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The Body Temple and the Food of Consciousness.


Happy Full moon everyone!!  Ohhh shiny, shiny, shiny!!  And so many new things are growing in our personal and collective terrariums filled with Life.  Forget G Force, we have Life Force!!  Spirits joke there and yes, their humor has hit a new high!! lol

Even tho yesterday, so many new things are emerging within people’s personal space, spirit was focused in between the readings, on taking yesterdays sharing a step further.  And I knew, with the intricacy of  information they were sharing, that that info would be the focus of today’s sharing, a continuation, a fulfillment, of yesterdays.

I snagged an image off the internet and added the detail that I kept seeing yesterday.  Something I have only started seeing and understanding yesterday (and let me tell ya, a lot of things that got us to here in understanding, started to change, added detail to so many things I thought I knew… but now we are getting the bigger picture.)

If we look at this image the way I see the field, the circle that says energy field, that would be your center of created life, now known as your terrarium.  Outside that field is the larger platform of life, everything beyond your immediate control, going shopping for example, the shopping center and all that exist there is in the outer field. Yesterday however, spirit incorporated the triangle over the body.  My simple lines are not very accurate.  There is no part of the body that is outside the triangle and it originates, or is at its apex at the pineal gland, the center point of our consciousness.

energy and body

The bottom part, the wide area at the triangle actually makes sense of how I have started to see the fullness of our energy body, our energy centers, especially that which we call the root chakra in my massage sessions.  To me, the root actually spreads out across the hips and creates like a hoop skirt down to the ground with a bunch of tubules that are embedded there, connecting to every life we have ever lived or ever will live at the ground level, earth level.

As they created this triangle over the body, they brought in a term many people use in relationship to themselves “the body temple” or the “temple of the body.”  But just like many of the temples we have created for certain things, we also have a variety of “conditions,” ideas, about how this temple works best.  But, as my team explained, conditions and judgements actually defuse the totality of this amazing creation called a body.

If we look at the apex of the triangle, it is drawing in the power from the consciousness itself.  It forms the reality construct around you, and at the same time, draws from various life times that ignited whatever it is we area drawing in.

So, this amazing thing called a body, what spirit calls the greatest energy source ever conceived, works by the energy in the consciousness.  The purer (based on truth not assumptions) the consciousness, the more efficient, the higher the energy output and capabilities of the body are.

The greatest dysfunction we have with our bodies is our thoughts around food.  If we have a judgement around anything, we have tainted the full capacity of our energy system because we eat that as our food.  It never has been about what we eat, it’s about judging what we eat or don’t eat.  Which brought my team to their first example, something I have heard many times from people and shared information that I had no idea what they could possibly mean.  A clean diet.  What the hell is that??  My food isn’t dirty, ok I do live by the 10 second rule, sometimes, maybe, it is a little dirty but I ain’t wasting one drop of chocolate!!

To spirit, clean means free of judgement or conditions.  To us, we changed it to mean certain types of food I guess.  In the last couple of weeks, a few people told me they were instructed by their team to eat vegan.  My insides cringed and I admittedly said I would kick my team in their ass if they even suggested I do that.  Each time, I hear my team giggle and reply, we would never ask you to, first of all, we know you wouldn’t.  Which actually had me pondering deeper, because at the end of the day, I would and have done, every single thing my team has ever asked me to do.

To spirit any suggestion to diets is to facilitate and clear the judgements out of the consciousness about anything.  That is the cleanest eating anyone can do.  If we think something is good for you or bad for you is judgement, an energetic weightiness that slows down the vibration of anything consumed.  As opposed to simply Being deLightful to eat, or not appealing at all to eat.  Organ meat is not appealing to me at all, something in my body system repels my lips from consuming organs.  I have no judgement at all about organ meat, it just doesn’t fit into my dietary needs I guess.  Our taste buds and smell centers should be the driving force of all we consume, and believe it or not, that goes way beyond food.  Truth has a taste and smell to it, which is why lies have so commonly been labeled bullshit, there is a distinct odor and unappealing taste to BS.  Once we refine our systems, clear it of all and any belief systems, it becomes clearer and clearer what is true for us.  Equally, truth in all its depth has layers.  Don’t settle for the first layer, always strive to go deeper.  Kinda like eating a baklava, layers upon layers of truth to bite into!!


So, let’s go back to this amazing power center called our body’s, what we draw in from the consciousness creates our reality.  Now in readings, I see our consciousness as about 3 feet thick, again, going to scale of my vision and not literally.  There is the working consciousness at the bottom level, the mid consciousness, new ideas, concepts and skills opening up into your awareness (which is where our readings unfold) and then the higher level consciousness, unseeable/unknowable by me, or you until we start to bring in and use the mid consciousness level of energy, which flushes out or expands with new information, the older concepts that got us to here at the lower level.

Going back to dietary intake, if we eat judgement, we produce judgement in our lives as living energy systems, however they may show up.  The judgement or condition itself becomes imbedded in our body and produces energy to that effect.  When we change our relationship to how we think about anything, especially food in all its variety, we begin the process of releasing the old energy, the judgments and conditions we embedded within our cellular structure to pure Light energy.

If we think, for a single moment that our chemical system, our biochemical lab of life is contingent on physical food, we really don’t understand what we are made of, what LIFE is made.  It’s ALL energy.  It is ALL source energy.  It is ALL LOVE made manifest.  To eat clean is to KNOW this from the depths of our souls.

My team, in my very early beginnings as I started to hear all kinds of talk about good and bad things, smoking… OMG so many people told me it reduces my spiritual growth.  My team said bullshit.  Phew, thank god for that!!  Anything in moderation is perfect.  Hmmm moderation huh??  At that time, I was smoking 3 cartons a week…. A WEEK!!  I was a stressed out human back then.  I eventually found moderation with a pack a day… to this day.  My Holy Smoke!! <3

I have got to share a semi quote from my new favorite audio book I am listening to “My Big Toe” by Thomas Campbell.  I say semi because I don’t remember it word for word, but the concept of his expression is too awesome to not share.  It is from the chapter called “The Belief Trap” and he asked his team is there any beliefs out there that are good for you and his team’s reply is priceless, is there any time ignorance is good for you??

Eat clean food directly from Your Source of Life.  Assume nothing, question everything (including me!!)  That is what gets the juices flowing!!

So tomorrow, the biggest eating day of the year, Thanksgiving in the USA, be mindful of the conversations filling your food, Change the channel to loving gratitude when ever you can, and celebrate the life that gave its life to our own, be it animal, vegetable or something created by the masters of creation, human made.

What are you fertilizing in your field of life???

Until tomorrow…  may the brilliance of this emotional high of a full moon illuminate the greatest aspects of your amazing self to live out loud in the land of created reality!!

I love you all sooo much.  You really are my candy of Life!!  Num, num num!!

((((HUGZ))))) of clear mind and powerful growth to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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shit happens

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What Goes In, MUST Come Out! Can we just say: Holy Shit!! <3 :-)

Look at the pathway of what we take in, thru the heart and lungs, down thru the stomach and liver, out as fertilizer, or not.

Look at the pathway of what we take in, thru the heart and lungs, down thru the stomach and liver, out as fertilizer, or not.

The first thing I have got to share today is yet another reading that took my jaw and dropped it straight to the floor.  We all know spirit uses their creative license anyway they want to get the message of understanding out, but HOLY SHIT (wink wink) this took it to a level that I never ever expected to see in a reading.

My lady shows up sitting on a wrap around (the entire inside of her terrarium) wooden bench at due east area.  She is completely naked, thank goodness her back is to me.  Her right leg is crossed over the top of her left leg and her right hand is tapping the top of her right leg, like she is waiting for something and it just isn’t coming fast enough.  I do want to add, just about everyone was naked in their readings yesterday, and I want to thank spirit for blurring out the personal parts.  I guess we should understand naked, stripped down, nothing left to hide and ready for the new attire getting ready to reveal itself as we move thru this exciting full moon of illumination phase.

So there she is, tapping and waiting and there is nothing else that I can see.  So I kinda yell at her (with love, of course) would ya get up and do something!  Man she is obedient!!  Instantly, she got up off her bench, walked directly to the center point of her terrarium (power of creation center) and tilted her head up towards the sky, opened her mouth and this thick liquid gold stream of energy just started pouring down from the top of her terrarium and straight into her mouth.  This lady would make even the greatest beer bong champion blush in shame, she guzzled and guzzled and never spilled a drop!  As I started wondering what the hell you drinking, her team instantly said mana.  Drinking in the pure energy of Source to fuel the desires within her heart.  Alrighty then, at least she is doing something other than waiting!!  But what came next… phew baby, I will forget in all my lives, ever!! lol

She easily guzzled down a few gallons of this golden mana and then she went over to the west field, what I didn’t notice until the reading was almost over, her field actually expanded, grew in size.  Until this moment, everyone’s reading is unfolding in lets just say a 10 foot in radius terrarium, now she is taking up the entire field.  This “action” puts the words “enlarge my territory” into play as well.

There she is, standing in the west field and then suddenly I see an energetic outline of what looked like an old fashion outhouse take form.  Sure enough, it is a spiritual outhouse and this beautiful, naked lady sat down and well, there is no mistaking someone taking a healthy shit on a toilet!!  With every ounce of surprise and intense laughter I had in me, I just OMG your taking a shit!!  What the hell????  Her team made sure I added a word to my startled sentence, it’s a “holy shit.”  WHAAAATTTTT????

Forget the golden egg, embedded in us is that deeply unappreciated golden turd!  We spent most of our time together laughing our freakin asses off.  She is the only person I have ever seen that shows up for her reading to take a shit!!  Not just any kind of shit, a HOLY SHIT!!

After she was done there, back over to the east she went, sat back down on her wooden wrap around bench and at her feet were two things, on the ground at her right foot was the tiniest baby I had ever seen, about 6 inches big but fully formed.  New life.  Right foot, representing her spiritual life.  At her left foot was this kewlest, clear crystal looking thing, sacred geometry on steroids.  It had many points to it, but no matter how you looked at it, it always looked diamond-shaped, point up and point down.  It’s hard to explain and the closest thing I could find out there on the internet was something like this:


But in full depth and radiance, a 3D crystal thingie.  Her team explained this is the energy that creates the outcome in her material world for her desires.  But, before this becomes active, she must go and drinking in the mana of her soul Source.  Let’s understand this part clearly, because as funny as it was, and let me tell you, it was freakin hilarious, there is a seriousness to it all.

I watched again as she drank this golden mana in, I watched as it went down and radiated her core energy, and tiny little lines of gold sprawled thru her body to ignite the organs and veins and stuff with this energy, what was absorbed, radiated in her body, what was not needed was released as fertilizer for her desires.  Holy shit, if you will.

Her team explained how we don’t value the full functions of our body’s.  We can look at animals and see how their fecal matter can fertilize our fields of life, our gardens and farms and yet, our own holy shit, plopped in the energy carrying water we call our toilet bowl, runs thru the currents of life (or better known as our sewage pipes) and fertilizes so much, or remains dormant, uncharged by our relationship with the amazing function we call our body.

Equally, as we were understanding all this, suddenly she must have been or had a fairy godmother (reminiscent to Cinderella) because clothes started to wrap around her body.  The most beautiful shimmering silver outfit that kept changing.  One piece, long gown, miniskirt and her team said her clothes must change to fit the situation.  The reflective silver is the reflection of her Self and the New world in which we are creating (and shitting in, lol, sorry, couldn’t help myself!!)

