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WE Are the New Spiritual Renaissance!!


I have said so often (from living it so often) many concepts cannot be learned nor understood prior to experiencing them.  I have been trying to wrap my mind and heart around the 12 tribes concept since spirit started talking about it all, back in February and until recently, well, until yesterday, I really am or was, clueless.  But I also know from my own crazy trek these last 17 years, that is the nature of spirit.  Give you a big dump of information and then let it alone so it can seep into the deeper unconscious part of ourselves.  The soul mind that is aware in this realm.  Slowly, if one allows the information to be untainted by what we think it means, the deep unconscious seeds the working consciousness.  The working consciousness then sets off on the magnetic fields (hear that to mean, unseen adventures) to bring that to life.

pea podAlong with the 12 tribes, spirit started talking, almost paralleling the Essenes community and Jesus and his 12 buds (we really do not like calling them disciples, at all.)  Spirit talked (thru you mind you, the readings themselves) about the importance of the 12 that surrounded Jesus and amplified the energy he worked with and thru.  We equally looked at the synergy like a pea pod.  Each pea an invaluable part of the pod’s wholeness.  Each pea unique unto the whole of the pod and empowered in their uniqueness.

Of course, I went into the metaphysical realm first, well, period.  I was thinking energy workers, seers, stuff like that.  Not once did my mind think… mundane life.  It is amazing how we can unconsciously discount how vitally important the mundane life is.  To the degree that if that is not in harmony first and foremost, the spiritual part will not be either, not to the extent it can be.

I am seeing first hand, the amplification that is taking place with each pea coming into the pod we (spirit) named The Nation of Lights.  Starting with our webmaster Howard.  My own heart being pulled back to his potential from a list of easy 25 interested people to do the website, 5 separate times in a few hours.  I gave in and emailed him…

I was really only looking to unclutter my current website ( now that I had the money to hire someone professionally instead of doing it myself.  This mans vision took me to a whole other level of potential, of excitement and now, application in what we are becoming.  Not to mention his freakin amazing site layout and images.  Things instantly started flowing in directions I never dreamed, right down to renting a house to be the hands on facility gather and learn from each other, in person.

As I am watching my accounts payable rise and my organization skills lower (hey accounting is not my forte, numbers are not my forte lol) my mind was thinking… I need a freakin bookkeeper.  Thru my entire blog yesterday all I could think of was my good friend Janet who is currently in Oregon.  I have read for her for many years and she stayed with me for about a month in New Mexico, I not only know her spiritual energy and integrity, I know her human as well and I freakin love her!!  Obviously spirit does too, as far as peas go that is lol.  I emailed her the moment I finished my blog and much to me surprise and absolute deLight, she wrote back with an astounding yes!!  That very day happened to be her last day of work, so the timing, as spirit is good at, was impeccable.

Upon receiving her reply, something soared energetically.  Not for just me, but for whatever this project we are creating, will end up being.  As I took my shower, my team reminded me of all the businesses I have put together thru this life time, 2 being physically located metaphysical places (The Wonder of You and The Soul Center, both in Virginia) and what made them amazing and what created their endings.  I realized I have a tremendous experience of what not to do under my belt, starting with my first business when I was 24 thru this moment.  I have spent a lifetime getting ready for this amazing moment we are all in.

One may think I am the pea pod and not so much pea, but I really feel, my landlord is the pea pod.  His energy, his houses, his land, his amazingness.  He doesn’t have to be actively involved, he truly is holding it all together with his trust in us and allowing us to Be and Become.  So that would make him the anchor of Light to create from!!

So as I was affirming to my team in my shower, no ego’s, stay in integrity, keep the focus on the light, not money and keep expanding.  I was stunned, if not completely overwhelmed to see 12 Centers throughout the world… eventually.  Spirit is good at giving us incentive with no other details around anything.  There is no real path, walking creates the path.

