Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 22, 2020

Heading into the New Moon


Well this has been a weird week in the field of readings. It has been progressing daily, but collectively instead of personally and kicking my butt each day!!

When I started to see what looked like a termite tent over the field shortly after I woke up, I was sure I was delirious. Nope, for ever connection that day, everyone had a termite tent over their field. Just incase you are not sure what a termite tent looks like:


termite tent.jpg


Sure enough, every connection showed the same thing, a termite tent over their entire field. The understand was containing all the energies that have been released from the center field and came down from above, along with the new core energy for fusion. Altho I seen nothing else with each person, man oh man, the attempt kicked me in the energy zone. I actually fell asleep between every single reading. I couldn’t keep my eyes open but instantly awoke for the next connection. Once I contacted everyone, my energy was just fine, no more insta-sleep for the rest of the day.

The next day was even more strange. Instead of seeing the termite tent, instead, everything that was above ground/above the field was gone. Instead the focus for every single connection was what looked like sprawling vines (not roots) beneath the surface of each persons field. In scattered places, there would be what looked like a leaf starting to poke up from the surface. Imagine something like this:




Except there was no wall and no tree. However, if you let the tree be your center field, that is where they originated from (your personal biology and energy body. My understanding is these are the new networks of experience that is growing beneath the surface according to all the energies of January. As we head into the new moon on the 24th other’s vines (if you will) will start to connect and overlap yours, creating new experiences and connections during these next 10 years.

Of course, my ass got kicked once again. By the time I was on my third call, my voice spit, sputtered and left the building. I didn’t even get past hello with her. My voice stayed gone until that night.

Yesterdays connections, I was much more cautious considering I was seeing what was happening shortly after I woke up.

Keeping with the picture above, instead of the lines from the tree/center representing roots/vines, imagine they were electricity moving outwards, charging everything up. I didn’t even try to look directly at everyone’s field. The last two days were enough of a hazard lol.

It’s my understanding that we are all (those in the energies of 2020) in a incubation state as we arrive at the new moon, which sets everything in motion and the personal details become viewable once again.

There is also a massive shake up happening to those in what I am calling the 2019 energies as well. If my daughter is any indication of what that means…. Every aspect of her deceit has been exposed in indisputable ways and yet, she continues to lie. She was released from rehab yesterday, taken to the airport 2-3 hours before her flight, sat at the bar and missed her flight, telling her husband extraordinary lies about how she missed her flight. A call the the airlines at the airport and talking with the lady who was part of the experience… so many really odd lies that could have easily been the truth.

She had to sleep at the airport and should be back today.

On that note, I need to get ready for my oncology appointment. I just wanted to make sure I caught everyone up on what has been happening thru my attempt at readings.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with great adventures and loving energies to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas





Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 17, 2020

2020 First Quarter Energies


There is so much to catch you up on. Going back to my last blog about the eclipse, the shaking, the electrical energy pouring into each persons center field… So as we passed the eclipse the focus was taken off of everyone’s core energy in the readings a constant image was placed… something that looked like this color-wise:


But were squishy and filling up everyone’s immediate field (which takes in home, work, relationships, pretty much all that is consistent in your life, like these fish eggs (which is what I kept calling them)




The next day, everyone’s field had their opalescence fish eggs congealed, looking sort of like this but with the beautiful iridescence thru out.



The odd thing was, when these things that just kept reminding me of fish eggs appeared, I could no longer see the center field, only the immediate field. When something goes out of my field of vision, it is because it is in a high frequency state of change.

So yesterday, the readings stated with a song clip and I knew it was referring to everyone’s external field (the overlaps and temporary connections we have when we go to places not usual, like the store or the beach, parks, etc..) Castles in the sand was the clip. This was to keep in mind that everything in your outer world is fleeting. Sometimes we can get hung up or emotionally invested in events out of our control and everyone of them will wash themselves away with the next wave we put out. Take what is needed in the moment, then let it go.

