Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 2, 2019

MAY Change Serve You Well!!


Easter and the Resurrection sure hasn’t played out like I expected (does anything anymore??) I woke up Easter morning completely voiceless, stayed that way thru the following Sunday, save a couple hours, long enough to get into an argument with my housemate, then it went away again. I went to babysit my grandson on Sunday and while literally kissing his feet and making as much sound to play with him as my voice allowed, suddenly it was back on full volume and stayed that way thru Monday!!

The readings were so informative. My first precious lady had recently been asked for a divorce, shocking to both of us. Of course, anytime there is such an unexpected (or even expected) ending, it brings a deep sense of sadness. As she was explaining that she is trying to not be sad, her team explained to her (and to me too) how important and even powerful (what I call) these base emotions are for us to use. They are not to be avoided, most of the time, they cannot be avoided on purpose.

Her team went on to explain how much love was contained in her sadness, that alone is powerful.

It is often times the greatest changes come about because we are sad or angry or both. It allows our sense of desire to be not only amplified, but intensified in focused energy/output.

I am listening to her team, taking note after note. Lately, all my base emotions are at the surface squelching out the higher octaves. It has been so long since I have felt this…. ok, gotta say it, miserable. The last time was in 2010 when I lived in Virginia and shared my living space with others.

We are in an amazing season with all of Life. Our own and with others. The wave of change has started, it is unstoppable and it is equally bringing the base energies to the surface in many, to use not to squelch down.

We are, of course, in May. A 5 month. The month of change. Sunday we enter the 5/5 where all the energies will be amped up within the horizons as well as every center field.

Change. I tend t think of big changes with that word. But even the smallest of changes can make w world of difference.

I made the decision during our first argument to move fully into my bedroom. Which requires my son in law to come over and rehang my 70” TV, which oddly enough, is the core of these rounds of arguments. Alex was supposed to come over yesterday to move it. I told him wait, let me have a conversation with my housemate before we do that. Well, that went horrible lol. So now it will happen. I rearranged my bedroom for the new adventure, and even tho I am not fully moved in to my room yet… there is a very noticeable energy shift in me. I have been trying to put out a sharing for days and it was as if my crown was completely shut down. Thinking the first higher thought was not happening. Remembering the readings from Monday, gone. Today tho, I not only hear spirit, I feel spirit too. I truly do not like fasting from the Light, at all!! lol

When we become complacent, or not wanting to stir the waters to keep the peace… everything will escalate to bring about the changes needed. Even at what we would consider, the smallest level of life.

So, the moral of the story pay attention to the things that need changing, down to the smallest and up to the biggest levels. Use the base emotions to move the energies to where they are needed next. Pay attention to planet earth as well. She is going to be moving and grooving with her own changes!!

Interesting times are here!!! Let’s dance and stomp, together!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with radical change in the smallest of places!! I love you all soul much!!

Lisa Gawlas

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