Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 8, 2018

The Personal Flow Into the Solstice Energy


There is so much happening inside us, around is, and beyond us.  There is a word coming into strong play these days thru the readings. Tri-Reality.  Where (at this is at the simplest of explanations) three dimensional realities are collapsing into one greater reality.  No doubt, a part of this whole grand union thing I thought was only the energy systems I was seeing as may and June.  I should so know better than assume a damn thing, but hey, I am human still… dammit!!

In one of the readings, my lady was standing on the ground, her center, when suddenly this cut out in the ground in the shape of a 5 pointed star started to rise up (with about a foot of earth with it) slowly.  Her team gave me some fast forward moments so she could understand what was happening and of course, how to properly focus her homework meditations.

The energetic upwards lift was (to my scale of vision) 10 feet.  At every 2 foot interval, there was a collapsing of three dimensions to make one new, enhanced dimension. So for her, that is 5 new dimensional collapses, new energies, her entire body and field will be moving thru.  I could see she went straight up thru to the top of this 10 foot energy space that was shown.

Like all things on earth (due to our biology) this is a process that should conclude at the solstice.  I say should because if she is not doing her homework to understand what is happening and especially, what is changing in her, she brings herself to a standstill.

Them there are streams at the ground level, each very different from each other, some are traveling thru to arrive at the solstice energy. point. Everyone yesterday had this focus, a thruway to the solstice no wider than about 10 feet and at a right 40 degree angle from each persons center to the solstice point, which is now located in my neighbors yard.

Let me add this little thing in since it just popped into my mind.  When I first started doing readings, the readings were inside my house, at the floor level in about 6 feet of space.  That was a constant for many a year.  It was in 2012, when I transitioned to the Jemez Pueblo in New Mexico, that I could not longer hold a reading in my house, it had to be outside, where the space was larger and clear of any debris (from myself or any past residents of a living space.)  Even then, when you unfolded, you took up about 25 feet of field light.  Now with my arrival in texas, at first you took up my whole back yard, just under an acre.  As we moved into this year, you now take up two additional yards and at times, the road area in front of my house.  Thank god this vision is 360 and limited only by frequency.

That said, the light field has increased in vibrancy and space occupancy BECAUSE of all the inner work everyone has done to get to this point.  Well done my friends!!!  But don’t get too comfy, cuz now we start fully from zero point.  That is and only IS, if you are truly ready for the next phase.  To be there you must…. ABSOLUTELY MUST drop every story, every preconceived perception idea of what was and what is.  Which can turn an established practice on its head.  If you have been doing something, focusing somewhere for a while and now, it not longer matters… for many its hard to release, or, just don’t want too.  There are no absolute rules here in this game called life.  If we want to stay on the same square thru the rest of this incarnation, we can.  There are unlimited incarnations after this one to allow to move to the next square (thinking, board game here lol.)

Now here is the tricky, if not confusing part.  Everyone is going into this new enhanced reality construct of earth.  It will enlarge all emotional frequencies within oneself.  A prime example of what this means to all of us came thru a reading yesterday.  Her energy steam heading to the solstice, like everyone else’s, about 10 feet wide, 45 degree diagonal stream thru the right side of the field (emotional/spiritual side) to the equinox was a body of water.  It half reminded me of a calm river except the surface was choppy like an ocean.  Since May, all water elements, no matter their form, has this amazing sky blue to it (enhanced creator/Source energy in the emotional field of life) She was doing the breast stroke towards the solstice.  Arms in motion, reach for life.  Breast is always the emotional focus of creation, whether conscious or unconscious.

Key to everything here, more than every before, our emotional field is what creates.  ONLY our emotional field.  Doesn’t matter what we say, its what we feel when we say anything.  Equally, YOU are soul creator now.  If you do not know what you want to focus on in your next expansion, well the emotional field you are in, will be it.  I had asked her what she desires, and altho she said and has said before moving to Ireland, the energy, unlike when she talked about healing her body and discovering new essences and mixtures to do that with was no where near in comparison emotionally.  So at this point, what she is creating is more healing needs/discoveries for her body.  That is where her emotional field is fully resonant at the moment, not Ireland.  Because her action is the breast stroke, using this amazing water to move forward, it will be fast and intense.

So with all that said and so much unsaid, many are now in a stream of varied energies carrying them to their next version of themselves.  Some are still putting the energies together and some, just focused on what they are familiar with.

As for me, I feel like I have disengaged from most of my life.  I am here, but not here.  Thankfully since two days into June, zero pain in my body, zero inflammation which truly allows me the full disconnect needed to… allow.   At this point, the only thing I am sure of, that is going to be part of my next adventure, is meditation classes every weekend in July.

That said, my new days begins shortly.  I will get the meditation information up on my website today.  For now, I have created the package for those interested in being a part of the live class on Saturdays for what I am just going to call, beginners, sundays for the advanced.  Details are in the scheduling link provided below.  More details and options will be revealed on my website today.

I love you all SOUL much and thank you for all you have done and will do!!

(((HUGZ)))) filled with rapid movement and unknown bliss to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



Click the below link for more inforamtion and/or to register!!



  1. Hi Lisa
    I would like to do the beginners meditation but I work Saturday and live in Ireland. So time difference too.
    Could it be downloaded after you do it?
    Dymphna Keegan


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