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The Elements Are Assisting Us Thru this Massive Expansion!!


Happy New Moon to everyone.  New moon, new energy, new choices, new opportunities with a bit of the old mixed in.  Old desires rising up to the top for fulfillment.  Old opportunities rounding another corner to choose once again, but in new ways.  Even if that new way is to just say no thank you this time around.

Yesterday’s readings really rallied around choices, choice points and incoming choices yet to present themselves. However, everyone seemed to have some added help, an added element to assist them in whatever they were doing or going thru.  That said, everyone was still this bulging striation of golden spinning energy as was the field.

My first lady had the most beautiful blue/clear wall of water pouring down over her.  This water was in a freeze frame picture, as her team said, so I could see and understand what was being revealed to her.  If I had seen it as it was, pouring down over and the ground, the energy would be too intense and confusing for me to read.  Nice to see spirit is finally seeing my limitations lol.

Water is a natural amplifier of energy, creating new choices in one’s life creates a new energy field.  What I could not figure out was what choices she was in the process of making, but her team said, it was major in her life story.  So imagine my surprise when the first thing she said was she was deciding about getting back into an old love relationship and instantly I hear her team say, no, that choice is irrelevant.  What???  How can any choice be irrelevant??  Instead of her asking the questions, it was her team full of questions for her around this very thing she was debating on within herself.  Something we all could learn from as old things may become presented again.

The only time we need to revisit something we have already done or been thru is if we did not learn all we needed to learn from that situation or relationship.  In this case, her team already said as they asked her… Do you feel there is something you missed learning about yourself thru that relationship… No!!  So then why revisit it??  Because when we redo something that is already over and should stay over, then ending that comes around this time I much more intense than the first time.

With free will being abundantly and forever available, spirit will never stop of from something that is not needed in our life.  Trust me, I have learned this more times than I care to remember, and have the scars to prove it!! However, those scars keep me from ever doing that again!!

After she mentioned her desire for a relationship, she mentioned her desire and putting into motion, having a baby via a sperm donor.  My whole body got so excited with this choice.  Ya swear it was happening to me!!  Great choice, but with a word of caution from her team.  In choices this big and this life changing, it is better to focus on the single choice and allow whatever changes that it will provide to come flowing in afterwards.  They even gave her an example of seeking to become pregnant and straddling a new relationship and the confusing vibe she would be sending out to her new prospective partner.  I want a baby but not with you.

The moral of the story here, we may have several desires rising up thru us at this time, focus on the strongest ones that would not conflict with each other and allow the changes to present themselves along the way.  Once again, my own recent story was presented as an example.  All I wanted were implanted teeth, something that seemed financially impossible and yet, changed my entire life (as well as my daughter and grandsons lives too) by keeping that desire alive.

So, understanding the emotional flow moving thru her, I could see why water would be her ally in this moment.

Imagine my surprise when my second reading, a precious man in Ireland had the winds of change blowing all around him, starting at his left side (physical life side) and whipping around and around, with a squeezing in at his waist, then releasing the squeeze, a pause point, then started whipping around again.  He too, was still this striation of golden energy spinning, but when the wind squeezed his midsection, it created what looked and felt like a new antenna at the top of his head, or at least, where his head would be if he wasn’t golden light striations.

I had read for him before I left florida and he was given very specific homework about doing something with an energy field near him.  If I am remembering correctly (information gets all mushed up in my head) he was to open an energy vortex and really start to feel his connection/interaction with it all.  He had been diligently doing that thru yesterday.  The winds of change said he did exactly what was needed, this energy vortex was awakened and uprooted and is now moving to another landscape on earth to move into.  There will be a time he will follow to that place as well.

For now tho, he is to work in his garden, using this energy (it may have moved elsewhere, but is always connected to him and vise versa) thru the planting of the seeds and increasing/speeding up the life cycle of his garden.  It was explained that with this energy he has the ability to hurry the reaping of his planting.  Example, if something took 10 weeks to go from planted to ready to harvest, he can now use this energy and have it done in 5 weeks.  I can see how the wind itself can assist in what he is doing.

My fourth lady looked like she was having a party in her field.  Again, she too was still golden striations of spinning energy but with balloons rising up from her left and right sides.  I instantly got it (imagine that!!) Helium is her ally!!!  As we talked and understood more, I seen a few of the balloons tether into the vortex energy that is the ground she lives on and was ever so slowly, rising it up.  She will be moving (literally) and its all being set up now.  It is no where she expects to move to, but her job is to trust and go there anywayz.  She will be feeling the “where” about the end of may going into june.

Then she started telling me of something new, something brave she decided to do with herself.  She is going to Kryon’s light conference at the end of May and is traveling alone and flying there.  Something she has not been brave enough to do until now.  Even more exciting, she decided to upgrade her seating on the plane, to first class!!  I could feel spirit bursting with joy thru every cell of my body!!  She was honoring her desire to be somewhere, even if she could not find a traveling partner and gave herself the gift of comfort as she choose this amazing uncomfortable step in her life!!  In this way, she truly lifted herself up and out of her old programming and opened to the new!!  Helium is her ally and will carry her thru!!!

I could not see anything for my third lady yesterday.  I am not sure why.  It was not revealed to me, and it could very well be, she is still deciding.  My 5th lady was MIA.  So I had plenty of time to ponder my own meditation the day prior with the fire triangle over my field.  Until yesterday’s elements showing up, I didn’t go much deeper than what I seen thru meditation.  But now that the elements are a major player in people’s personal fields, I have got to take a deeper look, other than being the element of Leo.

The element of Fire is pure spirit, it is vitality and passion, energy and victory, the will and the power to act. It can mean pride and honour but also brutality and destruction. It is the gentle warmth and the soft light but also the terrible eruption of a volcano.

Of course, I have to look at the triangle too:  Where you want to generate energy, use a triangle.  It is the feng shui geometry of the fire element… (taken from a feng shui site.)  I had no idea about the triangle and fire.

I personally do not find the eruption of a volcano terrible at all, unless of course I was standing in or on it when it erupts.  That said, my entire life just melted down and reformed elsewhere.  We won’t even talk about how fast this new life is burning thru money!!  Geez Louise!!

I did act on something yesterday, still being haunted by the lyrics of the song I shared yesterday… who are you… who who, who who.  I do not like being asked that question from spirit, I am kind of intimidated by it.  Of course, it is easy for me to ask you in a reading, per spirit, but hey, lets not point the finger back at myself!!  lol

At the end of the day, at the end of this long cycle we are closing out, I do know our next agenda, not in detail, but in concept.  Together, at the ground level, doing… power work!!!  THAT’S what I am wanting to Be and Do next!!  That is why I am building (excuse me, having built) the new website The Nation of Lights.

For days now, I have been back and forth on something that rose up thru me when I was in Marco Island in Florida with the amazing Julie (smile) she mentioned she was getting ready in August to do a Scotland sacred tour.  She has been organizing and leading journeys all around the world for a long time now.  I could feel the energy rise up from my heart and I had to blurt out… I wanna go!!  But it was full.  OK it would have been nice.  Doncha know a spot just happened to open up a couple of days ago.  Yikes!!  Back in Marco Island, I wasn’t spending money like there was no tomorrow.  Now, (minus what I put in savings) I am scraping the bottom of my once full barrel.  Of course this opportunity would present itself when I am at the bottom of the barrel instead of the top.  I am still pushing thru the money beast.  I pulled up airfare to Glasgow, Scotland three days in a row, constantly falling to the side of the fence we can just call caution (or fear of spending so much lol) until yesterday.  This trip happens during my 55th birthday and the solar eclipse.  Of course I want to do it, participated, grow into whatever that adventure holds.  I took a deep breath in and purchased my round trip airfare.  I leave out of Austin on August 15th, my 55th birthday and arrive on the 16th, the trip is from the 27th thru the 29th and I return home on the 30th!!   Gulp!!

I never heard of any of the places we are going to, but am so excited to be going to then none the less.  The solar eclipse will be spent on the amazing Island of Iona (I googled it yesterday.)  I can already feel the crackling of new codes being turned on thru it all!!

In this way, I am praying that I fired my own grid of new abilities, potentials, experiences with others, at the ground level of life that will expand us all in the days, weeks and times to come.

Of course, that is a long time from now and spirit has already been showing me tents set up in the back yard as we start our first ever mini workshops of… well… I have no idea yet, but it’s already forming from spirit’s eye!!

Here is to new energy, new opportunities and new exciting life and love to and thru the All wrapped in massive ((((HUGZ))))

Lisa Gawlas



the shift

I have been so excited, so chomping at the bit to see what the hell these plug-ins coming out of our core energy are going to do and of course, I have not been able to see since we got that teaser.  I had three appointments on Sunday and was thrilled when I got to see my first lady, not realizing she would be the last one I seen during this phase as well.

When my lady showed up there was something odd happening with her energies, like all this sparking white energy coming out of her core.  I realized what we were seeing was kind of like a short in the electrical system that needed addressing.

What really surprised me was the sudden presence of her ET.  A couple of years ago she signed up to be connected to her ET and altho she has attempted connection with him, the full on connection/communication from her side had not been established yet and he was here to say, NOW it’s almost mandatory for her to find a way to connect with him.  They have work to do together in this next phase of our amazing life.

