Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 17, 2017

The 13th Strand of DNA!!

13th dna

I am going to focus in on two of the readings from yesterday, true bookends of each other.  The feminine and the masculine!!

This was my second reading of the day and I had just taken pictures of the turkey vultures moments prior (see mothers day dream blog.)

My lady had her two arms sticking out of the belly of the moon, wiping what I felt like were smudges off the surface of the moon.  I realized she was trying her best to clear up the emotional light that shined down onto the earth.  Before I get too long into her details, it feels important for me to say this is the same lady who paid off my high interest car loan and allowed me to pay her back interest free as I could afford to.  I have never met her in person, so she really took a $7000 risk in doing so, but she said she wanted to remove that stress from me so i can focus on what was important in my life.  That is an amazing trust in the unknown!!  So it seems perfectly fitting that she would be the one to present this incredible, exciting information.  She really does what she can, to remove the emotional smudges from lives.

When she finally stepped out of the moon, ohhh my dear god was she sooo beautiful and sooooo pregnant.  Her skin glowed gold, radiant from head to toe.  She was nakken save a white string bikini bottom.  Her belly was so large, easily in her 9th month and I swear she had twins in there!!  Huge!!

As she came out of the moon, this series of spiral / circle like things became her sliding board down to the ground.  This is a humble representation of it:

moon spiral ingintition

As this golden, luminescent body of her made its way to each connecting circle, multicolored sparks emanated from it, but only once she was in that area.  Igniting that area.  She was so damn graceful with that huge belly of hers!!

Once she made her way to the ground, deeper into the right side of her field than even the circle spiral thing landed, I was taken aback as I watched her reaching between her legs and give birth, effortlessly.  I was waiting for twins and instead, she gave birth to a freakin fish!!  A FISH!!! lol  The fish grew into full size right before our eyes, a whale!!  A massive whale!!!!  The whale explained to us that it is not any whale that have swam in our oceans prior to this moment.  This new type of whale is now seeded in our oceans and our scientists will soon discover this new species.  Of course, they will think they missed this discovery, but that is not true, it is new to this plane of existence.

I had already known that whales and dolphins hold the energy of our DNA within themselves, and this whale made it clear, absolutely clear that his ally, my beautiful lady, is bringing with her the 13th DNA strand.  He holds the energy, she holds the embodiment.

The dolphin also went on to explain that our current 12 stand DNA works separately from each other.  Very much like our right hand works independently of our left hand, our kidneys work independently of the heart and so on.  Yes, it all works together, but independently.  This 13th DNA strand, which too, will eventually be revealed thru science, acts like the pea pod analogy I used in my blog a few days ago, the one without a title (which I now realize, I cannot link here because of the lack of title lol.  I posted it on May 11th.)

Now let me put her on hold just for a moment so I can skip to my last reading of the day.  A beautiful man from Norway.  He was a virgin upon my field, not only that, he never read my blogs before so was unfamiliar with the way I read.  Which was ok, because he told me, he never had a reading in his life before.  I had to ask him how the hell he found me.  He was unsure and I was boggled.  I was grateful he was my last reading, it gave me the much needed time to explain to him the layout of the field, what each area means and how the information comes thru.  Let me tell ya, I about shit when out of the belly of the moon came a golden double helix.  I had already seen in my above lady’s reading and here I am not only with a virgin, but a virgin who does not understand my crazy reading language.  AND he comes toting the masculine energies of this 13th DNA.  Not only that, he is one of the light anchors in the 12 tribes.  Jeezus, how do I explain all this to him??  I emailed him links to my blogs lol.

His golden DNA helix (and to be clear, spirit only used the double helix so I would understand we were talking about the human DNA, but all 12 strands, not just the two base strands) was coming out of the moon and twisting like a really kewl roller coaster ride.  He too, was bringin in the 13th DNA.

Thru his team, it was explained that even tho we only look at the DNA as having twelve strands, within each strand are millions of strands of energy, coding, so each strand is truly a clump.

Reminiscent of my lady, he too had areas on his DNA thingie coming down to the earth that made sudden curves within itself.  Instead of sparking outwards like my lady when he climbed down to the ground, the sparks came out of his heart.

Equally, instead of beaming this golden skin he was adorned in a white, tight fitting T Shirt and light blue spandex pants.  It was explained that we are to look at this 13th DNA as the very skin of our Creator/Source, especially from the sacral chakra down thru the root that connects to the earth.  His white T Shirt was akin to an artist’s canvas, always ready for new energy, new creations, never holding onto anything along the way.

Once he was at the ground level, he stood there sweating this massive color drops from his chest into the ground.  I mean, freakin massive!!  Not a sweat bead, more like the size of gourds!!!  Each drop quickly entered into the earth and it was explained this is the new lifewaters of life.  He (and we) fully affect and alter the ground waters of the earth.  And so much more than that is happening that I just couldn’t yet understand.

I realized that these two amazing Beings showed up representing the golden age of gaia.  WE are the golden age.  We are the illuminated Beings of Source incarnate.

I had to smile when he told me he had just taken his last test to be a life coach.  Ohhh he is going to do so much more than that and he feels it deep inside of himself as well.  Plus, god must be blessing america, as he as he is moving here in July!!

Now, back to my lady and the dolphin.  I had to giggle when the dolphin said “You can call me Sampson and I will call you Delila!”  I knew there was a bible story connection but had to google it to really understand it.  The dolphin made sure we did not take any of what the bible expresses as the negative aspects of the story, they embedded fear for control and that is not present here.

It’s kinda funny, Eve got all the blame for tempting Adam to eat the apple, Delilah gets all the blame for:  The name Delilah is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Delilah is: Amorous, delight, languishing, temptress. In the Old Testament, Samson’s mistress Delilah tricked him into revealing the secret of his strength, then betrayed him to the Philistines.

And good ole Sampson: With the Spirit of God upon him (Judges 13:25; 14:6, 19; 15:14), Samson was a powerful man with supernatural strength. The story reveals that he was also very intelligent with an unusual sense of humor. 

I think those who wrote our stories were serious intimidated by the power of the emotional female and only looked to strength for their safety.  Today we know better, we need as much strength in our emotions as we need emotions within our strength.

I am going to leave off here, there is so much more to share, tomorrow.  My day is beginning and my fingers have been typing for close to 5 hours, they need a nap!! lol

Ohhh before I go tho, let me tie in the turkey vultures.. the golden purifiers, keeping the 13th strand of wholeness pure in its emergence!! ❤

Have I thanked you lately for showing up in the field to feed us all!  I love you and honor you more than my mere words will ever express.  Thank you for being the fruit if the tree of life we all get to eat from!!  ❤

((((HUGZ)))) of excitement and wonder!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Hi Lisa, interesting you mentioning turkey vultures – for the past I’d say, 5 years, 3 of them have been flying in low circles over my house every few weeks – I always say “hello up there!” and I swear they seem to swoop like a hello back! I’ve always felt there is something magical about them but never quite as you described, very cool, and thank you! 🙂

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  2. Maybe the whale has already presented itself in the physical? 5 days ago in Indonesia there was a massive blob found floating. It was so bloated they didn’t know what it was and called it an ‘Alien’. They didn’t clean up the carcass until the scientists got their samples for testing because they thought it might be a new deep ocean species that has yet been discovered. It came back as a whale, but I guess that’s rare since they tend to die in the deep part of the waters. Maybe the whale is making himself known among us humans?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhh you are right Rachel, I remember seeing that unique looking thing. And it did say it entered with Mays energy, but didn’t specify May this year… we know spirit can be tricky with their words!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I enjoyed this post! Check out my work-in-progress blog 🙂


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