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The Portals of Light (YOU) Moving Towards Center!

portals of light

The beauty of living in the high desert, woke up to 13 frozen inches of snow yesterday morning, by late afternoon and close to 60 degrees later, it’s all but a memory in patches upon the ground.  Internet and phones now stable… hurray!!  I am soooo flipping exciting to witness the field thru you!!

The 28th, in one of my many baths (can’t read might as well swim) I got a glimpse of an archway into the fields of March.  It was a large old old wooden archway, within the archway was this deep yellow film with dots or tiny bugles of energy running down thru it and I guess spreading out into the ground.  Thru the wonderful exchanges on facebook (I so love that place, at least the wall itself, the only place I play on facebook) someone mentioned they went thru their portal already.  Hey!!  I want in!!!  I tried going thru my filmy covered entrance and heard, too much is being laid out for early entry.  Dammit.  So I had to wonder, why such a different view… so I entered meditation and panned way out to see the collective view, since I was only seeing my own.  Life is all about me, right??  lol  OMG, the extraordinariness of the view.  Every single person who has readied themselves for this new earth had their own very particular portal.  My view was in a super large oval of landscape and completely outlining the oval was everyone’s individual portal, arrival into March.  Everything you need alive and aligned within you and the field of life as you entered.

I know now that the only image I had seen of March was this large circular area trimmed in what looked like deep gold garland housing the clearest striations of energy throughout itself.  Now I see that the garland is each one of us, connected side by side to charge, nourish and play on this new alive energy system called Life.

During the many diverse facets of my experience within my sword of light crystal yesterday, my dream team (smile) gave us another view, since it is now March and I have been withheld from reading (dammit.)  I could see all the individually connected portals or entrance ways into Now (March) in a deeper, richer color spectrum that before.  Each and every portal had a very particular color streaming from it heading towards the center of this oval-shaped landscape.  It was beautiful, like a massive web being created and connected at the center thru each person’s energy.

This morning as I wake up, I can see that once again, only now there is this intertwining of all our energies in the middle as it creates this interesting form moving upwards.  The shape is kinda cylinder shaped with this, I don’t know, beveling maybe, a continuous indent that might actually be forming a spiral indent as it comes together and moves/grows upwards.  Kinda like this, but made of our combined, multi colored energies.


Now what it all means to us… I have a feeling we will discover today!!  I hope lol.  But I know spirit is in now way as linear was we are!!

In the avalanche of incoming information these last several days, thanx to my bound at the waist dream team, I have a fuller understanding of my own personal world of crazy relationships, with one more to come.  This is as important for you to understand within your own scope of things, as it is for me.  As I mentioned in an earlier sharing, my team showed me one more person “down the road” fully connected to the All of Himself, head to toe.  In a meditation the day after that, thru some work I was doing in the bath and wondering, uhhhh how long is this road??  Out of the clear blue my very own soul, rarely speaking separately, but did this time said there are 5 incarnations on this timeline.  FIVE??  Holy shit and I only met two in 13 years.  I’ll be freakin 90 at this rate.  Fine, just freakin fine!

The absolute twists and turns, hidden information suddenly revealed can give us freakin whiplash!!  Yesterday, in my sword of light meditation, my dream team showed me the road to here and the 4 primary aspects of my soul incarnate as men.  Marc, Frank, Rick and Michael.  Holy shit!!??  All of them???  Each and every one???  Just when I thought I really knew my back story, I was shocked and so didn’t see that coming.  Facets of an amazing diamond!!  So Rick was not wrong at all, just not the final outcome of this crazy story.  Nothing more could be presented (to me) until I finally seen the importance of the interplay of each one, which I wrote about the other day.  Boy the mystery gets richer!!  I love a good mystery!!  So one more to go, yay!!  I’ll sit on my hands and wait as patiently as possible.  There’s always a freakin carrot, isn’t there????  lol  What I do find interesting, I cannot seem to get any clarity of what 5 meant, does that include me or not??  Silence.  Dammit.

Now, let me back up a little bit to the beginning of February.  I know this is all relevant and forming a bigger picture, bear with me as I process out loud here.  Before Michael left for Peru and after he left my house, he would call me in the evenings to share all the crazy and wonderful things coming into him.  I would sit on my couch and listen and smile and realized I have something weird happening in one of my crystals.  A face was presenting to me in one of the crystals.  At first I thought I was just seeing things based on the angle of how I was sitting and looking, so I moved here and there and yet, the face constant, always when Michael was on the phone and only then.  Let me show you my crystal formation on my coffee table, arrow pointing to the crystal I am talking about:


You cannot see it in this pic, or any pic I tried to take, but I know what I was seeing, a face bent downward, reverent for sure.  All I kept thinking was… Jesus???  Again, that amazing Soul called Sananda never once in 14 years showed me the true face of Jesus when he was kicking about in body, but the energy signature coming thru was…. familiarly Sananda’s.

What is also interesting, that particular crystal is cut and polished, virtually trapping the energy of itself inside the formation.  It is also the crystal Rick blessed with his love before he left.  (Long story, not sharing it!! lol)

Couple this with my shocking meditation yesterday with my newly released lemurian crystal and literally seeing the face of Jesus and AA Michael connected into one body at the waist…  All these freakin years later!!

One of the things I was shown, in fantastic detail thru this meditation yesterday, is how we started in Light over 26 thousand years ago and became so dark along the way.  Ya know, I think just like my cut and polished crystal, we trapped ourselves into a story that is no longer relevant and is actually quite limiting.  If I ever get prompted, I will share it.

The handful of us that broke free… well… we are about to come into true form.  Living bodies of Loving Light creating, exchanging, together as one Living energy form!!

Well, my day is about to begin… I am so excited!!

((((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and bliss to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas










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Is the Magic Happening Thru You or To You???


Ohhhh I soooo love a great climax!!  I can also see why I need 3 full days to get to this moment of holy freakin awesome man!!  This is so good, so flipping in my face there is no way I am waiting til tomorrow and since my schedule is still in the air beyond my reach… why not do another blog today!!  (Besides, I was asked to do another one today.  Like you don’t get enough of me lol.)

I just came out of the most amazing freakin connection I never imagined having.  I tried working with my new sword of light crystal yesterday, wasn’t happening at all.  That was ok, I knew it was the last of february, my mind was flying around in a million directions grabbing puzzle pieces without much coherency and I know my reboots come while I sleep, plus, I will wake up in March!!

With no internet and no phone line still happening just before 10am, I decided to take a bath, especially with the messages of folks seeing a face in my crystal I posted.  I did not see that last night, at all.  Even when I was able to post it this morning in my blog, I noticed an eye to the right, now I see the whole face.  We are such an amazing team energy, you all really helped bring it to its fullness, thank you!!!

The other day, as my lemurian was down at the river, I was feeling a little lonely in my bathtime adventures, so I retrieved my labradorite wand I put away a long while ago.  One of the greatest and strongest qualities for labradorite in my world, bringing the high wisdom down into the lower chakras.  With all this particle energy zooming around my space, why not!!  So today, I took my labradorite crystal, my sword of light crystal and lit a gifted candle from my beautiful friend that has shards of peacock ore within the candle and a very handy dandy skeleton key to open it all up with.  I have not used my candle Light in a while either.  Talk about a trinity of energy!!  Holy chit batman!!

As I was laying back in my tub, trying to figure out where all my friends wanted to be, I noticed my shower head (strange, huh??)  I bought it several months ago to replace the one that was all clogged up with the natural minerals that flow thru the waters here.  How did I never notice a 6 pointed star formation on my shower head??  Instantly, with that crazy thought, I was reminded of the first Being who came out of my sons shower head in Virginia when i thought I moved back there in 2011, calling himself the “Keeper of Shambhala.”  He graciously changed his name to a “Guardian” of the shambhala energies when I protested the word “Keeper.”  Sounded a bit possessive to me!! lol  I can be a bit anal sometimes.  Until today, I so forgot what he presented like… what he looked like.  He looked like the interloper from last year!!

Last year, I wrote about this crazy creature sitting in my tree for several days, just watching.  Observing.  When I finally asked him who he was, he simply said I am an “Interloper” and mean you no harm.  Alrighty then.  What the hell is an interloper??  I looked it up… a person who is not wanted or welcome by the other people in a situation or place.  Lets just change that to mean, unexpected and uninvited for reasons of their own.  Not devious in any way, but gathering what they need in our situations.

Now tie that all in with my man I wrote about this morning…  Because I felt the connection so strongly with it all.  And thats all I know about that, for now.

So with the sword of light on my heart, my labradorite in my bathwaters at my root, I breathed in the light of the candle and closed my eyes.  I was suddenly climbing this ladder that is situated in what I will just say would be north of my tub, inbetween ET-vile and reading land.  I was not outside at all, actually was climbing under my shower head.  And then this platform showed up, just like the out in ET-land over my driveway.  Soft white, etheric energy and I about shit when I climbed up and onto it.  There in one lower body and two chests and heads are Archangel Michael and Jesus.  Not Sananda, but the man we know and love as Jesus.  What really flipped me out, in my 14 year connection with him, never have I seen what he looked like when he was Jesus, not for the lack of asking… all he ever said was, it didn’t matter.  True.  Let me tell you, the man I saw today and that image in the shroud of Turin, almost exactly alike.  He was far from what we would call an attractive man.  Beautiful, but not attractive at all.

Now let me back peddle just a moment, the other night, the 27th I believe, as I was doing energy work with Michael (the guy) I about shit when at the end of it, for the first time ever in my 7-8 year connection with AA Michael, I have got this amazing freakin 7-8 foot angel in full light and I swear biology too, in the area that used to have my massage table.  Not only that, he lifted his wings and I could see and feel the amazing white feathers with this gold trim on every feather thread.  (I am not sure what you call the actual feathery parts itself lol.)  There was no real face tho, cuz, well he has no real face, he is what we made up to understand the many facets of Light.  (all the “angels”, not just one.)

As I am looking at these two amazing men connected totally at the waist, I hear something I said to Michael (the guy) that I really didn’t even understand until now:  “The Beholder and the Beholden are One and the same.”

When you seek outside of yourself, you seek with your eyes and all appears to you.  When you seek with your heart, there is only One.

Then if that wasn’t crazy enough, we ran down the Cinderella story in a way I never thought about before.  Now given how much Cinderella has shown up in readings over the years, I can so understand why now.

My view was Cinderella running out of the ball because she was told at the stroke of midnight, all that was manifested for her would go back to whence it came.  As I watched her run out of this ball, I got all the outwardly things that created for her.  The fairy godmother, the pumpkin, the mouse… all of it was someone elses energy field, someone elses eyes of magic and beauty made manifest.  And even tho she found her handsome prince at the ball, she did not recognize her own power, her own beauty to creation and ran out of the ball so he did not discover her ordinariness.

