Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 23, 2018

Equinox, Harvest Moon and a Meditation Inclusion to Expand With!!


Well Happy Equinox everyone!!! My whole Being repelled electronics yesterday. It has to be one of the first times I didn’t grab my coffee and then sit at the computer. Nope, instead I sat on the couch and it swallowed me whole!! I did nothing at all, which was the only thing I was capable of doing. My entire to-do list got pushed out to today.

I did get a quick glimpse of the equinox tho. Again, keeping in mind, I always see all of the equinoxes like a really large flag pole (minus any flag of course.) Yesterday, the pole was seriously magnetic and electricity from top to bottom, in a constantly moving upwards motion. At the top the energy was spreading outwards in almost a film like fashion, kind of reminding me of an umbrella top. As this energy moved out of the top of the pole and curved back down towards the earth the frequency was of a magnetic gold and thick white color. It was actually quite beautiful and so quick in its showing itself that I didn’t get to understand anything else.

At least, not until this morning. I so love mornings when I wake up understanding more than I did the day prior!!

This energy coming out of the top is reformatting us. From bone to energy, we are all being recoded. At first I thought just those at the out most frequency band of earth, but nope, every living thing, large and small, visible and invisible.

From what I am hearing from my team at the moment, we will spend the last days of September understanding how this is effecting us and those around us, thru the field of readings of course. All in prep to use every ounce of our new Self’s as we enter the last quarter of this year.

What I am also hearing and understanding is, we can look at this energy like tiny little keys being dropped into our body and mind. Some keys will automatically unlock higher energies, various attributes, and other, most of the others, WE must unlock by Will.

Let’s change the focus for a moment on tomorrows full moon.


There is a light flowing off this moon that will enhance and illuminate the said keys above. Ohhh we have a meditation coming thru!! YAY!! lol

Feel yourself inside the magnetic/electrical energy pole of the September equinox. Feel yourself moving up and down in a rhythmic fashion. Start to focus on the light in and thru you, as it gets brighter, your movement gets faster.

Feel the point where you flow out of the top of the pole, in the form of a pole coming out as you can almost touch the bottom pole of the March equinox above you.

Hold this position as you orient yourself to the Light of the Full moon. It may be to your left, right, front or back. It WILL be positioned according to YOUR needs and adjustments.

You will notice that it is shining most brightly on your strongest/main power center. (Please do not assume anything here, this is where your main motor will be at in these times of change and new abilities.)

Once you have your focus on this illuminated power center/engine of your new abilities, feel the expansion of Light in that area. Feel yourself, still in pole form between the September and March equinox, drawing in energy from both poles into that very power center.

See the keys start to show themselves. Some will simply unlock themselves and create a visual change in that center, others will appear in the ready for you to unlock. (Do not unlock all at once, it would be like eating a whole pizza in one bite.)

You want to continue this exercise thru the last days of September. You will see yourself shift and change with each key that is unlocked.

The keys that require YOUR WILL to unlock, will require movement of yourSelf in some way. Be it new applications in your physical life energy, new ideas to act upon, they will require some sort of action on your part beyond turning a key. Pay attention, ask for clarity. Always ask!!! Never assume anything, ever!!

On that note, it is almost time for our second adventure with the Extraterrestrials and brave humans who signed up to play!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with amazing adventures and new skills to and thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas


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