the same thing that I was seeing… water.  In reading land the water itself was pouring down from the sky, not like rain or even intense rain, like a river that stretched all around the globe, or maybe better said, a waterfall pouring out of the sky.  The expressions from spirit were the same thru each connection as well “The Great Purification” is underway, The Great Flood was another phrase I heard too, but not as much as the great purification.  Very much like an emotional cleansing.  Intense energies flooding the earth that will create intense reactions and actions that are very much already underway.

A wonderful soul shared a video on my facebook yesterday that so aligns with perfect clarity what I had seen thru every connection yesterday:



There is no solar activity, and yet our magnetic field is in major flux.  Which is why spirit showed it like they did, a flood from the heavens, this is not from the sun energies at all and it is not missing a spot on earth, everyone and everything will be, is being affected.

Equally, the same message was repeated to everyone hoping to get some understanding, spirit cannot interfere in any way way at this moment.  We are all at the biggest crossroads of our collective life, individually, collectively and planetary.  It is for us to understand then choose.  Not think about, CHOOSE.

Another way to look at this, is like an opportunity to free all negative karma, again, individually and collectively.  The choice of planting only positive energy in your world, if your foot has been stuck in the mud somewhere, the energies are fully supporting, if not pushing, release.

Altho this river of water was steady, I never seen it accumulate on the ground itself.  I don’t know if that was to prevent me from seeing or knowing too much, but I would like to think it is emotional less literal.  But truly, I do not know that for sure.  I have a feeling tho, going into collective energies, what we would consider towns, cities and stuff, if the old energies are stuck and won’t be changed, then it just may get very literal too.

On lady yesterday, did give us a wonderful twist on the visual.  With hers and only with hers (I had 4 readings yesterday and two ET sessions) she had flowers, all different colored flower heads that I could see coming thru the waters flooding down.  Her team explained that what they are showing was “the flowers of shambhala,”  that the energies she has put out, the choices she has already made has already prepared the grounds we are just going to call July.

From what I am understanding (subject to change with more information) there are three energies playing out right now.  Action already in motion, choices underway, same old reactions that are building to a crescendo of change.  Which do you fall into??

Even tho this all may seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be.  Your life, and any choices you may be in right now or soon to come, the end result should be joy, excitement, opportunities to grow in new ways.  Upliftment of yourself and others.  Sometimes, this does take radical decisions made on the spot (not in the mental planes of thought.)

Then there is the other side, that sadly I had seen so clearly yesterday too.  Reactive and filled with self (small s there) engorgement, with no concern for anyone or anything outside of yourself… these floods will make all that you are focused on, grow rapidly.  The visual I get is like wearing a girdle and the girdle starts squeezing tighter and tighter until, you just cannot take any more and need to get out of it (whatever it is.  This is how fear will be purged out of the garden of earth’s life.)

So either way, these waters are filled with an abundance of miracle grow, the loving kindness that you put out will be the fullness of your life’s garden moving into July, the fears and worries unresolved, will be as abundant, but not long-lasting.  What I hear is you will either collapse under the pressure of get the hell out of the girdle.  If this becomes anyone’s experience at all, don’t dilly dally getting out of the girdle. Do something different, radically different than you have ever done before.

So as I moved to ETville, I really was surprised to see the element of water over there too.  Only, it was not pouring downward towards the ground like it was in reading land, instead it was like a river in the upper atmosphere.  An ET that is already living on the grounds of earth arrived in a canoe, he cracked me up with the visual.  He explained he is here to bring the message that at this moment none of the ETs can arrive as the flood waters rage, he and others are already here on the ground and have been for some time, so they know how to navigate the intensity.  He came as a messenger.  He too, referred to this time as the great purification, but it is not limited to just earth, this is a flood of all realms, and enhancement of the streams of energies that are merging and building.  A cleansing of the debris that no longer serves anyone or anything.  A reunification is underway.

He surprisingly gave us timelines where spirit didn’t.  This water event will intensify thru the 29th of June.  Then on June 30th and July 1st, to use his words “there will be a great void.”  The visual I seen was of nothing, like just… stillness of all energies.  It was surprising and odd.  The feeling I get is that it is a time for all this water, emotional changes (or amplifications) to be fully absorbed into the landscape of life.  And again, to use his words, then life bursts asunder thru July.

I do want to be cautionary here too.  We have had sooo much time to deal within our inner and outer dysfunctions that we may think we still have all the time in the world.  Not so.  This water event is here to loosen the soil around us, so that we may pluck the weeds (non-life supporting emotions) from our personal gardens.  The more the personal gardens (life) are cleared, the more the collectives get cleared too.  For those who choose to leave the weeds within the garden of their lives, they will become choke weeds, meaning, it is all you will see until you finally let that way of being in life, go!!

For years now we have heard and in the smallest degree, experienced the separation of the wheat from the chaff, this time we are in right here, right now, is the grand finale.

Ohhhhh, this phrase that was repeated by spirit thru the readings cracked me up and really makes me ponder.  When we have a field that is planetary as opposed to personal (you pay for personal, not planetary lol) I gather information thru you, but we never count it as a reading.  Of course, this is really pesky with my own life being traveled down the white water rapids of life, rescheduling at this moment is a big question mark as to exactly when.  Spirit kept saying we will read again when we (not me, WE) arrive at “the next docking station.”  Docking station????  What the hell is that???  All I kept thinking was going to another planet and docking there.

I am suddenly brought back to that pesky and delightful book called “The Keepers of the Garden.”  The part where Phil is talking about the harvesting of DNA, of eggs and sperm to create stock (purer bodies) for the second coming, the second garden of eden.  He also talked about the chaos that will precede this massive event, that many will not survive on this world, but equally, many will be taken to the next plane of existence via their ships.

