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Death and Life, Re-Lease of Entanglements.

Before I get into the thick of this sharing, so I do not forget to mention this… again, I want everyone to know that I do not send you anything from the Nation when you go to sign up and do not complete sign up.  Even tho my name is in the auto sender, I have no clue who is doing what.  It is something that is just part of the automated system of the membership sign up thingie.  I have gotten so many emails explaining why… I would have never known this was happening without those emails.  And trust me, I sure as hell would not be asking you why you did not complete membership setup, that would just be rude of me, IMHO.  So please, if anyone gets that automated sender asking if something is wrong… ignore it, please, it’s not from me.  Thanx ❤

Now onto our regularly scheduled program!! (smile)

I am going to start with the information that came thru my first reading, since I know it was the flag of warning thru the rest of the days events and information.  Not to mention it was also the order in why my day unfolded.

chain eventI fully realized how assumptive we…. I, can be with information just starting out.  When a whole day of new imagery shows up in the same way, one single person going from fire to fire, I instantly assumed it is an individual event all the way thru.  Until my first lady showed up yesterday and there were four people hanging hand around ankles to each other going into the fires.  I knew one of those people was her, but could not discern her, or any of the energy signatures in the chain, on purpose… of course.  This was for her to recognize and understand.  But let’s take this into a larger understanding of group dynamics.  It was truly the perfect way to start a day of events that broke my heart and make everything so much clearer in where we are heading and why.

Incase you are wondering, the image to the left is supposed to be a fire in the sky with the chain of people under it.  lol

Group dynamics.

Whether it is a family group, a work group, friends/peers group or hell, prisoner groups (thinking of my daughter in jail) ohhh, lest we forget, spiritual groups, we are naturally group oriented from pre-birth.  The major group energy right now exists as the picture depicts.  One person leading, another hanging onto to that one persons ankle (think alpha and beta in wolf packs) with another hanging on another’s ankle and so on.

The ankle is the flexibility of every person’s walk in life.  The hands are the ability to grasp what you are reaching for and pull it to you.  Truly, everyone needs to be side by side, very few are, no matter the group dynamic.

Lets really understand the dynamic being shown here.  I think the easiest way to explain this is using the most common and often times, the strongest group dynamic there is, family.  Let’s say the one going into the fire is a parent.  Most often that dominant parent is raising the family and making choices based on their society/religious/peer oriented bias.  The secondary parent follows along with the main parents desire out of the perception of love and honoring that person’s desires.  Let’s throw some kids in the mix, those choices that are being made (whatever they are, does not matter) are often in the perception or demands of the child/ren, false perceived needs of the children (false needs created by society influence an inner guilt.)

The entanglement of the group gets weighted down, heavy, dragging each other around (with the best of intentions) from misinformation due to outside influences and the feeling of obligation.  Huge emphasis on obligation and then lets get into codependent love.  For clarity’s sake I googled Codependent: Codependency is a type of dysfunctional helping relationship where one person supports or enables another person’s (fill in the blank… need to feel more responsible, spiritual, supportive of life dependant perceptions..) often at the sacrifice of oneself which really becomes a sacrifice of the whole group.

I can give you a real example from my own history.  My choice to move out of the home I was living in with my son, daughter, 5 month old grandson, his mother and my friend and former business partner (at the Wonder of You) and move from VA to NM.  This was soooooo against the entire group dynamic, needs, expectations that when I finally drove off (3 months after making my announcement) no one talked to me for months.  They were so angry and confused.  I broke a very heavy, dysfunctional chain that was killing me.  The environment was toxic, everyone in their own issues and no one genuinely dealing with them tho we talked about them frequently.

From that choice, another chain reaction took place.  One that was so needed for everyone, my daughter moved out of that house, then my friend moved out, then my grandsons mama took her and her son out and moved away.  Granted this all happened over the course of I think 2 years… but the chain that kept it all functioning broke.  It wouldn’t have mattered who moved out first, all that mattered was someone broke the interconnected chain.

Now we all live hand in hand, heart in heart without anyone pulling the other in their direction.

