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Prayer is an Inside Job!!


This is going to be a quicky, I woke up late and have a million emails that have been sitting in my inbox for many days that I just don’t have the time or energy to get to in reply and really wanted to do that this morning.  I wasn’t going to write a blog at all, but I do have a pesky team when they want experience of information to get out.  So here I am, doing the bidding of my team lol.  So please forgive me another day if I don’t get back to you again today in emails.

Today we are going to talk about prayer or what I think of as prayer.  We tend to pray outside of ourselves, to our guides, to our god(s) to whatever.  WE, ourselves are the power of that prayer, of that desire made manifest.  I don’t think I really thought about this to this depth until this morning when my daughters roommate was approved for a day off to be at her bond hearing that is happening on September 8th.  He had a serious ankle sprain a few months ago and had eaten up all his vacation and sick pay and could not take any time off to be at this hearing.  So he decided to put in a special request to his supervisor to see if they would grant him the day off.  When he told me that, I put a cloud of energy around his supervisor filled with compassion in response.  Sure enough, this morning he said it must be my good vibes because he surprisingly got a “granted!!!” back.

We are the energy of the prayer, we are the very power source we tend to pray “to” for help.  We are the directors of our outcomes and in flows.  Usually, when are asking an outside source to do it for us, we do not see our own power, our own magic within.  There are also ways when engaged directly in your energy of desire and knowing…. nope, can’t do that, it would interfere in someone or somethings process.  For example, when my daughter went for her first bond hearing a few weeks ago, nothing inside of me could flow energy to that judge she would stand before.  Her roommate didn’t even attempt to show up.  We knew, she had not learned what she needed to learn and she needed more time out space.

When she was going for her bond hearing the first time, took to my holy bath waters for understanding.  I asked what is best for my daughter.  I seen her alone, behind bars, not completely in the dark, but close enough to call it so.  My misinterpretation of that visual, I thought she would have to do a long stretch in jail this time around.  I never for a moment thought about being in solitary confinement, until she was in solitary confinement and her team brought that meditation visual back to my mind.  Ohhhhhh.  It really was her choice point in this big life changing to life enhancement moment she is in.  And you flooded her with love, with energy, with cards and letters as did I.  That’s a whole lot of prayer energy hitting one target, that actually had an effect on many near her.

There is equally, no doubt in my heart, that love energy is what caused the huge fight in her cell that caused her to go into solitary.  Those adamant about keeping love out of their life react violently to it and yet, even that could have a very positive outcome for its original target and those that allow it in.

So when we knew she was in solitary, we all stepped up and sent her the energy of love and the vibration was so high, it melted the ice around her.  The fog of illusion started lifting within her and she opened.

All has nothing to do with guides or a Source/God energy outside of us, it’s all because of YOU.  What we did together as a team and continue to do.  Valorie opens up more and more every day, really digesting the wisdom of our experiences, filling herself with the love that she now feels and appreciates.

So yesterday, when Valorie called and told me she got a letter from her attorney for a bond hearing on the 8th, I was sucked into the bathtub.  The visual picked up where it left off last time, only with a beautiful heart warming twist.  I watched as she was behind these bars, alone, in the dark and she squeezed herself from between two of the bars and came out.  As she came out, she was drenched in foamy white light stuff and her arms where up above her head and she was dancing very much like a belly dancer.  Movement from above head to toe, engulfed in the energy of Light that continues to seep into her.

So I took to the court on the 8th, flooded that whole courtroom with foamy white light.  Placed a red rose at the judge’s heart so he can feel and smell the energy of love made manifest in my daughter.  Then we took to his spine and worked from his sacral plexus to his heart and wired the energy of the rose to his heart.  We left it there.  Ohhh wait, I did whisper in his heart to set bond low… For that one person who thinks I am rolling in dough, I assure you, I am not,  However, I always have what I need and I have learned, when extra comes in, it’s because something unforeseen is about to arrive.  Life does not hoard or create excess.  I reschedule a lot, I break appointments into bits, a lot, especially now as we are going thru massive change.  Please don’t ever look into someone’s window and think you know something, because whether you realize it or not, that’s your karma!!  Judge not lest ye be judged.  Just sayin ;-)

So, I say all this to say… what is it you desire?  Put your energy field out to that, wrap yourself around it and leave it there.  If you cannot connect to what you desire, its yours to begin with, there is something else, something better that you cannot see.  So then park your energy around a door that says “unknown” and know when it reveals itself to you, you will explode with happiness in its arrival.

I did tell Valorie that the dateline of the 8th excites me.  The infinity symbol and we will use it to all its value!!!  Thank you for standing with me, flooding with me, so that my daughter has the opportunity to show the world within herself, she has changed!!  Not to mention, she was actually excited when I told her about the Kelli in the Raw show.  She WANTS to share her story, her gratitude and that alone is a miracle.  Thank YOU for helping to create miracles in the life and heart of my baby!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of cherished love and deep unyielding gratitude for being Here with me, with us and for Divinely Being YOU!!

Lisa Gawlas






blind choices


I am sitting here, staring at my computer, trying to figure out how to open todays sharing.  Two things that are the most challenging for me when I sit down to write, the first is always, the first sentence.  What do we want to talk about today?  My team usually gives me an opening with visuals, same is true for right now… the swish swash of water on the ground, which I think is funny because I know we are going to talk about that pesky spirit known as Loki, the trickster god/spirit.  Ohhh and the 2nd thing, finding art to match the sharing.

Even tho no one is on the “ground level” of this transition into the first eclipse this month, instead, the focus is on our upper atmosphere, our higher consciousness and the choices we are putting into play.  So, given what I had seen and heard thru the readings yesterday, it does make sense that the “ground level” of life is akin to the agitation of a washing machine.  And what does the washing machine do… it cleans the debris out of our clothes, out of our lives, it we let it.  Sometimes, we have really ground in stains, big gaping holes or just plain old don’t fit us any longer and its time to toss that to the curb, and we are pack rats, it might have been comfortable to wear in our lives, so we keep it anywayz.

So, here we are, on the most magnetic high wire of new life we have ever experienced before.  In a way, that gives us the opportunity to be removed by a degree of what is happening on the ground level of our lives, to look at things. feel them, from the higher perspective we are in and choose again.

And Loki has been set loose.  The trickster god, not the malicious one of lore, but the way spirit is sooo good at tricking us to go here instead of there.  The trick of temptation, putting something familiar yet done in our face again… do we choose from the guilt within, from the longing… or the power of knowing that is done.  Then again, not everything is as it seems.  Sometimes, speaking of myself here, we set conditions on what we are willing to do or not do.  Big fat lesson in my face and heart right now.  I was pretty damn sure I trimmed out all the conditional love that I had brought to my table a long time ago.  Well, not so much.

To give you a very real example of how Loki has been set loose in our lives, I will use my present experience, cuz god knows, I still wear the mantle of what not to do!!  Dammit!!!

My youngest daughter turns 25 on September 29th, in July I made the decision to come to her world in Virginia to be with her as she passes the quarter century mark.  Besides celebrating her birthday, I would also be there for her two hearings she has pending, one on Sept. 28th and one she is in jail for now on Oct 2nd.  So I used the flight voucher I received when I went to visit my son in July as a one way payment to Virginia and waited until I had the extra cash to book my return flight.  The night before she landed in jail, I got the return flight, the next day, I found out she was in jail again and since I knew I had a 24 hour window to cancel and get a full refund, with hesitation in my gut (my first and only warning I was doing something against my “flow”) I canceled the flight.  It was only $140 back then.  I sure as hell don’t want to be in Virginia and not be able to hang out with my daughter.

So in my conditional state of loving support, I made the choice to abandon her in her time of needing support, thru these two hearings, even tho, that hesitation in my gut was my souls way of saying… go there anyway, no matter what.  But the trickster of the mind, my own Loki, was at play and I let him have his way.

Until a few days ago, as I was listening to the audio book with Jerry and Esther Hicks… and I KNEW I needed to be in Virginia to support my daughter whether she is home or in jail.  Its only this morning as I come to realize what I have done was set conditions on my expression of love to her.  If she is home where I can hang out with her, I will be there.  If she is in jail, to bad so sad, I’m not coming.  Even tho I KNEW I could make the choice to go to Virginia no matter what, I still freaking hesitated three days in a row.  I looked up airfare when i got home from my grocery trip and it was under $200.  I waited.  Still sitting on the fence of conditional love and not putting action into motion.  The next day, airfare went up to $200.

