Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 24, 2021

The Next Phase of Our New Body Template!

When spirit says there will be earth events during readings, my mind consistently goes to earthquakes and volcanoes, almost never does it think super deep freeze!! As everyone is most likely aware of by now, Texas was in hell week last week. But now we are back to nice spring weather (high 60’s, low 70’s.) We are still under a boil water advisory, but at least we can run the dish washer again. lol

Look out west coast, the pineapple express is coming for you next!!! Until I read that in my weather app, I thought the pineapple express was only a movie, not a weather system. lol May all be safe thru it and the grounds hold firm.

(I wrote all the above yesterday…. as of today, we now are fully back to normal, the boil advisory has been lifted, YAY!!)

Now lets talk about the readings since coming out of the deep freeze!!!

What I (and our teams) refer to as the new body template, it has expanded its light of functionality. Keeping in mind, as I explain the additions, I see without the skin blocking anything. Equally, I do not see anything of the current body we posses, only what is relevant to the (evolving) new body template. That said, many times spirit had shown me bodies with skin and they are so luminous, so beautiful to experience. I now understand where the luminosity is coming from.

When our three crucial new systems are working as one, the entire body becomes light. Well, a layer of light beneath the skin. These three systems are the (biological) magnetic system, energy system as well as the light governing pineal gland (which is part of the power center of the brain.)

I believe what is being shown now is what each soul will be bringing in that is unique to them, or at least their soul group. I am not 100% sure yet. More readings of that nature will help me understand for sure.

There was one lady, whose light energy went thru the soles of her feet and down into the core of the earth, accessing vital timelines for her to pull up into her. Not the experiences themselves, but the wisdom and/or abilities that will be part of her vital path forward. There was much more to her reading, I just cannot recall it at the moment.

I had a beautiful virgin man (it was his first reading) have the most amazing energy system in his abdomen. It presented like the form of a butterfly. The body itself going into his sacral root power center, and up into his solar plexus power center. The antenna’s piercing the heart/lung power center.

It had these two wings that fluttered rhythmically and purposefully from front to back. This entire system worked as one, drawing energy from his sacral root, from the earth, up into the magnetic intake of the soul/solar plexus and the antenna’s vibrating the heart and lung power center to release what was needed to flutter the wings. All producing very specific outcomes.

I also find it interesting as well as exciting that when we do these body readings and/or body A team readings, whatever is being shown as an example of what the system you are working on is attempting to achieve, it is actually being done as we talk about it. This alone shows that your soul (all of our souls) knows exactly what needs to be done and how, we just have to trust that part of us and of course, tap into it consciously and purposely.

As I think (and feel) about that statement, it also participates within our regular readings too. As part of what I call your team (as well as mine) the soul participates, always. (Dah, why am I surprised lol. I can be a long standing ditz, obviously lol.) It is a collaboration between our soul and the helpers that is our various teams. I am sure everyone already knows this, but I will say it anyway. When we are working our spiritual and biological evolution consciously, we have teams that are set up to specifically assist with that part of our evolution. What we call our spirit guides, well that is their mission, to guide you thru life, but not necessarily to sharpen your incoming skill set. That said, even our spirit guides are of the elite set. There are very few humans consciously and purposely evolving themselves and so they have mastery in that realm. Unlike our starting guides that helped us make sure we worked out the karma we set out to do at birth, guided us towards various important events and relationships and did what they could to keep us from us from hitting brick walls. Now, we make our karma day to day, we decide our focus, our skills, and perfecting there til the next major energy system opens even more for us.

We are indeed a wild bunch, spiritual and biological rebels at our core. Together we have changed so many paradigms and continue to do so. I have said this many time before and will say it again, I am honored and privileged to be a part of your word, your life, your rebel-ness. I love you all so much. I am super grateful you allow me to grow thru you!!!

On that note…. it’s great to be back in the saddle again!! A warm saddle lol. Until next time…

Big big ((((HUGZ))) filled with the luminosity of Light thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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