Religions are built in this dynamic and so are many of the “spiritual” groups out there.  One or two leaders and a bunch of followers.  That is laying down your power and trying to use someone else’s perception of power.  Makes kinda crazy when someone is replying to anything I said via someone else’s blog.  I don’t read them (most of them,) unless it is truly a helpful thing instead of someone talking for you.  I don’t give a shit what someone else says or thinks, I care about what you feel, what you think outside of someone else!!  YOU, you matter.  YOU are what I care most about.  What are you feeling, what do you think, how is it affecting you in your world.  If what I share conflicts with someone else’s sharing, tell me about your perception, your feelings in the conflict.  If I spent even an hour looking at the conflicting information out there (in relationship to what I received thru You in the field) I would never put out a blog because I would feel intimidated that maybe, I was wrong.

There is no wrong.  Gotta be clear here… there are simply levels of frequencies of understandings.  It is all correct depending on the frequency information unfolding for you.  What I wrote about 10 years ago (100 frequencies ago lol) is nowhere near the information I share now and only the core truth that is never going to change, remains.  Everything else morphed into whatever is coming thru now.

All this to say, as an individual, YOU are potent, important and come packing things not another soul on this planet is capable of.

If you can stand next to anyone in your group, share, express, become all you were meant to be in this life without having to conform to anyone else’s perception, that is power.

Just feel the energy difference of a group dynamic that are all equal!

human chain

There is no drag, no pull on the egoic gravity of a group.  There is SYNERGY ALL feeding the whole.  Or in this picture, the hole lol.  Source, spirit, god… whatever you want to call the Source of All life, what i depicted as the black hole.  Forgive me for not spending the time to make the 12 sections equal in size, they should be, I am just not spending that extra time figuring out how to do that.  There is no beginning, there is no leader, there is a unity, a synergy.  All Hearts matter.  All hands holding each other, not pulling anyone or anything down to their version of reality.

This IS what the Nation of Lights is built from.  The vision God gave me in Marco Island.  The reason WE ALL need to get to the void, that center spot in the middle.  To Be the Godhead in Body, equally.

Now!!  Let me take you thru a series of events in my personal world that broke my heart and cleared my vision in a way nothing else could.

Sunday afternoon I took a drive to the dollar store to replenish my smokes.  As I approached the Center, I could see this brown vortex spinning from the ground upwards about 20 feet above the roof.  It was skinny in circumference and located in the back right quadrant of the Center.  This was not a positive vortex, it is one of those life sucking vortexes.  I must have blinked 10 times as I slowly drove down the road past the house.  WTF??  What is that doing there.  I know I put down a strong energy field to keep the energy high and God centered.  I had not seen it before.  I was absolutely sure I was making this image up.  I cannot tell you the last time I doubt anything that I see, but I dismissed this visual completely and did not even look at the house on my ride back.

Even when I went to feed the bunny hours later, now completely forgetting about that brown vortex (I can push out what i do not want to admit as good, if not better, than anyone.  That was my early life template… DeNile!! lol)

I got to the bunny about 6:30pm, replenished his ice bottle, gave him some veggies and treats and more pellets, petted him a bit.  My first intention was to let him out and hop around for about 30 minutes, but I changed my mind instantly as I felt this sudden need to leave.  To get out!!!  It was 10 minutes before 7 when I hopped in my car and went home.  Weird.  That is the first time I didn’t just want to lounge in the energies of the center, especially in the yard.  By this time of day, my mind is gearing down for sleep, not higher processing.  And not once did I think about that vortex, I truly declared it made up by my mind.  Silly me!!!

These days, I do my best to finish my blog an hour before my first reading so I can go feed the rabbit before my day begins.  Not yesterday, I had plenty time but opted out. An unexpected break came in my schedule at 10am when my beautiful lady was dealing with fires of her own and could not be present for her reading.  This kinda works out, I now have an hour to go hang out with the bunny and let him hop around for a while.

turkey vulturesAs I pulled out of my driveway and headed up the road I seen turkey vultures eating something on the right side of the road.  As I counted them, there were 5.  Five is a great omen of change… right?  It is my life path number as well, so I took notice beyond just seeing these massive birds having breakfast in the street.  I took several pictures and then started driving to the Center (2 houses and one large field up the street away.)  I was going to grab the veggies and a fresh ice bottle out of the freezer first, but decided to go say hi to Mr Bunny first, let him hop around before breakfast.


