Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 25, 2012

Three Phases of Completion within the DNA of the Human Soul

Before I even start, I am going to warn you, this is going to be a very long sharing.  I have spent pretty much all of yesterday, when I wasn’t sound asleep, opening up the most amazing information packets of understanding.  It was very much like witnessing starbursts inside my mind, but each starburst created a deeper, fuller understanding of the human energy body.

Keep in mind too, this evolution is not all played out in one life time… not by a long shot.  Even tho my sharing may make it seem like it is, just hitting the first stage has taken us many lifetimes of awakening.

However, I really want to keep this coherent from beginning to end, so I am going start backwards and work my way forward.

Also, before I start my sharing, I really want you to understand a really really important element in our life.  Crystalline energy.  Especially as we are moving from carbon based to crystalline based in our very biology.

All quartz crystals emit a frequency.  Science has discovered, and used this frequency long ago.  But what of us humans?  Quartz is very much a time-keeper with infused information within its frequency… sharing outward to anyone open to receive.

Talk about giving (me) a whole new understanding of being open to receive.  Most times, we are blocked out by our own belief systems… especially those who claim to be spiritual awake.  Ohhhh the process!!!

The Three Phases of the Human Evolution: 

Awakening/Enlightenment  ~ Ascending ~ Ascended.

We have a tendency to look at the human body and see flesh and bone.  Inside the body we see blood and various fluids pumping thru our flesh and bone.  But that is simply the expression we need to have an experience fused in matter.

There comes a day in every humans life where they start to wonder… is there more to me?  Is there more than a random set of events playing out as my life.

This is the first phase: Awakening/Enlightenment

What most people do not see, and surely our well-intentioned scientists missed with our gnome is the switches within our DNA.  Electrical switches embedded in every strand of DNA.  I will simply call them “Light switches.”

The moment the human says to themselves: Can I be more?  A light switch is turned on, forever altering their own DNA.  The moment we take a conscious breath of light into our lungs, there is chorus taking place within us.  All the light switches get set to the ready.  Once again, altering every strand of DNA within the human body.

The moment you start to radically apply changes in your life, Light switches are turning on.  Altering every pathway inside your body.  Altering the very meridians the ancients had seen, what we call Eastern Philosophy.

I had entered massage school in 2005, with about 5 years of intimate human energy work under my belt.  They made us learn eastern philosophy, which I simply looked at baffled.  I have never seen such chaotic energy pathways inside the body.  Whatever energy model they used 3000 years ago, sure as hell wasn’t the model taking place within the body now… or more plainly understood (by me) now… it was not the human energy model I was working with.

Altho, with this most amazing, most intense weekend under my belt of consciousness… I do get that it was/is very valid in the human becoming.  Those still awakening… turning on the fullness of their light switches of enlightenment… this avenue of energy is indeed valid.

Keep in mind we now live on a planet with 7 billion people, many of whom never really incarnated on earth before, but wanted to be an active participant in the game of light currently exploding in crescendo on earth.  In this way, these wonderfully new humans are also fast tracking their own spiritual evolution by being here!!

Once the human has enough Light Codes activated within their DNA everything in the body rapidly changes to accommodate the next phase of their evolution.   The energy centers play an even larger role than they had before.  The lay-lines within the body restructure themselves to a grid-work structure.   The chakras at the pores of the skin take on a larger role than ever before… feeding the grid work that is now fully connected to each pore chakra.  A constant infusion of pure sunlight energy.

This is how I have always seen the human, the transitional phase of awakening and ascending.

The first phase is all about our biology and moving energy thru our biology.  Even when we had learned reflexology for the feet and hands, I never seen organs or the first phase meridians, I only seen energy grids influenced by the main chakra centers.  And let me tell you, I can do deep into your core energy and issues from the feet.

This first phase, “awakening” does not take any sort of conscious effort on the humans part at all.  Most people I have worked with, especially on my massage table, were not really conscious about the spiritual journey, they just knew they needed some sort of out of the box help… and found me.

The only thing that matters in all of this life, is that you change from fear to love.  Chaos to clarity.  Unempowered to empowered.

This is also the phase Hypno-Event “The Planting” embeds into your energy, earths energy as well.

The Ascending Phase: Opening your light centers.

So there you are, a human who has embraced love over fear, see the world within new eyes, moving out of judgement, bias, and most especially, your beliefs!!

Something really magical takes place within the body… something I had never seen nor understood until yesterday, in the massive starbursts happening in my head!

