When I woke up late yesterday, I wasn’t going to write a blog.  I really like to have 3-4 hours to do my sharings, when I only have an hour, I feel like I am rushing and cannot get out everything desired.  Yet, there was no way spirit was letting me slide yesterday and they hung the new skills and meditation importance in my face until I finally hit the keyboard to release it.  Truthfully, they also snuck in the release of the new package I will put together today… kinda as their way of making sure I get it done.  After I published my blog I thought… how the hell do I even do a package of the unknown???  Meaning, how do I try to teach what I don’t even know yet.  Well, spirit made sure everyone on my agenda yesterday was about to make this a crystal clear vision for all of us.  But I also must note as well, just about everyone on yesterdays dance card had been rescheduled so many times, some since February and yet, their grand alignment for yesterday, beyond perfect.  The timing of the energy release of information, not to mention my ability to understand the new information.  Maybe I am just sitting in complete awe of the perfection and synchronicity of the entire day yesterday.  So with that said, let’s get to the amazing stuff presented from yesterdays connections.  However, I am going to start with my third reading first, because her message is so incredibly important for the majority of us to really understand and apply.

I started to see her energy while I was doing my dishes.  I could see her tangled up in chains, beautiful chains of deep gold (high spiritual energy) and black (the deep unknown) and I kept thinking I must be seeing something incorrectly, because I felt restricted instead of flowing forward.  When I connected to her, it became very clear what and why I was seeing her the way I was.  Her face and body was facing forward, what we would consider present moving into future, yet her arms and legs were all strung back behind her, these huge gold and black chains attacked to her extremities holding her back.  The message was clear from her team, “all that got you to here was perfect and used efficiently, but now it is time to let all that go so the new can emerge thru you.”  I couldn’t tell what she was doing, but she was doing it actively, the chains and her arms and legs bouncing up and down behind her, yet no forward motion at the front.  So I hadda ask… whatcha doin woman???  The first words out of her mouth were “clearing.”  Then she was talking about healing sessions too.  Instantly I could see the powerhouse of energies that have been coming in this year, how it is affecting our bodies (hitting us from the sinuses all the way down to the bowels) as the intense expansion of cellular light digs into our biology and if we are clearing it, it must keep coming back in to restart the process.  And of course, for lifetimes now, when our bodies have been in what we would call adverse conditions (not appearing to work to perfection) we instantly start looking into our vast past to heal something.  Which equally takes us out of the present moment, the new earth and places back into old wounds, old timelines and once again, the new energies must start their expansion all over again.  One foot forward, two feet backwards.

Her team made it perfectly clear to her (and again, this applies to the majority of us too) that we have cleared enough of our crap away to allow for the full expansion of the new.  We do not have to go back into every nook and cranny we ever experienced to be present and interactive on the new earth in the new highly charged energy fields.   Our focus needs to turn to what to do with this energy now… not clear it, but use it in a new way.

The thing that really sux for the biology is that it all feels the same way… old issues create crap in the body (again, sinus blow ups, bowel releases, breathing issues and on and on) and so are the new expanded energies too.  The biology has only one way to deal within outgoing or incoming energies and it all feels the same.  Know the difference.  If any part of you feels aligned with the new earth, the new body system, then please focus on expansion, everything will adjust with time and use.

Now, let me share my second reading here, keeping in line with that spiritual finger wagging and an experience of that wagging that engulfed my whole body as we readdressed my precious man in the field.

Before we even started his reading, we started talking about the weather, he is on the west coast and they are having some serious warm weather there, jokingly (or so I thought) I asked him to scoop up about 10 degrees from his heat index and toss into our nightime weather, its cold here at night!!  I realized, it was less a joke and truly one of the skills he came in with.  As we started his reading, this became the initial focal point of his new (dorment) skill set, manipulating the weather.  I am going to emphasize again that spirits use of the word “manipulation” is not the same as we think of it, it is fully a participation between the elements and the human, just redirecting its energies elsewhere.  I could literally see the energy matrix from ground to sky as his new guide was explaining how it all works… taking 10 or 15 degrees from the heat index surrounding him and moving that temperature elsewhere, to places that need less cold and more warmth.

His reaction and the reaction of his guide/teacher, both took me by tremendous surprise.  He said something like “I hope I get to do more than that.”  His guide plopped his energy directly in my body, tensed up my cells and said something like “do not undervalue anything you are being shown, you have no idea where you are going to be in the future and how important this will be to the community you are within.”  I do not think I ever had a guide embody me to make a point, not like that anywayz.

His guide went on to show some amazing things, especially with the weather.  When you have two people in two different locations (using my desire for a warmer night and taking some of his daytime heat) the air itself opens up to make space for that.  I could see it vividly and might I add, excitedly.  My man was also assured this is just the beginning of a larger spectrum of using the magnetic field of earth.

I want to add in here, the three people I did read for that have their new skills being shown, all had brand new team members (guides/teachers) to help them with their evolution.  Much to my surprise, everyone gave their name.  Rarely does your team give me their names, hell, rarely does your team show themselves on the field unless you directly ask for that.  Yesterday, I suppose it is important for you (all of us) to realize there has been a change in the guard and you have very specialized teachers showing themselves to you.  Equally, the name(s) they are sharing has a very unique and purposeful vibration to them.  My mans new teacher guide was very specific in spelling and energy context with his name.  Said all at once his name is Sansaphon, however, as he broke it down for us, he reminded me of the way medical terminology is used, A’s and O’s connect one thing to another to fuse to systems into one.  So he showed me his name and the spelling Sans – a – Phron, the name Sans was made of white, thick letters the phron was a beautiful mix of metallic colored energy.  It wasn’t until I got off the phone with his, went potty (that holy toilet) that I realized the Sans had everything to do with the old sanskrit language… people.

There is so much more I can share around this, but I have two other amazing people/understandings to share today too, so we will have to get back to this another time.

My first lady on the field really made me realize how important their little message in yesterdays sharing was.  She was actually the lady I talked about before, where in her reading I had seen chunks of meteorites falling from the sky and embedding in the earth for her use, several weeks later, we had that meteorite literally come into earth I think in Scotland or Germany.  Her reading unfolded in three parts, present energy system that was like the most amazing pin wheel, spiral metallic energy intermingling from the ground itself and her energy coming out from her feet, expanding outwards and then equally upwards to align her with the higher frequency called April.  Then my vision went to the (still circular, revolving clockwise) platform of April and there she was, looking like someone from the opening of the show Green Acres.  She had a shovel made of pure white light in her right hand and a pitchfork in her left hand.  These are her new tools that she will be using.  Keeping in mind, to keep our mind in the game, our tools will often look familiar to us, but used in brand new ways.  They showed us an image of this huge boulder and her taking her pitchfork, placing it just under this boulder and being able to effortlessly use the pitchfork to move it from its place on the earth.  With all that, came the energy of the meteorites behind her present moment and all this energy that was streaming upwards from their impact within the ground, and somehow the energy from the meteorites will assist her in moving large heavy objects.  We also got an instant connection of the ancient rock formations and buildings that still boggle our archaeologists and scientists (and many of us) in how they were moved and erected (think, Stonehenge.)  She equally received a ton of new teachers, some to help her with her pitchfork and shovel, some to help her with that energy pin wheel of metallic energy I seen initially and then one (or maybe it was more than one, I don’t remember) that came directly from that meteorite to help her remember how to use that energy.

As they her team was explaining many things to her, they kept saying what they are showing her is like “telekinesis” only different.  This is not moving things with your mind, but a full on participation of the energies.  I kept thinking about some of the information that hangs in the forefront of my mind from the audiobook “channeling erik” as he explained to his mother how he can move objects in her home.  He must bring is soul energy down to a denser vibration than the object then push it to make it move.  Similar thing here…

Can I just tell you, I am freakin popping with engaged excitement!!  What we are finally and fully capable of… holy shit, PLUS we are getting concise instruction on how to get it all moving.  Have I thanked you lately for the immense privilege of being you’re connecting point to this wonder.

Now, lets cover my last man on the field… holy flipping heavens.  His information was so complicated, so detailed, so freakin exciting.  Let me tell ya too, there was so much more to his reading, understandings and emerging abilities than I am going to share.  Time and words… both suck sometimes (a lot of times any more lol!!!)

The first thing I had seen with him, I have yet to understand, but it sure was beautiful.  Coming up and out of his hips was this intermingling of pastel colors that reminded me of the texture of taffy.  It surrounded him upwards like a globe of energy, but I couldn’t see thru it.  So all I seen was his legs and this pastel colored taffy thingie.  Can I just tell you how compliant the field was yesterday… I pray to god it stays like this, cuz it sure is not usual.  I asked for clarity and get it instantly.  YAY!!  I wanted to see his upper body so zoom, into the globe of energy to see his upper body.  The first focal point was at his heart stream.  He had this stream of energy coming out of his heart that held what I will say looked like violet dew droplets all along the energy stream.  This stream connected to the inside of his multicolored, pastel taffy globe (they didn’t give us a name or even larger purpose of this thing yet, so bear with my terminology and description lol.)  The next thing we see is down at his sacral chakra, the biggest gel like egg I had ever seen in a body.  This egg thingie was orange but a translucent orange and thru its gel like substance was what looked like a network of veins that were made up of all different variations of the color orange.  I started to realize that this egg also was connected to his sacral plexus, his “community” center.  So the energy coming in from his sense of Self, as it relates to the community of Light he will (soon) be a part of (we even got a timeline, before this year closes out) relates directly to the next thing we seen… and let me tell you, Lisa was starting to get a weeeee bit jealous here.

In between his heart center and his solar plexus was this double infinity symbol overlapping each other.  One colored yellow, one colored orange, both working together, moving, squeezing, expanding… it was stunning really.  From what I am understanding (and desperately trying to remember, like I said, his reading, his entire matrix was sooooo complicated) this dual energy generator was taking the energy from his egg, sacral center and moving upwards and changing and enhancing it thru this double infinity symbol and then up thru his heart.  But there was a twist about to be revealed…

He too has three new purposeful guides/teachers.  The one that is going to help him really understand the workings of that orange egg is named Hajamu, who has stated that he is NOT an incarnated Being, but has incarnated in the past.  The one on the outside, that will assist him in understanding the full use of the taffy globe thing, he was freakin cool looking… part dragon, part butterfly.  He had the most amazingly large butterfly wings (easily 5-6 feet from top to bottom) and the body of a dragon.  He is an incarnated Being and he gave his name as Onjamu.  At first I thought I was confused, it was so similar to egg guy… but they insisted I was correct, of course, they all spelled their names for me too.  Hajamu will help him understand the energy within and Onjamu will help him understand how the “outcome” happens.  In between these two, an old friend… Jesus.  Very particularly Jesus (as opposed to the soul energy I know and love as Sananda.)  Jesus was very clear that he wanted the connection to the man that once lived that we call Jesus.  Hey!!!!!!  I had wanted that freakin connection for 15 years and he kept saying no, it didn’t matter.  Now this man gets to really experience and understand how Jesus worked in physical life… I was grumbling a wee bit there.  But yet, Jesus gave us an image that stays with me still this morning.  He took my man by the hand, in body form (both of them) and walked out of his heart stream as if it lead to the time and place of Jesus’ incarnation… and Jesus said he will show him how he could do what he was able to do, and then I had to smile as he was referencing that familiar quote “and what I can do, you can do and more.”

