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Hybrids and the Radiance of the Night Sky.


As I walked into my office yesterday morning, out of the corner of my eye I could see a ship just hovering over the water.  I space ship not one of the many yachts parked there.  As I walked into the office I heard them say, this is why we choose you, you see us even when you’re not looking.  That alone surprised, no I don’t!! lol I think tho, as the day unfolded, they really meant something very different, well differently than I took it.

As I set my computer up for the day, grabbed my ashtray and sat out on the deck to gather my energy at my office, I started to see my first lady on my dance card.  This massive angel in body.  She was huge and stunning and oozed this wonderful energy, it went great with my holy smoke😉

When she and I got connected, her image as huge and stunning as before I connected to her, her team said that she is one of the actually rather few true hybrids.  Where her human DNA was conjoined with her star fathers DNA at conception.  Instantly I got the memory of the meditation I had some years ago where my star father Franklyn overlaid his entire being with my fathers at the moment of conception, implanting his Pleiadian DNA strands within my mother.  Same with this precious lady.

Of course, in the same breath, her team explained to us that we have a tendency to dietize that which we are not fully, consciously familiar with.  These angel looking creatures are a race of Beings from another world, another realm, that has many times visited this realm when our weapons were not so dangerous as they are now.  Then we took some of (what we would call) their leaders and even dietized their personalities, which created what we know as collective consciousnesses, which we are now defining as clans.  Groups of Beings so aligned and living and dare I even say, holding (by virtue of living) that stream of consciousness in our (and their) Selfs.  To give an example of what we are trying to say, I use the title of Archangel Michael as a connection, especially with my pendulum use.  I have long known (since I was told straight out) this is not an actual angel as we have created him to be, but a collective, a group energy that shares thru the field of truth and reflection.  Why I had to get the quantum physics part of all that clan is beyond me lol.  Another example would be our beloved Kryon, he has stated many times he is not a singular energy but a collective, a group that uses the name Kryon as the team here in the magnetic fields of earth (and beyond.)

So, as the information was shared yesterday thru my lady’s team, there are only a handful of true hybrids on this planet.  Now taking into consideration there are over 7 billion people on this planet, a handful can appear to be a lot!!  Her team took the clarity into an unmistakable explanation (at least to me) that those who have soul incarnations in other realms (which is actually a really high number) are not what we are calling hybrids.  The hybrids have, at birth in this incarnation, been purposely seeded with other DNA.

I love when I ask a question within myself as I share and the reply comes instantly.  My thought was, why wasn’t she born with wings or the way I see their bodies, well the answer is easy.  In highly evolved realms they know how to emit from themselves only the DNA strands that would take hold in other realms of life.  So they have wiped out (thru will in the moment) the genetic coding that makes one look physically like they do.  Yet, the natural abilities and even habits are hardwired into the hybrid.  They give this multi-planetary/multi-universes group of Beings a title, we will call them Star Seeders.

I am going to digress back to myself with this story (I have many good examples within my life field I am realizing lol.)  For as long as I could remember, my mother collected owls.  She had the biggest menagerie of owls I had ever seen, most stores don’t carry such a wide variety of anything as my mother had in owl form.  So when I was listening to Dolores Cannons audio book about ETs and they mentioned several times that an owl is the way so many appear (the ETs using the form of an owl) the cogs of my knowing started to turn.  My mother could never really explain her connection with owls, just that she loved them.  Now I understand the why.  In her deep unconscious, as the ETs programmed the memories of experiences to be hidden deep in the unconscious, that part had always been present in her mind without remembering why.

Imagine my surprise that as I returned to my mother’s world 20 years later, there is not an owl in sight, instead every form of angel is (was) now adorning her shelves and life.  The only thing she could say in explanation was when she moved here to Florida, she started collecting angels.  I have a feeling, even if I don’t fully understand the fullness of what I am feeling, this change in collection is due to the change in frequency of her being in Pennsylvania and then planting herself here on the Gulf side of Florida.  (Ohhh weird, I just got hit was a wild deja vu moment right now.)

So let me straddle one of my beautiful men on the field, similar to my lady, he was literally batman!!  I was so tickled!!  He had his back to me, so I really only seen his batwings wrapped around his body, as bats do.  Unlike everyone else tho, he was set up next to the marina (as opposed to next to my wall outside.)  But just like my angel lady, his team explained about the hybrid that he is and what to really start to mine within his field of abilities.  His team also explained that the bats in our world were seeded here from another realm of existence.  Of course, very little in this realm is from this realm, but there are a few things that had to go thru very little change to fit into this environment.  Is it any wonder bats are highly associated with Halloween.  A day in which we remember when all the other forms, all the other races walked with us in this realm.  What my team has called the Galactic kinship era.

Which brings us to the night sky.  I had a lady in reading land yesterday who’s very power amplifies and becomes visible thru the night sky.  Her team explained something I never once thought about.  The sun actually hides so much in the daylight.  We think it illuminates, it does at the ground level, but not at the sky level.  All the stars are hidden, the milky way and galaxies, the opening and closing of energy fields all hidden by the sun’s Light.  This is one of the bigger reasons so many of the ET experiences happen at night.

This particular lady got a double dose of her reading, its easy to do when we have an hour to spend together.  She got her physical life reading, which showed her opening and closing what we (limit) call vortexes, portals and wormholes using her fingers.  Just spinning a particular finger opens and closes avenues of energy and travel.  She too, was told her strength comes from the night sky, where everything is visible and available.  Then, I went outside to have a smoke and I could see three little spaceships blinking to get our attention.  These ships were the smaller, solo ships and they formed a triangle over the gulf.  (And know, I cannot see the gulf from my office at all.  The ET’s have created a space over the marina that is the gulf superimposed there, just wanting to be clear here.)  There were three Beings that stated they were from different realms yet they work together, they amplify each other’s energy into a very effective powerful force.  This would take in what my team refers to as the tribes.  In this case, it would be 3 different clans combining their energies, their skills to create a unique force together.

Then we seen what she is already doing in her sleep time (unconsciously.)  Her soul spends lots of time planet hoping in many universes, always seeking higher vibrational energy that will mesh with the vast frequencies on earth.  Then creating like a vortex from that plane to this one and working with various collectives to give them the ability to raise their conscious.  The (real) example the used was that of Trump and it was explained he is one of the basest of consciousness left in this realm, which is why he had to take center stage at this time.  Because he brings light to the many that are stuck in that field (his followers.)  I could see her opening up a small vortex, bringing the energy down to above his ground and stitching together this field light with the highest thought he is capable of thinking.  Binding the two not within him, but about a foot above his head.  From what was explained thru her reading, he is either going to reach higher thoughts or his body will misfire as it gently moves into his body.  The choice is his.  She has in no way interfered with his free will, but gave him other frequencies to move into, if he choose.  In contrast, we can see a similar event happening with Hillary, which is why she appears to have Parkinson’s.  Her electrical field has gone haywire from the work being done at higher levels of Life.  (And please know, this is not the case of all Parkinson’s suffers, some are taking on this role to house the higher consciousness in this realm, like Michael J Fox, completely changing the electrical field within the body.)

I am sorry for being all over the place today lol, I am trying to get as much in as I can without being to lengthy since I am remembering so much this morning!!  I had a lady the other day with this HUGE (artist) paintbrush in her right hand, excuse me, as part of her right hand.  It was huge, like a foot long, about the size of a half dollar around, thick bristles to paint with and it was always in use thru her emotional body.  Each emotion creates a color palette that constantly creating the tapestry of her life.  Her team also seriously emphasised to get to know her own color palate within her emotional field.  Not to read someone else’s interpretation of color, ever.  What means one thing to one person may not even come close to what is true within another’s energy field of expression.  We are ALL bringing in so many different dimensions, frequencies, highly evolved memories that may conflict with the way another interprets their field.  Neither are wrong at all, we have got to fully embody our individual template and create from the inside out and not the outside in.

In her left hand, was a magic eraser.  If she inadvertently created something she is not pleased with (which we all do thru our learning of Self) she an eraser to change all up.  Her team explained this eraser may be more difficult to consciously use than the paintbrush itself.  I think, on a smaller scale and looking just at color, if you blended red, white and blue and you used yellow instead of white, you have to remove all the yellow from the blended color emotions and replace it with the white.  Tricky, but obviously very doable.  Her team also explained, as she perfects this color palate, she could also use this for others.  The example they gave is… lets say someone has cancer.  She has got to see the color spectrum of that cancer and then use the magic eraser to remove the color and the paint in whatever wellness looks like (vibrationally/colorfully) to her.

She also helped us really understand the significance of our tribes (the many many clans within a tribe.)  Thru her painting, the release of color palates if you will, creates (going back to the dream weaver guy) strips of Light cloth.  There are others who create the patterns within the light spectrum of the material and then the dream weavers come to put all together as outcome.  (This is simplistically put.)

I cannot help but remember I think it was as we moved into April of this year, after the massive energy quarter, when I started to see the field of life like one huge factory.  All different types of machinery working together to create… whatever…. well, this tribe/clan is the living factory!!

Last but not least, as soon as I woke up this morning I heard “get that ET course finished up.”  lol  Pesky spirit!!  So our group sessions will be held every Saturday in November starting with November 5th thru the 26th from 4pm until 6pm EST.  I will email out details as well as post it on the facebook ET group, as soon as I have them squared away, to all involved in the ET course.  Remember, your job was to continue to do your homework, keep connected and evolving in their presence and assistance in my absence, which too, became part of your homework.  (I hope you understand that significance.)

