Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 9, 2017

By the Light of the Full Moon: Reflections Into Our Now!

The entrance into June, the intensity of the full moon and the magnetics of the solstice has brought my body to its knees.  A combination of energy I sure as hell didn’t see coming with such intensity.  I woke up monday with a strange minor sore throat.  I say strange because it wasn’t sore down in my throat, but at the top of the back of my mouth going up into my sinuses, which must have activated my sinuses when I woke up Tuesday morning, but that too, only a little.  When I woke up Wednesday, I was pretty sure I was gargling with glass all night, which aggravated my sinuses to the hilt.  Thru the day, the muscles that make up my abdomen and back were going thru their own uncomfortable expansions, but never in one place for very long.  Strange and achy.  I spent a few hours trying to sleep, but mostly waking up coughing up glass shards which thru out my voice.  I awoke to the sound of silence within myself.  I remain there this morning as well.

I spent the better part of yesterday in and out of sleep.  But even that, was not ordinary.  Nothing about this weeks events in my body has been ordinary in any way.  The only reason I would wake up yesterday would be… geez the only way I can explain it is I kept feeling like I was rolling in and out of time or maybe, time event horizons.  I would have to orient myself to where I was as I woke up, you know, those lingering seconds upon waking where you realize you are not in the same timeline you fell asleep in.  Then everything is so familiar the mind seals the potential up as a fluke.  I think if it didn’t happen on at least 4 separate occasions yesterday, even as I woke up this morning.

I could look back to Monday, I took a bath, attempted a meditation and all I got was static, or what I would perceive as static.  Pure energy, undefined.  It was also my daughters 33rd birthday, a huge energy cycle in and of itself.

I have been spending the week editing my blogs for seamless integration for the launch of my new website.  I had not stopped the editing process to look at the plethora of information I have put out thru the years, until Wednesday morning.  I was in the year 2012, shortly after I moved to the Jemez and one article in particular started to call on me to read it.  Considering it is exactly what my body was feeling like, I read it and fell into holy freakin shit land thru just about every paragraph I had long forgotten about.  The title of the blog that was written April 7th 2012 is: Clearing the Debris Field for the Fulfillment of Your Soul Journey!

The avalanche of understandings held me hostage all day long.  I started to look at some of the other blogs around that same time period (because of all the information and even events that I had long forgotten about) something HUGE was being revealed.  We started paving the road, the yellow brick road, to this very moment in time, to our next great adventure God/Spirit/Source called “The Nation of Lights” (which happened in Marco Island, Florida this past March.)

I want to spend the rest of this blog straddling 2012 and Now.  I am going to be pulling from several different blogs from March thru May 2012, and will leave a link to them all at the end of this sharing.  Everything I pull from the 2012 timeline will be italicized.

But let me set up the entrance into the Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico January 2012.  Being’s of golden light, almost flame like, appeared on the top of the Mesa that was in my back yard.  They called themselves “The Guardians of Shambhala.”  To this day, I simply refer to them as the Guardians.

My first holy shit moment was when I read this from the above mentioned/linked blog:

The “me” that is part of the triad of energy that shares every day wants to focus on our Lightbodies, what is happening and how to use it all efficiently.  Those other two tho…. the Pleiadians and the Guardians… obviously had other news they wanted to bring forward, because the moment I got out of the bath and sat down at the keyboard… it flowed without me!

I do want to add that I really understood something between these two incredibly loving energies.  They are of the same council.  One housed here on earth, one housed in the Pleiades.  Together they form the “Counsel of Ascending Light” on earth.  Together, they directly work with the magnetics within our DNA, and all that is involved with that.  As were the ancient Mayan.  Like we are becoming… the ancient Mayan’s were the living embodiment of these two pure energies/consciousness.

As each human fully embodies their guardian/celestial consciousness energy, we will form the physical council here on earth.   From what I understand right now, that is still a little ways off in our game plan, many of the ego’s are still being rarefied.

The Counsel of Ascending Light!!  How the hell did I ever EVER forget all about that??  I have long forgotten it.  A million other bits of experience and information hides so many details into the far back mind.  Thank god for writing!! lol

The Counsel of Ascending Light and the 12 Tribes of 12… “we will form the physical council here on earth.”

I had seen for a couple of weeks various people just waking up one day and walking out of their lives.  I had not talked about it because it was really strange.  It looked almost zombie like… blank stares just leaving.  I had no clue where they were going, I was too transfixed on the blank facial expressions…  some even had older children alongside of them, equally with the same blank look on their face. I am sure, if I had really looked at the expression on my own face as I moved out of my family’s life to New Mexico, I would have looked the same.  Had no clue why I was doing it, or what would happen…. I just had to go.  I am more than grateful that I did!!

These triggers are all about synergy!!  Synergy is the very thing that triggered my move here to Jemez Pueblo.  Of course, I really didn’t understand the fullness of that until these last few days.