As she ran out, all that adorned her faded and she returned to the overworked step child… save that glass slipper in the princes hand.  He seen her beauty, her radiance, all of her, not because of what she wore, but because he seen her with his heart.  The glass slipper stayed in loves position until she could could one day, see herself as he seen her.

Love and Light, together, fully, at last!!  The Beholder and the Beholden Are One!!  The true “keeper” of the glass slipper!! (smile, wink)

Then they closed it up and told me to go write another blog.  So… here I am.  It’s all interrelated, I am going to let you figure out how. ;-)

Enjoy the magic that is March… and ever lasting Love with Light story!!  (((HUGZ))))

Lisa, AA Michael and Sananda.

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The Power of March Unleashed in Full!!

ascension energy

I hope you all enjoyed the mighty mighty crescendo of February!!  In my physical outer world, the heavens released so much snow, 13 inches of it to be exact.  One of the biggest snow storms in a long long time.  Of course, this winter and it has only been this winter, when we start to get a steady snow, my internet and phone provider, Windstream, drops everything like a hot potato until it melts later that day or the next day.

I have not had a dial tone the last two days, I just checked again now, still no dial tone at all.  My internet is still mostly off this morning.  It does rally every now and again and flickers back on, sometimes for a minute, sometimes a whole 10 minutes.

Why only this year and never before??  Why are so many areas in the US getting beaten by the snow.  Let’s turn the literal into metaphorical.  An avalanche of energy, of pure knowing, falling from the sky, the heavens if you will, to be integrated by those whose hearts can feel its enormity.  Completely shut us off from the outer world of communication so the snow can release itself directly into the heart of knowing.  This is followed by a flickering of coming on line, putting the understandings together, then off line to get more understandings and then on again and off again.

It really is a time to be deep within yourself.

I have spent the last two days in and out of my bathtub.  So much pure information was unraveling in my brains I could barely keep up with it all.  I tried to write a blog yesterday morning, but each word gave way to so many more understandings.  Not only was the snow avalanching off my roof, but also thru my heart and brain!!

I took a channeled message the other day from a friends impinged body part.  I am being stopped in my tracks to share it outwards and with the complete understanding that I woke up with this morning:

 “You have been looking for love with your eyes and I am connected to your heart.  There are portals you never should enter and until you fully align your whole Being with your heart, I must remain impinged as a way of holding you back from where you no longer can tread.  When you stand fully and completely in front of that which you seek, the release of built up energy will be unmistakable to your Being and the flow like never experienced before.”

The pesky eyes!!  We can see the signs and post marks along the way all day long, until it all changes everything about you, including the path that got you to that point, your still seeking with your eyes and the love we all seek (soul) is deep within the heart.  Sometimes (a lot of times) we are so adamant in what we think we know and keep pushing in that direction, we sever ourselves from the heart merger instead of draw closer to it!!  Until we completely surrender and change it all!!

Ok, got all that out of the way (smile) let me get to some really yummy parts.  Before my landline and internet went crashing down on the 27th, I did have the privilege of doing two readings.  The first one an ET ongoing session the second one, a beautiful new connection down under.  Both a super crucial understanding to the avalanching that has been happening in my world.

My man with his ET connection, weird.  I could not get a handle on what reality I was in.  I could see a very familiar white etheric bull out in the left side of ET-ville.  I know this bull from previous ET readings, but my man said this is the first time he is hearing of the bull.  Really??  This is not the bull man??  Nope.  Weird.  At the same time, this full size white bull was on an etheric platform directly over my driveway (as opposed to centered over the meet and greet area of ET-ville.)  This had me jumbled up with the energies of my sister in the Jemez and her readings and energies from the day or two before.  I am getting lost in ET land here.  But if that was not enough to freakin puzzle me… I couldn’t hear a word.  I could see clear as day, but hearing… nuttin.  At least, until I stopped trying to hear.

When spirit says what we can do is going to expand in more ways, they weren’t kidding.  But, as I have learned, you gotta stop doing it the way you have always done it.  I learn in the moment, and honestly, I don’t think there is another true and complete way to learn (instantly going back to the quote above.)  After I finally stopped my bitching and begging to hear so we can have clarity to why I am feeling so many ET readings piling on top of each other (energy wise) the information came in… not like usual in any way.  From directly above the bull itself (which is representing the constellation taurus) a major rippling of several dimension came into my view and this multiple wave of what looked like gold dust made its way into my living-room, directly in front of me and the communication was unlike anything I had ever experienced before.  I really have no way of even describing it either.  I hear in so many different ways, this is different, like a jumbled mass of energy stringing together to create a communication.  Of course, I crack me up when I look in my review mirror, I went straight into bitching about learning a new way of hearing!!  This is going to take greater concentration, holy shit, its unlike anything I had experienced before.  Its not so much audible, it is not so much a package of telepathic energy bubbles that you just “know” what is being said… maybe a blend of the two on steroids.

His might white bull was moving left to right, left to right as if trying to point to something I could barely understand (cuz the communication was sooooo freakin differnt… smile.)  I got it tho… Thru the center of the constellation taurus is a portal that he needs to align to.  Behind the bull itself, in that place I call the horizon of ET-ville, were two energy systems that really reminded me of garage doors.  These two large squared doors (one to the left, one to the right, but with a large space of nothingness in between the two) were at first, tons of gray dots that started to have an overlay of gold flecks as we connected to them.

Thru the center of Taurus are doorways to other dimensions and his job is to open the garages within his homework.  I did get a visual, humble as it may be of:  >—<  The line being the portal thru Taurus, each open triangle connecting one of the garages to his left side, the other to his right side to help train his hearing to the multidimentional fields he will be exploring.  Unlike me, who is pretty damn set in the way she hears, he doesn’t have to undo anything.  So let me tell you, if your hearing or even your vision has not come online yet… there is a higher reason.  They kept calling him an “interloper” because he will be traveling thru the dimensions to bring back understandings for the evolvement of humanity, starting of course, with himself.

If he wasn’t enough to melt my brainwaves, my next lady gave it her best Aussie shot to completely melt me down.  I love meltdowns tho, it really allows so much to come together!!

My amazing lady showed up on some serious stilts.  Very much looking like this (save the black and white, she was in full living, communicating color:)


The stilts themselves were entrenched (spirits choice of word there) with this moving up and down pink energy.  Her stilts were made of the energy of Love, solid, supporting and thru the center of her two stilts was a moving vortex of energy that was parallel to the ground she was moving towards (March.)

When I looked up to see her body, the first thing her team did was bring my vision right back down to the ground to understand that part and this morning, I sooooo get why!!  But lets talk about how I first seen her body way up there on the stilts.  Black (unseeable,) white and blue (true creator energy, earth worker, Lightworker, pick a name lol) but she was so pixelated, not in true form yet.  I could see the outline of the human, but nothing that gave me understanding.  Back down to the ground we went!!  Let me just tell you what I understand so clearly today.

The energy source of all creation is LOVE, it must BE the ground you walk upon, the source of what moves you forward, the very thing that elevates your knowing and connection to Self.  It is not enough to know your story, but to truly Be One with the source of your Story… Soul igniting the energy of the very ground of Life.

She was all that and a bag of chips!!  lol  As I started to get understanding about what I was seeing at her ground (life) level, her team took her and placed her on March 1st (today!!!)  The black, purposely placed getting to this auspicious dateline, moment.  Her garb was now a blue and white outfit that I recognized as Merlin the alchemist/magician.  In her hands a little kettle.

To know how to harness the pure energy of Love and infuse it with the pure potential of Light, now that is true mastery.  The true alchemist alive in the field of matter.  Empowered by their heart, fueled by the potential.

When we start coming together, in person, on this holy landscape of Shambhala, knowing each others strengths and combine with them… Makes my heart skip a beat (as I lean into the coming equinox)!!

Of course, learning to temper what we are capable of, is more crucial now than ever before.  A few days ago, when it became perfectly clear in my heart that I had no desire to play in the density of the jungle (the trappings of earth) I gathered up all of Michael’s energy, the presence most strongly felt sitting in my chair down by the river, his pure particles of consciousness floating around my home, the portals he put up but has no idea how to use, all of it, I gathered it up, created a ball of his energy and tossed it over to the oceans of S. Florida, where i knew he would emerge after his Peru trip.

I know a little alchemy myself (smile.)

I went down to the river yesterday to get pictures of the snows and the river and retrieve my lemurian crystal that requested to stay at the river a few days ago.  As I made my way to the river, I was shocked to see my chair, which has been at that river for the last three years, gone.  Completely gone without a trace.  Hey!!!!   I want my chair back.  Dammit.  We have had snow, but no winds and everything else was still there.  So I unburied my lemurian from the 13 inch blanket of snow and moped back to the house.  I want my damn chair back, thank you very much!!  When I washed the dirt off my crystal, I was shocked to see it had released itself yet again:


A perfect image of a sword.  Archangel Michael’s Sword of Light!!  When my team said that all I need is now within that crystal, holy shit they made sure I knew they weren’t kidding!!  Inside my crystal is a new platform diagonal across the base.  For me, this is huge.  My trigonic crystal of many many moons ago, gave me inner access to the true teachings, understandings, working energy of that wild and crazy man we knew as Jesus, the gangster of love.  Now with the Angel of divine duality… of Light unleashed within my crystal… I feel bookends here!!  Wheeeeee!!  13 years of separation and preparation (speaking of my other crystal and its release and my journey to this part of information/application.)

So with all of this shared, we have truly entered the full on spectrum of our multidimensional Selves.  For those who worked their ass off to find their love source with their light source… it’s gonna get freakin interesting.  And I am hearing that I need to clarify what i mean by that.  Ok… and sheez, even this suddenly makes sense too.

Thru January spirit has been saying there is a new trinity that is vital for where we are now.  Soul, Source and physicality.  Three working parts harnessed as one energy.  Soul.. the power of Love, Source (god, whatever) the Light of Creation and physicality, the land we are playing within.

Do not think for a moment if you do not feel you harnessed all three as one, its about to.  The only true working model you need to consistently employ as everything gets stronger and realer… keep letting it all go.  The stories, yesterdays experiences and understandings… the clearer you are within, the stronger you are within, the more powerful your outflow of Source energy is in creation!!

Listen with new ears, see with new eyes and love like there is no tomorrow!!