As I stepped into the right side of the yard where Mr Bunny lives… lived, this is what I seen.  My heart shattered, my mind raced.  WTF!!!  This seems like an impossible image.  How can death…. MURDER, happen here.  Mr Bunny is dead.  Just… freakin dead.  I checked the outer fence line before I set him up in the yard, there was no way for anything larger than a mouse to make its way into the yard and a mouse could not make its way into his hutch.

I couldn’t move, but I did take a picture.  I got closer to the hutch (I could not bring myself to look closely at the rabbit incase he was mauled, I didn’t want to see that.)

I sent a text to my daughter with the above picture telling her the rabbit has been killed.  Janet must have heard me talking to Michelle, my disbelief loud and no doubt, audible.  She got up close to the rabbit, no blood, so he wasn’t torn apart (thank you dear god.)

distructionMy daughter took time off her job, borrowed a shovel from work and came to bury Mr Bunny and address the neighbor.  Janet seen a big hole that was dug under the fence where the bunny lay dead, the dogs next door got in.  My daughter first lifted the hutch to upright… as we all debated did the bunny just tip himself over and out.  That rabbit is not that ambitious, I am sure that is not the case, something tipped it over to get the rabbit.  I was correct as we all looked at the destruction of the hutch.

My daughter went to the neighbors to address what happened.  The neighbor came to the back yard where I was still walking around aimlessly trying to understand what is happening and why.  He is such a kind, compassionate man who could not believe any of his 3 dogs could do this… until he seen his chocolate lab try to fit back under the fence.  We both would have assumed it was the black dog who is more aggressive than the lab. (A wolf in sheep’s clothing comes to mind.)

The man was willing to help, pay for, do whatever he could.  I asked only to pay for the hutch that I had just purchased and within minutes he gave me the $106 I paid.

All I could think of was my mother’s day dream which is the only dream I have ever published as a stand alone blog.  It was too detailed and too present moment to ignore.

In the dream itself, I had to have a physical person present to understand what was being shown, because in the few moments I talked to the actual neighbor, he was not… not nice (smile.)

“As the crowd was increasing in size, suddenly a neighbor who lived next door appeared in his yard who was just not nice.  It felt like he was trying to one up the event somehow.  So I started kicking the people who attended without an invitation over the fence to hang out with him, since their ego’s were very much in common with each other.”  (from the dream)

 Let’s take this into the energy of a dog, which is all about obedience and loyalty.  We can choose to be obedient to our fears (base ego) or obedient to our soul (unconditional love and service.)  His dogs were being very obedient to their predatory ways, their base ego, their base instinct of survival.

I am not sure what turned that vortex on, I have not had the heart energy to go that deep yet, but I know it was not present at all until Sunday the 9th, the freakin full moon.  It was in our yard, or house, I am not even sure anymore.  But even where Mr Bunny, more than likely dropped dead from fright, is where the hole in the fence is.  (Which the neighbor said he will fix.)

I started processing as soon as I got home and the remainder of the readings thru the day helped on every level of understanding as well.

The fires, there are 5 fires that make up the straight line of the U shape, there were 5 vultures in the road I was driving on.  Since they are turkey vultures, my team is asking me to understand turkeys as well as  vultures:


Harvest time, makes us thankful for all blessings, shows adaptability in all areas of life, energy of sharing and gift giving, teaches us how to harvest items with patience, show us how to expand our thoughts to attract we need, there is a time for everything so patience is necessary for there is a time to fly and a time to be grounded. Turkey teaches the vitality of life and how all is sacred. It is time to listen to your higher vision to achieve goals whether it be spiritual, physical, mental or emotional. Turkey will aid in the exchange and transformation of such perceptions.


Buzzard or Vulture teaches the power of purification of the mind, body and spirit. Vulture aids accomplishing tasks through great patience and vision, using your sense of smell and discernment, and how to glide and soar with your own energy. He teaches efficiency in actions and promises that changes are imminent. He shows how to restore harmony of thoughts and feelings so one can reach new heights with little effort. Buzzards will aid in uncovering truths, clarifying previous conceptions, and allow to see and hear subtle hidden qualities using intuition and awareness. Buzzard can teach confidence and the ability to stand with dignity and soar with clarity and purpose. He shows how to seek a new and heightened vision while increasing sensitivity. It is time to soar above your perceived limitations. Are you currently undergoing an internal death and rebirth cycle? Are you ready to assert your actions from your ideas? Buzzard will aid in transforming knowledge to bring the unconscious to conscious and teach how to soar above it and bring the transformation you are needing at this time. Are you ready for these lessons of awakening?

