Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 1, 2018

New Earth and Old Earth Eclipsing Itself

earth eclipsing

Happy October everyone!! Man September was a lot rougher ride than I anticipated!! So much new energy was released to us, to all of earth, which made affects unpredictable and sometimes, down right unpleasant (from the human vantage point of course!!)

For those wondering where I have been, I had jury duty this past Monday thru Thursday. What an emotionally draining experience that is!! It was a civil trial between a building contractor and a 65 year old lady, both so absorbed in self interest from the start they could not, and continued to not see the storm that brewed due to it. Both lost, both got nothing by an interesting error from the collective jury, which, in civil cases, there are only 6 jurors.

By the time Friday came, I was like an alcoholic who hadn’t had a drink in a week!! I was so ready to drink in some serious light, get my right brain back to the higher fields of life and my left brain trying to piece the puzzle together. But I also had not slept well in two nights, taking the court case home with me, and processing all night, the verdict and the correctness of the verdict. Draining!! I was so utterly disconnected from the field on Friday, I had assumed that must be the reason, I was exhausted and still washing the debris out of my field.

So I set my heart on Saturday for that much needed replenishment. I got a little bit, but not in the way I expected, or truly, needed it. After my first reading was a blank, spirit must have felt the sadness in my heart and the ongoing disappointment I must give to those waiting their reading. I started to get what I call previews and my first question…. WHY!! Why no seeing two days in a row, was slightly answered right before my 2nd appointment as I was on the holy throne (potty.)

I could see two earths both in eclipse of each other, passing each other in opposite directions. It was stated that the “old” earth and the “new” earth are eclipsing each other. creating a black out of sorts. In another preview to a reading (no one got a reading, not even the ET connections.) It was explained and shown this tremendous energy being exchanged between the two realities during this passage. It was also explained by one of my lady’s ETs this energy is why the connection could not happen. Way too much distortion to work thru. To much finalizing the upcoming blueprints (if you will) of the next phase of earth and of each living thing on earth. With this new set of blueprints, we are all going thru a changing of the guard, of guides/teachers and such. As we step into this last quarter of 2018, we will also start to draw down to us, at least those using their divine will, the energies of the first quarter of 2019.

It was also shown, again, thru previews, (seeing before the connection) and was explained by the energy field of a precious soul who lives about an hour away from me, here in Texas, that the depression that was parked and releasing at the gulf of mexico for about a week, and other storms, was purposely releasing a very particular energy thru its storms. I could see an indescribable energy system in the lower atmosphere of earth, here in texas. What it is, what we will do with it??? I have no clue, yet. Since she was my last attempt at reading for the day, it gave me time to ponder and every storm, earth event, including earthquakes and volcanoes are serving this very same purpose, especially in September.

Much to my dismay, I woke up yesterday with no voice and a low-grade fever and serious inflammation thru my body, especially my left arm and both hands. Typing was not a possibility. I finally broke down and took some ibuprofen, and as the inflammation subsided, my voice returned. I fully realized some months ago, the correlation between my psoriasis arthritis and my voice loss, since it targets the tendons and ligaments, it is why I lose my voice so often.

Hate to cut this short so fast, but my day begins in a few moments!! I love and miss the bajezuz out of every one of you so much!!!

(((((HUGZ)))))) filled with new potential to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  3. i also had low grade joint inflammation, and the last two night, serious dreamtime and also waking up at odd hours at nigjt….better this afternoon. ..lets see..

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  4. 10 days ago I had an episode of dry vomiting & ‘cos I have a history of strokes, was carted off to hosp! Whilst there my partner once again asked why the Docs could not fix my chronic problem! (I have had it for over 50 years), Well, blow me down, but they actually grew a culture for it & (maybe) it will never come back! So now I know why I was carted off to Hosp! Here, in Sydney, it was long week-end (Labour Day, I think) so it seems they were able grow the culture over that period…….I had a rest, my partner did his back in, riding on the bus, not so good! But I am quietly confident that I am Healing! Thank you God, Thank you Star people Thank you all the wonderful people who have been healing me, I am very very grateful in anticipation! Just wanted to acknowledge it all! Thanks to you all! XXXX


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