Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 26, 2018

Rebooting and a Message From the Pleiades!


Isn’t just amazing how time seems to evaporate in a blink?  Here we are, the day of the “reboot” already.  I will be in outer space all day, my entire schedule is ET readings!!

We can look at this day like the 0 in runes, pregnant and empty all at the same time.  Bring only love to this day.  Set aside all worries and concerns, and focus on all that fills you with love and gratitude.  Do not try and focus on a future agenda not one of us can understand at this moment. Allow trust to be what replaces concrete things for now.  All the seeds of what is coming in, to settle into your Being.  Not with understanding (isn’t that a change of pace) but with hope, desire and excitement of where your path will take you.

It is a new dawn on the world stage and each one is a part of this amazing change deeply underway.  Your breath has new life in int, your life has new breathe in it.

This is not a day to look at the past, at yesterday, at 10 minutes ago.  Just Be in and with the Presence of Your Presence and breathe.

As you move into the full moon lunar eclipse, breathe.  No agenda.  Just conscious, purposeful breath, in and out.  Divine love.  Seeds of unfathomable experience is coming into the breath.  Just…. allow.

As we pass thru the lunar eclipse the third and final eclipse will be sending electricity, pulses of Light Illumination of the germination at hand.  As every Gardner knows, each seed grows in its own season.  What you are ready for most, will sprout first.  Hold in your heart of Knowing that you Are the Light Seed on this planet.  The bearer of truth.  The herald of possibilities.

You Are and that IS extraordinary!!

Many Blessing from the Once Source thru the ALL of experience.


It has been so long, so very very long since I received a direct transmission from my team within the Pleiades, but low and behold, in my empty this morning a familiar voice ran thru me.  Franklyn and the gang.  He/we choose not to sign the transmission, it is not needed.

I am just going to leave it at that for today.

I love you all so very very very much and look forward to whatever is next, together!!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of pregnant potential to and thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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