I was able to see movement under everyone’s congealed fish egg looking intimidate field. The movement of energies was not the same for anyone. There were various placements where the energies seem to build and bulge, laid out as if on a clock position, which I have yet to fully understand why. To give some examples of what I did understand with various energy placements…

One lady’s energy bulges were at the 1, 4, 7 and 11 o’clock positions in the formation of a star that grew bigger and bigger. Her team eventually explained that her personal magnetic north is changing and intensifying. There is also a relationship with the actual stars that is important to her new magnetic north, but did not explain how…. yet.

Another lady had a “house” being built in the 10 o’clock position, with a new love coming into her field at the 7 o’clock position.

Just when I thought there were only one of three things added to the core of our energies (sun, moon or earth) one lady had the element of all the waters of all places. This added a full multidimensional aspect to the emotional frequencies of her core. Her team explained there are emotions in other planes that exist that we have yet to experience here on earth. We were not capable of feeling or using them. She is bringing that in to assimilate and start to use. Her team explained as she masters these energies, she will be set to teach others next year.

Someone where in the readings it was explained what we are in now will be a 10 year cycle of mastery, of which, we are at the very beginning.

We have a few events coming up… this coming new moon on the 24th puts all this energy that I am seeing the readings into the created form of experience. We have a major energy influx coming on the feb 14th to ignite it all. And the entirety of March brings us the winds of change. Do not hold onto anything and go where the wind is blowing, even if you do not want to.

There was also something from the Nations class…. the dateline of the 21st in my face. The only thing I could think of was my daughter gets home from rehab on that day, but it was a collective 21st, we shall see.

Well the baby is waking up, I gotta end this for today. Until the next moment in time…

((((HUGZ))))) filled with wonder and bliss to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas





Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 10, 2020

The First Lunar Eclipse of 2020


Just a quicky to let everyone know what I am seeing/experiencing with this first lunar eclipse of 2020. With my first appointment yesterday (the 9th) my vision was taken up to the earth’s shadow eclipsing the moon. The dark shadow was shaking as if there was a major, unstoppable earthquake happening between the two. I could feel it in my body. I could also see my mans energy of his center field elongated all the way up to that eclipse area. His center field looked like gold/amber cellophane with moving mother of pearl like energy colors thru it. It was shaking with the energy of the eclipse. I could not see or understand anything else.

After we hung up, I became so incredibly exhausted. By the time my next appointment happened, all I could see and feel was the black of the eclipse and the drain of my personal energy. My third appt was MIA and after 10 minutes of waiting for her to call, I fell sound asleep for the next 6 hours. Woke up, got the baby from daycare, fed him and then put him down for his afternoon 1-2 hour nap, 6 hours later, we both woke up. We played for an hour (now 11:30 pm) and went back to sleep til 5:30 am. So this eclipse that zapped me, zapped the baby too!!

This morning, as I was looking at the full moon out the window, I could see and feel electricity coming out of the eclipse. Sure enough, with my first appt there is electricity running down her elongated centerfield energy that is now the same color and feel of the shaking eclipse energy.

The eclipse energy is having an opposite effect on her, she was awake all night. Which I can understand. I am flying into the eye of the storm, and it devours my energy. My heart is so connected to my grandson, it obviously zapped his too!!

I can feel a coagulation of all the energies coming together as we pass thru this eclipse. I cannot see it, but can feel it!!

An update on my salt shaken daughter… We found out she stole 3 of her husbands guns and traded them for drugs. He had to file a police report, the cop called her, she admitted to taking them for drugs. They will be charging her. She will be going back to jail when she gets out of rehab. My heart is shattered for her.

Well, time for my next appointment. Hold on tight, we are walking on the wild side now!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) wrapped in moon quakes and love quakes.

Lisa Gawlas





Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 5, 2020

Your New Center Field and 2020 Energies!!

What an amazing year 2020 has already started off to be. The field itself, intoxicating!! Your field that is, which is, of course, part of the greater field. As we know. we all received a new center field as we ended December, well, the ones that made it up into 2020 that is.

