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Love Thy Ego!


Before I start talking about our beloved ego’s, something my team is staring me in the face to talk about, I want to give a shout out to mother nature.  Man, she does not waste time validating her divine authority, does she!!??  Snowflakes in Florida, record colds here in Texas, a bomb cyclone blanketing the east coast with wild winter weather.  The ocean crept in and flooded a MA town and lets not forget the earthquake in Berkeley CA, and this is just the USA and only the events I am aware of, not to mention, its only Jan 5th!!

That said, I am asking the weather God’s to be gentle on the 7th as well as the 16th, the days of my flights to and from Virginia!!  😀  Speaking of Virginia, I have been skyping with Valorie every day.  The first evening she was out of jail, settling back into her life of not only freedom, but love, there was such a glow radiating from her whole body.  That glow that often is felt and seen from newly pregnant women.  The contentment in her face… I have not see that since she was a small child.  Sometimes, we have to lose it all before we really see what we have, WHO we have in our lives.

We can take note of this in our politics, it feels (to me) like we are now living a real live episode of South Park and yet many still keep their eyes clinched to the drastic humane difference between Obama and Trump.  But that just shows, we have not lost enough… yet.

Which is a perfect tie-in to the ego.  The blessed ego has gotten such a bad rap thru what we call the awakening.  Kinda like the ugly step sister that needs to go.  We have even developed an (not completely untrue) acronym for it: Edging God Out.  It is true, it was designed at the fear level of life.  It had to be.  In spirit, we know no hot, cold, no danger, no hunger, no thirst, nothing at all that is part of this duality based experience we are all in.

We tried, for a time, a human specimen without ego (at least, the version of the ego we now have), to the detriment of the host biology.  Nourishing the host body took a back seat (to the point of starvation) to the wonders this amazing place called earth, provided.  We could stare at a tree for days and marvel in its beauty and movement, the shadows cast by the moving sun and moon, and never think to eat or sleep for that matter.  Both important things the body needs to sustain itself.

Walking to the edge of a cliff, knowing we could fly and plummet to the bottom of the drop off.  Gravity does not exist in spirit.

So we tweaked the DNA to be sure to embed fear into the ego.  The running software in our brain that allows us to experience life as a 3 dimensional, solid experience.  In order to create safety in the body, we also had to hide some of the memories of Being a Spirit.  We had to forget we could fly at speed of thought, that the beautiful animals love us unconditionally, since in this realm, they seek food and we look mighty tasty them!!

And so, here came ego 2.0, complete with the energy of fear, healthy, needed fear.

The host bodies were definitely lasting longer in this world of matter and duality.  But even that gets old after a while.  So we developed the ego 3.0 a complete shield of memory of who we are and where we came, what many now refer to as, the veil.

Ages of darkness and destruction prevailed.

When we forget who we are, we completely forget who you are.  Fear was (still is in many sectors of the earth) the energy that ran/runs between hearts, creating vast separation and harm.

And so ego 4.0 was developed that brought back consciousness, the ability to become self aware over time.  Respecting the energy of duality while remembering who we are and who and what others are.  A slow rise towards the light of Self Awareness and a true partnership/alliance between the ego mind and the soul mind.  The Divine Marriage.  The true harmonic convergence.  Even the traditional wedding vows, taken straight out of Matthew 19:6 “Let not man therefore put asunder, that which God hath coupled together.”  Asunder comes from the Old English phrase on sundran, which means “into separate places.”

And yet, as the light rises, many think they must kill or destroy or remove the ego.  The Light of Knowing gets shined on external conceptions.  We now (many, not all) feel more obligated to another human than the very Being we are… human soul, together, as one Being.

The master of matter (ego) married in love and cooperation with the master of light (soul) can move mountings together.  Alone, one can see the mountain, the other can feel it, TOGETHER, they move it!!  Fear in its rightful, (still needed and valued) place, love expanding thru the ALL


((((((((HUGZ))))))))))) of wedded bliss to and thru the ALL!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Happy New Year…. NEW YOU everyone!!  May this be the most empower time of our lives yet!!

While my body was down changing into its new version, I got a little bit of work down on my website and have added some in person sessions to my calendar.  I may still need to tweak the appointments getting set on my calendar, but we can work around that together.


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The Body and Earth of Change… OMG!!!

body and earth changes

Leave it to the first reading yesterday to make a statement, or better said, to show the incomplete statement I made the day prior.  I was expecting to see more sun alignments (silly me, still having expectations after all these years lol) and instead, the first lady showed up with something that looked like fire torches popping up from the ground around her, creating a circle once finished.  They popped up erratically, one to the left, one to the right, behind her, to the side again, not one after another forming a circle.  This erratic behavior seemed to be a theme yesterday.  Which I deeply feel is how we are going to experience 2018.  I’ll explain more of that in a moment.

As my lady’s team explained right off the bat yesterday, the belly of the earth has her own fire and her own magnetic fields of operation.  As the reading went on, it was revealed that these 16 torches represented 16 compass marks around the globe.  Each one connected into the depths of Gaia for my lady to study and become energetically familiar with.  Her team called her “the lookout” several times during the reading.  My vision was then shifted to magnetic lines under each torch, moving into the belly of Gaia.  Her job is to develop such an innate sensitive to each torch that she will be able to sense an arrival of an earthquake, storm, volcano and such, long before any of our scientific instruments does.  Her job will be to warn people of their need of movement, hence being called “the lookout.”

The fiery sun and the fiery earth, hand in hand shaking up the miasms in life, for the greater good.

One of my lady’s showed up digging up holes in the earth, stretching out into the future (right) field, from the south outwards towards the east up towards the north, in a zig-zag pattern.  Again, representing what we would consider, an erratic pattern.  She was shown thru her reading, being in alignment with the south none of the sun, taking in drops of pure sun energy and where she went on earth to purposely dig up the earth, released deep, old energy and by her presence and energy of the sun, revealed large golden nuggets in the clearing.  The radiance of the sun made solid.  She stated that she just started going to various places and literally does dig up the earth to place her crystals in them.  She just recently had a dream where she was moving around the earth, digging.  She wasn’t fully sure why until the details were explained thru her reading.  Which also served to validate her dream and the reading.  When spirit wants you to understand what you are required to do this year, they leave no stone unturned (smiling at the intentional pun.)

Her team also explained, this implantation will create movements within and above the earth, such as storms and earthquakes and such.  From what I understand, this is going to be a very moving year for our beautiful earth, inside and out!!

One of my connections yesterday was an ET connection.  Holy heavens batman!!  I felt like I was taken directly into the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” only the ship was directly over my house and I felt every ounce of the vibration in me.

Just in case you are not familiar with the movie and the scene I am talking about, here is a little clip:


The ship was no more than 10 feet above my house, and represented tones and colors that were breath taking to my whole system.  My lady’s job, of course, is to learn to hear them instantly and understand what is being transmitted.

