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Moving On Up!!

higher source energies.jpg

I have a million things to share, and less than an hour to do it in.  This oversleeping is becoming ridiculous!!  So be warned, I may jump back and forth more than usual and I may not get time to edit (yes, I hit the spell/grammar check every time before I publish!! lol)

As soon as I got the office yesterday, I tapped into the field just to see if I can tap in, since the day prior was a blank, my brain was running slower than molasses.  I was shocked at what I had seen and couldn’t wait for more information thru the readings.

Even tho there are no walls, no ceiling nor flooring, I usually do see something that resembles that to give us a context in which to work and explain.  However, we do reside in a sort of air pocket or bubble slowing merging with the earth’s sphere.

So as soon as I tapped into the field, I see what could be described as a large square box, with a massive white energetic fist punching thru the center of each wall or side.  As the fist punched thru each wall, the wall was intense with colored energy running up and down (from ceiling to floor) made up mostly of blues, violets and reds.  The center of this box was unviewable because of the intense energies coming thru.  It reminded me of a carbonated beverage that was serious shook up.

No surprise at all, I could only see the exterior of the emerald city thru all of the readings yesterday.  I rescheduled two because, even tho I seen them and some detail that was needed for a fuller understanding of what was happening, it was not personal like I know readings should be and you pay for.

One lady gave us the mother load of understanding what I glimpsed before the readings started.

If we look at the “walls” as our soul, our whole soul, the part that remains on the other side of the veil as well as the part that is with in whatever incarnations we are having and the floor itself would be the physical/biological incarnated us.  Now that is one hellofa foundation, made up of the human incarnate!!

The fist punch came directly from the other side of the veil, the soul forced a wind of high vibrating energies thru each quadrant flowing into the core and expanding outwards.  There is a new fusion taking place from the wall to the floor.  I could see it as white brackets that held the floor and wall together as the energies sealed itself up in a new higher vibration of itself.  Again, I could not see what was happening inside, this was an exterior view that made sense to me.

However, I do want to put out here, that this precious lady went thru a heart transplant back in Oct 2012 and we were talking about the dynamics of that time and her place in it, and her team kept referring to her heart as a “time-keeper.”  Or something close to that.

I had one lady creating a moat around the housing of the emerald city, but not just any kind of moat, she was using “the golden mean,” which to my eyes, looked like a massive gold slinky that she was spreading out.

She was then sitting at the front entrance of the emerald city, in her moat, with the golden slinky in front of her and behind her and encircling the entire emerald city, and now she was making all kinds of sacred geometric designs at the connecting point.  Of course, I must ask… what the hell she doing??  The image that came back reminded me of a meditation I experienced way back in 2004.  In her reading I could see person after person trying to enter the emerald city, the moment they passed over this moat thing, they were flipped back down to earth, their time, their vibration was not in alignment with the emerald city.  However, those that were, suddenly looked like they all came from Alaska.  Heavy white coats, pants and hats adorned their Being.  Spirit said they were purified of the earth debris upon entrance, pure and ready.

Also, another part of her geometric designs were creating what at first glance looked like a force field that went up and over the emerald city like a teepee.  My words “force field” were changed to reflect “Source Field”  that spread out from this moat place around the city.

My meditation back in 2004, so vivid, so real, I can recall every detail 12 years later.  There was a super massive tree that had an opening, like an upside down V opening and there was a line of people as far as my eyes could see.  Each person was holding a ticket, a glowing white ticket.  At the entrance of this tree were I guess, tree keepers/gate keepers.  Only those with a “true” ticket were allowed inside, those holding “false light” were turned away.  I was allowed inside and the only thing I had seen, each person sitting in the center of the tree in a circle that got larger with each person… and that ended my meditation.

My last lady threw me for a loop.  She was out over the marina, keeping in mind the emerald city shows up over the side parking lot, not towards the marina.  There she was tho, easily 20 feet in front of the emerald city and about 15 feet higher than its placement over the parking lot.  She had a lasso around the construct of the city and started yanking it towards her.  What the hell???????

Spirit said there is a massive shift taking place as we move from the energy system called January into the next phase of February.  Well, if january opened up to an 11D frequency that had us put on our new clothes and working tools, February goes 11.5D and then March, the full spectrum (not quite sure what that means) of 12D frequency.

I broke her reading up since her team said that there is other work she does inside the emerald city, but for this moment, I cannot see inside until it all settles.  What is even more odd, the moment I went to my computer to reschedule the rest of her time, out of the corner of my crazy eye, suddenly I seen 5 spacecraft and they had her encircled, assisting.  I could not get any more information, but what a way to end a day!!!  As we as today’s sharing!!  I gotta get ready for my day now.

What a wild, wild ride you all are and god knows, I am so madly in love with each and every one of you!!  Thank you for doing what you do and giving me, us… the pure privilege of seeing and understanding thru your Soul Light!!

((((HUGZ)))) of massive upticks of energy and abilities to and thru All!!

Lisa Gawlas


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Rising From the Ashes.


Right around 1am yesterday morning, my crazy body decided to take a plunge into the fires of hell.  My thermometer was showing a hot 103.9 degrees body temp and I do believe it was burning the connective membranes that kept my (perception) of my world intact.  The rare moments I would actually wake up I felt like my own version of multiplicity happening. Instead of being one solid mass of me, I was slices of membranes that made up me and they were separating and wiggling, leaving my own equilibrium spinning just trying to lift my head off the pillow.  By 5pm yesterday, it all stopped as fast as it started and I felt human again, at least for an hour.  I don’t think the fever came back, but my butt went back to sleep, without waking at all, until 6:30 this morning!!  WTH!!!???

As I sit here, still slightly lethargic in my brain, I keep seeing Saturday’s field via the readings… all of the emerald city was expanding and each person showing up was reflecting their own unique task in assisting the expansion of this field.

I do want to focus tho, on the feeling and visuals I was seeing as my body, it’s like I was super, hyper aware of my own body, not as a solid mass, but bits and pieces of itself.  It was close to noon and I realized I just stood everyone up that had an appointment with me.  I had to get an email to them.  My mobile home is 44 feet long, my bedroom on one end, my computer on the other end.  I managed to get my body to walk to the dining room, about the half way point to my computer and thank god for a chair, I couldn’t do it.  I sat down just to remember how feet in motion is supposed to happen… and that is when I could see like membranes, layers and layers of these membranes that made up my body and they were all vibrating and wiggling but not in harmony with each other, instead it was as if each membrane was doing its own thing, vibrating at its own speed and using this body in such chaos, near impossible.  I went back to bed until close to 5pm.

The only thing I can understand about this is the fever served to burn off the debris that no longer serves this next phase of our evolutionary expansion of Self.  Which of course, created more “space” for incoming light cells.  But what more it means, I have no clue.  However, that said, I am hearing something from one of the readings the other day… we will be going thru another major shift as we conclude January.  This must be the set up!

Ohh there was something too, that was stated on the 14th, when viewing the expansion of the emerald city, is that the realm we know and love as Gaia is contracting.  But in the state of contraction, she also becomes more buoyant.  The fires burning out the unneeded debris, allowing for buoyancy, a rise in frequencies.  Where in the emerald city, the only thing that can take place, is expansion.  The highest vibrations of light coming together in use and understanding.

I pray to god that this is the only time my body has to go thru this, to see and experience from the inside out!!  On that note… I’m pulling myself together and heading to the office.

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of life expanding change to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas


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A Group Soul Understanding, ET’s and More.


I find it stunning that the very day after ETville is back online, my first three appointments are ET connections.  Talk about intuition running strong thru you!!!