Our bodies are transformers!!  We undervalue our personal biological creation and give so much honor to just energy, energy without matter is simply energy.  Matter infused with the mana of sacred life force, well….

We even got a little exercise that I would like to share out for anyone who dares!!  When you sit down to eat, doesn’t matter what your eating (as long as you have already fully removed any and all judgement from ALL food) take your hands, which stream energy from the heart and soul, and embed the desires into your food.  Then eat your food and digest that desire thru your whole body.  In 24  to 72 hours, when the excess comes out as Holy Shit, know, with honor and gratitude that your desires are now being fertilized thru the realm of created matter and will soon arrive in your world.

All I could think about as they said this, Jorge in my toilet bowl and I crap on him to bring him to my door.  Bless his heart.  I have never laughed so damn much thru a reading.  I will also, never look at my morning routine (smile) the same, again, ever.  Holy Shit even!!  I want a T-Shirt with a golden turn on it that says Holy Shit!!  Dear Santa…  lol

Even in my dream state last evening, I was remembering her reading, absorbing the parts I may have missed because we couldn’t stop laughing.  Then the dream turned to my first boyfriend, George, the book end Jorge is supposed to resemble (first love, last love.)  We ever overlooking the hills of Pennsylvania and he was explaining the weightiness of this land, how people get anchored and cannot seem to get out of their own stories even if they are long over.  That’s all I remember.

However, I feel a tie in to another reading that just hung in my mind.  We didn’t finish her reading, there was so much noise (talking and laughter) around her I kept getting distracted (I am easily distracted with outside noise.)  She was/is on vacation, attending some healer seminar in Italy but lives here in the states.  Her terrarium had only one section that I could see and that was the southeast quadrant, the past and the new.  She too had a bench, but instead of it being vibrant healthy wood, the wood itself was old and rotting and she was balled up in a fetal position under the bench.  Come to think of it, she had faint clothes on, I guess kinda like very sheer danskin one piece workout attire.  Somehow, I feel that the bench represented italy itself.  Old energy, then again, it is home to the capital of Catholicism.  Somehow, my dream of George and her reading tie in.  I couldn’t concentrate enough and rescheduled.

But before I go, there is one more reading I do want to share from yesterday.  My first naked lady on the field.  She was pushing on the inside of her terrarium glass at the south side, like she is trying to break out and get into life.  Her feet were strange, because she had both feet at the bottom of the glass pushing outwards like her hands were, yet at the same time, her feet were standing on the ground and there was grass growing at her feet.  Holy cow, this is the first time I am seeing life growing at the ground!!  Yay, we are moving, growing!!

I could not understand what she was trying to leave her precious, fully radiant biosphere for.  Once you are Here, the inner and outer work it took to get Here, ya don’t want to leave.  Then i got it… she explained she is starting school in January (hence the grass) to become an addiction counselor.  Like my Holy Shit lady, this message, orientation is important for everyone to understand, no matter what you choose to do.

Our job is to bring the new information, the wisdom, the new way to Be in Life, to Be within yourself, to the old constructs.  Infiltration en masse.  She is not to sit idle in class and absorb old information, old application, but to bring the class into her terrarium and release the new unto their hearts and ears.

Ohh one more thing from yet another lady on a flying trapeze, (spirit out did themselves yesterday with imagery.)  She too, was a counselor and at the very end of our time together, as she swings into the past and future to assist others, as well as bringing in the new energy from the west and putting it all together for the new outcome for her self and her clients, she… we all are cautioned to stop seeing anyone as having any “blocks.”  Anything that is less than perfection in body.

We are to look with the eyes our of soul, the perfection of all things, see and know their radiance and work there.  Bring that out of them.  When we focus on blocks, we make them stronger due to our intense energy field.  When our teams see us, they see and focus on the outcome.  We would have never gotten to here had the focus been on our issues.  They gave us a little kick, got us over the hump but their focus is always on the outcome of who and what we are next.  As our needs to be too.

On that note, my day begins.  I had a massive 10 hours of sleep yesterday!!  The field rocked me to the core.  Time to power up again for another major dose!!

I love you all so much and appreciate your bobbing and weaving with me.  All-ways!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with golden fertilizers thru ALL <3

Lisa Gawlas

Too funny not to include!! <3

Too funny not to include!! <3


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Living In Our Pimped Out, Fully Equipped Terrarium!!

terrariums of life

What an unusual day yesterday was, of course, we really can say this about every day.  The highs, the lows, the down right excitingly bizarre!!  I got up at my usual 4am, but instead of bouncing out of bed, I drug myself out, even after having a full 7 hours sleep.  I even had a topic I wanted to share yesterday, but as I sat at my computer my whole brain was flatlining.  I was getting more tired mentally than before I went to sleep the night prior.  Even tho I could see the image from the reading the day prior I wanted to write about, the words were not coming, at all.  I was not completely surprised when my first reading showed up, but my spiritual abilities did not.  Even just holding high vibrational conversations was not within me yesterday.  My mind stayed in bed while the body got up and slugged around the day.  My eyes started burning, ya know that burning you get when you just need to go to sleep already?  Only I wasn’t physically tired, just mentally.  I payed attention to my eyes, the burning sensation was only happening at the top part of the eye, where eyeball meets orbital socket at the top.  I realized it was not so much the eyeball or the bone structure that was burning, it was that place between the two.  One thing is for sure, I became completely aware of how much mental energy it takes to bitch.  I was even too tapped out to bitch about not being able to see.  THAT is a rarity.

I did the only thing I could do, retreated to my couch, put on a movie and for the first time in what feels like forever, watched.  Usually my TV is on for background noise.  It occupies my lower mind while my higher mind processes.  The movie that was on was “Remember the Titans,” a true story about one of the first integrated football teams in Virginia.  Hold that thought for a minute…

The night prior, in meditation class, we all built our own personal soul gyms, one of the rooms in this gym was the room of knowledge, very, library like.  A place where we can go to understand something, extract knowledge then learn to live that knowledge as our life, turning it from knowledge to wisdom.

As I was watching this movie and see how people treated someone just because their skin color is different from their own, broke my heart.  I started to think about my own past lives and start the apology process if within any of them, I was one of those racially cruel people.  I was not given any clarity if I was or not, but instead, I felt like suddenly, I was within the room of knowledge, being given a larger understanding of the way this human world works, and why.

We come into this life to remember our inner strength, our spirit and all that goes with that.  To fully learn ourselves, we place ourselves in the diverse of situations, including the roles of tormented and tormentor.  This is not to make our personal lives hard, but richer, believe it or not.  It all (eventually) forces us to a place to reevaluate who and what we choose to be, whether in this lifetime, or the next 20 or 30.  When we have fully diffused whatever we were feeling to cause such a division in our lives, when we embraced that part of us that IS NOT that, we personally remove the restrictions around that.  It no longer has any sort of emotional or energetic effect on us, personally.  Then, just like a football player running the ball to the goal, we become the living runners to change the field of energy by our own personal presentation on the field.  Obama did that very thing when he ran for president.  Against all odds, within a still racially divided country, he put himself out there and ran thru goal and changed the world, empowered people.

As I am understanding all this, I was taken to something that was sitting just under my skin with a post on my facebook, pray for world peace.  Every day, every individual is being given the opportunity to come to peace within themselves.  To know the wonder that is their life and what they can do to serve.  To change the diversity that is underway would be to throw a blanket over everyone, that would keep them in the dark instead of the contrasting field of Life/Light.  It was further explained that people who pray for world peace are truly seeking peace within themselves.

Every dramatic event that happens here in this beautiful, contrasting place we call earth, is deepening the peace in some, rattling the hate and fear in others and this is how we remember ourselves.  It is not our job to remove people from their ongoing lessons, but it is our job to focus on the Light of our own worlds and grow that.

I cannot believe I am getting this parallel example.  In 9th grade the school I was attending demanded I take one year of algebra.  I hated it.  I don’t give a shit what x or z equals, if you can’t tell me, I don’t need to know.  I failed the first two quarters, went to my guidance counselor in tears after failing the second quarter and begged to get out of algebra and placed into general math.  She explained that that would be against the school’s policy and I was forced to take algebra whether I like it or not.  I failed the complete year.  By the next year, I was in a completely different home and different school system and never had to take algebra again.  Phew!!!

Moral of the story, there are some things that are happening per spiritual policy (if you will) for the learning of those who need that.  If you don’t want to learn that, MOVE!!  Change the lesson.  We are not confined to a place, to a structure, to anything.  But, it is YOUR responsibility to change it all in regards to your personal world.  Focus on what you do love, find the environment that flourishes that love.

When I was in my 30’s I entered college with the desire to be a nurse practitioner, which sadly, required algebra.  I quit college twice because I am highly allergic to algebra.  I found another way to be in service thru the healing arts, 10 years later of course and not in a way I could perceive any of it at the time.

On top of all this… the next thing I seen after I fully understood the value of such deep and at times, heart wrenching diversity, was my lady from the other day, the one I didn’t get to talk about yet.

We are still in our glass enclosures, which actually makes more sense given the above and really takes us deeper into the saying “Be in this world, not of it.”  Our glass enclosure is much like a terrarium, all we need is within our personal fields of created reality, sealed for our personal use, growth and flourishment.  We can see outside the glass, but are shielded from the hostel appearing environment, unless we move outside of our enclosure or are in a situation that keeps moving us out.  Remember, karma always flows to the one in lesson and if you are partnered in any way with someone still living deep in the throes of duality, well… you are part of their story/experience, until you choose not to be.

So my precious lady, the first thing I could see were these various lines of light, kinda like thin laser beams streaming onto the upper part of her glass dome area.  As soon as the light point connected to the glass, I could see that spot melt, not melt away, just melted that spot.  The next thing I see is like a boiling cloud system engulfing the top 3 feet of the inside of her glass dome enclosure.  If clouds could boil like water does, that’s what it looked like to me.  Freakin bizarre!  I knew this cloud energy represented her consciousness, but what the hell was boiling??  Her consciousness, of course!!  lol  These very particular (never got any further information on this streams of light) points of light were raising the frequency (hence glass melting) and connecting to one of the boiling bubbles in her consciousness.  When it hit the bubble, the bubble burst, released oozy stuff into the cloud like part of her consciousness.

The next thing I seen was her crazy body.  Three long, intertwined twigs.  They were intertwined like this, but wood, twigs:



At the ground level, holy cow, chunks of gold!!  I want that kind ground!! lol  The ground beneath her woody feet (smile) was made of gold, of the highest vibration of spiritual energy that I see in readings.  The fact it was in chunks, makes it tangible, partnered with her realm of creation.  The three twigs intertwined is representing the full on relationship she has with earth, creation made manifest, connected deeply into the high frequency field of light we know and love as spirit or heaven.

I then could feel one of her boiling bubbles burst as a light hit it, it oozed into her consciousness then rain down one of those intertwined twig things, which represented her physical body.  I could feel the energy run down my own body as I watched this happen, or maybe I moved into her to feel it happen… and then as it ran out the feet, the energy of gold chunks (I knew, but did not see at the time of the reading, but do today) took form.

When we hit a particular frequency, and we are hitting many of them, watch out for December, its all upwards bound day by day there, our consciousness goes thru a change, think ab0ut the boiling point of anything, liquid changes into vapor.  For this example, knowledge turns into wisdom, which streams thru our body, as our body/physical lives and changes the very ground we live upon.  Ideas take form.  Desires become manifest, and so on.