Altho I can say i am envious, I am also so freakin grateful cuz my man signed up for 3 hours of reading, which we are now breaking up into sections of homework, inadvertently (by both of us) kicking off the first of this (exciting to me) new package I have yet to put together.  I get to peep it all out, experience and understand it all because of the trust from my man placed unto me… of course for readings, but we both are getting more than we bargained for.  Thank god too, he was patient in waiting for a month and a half for his sessions to start.

On that note… I just want to say thank you so freakin much for the faith, trust and enduring patience you place within me.  You enliven my heart and soul in ways nothing else on this earth can and I am grateful!!!!

I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ((((((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))) of incredible wonder and magic made Real!!

Lisa Gawlas     www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html

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Evolving Your New Skills from the Inside Out!


I have been an advocate of co-creative meditation for what feels like the entirety of my path.  It has changed my life, my mind, just about everything about me for the better, but I am realizing too, it has done so much more than that as well.

This really is a time when many new skill sets are coming to the fore for people in readings and ET sessions and of course, the training ground is meditation.  The greatest, most direct place within yourself to start reprogramming your mind, what it thinks it knows and what it will discover it can do.  But there is equally something more that is happening thru it all, something that will eventually make your new, or maybe better said, dormant abilities effortless in your day-to-day life.

Thru several of the readings yesterday, this particular message became so clear, so obvious I don’t know how I never realized it before.  The more you practice your new skills in meditation, the less you have to practice them in your day-to-day life, they are just there, a part of you that is automatic.

If you think about it like teaching a child to talk, at first, it’s really complicated for the child, forming words with the tongue, using breath in a particular way to create those sounds… and the more the child practices, the less the child thinks about it, it just becomes natural in the day-to-day life it now leads.  Same thing with our emerging and evolving spiritual abilities.  However, development of Self with the self is more key now than ever.  Practicing as often as you can, soooooo important as well, if you really want to use the higher abilities available.  Things like seeing other dimensions, opening and moving thru the wormholes and using our own energy combined with higher, purer energy, to combine and create with.

What I am seeing as our potentials now blows my mind.  I have heard some of the ET’s even say, we are just starting the work and it is going to take a few years to exact, to become effortless and done simply with the intention of doing it in our day-to-day moments… to become as easy as talking.  At first I though…. YEARS???  Geez…  But I realized quite vividly yesterday thru the readings that I spent three years in my bathtub before I ever came out to actually do what I was taught to do in my bath and hell, I didn’t even fully realize what I was being taught to do in meditation, physical application became mindless, meaning, I didn’t think about what I was doing, I just was able to do it and doing it was different than it was in meditation.  The more I worked what I could do, the more that was shown to me in meditation to add to my abilities outside of meditation.  A true reprogramming of the mind and a genuine partnering of the lower mind with the higher mind to use it all in as much fullness as I was willing to invest in.

I say all this to lean on how important it is not only to you, but to all of us, for you to invest in yourself as much and as often as you can.  Within it all, lays the 100 monkey theory as well, which too, was referenced in one of the readings as well.  What you learn to do within yourself equally goes out into the collective for others to tap into with ease and ability.  This really takes what you do for yourself, you do for the all into a literal place.

I am taking in so much information, seeing so many new abilities brought to the readings along with the homework on how to start evolving this part of whomever I am reading, I keep thinking… which do I want to learn now.  Actually, it would be more like, what would I like to invest so much time and energy into learning now… I don’t know.  So would you mind if I just asked you to do the inner work, toss the knowing into the collective and let me just be able to do it (whatever “it” is) lol, yeah I am getting lazy in my old age!!!

Also, rarely do you realize just how much you are changing, evolving yourself from what you are doing in your meditations, even when you realize you can do somethings you never did before, it really is hard to see the bigger experience when you are doing what you do every single day.  But you really are changing everything about you and about the world you are within because you invested in yourself.  I want to take this moment and thank each of you that has never given up, given in to the time and effort it does take to bring out and use the magic within yourself, cuz you bring it out for us too!!

I do want to change the subject completely before I close today.  My beautiful architect asked about his father yesterday and his father showed us something that just took my breath away and humbled me to the core of my heart.  Until this moment, I never really seen just how beautiful the transition from this life into the next really is.

His father showed up with his body from the sacral plexus down to his feet completely black and I watched as his feet started to meld back into the earth, then his ankles, then his calves… at the same time, from his sacral plexus up, he became these expanding particles of multi colored energy.  The separation of the particles was taking what was his solid upper form and I was witnessing the expansion of his Self back into the air, into the expanse of spirit.  How incredible is that, a part of us goes back into the earth and another part back into spirit.  I suppose I knew this, but to see it like this, in this beautiful way, just made it real and even more beautiful than I ever seen it before.

Well, my lazy butt got up late again today, so I am going to leave off here until tomorrow.  I think, in these next few days, I am going to put a new package together dedicated souly to pimping out your new skill sets.  It’s funny, I really pondered all these new things the last few days and what I keep hearing is “what you want to learn, teach.”  April’s mission!!

I love you all so much, and honor your Being Here, Now more than you can ever realize.  ((((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))) of grandness to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html



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The Energy Corridor Leading To April and Dreams Come True!!



For weeks prior to the equinox, I did my damnedest to sneak a peak at the energy field post equinox, namely, the very moment we are in now, leading into April.  Try as I might, all I could see was pure energy, now that we are in it, I can so see and feel why.  I am just going to call this week one of the most intense energy corridors I have ever seen in the field and even in my body.  Of course, the readings themselves are reflecting all that, but I am really challenged to put it all into an understanding in the moment, hell, even the day after.  So what I am going to do today, is take the collection of readings from the last few days and share what I understand collectively.

A very consistent image now thru every reading is what is left of that big old oval that had been so prevalent thru February and March.  The oval, representing all the humans aligned together (called a collective) holding the Christed energy, or Shambhala energies at the ground level for us and realignment within the creative field of earth, is now a big black hole.  Looking very much like this:



What I understand this to represent now is what we have set out to do, we have done.  We have made deep impact in the earth with the energies I call Shambhala.  Embedded, encrusted, fresh (hence the black scarring.)  So we no longer need to hold the energy’s on earth, we need to use them from the ground level up into creation, thru ourselves.  The black is showing how high we raised the vibration on earth.  When the frequencies get higher it produces heat, hence the black showing like fire scarring.

This oval is now behind those showing up on the field, the energy of April, still in front of them and the present moment, pure energy potential.  I think the closest way I can really understand what this means to all of us was the last reading I had yesterday, altho, in her moments, I had no clue what I was seeing and what it meant to her.  She was suspended in the air on a swing, swinging rhythmically back and forth.  The chains holding the swing were attached to nothing I could see and the swing bottom was about 10 feet above the ground.  Just at the swings bottom was this beautiful energy of violet and blue, very cloud like and as my lady swung back and forth on her swing, her legs and feet moved this energy.  This was all I could see.  There was nothing in front of her, behind her, below her and other than the chains attached to the air itself, nothing above her.  I was confused.  My audio is leaving a lot to be desired these days and until the very end of her reading, I got zero audio, zero understanding and was pretty sure my audio antenna’s were in the garage, until I heard one of hear spiritual team members say “it’s good,” as I am desperately saying out loud, “but I don’t know what this means to you.”  Hey!!!  I can hear!!!  But thats all she got about that, at least, until this morning.

Suspended in air, moving the energy with her legs, her path in life, kinda like an alchemist stirring the pot of their intended creation.  She had just moved out of her home into a new one and is now applying for jobs to allow her to sustain her new life.  That is the energy movement being shown… movement of any sort is crucial at this point.  The rhythmic swinging back and forth is showing the rythym of new life and the patience of its arrival, the building of energies as we move into April.

I am also finding many are finding their new footing from having transmuted many of their own energies and energies from their soul group as well, digging deep into the collective past.  It has been one hellofa transition.  But here we are.

I have found myself pondering what it is I would like to experience in our next phase of evolution… a lot.  One ET connection hangs in the forefront of my mind from earlier this week.  It seems to be the key workout for those of us wanting to experience all the things we were easily able to experience in meditation, in our physical life with our physical bodies.

This ET connection was about entering the dimensions and sub-dimensions that are constantly surrounding us.  This information must have sat on my heart strongly, because one night I was even given a dream experience to really understand the dimensions themselves.  I was shown it like a hard covered book standing up on it’s spine, the pages within the back and front cover were the subdimensions and the hard covers themselves were what we think of as dimensions.  All containing universes of their own.

Her ET kept telling her, the challenge before her (all of us really) now is reprogramming the mind itself.  It is deeply programmed to see everything as solid, impenetrable and yet, we know everything is energy vibrating rapidly in and out of physical creation.  As he was explaining all of this to her, my mind went to a new born baby and science saying that when a baby is first born, their eyesight is very poor, very blurry and it takes weeks for it to adjust.  I started wondering if it really is blurry or are the newborns seeing life as it really is… particles of energy creating the world around them??

My lady received her homework, that again, hangs at the forefront of my mind every day.  To go into meditation and see herself as she really is, trillions of molecules vibrating at various rates that make up her body.  Equally, to see the first layer of dimensional energy in the same way, then to lean into the dimension, creating an emergence of her body into that dimension.

I know from first hand experience, the more we experience in meditation, the less the mind doubts its reality and allows it to be a part of our physical reality.  More plainly said, the mind begins to believe what is true… what it is now experiencing in the deeper realms of creation (meditation.)

Now, I am going to switch to yesterdays ET session, done in the depths of silence.  I felt like I was playing charades with his beautiful Pleiadian lady because not a word was heard, not a package of information transported into “knowing” and yet, things were still being seen, shared and experienced.  Can I just say, it was a very silent, bizarre day in the realm of connected energies!!