I have seen something similar many times in meditation, especially in my early years of meditation. With over a decade of space between then and now, I figured we missed those events.  But the more I listened to him share details, the more I realized, we are just getting ready to open this door.  Our psyches had to be prepared.  Many had to be prepared to be the brave ones to stand in the storms and assist.  To squelch the fears that naturally grow thru great change.  To assure and direct.

One of the things Phil shared that dropped my jaw to my car floor… he was talking about being taken on a ship.  Even under hypnosis he was scared, well be bobbed and weaved from scared to ok, to scared back to ok.  The ship itself scared him because he kept saying, its alive.  This ship is alive.  The ship itself is conscious and knows I am standing in it.  Well, one of my amazing ET lady’s had this very kind of ship show up in her ET connection.  The ship itself was communicating with me, to her.  It was conscious.  My lady’s energy field was made of the same energy of this ship and her job is to fully understand it all, how it works, how it moves, what is asked of the occupants and so on.

There were 3 ETs inside the ship to assist her, but her connection really is with the ship itself.  Let me tell you, this ship looked ordinary enough.  A large reflective silver disc with a bubble on top.  Kind of very much like this:

flying saucer

The disc itself perfectly smooth and reflective.  The bubble top could be either clear or covered in the reflective material at the will of the occupants.

I soooo want Dolores Cannon’s book “Custodians Beyond Abduction” but it is not available in audio format.  Does anyone know if I can download it to kindle and get software that will make it audible??  If there is, can you please pop me an email at and point me in a direction, please.  I will devour that book on my transition to the next docking station of my life lol.

Of course, with all this water, cannot see or know anything happening on both sides of my fields, I was melting down, an easy thing to do these days for me.  I have a packed agenda for reading and doing the second connection of ETs thru the 30th, what do you mean no insights, no ET connections, I don’t have time for this, nor do those who placed their faith and trust in me, want to hear… gotta wait, the airways are being flooded.  Shit!!!  Why not give me a heads up, I would never ever run specials or I could have at least booked off the last week of June as well.  Have mercy on us humans, especially this one who is juggling more balls than I can even be efficient with!!  Dammit!!  But alas, the conversations are just as important as the readings.  In these times, this massive ending and new beginning, we are breathing new air into each other, igniting the new energies of our lives.  We are a collective that is going to burn so bright, nothing else will be seen (I am not even sure what that means!! lol)

On that note, i am going to close so I can get an hour of packing and sorting in before the first conversation of the day (smile.)  I love you all so much and thank you for sharing the courage of your heart outwards to me, to others, towards each other.  You are each the rock that shall Be the new central point of the enlivened new earth.  Soap-bubble land is going to be bursting into oblivion.  No fear.  Trust and Act from the heart.

Big big big (((HUGZ)))) of deLight and Joy-FULL-ness to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Please hold off booking any readings until I get centered, please.  I will let everyone know on facebook as well as thru this blog when I have a “back on” light happening.  I don’t want to get more confused than I am or miss anyone getting on the schedule in our new docking station!!  Thank you!!










Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 25, 2016

When the Dam Bursts!!

It has been such a long long time since I sprung such emotional leaks.  For the last day and a half, I have felt like a sprinkler out of control, but I am gonna blame that on my pesky team!  I have been steadily dipping around some information I did not want to hear or process in any way.  My team caught me off guard (I am good at blocking stuff I just don’t want to hear) on Thursday.  My day of readings finished and my afternoon of homework hadn’t begun yet and I had a good hour and a half between the two, so I started to lovingly wrap all my works of art with bubble wrap and start packing them away to be shipped.  While doing this, and marveling at the beautiful talent, the love etched forever on canvas that was sent to me, my team created a sneak attack.  Suddenly I was in a 360 degree wall of energy that there was just no getting out of.  Dammit!! And I cried… all the way thru last evening.

I am not going to Florida to move my mother to PA, I am going to make this final chapter of her life a love story.  In this wall of energy I could not escape from, I was given a review of the preparation my team has been giving to me: I seen the energy with the very first picture my daughter sent to me with my mother and Rune.  I shut that down fast.    Her soul showed up at my bedside several months ago, I overcame that because, well, because she is still here.  I listen to the energy in her field when she and I talk, very reminiscent of my fathers decline, or maybe better said, softening of his energy field, the closer he got to death.  But I had no idea what hers was like before, so I overcame that in my mind.  I had this inspiration to check on airline tickets to take my mother to visit PA, her family and friends for her birthday.  She has not been back there (PA) for 18 years and she really wants to see everyone again.  I know this fixing of her mobile home and sale is going to take longer than she wants to look at, so this may help her a bit as a fix while she waits.  Her birthday is Sept 21st, so I thought, what a great birthday present, as I opened up travelocity to check on airfare, everything inside of me said… no… sooner than that.  So for some reason I had to trust, I had already booked off of my calendar about 3 days around my own birthday… ok I will look there.  Doable.  I was reminded of the experience traveling home and hearing the song “When I get to where I am going” and my father’s soul and my mothers soul sat inside my body, there were several other things as well, that I just chose to ignore.  I don’t want to hear this, I don’t want to know this.  As my team is making sure I am quite aware of what I am doing, I had my Pandora Radio playing in the background, which faded from my ears as my heart just burst into sobs, but it was getting closer to a homework session, I have got to pull myself together and focus.  I heard my father’s energy say “stay in gratitude” which is what he had filled me with time after time after his passing.  Fuck you!!  I am not ready to deal with any of this.

As my team started to release this wall of energy, my eyes and ears were pulled to a the song playing on Pandora: Bob Marley’s “Knocking on Heavens Door.”  Bite my freakin ass!!  But, of all the things my team pointed out in this hour-long grip, it’s the very last song that my heart heard before homework sessions started “She will be loved” by Maroon 5.  Every moment since then, when my heart wells up and pours out my eyes, I hear the song title over and over again.