So what are these three woody twigs that are making up my precious lady’s body??  No matter what I choose to use as description, my team says even that is too limiting.  However, the way this amazing and divine universe works, as I was typing out the way i seen my lady’s body above, I received a marshmallow message from my beloved Kryon.  I am going to share his message here, because it really states what I was seeing with her twiggy body:

Do Angels Exist? 
From Kryon Live Channel, “The Humanization of God”
July 2011 in Totowa, NJ 

…Humans want angels to be the “divine factory workers for God,” each with a task. It’s not that way! When you breathe the air, does it line up as individual molecules with names and tasks, then enter your lungs in a row? Get used to the concept of what they call in physics entanglement. It’s a word used in the quantum world that describes an odd attribute of matter that seems to be “connected to everything all the time.”

I want you to get used to something that is profound and beautiful. You are part of everything! You’re not separated from it. You belong to it. You may be individual bodies in 3D, but in a multidimensional world, you are connected to everything!


So let’s go to to really understand quantum entanglement:

Quantum entanglement

Quantum entanglement is a quantum mechanical phenomenon in which the quantum states of two or more objects have to be described with reference to each other, even though the individual objects may be spatially separated.

Heaven and earth, running thru you, as you, if you allow it to (fully speaking of course.)

Here is one hell of an entanglement I did not know until just now.  Saturday, about an hour before meditation class, I got the download of what spirit wanted to focus on this week.  Creating everyone’s personal soul gym and creating five particular rooms within it.  Of course, as I was getting the download I was also seeing what this looked like, clear crystal, colored coded crystal rooms, room assignments and so on.  I have become so entangled in the world of spirit that just downloading the information, makes it so.  So twice in one evening, I inadvertently went to my own inner/outer gym (not quite sure how that works really.)  I personally wasn’t “doing” the meditation, but I don’t have to any more.

What I experienced yesterday as the burning in my eyes, came from the “bioengineering” room.  Upgrades to my field of vision.  HA!!  My team intentionally skipped me on the special talents room, and I skipped it in directing the meditation in class.  I had it all written down and was using my finger as a guide to make sure everyone created all the rooms while we were together and I still missed that one.  Hey!!  I want a new special talent, thank you very much!! lol

We are entangled!! But equally, make sure the energy around you (that you live within) is as clear as your desires within.  Entanglement works in all ways.

On that note, I am getting my semi-perky butt ready for a day of joyful entanglement with YOU.  I love you so very very much and I cannot think of better entanglements than YOU.

((((HUGZ)))) entangled love to ALL!!  (sounds kinda like an orgy lol)

Lisa Gawlas







the right questions

This has been an interesting couple of days in my personal world.  It has been a long time since I have had a “review” of where I have been (evolution wise) to where I am presently.  It’s been so long I cannot recall the last time.  However, it was full-blown and detailed yesterday and truly is relevant to everyone one of us.  And spirit used everything to bring it all together in clarity, for all of us.

One of my readings yesterday was an incredible catalyst for this personal review and understanding that unfolded all day long yesterday.  She showed up in her tall dome of centered energy standing at the far north end while remaining inside.  I started to see her field as the phone was ringing and I had to smile when I seen her just standing and it looked like she was spitting watermelon seeds out of her mouth, constantly and rapidly.  What the hell is that??  As I sat down and waited for her to answer the phone, her image changed to a deep green machine gun held at her waist, on the right side of her waist, it too, was rapidly firing bullets outwards thru the domed glass to nothing I could see.  What the hell is a machine gun doing in a reading???

She didn’t answer her phone and I got her voice mail.  Her voice on the recording just washed me over in such a feeling of love.  I made sure in my message, she knew that. About 10 minutes later, she called me back and i was so curious to understand what the hell she is doing!!

Ahhhhh, the clarity when you show up!!  It wasn’t watermelon seeds she was spitting out rapid fire, but seeds of love, in her breath, in her voice in all that she exhaled.  The machine gun represented the presentation of the life she lives, deep green representing the heart, the soul alive in matter, thru her, as her.  The bullets were bullets of love.  Pure energy love, constantly being released by her life and how she lives it.  She is a foster parent, for me personally, that is a position in life that is near and dear to my own heart.  I grew up in the foster system and not by the most loving people out there.  She so loves and cares for these children that come to find refuge under her umbrella of love that they are forever changed.  Not only that, no matter how young the child, when you are filled with the pure love of Source, you will forever change the world around you too.  I wanted to be a foster parent until I had kids of my own.  Nope!!  I didn’t come equipped with that kind of patience!!  YOU are my foster children and you teach me well, thank you!!

Her questions were interesting and are important equally in the reply for every one of us.  She asked how she can be in service more. What????  Your spitting love seeds with your breath, your are blasting open hearts with your Life, to spirits view, you are fully in service.  Then she asked, what is her life purpose.  OMG you are living it!!!!!  This is it!!  To be the fullest expression of love on two legs that you are capable of.

YOU ALL are doing this.

Something kind of fun has happened the last two days, your team is now asking YOU the questions.  Talk about the role reversal!!  When her team asked her “what do you desire for yourself” the scene instantly changed.  She was now left of center within her clear glass tall dome, sitting on this little wooden stool that one uses when milking cows (well, when we milked cows old school.)  In her left hand was wooden bowl and my mind went to the story of the three bears and Goldilocks eating their porridge, it’s exactly what the stuff in the bowl looked like.  Her reply to their question evoked a now family counter-reply from her team “you’re asking the wrong question.”  Her reply was I want to know how to be more in service to others.

Then it was explained that this bowl was filled with mana, pure energy to fulfil any personal desires you have for yourSelf.

If you do not have a clear desire for yourself, the field in front of you will simply keep being more of the same that it is now.  There is nothing wrong with that, at all.  The greatest and most fulfilling service that we can do here in this realm we call earth, is Be the living expression of love.

In these last few days of readings, starting with my lady digging in the ground looking for what she desired, and her team said she was looking in the wrong place.  Never in all the readings over the last decade and a half, did spirit every say that word “wrong.”  Now, we are asking the wrong questions and at times, looking in the wrong place.  There is something enormous happening with that sudden expression.

Her team suddenly gave me an example of my day prior experience.  I realized, for the first time in years, I am completely and absolutely out chocolate.  OMG!!  How did I let that happen??  Of course, I have not done any big grocery shopping lately, I just don’t have the time and with my daughter back in jail, didn’t have the money either, it was redirected to her, which was ok, I have plenty in my cupboards, I will not starve any time soon.  BUT NO CHOCOLATE????  That is a mortal sin in my world.  This realization happened Thursday evening about 6pm.  I looked at my friday schedule to see if I had time to go grocery shopping, not really.  My last appointment was scheduled at 2:30, ending my day at 3ish in the afternoon.  I had 6 readings scheduled before that homework session.  Saturdays are out, I have meditation classes.  I actually said out loud in a voice that was not playing at all… I WILL go grocery shopping tomorrow.  Within 30 minutes, someone from Fridays schedule, rescheduled their appointment, another 30 minutes later, another person had to reschedule their session.  By the morning I was down to3 appointments left for the day, still spread out thru the day, so I sent out an email and asked if they could be seen earlier and everyone agreed, and one was overcome with her day and she had to reschedule.  I have never, not ever had 4 people reschedule in one day. EVER!  But like magic, my day was completely cleared and rearranged so I could go grocery shopping.

For those who do not know, grocery shopping has to be a planned event.  The drive time to the closest store, walmart is my personal and closest choice, is 2 hour round trip.  These eyes can see thru the multidimensions, but not the dark of night, so I don’t drive if I don’t have to at night-time.

Lets go back to my lady’s bowl of porridge, when she chooses to eat of the mana available to her, for herself, not for others because that is being done naturally, suddenly that manna came down and created a bubble coming out of her heart center.  Her bubble of created life experience.  That was so freakin kewl.   Much to my surprise, they used my experience as an example.  I invoked my Will to go replenish my chocolate and other stuff (a lot of other stuff lol) and had desired to get it all done before night fall.  And the magic started, I was freakin home by 3:30 in the afternoon, cupboards full, chocolate abundant!!  Magic I tell ya!!

This trip to the grocery store was much more than I bargained for. I was listening to my new audio book “My Big Toe.  Awakening.” By Thomas W. Campbell and I was at a part where he was talking about being young and his teacher/guides asked him a question in reply to his desire.  He was experiencing OBE’s and wanted to learn more about that.  His teacher told him they were going to give him a test to see if he was ready.  The first question on the test was (something like) Do you want a treasure or to learn something new.”  I blurted out in the car LEARN SOMETHING NEW!!  OMG, that has always rocked my world, does to this moment.  He chose treasure, that ended the test.  His (youthful) rational was, give me the treasure now I can always learn something new later.  When he learned that that reply ended the test, and to use his words, failed the test, he begged for a second chance, his team had to meet with their team for permission.

I find this so freakin synchronistic when I am hearing in readings “you’re looking in the wrong place, your asking the wrong questions.”

Of course, we know there is no failing anything, but we can very well delay it all, simply because we are looking and expecting something else.  Let me assure you, learning something new IS the treasure.  And we have a field of unyielding harvest to learn from.

Somewhere on my drive to the grocery store and listening to this wonderful, humorous physics/metaphysics man, my team brought me wayyyy back to the time the Blessed Mother gutted me like a fish, releasing all the beliefs I held deep inside of me and telling me “you will now be filled with the truth of spirit.”  Until yesterday, I never realized the depth of what she meant, because thru even this moment, I am still being filled with the truth of Spirit, of US.  I learn something new every day, within every connection.  You are teaching me in a way nothing else can and I pray with all that is Me, I am sharing coherently enough to give back to you each day.

On my drive home, still listening to the same audio book, he said something that was so important I looked at the book mark so I can quote it back for you today, from chapter 22 “Beware of the belief trap.”  “The quality of your Being expresses the correctness of your understanding.  Think about that for a moment.”  Actually, that was the closing few sentences that opened chapter 22. well 22 on my player even tho he called it chapter 19.

Now, again lets wrap this around us, from my amazing, humbling review.  Once upon a time, like the first 3 years of this journey, I spent 5-10 hours every day in meditation, in my bathtub (in 2 hour increments.)  It’s one thing to learn something new, I wanted to live it, have it so ingrained in my way of Being in life that I don’t have to think about “doing it,” it just is.  Think about when you first learned to ride a two-wheel bike, there was a lot of thought and presence involved in maintaining your balance even with training wheels.  And now, you ride freely, no thought about keeping balance, pushing those peddles, it just is what you do.

I have always been a firm believer and promoter of the phrase, the more you meditate, the less you have to meditate.  By going within and understanding the energetic matrix of something new within yourself, you are equally creating the neuronal pathways of connection that becomes natural, instantaneous and without thought about doing that.

Since moving here to the Jemez in January 2012, I meditate less now than I ever have in the 15 year journey to this moment.  But equally, I do readings that put my humble meditations onto steroids of new, each and every day, several times a day because YOU show up.

