Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 2, 2019

Holy March!!! What Wonders We are Bringing In!!!

wonders of life

Wow, did March open up in ways I want to celebrate!! My body feels significantly better, the swelling in my leg is wayyyy down and OMG the amazing information coming thru the readings, its party time in my world lol.

The biggest reveal coming thru is the restoration of the plants, trees, flowers, edibles that grow from the ground back to its orginal DNA.

I have seen and experienced many versions of the earth thru its various cycles… both in meditation as well as in readings, but nothing, ever, like yesterday. I think when we see and feel a version of earth so more pristine than the one we are on at the moment, we naturally assume it is or was the original earth, but no. OMG the aliveness I got to experience thru the connections yesterday, of the earth as it was seeded by so many star beings, was like nothing I ever ever ever experienced before.

Even this morning, I am being shown pages of a book and the first full chapter having been removed so that no information could ever become distorted around its beginning. So the powers that be, kept it all hidden from our access…. until now. Now where the light is high on this planet, the truer truths have been being released over the last 7 years and are being accepted instead of revolted against… NOW is the time for full restoration of the original earth, starting at the ground up.

I had 4 readings yesterday, 3 of them took us back to what spirit is calling the very first seeding of this planet. Star beings came from so many places to bring nutrient rich life to this amazing planet. Not only was it nutrient rich it was conscious. It communicated and listened and changed according to the needs of evolution, enhancing itself for the growing life on this planet.

I have known for a long time that apples were the very first fruits on this amazing planet. I’ve always related apples in a reading to wisdom, original wisdom, now I know why. Because in the fruit, was an energy that released the…. hmmmmm…. not sure what the correct word would be, but lets use essence of pure consciousness of spirit/heaven.home to those who would eventually incarnate on this planet as what we now call, humans. What I found out yesterday, corn was the first vegetable. There to remind us how important community and oneness is…and so much more than that too. Can you imagine eating an ear of corn and feeling intense love for your neighbors, known and unknown.

The energy of woody plant life came thru another person. The trees and bushes and such that have woodiness to their Beings. Her job, at the onset, restoring the interconnectedness of it all, of us all.

Ohhhhhh and another thing that came thru yesterday…. the original humans/tribes that made up the consciousness we currently have, only pristine, clear, untainted by chaos… 5 tribes were revealed. What we call native Americans, Australian aboriginals, Samoans (of Hawaii I believe,) the original peoples in India and Africa (I have no idea what they are called, I was shown the landscape of the last two so I knew where they were from. This came from my lady with the corn.

Also, one of my readings was the fruits of the earth being restored. So we had vegetables, fruits, flowers (which I will get more into, tomorrow) and woody plant life (to include, of course, trees.)

All this on day one of March!!!!!

We have a lot of work to do to remember, to work with the fragments of truth as a new beginning for earth, the restoration of truth, of US!!

We were shown a circle yesterday, the beginning of the circle and the end of the circle must match the frequencies it started with. The trip around the circle represents all the different eras earth experienced.

Equally, several teams stated, quite clearly, it is not only our era where genetic manipulation has taken place, there have been many eras of similar experiences.

Equally, some are still between the energetic doorway of February and march, taking in the last of energy enhancements from February energy and starting to crystallize their fields moving forward.

Its going to be interesting to get deeper into the readings…. quantity wise. I am already realizing, those working with the restoration of DNA plant life have zero ground below them… yet. However, those coming in with (I am assuming) a different project, and are still between February ad march, I can see the ground.

I am going to end there, I am already one reading into my day and I gotta go!!

Ohhhh I also realized that we have a full moon ON the day of the equinox!!! POWER-FULL!!!

I so love and honor each and every one of you. Thank you for your patience and your continued faith and trust in me!!

(((((HUGZ))))) filled with wonder, bliss and full on magic to and thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



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