My first ET lady seemed to hit something I have been pondering for days and I really wanted more clarity on and there she was like a kiss on the breeze.

The one thing I know for sure, there is so much about what our soul is, what it is capable of doing and being that our linear mind will never fully understand.  Kind of like our lives itself, I have, thru spirits eye what earth looks like and it is not made of matter, it is a super complex series of lights, tones, stuff that if you looked at it in a painting would end up being called an abstract mosaic painting that is on constant change.  Our physical minds were created purposely to give solidness to the stream of lights that make up our world, our bodies.

Our soul is equally a series of lights and tones and consciousness.

As I was, once again, pondering the whole “group soul” as it related to Gaia, I was given the visual of the physical body.  Our body is made up of many different working parts, unique unto itself, interdependent on the whole of the body and works in harmony with it all.  Example the liver is significantly different in makeup and function than the heart or brain and yet, it is still very much a part of the whole body.  When one part of the whole (speaking of the body) gets out of balance or becomes ill, the whole body knows and reacts in whatever way their job is to react.  Because the body is made up of matter, it can and does completely break down and cease to exist.  The soul itself, not so much.  I think the better way to say this is, the evolved soul, one that has so much experience in matter and incarnating, never breaks down.

So my lady showed up in a way that just took my breath away in excitement!!  There she was, on a “mother ship” surrounded by 5 unique (different form each other) ET’s.  She was in the “control room” of this mother ship.  This ship, without ever breaching into earth’s atmosphere keeps the various bases it is connected, supplied with whatever they need.  This all became background information to what was presented next.

I put a very humble, but handy dandy visual together so you can follow along with how I seen and understood the information:


For the first time, I think ever, I can now see how some people individuated our soul body into bits and pieces, like an over soul.  That never made sense to me, I think simply because my own team never individuated our soul energy.  But if someone got a view like this, the streams of yellow energy going into the body could very well be likened to a “higher self,”  and then connected to an over soul.  It’s all the same damn soul to me and my posse!! lol   But for the first time, I do get it or at least, the why we divide it up like we do.  But, lets not!

So, on this ship there was 6 incarnated Beings that all shared the same soul body, to include my lady.  They are NOT aspects of herself, but separately functioning incarnations of the soul, of her soul.  The communication coming thru her connection was adamant about being clear on that.  Each one has a different personality to compliment the landscape they exist within.  They have different abilities, focus areas within their incarnated life spans.  Just like identical twins are two unique incarnations.  If one learned a foreign language and the other didn’t, the twin that didn’t wouldn’t know that language just because her twin does.  She would have to learn it too, separately.  However, she may learn it more quickly because her twin already learned it and is now resident in the shared DNA.

So the way my lady’s team showed how this worked, was each incarnation was releasing information back into the main soul body.  It rests or resides there until one of the other incarnated Beings is ready to assimilate that information, skill, or whatever.  There still has to be a conscious interaction with the Being that is now ready to bring in that information so that it can be assimilated and applied into their functioning consciousness.  With my lady it would be within her human brain.  The clearer the human mind is, the more complex the information flow can be.

I do find it incredibly interesting as well, that her and her 5 ET’s incarnations take part in running this mother ship.  One could easily see that our soul would be the mother ship and each incarnated being a part of the running mechanism.  She was told that as she perfects this relationship, she will be at the forefront at assisting others to do the same.

One of my other ET readings was just wild, visually speaking.  It is such a shame I cannot draw, his face was… unique looking, to say the least.  A dark tan, leathery skin with bumps all over it.  These two huge eyes that floated in their socket and worked independently of each other.  His eyes had a 360 degree rotation ability.  When one or both eyes were positioned towards the back of the head… this became amazing.  In the position where our pineal gland would be located, he had a virtual reality bubble area.  He can focus one of his eyes into this area and tap into anywhere he wanted.  The example we used was, one eye looking at the matter on earth, the other eye looking at the matter on the Pleiades, and in a way, being in both places at the same time.

His nose area, not like our nose really, there is no sense of smell, but instead was like a super functioning antenna that allowed whatever he was looking at one earth to be somehow transported to the area he was looking at on the Pleiades and vise versa.

Biologically this is how he is designed, created, whatever word we need to use for the Beings incarnated in his realm, and altho he tried so hard to give me the name of his solar system, my mouth failed.  Arma something or another.  He is going to help her remember how our human design can achieve something similar.  Obviously differently than him, since our eyes will never work like that, but there is something in us, long ago, put away, that is similar.  She has homework to do, too!!

This new venue of ours is homework heavy!!  I thought I had a brilliant idea of how to make my bath support my body… I got a sand chair yesterday, dammit if my bath isn’t too small for it to fit into.  Grrrrrr.

I do want to touch on my last reading of the day before I close.  I didn’t even realize there was something missing from all the readings in the emerald city… sound.  My lady had a bass drum that made up, was part of her abdomen.  Exterior to this base drum that protruded from her belly were 5 other much smaller drums that surrounded her main drum in a semi-circle.  Extending from each palm were 5 things that reminded me of drumsticks.  Focusing on her right palm, each drumstick, when hitting the base drum created a massive explosion of light, one light per drumstick thru her entire body and outwards.  She became her own discotech!! lol  It was beautiful to see and hear!!

When I switched to see how her left palm drumsticks worked, one beat on this drum and suddenly a mountain goat appeared at her side.  What the hell???  Why and where did that come from????  She asked if it appeared because she is a Capricorn??  Good enough reason for me! lol  Well that lead to information about our stars and what we call our constellations in the sky and how they came to represent what they did.  From our ET’s that visited us long ago and their origins and I guess the closest thing I can say is, their likenesses. Goats, Lions, water bearers.  I look at these star formations and think, how the hell do you get a lion out of the constellation of leo (my birth sign) or a freakin goat out of capricorn??


Sorry, I do not see a goat formation at all.  Well, it is not because the stars look like a goat, but because the Beings that came from that constellation looked like goats!!  And the animals known as mountain goats (partiularly) were seeded here by those Beings, to remember.  Even the attributes we assign to these constellations represent their overall personalities.  NOW that makes sense to me!!

So her goat is going to be her ally as she understands the music within her and the creation process from it.  I know there is so much more, but I have an early day today and sadly, I must close here.

I do want to add this little message that came thru one of the connections yesterday.  “We haven’t even seen the tip of the iceberg yet, we are just becoming aware there is an iceberg to delve into!!”

Before I close, I am going to ask you to please do whatever you can energetically to assist my sons broken ribs.  He broke three ribs last evening, one completely separated from its self (see bottom of x-ray.)  This coming at the worse possible time, he just started a job after being terminated at thanksgiving.  He is a painter and this job is ceiling work, extending his body in way I know is gonna hurt.  We won’t even talk about the fact he has no insurance, not that you can do much for broken ribs.  Thank you in advance!! ❤

my sons ribs.jpg

Anywayz, have an amazing, adventure filled day thru all you do!!

(((HUGZ))) filled with magic and miracles to and thru All!!

Lisa Gawlas



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Gaia and The Emerald City


This has got to be a first, I have the title of this sharing and the artwork I am going to use, before I even type the first word!!  Things they are changin’.

The last hours of yesterday and the second I opened my eyes this morning, the focus happening within me was the construct of Gaia and what we are calling The Emerald City as well as the information coming out of the ET session the other day.  What I am going to share is as close as our functioning mind can understand.  What we are doing and how we are doing it is so multidimensional that there is no real way to come close in expression of how this is all happening and coming together, but this close enough as a working model.