On that note, my day begins.  I love you all so much.   Take time to really and fully In-Joy the magnificence of Your Self in Body!!

Big big big ((((HUGZ))))) of wide-eyed wonder and blissful Love to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas




I am sitting here trying to figure out how to start todays sharing, which on any given day, is not as easy as it may seem.  The information coming in is so unique to the person I am connected to and focused there, I must mine the parts that will help the All and put it into a story.  Sometimes, when I wake up, so much of the information left my building and I struggle to bring it back to mind.  Such is the case this morning.  Again.  lol  However, at least I am not sitting here speechless (smile) instead, my team is explaining to me why we are focusing so much on how you work in the field of unlimited potential.  It is starting to answer the question so many people ask me in a reading, what have I come here to do.  Where we got lost in that direction is thinking it all has to be spiritually or metaphysically directed, or directly involved in that particular arena.  Not even close.  That said, what we are seeing, your particular skill set, should be something you have to do thru your job/work place.  This will not only enhance and expand your natural ability, but when done efficiently, will produce a lucrative income as well and dare I say, job security.  Of course, I am seeing the trail of my own life here to use as an example.  And thru my own sharing, you should see your inner magic in your rearview mirror of the jobs you had.

The first 10 years of my life I worked in the telemarketing field.  It was easy, did not require a degree and I was damn good at it.  I loved the open-ended paycheck that it provided too.  Have 2 little kids at home, working a minimum wage job with no ability to bring home more, wasn’t even a remote possibility in my world at that time.  If I didn’t get commission or bonuses, they didn’t get me.  Understanding now that I hail from the Archangel Michael clan, where the sword of truth is strong and penetrating (as is the misuse of that sword) I had to learn the value of communication, how to talk to people, and really, how to get them to see the value in whatever it was that I was selling at the time.  I never sold anything I didn’t believe in and if thru the job I realized it was a frivolous thing, I quit.  I have been told many times thru my life, I could see ice cubes to eskimos, but truly, I wouldn’t even think of it.  This 10 year experience was also teaching me about all the different egos out there, how to talk to each one effectively, and I better know how to put myself on equal ground with a doctor or lawyer as easily as I could a blue-collar worker or I would lose a sale by being intimidated.  Which allowed me to move from telemarketing to face to face sales, very different!!  Now you have the whole visual effect that will create the first impression.  I have never been a business type dresser, so I had to find a way to get people past that thought form.  All of it was using my skills of sword and that fancy thing called the shield.  We often think of it as a shield of protection, but is as much a shield of reflection too.  To project yourself as an equal who understands their needs and can help.  This brings in the dream weaver clan too.  To make the product sound, and BE a dream come true.  I eventually had three of my own businesses running simultaneously at the age of 33.  I had a lottery club here in S. florida, talk about leaning into the dreams come true arena.  We had to play on people’s wildest dreams to close the sale.  I then had a pennysaver type newspaper called The Buyers Market (which I ran out of PA, so I had an office in FL and then in PA too) and I put together a dating service (trying to be like match maker Itl. at the time) and I named it “Dreams Come True” dating service.  How ironic, looking back lol.

Now right placement of yourself is as crucial as knowing your own skill set.  When I was only in Florida, my telemarketing business was wildly successful.  I opened up the PA office for reasons I will forever regret (smile) because that was the beginning of the end of it all.  I had to open two other businesses to try to keep it all afloat.  I think the AA Michael clan lives in Florida and is repelled from PA.  Sales were awful, the people wanted a paycheck but not work for it.  Once I closed my FL office, the bottom started to fall out and I eventually lost everything.  And ya wonder why I refuse to ever move back to PA again.  My field and that place is like water and oil, nothing good has ever come of it for me, ever.  I eventually moved to the Crystal Coast of North Carolina and my income soared again, thru others business, I was taking a huge hiatus from having my own, I was indeed in sales again tho.  With this move, it would be the last time me and my mother ever talked again… for 20 years.

So not only do you have to understand your (spiritual) skills within and be sure you are using them, growing with them, you must be located in a vibrational zone that amplifies that part of you too.  Which means movement, relocating yourself within the grid of earth, regardless of what other people want of you.  Yes your children will bitch, until they find their place in their new world, friends and family may disown you, but hey, that’s not love anywayz.  This is your life, your amazing journey and sharing on this planet, don’t let another person ever hold you back from Being Fully YOU!!

So all that long drawn out story to say, every single job on this planet can be and is Spiritual, will amplify your skill set as long as you are doing something you’re good at.  I didn’t love telemarketing, I loved the paychecks.  Hey… whatever works, right?  Hell, I am still in the tele field, I do tele-readings lol.  Together we collapse space and time to be together on an expanded field of Life, seeing the wonder of you and sharing as much as we can with the All!!  Now think about this statement my team is giving me to close out with… “Without you, I am nothing, I have no reason for Being.”  We are and always will be a team sport, together, expanding each other in all ways!!  And I am madly and deeply in love with you.  Thank you for loving me so much too!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) supporting right time, right place for ALL!!!❤

Lisa Gawlas







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Relationships, The Karmic Tie, and Freedom!!


Wow weezer’s batman!!  What a massive day yesterday was, at least, thru each and every reading.  Light bulb after light bulb kept turning on.  Now I pray, I have enough space in this crazy hard drive called my brain to bring every nugget forward today.  I really do have to start keeping notes so I don’t forget to share it all!!

First, my day was equally housed, two men, two women!!  That alone is a miracle.  They lined up, boy girl, boy girl, as if their energies were weaving into consciousness.  Truly, they were, they were weaving into mine!!

As soon as I got to the office, I was outside having my smoke, gathering my energies and thinking about my day, forgive me ladies, but really thinking excitedly about having two men on my agenda, it is such a rare treat.  Suddenly I get a glimpse of my first man on my dance card.  He has this heavy (not as in dense at all) luminous white robe on and a shovel in his hand and he is shoveling in the ethers and as he pulls his shovel up, it’s filled with chunks of gold nuggets.  Thats kewl!!  I even understand it.  So imagine my surprise when I go into my office and we start his reading and it’s different.  Instead of the image I had seen, now there were three of the same images but not as rich and alive as the first one.  Instead each version was, like see thru, not as rich as the first one, more like a faint hologram.  His team explained that the reason I am seeing him in (and they used this exact word) multiplicity (which instantly brought my memory back to the movie) was this is how it is when he is working directly with 3D stuff.  Because of the energies in 3D we have to individuate our skills and focus them one by one.  It takes a lot of focused energy to do it this way, but then again, this is the way we all got to here.  One part of ourselves at a time.  His team explained that outside, he is working his wholeness all at the same time because he is out side of the laws of karma.  I was actually stunned, since I have been reading all week from the same place, in the same way and none of this information came thru like that.  Then, he opened the door to such amazing understanding.

He asked about his wife.  Instantly, I was completely focused inside my office and this massive wheel that literally took up my entire office (aligned with all 4 walls) was sprawled out.  Everything about this wheel, looking like a wagon wheel, was perfect.  It was made of a wood material, the spokes all going to the center of a tiny little circle and the spokes were made of this almost like water droplets, but in a dull gold hue and all connected to each other, energy.  It was actually stunning to look at.  Do you think for a moment I would think… wheel of karma.  Not even at all!!!  So your wife is a wheel inside my office… what the hell??  Then I also realized how out of balance this wheel was.  It was at the ceiling level (where my outside door is) at one end and just behind me, it was about 2 feet off the ground.  What the hell??  It was only then their team got me off the hook (of desperately trying to understand what I am seeing) and said there is something she is engaged in that is keeping her in the 3D density of karma.  She is actually done with that, which is why the wheel looks the way it does and is ready to be outside, outside of space and time, outside the laws of karma, yet, she is engaged in something that keeps her in this place.  God forbid his team would reveal exactly what that is.  The only hint they would give is that it could be a relationship, a work environment, something she is engaged in… but they aren’t telling because that is part of their lesson in mastery as well, to know and release it.

However, I do want to state this here, cuz my team has got this so in my face there is no getting around it.  Someone posted an article about mother and daughter relationships on my facebook yesterday.  I refuse to post it here, but if you have seen it, if you align to it, it is something that keeps you in the 3D density and continuing to align your energies with the wheel of karma.  Then you must work on releasing that again.  And for many, it would happen again and again and again.  Lifetime after lifetime until you realize there is only you carrying around anything considered a wound.  There is only you who can program or deprogram your ego and life unfolding.  However, in the stages of coming into full realization of the Self, yes, the beginner must look at outside relationships and then own their part in it all and release the dysfunction that one holds within that construct.  Blame is the first step in understanding the outside force that brought up the already marred and ready to deal, inside force.

I have got to give an example of this, sorry to side track (I’m blaming it on my team lol.)  In the depths of my own inner healing, most of my dysfunction, my unworthiness and dare I even say, relationship issues came thru my catholic belief system.  Surely, I blamed their teachings and that was valid, but only in the moment I recognized why I held these beliefs so strongly about myself,  After that realization, it was all on me.  I am now the one choosing to continue to believe that about myself and hold it as true.  Until I started to work on changing that energy in my life, thru thought and action.  The two must marry or it is an incomplete energy.  Thought and action changes everything.  Or keeps you bound to everything.  Just for the record, it took me years to completely pick the catholic out of me.  Thread by thread, replacing old beliefs with new ways of being changed it all, my emotional field, my Self perception and even those who were around me.  Friends, new friends came in and we grew ourselves in the Light of wonder together, and continue on that amazing journey even today!!!

