Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 15, 2018

The Electricity of Your Creation!


electrical creation

And here we are, in the afterglow of the highly electric solar eclipse.  I already see what is taking place as we march ourselves into the next major event of the full lunar eclipse on the 27th, which will be the longest lasting eclipse of the 21st century!!!!!

All the electrical charges we took in since we rolled into July will now be coming out of us.  As I walked into my office, thinking about what we shall see now that the eclipse is out of its three day phase, that’s exactly what I saw, the human (no one in particular) emitting all this energy out of their skin, impregnating their field of emotionally held focus, conscious or unconscious.  The full moon cools the energy into solidification as our next great adventure!!

There is a slight twist with all this.  Our spiritual evolution is the most important thing in this next phase.  This is going to seem incredibly contradictory to the things we have been told, but spiritual evolution and living our bliss may not quite look like we think it should.  Growth lives outside our comfort zone, our unexperienced experiences.  Stretching us beyond our comfort zones is rarely delightfully experienced so don’t try holding yourself back and staying in what could and more than likely will become a stagnant puddle of bliss.  YOU WILL BE PUSHED OUT!!!

That said, stop justifying why you can or can’t do something.  Stop justifying what you may or may not believe in.  Our personal justifications keep us so limited in our growth, in our life experiences.

If I can offer once piece of advise today and every day after this one (smile,) do not live in the perception of who you are and what you think you came here to do.  This will limit what you are truly capable of doing and bringing forward.

There is an acknowledgement that yes, some have chosen to stay behind in what I call the old world, the denser, heavier world we left in 2012 to assist those making their way here, and those who have chosen to stay at the crossing bridge (that which we experienced from 2013 thru the end of 2016) to this very platform of Life Stage we are on now.  Its a personal choice, but, know, there are many in both parts that need the experience of assisting as they evolve themselves.  We do not, should not, stay in the same place for all of our incarnation, doing the same thing with the same thoughts/perceptions.  Even tho needing assistance have changed tremendously.  This evolutionary light is affecting ALL!!

On that note, enjoy the emotional creation of your life.  Be conscious and do not justify why you are…. (fill in the blank.)

Big big big (((((HUGZ))) of loving gratitude to and thru ALL, inlaid with changes for New Beginnings and New Life, enhanced!!



Big big (((HUGZ))) filled with New Light, New Enhanced Love of Source made manifest, thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas




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