Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 24, 2018


Finally!!  A night of sleep and waking up with plenty of time to share!!  There is a wonderful tid bit that came thru a reading (of course) that dammit, I kept forgetting to share.  But here it is, on the tippy top of my mind this morning.  I am going to quote it:


When you hear things, it almost becomes a no brainer, yet so far from the brain until its revealed.  Passion is an internal energy.  If comes from you, thru you, and cannot be experienced outside of yourself.  So you cannot “find” you passion since it does not exist outside of yourself.  BE your passion in all you do, think and say!

I want to go back too, since it is on my mind as well, to the yin yang energy from my last blog.  It is being shown as the integration of us.  Getting to this incredible, exhausting place in our history, we had to integrate and fully understand with love and honor, the dark and the light, for this is a realm of duality and always will be.  We have obviously done an outstanding job holding that balance within our selves and the highest of collectives because now, the full focal point shifts to earth and spirit.  The full integration, partnership of what know as Living Heaven on earth.  Fully empowered soul and body.

Often times, we see the two as separate.  Just as we see light and dark as separate.  Yet the night does not mean the light of day has left, it is still there, shining brightly.  Even what we deem our negatives, we have learned to value as a place within our power, when utilized correctly.

To that degree, losing concepts that keep our soul and body separate, thinks like higher self, over soul, anything that creates separation in the mouth, also creates it in the mind.  Ina  very similar way as seeking passion outside yourself, this also tends for us to seek our power, our soul energy outside ourselves, yet is here 24/7 without fail. We do not go seeking our right hand to assist our left hand and yet, we do with our soul.  The only time the soul becomes separate from the body is at the moment of death.  Working this way allows the mind to function at higher, constant levels of Being.

I have to love this amazing moment in time.  I got distracted and ran into my first reading before I finished this blog.  I went out on my back porch to do my first reading, I was shocked to see a full rainbow behind the trees.  No rain, no moisture, just its presence.

If that was not breath enhancing enough, thru my reading, my lady received what star constellation was powering her.  I was stunned to see the formation of a pig head in the sky.  Surely I had to be wrong.  Her team reminded me pig is a new term for what has always been known as the boar.  Sure enough!!  I had no freakin clue!!  The boar constellation also is connected to Andromeda as well as the ancient druids.  And she has been connected to the druids her whole life.

Thru her reading, she was moving upwards from what I am just going to call the ground level to about 15 feet above the ground, into another plane of earth, where the druids went to.  Between the boar constallation, the higher plane of earth and the reboot on the 26th, she will come thru with very pure information that will over-road much of what we knew to be true on the older frequencies of earth.

These are exciting times.  Even when they are debilitating!!  My sleep schedule has gone out the window.  I am awake til all hours of the night and still must wake up to work, usually so groggy and absent minded I cannot even do a blog.  My emails are days behind replying and depending on the content, even reading.  My mind just closes down.  So please, bear with me as whatever I am taking in, gets done.

Ohhhh before I close, we learned something about the reboot coming up before this eclipse.  I assumed (and dammit I should know better than that) that the 24 hour period of rebooting would take place a tick after midnight on the 26th thru a tick after midnight on the 27th.  Nope, thru Tuesday nights Nation Class we realized it was at the apex of the eclipse and 24 hours prior to that. I must be partially brain dead because I cannot find the time of totality thru google in the USA.

On that note, I want to get this published before my next appointment!!  I love you all so much

Big big ((((((HUGZ))))))) filled with passionate unity evolving higher!!!!

Lisa Gawlas


Ohhh BTW, the issue with uploading recordings is a browser issue.  No doubt from my browser being hijacked a while back while downloading.  I am working on repairing it and getting everything uploaded at once.



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    This link will give you all the information you need on the eclipse. The peak of the eclipse occurs at 2:21 pm MDT.

    Best wishes,

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