Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 3, 2019

The Original Seeding of Earth

seeding earth

There is so very much to share today and I have GiGi duties soon and then I’m off to court with my son tomorrow as he fights for custody of his son. So this is going to be a quicky but I hope filled with as much information as my fingers can release in an hour.

The second super powers meditation class last night, OMG how rich and filled with great understanding of how the earth was originally seeded. I also realize, there is a large scale effort to restore it back it its original essence of Life. The greatest challenge for us assisting in that effort, is getting out of our stories and understandings to allow ourselves to go back before there was a story, before anything was here on earth.

To allow ourselves to reunite with the parts of us that were on other realms, on other planets and stars, watching earth cool, sending scouts out to test the soil for its ability to hold life. Even the rains were purposeful. Seeded with much nutrients to assist the eventual, simple life that would first be seeded on earth.

With what we now call extraterrestrial beings, they created labs in their world to match earths atmosphere, taking back the soils of earth in various places and thru trial and error, planting vegetation from their world into earths soil to see what would flourish and what would not. They even adjusted various DNA of seeds to assist its flourishing on earth.

Even crystals and rocks were placed on earth with great purpose, to enhance the energy and ecosystem that eventually would become the living earth.

One of the travelers in class last evening, told us of luminosity balls that were brought from her world to put into the earths soil all around earth that would open up and connect the luminous planet with its glow, with its love and consciousness.

Another lady brought a crystal egg that eventually grew into a crystal tree, it too was luminous and as she described it, I could feel it… OMG I want one near me!!

Part of the instruction within the meditation was to flip thru earths pages, what I call earths eras of experience, to get to the first era of change. It was so interesting to experience the waters. As our beloved soul told of the water starting to forget where it came from, what it really was, I could feel the consciousness of the people that were there in that time…. forgetting too. Waters will reflect the energies of the collectives and change itself to reflect that back to us. Isn’t it interesting that in today’s timeline, so much of our waters are polluted. So too, are our memories and stories and such.

We also much realize spirit does not release information in a linear way. They may drop information or even abilities that may not come around again for a year or two. I will never understand this madness while incarnated, but I have seen it happen so often that it is usual instead of unusual.

I mention this because in the first meditation of the super powers class, we learned of our own emerging super powers, the energy of use and so on. That will be an ongoing evolution of trial and error (as all things are in this realm.) Now to go back to earths original state,, we must forget we even had that knowing, of our human self since it would be a very long time before any complex lifeforms were seeded on earth.

Getting out of our own ways, our own stories and ideas…. essential and just may take a little bit of effort. Spirit has been saying for years now… forget everything you think you know, and now we fully see why!!

Anyway… more tomorrow if I possibly can. We are in such amazing times.

I love you all soul much, thank you for bringing the glow back to earth!!

((((HUGZ))))) of luminosity and interconnectedness to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas



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