Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 14, 2018

Doorways of Emotion and Creation

emotional doorways

Emotions!!  They are not only the seeds of creation, but the very building blocks of it.  We have spent a good part of this journey purging our energy fields of the dense, heavy emotions that create havoc in our lives.  Emotions such as fear, hate, jealousy and so on.  But how much to do we take the time to understand the other emotions, the power and energy that is created from any given emotion?  We know that love feels good, gratitude, joy, feel good, but do we take the time to understand how we create with them and to starting creating purposely with our higher emotional self.

We have a tendency to create via details.  We see the details of an experience or potential experience and build emotions based off of what we are perceiving, which can and often does, result in missed opportunities or even, wrong turns down a dead end street simply because we thought it would be good.

In all of the readings this week and most of last, the primary focus and build up in the field is on these doorways that make the up exit of March into the energies of April.  What I am feeling about this, everyone on earth has the opportunity to create anew, at the greatest emotional frequency of life.  It is a skill that we are now being demanded to understand and use.  The analogy I keep getting with it is like baking bread, one set of emotional values will create white bread, another, wheat or rye or pumpernickel.  One is not better or worse than the other, just different.

 In two hours, I have managed to harness the above three paragraphs lol.  I did not sleep much last night, 3-4 hours tops and my brain is like mush.  I do not want to let this subject matter go another day, so I am going to give you all the video to last nights Nation’s class.  We discuss the changing “mirrors,”  what is being demanded of us Now and the doors.  There is even a bonus meditation at the end lead by one of our beautiful Lights in the Nation.  (Just hit the download button.)

Lisa Gawlas
Mirrors of Reflection & Changes 3/13/2018
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Lisa Gawlas


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