Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 6, 2018

Clarity is KEY!!!


This is going to be a quicky, I got up late of course.  I am just going to give brief highlights of the nuggets that came out of yesterdays reading, I do not want to forget.  I am going to start with my amazing (semi virgin) guy.  At least, one part of what they told him.

I have written before many times from readings, that much of our original past here on earth, has been purposely been kept out of the human memory streams.  As his team said, because part of the human condition is to change what really happened into distortion, losing truth and replacing it with a version unlike what was.  So the information, the source of energy in this new phase we have started with June is coming from times long before Atlantis and Lemuria.  The distortion of those time lines now hurts the evolution forward and not helps it.

The energy coming thru, until now, has been hidden, not a memory on earth held it, except perhaps the trees and waters.  Perhaps that is why trees and water have been so prevalent in these last few days of readings.

There are two other things I want to share and I may end up wrapping them together.  One of the most amazing things I personally experienced (besides all the info) is being able to see what it takes from spirit to allow me to see, but also, how the energies have changed.  And I see, which I know has so much to do with the meditation classes coming up in July.

I could see the wave patterns of light creating the hologram I see when we are in a reading. Everything in this realm starts as a wave pattern of light, doesn’t matter what it is, even our bodies, our homes and of course, our perceptions of visibility.  Our responsibility, and it always has been, is fine tuning your antennas/perceptions to the higher realms of light wave that move into our realm and RELEASING anything and everything you know, think you know, heard whatever.  Bias clouds and distorts the field and you will not see/perceive truly.

Shit, my day is about to start and I have to close this up.  So sorry to make it so short.  Its a day off and I forgot to set my alarm since I rescheduled so much into this day.

Until tomorrow….

I love you!!  ((((HUGZ)))) of such clear thought nothing else exists… to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas



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