First, let’s really define the word synergy:  The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects. The moment my heart was fully aligned with my soul desire, I found this place I now live in on craigslist.  My landlady being fully aligned to my energy, trusted me to come up with the money needed to move in and just handed me the key. 

I cannot help but parallel what I have recently been thru, thinking I am going to Mexico and end up in Texas, my daughter leaving California and ending up in Texas.  Now, my beloved friend Janet is doing the same.  Closing down her life on a moments notice in Oregon and heading here to help set up and partner with The Nation of Lights.

Let’s key in on this synergy thing.  I had already had a crystal clear moment, expressed to both Janet as well as Howard (the webmaster) that spirit has very particular ideas about this Nation thing.  The website and the house/land I just rented are not separate from each other, but married together.  You must consummate the marriage at the website level before anyone can come and play in the house!  Which we can very well look as spirits bedroom (cuz that is all I am seeing right now… and it cracks me up!!)  And of course, we are gonna pull in that crazy, misunderstood quote from Jesus “When two or more are gathered…”  If they are gathered without synergy, it is just people getting together.  However, when you are aligned in and part of the very foundation of a thing, there is massive power to pull from, to interlace with.  To harness the sum total of!!

The very next paragraph of that blog really put icing on my cake that was still baking:

We are both so enriched by each others presence… her sister came in from out-of-state and booked massages every day while she is here.  The first day it was like 7:30 at night… my whole body is shutting down that late at night… but when my landlady came in with her sister, it sort of refueled me.  I gave her sister a massage and actually had a little psychic juice to tell her things at 8pm! I was shocked!!   Because my own schedule is already booked out some, the only time I can do any massage is later in the afternoon, after all my readings are done.  It doesn’t leave me with a lot of battery juice to read during a massage.  Her first session was 2 hours and I got nothing thru her body.  I was already energetically tapped out.  The next day she came again, this time with my landlady and it was late… it was like 4pm and I was tapped out psychically from my day of readings.  My landlady stayed thru the reading part of the massage to take notes for her sister of all that may come thru.  I read for her as if I had a full battery pack on… everything crystal clear and fluid…. until the moment my landlady left… so went my psychic juice.  I was right back to tired, and visually shut down.

I recognized what happened in an instant…. the synergy that is present between me and my landlady created an enhanced energy field in my house that I could tap into effortlessly.

If this can take place completely unconsciously when two people of the same magnetic vibration are present… imagine what can take place as we come together consciously with pure purpose.  I also now fully understand how important the hypnosis event “The Planting” really is… they all are really, but for this magnetic activation… “The Planting” embeds your resonance with your consciousness for fluid movement in the days to come!!  

Even with the hypnosis events called “Hypnosis with the Guardians,” I have long forgotten the power, the full reason they presented that series of three.

Another blog that bedded to be read and then reread was The Mayans Were DNA Keepers PLUS Our Extra-Terrestrial DNA.  

I find it amazing looking back, really understanding the details that we had not lived yet, from the post living it stage.  There is so much meat and taters in that post that is relevant to right now, that the full read is better than my dissecting it.  I want to make perfectly clear here, I know just about nothing about the Maya’s except what I have heard in passing.  I have always heard them referred to as “time keepers,”  and of course the biggest hoopla given to them was the end date of 12/21/12.

What if, what they were really doing had less to do with the procession of time and everything to do with the cycles of activation within our DNA.  Marking periods of great change within our DNA structure.  Times on earth where our Light receptors within our DNA naturally opened to receive higher wisdom?

So time was not ending on 12/21/12 as we thought it would, but rewriting itself in us.  The pivotal point where enough light energy descending onto the planet and now, humans full role is to ascend with that light as living beings of Light.

I remember thru many of the readings in that year and the years following, spirit talked about the cycle that was started then, completing itself in 2017.  There is another cycle (because there are sub cycles to everything) completing in 2018.   5 years and 6 years after the 2012 hoppla!!  5 years, the element of change.  6 full on soul partnership.

There are two other blogs from that time period I am just going to link here, if you so desire to OD on my sharings lol.  They really do foretell what we got ourselves into Now.

Three Phases of Completion within the DNA of the Human Soul

Becoming Human…

Today was supposed to be the launch of The Nation of Lights, due to my voicelessness and last-minute homework I was given that requires my voice, it is now delayed until the 24th, on the new moon energy.

There is so much more to share, but this is enough for today.  While I was typing the full moon showed up across the yard.  I took a moment to capture it.  May we all feel the expanding consciousness thru this powerful time we are all in!!!

I love you All so much.

((((HUGZ)))) of radiance inside and out!!!

Lisa Gawlas

love light




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  2. Hi Lisa, I keep having the same thought so I just thought I would share it with you.