I cannot tell you how invaluable your readings are to my life.  I pay close attention to every detail that comes thru you to you and apply it the best I can to my own life.  And several of the conversations were focused the “magnetic flow” of the first part of the super powers course.  Per spirit, that is the single most important part of the course, which is why it is the beginning and threaded thru all 4 hypnosis sessions.

I booked my damn flight yesterday for $221.  Of course, I need car rental since i have no idea if val will get or even make bond if she gets it, I gotta have a way of getting around.  I too dilly dallied with that and paid an extra $50.  I was truly waiting to hear if my daughter is getting her second bond hearing or not and on a wait and see mode…. well, until yesterday.

The moral of the story… whether we are hesitating to our soul direction or choosing old themes that should be done in our lives, there is an energetic cost to it all.  Fortunately for me, right now the delay only cost extra money.  But as I was going to the post office yesterday to get Lia’s letter from Valorie in the mail, my team revealed that this time with valorie, this intense transition in her life, is also a new story, a new adventure for me personally, unless I choose not to go before knowing if she will get bond or not.

Which brings me to one of my beautiful lady’s yesterday and her reading, which now feels a lot like my own reading.  I cannot even remember how her initial visual started, I know it was like everyone else, up there in the higher atmosphere, on that high wire thingie going into the eclipse on the 13th, the next thing I know, she is looking a lot like a tarot card.  I had seen this image once before in a reading so I was already understanding it.

She had a blindfold around her eyes, depicting blind justice in her movements forward.  At her solar plexus she was holding a single sword (I know that in the tarot, its the two fo swords, by why can’t spirit create their own cards lol) to represent the sword of truth in her energy field.   But equally, that sword can be used three ways… first and always, feeling the vibration of truth in your hands and in your gut, then either using it to “anoint” what you desire in your life, or cutting away what is no longer needed for your growth.  Kinda like a machete lol.  You let too many weeds grow up in your garden of life, the true beauty and fruits will be choked out.  It is the lesson of absolute choice.

It is one thing to make a choice when you know what you are getting into, from last month thru this eclipse, we are making choices blindfolded.  How can a master, master their own field if they always know what they are getting into.

So with all of us, Loki will be playing and having fun.  Bringing old adventures back to your realm to choose again, or new ones that you really didn’t want to choose, but becomes some of the most important choices of your new life.  Hesitate (like I did) and it will have a cost to it, beyond money… true energy.  We are either going to dilute our field or bring in the bounty of flourishing growth.  And we are choosing day by day right now.

There are many rewrites underway as well.  Of course, that is the agenda of reincarnation.  What I could have never foreseen for myself (dammit) is just how much my own focus would change.  I have been so hell-bent on a Jorge de Norte adventure, and as my youngest daughter makes the biggest internal shift of her whole life, my soul blueprints have radically changed to align there, to put my energy and focus there with her.  How… it is going to be interesting to find out.

So now is the time to fully and unequivocally align to your magnetic flow, flow where your soul needs to be, not where the trickster god of the mind lives.  We all have our own personal Loki and it is time to choose flow over what you think or expect.

I have a private hope here, that I am going to share out loud.  I am praying that my daughter does get bond because I have a show to do with Kelli in the Raw on my daughter’s birthday, the 29th of September.  I would soooo love it if she could sit next to me, talk about her experiences, how she changed inside, how much you affected her change… and give her the safest, greatest place to own herSelf on all levels and perhaps even, give hope to others thru it all.

That’s where my vision is being held and staying…

May the turbulent emotional field of the ground level clear and cleanse all the lingering debris in your energy field.  Choose wisely my beloveds!!

I love you all so much.  Thank you for showing up and helping me to be a better Me!!

((((HUGZ))))) of deep and unyielding gratitude and spontaneous joy to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas







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“September Will Be the Most Energetic Month, EVER!!”

intense energy

Happy September everyone!!  Wasn’t August a wild ride!!??  And as I sit here staring at the screen trying to figure out where to start today sharing, I hear my team chime in with some really surprising news.  August was a prelude of where we are heading, individually and collectively.  It had themes of its own for each person, a preview of what our next grand story can or will be.  With it, if something came up or into our lives we no longer wanted, we had the opportunity to clear it once and for all.  We had many new skills come on-line, new directions presented, opportunities of service, and more abundance than we ever had before (being clear, abundance is everything, not just money.)  Equally, there have been many experiencing redirects in their lives as we move into the most potent energy times this earth has ever known.  Sudden job losses, relationship departures, even to the extreme like my daughter, plucked out of their own lives and the energy that had them crashing into landmines.

This is tho, very much a free will story.  I am witnessing some people moving back into old story lines that should have been finished, but can’t seem to let it go.  Others who lost their internal compass, their magnetic flow because they have an idea (mentally) on what they want even tho spirit shown them other, more fruitful options.

And now, our seeds of our new Self are planted (or unfinished old selves, depending on our choices and focus’.)  And thru my last lady of the day yesterday, doncha know spirit snuck in the sentence “September is going to be the most intense energetic month we have ever known.”

If these last couple of days are any indication, holy cow batman.  Yesterday, for those on my side of the dateline, I couldn’t see the field at all, but I could see the massive energy system exploding us upwards (in frequency) into September.  I had two wonderful ladies in today’s dateline, one in Australia, one in New Zealand and I could see their field, or maybe best said, their upper atmosphere clearly.  Thru two separate expressions, they have really given us a huge view of this transition we are now in as we head to the solar eclipse.

My first lady in australia showed us all something incredibly important, I could not see her body, it was truly an explosion of energy, moving on the thick magnetic line of energy I tried to show (quite humbly) in yesterday’s artwork , but from her explosive energy was a gold ring that looked and reminded me of a wedding band.  This band of gold started to enlarge itself outwards as we moved towards the eclipse on the 13th.

Her team explained this represents the “holy union” within herself.  The full marriage of soul, Source and physicality.  The expanding rings I was able to see took in the phrase “enlarge my territory” in expression.  An expansion of energy, of magnetic attraction to serve and to enjoy.  To experience herself (ourself) in our expanded magnitude of spirit in body.

My last lady of the day, she had both hands firmly gripping that silver energy thing and was spinning like crazy around and around in a counter-clockwise motion… opening.  Releasing all the magnetic energy to fulfill her desires, that which she has been reaching for and is about to come into fruition within her explosive, expansive field of life.

Their teams explained why the visual of this time is set up like it is.  Our upper atmosphere is where our higher consciousness resides, the electrical field of experience.  If we completely surrender to its knowing, we are going to find ourselves in the most amazing version of life never imagined.  However, if we find ourselves wandering around aimlessly, pushing here, going there, trying to find what our ego has an idea of… or reinventing our past in some way.  Lets just say that is going to be as explosive an experience too.  Ohhh… but instead of opening the energies as I watched my lady do, it would be sealing them up, because it’s not new energy but old that needs a bigger grand finale so you can let go.

Among the vast blessings of my day yesterday, I had the amazing privilege to read for my youngest client to date, a 14-year-old girl, a gift from her mama.  Her voice so tiny, all I could think of is the voice a faerie would have.  She was so soft-spoken and these old ears had to keep asking her to speak up, and yet, don’t let soft faerie like voices fool ya, there is a very wise, very aware Being coming thru her.  First, she understood the language of the reading, a lot of adults do not (to include this one typing lol.)  Thru her, I learned so much about this present moment for our children, especially our tweenagers and teenagers.

First lets talk about the nervous system, as she was asking questions about her “future” her team had said no worries, don’t even look there.  The nervous system in her body is still maturing, growing into its full capabilities and will keep doing so until the age of about 21 years old.  With the fullness of maturity expanding every day, what she desires, where she focuses and what she is able to do, will also change.  Unless there is an outside source (this is not the case for her, but I know some people…) filling our children’s heads with their desires for them, diffusing their own agenda with the outside sources agenda.

When she asked about what her job will be in the future, her team said, it is not comprehensible from today’s vantage point.  Not yet created in the field of life and therefore, this crazy girl doing the viewing for her, would have no context of understanding.  But to stay present, find what brings you joy and expand there.