I took a couple of photos of the front of the house that IS The Nation of Lights Center for Spiritual Expansion.  The tenant (who will be there thru June 30th, we take over July 1st) was not home so I did not go into the backyard to take photos.  I will get that done this weekend when he is home.  But let me show you this image and tie this tree in with the dream I had Mother’s Day evening:

nation of light center for spiritual expansion

I now fully understand why I had to keep this dream blog separate and of its own energy.  I would be referring back to its contents more often than I ever imagined!! lol

I share this all, not only for my own processing, but also, to help whoever is getting themselves into something new!!  There are a lot of us being summoned into the new right now!!

From that dream blog: The dream opened up outside under a large tree in our yard.  I cannot wait to show you the huge trees in the backyard.  I didn’t even realize this massive tree was in the front yard until I took the picture yesterday and that dream from mothers day was moved to the forefront of my mind.  Of course, I had reread it to remember it lol.

This part almost covers what my team showed me/reminded me in my shower review:  When the person arrived I did not recognize them and of course, asked him how he found this event.  It was explained that a store down the street had a flier hanging up telling of the event.  At first I was ok with this, until more and more people came due to that flier and they were not nice.  Their ego’s lead their lives.

This, in its own way, is what destroyed The Wonder of You in Virginia.  We all have very different, very valuable unique skills that will make the car run like a magic carpet but wishing you were someone else and trying to be someone you are not, will bring it all down.  I could not fully understand why in this dream it was talking about uninvited guests.  Of course, having a physical place was not even a thought.  But as I toy with how we can make this all work and keep the overhead, over head… I am now clear (due to this dream) if one is not an active member of the Nation of Lights, then the workshops and gatherings at the ground level would be equivalent to the invited guests.

I already had my instruction yesterday on how to keep the vibe high in the house, and it really steams from the opening of The Wonder of You.  Zero negative talk allowed inside the house, ever.  We have a yard and a fire pit to do that around.

As the crowd was increasing in size, suddenly a neighbor who lived next door appeared in his yard who was just not nice.  It felt like he was trying to one up the event somehow.  So I started kicking the people who attended without an invitation over the fence to hang out with him, since their ego’s were very much in common with each other.

Less an actual neighbor, but more many neighboring (in energy not location) facilities that will tend to the ego needs.

I walked into this house that reminded me of a log cabin, but was not made of logs, instead more like 2 X 1 boards that had the same coloring as a log cabin would, old and weathered.

I so wish I had a picture to show you the barn in the backyard that separates our yards from my landlords field that has cows and horses on it.  Exactly these boards!!!  Just for the record, the cows are horses are those that have been “put out to pasture” so they live there to live, be loved and graze til their heart’s content!!

Suddenly it was raining in the house and the rain was coming in thru the space between each board, the floor was flooded.  Thank god it was made of concrete so no damage could be done.  But the living room furniture was soaked.  I immediately called the landlord who just happened to by my current landlord and in this amazingly calm, soothing, reassuring voice, reminded me that he explained this might happen occasionally once I moved in.

I have to giggle a little bit.  The day I looked at this house, we got a hellofa storm that night.  Lightning across the river, never any thunder tho and downpours of rain.  Hydrating our new garden of life.  The old furniture… old ways of being in life and even, in spirit.  No doubt, we will have occasion to be reminded of who we are no longer.

The one thing I know for sure… there is a Mighty Spiritual Renaissance happening across the globe thru each and every one of us in so many wonderful and unique ways!!!

On that note, my begins.  Have an amazing June, ride the solstice energy into your new horizons, KNOWING you are loved and supported!!!!

((((((HUGZ))))) of gratitude and excitement to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Coming Soon (projected launch date is June 9th) My new email address is  Please start using that as I will be phasing out my old site and my current email over the coming months.  Thank you!!!






  1. So amazing! I get incredibly random info reminding me of the tribes and here you are going back to it. GAH! Sorry I keep commenting on here on the amazing oneness hahaha!! And it keeps happening and yet my mind is still blown every. single. time. Mind blown. Every day. My life has become one giant synchronistic blob and im in love with it!! 😍😍😍 and you all! ❤️


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    “Remember that your ultimate goal is not physical survival.”

    — Bob Monroe, The Monroe Institute founder



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