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Becoming Human…

On September 22nd, 2001, I had the pure privledge in being in the first ever Life Between Life class held by the very author of “Journey of Souls” and Destiny of Souls,” Michael Newton, PhD.   I consumed both of those books and every part of my heart wanted that experiece.  I wanted to know who I was in spirit.  Hell, I spent most of this life trying to get out of this body and go back Home…. only to constantly be kicked back to earth!

With any participatory Hypnosis event, very much like readings, you can’t go any further than the one leading the way knows how to go.

My Life Between Life experience was extraordinary, but left a lot of understanding of what I experienced and why out.  At least until now.

I seem to have spent this entire weekend really getting a birds eye view of the incarnation process and understanding the evolution of our DNA.  All, obviously very important to this very time on earth.

What has returned with vivid clarity of the experience 11 years ago, was the point in the 3 hour hypnosis session when I incarnated as Lisa.  It is funny, there is nothing within our memory system that is ever truly lost.  Even the memories you didn’t realize you were imprinting within yourself are very much there for the fuller understanding.

What I am going to share today, is a mixture of my now full understanding of my precious event 11 years ago, and the continuing packages of information picked up by my crystal that was taken and charged on the The Pyramid of Kukulcan at Chichen Itza, Mexico.  

In the pureness of spirit we do have “family” or “soul groups” that we are very connected to.  Groups (if you will) are together via the wisdom and lessons they are growing within.  When you evolve as a soul into a higher state of wisdom, you leave the soul group and move to another to expand your wisdom and evolution.

As a younger soul still evolving in the vastness of wisdom, we usually incarnate with our soul group energies that we kick about in spirit with… accelerating the learning process on earth thru our mundane interaction and programming within the DNA strands of the human incarnate.

Being human is not easy.  It take lifetimes of mastery to learn how to fully use the nervous system within this physical body.

There is an electrical charge that flows thru our human when we are near anyone we are close to within our soul groups.  Family, friends, lovers and often times strangers we meet along the way.

In the youthfulness of our incarnating soul, our greatest learning came from staying amungst our soul group on earth.  The energy exchange is most profound when near those who are electrically charged as you are.  Opening the most packets of potential within each other.

As the soul evolves into the higher levels of wisdom and understanding, we incarnate less and less within our soul groups.  Even in the evolution of the soul energy, as we vibrate higher, there is more of a group merging that takes place.

Kind of like the clouds in the sky…. we start out being all these clouds that seem separate from each other… as we grow spiritually, our cloud form merges with others as we become a larger collective of energy and wisdom, until the sky is one large cloud.  We still have our unique signature of energy within the mass of energy, but are merged together as one energy.  At this stage of our own soul development we rarely incarnate with each other.  It is no longer needed for the growth at hand.  Often times, especially in these times we are in right now on planet earth… we scattered thru the multiverses to help the evolution of all of humanity.

I remember thru my Life Between Life hypnosis session going back to my soul group to say hi to everyone.  My mother, grandmother and other familiars were there to greet me, but none of them looked like me… energy wise.

Instead, my true soul group were my guides.  They radiated the very same energy I did.  I was always baffled by this since the books stated that our guides are almost never from our soul group but from more advanced groups (Which would really make sense.)

Well, thanks to my incredibly charged crystal…. I so understand this whole process and see so clearly how an event that took place 11 years ago came full circle in filling in any blanks I could have had either way.

In my search for the perfect human body and the experiences I needed to go thru during this incarnation, I choose a group that lets just say was halfway between new to earth and very efficient with earth.  We made an agreement that I would come thru the DNA combination of my mother and father, but not get hung up in the family structure.

It was an entire group effort to encode the DNA strands that would become me very carefully.  Embedding the dysfunctional stages of my living process, the chaos within my stream of energy to learn from and (hopefully) master… again.    Not to mention the alignment of all the others on my path of life that will one day be the very trigger for my remembering process.

Plus we had to encode the very wisdom, talents, spiritual patterns that will be needed thru this particular lifetime.  This is where the DNA strands become so complex, quantum even.  If there were any fully developed light receptors within the incarnating soul energy, they had to be embedded within the DNA and the trigger switches encoded as well.  We are a very complex species!!

But the most incredible part of that hypnosis journey was connecting to the baby while still in gestation.  The developing fetus was about 7 months along and I moved into what would eventually become my mother’s belly and met with the developing human for the first time.  All I was concerned about was her nervous system.  I moved into the baby thru the solar plexus and first made my way to her consciousness… the developing ego.

It is funny to remember how self identified the human is.  The baby was very aware of itself and I was an intruder into an already tight space.   We talked about a partnership, a merger of energies, of consciousnesses that would enhance both of our lives on earth together.  She agreed.  (There must be an agreement… always.)  I want to point out here too, even the ego is created at the soul level of the incarnating spirit, for the evolution at hand.

