Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 12, 2021

New moon to Equinox. Meditations Included.

Is it me, or does March feel extraordinary?? Granted, we are still getting kicked in the biology from all the energies, but man, the heart expansion has been great. Just when you think you cannot love any deeper, you do. When you think you cannot appreciate any stronger, you do.

We are now in the full energy of the new moon in Pisces and it is fully partnered with the highly magnetic seeding of the March equinox. The vibration of new is all over the place!!!

I want to give everyone a meditation to do as we embrace these two partnered systems. Self awareness is now more key than ever!


See yourself standing in a large circle of rocks or crystals (that creates the circle border.) You are in the center. Above you is the energy of the new moon, but it may not look or even feel like a moon. It will have an appearance unique to you. (For example, black with diamond looking dust sparkling, the hue of a rainbow in its make up, etc..)

Somewhere in your circle you will see a large, energetic magnetic pole. It could be at due north, south, next to you, it’s position will be very purposeful to your ongoing journey thru life.

On the outside of your circle (which represents both your immediate and center field) will be at least one of your spirit guides. It can be a new guide or an established guide. They will help you understand the importance of the new moon and how you are experiencing it. Also the importance of where your equinox pole is located and the relationship to this moons energy for you.

You may also see a pathway leading beyond your circle, walk it. Pay attention to every detail. All of this will help you understand your journey and role during the next 3 months. (Until the summer solstice.)

Once you have understood this part of your energy field/journey, in a separate meditation, look at your body. For those that hold the high frequency, the new body template is fully functional with new attributes coming online. Enhanced energies and powers available to those who maintain a high frequency within themselves as well as their immediate field (home, work, relationships.) Again, your guide will be with you to help you understand what you are seeing/experiencing and to understand how to use your new Self.

Keep in mind, I am always available to see and understand for you.

From what I am feeling/hearing, this coming quarter will be quite grand for us. Amazing opportunities abound. A lot of the dark energy has been squelched (but far from all.) This is allowing the light of expansion to flourish in exciting new ways.

On that note, I must close. I will be leaving out for Virginia in a few hours. I will return this coming weekend. I love and appreciate every one of you.

Big big (((HUGZ))))) filled with powerful, radiant magnetic energy of new beginnings to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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