If you can imagine your DNA now has Light molecules completely activated and ready for the next phase.

If I can explain this like the receptors in our brain… when an incoming substance enters our body, opioids for example,we have opioid receptors in our brain that literally open up to allow this matching chemical in and allows the effect of this chemical to flow thru the entire body.

Well, inside our activated DNA, we now have Light receptors that open to take in higher vibrational energy/information when it is in its presence.

The presence of higher Light can come in many forms, a book you read, a movie you watch, a person you talk to, the very food you eat, the ground you walk upon, or a crystal you sleep with (smile.)   And the list goes on and on and on.

This is so exciting!!  I really had no clue how this all really worked until yesterday and today!!

The very first time I was handed a quartz crystal (I was about a couple of months into my path of awareness) and he asked me what did I feel, I was really confused.  Feel?  I feel a rock in my hand!  What am I supposed to feel??  He talked about energy and information and stuff.  I was baffled.  Really, all that from a rock?  I was on a mission!!  It took me weeks before my quartz crystal found any sort of open receptor in my crazy energy field… but one did indeed bloom!  I felt it… the energy… phew baby!!

Then we (me and my now growing number of crystals) started to go on journeys together.  We explored various lands and understandings together.  I could have never conceived at how much my own energy field was changing.  But what was amazing, my health was improving.  My mental state was improving.

I wasn’t just snooping out information… and this is super crucial to understanding and moving thru this phase completely.  I was applying to understandings to my life.  To know or even understand something does not mean a thing at all.  Full on application in the internal wiring, Light receptors is what we are all striving for.

How I had seen these fully activated Light molecules within our DNA yesterday reminded me a bit of the game pac-man.  Round molecule whose mouth opens as you come in contact with higher light.  (Let me tell you, this process has been in overtime all weekend long within me.)

Many times we will take in and fully connect to that higher light, to only let it slip out later.  Think of getting high, you eventually come down off the high because the opioid molecule dissolves and the opioid receptors in our brain return to the waiting” position.  Same without our Light receptors.  Our key here is to never let it slip back to whence it came.

I was given a crystal exactly 10 years ago that was loaded with trigonic markings and traveled to me from South Africa.  I slept with it for a couple of weeks to allow my own energy to begin to assimilate with its high frequency energy.  I then took this precious little smokey quartz into my bath.  For as many times as I had journeyed with crystals, I never ever went completely inside at all.  This one opened a doorway and my entire consciousness was inside the crystal.  I could see every fracture, rainbow inclusion and the gateway to I suppose the past.

The first place I went was to Atlantis, and visited my dark side…. but with a lot of filters placed within my consciousness in that journey.  I realized (eventually) the purpose of going there before my next journey thru that crystal is to fully realize what we can use for the highest good, we can also use for absolute control and manipulation… as my life in Atlantis showed me.    My gift in that time… sexual energy.  I even taught classes to people who wanted to en-mass people and riches thru their sexual energy… I promised with all my heart I would never ever do that again.  But equally, I also understood the first phase of this incarnation and how destructively I used my own sexual energy.

The next adventure changed my life forever.  Not because I got to read from the very scroll Jesus wrote himself, and safely placed deep inside a cave wall at the Dead Sea, but because I applied the information coming thru me to every aspect of my life and shared it outwards with anyone who wanted to share.

This is another crucial aspect of the Ascending phase of the human.  Application, application, application… and USE!!  Helping all those who seek, in whatever way they seek, higher applications of life.

Do not confuse this process with simply parroting out something someone else already said or understood, or even thinks they understand.  You live your life as the example.  Application must be first, then sharing from the depths of your wisdom filled heart.

These fully activated, fully used Light receptors are also enhancing your magnetic field within your heart.  Beckoning you to the next full understanding/application/full activation of your Light receptors.

Even this changes our energy fields in a way I am going to have a hard time describing… but get what I have been seeing within myself and some others.  Thru the first two phases, all of our main chakras have been separate portals of energy.  As we move into the higher alignment of our Ascending human body, the chakras merge together and fully activate and utilize the combined energy of the core (think spine from root to head, with the entire head being the receptors of all the star codes as they integrate and find alignment in the core and radiate out.)

The more Light receptors you have activated, the more conscious you become of every single thing in your life.  The ground you walk on is sharing something with you.  The food you eat is sharing something with you.  The car you pass on the road, is sharing something with you.  Consciousness is absolute key!  So are questions!!  What we do not ask, we do not receive.  Do not be passive in any moment of your day.

