Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 23, 2021

The Next Cycle of Changes are Here

Now I am hearing that before this year ends, there is going to be a very important change in government leadership (they won’t say where or whom.) But it will be a game changer (for the greater good. Whats funny is I was sure I was hearing that from my own ego self, so they pushed in harder and then in my face. I love my teams way of getting news out, even if it is vague to us.

In our own personal lives, we will see and experience much change as well. Some we will love, some, not so much (from the human level that is.)

There is also a major reality check for many as well. Things that seemed one way, suddenly reveal themselves in the light of truth. Not always pleasant or even welcomed lol. I say that I think of my trip back to Virginia. It was an experience that just stabbed me in the heart in its revelations. With it brought on intense diarrhea for close to 6 days. Talk about getting the shit out of your system lol. On top of it, I got thrush too, of course, I kept my words to myself. Not ever a good idea, but, in my heart, I was not about to make a sad situation sadder. Color me human!! A constant rinse of sea water helped clear it up, thank god.

So now, lets get to some of the exciting things happening within your/out bodys I am seeing thru the readings.

The focus is on the expansion of what I have been calling the new body template. In the begging when this template started showing up in readings, we would see and need to work on, the parts that were universal. Those were the bodes, the energy and magnetic systems and the power centers. Enough people have worked with and expanded the “bones” of the template enough that now, our unique additives are being added. And they are extraordinary.

One of my ladies has a special skill coming online that is hard to explain lol, as they all are. But, when something becomes validated for me, it sends me over the moon with joy. Thru her reading and special ability to see/hear and help plants (and all other living things on earth) I helped her understand how to use the combo that was shown to her with my own plants that are pretty much looking dead. They told me they need iron oxide to help them. What the hell is that?? I had to google it. Sure enough it is something. today within a reading a very plant knowledgeable man, I asked him about this iron and plants. Surprise me when he said it helps plants when their leaves are yellow to become green again!! So thru my lady’s reading yesterday, thru her magical thought of creation, she produced it for my plants. I look forward to seeing them undead lol.

Our evolution is picking up exponentially. We are going thru biological upgrades at what feels like the speed of light. With it, our energy fields are changing. All of it brings it to our life experiences. Making sure you connect to various challenges to use your new skills and functions of light. Knowing what you have available and how to use it, so important. Equally, we are expanding our skills so fast. By the time we understand one part, the next part is added on. So with that in mind, my team is on my butt to put out a very special, special. I will offer a buy one and get 2 free for 15 minute readings. They are also on me (have been for a while) to put classes together so we not only know how to enhance ourselves, but also work with group energies using out new body template tools. I am finally ready to offer that too!!

Ohhh and today, thru a reading of course, was the information on how our bodies are actually using the covid virus/illness to accelerate the biological changes within us. Our power center of the heart includes the lungs, they work as one. So much is changing in that biological field. Her team explained that those who do not physically survive covid has either agreed to be a much needed stream of light on their way Home, or has a body that is just not able to process the changes.

On that note, until next time… it freaken great to be back in your field of Light again!! I love you soul much ❤

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with accelerated energy to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

Buy One 15 minute reading get two FREE.

They all must be booked within two weeks of each other.

Book Here:

Using Your New Body Template 4 week class

This is a 4 week class, limited to 10 people max. It will run every Saturday at 4pm CDT. Each class will be between 1-2 hours. (We have been known to go longer than 2 hours on occasion.)

Start Date is: Saturday April 10th at 4pm CDT

End Date is: Saturday May 1st

All classes will be on zoom and will be recorded. I will send out class invites upon payment receipt.

Class fee for all four weeks is $99

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  2. Lisa, Your insights are so beautiful and so truthful even to yourself. You are simply amazing.

    Take care chat soon



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