This past Wednesday, I accidentally booked 7 people for readings.  6 is my tap out point.  When my 6th concluded and the time before my 7th showed up, my brain was buzzing like a voltage electrical wire.  For the first time ever, I could actually SEE the wiring called my immediate and external brain, thick looping like wires that really seem to an atomic symbol sign:



That white dot in the middle, thats our pineal gland.  My vision was on one loop and the bursting energy was coming out of that loop.  HIGH VOLTAGE, that’s YOU, that’s US together, sharing, making all this REAL!  Thank god my last, my 7th lady of the day understood I was fried, I could barely run words together coherently and since she had another reading scheduled in a few days, we set me free lol for the day.

I realized yesterday, that because you and I spend so much time together, opening nuggets of holyshitness, and I am literally experiencing your meditation homework, my brain became efficient at learning how to ride a bike, every style of bike simply because YOU show up and want to know more.

I have said this a million times but I never felt so deeply, so understandingly why, until yesterday.  YOU are the greatest gift unto my days, unto my life and my every evolving Life, experiences.  You are my treasures.  You teach me something new every day, and together, we are filling up with the ever evolving truth of spirit.

I so want to share my other lady’s reading with you, but this is my very long day and I need to pace myself so I am somewhat connected for meditation class this evening.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of mind altering, life changing, frequencies of connectedness and applications to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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I find it interesting that as we were coming into the 11-11 frequency, the field, spirits eyes were on the higher levels of your main super power ability.  Whether it was the arena of multidimensional energy above the milky way, working directly at the milky way, off in the future, harvesting the nuggets from the past… there was a main theme for everyone as it applied to their ability unfolding.  On the other side of the 11-11 it seems that we also have added the super power as it applies to weather.  Using the winds, the sun, the ice crystals and even the jet stream, each an intricate part of the united whole!  WE are an intricate part of the united whole and if we pay attention to how weather patterns form, we will start to get a good glimpse of how we are going to be asked to come together with our uniqueness next year (this year is all about learning you and your power) to grow together, to form energy patterns of change.

In one of the connections yesterday, I swear I was feeling very meteorologist like.  To the degree I was seeing this image (minus the landmasses, the circle was her center field of creation, and the jet stream was flowing where I placed the arrows, directly from her west field, not the direction shown, so I placed X’s where it’s not flowing from.  But just like on a weather report, freakin arrows circulating around her center with a super imposed image of a weather report following the jet stream itself.  I love how resourceful spirit can be, on the days they choose to be clear with their images!!  lol



Keeping in mind, the west field for everyone is what spirit is now calling the living chemistry lab!  Everything needed for creation lives there.  So my lady, being so aligned to the power of the jet stream is pulling from that area, however, the circulation goes round and round instead of heading to an outcome.

Not only do I not understand physics, or quantum physics, I don;t know a whole hell of a lot about earth science either, especially, weather science.  I guess that’s a good thing, it really leave me out of thinking I know something about something lol.

When I finished her reading I had to look up the jet stream and just got tickled to understand it:

jet stream
 1.  a narrow, variable band of very strong, predominantly westerly air currents encircling the globe several miles above the earth. There are typically two or three jet streams in each of the northern and southern hemispheres.

Yup yup yup…. west winds!!  But I love the fact that there are two or three jet streams in the north (future) as well as the south (past) that she can full and merge with.

Now, lets couple this with my beautiful rainbow man!!  I started seeing him a good 10 minutes before my appointment time, his ability to do amazing things with what we call rainbows.  He was twisting and tying rainbows up, releasing them from their arch formation and working purposely with the ice crystals, which I suppose include water droplets as well.  This morning, I used the handy dandy google search engine to understand more about rainbows and halos:

A rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon that is caused by reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky. It takes the form of a multicoloured arc.  Rainbows caused by sunlight always appear in the section of sky directly opposite the sun.

Halos around the sun or moon happen when high, thin cirrus clouds are drifting high above your head. Tiny ice crystals in Earth’s atmosphere cause the halos. They do this by refracting and reflecting the light. Lunar halos are signs that storms are nearby.

His team was explaining how he can tell what he is doing and how to do it with permission (something that is true for all of us.  We see the rainbow with our physical eyes in the 7 spectrum of colors, the physical reflection of the emotional body of the weather elements.   When we shift up to use our central eye, we can see the ice crystals (and water droplets) that is in formation as well as the higher spectrum of colors our physical eyes do not see.  Learning to blend these higher frequencies of color will equally create a different outcome.  Think about it, some rainbows are super light, some intense colors, some double and triple, some half arches, full arches and even full circles.  We give all these scientific casualties, but there is sooo much more happening, being released in any given form.

It’s funny how we humans are (incoming visual here lol.)  We can drop to our knees when witnessing the beauty of a rainbow and yet, engage our fear body at the intensity of storms.  We love our beauty of are terrified of our power.  (Certain not all of us, but look at how many people invoke others to tame storms or redirect its energy… which is a reflection of what they do within themselves.  It can be no other way, as within so without and vise versa.)

And on a dime, the field changed once again!!  Damn, I barely got my meteorologist shoes on and now we have morphed into our own grow houses!!  Ohhh wait, before I get into that, let me give you something that stunned me!!

One of my ladies, I am all ready for her weather report, instead I get this HUGE antiqued golden hand (and just the hand, no wrist, no arm just a big ass hand) sprinkling tiny dots of pink and blue from its finger motion.  Now imagine you are sprinkling. you use your thumb in a back and forth motion over the fingers.  Yup that’s what this hand was doing.  I eventually realized (heard) that this is “the right hand of god.”  WHAT??  What the hell does that even mean.  I can see it, and yup god has a big as, antiqued (I suppose, old) golden hand.  Of course it would be gold, gold is the highest vibration of spirit I see in reading and you don’t get any higher than god!!  Pink and Blue, baby colors.  New Life, new energy and yet, in the process of forming a sheer like canopy over my lady.  Very much like this:



Eliminate the bed or those dots on the canopy, but exactly that formation.  It was still underway so it wasn’t all the way down to the ground yet and the release of the pink and blue was forming this canopy.  Obviously only wide enough to surround her body…

I suppose our spiritual teams learn from the master himself about showing visuals yet keeping secrets in what is being shown, cuz for the life of me, I have no idea what it’s forming within itself.

Whats up with just the right hand… the emotional release of god/source energy?  Creating a new blend of life (pink and blue) to surround her with??  A mystery to me right now.  So I broke her reading in half, I wanna see the other side, the outcome!!  Like readings are all about me lol, so does she!!

My 6th reading of the day, boggled me, well, at first.  I suppose we understand our own reflection and power enough via the weather, that we are coming back to the new version of our living biosphere thingie.  Only now it is being shown as a clear glass container reminiscent of a tall snow globe thingie.  Altho the very top was domed, this glass inclosure went up easy 10 feet before the dome enclosed her immediate energy field.

Kinda like this (minus the inside layout in this picture)

snow globe

Now imagine this place is what I am going to call your center of creation, everything around it contains all the tools, all the elements you need as well as the rest of the world’s experience of life.

Inside her tall snow globe… which is now turning into our personal “grow” houses, greenhouses if you will was an image of her reminiscent to a sticker I use on facebook.  Something like this:


Altho she did not look like a frog, she looked like herself, the image was relevant.  Basking in the Light of her Life, contained within herSelf.  The light so bright she needs to wear shades, enjoying her Life right down to a celebration/relaxing drink in her hand.  Her position was top of her head facing north (future) her green (heart energy) lounge chair had her facing south (past) and suddenly three umbrellas appeared just outside her dome.  The one in the southwest position was a dull yellow with dull red polka dots, it looked like it had a case of the measles lol.  We (eventually) understood this is her soul energy using the energy of this new earth (hence the polka dots) and the reason it is dull in color spectrum is because she is using this part of herself already.  There was no handle on this (open) umbrella, just the umbrella part itself.  The one in the due west position was a light blue and within the blue was white patterns reminiscent of lace.  This one I understood to be pure source energy and it was the only one with a handle, silver rod and a highly glossed wood grained J shaped grasp at the bottom.  I have no idea, yet, why this one is the only one with a handle… that’s her homework, not mine!! lol  The third one threw me for a loop, set up in the northwest position, it was changing colors as I looked at it.  I eventually understood this entire schematic being laid out.  Her emotional field moving upwards thru her crown.

The crown energy facing the north (future) igniting the desires as we look over the road we traveled to her.  Keeping the bones of some things, releasing the rest and igniting thru passionate desires our new stories, our new experiences we call Life.  Once the frequency is hit on the emotional umbrella, it activates the source umbrella in the west field, the living chemistry lab, flows that energy over to the soul umbrella who knows what we cannot fathom and creates from that stream and sets it inside the biosphere of our amazing lives.

The glass itself serves as a two-way filter.  She lives in a landscape I know well, a place I used to call “The land god forgot about,” Pennsylvania.  However, I now realize I had it backwards, it’s the land people forgot about who and what God really IS.  If all that she IS, all the energy that is within her grow house, within her center life was free to flow around the outer landscape, people who literally go insane from the intensity of the Light.  So it must be gently filtered outwards.  Equally, it serves incoming energies as well.  Just the right amount and frequency to keep everything moving upwards in frequency and particular outcomes.

Life is a holiday, wait, lets change that just a wee bit, Life is a Holy Day, Live it as such!!  Our magic works better that way!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) as we ping our glasses of Holy Joy Juice together and create our happily ever after for All (eventually.)

Lisa Gawlas

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There were several themes that were unfolding throughout yesterday’s readings.  But, who am I if I am not doing a little griping about something.  I feel like I have gone from the ignorant physicist to a meteorologist.  The first four connections all showed up as some variation of wind.  Until yesterday I never stopped to pay attention to just how diversified the wind is!  It takes on many forms for many various purposes.  I had one lady who was in a funnel formation about 3 feet above the ground, pulling new life up thru the earth thru her rotating winds of suction.  Another lady was in a forward stream of intense wind blow from the deep south into her field of life, hitting this clear filmy thing.  Something in her way, what her team said was a perceived limitation.  Her team said to intensify the wind to create a “breakthrough.”  Another lady was little swirling dirt devils, moving from one place to another, sucking up all that is her and moving it from one spot to another, the only thing really changing is the landscape.

I will get to my fourth version of wind as a body in a moment.  Two things were very clear, WE are the winds of changing happening on the earth.  We are the ones breaking thru the limitations, bring the new to the topside of earth for all to see and experience (if they dare.)   We have the ability to strengthen our force field, piece veils of realities, pull from the bounty of earth all that we desire, and move into places (consciousnesses) where something solid cannot.  We can leave the old behind, or swirl it all up and take it with us.  That’s POWER, that’s freakin amazing really.  There is nothing more unlimited than the wind.

Incorporated in all this wind energy was two words, energy fields that was crucial for every one of us to recognize.  Patience vs impatience.  Like my first lady awaiting the arrival of something in her field (under the funnel cloud) her team said, just be patient, it is coming and will arrive suddenly.  My southern stream of wind blowing against the clear filmy thing, now is the time for impatience, blow harder, more forceful, it is time to break through.

But my fourth lady gave us all a larger view of this whole patience, impatient thing.  First she took me by surprise, instead of being topside on the earth as everyone before her was, she was coiled up about 3 feet deep into the east field, (think, kundalini energy, but in the version of wind not snakes) as she uncoiled she was blowing a hole in the surface of the earth about the size of a soccer ball around.  The dirt was blowing all over the place, from the east field to the west, north, south, no part of her field of life was untouched by the dirt debris.  She was releasing new energy that has been stored in the earth for an eternity and by her uncoiling, releasing it topside.

