Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 16, 2018

The Energies From Equinox to Equinox!!

equinox energies

I swear, some days I feel like someone else is at the memory helm of my mind.  I remember certain things to share, and completely forget the creamy middle of the sharing itself, until I hit publish.  And then, the very thing I forgot to share, opens up larger and more clearer.  I supposes spirits way of saying, wait, you do not have enough information yet.

I state that simply because of my sharing yesterday with the 3 ETs working with my beautiful lady and the trees and stuff.  This morning, it is my only focus right now, all that I left out but was enhanced in understanding thru the day.

This triad of combined energy, from Sirius, the Pleiades and Acturia, the trees that are releasing their pollen are also taking in this high vibing energy thru its branches, down its trunk and then as I mentioned yesterday, the bases these ETs work thru, harvest it and release it into the earths atmosphere for ingesting planet wide, at liquidated states.

In the fall, as the trees are preparing for their winter slumber, this energy is released directly thru them, at higher volumes and voltages than was released by the ETs, on purpose.  From spring to fall we have the ability to assimilate these energies more gently, once fall hits, they become pure potency.  This is not a new thing, they have been doing this energy thing as we closed out 2012 thru now and will continue over the next many years.

This year especially, the purposeful release by the ETs and their bases will cause all types of accelerations.  We have had 5 years to adjust, each year the energies in, higher and the energies out, more potent.  And more importantly at the breathable level of air space.

This makes it not only more potent, but delivered to every breathing person, and living thing alive.  Keeping in mind the universe and the energies within the universe carry zero bias.  It is not just looking for those in a state of higher evolution, but also penetrating those at a standstill or actually in a state of devolution.  And yes, even the soul itself can back slide in its progress depending on the life(s) lived on earth.

Conscious participation and communication is going to be key for all of us.  When you feel an energy surge, take time to understand it, what is expanding, what is being removed, how to best move thru it without stopping it.

All that said and I hope, understood, this is the very key to the doorways we have been seeing and the accelerators that WILL take place.  Your door keeper will be there to help and assist, always ask!!!

These are exciting, intense times we brought ourselves to and consciousness is the key to the kingdom!!!

I love you all soul much and more than that!!  Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with heart skipping, mind altering, ET expanding joy to and thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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