Even tho she was in our dateline, I could see and hear for her perfectly and her team explained because she does not have the responsibility we do.  She had this wooden gold ladder that was set int the ground at the full moon we just went thru, leaning upwards on the high wire that will take us all thru the solar eclipse and her job is to just enjoy, to be Present in her days.  By simply being joyfully present, she is changing the field of life around her.  Her team did encourage her to expand on the spiritual abilities she now has and all that will come on-line as she moves forward.  She is also doing and experiencing the Superpowers course with her mother.  Imagine that!!!

Don’t ever underestimate the abilities of our children and encourage them in any direction they desire.  Ohhhh and their consciousness has come in ready to be wide open.  Unlike us older folks (smile) who has to constantly deprogram and reprogram, because WE did our work, they have arrived ready to do theirs.

I hope you are as excited about Being in the fullness of September as I Am.  Even tho August presented some emotional challenges for me, the outcome of it all is so extraordinary.  Heaven moved in where Hell existed (obviously speaking about my daughter there.)  It brought her closer to me, which brought her closer to herSelf.  Trust me, YOU had a super powered hand in all of that!!!

Speaking of my daughter, she needs a few addresses that were torn up thru the fight in her cell, (the day she went to max.)  Lia from Holland, I have her letter to you but I have an incomplete address to mail it out.  Please email me it.  Also, I think the name is Ashley from Lancaster, PA, your address too was tore up, she has a letter already written to you and keeps asking me to find your address.  Ummmm… here is my attempt!!

I am going to be so bold and write a few sentences that Valorie wrote in her letter to Lia, so that you know how much you all mean and how much you all are affecting her (this includes the love you send, even without letters, she is not only feeling it, but expanding with it!!)

“Thanks so much for thinking about me.  I am in a rough place, but all I need is strength to go on in here.  People like you make things better and brighter, you don’t even know me and still wrote me.  Thank you!!”

If you have a little love and hope up your sleeve and want to release it in writing, feel free to write her at:

Valorie Gawlas  0039229

Unit 2  Pod 2
Hampton Roads Regional Jail
P.O. Box 7609
Portsmouth, VA 23707

On that note, my day begins!!  Thank you for all you Are, all you Do and all that you are Becoming!!!  You rock our worlds!!!

((((HUGZ)))))) of love made manifest to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas





Before I start sharing the amazing information that came thru conversations yesterday, I want to first acknowledge the passing of a mighty footprint on earth, the beloved Wayne Dyer.  I find it wonderful he choose his journey back Home the night of the full moon!  Thank you Wayne, for all you shared, all you were on this side of the veil!!

For those of us still here, what a freakin time to be alive!!  With the information and visuals coming thru conversations yesterday, I am even more excited to experience September!!  I do say conversations on purpose, the field was closed to my snooping eyes.  I was not down, just the field.  It took me until my second appointment to recover from my melt down, doesn’t spirit realize we have a schedule to keep!!!  Sheez!  So when I was bitching, I mean telling my second lady after my failed attempt to align to her field that I cannot see and we started talking, spirit had said: “We have a tendency to look towards the obvious and completely miss the not so obvious.”

I was not able to see the day before nor the day after the first of three super moons, yet, could see fine the day of.  What the hell is up with that??  The day was going to provide some fruitful answers.  I hope I can explain it all clearly here.

The day before the full moon, a charge was released onto our planet, I seen that charge as a lighting of a fuse that will take up to the first eclipse on September 13th.  Little did I realize until yesterday, the full moon itself served as a portal of sorts, an acceleration or deceleration point in our life’s ongoing, crazy journey.  We tend to think, if life is slowed down that’s a bad thing, it’s actually a true blessing, it allows a delay so we can make different choices in a different direction aligned with your soul flow of desire.  Sometimes, we can get stuck being human and focusing on human/mundane things.  Until we let go and flow :-D .

Thru my third phone call I got to see what now thru September looks like, what it means (in the vagueness of meanings lol) to us all.  I even drew a very humble diagram to help you see what I seen, however, my view was much more elegant than what I am giving you!  lol

energy thru 9.13


Ohhh completely forgot to add in the diagram, we come out as we pass thru the total lunar eclipse on the 28th of September.  The magnetic field of the equinox is pulling you towards your greatest (core) alignments.  Not what you think you want, or say you want, but the core emotional field within yourself.  I colored the background pink to help remind us all, is the session to live our passion, to live from the high heart in all we do, think and say!!

Ohhh, also, with my 2nd lady releasing the non obvious times, we were also shown a huge gray-silver tool box that was closed to my eyes.  We have been given a new tool set as we passed thru the portal of the full moon, we have either dug in and started to explore what is available to us now, or keep doing what we have been doing without the new energy in play.

Funny, as I finish saying that, I receive a marshmallow message from the beloved Kryon that really amplifies this time in his sharing today:

Isn’t That Great?
From Kryon Live Channel, “The Eight Shifts of Enlightenment, Part One”
October 2007 in Mexico City 

When the Human Being stands without the karmic energy they came in with, it is truly like they are exposed before God. For they don’t know where they’re going. They don’t know what synchronicity is going to come along to help them. They have no idea what to expect or where they stand. It is as though they are fresh and new, ready to create a path they have never seen. This is uncomfortable for a Human. However, here is the promise we gave you with shift number two. I dare you to celebrate that state—a status of uncertainty. I dare you to celebrate it. “Well, here I am God. I have no idea what I’m doing. Isn’t that great?” And your relatives and your friends will look at you and they’ll say, “You really are crazy.” And how can you tell them that you stand there with a legion of angels holding your hand?

   ~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

The night of the full moon, I stood at my front door as it shined it brilliance in on me and breathed it in, took that lung full of moon shine to bed and did ask if it could give me a dream of clarity of what it desires of me next.  Instead of waking up with a dream, I woke with what felt like a massive bruise on my right hip.  There was no bruise, nor swelling, but man oh man it sure felt like someone or something gave me a swift kick to the hip while I slept!  My right hip, my emotional/spiritual path of life.  Hmmmmm…..!!??

As my day of readings, excuse me, reschedules concluded, and my focus on my right hip, I simply stated to the universe, “employ me in whatever what you need.”  Then I decided to go grocery shopping.  I decided for my 2 hour round trip to get fruit and bread, I would download a new audio book, one that I might be able to send Valorie once we figure out how to get books approved.  We did find out all books have got to be approved first, but have no idea how to do that.  I found a Abraham title that is also available in paperback that I decided to download and pre listen to before I made any decision on sending it to her in the future.  The book is “The Astonishing Power of Emotions.”  A great book so far, but I doubt she will truly understand the language in it.  However, as spirit has a way of making a point, on my drive home Jerry Hicks was talking about being up-stream or down stream (with or against your magnetic flow of Life) and suddenly, I thought about my daughter and the plane ticket I have not canceled yet that I purchased prejail to be with her on her birthday Sept 29th.  I have been sitting on the fence of going to Virginia anwayz during that time, whether she is still in jail or not.  That is a huge week for her, she has a shoplifting charge on Sept 28th, her birthday on the 29th and then the hearing for her current charge on October 2nd.  All I could feel on my way home, either, I need to go.  I got home and that feeling left, I was back on the fence again.  And then it wrapped around me like no ones business… I will be going to Virginia the 25th of September thru at least the 3rd of October.  I have not booked the flight home yet.

But I jumped ahead of the story of my yesterday quite a bit… I talked to my daughter twice yesterday.  The energy change in her, the mental change in her, holy cow, it is the best I could have hoped for.  Her voice, what she was saying and talking about, wrapped around my heart like honey.  She really is looking at her self, not with disgust, but with love.  And again, I must thank you for this profound shift in her.  The love you send remotely, the love you sent directly broken her shell and now… its amazing the vibrational difference.  We talked about the positive use of her max time out and she understood why it had to happen and what she had all day and night for 7 days to reflect on… her words expanded my heart in such a real and profound way.  She said “I do not like where I am at, but I am happy with myself.”  That’s HUGE, miraculous even!!  I even told her that and told her how proud I am of her to get to this point.  So again, I say with all my heart and soul, THANK YOU!!!!!

