Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 27, 2012

The Mayans Were DNA Keepers PLUS Our Extra-Terrestrial DNA

If you thought the game on earth and inside this body couldn’t get any more strange… think again!  Well, let’s just say it is getting stranger for me.

It seems my crystal came back from Mexico impregnated with a ton of information on our DNA.   But this last set of information, hard for me to digest and I pray I have understood it enough to share it coherently!

But before I get to the extra-terrestrial DNA and what I am understanding about that, I want to take a minute to talk about those amazing folks who seemed to know all about our DNA… the Maya.

I want to make perfectly clear here, I know just about nothing about the Maya’s except what I have heard in passing.  I have always heard them referred to as “time keepers,”  and of course the biggest hoopla given to them was the end date of 12/21/12.

What if, what they were really doing had less to do with the procession of time and everything to do with the cycles of activation within our DNA.  Marking periods of great change within our DNA structure.  Times on earth where our Light receptors within our DNA naturally opened to receive higher wisdom?

Because of the intensity and consistency of the information unfolding within me ever since I slept with my crystal that was infused with the energy from the The Pyramid of Kukulcan at Chichen Itza, I had to start learning about this pyramid and a little about the folks who created it!  I found a wonderful website that just gave me an inner explosion of understanding, actually the very picture I am going to place here below and the words wrapped around it.

This wonderful pyramid is almost a divine compliment to the way “the field” has built itself (and since changed) within my readings.

From John Major Jenkins' essential book,  Maya Cosmogenesis 2012  - The True Meaning of the Maya Calendar End-Date

The pure symbology here blows my ever-expanding (and crashing) mind!  The serpent, feathered to boot!!  Bringing in the kundalini energy from above (represented by the feathers) and below (the serpent itself.)  I find it very wonderfully interesting they have a serpent descending… moving down to earth.  The very missing link I wrote about a week or so ago.

It is not enough to have our earth kundalini energy awakened and integrated (that serpent moves up the body, not down thru it) we must equally have its mate within us too… the suns kundalini.

There are four faces of this pyramid, one for each direction.  The serpent is activated on the Spring (planting, open to receive new seeds) and Fall Equinoxes (harvesting the seeds planted from spring… that is to say, Full use of all that was planted in spring.)

They also use fully the shadows as well as the light.  I have a feeling this can so add to the astrology of today.  Maybe it already does, I am as unfamiliar with astrology as I am with ancient history!!  I can barely keep up with the present!!

We already understand the movements of the planets affect us deeply.  What if the planets are really keying our DNA to the point when the planets align in a way that challenges us… it is at this precise time we can fully change the DNA codings within.   Those planetary alignments that seem to pick our lives up and allow us to soar are times we can bring in greatly expanded codes.

Even the steps on this pyramid creates a smile within my heart.  They knew, the Mayans knew we would really start to understand what they left behind for us in these times.  Each face/direction of the pyramid has 91 steps (completions which always house new beginnings) and when you count up all 4 sides, the steps equal 365 steps or days.  This is interesting because they didn’t use our current calendar to keep time… yet… this pyramid reflects our current era calendar directly to us.  They knew!!!

And I sooooooo love the platform at the top.  Our crown energy.  The opening to the higher energy serpent as it moves down to illuminate our core and gives us the feathers to really fly with!!

AND they left keynotes in their absolutely brilliant structure!!

I am taking this paragraph directly from the website linked above (and I will make bold an important timeline):

The moving snake on the Pyramid is an annual reminder of a conjunction of the zenith sun with the Pleiades over Chichen Itza, but this is an event which will only occur during a 72-year time window, from 1976 to 2048.  Right at the centre of this time window is the year 2012, when the Great Cycle ends. On May 20 2012, the zenith passage combines with a solar eclipse, on the Tzolkin day 10 Chichan, which means serpent. The winter solstice end-point will be 4 Ahau in the Tzolkin calendar, meaning Lord/Sun, and 3 Kankin in the Haab calendar, which means ‘snake-day’.

I have been seeing a very important magnetic pole aligned in May for the last several weeks or so.  There is absolutely no doubt in my heart that these two timelines are related.

Most of us know that our Christ Consciousness aspect of our DNA was given to us by the Pleiadians.  The Maya knew this, which is why their structure is completely aligned with the star group The Pleiades.  Which of course, leads me to believe they were working so intimately with the Pleiadians in building these structures.

Why would all of their books, their structures and information sets end with the December 21st, 2012 date?  Because we will not need their guidance any longer.  Humanity will lead their own way from deep within their heart.  The end times is really the full birth of empowered, conscious times on earth!  All the planets, all the stars, suns, and family in all the multi-verses is pushing and pulling on every strand of DNA to make sure it works out exactly that way!