Now back to my man and his enlightening wife and relationships!  This was such a huge revelation to me, to all of us, in the matrix of relationships.  If one is still dabbling in the energy of karma (no matter the reason) then the one outside of karma must individuate its energy skills to assist their partner in whatever they are working on together.  Even in the household, since the laws of energy flow to those in karma.  However, outside of the relationship, you are as unified and powerful as you have worked to be and instantaneously powerful!!

This all applies to any sort of relationship, whether its material you hang on to, or roommates you’re embedded with, co-workers, neighbors (altho their field is nowhere near as powerful, unless they are always in your field for whatever reason.)

Now let me skip forward to my next man on the field.  Another shocker!!  I love shocking information, it’s stretching me into new landscapes!!  As soon as I connected with him, I heard a very familiar song clip… MY SONG CLIP that gave me the name of what I once thought was a guide, but eventually (well over a decade later) realized was a part of my Self.  Two words and the title of the song was always played when I asked him his name… “Dream Weaver.”  (Sung not said, with the background music playing too.)  Hey!!  That’s me… but that’s you too!!  What the hell???  His clan is the dream weaver clan.  (My guy above, he is the revelations clan, uncovering what was once covered, and more than that too.)  As we started to talk about his mastery and how he works, from my own mouth there was such an emphasis on the word WE.  WE do this or WE do that, and I realized (eventually) WE are in the same clan.  But I just got boggled.  I thought I was the AA Michael clan, how can I be this too.  Well, we are multidimensional creatures and as we perfect the various facets of ourselves, we are always apart of that clan working thru the fields of ALL Life.  So he and I are in the same canoe!!  That’s so kewl and mind-boggling (to me) at the same time.  I really thought we only had one clan within our soul field.  Obviously not!!  However, the next area of clanship (smile) will only be revealed when you fully own and use with all your Being, the first clan revealed.  With that sentence, I am hearing… “a lot is going to be revealed/experienced over this next year.”  Yay… gulp!!

I was equally in awe watching the way he weaves his energy field.  His team used three strips of cloth, of Light that reminded me of cloth and about as wide as a vertical blind (about 3 inches.)  Each cloth as different as different can get, and beautiful and radiant and too detailed (and irrelevant to the all) to explain.  The pieces of Light/cloth were horizontal in front of him and I knew he pulled each piece in from his right side (emotional desires.)  Then, I seen how he actually “weaves” whatever is in his emotional field into created reality.  His right and left arms weaved between the cloths of Light and then, his heart field weaved straight thru the middle and created the big bang of created reality.  (I did not hear any bang, my team is using that terminology for the energy of creation as we know it lol.)

Now let me come back to the energy of WE as his team kept leaning on it.  Altho I do speak in “we’s” a lot, I have never felt it from the inside out like I did with my co-clansman lol.  His team was, geez, how to explain this, inside of me, cuz it was my team too.  Like I could feel each time I said we, like elongated energy body’s inside my skin talking to him.

I am going to save my lady’s wonders for tomorrow, simply because I am running out of morning and my to-do list is a mile long.  I do want to mention that I felt this enormity yesterday, like something enormous was about to happen.  Thru each and every reading, I found it to be so true.  Like we hit the end of this week and we are now having a full recap as we take a pause and get ready for the next phase (today is my day off and I have lots planned for myself lol… a massage, rug shampoo and stuff lol.)  Well, I just picked up my cell phone that was close to fully charged when I went to bed.  I am a weirdo and sleep with my phone in my bed (cuz I keep forgetting I now have a clock plugged in to tell me what time it is, otherwise I never know if I just need to go potty or actually get up for the day lol.)  My phone is completely dead.  Reboot!!!!!

My House Lighting Party on the 10th of November.  This is just a get together, I am so not charging you any money to come hug me and light up my house.  Its free.  A covered dish would be great, but not required.  I just don’t want to spend the morning cooking, altho, I can lol.  I haven’t even thought of what I will make as my dish yet, consider it TBA.  I figured we can start about noon?   I do have to check in with this office and their plethora of rules to see if I need to do anything else with them.  They have a rule that each guest must register at the office, tho my mother did not employ at all.  So let me check in with them and I will let you know tomorrow about their rules.  Also, I am thinking, maybe…. there are sunset cruises here that are under $20 for 2 hours (same price for dolphin cruises too, tho theirs are in the afternoon) that maybe we can all go on a cruise and shake up the water ways in the gulf.  Just a thought…  I have no plan, this is by the seat of our pants planning lol.

Well, my day looms large.  Have an amazing Thursday!!  Thank you for always showing up to rock my world and expand my consciousness!!  I love you all so freakin much!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))) of magnificence and karma free zones to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas






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Forget 5D, You are Alive in 11D!!


This has been the most magical week back in the field.  Again, thank you for waiting so damn long for me to return.  To return to your expanded, magnificent, field of light.  You are so delicious, so brilliant in your illumination and the greatest elixir for me to drink in and re-elevate myself with.  I love you and thank you!!

So, lets recap the importance of the readings this week, at least, the parts that are all similar to each other.  Everyone I read for, not surprisingly to me at all, is outside my office space and standing about 6 feet above my office floor, the ground if you will (I say that because the actual ground is about 6 feet below my office floor.)  Spirit is using my office floor as the base of where we elevated our Light field from because none of us started out this last quarter at the base level of life, meaning being deep in the 3D density.  Ohhhh, to use language we can all understand, my office floor would represent 5D reality and we have set up now in the expanded field of 11D.  And my team is using the numerology around each of the D’s.  In order to have fully set up in 5D, the first thing that had to happen was your own inner and outer action and communication (3D) to land on the platform of housing your spirit in body with all attributes fully engaged.  In the energy of 5D, change is constant.  Whether you are changing your mind about what you thought you new (allowing fuller knowings to come into you) or changing where and what you do what you do, changing relationships, hell even changing your hair style.  Change in all its facets lives and is active within you.  This keeps you both in stillness and motion all at the same time.  This is why spirit is now calling each person that I am seeing in the field, Master!!  The 11D, Spiritual Luminosity thru the Master incarnate (that’s you😉 )

In setting up my reading field (Spirit did, not me  lol) they choose the outside environment to emphasise the release from limitations.  You are no longer housed in space and time.  AT ALL!!!  Unless you declare you are.  Free will is more powerful now than it ever has been.  To give an example, one of my beautiful lady’s yesterday was asking why her life is so hard once again, lack of money, debt and stuff.  Her team stated clearly they had nothing to do with that return, only she did.  Sometimes, we can hit a level of freedom that we just don’t feel worthy of (a hidden unconscious feeling within) and wham… we bring ourselves to old ways of Being so say, see, I knew it wouldn’t last.  Spirit didn’t do that, we did.  Not because it was needed, but since we may be revisiting that again, might as well wipe it out once and for all.  And even that is easier than it ever was, simply by KNOWING that part is done.  Live as free and openly as you ever have, and more and you will see the return of more than you even had before, in all areas.

To Be in this state of Living, all your healing is done, unless you declare it not to be.  Your choice.

There are so many talents and clans being revealed thru each of you.  It kind of blows my mind really.  Everyone is unique in their skill set, its hard to put into my sharings each one.  The hazard being too, is that it is so new to my own consciousness that by the time I wake up the next day, I forget half the details.  However, there is a lady that showed up yesterday that I think can give us all an overall presentation of just how easy it is to use our fullness.  She showed up like everyone else, outside, 6 feet above my floor.  She had a fishing pole in her right hand and cast out the line into a water field (the full potential of all there is) and of course, it looked like the clearest of water, yet, I could not see below the surface of the water.  Spirit is saying that is the field of all potentials, all the magic and energy of manifestation and destruction available to each and everyone of us living 5D and above.  She cast out her line of desire before we even got together, and I could feel the energy of the hook and bait (could not see it, because it was below the surface of the waters of creation) and already, it was luring something towards her hook.  People.  People were already making their way to her reality, to assist with her needs, her desire (which happens to be for her business.)  What I could feel too, was once they were in place, just as if you were fishing and got a fish on the hook, she will feel the tug in either her heart or solar plexus and that is the time for action.  Movement.  Connecting with the right people in the right place.  Equally, it may be that she needs to simply reel it in or maybe, go out and get the catch off the hook.  I feel this is why her team said heart or solar plexus, one denote walking out towards, the other, reeling into you.

My team is asking me to be very clear here, not everyone has the same inner target place.  Some may have the head (pineal gland area) and the sacral plexus (ha!!  that’s mine, I had no idea, thanx for that lol) some even the extremities.  It’s up to each of us to know our amplification places.

What I find kinda funny, I know more about how you work than the way I work!! lol  But, as my team explains, this is why we share what we share each day.  To give us a broader realization and then to find our zone in the information.  The one thing you do do for me, and I am hoping for everyone else too, you give me questions to ask about myself I never even knew to ask.

On that note, its time for me to get to the office.  I do want to mention here and will put it on my facebook too, its time for a House Lighting gathering. I am choosing one of my days off, November 10th, a thursday at 1pm.  Lets make it a covered dish affair.  Email me or hit me up on facebook, just please NO PRIVATE MESSAGES on facebook, I do not read them ever.  I use email as my private communication system and facebook is for group talk.  Period.

I love you all so so so so damn much!!  Thank you for lighting up my life, all life, in the ways no one else can!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  LAST DAY… I have put together a special using the energy of 1 (new beginnings) and 5 (change) on my 15 and 30 minute reading sessions.  Save 15% thru the 23rd (ahhh another 5 energy there lol) on 15 and 30 minute readings. Type in coupon code: Changes to receive discount.