This image I am using, forget that the smaller planet above the earth is a moon, in this sharing, it is not a moon, but the sphere of energy called The Emerald City.  The scale of size would be as close to accurate as we can get.  However, the image of the moon, that is representing the emerald city, is not solid and at the same time, is the very place our teams called the planette several days ago.  A smaller version of the planet of gaia, but more a holographic planet, not made of matter like gaia is.

If we look at the three ships from the ET reading I shared yesterday, the one that was pure energy, which is what our souls are, creates a pocket in space to work with.  Imagine like creating a massive bubble that we enter and live from.  A living hologram.

We have spent lifetimes clearing our energetic and mental bodies to be reading to enter and seed the emerald city.  WE are the living prototypes of our next world emerging.

The way I see it, the I have to see it to make our story and even relationship make sense in application, is a massive tiny planet like system made of light above the earth.  Our teams are very adamant that we realize where we are at now is NOT the working system of Gaia, but the place called The Emerald City.  Everything we do in this place, affects Gaia, however as spirit keeps saying, this is creating the changes Gaia is going thru, but does not affect us or our placement within this energetic model of life emerging and merging.

snowball_snow_globeCome to think of it, thru several of the readings last year and maybe even the year prior, quite a few times someone would show up in the field looking like they were either in a snow globe or large bubble.  Without ever realizing the depths of what we were seeing, we were seeing the entrance into the emerald city.  Of course, this concept wasn’t even presented in readings until what November of this past year?  I suppose, if we didn’t do the inner and outer work needed, the timeline would have been put off a year or so, but as dysfunctional as we may feel (spiritually speaking) we really do have our shit together!  Imagine that!! lol

So let’s look again at the three ET’s that showed up for my most recent lady.  The ones creating the hologram, the prototype of new life.  Then those from planet A that is creating the chemical mixtures that will bring physical life into their prototype, then those from Sirius that release the particles of matter to create the form, livable and seeable on the planet.  WE, you and I, are doing all three in a single body!!!  And we wonder (well, I do, lol) why this is such a freakin rough ride!!

In order to be a working prototype, we must already be living that energy.  To completely simplify what that means, we must already be living unconditional love and nonjudgmental.  Without those two main qualities, there is no entrance to the emerald city.  Many many humans are still refining their energy systems, however, we have hit what many would call critical mass to enter and form the emerald city itself.  We did this last year.

If we can also look at this emerald city as a place that does not house the dense duality energy like gaia does.  It allows all of our soul abilities to come online.  Of course, we still have to practice, practice, practice just like going to a gym and working new muscle groups into greater strengths and then even, working with others who have strengthened their unique muscles/abilities to form a greater whole.

Holy shit, I cannot believe I just had a massive flash of a download that happened over many days back in 2001, shortly after the twin towers came down.  I even tried to put something together to start that download into our physicality and I called it “Healing the Nations.”  Obviously it never got full lift and I stopped trying.  It’s kinda funny, anytime we get downloads from spirit, it always feels so urgent, so “do it right now” and yet… they seeded me, my consciousness 15-16 years before…

 So back to the point of this sharing lol, in the holographic field called the emerald city, a place with no ceiling, floor or walls, what we are actually working with, seeing thru the readings, is the new energy, the full spectrum energy we are creating within the dirt, the trees, the air and even, within ourselves.  Once it is brought into view, it is always there for anyone to work with, get familiar with, go beyond.

As we do, we are creating and releasing new chemical compounds in our bodies that is changing the cellular body we are housed in, which is also changing the field of matter called our bodies.

The deeper we get into this hologram, the more new energy is being sent to gaia, extracting by virtue of penetration old energies no longer viable on the planet.

If there was a measuring stick to all of this (there isn’t) lets use a yard stick.  Gaia being at the bottom of the yard stick, the emerald city being at the top, with each wave of new energy flooding the emerald city and we integrate, it releases old energy from gaia and each one gets an 1/8 of an inch higher (gaia) and lower (the emerald city) to each other.  There will come a time when the two are no longer functioning separated but merge as to one whole system of planetary energies.  This is a process, nothing that will happen today and tomorrow as a full merger, but is underway as we speak.

It is more important now than ever, to keep your nose out of old concepts, because YOU are the one bringing in the New!!!

I love you all soul, soul much!!  Thank you for all you have done, inside and out to bring our reality to this amazing place of Life!!

(((HUGZ)))) of super charged particles of new life thru All!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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The Amplified Light of Our Bodies!!


I am so excited, ETville has reopened!!  YAY!!  I have not been able to access that area since the fog filled vortex showing up over the marina back in December.  As soon as they opened up they gave me a gift, a gift I didn’t even realize I needed as much as I did in that moment.  Validation that I am getting this stuff correct in hearing and in interpretation.

The first thing I had seen was this highly reflective large oval landing pad across the marina.  Not a completely unfamiliar sight at all.  But there was something different about it, about the ones I have seen that are in relationship to the lab/base in the gulf of mexico and I knew it wasn’t located there.  I started to hear back, they are located in the gulf of arabia.  Arabia?  What??  Is there even gulf of Arabia???  I couldn’t even concentrate any more, I had to know for sure if there really was a gulf of arabia.  Thank god for google, instant information at our fingertips and let me tell you, I had my own litter inner orgasm as soon as I seen it pop up on google search, also known as the Arabian gulf or the Persian gulf.

What’s funny too, I crack myself up, a lot, before I went in the office to google the gulf of arabia, my dear lady’s ETs were trying to assure me I am hearing right and gave me a connection to the Mediterranean.  I can travel the multiverse and never get lost, give me planet earth and I get lost going down a one way street.  I was not about to say the Mediterranean out loud incase I was completely wrong.

One would think something like this would not have the gigantic effect on me like it did, but it really helped my inner knowing that all this other information that is coming thru, is being interpreted and presented as accurately as I can get.

On this highly reflective base thingie were three robotic arms that extended upwards.  One by one a ship, each different from the other, landed on top of the arm.  The first one was a round ship like we are accustomed to seeing, that was created in arena we know as Sirius.  The second one was cylinder shaped and that came from a solar system that started with an A, I could not quite capture its exact name, so I resigned to call it system A.  The third one was not solid like the other two and was distinctly nameless.  More of an energy craft than something made of matter.

What I found interesting, and this must be telling a bigger story for us, each craft, those created in vastly different solar systems, were created to work together with each other.

What they are doing and how was super interesting.  The nameless one, there was no planet they existed from, instead they lived and worked in deep space.  Even the Beings within the ship were energies, very much like pure consciousnesses.  They showed us opening up something that would remind me of a massive air bubble in space.  They would enter into this air bubble and it became a living laboratory that they can create anything they could imagine.  For our purposes, they are creating and envisioning new life forms for our changing planet of earth.  It is not limited to one thing, be it plants, animals or even newer, highly functioning human prototypes.  They then bring their creation to the other two ships, the one from system A has the chemical make to start forming this creation.  The Sirius ship has the matter to take the energy and chemicals and give it form.  This team at least, are doing this at the base in the gulf of arabia.

What was explained, and we pretty much know this anwayz, but the earth is changing, the energetic make up of earth is changing.  Older life forms are leaving, their time is done.  Newer life forms are coming into existence, with a lot of help form this amazing team (and many others.)  There is a trial and error period with all creations.

