Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 3, 2021

The High Intensity within the Light of Change

2021 came out of the game screaming. What I did not expect, is how many young people have died since it started. Both covid and non covid instances. It seems the heart of many are not handling these intense energy upgrades very well. Hell, even my own heart took a bath in fluids for a bit. We are far from done with the energy increases.

Earth and all things living within and upon her, are in the greatest acceleration/evolution in its entire history.

If the sun’s activity wasn’t enough for us in January, Febuary is looking to top January so far. From spaceweather today:

“CIRs are transition zones between slow- and fast-moving solar wind. Solar wind plasma piles up in these regions, creating density gradients and shock waves that can rock Earth’s magnetic field. A CIR hit Earth on Feb. 2nd

In the wake of the CIR, solar wind is now blowing around Earth at speeds near 600 km/s. If these conditions persist, more Arctic mind-benders are possible on Feb. 3rd.”

Currently, there are quite a few earthquakes registering at 5+ and more active volcanos than I realized. All of this blending into the new light field I simply call the alloyed light (has nothing to do with metals, just the combination of 3 light sources.) Well, it was 3 when I first seen it in readings. Now if we add the equinox energy and the pure earth energies, that brings it to 5 energies (sun, moon and human light fields too.)

Our job/responsibility is to understand it’s enhanced relationship to us. Keeping in mind your unique biological light field creates an energy system souly for you and your use.

Thru the readings, I have seen so many different ways in which this energy is working thru each person. Some thru their third eye complex, some within their thought of creation (the power center in the brain,) others thru the energy of their hands and even one person where it connected into the power center of the sacral root power center and used like a hose.

For me personally, it is centered in the heart/lung power center so that I can keep understanding and express each persons unique field. Your holograms are translated within the heart and the very air in my lungs allows its expression. When we have amplifications of this energy, my blood pressure rises and my breathing becomes rough. When the energies are too high, spirit turns my voice off.

Pay attention to where your body is in constant flux, chances are, that is where the energy is most available and for use in whatever you do, or will do.

I have seen one person where the energies embed in their hips and knees, their (literal) walk on this earth infuses and helps the evolution of the dirt and all that lives within the dirt.

We are in mysterious and magical times, even if it appears to be opposite of that. Life is changing, we are changing and all change is for the better, no matter how it looks from the human perspective.

On that note, time to rest my weary fingers. I love and honor each and every one of you!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) filled with the raw power of your Light!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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