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The Tightly Wound Energy of Life Post Solstice!!

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Hi honey’s, I’m home!!!!  The things I have learned I never want to do again, number 1. spend 5 long days in a honda civic with a 2, 11, and 13 year old!!!  Of course my tire blowing out the morning of day 2, delaying our trip 5 hours (and adding an extra day on the road) and biting into $300 of the road trip money, we no longer had that extra day hotel money and had to push it home.  We were delirious by the time we got back.  That aside, my daughter had the most amazing, beautiful day.  The weather was just perfect, clear, sunny, not hot, nice ocean breezes and so much joy and celebration.  Ti witness her going from complete chaos, self destruction to this… to joy and empowered and appreciation for WHO she is, I truly am humbled by her and by her husband for constantly seeing beyond her chaos and seeing only the good, the beautiful and helping her see that within herself.

val and alex.jpg

For those not on facebook, she is having a boy due 11/13.  if that wasn’t enough exciting change, my son is now making plans to move back to VA by August 1st.  I am considering moving there too, we will see.

Change is the theme of 2018!!  Putting yourself out there, doing what you can, so the doors of opportunity can swing open for you.  Often times, our deepest desires are blocked from manifesting by all the luggage placed in front of the doorways.  Yesterdays field of readings showed exactly that!!

I was not super surprised when the first day back to readings, the day of the solstice, I could not see a thing.  It is a ginormous energy system and having done readings now for close to 2 decades (where the hell did that time go?) it has always been the way of it.  I was truly disappointed when the next day I could not see either.  There was, however, this very odd sensation of having a shield over my third eye.  I didn’t so much notice it when attempting to do readings (I was too busy bitching cuz I couldn’t) but felt it when the day was done.

I was doing theoretical back-flips when I could finally see yesterday!!  Ohhh my dear good god, the energy of everyone’s fields!!!  The closest I could describe it is like a tightly would spring.  Even everyone’s immediate energy field, super condensed!  What I call the immediate field, the external energy field connected to our body’s and usually encompassing home/work/relationships, ect was super condensed.  Even reading thru the energies was like nothing I have experienced before.  And the attitude of team spirit… OMG so as a matter of fact.  If you have not released those pesky worry’s or false beliefs, they will become giant manifestos in the emerging field to deal with, release, once and for all.

That said, most are still connected to the expanding solstice energy of reseeding your life field.  Somethings carry so much energy forward, it will grow without looking, nurturing it, especially the worry’s false perceptions.  Those things you may think you want but really have not emotionally invested in, within yourself, hop to it, or it will transmute the energy to zero and fade from arrival.

That said, invest emotionally and with full action in what you do want, keep any doubt away, keep others opposite influence away.

As we approach the first of three eclipses, it will strengthen was is truly in your heart and on your mind like never before.  Keeping in mind, this is a clear-ing season, so if there is any inkling of doubt/worries.false beliefs embedded, it MUST grow too, to clear once and for all.

Well, round two is about to start, so I will leave off here until tomorrow.  Meditation, fully and completely focusing on SELF right now will be key to keeping your field clear as it (eventually) expands.  Ohhh another thing too, the directions on the field were a focus, but with seasons as opposed to direction.  Spring, planting, winter stillness, summer growth and fall bounty.  Know which season you are in and heading towards.  No two were in the same position!!

Love and bounty to all wrapped in eternal (((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))

Lisa Gawlas


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New Moon and Summer Solstice time

My dear good gracious the energies are just building and building as we inch towards the Solstice!  There was no seeing for this gal yesterday.  It feels like we are hitting a huge crescendo in the energies, timelines and inter-dimensional fields and we are still about 10 days out from the solstice!!  I do believe that all the readings have been foretelling this energy field, I just had no clue!! Cuz seeing doesn’t mean knowing anything, dammit.  Nor does bitching about scheduling to spirit do squat!! lol

My last lady of the day yesterday has been keeping an eye on the movement of the Hawaiian volcano, which I completely forgot about.  She was telling me how it is spreading and doing really odd things.  So I did a google search on the images from there, one stopped me in my tracks:



A few weeks ago while we were in the Nations Tuesday night class, someone asked something and instantly an image appeared to the right of my field of vision. I cannot recall the question, but will never forget the image.  It was an explosion coming up from the ground, flat ground and looked more like steam or what I thought might be a natural gas explosion.  It was certainly not the energy I know as a volcano, lave spewing that is.

Spirit also explained that there will be loss of life, on purpose, by divine plan as is the event we are seeing.

Spirit is really good at giving us a heads up without much detail or expansion of what they are giving us a heads up about,  Kinda pisses me off, not that they care about that!!

When I see this image yesterday, I about peed my pants.  It was exactly the image i had seen, except not from the air view, but from the ground level view.  The size, shape, everything.

The fact that this happened a week or two ago, without loss of life, makes me Know that something bigger is brewing in that volcano.

For this whole month, spirit has been saying teh energies coming up now are all Gaia.  From deep within her mysteries, energy is being released that has never been released her before.  We are in a physical plane of existence, so of course it would have to come via a physical release.