The first thing I had seen in his ET connection was the emergence of what looked like a large silver/violet lightning bolt emerging from the deep horizon and coming out parallel to the earth.  As this lightning thing stretched about 10 feet long then held it’s place in my field of vision, it started to look like a pole… a lightning pole??  No audio at all… to the right of this pole emerged his lady, again not one word spoken that I could hear at all, and she was doing this finger thing that kept me thinking…. “shame on you,”  which made no sense and didn’t feel right at all, but without audio, I am into guess work!



Thank goodness my man was connected to his beautiful Pleiadian lady, cuz he started to feel it was her charging this energy pole thingie, now that felt perfect!!

As she was repetitively doing the same motion with her fingers and I am squinting to see if her lips are moving to talk to me (they never were) and I am desperately trying to figure out what all this means for him, a sudden surge of energy went straight into the right side of my forehead and dripped into the center of my right eyeball.  It was a rather unpleasant feeling, creating an intense pressure and what I can only describe as an energy bulge from forehead into my eye… not a headache, but close.  This sensation lasted longer than I expected, minutes even.  At least I could understand what this means to him.  Right eye, spiritual vision, so this energy rod and her magic fingers are increasing the frequency within his neural network to expand and enhance his spiritual vision.  As I explained this to him, she finally made a different movement, as if she had an energy accordion in her hand, she made the motion of expanding the accordion and I knew instantly she was saying, much more than just that, but that the expanded sight is part of it.

My bigger question is… why the hell are we playing charades???  Why am I not hearing nuttin at all this crazy day??  It’s only this morning that I am given more understanding (and I say understanding quite loosely) and I will quote what I hear “the energy of lightning comes before the release of thunder.”  With that statement, I once again googled thunder:

As lightning connects to the ground from the clouds, a second stroke of lightning will return from the ground to the clouds, following the same channel as the first strike. The heat from the electricity of this return stroke raises the temperature of the surrounding air to around 27,000 C° (48,632 F°). Since the lightning takes so little time to go from point A to point B, the heated air has no time to expand. The heated air is compressed, raising the air from 10 to 100 times the normal atmospheric pressure. The compressed air explodes outward from the channel, forming a shock wave of compressed particles in every direction. Like an explosion, the rapidly expanding waves of compressed air create a loud, booming burst of noise.

I had no idea lightning traveled back upwards, so what if yesterdays silent readings and ET connection was to feed the collective itself??

My ET man was my last connection for the day and OMG did the incoming energy from his lady expand for the next several hours in my head.  It did not just stay on my right side, but crept over to my left side,  bulging and creating a strange pressure within my head.  I was experiencing the oddest dizzy sensation sitting or standing, not your normal dizzy… weird and very different that I have no real way of describing.  None of it was painful, but it was intensely uncomfortable.

Many hours later, as this energy started to subside, something from the beginning of my day started to hang in my memory.  I set up an new account online to get my daughter some money and to verify who I was this website asked a series of confirmation questions dating back easily close to 20 years ago.  Things like “which street did you live on, what finance company did you use…”  then there was one that just took me so much by surprise, “what company were you associated with?”  There, hanging in front of my eyes was a dating service I created just because I could “Dreams Come True, Inc.”  This was a short lived corp I put together, one of 4 in my lifetime…. why that one, one I had long forgotten about as well.

Last evening, the words hung in my head… Dreams Come True.  Was it because earlier in the day I started to feel like a solo martian on this earth, desiring a partner to open and experience the energies as I see and understand them and their potential, but getting pretty damn sure he must live on another planet… or is it the deeper desire to truly start experiencing what so many ET’s are saying is possible… or both??  Dreams Come True started to feel less like remembering a corporate name and started to feel matter of fact.

Before I close todays sharing, I do want to bring up one of the readings from the other day as well because my team is making sure I do (smile.)  My lady showed up in a very strange position, as opposed to the others I was seeing and trying to orient myself to the new expression of the field with.  She was in a row boat on the west side of the oval creator with this amazing blue body of water just beneath her boat.  She had one ore in her hand and was paddling as one would with a single ore, right side of the boat, left side, right side, left side.  Altho there was a little motion forward, then back, then forward, then back… I never seen her move from that spot in a big way.  Now given the readings prior to her and everyone I had seen so far being in the place I call present moment, with the oval to their back and the energy platform of April to their front… I was struggling to understand her position and why.  I did understand that the beautiful blue water represented the source energy (god, creator, whatever) supporting her row boat, there to take her where ever she desired to go… yet… other than little movements back and forth, I had no clue where she was trying to go.  So, I had to ask her… what is your desire in this next version of yourself.  She said she surrendered everything to source… her issues, her challenges and even the desires within her.  OK, this made sense of the visual.  It wasn’t until I hung up with her and went potty (that crazy holy toilet we all seem to have lol) did I suddenly hear and understand that the significance of this time we are now in is TO BE the creator made manifest.  So if you surrender anything and everything, you are truly surrendering to yourSelf which puts you afloat in the sea of potential.  Activating your heart of desires and moving thru with wherever that energy takes you, even if it is on a swing above the earth, is the only true way to create your dreams made manifest.

Surrender only to the rapid movement of the currents of life, but never the will and desires of the human heart!!

So what are you desires in this next unrestricted version of yourSelf???

With ohhhhh so much love, joy and pure excitement wrapped in never ending (((((HUGZ))))) of gratitude for your lightning bolts upon my own heart of creation!!  Have I told you how much I love you lately???  Hear the thunder booming from my heart!!  <3

Lisa Gawlas  www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html

Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 25, 2015

The Wonder of it ALL!!!


Well, hello again!  It feels like forever ago I sat down to share.  I have really learned a lot this past week about partnering with the landscape itself and it really does have a will and desire of its own!!  I had a loose itinerary of what days we should/could do what on, no sooner did all the wonderful people arrive for our first evening meal together, the weather changed our plans immediately.  Everyone was greeted, dare I even say, celebrated with a thunder and lightning storm (which, in my humble opinion, is much better than the snow storm they suddenly were calling for.)  We were supposed to do a fire ceremony after dinner the first night together before hiking the mesa for the equinox the next morning.  Neither happened.  We were planning on going to Ojo Caliente hot springs on everyone’s last day here, Sunday, and decided since its going to be raining, the hike was too dangerous and swapped the days out, hike sunday, hot springs equinox.  It really did seem fitting tho, to end this three-year cycle (from full solar eclipse to the next) with a hot springs event.

Everytime I go to the Ojo I always do meditations in each pool, this time tho, I truly believe the energy of those who were there with me, were so dynamic, a flood of new information came in from each pool.  My greatest intention tho, was to do energy work on my youngest daughter who has had a really rough go of it lately.  The first pool we entered was the soda pool, we found our place along the wall and I immediately felt the energy of the magma running underground pull each of my sole chakras downwards to it.  I seen what looked like a gnome working to keep the magma flowing and it even felt like he suddenly showed up to intensify the heat created by the lava flows underground.  In the left corner of this pool, several people were sitting talking and all I could feel was the ping of this black dense energy, so a barrier was created to keep their energy from interfering with what was happening (and I really didn’t know what was happening, it was so spontaneous and I was just going with the flow of it all.)

The barrier turned into a large mesh like circle of energy directly in the pool, connected deep into the lava flows of earth and went upwards to the sky.  Once this was completed, I felt compelled to go stand in the middle of the pool, as soon as I did, I could feel the body of my daughter laying across my arms, all this brittle dark frayed energy from head to toe, we dipped her in the pool several times and I could feel the spirit of the water start to cleans her energy field and did some work within her core/spine.  I spoke to her (my daughter) for the first time since that moment yesterday and my heart was leaping with joyful gratitude (and truthfully, I forgot about the work we did at the springs until this morning.)  Her head was clear, her voice happy and hopeful, I felt something with her I had not felt in years and even the nightmare that started to surround her was slowly beginning to change and release itself.  I give so much thanx to the spirits of the soda springs!!

One of the things I had learned in doing my meditations with each of the pools (there is the iron pool, the arsenic pool and the soda pool, the lithium pool is still being repaired and is not offered any longer and the mud pool) was what these original pools meant to our oldest of ancestors.  Before I get to far ahead of my daughters healing experience, the ancestors said the soda pools were used for buoyancy of spirit.

However, before they explained what the pools were used for, they explained somethings about our DNA that I had no clue about.  I pray I can remember what they said correctly.  There was a time our DNA were like long strings that worked together and fanned out to touch and be a part of all things in life.  The image they showed me was something like this (only the circle was perfect, unlike my free hand cropping on ms paint.)

DNA strings


With that image, they gave me the understanding of how our view of the double helix is due to our engagement with fear.  It bound itself together with duality, separated from the All and that is when disease and the sense of separation set in.  Disease did not exist in their day, at all.  So back in their time, when they used the sacred waters we now call Ojo Caliente, they did amazing ceremonies and I gave me the privilege of witnessing it.  They played music, drum beats that they said were in rhythm to the earths heartbeats, sang songs of joyful gratitude and used the pools for their expanding attributes.  The iron pools strengthen their connection to the All, to all life both seen and unseen.  As I mentioned a moment ago, the soda pools were used to life their upliftment of abilities and connections.  I think I could safely say, to uplift their frequencies.  What I really found interesting is the arsenic pools were used to “purify” and they made it very clear that it was not like we use the word purify today.  There was nothing to “cleanse” or remove, the purification was more like turning regular gas into jet fuel.

I started to realize this very way of life, connection to All there is, is what we are returning back towards.  With it, we are changing our DNA, removing the fear, the disease, the separation.  Our body and cells are changing and like all things on earth, it is a process.  We didn’t remove ourselves from full connection overnight, we will not restore our true natures overnight, but we have actively and purposely engaged its, in OUR, restoration!!

We had made plans to go hiking into the caves at Bandelier national park the next day.  Well, my body had other plans, I had the worst asthma attacks all not long that I can remembering having in a long time.  Even as I awoke for the day, and smoked my peace pipe, which ALWAYS stopped the asthma attack every time before, did very little.  I could barely breathe and talking hurt like hell.  It really is amazing how connected the air in our lungs are with the ability to create sound.  I opted out of the hike with sadness in my heart, but the sadness only lasted a few moments.  As soon as the folks in my house left to meet the wonderful souls staying in Jemez Springs to go hiking, suddenly, whatever was squeezing the breathe out of me started to release itself.  Not 10 minutes later did my Jemez Sister’s husband call to say he was coming up to build a bridge across the river for the hike the next day.  I had no idea he planned on doing that this day.  Ok, I will be here.  While on the phone with him, my voice was still straining for sound, by the time he got here, less than 30 minutes later, my voice was restored, my lungs restored and I was able to help him carry the wood planks down to the river and assist him in erecting this amazing bridge to allow us all to cross the river safely for our hike up the Mesa.

the bridge to heaven

Of course, he did almost all the work, I sat and supervised!!  But I also sat in gratitude to the guardians who manipulated my body in such a way to assure he had the assistance he needed to get this bridge done safely and not by himself.  I could feel the Presence of the Guardians, of the Jemez River and their deep reverence for our arrival.

