Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 12, 2020

More on the New Body and Brain Becoming…

Wow, there is soooooo much to remember lol. So many intricacies taking place within all the new and already shown nodules. I have updated both images (body and brain) to show (what I can remember) new nodules. I am so upset with myself at the moment because I cannot remember which lines and nodules are the energy system and which is the magnetic system.

Here are the two new updated visuals:

Brain structure showing pineal gland.v2.jpg
new energy template.v2.jpg

I cannot recall if I mentioned this in my last sharing, but what we are looking at (and individually working on) are the energy and magnetic systems. There is yet another system that will be reveled eventually.

If we can look at these two systems sort of like the way our heart and lungs work, so interdependent on each other. They feed each other and work essentially as one. (Small) example; lungs bring in the essential oxygen and the heart circulates that oxygen to the entire body. The energy system would be like the blood and the magnetic system like the oxygen released into the blood (but has nothing at all to do with either, just to be clear.)

I am starting to see some overlapping, meaning people working to bring a particular nodule into the field of biological light. One thing that is strongly emphasized with everyone’s team giving instruction, do not mess with someone else’s nodule (which what we are calling every area that appears to be a gland/organ. The system itself is working as a whole, so no one needs to worry or work any other part than what their assignment is.

Another thing that is being stressed adamantly, the field of light that exists now that we currently work with on a day to day basis is not the same that this system uses. Staying focused on the system that is emerging and not( mixing or assuming) anything with our current way of working with energy. Think of it as leaded and unleaded gas. One system is not compatible with the other. Lets call the current energy system we work with the leaded one, and this new amazing body we are bringing into biology, unleaded. Everything about it is much purer.

I have had two real experiences with two of the readings. I believe I explained in my last sharing that the lady who first (there are more now) showed up and was given the assignment of the hand nodules, was also shown how to create an energy sphere. She brought in a perfect combination of energy and magnetic’s into a sphere between her palms. As she was developing it (thru her team regulating everything) we were talking about my daughter in jail, and in that very moment, Valorie called me.

Yesterday, a very similar experience happened. When you look at the body diagram, you will see in the area of the 3rd eye, an oval. This oval has what will not be visible, but is there anyway, something that looks like a tentacle with many fingers at the end. This thing is constantly bring in interdimentional energies that enhance the area we know as the third eye. Intense white light was coming out of her eyes as I looked at them. The area of the third eye was coming, mixing with the pineal gland, and the pineal gland (as well as the energy and mangetic streams) where mixing and creating the white I see in her eyes. Her team explained that the 3rd eye and our physical eyes are one, not separate things any longer. She is to visualize her desires or needs and they will appear.

It was just explained to me, that in order to do these (or any) reading, my soul energy becomes the platform for the hologram to appear. So everything I see being done, is happening at my soul level first, for our understanding. (And ya wonder why I get shut down some days, a lot of days!!) With that in mind, it has also been explained (many times in the readings) when spirit is saying about visualizing what you want or need, mine is felt first since I am first receiver.

So my bright eyed lady (smile) gave me the fulfillment of my most pressing desire while we were together on the phone. My daughter has been in jail now 2 weeks without any word on what is happening. She has not been arraigned or heard from her PO since she has been in. Her husband has been calling and leaving messages on her POs machine as well as email, but no word back either way. So I called her PO, no answer, and her voice mail is full. I called the probation office itself and left a message for her probably about 10 minutes before my lady’s appointment. During our reading call, her PO called!

Every single part that we are bringing into Light, is usable. Each different, but so similar in outcome.

Ohhh before I forget, I had a ton of volunteers to help me. I chose the precious soul that had been a forever member of the Nation that completely understands the way I process. Forgive me for not getting back to everyone, you are all so awesome and generous. Thank you for offering!!

On that note, I need to close this for today and I will continue. There is always so much I am leaving out, but that just means I will not run out of material for a long while lol.

I cannot tell you how much all the universe loves and is in deep gratitude for the work you do (all of it, not just this.) I too, fall into the light of love and gratitude to each and every one of you!!!

Big big big big (((((HUGZ))))) filled with magnetic love and so much energized Light to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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