Let me be clear on what I refer t as your center field. There is an approximately 3 foot circumference of energy that surrounds your biology. This is your energy body (soul energy) as well as your biological body. It is where your entire experience originates from and recedes to.

From what I understand, this lifetime we have been working towards various aspects of mastery that is now ready to utilize in this super high frequency zone of 2020. Each person is emitting a different energy that I see in readings. The energy starts at the ground level of each persons center field and flows upwards and over their heads. Some have fire. some have sea foam, another, tall interweaving green grass, others crystalline water and so on. Each person being enhanced uniquely according to their path as we move forward. So explaining what these elements mean, serves no purpose except to taint what you may experience.

To meet and enhance this personal energy emission are elements from above. Some have one, some have two, but everyone has something coming down to enhance their energy and biological bodies. So far I have seen star particles, moon, mars, mercury, pluto, venus, and clouds!! Again, each until to the person I am reading for, but with the planets it pretty much enhances the positive aspects from astrology within the person.

One lady has these sun drops, OMG I want a bottle full of them. Liquid sun drops and the energy was so amazingly wonderful, giddy even. Like nothing I had ever experienced from the sun before.

Another part that has been enhanced, unique to each person, is the core energy. We now have a mixture of either the sun, moon or earth bodies in our core. Of course, it all combines with the energy being released from the ground and what is coming in from above to create your new innate (form the soul level of course) abilities. Spirit really wants me to stop calling them super powers as we move forward. lol They are so pesky sometimes!! (all the time)

Ohhhh and we have new guides of course. We are now connecting to our guides guides. So all of our guides that assisted us thru here has stepped back. Of course they all have their own guides to assist them assisting us… now we go directly to their guides, making us spiritual guides of the earth. Especially for the ones still in the energies I am going to just call 2019.

Almost everyone team explained all that is coming into us to learn, play with, use (and this is forcing us back into meditation to really know how we work now) is leading us to the “gateway of march.” I can see the gateway thru the readings but within it, pure cyclone like energy. It is spinning quite fast in a counter clockwise motion (opening up more energy.)

There is something significant with the 15th of January, it was mentioned a couple times, but I am not 100% sure what. I feel that we will be in this state of acquiring these energies until then.

I am so surprised no mention about the upcoming eclipse.

I would strongly suggest each person go into meditation to connect with all I stated above. Please don’t take for granted that your just going to know how you work now. A blind person can easily get into a car, but have no clue how to steer it. (quoted from spirit.) And assume nothing, I would have assumed I had sun energy as my core, I have always had an alignment with the sun. Nope, I got the earth rocking my core.

On that note, I am going to close. These are exicting days!!! I love you all and wish each and everyone a funtastic 2020!!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) wrapped in sun drops of giddiness!!

Lisa Gawlas







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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 30, 2019

Sparks and Electricity as We Move Into the 2020 Alignment!!

2020 new year

I cannot believe it has been over a month since my last sharing. My world truly flipped upside down and sideways since the last of November. It also gave me the living experience of what spirit kept saying December was going to be like… some skating thru December, others being flung out like salt from a shaker.

Before I get into all that, let me tell you what I have been seeing thru the last few readings. Those going into the high frequency energy of 2020 were assigned a new center field (energy body and and biology to match the new energy on the solar eclipse of December 26th. Between then and the 2020 alignment on the 31st, there is a tremendous amount of sparks flying as we slide into our alignment. The sparks that I am seeing is igniting the energies that will become our life field as we move into 2020. At this late point, 2020 is still viewed as pure energy/energy potential in the readings.

New Years Eve is pure electricity as we move upwards in frequency. This electricity will also serve to intensify those who were flung out like salt so that their issues are seen by all. There is no more hiding in the shadows for anyone.

Those in the 2020 energies will find themselves aligned with those who need their help. Don’t think that means those that will ask for help, I feel quite the opposite. Those that need the light of wisdom but rarely seeks it out to help themselves. The times of us being non interfering is over. There will be tremendous karmic consequences should we see someone in need and do nothing.

