Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 3, 2018

The Weather, ET’s and the Two Worlds Eclipsing…


There is so much to share, I hope my hands hold out for all of it!! My hands have been taking a huge hit during these energy shifts this past week. Ouchies!!!

I am going to start with the ET connection that I had yesterday. They assist moving and releasing energy within the weather patterns on earth. Their shapeshifting craft moves thru the upper and lower atmospheres, moving the jet stream and other elements that often time, purposely forms storms. There were three Beings that made contact with my lady and each from a different realm, one from the Pleiades, one from Andromeda and another from a place I never heard of nor can remember.

They explained that our atmosphere takes in bits of each of their atmospheres as far as the make up goes. What they do, in part, is seed energy into the various weather patterns throughout the earth.

What they emphasized and let me tell you, I felt to my core when they addressed this, is the ongoing interference of these weather events by humans not understanding why a storm comes in and reacts out of fear. They gave the example of the storm that just hit the Carolina’s, that that hurricane needed to come in as a Cat 3-4 in order to distribute the seeded energy properly. But, due to humans not understanding the need for speed (smile) it came in slow as a cat 2.

What they showed us next, kinda blew my mind and then that, why didn’t I realize that before, thought came thru.

They showed the inevitable 9.1 earthquake other ETs have talked about. They showed the depth and size (miles) of the earthquake. And no, no time nor place was given, nor will be. And they showed me, actually let me feel the intensity of this earthquake many miles away from the epicenter. If interference continues, the energies will be displaced further out than is currently needed.

The frustration I felt from our friends from the skies was amazing. We need to step back and look at the whole of what is happening and not just the fear of what may or may not happen to a few humans. Even that, was by agreement and contract before incarnating. Some of the humans that lose their lives thru storms, are doing so with a very particular stream of light as they exit the earth plane. Even those that are displaced, are in a tremendous lesson of letting go. There are those, of course, who choose to stay when it was in their contract to vacate the area, but even that, is a lesson being learned.

Keep this phrase in mind as we go forward, “what you do for one, you take away from another.” That is for the interference of the weather and seismic events of the earth.

So now, lets turn to this old earth, new earth eclipse thing. First, lets understand that this is not associated with time. One of the teams tried to explain/show me this yesterday and not easy to put into words. Just like every life we are living is all happening now, all at the same time, past, future and what we consider this moment, so too is this old world – new world eclipse. The experience of this eclipse is determined by frequency. Just as your soul consciousness is set to the frequency of this time period/2018, and all the other lives being experienced is blurred our of view and conscious direction. So with that understanding, some may be experiencing the effects now, some later, some not at all in this lifetime. It’s all an alignment of consciousness frequency and the seeded DNA of what we consider the soul blueprint in the individual body.

I also want to be clear that what I call the old earth, is not really separate from us as much as it is a lower set of frequencies. What I refer to the new earth are the higher frequencies. What I am seeing as an eclipse, has the two creating major friction as they pass each other in opposite directions, which is the electricity I see in the readings. With that, the new earth is heading to the right, what I see as the old earth is going to the left. Keeping in step with my interpretations, right is our perceived future, left is the past. Again, the understandings coming thru the readings is that now that the old earth is richly infused with the light of the new, the events of challenge and change will step up in release and experience.

Also, we have a tendency to devalue what we refer to as the old earth as well, but there is richness that comes from it and it is being infused within the new. Mostly ancient times when various civilizations understood and lived in relationship with the earth, spirit and star Beings. That energy is being infused in this new earth so we can easily pull from the experiences moving forward.

There is an amazing download taking place, a conjoined energy from old, new, star family and human being set in each person I have read for. Sadly, that is going to have to wait til tomorrow as my day is about to begin.

I love you all soul very much and appreciate your patience with my own inner and outer changes. Lets make it extra special!! 50% off everything (readings) thru the 5th!!

Big big (((((HUGZ))))) filled with new energy and abilities to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas


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