Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 28, 2019

Distorted Time, Storing Fragments and March Energies!!



I am so thankful today concludes February, wow what a crazy, topsy turvy energetic month!! We have been consistently half in the upper planes (mental planes) half in the physical planes, sometimes being sucked up completely into the mental then placed partially back down in the physical, rinse, repeat. Hard to get a handle on anything that way. Hard to even get connected to our lives. Even when we get a small handle on something, new energy is coming in and rearranging our focus anyway. This has been one of the most baffling months of readings I can remember experiencing. First not being able to see for the first 18 days without any physical reason was rough enough. Then we come into see various points of some sub-cycle events that are starting to line up in our (mis)perception of the future and then wham, back into energy intake on a grand scale.

I had one lady the other day, her team was showing her unfolding path as she stepped into the energy system called March… it reminded me of the roller coaster super duper double looper (smile.) The track started out straight forward for about 3 feet in March, then the loops started, three to be exact, at the mid point of the third loop the track came out and took a sharp left for about three feet and then I could not see any more track.

The distortion of time came at the loops, which extended outwards to the right of her field (spiritual/emotional side.) I have a deep feeling our disconnection with time is going to get even stronger as we move into March. We are so accustomed to time being straight forward, but as it loops up, curves around moves to the right (or left) it is going to play havoc not only on our day to day life, but our biorhythms too. Which, as I think of it, only makes sense. The more light we take in, our pineal is affected,which is our light center in our body’s. If we are taking in higher frequencies of light as we sleep, the feeling of time to wake up will be strong. If it reduces during the day (to allow the assimilation of what was brought in during the night) then naps are in order. Many of us have been experiencing these things this month (and beyond this month.)

These fragments of truths I wrote about last sharing, well they seem to be ramping up in intake. Instead of one or two at a time, some are ingesting many at once. Most are coming down thru the crown or the feet, and being distributed thru the body for storage.

The way I am understanding it, the body vibrates at various speeds throughout, so whatever frequency matches the incoming fragments of truth, that is where the energy gets stored. I swear they are all being stored in my left leg and foot!! My leg and foot was swollen like a sausage yesterday, to the point I could not even bend my toes. Then about 6pm, I could feel the energy deflate, which was kind of kewl, kind of odd. It reduced to half a sausage, maybe hot dog sized and remains tat way this morning lol.

As I gather more information, actually here is an incredible thought that just presented itself… each one of you is a very special fragment of information/light. No two people will hold the same fragments, therefore no two people will release the same information thru readings. When you/we are in group energies those fragments each one holds get activated for larger truths to come out. Which is probably why I find out Tuesday night Nations Classes so profound, the information that comes thru the gatherings adds and often times, expands the weeks understanding thru readings. Even to the degree of showing us various earth events that lay in our perceived future.

Ohhhh, there is an image one of our beloved nation members shared during her sharing of her super powers homework that I want to share today. The image was referenced a couple times during the readings this week and really took me by surprise.



Where that tiny little yellow circle is, that is about the same amount of access we have to both, the akashic records as well as the use of the mental planes that create our reality. With the incoming fragments of truer truths, some will be getting a larger access diameter to the akash and equally some more expanded in the mental planes.

If we can look at the access to the akash as being able to see with a nightlight on, we could see things directly infront of us, but now the light is getting brighter, more details will become visuable and often times when that happens, it changes what we thought we knew/understood prior.

The example that has been presented this week several times is… if we have been told blue is blue for so long, we don’t even question it, blue is blue. Now with some having a more expanded view of any details, they are going to realize that blue is actually yellow. Where the challenge is going to lay for many is… it is not enough for us to understand, individually, that blue is really yellow given the expanded details, but when we hear stories of the familiar blue details, it is our responsibility to address the inaccuracies and explain how it is really yellow.

With that, we are going to find that many of the stories, memories we developed out of the stories, are not even close to the (truer) truth of what was/is/will be.

With the mental planes, as we have more access to the energies that create our physical reality, we are going to have a lot more… spiritual/psychic abilities, at the very least, a broader understanding of how to enhance our ongoing abilities and start to work on things we know are possible but have yet to experience.

As we starting using the expanded field of the mental planes, we will have fuller use of our brains. Right now science says we use 10% of our brain at any given time, we can easily double that. There will be other shifts that double even that down the road.

Well, my day is about to start its next phase. I know I am missing so much information to share, tomorrow…

I love you all soul much!! Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of expanded views and abilities to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



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  4. Right now, only SCIENCE uses 10% of its brain. The rest of us use the other 90%. 😉


    • I so love the Cats ❤ I was speaking at one time, and even the best of us have not even reached 50% use at one time…. yet… but we getting there!! ((((HUGZ)))) my beautiful cats ❤


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