Thru her reading and especially afterwards as the information was still coming in, many have been reunited with their ET family and friends for a reason and we are now fully in the energy system of that reason.  Most has years to prepare their inner skills and communication systems so that this phase could happen fluidly.

It was also explained to my lady, thru her ET that it is time for her to move as well.  Which really surprised me, she was a friend and neighbor while I was in the Jemez and hearing that the energy’s moved startled me, but also, helped me understand why every time I tried to look at moving back to New Mexico, there was no energy there.

What was explained to her that the energy packets beneath the earth moved to untapped areas on earth.  Fresh area’s, hidden from most of humanity’s view so nothing is interfered with.  Those that need to use those energies (as opposed to thinking they need to fix them) will be relocated.  The energy fields that have been sustaining the shift up to this point will be turned down and some, shut off.  This is something that happens at the beginning of every new cycle.  Very much like giving areas a long rest period as other areas come out of a rest period and get ready to rock.

Her particular ET and his crew have been helping earth with the (ongoing) ignition of these systems.  Over the course of these next three years, the earth’s batteries will be in vastly different areas than they are now.  This too, is part of earth’s natural changes.

What I equally find interesting with this beautiful lady, she was the only one I couldn’t see for days earlier.  I had 6 people on my dance card, she was number 5 and I was able to read for the 4 before her and the one after her, but spirit was hell-bent on me not even trying, right down to being stung by a bee during our call.  Of course, on the day I couldn’t see her, we were still seeing the wall of light and for her to get the information she needed, it had to be in this energy vortex/change landscape.

I had every intention of writing about at least this when I awoke yesterday, until I came to my computer.  I felt like someone poured molasses on my brains and I could not fire synapses connections to save my life.  After staring uneventfully for an hour at my computer screen, I decided to take a bath to see if I could pick up any more information about what was happening on the field, especially as it relates to me.

The evening we seen the new golden vortex like energy in the ground and as our light bodies, I did get a quick glimpse of my own alignment ment with it (cuz I do wanna know.)  I was really looking for those plug things and instead I could feel my spinning light body suddenly connected (like a snap on toy) to the circulating energy field at the ground, but that is all I got and left me no clearer than the moment prior.

So when I climbed into my badass bathtub (god I so love that freakin tub lol) yesterday morning, I asked for help with understanding the field cuz I already felt like seeing was going to be an elusive thing again.

Now I have to back up to the very first day I took a bath.  It was my first morning in this new place and I was only able to hold my connection for a few moments.  What I had seen kind of reminded me of a new plant made of fire.


My energy looked a lot like this, only the stem and leaves were made of fire, I was not in the earth but suspended about 6 feet above it.  And there was something unrecognizable (to me) in the middle like the water droplet in this picture.  It was the only thing not made of fire.  It left my field of vision as quickly as it was presented.

So yesterday, once again I was having trouble holding my connection for long periods of time, but each time I reconnected what I seen was the same.  This large triangle made of fire over the now fat golden vortex like energy field of both the earth and myself.  It was so fat that it was almost indiscernible which was which. I feel that for all of us, our energies are growing and merging with… well, whatever the ground truly represents.

Of course, I had to ask about that fire triangle thing, remembering my little fire seedling thing a week prior.  Pesky spirit, instead of giving me understanding, played a song clip, over and over and over again.  It was a song from The Who (I will leave the song at the end of this sharing) that I recognized immediately.  The repetitive lyric was “Who are you, who who, who who.  I really wanna know.”   Hey!!  That’s my question, who Am I next??  What is needed of me, what more should I be doing or looking at and stuff.  You can’t answer a question with the same question back at me!!  Dammit!!

Of course they can!!

Just as I was feeling, there was no seeing the field yesterday, at all.  Not even a little hint of what may be happening.  The only thing I could feel between rescheduling was that pesky song lyric, with a memory, a constant inspiration from wayyy back in the beginning of my crazy adventure I call my awakening.  As I understood why meditation was so important (to me) and how much it was clearing up in my body and mind I really really really wanted to tell every person I ever came across about this amazing inner world of love and non judgement.  A few years later, I began my 15 year journey of teaching it and many other things that comes of it.

Back then, no one had to ask me who I was, where my focus was at, I knew,  Kind of crazy that 17 years in now, and I am freakin clueless!!  I suppose tho, now it is a matter of getting excited, centered, focused on what we know is possible but have not yet experienced as of yet.  To plug into the unknowable.  which seems kind of counterintuitive really.

Another thing I am (kinda almost) sure about, this energy field is all building into the massive crescendo of the new moon tomorrow (the 26th.)

The sun is surely doing its part for energy enhancements (from spaceweather today:)

EXPLOSION ON THE SUN: On April 23rd, a dark filament of magnetism on the sun exploded. ….

SOLAR WIND STORM SPARKS AURORAS: Earth is inside a stream of solar wind spewing from a large hole in the sun’s atmosphere. Fitfully blowing faster than 600 km/s, the wind’s gusty pressure on Earth’s magnetic field is sparking auroras around the poles. …

These polar lights will probably dance for at least one more night as Earth continues its passage through the solar wind stream. Gaseous material in this stream is threaded with “negative polarity” magnetic fields. Such fields do a good job connecting to Earth’s magnetosphere and energizing geomagnetic storms.

They also do a good job energizing us!!  And obviously, something even more than that.

When I woke up this morning, somewhere near 5am, I was disoriented.  I felt like I awoke somewhere else, in another dimension than the one I went to sleep in.  I should have known something odd was happening last night, as Michelle and the baby went to sleep at 7pm, neither able to stay awake.  I thought I could, until I passed out on the couch shortly after they went to bed.  We all slept thru til after 5am this morning.

I no longer feel the dimensional oddness like I did when I first opened my eyes, but I know it happened.  What happened is going to be exciting to see and understand and I pray, we get a little understanding thru todays readings!!

So let me share the song with everyone, maybe if we start choosing from the unconscious level of the soul, a little something something will be reflected on the field.  Hey, I need you to understand myself, thank you very much!! lol

I love you all soul much!!  Something BIG has arrived and I do believe, it is US!!!

(((((HUGZ)))))) of song, dance and the question… whoooooo are you???

Lisa Gawlas


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The Earth is Charged and Ready to Go!! Are You?

earths fields.jpg

Once again, we are all in the midst of massive energetic change, as is the energy directly at the ground level of life.  Which is amplifying everything thru the body system, physically and emotionally.  After two days of fluid readings, I was sad and disappointed that when Friday’s first reading rolled around… nuttin.  As was the case for the rest of the day.  I wasn’t sure if it was the field, us or the fact that my mouth hurt so damn much when I talked, especially forming any words that had the S or F sounds within them, which is a surprising lot!!  The pain got so bad I decided to email the last two people on my dance card and then I took out my bottom denture (and it is still out) which helped a lot. By yesterday morning, my mouth was fine.  I only had two people on my dance card since I am winding down, for now, with weekend readings.  Once I get more settled into my new life and new routine, I will open a few weekend days for those who must have a weekend reading, but for now, we are all still adjusting.  Anywayz…. My first appointment of the day yesterday, nuttin, again!!  WTH????  I did everything except stand on my head to try and get the field ignited, nope.  So I did the only thing I knew to do, I hopped in the bath between her and my next appointment, hoping some understanding would be shed.  Especially since my next appointment has been rescheduled more than anyone else in the last several months and I wanted to come to her armed with an explanation.

Let me tell you, the energy of gratitude can seriously get in the way of a fluid meditation!  I have run several baths since landing in my new, expanded heaven and I can barely tune in because I am just overwhelmed with gratitude.  This bathtub is like the cherry on top of the bestest cake ever.  But I dug my way into meditation yesterday, cuz we need to know!!  Dammit!!

My vision opened to the back yard, now missing that wall of light and replaced by this beautiful golden vortex like energy.  Something sort of like this picture, except the green grass was viewable thru the energy circles and all around it, plus it was flat on the ground, not tilted in the air:

ground vortex

From my bathtub view, I could see the energy going down into the earth, or maybe, coming up out from the earth.  I kept feeling that all this happened because of the energy awareness of father earth.  I did take a moment to ask where I was in the midst of all this and I was as much that golden energy vortex as the earth was.  But no more was added.

At least now I knew it wasn’t just me, but the earth and everyone and everything else upon it.  It also makes sense as to why my mouth suddenly became amplified with pain.  These energies have no bias either, if something hurts its gonna hurt a bit more due to the amplification underway.  We will also see all the other things amplified, base emotions, higher emotions, everything from the ground upwards!!!  As if it wasn’t already amplified enough!!  Sheez!!!

Understanding all this, I did beg the “powers that be” to please let a little something something come thru for my lady.  I know she will, once again, understand, but please lets give her something… anything!!!

So when I showed up for my lady’s reading, at first, I thought my plea’s fell on deaf ears, until we started talking about the golden energy spiraling at the ground.  Suddenly I could see her light body position over the center point of the energy at the ground, elongated about 5-6 feet up from the ground, spinning (both are moving in a counterclockwise direction… opening.)

body spiral

Then she had some weird-looking stuff coming out of her field, these wiry looking things that came from her core outwards, sort of like this picture (the closest visual I could find, but not accurate in detail.)  Where the energies arced outwards, they only came not even halfway towards the ground but some of the energies had something like looked like this on them:

plug in

I recognized them immediately only because I had bought my grandson a little battery-powered, ride on fire truck, and the internal and external charger looked like this.  At the moment of connecting to her, she had three of these all coming out from her left side area (physical life) and each a different color.  They were not plugged into anything yet, so I could not understand what they were charging up.  This morning, I think I am understanding more.