But again, going back to that fail-safe gig I had talks about so often… they were not leaving to chance our deeper celestial aspects of our DNA.  Nope.

There are a handful of us on earth (keeping in mind, when you live on a planet of 7 billion people, even a handful is a lot!) who have been hmmmm I really am not sure what the right word would be to discribe this added set of DNA material that we have.  So I will just tell you what I had seen in my meditation yesterday and how I arrived at this understanding.

My and my crystal took a bath and went on a very strange journey together.  I was taken back to the time when my current mother and father had sex and conceived me.  Ya know… there really are some thing I just don’t want to see.  Especially in this view, I had a bird’s eye look at the area between the knees and the hips of my parents creating me.  (blush)

While my father was on top, and busy enjoying my mother, I realized there was another presence kind of co-mingling with my dad.  Altho it was pure energy and not a physical body… I recognized the energy signature right away… Franklyn!  My Pleiadian guide (who turns out to be equally my father too.)

All I could think was… what the hell are you doing??  This is going way beyond sci-fi!  I knew that somehow, my fathers sperm became infused with Pleiadian sperm… however the hell that works out.   And the domino’s started falling into place.

When I was little, from about 6 to 8 years old, I spent a lot of time locked in my bedroom.  Most of those years are wiped from my consciousness and always have been,  It is only thru meditation that I extracted some understanding of those years.  I was not only locked in my bedroom, but my mother, stepfather and siblings would go out for a family day and I was left alone.  But, it seems that was needed too, because I would be visited by Jesus, his mama Mary and the one piece of my own puzzle that always left me baffled… Franklyn.  What the heck was he doing in my childhood??

Well, now I know!  I am as much biologically his as I am my (absent from my life) father.

It also helped me understand too, why it was Franklyn that took to the task of teaching me about unconditional love and non-judgement when I had the very likes of Jesus already in my meditations teaching me about how the body works energetically.  I could never figure out why the very person who exemplifies love and non-judgement (Jesus) wouldn’t have been the one to hold my hand (and many melt downs) thru my own process of becoming….

And this big ass kicker I just now get… the blue light!

I have known since learning from my Pleiadian entourage back in my beginnings that they emit a blue aura… a deep blue light.  I would often see it in moments of deep contemplation or severe melt downs… and I see it still to this day.  It is my daddy saying…. I got your back little girl (smile.)

But the current holy shit moment… right here, right now!!

Since sometime in 2010 -2011 I started seeing some really new within the human energy field.  Keeping in mind, during those times I was only doing massage… so what I was seeing was thru clients on my table as I accessed their DNA.

Also, I cannot understand what I am really seeing beyond my own conscious understanding.  None of us could… and we, as the human, do the only thing we know how to do, relate a new visual to an existing memory/understanding.

I had been consistently seeing a new energy field, codes of color near people’s crown chakra, of blue and red energy… sometimes with white, but consistently with blue and red.  I related it to our chakra centers, which is not completely off for the understanding I tried to provide during any session.  The red represents the root chakra… our physical life as we are connected to it.   The blue, the throat chakra, our self-expression as we walk thru our life.

Today we are going to super size this understanding to crystal clear clarity.  The blue is our celestial genetics merging completely with our DNA genetics melding together via our soul codes (that white energy.)

Think of it like this… some of us (from what spirit keeps repeating in my head is about 100,000 or so of us walking around on earth right now) have hybrid DNA within us.  Direct from our star cluster/celestial daddy’s (and it is so much more than just Pleiadian energy, that just happens to be my genetic coding, there are many others.)

So what is taking place within us right now… at this very moment on earth… is a binding of these geez, I am just going to call them molecules.  Because science is not my forte at all.

We have our Celestial Molecule, our human molecule and the charge of energized molecule that is creating one full molecule.  Instead of being and acting separately, they are fusing into one.  I am so sorry, that is about the best way I can describe it.

So what this means to us is we are geez…. one big molecule??  lol, I can sooo see the imagery within me, I really have no context in which to write about it.

So then, let’s go to what is happening right now within us, planet earth, and whatever else is happening!!

First of all, every one of the crystals I have given out both last year and this year are all infused with the accelerated energy process that is housed in my personal crystal.  So whatever is taking place on earth, is amplified by those connected to the crystalline energy infused with…. god only knows what.  I sure am not going to pretend to know here!!  But the one thing I know (and see) is the linkage of energy between all the crystals given out and the ones that I still have.

They will all continue to amplify (whatever) as continue to be charged out on the field (no doubt via the guardians that are present) and work on our changing DNA.