I didn’t sleep a wink that night, I finally gave up trying at 2am.  I figured if I could write this all out, I will feel better.  I got up, put my coffee on, sat down and cried instead of write.  Dammit.  The strength I had the day prior to keep the damn from fully bursting was no longer present.  I cannot write a blog, I am knee-deep in my own processes and my emotional damn burst asunder!

My son called at 6:30am, he needed advise, for me to talk him out of what he wanted to do.  Not this mama!!  As you know he is an Indy pro wrestler, has been since he was 15 years old (he is now 33.)  He is incredibly good at his craft and the folks who run shows in Massachusetts know this and have been booking him.  2 days ago we was given an invitation to wrestle in Fenway Park, the first wrestling show there since the 1960’s, this Sunday.  There is a huge kids fair happening there as well.  But he is supposed to work, he is supposed to make $200 much needed dollars (his life is in financial chaos/change too.)  So he asked me what he should do, my team took over and replied as tears just ran down my face:

“Would you stop making your decisions based on money.  This is once in a lifetime opportunity and your son is going to love it and remember it forever.  Screw the money, do it and have fun!!”

But let’s pan that out for everyone.  How often do we sacrifice ourselves for the dollar.  We miss amazing opportunities because we have to work, because it appears like we don’t have the money to do whatever… and we leave golden nuggets of opportunities on the shelf of life because we were busy making money to survive instead of thrive.

Two hours later, my daughter in jail called… jesus christ, can’t I just sit here and cry uninterrupted!!  I am so emotionally depleted, I have nothing to give anyone.  I tried to just say hello to my first appointment, a lady I love so much and I had nothing… nothing at all left in me to give or share, or anything.  I pray she doesn’t think i was being rude, I just told her I cannot do this or hold a conversation, I rescheduled her to the last day off I have before my house sale.  I wrote an email to everyone else on my dance card.

I switched my focus to packing and clearing and stuff.  How the hell did I accumulate so much stuff!!  I found all my various angle cards, and opened the ones called “The Ascended Masters” and started shuffling the deck and just said ok masters, help me know what to focus on with my mother.  The card I pulled was “The Green Man” who the hell is the green man??  lol  But the advice was to get out in Nature.  That just reinforced what I had already planned to do with my mom, get her out of the house and out into the world, nature, life once again.  I remember my father’s last weeks, he was absorbing all that he loved in life.  I would watch him take in all of nature, etching every detail on his heart.

And I cried.  I cried for the immense love I have for my mother, for the times we spent together, for the time we didn’t spend together.  It really is amazing to me, where we store love.  I was hit in so many places by crashing waves that sent tears down my eyes.  In my solar plexus, my heart, my lungs, my feet.

There were some things I forgot to get for my house sale coming up on July 1st, plus I ran out of bubble wrap, I headed to the dollar store and it was a much-needed distraction.  I plugged in The Keepers of the Garden.  He (Phil) was at the part where he remembered being “abducted.”  As he got deeper into hypnosis he started to talk about how incredibly compassionate and loving the “greys” were.  That the abductions were not really abductions just part of the plan, an agreement.  I have always known that, it was wonderful to hear him validate it thru his sessions.

He talked about the coming changes, he talked about the ships coming to assist.  He said he would participate in this lifetime, in the body called Phil, I kinda got excited.  Just reviewing the many many ET connections over the last 2 years and their release of information.  I also remembered the several meditations with Gaia recently about our current elections, if they go any other way than feeling the Bern, much will happen.  Well…

And the thing that stays in my heart and the forefront of my mind with the “interloper” from the other day… “humanity will be changed over the next three years.”

In his hypnosis sessions, Dolores Cannon tried to get dates, timelines, but he repeatedly said that is unknown right now.  He had these hypnosis events back in 1983 and 1984… 30 plus years ago.  I don’t know how old he was then, but add thirty plus years to his age now…

As I was actually getting excited hearing his story and stuff, my team said that is why all is happening now in your world.  Things are in radical change and the time with my mother is a gift unto both of us.  It will also put me in a place where I can more actively serve. Yay??

Once I got back home, I decided to use the little extra energy to call my mom.  I call her every day now, sometimes several times a day.  Altho I have told her about all of you already, the love and support you are sharing, I let her know I sent out a lot rent check to her mobile home office, a gift from all of you.  She said she cannot even imagine people caring and helping and I simply said no need to imagine mom, you are gonna be center stage of the experience, the true wonders of love.  I told her to put a shopping list together of the foods she has loved but has not had the money to buy, cuz we are going food shopping when I get there!!  She lit up like a christmas tree, in awe of her changing reality.

She allowed herself to talk about when Michelle and Rune left and how she realized in that moment how alone she was and has been.  She said that when you have no one for so many years, you get used to living like that.  I explained to her that Michelle loves you so much and that what you are calling depression is your heart yearning to be loved again… and get ready, cuz you may get overdosed!!  She will be loved!!!

Right before I passed out for the day (on my couch instead of on my bed) something strange happened.  I couldn’t breathe, it wasn’t an asthma attack kind of inability to breathe, my lungs felt fine, it was more like an inflation from my esophagus thru my throat and inhaling made a really loud noise from the force of air in.  I grabbed my handy-dandy albuterol and inhaled… instant release, and then, instant sleep.

Somewhere in my sleep time I was given the understanding that I was purged and had to do this purging before I left not while I was there.  When the last ounce of grief was released, a new intake valve was created, hence the bizarre breathing experience and sudden placement into sleep.

I awoke refreshed and new.  Thank you dear god.  Now I am hoping to see more thru the field as I continue to sort, pack and release between each appointment.  I have a long list of emails I just do not have the time or focus to reply to, I will do it when I am on the road.  Forgive me for the delay.