Lets think about this for a moment, when we have volcanoes, or even geysers flow upwards from deep within the earth, there is a wind of energy embedded in its movement.  Talking something that was once inside the earth and releasing it topside.  New life, new energy, new placement upon the earth.

As I watched in amazement, I could see tiny specks of energy, that her team likened to sperm seeds flying all over the air thru her uncoiling and rising upwards, outwards.  Then, I watched as dirt particles came together and formed a mound around each sperm (talk about creation working in the opposite direction, usually sperm penetrate egg, not in everything I suppose.)  These mounds were planted in various places amongst her field, with one particular thing being “ripe” for the picking she gets under the full moon energy.  Her team used the word “ripe” many times along with the analogy of an apple falling from the tree when it is ripe.

We have seeded many an amazing thing in this emerging new reality we have created together.  It becomes “ripe” when the collective frequency hits a pivotal point of emergence.

Her question brought a lot of clarity for all of us.  She had said there are many things she has seeded as desires, and she is not sure which one to focus on.  Focus the thing that right in front of you, or will be right in front of you.  Enjoy the fruits of your labor, but don’t get stuck there either.  Once you gleaned all you needed from that (whatever it is) it will emerge into the next seed planted and ready for your partaking.  Go there next.

Patience and impatience an intertwined bow.

For all the wind and earth I got to see, what spirit kept strictly out of my field of vision (“on purpose”) was what it is that is arriving.  Echoed thru each session was the phrase “know thyself and thy heart of desires.”

Ohh gotta share this giggle of truth here that I am hearing, “if you are going to ejaculate onto this very fertile earth, you best know what you are creating and how.”  Welcome to the season of December!!

Geez, spirit is ona kinky role in my morning field of vision.  I am seeing (gee-zus) different forms of ejaculation, the trickle out kind, no power to do anything but sit there all the way thru the egg shearing force field kind, where the force of orgasm (which coincides with ejaculation) is so powerful you think it just may come out of your partner’s nose.

Both have value and our job is to know the values and experience our creations within it all.

My fifth lady… tripped me right up.  I am waiting to see her version  of wind and instead, she is a merging cloud system above.  What the hell??  One cloud coming in from the south, things desired but have not taken form yet, and a deep dark storm cloud moving in from the north, future, new energy to merge and ignite the cloud filled with unrealized desires.  I watched as the two merged together, becoming one large system, as she merged together, new life started to form within the clouds and like any over filled clouds, a storm started to rain down in her center field of life, things just showing up out of the clear blue for her to enjoy.  The lightning serving to turn on the current of its arrival, the thunder serving to be the frequency tone that equally gives it all life.  To me, it looked like heavy rain, but again, that is on purpose (that phrase is getting quite annoying!!)

Lets thing of how life on earth really works, we need all the elements to grow a good crop.  We need each other to grow our new world.  One without out the other turns on the patience knob, we must await the arrival of the rains of shambhala.  Everything has its season, but now, fall and spring are but a blink away from each other.  You and I, reside within that blink.

My last lady tied all  readings up into an amazing bow that I am just really seeing this morning.  There was no wind, no rain, just three sudden and unexpected flowers that popped into her reality construct at the threshold of december.  Three separate, but interrelated gifts she has desired and is there awaiting her arrival in the gateway as november opens to december (remember, even tho I see and use months as a way of telling a story, they are really energy systems themselves.)

Altho I did not see any details about december, yet, my 5th and 6th readings gave us a heads up about what we are going to get into next.

When i see the energy field we call 2016, just like years past, it is a vibration about 20 feet above our present moment.  We have spent all year raising our vibration, and we are now in the last moments of 2015.  Whatever is unfolding from this enormous shift we are undergoing called November, leads to an upward elevation thru december.

Let me back up a little more, because something just flashed across my brain!!  These “years” started to show themselves usually as we got into the later 3rd quarter of the year as energy vibrations, very much like power lines above where we see readings unfold currently (at the ground level.)  The first year I had seen this, the power line was vibrating silver (2013 highest earth energy I see in readings,) the next year was vibrating gold (2014 the highest spiritual vibration I see in reading) last year 2015, amazing blue (creator energy.)  This year, 2016 is ruby-red.  Stunning really.

That is telling us all a bigger story than I could have ever realized.  We left the old way of life when we made the leap from 2012 into 2013.  2013 was all about upgrading the frequency within our biology, our earth and adjusting to it all.  2014 was the soul merger into the biology, into the earth itself, alive and interactive as one.  This year, we embodied Source energy as a living energy within us (no longer outside of us.)  The trinity now set and living as a unified whole system (body, soul and source) gives way to the living earth and all we are capable of doing within it as a unified whole.

WE have changed the grid of life, the minds of all life, the force field of life and lifted the veil for those with eyes to see and ears to hear.  We are the new song and it ain’t stopping, it’s only going higher.

As this year closes out, we will not have to leap, but dance our ways into 2016 and all that goes with it.

Can we just say… PARRRRR-TTTYYYYY!!!!!

I love each and every one of you wild thangs!!  I know realize, you literally are the wind beneath my wings!!  Thanks for the every evolving Lift!!

((((HUGZ)))) of wild ejaculations to ALL!!  (giggle)

Lisa Gawlas

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It’s Growing Season in the Fields of Shambhala!!!


What an interesting couple of days.  I cannot say productive from an appointment point of view, two days ago, as that big ole Ajax, ground cleaning storm rolled over head, my voice was up in the clouds with it.  I was concerned about losing internet or electronic, neither one happened, not once did I think, it just may wipe out my voice.  But then again, until these last two days, I would have said I witness mother nature happening, but would never say that I, WE, are a part of her force field.  We help to stir her up and smooth her out, and vise versa.  When spirit talks to us about being within the unified whole, they really are saying EVERYTHING in creation.

I spent the entire day of the 16th, silent, voiceless, but so freakin filled with energy.  I was hoping to further understand the golden sun rays that I could see at the earths atmosphere the day before in the readings.  I never would have looked at that communication as a precursor to not being able to see the field the next day.  Especially when I had such a vivid and interactive dream time helping to sew together the bits from the day prior.

Witnessing the way this Ajax of a storm happened reminded me a wash machine.  At 9am it started, a large burst of rain, hail and snow all at once zooming to the ground for about  5 or 10 minutes.  Then, I could feel the energy suddenly stop, the wash machine shift gears to the soak cycle and the sun peaked thru the thick clouds and soaked the ground for about 10 minutes.  Then, pure hail fell hard and loud all around.  The song of the hail all by itself reminded of the cymbals on a drum set, distinct, releasing a frequency all its own, unlike the hail that was accompanied by the rain and snow, sounding much more like a muffled bass drum.  Then, again stopping as fast as it started the sun came out for a longer stretch, a good thirty minutes and then the snow fell for the rest of the day.  I made sure I went outside to breath in each event, more for selfish reasons, I was hoping to restore my voice thru anyone of these events.  Nope.

When I woke up yesterday, I had only one thing on my mind, something that has been twisted up in my mind for the last couple of weeks.  The closer we get to the holiday of Christmas, the more my heart is just aching to be with my grandson.  I did everything I could to put the Mexico adventure into play for the holiday season, but as of today, I still do not have my new birth certificate and without that, I cannot even attempt to apply for a visa yet.  The money I had been stashing away for this adventure went to the Suffolk jail to make my daughter’s incarceration easier for her.  The more Mexico is unpinning from my realm of possibilities, at least at the end of December, the more my grandson was creeping into my heart.  I skyped with him a few days ago and I always tell him how much I miss him and his reply this time, just hit me: “If you miss me so much, then why don’t you come and see me.”  Dah!!  Good question!! lol  And it’s been laying in heart like a brick.  When I got out of bed yesterday morning, I knew without a shadow of a doubt, I am going to be with my grandson for Christmas.  Mexico will always be there, it could care less if I am there in December or January or hell anytime for that matter.  My 5-year-old grandson, there will ever only be one christmas where he is 5 years old and dammit, I am spending it with him.

Since I had nothing new at all to share, I opted out of a blog and started looking at airfare prices, I was amazed to see that since I looked a week or so ago, travel around christmas was now down about $100 per flight.  Holy shit!!  At 5am in the morning, I tons of choices, all the airlines were about the same price about $177 for a one way ticket.  I hesitated, mostly because I wanted to confirm with my son which one I should take.  He called me at 10am in my world, said the one that gets me in close to midnight on the 22nd would be best.  I went back to the flights, all of them had increased from $0 – $100 in that short of time, except one, Delta, the one that would get me into Boston just before midnight on the 22nd, I snagged the last seat on that flight.  Even tho I just spent the last of my free dollars, I felt like I just hit the emotional lottery!!

When my first reading showed up yesterday, I still had no voice to talk with, dammit!!  Hey, the storm is gone, the snow is sitting on all the plant life outside, the ground was too warm for it to stick, where the hell is my voice??  I still tried to do a reading tho, cuz that’s just the way I roll!! lol  Nutten but deep coughing any time I tried to crank my antennas out to the field.  It’s the only time I cough, trying to see the field.  But all I seen was my floor anywayz.

As the sun rose higher in the sky, the snow started melting ever so slowly.  By my second appointment, I had more audible voice than i did with my first one.  By the third, even more.  YAY.  We had good conversations but zero readings, I would cough trying.  Ain’t bursting no more blood vessels trying to force my agenda (which I already know is impossible, but ya never know!! lol)

In between each appointment, I would sit on my couch, bitching.  I really don’t understand why I can’t see today.  Slowly but surely, in between each appointment, the understanding was revealed.

I watched as the snow melted in my spiritual amphitheatre in my livingroom.  Much more snow on the ground in this visual than in my actual yard.  Beneath the grounds surface, I could the golden rays of the sun from the readings 2 days prior, they were inlaid in the ground and the snow ever so slowly melting into each strand of the golden rays.  After my 2nd appt that was rescheduled, something was added, the snow still melting but it was as if someone took a and built a 10 foot snowman, that wasn’t snowman looking at all, more like a 10 foot phallic like snow mound.  What the hell is that??  When I rescheduled my third reading, that is the same time I purchased my ticket to boston.  When I went to the couch to do more grumbling about not reading, that snow mound was now the biggest blood-red rose I had ever seen.  It was in full bloom, easy  feet in circumference and only about 2 feet above the ground.  I was still watching the snow, almost completely melted out in the yard, continuing to melt into these golden rays beneath the earth, now pimping the most beautiful blood-red rose in my back yard.

Then I got that thunk on the head, V8 moment.  This is important for every one of us to fully understand, because this is what is going to be revealed this week in readings. (so I hear anywayz.)

I woke up with a growing lump in my heart.  The closer we get to the holidays, the sadder I was getting that I was seemingly not going to Mexico or to be with my grandson, and truly, the less important Mexico was becoming.  I could go there anytime.  Ajax served to clear out all the obstacles in my decision-making process.  My job was to fulfil the desire.  Think about the snow, geometric in pattern, pure love energy from Source himself, hydrating the golden rays of LOVE to become manifest if we take action.  In my language of light, in the readings, a blood-red rose is the deepest passion love that is in the expression of matter.