This is all helping the energies we are taking in for our next grand stage of evolution post Solstice.  But don’t get to comfy in that knowing.  Because sandwiched between the solstice and equinox are 3 eclipses.  Solar, lunar, solar.  Electric, emotional, electric.

If we can think about the period we are in now and entering thru these very potent, important two equinoxes…

Today, we are one day out from the new moon.  The last chance we have to solidify our changing in our reality construct.  It is such a massive event for all of humanity, I cannot see thru it.  Which is already telling me, no vision again today.  Well spirit better figure out a way to stick an extra day in the week!! lol

Use these days wisely… EMOTIONALLY!!  If what you say, think, want, does not match your emotional frequency, it means squat.  If your saying you want a new job, but emotionally all you can feel is being stuck in the job your in… guess what you get next??????  It can actually have a twist, new job same shitty place.  Do a deep emotional check on all parts of yourself, then do it again, and again, and again.  Please do not fool yourself.  This seems to be the hardest thing for humans to really understand or maybe, come to terms with.  True emotional output vs mind/mouth.  We will dive deep into this subject in class this evening.  I will put it out as a recorded event in tomorrows blog before I take off for my baby’s wedding!!!

Back to what I was starting to say.  If we look at this very moment we are in, its that last moment before we once again, enter the birth canal of our new adventures.  Once we cross the Solstice, a 7 day event, 3 coming, 3 going and of course, the day of, we will be in our new energetic form of changing reality construct.  July 13th is the first solar eclipse, highly electric, intensifying all that got you to this new space your in.  Do not discount the fact that it is a partial eclipse, the after affects will be long lasting.  Then on July 27-28 the moon goes into a full eclipse, sealing the deal on all the energies put into play  as well as those ignored.  Then we get another bolt of energy on August 11 to amplify what the moon created.  It would be really nice to think we have a little breather before the Sept equinox, but I highly doubt that!! lol.

On that note, I have not even packed to leave out yet, so I am going to cut this short and at least get that done.  I leave tomorrow as soon as I publish my blog.  I will be gone for about a week but will stay in touch on facebook and of course, post Valories wedding pics there too!!!

I love you all so very much.  Thank you for dancing this crazy, wild and exciting dance of Light with me, with each other!!

((((((((HUGZ)))))))) of emotional illumination to and thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas


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Heading to the Solstice Energy. Wowzers!!!


We are all now in that hallway heading towards the solstice.  There are one of three phases we are in, entering change, in the midst of massive change or just coming out of change.  The centerpiece, change, is that place that is unviewable (to me.)  That said, there is not one reading, not one person that shares the same imagery or energy as any other.  Each has entered an aspect of their own personal evolution that is so unique to them, it kind of makes me crazy (smile.)   Crazy only because the energy is new, the visual freakin bizarre at times (which is also means, so new I have never seen such things before) that understanding the visual gets challenging, a lot!!  Even my “assimilation” no longer works the way it had for 18 years.  I could go to sleep and wake up and (close to) fully understand how each of the puzzle pieces fit together as a whole.  Not even close since this year started, which is why I rarely write two days in a row.

The way I am getting the understanding of this uniqueness at this very moment, is (gotta use my old familiar analogy) baking a cake.  Only, we have never heard of cake before.  Its never been here before.  Each person is now becoming that one special ingredient that will one day, come together to become cake batter.  But ONLY if each ingredient gets to understand itSelf in use and nurturing.  You do not nurture eggs the same way you do wheat.  Altho, the chicken would be so happy to consume the wheat and the wheat would be happy with chicken poop.

Keeping this in mind, you mostly likely will bring familiar attributes to the next evolution (and for some, de-evolution) phase, but they will not work like they had before due to the new ingredient structures.  This is where the journey of going deep into your multidimensional Self is crucial every step of the way.  Not with knowing what transpired yesterday, but constantly looking for the new today and every today thereafter.

I had one reading yesterday, that just thinking about it makes me giggle with surprise.  She was a virgin on my field and got the full brunt of my… what the hell is that-ness!!

Just as I started her reading, tons of eyeballs started to fall to the ground from only 2 feet above the ground.They just kept pouring in and freaking me out!!  Like this, only more:




Every single eyeball, blue and going every which way like in this picture.  If that wasn’t freaky enough, I was desperately trying to understand what the hell they could mean, I got they fell from an inter-dimensional field, her team said that quite clearly, but these eyeballs filling her field… WTH?????  If that wasn’t enough, holy shit they started to create a spiral around her physical body!!  Shocking to my viewing eyes!! lol

Her instruction was to put one foot on them to feel and take in the energy.  When you get instruction of any sort, my Being is like a segregate and I experience what is being asked of you.  Ugh… it was like stepping on pealed hard boiled eggs.  A bit to real for me!!

I am also going to shoot out a warning from one of my beautiful ladies I have read for and have been reading for, for years now.

