Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 16, 2017

Thru the Eye of the Needle of the New Moon!! We Have Enlarged Our Territory!


Each camel represents your heart held focus.

We are finally starting to descend out of the moon and back onto the ground, but not completely.  It is like everyone is a time released (or is that an emotionally released) thing, bit by bit, releasing energy down into a life scape that is fully ready to receive new instructions.  What I find super amazing, my entire back yard, just about an acre of space, is our immediate energy fields of life.

Over the years, I have seen our personal energy fields expand, going from the usual 3-5 feet in circumference around the body (what I call your immediate life field) to 10-20 feet around, but an acre!!  Holy heavens talk about expanding our territory!!

Sadly I woke up late, so I have to reduce this down to bullet points this morning.  I promise to go to sleep on time tonight to get the full breath of it out tomorrow.  Plus I’ll have another full day of readings to help us understand more!!

From the first to the last reading yesterday, the belly of the moon opened up like self sealing gel, releasing various visual energies.  One lady had golden butterflies fling out, another thick, pastel colored flower petals, another translucent energy rods, all about a foot long and another was a large tear drop shaped energy capsule that focused on the bottom center of this tear drop, or rain drop (it had nothing to do with tears, except the shape) was a nucleus of energy.

The common theme with all the energies, they were slowly making their way from the belly of the full moon down to the right side (emotional spiritual side) of each persons new framework or network of energetic life, creating unique formations that engaged and released what I will just call the new juice of their lives.

Another common theme, whatever their formation was (like I said, each was so different) I could see this juice, or like a golden liquid energy that started to run from the now activated area of interconnecting lines at the ground and underground area, all towards the front side of my porch.  I had not interpreted the front of the porch area yet in the readings, or maybe better stated, spirit hadn’t, so I was a bit confused about this area.  The day didn’t help me become less confused either.

It was stated thru several of the connections this immediate area directly in front of me represented the present, or Now.  Which would make the entire rest of the landscape, the energies setting up for the Now moment.  Until the needle appeared and stayed from my first reading until the last.  The eye of the needle was the focal point, the new moon energy on the 25th.  This needle was the constant. In the same place, the same size and coloring for every person.  About 4-5 feet long, stuck in the ground with the eye itself about a foot long and about an inch wide.

All of the moving energy flowed thru the eye of the needle one way (in one form) and came out the eye so different.  It is as if that inch of space transformed everything into tangible bits of material energy.

All the energy coming out of the eye was immediately pulled outwards into the vastness of the left side of the yard/field by the magnetic energy of the solstice and will be distributed into the ready areas of that side of the field thru the new moon/solstice gateway.

I could not see what was taking place on the left side, and of course, spirit reiterated again that they do not even know what the individual and collective outcome will be like.  We are all making choices, NOW, every day, every hour of every day, as to the landing points of the right side and the flow thru the eye of the needle.

Which brings me to my confusion (I am easily confused lol.)  If the front of my porch represents our present moment, our NOW moment(s) then why is the eye of the needle, which is on our timeline of the 25th, next week, located there.

I was given understanding this morning.  Our NOW moments and our perceived future moments are one and the same.  The only real, non-existent moment that is, is the past, its gone, period.  The past dissolves to become our present and future energies.  We create based off that simple system.

If, anywhere in our past, be it 10 minutes ago, 10 days ago or 10 years ago, dissolves in its passing and blows forward one (or many) of several ways.  Embedded with the memories we have not freed, embedded with the desires we have yet realized, completely neutral because we held nothing to our chest and on and on.

The Now moment is what is already creating what we perceive as our future.  We can sort of look at it as an ongoing house we are building.  It’s design and shape changes based on the tools and experiences of Now, but is always already forming and formed.  We are simply pulling it closer towards us with every thought, deed and action.

So really, as I take a longer look at the readings yesterday, the future is not out there somewhere, it’s simply on the other side of your field, waiting for your key!!  That said, whatever is on that side of your lawn (smile) we will currently call, the dark side of our fields, or even, the void, is changeable at any given moment/held emotion.

Wow, which is giving me a whole new way of understanding the push-pull of the magnetic field called our life.  Sadly, it will have to wait until tomorrow.  My day of readings is about to begin.  But tomorrow is a day off, so we can dive deep together!!

Have an amazing Tuesday my beloveds.  Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with threads of your new tapestry of life already weaving together!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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