So then I have to ask, grumpily mind you, why the hell did you (my team) insist on me going to Mexico for the holidays.  I am telling you, spirit is the pure embodiment of Loki, the trickster god.  They knew the process of getting all I needed to freely go to mexico would be a longer process than I realized and if they didn’t give me a soon target date, I would have procrastinated like I have been for the last 3 years (in getting my passport.)  Well that ball is now in play and I will not drop it.  But equally in this whole crazy adventure lays the question (not so much for spirit, because they KNOW, but more to ourselves) if you could have something you could not even imagine having, would you be willing to give up what you can imagine.  In this case, time with my son and grandson in lieu of whatever Mexico holds for me.  But of course, I will bitch, and do it anywayz.  When we let go and become unrestricted in our lives and what we think we should do and hell, even unrestricted in what we want to do, it is then we can have it all.

We are only limited because we limit ourselves all the time.  Not on purpose, but by our deep programming that is coming loose by each action we undertake in our moments.  The precious weather patterns are assisting us to let it all go and be FREE to Live as our hearts desires.

We are very much the living energy of God and gaia made manifest.  Intertwining and changing all the time.  Producing new children we call thoughts and insights.  Living by example, not stuck in a mode of thought, but freely changing direction just like the wind does.  Growing the new world from deep within our hearts, connecting together to show how amazing this Life is, seducing others into our Wonder.

What have you planted in your garden of life??  Shambhala is rich and ready for Life!!

Remember the dance of joy leads to the dance of seduction and allows us to burst out of the fields of limitation (going straight back to my sharing on the 15th.  This is exactly what my story reveals and how we work now, at least a sneak peek.  lol)

I love you soul much some days I just want to burst!!  May all the bursting happen in the field today as we reap what we sowed and plant anew!!

((((HUGZ))))) of heart seeds to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 16, 2015

The Dance of Joy, Seduction and Penetrating Realities.


I do believe that spirit finally threw the kitchen sink at me so I could understand how all of yesterday’s readings fit together.  When spirit said we hit a pivotal point thru my sharing yesterday, I showed up in the readings like a dog with their tongue hanging out and panting.  Show us… show us… show us!!!!  And when they did all I could say was HUH????  Even after the last reading of the day, I was more confused than I even started the day as.

Two major things helped put it most of it together.  I was watching “Ancient Aliens” last evening and after that show a show came on I never heard of, something like “The Universe and God within the Universe,” sounds interesting to me, it actually became a jaw dropper!!  Some of the things they showed was straight out of the days readings, minus the person I was reading for.  Holy flipping shit batman!!  Top that off, I dreamt of the readings last night, understanding them beyond my conscious ability to string them together.  This is a first, I don’t dream or am too exhausted to remember any sort of nighttime stories.  Until last night going into this morning.  I woke up participating with my last lady of the days reading energy.

The first two and eventually a third reading from yesterday revealed something new on the field.  For the last week or so, it has been snow, the milky way platform thing and the full moon.  Period.  Three out of six people were now standing in the biggest brightest, golden sun up in the sky over the west field.  A deep penetrating golden sun, golden rays streaming halfway, (at least, to my field of vision,) to the earth.

To me, when I see the central sun, I have always seen it in the center of our sun, where all that atomic energy comes from.  The slingshot type doorway to spirits side of the multiverse.  So in yesterday’s ascent of the sun in the readings, within this brilliant golden sun was the white circle I know as the central sun.  Each of the three ladies showed up in the same spot, the same nothingness in the reading except the sun itself and the rays streaming down that I could only see to a certain point, to the area where the earths atmosphere begins (at the magnetosphere in my readings.)  Then, it was completely void of anything I could see or feel.  Obviously the focus was on what they were doing.

My first lady was doing a dance that really surprised me.  Thank god for youtube, I can show exactly how she was dancing, a russian folk dance:

The only slight difference between her dance and his, her butt was not as close to the ground or bottom area as his is, other than that, same exact dance.  The theme and purpose of her dance, “the dance of joy.”  This dance engages (from the hips down) our path of life, our walk and our release upon the earth.  WE MUST be the radiance of the dance of Joy.

My next lady right after her, she might as well have had a stripper pole in the center of the center of the sun.  She was a sexy sexy sexy thing.  Her theme, “the dance of seduction.”  That was easy to get, her inner slut (smile) was dancing for all the world to feel, to participate within.

Let’s go to that handy dandy thing called wikipedia to see what it says about the word as defined here in our crazy realm called life with tons of stigmas:  Seduction, seen negatively, involves temptation and enticement, often sexual in nature, to lead someone astray into a behavioral choice they would not have made if they were not in a state of sexual arousal. Seen positively, seduction is a synonym for the act of charming someone — male or female — by an appeal to the senses, often with the goal of reducing unfounded fears and leading to their “sexual emancipation” Some sides in contemporary academic debate state that the morality of seduction depends on the long-term impacts on the individuals concerned, rather than the act itself, and may not necessarily carry the negative connotations expressed in dictionary definitions.

I underlined that one sentence… reducing unfounded fears… but we also must take in our first ball of light lady, JOY.  When we live in a state of constant JOY, we naturally “charm, put a spell on, seduce” others into our state of being, draw them in, they want some of what we have.

Needless to say, all my sun ladies yesterday, I rescheduled.  I was lost and confused and sure as hell could not call my time with them a reading, a personal reading like they paid for.  When I moved over to the computer to reschedule my sex pot (giggle) and we were talking about… I don’t even remember, suddenly my vision was pulled back out to the field, back to her sexy sexy slinkiness in the central sun and just outside of the sun, to the right (denoting future) this big ass sperm was swimming towards her.  It was a dirty white outline of a giant sperm swimming thru the air to penetrate the sun and the central sun.  The law of attraction I suppose.  What good is seduction if there is never any penetration!!

For anything to change, to become something else, more than it ever could have been, we must pull the sperm into the womb of our creation, igniting the birth of our seduction desires into Life.

These two were kind of easy to understand and even put together, but my 5th reading of the day, freakin confused me.  First because the two readings before her (my 3rd and 4th ones) were on the ground level, no sun, just more information at the ground level (which I will get to.)  There she is, in a freakin sun!  But doing something that fully and completely puzzled me… until I watched that universe show.

She was ricocheting back and forth, back and forth as if trapped between two vertical trampolines.  Before I give you the big reveal on what this could possibly mean, let me share one of my other ladies readings, it snakes together for the bigger understanding.

My lady showed up on the ground, still some areas of white snow in various places on the ground.  She had her back to me, a little garden hoe in her hand, digging in the earth that never went any deeper than a few inches.  All I kept feeling was she was looking for something, digging in the earth to find it and her team kept saying she is looking in the wrong place.  HUH??

Now I am going to go back a day to another lady’s reading (which I am still trying to understand the fullness of as it relates to our ever evolving storyline) and she had a an old coal shovel shoveling out an area with her new massive tool (looked like a 7 foot anvil thingie) made of snow.  Every time she took a shovel full of snow out and tossed it over her shoulder, the snow would instantly disappear and the anvil thing immediately was whole again, as if she never took snow out of it.  This same thing was happening with my lady yesterday, only it was the earth itself.

We are living on a fully ascended earth.  We are living within a fully ascended body.  The way my personal team has described ascension and ascended was raising our vibration to a point high enough, clear enough to be in full conscious co-creation with spirit, with god, with all pure loving things that IS our true world.  Think about that for a minute, Source/God could never be less than he (my personal choice there, get over it lol) is.  Meaning you can take a handful of source energy and he is still whole without any missing bits.  Our earth is that too, our bodies and energy streams are that too.  So you cannot dig into something already here, its self-healing, self regenerating instantly.

So back to my lady looking for something, digging to find it.  I had no clue what she was digging for, so I had to ask, whatcha looking for?  And would you please stop digging and turn around so I can see you!!  It took her a couple of redirects but she finally stopped digging and turned around.  There she was, this beautiful radiant divine female, with a wide-brimmed sun hat on, farmer clothes, the bib overalls, except they had spaghetti straps at the top.  On the brim of her hat were these beautiful, hand stitched deep red roses made out of thread.  Stunning really.  And that’s when she understand what she was digging for.  She has farm land in Wisconsin that she is ready to sell, but does not want to take a loss on the sale.  She is now in North Carolina and equally wants a relationship (hey, me too!! dammit.)

Suddenly and quite bizarrely, it was as if she just put herself in a hall of mirrors.  The energy field that was once laid out all around her was now concaved and closing in around her.  Kind of like this picture, only the girls on the left and right represent the energy, the dimensions themselves and there was no contortion within the middle, I could still see her clearly it was the energy around her that became contorted.


So her desire to release (and make a profit on) her property in Wisconsin as well as find a love partner in her life was changing the dimensional energy as we spoke, at least, after she stopped digging in the ground for it.  Instead she was instructed to go into meditation, connect with her property, give it hugs, fill it with love, raise the vibrational frequency of the land to the price she would like to sell it for, and it will be done.

The roses on her hat, cut them out, place them in your heart, let them become the threads of your desire emitting from her (seduction and joy here.)  Her team said the love she desires is already around her (hence the brim of the hat having these roses) but she needs to radiate her desires outwards.  Her roses eventually became pasties on her boobs and she had the skimpiest, sexiest bathing suit on.  All about that pubic area up thru the core to her heart, which now must radiate the desires.

Now lets tie all this in with that amazing show called “The Universe” last night.  They were talking about the massive amount of dimensions that exist and that there are probably tons of dimensions surrounding us as we walk thru life but we never see them, never notice them because they are out of our field of vision (at least, to our physical eyes, this is where our central eyes becomes so important.)  Then they showed how dimensions work, this tickled me purple!!

As they line visual went (to represent a dimension) we have the ability to move around… up, down, back and forth, but the only direction we could not move was in or out.  They showed a cartoon figure just like my lady in the sun ricocheting back and forth, with the concave energy field of my farmer lady!!  Trapped in that dimension, that ongoing limited experience.  But creating the force field of release too!

Now, lets put all that on pause for a moment to talk about my last lady of the day.  (Hell, if I don’t get a linear story, neither do you!! lol)

My lady was coming out of the deep west field, the snow now changed to thick cloud looking energy piled high above her head.  What I couldn’t understand yesterday that my team filled in during the dream time, the snow looking stuff is connected directly the to the earth realm, what we will do on the physical parts of earth to change things.  The could energy represents spacetime, even tho we are doing the work from the vantage point o being on earth, the multiverse is no longer out of our reach.  We have reached a pivotal point where it is all Here Now, vibrationally.  WE ARE the apex of creation recreating itself.

She was walking towards the east her body so flipping bizarre looking.  She had what looked like hedge sheers as a part of her extended body, protruding out from her sacral plexus area and chomping up and down.  The blades of her hedge shears were easy, 4 feet long, black at the top and silver where it did the cutting…. again, cutting up and down, not left to right.  Then my eyes were taken to the area right near her body, a red grill like covering, covering the motor which was within her.

As I tried to understand what she was using these big ass cutting blades for, suddenly I could see things that looked just like cooked noodles. long spaghettis.  She was cutting them up into smaller sections of themselves.  I kept hearing the words “string theory” in relationship to what she was doing and doing well.  But what the hell does that even mean.

This amazing show I would have never watched or even known existed except for the fact that I felt like watching a little ancient aliens… started to talk about string theory and their image example looked just like the freakin noodles out of my lady’s reading!!  I cannot even remember what they were saying about the strings, so I went to my handy dandy cheat sheet this morning and will pull this out of the website for dummies.