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The Resurrection and New Life. It Is, Indeed “OUR TIME.”


I don’t think I ever fully realized just how much energy clings to furniture until you remove all that furniture.  We won’t even mention the divine timing in everything!!  When I had to go meet with some of the board last week, I realized they have a yearly old furniture pick up that happened to be happening on the 23rd of this month.  The moment I heard that, there was a swooshing energy that went thru me that said, now is the time to get the new furniture that has been on my heart pretty much since I got here.  My mothers stuff was 19 years old, looked it and worse, felt it.  But until we started putting it out at the curb yesterday, I didn’t fully realize how much of the sadness was caught in the fabric of the furniture, equating to the fabric of my mother’s life.  I could literally see the energy gather with the furniture and get put out to the curb, allowing its transmutation back into the ethers.  It was the most intense emotional release I can remember having.  Then again, I am not around a lot deeply sad and heavy energy to begin with.  However, I do have to say, the day before, when I moved the chair my mother always sat in, from the livingroom out to the sun porch so I could vacuum and shampoo that area, I cried.  A part of me felt like I was moving my mother out of her own home.  Trust me, that feeling passed as soon as it came, but it was there for a moment none the less.  Then I just started bitching to my mother for choosing isolation for so many years.  The filth was just heart breaking.  I would have so helped her.  My neat freak of a mother almost ended her life in filth.  Truly ironic really.

Sitting in my newly furnished living room, my whole Being went into reflection of all that transpired, starting with the middle of the night visit I had with my mother’s soul energy on January 6th.  Because that visitation was so real and I wasn’t sleeping, but was woken out of sleep, I really thought she had died.  I called the office here to have them check on her.  My only true regret is that I didn’t pursue that visit any further.  I let it go when the office manager assured me she was alive and well.   Thank god Rune and my daughter Michelle came to the rescue, so the end was radically different than it would have been.

However, I do want to talk about my own body’s transition thru all this, starting with the day I left new mexico.  It has not been a pleasant thing to reside in since that day.  We talk about ascension symptoms a lot, there is also, as I am experiencing, complete resurrection symptoms too.

The week before I was leaving, my throat swelled up to the size of a plum directly at the vocal cord/thyroid area.  Granted I had voice issues over the past years, but never swelling like this.  It didn’t hurt or stop me from swallowing or talking, it was just huge!  I thought about going to my ears, nose and throat doc, but I didn’t want to get distracted with myself when my mother’s life was hanging in the balance.  The day I left, my throat was back to normal.  A complete change out in the energy frequency.  Man, this is freakin rough!!!

Then. the day I was leaving New Mexico, I was carrying my memory foam bed topper into my car and my right ankle completely gave out on me.  (Just for the record, I am understanding all this in hindsight.)  My emotional connection to my beloved home in the Jemez was severed in that moment.  It had to be, or I would have spent time missing that place, which has not ever happened at all.

Of course, my ass fell to the ground, but I got up and was ok.  Nothing hurt, until about 2-3 hours later.  Keeping in mind, I was planning on leaving out the next day, not that day.  The intense pain that started radiating inside my right leg from the ground up had me hobbling about.  I could barely walk.  I was planning on cleaning up so my landlady didn’t have to, but that was not happening.  Just trying to push the broom around brought tears to my eyes.  And then, it all just pushed me out the door.  I didn’t even finish my house sale, or finish loading my car… nope… away I went to my mother’s world.  The pain remained in my leg until I got a hotel room that night, then it went away as if it never happened.  I think the only way I have of explaining this event is like when you have a frayed extension chord and the energy is no longer flowing but breaking out of its flow.  Stepping into the hotel room allowed for the extension cord to fully release itself.

Once I arrived at my mother’s home, holy shit something happened to my left knee.  Bending it was the most painful thing I had experienced there.  Even crawling into bed was painful.  What the hell?  Am I falling a part here??  Squatting was no longer possible.  There was no swelling, no bumps or lumps… just pain for about a month.  At the same time, my big right toe went numb and I would get this freakin shocks into my big toe knuckle.  Holy freakin hell batman!  It too, last for about the same month or so as my knee pain.  WTF????????

So I do what I do, interpret the areas.  Toes area support that keep you in a state of balance as you move thru life.  Big toe is a main support, right side is the emotional/spiritual side.  OK, maybe this is what a plant feels when it goes into shock by being transplanted, root numbness with occasional stabbing pain in its flexibility???  Left knee is the flexibility of moving thru life.  Well, I can’t be flexible if I tried, my whole life and heart was trained souly on my mother and her wellbeing.

What I find really interesting if not completely odd, as my mother was admitted into the hospital, these two areas started to ease up and eventually ceased to be bothersome.  But now, it all moved up into my back, OMG I feel like an old lady here.  At least the back was much more bearable than the toe and knee was.  Once she came home from the hospital, then it was the arms as the back was fine now.  Especially the left outside area of the wrist.  OMG, like my big toe, stabbing pain on occasion. Then weakness of the arms and forearms, primarily on my left side, was added in.  HAY!!!  That’s not nice, I have got to live and help move my 220 pound mother, I need every ounce of muscle I could muster.  We look at the arms, our reach for life.  My left side, the flexibility needed to pull what I desired towards me (the wrist area) was going thru an electrical overhaul like my supporting balance system did back in July and August.  Jee Zuz!!!

And now, this past week, it is every knuckle on my right hand.  At least it’s not that stabbing pain, it just hurts, on occasion, when I bend them.  The emotional grasp of the life I desire.  The strength needed is still going thru an overhaul I suppose.  There weakness in the muscles of my arms is coming back, but like the flexibility in my left knee, slowly but surely.

If I didn’t know my body and hear its communication, I would have been running off to doctors myself.  It’s hard enough caring for a dying person, but when your own body feels like its falling apart… holy shit batman!!  At least it did it in sections and not all at once I suppose.  But it gets better and stronger each day.  Actually the legs and back are just fine now, it’s the arms still doing thru its energy changes.

Now, most of what I wrote here, I wrote yesterday.  I woke up so tired, my body felt like a 500 pound weight and was more focused on finding a massage therapist.  When I googled Massage therapist in Tarpon Springs, groupon was the first thing to come up.  I have never used groupon before, but hey, I am all about saving as much money as I can.  Holy shit, there is a lady offering a 90 minute massage for $39 and groupon had a first time special and I could take 25% off that.  So for $29 my body will be in heaven for 90 minutes!!  Unbelievable!!  While I was taking a shower, I heard my inner voice say, well look on groupon for a carpet shampooing place.  Sure enough, I am getting all three rooms of rugs shampooed for $39 Monday.  Holy heavens, I hit the lottery!! lol

When I called to book my massage appointment yesterday, I just fell in love with this lady.  For anyone taking advantage of a groupon special, especially with those doing physical labor like massage, tip heavily.  Groupon keeps 50% of the money, so my new massage therapist will only get $19.50 for 90 minutes of her time and energy.  Plus, groupon holds back 20% of that until after her special ends on groupon.  In our 15 minute, wonderful conversation, she said so many times she has been simply surviving for years.  Hell, at these rates, that’s not even surviving.  I know first hand, massage is hard work.  It is also a flooded market so, you have to be different and lean on that difference.  So I told her, if she was open to it, I would help her with marketing her differences, if she was open to it (and she was) I would teach her my way of massage and there is no one like me out there.  I also offered her my ionic detox setup as a gift.  She was thrilled and said she has been looking into getting one of those.  Well I had no idea why I brought it to florida with me, I could have easily sold it with my massage equipment before I left.  Nope, it was meant for her and to help her thrive.  Then she offered me an add on with my massage.  She said she has this medical equipment and she will give me a session.  She never really said what it was, but hey, I am game for anything!! lol

This morning, as I open up her website and look to see what sort of medical equipment she has… suddenly the reading I got last week… maybe I threw the baby out with the bath water.

On her webpage of services ( is a thing called Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy.  I never heard of such a thing so I just googled it.  “Vibroacoustic therapy (VAT) uses sound to produce vibrations that are applied directly to the body. During the vibroacoustic therapy process, a client lies on the specially designed mat or bed or sits in a chair that is embedded with speakers or transducers which transmit specific computer-generated frequencies into vibrations.”

I am super freakin excited!!!!!  And I am sitting here this morning, with the reading I had in my face, with this beautiful lady telling me about having a partner, being a part of a shop, using sound and tone therapy, she even said about creating my own healing deck of cards (again, using the Doreen Virtue reference.)  First of all, I am not musically or artistically inclined.  Baby and bathtub went the window.  Until I had this wonderful conversation with a friend last night and out of the blue she mentions my daughter Valorie creating art for healing cards.  Hmmmmmmmm!!

What is really really interesting, and I put this out here for everyone to feel, own and Be.  After I hung up with my new massage lady yesterday, my team repeated over and over again (like they even need to convince me to do this lol) “If you want to be more abundant, cause someone else to be more abundant.”   This morning, I realized they were not talking me into something, I was already joyfully engaged in what could be and how I might could help her thrive instead of survive, but their way of saying, pay attention, something much bigger is going to grow out of this new relationship.  YAY!!??

I have got to tie this in with it, since this too is being placed in my face.  Gotta love that team of mine lol.  As I started to come out of the intensity of the grieving process, my team repeated a phrase they have said many times over the decades as they gave me a full example of how it applied to me now.  “If you knew you could have it all, would you first give it all up?  My heaven, I gave it all away so that I can help my mother.  My mother, in turn, gave all she had away (to me of all people lol) so that she could have it all too.  We both died in our own way and both resurrected into a new, expanded field of Life.