Have an amazing day, use this energy for all its worth!!  It’s potent and must be used or will become an undertow…. just saying!!❤

Big big big ((((HUGZ))))) of loving gratitude to ALL thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I will be getting an email out to everyone that has a pending appointment in July (From July 1st thru July 25th) to let you know, we will be rescheduling.  I am hoping (but have no way of knowing, yet) to be back in reading land by July 26th.)  I put it here incase my day goes South on me again!!










changes within earth

Boy are these days flying by or what??  I have only a week and a half left before I leave my personal heaven for the big unknown!  I took my car into Albuquerque to get detailed yesterday and the reality of “never being here again” really started to hit me.  I stood under a tree having a smoke looking at my beloved Sandia Mountain range and the gratitude and sadness started to flow out as the innate started to give thanx for everything.  For New Mexico to have taken me in, wrapped me in its loving energies, and gave all it had to give to me.  As I drove home, clean car, packing boxes now riding in my trunk, I cried.  I love this place so much, the beauty, the expanse, and the expansion it gave to me.  But it also started to talk back, most especially those whom I call “the guardians” of Shambhala.  All but a handful are left, the rest, joyfully connected with their humans here on earth, living thru them.  One will remain here on the Mesa of Guadalupe, three will come to Florida with me.  What brought me to New Mexico is done.

Until the drive home yesterday, I really had no idea if I would end up back here or not, now I am sure, this is our final goodbye.  As I say goodbye to New Mexico, I am also saying goodbye to my cancer journey too.  We should all look at the fact that we our lives are all now starting anew, whether in a new place or the same, doesn’t matter.

My first connection yesterday was with an ET that simply referred to himself as “an interloper.”  He picked the word out of my mind that matched who he is and what he does.  He looked very much like the interloper who hung out in my tree in the backyard for 3 days a couple of years ago.  He explained that he travels between the dimension to gather information and bring what is useful (he equally said there is a lot of unuseful information floating around the earth fields lol, that cracked me up) and stores it in a universal storage area for all the realms to access.  A living record keeper.

He gave me a view of this storage container and it was rather pretty and very unexpected.  A cylinder/domed shaped thing made of mostly what looked like silver weaved with maybe some gold.  I didn’t ask him about the exact qualities of the materials and so it may have been made of material from other realms whose colors resemble our silver and gold.  It releases the experiences/information stored within it holographically.  My lady will be learning how to use it and I cannot wait for her to tell us how to access it!!😀

He also said that earth is undergoing tremendous change and that within about 3 years, humanity will not be as it is now.  The old is breaking up fast, the “useless” information floating around our ethers is being cleaned up.  I do feel by useless he was directly referring to so much misinformation out there that serves to confuse instead of assist in the changes.

The one thing I am absolutely sure of, this time (these next three years) are not a time for the weak of heart but for those strong in spirit.  Much will be demanded of us.

My next lady wanting to connect with her ETs, not so easy at all.  It took me a long minute and switching my view from their stargate platform that most show up on, to panning my vision way out.  There were three ships hovering, one to the furthest right that I can see, one to the left and one way above the platform.   The way they communicated was really odd.  I am accustomed to direct communication, but it was not like that yesterday.  When i tried to directly talk with them for her and vise versa, nuttin.  When I had questions of what the hell is up with this unusual experience… it was almost like one of them placed all the information in my brain and I just knew…  I’m not explaining it correctly at all.  What I came to understand that there is a massive energy system on earth right now, one part is coming down to us, but the most intense part is coming out of us.  It is all interfering with the magnetic fields and they cannot “show up” until these energies settle down.  (I’m kinda feeling that same way every day now lol.)

So, out into the big wide world I go, still taking in the Keepers of the Garden and I was half listening to the content, half going over my to-do list that seems longer than there are days left… when my ears, my heart perked up.  They were talking about the various names and parts of our past in relationship to who was human, who was an ET and who was an ET posing as human.  They started talking about the Mayans.  Dolores Cannon asked hypnotised phil if the Mayans were part of a cataclysmic event and what happened.  The Being speaking thru Phil said the jury is still out on the Mayans, they did not go extinct, but because they could see the downfall of their brothers and sisters, choose to move into another plane of existence.  what I felt thru the Q & A happening, they have not completely decided to leave our plane and that they may just come back when the time (and energy) is right.  Once again, my mind went to our Mexico trip.  I could feel the fourth of July coursing thru the cells of my body.  Now, if the Mexico trip just stays on the same timeline! lol

Enjoy the bounty of these energies and use them for all they are worth!!

I love you so much!!  Big big (((HUGZ))) of speedy changes to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas






I want to start today’s sharing by addressing a question someone posed on my blog the other day, it made me ponder deeply.  The question was simply: “What will leaving your home mean for your readings?”  I was going to ask her for clarification of the question but my team seemed to go deeper into a reflection/response than I bargained for.

I was shown the start of my reading ability on the mountainside of Vermont.  It was something that came thru a meditation that I started to practice with anyone who was willing to hold my hand and let me “read” their energy, so it really started with physical connections.  Once I moved from the camp to the apartment in Vermont, my readings changed too, since I put myself out there on ebay to go beyond what I was able to do.  I started to develop my skills within a meditation format to an online format, to a phone format.  Then I moved to Idaho, back to physical hands on readings.  I decided I really didn’t like that way too much, the ego energy is too present when in person.  Then when I moved to Virginia, the Vermont way of reading came back, but we went deeper into peoples emotional bodies for clearing than ever before.  Then, I learned massage and my readings took on a whole other ability.  Still in Virginia, I learned to read the DNA and what many consider the Akashic records at the same time.  When I moved to New Mexico, the massage readings were ongoing until I shifted myself to the Jemez and well, you know how I do readings now.  I access your soul light and the highest light of the earth that you are both aligned to and moving towards and that is where we “see” from.