I find how all of this coming about really interesting.  My landlady is an artist, one of her art pieces was invited to be on display at an art event in Mexico during the spring equinox.  Her art piece is a “guardian” (and she has been referring to them as guardians long before I got here) “A divine child of the mother” (or something very close to that.)

The Guardian she brought to life thru a paintbrush, brought her to Mexico on the strongest equinox energy of our lifetimes… and took my little crystal with her… bringing us all back amazing energy, activation’s and understanding.  How wonderfully amazing is that!!!

Anyway….(smile)…. back to dates…. back to the May 20th Solar Eclipse.  Whatever is taking place thru it… I know is super amping up the magnetic field within us… within those who have fully melded their DNA sets!  I find it quite interesting and so exciting that this solar eclipse will pass right over head amplifying the bed of crystals basking in the field!!

How it affects us… I have no clue yet, but am soooo incredibly excited to find out!!  Maybe todays meditation will give birth to tomorrows understanding within this timeline.

Maybe, I can call on my soul sistah from the Pleiades whose name I fully get now… “Ahau-norah” …she has been sharing information with me for the last 11 years that she referred to herself  as a “BioChemical Engineer”… like I said, I am so slow on the uptake… I never connected our chemical processes as essential to our DNA.  I do now!!!

For now, I am going to reach backwards in time to hug our Mayan ancestors for leaving us such an incredible time-piece within our DNA.  I will equally reach next door to hug my landlady for being in such vibrant alignment within herself and this amazing place that is soooo alive…. and equally across every aspect of this globe to hug each of you for doing your part to being all of humanity to this most exciting time on earth!!

When I said we are amazing… I didn’t know the half of it!!

In awe….

Lisa Gawlas



  1. Well, reading this just made me cry because I somehow relate to the part about being alone at home at lot, as a child (not literally locked up, but almost figuratively). It’s always bothered me why neither my mother nor my father can tell me to this day how they thought of giving me my name. All I get is a shoulder shrug whenever I ask. And my whole childhood they called me a totally different name from what was on my birth certificate. So I wonder if I am a hybrid, and my imaginary friends weren’t so imaginary… they were the real parental figures. I really don’t know.


    • There is no doubt in my heart you are the very thing I am writing about today. I remember the first time I heard someone share an “abduction” story and his experiences thru it… my whole flipping body reacted to just reading his post (back somewhere in early 2001)… I got sweaty, dizzy, shakey and weepy… I was so scared of what my body experienced (of course this whole world a that time was alien to me). When I wrote to him in response to his post about my own crazy reaction, he said something that just resounded in truth to me… “because it happened to you too.”

      Trust your body to always resonate with your own truth, your own experiences, even if they are so deep in the unconscious… our bodies know!!

      So now I gotta ask… whats your birth name???

      I love ya lady! Cheers of blue champagne to all of us!!


      • Lisa,
        I can elaborate on the name thing
        more on Wednesday morning {smile}. Interesting how abduction tales don’t really resonate with me, but I do have some unexplainable feelings, and issues with being touched (no I wasn’t molested as a kid). So I wonder if something very strong carried over from a past life, or whether I was ‘inspected’ somehow in this life and have no memories of it. Too creepy, I prefer to think of all the benevolent unseens who are with me now.


    • Damn…well fall in love with us because that’s all going to come full circle very shortly…

      Its interesting that they don’t KNOW…it came from somewhere/one OUTSIDE both of them 🙂 Perhaps those other parents?

      My parents always wondered where I came from. Everyone thought as a child I was a bit alien to them…


      • Kai,
        I don’t think the “I was a bit alien to them” part really goes away! 🙂
        I jokingly use that line with my doctors, but it’s true! Ha ha!
        Funny how people can unknowingly peg a person’s type early on, but they really have no idea what they’re saying! In school people always targeted me as the one to marry a priest or to become a nun, to my horror and resistance! Well, I think they were seeing my spiritual essence and projecting that to the 3D world, so they really weren’t wrong about “my type” ….except…really…I’d prefer Lisa’s Jorge lookalike, and my daily devotion would be surfing in Hawaii! I could never marry a clergyman in this life!


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  3. WOW! What a blog post! For the past three nights I have been visited by the arcturians regarding my eldest daughter, which I posted on my blog.

    After reading this I was amazed. Maybe my eldest is one of the 100,000 handful you mentioned. Hmmm… ???

    And how I love ancient history. Our ancestors didn’t forget anything. They knew exactly what they were doing. Now looking at the diagram I notice it says there are nine levels, then another two above that before you see the ascended piece on top. LOVE IT! The 12 levels of ascension right there. They obviously were familiar with that too.