Their (and I am not sure if it was the Beings talking to her, the energy of the ship, or both) energy pressed in on my heart center so hard, like a bear hug with ripples of constant vibration.  Wowzers!!

Of course, what I had assumed (again, silly me) was they were sending me a hologram to see and understand from.  Oh no, they explained since my lady was in my ear, therefore, in my presence, so was their ship.  This particular ship vibrates at the 9th dimensional frequency and only those who have trained their sight and hearing to see 9th dimensional objects could see and hear them.

When we hung up, it was like my entire pineal gland and all that connects to it, was on light speed.  Holy vibrations batman!!  I’ll take a second helping of that, anytime!!

I really want to dive deep into one of the readings that took me by surprise.  Until this lady showed up, everyone’s field was clear, barren even, save the sun or fire that showed up.  There is not a person or plant visible besides who I am reading for,  Until this lady came riding in from the future (right field) on a donkey!!  She was naked as a jay bird, save a shawl draped from her head down to her feet that covered her back and sides, but not her front!!  Yikes!!  I really don’t like peeping at peoples naked bodies in readings, thank you very much.  All I could feel with her presence was the jesus and mary stories, but, she was not coming in from the past… the past no longer exists on the energy earth I am calling 2018.

This is an incarnation of her soul coming to her for conscious merger from the timeline 2122.  What is stunning to think about… this is only 104 years down our road.

My naked Lady’s body, who said her name was Valentina, looked about late 20’s early 30’s with her girly parts quite perky!! (giggle)  I about shit when she said she was in her 90’s!!  Which means, her vessel (baby body) would have been born sometime in the 2030’s.

She explained that we have perfected teh changes in our DNA to allow for her form to be as I had seen it.  Not a reversal in the aging process, but the eliminating of it once the body hits a certain, not age, but completion.  Example when the conscious is completely running in harmony with the nervous system.  When all systems in the body are complete, there is no more aging out.

She explained that the what we know as the Christ energy (not the person, but what the energy of Christ really IS) lives within the people of the earth.  Even her nakedness cause absolutely zero feelings of vulnerability.  She explained, from her timeline, people do not try to hide any part of themselves.  This is meant as much emotionally as well as physically.  True transparency and freedom as a way of life.

The conscious is so evolved in her time, that she knows of the incarnation that I was talking to on the phone, and is coming back to this timeline to her my lady prepare herself and others.  The way she refereed to what she was going to help her was “the flowering” of her consciousness.  Then she showed me an image of a pine cone:


We think our personal consciousnesses are expanded…. ha!!  Right now, even the most conscious of us are akin to the petals of this pine cone.  We have not seen/experienced anything…. yet!!

What we strive to become, what they start teaching their children from birth, is opening each petal of connectivity so as the body processes reach maturity, it looks more like this:


Valentina also explained that we are still perfecting out DNA in this timeline.  Our babies are being born in higher functioning nervous systems and biology, but there is still much mutating left to do.  The good news is, we are doing it.  She is living proof that all that we have undertaken in our spiritual and physical lives to change and mutate, finds full success in the next generation.  Keeping in mind that a generation is 25 years.

I am going to close on that note.  All of our hard work, inside at the biological level and outside at the consciousness level… is paying off, big time!!

Thank you, each and everyone of you, for Being Here, Being You in this profound time we are in!!!

((((((((HUGZ))))))))))) of Light, Sound, and mutating Cells of expanding consciousness to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Happy New Year…. NEW YOU everyone!!  May this be the most empower time of our lives yet!!

While my body was down changing into its new version, I got a little bit of work down on my website and have added some in person sessions to my calendar.  I may still need to tweak the appointments getting set on my calendar, but we can work around that together.


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the year of the sun

This is going to be short but hopefully informative.  I woke up really late, but didn’t want to hang on to this information until tomorrow.

There are two that I want to focus on (given my less than an hour to share) today.  My first lady, even before I connected with her, I kept seeing what looked like a bucket of thick, glowing sun energy was repeated poured over her head.  This substance was a bright yellow orange and indeed was the sun in gel form.  It was dripping down her face, magnetizing the pathways in her head, seeping into from the skin and enhancing every cell as it (slowly) moves down her body to cover her.  This will be a process over at least the next couple weeks.

She was climbing what looked like a fence directly in front of my porch, representing the current moment.  The fence kept switching from made of what looked like metal then to wood (the criss cross pattern never changed, just the substance.)  However, when it turned to wood, there were these protrusions sticking out in various areas, no bigger than 2 inches.  Her team explained these were like branches budding on a tree.  The metal one served to anchor in the branches into her field to play out as we move thru this new energy system.

When I panned my vision out, suddenly the entire field was aligned with this same fencing and there were many many people in this same position.  Climbing, deciding which branch they will ignite in growth without anyone really, fully, understanding the implications of that energy.

This is true for many of us, what our souls have been calling the hidden choices, what I had been seeing as sun like explosions being planted as we concluded last year.

Another detail that was revealed to her, I watched as about 7 other people from around the would (this fence was on the outer most edges of her field of life, representing the entire global community of life, be making similar choices.  Holding similar understandings, ideas, desires and I could see these people start to stream a magnetic line to my lady’s center field.

It was explained that even tho they are from different areas on earth, they will converge on the ground, together, to meet and start their resonance and journey together sometime during what felt like this first quarter (timeline subject to change as more of 2018 and choices, appear.)

So my last lady, She too, I started seeing before our appointment.  Her entire head was stuck directly into the sun that is in the sky.  In my view, there are two suns there, the one that lights the earth, then what I call the doorway to spirit, or, the great central sun, where all pure energy travels thru.

So there she is, head now enlarged to fill the space of the sky and her body just dangling down under it.  I could see spirit with hammers and chisels working on her brain mapping.  On her entire neuro-network.  Magnetic fields will change and enhance.  I suppose much more will change that none of us can currently understand, since that is what her team said.  There was nothing more to see.

I do have to add this other reading in, since she suddenly makes sense in this information.  She had really large butterfly looking wings that, as her team explained, were emerging from her entire thoracic spine.  The spinal chord works in harmony with the brain with a relay of electrical pulses and information.

I must leave off for today, but my team wants to let everyone know, that even tho what we are seeing is metaphoric in nature (if your literal head was in the sun, there would be instant death) but it is not as metaphoric as we may thing.  Our entire brain and spine work with the energies of the sun, we harness them into biological, usable energies for life, thru us.

So be gentle with yourself as we come online in this new, fiery game called life.  Everyone’s field aligned with the 2018 energies, have been cleared.  Begin anew, from the heart and mind of the soul.

((((((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))) Sun powered, Soul enlightened Life to and thru the

Lisa Gawlas

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Happy New Year…. NEW YOU everyone!!  May this be the most empower time of our lives yet!!