For so long in this phase of our evolution, all the energies were ignited from above, coming down to us from the sun or the upper atmosphere and now, we are getting fully charged up at the ground level.  The earth is fully ready and prepared to host the greatest evolution of a species ever beheld in creation!!!

However, what we must fully realize, she is the power source.  Let’s look at my grandsons ride on fire truck.  We can plug it into the wall, get it fully charged and ready to go, but if he never gets on and uses it, well, for a while, it’s just a fully ready truck.  If it just sits there, the charge will start to discharge and it will have to be plugged in again to be used.  With us, if we do nothing with our new charges, the opportunities will be handed off to someone else.  This really has always been the way of it, the back up plan to back up plans, except this time, much more immediate.

Pay attention to what you are feeling inside your body.  I get a direct correlation with my hands as I try to understand this energy system(s).  For about a month before I left Florida, the energy in both of my hands, most especially my left hand but also my right, hurt like freakin hell from the wrists thru each knuckle.  It hurt so much I could not pick up my coffee pot most mornings with one hand, I needed both and even that was a strain.  I was pretty sure I developed carpal tunnel, since I had it when I was pregnant with my last child, it was similar but not really the same.  I already knew my hands were all about grasping the things I (really, my soul) was reaching for in its next experience in life.

I was hoping when I landed in the pre-rental place I secured in San Marcos, that energy would start releasing itself, ohhh no, not even a little bit.  It wasn’t until I moved into this new home, this amazing place did the energies within my hands finally release.  I can even pick my (quite solid) grandson up and over my head with ease.

If we can look at the magnetics of our fields.  I was completely imbued with the resonance magnetic field energy to make sure this landscape and my body found each other.  Even as my head was pretty sure I would be strolling about the universe for a year, in Mexico, in the UK… my soul already knew and I am sure it giggled all the way here.

Not only did this amazing place come with all the “life” amenities I could have ever hoped for, it also comes with the most amazing landlord one could ever ask for.  This man is so accommodating, so willing to bend over backwards to make sure all our needs are met that I am humbled.  Not to mention the fact that he is not totally weirded out when I constantly tell him how much I love him.

I have no idea what is next for us, but OMG I am sooooo excited to find out!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of unyielding joy come thru and to the ALL of Life!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas

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Father Earth and the Sirian/Pleiadian Energy Fields.

father earth.png

Well I guess I am starting to get my new field legs and mind cuz I was able to do all 5 readings before energetically collapsing and even some really meaty information came thru as well!!

I cannot wait to share my very first one, the only man I have read for since opening to this new field.  We the Wall of Source (Light) is very much in play (for everyone.)   With my beautiful man, there was this gray silver V that was embedded into the wall of light, about a 10 foot span at the top of the V and the bottom connected directly to the top of earth.  Once I see the setup, I go looking for you and your relationship to it.  Well surprise me when my man was buried under the earth, the top of his head just inches under ground and he was standing upright.

His physical body was becoming only barely recognizable as he started to look like this odd connection of roots.  The roots were so thick that they kind of resembled a tree trunk at the core, but they were not tree trunks (I asked.)  Then I about shit when I heard the speaker of the house (god???) say… he is part of the group soul that is father earth.  Father earth???  Sure enough what was shared was something like:

Humanity has long forgotten about father earth, he became buried with the deep past.  There is no mother without the father and earth has a masculine energy to its Self as much as it has the feminine that we call Gaia or mother earth.  It is time to remember and recognize this potent energy.  For bring back into our consciousness father earth, will empower mother earth and release her full on abilities thru each of us.

What surprised me even more, he was told (yes TOLD) that he will write a blog and share all the information that he is going to remember thru his meditation connections with the father of earth.  The more he shares, the more he will understand about himself and the more he releases back into the collective consciousness for empowerment and enhancement to all.

As he shares, his buried body will start to rise up out of the ground, that gray silver V will be absorbed into him Beingness thru the crown as he rises up and he will then morph into the next version of himSelf on earth.

It was also shared thru his reading that many of the elements, the metals in earth are a part of father earth (hence the gray silverness to the V.)  When that was shared with him, something inside of me said… but of course (not that I had ever thought about that at all.)

One of my other readings,  my lady was on this swing above the wall of light, swinging back and forth.  Her butt sort of lit up every time she swung over the area of truth, or on the other side of that wall.  The souls of her shoes sort of glowed as they swung out over the landscape of love.  As she was going back and forth, it was revealed that the landscape I am now calling the land of truth, is directly aligned with the star system Sirius and that the landscape we call Love is aligned with the star system we know as the Pleiades.  I was really shocked to understand this.  Of course, the information coming thru the more shocked I get!! lol

She too was told (not asked) to open a blog and start writing, blending the information coming thru her Self and her blog.  Combining the wisdom of Sirius and the Pleiades as one, as a new energy of wisdom here on earth.

I was so excited when shortly after her reading, without my input at all on facebook, an incredible soul created this post by one of my favorite authors in the world, Ken Carey:

Love and Truth! Your post reminded me of something I recently read in Ken Carey’s ‘The Third Millennium, Living in the Posthistoric World’:

“The Constellation of Love is the home of qualities associated with energy expression, and the Constellation of Truth is the home of qualities associated with form and structure. These two polarities overlap and interplay; neither is devoid of qualities originating in the other. The radiations of each quality permeate the entirety of both constellations, but the source from which each quality radiates is located in one constellation or the other. Within this interplay between a constellation of qualities rooted in truth and a constellation of qualities rooted in love, individual spirit beings come into existence.”

Even with what Ken wrote, we can look at the landscape of truth as the masculine, the land of form and structure.  When holding back your own truth, you are also holding back the creation energy within your own personal world.  Love would then be the feminine, the fertilizer that is needed to spring truth into form, energy desires into creation.  One without the other is simply potential waiting for your spark of life to connect it all.

One other reading I do want to share today (simply because I am running out of sharing time this morning) is someone I have been reading for a while, years even.  So, I really do know her inner most desires so when her reading opened up with her sitting in a rocking chair, this side of the wall of light, in the field of love, rocking her soon to be one year old baby daughter… and nothing else happening, I was surprised.  Really surprised.  I kept asking the field… ok and what else.  Same image, her lovingly holding and rocking her daughter.

The last time I talked with her (in Florida) she had so many desires within her, such as getting a better a job, or go back to school, things like that.  So when not another ounce of other energy presented itself, I was kinda stumped.  Until she left me off the hook.

She explained that since her last reading, she cut back the hours she was working so she could spend more time with her daughter and help her mother.  She was no longer actively looking for a better job or even a school.  What I was seeing was exactly what she was doing.

Spirit said that this is perfect for her, if this is truly all she desires in life.  You cannot ask for anything more wonderful than to be set up in the field of love enjoying the time with your baby.  So I had to ask her, is this really all you want in life (trying really hard not to be using my words to make her feel bad, that is never my intention, but hearing myself out loud, can kind of resemble that energy.)  So when she asked about a relationship, having one, her team’s reply made me giggle.  How can you attract a relationship from that position??

If you want anything other than what you have in your world, then you have to do something different, create the energy and action that will start opening doors to new energy offerings.

My own crazy life the last few months have been offered several times now thru the readings as an example.  We have been removed from knowing what’s next, that can be very uncomfortable for the humans who have a 5 year plan (or even a 1 month plan.)

Our job is to bring forward a desire.  For me, it was new implanted teeth.  That truly is what brought forth all the changes I had gone thru.  But not in any linear way.  First I was going to Australia, then to Thailand, then to Mexico, then hanging out in Mexico for a year.  I was getting a home equity loan then ended up selling the place when that energy was pulled out from under me.  And landed in Texas, in the most amazing place I could have never dreamed of, in a rich and loving relationship with people (my daughter and grandson) I never would have fathomed happening!!

It may seem chaotic from those looking in, even on the one in the experience (me) but I know spirits craziness well enough now to know… I just keep following the road signs, even if they appear chaotic.  Each one is releasing and building an energy field we cannot really fathom or get the privilege of seeing before hand.  There is a mystery that must play out when we are in choice points.  Pre know can and would change it all.

With the crazy twists and turns I allowed in my life, I now have all my dreams fulfilled.  I have the implants and eventual snap on dentures underway.  I get my lasik surgery done on Sunday and I LOVE my 70″ TV that I had wanted for years!!  Not to mention, something I wanted probably for over a decade, a brand new, clean website is being created!!  I woke up yesterday inspired to dust off my epublished books and start shopping them to an agent or publisher, especially my “When it All Fall Apart… Again!!” book.

Let me back my own story up a little bit too.  Spirit does not always tell us why they suggest, strongly, for us to do something, our job is to trust that they see what we cannot.  Back in december, my team said it is time to raise my prices for my readings and I did, for two months, but also took the biggest hit on my finances in doing so.  Of course, selling the house never crossed my mind back then, I just felt kind of stuck in a place that I didn’t love but wanted to be in because of my (short) relationship with my mother.  Now I see why.  Now I see how important it was (and I have returned the increased prices back to where they were this week.)  My over-head more than doubled.  All of which, I am so grateful for, but my old financial plan would not support!!