Because this is not two separate creatures but one posing as two, the vulture eats of the harvest, not one it created.  It did nothing to earn that meal, it just showed up and eats with nothing in return.  (Before anyone goes off me, lol, this is in understanding the events of yesterday as they apply especially to me, but equally to ALL of us.)

The dogs, that base ego instinct of the dogs, seen supper and invaded a space they were not invited into, or welcomed (again, referring back to my mother’s day dream) and destroyed the house that is the house of feasting in freedom.

Now going to the vultures ability to restore harmony… again, let’s look at the dangling chain in the first scenario above.  How often do we all go against our inner guidance to please the outside world.  I did that with the Center to appease living situations here, even tho I KNEW that was not the thing to do given the energies the Center needed to Become.  And I did it anyway as a way of throwing my hands up in the air and just finding some sort of harmony again.

OMG, I just went back to the dream blog and realized there is a bigger connection with those vultures from a site I never have gone to before:

“Two amazing turkey vultures let me get up close and personal with them.  They were on the roof in my neighbor’s yard.  In the same direction the yard of my dreams took place, to the left.  I did not fully get their arrival and message until my day of readings was done and I had time to look up turkey vulture as a totem.  Holy freakin shit batman, all the dominos tumbled into understanding:

The scientific name for the Turkey Vulture is CATHARTES AURA which means GOLDEN PURIFIER because as it goes about it’s lifetime business it purifies the landscape and environment in it’s own natural way, ensuring the continued health and life of other living things. The Vulture is a promise that all hardship was temporary and necessary for a higher purpose. Once a Vulture enters your life as a totem or guide, it will remain with you for life.

Vultures live and work together, both in cooperation and friendliness. They communicate with friends and neighbors when they find something to eat. They let the others know where the food is. And when there is a big feast they communicate with neighboring flocks in distant roosts. Also, Turkey Vultures that range within California Condor habitat areas, when they find food they will go to the Condors and lead them to it. One roost was observed when they had a dead cow in their neighborhood. They somehow contacted a roost of 100 vultures about 30 miles away to come join them. Several days later, before they finished their feast, two more cows died. Within a day the vultures had contacted another roost to join them. At night all the birds visited together in the same or neighboring trees. There were now three different roosts living together. When the cows had been cleaned up the several visiting roosts went home.”

I come back to the many nights of awakened sleep with warnings, remembering how The Wonder of You became bankrupt within its first year, midway thru its first year.  That is both, energetically and financially speaking.  Energy MUST be first because money flows to the magnetic field of energy, all-ways.  For better or worse.  (see yesterdays blog)

So with everything that is happening right now, I am down on my knees grateful it is all happening in the beginning instead of the middle.

The bunny was mine for only 9 days.  Because of the rigamortis that he was in, he definitely found death the night before and not that morning.  9 days, 9 fires of purification before we enter the 5 crystalline fires of august.  5 coming and 5 going.  Change meeting change.  But what of those 4 fires that make up the arch in the U shape?  The bunny’s hutch was built on Friday, not occupied until Saturday and Sunday, then Monday, laying out in the vortex, dead.

1, new beginnings, 2 duality, 1 new beginnings, two ones make up an 11, spiritual illumination, all together there is a 4, a completion of a cycle on earth.  For the rabbit, it was the ultimate completion/transformation, death.  Scared to death no less.

How many of us are so afraid to apply the changes that need to be made inside and outside our lives because of other perception via the base ego.

Our kids are huge at doing this… I have heard more times than not… I can’t because it would adversely affect (name a child, doesn’t even matter how old the child is.)  Hell I dragged my then 10-year-old daughter, kicking and screaming at every move around the USA with me as I embarked on this crazy journey.  She hated it… then.  Now she is so grateful for all she learned from it.  The difference of being 10 and 26.

Most people take on the base energy of the rabbit, scared to death to do something in complete contrast to the group.  Or even like I did, taking in the vultures energy’s, doing the easiest thing possible… regardless.

One of my lady’s yesterday, a virgin upon my field, OMG she just made everything so clear for my own personal understanding as well as her own.  She was sitting in a meditative, lotus style position inside the first flame.  Eyes closed, not even realizing there was a fire burning around her.  When her team took over my mouth and said “Would you open your eyes and look around at what is happening” I about shit a brick.  Not because of the words, but the complete contradiction I was feeling from their words.