And I cannot help but think of all the readings since being back and all the new powerful attributes available to the folks I connect with and I had wondered…. whats mine?  It’s only in using it do I ever realize the fullness of it… and I have a feeling, the new is going to be revealed thru this precious lady giving herself away on groupon!!

I am going to close with a thought from AA Michael “This is OUR TIME.”  Let’s live it out loud, together!!!!!

I love you all so much and million times more than that!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of new, resurrected Life thru and to ALL!!!  You are each so magnificent and I’m in love with you!!!  Thank you, All, for causing me and my mother to be so incredibly abundant thru these last few months.  May your return blow your ever loving minds😉❤

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  TWO DAYS LEFT… I have put together a special using the energy of 1 (new beginnings) and 5 (change) on my 15 and 30 minute reading sessions.  Save 15% thru the 23rd (ahhh another 5 energy there lol) on 15 and 30 minute readings.  Type in coupon code: Changes to receive discount.



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The Power of You – Releasing the Fear and Laundry Lists.


I am going to kick off this sharing with an experience that happened on Monday during one of the readings.  My powerful lady that I was in the reading with, happened to be a part of the witch clan, and she was telling me, obviously still using her divine authority in retelling me about a declaration she made many years ago, something on the order of: she is done dating men in and connected to 3D and releases that from her.  As she was saying releasing 3D, the lights in my office flickered, the AC stopped, I felt the collapse of the energy field in my office, in my core of my Being and my phone actually put her on hold, but I couldn’t take her off hold either, I had to call her back.  This was such an amazing and powerful experience!!  It shows her power unmistakably.  I mean my heart and solar plexus was in shock for many minutes afterwards lol.  That is where I felt the implosion, or better said, the sucking in of energy the strongest.

Now lets look at the beginning of her reading (this energy collapsing happened 12 minutes in.)  I had to giggle as she was all decked out for Halloween in her witches outfit, right down to the black pointy hat and this all covering black cape/robe kind of thing.  Her foot tall, pointy hat (without the brim) served as a vortex of sorts, pulling in all the elements she needs to produce what she is focused on.  Then her team gave me a peek beneath the material of her hat, holy cow batman, there were all kinds of gears and rods working like a well made machine.  These gears and rods were taking the elements and binding them, changing them, doing whatever was needed to produce whatever she was focused on.  So really, outwardly, there was nothing she needed to do.  No mixing of potions, no chants or spells or anything of the things that brought the witch clan to this moment.  Now, it gathers at the source and the speed of focused thought, as my electrical experience shows!!

Her team also gave us a peak under her robe, I kinda felt like a peeping tom there lol.  Her feet and legs were bare but man oh man, sooooo beautiful.  I have to say the most beautiful legs I have ever seen.  They twinkled and glittered and just was luminous.  It was explained that her root chakra, her legs and feet were a part of Gaia’s energy, the core of Gaia walked the earth thru her.  How freakin beautiful!!

Now to get to the energy of her stated desire, which I found interesting and this may be a problem for many who may feel challenged and bringing to them what they say they desire.  When she was talking about releasing 3D relationship from her field, that was obviously powerful and producing.  When she stated she was ready for a relationship (lets just use the phrase 5D, even tho we don’t use that phrase, I think it us used enough everyone will understand the meaning,) the energy was nowhere near like the release.  She wants it, but not with her whole Being.

Which brings me to repeated information thru the readings this week.  This is where our power gets strongest and most effective as well as quick in production.  The desire HAS to be with your whole Being.  Imagine you are putting every ounce of your weight into it, your whole heart and soul.  Many things that people say they desire are concepts, which has little power.  Or even, the opposite, there is such a laundry list housed around a desire, it completely skews the energy.  Or (we can go on and on with the or’s lol) in the desire we also trying to hone in on the how.  (How it will arrive)  That takes the fullness of unlimited potential and creates all sorts of limitations around its arrival, delaying and at times. completely eliminating its arrival.

Then there was this lady, her clan is the magnetic field clan.  Whatever took place in our connection, my language skills completely fell apart.  I became like a babbling idiot trying to bring into words the power I was seeing!!  Geez!! Beneath her feet, excuse me, as part of her feet were tons of ribbons that were magnetic fields, magnetic highways if you will.  Each one carrying a different frequency of direction, all so freakin beautiful and flowy as they stretched outwards from her feet.  Here I am again, with a loss for words, we really need a new language lol.  So I am going to condense the important message that came thru for all of us thru her reading.  Since she has complete access to anywhere at any time (yes, we all do, but we all do, differently) and she was talking about already using her field to produce food for those in Syria and other war-torn places.  She added this amazing sentence that I have seen a million times, but never ever realized the fear base it stems from.  She said that she always adds “for the highest and greatest good.”  The moment one states that, embeds fear.  The person saying it is afraid they are going to do harm to someone by their own desires.  Drop that language from your everything.  Same with “for a benevolent outcome.”  Unless you know in your heart you are wishing harm to come to others, then yeah, put the protection around what you are doing, but I don’t know anyone that is intending that in what they do.  Maybe one says it because they are afraid of their own power, get over that.  Can you imagine God saying such thing?  Even thinking such thing?  Guess what… you are god made manifest.  Own it and stop being afraid of your own power or that you would or could do unintended harm!!  Trust YourSelf the way god trusts him/her Self❤ You – We Are One!!

Another thing that came thru this wonderful connection was something I touched on above but will bring the reasons into greater clarity here.  When we are manifesting something, anything really, get over the “how,” leave the how completely out of the equation.  A couple of example that were given to my magnetic lady can really clear this up I feel.  One example is… lets say you want a specific car.  That is enough.  However, if your language involves specifics like how, you may inadvertently take the car right out from someones ass.  Meaning, someone was paying their car note, defaulted and the car went to you.  No need to take a thing from anyone!!  But we do unintentionally by putting too much a laundry list together.  Maybe you were thinking of going to a car auction to get a good price, that would equate the how…  And I am hearing “No, this is not a place where the “highest good” sentence should be used, it’s a fear based energy, period.”

Then I got a clip from Bruce Almighty!!  This was awesome really.  Let’s say you were wishing the moon was bigger and brighter for whatever reason.  Like in Bruce Almighty you pulled the moon closer to the earth (yes, you can do that!!) but just like in Bruce Almighty, it will create cataclysms world wide.  So knowing your power, your use of that power and perfecting it… important to say the least.  We have three months, to the close of this year.  Meaning, buffers (our teams) are in place so that we don’t create cataclysms to ourselves or anyone else.  2017…. that’s another story!!

Well, I am going to close on that thought today.  I am starting to crash and it’s not even 7am yet!!  There must be some sort of reboot happening, when I got home yesterday afternoon from furniture shopping, I was wiped out.  I mean, no energy to even think a thought.  I am surprised I am feeling that again now.  Thank goodness tomorrow is a day off (and I get my new furniture too, yay.)  So I am saving what I have left for the 3 prescious souls I will connect to today.

I love you and thank you for all that comes thru you to the All of Us!!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of magnetic fields ‘o plenty❤

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I have put together a special using the energy of 1 (new beginnings) and 5 (change) on my 15 and 30 minute reading sessions.  Save 15% thru the 23rd (ahhh another 5 energy there lol) on 15 and 30 minute readings.  Type in coupon code: Changes to receive discount.





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Tribes and Clans. Timelines and Timelessness.


Boy oh boy is there a ton of understandings I cannot wait to share today.  Thank goodness my day doesn’t start until unusually late today.  So let that serve as a warning, this is going to be a long sharing!!

I am going to back up to Saturday morning before I left out for the reading field.  To say I was feeling the unsureness of performance anxiety would be an understatement.  I was sitting here at the kitchen table, and I asked to see an image of the field.  I thought I was seeing my first connection, but I wasn’t, I think they gave me an overall view of… lets just call it our timeline potentials.  I could see a body (no ones in particular I guess, or maybe mine but didn’t really see the body long enough to connect to it) and this metal tubey thing covered its entirety (the whole body is now considered your “core.”)  At the top and bottom of this tubey thing, were things that looked like propellers, metal tabs that extended outwards from the top and bottom (head and feet) about an easy 10 feet out and there were too many to count.  What the hell is that??  I had no idea.  It’s only now that I understand it.  The construct was made out of this metal, a deep gray-silver metal, representing earth elements, since that is our current incarnation of consciousness placement.  The metal represents earth.  The propeller things hooks into timelines, dimensions, collectives and so on.  We can be accessing a higher consciousness with the propellers (and they are not propellers, I am just using that as a description to call them something) and our feet in a completely different density reality.  We all have this mechanism.  Our job over the final quarter of this year is to become intimately familiar with it, with using it.  And finding ways to make sure our head propeller and feet propeller open to the same frequency.  This, as all things we are getting familiar with, will be trial and error until it’s not, at least thru the end of this year.

Again, on that day, seeing this image (without any understanding of it) and assuming I was seeing my first appointment, I asked to see an image of me, of where I am right now.  It was such a crisp, clear visual.  I was in the dark, like the dark of the night, off to my left (which now represents the fullness of consciousness instead of just physical life) was this huge, bright rising sun coming up from the horizon and the image of me running as fast as I could, towards the sun.  I just had to giggle.  Yup, that’s what I feel like, especially that day, my first day back into readings.  I am running towards your light to drink of your soul shine!!