Let me tell you, it was a LONNNGGGG way up and a long way down, holy muscle strain batman!!  The clay dirt was soft and mushy from the rains, but not one of us slipped or fell or even passed out from the straight up ascension process!  We won’t even talk about how activated my fear of heights became, especially going back down.  Yikes!!!  However, just as we made our way upwards where the red dirt of the mesa gave way to the tan dirt of the volcanic ash, I could feel the energy of the Guardians so strongly, the joy, the welcoming and the safeguarding of our ascent.

a long way up

By the time we got to the top, ate some lunch, caught our breath, it was already time to go back down.  I didn’t get to do a single meditation in the ruins remaining at the top of this amazing mesa.

ruins of guadalupe mesa


Sleep time was about to change all that I felt I missed in the lack of meditation at the top.  I had three dreams that night.  The first one must have been clearing all the reasons I was so afraid of going over the cliffs.  I could see myself falling from so many different angles from high atop rock formations.  I assume some were at this mesa, but the series of falls happened so fast in my dream state I could not be sure.  After about the 5th or 6th sky dive to the ground, I woke up in a sweat.  Gotta work out the kinks I suppose.  The next dream segment was very very different.  Once again, I was at the mesa, very different from what it looks like today and there was this narrow area that was made of dirt that you had to cross in order to go up any further.  As I put my foot on this dirt, these tall deep purple, straw like flowers started to grow and bloom before my eyes.  Even in my dream state, all I could feel was the flowers of shambhala growing because we were there.  With this segment, the reverence not only within me, but in the air itself, the ground, the flowers was like nothing I can put into words.

I woke up from the 2nd segment and fell back to sleep for the 3rd and final segment of this dream experience.  We (our whole group) was at the top of the Mesa and I could feel the guardians there, but there were also ET’s up there with us as well, the ET’s were viewable, long, super skinny things that sorta looked like grays, but were not grays at all.  We were given this strange black-violet gooey energy ball (about the size of a soccer ball) by one of the ET’s and we started to pass it around to each other, with each pass, it became smaller and smaller until the last person’s turn consumed what was left of it.  I have no idea what that energy ball was or was for cuz as soon as the last one person took this in, I woke up.

So our five days together was led by the Guardians and the Life that surrounds this amazing place I call Home.  They did say, day one, the heavens released the rains and the thunder and lightning to celebrate us, day two, we took in the heat and energy of the flowing earth beneath us, day three was about purposely creating a bridge to our desires and day four was a completion of something we have yet to completely understand (quote from the Guardians there.)

Day five, I didn’t leave the couch.  Ouchies.  Ohhhh the muscle groups I woke up!!!

I was really hoping to have enough time today to share the amazing information that came thru an ET connection yesterday, but sadly, my day is about to begin and I have no time between appointments to write.  So…. until tomorrow….

I love you all so much and hope you have the most amazing equinox, full solar eclipse, completion and opening to new beginnings this week!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) wrapped in gooey black-violet energy balls to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas  www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html

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Of course, we had yet another shift in the field of reading coming out of the 15-16th “activations” weekend.  I swear it can be so disorienting reading, I just get a foothold on what is being expressed… wham… there we go again.  Previous orientation gone, new one establishing and me going on like a babbling idiot.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world!!!  I heard a common on “The Voice” from one of the coaches to one of the singers and I about cried.  Whatever it is you choose to do, should have you feeling like the last part of this three-part comment. He had said to this young lady in regards to her joy for singing:

“Some people will say, look what I can do, others will say, look what I have to do, and yet your expression is, look what I get to do!”  No matter what you do in life, that last statement should be what fills you.

There are many elements in play these last two days of readings.  I really want to focus first on the first beautiful lady showing up on the new, temporary field as we head upwards into April.

She had recently made a major change in her life, leaving her boyfriend and the state they resided in and moved back home to her parents as she reoriented her self and her young son into what she wanted for her next version of her Self.  When she showed up on the morning of the 17th, I was a little taken by surprise.  There she was, suspended in air by the bulging in areas, rotation of liquid sky blue water like energy.  I understood the sky blue to (continue to) be creator energy, source, god, pick a name.  Nourishing her, surrounding her, and waiting for her to use its life force for her desired creation.  The energy was being emitted from the ground level, her feet about 2 feet above the ground, again, suspended in this energy, and it came up and over her head.  It was circulating around and around and I could see her body equally spinning around in it as well.  I became aware that there was no outward movement or us to this incredible energy system.

Thru her, I really am starting to understand a bigger picture of our life’s condition, that having to “work” condition.  Many of the folks I read for know what they would love to be doing, it just doesn’t pay the bills… yet and the thought of having to go out and get a job doesn’t emote joy.  But if we look at getting a job in a different way, beyond making our day to day ends meet, but as a way to expand our innate abilities, the things within us rising to the surface to explore and expand in different ways… the job itself could serve like continued education in what you will one day do full-time.

Life was created to keep us moving beyond our comfort zone, to keep reaching for more aspects of our own fullness and to continue to understand, refine and enlarge ourselves thru others on the world’s stage with us.  So, when thinking about what you  are going to do next to make a living, don’t think about the work itself, think about what part of you you want to experience more fully and then step into the emotion of that.  The job will just show up for you.

I will give you my own real example of how to work this.  When I was living in Vermont in a camp on the mountainside and decided to get an apartment with electricity and the perks of not living off grid, I knew I would have to get a job in order to sustain me and my daughter.  I had learned so much about the communication of all living things, plants, rocks, grass, animals… I wanted to continue to learn that, maybe tho, on a human level.  So I just sent out to the universe, gotta get a job, get me one that will expand my listening skills and communication skills in this way.  Not even two days later, I went to a crystal shop the town over and just outside that door was a job posting for a personal care attendant at an assisted living home.  Not my dream job for sure, but I interviewed, was hired and it taught so much about communication from the heart.  How to hear people’s needs when they could not verbally communicate.

Take the focus off of the job itself, place it on your own expansion and trust that when it shows up, when you employ the creator energy that IS apart of you, your head will spin from the expansion!!!

We are responsibly for decided what we want to experience next, what parts of our treasure chests within we want to take out and polish.  If you don’t know what that is, spend more time “knowing thyself!!!”

In complete contrast, my next two lady’s I could not see at all, what I did hear was their energy fields were out in creation, creating.  The energies we are putting into motion in this moment of our amazing life is creating at the speed of light, coming into solid form as we pass the equinox, which is giving solid form to many many desires.

Of course, I am having my own melt down with this, thinking shit… does that mean I am not going to see and get information until after the equinox???  This does not feed my inflow and out flow funnel very well!!

My last two appointments of that day were both from the other side of the pond, which actually placed them into the 18th’s dateline.  I completely missed this fact until yesterday, which means I missed some vital information about their readings.

Unlike my first three lady’s, these two amazing people had something strange in their reading.  My first lady, wrapped up in that water/creator energy but only up to the waist, had octopus tentacles coming out of her water/energy base.  What the hell is that???  Her very long and thick tentacles were in constant movement, looking for something I could not see.  They were spread out all around her, the only thing I could feel for sure is there is nothing to find from your past, there is nothing I can see to your left or right, hell even the energy in front of her (and everyone) was… like a void of potential.

What I did not realize at all with her and what was being shown, is she is very much a sister to the octopus and has many of the same skill sets as the octopus.  As all of the readings showed yesterday, this is part of her emerging skill set and her job is to learn how to use it for her desires.  Lets take a look at some of the octopus’ qualities and see how it can be used in her new expanded Life in Shambhala:

Octopuses are waaay old. The oldest known octopus fossil belongs to an animal that lived some 296 million years ago,
Octopuses have three hearts. Two of the hearts work exclusively to move blood beyond the animal’s gills, while the third keeps circulation flowing for the organs. The organ heart actually stops beating when the octopus swims, explaining the species’ penchant for crawling rather than swimming, which exhausts them.  (Thats a whole lot of magnetic field energy too.)
Octopus arms have a mind of their own. Two-thirds of an octopus’ neurons reside in its arms, not its head. As a result, the arms can problem solve how to open a shellfish while their owners are busy doing something else, like checking out a cave for more edible goodies. The arms can even react after they’ve been completely severed. In one experiment, severed arms jerked away in pain when researchers pinched them.  (This will really take “feeling” your way to a whole other level.)

A HUGE tidbit of understanding that came from this amazing lady too, was how we enter into April.  April’s presence has been a consistent view for the last month or two.  It is about 4 feet above the energy of march (Higher in frequency) it is a circular platform that is in a constant clockwise rotation (rotating slowly tho) and the platform itself has a texture to it, a feel of matter and yet is made up of various shades of violet with threads of deep blue.  This part I can understand, the ascended masters in body living their full soul expression, not as a concept, but a way of life.

What I couldn’t see or understand, how do we make such a massive leap upwards when I have not seen the energy of march rise up, yet.

As all of her octopus tentacles came to the forward and she started reaching and connecting to (whatever, I couldn’t see the what, just the doing) suddenly these mounds, made of the same color and texture as april, started to appear on the ground level near April’s high platform.  Each mound was larger than the one before it until she created an elevated bridge upwards to April.

Let me explain what this means in as much detail as I understand.  We ALL have been activated.  All 12 strands of our DNA are on and working, the ganglion of creative energy on and firing, new skills, connections, ways of being… LIVING Shambhala must be taken out and experienced.  Using this energy is the only way to go from activation to the living experience of April’s energy.

If you just sit back and say, wow, I have new energy, well good for you… do something with it!!  Otherwise, it doesn’t mean a thing!!

My man after her, his field was more pure energy (I didn’t see the blue water energy with him) but what I did see was a dolphin head upwards, tail downwards and the feeling was his head was part of the upper atmosphere of Life, deeply connected to the “soul mind” and the body was in a pure energy system of the new earth.  One of the greatest abilities of a dolphin is their use of sonar:

Sonar refers to sound navigation ranging. It involves using and interpreting sounds to detect something’s location underwater and is especially handy for two reasons: Bodies of water are often far too murky for sight, and sound actually travels quickly underwater, much faster than it does in air.