While my body was down changing into its new version, I got a little bit of work down on my website and have added some in person sessions to my calendar.  I may still need to tweak the appointments getting set on my calendar, but we can work around that together.


I also have hands on energy work/energy readings available too.  I am working on that webpage, but you can book it/view it on my calendar if you scroll way down to section 4 In Person Events.  This link should take you directly to that section:

For those not on facebook, here is my daughter as she breathes in her new life:




Happy New Year, New Day, New Era of Earth ,to and thru ALL!!!  I have spent the last two days (New years eve and new years day) reformulating my biology.  Thru the week my head started to fill with spirit lube (aka as congestion) and new years eve I woke up with my voice in that familiar cocoon and inaudible.  This time however, was very different than the last two years of reformulating at new years (this is my third year in a row.)  I could feel and see each section as it started to degrade.  As if I had something covered with debris and slowly a shower was turned on to wash it off, slowly and deliberately.  That is exactly what it felt like.  I give deep gratitude to my lung doc for giving me a new inhaled beta agonist / corticosteroid called AirDuo, it allowed my lungs to move thru this cellular change out without being so adversely affected as it has in the past.

Yesterday (New Years Day) I was sitting on my cough, feeling into what was happening in my body and praying this voice absence is shorter than usual, instantly I seen something that looked like a soft white hook about 6 inches tall, curved slightly at the top, rise up from my lungs and out my mouth, with that, my cellular restoration started.  My voice came back, my congestion cleared and my cells started to throw a party inside of me (this happened over hours, not minutes.)

For the first time ever, I really felt what it means to be within the energy known as the rise of the Phoenix!!  Truly witnessing the disintegration into ash and the rise up into new Light.  So many of us, whether conscious or not, are going thru this same exact thing.

For so many years now, you and I and so many others, have been talking about how we are evolving our physical bodies while IN our physical bodies.  We may not fully understand what is changing, but it is.  Well, I happened across an amazing article on facebook last night that can really show us what all this discomfort we have been enduring for years (decades even) is producing.  The article is here:

20+ Science Facts We Didn’t Know at The Start of 2017

I am just going to pull a few of the discoveries out and highlight there here as I give thanks to all those taking up the biological task of changing to this:

A brand new human organ has been classified, and it’s been hiding in plain sight this whole time. Everyone, meet your mesentery.

Thank you to everyone with digestive issues for this gift to humanity!!

Lungs don’t just facilitate respiration – they also make blood. Mammalian lungs produce more than 10 million platelets (tiny blood cells) per hour, which equates to the majority of platelets circulating the body.

My (and many others) breathing issues are producing first fruits!!

There’s an entirely new type of diabetes, and most people wouldn’t know they have it. The newly classified type 3c diabetes is being misdiagnosed as type 2. 

This may not seem like a reason to celebrate ourselves, but we must acknowledge that the pancreas is equally going thru change.  It is becoming something more than it ever was and it appears to break down before science understands the changes.

The brain literally starts eating itself when it doesn’t get enough sleep. When we sleep normally, our brains clear away the neural debris from the day’s activity. But when we’re sleep deprived this process goes into overdrive, causing the brain to clear away significant amount of neurons and synaptic connections.

Get your sleep people!!  lol  We need our highly electrical brain for what is coming in 2018, a huge opening to many psychic abilities, some, we never even heard of before!!  (I guess we can call that statement my 2018 prediction lol.)

The last of the highlighted statements from the above linked article I am going to share is this one:

Human activity has literally changed the space surrounding our planet – decades of Very Low Frequency (VLF) radio communications have accidentally formed a protective, human-made bubble around Earth.

Human consciousness!!!  The love and light we send out is doing something profound!!  We ARE the Light of the world, WE ARE the protection and expansion this world is now experiencing.  My team has said for a decade now, it cannot happen unless thru the participating human!!  So our perceived illnesses are not illnesses at all (tho, they feel like it!!)  We are changing humanity, our biology while participating in life.  No need to clear the planet as it happened many other times before.  We are the change and 2018 is going to let us experience this beyond our wildest dreams!!

Happy New Year…. NEW YOU everyone!!  May this be the most empower time of our lives yet!!

While my body was down changing into its new version, I got a little bit of work down on my website and have added some in person sessions to my calendar.  I may still need to tweak the appointments getting set on my calendar, but we can work around that together.


I also have hands on energy work/energy readings available too.  I am working on that webpage, but you can book it/view it on my calendar if you scroll way down to section 4 In Person Events.  This link should take you directly to that section:

On that note, my baby girl should be getting released any moment, I am going to close to I can skype with her as she enters her new life 6 days early!!!  Hurray 2018!!!!!

I love you all soul much and am so excited to see what we have gotten ourselves into Now, together!!!

((((((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))) of wonderFULL and sudden changes to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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I am going to start this sharing off with my party shoes on… my daughter, Valorie, was taken in to a special meeting yesterday and they told her to start packing out, she got her released date moved from the 8th to the 2nd!!!  A true, exciting miracle!  No one can tell her why, just that it changed.  I am still leaving out on the 7th, this extra time gives her a little time to reorient herself back into life and her new relationship too.  When she went into jail, she had a roommate, during the 20 months she has been locked up, her roommate morphed into her boyfriend and he has plans on morphing that into a fiance, when she is ready for that change.

On another note, my rat man came for his final visit yesterday, not a single rat in any of the traps.  Finally!!  He sealed up the attic a week or so ago, he had already hauled out over 20 dead rats during the month and now, I am really starting to feel, rat free!!  Little did I realize, thank god, they were trying t eat their way to my ass!!  I vacuumed under my couch cushions on xmas eve and about had a heart attack when I realized they were busy eating their way to my butt!!

I am so grateful I didn’t even think of looking under the cushions when they were running around inside the house, I would have left the building!  So I conclude this year, pest free!!  YAY!!

This body however, jezuz its rough kicking about in biology sometimes.  About 5 or 6 days ago I started to get this overly bloated feeling, to the degree I could not even eat, I was too full.  The night before last, I woke up at 3am with what felt like a gigantic balloon over inflated in my stomach and pushed up into my diaphragm.  It was unusual feeling, nothing I have ever experienced before.  (It happened again last night, at exactly 3am again.) I woke up yesterday with a low grade fever, head cold, coughing and my voice cracking.  As each hour passed, I could feel my body falling apart more, I think I know what humpty dumpty felt like when he fell of that pesky wall!!

When Valorie called, there was such an energy coming from her… pure joy, it was as if that energy was putting my body back together again, especially with the second phone call.  No more sneezing or coughing for the rest of the evening.  Even one of my dysfunctional psychic antennas came back online so I could understand.

The one thing I am absolutely sure of, given all the readings the last few days and now my daughter sudden and unexpected turn of events, we are getting a precursor to the sudden changes that will be happening to all of us next year.

When the energy nodules line up, things will move so fast there is little time to react.

