Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 6, 2021

A Major Quake of Change!!!

Happy March everyone!! Well, that big earth events (earthquake or volcano ) happened out in the ocean off of new Zealand. Three quakes within a few hours, 7.3, 7.4 then 8.1. I read it was the largest quake in that location in recorded history. I am always grateful when big things like that are in the ocean.

I just also recieved from my team, since this event happened within the ocean, very particular energies have come up thru the waters and into us, into our environment to accelerate inner and outer changes.

I also want to be clear on the non information our teams gives often times. They explained to me they can see the pressure building up inside the earth from all the energetic events. They can also feel the timeline when the pressure will need to release itself. They have no idea when or even where exactly that will take place. The earth is always shifting and moving, so its up to here when and where it must happen. They say this is true of any major event they try and foretell us about. Like weather events.

This is equally true for personal potentials we see in readings. They can see your frequency, your personal evolution, the codes that are incoming and at times (not always) what they will awaken in you. What they cannot see is what you will or won’t do with them. Same with incoming events. Sometimes its concrete, knowable in time and experience, most times, not so much.

In the old days of reading, and still true for many that are in the process of clearing old karma, much was concrete almost to the hour of an experience. The ones I typically read for are already clear of all that karma, Self realized and evolving at the pace of light coming in. In this way, each are given the mantel of personal creation on all levels. With the energy of free will always at play, you become the decider of what you will do and when.

I think many of us consider our guides and spiritual helpers all knowing. None are. All souls are in a state of their own evolution as well. And not all souls have access to everything. Not to mention that they reside at different platforms of frequency, depending on their wisdom/skill level. This is one of the main reasons I have so many different readings available. For me to switch from one platform to another is exhausting and sometimes requires a whole reboot of my antenna’s.

There are times (which I strongly dislike lol) when the energies are too strong they must remove my voice so I may go thru my own personal upgrades without taking in more energy that I need. Same with you too. We get put down so we do not disrupt the processes happening within us.

On a personal note, I will be driving back to Virginia with my daughter this coming Friday and will be gone thru that whole week. I have already cleared it off my calendar so no worry’s about having to reschedule anyone.

I will be sure to put out one more blog before I leave. I love you all soul much!!

Big (((HUGZ)))) filled with upgrading energies of evolution thru ALL!

Lisa Gawlas

Let’s keep the last special running until I leave! You are changing at the speed of light, so why not!!



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  3. Thanks so much, Lisa….I am a little behind, ‘cos of problems with understanding how the ‘puter works! Groan….Oh for an understanding techie in my life! Seems like most of my problems relate back to when I first used a ‘puter! (I made a lot of mistakes back then)….I feel that I do understand what’s happening now, but there are gaps in my education, so to speak! The strokes didn’t help, or did they? Thank you so much for helping me, & I do hope things get better for you & your family……Much Love coming your way, Lisa…..Love & Light from Sylvia in Sydney XOXOXO


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