The moral of the story (smile) push open every door, every inspired thought that comes thru you.  Don’t get hung up on that one thing being the place or outcome, just keep going with your flow and you will find yourself in places you could not even dreamed of being in.  That is the beauty and magic of this ongoing moment we have created for ourselves.

Let’s keep the momentum going far and wide and really embed Heaven here on earth for all to enjoy, thru everything You do!!!

I love you all soul very much!!  You really are the most amazing, light filled creatures I have ever had the privilege of connect to and participating in life with.  Thank you for your Presence Here!!!

Ohhhhh… one more thing lol.  With my Sirian/Pleiadian energy lady.  Her team, expressly stated that the times of “channeling someone or something else, is done.”  No more giving credit to anything outside ourselves as the Source of information.  In this landscape, YOU are the only Source it’s coming thru and that is so important for others to feel and realize!!

Big big big (((((HUGZ))))) of truth and love made manifest thru the All of us!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Living In Love AND Living Your Truth.

city of light within

Well, whet my whistle batman!!!  It is a most enjoyable day when I show up to do my job and the field is open to play in!!  For all but one person yesterday, that was the way of it!!  Seeing and understanding!!  I am also finding, especially this morning, it is getting harder and harder for me to keep you, the people I read for and talk about the day after, individuated.  In my mind’s memory, it is more like blending into a whole picture of understanding by each presentation.  The borders of separation are leaving my memory recall.  So with that said, I am going blend the understandings of the entire day.

First of all, and most exciting and surprising (to me) of all, that wall of Light is Source/Creator/God!!  I about shit when that was revealed thru the first reading!!  Even as I share that, I am equally connected to the name of my new (currently being built) website “The Nation of Lights.”  Ohhh I feel something bigger brewing!!

With each person that showed up on the field yesterday, there was a unique relationship to this wall of light, all participating in some way, but each one, very different from the other.  I suppose, as I really think about it, it makes perfect sense.  Each one of us has our own unique relationship/connection with Source/God which also allows for our own unique expression of that beautiful Mastery to be contributed to the All made manifest (thru and as us.)

I do find it interesting that the field, my back yard does not have an equal set up (size wise.)  The front side of that wall, representing the landscape of Love, is so much larger than the back side, representing the landscape of truth.  Even as I think about it, the understanding is presented.

Love, true, genuine, unconditional, non expectant love is a wide and accessible landscape that everyone is birthed in and from.  Even if one appears to be the darkest person on the planet, the field of Love is still surrounding them, available should they choose.

The landscape of truth is much more concentrated, dare I even say, intense.  From the field of Love nothing more is or ever will be asked of anyone.  The landscape of truth however, demands to be seen in the Light of day, every day.  This landscape is not a matter of knowing stuff and parroting it out loud, but LIVING IT.

I am instantly reminded of my pesky master guide (the one who has been with me thru this incarnation) Ramus.  For the first 8 years of my path, he never spoke a word, but was present in every connection I made with him and Jill.  He eventually (8 years later) told me that his duty was to help me understand… to LIVE the fact that action speaks louder than words.  We can even bring in our dearly beloved Gandhi’s words “be the change you want to see in the world.”  This is living your truth.  And in order to live your truth, you must have a wide breadth of energy in the field of love.  It really is the only thing that will sustain the many changes that will take place in your personal field and life field as you dedicatedly start LIVING your truth.

Not one person can be the full on example of Truth made manifest, which is why god has always been a team sport.  You are uniquely and beautifully different from me, and vise versa and yet together, we are a larger picture of the whole.  If we look at us at just the hand on the body, 5 very different fingers, 5 different placements of the fingers, the palm and wrist different yet crucial to the fingers movements.  Each finger working independently and collectively.

This is the time we are in Now.  To understand ourselves as a working whole of Source made manifest, individually and collectively.

More than anything, This is a time for Action!!  Y/our Action!!  Y/our deepest desires are ready to be fulfilled, but only if you get up on your feet and create the energy field to hold them within your field of life.

Even some missed opportunities will be circling back to the present moment for fulfillment, if we dare!!

I will end this with a question from the universe…. What changes are you creating and dancing with in your own life???

Big big big (((HUGZ)))) of dreams come true (becoming truth) and wishes full-filled thru the heart of y/our Soul in action!!!

Lisa Gawlas



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Marrying Love and Truth As One!

heaven on earth

One of the important pieces of information that came thru my solo reading (so far) was about everyone’s emotional field. The emotional field is recalibrating itself.  So we are experiencing new intense highs as well as new intense lows and sometimes swing from one to another in seconds without any real reason for it.  This too is a process and not a single day event, so it is ongoing, for now.  So if you find yourself wallowing in sorrow or sadness for a day, or a week and cannot seem to pull yourself up and out, or fully understand why, it’s not you its the recalibration.  It’s kinda funny really, we may get intensely happy or euphoric for no real reason at all and don’t question it, we get hit with a sudden and strange sadness, we think we broke ourselves somewhere.  Or the feeling of anxiety and everything in between.  So if you are trying to release something in the usual way you released it before and it doesn’t work, then rest assured, it’s not you personally it is the recalibration that is happening and just wait it out.  If you think of it this way, you cannot get dry while standing in a rainstorm, same thing here.  And this phrase is more true now than ever… this too shall pass!! 😉

Same is true with our body aches and pains.  We are building a whole new body and energy system as we sleep and breathe, of course we are going to experience growing pains and at times, those pains may last weeks or a month or two or three.  With this in mind, we may also see a major spike in what we think of as disease.  Those who have not cleared their energy systems and hold blocks of hate or judgement or anything that is separate from love will find illness sudden and rapid.  This is in no way a punishment and never will be.  There are still many people on earth where the weeds have taken over their inner garden and this intense light coming in, amplifies the weeds growth as well.  (No offense to weeds in this analogy.)  Many are choosing to leave this planet during this intense time.  Scenarios will be created as catalyst for the leaving.  Hold no judgement nor fear.  Stay focused in your heart and the excitement of what is taking place, not the old that is leaving for new grounds to continue to play and grow within.  Unless there is something you can do to assist or change things.  Otherwise you are simply involving yourself in someone else’s field of experience.

Another thing that came thru that power packed, solo reading was AA Michael’s purposeful avoidance in using any old word analogies.   We do not let go of our concepts or ideas very well and spirit does not want to add to our confusion.  What we knew about our old working system (and the systems many of the up and coming still use) is akin to kindergarten building blocks.  There were all so important in laying the groundwork of understanding, but how many of us carried our blocks from kindergarten into middle school?  Instead, we were handed calculators and computers to use, allowing ourselves more complex understandings.

With that said, please understand that what we are bringing thru in readings and in writings is the new emerging body of Life.  There will be no affiliations with the past, except maybe to use an analogy for understanding.  Others may still be experiencing their bodies in familiar ways and that is perfect for them and those still letting go of old concepts and tools.  A tricycle, bicycle and motorcycle are all similar but very different in use and abilities.  So too, are we!!  If you have never seen a motorcycle before, do not assume it works the same way as the bicycle, you will forever be looking for pedals that do not exist any longer.

Now, all that said, I want to ponder more about that wall of Light and the two masters that showed up on either side of it.  The Master of Truth on the back side, the Master of Love on the front side.  My two amazing ladies set up a field of understanding for all of us, each in their own way.  Of course it has taken me two days to fully understand why one was so silent and the other, non stop communication.  With this understanding that I have now, it is not a reflection of either lady personally, but their gift of understanding collectively.

Love.  How often do we sit quietly in our seats, just Being the awesome Loving Being we are.  Rarely stoking the fires with the truths we have come to know as our own, not wanting to cause friction in any one else’s field.

Then there is the field of Truth.  Of conversation.  Of opening minds that were once closed.  Truth is not silent, it is consistently expressive.  Truth is not just a bunch of words, but a full expression of one’s own life.  When we are living our truth, we have all the protection we will ever need (hence AA Michael’s shield.)  WE ARE the protectors, the protected and the protecting.

Life cannot ever move forward without the ongoing, changing levels of truth being said and lived out loud.  This would come into the arena of authentic.  But to fully be authentic you must marry both fields, love and truth together as one energy.

Hence the wall of Light.  Who would ever think there could be a big, fat wall in the field of Light itself, but there is.

Let’s really take a long look at the energy of Love.  Love from the Master’s point of view, not the humans.  Unconditional, expecting, unwavering.  To know someone’s ulterior motives and love them anwayz, aid them in any way we can, that is beneficial to the greater field of Life without taking anything personally.  To do this efficiently, one also must be living and expressing their own truth as they know it.  Because redirecting is as important as assisting.  Often times, it is ourselves we need to redirect energetically.  We purposely place ourselves in what we may call adverse situations to learn to marry these two crucial masteries together as one energy field.

I can use my own self and most recent experience as a prime example, the time with my mother.  When I first decided to move from New Mexico to Florida to assist my mother in whatever way I could, I received a lot of slack from people.  It was expressed that my mother did nothing for me thru my life, why would I give up my personal heaven to help her.  Because I freakin love her!!  Period.  In those moments, there was no past in my heart, there was only my mother in dire need and I knew I could help in some way.

