Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 15, 2018

ET Connections, Race Relations and New Energies!!


It is so nice to wake up with functioning brains!!  I was toast yesterday, not tired enough to sleep, not awake enough to move, I became a living couch ornament for the day.  I am grateful it was a day off!

I did an ET connection on Tuesday I want to talk about.  I am surprised at what is the first focus in my mind, it is race relations.  Our ET’s never travel alone, they are always in at least a group of two or more.  They have explained, it assists the group both energetically as well as communicatively..  When I say race, I am talking about Beings from other planets, working together, sharing their strengths, together, as one whole.

Humans primarily look at the differences within their own planetary species, and notice the weakness first and back up, separate.  Many of us want to be part of the intergalactic nation that exists, we must first start by healing our divisiveness within earth.

It’s not enough to say, feel, declare… I love all races and colors on earth and see their value. It is time for us to step up and start removing the divide, with action, with voice and with purpose.

If you listened to yesterdays audio I embedded in the blog, you will have heard that we are now at a point of absolute action in our lives.  . Sending energy has awakened so many of our species, and those that had even the smallest crack, popped open an eye.  That which is left, are what we will call the hardened cases.  So enmeshed in duality, in separation of themselves, that the passive light has no entrance point.   Personal confrontation is what is needed now, to assist the whole.  Which equally assists the Self for those taking action.  Using your Soul energy, your soul power, in personal events, immediate situations, strengthens the binding of soul mind and ego mind.  The ego itself, is the doer, by design.  If we looked at the soul and ego relationship like a car, the ego would be all the material aspects of the car, the soul would be all the energy, the fluids that make the car run.  The souped up car can no longer be afraid of itself.  Its design was to zoom thru life reflecting its beauty and power unto itself and others.  Equally, not so arrogant that it thinks its more special than any other.

We all have been designed with very special strengths and very special weaknesses to seek out others, like puzzle pieces and interlink together.

With that all out of the way (smile,) my lady’s team was a Sirian, Pleiadian and Acturian.  They were/are harnessing various energies from their planes of existence, binding them together and flowing these new, hybrid energies down into the trees of the planet.  All the trees that bud in the spring and start the dormancy process in the fall/winter.  We happen to be in the budding stage in the USA, so I could see these amazing beiings sending this energy down into the treetops, the trees absorbing the energy, pulling it down thru their trunks, down into their roots and out the tips of the roots completely changed to the biological level of assimilation and expression for all of earth.

These amazing Beings said they have a base under Saudia Arabia, deep in the earth for harvesting these energies from the trees.  They also have one at the bottom of the Dead Sea and altho not stated at all, I have a feeling one in the airspace somewhere.  Three ships were present, 2 I could see clearly, one was what I will call an energetic presence, I could feel its energy but could not see it visually.  Each ship, had three main spokes persons from the 3 planes that were visible thru her reading.

They explained that the base locations were very specific.  The one in the earth itself changes the energies in a way that is very different than the one in the dead sea, which uses the water and salts for harvesting.

They also explained about the particular lay-lines that are located in those areas, very specific for the work being done.

For as long as my precious lady does her homework and starts to consciously understand her part in this big plan, she will be at the forefront of assisting to bring this new energy forward, making it available to humanity.  How, I have no idea.  There is only so much released in a first meeting as well as a 30 minute limitation of meeting.

That said, we will only get enough information to understand our next step, if we do not take our next step, or the step after that, well… what was made clear, she/we have til June to engage in our new enhanced abilities being delivered to each of us.  If we do not expand on what we are capable of, there are back up plans, others, more dedicated and enthusiastic will be tapped for fulfillment.

I must also include the energy of patience too.  We may be in class for months or maybe even years, understanding, and learning,  before we ever do anything with it in our lives.  We are changing as a species, as a collective in embodied souls, and the process is in a very critical timed absorption rate.  Someone mentioned in a blog comment that we can go at any speed we want.  That’s true.  Sit down and drink a bottle of 151 rum in 30 minutes, lets see how that plays out in your body and mind.  Just because we can, does not mean we should.

Lets go back to those doors and the emtions being released from them.  There is a word that was said over and over again on Tuesday that I didn’t think had meaning.  Spirit is getting really good at making up words, combining two energies to create one new meaning (very much what we are doing, emotionally with these doors too.)  The is “emotionality.”  I decided to google it and am surprised it is a word!!  Obviously one I never use lol.  But here is the definition:  Emotionality is the observable behavioral and physiological component of emotion. It is a measure of a person’s emotional reactivity to a stimulus. Most of these responses can be observed by other people, while some emotional responses can only be observed by the person experiencing them.

Observable behavior!!  Your/our whole approach to helping others MUST be at the observable spectrum of living life.  We can actually use an amazing, real time example of what this emotionality looks like.  Look at our teenage movement right now for gun control.  They are a force to be reckoned with.  One of the many surprises that our future holds, is the fall of the NRA, but these amazing kids need our support, our encouragement!!  They will be the ones to change the construct of government around the world.

On that note… another day in the field begins!!!  I decided to put a 25% discount on any ET connections thru Sunday evening.  Click here for a direct scheduling link for an ET session and use coupon code: ETLove

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of Loving out Loud to and thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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