We tend to give ET’s god like qualities, knowing everything, they are evolving just like we are.  They are much more evolved, but evolving nonetheless.  The example that was used in my lady’s reading yesterday, lets say they are bringing a new form of bumble bee to this planet.  Energy guys create the form prototype, very much like a living, energetic blueprint.  Chemical guys start mixing and formulating the chemical makeup of this new Bee and Matter guys start to embed the seeds of matter to create solid form.  Sometimes, they creations need tweaking, hyper bees, sluggish Bees whatever.  Maybe this is what happened to the killer Bees of Africa!! lol

My lady of course, is a participant in this team.  Her job now is to fully engage with her team, understand the process and as she perfects it all within herself, there will come a time she can, lets say, regenerate a missing finger or even leg for a client.

As I can say every single day, there are a million details that came thru the each one yesterday that I just don’t have time to detail.  But I do want to bring my first lady front and present, since her image is hovering in the forefront of my mind.

Before I do get to that, I want to say that even before I left my house yesterday, my whole freakin body started vibrating again.  My legs were weak, my hands shaky… Jezuz my work is rough!! lol  This time tho, I started to get an image of my stalactite lady’s reading, the energy running thru each of those things hanging down in her cave.  Something similar, if not exactly the same, is happening to and thru me to prepare my whole body for our connections.  It evens out once we start the readings, but then the snot, the sinus lubricant goes off the wall.  I have no snotty nose at home, but thru every reading now. “excuse me while I blow,” is becoming a familiar expression thru readings. lol

So my first lady, there she was as a huge spiral of multi colored energy.  I snagged a picture off the internet just to share a visual, even tho this image looks nothing like her, the layout does.  And I can use it as a reference.


There were no cross sessions in her spiral at all, just a continuous filament of multi colored lights that started at the foot level and widened as it went up over her head.  In various sections of this continues filament of light were these protrusions, I marked them as red in this visual, but they were all different colors and changed as she used her light body.

I eventually seen her physical form inside this beautiful spiral of light that is her.  Then I could see her right hand grab one of the protrusions down near her legs, her left hand grab one up over her head, and then suddenly she had these tentacle looking things (this is the second time I am seeing something similar like this, tentacles coming out of the spine) coming out of her spine to use other protrusions.  When she purposely worked these protrusions the output of energy changed based on her desire and creation force.  While she is just going thru her day, this light field is bringing in new quantities of light energy to the realm we know and love as Gaia.

I couldn’t fully understand these protrusions that to me, reminded me of outdoor christmas light bulbs, until she asked about the pain in her joints.  OMG, that would be where the intersections lay within the body field, all the joints!!

I also want to say, I have been reading for this beautiful soul for years, so I am quite adjusted to her changing frequencies, or so I thought.  This light body was now an easy 20 octaves above her energy field I connected to last month and gave me a constant headache in my left temple.  That alone shows how her energy field is entering the physicality of life, of matter, of the material construct of Life.  Thanx for the upgrade girlfriend!! (smile)

As I am connecting with each person and seeing their new form, their new amazing abilities, I wanted to know what the hell my place is!!  Instantly I heard “You are a biometric engineer.”  What the hell is that??  So I do what I do best and google biometric engineer:  Biometrics engineers are usually software developers who create and maintain various biometric systems.

Well, I am far from a software developer, I can barely understand facebook or my computer!!  So I looked up what a biometric system is:  A biometric system is a technological system that uses information about a person (or other biological organism) to identify that person. … A biometric system will involve running data through algorithms for a particular result, usually related to a positive identification of a user or other individual.

OK, I can almost get that.  I see you in away, most people cannot.  Your algorithms come from your light body and physical body that creates the field in which we see, your… our ever evolving identity.

In our own way, we are all highly evolved software programs learning to link into each other and run a new world, which we call, the emerald city… The Kingdom of God.

Thats enough for today!! lol  I just realized, today is the full moon, I am so grateful it is my day off!!  Altho my physical body is feeling tremendously better, my energy body is still vibrating thru kingdom come thanks to all of you!!  And I do give, deep thanx!!!

Ok I was going to end here, until I found the main art for this sharing.  Getting to this amazing place we call the emerald city, we had been seeing, rediscovering the bits and pieces of our whole self.  Whether it was thru our incarnations in other planes of existence, or past and future life memories here on earth or even from the pure soul that we are when not incarnate.  We needed to understand our bits and pieces to understand how to work ourselves as a whole system.  For those in the emerald city, we are NOW a whole system no longer working outside of ourselves.  It also changes the matrix of our soul and body.  Forget chakras, that is the old body system.  We have brought in our ETselves, our larger matrix of soul energy, our expanded, evolved physical cells and no two bodies look even closely to being the same, at least, thru my eyes.  We really must rediscover our fullness, our wholeness as a working energy system.  I hope you understand what I am trying to say… words!!!!!!  Ok, now I’ll close!! lol

So lets celebrate the light of luna with a one day reading special!!  Master Builders, Unite!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of Light drenching Love in all flavors and colors!

Lisa Gawlas

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You Are The Eye of Creation Creating.


There is so much information, so many different parts and pieces that came thru all the readings yesterday, there is no way I am going to have time to share it all this morning.  It is, however, having me rethink the construct we know as earth, as Gaia.  It is our tendency to humanize everything about, well, everything and for as long as I thought of earth as a living soul, as Gaia, I thought in singular.  One Being.  Given yesterdays vastness of the expanding view of the emerald city, I am sure Gaia is group soul and not a singular Being.

I truly expected (one day, I will really let go of all that expectation lol) everyone on the field to present some sort of further information about  these “living” rooms, but one out of the five readings I had, was in that venue.

My first lady really threw me for an energetic loop, actually she started throwing me long before our connection.  When I got to the office, holy heavens, my legs and knees were shaking as if I had wayyy too much energy flowing thru them, my hands were even shaky with a similar energy.  I just might vibrate right out of my chair and fall on the floor!!  Weird!!

When her reading opened up, I was in awe.  It was as if she was in her own personal cave with all these things hanging down, like stalactites.


These stalactite looking things filled the entire inner space and all of them hung almost down to a floor I could not see.  Each one of them radiated the same sort of energy, a light blue energy that constantly flowed upward from the bottom of each formation and around it on all sides was a white energy that constantly flowed downwards.  It was breathtakingly beautiful and of course, very much alive.

All I kept thinking is, if god had hair, he is turned upside down and this is his hair hanging down in her cave!!  At first view, all these stalactites looking things were solid, save the energy movement.  The moment she engaged with them, they were more fibrous and flexible.

Her right hand had this interesting looking wand that turned into like a spiral fractal at the top and wrapped itself, or maybe weaved itself thru a bunch of these things hanging down, creating “cords.”  Once they were gathered or bunched up, her team kept calling them cords.

Her left hand, hand this like putty tool that was used to scrape the wall of her cave, exposing a layer of whatever she was working on, that was once hidden by surface stuff.

Like everyone living in the emerald city, she works both on people, places, landscapes, situations, and so on.  A few times thru her reading, her team called this place the cave of creation, which was both an individual thing and a multisystem thing as well.

As she worked the right and left fields, suddenly this red beam of light extended from her heart space and widened outwards and her team said this is her galactic eye, where all she is doing and all that needs to be done, is seen.

After we got the inner details released, the view switched to out in space.  Instead of looking like a cave, she kinda looked like she was her own geode.  Crusty on the outside, hidden from view, brilliant and alive on the inside.  Then 6 other geode looking things circled around her.  If it was the face of a clock (and that was the analogy we received) each one of these other geodes (from other cosmic systems) were set up at the 1,3,5.7,9 and 11 positions on the face of a clock.  Her geode was in the center, or central.  There was even the (vague) understanding of the placement of the minute and second hands within her field.  Just for the record, I did all I knew how to look into these other geode, ohhh no, I was on lockdown!!  Dammit!!