My own heart had a shift, an expansion.  I truly felt like the grinch whose heart grew three times it’s size.  When I got home from shopping and was eating my dinner, that energy expansion from my heart dropped down into my sacral plexus and just filled my abdomen with such intense love vibrations.  By this time, I made the choice to go to Virginia so I can be at my daughters hearings weather or not she is in or out of jail at the time.  The sacral plexus is a huge important aspect of this time we are in, what the ETs have referred to as our “community center.”  We are no longer to sit on the sidelines of life, with our pom poms doing cheers and just sending light or energy… but to be in life, participating as the spiritual guides you now are!!

The one thing I am pretty damn sure of, on the evening of the full lunar eclipse I will be on Virginia beach, sucking in the ocean energy and the ignition of whatever comes next thru that powerful eclipse.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and bliss to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  LAST DAY left to save $26 on the Super Powers course.  I have extended the price special until the last of August.  Normally $59, now $33.

My daughter said she has a new song that means the world to her.  They play it in jail, which shocked me.  I want to leave it for you, it really is an inspiring, determined Song:








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The Tools Of Your Power and Ability


Well, happy day after the stunning full moon. For me personally, it shined its light on the greatest gift I could have ever hoped to receive in its new light, my daughter called.  But she did so much more than call, she is shifting inside of herself.  She is shifting because of YOU.  Your letters, your love sent to her in her time of desperate need and deep inner reflection cast a large shadow of light she had to look at with new eyes.

Ya know, we talk about this time we are in, of being on the accelerated earth, of being the spiritual guides in human form and our growing responsibility to help others thru the filtered earth, the land of deep, dense karmic energy, up and into the Light of who they really Are.  Not preaching, not judging, just simply illuminating from the depths of your heart.  And so many people wonder… what can I do?  When we think of shining our spiritual light and how we can best use our full resources, often we think of esoteric things…  interdimensional doorways, energy work, things like that.  But I am learning thru my daughter, pen and paper really have the same power, if not more power because it goes direct and is received by the present consciousness.  I gotta giggle, maybe that’s why my team pestered the hell out of me to start sharing out loud.  I was so adamant not to do that, now I cannot imagine not doing that!!

My daughter called me last evening, her first few hours out of solitary confinement after 7 full days in there, I about cried just to hear her voice again.  But more than that, I rejoiced in how she spoke.

I asked her what she did for those 7 long days when she could not get out of her cell, no one in there with her to talk to, food slid thru a slit to consume… She said she was reading the letters these people are sending her.  (Whisper, that’s you.)   People offering hope, reflection, worthiness.  This is what held her strong, held her focus on the things that got her in this position and the strength to start to change.  Just having her say this, is change!!  As she talked, I kept thinking about Marc’s “fear” sharing I shared in my blog the other day.  I am witnessing first hand, thru someone I know intimately, the chunks of fear falling off a very closed, protected heart, because you share your love and wisdom out loud.

I think about my last reading yesterday, a beautiful man in New Zealand, who of course was living the day after this super moon.  His body itself was an explosion of shiny silver strands of energy that was zooming outwards from his present moment.  What I didn’t understand yesterday thru his reading, is so damn obvious today.  By being “present” he is affecting days out in our perceived future.  His shiny silver energy strands were about 3 feet long from head to toe.  Silver itself is the highest vibration of earth energy I see.  Directly in front of his shiny silver strands of energy were three very distinct tools, a socket wrench on the right, a pipe wrench at his center and an allen wrench on the left. All of these tools hovering between his sacral plexus (his community center of power) and his high heart (his passion center of power.)  His team said these are his super power tools and each one gave me a personal relationship with how they are used.  Socket wrenches are commonly used here in the states to fix cars.. how people travel from point and to point b.  The pipe wrench is used for plumbing… the emotional flow (or lack there of) and the allen wrench is used to put furniture together… the furnishings of our interior lives.  How they work, or how he works them, is for him to understand.  But think about the simplicity of it all… his visual were things that are already in our world, understanding their use in our world will allow him to understand how to use these innate tools to assist not only others, but himself.

While I was talking with him, I had the most profound, unusual experience.  My feet were vibrating like hell, my head was filled with ongoing light spins and I was breaking out in heat flashes over and over again.  Talk about body signals!!!  lol

We, as a collective, are the new toolbox of Life.  I have got to insert a quote here:  “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”– Will Rogers

So, now is the time to reach into your new toolbox of Life and start using yourself in new, expanded ways.  For those inspired to put pen and paper (or keyboard and printer, for the modern age lol) and write to my daughter, I want to give her address here:


Valorie Gawlas  0039229

Unit 2  Pod 2
Hampton Roads Regional Jail
P.O. Box 7609
Portsmouth, VA 23707

Again, I will ask, no judging, no preaching, just love and inspiration please.  I know several had asked about sending her books, altho the ones I ordered arrived at the jail, they have no been released to her yet.  They are being inspected, whatever that means.  I purchased them from amazon and they are both soft covers (hard covers are not allowed in any way.)  So until we know what is allowed… just send her your personal messages.  I will let you know more about books when I know more.

I thank you from the depths of my soul for the love light you have already shined on my daughter and the chunks of her cloak of darkness already falling off as she takes responsibility and is already undergoing the inspiration of new approach.  Keep it coming, the newly hatched need lots of food!! lol

I love you sooo much and thank you for loving us so much too!!

((((HUGZ)))) Super Powered deLight to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Ready or Not… We Have Begun… Something… lol.


The one thing I never expected to happen yesterday… I could not see the field at all.  Nuttin, nadda!!  Considering that the entire blog I wrote yesterday came thru vivid visuals and specific information from my team, to approach the field over and over and I keep seeing my floor (where I set my physical eyes to) stupefied me!!  So instead, I had a lot of wonderful conversations, and I know spirit keeps reminding me that conversations are as important as readings too.. but hey!!!  One lovely lady reminded me there is a full moon happening today (the 29th)… ohhhh.  Lets couple that energy with the geometric storm happening due to the sun’s energy: As AR2403 turns away from Earth, the odds of a geoeffective explosion ironically increase. Magnetic fields near the sun’s western limb sweep back toward Earth, connecting our planet to the star: diagram. As the sunspot passes through this well-connected region, flares become extra-perilous. Protons and other subatomic particles accelerated by flares are guided by these sweeping magnetic fields right back toward Earth.  Taken from on yesterdays dateline.

So we are in the midst of an energy sandwich with wayyyy too much cream in the middle that is oozing out of us, our electronics, our weather systems and stuff.  My last reading of the day gave us a visual of what is happening, I could see in front of my face a fuse having been lit and that is burning its way to the first eclipse on September 13th.  …and it begins!!

As my day of great conversations and rescheduling concluded, I was paying attention to the party in the sky.  The intense, loud, rolling thunder I can remember hearing, thru the sunniest of skies, it seemed so out-of-place.  This started happening about 2 hours before my day of readings ended and not 10 minutes after I hung up with my fuze lady, my electric went off and on, rebooting everything in my house.  How strange and yet, weirdly exciting.

So I plopped myself on the couch to hang out with the sunshiny rolling thunder… and the energy passing thru my body from head to toe was rather invigorating, electrifying without the electric.  Then, I had this overwhelming desire to take a bath… just running my bath water created an experience I have never had before and god knows, I have had my share of baths in the last 15 years!!   It was as if I had taken on the feelings of the water itself running out of the  tap and into the tub, it was leaving my legs feeling like noodles, happy noodles, but noodles none the less.  It was as if that running water was as much me as I was it.  So of course, I expected (when will I stop doing that!! lol) to have a profound meditation.  Nope.  So I spent time kissing my baby girl and surrounding her with love and suddenly, my vision changed to warn me about someone else in my life who may be getting so unexpected blow back.  Rut roh!!

Let me tell ya, it is imperative that you debug your light field!  Sometimes, the only light we look at is our own, what we can have, get do… for ourselves and neglect the world in which we are connected to and must serve.