This 2nd phase, is also what “The Eye of Horus” is activating within “The fully Planted” human!!

The Ascended Human:  The star codes activating

Our current DNA is such a combination of potential star codes.  That is to say, aspects from our brothers and sisters from the stars.  Those who have made a similar journey in their own DNA of ascended beings in the field of matter.  We have been star coded to live the ascension.  To be a full and active participant in our own Ascension.

Before you (we) can have full on ascension Light within our body, we must fully live in the Light of Life.  Taking nothing as a casual bystander.  Fully understanding the genetic material/family structures we incarnated in was simply there to enhance our journey, not get stuck in it!

Once you have fully freed yourself from all human limitations and human bias and are a living example of the ascending human a completion is at hand.

How I had seen this yesterday was literally codes from the stars being dropped into our energy streams via the crown… and my crazy ass receptors were like living the fourth of July from the inside out.

This final phase is equally a process, just as the first two are.  But truly a super accelerated process.

The only way I can describe what I am just now really starting to understand is even the grid-work of our 2nd phase body is changing to reflect a constellation within our energy field.

Star points if you will.  I so wish I had the ability to take what I see, and show you… steams of energy from very particular stars are now points in our body.  For me, I only seen one point and it was in my right hand right at the palm chakra… and my perpetual question: what the hell is that?

On top of this explosion of understanding within me yesterday I was also watching Ancient Aliens.  OMG that just fueled my inner explosion.  It is so nice to see others get what I have been told 10 years ago.  Jesus is a hybrid!  His daddy was Plieadian, his mama human.  He came in as an ascending human and reached full ascension in his lifetime (at 33 years of age) taking as many people into the state of living as was willing to go.

Not only did the TV series talk about Jesus and the alien aspect of his DNA… they also showed an episode of the crystal skulls.  Holy cow batman… my question for as long as I heard about these crystal skulls are now quenched.  The one true skull that has been found they showed, science still cannot fully understand it’s make up or frequency… because it is NOT from this planet.   It is emitting a frequency to the others still buried in the ground… purposely so.  Seed energy radiating thru earth by genuinely activated humans.  You do not need to be near this vibrant energy field to take in the energy… you just have to have activated Light Receptors to munch on the pure wisdom of our true nature.

We are now being changed back to what we have always been created to be.  Fully enlightened, fully activated, Ascended (which simply means all of your human and star DNA has merged into one full Being/Expression.)

This is the true and pure melding of the “As above, so below” energy.  Our star encoded DNA and our Human DNA are becoming one fully activated expression.

This will enhance us in ways I can see inwardly, but cannot even fathom outwardly… our magnetic field.  I will explain more of this in my 2nd sharing about DNA and the Soul.

We will learn how to use the vortexal energy that is fully activated within our DNA to align with the vortexal energy that is always present in our field of matter.  Truly becoming the Masters of our world.

What I am going to leave you with in this sharing is the very real potential at hand.

Up until now our inner vision has been limited in sight to our human evolution.  That is to say, we could only see before us what we were ready (again by application and use) to ingest.  As more of our starcodes find the open receptors in our field of Light within, all of our psychic abilities will become enhanced.  We will be able to feel, and align fully with various portals of energy.  We will be able to pull and/or create out own portals of energy for use.

Our energy fields will be like spirals of energy emitting out of our body as opposed to pathways within our bodies.  I can so clearly see this, bear with me as I continue to assimilate (and use) this!!

This is going to take group work.  A purposeful community of focused ascended humans… a synergy like the world has never felt before in this phase of her expression.

The Guardians are the star aspect of our DNA.  They have readied your inner house to live amongst the stars of creation, to BE the star of creation!

We are indeed coming Home to ourselves.

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. The final group hypnosis event that was scheduled for today has been delayed a week.  Now I really understand why.  We will be holding it on Sunday April 1st at 11am MDT.  It should be uploaded to my website that afternoon.  The pass-code on my website will remain the same as it is now.

I also understand with these very specific activating hypnosis events that it is very important (for those participating) to be able to fully hold your consciousness thru the entirety of one before you move onto the next.

Those that are still moving in and out of consciousness are activating so many codes thru your deep inner consciousness, and every time you actively participate with the hypnosis event, you are aligning to all phases.   Patience and dedication will move you to consciously holding your awareness thru the next phase.