I snaked my soul energy thru her spinal fluids, paying particular attention to the spinal chord itself.  That is the bodies electrical communication system.  Paying very close attention to the reaction and stimulation thru these fluids and the brains reaction to the electrical charges created by the soul that is me. It was in that gestation stage that the full spiritual imprint/relationship was created.  The DNA strands developed perfectly as did the ego consciousness.

Staying in this very same vane of understanding, I want to talk about the babies who have not made it fully thru the actual birth process.  Whether they miscarried prior to birth or an abortion was performed… all has vital meaning and relevance.  Altho there is always a higher lesson for the parents, my focus, my sharing is about the soul process only.

I am going to share three very real examples of how important the DNA encoding is, regardless of the longevity of the human life is. The first thing I wanted to understand some years ago, and I only understood it vaguely… until this mind blowing weekend.

I became pregnant at 18 years old.  My mother would call me and cry to me (usually when she was in a drunken stupor… nightly) that I was ruining my life if I kept this baby… and eventually agreed to pay for an abortion for me.  I agreed to have the abortion mostly to shut my mother up.  It was horrific!!  I was absolutely sure god hated me more now than ever before.

I kept seeing this little girl who never would have the chance at life at about 2 years old.  Curly blonde hair and just radiant.   I swear it tortured my very soul to see that and I would cry from the depths of guilt. Imagine my surprise when I got pregnant again a year later.  How could I get pregnant when my catholic god hated me.  That was the first opening I had that maybe my catholic god doesn’t hate me as much as I was taught to believe.

What is funny, the only two times in all my life I slept with a blonde haired blue eyed man was with both of those pregnancies.  Obviously this child had a look and agenda all it’s own!

Much to my surprise my 2nd pregnancy became a boy… my sonshine!

The soul  that would become my son, was also my first pregnancy and knew he would not live that life.  That was not his purpose, he needed the female genetic encoding of the DNA strands that was going to be embedded in his male body a little over a year later.  He is such a wonderful balance of masculine and feminine energy today!!

Then there is that pesky time when the love of my life (my mentor) was coming to see me for the first (and last) time back in 2002.  When the meditation I had announcing his impending arrival came from the Blessed Mother (in my meditation) thru words I will never forget for as long as I live:

“My proverbial son and your bother will be coming soon.”

That crazy ass phrase stopped me from having the most desired, fantasized sex in all my creation.  I wasn’t sure if my mentor was actually Jesus… and how the hell do you sleep with Jesus?  I still was picking the Catholic out of myself!

It wasn’t until I started writing my 3rd book “The Lost Codes of Shambhala” did the fullness of her message reveal itself to me.

My mother had a baby boy about 2 years before I was born.  The only other living person who had my exact DNA combo (from my mother and my father.)

He died at about 2-3 weeks old.  It was my mentor that incarnated as my brother, so that his DNA would be in full harmony with mine… and OMG was it!!

We were literally programmed to each others frequencies and funny now to think back… but equally reflected each others dysfunctions back to each other as well… for our evolution!

Last, but so far from least, I read for a lady last week who asked about a child that miscarried.  The moment she asked about this child I could see the most interesting thing… what looked like a tiny little fairy inside what looked like a tiny tea cup.  The entire outlay of this fairy in a cup imagery was a pure golden vibration. This baby has never left her, but needed the DNA encoding in it’s energy stream to fully help her in her evolution but in a very different and unique way…. from the outer energy field.

So many of us look towards becoming more spiritual that I feel we can so overlook what it took to simply become human.

I now I have a deeper awe of the wonder of this physical body and electrical field we all call Lisa than I ever had before.

I do want to touch on our incarnated families, friends and relationships. Just because we are birthed by someone, or even birthed someone does not mean they are from our soul group at all.  Which is why so many people look at their family structure and feel like an alien within it.  You came in for a very specific reason, their DNA and early lessons…

We have such a societal bias around family structures… that we are obligated to love them, align with them and forever be in their debt.  Not even!!

Same thing with the children we bring into this world.  Now here is something to really think about in the opposite direction of my own incarnating story.

What if you were a soul in a mid-level group of energy and you really wanted to accelerate your soul energy thru this lifetime.  There would be an agreement for you to come into a particular parent, so the DNA potentials are encoded within your biology.  You would also come in with the coding of your energetic level of understanding from within your soul group… and more than likely live within a family that produced the environment you need to grow spiritually (think of adoptions and foster care here.)  It is truly thru the trauma (emotional as well as physical) that accelerates our spiritual growth… if we allow it too.

We, the human species, are an amazing and complex creation of life.  Today, take time to really honor the human that is hosting this incredible experience thru matter.

Big big human (((((HUGZ)))) to All!

Lisa Gawlas

New Special thru April Only:  Life Between Life Phone Hypnosis Session.  This will be tailored to the ascension process of understanding.  I have been asked by the Guardians to offer this package, always with the acceleration of integration of the ascension process well under way.  For details go to:


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  3. You have no idea how synchronistic this is! First of all, did you make the fractal image you use as a thumbnail here? I found it and was directly attracted after a journey into GOD last night, and I found your image. That is it! Love is all there is. My friend who was with me was speaking of journey of souls. This is magic.


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