I could probably spend an entire month in meditation and still not harness the vastness of detail that came thru her reading.  But, that’s her job!! lol

When we got into her personal questions at the end of the reading, something was presented that just lingers in my mind.  She was asking about these two people she talks to on the internet… as the information came, suddenly, my chair shifted positions and I was now looking at the right wall in my office and as if there was a window there, it suddenly slammed shut, cutting off all communication and energies even.  Her team did say this would happen about mid year.  Not June, but mid year.  What the hell is that all about??  No one would give us further information, which I think is rather pesky of spirit!!

All I could think of was either a grid black out, a telecommunications failure… something like that.  But at this moment, that’s all that is, my thoughts, not a knowing.

My second lady, jezuz… again my expectations fell to the wayside with every person yesterday.  She was hovering in the sky looking like two wings of a massive steel-blue airplane.  There was no body of the plane, at least, initially.  The body of the plain only came into view when she was purposely working with the energies.  Otherwise, her airplane-ness was at a resting position and the body was collapsed.

Her body position would be, the feet thru the hips would equal the tail of the plane, her body the main cabin where we think people would sit and then from the bottom of the neck up to the top of the head would be the cockpit.  She was constantly parallel to a ground I could not see.

Her team specifically said she took in “bio fuel” from the earth we know as gaia.  Energies and even lifeforms that needed reconstruction in the energetic field of Being.  Her intake valve were at her feet, the energy flowed thru her to her hips, completely transformed into higher energies, then… gotta love the humor of the universe, the release valve back to Gaia was equivalent to a fart.  Sending new, richer gas back to the earth.  This had to happen first before she should work the mid section.  Once the richer gas or energy was released back to the extraction place, then the center of her body worked like… hmmmm… extracting only the good out of something.  Maybe kinda like a juicer.  We could not fully understand, yet, the cockpit.  The oddest thing with her cockpit, was all around the exterior were hundreds of eyes that was a part of this skin.  No more understanding was given… yet.

My third lady was oddly similar.  Different body type, but oddly similar in working.  The first thing I had seen were two really large wings like the wings of a white dove, but no body that they were connected to, that I could see, at first.  I cannot even remember what sparked the visual of the body, but something did and then I had seen this really large translucent, champagne colored body.  Her soul body.  Her team explained that the wings represent her physical body, the body itself, her soul body.

Much like my airplane lady, she too was transchanging (I just looked that up, it’s a word lol) matter and energy as well.  Except like birds do, she swooped in with her mouth to take a bite out of something, and it went thru the process in her soul body and just like a bird… pooped it back to where she took it from.  But the poop… talk about literally being “holy shit” was made of a white and blue substance, source energy substance turned into matter.

There was a lot more detail coming thru everyone than I have time to share, so forgive me for skimming the surface.

My fourth lady was in a familiar looking Living room, only her walls, were made of this amazing Living dirt.  On both walls (and there seems to only be walls on the left and right sides, at least that I can see) were made of this intertwined… I don’t know, reminds me of a christmas wreath.


There was a living life force circulating thru the handle part of the right side, pure source energy that she pulled inwards towards herself, the whole damn wall moved inwards with her.

When I looked at the left wall, suddenly there was a large yellow X going from corner to corner and the crossing point was the handle part itself.  As she pulled that handle, it wasn’t the wall so much that moved into her but the yellow X itself.

Her team explained that the X represents anything and everything from Gaia, whether it’s a person, a landscape, any and all of it.

Her instruction was pulling the right side into her left quadrant, and the left side into her right quadrant and then suddenly I could see what her team called her “main fuselage” at her core, changing the energies like a nuclear fusion taking place.  I was stunned by the word fuselage and had to look it up, because given her visuals, it seemed like the wrong word to use.  But hey, I heard it loud and clear.  When I looked it up, I was and am still confused lol.  The main body of an aircraft.  I would surely understand this word had it been said in my second or third reading, but this lady was in dirt, what the hell??  I have no idea and no one made it any clearer… yet.

There is something important that is lingering in my mind, I don’t fully understand the importance yet, but i do want to release it from my mind.  Our brains… the right side controls the left side of the body and vise versa.  That place that separates our right and left brains has got to have everything to do with her team calling her core a fuselage.  Also taking in, thru each of us, we would be the living mind of god/source/creator in body, not matter the expression or visual.

So I looked up the middle part of the brainThe corpus callosum also has some specializations itself. For example, in addition to relaying messages from one side of the brain to the other, notes that the corpus callosum also is involved in controlling eye movement. Functions also include maintaining the balance between focused attention and arousal and in tactile localization.

Now I cannot help but think of airplane lady with the eyes.  Hmmmmmm!!!

Last but far from least, was my last reading and so far, the only male I have read for in the emerald city.  His view was literally like a small floating mountain out of the Avatar movie.  I say small because the surface was not much more than five feet by three feet wide.  He was kicking a substance off the front side of his platform releasing downwards to Gaia.  As it went down thru the atmosphere these particles of energies started to expand to all different forms of color and geometric patterns.  This morning I am suddenly connecting with the auroras that happen.  There is a connection somehow.

His left foot on the other hand, dug into this platform, creating a pressure that was released downwards thru the roots or vines or whatever the hell it is that hangs down from these floating mountains and enters deep in the dirt of the earth, releasing new chemical mixtures to enhance new plant life growth and more.

Sadly, I am going to have to leave off there, I have got to get to the office in a new moments.  However, I do want to bring in something that was a focal point of this shift in October.  Clans.  If we look at the emerald city as a brand new factory creating life, our positions and abilities would make up the various sections, the various clans working together.  Also, this is how a group soul works.  We are the group soul… creating!!

What it all means, will have to wait until tomorrow, cuz today, I have no clue!! lol

I love you all so much and more than anything, thank you for showing up every day and revealing the wonders of what we got ourselves into Now!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of Living Life Source thru every Thing!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I have extended my daily reading schedule by an extra appointment.  1pm time slots are now available.  Also:  8 Week One-on-One  Emerald City Development Course  Click here to read the details.

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Working Out the Inner and Outer Details…


The Emerald City, my good lord I brought so much romance and dare I even say, expectation to this party.  The ascent into this plain is nothing like I had hoped or expected.  I look at it now, like being in a spaceship making a landing in on a new planet in an underestimated atmosphere and the capsule (the body) is still bumping up and down on the surface trying to land and find its stillness.  And yet, the view is that of the old eroding energy system, earth system, where the cracks and bleeds are so evident, so overwhelming that it can be easily missed, the glory of where we are Now.

I spent the better part of yesterday in my own little pity party.  I do entertain the human part of me at times.  (smile)  When I finished my sharing yesterday, I could feel my whole heart field desperately wishing I had a functional bathtub, my personal cocoon of deeper understanding.  There is a life force energy coming thru the readings for all of us to take in, understand deeper and apply outwards and I need that connection.

For me personally, the bath meditation itself, is like submerging my whole being into the control mechanisms of the engine of my life, the details that come thru for me personally happens in no other way.  Intricate, detailed, and energetically delivered to my core.  Of course, outside of my bath meditations, I still get information, understandings, visuals, but not the same at all.

My time at the dentist office was just devastating.  All he took were x-rays, it’s the cost to fix the few teeth I have left and even, the cost to take them all out…  I just came home and cried me a river.  We really must allow ourselves to dump out the box, so we can really see what we are looking at.

Somewhere along the way, I gave, consciously, full permission to the universe for my physical body and my life to always be reflective of the energies happening intimately and broad scale.  So where there are small and big shifts, my life will always reflect that too.  It is one thing to look from the sidelines at what is happening, it is a whole other ballgame to be knee-deep in the energetics and understanding first hand.