((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))) of the reign of Shambhala is Here and Now, thru YOU/US!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  It is almost 8am now and my phone is still without a dial tone (three hours ago I started this sharing) I have had about 10 broken up minutes in the last three hours of internet connection.  I cannot load todays calendar to even get an email out to warn those on my dance card that I may not be able to show up for todays connections.  I am hoping as the sun rises and the snow melts, this will change.  But there is an amazing 13 inches of frozen snow out there this morning.  Forgive me if I am a no show, no call.  It is not intentional at all, at least, not on my part!!  I love you!!! <3  I am hoping to be able to publish this by watching the internet signal come on for a moment and hope it uploads before it flickers off again.  Here’s hoping…!! <3













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The Many Moving Cogs in Divine Relationships.


We are only a few days into to this amazing and incredibly different landscape and I already feel like I need an expansion slot for my new hard drive!!  But hey, this is what we all should be living for, working models of information and application and yesterday was so full of it I thought my head would explode!!  But let me tell ya, I had a great reboot session while I slept last night. Thank god for the nights!!

I have learned, relearned so much this month.  I truly am on an information high!!  The first thing I want to make very clear for all  of us, is how the dissemination of (spiritual) information works.  If we can look at where we all started at when we “woke up” (for lack of a better way of putting it) is like realizing there is this little peep-hole into a greater understanding.  Of course (speaking souly for myself here) since you never seen such a peep-hole before, you are pretty sure you just understood the mysteries of life.  What I couldn’t have understood was, it was simply a narrow view, tiny bits and pieces of a puzzle I could not possibly yet understand.  So we get enough of a glimpse to keep us moving forward.  And then, assuming we have done the inner work to clear our vibration to hit the next shift upwards, the peep-hole gets a little larger, more details are added to what you seen.  And then it happens again, and again and again until the view of the puzzle becomes so wide, so clear, that the tiny glimpse you once had and understood, completely changes.  Looking back, the information and understandings gleaned along the way, was so important for that level of frequency, for that version of earth and yourSelf upon it.  With that said, never think you got anything wrong, you got it right for that level of ascension, but always know, even now, maybe, especially now, we are in a massively fast-moving mosaic of light.  Things are going to change, widen and bend faster than we can take an in breath!!  Screw party boots, we need track shoes!!

Two very different images came thru the last couple of days in the readings.  The first day, when that big spewing orb of life was releasing the energy system we needed to fully participate in this new land in a whole new way (the white, gold and silver energies) one of my lady’s streaming in the midst of this energy showed up with a partner.  She was in pink, he was in blue.  Keeping in mind, everyone was still looking like glowing white paper cut out dolls, I could not discern much else.  So I asked her if she had a partner, nope.  In her reading they were side by side of each other and this was also the first glimpse we got of the new ground we are on.  Her team moved her slightly forward to the ground level and they were standing side by side.  Love and Light, true divine counterparts in the working fields of Shambhala.

Now, let me skip to the next day, one more lady showed up in the flowing energy of white with the pink and blue dots but unlike the lady the day before, this one had her counterpart by the hands (criss-crossed over each other) as they faced each other and spun around and around, what a great dance.  All I could feel with her image and the movement between the two is that there is such an amazing synergy between them, the flow of energy, of course now I see that haunting infinity sign within their hands… So again, I ask her about a relationship.  Nope.

I was slightly (excuse me, completely) baffled by the two very different presentations of what I am (now barely) understanding.  I really meant to share this in yesterday’s blog and completely see now why I didn’t, one nugget of information needed to blast thru to form a greater understanding.  And ohhhhh how so love Michael (like a brother…smile) doncha know I get an email from him yesterday about a dream he woke up having.  I am just going to share what he shared cuz that light bulb flashed on, on so many levels!!:

So in my mind’s eye as I woke up I saw this circle .. but it was a gear and the outside edges had the typical blocks that interconnected with this other gear that I could only make out partially. (Basically forming another one of those infinity signs. )
But this was different. It was like a representation of me with you in some other location. Like virtually… But inside the gears were these dipole batteries that were each spinning. At times my battery drew your battery at times it pushed it away… yours did the same … but they were working in this wonderful synergy was the word. It was like a perpetual energy generator that kept the gears (Hahh awesome my iPhone replaced gears with the word hearts there. Hahh! Certainly out “engines”)
Going. The gears were not right next to one another in physical space. I could tell that your gear was dimensional displaced in another location but as you have said before they are invariably connected … keeping the gears of my mind ticking in a most wonderful and creative way and mine doing the same at your end.  Yours did not look as “mechanical – as in the scientific mechanics of time space as mine but whatever yours was made up of formed a perfect virtual marriage.


interconnected cogs (1)



I put this image on facebook a week (or was it a few) ago in relationship to a blog I wrote and the conversations unfolding about it.  I thought I would use it for my next days blog, but like I so often do, went in a completely different direction.  (Picking up all those as of yet, unconnected puzzle pieces.)  If you look at the cog directly above the black mans arm on the right, I had seen that very image, the wagon wheel looking image in relationship to the pure power source of those who gather (on the ground level) together to share their energy (synergy) in the realms of Shambhala.  I think about the amazing people showing up for this years equinox, powerhouses in their own right, my own heart explodes with excitement about what so many interlocking cogs will bring out connected on the ground, in person!!!  I am so grateful they didn’t take “canceled” literally!!

Now, going back to my two very different ladies and my own inner experiences the last few days.  Until this moment, I really thought the “divine counterpart” had to be an intimate relationship, well it is, but often times on the soul level.  Gotta get to know the energy system there before you can really understand the moving pieces on the ground, at least, for me.  It is all about me, right??  lol

But, looking at that image again, there are tons of different working pieces that MUST come together to form the whole.  Those on the ground, working and opening and stuff.  Then those like me, the sky workers who can see the entirety of the cogs as they interlock, connect and how it is changing everything and the mosaic of light changing at the speed of love!!

So with all that said, I still don’t know why these ladies partners were so present, as if already there in their energy field, except to say, they have got to be closer than they realize (and that was stated with both of them in their readings.)

So with Michael’s sharing of his dream experience, I got such a wonderful visual, again with that crazy, haunting infinity symbol, but now standing up like a super large 8.  He on the ground, me in the sky… sharing and opening nuggets of information!!

But, as my first lady on the field was about to show, there is soooo much more to that as well.  Thru her I got a crystal clear view and understanding of this new working model called Shambhala, heaven on earth, whatever!! lol

The first thing I had noticed in her reading was the sun.  The sun was up in the sky but unlike our “usual” sun where it shines a white-yellow onto earth, now it was a “white-silver” energy.  The ground itself, very honey colored like.  A warm yellow-gold in a thick gel like substance, very much like “memory foam,” only clear not opaque.  A total reversal of the energy systems.  The vibration of earth is now being emitted by the sun and the vibration of spirit is now beneath our feet.  Talk about a total reversal of the poles of energy!!!  Above is now below and below is now above.  And we wonder why spirit has said for two (lonnngggggg) years, nothing that got you to here is going to work.  Let it ALLLLLL Go!!

Let me tell you to what full degree that means.  When Michael showed up in my world, I went hunting for that half written book called “The Lost Codes of Shambhala” that I wrote in 2010.  Somehow, it got deleted (or hidden) from my hard drive.  Thank goodness I put it on a blog site and I went there several times.  My team is really really good at scrambling my brains when I try to read something that is not valid in our ongoing working model, until now, it has usually been someone else’s writings, not my own.  But dammit, I could not hold my focus on the words.  THAT is telling (to me!!)  Super exciting even, in a strange way.

Another HUGE thing I learned this past week, was all about energy alignments within each other.  Obviously this is really important for us all to really see and understand, especially as we move forward and the heat/the acceleration between us, between the relationships we are about to have, rev up.

Michael sent me a picture of him standing in front of a christmas tree in the middle of the amazon (how wonderfully strange) arms wide open.  Instantly, I thought of a picture my son took of me on christmas day at his house:

xmasday 2014

Strange pose for me and why the hell am I thinking about own image!!  Well, spirit was about to show me (us) in my meditation.  His image and my image was floating above my head face to face.  I could see the energy connections directly from the solar plexus, heart, throat and third eye, moving and thick.  These golden strands of wiggly energy were moving towards each other from the pores of the skin in the arms and upper chest area, not connecting with each other, but wiggling at one another, separated by about an inch or two of space.  I became stunningly aware there was zero energy connection below the solar plexus.  So I had to ask my very human question… is that because in my picture I am sitting down?  I so make myself laugh!!  I got no reply at all.  God forbid we should just get the answers we are seeking right then and there!!  But like me, my team has a way of taking the long road to a simple understanding.

In a completely separate meditation, I got a review of the other 3 significant energy connections I have had, starting with Marc, the King of my Kundalini world!!  He and I were connected at the soul and the third eye.  He literally showed up as the catalyst for me to explore the energy system within my own body thru his.  Since we are one and the same soul appearing separated by two bodies, it was a wild intense spiritual love affair within mySelf.  When we actually got to meet a year and a half after our worlds collided online, tho magnetically my cells wanted to merge right back into his, he felt like a brother too.  No firing from the solar plexus down.  Which I thought was soooo odd given the months of sexual and sensual odyssey we held in my bathtime adventures!!

Five years after marc’s arrival and departure in my world, in comes Frank.  I have to laugh with this, he literally showed up at my son’s door with one of my super humble, self printed magazines in his hand (“Conscious Living”) and wanted to talk.  I have got to say this out loud, when you put yourself “out there” what and who you need WILL show up at your front door!! lol  I thought it was just the Jemez but so forgot about Frank!!

Frank gave me such wonderful gifts, the ability to see, fully witness how the chemical body, physical body and light body all change as you “fall in love.”  He and I were connected at the heart and faintly, ever so faintly at the root chakra.  Enough to provide desire, not enough to provide full consummation.  (smile)  If you have not read my webpage “Love’s Journey” which is about my journey with frank, my view of the chemical body within myself, just click the link.

And then there comes my beautiful blue-eyed man, Rick.  Phew baby!!  Like every guest who arrives here, he got my bed, I took the couch and nighttime was not an easy time for me.  Holy shit batman, rock my root chakra like nothing ever did before.  I would lay on the couch wondering what the hell you doing in there!!  Our 16 day odyssey really taught me about how amazing the creation of the light field is when partnered with sexual energy.  It also taught me how unsustainable it all is when not connected at the heart, being  in love.  Obviously, in our connection it was soooo strong in the root, vaguely in the heart chakra.

I don’t know how I got the pure privilege of this literal exploratory journey into physical connections, but man oh man, glad I volunteered!!  Cuz they showed me one final piece of my crazy puzzle… the one who lays down the road, every chakra connected, root to crown!!  Everything else is a moving cog in our ongoing puzzle of expansion!!