Extra dimensions

Another mathematical result of string theory is that the theory only makes sense in a world with more than three space dimensions! (Our universe has three dimensions of space — left/right, up/down, and front/back.) Two possible explanations currently exist for the location of the extra dimensions:

  • The extra space dimensions (generally six of them) are curled up (compactified, in string theory terminology) to incredibly small sizes, so we never perceive them.

  • We are stuck on a 3-dimensional brane, and the extra dimensions extend off of it and are inaccessible to us.

A major area of research among string theorists is on mathematical models of how these extra dimensions could be related to our own. Some of these recent results have predicted that scientists may soon be able to detect these extra dimensions (if they exist) in upcoming experiments, because they may be larger than previously expected.

Now going with what I had seen in my dream with all of this….  what if science has it a bit backwards, these strings are not too small, but way to big?  I think of my mesa in the backyard, I cannot see on the other side of it, or thru it because it is too much and blocks my vision to see thru.  If I didn’t know better, I would say, there is nothing beyond the mesa because I cannot see beyond there from here, its too big.

What if we could cut it up into smaller sizes.  Then we could see what is beyond that area.

What if, thru the joyful seduction of our desires, we hit a frequency point that opened the dimension, cut them down to size to allow the next adventure in (that sperm thing.)  Going beyond our known (personal) universe, thru the emotional center, the community center I know as the sacral plexus… ohhhhh…. wait, light bulb happening.

Sacral chakra, that’s where our sex organs get its charge.  Thats where the womb of creation exists.  Solar plexus, sun energy, soul energy thru the sun.  The Intergalactic beings that have showed up to connect with you shared more information than I ever put together, until this minute.  They all called this place, the sacral plexus, our “community center.”  I think, until this moment, I was using that phrase a little too literally.

A commune is an intentional community of people living together, sharing common interests, property, possessions, resources, and, in some communes, work and income and assets.

What if we change the word to collectives: A collective is a group of entities that share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together to achieve a common objective.  Collectives differ from cooperatives in that they are not necessarily focused upon an economic benefit or saving, but can be that as well.

Our collective community, activated by our sacral plexus is what is moving us up and thru the ever changing dimensions because and truly ONLY because we are sharing together.  We share our soul light, our understandings, our experiences and our highest vision of ourselves and the evolving world around us.

This is always what attracted (I had really wondered about this) the ET’s over the last year or two to come en masse the way they had and share the wonders of information to us, thru you, using my abilities of hearing, seeing and eventually, understanding beyond the norm.

I have been trying to avoid saying this, but my pesky pesky team is not letting it go.  Lets use my crazy world as a living example of all this information.

I share my joy, my wonders and struggles and everything in between out loud to whomever may want to chuckle today and with it, comes the seduction of desiring more, needing to understand more.  Being in this high vibration of a place called the Jemez, the way I took in information and shared, changed radically.  I now do readings and only readings and do my very best to share my joy of it all as often as I can.  Which brings you to my field, your sperm like energy to penetrate and change the reality construct 6 times a day!!  Every person that shows up, every time they show up, I am radically changed vibrationally as is my reality construct.  Which I share with you and your are changed by taking it all in.  Doesn’t matter if you even understand what I am saying (I don’t always understand myself lol) or even like what I am saying.  Doesn’t matter at all.  There are no spiritual abortions!!  Once impregnated, at our deepest unconscious we are changing.  Not only are we changing, our community is changing, shearing strings to viewable sizes, so that we may walk out of this reality into a grander one, together, hand in hand, heart in heart with the wonderful Beings in all the multiverses there with us.

Today its an energy construct that we are solidifying into our reality as a way of life that one day, ALL will share in.  One day.  When that day arrives, it will never end.

We ARE the Golden Age of gaia, dancing in Joy, Seductively bringing others in as they find their way out of their limited reality construct.

What a freakin team we are!!  I love you so flipping much and so much more than that, all-ways!!

Ohhhh I cannot end this without mentioning my precious angel.  I get the shear privilege of reading for this precious 14 year old, old soul in an angel body.  Her voice comes straight from heaven and fills my soul like nothing else does.  14!!  And she was on her path, perfect in all ways, traveling interdimensionally, effortlessly, a kind to the fairy realm, which is also akin to the angel realm (ETs, not like religion created angels to be) a magic wand of love in hand, changing vibrations because she is Here Now.

I am going to give you a novella to read today lol.  As I was watching ancient aliens they were actually talking about the angels, the fallen angels and how they were banished from heaven.  My god would not banish a thing and once we disengage from the body construct, no matter what reality we are born into (this planet or others) the ego, the thing that allows for separation, leaves.  What if those fallen angels were actually criminals on another realm.  Banished from that realm to another.  Very much like the island of australia once was, a place we put criminals… separated them from the mass population.

We give so much of our power to everything outside of us, even our crazy stories that are built on illusion, misunderstanding and not seeing beyond the mesa and worship it as something better than us.  Nothing… NO – THING in all of creation is BETTER than us.  WE are the bomb-diggity together.

OK, this is long enough for one day.  I do want to warn again, we have incoming storms.  It started raining yesterday and thru the night and the weather is predicting a 90% chance of thunderstorms and high winds turning to snow late this morning into the afternoon.  If this comes to pass, I will lose internet and possibly electricity, so if I am a no-show, no call… you know why.  I have been placed in time out, again.

Collective (((((HUG))))) time.  I love you soooooo FREAKIN MUCH I over flow all day long.  Thank you for penetrating my reality and keeping things changing all day long.

Lisa Gawlas

I want to share this video with you, no matter who you are, what your voice, how you sing… SING out loud, SING it strong!!

Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 15, 2015

Dimensional Folds, Womb of Creation and Intense Weather.

interdimensional openings

Just when you get a small handle on the ongoing, ever shifting story of our lives, someone shows up to throw a monkey wrench in it all and open it up wider and quite unexpectedly.

My precious lady’s imagery knocked right off my chair, eventually anywayz.  Keeping in mind, thru this point, everything I see is white, whether it’s the clothes you are wearing, the landscape, the only thing that had color is the moon and the yarn and rope connected to the moon.  I suppose, we are starting to bring ourselves to life, to color our world if you will!!

So my lady’s image was two sheets of dimensions, I only knew this because her team used the very color of the stacked paper I had just used in my blog, or I would have been clueless as to what I was seeing, because unlike the horizontal stacked of paper, her two sheets of dimensions where vertical. So with that, let’s acknowledge that the dimensional sheets not only run horizontally, they equally run vertically too.  These two dimensions of hers were acting as if there was a soft wind flowing, so that the very tops (which her team presented as about 4 feet tall, again, to keep me understanding the ongoing story) had a soft flutter to them, open, close, open close.  And then the shocking next inlay… Labias.  OMG, this is a relatively new precious person on the field and we are going to talk about her vagina at 8 o’clock in the morning!!!  What a way to kick-start the day!!  Because it only got more… detailed from there!!!

Before I go there, let me tell you, the bigger message was, our bodies reflect the entire universe, the workings of the entire universe, if we pay close attention.  The “mysteries” are right in front of us, made out of us, if we look beyond what we think we see or know.

Next thing I knew, we are talking about the womb of creation, slipping right into her dimensional folds… yup, this is going to get interesting!!  Don’t mean to invade your vagina, but hey, I am not in control here lol.  Once inside, instead of looking at an organ within her body (uterus) I was looking at the larger womb of creation looking a lot like this (minus the land masses)

golden globe

Only the golden latitude and longitude lines were much thicker and all of it deeper gold, closer to bronze looking.  Then there were like little globs of gold at various points all over the lines.  Frequency points and I think, but don’t know for sure, opening points.  Actually yes, because I hear to open to that point of interdimensional energy, you must have the inner frequency to open it.

There are some things locked away that takes two people to open.  Dammit if I didn’t get a bird’s eye view of a penis, her boyfriend’s penis!!  Not the rest of him, thank god i would be thinking we started a soft porn movie.  Hey!!  I just realized too, seeing her womb of creation and his penis looking just like a penis, was up about the earth maybe 6 feet, so even above where the dimensional folds are opening and closing.  Raising the vibration while raising the heat within the body.  She has homework to do.  We get meditation, she gets sex…. hay!!  I want her homework, but dammit I don’t have any keys to play with. (See me pouting over here.)

The only other person with color in her field was a virgin upon my field, I so love new puzzle pieces to plunk into our evolving story.  Her imagery opening next to the full moon, to the right side of the field, denoting the actual timeline in our worlds that the full moon would happen, the 27th.  Using the moon energy, she was creating a beautiful, radiant vortex that will amplify and actually direct the release of the lunar emotional energies into the denser frequencies, starting at the midway point and lower.  The various colored lights that made up this spiral vortex were helping the release to match the frequencies being targeted, instead of a full on release which would literally drive people mad.  This vortex actually encompassed somewhere from the 23rd or 24th to the 27th.  A release so big it needs several days to assimilate.

You and I, we will get full frontal energies from this life changing, spirit enhancing moon!! Yay????

Now to change the subject just a bit, simply because this change is now sitting in my face.  We have an amazing storm system building, I have been getting weather alerts on my phone for days now.  I just now went to and the head line is “Strongest el nino in 18 years.”  How exciting is that???  We cannot be experiencing the largest changes within ourselves we have ever known and the air, the weather not keep pace with us and vise versa.  We are a unified whole, working in tandem with each other!!  With all the snow showing up in readings, why would it be surprising to know we just may be experiencing blizzard like conditions and hurricane force winds (change, change, change) with a storm that is now gathering and will spread out all over the landscape!! And not just my landscape.  Hey, we have our spiritual parkas on for a reason!!  However, let me interject this little bit of caution, when we get a storm here in my world, my internet and often times, my electricity goes down.  They are forecasting this storm to start late tonight possibly.  If no one hears from me tomorrow or Tuesday, you know why.

There is so much more to share, but yet, we are going to leave off here.  All I know for this moment is spirit is saying we have hit a pivotal point.  What the means, I hope we see and understand it today on the field.  Honestly tho, I can say every day is a pivotal point, we are changing and shifting almost by the hour.  But when spirit says it as a reason to close our sharing right now… something is up their sleeve!!

I love you all soul much!!

Big big warm ((((HUGZ))) to all!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.S. Pre Recorded Classes, Classes, Classes!
From Meditation to learning how to read and everything in between: Click here to find  out more!  The first meditation class is now up, the focus is on seeing and hearing and being co-creative within your meditations.  I had strange technical difficulties with recording the class as an MP3, so for now, it is uploaded as an MP4 (video included.)  I am working on class two uploads now, again crazy technical difficulties underway.  So much energy trying to be harnessed in one place.  I will work it out, keep checking the dropbox folder for class two today!! <3




super.string.theoryWouldn’t be just great if we could develop a camera lens that could see the higher light fields that we can only see and experience with our central eye?  Everything we are turning into, changing all around us, needs a video to go with it, because words have become very limiting, even more than before.But, before I attempt to share the wonders of yesterday’s evolving field, evolving you(s), my team has just pointed something out as I went and poured myself another cup of java, for all of us to ponder and obviously important to go beyond what we think we have known from here on out.

When I do readings, I sit at my kitchen table, my chair facing my back door, which is a 10 pane window from top to bottom type door and I put my head to my knees to start the higher light of my vision.  On those precious days where my floor is not visible, nothing else is visible either, except your field of light.  My back door is not there, my wall or coffee pot and stuff, does not exist in my field of vision, at all.  I do not see any of, not initially anywayz.  Even the backyard, the trees, the earth, that big ass mesa, no longer there.  The only thing I can see is you, your field of light expressing.  Even the thing we think of as the sky, no longer the same, it becomes whatever is presenting in the readings.  Your field is moving, animated, interactive, participating within our conversations.  Its audible and deeply feelable (is that a word?? lol)  And yet, in my immediate space, my phone, whatever I am drinking, my smokes and my kitchen table are always there.