Sonar technology sends out sounds and waits for the sounds to bounce off other objects and come back (the same way an echo bounces back to us in a cave). This technology is called active sonar, as opposed to passive sonar, or simply listening for the noises of other active objects. Remarkably, with sonar, we can interpret vital information, such as exactly how far away enemy submarines are.

To take this to a more day-to-day life ability, is bringing to the ground level (life) the murky (smile) wisdom and energy from the soul mind (plural, not just his, but all of ours together as a collective.)

Yesterdays readings became all about this, our new connections, totems, abilities and our job is to understand that part of ourselves, start to use them in ways that are creative and enriching, not only to ourselves, but to the others around us as well.  Our place here on earth is not about how much we can get out of life, but how much we can empower others thru our life.  What we do for others, we equally do for ourselves.

I had one lovely lady on the field yesterday, whose connection must have went to sleep with me, I woke up several times with her and her reading at the forefront of my mind.  So I will close todays sharing with her information, it really caught me by surprise.

She was standing there with her arms spread out even to her shoulders.  I could see and feel the rapid movement of the infinity symbol (energy generator) moving outwards from her heart and looping around each arm.  The next thing I know, she has a dolphin on her right arm, connected as a living part of her energy field at the biceps, triceps area of the arm and a blue whale on her left arm.  What her team said is these are a part of her energy system, creator system, they are connected to her source of strength to pull towards her anything her heart desires.  However, the skill sets of each of these amazing animals are important for her to realize and use in her creation abilities.  The dolphin with its sonar, echo location abilities, the whale, surprisingly, with its blow-hole energy.  Using these qualities in conjunction with herself is part of her mastery!!

Then she asked a question that changed everything.  She asked if she had a divine counterpart (let me assure everyone, if you are living and loving Shambhala, you DO!!!!) and of course the reply was yes but she had to take that infinity symbol and change its position from outwards (extended beyond the arms) to below her feet and above her head to call forth her divine counterpart.  I was so surprised.  Her team did say, and I know this applies to every one of us… there is a way of using our energy to create what we desire in the physical life (the arms outwards) and then we must switch the power to embody us when calling forth our divine counterparts… and more.  They never did say what “more” is.

The one thing I am absolutely sure of, we work in brand new ways now and our job is to discover how that is!!

On that note, I have a ton of cooking to do.  I will be off thru the 23rd as friends gather here in my world and we all figure out how to use our new superpowers together!!!  I am sure I will put out more sharings between now and then, as we learn more about ourselves in the physical together, but will not be doing readings again until the 24th.

Power up those inner desires with love, with emotion and I cannot wait to see what you created when I get back to reading.  May the bounty of life live thru you as we move into and beyond this solidifying energy system we call the equinox!!!

I love you all so much and am ((((HUGGING)))) you into massive celebrations of the wildest potentials made manifest!!!

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html

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hand in hand

Phew baby, what a weekend!!!  I love when a good conversation can give us a deeper look at what is happening in these grand events.  My first person on my agenda on the 15th didn’t get a reading, hell no one did this weekend, but man we had wonderful conversations, but this man in particular gave us some wonderful insight about the significance of this “activation” weekend.  And I do want to say, at least on the 15th, I could not see the field or do readings, but I was still able to see, just as long as I wasn’t looking directly into the Light of your Life.

I had been asking thru every reading prior, and many have asked the same question without any real reply “what is really happening with this two day activation period?”  Silence.  At least until the morning me and this precious, patient man got together.  Since I couldn’t do his reading, we were simply talking about what the weekend is really all about.  I could see it more clearly thru him than ever before, at least, the second half of this two day event.  I was given the analogy when I was closing out my last blog of the energy itself gathering into itself like the ocean does when it is pulling into itself to release a massive tsunami wave.  You would be the ocean, each one of us, gathering the new, fluid energy into the core of our Beings.  The 16th was the outward flow of all our new energy from our core, outwards.

With this whole visual now, I could see that oval representing all of us holding the Christed energy, Shambhala together on the created fields of earth, breaking apart as if reducing ourselves to particle energy and pulling together at the very center of the oval, rising upwards to form a cone of liquid energy, building and rising and then spewing outwards like a tsunami wave would in the ocean, only with us it is in a 360 degree radius.

I was so excited to see this thru him, I really am not sure how much you, each of you realize the extra puzzle pieces that snap into place are BECAUSE of you.  Particularly you.  As I excitedly thanked him for sharing that info with us, I also got another visual of what could look like a single puzzle piece finally finding its way into the opening of the building puzzle, snapped right into place at the exact moment it is needed for fuller understandings.  He may not have gotten a reading that day, but we all gained deeper understanding because he showed up.

With that thought in mind, I am seeing an even bigger scenario, of course I am going to relate it directly to my own experiences, but this does not just apply to me, but all of us doing what we do for the greater all.  Let me just explain what I am being shown right now…

For over three years now, we have been building that landscape thru each of our hearts, sharing it outwards with each other that I simply call Shambhala, Heaven on Earth.  We get information, use it, strip down, flood out, change it all, day after day, week after week.  When I look outside to see the “field” as it radiates thru your Soul energy, it literally does exist in a dimension a bit higher than the one we walk thru.  It is what causes the next frequency increase, when we as a collective hit the next octave of full on experience.  The new earth becomes more solid beneath our feet, our combined energy spreading far and wide as we become more fully online within ourselves and with each other.

With this information I get a flashback of the Harmonic Convergence of August 16–17, 1987, and all the other ones held since that date.  Solara’s activations of the 11:11 gateways and the many other group activities that have happened and are happening thru it all.  Everyone is key, everyone is affecting the ever evolving change we are knee-deep in at the ground level as well as the heart level.

However, we tend to only see the value of it all when we are actually doing readings, seeing what is unfolding, tweaking what needs to be tweaked, what we do not see is how important just the moment together is on the days the energies are too high for me to see, even if the conversation does not spark anything other than giggles and love thru each other, we are still very much pouring our soul light into the expanding field by our presence together.  Once intention is set, simply going right with my appointment calendar, it set with intention to see and share and build by the vertue of our connections… it happens even on the days I cannot see.  The pot of quantum soup is being added to.  I smile at this… somethings are way to quantum to understand and see as a visual, it’s just the knowing deep inside that something massive and spectacular is happening even still.

Then there are those days, the energy itself is so volatile, in such massive change, my team must put me down to the degree I cannot show up, or you cannot.  It is never a negative thing, its all-ways a safety thing, biologically speaking!!

Now yesterday, ohhh my dear lord, I swear I woke up with the blob embedded in my entire skull trying to find its way back out.  The bulging energy behind my eyes and forehead, the serious sinus leaking and it stayed that way all day long, to the point of having almost strange vertigo sensations.  Like the blob within decided to rotate around my pineal gland as quickly as blobs can spin, and the light shards sparking in my field of vision, the disorientation of my feet trying to walk.  It was weird and kinda kewl at the same time.  What was even more interesting, and now given what spirit shared today, makes more sense to me now, I had zero psychic vision but still talked to everyone, and sneezed and blew my nose thru it all, and each person really got the blob moving behind my skull bones.  Even tho we just appeared to talk, the energy exchange was still happening.

Ya know, its kinda weird, or maybe not lol.  The night-time is all about the energy moving into my chest, the heart, or hell moving out, I am not sure really, maybe both.  I have spent the last several night coughing, squirting that holy albuterol into my lungs so I can breathe and sleep again, yet in the days, its all head stuff.

I also want to share this tidbit as well.  A few weeks ago I was reading for a lady and suddenly I could see what spirit very specifically called “meteorite debris” falling all over her energy field.  I could see the chunks of the meteorite as they fell to the ground and her team kept making sure I used the word meteorite (as opposed to asteroid, which is what I kept wanting to call it.)  Her team also said this energy was very important to her, but very often in readings I have no clue what is being shown metaphorically or literally.  Well!!!  Yesterday… I will just share spaceweather.com info:  BRIGHT FIREBALL, POSSIBLE METEORITE FALL: Last night, a meteor exploded over southern Germany. The shadow-casting fireball was brighter than the full Moon and it produced loud sonic booms – a sign that it penetrated deep in the atmosphere and may have dropped meteorites on the ground.

That meteorite ignited many things on the ground level of Shambhala.  It will be interesting to find out what exactly!!

I went to sleep last evening, wondering how today will reveal in the field itself.  Spirit has been more tight-lipped about ANYTHING between the 17th and the equinox, not a glimpse of anything thru any of the readings or ponderings.  I had a dream just before I woke up, strange really, I was seeing myself, my human self from I guess the ceiling, the above me view, as I was sitting in my reading chair trying to connect with someone (had no idea who) and I couldn’t see for them.  I watched as I went into bitch mode, which I do every time I cannot see lol.  It was funny to see it and feel it from that perspective.  The desire releases the intent, even if it appears the opposite.

On that note, I am hoping it was just a stress dream and not foretelling this day.  I wanna see what the hell we got ourselves into now!!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to everyone, may the green of your heart energy expand to touch and tickle everyone you see today!!  I love you!!!!!!  Tickle, tickle!!! <3

((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and well, more wonder!!!!

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html

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bubbled flute

Thanks to daylight savings time, I have been sleeping later than usual and waking up too late to get a sharing out.  Now I am sitting here with days worth of information all jumbled up in my head.  (It’s crowded in there.)

Let’s start with the participation of the sun in this ginormous weekend spirit has been going on and on about (without a real single detail of, what does that really mean to us,) the activation of the center, conjoined energy of each other holding together the Shambhala/Christed energy in the world of matter.

For the better part of last week, the sun started spitting out CME’s that were causing radio blackouts daily, culminating with the X2 flare on the 11th which is still bouncing around our atmosphere.  Then on the 12th, the sun reversed it’s charge and sent out it’s own radio transmission.  The way i am feeling its participation, it spent days wiping out all the old energies in the upper atmosphere and when it felt it did its job (With that x2 class flare) it rehydrated the atmosphere with new, pure energy.  I am going to copy and paste what spaceweather.com said about this radio burst:

SOLAR RADIO BURST: For much of the past week, space weather news has focused on how sunspot AR2297 is causing radio blackouts on Earth. On March 12th the sunspot did the opposite. It unleashed a shortwave radio burst. “It was super intense–one of the strongest bursts of the current solar cycle,” reports amateur radio astronomer Thomas Ashcraft. Click on the image below to play a recording of the sounds he heard issuing from the loudspeaker of his radio telescope in rural New Mexico:

“The recording starts a little rough for a few seconds in that there was a ham transmission in progress on one channel (22 MHz) and the other channel (23 MHz) had a tiny bit of buzz,” says Ashcraft. “But then the solar burst hit and the ham voices were entirely drowned out. For the next 3 minutes, the airwaves were dominated by solar static.”

