Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 27, 2021

The Hybrid Energy of the Sun Eruptions and Full Moon

Radial blurred rays. Neon light tunnel. High speed. Abstract background. 3d rendering – illustration.

Happy full moon everyone. This is a kickass collaboration between the sun that completely forgot it was supposed to be in it’s solar minimum, and our brilliant beaming moon.

There is an electrical binding taking place with the sun and moon energies that are creating a hybred energy and being placed in the biology’s that can handle such energies. Now by handle I don’t mean it feels good, we just don’t blow up!!

There is going to be an uptick in most of our brain functioning and heart abilities. So headaches, dizzy, nausia, blurry vision, and so on… blame it on the energies coming into youl Same with the heart, rapid pulse, heart palpitations, high or low BP, ect, blame it on the energies. This moon is a three day event so by March 1st we should settle down until the next energy system hits us.

These energies are here to enhance various aspects of our selves. Keep in mind tho, it is your responsibility to access, understand and use them. Spirit gives me the analogy of placing a plate of food in front of you. If you don’t choose to eat it, it’s simply potential.

This energy started kicking my ass yesterday. Between the (very) blurry vision and upper back pain, I just want to raise the white flag again. But I know, this too shall pass, if not only for moment.

One of the readings I did this week came with the most interesting twist. She was standing in her field holding a beautiful bedazzled purse. Nothing like I ever seen or felt before. When my lady asked where she got it from, the reply so surprised me: “a gift from source/god.” In all my years (ummm decades) of readings, I never had that experience. The feeling was so deeply penetrating within the heart. Something evening beyond love.

What was even more surprising what was in the purse!! Three items (well, sort of items lol.) One was energy ball of pure energy, another was a molecular structure (many different types) and the others were geometric shapes. Each thing was associated with various part of her make up. The energy spheres for the brain, the molecular structures for various parts of her biology and the geometric shapes for her energy fields.

What suprised me even more was that her team kept telling her she had a choice to use these or not. It was a gift and she could accept it or not. Such a major shift from you must!! lol

Well, my fingers are screaming at me. I wanted to give everyone a heads up on this hybred energy coming in.

I love and adore each and every one of you, soul much!!

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with extraordinary love and well, everything!!!

Lisa Gawlas




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