Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 30, 2019

Sparks and Electricity as We Move Into the 2020 Alignment!!

2020 new year

I cannot believe it has been over a month since my last sharing. My world truly flipped upside down and sideways since the last of November. It also gave me the living experience of what spirit kept saying December was going to be like… some skating thru December, others being flung out like salt from a shaker.

Before I get into all that, let me tell you what I have been seeing thru the last few readings. Those going into the high frequency energy of 2020 were assigned a new center field (energy body and and biology to match the new energy on the solar eclipse of December 26th. Between then and the 2020 alignment on the 31st, there is a tremendous amount of sparks flying as we slide into our alignment. The sparks that I am seeing is igniting the energies that will become our life field as we move into 2020. At this late point, 2020 is still viewed as pure energy/energy potential in the readings.

New Years Eve is pure electricity as we move upwards in frequency. This electricity will also serve to intensify those who were flung out like salt so that their issues are seen by all. There is no more hiding in the shadows for anyone.

Those in the 2020 energies will find themselves aligned with those who need their help. Don’t think that means those that will ask for help, I feel quite the opposite. Those that need the light of wisdom but rarely seeks it out to help themselves. The times of us being non interfering is over. There will be tremendous karmic consequences should we see someone in need and do nothing.

Let’s be clear on the word “need.” Many people are filled with false beliefs, ideas, thoughts about life itself. Our responsibility is to illuminate the truth of Life. To turn on the light of truth to those remaining in the dark. We are the light bringers and it is our time, our responsibility to shine..

I have been personally been given one hellofa workout on what that all means. As most know, the last week of November I moved into with my youngest daughter (Valorie) and her family. Of course I expected to help out with the baby (he is 1 year old now) and house chores, never did I expect to replace Valorie in her duties. I have forgotten how incredibly exhausting it was being a mother to a toddler. My daughter, from the day I moved in, retreated to her bedroom the moment she came home from work. If she interacted with Zach 15 minutes to an hour a day, that’s a lot. Til I got here, her husband would work 12 hour shifts, come home, clean, take care of the baby and some days, not even get to sleep before going back to work. I made sure that was not the case since I was available.

It wasn’t but two weeks in that I realized my daughter was back on drugs, hence the room hiding and not having the energy to do anything.

About a week before Christmas she was so out of it I took her to the ER, who (thankfully) admitted her to a psych unit in Virginia Beach. She stayed there about a week, long enough to detox and on my and her husbands strong advise, is now at an inpatient rehab in Mississippi and will be there at least 30 days or until the insurance coverage is used up (I really want her to do the full 90 days.)

It is amazing how much of my mother I see in her, understand thru her. My mothers number one priority in her life was money then men. Her kids were somewhere way at the bottom of her list of priorities. I am seeing the same pattern, the same sort of talk and behaviors as my mother.

A pattern that must be broken from the family lineage. This is going to be an interesting and most challenging journey when she returns.

So please understand that I have had the hardest time organizing my days. The baby is usually awake by 5am and I take care of him so his dad can sleep before heading to work. He goes to the baby sitter just before my first reading and back by 4-5 pm. I’m getting there tho, please forgive me if my blogs are not as timely as they once were. I am still doing readings, just the time to write about it has been halted to a huge degree at the moment.

For the members of the Nation, we are having class today at 3pm EST to make up for the two holidays we will miss class from.

I am also going to be redoing the memberships this coming week. We get so much out of our weekly gatherings that I just do not have time to write about, that I want to make it more affordable to all to join. Give me a few days, Zach and Alex are going to Wisconsin to visit family this Saturday thru Tuesday, I will get my catch up work done then.

Our Wednesday at 3 pm EST meetings will continue on January 8th.

I love and miss you all so damn much!!! As a belated Christmas and Happy New Year of Clarity I have reduced the fee of the 15 and 30 minute readings for the whole month of January. And to show my deep appreciation for your faith, patience and loyalty to me thru this chaotic last quarter, I am also doing a buy one get one free with the reduced prices!!

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) of deep love and tremendous gratitude for your Light in my Life!! I love you all soul very very much!!

Lisa Gawlas







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