As today presents the first of 3 super moons, I went looking for information on these moons.  Something struck me when I found this from earthsky:

In North America, we often call the August full moon the Sturgeon Moon, Corn Moon or Grain Moon. The August 2015 full moon is also the first of three full-moon supermoons in 2015. Previously, we had three new moon supermoons in January, February and March, 2015. The full moons on August 29, September 28 and October 27 all enjoy the supermoon designation because the centers of these full moons and the center of Earth are less than 361,836 kilometers (224,834 miles) apart. The closest supermoon of the year comes with the September 28 full moon, presenting a moon that’s only 356,877 kilometers (221,753 miles) from Earth.

So this life changing year started with 3 super moons and October culminates with another series of three.  Given the fact that in my reading field, November and December simply does not exist energetically yet… suddenly makes sense.  What kind of sense, I don’t know lol.  But, the Light of our emotional field, the ebb and flow of our Lives in a massive 3 – 3 super sandwich.  33.  Christ.  3… action and communication at the beginning and the end to be the Living Presence of Love and Service.  3+3 = 6 which is soul partnership, which must happen if you are indeed to live in your Christed Self out loud!!

These are interesting times we are in, no doubt about it.  I am grateful to be aware thru it all and we, together, holding each other steady as we bob and weave and receive!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of lunar illumination to you, thru you as the fuze of your Life heads to the solar eclipse!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Three more days left to save $26 on the Super Powers course.  I have extended the price special until the last of August.  Normally $59, now $33.



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The Power, The Source of Light, and Bugs/Fears ;-)

This is what fear of any kind does to our light.

This is what fear of any kind does to our light.

Interesting, as I am sitting here feeling into what to share today, my team is rotating the word power all around me.  What Power is, how important it is to us Here and Now and most importantly, how it is growing, or stunting the growth of our life.

Imagine you are a 100 watt light bulb (this analogy is being shown to me at the moment) and you are standing there shining your bright light by simply being you.  In this position, there is an amazing energy field that surrounds you, protects every part of you, enlivens the space around you.  This is also your Source/God Light.  Now imagine, all the bugs (no offence to the bugs) flying around are particles of fear, for as long as you are steadfast in your power, in your Source energy, those bugs cannot come anywhere close to you, nor would you see them as anything but love in their own creation.  Equally tho, that doesn’t stop them (the fear bugs) from existing.  Suddenly, someone tells you this particular bug is bad and you have a moment of doubt inside of you… something inside of you says, maybe it is not source love and it is bad, suddenly, that bug fly directly into your light bulb and splat, you now have a bug stuck to your light, reducing the output of your light.  Now imagine, someone else points out another bug and tells you it is bad, you change your mind about love and splat, another bug melts onto your lightbulb, diminishing yet again, the light output, your personal power.

If you allow enough of these fear bugs to gather on your light bulb of life, you not only diminish your power, the love you seen as pure and radiant becomes dark, zero energy to hold your own power and it now starts cracking the bulb itself.  Enough fear and the light bulb starts to decay, the light is no longer strong enough to kill the bugs they now start to own your space.

My mentor back in the day wrote a beautiful expression about fear and how it works and how you can remove it.  I have shared it in several blogs and want to bring it back today.

We are all birthed of the light…
We are all stardust…
We have just forgotten…and covered our light with the cloak of darkness.
This cloak is layer upon layer of fear.
Earth is cloaked in fear.
Earth is a plane of the vibration of fear.
Now then, fear is not just fright….
Or being scared of something in the night…or darkness…
Fear is like a dust particle….made up of a vibration….
A dust particle of fear…is for example, fear of getting wet in the rain….fear of the traffic light turning red before we get to it…fear of running late for work…fear of not being able to find our keys…fear of another whom we think might not like us.
These are the particles that really do not seem the obvious fears. Yet these are the particles that crystallize in layer upon layer that we cloak ourselves within…mistakenly holding onto the cloak for warmth…and lest we appear naked to others. And as our cloak builds denser and denser….we vibrate at the vibration of fear. This vibration is like a deep sound that we forget to know is there and grow used to as a companion.
Bringing the light in is our way of forcing pinholes of light through the cracks of fear.  As the light increases, the pinhole turns to a hole, widening the cracks in the folds of the heavy cloak, until pieces of fear start falling off in chunks… revealing the light that was always glowing from within.
This creates the distinctive feeling of changing….and even creates a fear of changing.  We may attempt to “plug” this hole, as it almost seems as if something is “wrong.”  Others may sense the changing and may even move away lest we infect them with this threatening influence upon their warm cloaks of darkness.
The morale of this story is to perhaps not try to change those obvious fears that we hold, for they are dense and solid, but to concentrate on the dust. Remove those dust particles and the chunks of fear will eventually fall away. Erode the cloak. In order to do this it is necessary to observe those little fears, like the ones in the example that bubble up to the surface and sit, hidden almost, from the mind’s eye. You will be surprised by the intensity and the sheer amount of non-obvious particles of fear you manifest in every moment.
By observing our Self-propelled particles of fear, we have the opportunity to not let them coagulate and thicken upon our cloak of darkness that hides our light, but to cleanse them into shining examples or even release them to allow them to do what they may elsewhere.  Many have been taught to release fear but often do not realize the influence of these particles and the speed they move at to “fix” this crack in the fold replacing it with these tiny, seemingly irrelevant particles.

Now with all that said, I don’t think I realized exactly what has been shown thru the readings the last few days, until this morning.  Rain, water flowing, water this, water that… lol, of course it’s always showing up as the emotional field of your light, but until this morning I didn’t fully realize it is also expressing your relationship with your Source power.  The power of your creation, untainted, unrestricted by fear and judgement.

If God is in and thru everything… wait… EVERY THING, then everything MUST be made of Love, of Light of pure source energy.  Unless you define it as not.  You attach your fear, your beLIEfs to it, then it becomes the opposite for you and only for you.  But this (fill in the blank) loves you so much, it will manifest as what it is not so you can choose again and see the love light it is, to include yourself!!  Yes, small s there.  How incredibly important we are, the incarnate amazing human we are!!  But how many see themselves as something broken, unworthy, less than.  Clear the freakin bugs out of your field!!

But speaking of the field… I understand something even more now.  We have gone thru some condensing in our energy field over at least the last 15 years, for as long as I have been learning and seeing how we are made, energetically.  When I started reading in 2003, everything was focused on our dysfunctional emotional field, the breath of energy we had between us was massive, meaning, there was such a delay in anything appearing our created world, that was for our own safety.

As the years went on and the light field of earth increased and we as a collective starting to get all the bugs (fears) out of our life, that breath of creation started to condense, get closer from desire to outcome.  For the last three years or so, I started to see it as what I now call your bubble of creation.  That energy system for those who are so aligned with wholeness even their chakra centers are no longer individuated, but work as a whole system known as the torus.

magnetic field


This image, is truly have I see you and what I call your bubble of creation around you.  Between your body and your bubble resides the power field of your creation/life.  This condensed all the quantum energy around you for your use.  But with it, there was still a lag in arriving in your world since, on purpose, this energy was exterior instead of interior.  We really had to clean our inner vessel to hold the pure, untainted energy we call Source or God or whatever.  God has no judgement, for all things are him.  (And for those who do not like my choice of reference… god/him, get over it lol.) God is the Presence of pure love, pure atomic power and is now moving INTO us for as long as fear has no resonance within us, to use and enjoy at Will.

Well, there is more, but my day is about to begin and I have no time in between to continue.  So… until tomorrow.

Ohhh and my daughter got a written letter to her roommate, she is in max security, solitary confinement, alone.  As I read her letter, I can so feel the exchange of karma.  Steal from others, life will steal from you and put it in your face.  She and I had a conversation about being in “red” which is max security and she kept saying, I don’t ever want to be there, that’s bad.  That’s where the murders and rapists are… by the power of her fear, there she is.

If you have any bugs sticking to your Light, get cleaning, because you will have to face them down if you don’t.  Because otherwise, you have given your power away.

On that note… I love you, bugged or debugged!!

((((HUGZ)))) of Shambhala rains watering your new world of creation thru the All!!!

Lisa Gawlas






Man oh man oh man, talk about the extremes of life happening. and my own surprising view into the personal first hand experience/view at both sides of the coin.