Once I got there, I was reminded vividly of her narcissistic/borderline personality disorder.  If for a second I took anything she choose to remember or forget personally, well let’s just say I would have ended up in another classroom type setting to get me beyond that.  Instead tho, I understood her even better than my many swims in the deep end of my tub surrounding her and her (lack of) relationship with me.  The emotional and mental injuries she sustained thru her own life, especially thru childhood were deep and unyielding.  I loved her more than I ever have before those interconnected moments as her life was concluding.  The truth that was shared with her was that she was amazing and so loved and will be so incredibly celebrated as she went back Home.  It gave her comfort and the freedom to let go and move on and that is truly what I was doing in her world as she lovingly seeded my next great adventure with her departure.

We really have no clue what is around the corners of life, as spirit so often says… purposely so.  I never seen all that is here now in my life coming.  Never.  Even the position and wonder I am in Now, was never a forethought.  However, the moment it became visible in my field of understanding, I embraced it.  To embrace it I had to let go of my preconceived feelings of Texas.  On my drive from Baton Rouge to Texas spirit kept telling me that Texas is going to move from a Red state to a Blue state (less political parties and more, interconnected with each other in life support.)  Of course, I had to ask, over and over again… HOW and when???  The sound of silence still lingers around all that!! lol

I am in hopes I have digested all the energy from that one reading, processed enough information to be let loose on the field of readings once again today.  But first, I am taking a deep dive in my badass bathtub!!!

Big big (((((HUGZ)))) of blending Truth and Love to and thru ALL we do and say!!

Lisa Gawlas






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The Wall of Light and Unzippering of NEW DNA

zipper DNA1

I swear to god, even in this amazing transition of Life, spirit is still the greatest tease on and off earth!!  One reading in yesterday… wham, down I went.  Well, Sorta.  I did get to see the layout of my second reading. but zero audio and zero feeling information to even come close to understanding what we were seeing.  That’s just plain unfair if you ask me!!

So let’s look at my one and only reading yesterday.  Man oh man, knock my socks off!!   What is even better, for the most part I can add some pictorial’s for you to see thru my eyes (only much more humble than what was really seen.)

First let’s start with an empty reading field:

new field

When I cranked out my antenna for my first lady, who happened to live in the land down under, AKA OZ we opened to a massive wall of Light:

wall of light

Ok, it wasn’t “boxy” like this image, but there was depth to it, maybe about 10 feet thick.  The next thing I know, Archangel Michael shows up behind the wall and suddenly something that looks like a golden zipper appeared in the middle of this wall of light.

zipper DNA

The zipper and the loops were closed, until AA Michael started to slowwwwwlllyy open that zipper.  I mean, so freakin slow all I could think of was… hey Micky, this is only a 30 minute reading, can you speed things up a bit!!  I surely could not anticipate how far reaching his reply would be.  He said something like ‘you cannot speed up this process, it must unfold slowly.’  I now realize, he was not talking about just the reading itself, but what was actually happening in what was being shown.

That zipper ended up being the 12 groups/strands of DNA energy, which he also referenced the 12 tribes within it as well.  I was stunned to hear the 12 tribes brought back within the first reading, but he wasn’t done with the visuals and partial understandings we received in florida.  As he sped up the visual (not the process) something that looked like this appeared:

4 bars

Four golden bars appeared\, one side of the half circle bar attached to the right side of the wall of light, where it was unzippered, and the other half on the left side.  Aligned so that each bar housed 3 groups of DNA.  Even tho in my humble artwork it looks like those bars are on my side of the wall of light, they were not, they were on the back side, where AA Michael was.

Then my lady was placed inside these 4 brackets or whatever they were.  One aligned to the back of her head, one to the back of her heart area, one around her butt and then the bottom on just above the ankles.  The next thing I know this massive blue and red energy started sparking and spilling out of the bottom bracket into her legs but also all around her legs too.  A new energetic ground work was emerging from this area.  A circle that enlarged as the bracket released more and more energy.  However, the circle was more the color and texture of a soap bubble and not blue and red.

We were then shown the next phase, which was at the butt area, and this shit, I forget already, I think gold and silver energy was released and created a second circle that was enlarged from her body.

Then, the next thing I see are these crazy fish, 6 of them to be exact, bouncing around on her bottom circle thing.

fish symbol

Of course, I had to ask, what the hell are they??  AA Michael explained that they represented “mana.”  The energy, the “food of life” needed to engaged in the various intersecting points that were being created.

I then realized that a whole network of string energy was unfolding between her bottom circle and her butt area circle, depending on where the fish were jumping.  Opportunities.

It was then explained that all of this energy will continue to unfold as we move thru the end of May.  There are some that will feel it immediately and then others that will feel it in a month, several months, next year… this is not an all at once gig, nothing is ever done all at once.  There are too many variables within the human plane for anything to be distributed at one time.  Instead, if we look at it more like the flow of the ocean, gently moving outwards into the field of life.

With all of this information, it was also explained that new skills will suddenly come online as these 4 planes of energy (those circles) complete themselves and interconnect to each other.

With it all, there is already a massive uptick of Light happening thru all of earth.  The pineal gland being the most affected (initially) since that is the light receptor for the human body.

Thru this entire session, which went way over time since it took me so much time to understand anything that was being revealed, not to mention AA Michael said this is a high intensity field that must be adjusted to, no diving straight in (I had no idea what he really meant by that… but do now.)

I could not even imagine what more would come thru with my second reading.  By this time, my head felt bloated with energy, like an over inflated balloon.  The constant talking hurt my mouth so damn much.  I had not spent close to an hour talking straight thru at all since having my teeth pulled, implants implanted and dentures on.  My trip to the dentist later in the day revealed several blisters caused by constant talking.  This is going to be an interesting transition of efficiency lol.

Anywayz, my second beautiful lady showed up and her field was sooooo different, except the wall of light, that was very present.  But unlike my first lady, her field unfolded on this side of the wall of light.  Here is my humble rendition:


The only thing I knew for sure, the guy that was on the left (my yellow stick figure) was Sananda.  My lady, dressed in pink, was hugging the wall of light.  Now all this, I seen clear as a bell.  However, I had zero audio and zero feeling connected to the understanding of the images.  If I didn’t know Sananda’s energy signature, I would never have known who was standing to the left of my lady.  His appearance was not like the ones we know of Jesus, very very different actually.  He did have what looked like a gold ring (like a wedding ring) placed on his head slanted backwards (it was over the top of his forehead and down towards the base of his skull.  He also had three robes on, in three different colors, all layered.  I cannot recall the colors at this moment.  I think the top layer was tan, the second layer was blue and the bottom black… but don’t quote me on that.

And that pathway my lady was on.  It was about 10 feet long out from the wall of Light and no wider than her in this beautiful multicolored pattern.  She was about mid path when we opened up and the only movement in the whole (attempt at) reading was her.  She walked up to the wall of light and was hugging it.

I kept asking Sananda to talk, explain, say something… nuttin.  What was odd too, he had his arms crossed across his chest.  Where with AA Michael, he was showing this amazing golden heart of energy, sparking outwards from his chest thru his whole connection.  One thing I knew for sure, my job was to assume nothing.  I had no idea what anything meant and it was meant to be like that.  Kinda pesky, but spirit always has a reason even if the human thinks its asinine!! (smile)

I understood absolutely nothing about what I had seen for my lady.  Nothing at all.  Which I will never understand spirit giving us a view into the field but no other information at all to understand it.

I was getting seriously frustrated with no audio, no understanding at all… I rescheduled her.  The thirty minutes between my 2nd and third reading, I now can say I know what an over inflated balloon feels like when the air is released.  I could feel my mind contracting, deflating and by my 3rd reading, I had no connection ability at all.

Since I have been in Texas, I have awoken every day at 4am.  Don’t you know yesterday I started sleeping until 6am!!  What the hell is up with that.  When I adjusted my online calendar to Central time, I did not expect all my appointments to be moved an hour back, but sure enough, this week, I am now starting my readings at 7:30am!!  There was just too many affected to even think about changing it.  So everyone who had a preset appointment prior to the change to Central time, your reading will now be an hour earlier than we thought it would be!!

When I awoke this morning, I felt like lead.  I swear whatever energy Michael and my lady released yesterday in the first reading, penetrated every part of me while I slept.  And my ability to see is still somewhere in the wall of light!!  I cannot see or read at all today.  What the hell is that all about!!  One reading in and I am over loaded with energy.  Jezuz, when Michael says this is going to be slow going, I had no idea he meant with reading the field too.

The one thing I am sure of, this field is like nothing ever before.  WE are like nothing ever before!!  I am chomping at the bit to see and understand more!!  Here is hoping that tomorrow will allow at least another glimpse, if not a fuller view, or at least and understanding of this side of the wall of light.

These are interesting times for sure!!  Until the next time….

I love you all soul much!!  Thank you for this amazing dance we are in together!!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of mana leaping joyfully thru your field igniting unexpected surprises to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas



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Our New Day, New Life, Begins!!

new day

Hi Honeys, I’m back!!!! What an absolute whirlwind April has been for me.  Two weeks in, I am finally starting to get my bearings on all the life changing, life enhancing events that took place since the closing of my mother’s home.  For those not on my facebook, I am now living in Texas with my daughter and grandson.  But I am way ahead of the story.  Let me back up!!