First, there is another common theme, every one of us is entering either a 3 or 5 year cycle.  Meaning, as we cross the threshold of either the solstice or equinox (I am not 100% sure which event solidifies the cycle entered.  I want to say the solstice, but I have a feeling some may enter it as they pass thru the Sept equinox.  Either way… having your shit together, your fears, doubts, insecurities released will make the next 3-5 years much more pleasant, IMHO.  Otherwise, they will become giant boulders of experience to once and for all, get beyond!!

My ladies path of light, all set up in her right field heading towards the solstice, was so beautiful.  A large mound of faceted (what looked like) blue and red crystals awaited her.  I about shit when I found her to the left of the banister of my porch in gray scale!!  WTH?  Well, I already knew she is and has been in a job she does not love or even, enjoy, but the pay is good and the fear of leaving into the unknown, strong!!!  So strong that the mere mention of getting over there to that path of light had her instantly gripping my porch railing.  Trying to push her body over there, she turned around and wrapped her hands and legs into the posts on the railing.    Her fear is deep and strong!!!  But, there is still time to change her path.  Not by instantly quiting her job, that would do her no higher good and creates more anxiety than would benefit her life field.  But truly by entering and absorbing the energy of her crystal pile (formed like a Hershey kiss) but they are not crystals.  They will enhance her Self expression (the blue) to match the new earth (red) and more I am sure.  That is enough to get her into a position of change she will eventually, be glad she did.

With that said, co-creative meditation/journeying (whatever you want to call it) is more important now than before in this last year.  Not the getting still and waiting version, that will beget more waiting.  Co-creative.  Enter-active!!

Well, my day is about to begin.  Since I am leaving out on Wednesday for Virginia and will not be back until the following Wednesday, I am putting out my solstice special early.  The special is my 15 and 30 minute reading package.  If you decide to take it, book the appointments after each significant event.  We have the solstice, three eclipses (electric, emotional, electric) and then the equinox.  You can choose to simply book the first one and then wait until that reading before booking the other two.  Either way, we are entering a constantly shifting zone on earth and within ourselves.  In this package I am also including the 4 one on one meditation homework sessions as an option too.

I love you all.  Hang onto your hats, the ride is getting wilder!

((((HUGZ)))) of adventures inside and out!!

Lisa Gawlas


Choose from the 15 or 30 minute 3-4-2 package or the 4 one on one meditation/homework package to receive 22.22% off.   Use coupon code: MASTERBUILDER  expires 6/17/18

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The Personal Flow Into the Solstice Energy


There is so much happening inside us, around is, and beyond us.  There is a word coming into strong play these days thru the readings. Tri-Reality.  Where (at this is at the simplest of explanations) three dimensional realities are collapsing into one greater reality.  No doubt, a part of this whole grand union thing I thought was only the energy systems I was seeing as may and June.  I should so know better than assume a damn thing, but hey, I am human still… dammit!!

In one of the readings, my lady was standing on the ground, her center, when suddenly this cut out in the ground in the shape of a 5 pointed star started to rise up (with about a foot of earth with it) slowly.  Her team gave me some fast forward moments so she could understand what was happening and of course, how to properly focus her homework meditations.

The energetic upwards lift was (to my scale of vision) 10 feet.  At every 2 foot interval, there was a collapsing of three dimensions to make one new, enhanced dimension. So for her, that is 5 new dimensional collapses, new energies, her entire body and field will be moving thru.  I could see she went straight up thru to the top of this 10 foot energy space that was shown.

Like all things on earth (due to our biology) this is a process that should conclude at the solstice.  I say should because if she is not doing her homework to understand what is happening and especially, what is changing in her, she brings herself to a standstill.

Them there are streams at the ground level, each very different from each other, some are traveling thru to arrive at the solstice energy. point. Everyone yesterday had this focus, a thruway to the solstice no wider than about 10 feet and at a right 40 degree angle from each persons center to the solstice point, which is now located in my neighbors yard.

Let me add this little thing in since it just popped into my mind.  When I first started doing readings, the readings were inside my house, at the floor level in about 6 feet of space.  That was a constant for many a year.  It was in 2012, when I transitioned to the Jemez Pueblo in New Mexico, that I could not longer hold a reading in my house, it had to be outside, where the space was larger and clear of any debris (from myself or any past residents of a living space.)  Even then, when you unfolded, you took up about 25 feet of field light.  Now with my arrival in texas, at first you took up my whole back yard, just under an acre.  As we moved into this year, you now take up two additional yards and at times, the road area in front of my house.  Thank god this vision is 360 and limited only by frequency.

That said, the light field has increased in vibrancy and space occupancy BECAUSE of all the inner work everyone has done to get to this point.  Well done my friends!!!  But don’t get too comfy, cuz now we start fully from zero point.  That is and only IS, if you are truly ready for the next phase.  To be there you must…. ABSOLUTELY MUST drop every story, every preconceived perception idea of what was and what is.  Which can turn an established practice on its head.  If you have been doing something, focusing somewhere for a while and now, it not longer matters… for many its hard to release, or, just don’t want too.  There are no absolute rules here in this game called life.  If we want to stay on the same square thru the rest of this incarnation, we can.  There are unlimited incarnations after this one to allow to move to the next square (thinking, board game here lol.)