With this little review, I know that how we connect, what we see and what is going to be important next from the realm of spirit, will change.  How??  I have no freakin clue!!  Just like when I moved into the Jemez, it took me a couple days to find my grove and flow with the readings, and the way I am able to see here is nothing I could have fathomed prior to the experience thereof.   I am sure it will be similar at my mom’s house too.  The one thing you can always count on, I will write about it all!!  Can I answer that question later, when I know?? lol

One of my beautiful clients the other day was talking about her (lack of) sleep cycles she is currently experience, which almost seemed opposite of my (lazy ass) deep long sleeps and sudden afternoon naps.  Her team helped us understand the differences in our erratic sleep cycles and the importance of all of it.

If we look at it like this, there are time we have a massive energy influx coming into our core, those are the times we can sleep forever.  We get tired just by waking up in the morning.  Our biological energy is speeding its vibration up to equal that which is coming in.  It’s exhausting on the human anatomy, but quite important to allow.  Then we have those moments when we feel perfect, we can get so much done and still have a little energy left at the day.  Think of this as the integration phase, its all blending into the new expanded/accelerating whole called you.  Then there are days where sleep seems like a distant friend, we lay awake and cannot seem to fall into a nap during the day.  This is when the new integrated energy is moving outwards into your field of life, creating, enhancing and stuff.  There is a consciousness that must endure the sowing of the field, the body more tired than ever but yet, must be “awake” thru this process.

Every phase is just as important as the other and will continue to fluctuate at least, thru the remainder of this year.

I crack myself up and really gotta watch my damn thoughts!!  When she was talking about her lack of sleep, and I was in the over abundance of sleep, I thought to myself, I rarely loose sleep at night.  The very next night… less than 4 hours into my much needed 7-8 hour sleep cycle, my mind woke me up with a chattering to-do list, which was yesterday.  I got three readings in and I crashed and crashed hard.  No more connections for me, great conversations, but nothing left in me to connect with for the day.

I did try taking naps, holy shit, the moment I laid down I would swear there was an earthquake happening in my body, the vibration happening form head to toe was keeping my sleep far from reach.  The moment I sat up, I was fine, no vibrations at all.  I did this at least 4 or 5 times in between my appointments and just got annoyed.  What I realized was when i was not moving or doing anything (laying down trying to catch a wink of sleep) I became aware of the intense energy being output into my new adventure.  When the earth quakes, there is always a reason!!  Within us too!! lol

Now lets go to the three readings I did get to see before my system collapsed.  We are still in the solstice energy field as i tried to show yesterday.  The first person was in a shower like position, lathering the energies into her body as this other energy system, presenting like waves of multi colored energy rained down from above to the ground directly in front of her (what I refer to as the present and future area) waiting for her direction.  Our job (if you will) is to ignite the energy field not wait for something to show up.

The second lady had a huge red X in front of her solstice energy… radical change underway. I cannot ever read it in that stage.  My last lady, I only seen her image in what I call my peripheral vision… about 5 minutes before our connection actually happened.  The imagery was so beautiful, the presence of the solstice energy like it has been the last two days, only her form was very much like tinkerbells dressed in a bright yellow dress coming out of the solstice energy and flying upwards in an arch that started to come back towards the ground in the field of energy that I knew was July.  She faded from view like she just dissapeared.  I was hoping to see where she went when we actually connected, nope.  Nothing at all.  But, I understood.

Everyone of us are in massive radical change, whether we feel it or not, whether we are experiencing it currently or not.  IT IS still happening to the ALL thru the ALL and not one of us is separate from the ALL.  For those who have put choices into motion, our soul is seeding the ground before us.  We are going higher into the vibrational fields of life than ever before and the energies of July at present, are so high they are out of my scope of vision, straddle the fact that my own life has just blown up and is in radical change, all are factors and, dare I add… great factors (said from my team as I let out a little…. pffft lol.)

Now to change the subject a bit.  I so couldn’t wait to tell my daughter about her prophetic dream and finally when she called last evening, she was over the moon happy and I took a closer look at where Clearwater florida is in relationship to Tarpon Springs (where my mother lives) holy shit, 15 miles away.  I am also very much now, paying attention to the fact that in her dream, she was living with me in Clearwater when she got out of jail (she has a 15 month sentence and is only 1 month in.)  So we shall see what surprises life has in store of us as we go.

I do want to close today with a conversation I had last evening with a beautiful friend.  It was supposed to be an ET homework session, which we did, but went beyond it too.  The information that came thru our conversation is as important for everyone as it was for her.  Actually, this morning with a good solid 7 hours of sleep running my neuronetwork, I see how her ET experience (and even my visual of him yesterday) reflects so much more than I realized.

When we start to realize we are at the end of something, be it a job or where we live, a relationship or maybe, all of it at once, our minds (not our hearts) tend to race around plotting out what to do next.  It (our physical minds) can only look at past experiences, what it knows.  My beautiful lady, having moved from the Caribbean to find herself, did a cross country looking here and there and landed in S. Florida for now.  As she realized what she thought was going to be a great experience/opportunity is currently turning into chaos and she is ready to vacate it all…. but the question which always seems to be present… go to where next, do what next?  She mentioned about going to Ohio to her parents place.  Yuck!!  That hit me like crackly energy.  I could so understand her rationale behind it, but it was not pleasing to my senses, at all.

Don’t do something because it feels safe.  Don’t do something, don’t do anything with any part of your eyeball on money.  Whether it is a relief from life’s experiences or the bounty of what you could do with more money and less expenses.  Because of our current state of life, which is truly monetarily dependant, we tend to make or not make decisions around money.  Because of this, we tend to leap into places we should not really go.

Her ET was moving around so fast all I could see (the fact I could see anything at 3pm in the exhausted afternoon made me realize just how important this time with her was, for her well being) was zips of light moving here and there and everywhere.  Thats kind of how our mind runs when it cannot see what is next.  Our job is to be control of our mind, our life, our experience and not run amuck.  When we allow ourselves to get to that empty space within, the null point… zero point (her ET said to call him zero… how fitting lol) the explosion of what to do next comes thru.  In-spiration!!

