Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 27, 2021

We Are the Alloyed Energy Makers for Earth!

Is it kinda funny thinking the coming new year/energy cycle just might be easier than the last. For so many people on this planet, 2020 was a year of intense change. It was also a year of intense clarity, but only if one accepted the clarity of truth. In a way, this is an option, no spirit can get anyone to forcefully change their minds, their beliefs, their concept of the greater reality. Free will and all that.

The moment we opened up into the energy cycle I call 2021, the sun became very active in releasing soooooo much intense energy to us. Thru us. Thru us into the earth to create an alloyed energy of spirit and biology together directly into the earth.

The most significant thing I seen with this alloyed energy was thru a reading I did that showed the energy came thru one of the main sun events in January, thru my mans body and out into the earth. I could see this new energy permeate the earth to a depth of at least 5 feet (always going to the scale of my vision.) As the energy spread out, his team said it will create earthquakes around the world. They also forewarned of a major earthquake that will happen by the march solstice that will be major in size. They did not say where.

The sun energies are affecting everyone and every thing, however, entry into the biological field we call a body is not the same for everyone. some are taking in the sun thru their hands, some thru their heads, some thru their backs or sides. Some have been protected so the sun is not in direct relationship to their body’s. I had one lady who was standing underground with a cellophane looking area I call her center field. So some energy was come thru, but her body and full on relationship was with the dirt of the earth. I didn’t realize why then, but do today. We have people who are within the earth balancing out the incoming alloyed (new) energies.

For those of us taking the direct hit from the sun, it is intensifying everything within our body’s. I will call us the alloy makers lol. For those of us set up in energy work positions, it makes it all even more intense in our body’s.

This has hit me particularly hard. I obviously connect directly to every variant of this energy (you.) So I get my own and a little dose you too (which I am always grateful for.)

I started having breathing issues about 2 weeks ago, which intensified about a week ago. To the point where just walking or moving my body was leaving me breathless. I started a vigilant monitoring of my BP too, which was consistently high, but nothing I really worried about until one reading was 189/101. I took my breathless ass to the ER. By the time I got there, my BP (blood pressure) was 202/95. The first thing they did (after giving me a breathing treatment, was take an Xray of my lungs, really looking for covid which I did not have “covid lungs” but did have fluid in my lungs and around my heart.

I was super surprised when my doctor pressed on my shoulders (where the traps are) which were bulging upwards, and said that was the top of my lungs. They were in distress!! I was in distress!!

They threw every test in the book at me. They drew like 15 different vials of blood, put me on an EKG, did a CT and even a covid test (I kept telling them I don’t have covid!! lol) All came back normal. They could not find a medical reason for what was happening in my body.

After the breathing treatment and a shot to quickly pull the fluids out of my body, my vitals all returned to normal. That is… until the breathing treatment was done and they were going to let me go home. My bp shot up to 193/95. A trip to the bathroom got it down to 189/85, now they were on the fence about letting me go home. I begged to go and they let me go home.

I went home in the same condition I entered the ER with. There was no improvement yesterday. I am, however, slightly better today. I can walk a bit further b4 having to stop to breathe. My bp is fluctuating between really high and normal. My grandsons daycare took my temp today when I dropped him off, and it was too low to register on their forehead thermometer. She tried twice lol. I just took my BP and its 175/95.

I truly account all of this to the suns release of constant energy this month and the work I do!! I took the week off from reading, especially since talking too long leaves me breathless. That said, today is the first day in a week I feel my connection to spirit open again, hence this sharing.

As I was looking at the dateline as well as my schedule for tomorrow, I realized tomorrow is the full moon, which spirit said is the bookend to the sun events thru January. I was able to see a lot of electrical currents coming thru the light of the moon on earth. I feel it will be the third and final element in this alloyed energy we are now creating.

I am hopeful to get back to readings and understanding even more tomorrow.

On that note, I am going to close. I love and appreciate every one of you so much. Thank you for dancing with me and all life in this crazy intense times!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with wonder and high voltage love!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas

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