Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 19, 2019

The Drenching of Light from the Full Moon!!

full moon light

Happy powerful, enriching, full moon to ALL!! I swear it is washing away all the debris not needed. My mind has never been so damn blank in all my life. This is the second day in a row I woke up reaching for all the information I wanted to share, and here I sit, staring at the screen. It if wasn’t for the fact that so many ask me about their mind/memory, I ‘d swear I am in early Alzheimer’s. But it is more of a mass spiritual Alzheimer’s lol.

There is also a complete system reboot underway with this moon as well. In my attempt to do a reading this morning, all I got was a complete white out, excuse me, Light Out!! I find it interesting that we will be coming out of this 3 day full moon event just in time for Easter Sunday. The Resurrection of Life. Our Life, the Planets Life, the Life of Life itself.

As I write this, I do see some serious Light energies seeping into the ground of earth, igniting so many potentials that have been unrealized until now. Potentials that COULD NOT be realized until now. As the Light builds beneath the surface of earth, it will create a wave of movement as we head into the next energy system I call May. We will see more things falling apart as room is created to these things enhanced by the Light of Life.

With that said, and just seeing the wave of Light beneath the surface of the earth, I have a deep feeling we are in for some major earthquakes. I can actually feel the shifting of tectonic plates. What I cannot see is where. Of course, spirit is the Master secret keeper anywayz.

I am going to leave you all with information that came thru our group on Tuesday night. I am sorry you cannot see the visuals included, but the information is amazing and important.  Just click the link below to listen to the recording:

4/16/19 Nation of Lights Class Recording

I just want to clarify, we call Tuesday a class, but it is important to understand we all teach each other. Each person brings their amazing Light, their Wisdom, understandings and experience and together, we grow from it. Come join us (Membership info and link at the end of this sharing.)

I love you all soul very much. Thank you for Being in my world, in my heart, and adding your Light in so many magnificent ways to ALL of us!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with earth shattering, life enhancing Light to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas



15 Minute BOGO link

30 Minute BOGO link:

Come Bring your light to the Nation on Tuesdays!

Every Recording ever made available on the members page. Lots of exercises/special events there too.

Click here to join.

Please keep in mind I am only offering two options. I do not know how to remove the last two from the menu.

Tier One:  $11 a month.

  • Full access to hundreds of hours of prerecorded classes and information.

  • Full access to all new Tuesday nights “week in review” recordings.

  • 11% off all readings or specialty classes offered thru the Nation.

  • Tier Two:  $22 a month.

    • Full access to all previous and new recordings, including specialty classes.

    • Full participation in all live Tuesday “Week in review” Zoom sessions.  *A Zoom invitation to join will be mailed the day you join.

    • 22% off everything offered thru the Nation.




  1. Hi Lisa, go to durchsense / utube for daily earthquake info. For our whole earth. Xoxo 💖 Happy full moon!


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