For those wishing to participate, please feel free to go to: for more information!!



  1. Hi Lisa!
    You wrote:
    “Many times we will take in and fully connect to that higher light, to only let it slip out later…Our key here is to never let it slip back to whence it came.”

    I don’t understand this part. If you connect to a higher light frequency, even briefly, wouldn’t you be permanently changed, even if you’re not aware of it? How can you revert back at all?

    Thanks for mentioning Ancient Aliens. I have never heard of the show. I don’t have TV so I want to check this out online.


    • Hi Cheryl (((HUGZ))))

      Bear with me as I am assimilating to beat the band here. I just got out of meditation and sooooo much more was revealed… another post. I have a feeling all of this weeks sharings are going to be centered around this.

      For the part you don’t understand… imagine it is night in your home and you flip a light switch on, illuminating all that is around you… the moment you flip it off, or a fuse blows, it goes back to dark again until you either fix the fuse or flip the switch. Our goal, is to be so perfectly wired within that it is impossible to blow a fuse or turn the switch off. At this stage, the switch itself ceases to exist as that light is now a constant permeable state.

      My daughter told me about a month ago about Ancient Aliens… hadda wait til my own codes were ready to really feel with it all… I don’t have TV either, it is on Netflix tho!!

      Love ya so much!!


    • Also, sorry missed something… yes you are constantly in change every time you connect to any aspect of your higher Light potential. I so wish I had the capacity to show you the video as I see it… mind blowing really. The goal here tho, as I am sharing it… is to create a permanent frequency of light. But those moments of connection are so absolutely important in our progression. Light changing even! (smile)

      More (((HUGZ))) to ya my love!!


  2. hmmm…let’s see if what I’m thinking about myself might apply in describing this. I learned very early in life that Jesus taught “love thine enemies, do good to those that hate you”. Now take into consideration that what we put out is mirrored back to us. That teaching makes more sense, doesn’t it? Jesus was trying to tell us, it is in our own best interest to do that. But despite the fact that I have taken in this enlightening knowledge, I just can’t seem to consistently apply it in my daily life. When someone is behaving in a way that is hurting me, I find myself becoming angry, and before you know it, some less than acceptable thoughts are going thru my mind, (to put it delicately). Even though I know better, it is not until I APPLY the knowledge consistently that the effects will show up in my life.

    Is this a valid example? Maybe not, but it is still my greatest struggle.


    • Perfect perfect point Edie!!!

      There is no way of changing any aspect of yourself from the outside in. We can know something and really really get it externally… but until it becomes the very thing that is hardwired internally, we struggle. That is one of the major reasons I am almost an asshole about meditation!!!

      You have got to get inside and first undersand why anyones words get ya angery… fully release that energy from within… and no one will ever be able to trip your fuse again… because it no longer exists within you to be tripped.

      Conscious understanding of what makes you tick… in light and in dark… is the only key that exists for perminant transformation. Light trumps dark each and ever time… inside out not outside in!!

      Very very valid example!! So… hows meditation going for you (grin)
      I love ya Edie!!


    • Gotta little added tid-bit I didn’t hear until I got up:

      “We will never master the world around us, until we fully master the world within us.”


    • Edie,
      Let me give this a go as I have first hand experience that became manifested in my body from ignoring it.

      They are called sleeping volcanoes. When something happens NOW and you associate it from a person, you are really associating the energy to that person from within.

      I used to have issues with my step son. I would get upset with him over decisions made knowing the futility of his choices and the outcomes he would bare. This would make me angry when I pointed it out and he wouldn’t acknowledge it. I live with this young man so imagine how difficult this would be over time.

      Then one day after a pretty good row with him and my wife, it all suddenly clicked. I get chills just thinking/typing this out. When it was over and the dust was still hanging in the air, I realized I wasn’t upset with HIM…I was upset with MY SELF from when I WAS A CHILD making these SAME EXACT “DUMB” DECISIONS. Another revelation within that moment was it wasn’t a “dumb” decision, it was an opportunity to learn and here I was upset with myself for learning! The third moment came when I realized I was repeating the entire cycle by letting this sleeping volcano blow up when he was going through his learning cycle!