    Eveytime time I read about the “12 tribes”,my mind would always say 13 for some reason. I thought about how the 12 would all come and work together but then how Jesus was the 13th and would work independently. Working on the energies that bridge the gap from heaven (spirit) and earth (physical).

    Last week I took a trip to D.C. And did a tour of the capitol building. Not sure if you have ever seen the rotunda but it’s AMAZING! it’s a paining of Washington.

    Washington is draped in purple (royal). On one side is a woman that represents victory, on his other side a woman that represents liberty. Then in between are 13 other women representing the 13 original colonies. There is a Latin banner that reads, “Out of many, comes one” (something like that).

    So I just thought the parallels between the tribes and even back when America was being established were are in essence creating the same thing energetically. The earth herself even has karma and timelines that she must repeat….or a better word recreate! As for Washington, the painter was depicting him as a god, or ascending to be a god.

    The interesting thing about symbolism is how deep are you willing to go with it. Some of the women have their backs turned away from Washington which represents the states that seceded themselves at the time. So there may very well be some “tribes” that aren’t in full union. But we shall see! 😉

    The politics in America today are obviously not in agreement! I feel it won’t be until all of the tribes have been established and are working in harmony. A few states may have distanced themselves, but they did eventually “become one” to make up America.

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    • In totally bypassing the 3D Earth illusion/hologram, and instead accessing the Larger Picture — you will find that we are unconsciously tapping into the actual existence, of the “13th Dimension”.

      THIS is what we are all picking up on. It is no longer just the 12 Dimensions, but we are currently creating and delving into, a Dimension number 13.

      Magenta Pixie’s angel team, has given her some details of our fascinating new 13th Dimension, which she talks about in this video:

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      • Thanks Kiera! I will for sure watch this. I LOVE magenta pixie. I haven’t seen here for awhile but she helped me a lot years back when I was first awakening.

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  3. Wow! Just made another discovery with what’s happening now and what has been previously written.

    With this new moon, Jupiter is going direct and I just stumbled upon this comparison.

    “Many of our secular founding fathers are portrayed as pagan deities because that was the ideology at the time America was being founded. Therefore, it was only logical that Freemasons and others elevated George Washington to the status of a deity at the time of his death. He was often portrayed in the role of the pagan god Jupiter. However, at other times he was portrayed as the pagan god Mithra or Zeus.”

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  4. PS- if you’re wondering how this all ties together this my understanding of the historical timelines.

    Zeus (Jupiter), Jesus and Washington were incarnations of Sanada’s soul. That is why Washington is co-mingled with Zeus. That is also why the 12 tribes are currently being allowed to be established. But that’s only If you believe that ‘Jesus’ is here in the physical form now (second coming) to bring forth the rainbow bridge between heaven and earth. Right now Jesus is aligning His energy with that of his past life of washingtons to establish the tribes like Washington did with colonies. So it all reels itself back up to the beginning.

    Tribes=colonies=Fathers son to bring heaven to earth=Zeus that control the sky’s.

    (This is a very basic explanation and books could be written about the historical details and other incarnations Sanada has been.) But this is just a starting point of how the bigger picture all comes together and is connected. This is MY belief and MY understanding alone and will not “right” or “wrong” someone else for agreeing or disagreeing with me.

    Just thought I would share!

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    • Dear Rachel,

      You, like everyone else who is representing and embodying Jesus right now, are tapping into the Christ Consciousness Stream surrounding the planet.

      Technically Jesus is already here because he left his Soul Energy here, in the Earth Holographic Matrix, for any one of us to tap into and use….only when we reached/evolved to the matching vibrational frequency level, to actually BE able to use it.

      The Jesus Energy, has already aligned for a few years now, and is being conducted through the most advanced and issue-cleared High Frequency people on the planet.
      Not many, but enough of us.

      It was a brilliantly executed plan — that the actual “SECOND COMING”, would consist of the mostly “female” (balancing the male) group of Lightworkers at this time.
      No one expected that. Instead all were expecting a masculine Jesus to jump out of the clouds….


      You are correct: the (mostly female) RAINBOW BRIDGING Lightworkers, (The GroundCrew Forerunners) are the first to match the Jesus frequency, and they/we have been serving as the Higher Dimensional bridge/bridgers, all this time….

      Another thing….when one becomes a RAINBOW BRIDGE across the dimensions (3 to be precise, as the stargate bridge is a Triangle)….you are not just a “bridge”, you are also a PORTAL.

      You literally become a Human Portal, for the physically-killing Highest Dimensional Energies and Diamond-matrix Encodements and Kryst/Christ/Crystal activations to come through you, to burn and pour through your entire photon-radiated body and into the Planet’s core and matrix.

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  5. Lisa! Thank you so much for your amazing presence. This gateway was the most intense and incredible experience of my entire existence. Thank you for being an amazing guiding light ❤️❤️❤️ Everything has changed. Love you all.


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