Lets really look at that word, of course, I put into google and before I even did that, I really heard the word inhalation, so I find the meaning… perfect:

  1. 1.
    the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.
    “Helen had one of her flashes of inspiration”
  2. 2.
    the drawing in of breath; inhalation.

When we allow ourselves to inhale the light of life, your LIFE is the exhale.  Light in motion.  Light is abundant in ALL ways.  Light is magnetic in ALL ways.  The source of creation will never inspire you to do a thing that isn’t already supported by Life itself.  Don’t go up into the mind, just… DO IT!!  and Trust!!!  Breathe more and trust more and watch the magic unfold!  Re-member… YOU ARE THE MAGICIAN!!!

On that note, I have a huge to-do list on my semi-day off.  I love you all sooooo much and so much more than that.  Thank you for loving me, supporting me, holding my hand and my heart thru every moment of every day.

BTW, I have to giggle at the unexpected word placed at the very end of my sharing yesterday.  I play an online game on my phone and my shorthand way of saying goodnight to those I play with is gnite.  So let me tell you how surprised I was to see gnite after my last word in yesterdays sharing.. from my computer (which I do not type out that way here.)  The day is done, we close on all the old games we have played to this point and we prep for our new game!!!  How exciting!!!

(((((HUGZ)))))) filled with gnite’s and great new days!!❤

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I am not taking any new readings until I get settled into the next phase of my life.  (Should be just a few weeks.)







May we all have the courage to leave our "pride" behind when life takes you to the edge and asks you to jump into the void with only the moonlight to guide us!!

May we all have the courage to leave our “pride” behind when life takes us to the edge and asks us to jump into the void with only the moonlight of emotion to guide us!!

We have done solstice and equinox readings for years now and every time we come up on one of these four super magnetic events in our years, I see it as a magnetic pole in the readings.  This pole is located somewhere on your field enhancing the energies you are putting out.  It took me to my third and last reading of the day yesterday to fully understand what I was seeing thru every reading, it was such a different presentation of the solstice energy.

Everyone showed up inside this odd energy.  I couldn’t see the energy but I could feel its presence very much.  It was not much more than 5 feet in diameter around each person and everyone was in the center of it.  The common feeling thru each one, this is day one of a brand new energy field and what you do thru this day forward, is what is seeding your life.  There was nothing outside of this energy that I could see.  Like I said, it was at the third connection did I fully realize this was the solstice energy and it was a brand new display of the magnetics.  You could have likened each reading this way:

You have become the magnetic beacon.  The powerful magnetics of the solstice or equinox, is no longer outside of yourself, but a part of you.  So, as I understood the bigger picture, June has been a collection of energies moving into you, stronger than ever before.  Think about the deepest inhale you ever took… then hold it.  That is the solstice energy that you are (smile.)

The way I understood the story thru the readings, this energy will start to release outwards over the next 24 hours and whatever you put out, however you put it out, seeds your new garden of life. There is nothing like a first hand experience to fully understand what seemed rather cryptic.  My life gave me more than I bargained for yesterday.

The first thing that shocked me was getting an amazon notice that the package I had just ordered friday evening with the Tylenol and Advil and other stuff arrived at my mother’s house first thing in the morning, it wasn’t supposed to get their til thursday.  Every Time my mother said her back hurt, I kept telling her I wish there was a way to get it to you sooner.  Our love, together, magically created the pathway for her to have her needs meet 3 days earlier.  Love the mountain and the mountain moves!!

In between my third and fourth readings, my landlady came over to give me the mail.  She has been out-of-town for the week and this is the first time I have seen her since the reconnection with my mother happened.  Of all the obstacles that could have arisen with my plan to get my mother here with me, this is one I never ever foreseen.  I was told my mother cannot come to stay.  Have you ever gotten so shocked by something that there is a momentary paralysis of your energy.  That is how my whole body felt, like the blood just ran out of my body, not in a negative way at all, just… I think i fully understand what getting yourself to zero point means now.  I actually had a similar experience (with my energy field) in 2004 when I lived in Idaho and my landlord came to my house trying to pick a fight with me.  My energy just froze as I listened to him do all he could to get a fist fight going with me (his wife was my client and friend and he would physically abuse her.)  The only thing I could do with him, was close the door on his body and the next day, I gave my notice to vacate.

Zero point, the place to the old and ongoing no longer fit the larger model potential in your life stream.

As I tried to explain to my landlady, it’s only until her home sells… it didn’t matter.  So my mouth opened and out came the words “then consider this my 30 day notice to vacate.”  As soon as the last word came out of my mouth, I could feel the energy surge around me, like a fizzy drink!  Suddenly it all just made sense, I still have a leave out date of the week of the 4th of July, now I just have to have a house sale.  The proactive part of me just took over and the more I looked at this sudden change of plans, the more it actually made sense in relationship to my mother’s needs.

Ok, I will go to my mothers and stay there until we get her house sold.  I will have a hands on with everything that needs to get done as it goes instead of trying to do it all from New Mexico.  She has a double wide with 2 bedrooms so I have a place I can fill with my energy and work from there.

Let me overcome something that has been presented with this sudden twist.  I don’t care about my history with my mother, it is exactly that, history separated by 20 years of null space.  My whole focus is on what is happening now and the needs of this moment, nothing else at all.  Nothing else matters unless I CHOOSE to drag it into matter.

As I am (slowly) writing this this morning (I got less than 4 hours sleep, my mind woke up with a chattering of the to-do list that I could not override lol) my own memories go back to my teenage years.  I became a lying atheist for years.  I say lying because of course I not only believed in god, but knew there was a god and he pissed me off.  I hated my life circumstance and denied my love for him, my knowing of him for years to punish him for my misery.  It’s a trait that runs deep in our family lol.  I eventually broke my banishment of god and not one time did he say…. well… you disowned me for years, I have my back turned to you ongoing.  Unconditional love is exactly that, loving without conditions, expectation or past influences muddying the waters.

