Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 6, 2021

2021 is All About New Beginnings and Increases in the New Body Template

Happy 2021 everyone!! What my team said as we turned into 2021 that after a full year (energy system) that provided tremendous clarity (in ways many of us never anticipated) that this year is all about new beginnings based on the clarity of 2020. Excuse me, based on the life experiences that created the clarity throughout earth.

When spirit was talking about how 2020 was going to be the year of clarity as we closed out 2019, I was sure it was more of an opening of everyone’s 3rd eye, their intuition, their Knowing. But that is not how this crazy, historical year played out.

The one thing that is already starting to present itself, that was given thru many readings as we ended the 1st quarter of last year, was a super fast spreading mutation of the corona virus. it appeared thru readings over and over as a drop of something that looked like honey that landed on the earth and started to spread so fast. I had asked many times if it is the corona virus we (were) currently dealing with and spirit said no, it will mutate many times and become something else. Sure enough, as we ended 2020 the virus mutated to spread 70% faster starting in the UK. Now there is yet another variant that has cropped up in S. Africa who’s protein structure the vaccine targets, has mutated.

Couple that with the readings at the start of this year talking about so many challenges we will face, all in the name of evolution, during (at least) the first half of 2021. Individual as well as collective challenges. Keep in mind that challenges are always a forerunner in evolution, that is change in progress. And God knows, the whole world can use a lot of change. (Change ALL WAYS being for the better.)

As we navigate our personal challenges/changes, we also have access to much more spiritual power, or what I call, new super powers. For those who have been diligently accessing and using their spiritual upgrades (if you will) the emergence of new abilities will be seamless. However, it will still take diligence, trial and error and focus on perfecting them. Others however, will need to up their meditation game to access and understand what they have available. So many people do not recognize what they have available within themselves to do. To assist humanity with.

Do not think of psychic and energy work as the only spiritual ability. Compassion, humility, kindness, service to others are just a small part of what spirit means by “spiritual abilities.”

to change the subject slightly…

On my way to Virginia to return my daughters Jeep to her, I was accompanied by The Convoluted Universe, Book 2 by Dolores Cannon. I gleaned many things from the 20+ hours of listening, but one that hit home and stayed in the forefront of my mind to share was about a subject in their altered state talking about disease. It was explained that everything is energy, even what we call disease. If our bodies get stricken by “disease,” it is simply because we do not have that energy within us.

We can very well look at both sides of this “lack of energy.” I will use my crazy self as a prime example of both sides. Back in the first decade of this path, I had many things wrong with me. Insane depression that usually led to suicide attempts, ulcers, insomnia, and G.E.R.D. Between my brain and my stomach (solar plexus) was a lot of darkness filled with anger and worthlessness, blocking out any light trying to make its way in.

Tons of hours, days, weeks, months and eventually years of meditation cured all that.

In 2012 my body went thru what is commonly known as menopause. Flooding my body with all kinds of new, unexpected experiences. Light being released thru the endocrine system for change. Not quite the change I was anticipating tho. I developed asthma, my autoimmune system seemed to just go haywire as I developed several different arthritis’ within my body and the psoriasis I had since I was 17 years old, went crazy. We won’t even talk about my chronic voice loss.

Of course, I am ever vigilant about my “issues.” Making sure I never store them in my body again. Yet, my conditions not only persisted but increased, to this day. My greatest gift to my own sanity is being able to do readings and the precious souls who show up to get them.

I was able to see the DNA changes taking place in their biology. I was able to understand how to changes are part of the evolution of humanity changing at the biological level. It may not feel good, it may not look pretty, but is essential developing into the new human.

In the new body template that started to present itself in the last quarter of 2020, really has helped me understand me and my body. I first wrote about the new body template on Sept 6th, 2020 and put out consecutive blogs with diagrams that were building thru the readings.

There is so much changing within our brains I have no way of accurately showing you. But simply I can. I have taken the art I created for the Sept 12th, 2020 blog to help you see.

brain template 2020.jpg

The yellow, blue and orange lines, including the green dots are places I seen and understood within the new body template changes. For now tho, I just want to focus on the pituitary gland also known as the master gland of the endocrine system. It’s known as the master gland because it’s secretions control the activity of the other glands.

Now imagine it is changing from what it is now, how it functions now, to the regulator of Light within our (eventual) new bodies. For those humans who have the agreement to be the ones heralding the biological changes within the body (which absolutely must happen thru the human for this particular evolutionary state we are becoming) we are seeing a lot of autoimmune disfunctions.

Couple this with the physical body changes that I have seen. This image is taken from the same blog linked above:

body template 2020.jpg

All the dots you see are incoming biological additions to the body. They have an energetic feeling of being both a gland and an organ so our teams have been simply calling them “nodes” so we do not determine what they are ourselves. As much as they feel like both, they are neither. They will be new biological parts within the new body.

The more people work their part of this new body template, the stronger the light becomes within the body. Eventually we will see biology start to attach to the light and new baby’s will (slowly) be born with various parts in place.

If I look at all the places we have nodes, its no wonder I have rheumatoid arthritis. All those joints have nodes of light becoming stronger. The lines you see are what carries the various systems they are associated with. Which to me, remind me of veins or arteries that carry blood (but has nothing to do with carrying blood. They carry the magnetic and energy systems fluids. Or, at least, they will.

What I have not diagrammed in any of my blogs is something I had seen thru a few people last year. Our spine being the release valve of excess light. Right now we depend on air to keep us alive. There will come a time where it is energy itself that will be the intake of energy that keeps us alive. As our lungs exhales the air we take in, the spine will exhale the energy and have been seeing it as light.

I cannot look at you and your changes without being directly affected by what I see and experience as you. My crazy ass soul knew this before coming into this life. It is by Devine agreement and I will continue to do what I do until my last breathe.

Many of you can look at these charts and the changes coming in and better understand what may be going on within you. We are not broken, we are changing. The more we allow these changes and work with them, the stronger the spiritual field gets in All of Life!!

From what I have seen so far in 2021, The New Body Template is now fixed in the Light Field and providing everyone with expanded and enhanced abilities!!

On that note, I am going to close. I will continue this sharing either tomorrow or Saturday.

I love and honor each of you so so much. Thank you for daring to Be Here Now as the catalyst of change on this earth!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with everlasting Light to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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  2. Hey Lisa,   This is the 1st time I have logged into my e-mails in months.  Have always read yours..  This one fascinates me because I have been working with Source for decades.   First it was to heal death and also knew that my body’s energy has the power to  “transform.”   I do not have a cell phone and am using my brother’s old computer.  I am not tech-savvy at all.  Can we do a 15 minute session over the phone, i.e. without visuals?  I live in New Orleans and my ole-time phone number is  504-322-2717.  Maybe we’ll just talk, share ideas and understandings, also I do energy healing.   Thanks for your elucidation of what transformation will be like.  With love and hope,  Sandy Taylor


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