What has been taking place, at the biological level of life, is an energetic flush out.  I have seen so many people get (what we perceive a)s sick, this month.  First and foremost, we are energetic creatures clothed in biology.  Our biology produces itself at various frequencies thru our lives.  When we make a major frequency change, our bodies will always reflect that by what appears to be illness or dysfunction.  When it is an entire collective changing, many many bodies change, appear to get sick, flush out for the higher frequencies.

Of course, this energy shift happens at the core level of every cell in the body.  Some cells have a hard time shifting and mutating, so it takes the body a bit longer to find its new frequency expression.  Then there are many that just do not want to deal with the discomfort of change and stop the process all together.  Which either returns the body back to the old frequency or develops long term illness instead of true change.  Partnering with the body, its needs, desires and understanding of what is taking place, is the only place you should seek council.

My new energy is coming in at the solar plexus level of distribution, hence the massive gas.  My old energy field is releasing, which it now seems to do every year around new years, for at least three years running.  And every entry into a new year changes the field of expression, so my body must keep up so I can continue to do what I do.  2018 is like no other, ever before us.

Let’g circle back to sudden changes and how we are going to have to move swiftly with them.  With my daughter getting out 6 days early, her boyfriend had to change his entire work schedule.  He is a security guard at a nuclear facility and had his vacation in place starting the 6th thru the 18th.  He was scheduled to work overnight on new years and now, must pick up val instead.  He spent all day rearranging his life to meet Val’s.  He found people to pick up his shifts and was able to move his vacation without stress,  That is being in alignment with the greater ALL of life.  My daughter wanted me to come in early, but changing my schedule affects over 30 people and nothing felt right about coming in early.  As the day wore on, we all agreed, this is working out the best way for all involved, especially for her to move from having a roommate to having a boyfriend she lives with.

I do want to touch on one of the readings from the other day, before I close.  I feel her visual can really give us all a heads up in our new alignment.  She was laying on the ground, head north, feet south.  Suddenly these odd colored (almost like a pinkish red) roots from beneath the ground started to cover her whole body, arm by arm, leg by leg, then her torso and head.  As more roots covered her, she was moving like the hands on a clock.  Her team used the phrase being re-rooted/re-routed in her life.  Right now she is pinned to the ground and not able to move or make a plan.  As she enters 2018 the first thing that will be released is her left hand.  She will be magnetically (or inspirationally) pulled to something that looked like a baby rattle with two cubes connected to a barbell.  Earth energy, new building blocks in life.  Once she has oriented herself with that rattle, the next thing to be released will be one of her legs for action.  God forbid we could see any of the details of what that meant.  It was enough to know, something is coming, suddenly and will change the course of her life and move her to a very unique partnership building directly with the spirit of the earth, with Gaia.

On that note, my day is about to begin!!  I pray my energy is together enough to see today.  I still feel like crap, but that doesn’t always mean I cannot see!!  Gotta love change in progress!!

I love you all, soul very much.  May the bounty of Life great you in your days!!!

(((((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))))))) of rapid movement thru a wide spreading field of Light to and thru ALL!!

Don’t forget to join us in the conversation this evening about Sex and Spirituality!!  6pm EST!!


Lisa Gawlas

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I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  I am so excited the field opened up to visible again!!  I have decided that spirit is truly limitless in their creative expression!!  Every time we have a shift, the details in a reading shift, change expression and with a bigger shift, completely change meanings of the expression,  Keeps me on my toes let me tell ya!!  lol

After all four readings were done, my team explained to me that each were an interlocking puzzle piece of what is to come.  Personal to them, but strung together, gives us a larger idea of what we are getting ourselves into as we start 2018.

My first lady on the field was from across the pond, so I did her reading at 7am in my world, which made it a twilight reading.  Which seemed to perfectly represent her “field.”  It was in a state of twilight with what looked like stars slowly raining down on the full breadth of her field.  She was in her center, from the waist down, under the earth, above the waist, obviously above the earth.  She had her hands on the ground in the position of pulling herself up and out of the earth.  Her team explained that her position (where her hands were on the ground) were in alignment with the directional space on a compass:


North represents the far back part of the field (of my yard) I sit across from due south.  Her position would be at the 30 degree mark of the southern quadrant.  Her team explained it has little to do with actual directions on the earth, but quadrants in which we will align to and gather within.

Thru the other readings, I have seen the quadrants in the 2018 timeline, very particular groups, gathering.  For what….. not yet revealed.  (Just let me toss this out now, the best thing you (we) can do, is not assume we know anything about that, because we don’t.)

As I watched the stars falling down all around, every time she shifted her hands to pull herself up a little more, there was a sudden flash that took place, changing some of the lights from silvery white to a yellowish color with what looked like a network of veins, or a spider web, but not as organized (visually) as spider webbing is strung.

Let me tie her reading in with my third reading of the day.  Her field was so different and now, I can really see how it all ties in.  She was standing on what looked like a really large, golden bow:

bow of life.jpg

Forgive my drastically humble artwork! lol  But you get the idea!!  She was standing in the center (hence, stick figure) and the right side was a network of golden lines.  It was explained that this was the energy of her soul, if we can look at it as if it was the motherboard of a computer.

One the right side was a series of lights, to me they looked scattered without any organization that I could define.

She was standing on a solid trapezoid part of the bow.  Her team stressed over and over that the shape of what she is standing on, the trapezoid, is important.  How???  No one told me!!  Some things are for you to figure out.

Suddenly her platform started moving to the left (physical life field) and covered a series of the lights scattered about.  It was explained (but not visible) that every choice she made, moved the trapezoid to a series of lights to configure their energies.  I think the best we can understand this is like software being installed onto the mother board.  Her movement in her reading was fluid since she has already put in motion a big move… from Florida to Utah.  Altho she could not understand why she is being prompted to move to Utah, her team explained to here these is an energy field now, in that location, that will assist her body and life.

As we were trying to understand how all this was happening and why, the best analogy came into view and a verbal explanation.  I love when spirit gives us words to go along with understandings!!  It really takes so much of the guess work out!!

They explained that her (our) bodies are now like chess pieces on a brand new game board we are still working out.  The movement should only come thru the force (energy) of the soul and not the player (piece) on the board.

Our duty, in this new intense game of chess called 2018, is allow the soul to make the moves.  By now, you (we) should have established enough trust in the inner promptings of soul direction without an explanation of why.  This keeps the game moving in wonderous (but still with challanges) ways.

I put this little chess piece tidbit on facebook yesterday and my friend came singing in with something else that fills the understanding, I will give the complete post from her, here:

Linda Mitchell “I’m still loving these synchronicities. Kristin Kirk (, my primary teacher prior to discovering Lisa Gawlas, uses game boards a lot in her teachings. We are player pieces on a game board. There is a hierarchy of game boards, and when we choose to step onto a higher game board, we have the ability to understand all the “rules” for how creation works on that game board. We can also see down through all the lower game boards, and we can affect change on any of the game boards below the board where we currently reside.”

