Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 5, 2018

Welcome to the Next New Adventures!!


Welcome to the wild ride of June!!  For me it started out with a rush downstream (read that to mean, serious diarrhea!!!)  I have never had such explosive, continuous events for two solid days!!  As I am realizing, many of us were in that same boat!!  I suppose the big flush out while the new energies came in .And OMG the new!!  I finally got my vision back yesterday to do readings and wow, talk about an serious uptick in the energies,  Hell forget uptick, never serious levels of light frequencies!!!!  That said, many are still cooking up their new adventures.

The day started with yet another person up in the tree, this time the meaning was “branching out” in new directions.  Which takes both action and non-movement.  Which really could sound like a contradiction, but its not, not really.

The theme for everyone that I had even the smallest glimpse of was meditation.  Getting to know your new helpers/assistants in this enhanced energy system we arrived in.

Example would be a beautiful man that had a dragon on his center field, the dragon was half water and half fire, but not just any fire and not just any water.  One fire was of the earth another was of the ethers.  Towards the end of his reading he asked about twin flames, I had to giggle when his team said, the true twin flame energy (that has been misinterpreted, misunderstood thru ages) is on his field.  The earth fire energy was on his left field and this amazing fire energy that has a feel to it that I never experienced before, was on his right and it was stated, here is the twin flame energies and now he MUST go into meditation and really understand them and how to use them together.

But also the water.  The water itself reminded me of the hot springs, a beautiful pool of water that bubbled.  He had another “assistant” that hovered about 15 feet above his field.

For everyone, the big message is, do not bring what you think you know into these new enhanced energies of earth.  If we keep looking to the past we will never find our footing forward.  That goes for me too!!

When I enter any reading, I tend to pull my understandings from past visual/energetic associations in the hologram I see.  There is nothing even similar to the energies being radiated that I can pull from.  The visuals are the same or, at least similar, but not the energies at all.  It is the energy that matters in understanding what is being revealed.

The ground itself, the earth, has changed.  The energy matrix truly out of this world, enhanced. The example I am getting for those that bake (smile) is the difference between using cane sugar vs a stevia sugar.  It may appear to be similar, but it is very different and the quantities MUST be altered to the new matrix makeup.

Even what we know as our quartz kingdom, very different than it was a year ago, a month ago!!!  Like our bodies, it too, is enhanced and the energy matrix so different.  Potent.

.By the urging of my team, i will be putting together 4 weekly classes on meditation.  One series for those who have not yet figured out how to tune their vision and hearing to the higher realms.  And then another class for those who meditate, but have not yet accessed their teams and the new positions on this field of earth.  They will both start in July since I am leaving a week tomorrow to go to Virginia for my daughters wedding.  I will get the details organized in the next few days.

On that note, I am going to get ready for another day in the paradise of your light!!  I love you all soul much, and thank you for showing up, dancing the dance and revealing how incredible Life is truly becoming!!!!

(((((HUGZ))))) filled with massive magic and enhanced abilities to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas




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