Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 19, 2019

A Line in the Sand has been Drawn


Finally!!! News worthy of a blog. I swear I have been in my own white out for so long. Eighteen days into November, I can finally see your fields. Not only that, it filled in a lot of questions I had about December as well.

When I got up yesterday morning and begged my team to please please let me be able to read (which I do now on a daily basis, well, let me be able to talk and read!!) I kept hearing “A line in the sand has been drawn.” It also came with a visual of a spiritual finger drawing a line in the sand. Had no clue what it meant until the end of the day, thru the progression of readings.

Let me start with a visual:


dec jan.jpg


For the last couple months, this is how I have been seeing December/January for the most part. Actually, if you laid that grif on its side, so that it is a backwards C shape, that would be more accurate. But this is close enough for now. The grid itself is what I keep calling a salt shaker kind of thing. With people being flung thru the holes outside of the movement of December. I had no idea what that meant or how/why it would happen. It has just been a consistent image for a while now.

The one thing I have learned about spirit, they will tease us with partial information without giving us full disclosure until it is too late to chose otherwise. These are usually major choice points, often times personal but there are equally collective choice points as well.

So here is what I now understand…

Spirit has been asking us for the last couple years to take our focus off of “healing” and place it on expanding. We have hit a pivotal point on earth where enough people have done the inner work of healing to allow those up and coming to simply release by focusing on their growth and assets.

The one thing humanity has a really hard time doing is letting go of old ways of Being. Our programming runs long and deep.

So the line in the sand is drawn between those who are actively evolving themselves and those who are in the continuous stage of healing themselves. Those evolving (without the constant need to keep picking at old wounds) will enjoy the acceleration of Decembers energy as it curves towards the incredible platform of 2020. Those still “healing”: will be the ones going thru the holes. If I am understanding this correctly (subject to change with more information) the ones still “healing” or even, offering healing will remain at the end of 2019 energy until the choose otherwise.

Ohhh a very surprising thing came thru spirit yesterday as the conversation my lady and myself were having about focusing on growth with clients. Spirit said that a lot of what we call “light workers” have actually turned into “dark workers” consistently looking at the past darkness of people and focusing on healing that instead of acknowledging the tremendous light of the current world and using it for acceleration.

Equally for years spirit has been saying that many of us have been given new and exciting gifts to assist humanity in its evolution. Old ways of doing things will no longer work, or maybe better said, serve the greater good.

And as usual, I can use my crazy self as an example of what is happening at the biological level of humanity. As most know, my body has been kicked upwards, downwards and sideways. I have had a voice for 3/4 weeks out of the last 3 months and not consecutively either. I have lost the upper part of my vocal registry, by body feels like it is 105 years old most days and my ability to stay awake is close to non existent.

This month, even when I had a voice to use to do readings, I didn’t have enough breath to talk, creating severe coughing as I attempted, which of course, blew my voice out again. But this would only happen when I tried to do readings, not in regular conversations. What was explained to me is that there has been a massive wave of light energy coming thru since October 11th, accelerating as we approached November 11th. Spirit had already told us that the 11/11 was going to be 7 days coming and 7 days going, a massive 15 day event (gotta count the day of in there too.) Which was why when I kept trying to poke my head out in the quantum field of Life, my lungs could not handle it.

We must also remember the body itself is biological. It is made of matter. It may and often will contort with the incoming energies. It can be damaged. This is not a punishment nor something that needs healing work from emotional discordance. It is simply something that happens due to the changes.

Also, in the many that have taken up the emotional healings of themselves and their ancestors, this allowed for a planetary healing as well. Now that the emotional field has been cleared enough to allow the high voracity of light to Be, the DNA aspects must go thru its changes.,

Spirit has been saying for many years now, true change MUST come thru the human itself in this unique evolution we are in. We have never ever done this type of whole earth ascension while in body before. To eradicate the various diseases there are humans who have chosen to allow that disease within their bodys to love it to death.

I think of my beloved friend Nancy who recently passed from breast cancer. She was an amazing woman of Light and true, pure love. She loved her whole self, even the cancer that was a part of her journey. She worked with her body as was needed. This is how we eradicate the diseases that have had plagued us from emotional damage.

My personal ancestry has had long issues of anger, verbal abuse and many other things I worked long and deep on within myself in meditation. I have healed the emotional damage of my maternal and paternal sides and now, I will love the illnesses to death as well. I will work with my body however it needs.

The energy of what we call illness or disease is transmuted into incredible light as we leave this planet. No more black holes of emotional distress will even exist in the coming generations.

On that note, my day of readings is about to begin. I am also moving to my daughters this week. I will write again as soon as I have new information about these amazing times we are all in!!

I love and honor you all so freakin much!! Thank you for Being here, for Being YOU and loving me the way you do!!! I love you that much too!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with wonder and DeLight!!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas

Lets run a special of radical change for ALL!!!



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  3. Evolve or Exit. Heal and go through the Ascension Portal OR don’t heal and go through the Death Portal. You choose.

    Tools of Ascension are grasped by those of earnest.
    Flakes fall to the side.
    Weak-kneed players remove themselves.
    Intentions are key.
    Fortunes are granted for those of the Light.

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  5. “Those evolving (without the constant need to keep picking at old wounds)… ”
    There are no “old wounds to pick at” after you heal those wounds. The wounds only continue to be there for those who refuse to address their healing. Lisa, I know you would just love to sidestep the work of healing, but “heal” means “to make whole” and if you don’t heal you won’t be whole. If you won’t heal yourself, you’re not helping anyone else in any way, you’re just deluding yourself. You can only give what you’ve got. That goes for everything from material things to consciousness. Were you finally able to get more inhalers? You can’t speak? Is there any message in that for you? Hello, McFly.

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  6. “Currently, the planetary body is pulling in higher frequencies from the unified fields, from the trinity field of the Solar Logos, and this begins to potentially expand the field of perception for many people. The main issue will be, are people willing to look at what they are seeing and experiencing when the veil is lifted and the content remaining is unpleasant and difficult. The commitment to truth spirit means that you are willing to remove false reality bubbles and egoic conditions, placing trust in God that you are willing to see the truth no matter what it presents. It is the truth that sets us free. Effectively, this is perceiving and seeing things that were not previously in one’s awareness because they were hidden from conscious view. It is to wake up from being asleep and notice that although these things had always been there, when awakening we begin to see them for the first time as they really are.”

    ~Lisa Renee

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  7. And… one more time… with feeling… giving you every opportunity to face the Truth Lisa.

    You have spoken of expansion. What will expand? Whatever you’ve got going on. If you refuse to address your healing, your lack of healing WILL EXPAND… all up in yer face.

    No matter where you go, there you are. You can’t run from yourself… try as you might.

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  8. Gosh oh gee Lisa! Is your lack of healing catching up to you? Who’da thunk it!


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