2017 was designed to be a complete surrender to the will of spirit, of soul.  Those that allowed total surrender could be seen as the lights on the left side of my ladies bow, emerging game board of life.

Now let me tie in my last reading of the field, my man!!  (I get so tingly when I can say a man showed up on the field!! lol)  He was so bizarre in expression.  At least, until this mornings light ties him together with all that I just shared above.

He was standing in the center of his field, all I could see was what was beside and behind him.  “A bend in the space time continuum.”  (that is what his team said.) with this series of white/gray/black ripples running down thru it.  I have seen these ripples many times over the years out of the corner of my eyes without really understanding what they were.  Now I know, they are the ripples in dimension space.

Of course, I had to go to handy dandy google to even understand what they hell that meant to him….

According to Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, matter bends the fabric of space and time. The distortion of the spacetime continuum even affects the behavior of light.


Lets take this figure here and change it into the field I see you on.  The ball in the center would be YOU.  The little circle around the ball would be what I call you most intimidate energy field (around your body.)  The light itself, would be your SOUL.

“That’s why we need to look at Einstein’s later theory, the General Theory of Relativity, which describes how gravity affects the shape of space and flow of time. Imagine a stretched-out sheet. If you place a bowling ball in the middle of the sheet, the sheet will warp as the weight of the ball pushes down on it. If you place a baseball on the same sheet, it will roll towards the bowling ball. This is a simple design, and space doesn’t act like a two-dimension bed sheet, but it can be applied to something like our solar system — more massive objects like our sun can warp space and affect the orbits of the surrounding planets. The planets don’t fall into the sun, of course, because of the high speeds at which they travel.”  (All taken from this website.)

Taking this down into the human level, YOU + SOUL together as ONE energy, becomes just like the bowling ball in the above example.  Without the complete oneness you are the baseball, moving according to the gravity you placed in your field.  You become your own limitation!!

I now fully understand what I did not since 2008, when I first started seeing those ripples out of the corner of my physical eyes,  I started seeing these almost daily when we opened up The Wonder of You in Virginia.  A physical soul spa.  I was doing my massage/energy movement/readings there.  Causing a constant ripple in the dimensional fields.  About a week or so ago, I started seeing these ripples as frequently as I did then, coupled with the soul desire (not Lisa’s desire let me tell ya lol) to bring back the massage energy work as well as the Life Between Life hypnosis experiences as packages.  Once I got them started, the ripples ceased.  I made my choice to follow my souls desires and open up the dimensions for others to choose from, once again.  But on a whole new playing field.  I have not set up the webpages yet to describe it all, but I did get it on my calendar as an option under a new heading called “In Person Events.”     Members of the Nation, there are discounts.  $111 on packages and 22% on single visits.  I will email you the coupon codes soon.

Now let me circle back to my second reading on the field.  She was dressed in a onsie pajama with her hands positioned in front of her groin area, sort of like blocking the view.  Her team explained she was in “the long night” and much was still taking place at the soul level of choice.  Think about when we go to sleep at night, our body is just there holding space in time space as our soul sets up energy fields of experience.  It is only when we come out of the long night that we are placed into action… active chess pieces on the field.

If we miss or ignore any soul promptings, the board must be reconfigured.  (Not that she missed anything, this is just added information that I am getting right now.)

2018 is being set up as the year Soul, Source, Light becomes the major players and no-thing less will do.

On that note, my day is about to begin.  I want to remind everyone I will be leaving for Virginia on January 7th to celebrate my daughters release and new life and will return to the field on the 18th of January.  I have had people not on my facebook where they can send her a card or package in celebration of her release, here it is:

Valorie Gawlas   2460 Meadow Brook Trail   Suffolk, VA 23434


On a funny note, she has been doing hair cuts in prison with toenail clippers.  So we are going to do a youtube video of her showing us how the hell that is even done, with my hair.  I have some other things up my sleeve… details to come.

Ohhh before I forget…  I had my lung doc appointment yesterday to go over all my test results.  I was astounded to see that the 1.7 X 1.3 cm spot on my lung that had been there since my cancer journey started… all gone.  My lungs are perfect.  I do have asthma, my body’s way of processing and filtering the light I take in every single day since 2013.

In order to do what is asked of us by spirit, sometimes it requires inconvenience in the body… not as a bad thing, but an incredible thing!!

I love you all soul very very much.  Thank you for your patience as the field came into view again.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of new light and expanded skills unleashed!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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The Virgin Special will soon end (on the 31st) and will never be had again!! 

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The Winds of the Solstice Blow into ChristMass Day!! Use Them!!


What a day yesterday was!!  It was the first day, in I cannot remember when, that my whole body felt freakin fantastic!!  Nothing hurt, I could walk, dance, sit and jump and dance without one creak!!  I cannot tell you for sure if it was the two Ibuprofen I that I took or the day it self, or simply, both.  But here I am the next morning, and even tho I slept in again, I was able leap out of bed to get my day started, nothing hurt!!

Of course, in the midst of my movement jubilee yesterday, I got a call from the big pink bus people who did my mammogram last month, and they want me to get an ultra sound.  I couldn’t be more grateful when they said they would pay for the ultrasound.  Thank you so much.  But hey, I think my body is just rolling with the changes.  I got a call a month ago that they needed to redo my pap smear too.  Lucky me,lets do it all in two’s!!  But honestly, my focus is on the upcoming appointment I have with my lung doc Tuesday to go over all the tests ran in December.

So now that I got all my news out lol, lets back it up to a wider perspective of yesterday.  When spirit started talking about the energy release coming thru the 21st, I immediately went to my calendar and blocked off the day.  I had already had two people sitting on it for readings and one homework session, but I did not allow any more… just in case we had to reschedule.  of course, we did (except the homework lady) but not without incident.

My first appointment was an ET connection, I got nothing buy my floor when i attempted contact… or so I thought.  After I hung up with her, I started having this dull ache coming in thru my third eye area.  It started to spread around my brain as a dull ache, bloated out my abdomen and started burping and a sudden, momentary bout of diarrhea.  All ending as quickly as it came.  It did make me a bit trepidacious to try with my next lady tho.

Ten minutes before her appointment, I started to feel this intense wave of energy coming in at the back between the base heart and high heart area.  It came up and moved upwards then curled back out at the top of the head (not the crown so much, but at the entire top of the head.) This wave was as much energy as it felt, fluid, like a wave in the ocean.  By the time it was our connection time, I got nothing.  No information on what that was, except her affirming she has been feeling a lot of energy in that place.  Pesky spirit!!

Now homework lady, who is working on her ability to “see” gave us some amazing information I never understood before.  She is a skilled energy worker and meditator, but has not been able to turn on her ability to see spiritually.  She was given a meditation exercise and tho she connected and felt all the energy, no real visual at all.

