Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 27, 2018

Soul Energy Amps Up as we Reboot!!

soul energy

I remember all the ETs saying that there is going to be a big dip in the energies on the 26th, I booked 4 ET readings for yesterday and one regular reading.  Well baby!!!  Not sure what they mean by a dip.  My first reading was the soul reading and that was far from flat-lined energy!!  The first thing I experienced was nausea when initiating connection.  Ever and over!  Then went straight into an asthma attack.

But I did get to see and understand before I rescheduled her!!  There was this long thing coming down akin to a tornado funnel, except yellow and very electric.  I realized this was not my lady’s funnel, but my own and that each and everyone of us had one.  I could not see her in anyway and I guess I am kind of glad, if looking at my own tornado made me sick and breathless, I cannot imagine what someone else’s on top of mine would do.

I was stunned and very concerned!!  How the hell is this considered a lull in the energies!!  And I had 4 ET readings scheduled.

Sure enough, the ETs were clear as day, even the understanding was clearer than usual.  Granted, I was a major space cadet for the rest of the day, but damn an excited one!!!

There is so much help and desire to connect with any human willing to put in the work to assist, its humbling.  Of course, the work starts in meditation, connecting to them multidimentionally thru the expanded consciousness of Self.

Now back to the inner confusion with the energies yesterday.  If I am understanding this correctly (subject to change with more information) As the planetary energies took a dip, the soul energies sped up without the interference of all the collectives penetrating its enhancements.  This was a major reason my friends from the Pleiades released the message they did yesterday.  Of course, I had no idea until this morning, right now actually.  We are not done, stay focused in love and gratitude.

I have no idea what this day shall bring since it is the full lunar eclipse.  I have a full schedule and I pray to the heavens we can see a little something something.

Until tomorrow, be open to receive your new growth seeds!!  Pure trust, Soul excitement and lets party!!

Big big big ((((((((((HUGZ)))))))) of new beginnings to and thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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