The day of the closing, April 3rd, the lady took a copy of my New Mexico driver’s license and as she handed it back to me, told me that my license expires soon.  What?  I should have years left on it, sure enough, September my license expires.  I put it in the back of my mind until I hit the road the next morning.  I still had tons of car loading to do and let me tell you, every nook and cranny was filled by the time I left out.

Sitting in the carport at 7:30am on April 4th, I literally could feel the walls of time collapse in on themselves.  I could see what looked like long watery, energy-ee, tube stretched out lengthwise and the both end coiled into the middle, collapsed with a bang and disappeared.  I cried my freakin eyes out.  Of course, my whole heart had been leaking while packing up and saying goodbye to my mother for the third and final time since her death (the 2nd time was the yard sale.)  But what I was feeling, seeing, experiencing was bigger than that.  It was as if I was saying goodbye to the life I had lived to that moment.  I was pinned in the driveway as I sobbed like a baby.  Sad for the quickness of time spent with my mother, so insanely grateful for the way it all ended.  But I got my bearings, dried my eyes so I could see where I was going.  Those 5 minutes made a world of difference in the way I would understand the sunrise I was driving into:



I was driving into the new day of my life.  A life yet undiscovered.  I drove thru until I hit Baton Rouge LA and spent the night at a Holiday Inn until the morning.  I could not take the picture in my rear view mirror, but that morning, the sun was behind instead of in front of me.  I knew I now entered the gateway of my new life.

Of course, all the way thru my 17 hour drive, I was working out ways to renew my tags (expire in July) and my license.  Every scenario had my team telling me “it’s time to let New Mexico go.” NOOOOOOOOOO!!!  I don’t wanna.  And where the hell am I going to anchor into??  Do not even tell me Texas!!!

There were so many insights gathered on that drive, do you think I can remember even one of them this morning??  Hell no!!  The one thing I was sure of tho, my entire life just entered the void.

Arriving at the San Marcos property I rented for three months was beautiful.  A true country setting and a beautifully simple house.  Two rooms, one bedroom and a bath took up the entire upstairs and a combo kitchen/living area took up the entire bottom floor.  Once Michelle and Rune moved in with all their stuff, I realized, this place is wayyyy too small for the three of us.  And if this place was too small, her RV has got to be equivalent to living in a shoe box.  The next day, when I went to her RV, shoes have more space in their boxes.  There is no way my grandson will grow up with less than 5 feet of play/living area.  I talked to Michelle about getting a house together.  She has a decent job with the Texas school system which will be even better as Rune gets into school, they will have the same days off together.  So having her traipse around mexico kept feeling less and less good.  So of course, still resisting anchoring in texas for myself, I thought, OK I can get her moved into a home and pay the expenses of moving.  That was until I started looking.  OMG it is super expensive living here in Texas.  I knew. I freakin KNEW, I needed to stay too.  Dammit!!  So I was on the hunt for a 3 bedroom, but now, I had demands.  It had to have a fenced in backyard for my grandson and their dog and be under $1200 a month.  Most houses were $1500 or better (emphasis on the or better part.)  Funny, I never even once thought about the bathroom.  I was looking at affordability over anything.

Then we hit a snag, no realtors would talk to us because of Michelle’s credit score and my income alone would not qualify us to live anywhere.  Instantly my mind went to my find on craigslist when I was looking to move out into my own home.  I have to find someone who is renting on their own and can feel my energy and not our credit scores.  The very next morning when i checked craigslist, there was a brand new listing posted.  A 3 bedroom on a fenced in 3/4 of an acre lot with a jacuzzi bathtub for $1195.  The yard itself it was pulled me.  Altho the picture I am going to share is not the one that was on craigslist.  It did not show the massive, wonderful, expanding deck that is apart of the backyard:

deck and yard

I was so taken with the back yard I didn’t even realize the amazing welcome sign that was a part of the front of the house:


Red roses!!!!  Roses are the highest sign of pure love in my readings, red is that deep in the heart love.  We have red rose bushes!!!

I was the first one to come look at the house and I super fell in love with the bathtub, OMG it is heaven sent:


The photo does not do it justice!!  It is like 3 feet deep with arm rests and lumbar support and head and neck support (I took a bath the very first morning here.)

My (eventual) new landlord told me he had someone coming to look at the place at noon (it was 10am.)  I said ohhh no… lets get this done.  I had committed to rent the san marcos house thru June, the wonderful lady already said she understood my sudden life change of plans and I assured her we would at least be there for the month I paid for… until the TJ (the owner of this amazing house) said he didn’t want this place to sit for weeks waiting for me.  OK, I’ll rent it starting right now.  He pulled my credit report, understood that I was self-employed and my “monthly” income varied, but overall I could afford this with my daughter’s income.  He didn’t need her credit report or anything.  He came back with a lease and wham… we have a new heaven to move into immediately!!

But even more than all that, our landlord is also on his spiritual path as well.  We talked in-depth about it all, about my workshops that I will eventually be adding to the things I do.  His family also owns a campground a half mile down the road and renting this place comes with full and free privileges of the campground.  To include chilling at or on the San Marcos River, using their playground, swimming pools and attending all their activities and events.  There are cabins there!!  It is a super clean, well-kept, family oriented campground named The Leisure Resort!!

His energy, he brought his girlfriend/wife with him when he brought me the lease to sign, the place, the campground… all swimming in such DeLightFull energies.  There was not a bad vibe to pick up (and trust me, I was looking for it.)

I cannot even explain how my heart field feels just driving here.  We have made many many trips back and forth setting up our new home and I swear my heart field expands more and more and more.

The one thing I did do, the very evening after signing the lease, was headed to the best buy website and looked for an affordable 70 inch TV.  This has been on my dream sheet for years, I just could not justify the expense… until now.  If I am parking my ass in Texas, it will be with a 70″ TV dammit!!  The Geek squad is coming today to hook the TV up on the wall!!

This morning, as I was contemplating the enormity of my life changes and my new TV that will soon be here, spirit reminded me of the significance of my TV’s.  Before moving to the Jemez, I had a small TV that was included in the rooms I rented.  My reading field, then limited to massage readings, encompassed only the body and energy field.  When I moved into the Jemez, I got me a 60 inch TV and the viewing field thru readings was greatly expanded.  So expanded that all the readings unfolded outside in the back yard.

When I got to my mothers, there was so much she and the house needed, I could not justify even the cost of a 60 inch TV, so I bought a 55 inch for the same price I sold my 60 inch for when leaving NM.  My “office” is now on the back porch and the enormous back yard will be the reading field and I have a deep feeling (since spirit is making this point this morning) that the readings are going to expand in ways I cannot even fathom today.  I get back to readings Monday morning.

After my bad ass TV is installed today, I head to the dentist to get my teeth pulled and implants implanted.  Now that, has me nervous since they do not do IV sedation.  Instead he prescribed two heavy duty sleeping pills for me.  Yikes!!

Ohhh and my hummers!!  With this big ass back porch I went and got 5 hummer feeders.  I barely put up the first two feeders and sure enough, a hummer found the free buffet.  Today there are about 5-6 fighting for dominance over the feeders.  And we get to experience them right on the deck, which the baby loves!!

Several people asked me to teach a course in manifesting.  I have been doing that for over a decade.  I do not do rituals, or prayers of rituals.  I live my life the way my energy flows without exception and even, without expectation.  My desires may not always be met in the moment I want something, instead, they are saved up for greater moments we could not foresee!!

Here’s to brand new, expanded beginnings for all of us!!  I have cleaning to do, so until next time… I LOVE YOU so much and miss you like crazy!!!

Big big big ((((HUGZ))))) of life expanding dreams made manifest to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 2, 2017

Home Is Where the Heart of Creation Moves You Towards.

Love Light

I remember when I first started doing readings outside of meditation.  I created the layout of the land, the platform and areas for certain information to show up that I would be able to understand.  No matter where I was, I always created the platform and the visuals would show up in relationship to the area of understanding.  It was only when I got to the Jemez, spirit hijacked my reading field and started creating their own field of information.  Looking back, I fully understand why now.

The first 9 years of readings, we didn’t change very fast.  We were working in our deep emotional field, clearing the weeds of our inner garden (no offence to weeds, I love weeds.)  The focus back then, was more of living the life we wanted, pretty much from the mundane aspect of ourselves, which is as important as the spiritual aspect.

In 2012, which my move to the Jemez, every thing accelerated.  Of course, nowhere near to the extent we are now.  Our shifts were many months between themselves.  The field shifted its light frequency, how you showed up and what spirit was pointing out for us to know, shifted.  That is when I decided to put the package special 3-4-2 readings together.  We were changing at such a rapid pace that what I had seen 2 weeks ago, for as long as the homework was integrated from the last reading, was completely different in focus.  The equinoxes and solstices were always huge and assured a massive field change.  Prior to that, I would not let someone book a reading before a full quarter had passed, it usually reflected the same information as before.  Look how much we changed, how fast we are integrating and expanding since 2003 (when I first started reading professionally!!)