Let’s be clear on the word “need.” Many people are filled with false beliefs, ideas, thoughts about life itself. Our responsibility is to illuminate the truth of Life. To turn on the light of truth to those remaining in the dark. We are the light bringers and it is our time, our responsibility to shine..

I have been personally been given one hellofa workout on what that all means. As most know, the last week of November I moved into with my youngest daughter (Valorie) and her family. Of course I expected to help out with the baby (he is 1 year old now) and house chores, never did I expect to replace Valorie in her duties. I have forgotten how incredibly exhausting it was being a mother to a toddler. My daughter, from the day I moved in, retreated to her bedroom the moment she came home from work. If she interacted with Zach 15 minutes to an hour a day, that’s a lot. Til I got here, her husband would work 12 hour shifts, come home, clean, take care of the baby and some days, not even get to sleep before going back to work. I made sure that was not the case since I was available.

It wasn’t but two weeks in that I realized my daughter was back on drugs, hence the room hiding and not having the energy to do anything.

About a week before Christmas she was so out of it I took her to the ER, who (thankfully) admitted her to a psych unit in Virginia Beach. She stayed there about a week, long enough to detox and on my and her husbands strong advise, is now at an inpatient rehab in Mississippi and will be there at least 30 days or until the insurance coverage is used up (I really want her to do the full 90 days.)

It is amazing how much of my mother I see in her, understand thru her. My mothers number one priority in her life was money then men. Her kids were somewhere way at the bottom of her list of priorities. I am seeing the same pattern, the same sort of talk and behaviors as my mother.

A pattern that must be broken from the family lineage. This is going to be an interesting and most challenging journey when she returns.

So please understand that I have had the hardest time organizing my days. The baby is usually awake by 5am and I take care of him so his dad can sleep before heading to work. He goes to the baby sitter just before my first reading and back by 4-5 pm. I’m getting there tho, please forgive me if my blogs are not as timely as they once were. I am still doing readings, just the time to write about it has been halted to a huge degree at the moment.

For the members of the Nation, we are having class today at 3pm EST to make up for the two holidays we will miss class from.

I am also going to be redoing the memberships this coming week. We get so much out of our weekly gatherings that I just do not have time to write about, that I want to make it more affordable to all to join. Give me a few days, Zach and Alex are going to Wisconsin to visit family this Saturday thru Tuesday, I will get my catch up work done then.

Our Wednesday at 3 pm EST meetings will continue on January 8th.

I love and miss you all so damn much!!! As a belated Christmas and Happy New Year of Clarity I have reduced the fee of the 15 and 30 minute readings for the whole month of January. And to show my deep appreciation for your faith, patience and loyalty to me thru this chaotic last quarter, I am also doing a buy one get one free with the reduced prices!!

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) of deep love and tremendous gratitude for your Light in my Life!! I love you all soul very very much!!

Lisa Gawlas







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A Line in the Sand has been Drawn


Finally!!! News worthy of a blog. I swear I have been in my own white out for so long. Eighteen days into November, I can finally see your fields. Not only that, it filled in a lot of questions I had about December as well.

When I got up yesterday morning and begged my team to please please let me be able to read (which I do now on a daily basis, well, let me be able to talk and read!!) I kept hearing “A line in the sand has been drawn.” It also came with a visual of a spiritual finger drawing a line in the sand. Had no clue what it meant until the end of the day, thru the progression of readings.

Let me start with a visual:


dec jan.jpg


For the last couple months, this is how I have been seeing December/January for the most part. Actually, if you laid that grif on its side, so that it is a backwards C shape, that would be more accurate. But this is close enough for now. The grid itself is what I keep calling a salt shaker kind of thing. With people being flung thru the holes outside of the movement of December. I had no idea what that meant or how/why it would happen. It has just been a consistent image for a while now.

The one thing I have learned about spirit, they will tease us with partial information without giving us full disclosure until it is too late to chose otherwise. These are usually major choice points, often times personal but there are equally collective choice points as well.