There was a main theme happening in yesterdays readings, the fluid energy of Source (god, creator, whatever,) presenting the ground level acceleration of it all, of you, of life, of the changes beneath the surface.  I even had one lady, I got a pre-glimpse of her about 3 minutes before our phone call, she was standing in her center and this slushy intense rain was pelting slant ways at her body, I never question myself with a pre-glimpse, but I did for her and instantly it started pouring rain outside but only for the 2 minutes that was left before our call and then it stopped as suddenly as it started.

Think about how huge and significant that is.  When we talk about Source, about God, how often do we really Know that that energy is who and what we are now.  Granted, yes, it always has been, but filtered, diluted in its enormity of powers…. not no mo’ for some of us.  Not to this instantaneous, powerful degree.  Equally, this shows without a shadow of a doubt, my precious lady’s super power is working with the elements too!!  Holy rain batman!!

Think about it, Source is in and thru everything, even the most intimate of things, now that we are starting to fully realize we are Source and have done the inner work to clear our vessel and our minds of judgement and conditions, we become fully imbued with that energy as a human too.

If we can really understand the story unfolding, think about our history, we are coming out of the dark, dense ages.  The time when Source only had a proverbial finger in our energy fields to allow us the full spectrum of experience in duality.  Thru this time, dark (those immersed in the denser side of Life) could take those of us who dared to shed light in the dark and wiped us out of life.  But we kept coming back!! lol  Now the tides have turned (be clear to know there no turning… they HAVE turned.)

I always pay attention to what comes out of my mouth.  Just because I say it, doesn’t mean I knew whatever it was 3 seconds before I said it.  I learn so much from having conversations and of course, the readings.  I love my time with Kelli in the Raw, she takes my consciousness to places it normally would never go as she asks questions and she shares experiences.  When I was on her show the other day (I will leave the youtube at the end of this sharing for those who want to watch it) she was asking about karma in these accelerated times.  We talked about good karma and negative karma and the shitstorm that approaches if you have not resolved negative karma within yourself.  This extends to relationships, jobs, places, and most especially, your own thoughts and feelings about anything.  What is unresolved will be massively in your face to look at, work thru, release and step into the purity of Light you are made of.

I share from experience, be it mine or yours or someone close to me.  It’s not just woo woo, but experiences.  As she and I were talking about the negative karma, and the intensity spirit was pouring out of my mouth with, I kept thinking to myself I don’t know anyone with such negative karma to see the other side of the coin personally.  How the hell did I forget about my youngest daughter.  Maybe, because I see her in her original form, who she came into life to be, how in love she was with being on earth, Being alive in body.

Tuesday, the same day as my time with Kelli, I was scheduled to have a 40 minute video chat with my daughter and for those of you just tuning in, she is sitting in jail awaiting her hearing on Oct 2nd.  It had been into the 6th day I have not heard from my baby when she had been calling me every day, sometimes twice a day since she was locked up on August 2nd.  EAch day grew that maternal knot in my stomach… something bad happened, I just don’t know what.  I really expected the jail to send me a cancellation on our chat video, especially as the day went on, I kept seeing my daughter sitting in front of me with a huge left black eye.  Not for a moment did I think metaphor, I kept thinking holy shit, maybe she got in a fight, is hurt, something…  My daughter may look like a badass with all her tattoos, but at 24, she really still has the innocence of a child that is within her.  So when our time came and went and I called the video company to see if I did something wrong and they said she never logged in to have the chat… I broke down and cried.  Not only that, her roommate showed me another summons the sheriff’s department tried to serve on her.  God, my baby girl is bleeding bad karma… but I need to know whats up.  I put a call into her attorney and begged him thru my mama tears to please find out whats happening with my daughter and the reason I have had zero contact with her in 6 days and let me know.

I really love that man and the compassion in his heart.  He called me bright and early and said my daughter was caught with contraband and is in restricted housing until the jail schedules an internal hearing for her… as of yet, an unknown time frame.  He did try to inquire exactly what type of contraband did she have, who ever he talked to on the phone at the jail, did not know.

So there my baby girl is, sitting in an 8 X 10 cell, no contact with anyone, no phone calls, no visitors, no iCare or canteen packages, no nothing at all.  Life completely and absolutely stripped from her.  Her soul ain’t playing around no more.  I also found out what she stole to land her in jail this time, a freakin GPS unit and sunglass from a parked car.  Man was that telling a story!!  The fact that her car has a built-in GPS unit and her roommate just bought her a paid of Gucci sunglasses from his Vegas trip says she does not need either of these things in her life, she already has them… so why steal them?  And it’s not the first time she stole these types of items.  She is desperately trying to find her inner navigation thru life, externally.  She cannot and does not want to see the light of her own soul and blocks (hence the sun glasses.)  Couple all this with an opioid and anti-depressant addiction, and its all spilling out on the floor of her life and getting bigger and worser (smile.)

So the black eye, was not a fight external, but the fight internal.

The one thing I know for sure, when she got arrested and confined two months ago, her soul said this is not part of her life plan and her addiction is getting out of hand and they put her in jail to save her life.  Obviously two weeks in jail was not enough for her to take a look at herself.  Hell, the time she has been in now, hasn’t either.  I could feel how comfortable she was getting in jail, making friends, learning the “system” of barter there and getting content and thinking she can get away with stuff… again.

There are some people who do come into this life to be the adversary, to steal, murder, whatever… and then others, like my daughter, who just strayed so far from their life path divine intervention MUST take place.

There is another kind of mercy raining down upon life… one that shines a light on all the things you must change in order to be who and what you came here to be.  There is no more getting away with it, getting around it, delaying the outcome of anything.  Keep trying to travel the road unintended, well… please learn from my daughter’s ongoing experience!  And if you insist on going that road, take responsibility for it too.

The hazard of the intensity of light topside is breaking down the density below.  It is going to be a very interesting time, no doubt!!

Ohhhhh, speaking of interesting and powerful times.  After I heard from my daughters attorney about whats happening, I put a little plea for light to be sent to the jail my daughter is in.  Within an hour, my jaw dropped to the floor because the jail themselves called me and explained to me that I really should cancel all the remaining video chats I purchased and scheduled thru September and not schedule any more until I actually get a phone call from my daughter.  Think about the power of YOUR Light and how amazingly effective it is.  6 days I was left to wonder about my daughter, no call or cancellation for the video chat I sat and stared at my computer for 40 minutes for… and one plea for Light thru you, wham I get a call directly from the jail.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

May the rains of Shambhala drench your new reality with the wonders and adventures of unlimited bliss and experience!!  My day begins…

I love you all so much and appreciate you pure, unjudging love light thru the times of change, for my daughter and for the ALL of Life!!  You really are Power Houses!!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of the brightest blessings to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I want to leave you with something to ponder that was not written by me.  This has been hanging in my heart to share specifically to that one person who adimently disagrees with my take on food.  I have shared this excerpt in my blogs years ago, but warrants another sharing today:

“How can we feel awesome if the air we breathe is filled with toxic energy?  It really is the toxic air, the judgments, condemnations, energies of imperfections that keep us sick.  Altho we want to blame it on the food, the water, the known pollutants in the air, but it has nothing to do with any of that!

One of my most favorite authors is Ken Carey and I want to share an excerpt from the book: “Vision” Published in 1985.

The Great Separation
As the Twentieth Century draws to a close, those who are at peace within themselves will find their lives increasingly aligned with the strengthening field of my Presence. Those who fear will come under increasing pressure to confront their dishonesty and change. The fearful will not have an easy time in these days; for they will be withdrawing from my Spirit, thereby forcing themselves into crisis situations designed to stimulate a change of heart.

My consciousness is available to all, but the time I will wait for it to be received must eventually pass. I have come here to act. Soon my activity will begin. Those who do not accept my invitation to life will be separated in the end from those who do. Weeds and corn may together flourish in the fields, yet at the time of harvest, their destinies diverge. It would not be merciful to forever sustain in consciousness those who give others cause to fear. 

I come as the Spirit of Truth to comfort those who live by love, to challenge those who do not. I come with the Great Sword of Division, to separate those who destroy from those who create. All will meet me, in honesty or in deceit. And as the years go by, these two ways will grow ever more distinct.

Conflict cannot exist where Truth is in expression; it occurs only in the presence of dishonesty. Where truth is denied, self-destruct mechanisms go into effect. People get sick because they are sick of themselves; they die because they do not forgive.

