Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 27, 2017

celestial human dna

My first lady on the field, I needed her Presence and information flow as much as she desired mine thru her.  She opened up with the archway of energy around her body, kinda reminds me of a trellis opening in a garden.  This archway was created by pure white light, extended from it about -4 feet was this blue energy that once again, felt and looked very much like celestite crystal energy.  It started to collapse into itself and squeeze the ba-jezuz out of her, especially at the waist line, picking her up three feet off the ground with each squeeze.  What the hell???

Her team took my view to behind her, something that looked like a double helix DNA form was attached to the back of her light field, but not like our usual images of it.  Instead, it was more like a double sided X, except with both X’s having a massive amount of multi colored metallic balls and there were no cross bars as we see in the middle of the double helix.  Sort of like this:

dna x.jpg
DNA personalized medicine.jpg

Again, no rungs in the middle part.  Instead the focus and all that energy was on the merger of the two strands, one celestial, one human genetics fusing together as one.

Then her team took me inside her body and I could see how this intense merger was affecting her neuro-pathways and mylar sheathing, both in her brain as well as in her spinal chord.  Every time she was elevated off the ground, was more and more of the merger taking place.

When I was done explaining all that I could understand, she understood completely.  She explained she was recently diagnosed with a seizure disorder.

My prayer is that one day, science will really look more closely to what is happening thru who.  Not all things are a disorder, as I hear it this morning, it should be looked at and approached like a reorder of things, the approach must be different than those who have a disorder.

I want to jump to my last reading of the day, a man virgin upon my field (what a rare treat!!) This morning, these two feel like bookends of understanding.  My first view of him was not his human form, but his form he has in far off solar system from ours.  He could have easily lived here during the dinosaur age, he was HUGE.  So huge I could only see from his knees down to his feet, and even that was about 10 feet large and round as an old tree trunk.  These legs were walking around the field, my back yard and each step he took on the ground created these massive outward moving ripples from the ground itself.  I could actually feel the vibration as these ripples moved out and beyond where I was sitting.

There was such a weightiness to his energy, not as a negative thing, obviously insanely important thing.

His Being from another realm, part of his soul energy, said we can call where he comes from as well as call him GiagantiCore.

He gave me a very interesting view of his plane of existence, a planet much larger than our Jupiter and they are easily over 100 feet tall.  His planet was odd, very very odd to my eyes.  The air was pure energy, visible pure energy.  What he explained was that all those that take up form like him are what we would consider masculine energy, the energy air is what we consider feminine energy.  When they penetrate the energy air with purpose, that is how they create.  And I could see the energy air create various types of ripples as he moved or poked a finger outwards.

Many of us (not all) are seeding our environment from other realms, as living working models of energy construct.  Way beyond what we know to be true for our (vastly changing) realm called earth.

Then I was brought to his human form, and the emphasis was on this closed pocket watch looking thing that hung from his base heart to his sacral plexus area.  Of course, it was a closed pocket watch and when I snuck my vision into the inside of this watch, it was amazing.  Not associated with the time on our clocks, but timelines, passage ways to other era’s, to other timeline events.  And even, like a star-gate to other universes too.  All connected and worked thru the beating energy of his heart.

What we all have to understand is there is always going to be a “next stage” of our evolution.  As his team explained in his reading, this GiagantiCore (his core energy is seriously gigantic with this Being’s energy too) that his process started in 2012 and now he is moving into other parts of his evolution and will again, and again.  We All Will.

This ride is far from over, but it is getting very operational in excitement!!

That is all I am going to share for today.  I have a really gross thing I am dealing with this morning.  Maggots.  Freakin…. maggots that seem to be appearing out of nowhere.  I swept the ones I find into my dust, washed the floor with pine-sol took the trash out, (not a maggot under the trash bag) and they are oddly appearing in random places on my floor over and over again.  In the middle of the floor, a very clean floor…. one minute not a maggot in site, I look again, there is another one or three squirming in the middle of my floor.

If someone opened a maggot star gate over my kitchen floor, please feel free to close it!!  Thank you!!

Before I close, I want to offer some exciting news with the Nation’s membership.  This new software program allows us to offer an introductory first month price reduction.  It is so hard to explain what we do, how and why, we each week we are discovering new energies to play with, expand with and integrate into ourselves and each other.  So from here on out, we are offering the first month at half price ($24.)  If you like what we are doing and want to stay, when your second month renews at regular price, I will mail you 5 crystals (you are responsible for sending me via email your mailing address.)  This second part will remain in play until I have no more crystals left to send.

Come be an interactive part of the Nation of Light’s

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of wild wonder to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. During the eclipse energy just after Aug. 21 when a storm rolled in and a story line from earlier came back around – a giant fly showed up. This fly was a mini-hummingbird (I had no reference material at the time). Spirit guide. Maggots eat the dead to make way for new. I’m ready for the new. I’d love a connection with someone. The moon has me walking faithfully. I’m upside down with the nodes of fate (mentioned that before). I am a ghost on a mission.
    Hugs and loves and sunshine rays.

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  2. Hi Lisa,

    I had the same thing happen once in a house I was living in – all the sudden maggots kept appearing on top of my washer in our newly remodeled little washer/dryer addition – turns out that we’d left a small opening in the soffit by the roof big enough for squirrels to bring in walnuts and store them for the winter in the pink insulation above the high hat light above the washer! Then the heat from that caused the walnuts to rot open and drop maggots onto the washer, ugh! I actually cleaned 2 entire wheelbarrows of rotted walnuts out of the ceiling that they had squirrelled up there in just a week! Good luck!


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