Now here is the tricky, if not confusing part.  Everyone is going into this new enhanced reality construct of earth.  It will enlarge all emotional frequencies within oneself.  A prime example of what this means to all of us came thru a reading yesterday.  Her energy steam heading to the solstice, like everyone else’s, about 10 feet wide, 45 degree diagonal stream thru the right side of the field (emotional/spiritual side) to the equinox was a body of water.  It half reminded me of a calm river except the surface was choppy like an ocean.  Since May, all water elements, no matter their form, has this amazing sky blue to it (enhanced creator/Source energy in the emotional field of life) She was doing the breast stroke towards the solstice.  Arms in motion, reach for life.  Breast is always the emotional focus of creation, whether conscious or unconscious.

Key to everything here, more than every before, our emotional field is what creates.  ONLY our emotional field.  Doesn’t matter what we say, its what we feel when we say anything.  Equally, YOU are soul creator now.  If you do not know what you want to focus on in your next expansion, well the emotional field you are in, will be it.  I had asked her what she desires, and altho she said and has said before moving to Ireland, the energy, unlike when she talked about healing her body and discovering new essences and mixtures to do that with was no where near in comparison emotionally.  So at this point, what she is creating is more healing needs/discoveries for her body.  That is where her emotional field is fully resonant at the moment, not Ireland.  Because her action is the breast stroke, using this amazing water to move forward, it will be fast and intense.

So with all that said and so much unsaid, many are now in a stream of varied energies carrying them to their next version of themselves.  Some are still putting the energies together and some, just focused on what they are familiar with.

As for me, I feel like I have disengaged from most of my life.  I am here, but not here.  Thankfully since two days into June, zero pain in my body, zero inflammation which truly allows me the full disconnect needed to… allow.   At this point, the only thing I am sure of, that is going to be part of my next adventure, is meditation classes every weekend in July.

That said, my new days begins shortly.  I will get the meditation information up on my website today.  For now, I have created the package for those interested in being a part of the live class on Saturdays for what I am just going to call, beginners, sundays for the advanced.  Details are in the scheduling link provided below.  More details and options will be revealed on my website today.

I love you all SOUL much and thank you for all you have done and will do!!

(((HUGZ)))) filled with rapid movement and unknown bliss to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



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Clarity is KEY!!!


This is going to be a quicky, I got up late of course.  I am just going to give brief highlights of the nuggets that came out of yesterdays reading, I do not want to forget.  I am going to start with my amazing (semi virgin) guy.  At least, one part of what they told him.

I have written before many times from readings, that much of our original past here on earth, has been purposely been kept out of the human memory streams.  As his team said, because part of the human condition is to change what really happened into distortion, losing truth and replacing it with a version unlike what was.  So the information, the source of energy in this new phase we have started with June is coming from times long before Atlantis and Lemuria.  The distortion of those time lines now hurts the evolution forward and not helps it.

The energy coming thru, until now, has been hidden, not a memory on earth held it, except perhaps the trees and waters.  Perhaps that is why trees and water have been so prevalent in these last few days of readings.

There are two other things I want to share and I may end up wrapping them together.  One of the most amazing things I personally experienced (besides all the info) is being able to see what it takes from spirit to allow me to see, but also, how the energies have changed.  And I see, which I know has so much to do with the meditation classes coming up in July.

I could see the wave patterns of light creating the hologram I see when we are in a reading. Everything in this realm starts as a wave pattern of light, doesn’t matter what it is, even our bodies, our homes and of course, our perceptions of visibility.  Our responsibility, and it always has been, is fine tuning your antennas/perceptions to the higher realms of light wave that move into our realm and RELEASING anything and everything you know, think you know, heard whatever.  Bias clouds and distorts the field and you will not see/perceive truly.

Shit, my day is about to start and I have to close this up.  So sorry to make it so short.  Its a day off and I forgot to set my alarm since I rescheduled so much into this day.

Until tomorrow….

I love you!!  ((((HUGZ)))) of such clear thought nothing else exists… to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 5, 2018

Welcome to the Next New Adventures!!


Welcome to the wild ride of June!!  For me it started out with a rush downstream (read that to mean, serious diarrhea!!!)  I have never had such explosive, continuous events for two solid days!!  As I am realizing, many of us were in that same boat!!  I suppose the big flush out while the new energies came in .And OMG the new!!  I finally got my vision back yesterday to do readings and wow, talk about an serious uptick in the energies,  Hell forget uptick, never serious levels of light frequencies!!!!  That said, many are still cooking up their new adventures.

The day started with yet another person up in the tree, this time the meaning was “branching out” in new directions.  Which takes both action and non-movement.  Which really could sound like a contradiction, but its not, not really.

The theme for everyone that I had even the smallest glimpse of was meditation.  Getting to know your new helpers/assistants in this enhanced energy system we arrived in.