    Just AMAZING!
    Thank you Lisa for sharing :0)
    Sarah :0)


  4. OMG! I just realize something. I was doing the nasty with an arcturian then if my eldest is one of the 100K with two dads. LOL!
    Im blushing!
    Sarah :0)


    • That is too funny Sarah… there is NOTHING nasty about sex!! Sometimes we need an energetic boost… kinda like that extra zap!!

      Life sure is an interesting series of twists and turns… that few on earth would truly believe!! Ain’t no wonder we struggle today to figure out our past… humans!!! lol

      Love ya!!


      • Yes, so true. Nothing nasty at all :0)
        Thank you!
        Sarah :0)


  5. This post really resonated with me, what syncronisities!! I have always (since waking up) been fasinated/attracted to the Maya stuff, the Pleiadian stuff and love the sound of hearing Chichen Itza. It’s funny how I have also felt like I was ahead of my time because I am going to Mexico (vacation resort) April 26th- May 2nd, ahead of the May 20th “The Zenith”- see the picture you posted above. Feeling like I will be getting a seeding when I take a day trip to the ruins and hoping to harvest in the fall. Also in your post you said “soar” while talking about DNA coding changes and in my reading with you a while back you said I needed to find a way to get on my Pegasus and fly/soar through the sky! Your interpitation of the cycles of DNA really resonated with me also, something about recieving higher wisdom, ’cause I have always felt as if I was a teacher or had a strong desire to teach people something spiritually important……makes ya go hummmmmm!!!!!
    Much love folks,


  6. Would love to have one of your crystals to take to Mexico with me!!


  7. Hi, Lisa, thank you for this fun and inspiring post !
    Regarding the red and blue lights in crown auras, you might get a kick out of doing some research on Chakrasamvara, as well as Vajrayana Buddhist understanding of rebirth, since I feel it may mesh with your experience…I touch on it in some in, but I can share briefly that Chakrasamvara is depicted as a blue male in union with a red female, expressing the union of divine bliss and emptiness/wisdom… So kundalini rolls into that nicely… 😉
    I’ll add a post on rebirth to my to-do list, but for now, yes, the mind that will be taking rebirth does in fact “hover” around while the parents are in coitus, egging on the process, so to speak… 😉 So yeah! You got a little Franklyn, you got a little you, and whatever else Franklyn ( and probably others) cared to throw into the mix… Lucky girl!
    I’ve also been learning a bit about the Mayans lately… It seems their Teachers appeared in many places throughout Gaia… So thank you for adding to my growing understanding of the process we’re evolving!
    In love & light, Leslee


  8. Now I know how I managed to fall pregnant with my youngest daughter! 🙂 Due to two gyny operations, I was left with only a 5% chance of pregnancy and I had a coil just to be sure! She has always told me that she came from the Pleiades and she has a beautiful blue aura! Thanks Lisa, great info! 🙂
    Much love, Gabrielle


  9. It is amazing to think that many centuries ago civilizations were walking our planet before us. It looks to me that there were bigger civilizations than we thought. If that’s the case then they must were more advanced than we actually know about them. More discoveries will let us know them better.

    I want to share with you this music about the mystical place Chichen-Itza. The message of that music is about a CHANGE all humans must do in order to live in peace and harmony. Maybe that’s the message ancient civilizations wanted us to know.

    Arriving at Chichen-Itza 2012

    In Lak’Ech. Peace from Mexico.


    • Hi Raptor ((((HUGZ)))

      Thank you for the beautiful music and imagery within the video, what a beautiful way to start my day!!

      I really feel that the more we discover about their time and civilization, the more we just might understand ourselves.

      Again, thank you so much for sharing the beauty here!!


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  11. I would like to know how & about my 4% Maya DNA & how it to s affecting me. From Empath, visions, eye color changes? I have phone pic’s of my iris different colors “blue ring of purpose” ? and with a Pleiades cluster in the pupil wow! A select few have seen the “cyclone swirl” of colors like blue/ white/ grey with no pupil in the iris (I was told so I looked in the mirror and saw it also) another time black/ grey/ green & yellow cyclone swirl no pupils. Or “Incredible Hulk” green as they called it no kidding or grayish blue/ lavender streaks with green crest on top & bottom. Please respond to chat about your understanding ok? Thanks!


  12. I would like to know how & about my 4% Maya DNA & how it to s affecting me. From Empath, visions, eye color changes? I have phone pic’s of my iris different colors “blue ring of purpose” ? and with a Pleiades cluster in the pupil wow! A select few have seen the “cyclone swirl” of colors like blue/ white/ grey with no pupil in the iris (I was told so I looked in the mirror and saw it also) another time black/ grey/ green & yellow cyclone swirl no pupils. Or “Incredible Hulk” green as they called it no kidding or grayish blue/ lavender streaks with green crest on top & bottom. Please respond to chat about your understanding ok? Thanks!


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