So, I say all this to loop around and say, enjoy the hell out of every partner, every relationship, every nugget and cog, just don’t get hung up on any one piece.  Like I did for about two weeks, trying to engage something that just wouldn’t fire up, I thought I might have broken something or did something wrong.  Our wiring is purposeful!! <3

I am going to close this sharing here, but I am opening a new separately.  We have several different exercises that came thru yesterdays connections and I want to house them in their own separate (and findable) space.  More than likely, tomorrow.  I wanted to do it today, but 7 dances and mind bending information already coming in… I really need a virtual stenographer and co-typer!! <3 lol

I will close with the voice (I am hearing right now) “Nothing is ever as it seems!!”  No shit!! lol

((((((HUGZ))))) of the most intense, loving synergy to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas















There is no doubt, we finally arrived as the weird gets unmistakably weirder.  Or should I say, more exciting??  Weirdly exciting, yeah that’s it!!

First tho, lets talk about the energy of the field, it changed from the massive spread of white, silver and gold energy to a more streamlined white with light pink and blue dots in it. It was somehow easy to understand that this energy was releasing all your coming connections: people, places, experiences, and all that goes with the new life you just blew into (excuse me, worked your ass off to align with!!)

So we can look at it as day one was billowing the spiritual (white) energy, the raw heaven and earth energy (silver and gold) into you, onto you, and infused every iota of the ground and airspace with this intense, intermingled high vibration.  Yesterday we can look at the magnetic seeds of new life connecting to the frequency of your body, aligning the pathway to you and vise versa.

One of my precious lady’s on the field asked a really wonderful question and the reply surprised me totally.  She asked if that means we are going to just show up into what is being planted.  Actually I think her question was much more specific than that, but lets just call it this.

Altho not a single detail of what lays ahead was presented for any of us, what it looks like how its going to unfold, thru her question came an amazing reply.  Free will still is very much at play, it will never cease to be a part of the humans package.  So even if one person chooses to not go into the flow of their magnetic pull, meaning not show up at their destination, then another person will fill in.  But in that same note, the entire construct changes.  Other people, places and opportunities will align themselves because one person zigged instead of zagged.  It may delay the moment, but in no way stop the potential at hand.

Her team even likened it to the string on guitars (Probably to just give us an easier example.)  If one string on the guitar breaks, all the strings must be changed out to keep the harmony of what is about to unfold, in perfect resonance.  The interplay of magnetics is more crucial than we realize.  As her team said this, I could feel the energy changing about on the future side of the reading field and it hit my solar plexus with such a strange, excited energy I almost burst out into tears.  Hard to explain, but I do have a story of understanding I will get to, not sure about today, I woke up late and too many other goodies I need to share first.  God forbid tho, I should not be at the forefront of how back up plans work!!! lol

When my third lady arrived on the field, she was different than anyone in the last two days.  Instead of rolling around in this oozing energy coming out of the Orb of Life, she was at the furthest end of this stream, holding what reminded me of a sand bucket in her hand, scooping up buckets of this energy and tossing it over her shoulder (into her perceived future.)  OGM, co-creative participation.  It hit me like a lightning bolt, instead of being tossed around in this magnetic lay up of our future, lets participate in it.  Why the hell didn’t I think of this sooner??  Of course, neither her nor I could see or even know what it all meant to her (us) it didn’t matter.  Scoop and throw… I am going into meditation to do just that!!  By divine planning, my next appointment didn’t show up, into the bath I jumped.  I scooped and threw, scooped and threw… suddenly, in the center of where I was throwing the buckets of white energy with pink and blue dots in it, a spiral started to form from the bottom upwards, rotating around and around.  I was so freakin excited.  I have no clue what it means, but I just contracted with the greatest and I believe, the only Maju creator in this world, Darrell Leakey to create a new maju for me.  (The original one he created was stolen from my sons house.)  He had called me a couple of days ago to tell me that my maju was started, it is in the form of a spiral and needed time to integrate.  That man is so freakin awesome!!  I got out of the bath so excited.  Again, have no flipping clue what it means to me, but who cares, my Maju will help reveal it when its done and gets here!!

So, it came time for my last dance of the day, I plugged her phone number in from her appointment card in my email into the google voice spot to dial the phone number and got ready to finish my day of readings.  My lady answered, we talked a moment, then I did her reading.  I was so excited again, this is the second person I am seeing participating with these energies.  She had this long straw in her mouth, she was on the ground level, and think reverse pea shooter, she was purposely and particularly sucking in pink and blue dots thru her straw.  As I wondered what she was doing with them, the visual shocked the shit out of me.  The next thing I see (ohh by the way, she was wearing pink, the pure energy of Love incarnate) was her pee’ing.  What the hell???  A stream of Pee running down her root chakra (not her legs, literally the space between her legs and no, I did not peep her va-j-j, thank goodness!!  But this stream coming from her was forming a stunning fluid energy on the ground.  At first glance, it was the purest, clearest energy I had ever seen (no yellow pee here) and I think, as it really connected with the new earth, the clear stream started to take on a silvery hue and reminded me of mercury more than anything.

I realized the heavenly fluids that will ignite our landscape of, well, everything is coming directly thru us… the rains of shambhala and ummm hehe, the fertilizer from the rear (giggle) are literally doing more than you realize.

This morning, I realize how important it is to be aware of what you are taking in, energy wise.  Love, joy, anticipation, excitement, willingness, is coming thru you at the ground level to be experienced in full bloom.  No matter what version of earth you may be on, this is now the way of it.  Have a negative conversation, get your heals dug in anywhere… well, just be mindful of what you created in any given moment and if you aren’t too keen on what is there, change the air intake valve to something beautiful, joyful.

As I was explaining what this means to her in the largest sense and how it is affecting others (our pee goings outwards to creation via the toilet system) I suddenly realized, we got disconnected.  Well just shit!  I go back to my computer, hit the “connect” button on google voice… nothing.  I do it again, nothing.  Finally, third time the phone started ringing and the lady who answered said I thought you weren’t going to call me.  Huh??  What you talking about, I just did your reading and we got disconnected.  Nope, wasn’t her.  Impossible.  I looked at the phone number on my computer, read it off to her, sure enough it is her phone number, but i never called her.  So I asked, are you in Canada, nope, she’s in Delaware USA and just sent me an email asking where I was.  So i look again at her appointment card that I snagged the number off of, right lady, right phone number, but not her that I read for.

Who the hell did I just read for???  I had no clue.  Thank God for facebook and instant answers lol.  I would have been beside myself with wondering all day long.  It as my bucket lady who is also my long straw watering the grounds of shambhala lady too!!  How the HELLLLL did a Delaware phone number somehow connect to Canada, to my other lady who I already read for??  More importantly… WHY!!!!!

Once i got over my mental melt down of what just happened, the message was clear as day.  The bucket part was seeding the grounds for all involved, the reverse pea shooter was fertilizing the ground for her immediate arrival of experiences and people.

Let me be really clear on this, it is not a preconceived idea or vision within yourself, it is literally taking the magnetic frequencies that match your own and running it thru your system… literally watering the grounds of your new, amazing life.

So if I may suggest, get out your buckets and help others, get out your reverse pea shoots and suck it in and pee it out!!  (giggle)  Pure energy, not visualization!!  You’ll get yourself trapped in an old situation if you think you know what you’re about to do or hell, even what you may thought you wanted or were heading towards.  Remember, the unimaginable is at hand or is that, coming thru you.  <3

Seems reality (time and space) is melting for a lot of us, especially yesterday.  Again, I am every so grateful for Mark Zuckerberg and his facebook creation, our virtual playground for now.  Another person shared her experience while in a skype session a completely random person somehow bled into her session and was writing to someone else.  And so many more strange, yet obvious things shared yesterday.

Can I have two pea shooters please!! lol  I gotta get my back up plan happening now!!

So let me completely switch the subject to Divine Counterparts.  Pesky, pesky pesky.

I remember, when the field occasionally goes on its rant about divine counterparts and their potential started showing up in readings, I was really surprised to see some people had quite a few, some back to back, some spaced in time, but more than one.  Given what I thought I knew, I couldn’t imagine how that was possible.  I do now!! lol

The beautiful and frustrating part of this ever changing story, we get information to keep us on track, keep walking towards the familiar unfamiliar.  Once we arrive their, so many other puzzle pieces come together that just about completely changes the original story/understanding.  Of course, some parts remain absolutely true, unchangeable, but the vast detail around it, just there to get ya going.

I want to back up to my introduction of Jorge in my meditations.  Shortly after my 9 inch wide incision to remove my melanoma on my back, and my complete and full release of Mark (my first and original counterpart… soul energy man on earth lol) it shortly there after gave way to a meditation where the first real love of my life showed up my bathwaters.  I was 14 heading to 15, he was 16 heading to 17 and his name was George.  The most amazing, patient, loving creature my screwed up, closed and angry heart ever knew at that stage of my life.  Not to mention, my god was he gorgeous.  As I was watching him in my meditation and wondering, what the hell you doing here… now… looking exactly like you did when we were young.  Instead of getting an answer thru his image, his image changed, morphed a bit to that sweet ass looking man called Jorge.  He explained to me…

I can call him Jorge, the bookend if you will to my first real love George.  George opened my heart, allowed me to see the beauty of love itself.  The partnership, the self sacrificing (if not to detrimental levels, I was an angry, violent person back then) and unconditionalness of Love made manifest.  For close to 3 years, George was a significant part of my life, my love.  Until he started talking marriage… I joined the navy!! lol That ended that.

So when Jorge said he was the final catalyst to the expansion of love in my life, who wouldn’t think.. relationship!!??  Especially when he said he would be coming into my physical world to complete the journey that was started with george 35 years earlier.    And we (I) will never forget the wild romps in the bathtub with Marc.

I learned so much more about that surprising manhole cover I discovered and never knew I had.  Spirits protection.  Truly, the unknowable becoming known only when the season is ripe for the knowing, the release.  That manhole cover, with all its intricate carvings and what looked like a wild labyrinth itself was put there to hold back and emanate my heart energy, slowly and purposely over time, until we completely moved into the full working version of Shambhala.  Then and only then (for all of us) could what has been withheld on purpose, be fully released.  And even tho spirit placed it here (whatever “it” is to the individual) it is the human incarnate, of its own free will, that must fully release it consciously.  I only discovered it because this amazing man came and cracked by back (coupled with the spiritual acupuncture I got too.)  The bookend of what George did in the fields of love, Michael did on my livingroom floor!!  That and a lot of amazing energy exchange and hugs and conversation.

The long forgotten codes of “shambhala” is slowly being released because two crystals came together and merged the missing (on purpose) codes of understanding and application for the fullness of Shambhala.

