Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 11, 2018

The New Glands of the New Human Emerge as Light. Also, Reboot Coming!

new glands

Wow what days we are in!!  The energies are so high and I will say once again, so unforgiving!!  They are forcing us, in one way or another, to take a last look around and make the changes we need, as we as, explore the unexplored.

The closer we get to the energy of the solar eclipse on the 13th, the higher the voltage we are receiving to ignite, germinate and at times, completely fry what we are seeding into your next new reality phase.

As I attempted to do some ET connections yesterday, they showed us a very important moment in our time.  July 26th thru the 27th.  I seen it as a massive dip in the energy fields, very much U shaped.  We are at the top of the U and will return to the top of the U as we move thru the lunar eclipse on the 27th, but for a 24 hour period (cycle) the energy fields dip to zero.  A full reboot of all reality constructs.

So what the readings have been focused on, much to my surprise, is where people need adjusting, freeing in their confines of their personal reality constructs.  Its been a while since we really looked deeply into these area.  It has been ok to proceed into the exploration and participation of the new while we still had some stragglers of unresolved things within us.

Now is seems life came along and shook up the soda can, nothing left to be unseen, dealt with, simply to prevent us from recreating that as we move thru the lunar eclipse into our new phase of evolution. More as a cautionary tale than any thing else.

That said, we are bringing new biology into our Beings.  OMG I had the amazing privilege of reading for a virgin (new man) from S. Africa yesterday.  I really want to go into as much detail as I can with his reading, because it may help you understand your own body effects and go exploring more deeply into what is truly coming in!!

As soon as I connected to his field, I could see what looked like a light saber come down and split his body in half.  His ankles and feet were still together, but the rest of him, wide open.  Then spirit took each side of his now slip head and created a heart shape as they pulled each side out from his core and placed his head beneath this feet.  They explained that they had to move the biological field away from his core energy so that the first phase can start and complete itself.

This helped him understand why all of a sudden his sciatica has started acting up and other body issues.

Even tho, his body is not split apart and in a heart shape, the field of light that holds the body template, IS!!  This causes us difficulties in what we consider well being.  We are not unwell, we are at the leading edge of light changes!!!  This is such an important aspect to really understand within yourself.

What was shown was the thing that looked like a 2 foot long, spherical stick of butter coming into his core.  It was coming in from the lunar eclipse already and being integrated first and foremost, in his intimidate energy field (what I consider external, home, work, friends, family…) This gets everything ready, including the airspace, for what is to come next.

As he passes thru this first solar eclipse, his body will reunite with itself (no longer be heart shaped lol) and this energy core will start integrating into his biology.

Then I was able to see what I am just going to call glands of light start to hold their place in his body.  One on his left side, one on his right.  The location was at the belly button line, moving out about 2-3 inches.

These new, incoming biological glands will eventually be a part of the endocrine system.  The only thing I could see and barely understand, is that they will work in unison with each other, sending out arcs of electricity to the base heart, OMG how did I not see this yesterday… to that activation gland between the lobes of the lungs.  Holy shit!!  I didn’t even get that when we talked about it in class last night.  It almost makes more sense, both new glands, now.

This dual arc of energy will rev up the creation energy of the base heart.  What I was shown with my man was stepping on the gas peddle of a car and the RPM’s going over 7.

Keeping in mind, EVERYTHING must start coming in at the light level of biology.  It was explained thru his reading it will be a generation or two before science discovers these new glands as visible biology.  That said, that does not mean when we are ready to hold these very special, high velocity light glands within us, we will be able to fully use them for what they will be, what they are.

Again, thru his reading, it was stated in this moment only 4 people on this earth have these glands of light placed in them at this moment, obviously he being one of the 4.  His team knows he will do the inner work of understanding and using this new force of creation as he goes forward.  There is also a female that is needed to do that work too.  Which is why at this moment, there are 4.  A pair that spirit called a back up plan in case one pair does not do the inner exploration of understanding and using.  They are not related, do not and will not ever know each other.  That would be a distraction and tainted the waters of exploration.

What we are becoming as a race, is incredible!!!  Keeping in mind, our biology is in the midst of changing into that, while we are incarnated.  If it is going to take a generation or two before the light becomes matter, our discomforts will not cease any time soon.

That said, all endocrine systems are being affected by these emerging glands!!!

There is something this beautiful man’s team said that I just wanted to slap them for, with love, of course.  These new glands are highly affected by our core emotional frequency, men have more control over there emotions than women do!!  HEY!!  I am part man dammit!! lol

I was also shown that this amazing man will be able to start facilitating others with these light glands sometime next year.  He has a lot of learning and applying to do first.

I am sure there is so much more I am leaving out from these last two amazing days of readings, but I cannot remember they are!! lol  I might have to re-listen to last nights class to job my memory, but I have a reading to do soon, so until tomorrow… dare to livvente dangerously, outside of your comfort zone, to fully experience the soul growth needed!!!

I love you all so much and thank you for enduring me and still showing up on the field so we can all understand each other better!!!

Added Note:  I have added the locations and arc of electrical energy that I could see, in the main art used for this sharing.  Color just to define each thing, has nothing to do with how I seen any of it.

((((HUGZ)))) of loving adventures to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas


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You will get a webex invitation to join the week before class begins.



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