So here is what I now understand…

Spirit has been asking us for the last couple years to take our focus off of “healing” and place it on expanding. We have hit a pivotal point on earth where enough people have done the inner work of healing to allow those up and coming to simply release by focusing on their growth and assets.

The one thing humanity has a really hard time doing is letting go of old ways of Being. Our programming runs long and deep.

So the line in the sand is drawn between those who are actively evolving themselves and those who are in the continuous stage of healing themselves. Those evolving (without the constant need to keep picking at old wounds) will enjoy the acceleration of Decembers energy as it curves towards the incredible platform of 2020. Those still “healing”: will be the ones going thru the holes. If I am understanding this correctly (subject to change with more information) the ones still “healing” or even, offering healing will remain at the end of 2019 energy until the choose otherwise.

Ohhh a very surprising thing came thru spirit yesterday as the conversation my lady and myself were having about focusing on growth with clients. Spirit said that a lot of what we call “light workers” have actually turned into “dark workers” consistently looking at the past darkness of people and focusing on healing that instead of acknowledging the tremendous light of the current world and using it for acceleration.

Equally for years spirit has been saying that many of us have been given new and exciting gifts to assist humanity in its evolution. Old ways of doing things will no longer work, or maybe better said, serve the greater good.

And as usual, I can use my crazy self as an example of what is happening at the biological level of humanity. As most know, my body has been kicked upwards, downwards and sideways. I have had a voice for 3/4 weeks out of the last 3 months and not consecutively either. I have lost the upper part of my vocal registry, by body feels like it is 105 years old most days and my ability to stay awake is close to non existent.

This month, even when I had a voice to use to do readings, I didn’t have enough breath to talk, creating severe coughing as I attempted, which of course, blew my voice out again. But this would only happen when I tried to do readings, not in regular conversations. What was explained to me is that there has been a massive wave of light energy coming thru since October 11th, accelerating as we approached November 11th. Spirit had already told us that the 11/11 was going to be 7 days coming and 7 days going, a massive 15 day event (gotta count the day of in there too.) Which was why when I kept trying to poke my head out in the quantum field of Life, my lungs could not handle it.

We must also remember the body itself is biological. It is made of matter. It may and often will contort with the incoming energies. It can be damaged. This is not a punishment nor something that needs healing work from emotional discordance. It is simply something that happens due to the changes.

Also, in the many that have taken up the emotional healings of themselves and their ancestors, this allowed for a planetary healing as well. Now that the emotional field has been cleared enough to allow the high voracity of light to Be, the DNA aspects must go thru its changes.,

Spirit has been saying for many years now, true change MUST come thru the human itself in this unique evolution we are in. We have never ever done this type of whole earth ascension while in body before. To eradicate the various diseases there are humans who have chosen to allow that disease within their bodys to love it to death.

I think of my beloved friend Nancy who recently passed from breast cancer. She was an amazing woman of Light and true, pure love. She loved her whole self, even the cancer that was a part of her journey. She worked with her body as was needed. This is how we eradicate the diseases that have had plagued us from emotional damage.

My personal ancestry has had long issues of anger, verbal abuse and many other things I worked long and deep on within myself in meditation. I have healed the emotional damage of my maternal and paternal sides and now, I will love the illnesses to death as well. I will work with my body however it needs.

The energy of what we call illness or disease is transmuted into incredible light as we leave this planet. No more black holes of emotional distress will even exist in the coming generations.

On that note, my day of readings is about to begin. I am also moving to my daughters this week. I will write again as soon as I have new information about these amazing times we are all in!!

I love and honor you all so freakin much!! Thank you for Being here, for Being YOU and loving me the way you do!!! I love you that much too!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with wonder and DeLight!!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas

Lets run a special of radical change for ALL!!!



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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 5, 2019

The White of November’s 11:11 Gateway!!


This has been a truly wild ride these last few months. No doubt, we are not about to slow down any time soon. (I really wish it would tho lol.) I have not put out any sharings 1, because there was nothing new for me to share and 2, I have been babysitting my grandson while my daughter recovers from surgery and her husband works day-shift. I am out of the house by 4:50 am most days.