Once Michael returned from the jungle, I could feel what I am just going to call the key that was placed in the lock for opening, started to retreat energetically.  On my way home from grabbing my smokes yesterday (and so many other details I am not going to share, imagine that!! lol) in my own conflicted space of not really knowing what I should do… I wanna go play by myself back in the sky, god knows the ground is way to dense and I am not finding it fun, well, not as fun as I find the expanse of the sky… as soon as I turned into my driveway in my head I started hearing good Jethro Tull’s “Bungle, in the Jungle” and I just cracked up laughing.  When I came into the house and actually played it, I felt this overwhelming release… Let Tarzan bungle in the jungle and Jane can return to the sky!!  YAYAYAYAYAY!!  Everything inside of me felt like I hit the million dollar lottery in that moment.  The joy juice just expanded and flooded out of my heart in ways I have never ever felt before, which may have allowed for the odd and wonderful connection in my last two readings.  Cuz all this happened between my first and second one.

Later in the day, as I was just sitting on my couch experiencing the massive flood ongoing from my heart, every one of you, no lie, every one of you were such a massive part of my heart stream.  Just like witnessing that orb spitting you out like a gumball machine in one of my nighttime odysseys the other night, you are very alive in me while awake too!!

You are my loves and my lovers and I don’t think I can contain (or even want to) what I feel in expansiveness thru my heart, down into singularity ever again.

I have never felt so liberated in ALL my life as I do now.

Well, my day of readings is underway and there is sooooo much coming thru that I could keep this sharing going… and the most extraordinary exercise of how to really start harnessing and playing with the super powers you brought to the part now… to change and enhance it all.  I may just put that out in a stand alone blog later today, after I practice myself.  Yummmm nuggets!!

I LOVE YOU ALL so freakin much.  You, each and every one of you, combine to create my joy juice!!  Wanna drink?? lol

((((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and bliss to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas













Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 25, 2015

Beyond the Old Earth System…


I am such a silly silly girl.  One would think I would never be in the realm of expectation, ha!!  I am so human.  I couldn’t wait to see what the field looked like, what this big shift would look like and most especially, what YOU would look and feel like with it.  Or maybe, I am expecting an I Dream of Jeannie moment, blink and its all done.  Not even close!!

But before I get into that, let me share what I didn’t write yesterday.  Again, thru the years, we would be getting direct information thru the readings on the “earth worker” or “sun worker” placement.  I am going to change that language just a bit, still means the same, but I think we have a bigger working model happening.  Earth worker would be in the realm of a true “light worker,” creator energy.  A sun worker (which is the group I fall into) would be the “Love worker,” the energy or fuel for creation to create.  And please don’t take that to mean one is void of the other, impossible.  But knowing where you power source is aligned to, important.

We have also gotten the information thru the years of dreamweaving.  Creating the new from our inner power source, together.  I got a little glimpse of what that really means to us and keeping in mind, this is no longer an etheric journey, it’s on the ground, hearts open, loving creators creating.  The little working model I got, just like a few years ago, looked a bit like this:


Each tooth on that square would represent a human, open and knowing exactly how to run their energy, their light into the center to create. Funny, with that I hear I think its St. Francis’ quote: “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.”  Which domino’s back to the things within the Isaiah Effect taught by the Essene community, the energy needed within the heart to create is Peace.  Our hearts and minds (working as a whole machine) and is at peace, creates… Knowing how you, the instrument and energy of creation, works, is really a crucial part of this gig we got ourselves into!  Otherwise, god I love this visual, it is like a car kicking and sputtering down the road.  Your moving, but there’s a lot of backfiring going on too.

So with bated breath, finally the first person on my dance card arrived and all I could think of is… what the hell??

The big ass orb of Life spring a massive leak.  That orb that houses all the variations of earth inside itself was now a glowing white and right in the center and the right side of its outer most circle, in direct alignment with your center field in life, it was oozing massive amounts of energy.  It reminded me of a super over inflated balloon and you poked a hole in it… whishhhhhh.  The energy coming out reminded me of maybe a cloud maker, intense cloud maker.  However the intermingling of energy was white, the faintest of silver and the faintest of gold.  Pure source energy, earth worker and sun worker energy all being ignited, drenched even and assembled.

The funniest part was looking at each person (save one) being tossed around like a paper doll in a wind storm.  All had a similarity to them tho.  They looked like glowing white paper doll cut outs swirling around in this massive creation energy.  Everyone was wearing the same exact clothes, save one detail, the color.  Either pink shorts and a t-shirt, or blue shorts and a t-shirt.  Divine feminine, Love or Divine masculine, Creator.

I suppose the only thing I asked the universe before we started yesterday, is to at least let us know which group each person fell into.  We were obliged!!

My last reading yesterday, a virgin upon my field, gave us a bigger glimpse into things.  I am not really sure what made her so different or maybe better stated, viewable, maybe it is because unlike everyone else I had seen who was in the flow of creation, this amazing lady was on the ground behind this orb moving back and forth, trying to find her way back in.  She would look up, then move to another spot, look up again… Hey!!  Whatcha looking for woman!!  Then i got the most wonderful and exciting glimpse and understanding thru her.

I was able to see inside this orb, the layers and dimensional frequencies are as they have always been, I could even see people trying to move thru them.  We arrived completely outside of it, outside of Life as we have known it to be.  In truth, we are literally creating a new earth, outside of all that got us to here.

I simply told her, you don’t want back in there, the party is out here, on the front side.  As she was moving around, I already knew a detail about her, she is a friend of a friend and I knew she is deeply connected to the infinity symbol.  So I looked around to see where this symbol might be in her energy field.  Odd, I found it at the very top of the orb and she is on the ground outside of it.

If I can just give a little shout out for divine timing in your reading placement.  If I didn’t have that crazy infinity symbol spinning above my bed, I would be clueless with her understandings.  I have no connection (or at least, didn’t) to the infinity symbol. But now I have a little clue… it is the main running element of her super powers and yet, it’s on top of the Orb of Life and she is on the ground.  Hmmmmm!

As she started to move from behind the orb and I could feel her whole energy take a huge big breathe in as she walked around to the forward side of it, two things happened at once.  First, I could see a glass slipper appear on her foot and each step she took, she grew… like giant!!  That glass slipper, we had seen it in readings over the years but a brand new detail of understanding came in thru her with it.  Glass, clear, clear knowing of your steps into this new exciting, fizzy world.  Of course, we are still wrapping that around the entire Cinderella story… we have arrived at the ball!!  Those shoes already know how to dance!!  Wiggle, wiggle!! lol

At the same time, way up on the top of the orb as she moved forward, her infinity symbol stood straight up like a figure 8 and started dancing.  What the hell!!  The pure joy of her moving into her Self, into her Knowing excited her super power.  As she stepped in front of the orb, that crazy 8 danced on down the side of it and strapped itself onto her, from head to toe, crossing at the equator of her body.  Home at last!!

In all my years of readings, never have I seen the pure joy, the pure excitement of anyones super powers or skill sets have feelings!!!  I think the key with this is… we can know we have connections with something, hell even that it is some working part of what we do already… but when we fully partner with it, its ability, knowing how it affects all you do… well, there is a massive party in the house!!

Of course, she got homework to do, to really get intimate with her power generator the infinity symbol that is now part of her skin.  With her homework came a huge clue for all of us.  April gives birth to massive expanded abilities for all those who know how to work and control their instruments!!

There are those who will stay inside the orb of life to help others make their way thru and I say again, good on ya.  Me personally, I am here for the freakin party!!  Lets Build the most amazing, loving new earth never even fathomed before!!

Ohhh, before I forget lol, this fizzy energy should subside by this evening as we make our way to non-solid ground tomorrow Thursday.  I say solid because, nothing is ever going to be solid again.  Why would it be??  I was able to see each person set on the ground, just barely out of the fizzy energy and the ground looked like thick honey colored gel with this like black dots or small bubbles throughout its entirety.  From what I could understand, at least for the onset, this is your stored energy in the ground, which is no longer solid.  When you need extra energy, or you have something right at the top of your consciousness yet cant spit out the whole understanding, take the ball of your foot, lean onto the ground, and pop some bubbles.

I did have one lady in ET-ville yesterday too.  The craziest thing out there too.  Given all the fizzy energy happening, I couldn’t even imagine what ET-ville would be looking like.  I was shocked.  This deep gold/bronze colored pipe (ohhh I just realized it is the same color, the same material as the satellite antenna spinning thing, dah!!) came up out of the depths of the horizon, then I realized it looked like a periscope, a top extension that came directly over that satellite dish thing (which I really no longer see, I just know it’s there.)  Then, even more to my surprise, these large drops of liquid energy started to drip from the pipe.  What the hell is that???  Not an ET in sight, but got energy dripping from a periscope… weird has just gone into overdrive!!

My beautiful lady started telling me about how she has been holding herself back with having direct communication with her team and didn’t really understand why.  Well, the next thing I know, her energy body was placed directly under that energy tap and her friends kept her in alignment as she slowly rotated around, directly at her sacral-plexus, which her team called her “community center.”  As this liquid energy dripped into her sacral plexus, I could see a tangle weave of bright orange and red, dunno, looked like tangled roots or something, emerge up and out of her.  Her team explained that over many many incarnations, not only on earth, but on other worlds too, from a soul level, she agreed to be what we consider “abducted” so other species could understand that species.  ALL Life forms are in a state of ongoing evolution.  Deep in her unconscious memories, this is what has kept her from her full connections.  So this elixir is pulling it all up and out and restoring her to her star family and more.

With that said, I am also hearing, anyone that desires, can place themselves under that drip and they will assist you to release what you may not realize is holding you back, for as long as the rest of your core is clear.  My lady was not only clear, OMG the opalescence that ran thru her core, stunning!!  Her team also explained, because she is so aligned with the frequency of the new earth, there is nothing she needs to do, purge, whatever, they can fully assist now because she… WE have arrived!!

I do find March interesting, in its secrets.  Before the field closed down for full on change, we would get insights into April, May, even the summer June/July, but march was a weird one.  I could see it (even still this morning) as this super large round circle of energy, kinda like a pool maybe, only, no depth to it, just this energy field.  Surrounding the entire circle is what I can only say looks like maybe tinsel garland you would put on a christmas tree.  Actually, EXACTLY this coloring and fuzziness, except in a huge circle:


Come to think of it, that is exactly the massive coloring of the fizzy energy yesterday too!!  Hmmmmmm…..!!!!!  Anywayz, inside the circle was the clearest striations of energy.  Shimmery and clear and actually striations within the energy.  Like the faintest of strings maybe.  But not another detail added, things just kinda skipped over to April and beyond.

I have this very faint thing rising up (I need to step into the damn ground once I find it!) that March itself is… hmmmm…. moving into position without foresight.  With this I get such a connection to the equinox gathering that I canceled.  Some people are still coming, we will still do things just not here like I originally planned.

I have already seen what the presence of a person aligned within your magnetic grid can do when in person.  March is going to burst asunder with this exchange!!

