Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 28, 2018

The Energy Surges Thru the Lunar Eclipse.


Happy day after!!  I should have realized that if the day before the eclipse made me nauseous, the day of would be off the charts!  My first attempt at reading, ohhh my good god, I swear I would toss my cookies immediately.  Unlike the day prior, zero vision tho.  Of course, I didn’t need it to understand what was happening.  I cannot even tell you how incredibly grateful I was to be totally shut down trying to do my second appointment.  Just for the record, I already blocked off the last eclipse on August 11th.  I’m taking no chances!! lol

As the morning progressed on my couch (smile) my head started to feel strange.  Strange in away I have never experienced myself and really have no way of truly describing it.  I think maybe the closest I could come would be a vibrational spin, but that is the surface of the hours long experience.

About an hour before I went to sleep last night, my hands and feet started releasing this odd vibration.  I first noticed it when I touched the screen of my phone while playing a game.  Again, an indescribable experience but insanely kewl.

As I laid in bed, my hands, fingers, feet and toes felt like they were releasing large amounts of vibrational energy.  There was a vibration to it as well as a gentle current too.  I fell asleep to its sensations, I kinda liked it lol.

The only thing I was able to semi see yesterday was the energy of the electric soul hose (smile) coming into the solar plexus and radiating higher frequencies throughout the body, affecting the pineal gland (this was experienced as I was having the head energy thing.)

What it means to any of us, I have no clue.  The one thing I am absolutely sure of tho, we will find out, one reading at a time, one day at a time, mushed together with a whole lot of individual experience and understandings!!

The one thing I am pretty sure I have already said goodbye to, is my old biorhythm.  For decades I would be asleep by 9-10 pm and up without fail between 4-5 am.  These last few months, not even close!!  I am lucky to be asleep by midnight and I have become alarm clock dependent to make sure I wake up no later than 6 am and even that, becomes iffy if I shut my alarm off and fall back to sleep.

On that note, another day begins.  We are already getting inflow of energy from this last electrical solar eclipse.  If I understand it correctly, it is to bountiful germinate the emotional field we all brought to this next phase of the party.

May we all have passionate, clear skies, together!!

Big (((HUGZ))) filled with new beginnings to and thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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