After much back and forth conversation, an understanding was finally released to us, that i had no freakin clue about.  I true, Holy Freakin WOW, moment!!

I was able to see that the light of spirit was indeed making its way into her third eye, thru her pineal glad and all the way to the visual cortex in the back of the skull.  I could not see nor pick up any blockages that was preventing her spiritual sight from turning on.  Creating that outward flow of light that produces medtation, the field, all things spiritually visual.

Let me give you two visuals to follow along with:



Yesterday, her team was explaining that at the base of the visual cortex are “filters” in place that allows us to turn radiant light into understandable images.  My jaw drops as I see that very place on the 2nd diagram denoting “visual association area.”  In the 3d body, when we look at lets say, the complex light system of a tree, we forever more associate that complex as a tree, varied only be the type and condition of the tree(s.)  Repeat for every single thing we see on earth.  Of course, we are picking all of this up with our physical eyes.

The third eye brings in true light, not complex light that is frozen in space time.  To be able to experience this higher light we must have associations with it as well, but no where near as dense as what we see when we look out or actual eyes.

Her team gave us the analogy of the old time movies that had negatives on a real and the light from the projector creating the stories that we experienced as the movie.  On this film were interconnected negatives, images, a filter…  when ran thru the projectors motor system produced the movies we seen on the big screen.  Similar thing in our visual cortex.

It was also explained (which I did know) that when spirit sees us on earth, they do not see body, bones or flesh, bark of tree, fur of animal, they see the light systems we are.  Every blade of grass, unique unto itself with its own light signature.  Every human, its own soul signature.  We, in this crazy human suit, could not comprehend the frequency of light as spirit does, as we do once fully integrated back into our soul energy without the traces of body/ego.

When spirit projects to us, they use the emotional field frequency in their visual display, so that all can be fully understood at the mundane level of experience.

If a person is not seeing spiritually, it is because the filter needed for display, either was released (think of the mantra “release all filters”) or the visual cortex was not cleared from what I am just going to call the old debris field.  With this statement, I think of the lady who did a reading for me at the fair this summer.  What she seen was accurate, it just all, already happened.  Her visual cortex did surpass that frequency and she could not see beyond its light field.  We must always be a work in progress, releasing old films for higher ones, or we get stuck in loop of our own making.

Before my day begins, I want to include two things here.  The first one is something that was posted on my facebook last night.  It was the explanation that caught me, as the link she left was not readable from the phone, so I did not read the article it came from.  Here is this message:

This blog post by Carl Calleman is a bit technical, but it’s well worth your time.
I discovered Carl prior to 2012, when everyone was focused on the Mayan prophesies. He is an expert on the subject, and he believes the calendar represents cycles of waves of creation.
In this post, he postulates a theory, which aligns with what Lisa Gawlas has been sharing, that we are entering a period where multiple creation waves are in their “night” phases. We will see destruction, both political and natural, intensify between 9/26/17 & 9/22/18, and humanity won’t find much relief until 2031. 

But, he adds that how each of us experiences this depends on which wave of creation we resonate with. Those who resonate with the higher 9th wave will have the wind at their backs while those still stuck in resonance with the 6th wave will struggle. This is necessary in order for humanity to let go of separation and embrace unity.

Here are two quotes from the post… (Click here to read the entire article)
The only non-dualist wave that will be oscillating into a day mode is the Ninth Wave, which brings enlightenment and a unity frame of mind. So even if at the visible level there may seem to be many disasters (both political and natural and possibly military) because of the compounded nights the interference pattern causing these disasters will paradoxically at the same time be the very interference pattern that creates a path towards unity for those that develop resonance with the Ninth Wave.

The conclusion is that while I expect the following thirteen years to become very destructive (especially to the Western Hemisphere and institutions based on the dominance of the left brain half) this era will at the same time prepare for a world of global solidarity based on equality that after 2031 truly will become a possibility.

There is so much I wanted to touch on with this excerpted article, but sadly, do not have the time today.

I do want to add in something that surprised me yesterday.  With my body energy and movement coming back to full swing, I decided to take out my handy dandy pendulum to have a little sit down with my friend AA Mikey.  (This was hours after my day was done.)  His message puzzled me.  He swung out:


What the hell does that mean.  I think my angel fell off his rocker.  Since the pendulum stopped swinging after the word close, I got up and got a drink.  All I could think of is the book I had read that started this whole crazy journey back in 2000 “Doors to other worlds” by Raymond Buckland.  What the hell??

I sat down and asked for clarity, he swung out doors to other worlds.  WTF Mikey??  Let’s leave that alone for a moment, who the hell is Emmanuel??  Tho, I must say, when he swung it out (and I can hear every freakin word he swings out) all I could feel was a connection to the bible, which alone, is weird.  But I know my crazy angel is sure to relay things in a way that I would not do myself (just to keep my thoughts clear and separate from his.)  So I googled Emmanuel which is also spelled Immanuel:  Emmanuel is: God with us. Also an Old Testament name for the Messiah.

Ahhhhh Christmas is close… the end of this solstice energy brings us to the 25th.

I did ask a clarifying question, since the whole open door took me by surprise… do I have any doors closed???  Nope.  So then I go down my own rabbit hole and just like that, my beloved Linda posted the above article stuff on my facebook.  Ah HAH… a connection.  I instantly remembered the black/violet film in the hour glass thingie I shared yesterday.

A doorway opens on a tick after midnight Christmas day, but we must be dressed to walk thru it.  Or is that, naked lol.  Either way….  I know there is much more to it all, but that is to be revealed at another time.  Hopefully today thru the readings!!  (fingers crossed,)

On that note, my begins!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of upsweeping waves of Love, of energy and stuff!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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The Solstice Splits the Realms of Earth in 2.


Happy Solstice everyone!!  Today, the final curtain begins to close, not only on 2017, but the history of the earth as we know it.  That said, where something begins to close, something else begins to open.  The story of earth is far from over, but it is in the midst of twisting, dare I say, even binding itself to higher versions of itself.

The way I am understanding what this means and how it is playing out, comes thru all the information thru this year.

For a while, spirit was focused on new elements in the readings, then focused on the new platonic solids taking shape (pun intended,) the removal of all that no longer serves us, aligning only with what does.  2017 has been an intense year on both sides of the coin.

And remember, I am not trying to be scientifically correct in any way thru any of my sharings, only spiritually correct.

This morning I can see the radicalization of the energies.  What we call elements, especially that which we know thru the periodic table.  The old energies, still needed to feed those bound to the old earth and the old earth history, have become heavy, dense, trapped in the lower fields of an earth that is passing away (not being destroyed, but disappearing energy bite by energy bite.

