Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 13, 2021

The Sun’s Releases into 2021 and into You. Meditation Included.

This year has kicked itself off with an amazing series of events, both on the ground and in the sky. I want to focus on the sky events!!

On January 2nd there was a double CME released from our sun. Plus fireball activety. Here is information from spaceweather:

Yesterday, Jan. 2nd, two filaments of magnetism in the sun’s southern hemisphere became unstable and erupted. A faint CME hurled into space by the double-blast will probably sail to the south of Earth, missing our planet.

Last night, NASA’s network of all-sky meteor cameras recorded 16 Quadrantid fireballs over the USA.”

For those of you like me, that have no idea what a quadrant fireball is: Quadrantids are also known for their bright fireball meteors. Fireballs are larger explosions of light and color that can persist longer than an average meteor

On the 3rd of January, everyone’s field had large red X’s in them. No just one, but several placed uniquely for them in their field. I couldn’t’ read anyone’s field, but that didn’’t stop spirit from relaying information to us.

It was pure sun energy and radiation coming in to enhance the emerging fields of all life. Spiritual as well as biological.

The readings after the 3rd all focused on the areas within those I read for were being enhanced and of course the instruction on how to assist.

On January 11th we had another event from the sun that formed a “bookedend to the 2nd’s eruption:

“Surprising some forecasters, an interplanetary shock wave hit Earth’s magnetic field on Jan. 11th (see the data). The impact just after 08:30 UT did not trigger a geomagnetic storm. However, strong magnetic fields downstream of the shockfront opened a crack in Earth’s magnetosphere.”

What I did not realize until today was there was also an event on the 8th:

“The wave was not expected. In retrospect, perhaps it should have been. On Jan. 8th, a huge filament of magnetism launched itself off the surface of the sun. NOAA’s GOES-16 satellite recorded the eruption:”

All of this sudden and intensely beautiful sun activity purposely reached every living thing on this earth. Enhancing the energy systems as well as the magnetic systems in the old as well as new body template.

In the readings after the 2nd (3rd really) event, the sun appeared to come in as liquid sun energy. Some were being coated in this liquid sunshine, creating a slow absorption into the whole of the body. Some with a stream of energy coming into the crown, affecting various parts and organs within the body. Most especially the “brain waves.”

There is one reading in particular I want to share. My lady had a beam of liquid sun energy, about the size of a plum around, going into her crown and down her core. Her team showed us how this beam if liquid sun creates tentacles in her brain that reach out to enhance particular areas of the brain. It was creating new brain waves, but also enhancements at the pineal gland as well as the magnetic and energy glands (within the new body template.) I then seen the energy stream move down to her heart/lung power center and then to her liver, releasing sun tentacles that even grew smaller tentacles invading a lot of her liver.

Her team explained the power of the liver. We know that it stores our anger but it also stores our joy too. And to use both, the positive aspects of our anger thru the heart and mind power centers, as well as the joy energy. Both create differently. When they were focusing on these two energies, I could feel the energetic differences. Something I never contrasted before.

Anger was in intense, like sticking your finger in a high voltage socket. Joy on the other hand was like pouring honey thru your system.

Instead of sharing the details of the readings I’ve done within this sun energy spirit wants to give everyone a mediation to do to see, experience and utilize your own personal enhancements:

Sun Meditation

See or feel yourself out in a wide open field, the sun shining brightly above you. Put your arms out, parallel to the ground. Feel the suns energy radiating down upon you. Then become aware of how it is permeating you… is it coming down in a beam, or rain like energy, sheets that wrap around you?

If you feel the rain of liquid sun, how is it seeping into you? Where? What is taking place in those areas? Also notice your immediate field, how is it affecting it (the people and places in your created reality.)

If it is coming down as a sheath that is wrapping around you, is it on your skin, or like a tube around you. How is the sun being absorbed into you. What and where is it affecting.

If it is coming down like a liquid rod, where in your body are tentacles reaching out. How and why is it being affected.

With any of the possibilities, asking, knowing what you will need to do with these enhancements, how to work them, how to incorporate it into your life, is important. ignorance is never bliss with your evolving spiritual and biological bodies.

Feel free to invite one of your guides in meditation with you, to help relay the answers back. If you have an ET or ascended master assigned to your New Body Template use, invite one (or all) of them into your meditation.


All of this is leading us to the next bookend of the sun events, that is the full moon on the 28th. It has been shown in several of the readings, but what exactly it’s part is, I do not yet know.

There is much more to share, but my fingers are tapping out.

On a personal note… I started a diet on the 3rd of January. I did the 1200 calorie (or less) diet that I did last time I lost 70 pounds. I weighed in 8 days later, my heart broke into a million pieces. I did not lose a single ounce. It almost seems like an impossibility, especially since most days I was under 1000 calories, I should have at least lost the water weight. Nope. Tomorrow I will join my daughter on the keto diet, I pray it is more productive than calorie counting.

Big big (((HUGZ))) filled with radiant sunshine to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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