It took me about an hour to get beyond the sudden shock waves of change that just happened.  Not once did the energy of sadness overcome me.  Yes, I love my home, but not more than I love my mother.  My home is filled with stuff… stuff I didn’t have before I moved in and stuff I won’t have when I move out.  My mother is a living, breathing, creation of god that I love tremendously.  I’m actually excited.  An adventure is unfolding.  Something new that is going to expand all of our abilities in new ways.

Ha!!  I love this analogy I am hearing: “It’s one thing to pluck an apple off a tree and say, I saved the apple… but what of the tree and the rest of the fruit?”   So we are going in at the root level of the aging tree, a tree connected to all the other trees in life.

Another analogy presenting:  We all choose to leave the comforts of home, of heaven to incarnate in this realm of dualistic life and we do so excitedly at the soul level.  To be here in the full range of heaven on earth is to move out of our personal heaven and roll up our sleeves, in consciousness and love.

I had to giggle as I remembered a dream my daughter shared with me the 2nd day she was in the big jail.  She was all excited when she told me about it.  She said in her dream she was at the end of her jail sentence and moved here to New Mexico and then we suddenly moved to Clearwater Florida.   She said that in the dream, of course she was thrilled to be in Florida, but all i kept saying is “I don’t want to freakin be here, I hope your happy…”  And I told her, don’t get your hopes up, it would take something huge to have me leave New Mexico and move to florida.  that the energy of Clearwater must be representing clear emotions.  My mother lives near Clearwater and this dream happened before Michelle showed up on her doorstep!!  Well… never say never!!  She is going to shit a brick when I skype with her tonight!!

So, as I settled into this new and sudden change of venue I kept leaning into the one thing I could not feel in any way… where am I going to live next?  That which moves me, moves with me and thru me had one focus in sight, get to my mothers, get all that needs to be done, done, and then when (and if) the time presents, get her life set up in PA as she desires.  After that, there is nothing but a brick wall I cannot get past.  So I shall be like a leaf on the wind!!

So now, my new improved plan is have a full-scale house sale July 1st thru the 3rd and still leave out the 4th or 5th of July.  Nothing in me feels the need or desire to delay the movement to Florida.  At this point, I am moving on pure intuition and (kinda surprisingly) my mind is in full partnership with it all.  Excited, directed, no mourning at all, no trepidation, this is good, this is god!!

My mother said yesterday… your psychic, didn’t you see this coming?  My heart just opened so wide in that moment.  I laughed and said, no, there are somethings you cannot foresee, it’s the experience and choice in that moment that is important.

I will close on that note.  I have 7 readings and two homework session to do on less than 4 hours sleep.  I need to go plug my ass into the universal charger!!

Never, ever think you are immune to sudden and unexpected change (like was feeling lol.)  Feel where the dance is taking you and boogie in that direction!!

I love you all so so so much and thank you for loving me and my crazy life as well!!

((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and bliss to All!!!❤

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I am not taking any new readings until I get settled into the next phase of my life.  (Should be just a few weeks.)gnite










This dual energy system of June-July is turning out to be bigger, much more different than I could have ever imagined it would be.  I finally had a day with 3 readings in the field yesterday and altho each were very different, the theme itself was similar.

My first lady showed up with 8 windows hovering in the air in an arc from left to right in the near distance in front of her.  There was space between each window but nothing that connected them or even supported them.  Each of the windows were dark inside.  As she walked forward (just moved thru her days) suddenly one of the windows became illuminated.  The light was so bright I could not see the contents within the window, but then again, it was not for me to see, but for her at the moment the light turned on.  Her job was to explore it, understand it for the truth that is being revealed.  Her team said that even tho these windows are not really connected to each other, the contents that will be shown are interrelated.  So I had to ask, are these events that will play out, memories that will surface, sudden epiphanies??  A smirky smile is all we got back.  Pesky spirit.

I did understand there is a difference between a doorway being presented in a reading (I never seen windows like this before) and windows.  Doorways are opportunities to walk thru, windows give you a view of something that, when illuminated, will show you the deeper contents of something.  Each one will light up in its own time, but when all 8 are illuminated and explored fully they will merge to become the energy of an infinity symbol.  The infinity symbol will hold the light of truth on the left and right side and then merge together at the crossing point in the center to become the fuel that radically changes her life’s path.

My next reading was so different it tripped me up for a good minute.  Her field was filled with light, but nothing else at all.  In her center was this large glass container that kept reminding me of a science beaker that went as far up as I could see and down thru the ground.  It was not much larger around than the size of her body and she was stuffed in this beaker.


Unlike this image, there were no markings on the outside nor liquid on the inside.  Instead, where the liquid is shown in this picture, that was where her body was.  There wasn’t more than 2 inches of room around her.  What the hell can this even mean.  I had no idea except to keep thinking of a science beaker.  Why the hell would I have any connection whatsoever to anything sciency??  The only thing I could do is ask her for help understanding this.  When she started talking, I got it and got it clearly.

To use her words, she has been having health issues for the last several years, including exhausted that seems related to nothing.  She has been going to doctors and homeopaths to restore her health to the way it was before.  There is no turning back from this grand experience underway.  Many of us, for years have been having what seems like our body going to hell in one form or another.  But that is what happens when you take in sudden high quantities of Light and the body has got to work overtime, energetically, to absorb this new light.  It creates havoc to use living inside the changing vessel and creates all kinds of things that look like we are sick, but we are not, we are evolving, it we allow it.  Actually, we MUST allow it otherwise, we become contained.  So this science beaker thing is holding everything within her body space until she purifies her mind, her full on knowing that she is perfect and changing, evolving and the road back to the way she was is gone.