My voice came back just in time for November to start. And what a weird November it is already. The first day of November all I could see in what I call “previews” (imagery b4 the call happens) is what looks like a spotlight shining down on the earth and flooding it with light. The light is so bright I cannot see thru it. This was consistent for every person on my schedule. The next day, we got an addition within the preview… a left arm (physical reach for life) with a wrist watch on it. The numbers of the watch were blobby and blurry, there were no minute or hour hands. The only thing I can understand about this consistent imagery is… we tend to look at the clock, at time, the time it takes (for anything) and now, time is becoming less and less relevant in our reach for life. What we want or need.

Yesterday in the previews (no one has had an actual reading yet) it really became interesting because each person added a different element to the preview (unlike the previous 2 days.)

My first lad’’s preview was an opening of a curtain, very much like the opening of a play. The curtains themselves where extremely white and what was thru them was another layer of (a softer) white light. Nothing I could see thru tho.

My next lady offered a silhouette pacing back and forth behind the softer white light. So my guess is that the softer while light is a secondary curtain to the first one. Like a set of shears behind the brighter ones.

I am now wondering if the pacing is us… waiting, wondering and yet, the time is blurred, irrelevant to our desires for now information lol. And trust me, I want to know NOW!! lol

My third lady offered something incredible… the only thing of color besides white and silhouette . It was a ring/crown of brilliantly colored flowers. Flowers reminiscent of Hawaiian leis. I cold feel the thickness of their petals. This ring of flowers was about the side around as a Frisbee (going to scale of my vision of course) and hung in the center of the stage a couple feet above where this image of pacing was.

I kept feeling the energy of the crowning of the virgin mary (why, I have no idea lol..) Maybe it is the purity of the light and the brilliance (flower colors) of what is to come of the whiteness. Of course, we are heading into and thru the most significant 11:11 gateway ever.

Well my day has already started with readings and I am only getting the finger wag… meaning, not seeing anything. I have a deep inner feeling each day closer to the 11:11 the frequency of light is getting more and more intense. Which alone feels exciting, but not when looking directly into it.

Sadly, with the chaos of my days driving to my daughters, not having a voice, babysitting and days not getting home until after 7 pm, I have been really really negligent in my emails and many other things. The times I am at home I tend to take very long (and needed) naps. And just so no one worries, my daughter is fine, she got new boobs put in and cannot lift anything until a week or so from now, including her 26 pound chunky monkey lol. So I did not block off the moon periods or even the 11:11 and those days are all booked up. I would strongly advise rescheduling coming into and on the 11:11 (I have a feeling beyond that will be ok) or stay there and we can try and see what we can see.

A few days before m voice came back, I was sitting on the couch and tilted my head to the left and it felt like I dunked my head underwater and my right ear filled up. The next day, same thing happened with my left ear, Both are still pressurized, with my right ear being super intense and both ringing like crazy. It will be 2 weeks Thursday this ear thing has been consistent. My doc gave me antibiotics which helped everything except the ears.

I actually broke down and begged my team to help me understand what is happening. They gave me a dream just before November started. I was painting someones ceiling white. In this dream all I could think about is how great it would be if my son painted my ceilings before I move (I move out by the end of this month.)

We are all working to purify the ceilings of life, raising the frequency for ALL. When work is being done, it is not a time to understand but allow. This is what all the previews in November are reminding us of… allow. Time is irrelevant (unless you have bills to pay lol.) and life is getting a new coat of paint at the highest level for all of us.

On my car ride from daycare to home this morning, I was equally reminded of how incredibly intelligent and communicative our cellular body is and will do all it can to push us where we need to go.

I got insurance the 1st of Oct and had not yet contacted an ENT to explore my chronic, persistent voice loss. Well, with my ears in the condition they are now in, I called yesterday. The first thing they asked me is if I had an MRI done on my throat and head at all. Nope. My appointment is for Nov 20th!!

I am also being asked to remind all of us to stop thinking we are doing something wrong, or out of alignment, or not working on issues. Sometimes the light itself is so intense, the body reacts the only way it can as it undergoes change.