Spirit has been on an inner bandwagon of clarity for as long as I have been on this path (17 years) and NOW they are telling her to look at the exterior world, not inside.  Her team affirmed over and over again that inside, she is crystal clear and there is nothing for her to go in search of there… as far as purification goes.  But look at your immediate world, that is where the fires are burning, that is what needs purification first and foremost!!  Our inner Being’s can be clear as a bell but if our outer world is not reflective of that… we are, as the rabbit has shown, still being consumed by duality’s razor.

This precious lady also mentioned she had a (spiritual) business she just launched and it went nowhere, at least to her perception (just like my own with the Center.)  She had not known of the days events yet, nor read the blog from that morning.  This could not have been better timed for both of us… thanx spirit!!

It was explained to her that it (her business, just like ours) was born in these purifying energies, so it did take life and death on at the same time (very much like the rabbit.)  It is already expanding and becoming more than she can fathom, if she allows the purifying energies to have their way.  And then, something even more shocking came thru my lips… I was hijacked by her team and they said YOU WILL get this done.  Hey… what happened to free will and free choice.

It was explained that there were 3 back up plans to what she came here to do, all adults in this incarnation, not one of them one woke up (spiritually speaking.)  There is no back plan in place for her and now she MUST do what she came here to do.  Her souls will overrides her ego will.   (There are, however, many children still growing up that are Dream Weavers.)

Also, I had seen her outside the fires as well, the only one so far.  She was hovering in the center of her field and now, having down that circle thingie above, it’s so much more than being in her center but being in THE CENTER OF CREATION.

dream weaver

The pastel energies scattered about the threads on her loom stretched outwards to the right far corner, where the first fire is.

I heard clearly heard she is one of a small handful of “Dream Weavers” that are awake and diligently working/creating.  I had to giggle when she explained (before this image and I am pretty sure that is what prompted this image) that she is 59 years old and is tired to starting anything.  She wants to just move and settle in somewhere and just live what she loves.  Too bad, so sad!! lol  She does not have that choice, she is an activated Dream Weaver and therefore, her incarnation here in this lifetime is all about weaving the new, even if it is into existing tapestries, it must become NEW!!  This will be the rest of her life.  Especially in the segment of the new tapestry she is assigned too… which has to do with animals.

Now that you have novel to get thru and I still have so much information to share lol, I am going to end here.  My day begins soon.

I do want to give amazing ups to all the players at the ground level of my life for being the bearers of energies I need to see and understand as I so my own weaving and leave out any and all remnants of yesterday!!

And our short-lived beloved Bunny… thank you.  I woke up hearing a song clip this morning and I know it was from Mr Bunny:

Just give me a reason, just a little bit’s enough
Just a second we’re not broken just bent, and we can learn to love again
It’s in the stars, it’s been written in the scars on our hearts
We’re not broken just bent, and we can learn to love again

Only I swear I heard Live Again.    Either way, Pink is passion and the songstress too!!

Have an amazing day my beautiful beautiful beautiful messengers of light and dark and beauty and grace and fires consuming and passionate!!

((((HUGZ))))) of boundless and eternal love thru it ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. OK sew now last time someone within the nation was to leave – it was Aquarius moon. I found my neighbor’s cat beside her culdesac – stiff. We got a kitten May 5. Orion counsel via Krista Raisa said a portal opened in March and new green beings came through. Beings with tails. Look her up if you care.
    My oriental carpet ride of the last solar lunar year had me visit several of nature’s animals. For me – it matched around the moon giving birth to a whale – some new special animal.
    Some ‘religion’ praise both the creator and destroyer.
    I just follow and repeat and(( love)) from my high perch.

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    The major group energy right now exists as the picture depicts. One person leading, another hanging onto to that one persons ankle (think alpha and beta in wolf packs) with another hanging on another’s ankle and so on.


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    Just like fire, burning up the way
    If I can light the world up for just one day
    Watch this madness, colorful charade
    No one can be just like me any way

    Just like magic, I’ll be flying free
    I’mma disappear when they come for me
    I kick that ceiling, what you gonna say?
    No one can be just like me any way
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    Just like fire
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