I have got to take a moment to share the enormity of this coming spring equinox, it houses a full solar eclipse within its energy package.  When i moved here to my Heaven back in 2012, we had a full solar eclipse in May and the group I call my Jemez sisters (and a brother lol) hiked up the mesa.  We planned on going to the top, but the eclipse started before we reached our destination.  So we stopped and witnessed the eclipse where we were.  This time, we are meeting the guardians head on.  To the top we go.  Even tho the eclipse itself is not viewable in the USA or most anywhere else, there is going to be a tremendous about of codes released to very particular vortexes around the globe.  Especially, the vortexes very few people know about that emerged the last several years.  The old vortexes are still serving the inner orb, the new… well… that goes without saying!!

At the top of our mesa is indian ruins… our ancestors that are us, will find Home within each other.

Ohhh and back in 2012 I took a bunch of quartz crystals to be charged with the solar eclipse and mailed them out to you.  If you still have your crystal, the release of this eclipse will be released to you (or whoever now has that crystal) thru the completion of this cycle.

Let the party begin… it’s about freakin time too!!  (wink wink, or is that, out of time)

I love you all and thank you with every beat of my heart for enduring me, loving me and playing out of this world with me.  I also want to thank the pure bliss of sleep state… I am rocking it this morning!!

(((((((HUGZ)))))) of unfathomable new life to ALL!!!!!

Lisa Gawlas










Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 23, 2015

The Magnetic Fields of Heart Energy on Steroids!!

earths magnetics


Well, today should be the end, which of course, gives way to the brand new.  It has been a week since I have been able to connect to the field outside, via readings or ET-ville.  It is not even like I feel like i have been blocked from seeing it like I had been, in my attempts to connect yesterday, it simply felt like whatever was out there before that we experienced, no longer existed.  If it wasn’t for my pure constant inner odyssey this past week, I would be having melt downs that I broke my antennas somewhere along the way.  But, like an alcoholic who hasn’t had that fix in a week, I am jonesing to find out what is out there now, who and what are we in relationship to the enormity of change.  Not to mention, I LOVE the charge that runs thru me when you and I are connecting in that way.

As my day turned into late afternoon, my brains felt like limp wet noodles.  My nights have taken on new hues of incoming information and I am literally exhausted 24/7 now.  About 4pm I laid on my couch, desperate for a nap and instead, an image was presented to me.  The orb of life, that places that holds all variations of earth frequencies, was now floating in my livingroom.  The last time I was able to see it at all was when I got the glimpse of it on fire, a pure light energy fire (not the deep reds and oranges like usual fire.)

Now it looked like someone melted down the Pittsburgh Steelers, gold and black swirls of thick liquid rotating from the top down.  The orb was spinning in a counter-clockwise direction and this thick liquid was settling in in the opposite direction, clockwise.  I am not even sure how this came out, but I heard that we have three intense activation dates coming up.  One on the 24th (of course, this I now call black hole day due to my calendar anomaly) and not surprising on the 20th of March, the equinox and some date in between these two.

This equinox happens to be a total solar eclipse (not visible in the USA) and marks a completion from the total solar eclipse we had May 2012.  Where and what has your energy been focused on during this time???

I didn’t get any more information… until I went to bed.  I really entertained the thought of sleeping on my couch, whatever the hell has been opened in my bedroom does not allow me the much-needed sleep I once got in that place.  There must be a magnetic draw in there, cuz I freakin went to bed.  Since I didn’t create this portal myself, I am not sure how to close it down, so I decided to experiment and placed a silver X across its opening.  Since it has always been in relationship to Michael, who is still in Peru, I placed my intent that he does not come thru at least one night.  In a way, it worked and yet, not at all.

Instead of Michael’s face up in that portal, now I have this Orb of life coming thru.  I didn’t even get to sleep yet.  So  I did the only thing I could do, watched it from the back of my head.  Spirit vision is 360 degrees, I want to sleep!!  This orb, now fully gold/black on the outside, was being geez, I don’t know, from above the very top a crystalline mixed with silver liquid started pouring into the golden core.  Once the core was filled with this new energy, the orb itself suddenly opened up in 4 sections.  The sections that slowly came down, opened resembled the shape of lotus petals:



The petals or openings or whatever, completely black.  Of course, I started my bitching… if your going to keep me awake to witness this, you better give me something to understand too!!  No opening to the unknown!!!  With my momentary bitching, suddenly I could see each and every one of you rolling outwards in your golden (mesh like) matrix ball.  Inside each ball was the working parts of the gyroscope and each one of you, in the center of this crazy looking thing.  You poured out like someone broke a gum ball machine!  Kinda crazy.  At least you didn’t all end up in bed with me.  Not sure where you went tho.

Finally… sleep came.  At least, until 1:30am (and then 2:30 and then 3:30) and I was in that new. now familiar state, completely conscious of what I am seeing and yet, the body not involved really.  I was laying with my face against the wall (that portal thing to my back) and in front of me, which I suppose in spirit view, walls do not exist, was this orb again.  But different that when I went to sleep.  Instead I could see inside and instead of having “uncountable” sheets, there were thick sections of… I have no clue really.  These sections became obstructed from my view by what emerged from the bottom section of this orb.  There were trillions of these elongated gold strands of energy.  They were semi-coiled but all I guess standing upwards to cover the lower half of this orb.  The closest picture I could find is  below, but again they weren’t flat down, all elongated upwards and actually outwards (opposite of center of this orb thing.)


The only thing I could retain from the information flowing out (and was so important I was woken up every hour on the hour to take it in again and again, until i finally just got out of bed) was the magnetic pull of life.  These threads were frequencies of attraction, of pulling into creation itself… whatever (never seen the what.)  With all these trillions of gold threads doing their thing, it was changing constantly the now very thick layers inside this orb.

Actually, I think it was changing the harmonics within.  Kinda like a symphony changes notes with each pluck or blow of an instrument.  Obviously a symphony that has not yet learned to play together.   Hmmmmmm?  But then again, we are not even in day one yet.  I feel practice sessions in our new future!!

I did get some clarity of information on the twilight zone that is now my bedroom.  Up until now there has been a veil purposely set between our sleep time and what we are doing while the body and mind are down.  Even when we experience dreams, its in another realm, another frequency.  This veil no longer exists for those whose inner frequency vibrates at the rate/speed of the core of this orb.  Mine changed the moment Michael walked thru the door, actually went to sleep (and vise versa.)  A soul reunion that changed everything.  Now, what to do with it??? lol  Obviously not sleep anymore!!

That’s about all I know for now.  I am hoping that it at least means we can do some sort of readings today, here’s hoping!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) filled with gyrating magnetic force fields to your every dream come true!!

Lisa Gawlas




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Love and Light = Two “Divine Counterparts” of the Whole!!

love and light

Love and Light.  Thats always been a funny saying to me, why would we separate it with the word and??  Maybe, notes we left for ourselves but forgot to pay attention to.  Love and Light should be inseparable quantities within the whole.

In this odyssey called February and my life, I have been pondering, asking a lot of questions.  Questions i thought I knew the answers to, but obviously not and questions I had pondered forever and I am now seeing/experiencing the replies.

Lets completely redefine, give fullness to what a genuine Divine Counterpart is (again, per my teams use of the word in full relationship to the energies I call Shambhala.)  Love and Light.  Two parts of the same whole so massive in intricacy it had to be housed in two separate bodies.

When I started to get the transmissions of divine counterparts in 2007, of course it meant two physically incarnated people holding one half of a super power (smile) that can only be fully utilized together.  Even when the (half) book came flying out of my fingers in 2010, I never once questioned beyond the people, the humans incarnate… until these last couple of days, brought on, believe it or not, by that song, The Joker.
True Divine counterparts are Love and Light.  Love in and of itself cannot do much without the Light (creation itself) and Light in and of itself cannot do much without the Love (energy of creation.)  Two massive components to one whole that had to be placed in two humans, one alone could not house the enormity.

I have to giggle at the song choice that really blasted this understanding open.. “The Joker.”   A gangster/master of love.  But man oh man, humanity has taken the energy of love, their perceptions of what it should be and completely miss what may be right in front of them.

If you here these three sections from the song, would Jesus be the first person you think of??  I did!! lol

Some people call me the space cowboy, yeah
Some call me the gangster of love (change gangster to master, my team did exactly that.)
Some people call me Maurice
‘Cause I speak of the pompitous of love

‘Cause I’m a picker, I’m a grinner
I’m a lover and I’m a sinner
I play my music in the sun

I’m a joker, I’m a smoker
I’m a midnight toker
I get my lovin’ on the run

I had to go on a hunt about the word: “pompitous’ from the Latin “pompa” procession, an ostentatious display; love, from the Latin “lubEre” meaning to please; eg. “pompitous of love” a vain statement of one’s sexual prowess, usu. given in an euphoric hazy cloud of blue smoke

Love really should be an action word, Loving.  In motion, sharing, experiencing, expanding.

For the first three years of my petri dish called my bathtub, Sananda (Jesus) and Franklyn (from the Pleiades) two incredible masters of love, took me on journeys, experiences, activities that truly left me feeling like a spiritual slut (Thanx Marc!! What a sport he was lol.)  Talk about having to decompress, completely purge all the outside stigma with love and sex and church lol (my bathtub became the holy of holies.)  Thru it all, I was also shown the power, the creative power of the true Source energy of Love.

Light.  I never even figured that into the equation, not as a power source in and of itself.  Even with that sentence, I hear the word “quanta.”  (Dear Lord, I have had way too many sleepless nights to deal with science today!  Just sayin.. lol)  We already know that everything in our physical world is made of light.  Held in the density of gravity and allows our physical minds to experience it as any given matter.

Now, enter that crazy man called Michael into my already crazy world and the pieces of the puzzle just started falling into place.  The view, breathtaking.  His alley is Archangel Michael, our angel of duality (my personal angel of freakin quantum physics) and the Master of Light.

This would even take the energy of Divine Masculine (Light) and Divine Feminine (Love) to a whole other context.  The holy marriage within.  Fused together by consummation of the Self with the self.  (OK, gotta give a shout out to Master-Ba-Tion!!)

Now, lets come back to the Divine Counterparts themselves.  One fully alive in the completeness of Love (free of judgement and conditions) partnered fully within the Light of their Self.  Another fully alive in the matrix of Light, creation itself, again, fully partnered with the Love Source of Self.

Then we come to the DNA itself.  12 strands (which are not strands at all, but, when fully activated are quantum fields of connection and full participation) of the DNA to all Life.

