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The New Body Template Emerging and More.

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One of the hardest places to be at in any project, is the beginning. Especially when you have no real idea where it is all taking you. Trust me, I still have no idea when it comes to humanity, but the glimpses leave me breathless.

I want to start with one of the ET readings that I had yesterday. (What’s funny it was supposed to be an Ascended Masters connection, but nope.)

The first thing I was this Being standing far off in her right field (emotional/spiritual side.) He was an interesting character and did his very very best to get his name across to me. Insistent that we have him deemed as a “god.” I kept dropping the ball on his name. Something like Palaleo (PaLayLO) but I feel the middle is either missing something or just inaccurate. This alone helped me realize just how stubborn our minds are. My mind insistently kept reverting to this sound/pronunciation. I could not get past it no matter how hard I tried. Shows you just how infallible we can be, even when we (think) we have no bias towards anything. I obviously do with this name lol.

His image was very interesting. The closest I could find to it was something like this:

magnetic et Being

Take off any clothes, remove any breasts, his head bald and more oval. He had no ears, but really short legs like this guy in the pic. Huge belly like that, but hung more downwards.

He could hear my concern that people would judge his big ole belly here lol. He explained it is needed for the world he lives on. they are designed exactly as they should be for life there. They do not have body systems like we do (I know he was hearing me think he was kinda fat lol.)

The next thing we know, we are going up up up to his planet and I only call it a planet because I don’t know what else to call it. It is very poky and super solid. The entire thing was a like a yellow gold color and reminded me of this spiky balls:

spikey planet

We went to a place where those spiky things actually were pyramid shaped (there were quadrants of different designs, all had tips for tops.

He explained this planet is located in the middle of two solar systems, ours and another. From what I was shown for my lady, it these poky things would draw in energy from this other solar system and it went into its core, then the core distributed the energies throughout the quadrants. These poky things would store the energy until it was released by one of these Beings that lived there.

He was in charge of the quadrant that looked like pyramids and took the palm of his and (which one had 3 finger lookings things and a numb for a thumb. He was quick to tell me they have no thumbs like us, it is not needed.

With energy flowing from his palm the energy in these (his) poky things started moving and then eventually shot out to our sun. I could see all this energy as it bombarded our sun. It reminded me very much of that video with all these blobs surrounding our sun. I do not think it is ships at all, but an enormous amount of this (purposely sent) energy to assist our sun in its outflow of energy.

It was explained that his planet (not really a planet, but nothing else to call it) rotates and is always aligned with our sun, Drawing in energies from this other solar system, changing it within its core, then releasing it out to our solar system. Not always targeted to the sun, but usually is.

So my lady will be learning (remembering) how to participate and assist in changing/directing the suns energy.

Well I started the above 3 days ago and, well, here it is so many incredible body readings later.  I am so excited, beyond excited about the future body’s we will be inhabiting.  Granted, spirit keeps reminding us it will be many generations to come.  However, we are laying the template of light right now.  Soon the baby’s will be coming in with various new parts that of course, our medical docs will not understand and more than likely, cut out.  What the baby’s will be doing is solidifying the biological template into humanity so that the entire system(s) well be born eventually.  So, I made a handy dandy visual, I know I am missing some new parts, and will get to labeling it later, just wanted to make sure I included a basic visual today.  I will publish dammit!!  lol

new energy template

There seems to be two systems being inlaid within the light spectrum for now; an energy system and a magnetic system.  No doubt they will interplay with each other, but at the moment, we are at the very beginning of a brand new template that will be the new human.

We will (eventually change) from an air based entity to an energy based one.  Moving away from breathing air to sustain life, to a very interesting energy based Being.

That blue gland that I have pictured at the base of the skull seems to be the main factor in the energy system.  Reminds me very much of the penial gland in importance.  This new gland draws energy from the body; the bones, muscle, the entire body.  It then sends the energy to all these other glands and organ/glands (some emerging parts are part organ and part gland in one. )

I think I may actually start a completely seperate blog called the New Body Template.  I can see our future bodies and getting so much information on how they work, each individual thing that there is a few things that are inter-related, like that energy system gland.  Many of the other things I have listed functions from that.  Yet at this moment, I have only seen one person bringing that one part into the body of light.  There must be others and I have a couple weeks worth of body readings to do.  I think I will extend this body reading special one week, simply due to both the importance and curiosity.  If anyone wants to volunteer as my end of the day stenographer with the new body systems, god knows I would appreciate that.  I am so concerned about forgetting anything, that if I could dump to someone on a daily basis, I think we could be more efficient and maybe even understand more together.  If interested, email me at  No other way please.  I hate messenger, I will ignore anything from there.

There is so much more to share, but already the house is waking up and I am not letting this sit one more day.  Ohhh there is a HUGE correlation between the Meet the Masters special I had been doing and this new body template.  I had one Masters reading the other day, the energy she was creating was placed on my daughters head (Valorie) within seconds, valorie called me.  It was stunning!!

Speaking of Valorie, she is back in jail for failing a piss test.  She is awaiting the probation board to come to jail for a hearing that will decide her fate.   BTW, she has been doing crack and fetynol (we found that in her jeep the day she was put back in jail.)  Please send her light of strength and self forgiveness.

I had an MRI of my brain last night, awaiting the results now.

On that note…

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of wonder and awe to and thru ALL!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

Body Reading Extended thru the 13th!!

It is important for those working at the leading edge of light (those I read for) to know what alternations are being done in their body. I created a 15 minute special that will include one body scan for new light organs and alterations, followed by a follow up reading. Knowing and working with the body accelerates its energy into reality.

Book here:








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  2. Boy oh boy, what would I give for a body reading! But my brain is more than ever ‘scatty’, & I well remember the time you phoned me, now I have the money, but it is all too difficult, would rather not trouble you, with all your troubles! Much Love to you & your family, & special Love to Valorie. 2 more years then I will be 80! Thank goodness for my beautiful Kevin….Loved the blog, BTW! Sending massive Love XOXO Sylvia xx

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  5. I enjoyed this Lisa. Thank you for all that you do my sister.


  6. I’ve SOOO missed you! I do recall this post……I send you massive Love & Light & hope things are going better for you. I HUGG you like a Mother Hen….hope your scan went ok……Sylvia @ Sydney Aust……..XOXOXO


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