Yesterday, I booked a lady in the 8am slot, completely forgetting I don’t start my days now until 8:30 since I actually have to drive to work.  When I pulled out of my car port, the full moon was brilliant in the early morning sky.  I took pictures, of course:

moon101716 morningmoon101716


It wasn’t until I pulled into the parking lot where my office is did I get the fullness of this early morning experience.  The image I was shown on saturday fully expressing itself in my created reality on Monday:




That sunrise is to the left of my office door and the flood of light was as brilliant as the image i had seen Saturday morning.  The full moon coming out of the night to touch into the new day rising.  A full on expression of my own life.  In a way, my life has been in the night sky since July, focused on the only thing in front of me, my mothers well-being.  Then, spending 9 days in the grieving process, a true dark night of the soul, but not as horrific as the first time around, this is the millionth time (over the last 17 years) and came with understanding and allowance for its need to be.  However, this sunrise, this new day, was and is unlike any other coming out of the dark night.  It is the everlasting new day.  This may sound corny, but I am hearing it in relationship to all this “and on the third day, he rose again.”  This may have been my personal experience, but it includes every one of us, our collective, our tribe fully alive upon this precious earth. We have come thru it all, together, as One. Together we opened up a new day that will never end, but only get brighter from here on out!!

Keeping in flow of my own experiences, before I get to the nuggets zooming out of each connection, I was over the moon excited to have someone read for me.  I purposely choose a medium because all I wanted was my mother and/or father to come thru.  And yes, I do have my own connection, but again, I am still human and have my blockers in place (my own doing, of course.)  I just wanted another mouth piece to give me some messages.

The first thing I did when I went into the room with this beautiful lady, was check her energy field.  Tiny little sparkles, kinda reminded me of fairies I guess, fluttering around her back and shoulders.  Kewl, this lady is connected.  Yay.  Yet, as this precious soul started giving me messages, everything she was telling me I was getting ready to do, I have already done, some things as long as 10 years ago.  She was very accurate, just reading a timeline as if it was new to me.  It was already long past.  Right down to writing a book that contained my memoirs. Did that a decade ago.  She talked about having a physical place to work out of with a partner, did that back in 2010, and I will not do that again!!  Tho she did talk about the increase of frequency happening and the expansion of light coming in which will take my (our) abilities to a whole other level.  She mentioned about just coming out of a dark place.  On my drive to go meet with her, I acknowledged to my team that I have indeed come thru the last of the dark nights of the soul experience with this passage with my mom.  So I understood what she was seeing.  There was plenty of validation that what she was getting was accurate, but very little in this present moment.  Except to say that Archangel Michael was standing to my right.  Yup, that’s my dude!!  She also said she was getting the color yellow and asked if I had a connection to yellow.  YES!!  That’s my validator, has been for 16 years especially thru the Coldplay song, Yellow.  So I knew my team was saying, pay attention.  She mentioned something my team threatened me with for years, and as far as I am concerned, I reached that already.  Tho my team disagrees.  She said I must put myself on a bigger platform, that someone is or will be coming into my path that will put me on a platform equal to Doreen Virtue.  Alrighty then, I don’t want that… but hell, I know this game isn’t about what the small me wants.  We shall see.  I am not writing any more books tho.  Too much work for too little return (money wise.)  Ohhh she also said about doing hands on work, that there is a tremendous energy that flows out of my hands.  I did 7 years of massage work, ain’t doing that again either.

When she asked if I had any questions, I said I was hoping some of my family would come thru.  That didn’t go well.  Altho she said there were two ladies standing next to me and a male off to the side near her, but he wasn’t ready or able to communicate.  She never got the mother father connection, or the timeline of my mothers passing.  I relieved her struggle by saying my mother was never a mother to me, so that is probably why you cannot feel the mom connection.  It didn’t matter.  I was ready to go.  Bless her heart.

On my drive home, my team reminded me of something I tell people who have had not so wonderful readings with “psychics,” they cannot see beyond their own timeline.  None of us can.  We our vibration is aligned with lets say, 2010, we cannot see beyond that.  So it’s not that they are not accurate, just seeing from a different timeline.  The reasons she had so much trouble with the medium part, we changed the timeline to one that exists in a whole other realm of frequency.

It was all so worth the experience, the confirmation of something I have been saying (thru your teams) for decades and really helped me understand the entanglement of time in a brand new way.

OK, enough about me and my crazy adventures!!  Let’s get to the light show of readings.  Have I told you lately just how much I love and appreciate you.  You really are my fine wine of consumption and I deLight in you on so many levels.

The “clans” are so wide and so vast it gives me a smile every day.  The “magnetic force’ clan, the “witch” clan, hell, I didn’t even realize until just now that each of you showing up right now are representing a unique association with each clan.  Again, the use of the word “clan” is spirits, not my own.  So let’s be really clear on this usage:

  1. a group of close-knit and interrelated families (especially associated with families in the Scottish Highlands).
    synonyms: group of families, sept; More

    • informal
      a family, especially a large one.
      “the Kennedy clan gathered for the celebration”
      synonyms: group of families, sept; More

    • a group of people with a strong common interest. (I would say, abilities as opposed to just interests.)
      “New York’s garrulous clan of artists”
      synonyms: group, set, circle, clique, coterie; More

Unlike clans on the physical earth, there is no inner or outer fighting, the need for domination or anything like that.  Instead, we are like a tapestry, interwoven threads (clans) that create new images, new realities every moment.  The more we allow ourselves to interweave into the lower platforms on earth, the higher their vibration has to go.  That changes completely any given landscape of energy, of outcomes.  For example, I cannot make a statement containing a higher truth that does not affect all clans on earth.  For those still held to the density of duality, I will piss some people off, put them on the defense.  That’s awesome, let’s stir things up a bit.  For those working beyond the field of Karma, it stirs you up to greater potentials, of abilities and cohesiveness.  And trust me, you do the same for me, in all-ways.

Ohhh here is an added tid-bit (as I am pondering the difference,) within a tribe are many many clans.  I was wondering about the use of the word tribe (as my team uses it, it’s always about how my team talks and not how anyone else talks) vs the use of the word clan.  Wholeness and diversity is crucial in tribes.

Now let me mentions some of the information that came thru yesterday’s connections.  My first, beautiful lady asked a question that I find profound in reply and I know it is important for all of us to understand, intimately.  Other people (first off, ignore other people) have told her that she is too ungrounded, she lives in the ethers and wanted to know how to bring her soul more into body.  Don’t you dare!!!  We are now in our multidimensional form for use and all that goes with it.  Our energies, to include consciousness and soul, reaches beyond the limitations of time and space.  A place, a frequency freedom we have all worked our asses off to achieve and you sure as hell don’t want to put the genie back into the bottle.  It may take a little practice being this expanded at all times, but please, know this is the best possible outcome you could have ever hoped for, regardless of what other people may say you need to be, or do, or act.

And then we come to that pesky word, healing.  Release it from your vocabulary once and for all.  Please.  And with this, I speak only to those who are free of the karmic energies that they came in with.  Others are still working that out and healing is their only next important step.  You know who you are😉  We have all gone thru this process and know… KNOW it is done!!!

There is nothing that will take you out of the expanded field of timelessness than the association of healing.  You bring your consciousness back down to the field of imperfection, of lack, of something is wrong and needs to be fixed.  When something is healed, it can only go back to the way it was.  However, when you change your focus to raising the vibration, the frequencies, it goes beyond the way it was into higher forms of itself.  Changing the focus in this way, allows you to see the fuller potential and go there instead of the limited potential of restoration.  I hope I am saying this in a way that makes sense.  This redirection came thru several times yesterday and spirit is more adamant about it now that they have been over this last year.  Even if we see the earth in need of healing, we take ourselves out of the realm of perfection and upliftment and go back to a timeline where that is (your) truth.

Well, there (as always) is so much more to share, but for whatever reason, my team is giving me the all done sign for today.  So, I will leave off here until tomorrow.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of timeless adventures and empowered moments to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Living BEYOND the 3D Realm of Life!!


It is funny how things can change from one moment to another, right down to my schedule.  When I looked at my appointment calendar on my phone Saturday night, I had 4 appointments sitting.  I knew the last one of the day had to cancel since she emailed and told me that.  When I opened my online calendar yesterday, I was down to two appointments, ok… an early and quick day, don’t want to gobble up too much light at once I guess lol.  Then I get to my office and my first appointment is MIA, now I’m down to one and what a One she was!!!  Holy sunshine batman!!  Literally!!

Before I get to that tho, I do want to mention something my team was leaning on me to share yesterday, but I forgot and here they are today again.  Our super powers.  Our spiritual abilities.  In doing all my readings now, I fully realize that was what is taking place is a sort of x-ray vision.  Since everyone is showing outside my office walls, the matter, the energy that makes up my walls disappears.  I do not see my walls, nor the items near them, they all disappear so that my vision is focus souly on the presentation outside.  My team is explain (ohhhh this is getting good) that it is not a trick of the eyes, but a frequency platform that we connect on, beyond the earth realm, beyond what we call the 3D level of matter.  This x-ray vision is simply a start of what we are all capable of, with focus and intent.  The walls are out of our vibratory range, which means, if I didn’t get distracted back into the 3D realm when I stood up or held that space firmly enough, the ability to walk thru them would take place, because our vibration is beyond the 3D realm.

Taking it a step further, what I see, what I call the details of your reading are as real as the walls were before the connection.  Which means if a magic carpet showed up in a reading, it is quite literally there to use.  Meaning, I could step onto that magic carpet and we could fly around, seen only by those with eyes to see (eyes that can see beyond 3D.)