On that note… I love you all so much and for those of you willing to endure my rescheduling, thank you from the deepest part of my heart and soul.

Ohhhh and we have decided to change the day and time of our Nations class so we do not have to cancel it. Right now we are looking at Wednesdays at 3pm and will be confirmed tonight when we meet. So the Nations Tuesday night classes live on (only on another day and time lol.)

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with light, love and pure excitement to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 10, 2019

Last Quarter and the 11/11 Three Month Event!!

last quarter

The first thing I want to do is apologize to everyone that meets on Tuesday in the Nation. After my day of readings, I went to see my rhuematoligst (It is confirmed by the tests she took I have rheumatoid arthritis but do NOT have psoriatic arthritis. YAY, I think lol.) Then went to the grocery store and had to cut it short. I felt feverish and sleepy. Not to mention I developed one hellofa muscle spasm at my right scapula that hurt like hell. I got home, turned on the heating pad, laid down on it to relieve my scapula ouchies and pretty woke up about 9pm Wednesday night. The most I did was wake up to go potty and even that, was in a fog. You would think after sleep a day and a half I would have been awake all night. Nope went back to bed and slept like a baby til 5am this morning.

Everything has a two sides to look at. The xrays that were taken shows I do not have any bone loss and we have caught the RA in enough time to manage it. But that removes filing for disability due to this particular thing.. The xrays did show osteoarthritis in my spine and next I need a spine specialist because truly that is my greatest source of pain, my back and truly limits my movements.

Well, enough about me!! We are approaching the first full moon of this last quarter of 2019, it is already affecting so many people and things with its luminosity. Do not confuse luminosity with clarity!! It would be great to clearly understand what is being turned on for us to utilize next, but that usually happens post full moon as we get ready for the new moons energies to carry us into brilliant and often, challenging new beginnings.

Hmmmm, I have just gotten this piece of information… this years 11/11 gateway will actually be a three month event starting with the 11th of this month, ending with the 11th of December, which will intensify the energies coming thru on the 11th of November, especially since the full moon happens in the morning (EST) on the 12th of November. Lets take an amazing look at the full moon in December too. It happens on 12/12 at 12:12 am!!! .(Times are EST) . No wonder there is a massive acceleration and curve to the energy that is December.

These are indeed interesting times we have entered. There is so much unusual about this year, between every new and full moon being 3 day events, December curving in acceleration, the coming year not above us but out forward from this timeline and now the 11/11 being a three month, intense event. Mercy!!!

Well the next phase of my day is upon me, thank god I am awake for it!! (smile)

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of luminosity of change to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas




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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 8, 2019

Ending 2019 and Prepping for 2020


Not surprising at all to see, there has been a major shift in our fields. That amazing fractal filled new moon juice has been taken in and set the stage for our next great adventures as we end 2019 and set up for 2020.

This final quarter will be filled with absolute endings that bring birth to new beginnings. Powerful new beginnings if we dare to follow it all thru.

There is a reading that stays at the forefront of my mind. Her reading opened up with something similar to stage curtains pulled slightly apart so that I could see what was thru them. Just beyond the stage curtains made of bright paisley designs, was this huge hill. It went up at almost a 90 degree angle. At the foot of the hill was a gold bicycle. Every part of this bike was gold, including the tires. Bicycles are all about balance in my readings, gold the highest vibration of spiritual energy that I see. So my lady has a very special spiritual balance to navigate this challenging hill that will bring her to extraordinary outcomes for her personal evolution. At the top of the hill was a little flag, like the marker flags that matched the paisley design of her stage like curtains. The arrival point of the energy it will take for her to get there, God forbid we would see the exact details of what that little flag represented, but I did understand the energy it will take to arrive there. The balance, the spiritual fortitude. The dedication even when your legs get tired from peddling uphill.

I wrap this around all the other readings and their information for the person, there is a sense of inner and outer spiritual focus that is needed to achieve our next series of abilities and events to accelerate it all. Staying in balance with that focus, with the push it will take to reach the top of the hill before this year ends as we prep for 2020.