When I started reading here at the Marina in Florida, I didn’t try to create my own field of reading, I just let spirit unfold it all.  Over the 14 years of reading, and their changes of venue and hell even their changes, tightening really, of language, I understood their game without needing my personal coloring book.  But holy shit, we changed almost on a daily basis.  There was so much information coming thru, shifting, enlarging that it truly felt like spirit was trying to get 10 lifetimes worth of understanding out in a week or two.  But not past understanding, 10 lifetimes of future understandings.

In all these years of reading and moving my self to other locations, never did I have the experience I had yesterday going into the office.  The short, 5 mile drive felt like a deceleration of my whole body.  Like downshifting gears.  Every mile driven felt like my personal field slowed down more and more and I became very aware of the entry point of each deceleration, I could feel it happen thru my whole body.  By the time I got to the office, I ready to go to sleep.  I was becoming lethargic.  I tried to do my first two readings, nothing.

In all the years of shifting locations, I never had this experience before.  The image I get this morning is very much like a large-scale rock concert.  The energy field I needed to read from was created from my house to the office and the staging set up all around the exterior of my office.  Think, energy stage for everyone to unfold on.

I suppose, in the several days I did not go to the office, the spiritual roadies were out disassembling all the energy fields it took to hold your amazing soul expression here in this part of florida.  And I just knew… the roadies had packed it all up and were already setting up the staging in Texas.

I came home, I couldn’t even find the mental energy to write everyone on the schedule for yesterday and today thru the lack of energy in the office.  When I got home, wham, full energy was restored.  Crazy!!  Shocking even!!  I dare even say, exciting, because this was a brand new experience, soooo unexpected!

So, if you suddenly find that the energy in your world, that was once alive and connected seems vacant and near impossible to use to hold form… look to where in the world you may be already set up for your next grand adventure.

So, in between packing up my beautiful office and loading it into the car.  A marvelous soul shared something on my facebook wall that I now had time to read.  I read very few of the posts people put on my facebook wall, most of the time, I just don’t have the time, other times I don’t really have the interest.  My team, to this very day, is anal about what I put my nose into.  I glean from you.  You are the purest most accurate Source of information I have ever seen and read from.

The article was by one of my former favorite authors when I was beginning this crazy journey, Barbara Marciniak, author of Bringers of the Dawn and several other books channeled by the Pleiadians.  However, it is not the author that caught my vision but the artwork used for her sharing.  The link to the full article is here (just click here.)

The name of the article is “The Language of Light.”  And the image:

12 to the center

If we go back to the readings especially in February when God showed up in his fertile center of the reading stage, this is a close representation to what I was seeing.  If you drew a line from each extended arm to the center of Light, that would be the 12 petals, the twelve tribes.  Now if we created this image in a 3D diamond format of energy that held the entire vision, that platform and the 12 sections would make up the upper part of the diamond, the center is the Source of All Life, of All Light (and even, All Dark.)

I started digesting Barbara’s information one paragraph at a time and was popping out of my skin with excitement.  Not because the information was new, every ounce of her sharing has already come thru YOU.  This one particular paragraph was like a mega spotlight that YOU are truly where the information is at.  I do appreciate when someone else can really dive in to understand it much more completely.  I am going to pull out three paragraphs from her channel and talk about the one reading that showed this very thing, plus, the fact that I added in the “Monument of Life” yesterday.  It’s all coming together:

The spiral exists in many dimensions. When you visualize the spiral, you will feel that you have known it, yet at first you are only knowing one aspect of it. When you begin to grow with the spiral, you will realize that it has so many dimensions that you could spend the rest of eternity-to use your term exploring it. It grows. The spiral is the key to tapping into what is inside of you. Your DNA is in the form of a spiral. Spirals are all around you, and the Language of Light rides upon the light encoded filaments that also descend in spiral form. This is something that is experiential, and it will grow for you.These Language of Light geometrical shapes and forms are collections of experiences of individuals who have incarnated on this planet, defied the human laws, awakened themselves to high abilities and then manifested themselves as language and geometric components.

Once these energies existed as men and women on this planet. They have evolved themselves into geometric symbols, and they exist in their sphere of activity just like you exist in your body. These entities exist in a language system or a geometric system.There are universes of these systems, and there are visitations into your own universe from those universes at this time. There are circles and other shapes being put upon this planet in the grain fields that are inexplicable as far as you are concerned. These imprints are a frequency, not a process or action. There is a song or story or language that is being implanted on the surface of Earth with language symbols. These symbols come to establish a certain frequency, and they are going to increase.

Once these energies existed as men and women on this planet. They have evolved themselves into geometric symbols, and they exist in their sphere of activity just like you exist in your body. These entities exist in a language system or a geometric system.There are universes of these systems, and there are visitations into your own universe from those universes at this time. There are circles and other shapes being put upon this planet in the grain fields that are inexplicable as far as you are concerned. These imprints are a frequency, not a process or action. There is a song or story or language that is being implanted on the surface of Earth with language symbols. These symbols come to establish a certain frequency, and they are going to increase.

In the reading about a month or so ago, I about shit when I seen thru my lady’s eyes, a plane of existence where geometric shapes lived.  They were alive and engaging and doing stuff.  Her job was to understand it more and use it for her part of this amazing new life we are creating.  So in reading Barbara’s sharing on the realm of geometric shapes and how they came to be…. just a wee bit orgasmic for me!! lol

Harness all with what I received in 2001, that we eventually called the monument of life… I get it even more now.  Especially in relationship to the Nation of Lights.  Which is US, its the whole earth not a person, not a place, the whole of US, if we dare!!!!

Another part that tripped my trigger was about implants.  I was sooooo freakin grateful for someone else trying to clean up the murky, fear based waters around implants thru someone who has been working with ET’s a hellofa lot longer than I have:

The large majority of you are implanted, and, if you are not now, shortly you will be if you choose to open and align yourself. No one is implanted who does not choose it. This structure of the Language of Light is a way of receiving information and energy to facilitate your development. It is a method of learning without doing it through books or through the intellect. It involves opening to the belief that there is indeed a hierarchy, immense beyond your comprehension, that has been working with humanity since the very beginning.

Exactly what YOUR teams have been trying to stress over the last few years!!

And the last thing I am going quote/share from her sharing…. Rock MY WORLD!!

There have been incredible wars upon this planet, and some of the vestiges of these wars still exist as very barren areas upon the planet. This was the time of chaos and confusion when creator gods fought creator gods. During the most recent wave of the wars, about ten or twelve thousand years ago, Earth was sealed off because those beings who operated with light lost the battle. Light does not always win, you know. Light is not always the victor as you think of a victor, for light must learn to integrate with all portions of itself.

Not everything is as it should be!!!  We take wrong turns, enter dark alleyways that ways we never had to explore but choose it out of our insistence of going there.  And due to that, the dark overtakes the light.  It truly is a lesson.  I have learned many of my own lessons by thinking I or even You (who is outside of me and yes, others can and often are so out of our vibratory rate their information is just plain wrong) know better than my ability to hear my freakin team.  I have paid the price for it too.  Enough to know, never again.  I may not like the direction I am being pointed, but I will always honor it and move towards it.  All-ways!!

The one huge thing our beloved Barbara Marciniak gave to me thru all of this sharing, the place to rest easy in hearing the words “Language of Light.”  I have seen video’s of people speaking god know what, a foreign language and calling that a language of light. If it was words, then all language that spoken is light.  But there truly is a language and you cannot hear, cannot really even see, that is the codes of Light.  The patterns, the geometric patterns that make up ALL Life!  YOU are the language of Light made manifest!  It’s not sounds or images… It’s YOU and the Life you are expressing, void of fear and judgement and honoring the whole, to include the self!!  (And yes, small s there on purpose, your mundane life is as important, as valuable as the spiritual life too.)

A different note, here I am, my last two days in Florida.  I am so excited to be shifting for a time to Texas, to go hang out with my daughter and grandson, to establish a new relationship with these two beloved’s in my world.  And to see what the hell we got ourselves into next!!

Nothing in life is stable any longer, except your ability to hear and flow with your Spirit!!  Flow baby flow!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with white water rapids and sudden pools of excitement to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I will be raising my rates on April 4th.  I will also start phasing out new readings by the end of April.  The landscape is changing too rapidly to assure completion beyond June.



Here we are, April 1st, the beginning of phase two of this life changing year.  A phase so large it needs 6 months to move thru it.  I think we can look at this phase as orienting ourselves into a brand new life that has never existed before.  Kind of daunting, kind of exciting.

I sit here this morning with the energy of a new wave swelling up from deep inside me, building to something new.  Of course, I am down to my last three days in Florida, in my mother life, or at least, what was my mother’s life.

There was so much I wanted to share with all of you from ongoing revelations since the Marco Island adventure, but they seemed to blend in to this new wave slowly building in me, in my center.  Instead, I have stared at the computer screen and was given a sort of life review.  A spiritual life review, my teams way of preparing me for this next phase.  I share with you to perhaps help you in the same way.