Disease is not caused by germs, toxins, viruses, excessive radioactivity, microbes, bacteria or any other physical agent. Such things are ever-present; thousands of them pass daily through every healthy human body. Such agents are only destructive when they do not pass through the human body but are retained instead.

There is only one reason why germs or toxins are retained in a human system: because present in the human system is an evil spirit.  To the degree that an evil spirit is entertained and made welcome in an individual’s life, his or her body will disease. This regulatory mechanism, designed to deprive destructive spirits of physical bodies.

Evil Spirits are negative attitudes, destructive emotions rooted in fear. Some of the more common evil spirits are resentment, anger, shame, guilt, anxiety, hatred, greed, revenge, jealousy. All thinly disguised forms of fear, their presence in a human system gives harmful physical agents something to attach themselves to. … 

If you have not read any of Ken Carey’s works yet, I would highly suggest the read!

We must become responsible for the air we breathe!  It is no longer enough to just walk away from such pollutants, we must break the energy of their arrival in our airspace!!  If you hear a conversation being had by someone and they are judging, condemning, complaining or blaming, get into the conversation with an opening up their minds to what their conversation is really doing.  Helping those in conversation to turn their words and feelings around to a positive tone.  If you are present, you are as responsible as they are for the energy if you do nothing at all.”


Have two hours to burn??  Hang with me and Kelli and PLEASE KNOW that when I say something is only good for one day, THAT day, I really do mean it.  Please, no more emails asking for the super powers course.  I am not responding nor sending any more free ones out.  Thank you for understanding that.  Thanx to one lady’s request of wanting to know more, several hundred people got a free gift to learn about the many facets of their extraordinariness.  Right time, right place is always key!!  





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The Wonders and Intensity of September!!! (and other stuff too)


I swear, yesterday was like hitting the information lottery!  It really tied together the information that came out the day prior but that I woke up too late to share yesterday, now I see why.  Here’s praying I do not forget any of it today!!

Many of us fully realize so much has changed in our lives since we moved past the August 15th dateline, equally, there is an odd (odder than usual) disorientation with this period as well.  However, thru many readings over the last two days, so much precious information came thru you that often times, I was literally on my feet going OMG, now this all makes sense.  So let me see if I can find a beginning and tie it all up!!  Warning, this is going to be a long sharing!!!!

A couple of days ago I was writing a check to pay a bill and surprised myself by writing the year ’95.  What the hell???  Where did that come from, I brushed if off as just dipsy doolittle me and fixed the error and went on with my day.  Until I was in reading and we were talking about this enormous time we are in.  My team used my dateline error on the check as an example for the enormity of Now.  A 20 year cycle now fully complete.  We know that in life, there are cycles within cycles within cycles, within our personal lives, our collective lives, within earth and space and everything in between, but rarely do we think about it, one day just goes into the next.

For me personally, the year 1995 was a great year.  I got divorced, my telemarketing business went off the charts in making money, so much so I opened a second office in PA, at that time, I was living in S. Florida.  Altho the entire year looked like intense and wonderful new beginnings, it was truly the beginning of the end.  A lot would be stripped from me over the course of the next many years.  My business, my life, my belief systems, everything.  Many of you arriving on the place we now call the accelerated earth are going thru the same exact ending, pivoting into a new never before imagined life as we crossed into August 15th.

So lets look at this more closely to really understand the enormity of it all.  I have said before, there are two sides of this coin, one my team is calling the accelerated part, the other the filtered part.  To be on this accelerated earth, we would have had to change ourselves so completely that looking back 20 years (more or less) who you were then is completely unrecognizable to who you are now.  My father gave me a very special view of what this means as I thought about so much yesterday, and he came into my view.  When I met him after a 38 year absence in 2012, I knew he was sick, very sick.  I intended to do energy healing with him when we got together, which he was open to.  When I started to get ready to embark on his energy work when I was at his house, his team clearly told me “that is not his path.”  I honored it and did nothing, but until yesterday, did not fully understand why.  He had end stage emphysema and COPD as well as a benign mass in his lungs.

My father judged everything, seemed to be angry about everything and condemnation was a normal part of his day, all day long.  I would go outside and smoke a lot of cigarettes just to clear my own field and stay centered in love while I was with him.  He was so entrenched with how he viewed and interacted with life, all the energy in the world would not change his mind and view about life.  So, unbeknownst to me, until yesterday, my energy field accelerated his.  That begin thing in his lung grew into cancer and spread, with it, that allowed him to really be open to see and understand life in different ways, gentler, less condemning.

This is so important for all of us to really understand with an unconditionally loving heart.  We will accelerate many things simply by bring present.  In our view of life, cancer, illness, anything that causes death is bad when in actuality, it can be the greatest blessing to all.  We are Here, no matter what version of earth we are on, to experience and open to Divine love.  Those who have changed their entire life to Be that expression in all the do, think and say, have intense affects to open others to that.  Not everything that is wonder appears as roses.

One of my ladies yesterday, OMG the challenge to get connected on the phone!!  She called me, the call dropped, she called me back, when I answered I got a recording telling me if I want to make a call hang up and try again.  She called back, neither of my phones rang, only my computer and I cannot answer my computer.  She called back again, it sent her straight to voice mail as soon as I answered.  I finally called back and it worked.  But thru this challenge I started to get a visual of the old time operators at the switchboard:.



All of this plugging and unplugging was taking place at the upper atmosphere level, in the higher consciousness area of our lives.  Many things being unplugged, old desires, passions, relationships, while the new was being plugged in in the same areas.  For her, it was all about increased frequency and experiences as we move into our new life, most especially in September.  I’ll talk about September in a moment tho.

The information that came out thru several of the folks yesterday stated we are in a total reincarnation phase, no matter which version of earth we dwell on.  The acceleration is happening on all levels.  Those who have not put into motion their soul life, their soul path will be experiencing intense karmic close outs as we progress further down our perceived timeline.  But lets save that information when i talk about September, let stay with this moment.

Our days can seem very confusing, as bits and pieces of new soul blueprints start to get plugged in, come online.  This is not a one day even, it would melt the ego mind with all the changes.  We can look at my own crazy experience from the fishing pond to see how drastic this may very well play out for us day to day.  My fishie that I got the flock of hummingbirds in my gut, the rainbow out my front door… I was still plugged into the old program for that relationship, three days later, none of it existed, baffling me.  In the course of those few days, that new part of my soul blueprint around intimate relationships changed, changing my chemical reaction to this person or should I say, voiding out any chemical reaction.

This may seem like a very confusing time and from the human standpoint, it is!!  I am passionately walking into brick walls.  So just know, its not you, its the new soul codes coming on line and changing things out.  We really may seem to be doing a square dance for a few more weeks, not knowing where to dosey doh to or with.  Its all good and perfect.  (Yeah right.)

Along with this information, even more came thru when someone asked about her mama and her mamas potential exit point.  Spirit said everyone’s exit point is changing, every soul blue print is changing to include when we shall exist this life.  Thats freakin huge!!!

But it also gives clarity to the surprise in the field when someone asked about November/December in their life.  That energy does not exist… yet.  I have never moved into a timeline that was so relatively close that did not exist yet.  It was a massive void of energy.  What the hell???  But the information that came thru yesterday, put it all into an amazing perspective.

Now, if I can back up to the first lady I was able to see yesterday, the first thing I had seen in her field was what looked like the approach of a solar eclipse.  I could see the sun but also a black disk moving towards it, I know an eclipse when I see one.  But why start a reading like this?  Well, little did I know, we have a partial solar eclipse coming up, thank goodness my lady knew that!!  I am barely hanging on to today and all the changes happening thru us Now, forget the energy of September!!  Well, now, September is prevalent in my ongoing understandings.

The energy of the September 13th eclipse is already having an affect on us.  It is igniting the new energy, the soul codes, the blueprints of ALL life with its frequency Now.  The emotional field of the darkened moon illuminating the heightened emotions/Life plans of the sun.

Ohhh did I mention my lady with the new circuit energy being plugged in and out was actually happening at the center of the sun, where, in my view, all new codes and energies come from.

Now this all makes sense of why everyone’s “bubble of creation” that I have been seeing, is changing.  No longer spherical, but formless in the formation of its energy.  Nothing is ever going to be “concrete” again.  The Presence of the Presence will flow thru us as us in ways never before experienced, because the energy was too dense.  Not no mo.’