Example would be a beautiful man that had a dragon on his center field, the dragon was half water and half fire, but not just any fire and not just any water.  One fire was of the earth another was of the ethers.  Towards the end of his reading he asked about twin flames, I had to giggle when his team said, the true twin flame energy (that has been misinterpreted, misunderstood thru ages) is on his field.  The earth fire energy was on his left field and this amazing fire energy that has a feel to it that I never experienced before, was on his right and it was stated, here is the twin flame energies and now he MUST go into meditation and really understand them and how to use them together.

But also the water.  The water itself reminded me of the hot springs, a beautiful pool of water that bubbled.  He had another “assistant” that hovered about 15 feet above his field.

For everyone, the big message is, do not bring what you think you know into these new enhanced energies of earth.  If we keep looking to the past we will never find our footing forward.  That goes for me too!!

When I enter any reading, I tend to pull my understandings from past visual/energetic associations in the hologram I see.  There is nothing even similar to the energies being radiated that I can pull from.  The visuals are the same or, at least similar, but not the energies at all.  It is the energy that matters in understanding what is being revealed.

The ground itself, the earth, has changed.  The energy matrix truly out of this world, enhanced. The example I am getting for those that bake (smile) is the difference between using cane sugar vs a stevia sugar.  It may appear to be similar, but it is very different and the quantities MUST be altered to the new matrix makeup.

Even what we know as our quartz kingdom, very different than it was a year ago, a month ago!!!  Like our bodies, it too, is enhanced and the energy matrix so different.  Potent.

.By the urging of my team, i will be putting together 4 weekly classes on meditation.  One series for those who have not yet figured out how to tune their vision and hearing to the higher realms.  And then another class for those who meditate, but have not yet accessed their teams and the new positions on this field of earth.  They will both start in July since I am leaving a week tomorrow to go to Virginia for my daughters wedding.  I will get the details organized in the next few days.

On that note, I am going to get ready for another day in the paradise of your light!!  I love you all soul much, and thank you for showing up, dancing the dance and revealing how incredible Life is truly becoming!!!!

(((((HUGZ))))) filled with massive magic and enhanced abilities to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 31, 2018

Full Consciousness Required!! Soul-er Plexus Amps Up!!

souler plexus

Well here we are, in the thick of this crazy Grand Union energy.  I took a little peak into spaceweather this morning to see if the sun is doing anything to chime in.  But of course it is:  CHANCE OF STORMS: NOAA forecasters say there is a 60% chance of G1-class geomagnetic storms on June 1st when a solar wind stream is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field. The gaseous material is flowing from an equatorial hole in the sun’s atmosphere:

Its equator and mine are being/have been ripped open.  My back and right ribs, ohhh my freakin good god!!  I don’t like it one bit.  But, I am learning things thru this intensification.  I switched from ibuprofen to Tylenol, that was a wise switch that helps a lot.  It is only then that realized, I have zero inflammation.  I can once again fully extend my legs from a sitting position, something I couldn’t do in months.  Now if I can only walk, bend or twist without my ribs revolting!!!!  This is also forcing my left hand to do things it has never done before!!  Movement, especially behind my back, of my right hand, brings tears to my eyes!!  Well, good ole left paw has been a slacker most of my life, except in massage where I had to force it to help the right paw, seems life is once again, forcing the left to do what it never has done before!!

Talk about the force of the soul!!  (Again, this is coming in directly at my solar plexus, hitting the spine itself and reaching to the right, which already is spiritual/emotional side.)  With that, I get a reminder of what I shared the other day in the blog, the soul itself is setting up a lot of energy, obstacles, opportunities as we move beyond this Grand Union.  The force of creation can be brutal!! lol (Souly thinking of my ribs here.)

Speaking of the force of creation….

One of our beloved Lights from the Nation broke her arm recently.  Hearing how it happened in class, OMG we all need this reminder.

We have a tendency to only look at things that have a face as being conscious, having wants, needs and desires of its own.  How often do we look at our plant life as having consciousness and desires?  We cut the grass, but do we ask if the grass wants cutting?  We harvest from our gardens, but do we ask the plants if this what they want?  Some things, really just want to grow, to Be, but it has no facial expression, it has no way of showing anyone what it desires.  We MUST tune in to their telepathic was of communicating… or not.

My precious lady was on a mission to take the one remaining thistle out of her sisters landscape.  It hid itself on the top of a steep hill, away from all the other thistles that was recently removed (her sister does not like thistle!!)  Seems the thistle wanted to live and had Gaia remove the earth that had my lady climbing towards that thistle, down she went and sadly broke her shoulder/arm.

Our reach for life MUST be fully conscious on all levels.  This crazy game we are all in is amping up to whole new levels of experience.  Divine Will is going to trump the base human will and that is not what we are accustomed too.  It has never been played this way, in the coming intensity that is emerging, ever before.

But how else do we allow soul to lead…?

Just look at the sun from todays spaceweather:


coronal hole.jpg


I look at the formation of that opening I am overlapped with two images, a dog and/or a horse.  Dog is all about obedience and loyalty (to the soul) and the horse is strength and freedom (of the soul.)