The images (are they only images or is it as real as my home is?) have texture, I can feel the textures in my hands while sitting at the table viewing.  My physical body will become affected if there is something I am not getting, or just because the emotion is so big I am engulfed in it.

And yet, none of this ever happens without you.  I have attempted many times to do my own reading just like I read for you, nope. Us together turns a charge on, flips some sort of switch that creates, shit, I don’t even know what to call it.  Parts of the denser realities cease to exist while the higher realities unfold.  And yet, even tho my door or walls are no longer visible, the elements from outside do not make its way inside.  The rains, the snows, the heat… never just pouring into my space while we are together, and maybe that because, they do not exist in the reading either, at least, until I blend the two together.  That usually happens when we are coming to the end of our time together. OR, if a critter shows up on the field that i need to pay attention to for you.  Then my view goes to the back yard as it is, then back to your field of light once we mention it.

So what is really happening?  Is anything REALly happening?  But of course it is!!  But not like I ever imagined.  Suddenly I am remember the many connections I have had with your Intergalactic family and they would show me how dimensions really look and work for their travels, for our future travels.  To me they looked like thin sheets of translucent paper all stacked together, very much like this:


When we try to use our linear mind to see them, the dimensions end up having space within them because that is how our mind perceives our reality.  It also gives view to my team and even the Intergalactic beings that have graced us with so much understanding, both say, the dimensions that truly exist, are uncountable.  However, they do become recognizable when we move thru them, if we really understand what is happening.

Now, if we use this image of paper stacked on top of each other, and using the very bottom as the place we consider 3D reality, the densest of all realities, the place where fear and separation is the school of evolution and where most of us started out before this ever evolving moment we are in now.  To fully be there, our bodies, our minds and even our antennas were filled with gook, on purpose, not as a punishment in anyway.  There came a moment in all of our lives, we were triggered to look higher, look and feel beyond what is in front of your face.  When we cleared a little handful of the gook of our lives, we actually opened to the next sheet of paper, the next dimension, which was only a sliver above the reality construct we were living in.  However, to do this took more energy from within our physical bodies, we triggered a higher frequency to be activated within us.  There is not a soul born into matter that doesn’t already have everything they need to go as high in the dimensions as they are willing to take themselves.

Once we were able to sustain our awareness in that next dimension, we also had to start living the energy, the way of life if you will, that is within that next dimension.  To use my own example, I went from (a non practicing) catholic to this, sin and unworthiness was deep inside of my belief, even if i never acknowledged it as true, it ran deeply and strongly in the background of my wiring and this unconscious part of me, kept me in my own realm of limitations… until I picked the freakin catholic out of my energy field forever.  Meaning, I raised my energy system and all that goes with it and resided in an upper dimension as my reality construct.  No longer living on the lower one I started out on.

Each time we release the limiting belief systems we are programmed to believe and live as an experience called our lives, the lower dimension can no longer sustain our light field and we move up into another dimension and live there.  Living there because the strong hold in our lives and we no longer see, feel or experience anything that once was for us. Sure, we can see it happening outside the windows of our lives, but it no longer has any effect on us.  There is no power source connecting to us.

These “shifts” we talk about, that we feel and experience, more and more now than ever before, is our collective going higher, opening and living in dimensional fields that were never accessed from this realm of density before.  This is why our bodies seemed to go thru hell so frequently any more.  We are moving and shaking and releasing so many of the old power constraints that once held us back, not by their doing, but by our own tie into their systems and working orders.

The amazing and beautiful thing with our lives, we can always see the lower vibrations, dimensions and what is happening there in their reality construct, but they cannot see ours.  Not until some of the gunk is released from their Beingness.

So now, let me tie this in to my first lady on the field yesterday, my yarn lady I could not understand when we connected the day before.  I really needed your puzzle pieces first, to understand hers and even, this surprising expression of the dimensions to fully understand how incredible we are!! lol

Lets take an image of her yarn, which actually represented her body, sort of, wrapping itself around the moon.  The color was a deep yellow, closer to the color of gulden’s mustard, but fuzzy link this image:


When she and I connected yesterday, her image took on another element, at the upper part of the moon she was now wrapped around suddenly some part of her made a pin prick in the moon itself, which is, to my view, a little lighter yellow color than her yard.  This pin prick released a stream of pure light that emanated out of the pin prick hole she made (by her fuzziness lol) and then turned blood-red.  What the  hell??

Instantly I remembered my blog from the day prior: “We cannot force light into the darkness, but we can and must create the pin pricks that will one day serve as the avalanche that will happen there too.”   A pin prick of higher light into the lower dimensions changes the electrical field of that person, of that area, of whatever was just pricked by your Presence, and in people, the blood carries the electrical currents and the light changes from the depths of the blood.  Light infused blood be carried to whatever parts of their body that is ready for the upcurrent of energy.

All this just because this lady woke up in the morning.  Her Presence alone is doing this.  Her body naturally emits this current and changes lives by Being!  Changes landscapes, pulls them up into higher dimensions and those that walk upon it can feel it, even if unknowingly!!!

This too, is what people experience as power centers on earth.  These power centers are simply openings solidified (if you will) into higher dimensions.  Now here is something interesting, as that landscape fully engulfs itself in the higher dimensions, that feeling changes, lessons to a degree because it is now spread out.  And yet humans want to go back and fix it simply because they don’t fully understand the grandness of the change.

Damn, this sharing is putting everything I seen yesterday together in understanding.  But before I try and touch on as many of those readings as I can before my day starts, something keeps happening in my nighttime that I finally understand.  I went to sleep with a fully charged phone last night.  I woke up this morning and it was dead as a doornail.  This is a brand new battery in a note 4 phone, a big battery!!  Yet, it was completely dead this morning.

Zero point.

When we open to and sustain ourselves in the next higher dimension, everything is reset energetically, charged but returns to zero point.  Because of what we do together, we opened, enlarged and continue to build the vortex energy that goes higher and higher.  This is how I read the way I do.  We are inlaying the next highest dimension into our evolving field of life.  Changing it with every breath.  When we hit pivotal points together, that’s when I lose electricity, internet, battery drains and my own body goes off-line for the upswing in energies.

There are two readings I really want to make sure I touch on before I run out of time today.  Altho the full moon, the milky way platform and (what looks like) snow is still relevant, bits and pieces are being added to our evolution story.  I had a man on the field yesterday and he confused me (again, my natural state of being these days lol)  because he had a massive amount of snow coming directly out of the bottom of the full moon.  I could see the time alignment as the day of the full moon (the 27th) and his team said “the second coming” WHAT???????

Then they explained that this first avalanche of snow/pure emotions if you will, rained down on all dimensions, all people, places and things in all realities.  It happened that way so that everyone would adjust to the new frequencies.  Those pin pricks of light.  With this full moon, a super release will happen to those in alignment, living in the highest of dimension as their life.  Not peeking in and out, fully resident there.  He is.  Then I could see really thick white space boots on his feet.  No other part of him, just his boots lol.  His team said, the rest of him is out of my field of vision until we pass thru the full moon and I am able to see that high. (I too am an ever loving work in progress.)  He has just embraced the energy worker he is recently.  What I seen thru his reading, think of astronauts bouncing around in space, in antigravity.  His boots had living veins of light in them, showing this is part of his DNA now, and he will be able to freely move up and down the dimensions to bring in higher light to those in lower dimensions for full use and upgrades as needed.

One of my lady’s had a freakin super shiny silver guillotine swinging from west to east, shocked me!! lol  The silver representing the higher frequencies within the earth realms and even tho it was suspended up above where the magnetosphere is, she has the ability to slice and dice anything into a new reality construct.  One of the most precious images was of a person (no one we knew) placed in her right hand at the small of this persons back, her team using the analogy of someone having cancer, and my lady raised this persons vibration, for me it was watching this person laying across her hand at the small of their back and she raised her hand upwards, bringing this person thru the upper dimension, raising their vibration to the degree that the guillotine sliced across the body in the places the cancer was and instantly it was gone.  She can do this with anything that no longer serves the higher dimensions.

Then I had a lady, my last one of the day, holy freakin blow my mind and energy field will ya.  There she was, suspended between the full moon and the milky way platform thingie snow blowing into from both areas and she was become a large (think, beach ball sized) non solid snow ball rotating around and around west to east.  As I was watching her snowball of a body enlarge at the same time, suddenly she was sucked into the deep west… but unlike days before now the deep west is this amazing freakin blue.  Particles of snow being sucked into this stream with her and then suddenly I knew what happened.  She was in both places at the same time, rotating around building her snowball self and sucked into the bell of god at the same freakin time.  The blue, pure Source energy (creator, god, pick a title) and she was in the belly of Source.  He (my personal choice of reference) was doing something to each and every individual snowflake that made her her sphere, whatever he was doing created a silver radiance around and thru each snowflake as he finished (or whatever lol.)  Just before the full moon in our landscape he spit her out like a slingshot to the ground we call her reality.  Holy shit!!  The belly of God, source whatever…

Lets back up a minute… starting out, we couldn’t even barely hold the vibration of our guides.  To be able to stand in their presence we had to raise our vibration high enough to sustain that connection without blowing ourselves up.  Of course, they had to lower theirs to meet us half way.  God cannot lower his, so the only way we can sustain ourselves in his belly (and please, I use that word for lack of a better way of saying it) WE MUST vibrate at that level of purity, of unconditional love, zero judgement for full use of what we have been saying for so long… Creator energy.

We have been working eons and eons of time to clear our energy fields in this realm to this degree and it is sooo freaking exciting to know… we arrived!! This sets the stage for all people, all things in this realm of reality, right down to the densest layer to move on up with speed and actually, not all the work you and I had to put in to get to here.  By doing our work, we cleared the way, created a vortex of upward motion for all to experience, if they desire.

The evolution revolution is in full gear and it is done with pure, radiant LOVE!!  We, together are melting the reality constructs that were once so firmly in place.  Merging the realms we think of as heaven into and onto the slowest of vibrational dimensions.

Keeping in mind, when realities change the appearance is radical.  Unpleasant to look at or experience even.

Just before I went to bed last night, I heard about the Paris massacre.   Altho I wrapped a blanket of comfort for those left behind, I targeted my direct energy to those who created this massacre and to the ones who organized it.  Pouring gallons of pure source love into their hearts, into their reality constructs.  Witnessing them being so separated from their Selfs, that I shot a bridge of light into each one.   Those who appear to deserve to be loved the least, are the one who need it the most.  Please join me of flooding their reality, their dense and divisive dimension with pure love Light.  No judgement, no anger, just… LOVE.

Until tomorrow… holy Heavens batman, We Are HOME!!!  (And its freakin snowing lol)

(((((HUGZ)))))) of well, everything!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.S. Pre Recorded Classes, Classes, Classes!
From Meditation to learning how to read and everything in between: Click here to find  out more!  The first meditation class is now up, the focus is on seeing and hearing and being co-creative within your meditations.  I had strange technical difficulties with recording the class as an MP3, so for now, it is uploaded as an MP4 (video included.)









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