Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 17, 2017

My Mothers Day Dream and Understanding of It.

dream catcher

What an astounding, enlightening day in the field of readings yesterday was.  I do believe we seen some meat and taters go into the oven for cooking thru each reading yesterday.  Before I share all that, I do want to share a dream experience I had while out-of-town the night before mother’s day.  It took me until yesterday and two birds showing up in the yard, to fully understand what it was revealing.  I share this, first because it ties into two of the readings yesterday, but also, in hopes of helping others understand the communications that come to them while their mind is resting and what seems cryptic for a moment.  As I am watching the length of this sharing get longer and longer (smile) I will put out two separate blogs today.  This one and then one with the information that came thru the readings.

The dream opened up outside under a large tree in our yard.  I knew I was waiting for people to arrive, I was having some sort of party or gathering.  This house and yard was located on the top of a very steep hill.  I only noticed that when I seen someone running up the steep driveway to attend the event.  When the person arrived I did not recognize them and of course, asked him how he found this event.  It was explained that a store down the street had a flier hanging up telling of the event.  At first I was ok with this, until more and more people came due to that flier and they were not nice.  Their ego’s lead their lives.

As the crowd was increasing in size, suddenly a neighbor who lived next door appeared in his yard who was just not nice.  It felt like he was trying to one up the event somehow.  So I started kicking the people who attended without an invitation over the fence to hang out with him, since their ego’s were very much in common with each other.

As more of these uninvited guests arrived, I kept feeling someone huge was out of balance within the house itself, even tho not a single person went into the house, the gathering was under this really large tree in the yard.

I walked into this house that reminded me of a log cabin, but was not made of logs, instead more like 2 X 1 boards that had the same coloring as a log cabin would, old and weathered.  The door had me enter an area that was more like a super great room, in most of it was this really large, spacious kitchen and thru a wide open threshold, a living room.  Suddenly it was raining in the house and the rain was coming in thru the space between each board, the floor was flooded.  Thank god it was made of concrete so no damage could be done.  But the living room furniture was soaked.  I immediately called the landlord who just happened to by my current landlord and in this amazingly calm, soothing, reassuring voice, reminded me that he explained this might happen occasionally once I moved in.  I was so comforted by that reminder and it all suddenly became ok, then I woke up.

treeSeveral things in this dream stayed at the forefront of my mind.  First the fact that my landlord there was my same landlord now, connecting it all to the present.  But that tree, the tree that is down the street from me, just before we get to the campground, is the same one in my dream.  It is also the very same (type of) tree that I had seen in my early adventures to the Pleiades (2001) via meditation.  My Pleiadian team took me to some section of their world with this massive tree that kinda looked dead and kept telling me it was the tree of life.  All I could think was, wow, what a sad tree of life!  But never told me any more about it and why it looked so barren.  And now, it is literally next door to us!!

So the tree in my dream connected me to my present and past at the same time.  The furniture in the house was the first brand new furniture I ever bought on credit when my children were small.  I only had my first two and they were like 1 and 2 years old.  That furniture traveled with me until I moved to florida close to 10 years later.  Equally, the setting, that store in the dream, was also the same store that was a street over where I lived at that time.  A time when me and my two children moved out of what I call the ghetto, low-income housing, to a real apartment.

The entire set up of this dream mixed my past and present into that setting.  But the mean neighbor and the uninvited guests at a gathering that I never really knew within the dream, what it was for, until yesterday.  Just for the record, we have met our next door neighbor here several times and he is the nicest guy, so that part was not literal at all.  This dream was so real, so vivid it stays with me as a memory as opposed to a dream.

I pondered it for days, shifting back and forth with its meaning, since I am now living with my daughter and my grandson who happens to be about the same age as she was when we moved out of the ghetto.  Even tho that is a connecting point, that really has nothing to do with the water getting in and flooding the inside of the house.  It wasn’t even raining outside!!!  Between awaking with an inspiration and the arrival of two birds later that day, the full on dream became realized.

In a few weeks, there will be no familiar old furnishings from my life prior to April.  Not only am I in a new world, a new incredible relationship with my daughter and grandson, I am having my etheric house completely rebuilt, my website.  The house of my soul garden!!  I have the greatest carpenter anyone could ever ask for with my webmaster (Camille, I will be forever indebted to you for this hook up!!)  A large part of my new site is constructing the soul gym, a membership based gym for all of our soul expansions.  We are currently going over how it will function, the courses, seminars and weekly focal points that will be presented.  Within my new sight’s housing is a place to do its own blog.  Until yesterday morning, I was pretty adamant on keeping my daily sharings open to the public without having to be part of the nation of lights soul gym.  When I awoke yesterday, I knew… I mean KNEW that I would eventually share the majority of understandings thru the blog in the new site and once or twice a month, take what I understand from those sharings and keep them here, on the wordpress sight.

