Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 14, 2018

Becoming Unhinged!!


Here we are, the first of three life changing energy events.  The highly electrical, life giving partial solar eclipse!  Altho it technical happens today, it started in full yesterday and will continue thru tomorrow, as we enter the next intense phase of the full lunar eclipse on the 27th of this month.

The electrical impulses coming in are crazy.  The visuals I get from the reading field are simply change at the very core of Life.  I am hoping we can start to really see and understand some of these changes as we move towards the lunar eclipse, where we are rebooted as a planetary system, into our next phase of evolution.  If I am understanding the last of these eclipses in August, that will focus on the magnetic grid of each person, of each group, of amplification of the game of life in its next phase.  Of course, always subject to change with more information.

Well, I wrote that yesterday and is as far as I got.  My computer rebooted and for days now my internet and even electrical devices have been in such major lag.  I have been trying for days to get Tuesday nights class up and still have not had any success.  I am sure after today, the last of this three day eclipse, things should return a little bit to the next new normal for a couple weeks.

It’s not just my electronics in lag, oh my lord, my brain has been so thick in lag land I can barely use it.  I do something and minutes later, I cannot recall if I just did that or just thought about doing it.  I have mentioned this before, but it deserves a second reminder here again.  For the last two decades, I could remember and string every reading together from the day and days prior, now I wake up and it is all I can do to access the memory’s.  In our Tuesday night classes our conversations usually know the important information from the field forward to discuss, but mornings… my mind is a blank, or more nicely said, a fresh palette!! lol.

Another theme I am finding from so many people I read for, complete exhaustion!!  No matter what we do or even, don’t do, it seems like we are borrowing energy from somewhere to get even the most basic things done.

OMG, I just realized something (sometimes, that happens too lol.)  From late Thursday afternoon thru the morning yesterday, I kept getting this preview of the one and only reading I had on my schedule yesterday (I blocked the day off to cut down on reschedules.)  This preview was of her getting this silver metal pole interested in her core from the crown down and this energy weaving its way out from the pole as it went into her core.  I figured if her team is going to haunt me like that, I need to at least do the connection to see what the hell the previews are about!!

I did not find this out until after our reading, in email, but I fully realize how important the start of her “time” was.  At the time scheduled for our reading, she was getting pulled over and issued a speeding ticket!!  Hold that thought…

For the second time this week, I experienced doing a reading in a way that I have never ever experienced before.  Trying to describe it with words, what makes it so different, not easy either.  I could see her field when we finally connected.  I would have been surprised if I could actually see it, given the electrical currents flowing from the sun and earth on this life changing day.

The information and visuals I got from her connection, was neither from her field nor my porch, but a place I guess we can say as in between.  There was no energy connection that had me in the middle of it and her team explained, I would be fried connecting directly into the solar eclipse energies via readings.  And I really got most of her visual in the many previews I was seeing before our connection.

The silver pole, a new core of energy from the earth, enhanced by the electrical field of the sun.  Slowly coming down into her core from the crown down which will take thru the next eclipse to complete itself.

As I watched these silver threads or tendrils start to emerge from the silver pole going thru her core, I could see them rebooting (If you will) the cells in her body.  When they moved up to her mental plane, OMG I could not help but laugh at her teams description of what will take place (and helps me understand my own madness!!) I’m pretty sure I am quoting correctly:


We both cracked up.  I could see these like little yellow C hooks over various connections in her mental planes just popped up and away from whatever thought it held together.  This is to release any thoughts, held beliefs, understandings and so on, about pretty much anything!!  Most especially, the way the world of matter works.  It was explained that there is a tremendous amount of information out there that now, is so inaccurate it would be a determent to hang onto and/or use/share.

They also explained, even tho this is primary for the spiritual understandings in life, this will have an effect on what we would call regular conversations or activities.  Our “hinged” connections run deeper than we realize and must become completely unhinged down to the last iota.

It was also explained to her, that as she gets closer to the full lunar eclipse, the truth of the new world will start to come online thru her.  Her responsibility will be understanding it, applying it and getting that new information out to others, in truth, without any debris of yesterdays understandings involved.  They called her, several times, “the bringer of truth.”

Her speeding ticket, a warning, this is not a time to speed thru understandings, but a time to slowly and full savor what is coming in, digest it and most important of all, apply it.  Application is where knowledge turns into wisdom and one becomes a true way shower.

Just knowing stuff… well… how many books have been written that are now obsolete.  This is one major reason the internet HAD to become.  So much is changing and so quickly that the old does not fully serve the new any longer.

Many of you have the opportunity to bring new concepts, working abilities, magic to the party, but only if you allow yourself to know nothing and know it every moment of every day!!  Keeping in mind, the moment you say “I Am…. (fill in the blank) you think you know something and I assure you, its not even the tip of the iceberg on the tip of the iceberg, but enough to disallow anything more, in!!  If the words, phrase, expression I AM could just be enough, well…

I AM madly in love with each and every one of you!!  Thank you for sharing the abundance of your soul light with all of us to learn from and change thru!!!

Now let me do something I never have done before….



Big big (((HUGZ))) filled with New Light, New Enhanced Love of Source made manifest, thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas




  1. Thanks for the great blog! I feel neglected. No electronic snafus as of yet this month. Maybe pretty soon, though … Thanks for the heads up! I remember one of my greatest electronic snafus … internet and home and cell phones stopped working, I bought a new cell phone at the drug store; screen went blank when I turned it on. Took it back to the drug store; clerk turned it on and off: “Works fine!” … Left the store, turned it on, and the screen went blank. TOTALLY incommunicado, per cosmic plan; then, a big upgrade. All blessings, and God speed to you!

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  3. The stuff about letting go knowledge is spot on!
    After all it was told us not to eat from the three of knowledge or we would get Ill and have to work.
    Oh yes oh yes… back to paradise

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    • Ok

      Envoyé depuis m


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