These radio sounds are caused by beams of electrons–in this case, accelerated by an M4-flare. As the electrons slice through the sun’s atmosphere, they generate a ripple of plasma waves and radio emissions detectable on Earth 93 million miles away. Astronomers classify solar radio bursts into five types; Ashcraft’s recording captured a mixture of Type III and Type V.

The same morning, on the 12th, I woke up with a full spectrum image floating a few feet above my head.  It was the most stunning image I have seen and I quite inadequately tried to recreate the image for your view.  Keeping in mind, there was so much depth and detail to this image that I have no way of replicating (I am not art or paint savvy at all, in anyway.)

dream image

If we look at it the way spirit has been talking about our world, our “orb of life,” the outer circle (opened at the top) is what we would call the all the dimensions of earth, all the other versions of earth, now open to the higher christed energy coming directly in to affect all those incarnate.  The inner circle represents what I call the collective of those LIVING Shambhala.  Keeping in mind too, I use the spelling of Shambhala the way I do to reflect the sanskrit meaning of shambhala: Peace, Love, Harmony.   The green was the most amazing, vibrant, light infused neon green I had ever seen.  The light of spirit, of your and each of our souls, alive and living fully in matter thru the heart.  That red and blue thing in the middle, it was so stunning and so unlike what I barely put together to show it.  They were distinctly steps, there was depth to each one and the red and blue energy (new earth, soul expression) that made up each step and actually blended into each other on its way down.  If we looked at this image as a body itself, then these stairs would start at the throat and form an upside down Y at the pelvic area.  Two sets of steps, divine feminine (love) and divine masculine (light) blended and moving as one.  There was a distinct energy flow moving downwards…

We talk about ascension… a lot!!  There is also is a descending energy to it all.  Spirit, our soul MUST come down into the fields of matter thru the ascended biology.  Our role as living Beings creating and holding the Christed energy at the ground level, is to LIVE IT.  Not sit around and talk about it, not debate about it… but be the living expression of it as us.  Hence the moving to the feet area, which also forms a peace sign.

When I seen this image, I had to ask, what does it represent to us.  Immediately I was reminded of images and sharings that came thru the readings and many meditations back in 2012 of the mesa itself:


That doorway became part of our homework thru so many readings, opening the treasure chest within.  Opening not only the heart of the mesa, but the heart of each other as well.  January 15th, 2013… we accomplished that goal, as the mesa exploded and released 30 tousands tons of material from its top.

Jemez Rockslide

Look at the formation of the debris running down the mesa… as it moves to the ground level, it splits in two… an upside down Y just like I was shown in my dream image!!!





The explosion literally covered everything with this talc powder debris of its face.  We opened, together, the heart of the mesa and in this last 2 year adventure, we have been bringing it all into us, not as a storage space of things, but as a living expression of the treasures of heaven on earth.

WE thru ARE the descending staircase of Spirit Living thru us, as us, in the walk on earth.

This morning, I was woken up again with yet another powerful image.  For a girl whose sleep/dream time has been uneventful most of my life, things radically changed since February!!  I had a really hard time going to sleep last night, my lungs were wheezy and having the hardest time breathing, again.  I was reminded of the activations underway and of course, it would be targeted into my chest area… dammit… bless it.  But this mornings amazing vision gave clear insight to what that activation, these activations are all about.

I could see a body (not mine or anyones really, just a body… which I know is ALL of us in this collective) with this bubbly stream of energy being purposely poured into the crown itself, and it just reminded me of champagne, ohh man, I gotta laugh at that… let me explain (cuz its really important to you too.)

For two years, in my “beginnings,” in my bathtub romps, I was trained by Sananda and Franklyn (my main man from the Pleiades) on how to do energy work on the body itself.  They would take me to a place beyond my tub, an energy surgical room of you will, and taught me how energy works within the body, how to understand its communication, how to change its density and the responsibility of the person themselves to keep it in place.  Two years of this training… three years into this path, one of my wonderful clients gave me the gift of a reiki one and two attunement (I declined the third, I refuse to put master anywhere near my abilities, personal choice there.)  To me, Reiki felt like water, abundant, everywhere on earth and easily accessible and used.  So years later when I started to do energy massages and folks on my table asked me what kind of energy I used… reiki??  I had to think about a way to reply… no not reiki.  To me reiki is like water, the energy I use is like a fine bottle of Dom Perignon champagne.  No one can attune you to this energy, you must be clear inside to use it.

So we are all being directly infused with this high potency Dom Perignon Champagne. There was actually someone explaining it as I was witnessing this… the bubbles are aligning within the energy stream of the human and turning on new programming within them.  As I watched this fine bubbly pour in and circulate into the heart itself, suddenly and quite unexpectedly, the most beautiful…. wait…. BEAUTIFUL large yellow bubble started to come out of the heart area itself.  Then they showed me the profile view, it was an infinity symbol, expanding!!  A pure energy generator coming thru you directly from Source to use in this new world of each other living Shambhala.  Emphasis on NEW!!

We have a brand new body system that works in a whole new way.  You must be clear on which body you occupy (old or new) and work it accordingly.  The old body is biologically dependant, the new one, pure energy baby.

Lets put this into a clearer context, which actually comes from a conversation I had with a lady in a reading the other day.  She was asking something like aligning our bodies with the food or medicines we take, the reply from spirit out my crazy lips took me by surprise… again, one of those things that surprises me by being surprising!!  lol  I will ad-lib here, or rephrase it as I hear spirit jumping up and down to express it again.

WE ARE energy masters, vibrational beings in a body of matter.  All we take in, consumption wise, we should bring up to our vibratory rate and not the other way around.  Which means, your food can be as vibrationally vibrant as you, no matter what its contents are.  Your medicines can equally be as vibrationally wonderful as you, partnered for the greater good.  The only harmful thing is your mind and your perception of anything and your perceptions affect your own energy field as it intensely affects the energy field of whatever you are in the presence of.  However, this is only true for those living as an application, Christ alive in body thru you, as you (cuz it IS YOU.)  Old body constructs are still developing relationships and putting aside bias and learning to fully communicate with their bodies.  This is why it is so crucial for you, individually, to be aware of which body you currently occupy.  Know ThySelf!!

With that thought in mind, equally know others energy system too.  Conscious participation is crucial now more than ever.  if you get “work” done by someone still moving thru the old body system and you reside in a new body system, its like cat claws on your energy body that you yourself will have to repair.  Yes, there is still causality in even in heaven on earth!!  Especially Here!!

There are actually several different, exciting exercises that have come thru the last several days that I want to share today, but my team is holding my hand back until we move beyond this weekend.  What is pouring in needs to just be allowed without interference.  WOW, even with that sentence, they gave me a quick (and first time) view of the field, the oval of Shambhala… weird, I am not even sure how to explain it, except maybe everything being pulled together at the center point, reminds me kind of like an ocean retreating into itself as it gathers the energy to create a tsunami wave.  Even the scalloped border (the humans) have moved into this center pulling energy and its all a mish-mash of particles recreating themselves.

I have been wondering how this “activation weekend” is going to affect the readings themselves… I think we just got a preview.  Massive change, reassembly even, underway.  I have a feeling actually, this must have started yesterday.  I had 7 readings on my dance card, I got thru 5 and by the 6th, I could only see my floor, by the 7th, I was so completely disassembled and I could feel it, I was not surprised to not be able to see.  But I am gonna try anywayz!!

On that note… I pray my day of readings is about to begin, as opposed to my day of rescheduling!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of massive peace, love and harmony thru ALL!!!  Tune into the new frequency being emitted from the sun.  <3

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html











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The Consciousness of Biology and Our Responsibility!


the void

Did your socks get knocked off by that X2 class solar flare yesterday?  My whole morning was affected by it, even before it blasted its energy towards earth.  I could not webex, it looped and looped, it took me 5 minutes to load skype, I rebooted my computer, and hour later it finally booted back up.  I was in a reading and my head just exploded with pain… holy headache batman.  I swear someone put a corkscrew of light directly into my forehead full speed in.  Since I was knee-deep in intense readings, I just assumed it was coming from that, and then I get the text message from spaceweather.com about the flare and it was at its exact moment of release my head felt the pain.  Once again I say, thank god for Ibuprofen.  I’ll deal with the leaky fluids, the nausea, the vertigo, but I have a zero pain policy, we do have to have our boundaries!!

From spaceweather.com:  “The X-flare scrambled the ionosphere thoroughly so that no decametric radio signals were supported in my part of the world,” says Ashcraft. “The ionosphere started to reform after about fifteen minutes when stations began to reappear.

I want to tie this in with a bit of information that came thru an ET session the other.  I am so humbled at the things I do not know but feel like I should have!!  The moment new information is presented, its like… but of course, how did I not see that before.

The pineal gland, which is also the incoming and outgoing flow of our crown chakra and the heart chakra are linked together as one energy system.  As he was doing his adjusting his frequency to hers, directed simultaneously at the third eye and heart, for the first time ever, I could see it, like a white filament that connects one to the other.  What happens to the pineal, affects the heart and vise versa.

Of course, the pineal is the “light center” of the body, also known as the seat of the soul.  The more we expand our heart, the higher the light quotient we allow in, and the more we allow the light in (can I give a shout out for meditation here) the more we expand our heart.

Of course, this connection passes straight thru the throat chakra.  If we are holding back our Soul Expression, it can and does create a kink in the flow of relayed information from pineal to heart.  Kinda like having a clog in the plumbing.  For what we are about to do, all three must be open and flowing.

Now with that said, there is something else we must also consider in a way we may not have considered before.  How incredibly conscious our very own biology is.  It really is the housing for all we are doing and about to do and it has desires and needs of its own.  The true engine of creation in matter.  I gotta tell you my own little story to really get this message home in the way it needs to be.

I have entered the 6th month of my body reformatting (smile.)  I am still eating fewer calories that I put out in any given day and yet, for this last week and a half, my scale has not budged downwards.  It’s gone upwards a pound or two, then back to loosing that pound or two, but no more weight loss, dammit.  Of course, I made an agreement with my body as the cold weather set in, I truly do hibernate in the winter, I slow down to a near stop, so my body fully agreed to suspend my daily workouts until spring and it agreed to continue the weight loss.  My body kept its promise, but I didn’t.  Our days started to warm up close to two weeks ago and I have not gotten my ass up to do anything different.  Even tho my body was sending me mental signals (images) of what it desired, I was still very much telling it my old story.  This point here is key for everyone.