So, lets take a backwards look at where we are now.  In 2012 a massive new energy system started to enter earths atmosphere.  Creating something akin to nuclear fusion.  Our old bodies started to change to handle this new energy system.  Of course, 2012 is also the year I entered menopause.  Take an unstable body system and bring in a highly volatile atmospheric system and it looks and feels like you are dying.  I developed asthma, chronic bronchitis for a year and my teeth started to degrade and just fall out of my head.  In one year 6 teeth went from my gums to my tongue… whhhhaaaa.  Thru tons of meditation, I understood there was nothing wrong with me, it was the way my body was assimilating the new higher energies.  I never factored in the teeth tho, at all.  They were secondary to my ability to breathe and talk.  In that year, I would lose my voice just about every other week as well.

Then like magic, it all started to stabilize, thank god.  That is, until the last quarter of 2016, where the emerald city energies started to be released into and thru readied humans.  To be clear, ready is a frequency thing, not a mental thing.

Unlike the wonderful place I lived in and thru back in 2012, New Mexico, a place that really loves and cares for its people, I was ripped out of my heaven and placed in Florida.  Ok, I came of my own free will, but still!!!! lol  It was a sneak attack!!  This may be the sunshine state, but it is more cold and frigid than any place I have ever lived, vibrationally speaking of course.

So this morning, with a good nights sleep under my belt, still pouty, but very aware of how important it is that I am Here, Now.  Without the comforts of medical or dental insurance to nurture and support my ongoing well-being.  No possible way of getting help in the things I do need.  And let me be straight out, I am a huge huge fan of marrying medicine with my energy abilities.  I will never throw the baby out with the bath water.

In just looking for help with my breathing after I returned from Massachusetts, I found a local health department that offered sliding scale fee’s.  I immediately went down there to get the paperwork and stopped in my tracks as I read this requirement to get help:


The “authorization” paragraph… I threw the paperwork away.

Now putting all this on pause for a moment, all thru the day yesterday all I could see and feel in relationship to my whole teeth dilemma, is that living wall from one of my readings, the first one I wrote about yesterday.  A slice of a living tree, life force moving up and down its fibers, right hand placed upon its energy, on its surface.

This morning, I fully understand that these “living” rooms or floating mountains of Pandora, must be located directly above where the biggest cracks in the human systems are.  We are here to bring in the living life force of Source energy.

Ya ever feel like there is something on the tip of your tongue to say, or in this case, pulsing thru the right hand… and yet… the details are too fine to see and understand clearly… yet.

The one thing I know for sure, many of us have been placed in challenging positions to leap into action when that whistle blows.  Between now and then, it is all about taking in the instruction set of what to do and how.

With bated breath, I Am soooo ready!!  I may be toothless and ready, but hey it’s all superficial at the end of the day (having teeth that is lol.)

I cannot wait to see you in the field today!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of sparkling smiles to ALL!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I did get web work done yesterday, by force of my team.  

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Your Living Room Within the Emerald City!


Several months after I first started doing readings in 2003, I created this one on one thing I called a “Spiritual Development Course.”  It helped the person I was reading for go deeper into their understandings and change via the imagery coming thru the readings  I had done that for about 3 years, then took it to in person group classes for another couple of years then shelved it as I became involved in massage and everything else.  Yesterday, as I closed out my sharing, my team expressedly said it is time to offer the one on one course again.  For the life of me, I could not understand why, it’s so…. old school.  I put it at the back of my mind, at least, until I woke up this morning!!  Obviously its at the forefront of my mind now and with the massive shift in everything yesterday, I fully understand its need and the universes desire.

With the four readings I had yesterday, 3 were in the emerald city, one was on the pathway connecting to the emerald city.  With all of them, there is so much information coming thru that is so beyond the scope of our “words” that need to be integrated and applied in each persons life.

There is one reading that stayed with me all day, thru the night and into this moment.  I really want to focus on what came thru her reading so we can understand the depths of what we have available to us and what we do not have available to us.

Everyone in the emerald city now has what looks like their own “Living room,” which surprised me because the few days going into the readings spirit was clear there are no walls, ceiling or floor in this entire venue.  So suddenly seeing a room, well, downright surprised me.

Let me give you the set up of my second reading of the day…

There was a wall to her right and a wall to her left.  But not any kind of wall, a living wall.  The wall on the right appeared as if you took a tree, cut it down so that it is flat and the pulp inside is exposed, but still very much connected to its life force.  On the opposite side was a wall, still living but as if it had a massive scab over it.

My lady was standing in the middle of this room, the floor was living dirt, the dirt was in constant movement and looked like dirt, but didn’t look like dirt either.  It was very airy instead of just weighted on top of itself.  The movement of this dirt, as close as I can get to a comparison would be like the gentle waves movements in water.  There was a ceiling, but at the same time, no ceiling at all.  More like an orientation or connecting point to one of her “tools”maybe.  I did a very very humble diagram of the layout of her “room” since it is all lines… I can handle that without much distortion of understanding and visual lol.


Keeping in mind, i was looking at her from her rear.  So she is facing forward, we are looking from the back.  That thingie up where the ceiling and top wall connect was our first orientation point.  What looked like a small anvil wedged in that space, that held a super shiny, reflective gold ring.  Her right hand extended way beyond its normal ability to extend (kinda making stretch armstrong out of her) to grab and hold this gold ring.  It was explained that this was her “spiritual currency.”  The extension of her right arm made a perfect V shape upwards.  Her left hand was only elevated about a foot above parallel to her shoulder and touched what I can only call a window looking thing, but this window was as much a part of this scabbed wall as the wall was itself.  The window was gray until her hand went near it.  I could not see out of it at all.  As her hand, palm being flush to the window, touched it, this massive multicolored energy started flowing from her left palm, the window itself took on a unique geometric shape and released that intense energy outwards thru this structure, into someone.  I could see the someone or understand what or how she was doing what she was doing…. too much fine detail that cannot come thru in words.

As we talked and I struggled more than ever to really understand what she was doing and more so, what she is capable of doing… suddenly in front of her was a lady who had a major tumor in her belly.  Without changing the position I had seen her in, suddenly thru her heart field, I think, the energy was targeted to this lady and instantly, that tumor shrunk and was gone.  Not over several sessions, but in that exchange alone.  Of course, this is the potential outcome if she fully delves into what every detail in this room, in the reading means to her.

Ohhh and another odd thing, her feet were easily spread apart 5-6 feet wide in this living dirt.  So I decided to see what exactly this dirt was and where it came from.  Because her position in it, the connection of all three areas, was crucial for this outcome for the lady (and many others that will follow.)  Strange enough, this dirt was no more than a foot deep and absolutely nothing visible to me below it.

It was clearly explained this is not on the earth we know as Gaia.  However, everything we are doing thru this emerald city is affecting “the remnants” of Gaia.  What???  The remnants… what the hell??  They did not release any more information but did not change the sentence either.

I kept thinking of the floating mountains in Avatar, and this morning as I go look for an image, my last reading in the emerald city becomes clearer too, sort of.