So to include in this freakin huge month we are gonna call September, we also have the fall equinox on the 23rd and the grand finale of its intensity with a full lunar eclipse on the 28th!!  Holy flipping shivers batman!!

Now let me bring in a very often asked about thingie… that thing that folks are calling Wave X.  I have read very little about it, the various links posted to my facebook wall leave me more confused than enlightened.  My team has no relationship to much of what is being shared by others.  However, this sub atomic energy was shown to us thru the readings either back in June or July coming from the crack (if you will) between 2015 and 2016 billowing forward to our present timeline.  Thats when I started to see that membrane across the timeline of August 15th, a filtering system was already in place.  For the unsuspecting incarnate to be hit with such a massive blast of pure quantum energy all at once, hell, even us suspecting souls, would do more harm than good.  Even mother nature does not trash all of earth all at once.  A storm here, a volcano there, it is equally dispersed thru areas and over time.  Same thing here.  That sub atomic energy served to release us thru the gateway of August 15th, to the accelerated zone.  It is also what is igniting all the codes and new life plans for all the souls incarnate within earth.  For many, unfinished karma will be playing out as if on steroids.  For those topside, the wonder and bliss of union of source, soul, physicality is already showing itself its instant wonders and radical change.

So the magnetic pole of the 23rd equinox, from my view, is pulling the energy from the solar eclipse and planting it as your life experience moving thru to the 23rd.  The total lunar eclipse is the curtain call to this preview of the new life stage and opens up to the wonders (and intense chaos) of all new lifecodes now set and working.  Keeping in mind, chaos always precedes change!!  Where and how we choose to land thru the change… well… that will be a tell if there is more chaos to come or eternal sunshine on the horizon!!

Speaking of sunshine!!!  Something finally makes sense now.  When I look at September, the very few times I can actually see the field of September, it is immersed in a dense fog covering.  Given the enormity of what I now understand, I so understand why as well.  But I have also seen the gateway of October.  Just the beginning sliver, not the whole month, but it is so stunning.  Like a honey golden energy coming from the ground itself beaming upwards.  Thats US!!  Many of us have already accepted our new life energy, codes, relationship changes outs and stuff… so we are already illuminating the first sliver of October.  YAY??  And yet, nothing else exists beyond it… as of yet.

So whats all this fear stuff surrounding a wave??  I have no flipping clue, I am beyond excited and excited for all of this crazy world(s) we live upon.  But let me put this thought out… be excited about it all, exciting things will be what you experience.  Fear or send out fear… well….!!!!

I know I am leaving so much out, but I suppose that’s on purpose because my mind just went blank… dammit!!  But then again, I have a date with the Divine Miss Kelli in the Raw coming up at 10am MDT, so I am sure spirit is saving up the rest of the story to be shared when she and I are together!!

On a completely separate note, I have still not talked to my daughter in 5 full days yet.  She did try and call on Sunday between 11 and 11:15 and I am so challenged at using the flash button on my phone… I never put anyone on hold to talk to someone else, well, not until my daughter got locked up.  I missed her calls and haven’t heard from her since.  We do have a scheduled video chat for this evening at 5:30 in my world.  I will ask you again, since you did so magnificently well on Sunday, please flood that jail with your light today.  Thank you so much!!!

Have an amazing, wondrous day today!!  I love you all so flipping much.  You are all the greatest Light Messangers the earth has ever known and I thank you for Being Here, as a conscious spirit in body!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of sudden changes, giggles and bliss!!

Lisa Gawlas



Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | August 23, 2015

The Inheritance of the Earth being Divvied out.


One thing’s for sure, everything has shifted, enhanced, became more vibrant thru every reading yesterday.  It really is hard to put into words, but I think the best way I could describe the very air thru the readings… filled with joy and a love energy that just uplifted everything, including me!!  Musta been the fields way of making it up to me from the day priors burn out!! lol

I am also so thrilled to hear that for some of you, your enhanced, expanded abilities are just showing up, coming online and you are not only recognizing their presence, but working to enhance and perfect them as they show up.  Keeping in mind, the more you use what you have, the more that is given to you.

Funny, of course I woke up late today, so I have to condense or pick the most important focal points of yesterday to share with you.  What spirit is hanging in my face, is a reading with a lady who showed up leaning up against this amazing tree.  The tree was so tall, and the trunk so strong and her body, her vertebra was leaning again this trunk, a piece of hay in her mouth, she was so looking like a country girl, which, she is, but still.  I could see the energy exchange between her and this mighty tree, a sharing of the energy of the connected relay system beneath earth of the tree to her, and her connected to that which is above the earth, to the tree.  The piece of hay in her mouth served a similar purpose, a vibrational exchange thru the vibration known as language.

This is what it means by the old saying “the meek shall inherit the earth.”  The humble, the gentle, the lovers of the earth and sky are now infusing with the growing strength of the earth.  Look how strong the trees are, how gentle and vibrant they are.  Deep beneath the earth is a network of communication and nourishment called its roots system.  The tall grass that grows that turns into food for the animals, a way we digest the living energy of earth’s energy.

So not only are we now the embodiment, the living, verbal expression of animal totems, we too, are the living energy source of expression of that which grows upon earth.  We are now “inheriting” the full spectrum of energy, of life, of loving power called the earth.  Which really helps me to understand my sleeping sunburn sensation.  Since I was little, I have been in love with the sun and as my lady had her spine aligned to the tree, in my sleep, I suppose I really was sleeping on the sun.

I also now fully understand the energy of the hummers that fill my life during the spring and summer months.  I am That, their living embodiment.  I eat like them too… the sweetness, the nectar of You, Your Soul Light!!

Many of you have been shown over the years where your inheritance lays.  Some have the water elements showing up over and over, others wind, others pure energy and so on.

This brings back the information of the other day with the dinosaurs.  We know how to embody the pure power of earth because of our relationships with the dinosaurs.  The giants of this earth, returned.  We are the giants in human form.

Keeping with this same lady, I could see the threshold between August and September.  In her reading, it appeared like a very large gate, very much like you would see on a farm.  A grey silver gate that opened inwards (in the field of august.)  Her team said it opens this way on purpose, thru her actions and whatever else happens thru August, she is the one pulling the gateway open and will walk thru it into September.  Of course, being the sneaky (yeah right) nosy person I am, I tried to see what was in September for her… nope.  Several times yesterday I was told my vision has not raised that high yet.  Her team also explained that the entrance into September (keeping in mind, I am talking energy system more than I am a particular month) must come from our interactions with Life.  The gateway will not just open for us (which is why it is not swinging open into September,) we must pull it open with our Life itself.

Ohh, before I run out time to keep sharing, I do want to mention my last lady of yesterday.  She had come into this lifetime with what one would call an illness, forgive me, I cannot recall its name, but she has had a firing pain body all of her life.  It has required her to walk on hand crutches and such.  When these energies amp up, god bless her, it really hurts.  I got a pre-glimpse of her before our connection.  There she was, arm crutches waving in the air above her as she celebrates her new-found freedom in body.

When we connected, her team said there is a parallel earth that has an incarnation very similar to her, her body type, even the same was almost the exact same.  I watched as a wormhole opened up in front of her and allowed her to go embody this other incarnation and download the DNA and memory stamp of health, of full health.  Releasing this illness and the cellular memory that keeps the pain body firing.  She was a student in the super powers course and those sessions are geared to teach you how to navigate the dimensions, the wormholes to travel and access all that you need to bring back to this realm.  She got homework, but like everything, it is up to her to be consistent, diligent and I cannot wait to see her progress and share the exciting news with you!!

On that note, my days is about to begin.  I am going to ask you to please send love and white foamy energy to the jail my daughter is in.  It is now 3 whole days without a phone call from her and I have maternal knots in my tummy.  Thank you in advance.

I love you so much.  Thank you for illuminating the exciting world we live in and for daring to be You out loud!!

((((HUGZ))) of buoyant joy and magic to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

 P.S. It’s almost that time again when I get to hang out with Kelli in the Raw.  Join us August 25th from 10 am until noon MDT for enlightening laughter!!  We will be talking about all the hoopla around Wave X too!!!



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