Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 9, 2019

The Sound of Creation.

sound waves in water

Ohhhhh how wonderful to get much needed mega doses of Light!! The readings were primarily centered around sound/frequency. Not just any sound, but very personally YOURS. To the degree I could not hear any of the sound being presented. It was explained that the sound waves had codes embedded in them very particularly for the person I was reading for. Each came thru uniquely of course, one being presented by a gigantic bell, another a drum, yet another some odd platform in the upper atmosphere taking in 8 different frequencies, harmonizing them and sending them out to her to bring in.

It was explained to me (after much bitching, of course) that the reason I could not hear the sounds being emitted (I could only see the codes on the sound waves) was because the sound was very specifically for the person I was reading for and not for me. To take in that sound would do more harm than good. So if you hear sounds no one else seems to hear, its because its yours alone to hear. Also, conscious participation by each person I read for, essential. Just because codes are coming in, doesn’t mean you know how to use them without conscious participation (can we say, meditation.)

If I am remembering correctly, these personal sounds started to come in around the last week of April, one of the main reasons my voice was turned off. I will always show up to work, always. So they have a way of making sure I do not. Pesky freakin spirit!!

With that in mind, anytime something unexpected happens, that we as a human do not like (I hate losing my voice for so many reasons) it doesn’t mean its something that needs fixing… but needs patience and understanding. We are not always privy to the ins and outs of what is happening on the quantum levels and trust is a good place to live.

(All the above was written a few days ago.)

As we entered mid April, I was able to see the energies of may and the only way I could describe them was mutable. Kind of like energetic play dough. There was no shape or form to any of it, just there for our arrival and creations.

As we entered May, I completely forgot about the mutability that was shown on occasion. Being in the energy did not look for feel like it did previewing it in April. and I swear my short term memory has left the building!!

There has been a consistent focal point thru all the readings so far in May, a focal point I didn’t fully understand until several days ago. I think the best way to describe it is this way:

Imagine that your personal field of life, at the created level of reality was all contained in a box. That box is 20 feet high. In the center area of this box, at about the 10 foot mark, is what spirit is calling the point of creation. Where our creations manifest from. No two persons area of creation looked anywhere near the same. I have not figured out why or what the differences are yet. But, how creation happens is consistent for everyone. I pray I can explain this with coherency.

On top of our 20 foot box of crated reality is a 20 foot bx called the mental planes. The mental planes have very little to do with our brain egos. It is where creation energy flows from and where we experience most of our meditations and vibrates at a very high frequency of light.

In our efforts to create, we focus on the energies thru the mental planes and bring them down (slow down their frequency) into the created planes. What threw me for a loop (still does really) is the focus of the energies at the base level of the created planes (at the ground level if you will.) This is our physical desires (as opposed to our mental desires) and they must be raised up, the frequency increased to meet the center point of our reality box. This is not as easy to explain as I would like it to be. However, there have been many times in readings where someone would say they wanted something in their life, yet, the energy I was feeling from them would actually have stated the opposite. So we can “think” we want or need something, but if the energy from the physical level is not matched, it ain’t happening.

That that is from the personal desire/manifestation. Our souls have desires as well. It needs certain experiences in its evolution as well as the assistance of the evolution of others.

I think the best way to explain how it tries to get the human to the point of experience it needs is similar to blowing a dog whistle (keeping in mind the first part of this sharing I wrote a few days ago.) A sound is emitted, a vibration picked up (or missed) by its human and the path taken (or not.)

We can look at it as those times when we say, I don’t know how I ended up here, or what made me do that. You were following your soul whistle without the minds interference!!

Well there is much more to share, but my day is about to begin and I do not want to let this slide one more day. I will continue tomorrow!!

(((((HUGZ))))) filled with love and creation energy to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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