Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 22, 2018

Slow Down, Proceed with Caution and the New Energy of Yin Yang!

yin yang

For two nights in a row the sandman came close to skipping my house, I was awake until after 3 am.  I finally got some decent sleep last night, but my body was on catch up drive and I woke up late.  I want to get some important stuff out, so forgive me for skimming the surface of everything.

On Thursday, my first day of sleep deprivation, two out of three of my antennas were down.  My hearing and feeling centers completely offline, yet my vision, crystal clear, incredibly frustrating because I had no idea what I was seeing meant!!  But, as a group effort, we did figure it out.

Every person I read for had a large, 7′ yellow X about 5 feet in front of my porch.  Proceed with caution!!  The first two readings had really light amber crystals embedded in their X all the way down both sides of the X, separated by about 4 inches.  Ancient wisdom encased in the amber for them to access and of course, proceed with caution.

The third reading attempt, I completely expected to see the amber, nope, instead of she what looked like ruby’s that was so intensely back lit that it appeared to be pushing out red frequencies.  New earth energies.

My last lady, her bedazzled X had blue and white back lit crystal looking things.  Soul expression in an pure tapestry of creation.

I realized we all have this caution sign, each with its own unique expression of caution.  Slow down, take time to delve deeper into that energy.  It will so important moving forward.

One of the readings yesterday let me on fire in so many ways, but since it almost time for my first reading today, I will just put this important part out.

Our yin yang symbol has changed in this new frequency of light.  It was shown as blue and red instead of the very familiar black and white.  Blue soul expression, red the material plane of life, the new earth.  Spirit and matter instead of light and dark.

Keeping in mind, this only applies to the new higher frequency of earth we have arrived in.  Those still going thru their issues of refined on the lower frequency earths, this cannot apply.

These two points shared today would make for a great meditation exploration for everyone.  Dive deep, assume nothing and listen, really really listen.

I will make sure my happy butt is up early tomorrow so I can go into richer details about sooooo much more!!!

Big big ((((((HUGZ))))))))))) of new adventures to and thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas




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