This was just added in as well, dogs run in packs, horses, herds and WE NEED each other as a group energy too.  What one cannot see/hear/understand, another WILL!!!  Do not mistake the word soul to mean solo!!

This actually gives greater understanding to the images I am seeing of those on the conveyor belt heading into June.  Yesterday, one lady had a massive rain storm (no lighting or thunder, just massive rain) around her to the point of obscuring her biology from my view.  Pure spirit rain not only on/in her body, but in her immediate energy field around her body too.

My other lady, still has me a bit puzzled.  She was laying on the conveyor belt as a mermaid.  Only her scales went all the way up to her shoulders.  The scales we sooooo freakin beautiful.  A reflective blue/green.  Her tail was in a constant, rhythmic motion, but not an ounce of water anywhere.  I have a feeling, her “water” will be the magnetic flows within the air.

Unfortunately, either spirit is being super tight lipped or my audio antennas are in the garage, zero communication in understanding.  I have a deep feeling its the former and not latter. Spirit is pesky like that!! lol

With that in mind, we are now in the thick of this grand union (today and tomorrow being the apex) I am praying for visibility, but not quite sure that is going to be available.  But we attempt it anywayz!!

On that note, the next phase of my day is about to begin.  Enjoy the slide into and thru the grand union of new energy!!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of Soul In POWER!!!

Lisa Gawlas




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crossing thru

I had a feeling as we got deeper into the Grand Union of May/June energies, things would get a bit sketchy in the field.  I know I have seen this sort of set up once before, but for the life of me, cannot recall which huge energy event it was.  But, it, and this one too, uses what I see as a conveyor belt sort of thing that simply pulls you thru the energy system.  Once on it, there is nothing you can do, nor anything for me to see until on the other side.

That said, they are showing the systems that are affecting you personally.  My first lady was surrounded in all directions by incoming winds of change.  They were blowing hard and furiously to the degree they completely obscured her body as she slowly moved thru this system on the conveyor belt.  Obviously I cannot see for her until she comes out the other side of this powerful, life changing energy system.  But I am being told, the energy system alone is life changing, add the winds of change to it… wowzers!!

My next appt, a man who went MIA (no call, no show) I started seeing before I even tried calling him.  Oh my dear good god, it was as if his whole body was in a popcorn popper, the shaking, vibration, up, down and sideways movement was insane!!!  Because he did not show up, I do not know more about this vibrational shake up than the experience itself.

Keeping in mind, I do not just see, I experience with you!!

All that said, there were two readings so far that did not have my beautiful souls on that conveyor belt, yet.  Instead, they had somethings they needed to change in their approach to life, emotional life experience.  This view is obviously at their souls request and need for change to enter into the next phase without major obstacles presenting.  More clearly said, unneeded obstacles if they are resolved now, before full entry into the next phase of our evolution.

Really think about this.  Your soul, your spirit, higher self, whatever you call that amazing part of you, NEEDS to human to do the work to get to the next part of the game unencumbered.  There is no such animal as I am where I am supposed to be, it is, where I allow myself to be.

That said, if we lug things that should have been resolved into the next phase, it is the soul and guidance team that will make it so big and in our face, it will have to be dealt with once and for all.  Not to punish in any way, but to release once and for all.

As we enter the solstice in June, things become highly electric, magnifying, amplifying. Seed the wonder, the new, the magic, without ever even knowing what the hell that is, or needing to!!

All that said, by the time I was done with my day yesterday, I swear to god something took a baseball bat and cracked me straight across the back with it and broke a few ribs on my right side.  Movement was excruciating and breathing too deep, ouchies.  My friend Ibuprofen didn’t even touch the owies.  Because of the placement, it was all solar plexus energy coming in and spreading out to the right (emotional/spiritual side.)

Ahhh the joys of evolution in body!!  I will leave on the positive side, by the time I finally feel asleep, it was deep and restful, that I am grateful for!!

Over this next week, do a deep inner check and please ask your guides if you cannot find anything needing release.  Like my lady yesterday, it so unconsciously held that she needs (her guides) help to really see what it is and where it is.  Assume nothing.  That said, I am getting the visual from our guidance support team, if they end up just shrugging their shoulders, you are good to go and on the conveyor belt!!

I love you all, soul very much!!  Thank you for keeping me straight every day.   You are precious and so cherished!!

(((((HUGZ)))) filled with new blossoming energy to and thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 28, 2018

How Are Your Thoughts Affecting Your Biology??


About a week and a half ago I watched two sales come in that I truly thought I deleted a while back.  I went thru and deleted/hid all my in person sessions.  When I seen two hands on energy work sessions come thru, I was baffled, that should be impossible.  It was late at night so I decided in the morning I will write and let her know I do not offer those any longer and just refund.  When I awoke the next morning, of course this was the first and only thing on my mind.  I sat at my computer, opened my email and suddenly became washed over with this energy, this… “no, you MUST do this work,” energy.  My first thought was to my own, on again, off again, whack a mole pain in my body.  Well, this energy would not let up until I declared to myself I will do this, so we scheduled me to come to her home (her husband has severe breathing issues) to work on her husband.  I did the appointment yesterday.  OMG I am so grateful I did!!

