Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 26, 2017

The Divine Change Makers and the Mutating Gene’s.


Life in living biology, phew what a double sword it can be.  It provides experiences we just cannot have as pure spirit.  Touch and taste, even the pitfalls of the flip side of our emotional fields and pain/discomfort.  Then there is that whole aging process.  From baby to toddler, toddler to child all the way thru old age… lets change that to maturity (smile.)  Altho, to be fair, some simply enter old age and forgot the maturity part (giggle.)

This alone, on a regular kind of day, in a regular kind of life, can be challenging enough, now sprinkling into this whole mix what we all call ascension. Let me use my own words, consciously raising our frequency and vibration to higher levels of light thru a dense planet and package we call the body.  Normally we die, do a life review, work out what we still need to experience for our own personal evolution, and the evolution of those who are around us, create a new body, and head back in.  At this stage. all the electrical currents are altered into higher levels of experience at the birth stage and we grow into our evolution naturally (the word natural or naturally is so inaccurate, maybe the better word would be as usual.)

Here we are now, doing what we would normally do after physical death and before re-entry into another body, eyes wide open within our biology experience of upgrading not only our own frequency, but the planets as well, that would be vise versa too.  We rarely think that this is a new experience for the earth, for that which we call Gaia, but it is.  She too, is working out the kinks of discomfort and expansion, obviously in different ways that we are, but in her own unique way, since she is a planetary body and not human..

If I didn’t know what I know, I could easily declare that starting this awareness journey was the worst possible thing I could have done to myself.  Prior to entering the holy waters of my bathtub, I never so much as had a cold.  I would walk into a room of people with colds and flu’s and never get any of it.  That was pre 38 years old (in the year 2000.)

After the first several months of active participation in meditation, holy shit batman, cold after cold after cold.

Something let up from 2008 thru 2012.  No physical discomfort at all, no more constant “colds.”  I was grateful.  I should have realized it was the calm before the biggest storm the earth had ever known, as any species kicking about on earth, has ever known/experienced.

In 2012, I moved into my personal heaven called the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico.  I also moved into menopause and a (melanoma) cancer journey shortly there after and thru 2013.  It’s freakin hell in heaven!!  lol

The field I read from immediately changed too and the way I read.  In its simplest definition, we started creating brand new holograms of Life in 2012.  New working parts and pieces of our biology, of our earths biology, of our mental planes and yes, even our spiritual planes.

I remember thru so many of the readings, at the end of 2012, we were all at a huge and dynamic choice point.  For the first time in my 10 years of readings, the timeline known as 2013 was 20 feet above where we were at, the energy that was 2012.  Our choice was to jumper higher than ever before, accelerate faster than ever experienced before.  During that timeline, so many of our bodies seem to break down faster than we could keep them running.  We would barely get whatever was happening in our biology up to speed and wham… another influx of energy and flatten us out once again. For me personally, it all now presented as asthma like symptoms, sometimes (especially mid 2012-2013) with bronchitis and often total loss of voice.  Then it seemed to slow down for a while (until this year to be exact.)

Three days before I left for Scotland I knew something changed in my body.  I woke up on August 12th with an ongoing asthma attack thru teh day, and the next and the next.  This has ever happened before.  I didn’t have the congestion like every other time before, no cold like symptoms present at all.  I packed my nebulizer immediately, I don’t want to be in another country and have to go to the ER because I cannot breathe.  I didn’t have to use it, but I did go thru an entire inhaler on my trip thru Scotland.  Of course, we put an easy 5-6 mile foot engaged, exploration of so much Scotland, into our lungs.  High energy like I have never breathed in or experienced before.  The energy was so pure you could almost hear it crackle.

On August 30th, the day I was leaving Scotland, I woke up without a voice, seriously congested and barely able to breathe.  It was a very very long flight home.

It has been two months now since that last day in Scotland and my body has not recovered yet.  My lungs are constantly congested, I take my inhaler many times a day, every day.  Some days leaning hard on my nebulizer.  The cold like flair ups happen more now than ever before.  Something in my lungs have changed and is not recovering or I should say, is not restoring itself back to the way it was.  (Since I hear that correction.)

Trust me, I have had long talks with my body, I know what its going thru and when I allow, get glimpses of why.  Sometimes, when you can’t breathe, you don’t give a shit about why.

So yesterday, after waking up from a really really rough night attempting to sleep and breathe, depleted of all my energy and just tired of feeling like shit so often, took out my handy dandy pendulum and called on my angel of truth, AA Mikey baby.

Five years ago, when I was first diagnosed with stage 3c melanoma and my oncologist was highly concerned about lung cancer (given all my lung issues that came with menopause) I took to my pendulum and asked… do I have lung cancer.  I about shit when it swung yes.  Just… fuck.  My Pet scans and CT scans stated otherwise.  Altho there is a tiny little something or another in my lung that showed up on the CT scan that has been monitored every year via a CT scan, at least until Feb 2016.  No change in size at all.  No worries.