I created a handy dandy visual of the way I see the rest of this year into 2020 visually:


If I am understanding this correctly, the moon juice that concluded Sept is creating the inner and outer acceleration needed for those who are ready/clear/spiritually focused It is filled with the energy needed to enter the curve of December without being derailed and flung out. (What that means or looks like, I do not know yet.) The only thing spirit is focused on is what you need to focus on now. Some people are getting a whole new set of soul blue prints, others stopping activities in midstream to change its outcome.direction from what it started to be.

What I cannot show in my incredibly humble diagram… 2020 is not directly above us like every year prior to this one, but forward about 5 feet. So the C curve of December accelerates all that was put into motion these last 2 months (oct and nov) to meet the high frequency landscape of 2020.

Well, my reading day is about to begin already. I will finish this tomorrow, promise lol.

Love you all soul much!!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of accelerated energies to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas




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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 4, 2019

September Into October Energies


Long time no write. Hope everyone has been enjoying these intense, crazy energies!! The field has been rather interesting since the new moon. At first what I was seeing was the new moon dripping like a leaky faucet down towards earth. Within this moon juice (smile) contains all the energies from the fractal event (full moon, equinox, new moon and the void day.)

As the readings unfolded I could see that this “moon juice” was affecting everyone differently, opening different aspect within each person, changing the magnetic patterns in some, abilities either intensifying or coming online. So many interesting and actually down right exciting things in store for us as we conclude 2019, all in prep for 2020.

As we started October (1st) suddenly the end of September turned into a black lake of moon juice (black only because that is how I see the new moon, black, including the dripping energy from it.)

In a way, the readings looked like this (change the water to black tho:)

river bank.jpg

The bank was about 3 feet tall and the grassy area represented the entrance into October, and of course, the grass was different for each person. Not everyone was making their way into October tho. One was still absorbing the moo juice energies, some were reflecting on what got them to this point and others making sure that what is no longer needed for them to carry forward, it fully released.

There is an amazing, fortifying energy coming off this moon juice lake. It would be a great idea if you were to go into meditation, recreate this image in your field and see yourself on top of the grass looking out towards the lake, feel the energy, communicate with it. Feel what is coming in or going out for you. Pay attention to the grass as well, it has a lot to say about what your going to be doing. Remember, everything in meditation is conscious and communicative. Talk to the grass, ask questions….

As for me, I am in a world of change as well. My lease ends the end of next month and I will be moving in with my Valorie. I just spent the last several days there critter sitting then babysitting my grandson who has a rough head cold and could not go to day care. For the entire time there, my back or leg has not hurt.

I’’ve got home yesterday and this morning, my back was in pain again. Either my grandsons energy is my miracle cure or this house is on a lay line that is too much for this body, or both!!

I also did my readings there the last 2 days and the ease of seeing was incredible. I hopped around different places in the house to work from, back yard, front yard and their kitchen, all fluid and easy. YAY!!

I have also decided that with the last bill-out of October, I will be ending everyone’s paid membership in the Nation. I cannot see how I can do Tuesdays classes past November. I must getting a footing in my new world when it comes and part of my obligation will be babysitting in the evenings when they are both working so they do not have to pay a sitter. Same with weekends. So I will be adjusting my calendar days off to include Saturday and Sunday for now starting in December.

The energy of change has been running deep in me this last week, when I am actually awake to feel it. I have been sleeping so damn much since the new moon, naps daily. I think I am getting like 15 hours of sleep a day lol. I wish I could say I wake up with so much energy but nope. I just get tired eyes really fast all day long.

Ohhh sometime last week I was trying to reduce my amount of emails in my gmail (I had close to 5000) and starting from the oldest, somehow it reverted to current so I accidentally deleted two days of current emails. If you mailed me and I did not respond its because I accidentally deleted you and I apologize. Please resend.

On that note, my day of readings begins…

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) drenched with incredible moon juice to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas




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