This allows all the new elements to become much more buoyant and rises up out of the ashes (exactly like the fable of the Phoenix. )

For the last week or so, on the rare days I could actually connect to the (massively changing) field, spirit does not refer to it as two earths, but two realms taking place.  The higher realms and the lower realms.  I found a great image to help you see how I see it:

two realms.jpg

Our jobs have always been to release anything and everything that would allow us to fall down to the bottom of this image.  We have been asked to stay buoyant, untethered to anything but our own hearts of knowing and become anew, without having the first clue what that even means.  Just like the image at the top of the hour glass, golden light birthing a new….

This solstice week, starting on the 18th, has been packing some serious energy punched directly in the middle area of the hour glass.

Yesterday two major events started happening.  One thru our sun (this is taken from yesterdays spaceweather,com:)

A GASH IN THE SUN’S ATMOSPHERE: Magnetic maps of the sun’s atmosphere reveal a long gash, more than 700,000 km long, where solar wind may be spraying into the solar system.

Astronomers call this a “coronal hole”–a region when the sun’s magnetic field opens up and allows solar wind to escape. Coronal holes are common, appearing every few weeks. This one, however, is uncommonly long and narrow. A fan-shaped spray of gaseous material flowing from the gash could reach our planet as early as Dec. 23rd. (taken from spaceweather today)



Thanx to a precious soul on my facebook, I became aware of this earth event:  A very large eruption has occurred at Bezymianny Volcano located in Kamchatka Russia in the Northwest Pacific Ocean.

Volcanic ash advisories were issued reaching FL500 (Flight level 500) which equals approximately 50,000 feet, and is rare at any volcano for such a large blast to occur.

This is the largest (highest) blast on the planet in years that I know of.  (click here to read full article.)


I woke up really late (after 8am) in my world and felt like a balloon someone tried blowing up as I slept.  I had so much gas in my chest area that was pressing at my chest wall for release, it hurt.  I kept feeling a parallel to the gas one inhales while in surgery, as if a memory was trying to break thru but never did.  I had also woke up with a searing pain in my right eye.  It only lasted a few moments, until my eyes adjusted to the daylight I am not accustomed to waking up within, then it left without a trace.

The night prior, I was awakened all night long.  Not wide awake awakened, just enough to disrupt sleep, then fell back to sleep.  This happened over and over thru the night.  I even remembered one of the times telling my team, I need to sleep straight thru or I wont be able to do my readings, the reply I heard was, you will not be able to see the field tomorrow.  Sure enough!!!

For the last or so, there is not a joint on my arms or legs that doesn’t hurt like hell.  I am feeling like the tin man who has gone to rust.  Sitting hurts my ass, standing hurts my feet.  But at least I can breathe!! lol  That is where I genuinely lay my gratitude in every moment right now, otherwise I feel like my body aged 50 years this last week.

But back to yesterdays mix of gases!  Obviously targeting the base heart centers.  Changing radically at the cellular level of All Life.  Today, the planetary choices have been sealed (the center part of the hour glass) as we start to experience realm 1 and realm 2.  I suppose (subject to change with more information) the heavier realities in lets say, realm 1 and the lighter realities in realm 2.  Now i see this hourglass laid sideways and in the center something that looks like a purple blackish film separating the two realms.

There are some lighter people that by the souls choice, stayed back in realm 1 to assist those in need.  Then others in realm 2 to build a new.  Then there are those who are assigned guardianship within the purple black film thingie.  From what I am understanding at this moment, it is only the purest of incarnated souls assigned here in the center place.

What any of it means to us, I have no idea.  There is no doubt in my heart, when the field opens back up, we will find out.

I do want to mention, if not incorporate, what I am doing right now.  I am working on putting two weekend packages together. A Friday thru Sunday time spam here in my home in Fentress, Texas.  One package focuses on hypnotherapy… very specifically Life Between Life Regression (as taught to me back in 2001 by Michael Newton PhD, see above link.)  And a hands on energy work weekend.  As exampled by the brave and beautiful Linda in the video linked.

The purpose of a full weekend is to integrate, expand and then most especially, apply all that is released into consciousness from the sessions.

 These two packages have been hanging at the forefront of my mind for weeks now and I am finally done with spirits haunting (giggle) and getting them implemented.  I am working with my webmaster and with my online calendar people to make this ready to go., which should be ready by the end of this year.

So on that note, I am going to wish everyone a Happy Solstice.  Things… WE are a changing!!

Big big (((HUGZ))))) of earthy ash and solar power to and thru the ALL!!  We ARE the Phoenix!

Lisa Gawlas

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(I am trying to include the videos and I cannot, it turns into smashwords.  So please, just visit the Nations YouTube Channel to see the promo as well as the last conversation too!!

December 29 2018 Conversations with Lisa & Char Sex & Spirituality promo

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The Solstice of Choice Begins

the final choice

Finally, I have enough time to write a blog again.  I have been having the hardest time peeling myself out of bed the last few days.  Today we enter the season of the Solstice.  Spirit has been saying it is 3 days entering and three days leaving and of course, the day of.  So this “season” takes us to Christmas eve.

Once again, as I came out of my sleep state, thanx to my alarm clock, I knew I was switching from a dream experience to my mundane reality.  For the third time in the last few years, this dream experience was visually 2 feet above my sleeping body and the feeling was having to close that experience/realm up and enter the body.  And dammit if the details of what I was doing, vanished with the energy space too.  Except I know I was in the midst of making a major decision, but was not presented like that really.  More like a choice of lighting a fuse that leads to fire or an explosion or both or pouring water into a canal or stream that lead to ice or snow.  Thru the dream experience I got to experience each outcome, which is the very part I cannot recall since I would have chosen if my alarm clock didn’t go off.

I do remember that the fuse that was being lit was on the left side of my vision and the water the right side.  Physical life on the left, spiritual life on the right.  Come to think of it, both were started/happening at the same exact time.

Altho I have no idea what the outcome of either event means to any of us on this crazy earth plane, myself included, I do know. we are all in choice as to which stream of energy we shall experience entering 2018.  Fire or Ice!!  lol  Where is that sunny island surrounded by ocean breezes and 70 degree temps??  That’s what I would like!!  lol

I have feeling that maybe there is some understanding to this indecision I (and others) are in as I reflect on the readings this last week or so.  Some are in the stream of fluid water, already building ice castles for their adventures in 2018 (without any real details able to see seen) and others are in massive change, explosive change and I cannot see even their present moment.

I know I personally wobble back and forth with my own indecision.  I have some new options pressing down on my head to employ in 2018, but, have not set them free yet, on purpose.  At the end of the day, I am not sure I want to do that… and when I say “I” I do mean the human.

There was one reading (maybe more lol) where my ladys team kept saying there are “hidden choices” that have not been decided yet.  All I could think about was the deep unconscious mind still working out the details.  This morning I realize it as actually the hidden choices of the soul itself.

The soul is the one on the evolutionary journey.  Not the body, not the ego.  Both (body and ego) will cease to be upon death.  It is the soul that takes every experience back to spirit and expands or starts the redo process in the next incarnation.