In the book The Isaiah Effect by Gregg Braden he talks of a DNA experiment in Russia where they placed DNA in a chamber (leaving a lot of details out cuz I don’t want to type it all lol) and then removed it and here is where I will quote his passage in the book:  “After rechecking the instruments and rerunning the experiments, the researchers were faced with finding an explanation for what they had witnessed.  In the absence of the DNA, what was affecting the particles of light?  Did the DNA leave something behind, a residual force of some kind, that lingered long after the biological material disappeared?”

With anyone who stays at my house, I always give them my bed and sleep on the couch.  Never, until Michael, has anyones DNA ever EVER affected my own when I returned to sleeping in my bed.  Not even the blue-eyed man from a few years ago.  Not like this anywayz.

In these last couple of days as this Lisa chick is getting more and more unnerved by the increasing presence of Michael’s energy (again, a friendly freakin dinner!!) I needed to understand… why??  And I was shown the two sets of fully activated DNA, from his sleeping in my bed, entangled (again I thought this could only happen with sex, obviously not!!!)  But no longer working as two sets of 12 strand DNA, but one full set of 24 strands constantly sharing information one to the other.  I liken it to connecting an IBM computer with an Apple computer, sharing inner secrets and software and creating a brand new super computer.

I want to add here that I did google (again) the understanding of Quanta.  I found a paragraph that just has my eyes zoomed to its expression:  Einstein found that, no matter how bright the light shone on the metal, only light above a certain frequency caused electrons to be given off. Above that point, as the frequency of the light is increased, the energy of the electrons given off also increased. (I feel that the frequency of his experiment is the energy of Love.  Nothing in matter can vibrate beyond the frequency of love created with it.  A thought to ponder.)

The portal of Light now holding steady and disrupting my ability to sleep, came from his Light field.  The ability to bridge doorways to, anywhere really.  The infinity symbol I had seen when he was leaving my house was the start of the generator that is now there above my bed, instead of being gray like it first was, now it is gold.

Many of us have traveled and continue to travel the wormholes to other realms, but now, somehow, someway… the biological adventure is about to be revealed.

Tarzan has emerged from the jungle and in a transmission from the guardians I sent him an email and want to copy and paste two paragraphs that are as important to every soul within this new earth as it was for him:

You are now standing at the highest peak of the mountain of life.  With it, you have two options, choice points that will change it all or end it all.  If you looked at the top of the mountain like a grassy hill as wide at the top as the feet you stand upon, you have two choices, to leave the mountain and fully become One with the Light that is You, or walk down any side of the mountain, back into duality.
To fully merge with the Light you MUST release the relationship you have had with duality.  Heaven and all that goes with it, is pure love.  Unconditional without an iota of judgement (these were my main lessons/challenges getting to Here.)  I got a wonderful visual earlier today about the windy river, all guiding you, pushing you, pulling you forward to its Source, to the Sea of Life.  The sea is free-flowing, formless, boundless… You Are there Now.  New, expanded beyond imagination.  Do not try to be the river again, it will not work.

Two more days we should be on the other side of this event.  Of course, the 24th is the black hole day.  On my facebook a wonderful soul left me a link to look at:  There is an absolute relationship here, but my poor gray matter is exhausted.  Tomorrow….!!!  I think tonight, I’m sleeping on the couch!! lol

OMG, wait, I just remembered… I think it was a couple of years ago now, thru several of the readings the mesa itself opened up to reveal an ocean on the other side.  Even the messages of leaping into the sea of I Will.  We have reached the other side.  I cannot wait to read again thru you!!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) filled with Loving Light Thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas














Two incredible nuggets of understanding in our ongoing working model of… whatever we got ourselves into now.  One came from a conversation (instead of a reading) with a new connection yesterday, and the other part came all freakin night long, every thirty minutes I was awoken with witnessing and participating in the collapse of the many octaves depicted in my humble diagram.  Both tell a larger, richer story of our present moment underway.

I think i will start with my beautiful lady in Canada, a treasure within my chest of life, literally and symbolically.  Keeping in mind, i am not able to see the field or ET-ville at this moment, but that does not mean I cannot see.  Our conversations often times evoke an understanding, nuggets that would never be revealed thru the readings.  Even beyond nuggets, there is an important flow of energy happening when we meet, even if just to say hi.

Forgive me if I don’t remember the exact details of how this came about, but it should be pretty close to accurate.  She had mentioned that she started feeling me in her heart about 10 minutes before our connection.  That is about the time frame google calendar sends me my notice of who is next.  So even tho I do not intentionally do anything to connect, the moment I know who is next, the connection is already underway.

With her question tho came a very surprising, unexpected and delightful visual/understanding.  I could see that big ass infinity symbol above my bed.  I became very aware of all those strings (tons of them) dangling out of the upper loop (where my head and chest sleep.)  When she asked about the emotion she felt, I could see a single golden string move over to plug into one of the dots at the lower loop (which would be where my lower/earth chakras are.)  I guess those dots open when the frequency of the string matches the frequency of the dot itself.

With that, suddenly I could see this flow of energy, circular and spirit said, once this connection is established, it is forever.  I realized too, all those strings I see are what many people have called your heart-strings.  You have heard the term “pulling on your heart-strings” well, there is a literalness to that.  Who knew!!??  lol

I am going to add in the additional information I got when I went down to the mesa to absorb the sun yesterday.  Everyone of those strings (we all have them, but for the sake of this story, I am making it all about me lol) has a magnetic frequency assigned to it.  An initial binary code, if you will.  When the person shows up with that signature frequency, that string is activated and placed into the dot, the opening to create an ongoing communication system.  We can look at this infinity symbol in two ways, one is the heart of spirit, the other the heart of Gaia reflected and activated in the heart of the human connection and the energy released in the evolving earth story.  Two sides of the same coin.

Every single person on the face of this earth is encoded with wisdom and information (from all collective experiences in all lives and non lives) and when their core frequency hits a particular vibration (they clear their inner shit, smile) it is released into the golden threads of life.

This also goes into what spirit has been saying for years as well, NO ONE can activate any part of you, at least not for longer than 10 minutes.  You MUST be able to not only hold the higher frequencies, but have cleared (permanently) any debris that kept you from it.  Just sayin!! ;-)

Our connection comes from the depths of our souls, our hearts.  So it makes sense that in the created level of physicality, the golden strings are activated.  This is literally bringing soul into matter.  Then my precious lady asked yet another question as we were talking about the connection… what about when you meet in person.  Instantly with that question, I could see the top side of the infinity symbol (which I had not seen at all til her question) and the energy of the circular loop that I knew was happening but only seen the bottom that hangs above my bed, appeared.  Now it was a gray-silver loop, or half loop, the bottom very gold, the top changes as we meet in the physical.

Again, in the influx of information from the Guardians as I sat down at the mesa, they made me realize fully that as we plug into higher and clearer streams of consciousness (each other) that is how the shift happens, the earth is moving upwards, so really, we are not bringing heaven to earth but earth to heaven.  The shift upwards!!!

I also want to mention here, before I get into the next half of this amazing revelation, again, this came from the collective voice of the guardians of Shambhala.  Something I had wondered, if not threw hissy fits, about over the years.  The information and visuals that are provided to each of you (via the readings and even these sharings) are two part.  One, I understand the parts I need to to configure the ongoing puzzle, the rest is up to you to extract yourself.  (Can I give a shout out to co-creative meditation.  Not breathing and waiting, not walking and thinking, complete stillness within and partnering with the soul light that was provided to you.)

So, last night like I said, I awoken at least every 30 minutes to see and experience what is happening.  I am going to bring back the (incredibly humble) image I created yesterday:

orb of life

First let me start with what was shown at the mesa yesterday.  Lets take each octave (black line) and I was shown lets say, three of them merging into one larger line.  This is where the saying comes from “what you do not learn from you repeat and it gets bigger and louder.”  If you have three octaves collapsing into each other to show you what you may have missed… that serious amplification!!  On the other hand, thru my night last night, when we clear an octave, when it has nothing left for us to gain from it, it ceases to exist for us.  Over and over again last evening, I would wake up and feel one (or several) of these black lines/octaves, turn into clear cellophane like substance than my consciousness and that cellophane dropped into the core, the golden area.

If we can look at it like a massive death of all of our incarnations over this 14th thru the 23rd time period.  No longer housed in any past experience, but now fully and vibrantly in the chorus of octaves now able to play in harmony with our (emerging) life field.  This is really where the constant message over the last few years holds such importance “Let it all go.”

Now lets come back to the golden strings and the dots of the infinity symbol.  The heart-strings… when you are plugged into anything discordant, it creates short circuits on the dots side of this energy system.  Meaning, if you are in a job you hate, a relationship that is not uplifting, a friendship that is vampirish, and the list goes on, your short circuiting the energy flow of your life and the energy on the other side, the earth above the infinity symbol (which is an energy generator, time mover of sorts) cannot get held deep within your biology.  The shift upwards collapses into the holding of lower octaves.

What I could not see (dammit) yesterday with my lady or thru my collapsing of timelines last evening, what the hell it all means to us coming out of it!!

Ohhh wait, something the guardians revealed yesterday too.  I had already gone to and seen there is a “new,” never seen before comet found its way into our world.  What the guardians said about this is due to the collapsing of timelines/octaves/ layers of earths vibrancy.  What was only in another version of earth is now here with us because the veil (those cellophane things) that kept us separate no longer exists.

There is so much more to this story, but my poor brain is shutting down.  I don’t think I got a full 3 hours of connected sleep and I am feeling it right now.

I love you all soul much, thank you for plugging your heart into mine and allowing mine into yours.  Thru each other, we have changed it ALL!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of beauty and bliss to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas









I wasn’t going to do a sharing today, so much information has come out the last week that I think we all need time to just, assimilate it all.  However, I woke up twice this morning witnessing myself doing energy work on Michael at 3am, fell back to sleep and woke up at 4am to witness him doing energy work on me.  As I was writing him an email about it all, too much clarity and understanding was coming thru to keep it between two people.  So, I am going to simply copy and paste what I had written to him (I am so tired of typing lol) and finish the inflow of amazing information outwards:

The experiences I am having are not in the “dream state,” instead, I am being awoken from sleep to view what is happening. It’s not even that place between dream and awake, I am wide awake.  I say this to let you know, the personal me is not initiating any of this, I am being awakened to witness what is happening.  This mornings experience was beyond vivid, more real, more present than anything I have experienced in this way to date.