Now that makes sense since so many times I could literally feel the texture of what I am seeing thru you.  And my team asks a question I never thought to ask… how could I feel a texture of anything if it wasn’t real.  Hmmmm… good question!! lol

We call ourselves multidimensional but really have little understanding of what that means and more importantly, how to use the fullness of ourselves.  (Finger pointed directly at my face lol.)

Now let me straddle this with my lovely lady yesterday.  Since she was my one and only, we just stayed connected until we both ran out of things to glean from each other.

Her image as she showed up outside my office was breathtakingly beautiful.  Full on sun energy, with 4-5 umbrellas made out of sun as well.  I mean fire, sun fire.  I know the energy signature of our sun when I connect to it and she is full on sun energy.  Her umbrellas are part of her energy tool set that is not a separate thing from her field, but as much a part of her as her arms and legs are.  Her team explained why I could not settle on 4 or 5, because it is both.  To put this simply, she has 4 when she is complete a desire.  I get that, with a twist, from my simple numerology, 4 is a cycle of completion on the earth, with us now, it is transformed into a cycle of completion of desire in our earth realm.  My team is now reminding me that several years ago, they (so many teams) told us that as we evolve into higher Light Beings on earth, much of our esoteric systems will change too, to include numerology, rocks and crystals, everything has a newer, fuller, higher vibrational expression, just as we do too.  She uses the 5th sun energy umbrella to change things.  Uncreate if you will.  This 5th one became really interesting to understand, it contained the energy from the core of the sun as well as the atmosphere around the sun.  You must use the inside and the outside if you truly desire change.  The four umbrellas harnessed the four quadrants of the sun (North side, East side and so on.)

Something else came out as we were understanding her sun clan energy connection.  Dragons.  Her closest allies are dragons and all dragons, no matter their attributes, are a part of the sun clan.

OMG, I just got a hellofan insight for myself (and I hope, others, as well.)  I would have sworn I would be a sun clan gal, I have been a sun worshiper since I was a child.  I just got a flash of an experience in my early meditation days, when the blessed mother gutted me like a fish.  The took she used to energetically cut me from clavicle to pelvis in my meditation was AA Michaels sword of truth.  She gutted lifetimes of bullshit and it spilled out of me like black ooze.  Before she did this, her words to me were to “Lay down all my beliefs so I could be filled with the truth of Spirit.”  But even the sun must play a part in illuminating the truth in hidden corners.  Interesting!!!

OK back to my lady lol.  One of the things that was as repeated with her as they were repeated the day prior, we must own everything.  When we say we “need” something, we separate ourselves from it.  Keep in mind, you/we are fully empowered Masters Now.  Whether you believe that or not, well, that’s up to you and that is how you will work your mastery.    To give an example, since so many people can relate to this desire.  Lets say you need X amount of dollars to do or get something, KNOW it is already there.  The moment you say something like I need, when I have, whatever takes you out of already having it, you put space between you and it.

We can even back this up with my recent experiences.  Back in the 2nd quarter of this year, when so many readings were preparing the person for change, for intense change that comes with intense growth, I wanted that too.  My life was not a changing environment at all.  I woke up, wrote my blog, did my readings, processed thru the afternoon then slept… rinse and repeat.  I want this growth, this change, these challenges too.  I may have never stated it out loud, in those kind of sentences, but my core was bubbling with desire.  Well, I obviously got more than I bargained for!! lol  And will be eternally grateful for every nano second of it…. and it continues.

Well, I am running out of morning as I have to take a shower then get to the office.  There is so much more to share from my connection. but sadly that is going to have to wait until tomorrow.  I do want to put this out there, I booked a reading at a local metaphysical shop near me, with a medium.  Ha!!  I just realized it is at 2pm today… my mother died (her heart stopped beating) at 2pm.  Hmmmm… I’m kind of excited.  And yes, I can hear, but sometimes, I block my parents out (excuse me, a lot of times) because I am too worried I am self creating it (pesky human that I am.)  So I have 20 minutes of someone else’s gift to utilize!!  YAY!!  Someone who does not know me and therefore, eliminates bias.

Have an amazing day, enjoy your Self in all ways, and dare to go beyond the confines of 3D every change you get!!!

I love you so much!!  ((((HUGZ))))) filled with wide-eyed adventures and unlimited experiences to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I have put together a special using the energy of 1 (new beginnings) and 5 (change) on my 15 and 30 minute reading sessions.  Save 15% thru the 23rd (ahhh another 5 energy there lol) on 15 and 30 minute readings.  Type in coupon code: Changes to receive discount.

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Masters, You are Now Out of Time Completely!!



Well Hallelujah, I’m back!!  Thank you again for waiting (and waiting and waiting.)   There was a few common themes thru each of the (4) readings yesterday.  I know as the days and more readings unfold, more understanding and information will come thru, but for today, here is what I am understanding.

We are out of time.  Every person showed up outside my office, literally outside, and each person hovering about 6 feet above the ground.  As I acquaint myself to what the new field looks like, my new reading field, it was made very clear that anyone showing up outside is out of time, literally outside of time-space.  The karmic field in which they incarnated to clean up, has been totally cleared.  So the if we think of it this way, the effects of gravity has no hold on those without old karma that keeps one bound to a certain place or thing.  Even as I write that, and think about where I am now living, I hear a “but…” lol.  Dammit!!  I’ll get to that “but” in a moment (I hope lol.)

First lets understand the word karma as my team uses it.  The majority of us, when we were born, had karmic blueprints embedded into our DNA so that we would (one day when the time was right) cross paths with others, with areas, to finish up unresolved energy.  To Master that field of energy.  So many times we hear the word karma and think negative things.  Not all karma is negative, a lot is actually very positive too.  But even the positive could be unresolved in its mastery.  Lets take two examples that I am seeing right now.  That perfect job you once held (instantly my own mind goes back to Terminix lol) and how much you loved it, how good you were at it, how it and you thrived together.  Then one day… it all just fell apart.  That is because you mastered the perfection of that place and there is no need to linger, but time to go onto other adventures.  Same with some relationships, be it friendships or love interests.  You mastered the perfection of togetherness.  The task became completed, the energy receded.

We, as humans, get rather hung up on the “forever” gig.  There are many levels of experience and inexperience happening all at once on the earth plane.  For some just acquainting themselves with the earth realm and its intense dualities, the newer souls or even some of the older souls who just wanted to be here for this grand event, may actually be in long-term relationships, jobs, whatever.  Then again, there are many long-term relationships (that includes jobs, areas and things as well) that are long past its expiration point, but familiarity keeps them in place.  These precious souls are still working out their own karma, their own mastery.  These folks, if I ever read for them, would show up in my office space.  Just to be clear, this has nothing to do with the fields layout for the few days I actually did readings back in August.  The field, WE have changed since then, so has the layout of the readings.

Another thing that comes with being “out of time” is that we have access to all time.  Also, my team is using the words “time, frequency and dimension” as one and the same thing.  If we change the timeline one iota, then we equally change the frequency to match that timeline and the dimension it exists within.  You cannot change one without changing all three.

All four people had very different attributes as part of their energy for accessing timelines.  This too, is the keynote of a master.  And let me tell you, YOU ARE a master.  That was repeated over and over and over again yesterday.  You are not becoming anything, YOU ARE.  You Are unique unto yourSelf as are your skills.  For example, I was able to see your skills, but I have no clue how you are going to use them to your fullness.  I don’t have access to that information, only you do.  No one else can tell you the depth of your abilities, it is for you to use and perfect.  All I am doing is opening the window shade for you to see what you have upon your energy field, Now.

Let me give you a few examples.  The merlin clan (smile) uses their clothes, the colors of their clothes as magic enhancers.  My first lady on the field yesterday was of the merlin clan.  She had on this thick beautiful robe that instantly reminded me of merlin, but the design and color flow was unique to her skills.  The palate was this Light infused blue with images/patterns of something I couldn’t tell you what it was but it was maroon trimmed in a deep gold throughout her robe.  Her homework was to start to use and understand the maroon and gold together, then add in the blue because it enhances and changes her magic.

As I find the image for todays sharing, I am suddenly compelled to add this.  My merlin lady had her arms and hands held in exactly the position shown in the art I used for this sharing.  Her hands and open container drawing in whatever she was focused on, which would include timelines as well.  Her arms fused together to create the “wand” of creation.  At first her open hands were aligned with her third eye and as she moved her arms down wards towards her heart, I could feel the energies intensify, become stronger in her creation magic.

Another lady, she had 6 pointed stars/spurs on the back of her bare feet.  This is how she access timelines.  I have no idea what clan she hails from, I guess that wasn’t important, yet or was so unfamiliar to me, her team did not attempt to confuse me more than I already was.  These cowboy looking spurs were at the back of her heels, her bare feet and these spurs were a part of her heels.  The left side accessed consciousness, the right side spiritual emotion.

Which reminds me, things have changed even in our right and left sides since I last did readings.  The left side now represents consciousness as opposed to our physical life.  This being due to the fact we are no longer held to time.  Each morning we wake up, we start at zero time.  What we feel and engage in, sets the timeline we are going to experience in that day.  Of course, it always changeable as the day goes on and it changes by what we are consciously focused on.  Let me share a quote that I am hearing right now “Master, master your moments of experience.”

Ohhh and I had a lady with antennas coming out of her head,  This was weird as it was kewl to see.  The antenna that was constantly on was the right antenna.  The emotional antenna.  It was tapping into particular grids depending on what my lady was feeling.  The left antenna was particles and only became form when she had a conscious desire (and the word desire is incredibly inadequate, but the only word I can use to come close to explaining this) the particles became form, her left antenna merging with the right antenna and changing the grid access.  To me, the grids looked like slices of honeycombs scattered all over space.  There are, more or less, different vibrations/experiences of consciousness.