My third lady was hovering towards a ceiling that did not exist, but she was not at the ground or dirt level at all.  her imagery was sort of crowded over to the left side of her room and she was keeping step on this massive wheel that looked just like the wheel of a river boat:

Only each slat or paddle was a matted solid silver and there was no boat, just this massive paddle wheel thing.  Her feet stepping in time to rotate it and as I looked into the center of this crazy looking thing, there was what looked like… roots dangling downward.  And altho I could not see the earth we know as Gaia, it was clearly stated that this is where the energy transferrootsr is happening thru her work, to all the elements (air, water, land) of the place we call  Gaia.  I add this here because looking at the roots hanging down from the floating mountains, that’s exactly how I seen it in the center of her paddle wheel thingie…

As I was trying to figure out what the hell all this means to her and us, I poked my vision in front of her wheel thing and spirit brought in this… I don’t know really, gift, as her team called it.  It was an odd entanglement of what looked like roots of vines, but not of the earth and from the entanglement sprung blood-red roses at the surface level of her “gift.”  Some of the roses were in full bloom, some still in cup form getting ready to open.  Then they said something that still leaves me confused about what it is or could be… she did ask if it was something tangible or spirit and their only reply was it comes from a “celestial bed.”  What the hell does that even mean?  Dunno.  But it will be unmistakable when it arrives, which, if I am gauging the element of time correctly, should be before this month closes.  However, time was rotating in a circle with her paddle wheel.   However, the next thing we see, after this gift shows up was a massive choice point moving her into February.

This choice point showed up in a marigold sort of colored sign that had an arrow left and right.  Not that it had anything really to do with left or right, she would just have to choose one direction or the other.  By year’s end, both directions would be experienced.  God forbid we get to know exactly what the choice is, but they did show the…hmmmm…. no good word here lol.  Choosing one way would give her a much deeper experience and understanding of her physical life in this new spiritual world.  The other choice would give her a much deeper spiritual understanding of who she is in this new spiritual world.  They separated the operations by color, orange (sense of self, the physical self) and yellow (the spiritual self.)  As the year went on, it was as if a figure 8 spread out for her.  So that there is an intersection of the other choice she delayed experiencing.  As the year concluded, the figure 8 completed itself in wholeness.

I guess I better sneak in the first reading of the day!!  Again, know there is no ceiling or walls or anything, she really had me running around the corners of my mind for understanding.  The first thing I had seen was like this pitch ceiling or roof, very small really.  Now more than 5 feet angled downwards on each side.  Suspended from this pitched soft white roof that was very much alive as well, fibrous but not solid wood, there was this massively reflective, shiny gold trapeze bar.  Her hands were on the bar, holding herself up as her sacral plexus area rested against the bar.  Her feet outwards to the left, her head thru the bars towards the right, pitched roof in play here.  At first she was regular size, she fit comfortably in this crazy scene, each minute we talked, she was growing like a scene from alice in wonderland, completely outgrowing her environment.  It took a while to understand what we were seeing, but it came down to she has outgrown the life that got her to Here.  It is time to move into a space more conducive to her next phase of life.  The pitched roof represented a coming together with this need with her husband.  Literally moving out of her current home into one that has the expanded energy field to support her and her family’s growth.

Then there was my beautiful lady who showed up at the area I now realize is still fully in place, the crossing zone into the emerald city.  She was riding an emerald-green bicycle very reminiscent of the end of the movie ET, upwards into the sky.  Find and creating the balance needed within oneself, the love of Self moving higher beyond what we think we are or know about yourself.  She was so wobbly in her peddling I was waiting for her to fall over, but she didn’t, instead, she just stopped peddling.  She brought to herself several different relationship issues/experiences to help her further refine her own inner relationship without expectation, judgement and conditions.

There is so much more that I am processing and coming to understandings with, but that will have to wait until tomorrow, I have a dentist expecting me soon!! Today is a day off and I plan on getting to my website to put together a personal one on one course to take us all further into understanding this new world we are living within and how to efficiently be Here using our magic, together!!

I love you all so much and so much more than that too!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of Reflective Source energy thru all you do, say and Be!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Just using the main image here, I do feel the bigger message of this “living room” that I am seeing is that nothing is separate or distant from us. We are the whole living environment called Life.  Tomorrows sharing, no doubt!! ❤



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Change is Here and We Are It!!


Week one exploded with a bang inside my chest.  There are those very rare days I am just ready to pack up my toys and go home, yesterday was one more of those days.  At least, until mid afternoon.  Aside from the fact I had woken up just about every hour on the hour to cough and pee, simultaneously mind you, the hot poker feeling I had on the 2nd was back in full force thru my chest.  I found it perfect that I awoke to lighting flashing in the night sky, I was being electrocuted from the inside out!!  At least, that’s how I was feeling.

Staying centered, focused on the spiritual information that wanted out, actually made me feel better.  I was sure this would be the same effect the days readings would have on me.  Not even a little bit.  However, witnessing the day with you, was actually interesting to say the least.

My first two appointments could have very well put me back in the hospital.  I started intensely coughing the moment we said hello, but the coughing was less about my lungs and more focused at the center of the heart.  Like my heart would just freakin explode.  There was no way of seeing, I could barely breath with the chest compressions.  AFter my first appointment, I sat outside in the dark clouded air, rain gently falling down and breathed in this refreshing, cooling air.  Everything in my chest felt better, started to sooth and the coughing gone.  Phew!!  Until I called my second appointment.  Jezuz!!!

After my second appointment blew my heart open even more, I was going to tap out and just email everyone else on my dance card, that is, until I heard my Self say, ohhh no, we will talk to everyone.  Mercy!!!

While once again sitting outside breathing in the intense change in the barometric pressure to sooth now my lungs and heart, I started to see what was happening.  The engagement with each other (and only happened when we were connected to each other) created this intense white/silver sparking energy right in the center of my heart center.  It was about a shotgun shell long and round but massive sparks of energy thru the whole thing, penetrating into my heart.  My heart rhythm was all over the place. Without this imagery, without this understanding of what was really happening, I would have been scared, I hurt in ways I never hurt before in my chest wall.

I understood tho, that what was happening had to happen and could only happen in this way.  Our connection, even tho not seeing the field, we ignite in that energy just saying hello.  So it is like taking in drops of higher frequency soul light to add to the projection we will be seeing called the field.

So when my third reading time came up, I took two hits of my inhaler just so I can breathe a bit easier. That worked, but once again, just saying hello created the intense heart palpitations and a shortness of breath.  But I also realized she really needed some meditation help, and that was important to our teams to share with her.

I talked with and rescheduled my remaining two others on my dance card and came home and collapsed in a heap on my couch as soon as I got home.

I fully realized my home is like the recharging base for our electronics.  Calm, soothing, re-energizing and reorienting.  The office itself, massively high energies.  The outside world, the pure streams of chaos.  All needed for our evolution and understanding of ourselves.

Within about 2 hours of chilling on my couch, the heart pain subsided, the coughing subsided, the pain in the bones of my chest gave way to soothing, comfortable energy.  I felt intensely rehydrated, renewed.

All of this understanding gives way to a deeper understanding of my last reading on Friday.  A beautiful friend who has been roaming around the US for the last couple years trying to find her happy spot.  She showed up just outside my sliding glass doors, the pathway to the emerald city.  It’s time for her to settle in, find a place to anchor into.  It is more important now than ever.

But lets really look at the message she received more broadly.  Having a “home base” to anchor into has nothing to do with the outside world, at all.  We have a tendency to say I want the right environment, the right people, the right weather and so on… and then I will know I am Home.  Not!!!  Home is on the inside.  Deep within yourself.  That is the only place it needs to be, or probably will be, perfect in all conditions.  Of course, I can use my own self as a living example.  Vibrationally speaking, I really dislike Florida and even the community I live within.  I have not purposely engaged with any of the people that live within this community as I still move thru the last years of my mothers life of solitude.  Which I know in my heart was my mother choice and the majority of people will not invade personal choice like I do.  So i am healing the feelings I have about here, about the relationships that are here, or lack there of maybe is better stated.  However, I can now say with all my heart, being inside my home, I am in peace and in joy.  It took me a couple of months to get to here, but Here I Am and now, we can start to focus on the reason I am Here in the first place.