My old story is, I’m tired, I just did 6 (this week  freakin 7) readings, I’m fried.  Tomorrow… maybe tomorrow.  This old story has been a very true one… until recently.  This week, I am amazed at the vital energy I still have even after a day of new imagery and understandings coming thru.  But I am/was in such an old habit of reliving, believing (on a mental level) my old programming, the way it has been.  So my body seized the weight loss, completely stopped it and even went in the other direction to get my attention.

Let me assure you, your body, your biology has complete control over how it chooses to be in any given day.  If you are not addressing its biological (and dare I even say, spiritual) needs, it will make sure it gets your attention one way or the other.  Having as an intimate relationship with your body at this juncture of our evolution is as crucial to having one with your spirit/soul/team.

I couldn’t take the images being sent to my brain any more, I finally got up off the couch, begrudgingly yesterday (my body was still rocking that X flare) and popped in Sweating to the Oldies II for the first time since October.  I guess I had to smile when all my workout clothes now fit very loosely, even my cardio belt had to be adjusted inwards to fit my smaller body.  I was able to effortlessly keep up with the entire 1 hour workout and after a winter of couch surfing, that alone surprised me.  But it is what happened after, thru the rest of the evening… I could feel waves of love and gratitude fill me, spread thru me as I could feel my blood itself carry this energy, this feeling.  Our blood circulates thru our heart and up to our brain (the pineal gland) and has the amazing capacity to feel and respond to our actions (or inactions.)

So truly, when it comes to the biology, there are three energies always interplaying with each other.  The lower mind, the soul mind and the biology itself.  If any part of you is still listening to the old story, the old programming (which is all the lower mind knows) you may be missing some very important needs from the biology itself.

One of my clients the other day, while she was feeling a bit run down, thru her reading, her body said it needed protein and starch to accommodate the energies within her.  These incoming energies need a lot of fuel to assimilate within our structure.

But equally, lets look at the more adverse affects of not being in alignment with the ALL of your/our self.  Speaking of old programming, I have 3 words I say when in readings “if, kinda and like,”  and for 13 years, I have been able to get away with saying them to the degree they just come out of my mouth without even thinking about them.  For the last few months, my team has been working really hard thru the readings to get me to drop these words, because nothing that is coming thru is kind life or if’s any longer… it IS.  Old habits die-hard.  March they upped the game even more, and I could literally feel these words before they came out of my throat being repressed, by March 3rd, I was about to say the word “Kinda” and I felt my throat being choked out and all I got was the k sound out and instantly my center throat swelled up to the size of a grape… and I was still spitting out these words, days later, the grape turned into a golf ball size.

I wish I could plead ignorance, but sadly, I cannot.  Even tho I heard my biology say this is here to remind you NOT to use these energy breaking words again, I decided to take my ass to the doctors.  What’s crazy is, right there in the docs office, as she was checking me out, that golf ball sized thingie in my throat deflated, went away.  We both witnessed together.  This is not a medical issue but a spiritual one.  I knew that… but still…

So I say all this, with important prompting from my team, our teams.  Yes, the biology is going to be affected by the incoming energies, but should last no more than a day or a few days.  There are also times when the biology is directly communicating to us personally.  Like my trapped words in my throat.  Our personal responsibility has gone thru the roof and spirit has been saying that for the last year.

To fully participate in our full version of Shambhala, Spirit alive in the field of matter, our alignment must be wholly.  If your body is sending you signals, listen, follow thru, ACT!!!  If you are trying to do something and your body is creating pain or adversity, listen, retreat!!  We MUST reprogram the habitual lower mind and all that it did, thought and thought it knew and experienced, from here forward.

Co-creative meditation (the place beyond breathing and waiting or listening to music or doing mantras) is the greatest way in to full participation with awareness and communication that I know of.  Seeking this innate connection outside of yourself, well, it will always keep you outside of yourself and your body demanding your attention.

I have a meditation webpage that has three podcasts on it, all interactive meditations.  If you are new to meditation, the meditation for beginners will help you establish control of the lower, chatty mind that you will find not only will assist you in meditation, but in your life as well.  The City of Light will hook you directly up with your Soul Center and your spirit guides.  http://www.mysoulcenter.com/meditation.html

I have a feeling, the activations spirit has been threatening, I mean talking about on the 15th and 16th has already started with yesterdays X2 flare.  Movement, responsibility and full on participation is required and dare I say, demanded now.

Know thyself and thy inner workings… and watch the magic unfold at your feet.

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of inner listening and clear sailing to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html









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The Merger Within the Body Underway!


The inner merger is absolutely underway.  This became beyond a shadow of a doubt on the 8th, three of the readings were being sewed into their new creative notch on the border of what I call Shambhala.  My physical body felt every ounce of it, burping like crazy as the souls of our connections become closer than every before.  My head throbbing from all the electricity that is underway.  By the 5th connection of the day, I was completely down, offline and billowing with massive energies, especially in my head region.  There is no doubt the communication centers of my brain were becoming highly affected by my own personal merging energy, I could barely speak a coherent sentence.  As the day wound down into evening, I could feel the energy in my core expanding outwards, I wish I could say it was a pleasant experience, but I would be telling a fib.  It was… uncomfortable, but not painful.

I woke up yesterday and my sinuses were running, my eyes leaking and I might add, the pain in my left eye, more than unpleasant.  I tried like hell to read thru it, nuttin at all.  I retreated to the couch, and I could feel the bottoms of my feet vibrating as if I was just standing on a vibrating floor.  The vibration eventually went up my calves to my thighs and at the same time, there was such a storm in my head, putting my glasses on (had to take my contacts out) actually hurt my face.  The bones in my cranium vibrating beyond comfortable.  Then these little fevers, coupled with intense heat radiating from my entire head.  I let it all play out, I may not like the feeling, but oh my god do I honor what is happening.

I slept in late this morning, which I was thankful for.  Let this energy happen while I am out cold!!  I woke up to this massive spring or slinky like energy landing on the roof of my bedroom.  With its arrival and resting on my roof, I also understood it was all the energy put into someone during the month of February that just did not take.  So it came back home to its source.  That alone was surprising, because the one thing I have always known, once you create energy, it can never be uncreated, but what happens to it if the energy was removed or given away?  Well, now I know… sorta.  It’s coiled up on the top of my roof at the front peak of my bedroom… waiting.  For what or whom, we will see I suppose.

As I got excited to see my first man on the field today, my beautiful architect, my excitement turned to bummer-ness.  All I could see is my damn floor.  What the hell??  I feel good, nothing is running out of my orifices today, I got plenty of sleep, my head is clear, what gives???

And a little story unfolds, which is why I decided to write a blog today, what I am understanding is too important to wait another day to share.

If you have noticed, the sun started releasing its bountiful CME’s several days ago.  Let me just share the headline from spaceweather.com this morning:  THE ERUPTIONS CONTINUE: For the 4th day in a row, sunspot AR2297 is crackling with solar flares. The latest, an M5-class eruption on March 9th at 23:53 UT, produced a low-frequency radio blackout over the South Pacific. (Also one happened at:  M5 0324 UT Mar10)

Now lets couple that with the image they have shown on the sun:


They say it looks like a sea turtle, I say it looks like an open heart but also, a dripping down of the infinity symbol too.  What I am hearing with all this at the moment, there is as much energy moving beneath the earth as well.  All to merge us into our new fields of Life, Oneness with each other.  Movement!!!

I received an email from someone I recently read for, and I would like to answer his question publicly.  I actually was able to see the reply from his team, and it really does apply to every one of us too.

Any suggestions on how I might create this viable emotional charge within me?  I seem to be lacking enthusiasm and passion all around and would really like to generate that for myself.  Your input would be greatly appreciated.

If you cannot get emotionally connected/excited about what you “think” you want, you are searching in the wrong place.  The mind itself is truly unable to “feel” so if you are thinking you want something, and yet, there isn’t a party inside your cells with that thought… change your mind about what you think you want.  Let the heart bring it up to you.

I go back to my own meditations when my team so consistently over the last year or so asked me what I want.  I dunno.  I never got excited about anything… until I was talking to him on the phone about Shambhala.  I really have no idea what that looks like, feels like, will be like but my whole body became engaged in saying that’s what I want.  The joy, the anticipation.

The mind itself, can only go to what it knows from past experience and decide based on that knowing.  Even if it is perceptions of being taken care of, what does that really mean in the grander spiritual level of life?  The mind has no real clue, but the heart.. without a single detail of preconception… it knows and knows with joy.  So if you thinking or talking about something you think you want, but can’t feel the emotional connection with it, change your mind, let something else float in and it may just happen in conversation as opposed to simply thinking about it.  But once you feel it, start moving towards it too.  How??  Thats going to be as unique as you are.

I can give you an example of how the twists and turns in this brand new adventure can happen.  One of my readings yesterday is a gal who lives in Santa Fe, as soon as I seen her name on my schedule, I thought about the gal coming in from the Caribbean who just surrendered her life there and will stay with me until she feels her next life emerge.  I did this precious lady’s reading, which at first confused me (a natural state of mine these days lol.)  She was half-light body half biology just on this side of the oval I call Shambhala, facing her past.  She had told me that she quit her job (well gave 4 weeks notice,) broke up with her boyfriend and is in the midst of changing her whole life and decided to go to where her sister is, Ashville, NC.  Thats the biology part I was feeling with her and her looking towards her past.  And before I even got it out of my mouth, my lady said she was interested in the gal coming from the Caribbean,  well, my whole body exploded with excitement… and it wasn’t hard to talk her into coming to stay with us during the equinox.  I feel a divine conspiracy happening, but dammit not a detail was shed.  Somethings, you really do have to live!!!

There is a tremendous amount of change in the air, movement of all kinds.  That was evident from yesterdays many connections.  If you really think about the information that has been coming out this last week or two…. the humans incarnate holding the energy of Shambhala, the Christed energy together at the ground level and then suddenly those that border that is moving… that is becoming more literal than figurative.  Whether your moving towards meeting new people, a new job, a new home…. there is a lot in play right now, alignment to an amazing scale of creative beings consciously alive in body.

For me personally, my whole body lights up like a christmas tree thinking about the folks coming for the equinox.  And just a reminder, I will be off playing from the 19th thru the 23rd and the feeling is like being set free in a candy store!!

On that note, my day is about to begin.  Daylight savings time is kicking me in the morning, I am barely waking up before my first appointment, this little sharing took me two days to write.  Gotta love the adjustments!!!