And then there was someone near and dear to my heart and her reading makes even more sense this morning than it did yesterday.  She challenged me in understanding let me tell ya.  Cuz she was outside like everyone else, yet, her wrists were bound by this rope.  She moved to align with my sliding glass doors, looking inside.  Then I shifted my vision to my office space and about two feet in front of me, were 6 white baby mice.  What the hell is that???  Mice has your reach for life bound up??  What??????

Ohhhh 6, soul partnership, babies, a new relationship that is a soul partnership.  The mouse pays attention to details, stealth and invisibility.  She told me she met a new friend about 3 months ago.  Her friend is very life oriented instead of seeing the bigger picture of spirit.  Yet, they do have a common desire together, an intentional community.  My beautiful lady’s task is to help her new friend go beyond duality, to see and experience the bigger picture.  This is a very important soul relationship and her friend came on board in this particular time to assist my lady with her mastery of relieving duality.  For an intentional community as they desire to work, duality must become an asset instead of a detriment.  This is the same lady who helped relieve the duality of my car payment from me and took it on as her own.  Well she paid off my high interest note and I pay her back interest free.

I almost forgot!! lol Going back to our placements on earth, we are moving around, shifting like crazy where we are shine the most light.  Where we can and will harness a great amount of power and energy thru our Being and equally, assisting to loosen the energies of dense duality to a place of power, of Light!!!

It is only this morning I am hearing the use of the phrase “clans.”  The body of energies we have come here to embody and use.  There are many many clans we (excuse me, I) have never heard of, therefore I cannot assign a name to them… yet.  However, as I typed out the merlin clan above, I instantly heard “and your from the AA Michael clan.”  Really?  Well here is another twist I couldn’t have imagined… so was the dude we know and love as Jesus.  I know my team heard my inner questioning about Sananda, one of my greatest teachers/allies upon this journey.  Well, even he had to hail from a clan as well.  Incarnations are like that😉

Unlike what we think of as clans on earth, there is a constant sharing of each other.  Of our skills, our energies, binding and tying them together for grander experiences.  So other clans will show up to enhance their part in your part, teach you/us how to bind their magic in our magic and vise versa.

This will be the true communities that form.  A partnership, a tapestry so blended and cohesive we don’t know where one energy starts and another ends.  This is exactly what happened as I shifted to Florida.  The Masters, the clans of my tapestry came together so bountifully to produce the magic gifted to my mother in her last three months of life.  Which was gifted to the whole, to and thru the ALL and forever, changed time as we know it.

We entered an amazing place as we transitioned into October.  The last quarter of this phase of our growth.  We will (to quote spirit from yesterday) dock into 2017 fully alive.  The energy of 2017 as I see it this morning is a Light emitting emerald-green!!!

On that note, I have to get ready to go to the office.  Again, thank you for the long wait to get back into the field of Spirit again, you are so incredibly appreciated!!  I love and honor you sooo damn much!!!!

Big big big (((((HUGZ))))) filled with magic and truth to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I have put together a special using the energy of 1 (new beginnings) and 5 (change) on my 15 and 30 minute reading sessions.  Save 15% thru the 23rd (ahhh another 5 energy there lol) on 15 and 30 minute readings.  Type in coupon code: Changes to receive discount.



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Getting There….


Slowly but surely, I am making a path back into my life.  But let me tell ya, the energy in this community I am now calling home (absolutely small h there) is like shoveling cement.  Thick, heavy and ohh so dense.  I woke up two days ago with my whole awakened focus paying attention to the energy hanging in the air (not on purpose, it’s just the way I woke up) and it was so still and heavy, oppressive really.  Instantly I knew why I had to get my office when I did.  Like so many things in life, even our spiritual path is really 20/20 in hindsight and I became grateful I have that place to work from, because working the way we do, from here, impossible.  And then came the pesky words I so did not want to hear from our beloved Kryon:  Lighthouses are not built in safe places, but where they are needed the most.  SHUT UP!!  That is not what I want to hear, thank you very much!!

I cannot help but recall the words that jumped out of my damn mouth the first day my mother told me she wanted to put me on the title.  She explained that when she passed, I could sell it and get all the money back that was invested in her well-being.  I told her, that was not my money, but a world-wide community effort in love and I don’t want that money back, but I will stay and live here.  I shocked myself with the last 6 words.  I don’t like this place at all, energetically speaking.  lol

The last couple days, between continuing to clear out my mother stuff and focusing back on my life, putting in change of addresses, ordering new checks and return labels for envelopes, OMG my heart is just shattering.  I officially know what a plant feels like when it goes into shock by being transplanted.  Only, I wasn’t transplanted into a healthier environment, instead, I was taken out of fertile soil and put into decrepit sandy soil.  Thank god I come packing my own inner nutrients!! lol  33 christed pounds of extra nutrients!! lol Diet time again!!!

I met with two of the board members yesterday, thank you Florida law for protecting my ass!!  Much to this communities dismay, they cannot kick me out.  Florida law states that of someone in a caretaker role inherits a home in a 55 and above community, they by law, established residence and have full rights to remain.  The attorney who did the paperwork for my mother told us that clearly and I know she equally made sure the main man who runs this place knew it too.  So I got an ear full of their rules… I can have no traces of weeds near my home.  Because my mother was sick for a long time (seems they knew that) she got free pass.  No motorcycles allowed in this community at all and there are only a handful of homes designated as dog friendly, mine is not and I am not even allowed to have a visitor with a dog.  The one lady explained to me, that she had a friend come with a dog and the dog stood in the car.  So the dog can stay in a hot car outside the house, but not in a cool house.  Alrighty then!!

I can so see why my mother loves this place, suddenly so much is making sense to me.  The superficial beauty is the only thing that is cared about here.  My mother was exactly like that too, see my outer perfection, but don’t come peeking too deep…

I mention twice in this little meeting about getting a wellness committee together, explaining twice how I found my mother and her home.  I was ignored both times and the subject instantly changed.  That’s ok… I have nothing but time on my side now.  Especially since they have this odd rule that you must own your home for 2 years before you can rent it out.  Weird.

There are some perks to living here, I am only about an hour away from Disney and with two grandsons who will LOVE doing Disney and universal, well that alone is a good reason to have this place.  I own the land and mobile home free and clear so I only have to pay monthly maintenance fees that include basic cable, water, sewer, trash and lawn care.  That’s kewl, I can’t rent a place with all that for the $210 a month it costs.

Yesterday and this morning I am reminded of a quote from Neale Donald Walsch I put on my facebook a few days ago:  “It is okay to be at a place of struggle. Struggle is just another word for growth. Even the most evolved beings find themselves in a place of struggle now and then. In fact, struggle is a sure sign to them that they are expanding; it is their indication of real and important progress. The only one who doesn’t struggle is the one who doesn’t grow. So if you are struggling right now, see it as a terrific sign — celebrate your struggle.”
― Neale Donald Walsch

I am struggling to find my footing, my place in this new landscape.  I am both grieving and going thru transplant shock at the same time.  I am in gratitude and awe of all that has transpired, not to mention the enormous world-wide support, love fest that allowed these 3+ months to transpire with dedicated focus to my mother.  I live each day now, overflowing with tons of emotions I have not felt in a very very long time, some, not at all.

I woke up this morning KNOWING that even tho this is the a place I would have never chosen for myself to live, it is exactly where I must be Now.  I have said this a million times thru so many readings over the years “you don’t have to like where you are, but you should honor it and delve deeper into why you are there.”  I’m delving!!  Selling this place is not an option, never has been.  Equally tho, as I am seeing right now… the last 5 years in the Jemez was intensely important.  I grew unencumbered with the highest of energies and the love of the Guardians of Shambhala.  I attracted you to me and me to you.  Thru our connections and communications we created a brand new collective that is alive and flourishing on this amazing earth.  And now… the true work begins… (whatever that may be.)

I do want to mention something odd, bizarre (to me) even.  Since my mother’s passing on the 3rd, every single day between 4-5 pm, my body becomes drained of energy.  Like someone pulls a plug and empties me out every day at that time.  I could barely stay awake.  Maybe it’s my team flushing the toilet each day lol.  I don’t know, but it has been consistent.

At least this morning tho, I woke up with the Light of excitement shining thru.  It’s been awhile since I woke up feeling this way.  It’s a good thing too, we start reading again on the 15th… I am so excited and so freakin nervous all at the same time!!  I think we are rounding the time to have a house lighting party too.  I am amazed at how many of you live close by… Maybe November we can conspire towards that!!

Well, on that note, I found a metaphysical store near by that opens at 10am.  I am going to go stand in the midst of some crystals and re-energize myself.  Sadly I left so many of my crystals (and all my shoes, pots and pans and other things I wanted to bring with me) in the Jemez.

I love you all so much.  Again, I thank you for taking such good care of my soul and my mother’s soul (and our bodies too lol) thru this life changing time.  We would have never done so well, so beautifully and gracefully all that needed to be done, without each and every one of you.

See you in the field soon!!  (((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and bliss to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  My daughter Valorie’s beloved cat Fenix passed away yesterday.  Please send my daughter loving comfort, this is going to break her heart and she is stuck in jail to deal with the emotions.  Fenix has been a part of our lives since 2004, born in Idaho, moving to Iowa and then finally Virginia with us.



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