And the handy-dandy car analogy came into play to help her (and all of us) understand how important this is.  She is now fully equipped to be a Lamborghini, a high-speed vehicle, instead of the old ford she was.  But the approach she is taking and has been taking with her change of vehicle, she trying to restore herself to the ford which is no longer appropriate for her in this new field of energy.

I also understood, especially after my lady after her, that we are in a high fertilizing time in our personal lives.  Keeping in mind, the garden of our personal lives is completely unbiased to what we grow within it, it all comes from the source of creation, which is you, us, and therefore all is honored by our planting fields.  Thank god for our spirit teams, they see some of the older programming still running in our minds and contain us until we release it.  This is so we do not inadvertently plant the energy of the past in this very powerful Now.

Her team explained that when she releases fully the way she sees or understands her body changes, then the containment I see as a glass beaker will burst to allow the seeds of her next phase of life to be planted and come to fruition… no weeds in the garden.  That is not to say the body will cease its evolution process, not at all.  We have many series of light expansion coming in over the years and we will stretch and morph ongoing.  Just do not try to stop it or fix it, simply do what we can to be comfortable thru it.

And then my third lady, no beaker this time, instead, she was sitting atop a 15 foot geyser coming out of the ground.


She had on the darkest, biggest sunglasses I had ever seen.  They served her well until now, but sometimes, actually, all the time… it is best we become blinded by the light of truth than to filter out anything we really need to see but don’t.

Her field, illuminated with light just like beaker lady and as barren (which is a good thing) as hers was too.  Her team explained that there are rivers running beneath the ground, her personal river of life (we each have one from what I am understanding) that exploded up thru the ground, took her above the energies of her life so that she can see and feel the streams that need clearing.

Often times, we experience unpleasant situations that we do let go of, but instead of seeing them for the beauty they held, we breathe thru it, move past it and miss the richness of the experience, which kinda keeps our emotional field tainted with the misunderstood experience that transpired.  There were at least 4 separate things that happened over the course of her life, that really needs to be seen for what it is, was.  Otherwise, the misunderstood experience will have to reseed itself as a life experience to fully clear.  No need for that, unless we choose it that way.

Her team explained that as she clears up her emotional streams running beneath the surface, the geyser will slowly retreat and place her back on the ground and then turn into a hydrating energy to germinate all that is ready for her to experience, without old filters (sunglasses) in play.  When they mentioned this hydrating the grounds, I had to look at the water spray under her butt.  It didn’t go back to the ground, instead, it went down about 3 feet and then evaporated.  A safety protocol.

I really understood by the end of the day, there is a massive illumination and purification happening as we all get ready to seed our new gardens of life.  Anything that is tainted with old thoughts or emotions, or that is not clear in seeding, is held off for now.  The (new) garden of eden cannot, will not be seeded with tainted energies of the old garden.  Yay!!! lol I have had to pull enough weeds out of my life to last several lifetimes.  I am sure, everyone has.

So now lets move on to ET’s lol.  There have been a couple of connections now that are presenting a very interesting twist in my head.  They say they are already here, on the ground, working with us.  However, they have I guess what we can consider a built-in cloaking device, so that we do not see them in their true form, but see them as any other human kicking about.  They are working in our technology areas, our government areas, all areas that is undergoing (and has been) change.  Because of the tilling of the planetary garden over the last few years, we are going to experience, personally and collectively, radical change that may seem to have happened overnight, but it really has been years in the seeding.

Hmmmmm…. what does not allow for this change, will be removed from the garden.  (This comes instantly as I think of our current elections.)

I decided to watch Jupiter Rising last evening.  I am not usually a sci-fi fan but thanks to Magic Mike, I AM a Channing Tatum fan (big grin) so I recorded it to view him.  Instead, I got the surprise of my life.  In this movie there were very familiar forms of ETs.  I have seen them in the field and here they are, depicted in this movie.  I am not the only one getting a visual of who and what is “out there.”  I think watching some of this movie must have crashed my system, I could not hold my eyes open and before 8pm, I was out like a light until 4am this morning.  I did last long enough to watch one part where this lady from another plane of existence dipped herself into water at about the age of 40 and came out of the water at about the age of 20.  She explained the genetic material in the water that allowed for such instant rejuvenation of the cells in her body.  Something inside of me recognized not only the truth of this capability… but we will experience it as a reality in our world.  Maybe not today or tomorrow… but sooner than we may anticipate.  I crashed shortly thereafter lol.

Have an amazing day my beloveds.  Enjoy the full moon of the Solstice!!  (Which I forgot was today until just now… making yesterday’s field even more relevant and understandable!!)

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with the illumination of Light and the Bounty of pure Love to ALL!!!

a Gawlas

P.S. LAST DAY – Father’s day/Solstice Special:  Save 22% on everything I offer.  I am using the master builder energy encompassing the light of the father (aka god) now thru June 20th/TODAY.  For single readings or ET connections type in coupon code: Dad. For all packages type in coupon code: Sol (The coupon code place for packages is in the lower right hand corner of the page once you order the package.  I didn’t realize this until yesterday.)

P.S.S. Of course, Kryons timely marshmallow message arrived in my inbox as I was typing this.  So let me share it with all of you too:

Step Aside
From Kryon Live Channeling, “Assumptions”
January 2016 in San Antonio, TX
It is this way with all humanism. My partner spoke today and yesterday about how he uses synchronicity and not logic to guide his life. Here is the engineer telling you not to use logic! It’s really a combination of processes, isn’t it? It’s the logic of survival based upon spiritual common sense, and a logic that says Spirit knows an overview that you don’t. Therefore, if you can learn to trust Spirit, you get an overview that you could never have yourself. So rather than going for that which you know, you go for that which you don’t know but you feel is available. That’s synchronicity. It’s a process of calling upon an area that all of you have, but tough to realize – really tough. You’ve got to step aside that which you’re comfortable with, and that has worked for you all your life.

through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel


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