As the amazing information came thru my second reading of the day yesterday (to be fully detailed in a separate blog today about the 13th DNA strand) towards the end of her reading, we all got a warning shot from our teams.  When we share the information outwards, people are going to say it already happened and create their own stories around what they think they understand about what is coming thru.  None of it is accurate, because what we are defining it all as we go and is still forming thru humanity.  I was slightly stunned, in all the years of reading and sharing, spirit has never been so specific about not listening to anything besides spirit!!  So I really paid attention.  To the degree that about 10 minutes before this lady’s reading, a giant visitor came a calling and called a friend to join him.

turkey vultures

Two amazing turkey vultures let me get up close and personal with them.  They were on the roof in my neighbor’s yard.  In the same direction the yard of my dreams took place, to the left.  I did not fully get their arrival and message until my day of readings was done and I had time to look up turkey vulture as a totem.  Holy freakin shit batman, all the dominos tumbled into understanding:

The scientific name for the Turkey Vulture is CATHARTES AURA which means GOLDEN PURIFIER because as it goes about it’s lifetime business it purifies the landscape and environment in it’s own natural way, ensuring the continued health and life of other living things. The Vulture is a promise that all hardship was temporary and necessary for a higher purpose. Once a Vulture enters your life as a totem or guide, it will remain with you for life.

Vultures live and work together, both in cooperation and friendliness. They communicate with friends and neighbors when they find something to eat. They let the others know where the food is. And when there is a big feast they communicate with neighboring flocks in distant roosts. Also, Turkey Vultures that range within California Condor habitat areas, when they find food they will go to the Condors and lead them to it. One roost was observed when they had a dead cow in their neighborhood. They somehow contacted a roost of 100 vultures about 30 miles away to come join them. Several days later, before they finished their feast, two more cows died. Within a day the vultures had contacted another roost to join them. At night all the birds visited together in the same or neighboring trees. There were now three different roosts living together. When the cows had been cleaned up the several visiting roosts went home.

I realized these are not my personal totem helpers, but the totems for The Nation of Lights.  These amazing birds have been flying overhead since we arrived here in our new home, casting large shadows of themselves in my backyard, but only ever landing in the yards to my left and right, kinda bummed me out.  I wanted to see what bird it was and get a picture.  I get it fully now and will explain in more detail about their presence in the next blog.

It is so comforting to know that we are building this next phase with a solid foundation that will stay untainted by incoming emotional outpourings.  We will have such a spacious platform to cook up our soul food together for our next amazing nourishment of life together!!

The one thing we should all realize, if we haven’t already.  The information that is coming to us now, is not so much new as the experience of living it will be.  We have looked from long before incarnation in this body, all the possible scenarios that could play out in this time, preseen the potentials, embedded the memories of what could be in our mental plane for use when it is needed.  Sometimes those memories start opening up decades before it happens.  A seed turned into a seedling.  A seedling turned into a stalk.  A stalk turned into leaves and eventually a flower.  For as long as we do not get hung up on what we think is growing, what it will look like, how it will be, the flowers of life can and will grow unencumbered by perceptions of potential.

I find it interesting too, for someone who almost never dreams, this presentation came while away from home as a mother’s day present or is that Presence!!! 😉

On that note, I am off to do my next blog!!  No wonder why I was kicked out of bed at 3:30am, it was going to be a long typing morning!! lol  God thing it is my day off!!

I love you all soul much!!  (((HUGZ)))) filled with the joy and harmony of Shambhala!!

Lisa Gawlas







  1. Hi Lisa, I just want to make sure I understand correctly what you are saying. So you were just going to do the new website. But after the dream with the vultures, you’re now going to be doing the new website AND keep your messages on WordPress, right? Is the new website an invite only and that’s why you’re keeping WordPress…so that everyone will be informed?



    • No, my website will have a section called the soul gym (subject to change names) and is a membership based area. I will have a daily blog that will be accessable only by the members. I will still publish here on word press, but more like once or twice a month to kind of bring whatever is coming together, thru in a bigger package of understanding. I hope that makes more sense.


      • It does….thanks! 🙂


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