The choices of the soul often times, must remain hidden because of some of the experiences it must have to grow.  Experiences you and I would opt out of, like being in hurricanes, floods, fires…. individually and/or collectively.  That said, how any of it plays out is totally contingent on what the human allows for.

The only thing I am sure of, right now (cuz I hear it lol) is we have all entered the point of no return.  The solstice is highly magnetized and is pulling and each every one of us forward into choice, into initial outcome that begins the 2018 era.

I must chuckle as I think of the movie, The Green Mile.  We are all walking that green mile into Christ Mass day!!!

Of course, the sun is playing its part too:  GEOMAGNETIC UNREST: A stream of solar wind is blowing around Earth faster than 600 km/s. This is causing intermittent G1-class geomagnetic storms and Arctic auroras. NOAA forecasters say there is a 55% chance of G1-storms through Dec. 19th as Earth continues its passage through the stream of solar wind. The gaseous material is emerging from a hole in the sun’s atmosphere.  (From this morning)

Before I sign off, I remembered something that came up as one of my facebook memories from 2013.  It came up the very day I put the image of the carousal with horses leaping off.  The image I used then seems like the start of the conclusion we are in now.  I will give you the caption I used in 2013 with both images:


change of direction.jpg


Four in my simple numerology is a cycle of completion on earth.  4 years to choose which way we are going.

May we all enter the longest night of the year, with clarity of heart!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of clear inspirations (in-spirit-actions) to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Multidimensional Self, Altering Timelines and Stationary Outcomes.

multidimensional timelines

When I closed out my blog yesterday, it seems I was transported back the time of June 2016, driving and getting lost on a very familiar route in New Mexico, planning on going to my favorite Mesa to meditate on the re-entrance of my mother and her refusal to reunite with me, and ended up in a desolate place I never traveled before.  The purpose of that (missed exit) error was to change timelines.  Even after 20 years of silence between us and her ill health and isolation, she still refused to have a new relationship with me.  To me, then, it didn’t matter, I was already plotting out the kidnapping of my mother (to bring her to New Mexico with me.)  If you have no idea what I am talking about, I keep detailed notes of everything in a blog (thank god lol.)  Just click the this blog link:


The ability to change timelines was first thing on my awareness after publishing my blog, as I was thinking about the events of 2018, even if I do not know them with full detail.  I was told, that we can move and alter timelines to assist the events playing out, but we cannot change the events purpose, for they are meant for soul evolution, personal and/or en masse.

We can backtrack to my man on the ladder with his minions that I wrote about yesterday.  His team expressly stated that some of the choices by the “powers that be” are heading for a trajectory that would cause more devastation than needed.  The emphasis indeed was on the two words “than needed.”

Let me just leave that hanging there, for a moment.  I pulled myself out of the holographic memory I was completely re-experiencing, I went the little bathroom in my bedroom to brush my teeth.  Standing there in the dark bathroom with just the nightlight creating light, my whole memory was once again, transported to a long ago timeline when my mentor at the time, gave me exercises to do to experience and see my multidimensional self.  I have given the exercise many times over the years, but will include it here, again:

Go to a mirror where the lighting is very dim… not dark… but not bright either. Preferably have a solid background behind you such as a white wall with no other distractions such as furniture or anything that may be in the mirror with you. Stand or sit in front of the mirror and allow your vision to relax. Try not to blink. (This may take some practice because the moment you think that you will not blink, you want to blink.). Do not look at your eyes, instead focus on another area of your face like your forehead. Do this as long as you can without blinking.

 This is also a good way to start to see your aura. Only focus above your head and it is okay to blink, just not too often. The key is to allow your eyes to relax so that you are not fixated on an image… but allow whatever else is in the mirror to appear for you.

I smiled at the memory repeating itself in my mirror and made a note to share it with you in my next blog.

I then headed to my main bathroom, torn between wanting to take a bath or a shower.  Something was attempting to reveal itself since I published my blog but I did not have the adequate time to take a meditation.  I could only giggle when my water thingie that shifts the flow of water to bath or shower, got stuck in between the two flows.  I could not get it to budge up or down (talk about life reflecting my indecision!!)  lol  I took a shower.

When I got out of the shower and looked in the mirror, I had to step back.  My eyes were not my eyes, they were my mothers.  It only lasted for a few seconds, I guess I blinked with stunned eyeball reflection!!

On my drive to the lung docs, so much information came pouring in.  My mother was already dying before our encounter.  THAT could not be changed.  The only thing that could be altered, that NEEDED to be altered was how she would exit this life.

My team as well as hers, prepared me for this event, long before it started happening.  In the beginning of 2016, I was awakened in the middle of the night to see my mothers form standing at my bedside talking to me.  I had no recollection of the conversation she was having with me, but I do remember telling her in that moment, if you are here, like this, you must have died.

Even tho we had not talked in 20 years, I did know where she lived.  The internet allows no secrets.  I called the mobile home park office the next morning asking of they could check on my mother.  She was still alive.  I was baffled.  Eventually the experience faded into the background of my life as the months passed on, at least, until June when my oldest daughter just showed up on my mothers doorstep.

The next thing, in my ongoing very real, holographic memories of these events, was that moment when my landlady in New Mexico told me my mother could not move in with me.

I have had many many metaphysical experiences, in the tub and out, but nothing will ever compare to that moment.  As she was telling me my mother could not live with me, an energy filled my body, and suddenly I was experiencing from…. a full spiritual state of Being.  The biggest emotion running thru me was bewilderment.  I could even feel my head cocking to one side in disbelief and an instant change of venue slid out of my mouth, giving my 30 day notice to vacate.

My landlady was very concerned about another person going to the bathroom in the house.  She did not want to over use the septic system.

How often are we confronted with sudden, unexpected life experiences that put us in a choice of serving the greater Self, or do we self serve/survive.

In that moment, we alter what we call, timelines, experience points and of course, the events around outcomes.

The moral of this story (smile) the outcomes are not changeable, but the events surrounding how they play out…. are.

We, the humans incarnate, decide.  Right now, the unchangeable outcome is earth restoring peace, love and harmony (the Sanskrit meaning of Shambhala) to All life.  For those of us who have found and live that energy of servitude within our hearts, we will be key players in the events that surround the inevitable outcome.

I am being shown a merry go round.  The pole at the center, is the outcome itself.  Unchangeable.  The platform that it turns is where the experience of change is.  In this analogy, each horse would be a different holographic experience, a major choice point.  Once taken (choice made) the greater options cease and we leap out into the field of experience.  In this scenario, focusing on the greater choice points (like that moment between me and my landlady) there is no turning back.  It all sets another series of events in play, towards the outcome that was always on the horizon.

One could say, if the pole in the center of the merry go round is the outcome, then the horses moving off the merry go round are moving further away…. not at all.  This is where true Spatial Light shines from.

change of direction

On that note, Let the ride be an exciting adventure!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of bountiful storms and darkness leading towards the new light of day for ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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