3am this morning I awake to see a shrunk down version of me and you hovering about 2 feet above my body.  You were laying face down, feet at the wall head towards the closet.  I was sitting on top of you, on your butt and I know I was doing an energy massage with you.  What I was witnessing myself doing to you, I have done with clients (except I never ever sat on anyone lol) to solidify a raise in their internal frequency when they were ready for it.  
Our bodies were the physical bodies, but the spectrum of light, like nothing I had ever seen before, bright, glowing… stunning really.  I watched as the energy of my heart center created an energy incision from your neck down to your tailbone.  As the energy opened up the golden glow from the that incision had me mesmerized.  Suddenly, there were symbols within the golden glow of energy maybe an inch off your body.  I recognized most of these symbols as the ones you see related to chakras (I attached a picture.)  Until this morning, I have no relationship to any of those symbols, never used them, studied them anything, so to see them in sphere form and purposely placing them into you, really surprised me.  But that is what was happening, I was placing them directly into your core.  There were more than 7, there was zero space between each sphere.  Which must incorporate what I call the sacral plexus and the high heart.  
I fell back to sleep and woke back up at 4am.  This time, the position was reversed.  You were working on me, but not in the same way and I am not quite sure what you were doing, I am not even sure I can explain it.  You were creating something around my body.  Like a gray light box or something.  I did a google search to see if I can find anything similar to share the image with you and the closest thing I could find was something about outdoor astronomy.  Picture attached.
While I was witnessing it, I was way to busy trying to figure out what you were doing than I was understanding what you were doing.  (mental mind vs heart mind lol)  As the image faded I decided to just get up for the day and ponder.  
There are three energy fields/systems that are a constant with any human.  What I call the core, the center of the body.. this is my forte of expertise.  The core energy spreads outwards to affect the entire biological construct of the body.  As this energy moves outward from the body, it creates a second energy field that surrounds the body to about 3 feet around.  This is where the power of creation lives. This is also the place you were working on me.  As the core charges the outer energy field, it ignites the third body of energy that spreads outwards as far as I can see into creation and beyond.  This is like a constant relay station with the multiverse,  Where all the magnetic codes and energies race forward to manifest the energy being emitted from the core to the immediate field around the body and this is the creation highway of going to get “that” and bring it back to ones created reality. 
This third field of energy cannot be altered by any outside source, it is a constant driven only by the core and the immediate energy field around the body.  Lets just call this, creation highway!!

The moment I typed this last sentence out to him, it became an unmistakable clarity that what is happening with the orb of Life, all the version of earth within that orb, is equally happening too.  The core energy of the entire spectrum that makes up all the earths is being intensified with that “flash point” from the 14th.  The intensity of that core energy is being radiated out to all the sheets of plastic I had seen as octaves of all earths.  We can sit back and just witness how this is already affecting the global ALL… many people are getting clearer within themselves, their abilities coming on line like mad.  On the other end of the spectrum, melt downs, fear on steroids breaking into their reality construct to allow them to choose again or just go Home and everything in between.

Talk about the Fibonacci sequence bring replicated in life.  I just put together a very humble picture of the entire way i have been seeing that thing I am now calling the Orb of Life:

orb of life

The golden rod down the center, the core energy of ALL earths.  Each black line represents a full octave/frequency of each layer that houses many other versions earths.  (flat view)

sheets and slits

The darker golden strands are like sending and receiving antennas, connecting to other realms beyond any earths, connecting to the heart of spirit (god, whatever.)

Various energy frequencies of earths are constantly collapsing and rebirthing itself.  When a main energy is completely vanquished on a particular version of earth, that earth simply merges with the next highest frequency.  This ONLY happens by the consciousness of humans.  The stronger the light, the more illuminated the black space is until it collapses in on itself to merge with a higher octave/frequency.  This only happens when the frequency of light within a collective reaches a higher level… a new collective is birthed that releases the density of that realm.

We may not fully realized what we consistently witness with our sun, but the very same thing happens to it.  We see it as solar flares, coronal holes and even pole reversals.

Same happens within our biological sphere of personal creation.  What spirit is calling the hyper-accelerated matrix.  The sun, the earth, the human all working in the same way.

So now, lets bring this all back to my morning wake up show (smile.)  What if, wait, obviously there is a way to alter the molecular energy that surrounds the body itself.  The core energy is radiating into the space intermingled with the entirety of your biological and mental body.  What if there is a way to harness its energy.  I think about the thing that looks like a light box… refracted light back to the center to, focused on a source.  Take this image:


Instead of the exterior lights shining in, you’re sending the signal outwards to the antenna highways.  Concentrated/illuminated in their power.

So now I have to ponder the attributes of Archangel Michael, especially since this is a mirror reflection of the man known as Michael.  The Light Saber, harnessing the strongest charges of light energy around a persons (and I am sure planetary and beyond too) body, using the shield to amplify it into the antennas of creation.

So lets bring this all down to what is happening with that thing I call the Orb of Life.  For the true, living emergence of Shambhala, experiencing the fullness of Heaven on Earth, the collective that was birthed had to not only align with it, but LIVE it as a way of life.  Obviously we did a great job, thank you team shambhala!!

The flash point from the 14th sent a massive electrical charge thru all the frequencies, all the dimensions of earth, some layers merging with others and new layers being birthed.  The ones I want to focus on right are the top three new frequencies, octaves of the living energy of heaven on earth.

First octave, layer, whatever, is arrival.  Here you are.  Just breathing in this new place is (ok, challenging for the lungs and respiratory system lol) extraordinary.  The peace, the love, the wonder.  A complete emotional separation from all the darkness.  Of course, you can still look out the global window and see it, but it no longer affects you emotionally.  It actually has become a thing of love, of knowing how important traveling thru the darkness is to illuminate the true living light has always been.

Our collective group arrived here January 1st, 2015.  Our magnetic highways super activated to align us to the things we desired, needed, and so on to fully experience the aliveness of this new realm of Life.  We either followed the energy, embraced it, opened it for full experience… or retreated.  Free will..freakin pesky!!  Obviously enough of us opened our christmas presents enough to change it all.  February 14th, the flash point.

The second level of this emerging earth called Shambhala is being birthed as we speak.  If spirit is true to the timelines, it will be finished on the 23rd of February and create what I seen on my calendar as a black hole.

This higher octave gives us the ability to use our super powers of creation, still with the assistance of our teams, our Souls guidance externally.  (Which means, I still have a job on this version of Shambhala. lol)  But that too will cease…  I knew it the other day, I leaned into incoming energy around me and I knew what I do now will cease (meaning readings.)  What I will do next??  I have no clue.

I have a feeling the 3rd and final version of the Shambhala octave will be birthed in the June/July timeline.  Of course, I am assuming this year… spirit rarely talks in years tho.  So don’t hold me to a year, just a group of month energies!!

Spirit, that which keeps my biology protected has completely blocked me from viewing the field.  The last glimpse I had was with a man a couple days ago.  The Orb of Life went from the wind storms of you to an entire orb on fire!!  I could see it, but spirit kept me completely separated from the connection.  So I had no idea what it meant really.  At least, until today as I shared what I shared today, which I didn’t know even last night lol.

All the versions of the suns on all the versions of the earth have been activated from that flash point, releasing quantum energy that is changing it all!!  Changing US!!

We are at the greatest choice point in all our collective lives.  Accelerate the change or step back onto a denser version of earth to toughen yourself up! (smile)

I know I will not be able to see the field until we are out of this phase, I kinda been feeling that, this morning, I am certain.

Every one of us is being asked to not only live, but create wayyyy outside of your comfort zone.  This is where your powers and your entry onto the final version of Shambhala lives.

I am going to close this sharing with something that came thru a few days ago, that is becoming clearer and clearer to me each day.  I was doing hte dishes and i heard spirit say (in the morning blog spirit said we entered zero point… now I am thinking the zero’s in relationship to the 1’s from the infinity symbol) you moved into the assemblage point.  Of course, I instantly thought of Don Juan and Carlos Castaneda’s writings back in 2002.  I read several of those books and with my inner intention, wanted to reach that state Don Juan always talked about.  Thru the maneuvering and following my own life stream and adventures, I know I have.  I want to share this website and the parts that relevant in knowing if you have too.  Especially with the “art of stalking.”  God knows I feel like this poor man named Michael has become the thing I have stalked since his arrival and departure.  Altho, I know it is not my Lisa Consciousness that has been showing and experiencing all these amazing things together… still, its kinda unnerving.  I will just leave it at that.

I love you all and celebrate you and us together in this amazing new version of Life!!

(((HUGZ)))) of bravery and bliss to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas


Carlos Castaneda’s Don Juan’s Teachings The Power of SilenceNaguals school their apprentices toward three areas of expertise: the mastery of awareness, the art of stalking, and the mastery of intent. These three areas of expertise are the three riddles sorcerers encounter in their search for knowledge.
      The mastery of awareness is the riddle of the mind; the perplexity sorcerers experience when they recognize the astounding mystery and scope of awareness and perception.
      The art of stalking is the riddle of the heart; the puzzlement sorcerers feel upon becoming aware of two things: first that the world appears to us to be unalterably objective and factual, because of peculiarities of our awareness and perception; second, that if different peculiarities of perception come into play, the very things about the world that seem so unalterably objective and factual change.
      The mastery of intent is the riddle of the spirit, or the paradox of the abstract–sorcerers’ thoughts and actions projected beyond our human condition.
      The art of stalking and the mastery of intent depend upon instruction on the mastery of awareness, which consists of the following basic premises:

  1. The universe is an infinite agglomeration of energy fields, resembling threads of light.
  2. These energy fields, called the Eagle’s, or the Indescribable Force ‘s emanations, radiate from a source of inconceivable proportions metaphorically called the Eagle–the Indescribable Force.
  3. Human beings are also composed of an incalculable number of the same threadlike energy fields. These Indescribable Force ‘s emanations form an encased agglomeration that manifests itself as a ball of light the size of the person’s body with the arms extended laterally, like a giant luminous egg.
  4. Only a very small group of the energy fields inside this luminous ball are lit up by a point of intense brilliance located on the ball’s surface.
  5. Perception occurs when the energy fields in that small group immediately surrounding the point of brilliance extent their light to illuminate identical energy fields outside the ball. Since the only energy fields perceivable are those lit by the point of brilliance, that point is named “the point where perception is assembled” or simply “the assemblage point.”
  6. The assemblage point can be moved from its usual position on the surface of the luminous ball to another position on the surface, or into the interior. Since the brilliance of the assemblage point can light up whatever energy field it comes in contact with, when it moves to a new position it immediately brightens up new energy fields, making them perceivable. This perception is known as seeing.
  7. When the assemblage point shifts, it makes possible the perception of an entirely different world–as objective and factual as the one we normally perceive. Sorcerers go into that other world to get energy, power, solutions to general and particular problems, or to face the unimaginable.
  8. Intent is the pervasive force that causes us to perceive. We do not become aware because we perceive; rather, we perceive as a result of the pressure and intrusion of intent.
  9. The aim of sorcerers is to reach a state of total awareness in order to experience all the possibilities of perception available to man. This state of awareness even implies an alternative way of dying.










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