Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 5, 2020

Your New Center Field and 2020 Energies!!

What an amazing year 2020 has already started off to be. The field itself, intoxicating!! Your field that is, which is, of course, part of the greater field. As we know. we all received a new center field as we ended December, well, the ones that made it up into 2020 that is.

Let me be clear on what I refer t as your center field. There is an approximately 3 foot circumference of energy that surrounds your biology. This is your energy body (soul energy) as well as your biological body. It is where your entire experience originates from and recedes to.

From what I understand, this lifetime we have been working towards various aspects of mastery that is now ready to utilize in this super high frequency zone of 2020. Each person is emitting a different energy that I see in readings. The energy starts at the ground level of each persons center field and flows upwards and over their heads. Some have fire. some have sea foam, another, tall interweaving green grass, others crystalline water and so on. Each person being enhanced uniquely according to their path as we move forward. So explaining what these elements mean, serves no purpose except to taint what you may experience.

To meet and enhance this personal energy emission are elements from above. Some have one, some have two, but everyone has something coming down to enhance their energy and biological bodies. So far I have seen star particles, moon, mars, mercury, pluto, venus, and clouds!! Again, each until to the person I am reading for, but with the planets it pretty much enhances the positive aspects from astrology within the person.

One lady has these sun drops, OMG I want a bottle full of them. Liquid sun drops and the energy was so amazingly wonderful, giddy even. Like nothing I had ever experienced from the sun before.

Another part that has been enhanced, unique to each person, is the core energy. We now have a mixture of either the sun, moon or earth bodies in our core. Of course, it all combines with the energy being released from the ground and what is coming in from above to create your new innate (form the soul level of course) abilities. Spirit really wants me to stop calling them super powers as we move forward. lol They are so pesky sometimes!! (all the time)

Ohhhh and we have new guides of course. We are now connecting to our guides guides. So all of our guides that assisted us thru here has stepped back. Of course they all have their own guides to assist them assisting us… now we go directly to their guides, making us spiritual guides of the earth. Especially for the ones still in the energies I am going to just call 2019.

Almost everyone team explained all that is coming into us to learn, play with, use (and this is forcing us back into meditation to really know how we work now) is leading us to the “gateway of march.” I can see the gateway thru the readings but within it, pure cyclone like energy. It is spinning quite fast in a counter clockwise motion (opening up more energy.)

There is something significant with the 15th of January, it was mentioned a couple times, but I am not 100% sure what. I feel that we will be in this state of acquiring these energies until then.

I am so surprised no mention about the upcoming eclipse.

I would strongly suggest each person go into meditation to connect with all I stated above. Please don’t take for granted that your just going to know how you work now. A blind person can easily get into a car, but have no clue how to steer it. (quoted from spirit.) And assume nothing, I would have assumed I had sun energy as my core, I have always had an alignment with the sun. Nope, I got the earth rocking my core.

On that note, I am going to close. These are exicting days!!! I love you all and wish each and everyone a funtastic 2020!!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) wrapped in sun drops of giddiness!!

Lisa Gawlas







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  3. Thanks, Lisa. Your insights are really helpful. I wonder what will happen with the upcoming Eclipse. I like the Leonid meteor showers, but the Jan 4 Quadrantid meteor shower echoed most unusually here in LA. I wonder if maybe there is energy rising up from the ground and purifying through our physical forms … All abundance and joy in the New Year. Thanks so much for your blog.

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