As I was doing the dishes yesterday, my soul stated loud and clear, it is time to get involved with this community of Stonehedge.  I really did kind of pouted about that.  But… but… but….

Nothing in life is really about what the personality wants to do or think it wants, it’s about what the soul agenda is all about and finding the happy medium within the two.  Divine Change Makers anchored in their heart space and living far outside their comfort zone.

So I awake today to a chilly 55 degree home.  I smiled to see that temperature and quickly turned the heat on lol, Change is Here and WE are it!!

I know there was a massive shift in the field thru yesterday and I am sooooo excited to see what that looks like thru you!!  I am perky and ready!!

Thank you for always enduring the moments I have no control over.  What a crazy ride we are building together!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) heart expanding (or is that exploding lol) love to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas





Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 7, 2017

The Breath of Light Thru the Whole Self.


For so many years people have asked me how am I able to see the way I do, in truth, I have had no clue, other than to accredit it with the evolution of meditation and then being pushed by my team into doing readings, I really had no way of detailing the sight.  That is, until this morning.  Of course, the insight is a catalyst for the intense coughing and chest burns I experienced thru almost all the readings yesterday.  The more detail I had seen, the rougher the ride in my lungs.  But now I get it more than I have gotten it ever before.  Let’s bring the point that even the most uncomfortable symptom of our changing bodies has so much wisdom to provide, if we allow for it.

The breath.  When I first started to meditate in 2000, that was my only focus point, the breath of light coming in from the sky.  I couldn’t see a damn thing, nor feel anything, but I kept going back and doing what I could to fully connect with that light.  It took a few weeks, and I didn’t see it first, I felt it enter me, which created an immediate disconnect in my meditation because my whole body was overwhelmed from the 10 seconds of intense love that I breathed in.  That was also enough to keep me hooked, dedicated to experience more.  17 years later, I am as dedicated to seeing and experiencing more as I was in those early days.

The energy of the breath should not be a big surprise to me or to anyone else for that matter.  It has been focused on, talked about, experienced for lifetimes.  But what is it we are really taking in with the breath??  What more is there to it??

I was expecting day two in this wonderful new field called the emerald city to be even easier than day one, not even close.  More detail is being added, more energy and color and emotions are coming thru.  My lungs burned thru the whole day of readings and just degraded thru the day.

So this morning, as I am staring exhaustedly (long night of coughing) at the computer screen, this is the information resting in front of me to share.

If we look at our breath like an old-time movie film strip and each oxygen cell floating around the universe contains a frame of information, encoded from the other side of the


veil, then there would be (and is) trillions upon trillions of bits of information floating around in front of us all the time.  When we purposely focus on breath in meditation, we are starting to call together all those bits that are floating around at our vibratory rate of inner and outer frequency, to come in and form together a movie, our personal, evolutionary movie.

The exhale then would be equal to the projector and being able to hold the movie clip imagery.  The more frequently we do this, the higher vibrational movie clips come together in our in breath, for as long as we are applying and actually using the information coming thru on the exhale.

When you have the chance, like I do now, 17 years later, to take a long view of the vastness of change that had taken place since that first breath of light, I realize with each intentional breath of growth, my movie changes, my life changes, the people in my story, changes.  More importantly, WE change together.  The readings change, shift, go higher, give more light detail.  By virtue of doing what I do, I have learned to take in your movie clips without bias or most times, understanding of what the hell we are seeing…

Something I realized yesterday as well, the more you are an active meditator with the information that comes thru the reading, the more details that are provided to you thru the readings.  The less actively you meditate, the simpler the details, maybe, not as complex is a better phrase.  That is not a good thing or a bad thing, it is just the way our spirit/souls feel we can assimilate the information being presented to use in a timely, effective manner.  It’s never about rushing to home plate, but by getting there in the most efficient, effective manner possible.

One of my beautiful ladies yesterday, who is knitting together the right and left fields, the masculine and feminine, binding the energy thru the emerald city as a whole unit of energy instead of that separation we tend to feel and look at via the masculine and feminine, so that we can all absorb in the unified field of the All.  She had mentioned that she cannot see… yet.  Instantly, I was given the most amazing view of our body and soul together.  It also makes me fully understand now, why since last year, our teams have been asking us to get away from saying “higher self.”

Let me take the long way of explaining this huge significance, since I am being asked to! lol

When I finally raised my movie clips to the place where I could actually see your soul energy moving in and out of you (which I could not do for years, I read the emotional field back then) the soul energy was a constant moving stream in and our of the core body, around the spinal column within the body.  Even tho the presence of the soul was also outside the body, its information came directly from the core, the mind of the soul was much higher in frequency that I was, than we were in those early years of evolution.  So saying higher mind or higher self, was fitting, it constantly gave us instruction to go higher, reach higher within ourselves.

As we crossed from 2012 into 2013, that’s really where the focus of energy information started to change within the readings, within you.  The soul light was now creating a massive hologram in my backyard.  No longer higher, but right there extending all around you.

With my beautiful lady yesterday, wow… just…. WOW.  Inside this gel like container of soft, luminescent almost the softest golden energy, was her body, her physical body.  Around it, again this gel like (which is not gel at all, just gave me something to understand what I was seeing and the significance of) substance that was easily a foot or more thick but was a part of her body.  Thru this gel like substance from head to toe (even tho I could only see her head area,) were these tiny little lights, like pin points of light shining into her thru the gel.

From my massage years, I knew that the body was made of up tons and tons of little chakra points we call the pores of the skin which breathed just like our lungs do, but of course, differently too.

The purer the breath we are taking into our lungs and using the light information coming thru, the more it clears out all the tiny little pore chakras to take on more light, more information at any given time.  But also, put out even more light from the ongoing, changing story within each one’s light body.  For those living in the emerald city, there is no longer a “higher self,” instead, you are a whole self.  Let your words reflect that.

If you have ever had a reading with me, you know spirit gets really really fussy on the way we use words.  I am filtered more than I care to talk about.  Groups of words that worked yesterday, not allowed today because it taints the true of what is.  I mean really, something as simple as saying the middle of january instead of mid january… not allowed, because it is inaccurate.  Mid January and the middle of January are not the same to spirit.  Of course, I do realize it has nothing to do with the month perse, but the energy system unfolding in January.

It is crucial, in this massive evolutionary leap we have just achieved collectively, to see and KNOW yourself as your WHOLE SELF and not separated by higher or lower, physical and non physical.

Now let me come back to that pesky breath thing.  As we take in and send out higher frequencies of light, of understanding and application, the physical body is changing at speeds it never has changed before.  Each group or clan is taking on their own evolution of the biological system of our DNA.  Mine is the lungs and skin.  Since 2012, my year of mental pause (smile) the guttate psoriasis I have had since 17 stepped up to create outbreaks every single October.  Before this accelerated time event, I would have an out break every 5-7 years.  The acceleration of our growth and our body cells are changing ever faster.  We now seem to hit massive pivotal points as we cross the fall equinox into the spring equinox every year.

You don’t think we are changing our body system or DNA??  Science is seeing it.  A beautiful soul left this link on my facebook page, let me share it with you:

Science is slow to find what we already know to be true, simply because they think they have seen everything there is to see and simply stop looking as deep.  Often times, we in the awakened spiritual realm do the very same thing.

I’m going to end on that note for today.  Breath in your new movies, let go of the old ones and lets all cross into the Emerald City this year!!!!

((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and light to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas




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