There is such an amazing intelligence to our bodies.  My body knew what we were doing and withdrew any and all back pain I had been experiencing for the last few days.  Thank you biology!!

What I find interesting about this incredible man, is there is no diagnosis for him.  A CT scan shows that the lower half of his lungs looks like shattered glass.  Since I too am going thru lung evolution, I was excited to get my hands on him.

Of course, I always start my work at the crown, so much starts (and ends) in the mental planes.  There is so much his body showed me that I had no idea of the relationship. Just an added note, this subject…. body and energy, will be the core topic in tomorrow nights Nation class.

 I found an incredible image of a sea creature to use as artwork to represent the way I see the mental plane of a persons brain:


mental plane.jpg

1 would be the pineal gland area.  2 the energy released from the pineal gland as it moves outwards.  3 thought energy.  The black spots are were negative thoughts of any kind (judgement) resides (placed randomly on the strands.)

The pineal of course, is the light center of ever Being incarnate.  The less judgments we own, the clearer/brighter it is.  The more judgments we carry, the dimmer it is.  The out flowing energy from the pineal, is of course, contingent on the quality of light coming from it.  From a brilliant white to a smokey (and I am sure some that will never cross my table, black) gray.

The strands moving out are the thoughts that have emotion of any sort embedded in them.  The black dots I placed on the strands represent negative repetitive thoughts we have about anything.  We can look at the black dots as a build up a heavier and heavier energy.

Lets clear something up real quick, just because you believe something is true, does not make it true.  Example, if you believe something is bad for you (whatever it is, food, whatever) a buildup of energy takes place.  The more it builds up, the heavier the strands get.  The mental planes use our physical energy to work.  So the heavier the places in the mental plane, the more vital energy it is pulling up and away from the body., restricting its vitality.

The fact that all life is in massive biological change, we need every ounce of vital energy to assist in teh changes, otherwise, Imagine it like a pulley system!  Where it pulls from (organ/systems) depends on the magnetic frequency its feeding itself with.  Every organ, every system has its own unique magnetic frequency.  So even if everyone had the same negative thought, it will no longer take the energy from the same place.  It used to, but no longer.

We really want our emotional thoughts to add to our vitality, not deplete it.

When I first started poling around his storage space in his brain, his right temple was fluid.  Like a little pond about the size of a half dollar.  Physical life side, we tend to store our stress and worries in the temple areas.  As his body started talking about all the things he needed to hear and start to change, this still pond became like a choppy ocean.

I eventually went down to his feet to do what I call Lisaexology.  I look at the energy centers and biology thru both feet.  A great way to split the body in half and understand.

I was on his right foot, at his sacral chakra area, (sense of self/Self in the world we created) and the energy was not nice.  But moreso, was creating a relay of energy to his left temple area, which was creating the waves I had seen while at his head.  His body fully explained (again, something I did not know) that the more negative energy that we have and hold about ourselves, sends massive energies to the brain, and if held long enough, strong enough, creates what we know as aneurysms.  Especially with those who are at the forefront of changing the vascular system.  He is.

Some of us crazy souls took on two systems.  Me, the autoimmune system and lungs.  He took on the lungs and vascular system.

The need to be clear, unbiased, non judgmental is more important now than ever before in all of human history.  Just because someone, or a group says something and it may resonate with you, does not make it true.  It just makes you a part of that resonance.  Like when I was a catholic.  Just cuz a whole bunch of people buy into something, does not make it true or lacking judgmental energy, even if we pretty it up.  We can (and often do) fool ourselves, but not the body.  Ever.

Listen to your body and  your guides, neither will ever steer you wrong.  And, I am going to put this out there since I am loudly being reminded of it.  We often times, engage selective hearing.  We hear what we want (from our bodies and/or guides) and place a block on the rest.  We innately have the ability to block our guidance and often we employ it without a thought, when it comes to our deep beliefs.

Well, there was much more I wanted to share, but I was multitasking and now, gotta get ready for my day of readings.  Until tomorrow….

((((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))) of brilliant love and vitality to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 26, 2018

Releasing the Static as We Enter the Grand Union!!

energy fusion

The one thing the field of sneak peaks assured us all yesterday, we have entered the energy of the Grand Union (merger of May/June energies.)  Truly, I still had no clue what that meant, but I am feeling the start of my day yesterday helped to clear that understanding up quite a bit.

When I sat down at my computer yesterday to do my blog, I started to panic because my screen never turned on, it stayed black.  I booted, rebooted, waited 30 minutes, rebooted again, nuttin.  It is funny how the human mind has a hair pin trigger built in.  I instantly thought well, shit, now for sure I cannot go to VA to my daughters wedding.  Its bad enough my tires are bald and I am going to wrap my energy around them to get there, but I cannot, absolutely cannot forgo my computer.  So I do what I do when I need to vent, just shared on facebook and then started my day of readings.