      So it wasn’t him or what he does or says, it is within me to be with that moment and bless his naivety and be compassionate when he falls down as we all do together. If you are upset by something NOW, from my personal experience and maybe its just me, but its not about NOW, its about a PAST NOW, that is re-manifesting at this moment. This is also why you keep being asked to relive it, because you aren’t learning your lesson right now. If you turn the other cheek and do everything you dont feel like doing, but you KNOW you should be doing, you might not have to put up with this too much longer.

      The best part is later, after it comes back out of pure chance (not being drawn from law of attraction) you will laugh your ass off and give thanks. I find myself doing this a lot lately as many of these old energies are purging from within and we notice them out there.

      One Love Adonai!


      PS…I beat chronic daily headaches using this method about 5 years ago now. I get the normal 2-3 a year now (I don’t let stress develop) as opposed to the old days when it was 5-7 a week without fail.


  3. Thank you for sharing Lisa!
    I have a quick question. I feel the answer is yes yet confused about it. Is the Eye of Horus the central sun?
    I seen a bright sun/star over a week ago in a waking vision and was pulled back to reveal the milky way. Yet wasn’t sure what it was my guides were trying to show me till recent.
    Basically I’m getting info yet must not be asking all the questions. Not really sure what to ask half the time which then leaves me confused.
    Sarah :0)


    • Now that I think of it. The Eye of the Needle and the Eye of Horus. Two separate things, yes? I feel the eye of the needle is our universe way of ascending.
      Man it’s like watching a silent film from the middle and not being sure what to ask in order to make sense of what your seeing.


      • Ask and you will receive. I just listened to the Hypnosis link to the Eye of Horus recording. Man, that makes more sense. I guess I finally asked the correct question to get an answer that resonates with me.


      • Hi Sarah (((HUGZ)))

        I love the process you just went thru only to come up with your own answer!! That is just wonderul!!! I had company all day yesterday so wasn’t available after noon, but really really enjoyed watching you process here!!

        Love ya!!


      • Sarah…I see these two as the same concept, different (fractal) level. Its all just a giant fractal so the eye of the needle is the name on an individuated level while the eye of Horus is the galactic level.

        And yes I would agree it is the central sun, that of the galaxy. It is said metaphysically to ascend, go to this center. The one you will find in the galaxy is the same one you will find in the individual.


      • LOL! I crack my self up!
        Thank you Lisa!
        If you hadn’t made the recording my guides wouldn’t have guided me after finally asking a relevant question :0)
        Sarah :0)


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    • Thank you Kai!!
      Sarah :0)


  5. 🙂 Adonai Sabayoth


  6. Reblogged this on Joe Eigo Enlightened Warrior VORTEX.


  7. I am currently working on awakening. I have to wake up before I move around. Although we agree on the role of DNA, I have a little different take on it. I invite you to my blog site and to read this blog,


    • I just wanted to give a (((HUG))) of welcome out to you Art. I will read your sharing as soon as my brain can handle it. Later today maybe!!!

      Thank you so much for sharing with us!!
      Lots of love filled ((((HUGZ)))) of gratitude to you!


  8. Dear Lisa: Thank-you for making me aware of the processing that are taking place when the “light switches of enlightenment” are turned on by star energy laying dormant in our dna. Could this be particular energy from various stars as each individual or as a group? Are we being enlightened en masse? If we all wake up in this new lighted world of 100 percent cosmic consciousness all the time, that means we have finally aligned to the energy we always new we were. Dragged down by the material world our lights may have dimmed until that 2012 time when we begin the ascension process. The material world may have separated us from our true selves and this lifetime transition is just a phase to much better things. I believe our spirited souls know this to be true~!


    • Hi Ja-Len ((((HUGZ))))) to you!

      I so love your questions!!! From what I understand, indeed there are many celestial bodies participating in this Grand Adventure/RE-Alignment. Soooo many star families, star codes in rapid fire succession happening within and around us… all pulling us to the greatest gateway we cannot imagine!!

      En masse… yes. But it still requires consciousness to fully participate… we are the ones responsible for helping others to open their eyes and hearts to what is really happening on earth. And we are soooo doing a great job of that!!

      The party is just getting started… what great company we have within each other!! Thank you so much for sharing your Light here with us!! You are so appreciated!!

      More ((((HUGZ)))) of joy and bliss out to ya!!


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  10. […] of energy, (my lord, I share a lot!! lol)  Instead I found something that I wrote in may called Three Phases of Completion of DNA and the Human Soul.  Part three (The Ascending Phase)  is exactly where we are at now and then […]


  11. […] Three Phases of Completion within the DNA of the Human Soul […]


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