So, after my angel of truth affirmed what my own body has been showing me these last several weeks, I asked him am I out of alignment, something hidden I need to work thru… no.  Well shit, then help a girl out.  His sentence he immediately swung out (and yes, I hear him even without each letter being swung too, but it kind of is my affirmation too with personal things)  really took me aback.  “Our love can’t free you.”  Well that just sucks.  Why??? Altho, I do have to say the love surrounding me with that sentence was a wonderful warm blanket of comfort and I needed that, I am seriously road weary these days.

I already know, thru thousands of readings, what spirit will and will not answer.  But hey, gotta ask anywayz.  Stillness in the pendulum.  So the only question I could think of asking that could get a reply is “is this in my soul blue print?”  Yes.

Why on earth would any one of us,purposely bring in any sort of mutation in body, especially one that relies on breathing!!!

I am removing any (personal thought of) glory to the phrase I know more intimately understand:


We are changing the very DNA makeup of how the human body works while still very much in body.  Something we not only agreed to, but cut in line to participate in, to Be and Become!!  Unlike the Caterpillar, we have no cocoon to hide away in while in progress, dammit!!

After having a really good, solid nights sleep last night (yay) and waking up not coughing my brains out, (thank you for the reprieve) I keep seeing a clip from the Twilight saga’s when Bella finally turns into a vampire and the changes moving thru her whole body, the pain the changes bring inside the body… and then… she is finally super Bella!!

We are each, taking up our own mantel of Light, each in our own unique (crazy) ways to do the same for that which we call, humanity.

Changing while in body, in full consciousness and participation of the changes, allows it to fully embed in the collectives of the earth.  We may not fully realize (pointing finger at myself) how much the collectives, all of them, affect our growth or limitations of growth.

When a baby comes in, they will know themselves as themSelves without all the changes you and I have done and continue to do, Because it is now a conscious embedding in the planes of earth.

 And yes, even the children are coming in and changing the biology, but they know it.  We adults (and I use that term so loosely) immediately think we did something wrong, or we need to work thru something instead of partner with the changes and allow the clarity of what is happening to not only happen, but be documented too.  In truth, not speculation.

We Are mutating, by (freakin) divine agreement.  I went to google, because I wanted to be very clear on that word I am hearing… mutating:  (with reference to a cell, DNA molecule, etc.) undergo or cause to undergo change in a gene or genes.

It’s not a curse, or because we are out of alignment, quite the opposite really.

I will lean into the gratitude that, unlike Bella whose whole body was affected by change, we are taking up one quadrant each.  Now let me clarify that sentance since I was going to say area (thinking, lungs) and my team changed it to quadrant… beause it affects more than just my lungs.  It is affecting my vocal chords as the energy comes out higher than my chords were programmed for, they continually be reprogrammed (so to say.)  And then there is this pesky place called the pineal, which creates crazy dizzy and even nausea, which is actually fine tuning and recallibrating the body system as well.  All stemming from the air I breathe and exhale in the field of Light.  So the lungs are my primary mutation that affects the inter-relationship of these three specific areas that must work together for outcome.

It is no different (I beg to differ) than the relationship that is happening between the soil, the plant kingdom and air.  The animals, the plant kingdom and the air.  We are all in change and during the process the change can look (and feel) terrifying in its blessing.

On that note, I am going to close for the day to get ready for the readings.  Notice I did not declare anything yet… please honor my reason for it.  I had no desire to even share this, but I do understand the importance as we are getting more influxes of energies and a big heaping is on its way for next month as well.

From today:

THE SOLAR WIND CONTINUES TO BLOW: For the third day in a row, Earth is inside a stream of solar wind flowing from a canyon-like hole in the sun’s atmosphere. 


“Last evening the expected solar wind arrived as a kind of shockwave on my (  Norway, citizen scientist Rob Stammes) instruments just before local midnight.” says Stammes. In his plot, the green curve shows ground currents induced by the sudden storminess of the local magnetic field.

We are getting blasted from the ground and the sun.  And this is just seasoning before we enter November!!

Ohh wait, speaking of change!!!  We have changed the membership software program on the Nation’s website.  We removed the “free membership” and so now even the Information Portal is available to all.

For the paid members, you have been transferred into the new software program and you will be required to get a password to enter the paid site.  From my beloved webmaster:

They can also use this link to Request a Password, which is at the bottom of every page. Once they login they will be able to view their profile and change their passwords. They can also sign out here.

There is more exciting changes coming!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of massive change into and thru the Divine made manifest.

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Hi Lisa, I think you’re one of the bravest people I’ve ever heard of, you are amazing! Just hang in there because if we are mutating and something is wrong, it can just mutate right back away again, right? Nothing is static anymore. Thanks for being such an inspiration and your honesty is so refreshing, hugs and calming waves to you!

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