I started this path on the beautiful Crystal Coast of North Carolina.  I move to NC in Oct. 1996 and fell in love with the area.  On Nov 11,th 2000 at 7:30pm thru 3am, I had the life changing Ouija board experience.  Thru that experience, I learned meditation, pretty much lived in my bathtub and visited my kids occasionally running around the rest of the house.  Never in a million years could I foresee the depths of my life falling apart once again.  Or at least, in those early years, falling apart was all I knew.  I would have never looked at it as the birth of something new, something so new it needed to be grown and nurtured elsewhere.  By mid summer 2001, life having crushed my world again, I moved to Virginia and in with a psychic who worked out of the Edgar Cayce A.R.E. center.  I think I learned by osmosis to understand how she did what she did and borrow some of that for my (future) self.  Again, to my seedling of a self, that relationship went devastatingly bad and into a homeless shelter me and my 10-year-old went.  An eye opener for sure about homeless shelters and not in a good way.  We were evicted 5 weeks in.  My daughter and I took up residence in a hotel until some church group came for the summer and made everyone move out.  Of course, I was not looking at the lack of compassion by this church group, I was down on my knees once again, because my world fell apart.  Or at least, that was the way I was looking at it.  In less than two years from the Ouija board session, my life that I was living and loved, dissolved 5 separate times.  FIVE!!!!

I never once stopped to look at the lack of compassion and amazing compassion we were experiencing, building within ourselves.  I was grateful that every place we went to had a bathtub, my connection to my team, my bitching, ranting and raving was crucial or I know I would have tried to commit suicide again, but that energy was wiped from my system with my last attempt Feb 4th, 2001.

Stripping down my belief systems were hard enough, stripping down my life, over and over again with a 10-year-old in tow. She was my blessing.  She always seen the higher road and I needed her!!  My beloved Valorie!!

An internet friend invited us to stay on her camp in Vermont and we gratefully accepted.  it became the most amazing playground on earth.  A rebuilding of what I never knew I was capable of.  Another move into the city, into a real apartment with a real job (paycheck) provided even more extracting of my latent abilities.

By year two, I loved Vermont, even the icy cold winters they provided.  And another ending was looming, another move was becoming eminent.  March 2003 we drove to Idaho.  More latent abilities came out and became developed.  That was a short-lived experience.  This move was provided by yet another internet friend, I rented a wonderful house from her and her husband and she and I opened a business called Souly Beautiful.  She was a bookkeeper turned massage therapist, I had no idea what I was!!  Her husband hated me.  Past life karma was evident.  The relationships all fell apart, but not before this community in Iowa was presented.  My daughter and I got permission from the founder to move there.

The one thing this community taught me is that I never want to live in a community again.  It was supposed to be spiritual, but it was really a mix of mormon teachings, native american teachings, judaism and seriously fear based.  To the degree the founder was insisting that my beautiful labradorite crystal was created by satan and I was asked to remove it from the property and he was pretty sure that satan must have been my teacher!!

Eight months later, I got the hell out and went to visit my son in VA.  I needed to breathe.  In a million years, I could not have foreseen within 3 days of landing in VA, on my 42nd birthday no less, I would be enrolled in massage school, completely funded by student loans and grants.  I was looking for a job and ended up in school.  Then I had to ask my son if I could stay for 9 months until I graduated.  lol

All of that set up a whole new set of skills within me.  Blending what I had already developed over the years and what I learned in massage school.  I developed a session called the hands of light and sound therapy, creating a niche no one else on earth could provide.  Which made it easy when my life force was being squeezed out of me 5 years later and sent me packing to New Mexico.  Getting clients is easy when you are the only one in the world that can do what you.  Not for the lack of trying to teach others, but it takes great inner commitment to expand and for most people, life’s distractions are the focal point.

Just under 2 years in New Mexico, a good steady clientele under my belt, the Jemez was presented as my massage business, my forearms and hands were winding up that phase of my skill set. Until this point, I read from the physical level of life.  The denser emotions, the blocks within a person’s, physical and mental.  The Jemez was going to open up a much broader skill set.  Reading from the Soul level of incarnated Beings and reading at the leading edge of constant change.   5 years in the Jemez, the learning was large, deep, soul changing for all of us!!  The more we connect directly to our soul mind and energy, the more the soul itself can evolve.  That is, after all, why we live life.

Now here I Am, 9 months to the day, into the field of my mother’s world preparing to leave.  I left my beloved Jemez on July 3rd, I close here on April 3rd.  My mother transitioned back to the Light October 3rd.  An absolute ending of endings like never before.  Miracles and heartache blending so lovingly together to fuel whatever is next.

As everyone knows, over these last few months, my direction has changed and changed and changed.  To me it now feels like looking at a slow-moving carousel of possibilities, all that came directly from the focus of my teeth.  My teeth, a life changer!! lol  It started the spin.  The emerging possibilities and I went for them all, until the went back into the abyss energetically.  However, it all started the movement.  That was the point.  Start the movement of movement.

Let me tell you too, for those that funded my gofundme teeth adventure, you may not realize how crucial your part in all this was, is!!  We can liken it to putting gas in the car, you kept my focus on getting my teeth.  Without your generosity, I would have let that go, all of it appearing too big to bite off (smile.)  Instead, you seen what I could not and it started me pushing on other doors I never would have looked at.  So, beyond thank you.  And I will be updating the fundraiser soon.  I pick up my refund check and my new temporary dentures the morning of the 4th, on my way to Texas.  I have an appointment with the new dentist, same company, in Texas on April 7th.

When I thought I was going to be traipsing around Mexico, maybe parts of S. America for a year, I started to see something in relationship to that.  It was so beautiful… a gentle waterfall spilling into this amazing blue pond of water, hidden by flora.  It the image, the energy of it drew my breath in.  Of course, I assumed (silly me) this was an area I was looking for in my travels.  I would excitedly explore the jungles to find this peace of heaven (yes, spelled that was on purpose.)  And then, my world direction changed again as Julie and I came together.  The UK is on my target zone after, completely after my teeth journey is done and my new dentures are fixed onto the implants.  So I had to ask, what of this waterfall.  I wanna live there!! lol

Over this massive, internal week, I remembered….

Back in 2001, while I was in school learning Life Between Life regression with Michael Newton, PhD, all the students had to have a LBL session and conduct one.  On my amazing regression back to spirit, my regressionist asked me, once I was fully integrated back in spirit, what I did for fun when not incarnating.  I was immediately aware of creating a world, a planet that only housed me and my soul partner, (who was my mentor at the time) and on this world, we created this place, this waterfall and pooling pond in a jungle like setting.  Much to my surprise, we did not experience this place in human bodies at all.  Instead, we were these short, squat, green bumpy creatures that stood upright and had 6 arms.  Thru these creatures, the sensory experience of being in that world, of each other, was wayyyy more than our physical bodies were ever capable of.

What I could have never understood then, or hell, even thru the years, was that spiritual memory that was opened up in that hypnosis session, was showing me what it feels like to live heaven in a physical plane of experience.  Experiences and senses that just do not exist in the pure soul state.  But to live like that, is to be so open, so pure in our energy fields that nothing, NO THING could ever take you out of there.

That said, focus on what you desire.  What we are creating, even, especially within the unknowable of it all.  Only look at what is falling apart if you can look it with love and appreciation.  Including your own life.  Something better, bigger, is revealing itself.  Look, then look again.  Move and allow yourself too change your movement on a dime, with the next revelation pulling you towards it.  It may feel initially, like living in chaos soup, and we are!!  Swim, dunk, play and splash around because we are building the inconceivable as we go.

There are two things I want to conclude with today, pulled from the audio I embedded in yesterdays sharing from Kryon.  Something our teams have been saying for well over a year, maybe two years (time blurs lol.)

At 16:00 minutes into the audio, Kryon is talking about this new fractal of life emerging, one that has never ever ever been before.  And he says “A time that has no prophecy about it.  There are no elders, no channelers anywhere giving you good solid prophecy about what’s next…”   Couple that with what he says at about 18:30 minutes in:  “Some of the very essence of metaphysics is changing processes, procedures.  How you meditate, how you pray, what it feels like, how long it takes, expect these things to move, because you are sitting in a fresh new energy…”

Your souls have been saying this very thing for the last couple years (thru our readings together.)  If you can allow yourself to do one thing… let it be this.  Wake up every day as if nothing ever existed before that moment.  No past lives, no atlantis, no lemuria, no history about what the earth has been thru.  No nothing.  It is ONLY in this place, the new will be revealed to you, thru you.  Otherwise you are trying to bring an energy that can no longer hold itself together and dare I say, you may even try to bring others into the illusion with you (unintentionally.)

Trust, that inside of each one of you, of us, are master creators.  We have created grandness in many places before this moment.  Allow the untainted knowings of that be what drives you forward.  Nothing less will take hold!!!  And most importantly, move with the ever changing movement of your LightField, LifeField!!

Speaking of LightFields… I am so hoping to see a little something something today.  However, last night I was reminded of something that came thru the last reading I had post eclipse… the energy field here in FLorida, even at the office, cannot hold the vibration of light that will be next.  The landscape where I will be in San Marcos, can.

Talk about the importance of Location!!!

Speaking of location (smile) YOUR HEART is the Emerald City, as we combine each city to form the Nation of Lights, together.  New.  Never before seen, experienced…

I love you all so so much and thank you for allowing…

((((HUGZ)))) of fast paced changes and new worlds emerging to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I will be raising my rates on April 4th.  I will also start phasing out new readings by the end of April.  The landscape is changing too rapidly to assure completion beyond that.  





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