My day of readings was just weird.  My first lady was an ET connection, the outcome so not what I was anticipating.  Just above the treeline I could see what I will just call an energetic tarp spread out from left to right.  In the center was a silver zipper.  This tarp started to roll out into the horizon, create a C turn upwards and started to head back, tho, thru yesterdays connection did not, was not finished.

My focal point became on the silver zipper, where the teeth met and created a tight closure in the energetic tarp,  My lady was told that she needs to understand that, why they are showing her that, as we move into this massive time spirit calls the Grand Union.

I did, eventually understand that this visual they were giving us was showing that the entire earth realm was moving up into higher frequencies of light, of vibration. Which, to those of us prepared for it, sounds exciting.  That said, if we think about most of humanity, who has never really learned to swim, and suddenly they are thrown into a 10 foot pool of water… it is going to get more interesting than it has been already!!

So, we rescheduled her til later in June.

My next lady, jeepers creepers!!  The only thing I could see were two short, wooden planks tipped together to form an upside down V.  They weren’t even big, maybe 3 feet tall and I could not find my lady until I looked up into the treetops.  There she was, straddling a branch way up in the tree at the fence line in her light body, overlooking her field of life.  This tree was on her right, spiritual emotional field.

I can get really frustrated with myself when I do not immediately understand a visual.  Spirits unlimited supply of creativity (visual expressions) boggles my ever loving mind!!  I really had no idea why she was on a tree branch until she told me what was happening in her life.  She lives in Ireland, her sister just bought her airfare to go hang out in Missouri, USA for 3 weeks and would be leaving within the week.   The understanding flooded into my head the moment she said that.

This trip allows her to be removed from her day to day life for a higher review of what she truly desires and to remove what no longer serves her.  It is often times way to hard to see any of that when you are smack dab in the midst of your day to day.  Step away for a few weeks, it can become vividly clear.

The trees of the earth are also assisting her in so many ways.  She must call on them when she needs help or extra energy to clear her mind or restore her system.

So she too, I rescheduled to after her return from the states.

I am insanely anal on what I call a reading, if there is no meat and potatoes, I call it an appetizer and reschedule!! lol

My last reading of the day was a virgin man!!  I really love virgin energy, but most especially the rare commodity called man!!  Geez, that sounds rude, he is not a commodity at all, well, not at the bought and sold level, but definitely raw/rare material!  😉

About 10 minutes before our session was due, I was thinking about him and suddenly it was as if my whole house was experiencing an earthquake.  The shaking, the massive vibration, lasted almost near the whole 10 minutes.  Of course, I started asking what the hell is that.  I knew it was in relationship to him, but what the hell is that?????  Dammit if his team didn’t say there is too much energy in his field, too much change, to do the reading he needs and I must reschedule him.  Well bite my ass!!

I had so much fun with him and thank god he understood because his life is in change.  He may even be my male doppelganger, so many similarities!!

Now, back to my first paragraph!!  In-between these wonderful conversations of the day, a precious soul helped me get out of the black screen of death and restore my ability to use my computer.  I might add, completely release the panic that I was in too!!

I am going to share our facebook conversation after I got my computer working and asked her a question:

First try!! Can I assume the cheap ass battery that never really worked to begin with, is now officially deader than it was??

Andrea Covington Mullaney You know… I’ve read that this issue is caused by excess static buildup in your computer and it messes with the proper electricity flow. What you are doing when you remove all power sources and hit the start button is draining the rest of the power in the machine that keeps the BIOS functioning. This also drains the static. Then when you plug it back in and turn it on – you are “reflowing” the electricity through its proper channels so it reaches the video card again. I’m not really sure what causes the static buildup though…

The very moment I read this, I undertood what I have been seeing as the Grand Union for weeks now.

I see the May energies as this really large, rather thick bubble filled with energy.  The bubble itself is in a color spectrum I am not familiar with, but if you were to mix, gold, yellow, bronze and white together… something on that order.  It is much thicker energy than Junes energy ball and maybe only half the size of Junes energy ball.  Junes is huge and electric.  It looks very much like this:


nucleous of energy.jpg


Just as I was about to close out google images since I found the art I was looking for, something pulled my eye to this:


may energy.jpg


If we take this part of Andrea’s explanation:  What you are doing when you remove all power sources and hit the start button is draining the rest of the power in the machine that keeps the BIOS functioning. This also drains the static. Then when you plug it back in and turn it on – you are “reflowing” the electricity through its proper channels so it reaches the video card again.

With the second image explanation of what is happening…. the Grand Union becomes much more clear.  Not necessarily how it will apply to our day to day lives, but on the grander metaphysical scale, I get it.  I hope you do too.

It makes sense why there is such a focus in so many readings on ending, releasing, remove the damn static from your/our lives!!  Equally, our bodies are doing this too.  (Ouch, ouch, ouch)

If the way I have been seeing this Grand Union, it should last thru about June 5th.

On that note, I love you all soul very very much!!  Big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with amazing releases to make room for all the new charges!!!

Lisa Gawlas



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