Have fun, lean into your joy, walk away (or release it from the mind) from anything that does not produce that feeling.  I love you!!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of renewed energy and pure excitement to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html


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Source, Soul, Physicality and Internal Engine of Creation!!!

passion and grace

Five readings yesterday, and every single one, in their own way, evoked tears from my eyes.  The first four because of the feeling, the loving reverence that I experienced during the understandings, the last one, because I was laughing so damn hard!!  Who would ever think in a million years, that the universe itself would use Ron Jeremy and his special ability (wink, wink) as a living example of… things.

With loosing an hour in my morning, I pray I do not miss sharing a single detail from yesterday.

My first lady appeared just on this side of the oval of Shambhala.  She was in that now familiar luminescent yellow so I knew it was her soul energy I was seeing.  The way I was seeing her reminded me of a roll of wrapping paper:

wrapping paper

The roll side towards the oval and it kept moving up and down, rolling up, rolling down.  Maybe that is why I kept saying rolling paper (smile.)  Her soul gave us a clear understanding of why.

What is happening right now, is unlike anything that has ever happened before.  The soul itself, merging with the Christed energy of the Shambhala must wrap itself in the sacred (and let me tell you, HUGE emphasis on sacred) biology of You.  The soul, merged as one Living System with the Christed energy of the ground (what I call Shambhala, what someones team in yesterdays readings called the ground level Christed energy, since it is more understandable that way, I am going to use it) has got to make sure it merges into and around the body in a very specific way for full use of the three as One.  Her soul explained how sacred the biology is, how important and how much it is honored to be apart of this lady’s living field of biology.  So it gave me the feeling of wrapping a christmas present, perfectly, precisely for full one embodiment.

There is this feeling this morning, taking the memory of my Life Between Life session of when the soul itself merges with the growing baby inside the mother.  It is crucial for the soul itself to learn the nervous system, the brain activity, to form a relationship with the biology and ego of the baby as it grows and gets ready for living birth.  Same now, only on a much more open and receptive level of consciousness.

As my next man on the field was going to show in an additional detail.  Can I tell you what a gift yesterday was thru each and every one who showed up!!  A more perfect alignment of puzzle pieces, I cannot remember having in one day.

His energy showed up in a large tube form, moving in and out of the ground just outside of the oval of christed energy.  He looked similar to a dolphin moving up and out of the ocean waters.  Then there was this energy coming down from above, just at the top of his energy/soul system.  It was like chunks of red and blue stuff was falling towards him in a 3 foot diameter, circular opening.  Except, there was a gap energy of about 2 feet of where that energy falling down, met his soul was aligning with the new magnetics of the Shambhala oval.

As I tried to understand what this energy was, I was shown him inside this oval (imagine that!!) his biological body looked more like I was looking at some high-tech x-ray.  I could see his nerve endings as well as his veins and these energy thingies were setting themselves at very particular points in these two areas of his body. Power enhancers in their own way.  I had to wonder about that gap of energy that I could not see.  What we learned from him, my goodness gracious…

He had asked me when he was going to be taken out of this 6 year limbo he was in.  We reversed the question, what is it you desire from here on own.  He mouthed some words that were like being around similar people/like-minded people, financial security… not one thing he said had an emotional charge to it.  He could have just as easily been reading some lines from a book out loud.  This lack of charge was the first thing I noticed and the amazing story that unfolded from there.

You/We are the magnetic center of all creation.  What we feel inside activates the grid of life to bring all that your emotional field desires into creation.  If there is no real, viable emotional charge to what you are saying or wanting, well, nothing gets activated.

That was the gap energy from the power dots (don’t know what else to call those red and blue thingies) to fully using them.  Emotional alignment within yourself.

Lets take this to another level, an amazing conversation had with my first lady of the day, Christmas present lady.  She was talking about binary code, 0’s and 1’s.  Potential into creation.  The amazing visual came thru this conversation, as I was seeing a 0 and 1 floating in my field of vision, I suddenly seen a hypodermic needle filled with yellow energy in it and purposely pushing the yellow into the 0, the potential.  Of course, yellow right now is all about the soul energy and even with that came the saying we have heard so many times but really took it to a whole other level for me “Putting your whole heart and soul into it.”  It also takes “going thru the eye of the needle” to a very very different level!!!

He also asked a really wonderful question in regards to all this.  He said, I thought I had to put action into play first.  The example that came back to him, I loved cuz it was so clear.  The action comes when the arrival of the thing desired arrives.  Think of it like your front door, you can get up, open the door, look around and yet, no one or nothing is there.  The action becomes required when someone or something knocks on your door.  If your emotions never meet the vibration of pulling your desires to you, you’re gonna spend a lot of time opening an empty door.

He also gave me such a tremendous gift as well.  I wanted to give him an example of what all this means and so, I used myself, which I kind of find funny since my team has been asking me what I want for so long and my mind goes thru mundane stuff and I come down to… I don’t know.  Well, I now know with unmistakable emotional quality!!  I want to live, play, breathe in Shambhala.  I have no freakin clue what that looks like, feels like will be experienced as… but with every ounce of my Being, THAT is ALL I want!!  It’s why I get up every morning and do what I do.

Another phrase that was repeated yesterday was “unconceptual vision.”  Where we are at, what is truly at hand, we cannot conceive or understand visually.  It has NEVER EVER been done before.

Now let’s get to my third lady, holy heaven, did I say just how amazing this day was!!  There she was standing or floating on the edging of this oval.  Two large, expansive lighting bolts came down at her head, left side, right side, but unlike any electrical charges I had ever seen in a reading.  I could see the core energy of the lightning, but there was this outward flow of softer energy from its charge.  It was connecting directly to two funny looking things at the top of her head, those ganglia’s.  Talk about looking a bit mickey mouse like!!  But the enormity of what we understand now… holy heavens batman!!

If you can imagine a Y being placed over your body.  The single stream of energy starts at the base of the skull going down, the right and left side of the top of the Y represents the two hemispheres of the brain.  Ok, back to my super humble diagram.  Keeping in mind, the silver energy represents the lightning bolts, the maroon circles at the top of the head, the nerve cluster connected directly to Source or the God Mind.

energy activation

So the lightning was bringing fully online the ganglia, the Source energy down into both hemispheres of the brain (where the 12 strand DNA lives and allows for full enlightenment.) merging it all into a singular stream of powerful energy that runs from the base of the skull down into the core of the body.  With this intense stream of complete energy (Source, Soul and Physicality) was the spreading outwards from the core to the cells of the whole body, but equally a gathering of energy around the physical body.  What really stunned me was her team kept referring to this energy around the body as ectoplasm.  All I could think of was ghostbusters!!!  But obviously, something to that as well.  Of course, I googled it:

  1. 1.
    the more viscous, clear outer layer of the cytoplasm in amoeboid cells.
  2. 2.
    a supernatural viscous substance that is supposed to exude from the body of a medium during a spiritualistic trance and form the material for the manifestation of spirits.

As within, so without!!

I am being so prompted to put this in here too… there is not another soul on the face of this earth, or off earth, that can do this (these) activation(s) for you.  It is an inner alignment with the Source of All life as a living body (YOU) and only when that alignment is True, it happens naturally.  Those who have created the living Christ energy at the ground level (yeah, us!!) it is already underway….

Man, this is one day I really need that extra hour we lost.  I am going to skip right to my last lady of the day, as I am running out of blog time before the readings start.

My last lady of the day threw me for a loop as everyone else was in soul energy body and stuff, here she comes looking like a mighty anaconda!!  HUGE flipping snake slithering about just above the border of the oval energy of Shambhala.  Keeping in mind, that border represents all the humans who are holding the Christed energy at the ground level because they did the inner work to allow for it to flow thru them into creation, well the creation within this oval.

I finally understood they were using an image I was familiar with… kundalini energy.  But of course, given the enormity of the days understandings, and the Source energy being activated, then the next level of Kundalini, lol I so forgot I used to call this Shambha-lini, is equally being activated.  How the hell did I forget about Shambha-lini until this morning??  Its been a long windy road!! lol

I watched her massive snake body elongate to encompass the entirety of the oval border, activating the higher realms of Kundalini, Shambha-lini.  Then i watched as this crazy HUGE snake (excuse me, serpent) connected to itself… something right out of a story I am unfamiliar with where the snake eats its own tail.  Well, this whole thing went to a level I could never have seen coming and the information… holy flipping shit batman.

As I was trying to understand the snake merging back into itself where it started, to the left outside of the oval, a blast from my porno viewing past!!  Good old Ron Jeremy in his famous position (being able to give himself oral sex.)  WHAT THE HELL!!!??? For my viewing, absolutely shocked eyes, he was sitting on a small wooden chair doing himself.  Yikes!!  Who would have thunk for a million years, Porno and heaven have something in common!! lol

The next thing I see is her snake body completely now in oval form turn into amazing silver energy moving rapidly around and around the oval.  Next thing I know, Ron Jeremy’s position is taking on the same view… circulating his core energy around and around thru himself.  I was laughing so hard I was crying!!

But it got really really interesting and informative too.  I am going to have to encapsulate it all, which sux cuz how it all unfolded is a story in and of itself!!

Circulating the energy itself thru the body, in from the groin (not the ground, from the nether-lands below) up the core, out thru the mouth, back into the groin and circulate in a circular motion/momentum.  We do have power systems in our nether-lands region, using them is advisable.  It allows you to learn how to control your input and output.  What her team said several times “as within, so without.”

So of course, this talk led to divine counterpart talk.  Well, thru her rapidly vibrating circulating energy within her body (not that I was seeing how she created that energy… somethings are so not for my eyes!!) I got a vision of throwing paint on a fan, and how that energy spreads outwards to that (for this example) counterpart energy and activates him, his magnetic field to draw each other to each other.  He does not have to be creating his own circular energy, what you do for yourself, you do for others!!

Then, we got an amazing view of the infinity symbol.  Since she is an earth worker (Light) he would have to be a sun worker (Love, electricity) and I seen them conjoined at the crown area.  All I could think of, given this position, this is gonna make sex a bit difficult!!!  Hell, John Holmes could not reach the game field in this position!!  Then… holy heaven I was enjoying this so much…

I could see the infinity symbol flop over like a pancake.  We seen that before, I had no idea what you do with that or why.  Well, imagine you are circulating your circular energy and he (or she) is circulating his (or hers, sorry, biased here lol) this is where the gyroscope of unified energy comes into play!!!  This image is for the two inner circles only, the moving energy generators.




The story is finally getting interesting and fun and employable!!  Creators… rev your engines!!  I have to end on that note, as my day is about to begin in reading land.  I am so buckled in for more!!!!!

I love you and thank you for being the never-ending Presence under my Tree of wisdom.  I love you more than my words will ever be able to express.  Feel me!!  ((((((HUGZ)))))

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html












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